Henry VIII: Appointments to Offices

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Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 18 Part 1, January-July 1543. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1901.

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Appointments to Offices

982. Books of the Court of Augmenations.
(Continued from Vol. XVII., No. 1258.)
Enrolments of Grants by the Crown in the Augmentations in 34 Hen. VIII.
I. Appointments to offices in 34 Hen. VIII.
[In this abstract, fees and all other particulars are omitted, and former owners of lands are named in italics.]
Augm. Book 235f. 57. Sir Fras. Bryan, a gentleman of the Privy Chamber. To be keeper of the parks of Holton, Stepyngleigh alias Prestley, Bekeringes, The Little Park of Ampthill, The Park in the Hoole alias Comes Park, and Brogeboroughe, Beds. 28 June 34 Hen. VIII. (Vacated—(blank) Edw. VI., in order that several grants should be made to Sir Francis jointly with various persons named.)
58. Thos. Tyrrell. To be one of the messengers of the Court of Augmentations. 20 May.
76. Nich. Briscowe, King's servant. To be keeper of the manor house of Tytenhanger, Herts, and of the park there and deer therein. 1 May.
89b. Walter Vaughan, a yeoman usher of the Chamber, and Wm. Astyn. To have the office of collector and bailiff of the lordships and manors of Lylleshull and Longedon, and the grange of Charleton in Tonger parish, Salop; of the rectories of Holme, Norf., Normulton, Devon, Badmyngton, Glouc., and Whitstanestoll, Salop; of the lands called Asheby de Lazovoche, Leic., and Tyrne in the parish of Ercall, Salop; and of lands in Barwick beside Shrewsbury in tenure of Ric. Capper. Lilleshull. 12 June.
94b. Robt Tyrwhytt, King's servant. To be steward of the manors of Owndell, Byggynge, Asheton and Warmyngton, Ntht., and of Aylton, Hunts, and of the hundreds of Pokebroke, Navesforde and Howkeslowe, Ntht., bailiff of these hundreds, escheator, feodary, and coroner within all the premises, and keeper of the late college of Higham Ferrers, Ntht. 2 Feb.
95. Sir Ric. Ryche, chancellor of Augmentations. To be keeper of the new park within Waltham Forest, Essex, of the old and new lodges in that park, and of the messuage, &c., late of Ric. Breme in Chingford, Essex; with fees out of Loughton manor, Essex. 1 June.
95b. Robt. Goche. To be one of the seventeen particular receivers of the Court of Augmentations, vice John Freman, resigned; having receivership of all lands of the late religious houses of Lincolnshire and of all lands in Lincolnshire under the Court of Augmentations. 20 April. (Enrolled also at f. 130.)
98. Thos. Vycary, King's surgeon, and Wm. Vacary (sic), his son. To have the office of bailiff of the manor of Boxley, Kent, and of all lands of Boxley monastery. 5 Oct.
98b. John Cary, King's servant. To be keeper of the messuage called Caryngtons alias Cadyngtons in Hondesdon, Herts, of which he and John Parys have hitherto had joint custody. 26 Oct.
99. Wm. Skermysher, sen. To be steward of all lands of Rybston commandry, Yorks. St. John's of Jerusalem. 1 Sept.
102. John Jenyns, yeoman to the Guard. To be bailiff or collector of lands of Melsa monastery in cos. York and Lincoln. 14 Dec.
103b. John Pek, esquire for the Body. To be sub-captain, or deputy of the under-constable, and under-steward of Wakefelde lordship and Sandall castle, Yorks. 15 Jan.
106b. John Turney, esquire for the Body. To be bailiff and collector of Beverley and Allarstane and of the manors of Westerdale, Etton, Befford, Allerthorpe, and Huntingedon and of all lands in Yorkshire, and elsewhere, of the lordship or preceptory of Holy Trinity, Beverley; also steward of the same. St. John's of Jerusalem. 8 Feb.
107. Gilbert Pikering, King's servant. To be bailiff of Owndell manor, Ntht., and of all the King's lands in Owndell and Byggenge, Ntht., and woodward of the said manor. 26 Jan.
114. Jas. Gunter. To be receiver of rents of the lands of Tewkesbury, Glouc., vice Griffin Tyndale, who resigns his patent of 22 March 32 Hen. VIII. for this grant to be made. 1 May.
115b. Leonard Chamberlayn, King's servant. To be keeper of the chief messuage called Combe in Combe, Oxon, and of the gardens, ponds and fishings there which belonged to Sir Thos. Elyot, and after him to Ric. Andrewes of Erdington, Oxon; and bailiff of all lands in Combe, Wutton and Grove, Oxon, which the King lately had of Ric. Andrewes. 24 June.
116. Sir Thos. Wriothesley, one of the King's chief secretaries. To be keeper of the chief house and park of Pryors Husborn, Hants, master of the hunt of deer there; steward of the manor, and keeper of all the coneys in the park. 6 June.
118. Jas. Rokeby and Ric. Hochenson. To have the office of an auditor of Augmentations which Rokeby has surrendered in order that this grant should be made. 16 Aug.
127. Griffin Tyndale. To be auditor of the woods upon all lands within the survey of the Court of Augmentations. 16 Jan.
127b Robt. Bouchier, a groom of the Privy Chamber. To be keeper of Croydon park and of the outwoods of Northwoode, Rigewoode, Okestubbe and Lez Firses, and all woods within the manors of Croydon, Wadden, and Lambehith, Surr. 4 Dec.
128. Walter Farre. To be general receiver of the profits of all woods within the survey of the Augmentations. 29 March.
Ric. Daryngton, one of the King's footmen. To be bailiff of the manors of Assheby, Rawsseby, Grantham, Naveby and Aslakby, Linc., and Agerston, Ntht. Temple Bruer commandry. 20 Jan.
130. John Gate, King's servant. To be keeper of the messuage called Lorymers in Chingford, Essex, with profits of certain closes of land there; which premises were lately acquired from Ric. Breme. 14 Jan.
131. John Grenefeld, King's servant. To be surveyor of all lands held of the King by copy of court roll, being lands of religious houses suppressed, in cos. Devon and Cornwall. 18 April.
131b. Sir Ant. Browne, master of the Horse. To be chief steward of the honour of Petworth, Suss., and steward and bailiff of the manor and hundred of Godalming, Surr., with the leading of the men of the said honour, manor and hundred; keeper of "le woodaxe" and feodary within the said honour; keeper of the manor of Chabham, Surr., and master forester, parker, and master of the hunt of deer within the said honour and the park of Chabham. 23 March.
132b. Thos. White, King's servant. To be bailiff of the hundred of Normancrosse and of the town and lordship of Yaxley, Hunts., vice Thos. Treheron, dec. 20 April.
John Harbert. To be keeper of the palace or manor of St. Mary without the walls of York, which was lately the monastery of St. Mary there. 2 March.
II. Life Grants in 34 Hen. VIII.
[In this abstract, rents and all other particulars are omitted, and former owners given in italics.]
Augm. Book 235 f. 57. Ric. Fermor and Anne his wife. Manor or lordship of Mudford, Soms. Montague. 4 May 34 Hen. VIII.
58. Sir Ralph Longford, King's servant. Annuity of 10l. out of Caldwiche manor and Elaxton rectory, Staff. Merton. 7 Sept.
67b. Thos. Coly, King's servant, and Magdalen his wife. A messuage, &c., in Sylverstrete London. Christchurch, London. 4 May.
John Coke, King's servant. Tenement called le Sonne in the parish of St. Mary Wolnoth in Lomberte Street, London. Stratford Langthorne. 8 May.
79. Sir Ric. Long, King's servant. House or hospital of Thomas Beckett within the borough of Southwark, Surr., with the manor of Bodley, Surr., rectories and advowsons of Moche Wakeryng and Bumsted Helyon, Essex, and all lands in Southwark and many other places named, and elsewhere, which belonged to the said hospital. 28 April.
79b. Sir Chr. More, King's servant. Rectory and advowson of Magna Bokham, Surr Chertsey. 28 April.
80b. Sir Wm. Parre, of Horton, Ntht. Rent of 12l. reserved upon a Crown lease to him, 10 March 29 Hen. VIII., of Brayfeld rectory, Ntht.,—St. Andrew's, Northampton; also rectory of Wendlingburgh, Ntht.,—Crowland; and rectories of Wollarston and Barton Yerles, Ntht.,—Delapray, Ntht. 23 June.
81b. Wm. Lambard, rector of Westenhanger, Kent. Annuity of 6l. in lieu of tithes which he used to receive upon lands now enclosed in Westenhanger park. 20 May.
95. Mary Blaknall, widow. Annuity of 6l. out of a tenement called Gaysshamhall in the parish of Barkyng, Essex. Barkyng. 10 March.
96b. John Jenyns, King's servant, and Eliz., his wife. Annuity of 20l. out of the lands in Gloucestershire of St. Oswald's, Gloucester. 1 Oct.
98. Sir Thos. Wentworth, King's servant. Fees allowed him by his patent 17 Aug. 34 Hen. VIII. of the custody of Sandall castle, &c. 21 Oct.
99. Wm. Melton alias Wormewell, King's chaplain, and Wm. Draper, "literatus." Chapel of St. James within the walls of London near Creplegate. Garadon. 2 Sept.
99b. Wm. Pagette. King's servant, and Anne his wife. Reversion and rents reserved upon a Crown lease to him, 1 Feb. 28 Hen. VIII., of Caustons messuage in Edelmeton; also of the farm of Bury manor. Midd., which Hen. marquis of Exeter leased, 10 Jan. 23 Hen. VIII., to Jasper Leeke for 51 years. 28 Nov.
100b. Robt. Tyrwhitt. King's servant. Numerous closes, &c. (specified), of land in Melcheborne, Beds., which belonged to the preceptory and manor or lordship of Melcheborne; also the rectories of Melcheborne and Ryseley, Beds., the manor called Temple Hilles, lands in Shernebroke, and a water mill in Dodyngton, all which belonged to the said preceptory. St. John's of Jerusalem. For 50 years. 13 Dec.
102b. Edm. Harman, King's servant, and Agnes his wife. House or hospital of St. John the Evangelist in Burford, Oxon, with certain lands there and in Upton, Oxon; the manor of Fifehide alias Fyfeld, Oxon, and lands in Wydford, Shereburn in Rysington, Little Baryngton, and Rysington Magna, Glouc., which belonged to the said house. 11 Oct.
104. Sir John Dudley, viscount Lisle. Fees allowed him by patent 26 Jan. 34 Hen. VIII. of the office of Great Admiral. 23 (sic) Jan.
106b. John Harman. gentlemen usher of the Chamber. Tenement in the parish of St. Peter beside Paules Wharfe, London. St. Helen's, London. 4 Feb.
107b. Mary, countess of Northumberland, late wife of Henry late earl of Northumberland, dec. Annuity of 100 mks. 8 March.
114. Eliz. Pygott, widow. Annuity of 37l. 19s. in consideration of the manor of Whaddon, Bucks., sold to the King, 26 June.
Sir Andrew, lord Windsor. Annuity of 40l., out of the manors of Tyleshed, Chiltenham and Slawter, Wilts and Glouc. Syon. 30 April.
114b. Sir Thos. Palmer, King's servant. Annuity of 30l. 13 June.
115b. John Bridges, yeoman of the King's halls and tents, and Thos. Hale, groom of the same. House and site of the London Charterhouse; for the safe keeping of the King's tents, halls, and pavilions. 12 June. (Enrolled also at f. 133 with the date 21 June.)
116b. Ric. Dauntesey, King's servant and Mary his wife. Two tenements in Whitecross street and one in Grub street in the parish of St. Giles, Crepulgate, London,—Newark, Surr.; two tenements in the parish of Aldermary, and one in Old Change in that of St. Mary Magdalen in Oldefyshestrete, London,—London Charterhouse. 20 July.
117. Hen. Romyng. King's servant. Two tenements and a cottage in the parish of St. Martin in the Fields which the King acquired from the Bishopric of Durham by exchange for lands called Colherbert in Thamysstrete. London. 13 July.
118b. Alice Cornewalles, now wife of Edw. Cornewalles. Nine messuages in the parish of St. Katherine Christchurch, and two in that of St. Alban, Wood street, London,— Dartford; and six in St. Clement's lane in the parishes of St. Clement within the city and St. Andrew Undreshaft, London,—Stratford Langthorne. 28 Aug.
John Nasshe, a page of the Chamber, and Alice his wife. Lands called the Bores Hedd in the parish of St. Dunstan's in Fletestrete, London, with two tenements adjoining. 23 Sept.
119. Edw. Porter, King's servant. Annuity of 6l. 6s. 8d. payable by the particular receiver for Worcestershire. 20 July.
119b. Fras. Framlingham, King's servant. Reversion, and rent reserved upon a lease, 22 June 33 Hen. VIII., to Geoffrey Blower, of Debenham rectory, Suff. Butley. 26 Sept.
126b. Susan Clarienceulx, in consideration of her services to the Lady Mary. Annuity of 13l. 6s. 8d. 14 Jan.
127. Frideswide Knyght, for like services. Annuity of 10l. 14 Jan.
127b. Sir Edw. Ringeley, King's councillor. Annuity of 40l. 16 Jan.
131b. John Grenefeld. Annuity of 18l. 5s. upon surrender of his patent of 22 May 26 Hen. VIII. of the office of serjeant at arms. 18 April.
133. Ric. Lee, King's servant. Annuity of 100 mks. 22 Feb.

Augm. Book. 235 f. 57b.
III. Pensions in 34 Hen. VIII.
Strata Marcella. John Apryce, prior. 6l. 13s. 4d. to date from the time of dissolution of the monastery, Undated. (Also enrolled at f. 102 b.)
St. John's Hospital, Exeter. Alice Buttes, sister. 3l. 6s. 8d., in consideration that on the said hospital she "bestowed great costs and charges, thinking thereby to have obtained her living, and therewith brought herself in ruin and decay." 2 Sept. 34 Hen. VIII. In English.
77. Wingfield College, Suff. Robt. Budde, master. 20l. 20 June.
Also Peter Brynkley, S.T.P., Edm. Harcok, S.T.B., John Stonarde, clk., and Thos. Campyon, brethren there, 5l. each; and Edw. Reve, John Manne and Robt. Manne, ministers, 2l. each. 20 June.
80b. The same. John Stonarde, brother. 10l. in consideration that he serves the cure of Wingfield parish church. 20 June.
81. 104—6. St. Werburg's, Chester. Wm. Mylner, monk. 5l. 26 June.
"Collegium de Valle," Wilts. Hugh Dale and Edw. Busshhe, chaplains, 4l. each; Robt. Hutchynne, Wm. Mantell, Thos. Gerberte, Thos. Halknyght, John Pighter, John Tompson, Walter Pruens and John Fessarde, fellows or scholars, 2l. to 4l. each. 5 Feb.
107 Hospital of St. Leonard of Newport, Essex. Philip Fawdon, brother. 6l. from Lady Day 33 Hen. VIII. 20 Feb.
117b. 122—4b. St. John of Jerusalem in England. Dunstan Nudygate, brother. 10l. 7 Aug.
Oseney, Oxon. Wm. Collyce, prior. 20l. from Lady Day last. 6 Nov.
Also Thos. Massaye, Geo. Warrham, Ralph Blower, John Turnour, Thos. Hanckes, John Kyngston, John Baker, Jas. Anesworthe, Hen. Maydeman, and Robt. Clare. canons there. 6 Nov.
124b—6b. Thame, Oxon. Ric. Grene, prior. 7l. 6 Nov.
Also Wm. Wekes, Wm. Osbourne, Robt. Thomas, Wm. Manfeld, Edm. Howe, Chr. Segwyke, and John Whyte, monks there. 6 Nov.
IV. Leases in 34 Hen. VIII.
[These leases are for 21 years. In the following abstract the names of former owners, where indicated, are printed in italics, and, for the sake of brevity, all particulars (such as the details of the demesne lands let with monasteries and manors, the nature and tenants' names of the tithes of rectories, &c., the fields attached to granges and farms, the extents and tenants' names of lands, the positions of tenements in towns, and the like, which are as a rule minutely specified; with, of course, the rents and conditions of the leases) are omitted.]
Augm. Book 214f. 27. Sir Ric. Wyllyams alias Crumwell. Ulvescrofte priory, Leic. 25 May 34 Hen. VIII.
Thos. Rydeley. Lands in Horssey Downe Comen within Bermoundsey manor, Surr. Bermondsey. 5 June.
28. Wm. Shoyle. Lands in Rutsall alias Russall, Wilts. Stanley. 6 June.
John Uvedale. Marryke priory, Yorks., with certain lands lying amongst those of Sir Ralph Bulmer and Anne his wife in Marryke, also lands there which belonged to Stanemore hospital and were in tenure of the prioress of Marryke, also lands in Downeham, Yorks., also Marryke rectory, and tithes in Askue and Karken Yorks 6 June.
29b. Sir Thos. Pope. A house and lands in Arleston in Barrowe parish, Derb., which were granted to the King by the said Sir Thomas. 6 June.
30. Walter Orpyn, of London, butcher. Tenement in Saynt John's Strete beside Smythfelde. Midd. St. John's of Jerusalem. 12 June.
Robert Angell of London. Two tenements and a piece of ground in the parish of St. Stephen in Colmanstrete, London. St. Helen's priory, London. 13 June.
30b. John Yerdeley, of London, haberdasher. Two tenements upon the hill of the parish of St. Martin without Ludgate, London; on surrender of a 40 years' lease (recited) by the King's free chapel of St. Martin le Grande (master, canons, and vicars named), 20 Sept. 28 Hen. VIII. 19 June. (Enrolled also at f. 119 b.)
31b. Hen. Postgate, of Riswarpe, Yorks. Tenement in Riswarpe. Whitby. 23 June.
73b. John Copyndale, of Stratton, Beds. Sheep-cot, &c., called Sleightes in Sextendale alias Thixendale, Yorks., and two tenements in Levynyng, Yorks. Kirkham priory, 14 June.
75b. Hugh Askue, of the Household. House of Crossed Friars of St. Robert of Knaresborough, with lands there; also Irton rectory, Cumb.,—Seton priory. 29 March.
76. Sir Thos. Seymour. Edyngdon rectory, and lands in Bratton, Wilts. Edington. 16 Sept.
79b. Andrew Dudley. Newlande preceptory, Yorks. 17 June.
80. Hen. Meverell Coldeashbye rectory; on surrender of a ten years' lease (recited) to Robt. Parvyn of Thorneby, Ntht., by Pypwell abbey, 24 Nov. 24 Hen. VIII. 12 Sept.
101b. Wm. Hunte, of Pollesworthe. Warw., miller. Water mills in Pollesworthe. Pollesworthe. 28 April.
102b. Ric. Fermour, of London. Newport hospital. Essex with its lands in Newporte, Shorte Grove, Wyddington, Magna Wendon, Archdene, Bumstede Helyone. Elmedon. Walden. Wymbiche and Wykeham, and elsewhere. Essex. 22 May.
103. Sir Thos. Speke. Tenement called Playstrete in Thurlebare, Soms. Taunton priory, 1 June.
103b. Ph. Chowte. Grey Friars and Black Friars, Wynchelsey, Suss. 20 June. John Hyll. Cottage in Kyrkeby Bellers parish, Leic. Kyrkeby Bellers. 16 June.
104. Melchior Ingelberd, of London haberdasher. Garden, lodge, &c., in the parish of St. Giles without Cripplegate, London; on surrender of a 20 years' lease (recited) to Ric. Gattes, painter stainer, by Halywell nunnery, 20 July 24 Hen. VIII. 7 July.
105. Ric. Langtoft. Lands in Hundmanby, Yorks. Earldom of Northumberland. 23 July.
106. Sir Ant. Kyngeston. Priory, cell, and house of St. James beside Bristol; on surrender of a 99 years' lease (recited) by Tewkesbury abbey, 26 Jan. 30 Hen. VIII. 25 April.
107. John Wylkynson, fishmonger, of London. Shop in St. Nicholas' parish in Oldfisshestrete, London,—St. Mary's Hospital without Bishopsgate; also a tenement in All Saints' parish at Dowgate, London,—St. Mary Graces next the Tower. 26 April.
107. Mich. Camswell, of Newland, co. City of Coventry. Chambers, &c., in Newland mansion, as leased to him by Coventry priory, 13 Sept. 30 Henry VIII. 12 June.
107b. Kath. Norwood, of London, widow. Tenements in the parish of St. Laurence Pounteney, London. Christchurch, London. 3 May.
Sir Francis Bryan. Gyfford manor in Whaddon, Bucks, with lands in Whaddon and Shenley, Bucks. 2 May.
108b. Laur. Frenche, of Bosyate, Ntht. Lands in Bosyate. St. James's, Northampton. 1 June.
Eliz. Foxall. Lands in Coventry and Bynley, Warw. Coventry Charterhouse. 14 June.
109. Hen. Jones, of the Household. Estkennet manor, Wilts. St. Margaret's priory beside Marlborough. 22 June.
109b. John Taylour, of London, slaughterman. Tenement in the parish of St. Nicholas in the Shambles. St. Bartholomew's Westsmythfeld, London. 22 June.
John Harnes of Westminster, gardener. Tenement called the White Hart in the parish of St. Nicholas in the Shambles. St. Bartholomew's Westsmythfeld, London. 22 June.
110. Ric. Johnson, of Northampton, upholster. Shilde close in Northampton. White Friars, Northampton. 27 June.
Wm. Clerc, of the Household. Estrington rectory, Yorks. Durham priory. 21 July.
Hen. Walles, of London, fishmonger Tenement in the parish of Alhalowen in the Wall of London; on surrender of a 21 years' lease (recited) to Robt. Mason, currier, by Halywell nunnery 4 Oct. 29 Hen. VIII. 26 July.
111. Sir Roger Cholmeley. Garden of the Grey Friars, London; on surrender of a lease (recited) to Nich. Pynchyn, butcher, and Agnes his wife, in survivorship, by the said Grey Friars, 12 Aug. 23 Hen. VIII. 10 June. Folio 113 is blank.
117b. John Lymsey, of Hackney, Midd. Two closes in Hackney. New Hospital of St. Mary without Bishopsgate, London. 18 July.
118. Ric. Bevercottes, of Newark Notts. Cell of St. Mary Magdalene beside Lincoln, with lands there and tithes. St. Mary's, York. 20 July.
118b. Rice Gwyn, of the Old Town of Karmerthen. Lands in the Old Town of Karmerthen, co. Karmerthen. Karmerthen priory. 20 July.
119. Benjamin Gonson, of London. Tithes in Couston parish and in Stapleford and Saxbye, Leic., and a messuage in Saxbye. Tutbury. 20 July.
119b. Wm. Smyth of Maydeston, Kent. Pasture called le Parke in Maydeston, purchased by the King from the abp. of Canterbury. 21 July.
John Yerdeley, haberdasher, of London. Cancelled enrolment of lease at f. 30 b.
120b. Griffin Tyndale, of London. Tithes in Chalecote parish, Warw. Thelleforde Friars. 21 July.
121. John Worthe. Northepetherton rectory, Soms. Bukland. 22 May.
Ant. Neson, of Northkylvyngton, Yorks. Messuage, &c., in Northkylvyngton. Byland. 26 July.
122. Wm. Buttes, M.D. Edgefeld manor, Norf. 29 Aug. (Former owner not mentioned. Enrolled also in Book 215, f. 33.)
Jas. Leche. Bodenham manor and tithes of Bodenham parish, Heref.; on surrender of a 30 years' lease (recited), to Ric. Morreys, clk., vicar of Bodynham, by Brecknock priory, 8 June 21 Hen. VIII. 18 July.
123. John Harreys, of London, and Margaret his wife. House and garden (lately in the hands of John Skerne, fishmonger) adjoining the garden in tenure of lord Zouche; on surrender of a lease (recited), in survivorship, by the Friars Preachers of London 1 Oct. 27 Hen. VIII. 28 July.
124. Ant. Eger, of London. Tenement in Westkele, Linc. Fereby priory, Yorks. 20 July.
124b. Brian Lacy. Lands called Brownynghowe and Brownynghowe Banke in Hundmanby, Yorks. 24 July.
125. Leonard Browne, of London. Pasture called le Woodhouse in Olde Eagle parish, Linc., which belonged to the preceptory of Eagle. St. John's of Jerusalem. 27 July.
Robt. Manweryng, of London. Tenements and rents in kind in Over and Wyverham, Chesh. Vale Royal. 8 Sept.
126. John Bellowe, of Grymmesby, Linc. Grain rents from Howsham Grange, lands in Howsham, Hibalstowe Grange, lands in Blyborough, and Stirton grange beside Scalbye, Linc., (farmers named); also sheep pasture upon Stirton Grange. Newstede upon Ankeholme. 29 Sept.
126b. Wm. Webster and John Slatter, of Kylvyngton, Yorks. Two messuages, &c., in Kylvyngton in Thornton parish, Yorks. Egleston. 24 Jan.
127. Ric. Holme, John Wrightman, and Wm. Bell, of Kylvyngton. Three messuages, &c., in Kylvyngton. Egleston. 24 Jan.
127b. Matth. Colthirst, of London. Bath priory, Soms. 28 July.
128b. John Redman, of Fulforthe, Yorks. Two tenements in Fulforthe, parcel of Fulforthe manor, and rents in kind there. St. Mary's, York. 8 Feb.
129. Thos. Spylman, of Canterbury. Chalke rectory, Kent. Cobham College. 12 Feb.
Thos. Pyars, of Holme alias Holl, Devon. Holme rectory. St. John's, Exeter. 4 Feb.
129b. Rys ap Morgan. Grain rents of Havodwen Grange, co. Kardigan, with reservations. Strata Florida. 1 March.
130. Ph. ap William John Voya. Tithes called "Trayen I Menyshe" in the commotes of Mevenyth and Crethen. Strata Florida. 15 June.
Ric. Cornewell, of Burford, Salop. Meadows in Ricardes Castell, Salop and Heref. 24 May.
John Smythe, merchant, of Bristol. Two tenements in Bristol. Bath priory. 22 June.
130b. Thos. Kyng, of Est Cleydon, Bucks. Swanburne Grange; on surrender of a 31 years' lease (recited) to John Rener by Woburne abbey, Beds, 6 Aug. 18 Hen. VIII. 28 June.
131b. Humph. Barker. Ric. Parson and John Rogers, of Wyverham, Chesh. Three tenements in Wyverham. Vale Royal. 22 June.
132. Wm. Fletcher, Ralph Kettyll and Robt. Whittingham, of Swanlowe, Chesh. Three tenements in Over parish, Chesh. Vale Royal. 22 June.
132b. Ric. Coke, of Swanlowe. Tenement in Over parish. Vale Royal. 22 June.
133. Ralph Nykson, of Swanlowe. Tenement in Over parish. Vale Royal. 22 June
133b. Edm. James, of Barton, Ntht. Lands in Barton. Delaprey. 20 June
Wm. Harrys, of Mondon, Essex. House, &c., within the site of the White Friars of Maldon, Essex. 17 June.
134. Sir John Gostwyck Saltaghe Grange in Kayngham parish, Yorks.; on surrender of a 99 years' lease (recited) by Meux abbey, 10 May 30 Henry VIII. 20 July. (Enrolled also in Book 215. f. 34b. as dated 20 Aug.)
135. Bartram Bewyke, of Newcastle upon Tyne, merchant. Fishery called le Croke, in the water of Tyne, and lands beside Rilly, Dham., which belonged to the cell of Fynkeloo. Durham priory. 15 June.
135b. Humph. Boland, of Clobeke, Yorks. Wheldryke manor, Yorks., and lands in Wheldryke. Fountains. 17 June.
136. George Browne, of Wilton Gilbert, Dham., and George Wilson, of Haughton, Dham. Softeley manor, Dham., which belonged to the cell of Fynkeloo, and all coal mines in Softeley. 18 June.
136b. Leonard Chamberleyn, of Woddstock, Oxon. Belsons farm in Combes, Oxon, which the King purchased from Ric. Andrewes. 20 July.
137. Ric. Cicill. Lands in Colyweston, Ntht., which belonged to Stamford priory, Ntht., and lands in Etton, Ntht., in tenure of the rector there. 8 July.
137b. Thos. Pennyngton, of Wheldryke, Yorks. Land called Graunge Garthe in Wheldryke. Fountains. 12 July.
Leonard Beckwythe. Rent in kind of the farmer of the rectory of Holme upon the
Augm. Book 215. f. 1. Wold. Apulton priory. 15 July.
Robt. Walter. Lands in Cotton End, Ntht. St. Andrew's, Northampton. 13 Oct.
Laur. Bayly. Tenement in Lolles Rent. Ntht. St. Andrew's, Northampton. 16 Oct.
1b. Steph. Poar. Wyvilcote alias Wylcote manor, Oxon., which the King purchased from Thos. duke of Norfolk. 18 Oct.
2. Chr. Crakenthorpe. of Newbyggyng. Westmld. White Friars, Appulby. Westmld. 24 Oct.
2b. Jas. Blakeborne, of Marton in Clevelande. Yorks. Marton manor with lands and tithes in Marton and Tollesby in Cleveland; on surrender of a 21 years' lease (recited) by Gysburne priory, 6 July 28 Hen. VIII. 20 Sept.
4. Thos. Adams, of the town of Cambridge. House, &c., within the site of the Austin Friars, Cambridge. 14 Dec
4b. Wm. Abbott, of the Household. Hertelond monastery, Devon, with rectories of Wolfardesworth and Stoke St. Nectan's alias Herteland. a house called the Churche House in Herteland and a shop opposite it. 20 Dec.
5b. Alex Wryghttington. Grain rent due from Thos. Tryppynge of Patrikesborn parish, Kent, for the marshes called Byle and Holymershe in Chystlett, Kent, under a 40 years' lease by the London Charterhouse, 17 June 23 Hen. VIII. 15 Jan.
6 Wm. Hodgeson, of Tadlowe, Camb. A farmhold in Tadlowe; on surrender of a ten years' lease (recited) by Chyxsande priory, 26 April 25 Hen. VIII. 16 Jan.
7. Hen. Addyngton. Tenement within the lordship or manor of Grenesnorton, Ntht. 20 Jan.
7b. Hen. Cletherowe, of London, merchant tailor. Two tenements in the parish of St. Mary Wolchurche, London. London Charterhouse. 12 Feb.
8. Thos. Walcott. of the Household. A third part of Ewell manor in Feversham parish, Kent. Feversham. 2 March.
9. Clement Kempe, of Canterbury. Manor of Langporte alias Le Barton in St. Paul's parish beside Canterbury; on surrender of a 30 years' lease (recited), to Robt. Beste of Asshe parish, Kent, by St. Augustine's abbey, Canterbury, 16 March 29 Hen. VIII. 3 Dec.
10b. Hen. Foxhall, of Birmingham, Warw., tanner. Pasture called Hethefelde in Dyrretend within Byrmyngeham manor. 14 Dec.
11. John Lambe, of London. Tenement in Petywales within the close of St. Bartholomew's in Westsmythfeld, London. 14 Dec.
Sir Ralph Longford. Caldewyche manor and Elaston rectory, Staff. Merton, Surr. 7 Aug.
11b. Jas. Gunter, of London. Pasture within Almondisbury manor, Glouc. St. Augustine's, Bristol. 18 Dec.
12. John Thornton, of Northflete, Kent. Water mill called Northflete Mill; on surrender of a 40 years' lease (recited) by Wm. abp. of Canterbury, 10 Nov. 20 Hen. VIII. 14 Dec.
12b. John George, of Cirencester, Glouc. Tithes of Bawdyngton alias Bawnton and Wiggewolde, in Cirencester parish. Cirencester. 1 Feb.
13. John Harrys, of the Household. Cell of Middelburgh, Yorks.; for thirty years from the expiration of a lease 1 Jan. 30 Hen. VIII., by which Thos. Broke, merchant tailor of London, Wm. Davell. Wm. Jackson, nd John Kylden, hold the same from Whitby abbey rent free during the life of John Lexham, late abbot of Whitby. 23 Feb.
13b. Wm. Gent. of Muscote, Ntht. Tithes and lands in Long Bukby, Ntht.; on surrender of a 16 years' lease (recited) by Markeyate nunnery, 18 July 23 Hen. VIII. 18 Feb.
15. Wm. Thomlynson, of Wheldrake. Yorks. Lands in Wheldrake. Fountains. 20 Feb.
15b. Griffin Thomas, of Lytlyngton, Beds. Lytlyngton rectory, parcel of Ampthill honour. with reservations. 18 Feb.
George Edwardes, of the Household. Carmelite Friars, Sele, Suss. 20 Feb.
16. Ant. Butler. Maister mill in Mawghan parish and Penmayn mill in Manahustelyn parish, and lands in Manahustelyn and Bedowellte, South Wales. Lanternam. 24 Feb.
17. Churchwardens (four names) of St. Saviour's, Southwark. Rectory of St. Saviour's with its tithes, &c., which lately belonged to the rectories of St. Margaret and St. Mary Magdalene in the borough of Southwark, Surr. St. Mary Overey. 30 Jan.
17b. Edm. Pawley alias Clerke, of Southnewenton, Oxon. Moiety of the farm called Fyfeldes and of the meadow called Ryssham. at the west end of Gabburbury, Oxon; on surrender of a 20 years' lease (recited) by John Busterde, of Gabburbury, 7 Feb. 22 Hen. VIII. 20 Feb.
18b. Wm. Grene, of London, merchant tailor. Rectory of St. Botulph without Algate, London. Christchurch, London. 20 Feb.
Sir Ric. Buckeley. Llanwelloke chapel in the town of Gaffrogwye. Penman, N. Wales. 20 Feb.
19. Ric. Atkynson, tallow-chandler, and Jas. More, clothworker, of London. Tenement in the parish of St. Thomas Apostle. London. Rewly. 20 Feb.
Wm. Denys. Wollavyngton manor, with lands there, and Petworth meade in Groffam, Suss., parcel of the honour of Petworth. 26 Feb.
20. Nich. Mellowe of the Household. Tenement in the parish of St. Dunstan in Fletestrete; on surrender of a 40 years' lease (recited) to John Scarlett, of Fletestrett, goldsmith, Joan his wife and Margaret their daughter, by St. John's of Jerusalem, 18 Sept. 1522. 2 March.
20b. Thos. Cowper, of Byrmyngham, Warw., scythesmith. Lands called Pachettes lands beside the lane leading from Byrmyngham to Egbaston and Horburn; on surrender of a lease (recited) for 20 years from the death of John Cowper (who holds them for life) by Edw. Byrmyngham, 20 March 15 Hen. VIII. 11 Feb.
21b. Wm. Barker, of Northallerton, Yorks. Moore grange or manor; on surrender of a lease (recited) to him and his wife Agnes in survivorship, with schedule of household and other furniture, by Meux abbey, 18 March 1535. 8 March.
23 Thos. Ravyn, of Knossyngton, Leic. Two tenements in Knossyngton Oulveston. 8 March.
23b. Wm. Shepard, of London, innholder. Tenement in Lombard street, parish of St. Mary Wolchurch, London; on surrender of a twelve years' lease (recited) by the London Charterhouse, 22 Feb. 26 Hen. VIII. 8 March.
24b. Ric. Aphoell. Chapel of Churchstok, Salop, with tithes in Churchstok and other places named. Chyrbury priory. 6 March.
25. Daniel Cranemer. Messuage or manor called Lambertes Lande, a croft called Denyse Croft and lands called Botrelles and Dobbes and 20,000 of "pyller tyle"; on surrender of an eight years' lease (recited) to John Goodhewe, of Hernehylle parish, Kent, by Feversham abbey, 26 Sept. 27 Hen. VIII. 5 Dec.
26. Steph. Thornerst, of Canterbury. Land and marsh in Warhorne, Orwelston, Bylsyngton, Seyntemarychurche, and Newchurch, Kent, and a moiety of all profits of fairs at Warhorne, all which belonged to Sir Wm. Hawte, dec., father of Joan wife of Thos. Wyatt. 21 Dec.
Thos. Multon, tailor of London. Tenement in St. Benet's parish, London. Austin Friars. 20 Jan.
26b. Ric. Venables, serjeant at arms. Tenement in the parish of St. Mary Wolchurche, London. London Charterhouse. 23 Jan.
27. Ric. Jenkynson, merchant tailor, of London. Three tenements in St. Olave's parish in the Jewry, London. Christchurch, London. 20 Jan.
Ric. Hebbes. Waterende farm in Eversholte parish, Beds. Woburn. 1 Jan.
27b. George Walwyn. Tithes of Bradwardyn parish, Heref.; on surrender of a lease (recited) to John Molde, vicar there, as long as he remains vicar, by Wigmore abbey, 31 Dec. 1513. 7 Feb.
28. Robt. Grace, of London. woolman. Two tenements in St. Olave's parish, beside the Tower of London. St. Helen's priory. 1 Jan.
28b. John Pen, of the Household. Croyland monastery, Linc., with lands and fishings in Croyland, Langtoft manor and rectory, Thetford Hall manor in Thetford parish, Aswike alias Alwike manor in Whaplod, a house called Litell Pursant in Croyland belonging to Aswike manor, lands and fishings in Whaplod and Croyland. and Tetforthe rectory, Linc. 8 Feb.
30. Edw. Thwaytes. Manor of Deane, land of Hengrove and rectory or grange of Salmeston in the Isle of Thanet, Kent; on surrender of a 13 years' lease (recited) with schedule of farm-stock, by St. Augustine's abbey, Canterbury, 19 July 30 Hen. VIII., made upon the forfeiture of a 20 years' lease to Simon Webbe and Wm. Webbe his brother, 26 July 23 Hen. VIII. 16 Feb.
32b. Chas. Bulkeley. Grey Friars, Salisbury. 2 March.
33. John Carre, of London, plasterer. Five tenements in Whytecrosse Strete in the parish of St. Giles without Cripplegate, London. Christchurch, London. 20 July.
Wm. Buttes, M.D. Edgefeld manor, Norf. 29 Aug. (Enrolled also in Book 214 f. 122.)
Nich. Alcock, of London. Eight tenements in Ludlane in the parish of St. Michael in Hogen Lane, London. Minories. 2 Dec.
34. John Mores, of Browdisshe, Norf. Rykyngeale manor, Suff. Bury St. Edmunds. 1 Sept.
34b. Sir John Gostewyke. Saltagh grange in Kayngham parish, Yorks; on surrender of a 99 years' lease (recited) by Meux abbey, 10 May 30 Hen. VIII. 20 Aug. (Enrolled also in Book 214 f. 134 as dated 20 July.)
35b. John Peyton. Mill belonging to Mynchingbarowe manor, Soms. Mynchingbarowe monastery. 29 July.
Mary Bill. Rectory of St. Sepulchre's, London. St. Bartholomew's beside West Smythfelde, London. 1 Sept. (Cancelled, with marginal reference to f. 81 b.)
36b. Ric Buckmer, of Kent. Tenement and lands in the parishes of Milton, Syttyngburn and Burdayn, Kent; on surrender of a ten years' lease (recited) by Sir Henry Wyatt. 1 Oct. 25 Hen. VIII. Not dated.
37b. Sir Edm. Knyghtley. Studley rectory, Warw. Studley priory. 27 Aug.
38. Sir John Wyllyams. Demesne lands of Notley abbey, Bucks. 29 Aug.
38b. Thos. Argall, of London. Crewenne rectory, Cornw. Tewkesbury. 29 Oct. (Cancelled because never sealed.)
Matt. Wilson, of Whytbye Strande, Yorks., merchant. Carhill farm; on surrender of a 51 years' lease (recited) to Jas. Coners or Conyers, serjeant at arms, by Whitby abbey, 15 Feb. 30 Hen. VIII. 6 Nov.
39b. John Warwyke. Tenement without Peper Alley in St. Saviour's parish, Southwark, Surr. St. Mary Overey. 6 Nov.
40. Robt. Darknall, of London. Six tenements in the parish of St. Olavc's beside the Tower of London. Crossed Friars, London. 6 Nov.
40b. Thos. Durante, of Bulwyk, Ntht. Lands called Pryours Dybbynges in Bulwyk. Fynneshed. 8 Nov.
41. David Barodon. Woodnewton manor and lands in Woodnewton and Apethorpe. Ntht. Fynneshed. 10 Nov.
41b. Griffin Leyson, LL. D. Habergwylly rectory with its chapels of Llanllawett and Llanpemsayt; on surrender of a Crown lease (recited) to David ap Henry, 12 March 28 Hen. VIII. 12 Nov.
42. Wm. Eresbye, of Coddington, Notts. Coddington grange. St. Katharine's, Lincoln 18 Nov.
42b. Robt. Bocher, of the Household. Lands in Halyng and Croydon, Surr., parcel of Halyng manor. 16 Nov.
43. Wm. Heth, of London. Two tenements in Seynte Johns Strete beside Westsmythfeld, Midd. St. John's of Jerusalem. 27 Sept.
43b. George Wright, of London. Sheepfold in Gaywood, Norf., parcel of Gaywood manor. Bpric. of Norwich. 27 Nov.
44. John Sherwood. Lands in Hedcron and Dunstall, Kent, which belonged to Hedcron chantry, and were obtained by the King in exchange with Thos. late earl of Essex. 25 Nov.
44b. Thos Throssher, grocer, of London. Tenement in the parish of St. Mary Wolchurche, London. Christchurch, London. 29 Nov.
45 Thos. Cawerden, Crossed Friars, Donyngton, Berks; also the manor of Enburne Cheney alias West Enburne, which belonged to John Cheney : except the tenements granted for life to Hen. Whete, late prior of Donyngton. 12 Dec.
45b Hugh Hyll, of London, shoemaker. Tenement in St. Olave's parish, in the Jewry, London. Christchurch, London. 28 Nov.
John Leigh, of Stokwell, Surr. Lands belonging to Batrichsey manor and other lands in Batrichsey; on surrender of a 20 years' lease (recited) by St. Peter's abbey, Westminster, 21 Feb. 19 Hen. VIII. 12 Oct.
47. Peter Carrowe. of the Household. St. German's rectory, Cornw. St. German's priory. 28 Nov.
47b. Thos. Leigh, LL.D. Lands in Newton, York., and the rectory of Kyrkelevyngton with the chapel of Yarome, Yorks. Gisburne. 3 Nov.
48. Thos. Smyth and John Mynsterley. Tenement in St. Olave's parish in the Jewry, London. Christchurch, London. 4 Dec.
Wm. Coppyn, of Canterbury. Lands beside the Old Park within the liberty of Canterbury. St. Augustine's, Canterbury. 28 Nov.
49. Wm. Flammak, of Warwick. St. Sepulchre's priory beside Warwick. 1 Feb.
49b Sir John Cavendisshe, of Woode, in the Isle of Axholme, Linc. Grain rents due from Ric. Blunte under a Crown lease 1 Dec. 32 Hen. VIII. of the rectories of Oveston and Haxhey in the Isle of Haxham, Linc.,—Newburgh, Yorks; also lands in Axhey parish, Linc.,—Axholme priory. 6 Feb.
50 John Carye. Tithes of Stanstede Abbots rectory, Herts; on surrender of a 24 years' lease (recited) to Robt. Beeke, clk., and Robt. Crosse, of Ware, Herts, by Merton priory, Surr., 7 Aug. 25 Hen. VIII. 13 Feb.
50b. Hen. Lacy. Tenement within the close of St. Mary Overey, Southwerk, Surr. 6 Feb.
51. John Welbek. Lands forming parcel of Feltham and Coldkenyngton manors, Midd., parcel of the honour of Hampton Court. 6 March.
51b. Wm. Denys. Warren of coneys, coney house, and dovecot within the park of Barwyke Reynham, Essex, the Doctors Marsh and a moiety of Barwyke Brokes meadow in Reynham parish. St. John's of Jerusalem. 2 March.
52. Jas. Crawe, of London. Marsh in Edmonton, Midd. Clerkenwell monastery. 10 March.
John Eyer. a receiver of the Augmentations. Tithes of the rectories of All Saints in Great and Little Walsyngham, Norf., and St. Peter's in Great Walsyngham, with lands in these places and sheep pasture upon the manor of Lexhams in Howghton, Norf.,—Walsyngham priory; also lands in Upwell, Camb.—Bury St. Edmunds, 7 March.
53. Anne Hatclyff, widow. House and buildings upon the site of the manor of Lee, Kent, with certain lands parcel of the said manor. 21 March.
Thos. Johnes. of Harolston, co. Pembroke. Talley monastery, with Carykennen, Enys Dillowe, Brekagothy, and Aberporth, and Blaynannerth granges, grain rents and dayworks of the tenants in Llaynecrose, Trasnelgan, Kevenglith, Gothgrige and Custa granges, and the rectories of Talley and Llandillo Vaure; on surrender of Crown lease (recited) to Ric. Dauncy, of the Household, 10 May 29 Hen. VIII. 15 March.
54b The same. Llansadurne rectory with Llanurda chapel; on surrender of Crown lease (recited) to John Denham, 10 May 29 Hen. VIII. Talley. 5 April.
55b. Ric. Kyng, girdler, of London. Tenement and three cottages in the parishes of St. Stephen Colmanstrete and St. Michael Bassieshawe, London; on surrender of 41 years' lease (recited) to John Eston, mercer, by Christchurch priory, London, 18 July 19 Hen. VIII. 20 Feb.
57. Thos. Saunders, of London. Tenement within the Black Friars, London. 15 March.
Wm. Holmes and Jas. Colyn, of London. Two tenements in the parish of St. John Zacharye, London. Christchurch, London. 15 March.
57b. John More, of the Household. Stoughton manor and rectory, and lands in Stoughton, Leic. Mon. de Pratis Leicester. 23 March.
58 Hen. Dygbye. of Tykyngcote, Rutl. Rectory of Bukmynsterne and Sewisterne with the Longdole, Leic. Kyrby Bellers. 3 March.
58b. Thos. Walcott, of the Household. Land and marsh in Feversham, Kent. Feversham 2 March.
59. Ric. Worseley, of Goodeshill, Isle of Wight. Mylforde rectory, Hants; on surrender of a 50 years' lease (recited) by Christchurch Twynham priory 20 Feb. 30 Hen. VIII. 20 March.
59b. Walter Hendle, attorney of Augmentations. Grain rents due from Roger Twisden under a 40 years' lease (details given) 26 July 25 Hen. VIII., by Battle abbey, of the manor of Wye, Kent, profits of fairs at Wye, Hawkeherst and Challok, lands there and the rectory of Wye. Not dated.
61. John Cowper, of Northecray, Kent. Northecray manor; on surrender of a 21 years' lease (recited) by the earl of Northumberland, 18 July 14 Hen. VIII. 22 March.
62. Ric. Johnson, of Waltham Stowe, Essex. Sallesburye Hall manor in Walthamstowe parish, with other lands there which belonged to Robt. Tyrwytt. 2 Feb.
62b. Edm. Jernyngham, of the Household. Ramesey manor, Essex, with tithes of the church there. For forty years from the expiration of a 29 years' lease (details given) to John Rychemond, of Harwich, and Robt. and Thos. his sons, by St. Osith's abbey 3 Feb. 20 Hen. VIII. 3 Feb.
63b. Ant. Dunryche, of London, merchant. Wresyll rectory, Yorks. Drax. 19 April.
65. Wm. Thomson, of Kyrkeby in Kendall, Westmld. Mansion called Abbot Hall and Abbot Garth adjoining the church of Kyrkeby in Kendall, with certain lands and tithes there and in Kendal town. St. Mary's, York. 3 March.
John ap Rice, of Bristol. Fishery in Severn. Flaxley abbey. 1 March.
65b. Hen. Adkyns, sen., of Adneston, Ntht. Lands in Adneston. Canons Ashby. 28 Feb. Thos. Allyn, of Adneston. Ditto. 5 March.
66. Hen. Adkyns, jun., of Adneston. Ditto. 28 Feb.
66b. John Archebolde alias Rychebawde, of Adneston. Ditto. 5 March.
67. Wm. Davell, of Cookewold, Yorks. Manor of Fylyng alias Fylyng Hall; on surrender of a 75 years' lease (recited) by Whitby abbey, 6 Jan. 30 Hen. VIII. 8 March.
68b. Wm. Sherland. Rectory of Cadbury and Nethereux, Devon. St. Nicholas priory. Exeter. 20 March.
Thos. Hungate, of the Household. Russhyng monastery, Isle of Man, with various water mills and lands, and the rectories of Kyrkeharbery alias the parish of St. Columbus, Kyrkemalewe and Kyrke Saynton, and all other possessions of the monastery; except Kyrkechriste rectory with the lands leased to Owen Norresse, and Kyrkelownam rectory. Also Dowglas priory, in the said Island, with lands and tithes, specified. Also the Grey Friars of Bymakyn, in the said Island. 18 March.
70. Simon Lynche. Water mills at Small Brydge in Horsemounden parish, Kent, which belonged to Thos. late earl of Essex. 12 April.
70b. Sir Anth. Browne. Reversion and rents reserved upon the lands in Charsaie, Thorpe, Egham, Chabham, Frymeley and Ashe at present leased, by Charsaye abbey, to John Gravett, John Roke, John Tyce, Thos. Repnam, John Merell, John Fenne, Robt. Skyte, Thos. Ford, John Walter, and George Warener; also all other the King's lands in these places, which are within the limits of Surrey bailiwick in Windsor Forest, of which Sir Anthony is keeper; except the said abbey and its demesnes and except all woods and groves, of which woods and groves Sir Anthony is hereby appointed woodward. For fifty years. This lease is made for the better keeping of the deer and game of venerye within the bailiwick and is to be void whenever Sir Anthony shall leave the office of the Surrey bailiwick. 24 March. In English.
Folio 72 is blank.
73. David Vincent, a groom of the Wardrobe of Beds. Kingston upon Thames rectory, Surr.; for 30 years from the expiration of a 21 years' lease (details given) by Merton priory to Ric. Thomas, 10 April 23 Hen. VIII. 3 Dec.
73b. Adam Hilton, of Dunstable, Beds. Dunstable rectory. Dunstable. 1 April.
74 Thos. Bacon, salter, of London. Sheep pasture, &c., in Thorpe next Norwich and Blofelde, Norf.; on surrender of a Crown lease (recited) to Nich. Bacon, 28 March 33 Hen. VIII. Not dated.
74b. Maurice Denys, of London. Llanrydian rectory, co. Pembroke, and Mylwood lordship in Gowerlande, co. Pemb., which belonged to Slebyche preceptory, co. Pemb. St. John's of Jerusalem, Not dated.
75. Wm. Brakenbury. Sandehurst manor, Berks.; from the expiration of the present 40 years' lease by Chertsey abbey to Wm. Rogys, dec., 1 Dec. 2 Hen. VIII. Not dated.
75b. Wm. Yowdayll, of Staynthwate in Borodayll, Yorks. (sic), junior. Lands in Staynthwate; on surrender of a 35 years' lease (recited) to Wm. Yowdayll, sen., and the said Wm. Yowdayll. junr., by Fountains abbey, 10 March 2 Hen. VIII. 12 March.
76b. Thos. Fale, of York. House in Stanegate, York.—St. Oswald's; tenement and cottage in Gelygate outside York,—St. Leonard's, York; and a close called le Fryth in Marton, Yorks.,—Marton priory. 10 March.
77. Thos. Mildemaye, of London. Manor of Sudbourne beside Ipswich, Suff. Ely priory. 14 April.
77b. Simon Pytman. Tenement in Kyngesware; on surrender of a lease (recited) to him and Isabella his wife in survivorship by Torre abbey, 10 June 29 Hen. VIII., in reversion after Michael Nerber alias Pax and Isabella his wife, who then held it in survivorship. 16 April.
78. Wm. Spereman, of Lilleshull, Salop. Lands in Donnyngton within the lordship and parish of Lilleshull. Lilleshull. 17 April.
78b. Robt. Barnefeld, of Newport, Salop. Ditto. 17 April.
79. Ric. Ascue. Humberston rectory and lands in Humberston, Linc. Humberston monastery. 17 April.
79b. Thos. Appowell. Tithes of the demesnes of Lyncombe manor in Wydcombe parish, Soms. Bath priory. 10 Feb.
80. Wm. Deane, leather seller, of London. Austin Friars of Woodhouse, Salop, with lands in Woodhouse and Clybury. 28 July.
81. Matth. White, of London. Tenement within the close of St. Bartholomew, West Smythfelde, London. 1 Feb.
Wm. Snowe, dean of Bristol. Almondesbury manor, Glouc. St. Augustine's, Bristol. 14 March.
81b Ric. Wattes. Tenement called the Cock at the north end of Long Lane in St. Bartholomew's parish without Alderychegate, London, with four tenements attached and brewing implements specified. St. Bartholomew's, London. 10 April.
Thos. Byll. St. Sepulchre's rectory, London. St. Bartholomew's Westsmythfeld, London. 8 April.
82b. Hen. Dygby, of Tikingcote, Rutl. Duplicate of lease at f. 58.
Augm Book. 216 f. 9. Jas. Merkeady, joiner. Two tenements and a coal house within the site of White Friars London. 16 April.
Sir Wm. Goringe. Northstoke rectory, Suss. Tortyngton. 10 April.