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Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 18 Part 2, August-December 1543. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1902.

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(In the numbering of the lines in these references headings are always excepted.)

Part I.

Preface, page li, line 2 from bottom. For "Germany" read "Italy."


28. This is probably the minute referred to in No. 210 and is therefore here placed too early.

44 and 45, margin. For "VI., VI." read "VI., II."

95, margin. For "207" read "247."

131. This proclamation, as printed by Berthelet, is in Soc. of Antiqu., Procl. II. 122.

134, margin. Supply "R.O."

135, 1. 3. For "27" read "28."

216, end. For "Pp. 4." read "Pp. 5."

231, p. 136, 1. 9. For "Grange" read "Graye."

259, p. 147, 1. 20. For "Winchester" read "Westminster."

346 (54), 1. 3 from bottom of page. For "Peter" read "St. Peter."

363. Another modern copy is in Soc. of Antiqu., Procl. II. 123.

375, 1. 6. For "coming" read "who came."

383 (4), 1. 19. Read "comendador mayor of Leon, the Emperor's privy councillors."

490. Another modern copy is in Soc. of Antiqu., Procl. II. 124.

502, margin. Add the reference "Acts of Parl, of Scotland, XII., 42."

563, end. For "Pp. 3" read "Pp. 4."

622 (12), end. For "Pp. 3" read "P. 1."

681, end. For "Pp. 7" read "Pp. 6."

802 (49), 1. 5. For "and" read "at."

832 (12), end. For "Pp. 10" read "Pp. 11."

967, 1. 9. For "County" read "Country."

Part II.

30, 1. 1. The proclamation referred to is in Soc. of Antiq., Procl. II. 125, with a mandate for its publication dated Terling, 2 Aug. 35 Hen. VIII.

62, 1. 2. After "England" insert "(sic)." The mistake is repeated in the translation (§ 2) but afterwards corrected to "Grant Chambrelain d'Engleterre."

66, margin. Insert "Strype's Cranmer, I. 182."

68, p. 34, 1. 13. The asterisk after "bishop" should have been placed after the same word on its second occurrence, viz., "nor the bishop*."

82, 1. 6. For "Describe" read "Describes."

84, end. For "Pp. 4" read "Pp. 5."

216, end. For "Pp. 2" read "Pp. 3."

316. Another modern copy is in Soc. of Antiq., Procl. II. 127.

338, end. For "P. 1" read "Pp. 2."

436. Since this was printed yet another similar certificate has been found in R. O.

449 (20). Is of the year 1542 and will be found in Vol. XVII., No. 1154 (28), described from the enrolment. This Signed Bill has been filed in the wrong year.

508, heading. For "Sudwyke" read "Suthwyke."

527, 1. 20. The proclamation referred to is in Soc. of Antiq., Procl. II. 128, and is dated 18 Dec. 35 Henry VIII.

546, p. 297, 1. 25. The note which (following Nasmith's Catalogue) is here said to be in Abp. Parker's hand is (as we are informed by Mr. Moule, the librarian of Corpus) in that of the Abp.'s secretary, Jocelyn.

p. 308, 1.5. "Thomas Cawby." So here in the MS. quite distinctly ; but "Dawby" at p. 315, 1. 17.

p. 317, 1. 6 from bottom. The asterisk* should be a dagger† as in the line following.

p. 322, 1. 6-4 from bottom. The exact reading of the MS. is as follows :—"Item, Mr. Schether said unto me at his returning from Croydon, when he had received his injunction to declare that Gardiner took Serles his part, in my chamber, I will be even with him." The writer himself apparently has left out something.

p. 323, 1. 22. After "Mastership," insert "heartily."


Avila. Read "Avila y Zu˜iga, Don Loys de. I. 488 ; II. 380. -, -, signature of, I. 488."

Baker, Sir John, II. Preface li.

Browne, John, II. Pref. lii.

Butts, Dr., letter to, II. Pref. l.

Canterbury, letter dated at, II. Pref. l.

- Cathedral, prebendaries of, II. Pref. li.

Chartham, Kent, II. Pref. l.

Council, Privy, II. Pref. li.

Cranmer, Abp., II. Pref. l.

Denny, Ant., letter to, II. Pref. l.

Gardiner, Stephen, bp. of Winchester, II. Pref. li.

Hales, Sir Chr., II. Pref. li.

Lambeth, Surr., II. Pref. li.

Morice, Ralph, II. Pref. l.

Moyle, Sir Thos., II. Pref. li.

Petite, Ciriac, II. Pref. li.

Pilgrimages, II. Pref. li.

Pope, the, II. Pref. l.

Preachers, II. Pref. li.

Purgatory, II. Pref. li.

Rochester, Kent, II. Pref. li.

Saunder (Sanders), Wm., II. Pref. lii.

Six Articles, Sessions of, II. Pref. lii.

Supremacy, Royal, II. Pref. l.

Turner, Ric., II. Pref. l.

Westwell, Kent., II. Pref. li.

Wye, Kent, II. Pref. lii.