Henry VIII: March 1544, 26-31

Pages 141-178

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 19 Part 1, January-July 1544. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1903.

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March 1544, 29-31

29 March. 258. Parliament.
Journals ofthe Houseof Lords,i., 236-266. Record of the daily attendance of members of the House of Lords and of the business done from Monday, 14 Jan. to Saturday, 29 March [35 Hen. VIII.] when the acts received the Royal assent and Parliament was dissolved, by commissions (recited).
ii. List of acts passed.
29 March. 259. Sir Ralph Eure to Hertford.
Hatfield MS.
231, No. 22.
[Cal. of Cecil
Pt. i., 131.]
This Friday night (fn. n1), received a letter from his father with the muster book of the inhabitants and garrisons of the East March, and a letter from a Scotsman, directed to Hertford, sent herewith. Has received returns of musters for all the Middle March, save Newcastle Ward, Morpeth Ward, and Tynmowthe Shire, the Commissioners of which have not yet returned their books, although Thursday last was their furthest day. Encloses a billet of their names, and has written to them sharply to bring the books on Sunday next to Newcastle, where he intends then to be. As Hertford commanded, has spoken with the Scotsmen of whom he has bond and pledges, to know what men they can make to serve the King in France on horseback. They answered that in Scotland they are able and willing to do good service but are loth to go into France. They have desired respite to Thursday next, to speak with their friends. Will at his coming show what men may be made out of Tyndale and Ridsdale to serve in France. Chipchace, 29 March. Signed.
P.S.—There will be a want of that power which you reckoned to have out of the East and Middle Marches for "the journey that your Lordship hath appointed us to, because there is so many northern men in wages, for if the whole garrison ware white coats to (sic) country men would serve notwithstanding."
Pp. 2. Flyleaf with address lost. Headed in a later hand: To therle of Hertforde.
29 March. 260. Queen Mary of Hungary to Chapuys.
R. O. The merchants of Antwerp having had their herrings arrested and sold in England complain that (besides having them sold at a poor price) difficulty is made about delivering the money unless they first give surety for the amount, lest it should afterwards be found that the herrings belong to others. It seems strange that such surety should be required for merchandise leaving these countries upon safe-conduct; and it is notorious that the herrings do not belong to any Frenchmen or other enemies. Requires him to get the proceeds of the sale delivered forthwith, without any trouble for the surety, and with a recompense for loss and interest, as she has divers times written. Bruxelles, 29 March 1543 devant Pasques. Signed.
P.S.—Begs him to solicit resolution in the matter of the ships of war to be equipped, of which she wrote.
French, p. 1. Countersigned: Despleghem. Add. Sealed.
30 March. 261. The Privy Council to the Justice and Council in Ireland.
R. O.
St. P., iii., 493.
The King lately wrote for 3,000 kerne whereof 1,000 were to be shipped forthwith to the Pile of Fowdraye for service against Scotland, and the rest put ready upon short warning to attend his royal person into France; but, upon further consideration, his Majesty will not have his realm of Ireland disfurnished of so many, and now requires only 1,000 kerne, of whom 500 shall be transported as above to Fowdraye, or as near as possible between that and Chester, and the other 500 ready upon warning. All are to be picked men, as many as possible of them gunners, levied where they may best be spared and under the leading of the captains to whom the King wrote. Westm., 30 March 1544.
Draft, corrected by Petre, pp. 2. Endd.: Mynute to the Justice and Counsail in Ireland.
30 March. 262. Chapuys to the Queen of Hungary.
R. O.
vii., 55.]
She has already heard from this King's ambassador resident with her and from the parties, the disorder which happened at La Vere,—of the English ship in that port which the Scots seized and carried off, whereat the King and Council have been marvellously indignant, especially as they knew that the ship had already arrived in Scotland, and was sold and the merchandise dispersed. For remedy the Council, three days ago, sent to tell Chapuys several things by a man of his; and the King, yesterday, sent one of the Council to him with remonstrances and a request to write earnestly to her to order reparation, saying, among other things, that five ships were shortly to leave Scotland for Zealand (or at least, if they would pass into France to keep aloof from this coast, they would approach so near Zealand that it would be possible to arrest them) to arrest which would be the true remedy for the above. The King would pray her to effect the said arrest; and so to use the Scots there, and coming thither, that henceforth they might have neither means, opportunity nor boldness to commit so insolent a disorder. Begs her for this as required by the great amity between the Emperor and the King. London, 30 March 1544.
Fr. Modern transcript of the original at Vienna, p. 1.
30 March. 263. Chapuys to the Queen of Hungary.
R. O.
vii., 56.]
Having the opportunity of this messenger, would not omit to write that this King, four days ago, received letters from the Count of Lynus (who, as Chapuys before advertised her, received the money and munitions sent by the King of France into Scotland) declaring a wish to take the King's part, upon reasonable conditions, and requiring a commissioner to be sent to the frontier to treat and conclude the affair. Thereupon the King has despatched a sufficient personage and those here hope that all will succeed according to the King's wish. With the help of the said Count and his other friends, if they persevere in their goodwill, the King will order Scotland as he pleases. The patriarch of Aquilea (although he had the King's safe-conduct to pass this way) preferred to trust himself to the fortune of the sea, and alleged some excuses to the King, to whom he sent a great discourse, in writing, to exhort him not to enter war against France but rather to undertake the arbitrament of peace between the Emperor and the King of France, not doubting (as he said) but that, as the King was rich and the others on every hand needy, he (the King) would easily persuade them to do all he wished (especially with the Pope's assistance on the other side, whom, to please the King, he styled only his master); and immediately upon his arrival in France, he would put the matter in train and thereupon, with the King's pleasure and safe-conduct, come to Calais to commune of it.
For these eight days the King has been indisposed with a mal de jambe, which for two days caused a little fever; from which, thank God! he is delivered, but remains still a little indisposed; and for this cause the Duke of Alburquerque has not yet been to do him reverence. The Duke has been here eight days; and will not leave so soon as he desires, because as yet he has been unable to obtain proper ships for his passage, and he will sojourn in this town until these are provided, especially to avoid the discomfort and trouble which the Duke of Najera has had, waiting for his ships at Plymouth, where he still remains, troubled, both by not finding necessary provision and because the people there are a little rough (brusque) and ill-conditioned; while the Duke of Alburquerque here has been attentively visited on the King's behalf. London, 30 March 1544.
Fr. Modern transcript of the original at Vienna, pp. 2.
30 March. 264. Hertford to the Council.
Add. MS.
32,654, f. 64.
B. M.
ii., No. 199.
Received theirs of the 27th, and accordingly has written to the earls of Cumberland and Westmoreland. Yesterday arrived in Tynmouth haven lord William with the Mynyon, Charles Howard with the Julyan of Dartmouth, and the pinnace which Candishe made; and this morning came in Jennens with the Peter of Spayne. But the Swepestake, in entering the haven yesternight, ran aground, through the master, Wheler, of Lastof (fn. n2), missing the channel in a sudden fog and mist. Lord Cobham and all on board came very hardly to land. Hertford and Sadler have been this day at Tynmouth taking order to save her, and expect to save the ordnance and tackling, and the ship also if there be no great wind between this and the spring which begins on Wednesday. Lord William and lord Cobham told Hertford that, with the lord Admiral and others, in all 10 sail, they left Harwich on Tuesday last and kept together until Wednesday at noon when they lost one another in the mist. Those here, before entering the haven, searched for the lord Admiral during Thursday, Friday and Saturday but could not hear of him. With him were lord Clynton in the Swallowe, Sir Nic. Poyntz in the Gret Gallye, Sir Rice Maunsell in a hulk and Wyndham in a ship of the West country. The men appointed to this army arrive continually, and will all be here to-morrow night save some whom Hertford has stayed for two or three days longer; so that, unless the ships arrive shortly, the King will be put to great charge for wages here, and the men cannot abide because the country here is destitute of victuals. Newcastle, Sunday night, 30 March. Signed.
Pp. 2. Add. Endd.: 1544.
R. O. 2. Original draft of the above. Dated: "xxxto Marcii at xj within night."
In Sadler's hand, pp. 5.
30 March. 265. Sir Chr. Mores to Hertford.
Hatfield MS.
231, No. 60.
[Cal. of Cecil
Pt. i., 132.]
Has set forward the proportion he appointed, viz., 2 demi culverins, slenderly mounted (there being here no elm or other timber for stocks, but he trusts that "with the smiths craft" they shall serve), 2 sakers, 7 fawcons, 3 fawconets, 8 bassys mounted upon four carriages with two chambers apiece, and 3 last of powder. Bows and arrows shall shortly be coffered when it is known how many he wishes. Here are 200 demi-hakes, 500 morespykes, and also bills; but no planks and hurdles to serve the battery pieces. "For schipping of ony thyng that his here ther is no chipes in this haven for the purpos." Victuals are at such price that his men pay 3d. for every meal. Berwick, this Sunday. Signed.
P.S.—Here are 16 fair carts and 4 close carts covered with hair. Bows, arrows, strings and powder must be covered. Sufficient hair is said to be at Newcastle. Here are not pioneers's tools to furnish 200.
Pp. 2. Add.: To my lord levetenaunt at Newecastell. Endd.: Rec. xxxjo Marcii.
30 March. 266. Arran to Paul III.
Royal MS.
18 B. vi., 163.
B. M.
Epp. Reg. Sc.,
ii., 194.
After the letters to His Holiness were given to Marcus Grymanus, the Patriarch, it was announced that the legacy of this realm was granted to the Cardinal of St. Andrew's on the kalends of February. Is much affected by this, as the man is very dear to him and ready to spend his life for the Holy See and this state. Thinks that an ornament has been added to the state and that he himself is honoured because of the relationship of blood that is between them. Sent his servant Adam More with the Patriarch both for public and private matters, and begs credence for him and a favourable hearing. Ex Sterlingo, penultimo Martii 1544.
Lat. Copy, pp. 2.
31 March. 267. The Mint.
Harl. MS.
698, f. 35.
B. M.
Account of John Browne, keeper of the change and money in the Tower and of the coinage of gold and silver there and elsewhere in England, under the King's letters patent of 23 Dec. 28 Hen. VIII., of the issues and revenues of the coinage in the Tower from 1 July 34 Hen. VIII. to 31 March 35 Hen. VIII.; by the view of Wm. Dunche, auditor of the Mint, before Ralph Sadlier, Edm. Pecham, Wm. Sharington and Walter Mildmaye, knights, commissioners appointed thereto 21 July 1 Edw. VI.
Arrears, none. Profits of coinage of 141 lb. 6 oz. (should be 541 lb. 6 oz.) of gold at 4s. for every lb. Troy of 23 carats and 1 carat of alloy, coined according to an indenture 16 May 34 Hen. VIII. between the King and Ralph Rowlett and Martin Bowes, goldsmiths, London; and 22,053 lb. of silver, at 2s. 6d., 2,864l. 18s. 6d. No proceeds of coinage elsewhere within England, within the time of this account or of any coinage of the 2 mks. of plate to be taken for every sack of wool conveyed over sea by merchants strangers, in security for payment of custom at their return; or of coinage of the 1 oz. of bullion gold for each sack so borne over sea elsewhere than to the Staple of Calais, or of coinage of the 1 oz. of bullion gold to be taken of such merchants for every three pieces of tin.
Costs incurred, including payments to Martin Bowes, master worker, and for wages and expenses, 2,663l. 2s. Of which allowances are demanded and a balance of 38l. 14s. 2d. paid over to Sir Martin Bowes to be employed in the repair of the houses.
ii. English translation of the preceding.
Large paper, pp. 7, in a modern hand.
Ib. f. 43. 2. Similar account by Browne of the same issues and profits between Mich. 35 Hen. VIII. and 31 March 35 Hen. VIII.
Arrears, none. 4l. 6s. 7 1/2d. profits of 31lb. 6oz. gold, of 23 carats 3 1/2 gr. with 1/2 gr. of alloy, at 2s. 9d. per lb. 27l. 5s. 3d. profits of 181lb. 9oz. gold, at 22 carats with 2 carats of alloy at 3s. 120l. 8s. profits of 2408lb. silver at 12d. No coinage of gold or silver elsewhere accounted for, &c. Total charge 151l. 19s. 10 1/2d.
Payments 180l. 5s. 10 1/2d. Owes nothing "quia' habet superplus" 28l. 5s. 3d.
ii. English translation of the same.
Large paper, pp. 8.
31 March. 268. Mary Queen of Scots to Francis I.
Epp. Reg. Sc.,
ii., 195.
With the advice of Arran and the Three Estates, has despatched Sir John Campbel, lord of Lundy, and Mr. David Paniter, her first secretary, as ambassadors, authorized for the renewal of the ancient treaties between the realms of France and Scotland and to declare the state of the realm. Begs credence for what they will say on the part of Arran, who signs this. Striveling, 31 March 1543, avant Pasques.
31 March. 269. Christian III. to Henry VIII.
R. O. By your letters received of this messenger we understood clearly that your Serenity remembers the things which we wrote to you some years ago, and that our speeches with the Earl of Botwell and with your own subjects have come to your ears. Hence we take it kindly that, from very plain evidence, you conjecture our present aims, and so are confirmed against the rumors of our aiding the Scots. Assures Henry that no one has yet dealt with him in the name of the Scots, and that he has not received money from any other quarter for furnishing his fleet and soldiers. If such a thing is proposed to him, his reply will show that he is not unmindful of his dignity or duty. "Ex regia nostra Copenhagen," 31 March 1543. Signed: vester bonus frater et amicus, Christiernus, Rex.
Latin. Broadsheet, p. 1. Add. Endd.: ao xxxvo.
270. Debts to the Exchequer.
Add. Ch.
Mandate to [the sheriff] of Warwickshire and Leicestershire to appear at the Exchequer at Westm., at Easter next, with the following debts due at Mich. 35 Hen. VIII. (here follows a long list of small debts from various persons.)
A strip of parchment in a roll.
271. For the Invasion of France.
R. O. "Remembrances of things touching the transportation of the army." (1.) What number of carts or waggons shall be appointed to every 1,000 men? Agreed that each captain of 100 may have one carriage; and none to have more unless they be chief officers and "keep boards." "This article is agreed to be kept by the Vantgarde and Reregarde." (2.) No man shall carry tents or hales for his soldiers footmen, who shall "make their lodgings" as men of war of other nations do. (In margin: Agreed to this article.) (3.) As many hoys or playtes to be at Ipsewiche, 20 May, as will transport 500 horses. (4.) Hoys and playtes to be at Maiden the————(blank) day of May (in margin: "Gunston's opinion to be had herein"); and similar blank items for Margate, Ramsgate, Dover, Sandwich,————(blank), Foulston, Hithe, Winchelsey, and Rye. (5.) To appoint men in every port to have charge of the shipping of men and horses; and bridges to be made for this. (In margin: "My lord of Norff., for the vantgarde. My Lord Pryvey Seale for the reregarde.") (6.) To
270. Debts to the Exchequer.
Add. Ch.
Mandate to [the sheriff] of Warwickshire and Leicestershire to appear at the Exchequer at Westm., at Easter next, with the following debts due at Mich. 35 Hen. VIII. (here follows a long list of small debts from various persons.)
A strip of parchment in a roll.
271. For the Invasion of France.
R. O. "Remembrances of things touching the transportation of the army." (1.) What number of carts or waggons shall be appointed to every 1,000 men? Agreed that each captain of 100 may have one carriage; and none to have more unless they be chief officers and "keep boards." "This article is agreed to be kept by the Vantgarde and Reregarde." (2.) No man shall carry tents or hales for his soldiers footmen, who shall "make their lodgings" as men of war of other nations do. (In margin: Agreed to this article.) (3.) As many hoys or playtes to be at Ipsewiche, 20 May, as will transport 500 horses. (4.) Hoys and playtes to be at Maiden the————(blank) day of May (in margin: "Gunston's opinion to be had herein"); and similar blank items for Margate, Ramsgate, Dover, Sandwich,————(blank), Foulston, Hithe, Winchelsey, and Rye. (5.) To appoint men in every port to have charge of the shipping of men and horses; and bridges to be made for this. (In margin: "My lord of Norff., for the vantgarde. My Lord Pryvey Seale for the reregarde.") (6.) To appoint men to see that horsemeat and man's meat is ready at the ports and between London and Dover. (In margin. "The Sheriff and other gentlemen that tarry at home to see this furnished.") (7.) Pioneers to be appointed for the vantgarde, and men to levy them. (In margin: "Dispeched.") (8.) To know where and how the money "for coats and conduct shall be paid, for the vanguard, etc." (In margin: In London, "by bill signed by the capitayn of the warde.") (9.) Letters to be written to my lord Lieutenant in the North and to the wardens of the Marches to certify what well horsed men the King may have thence, and take order that on their coming to Dover their horses may be in good plight. (In margin: "Dispeched.") (10.) That the horsemen from the North shall be at the sea side at the same time as the rearguard. (In margin: "This is agreed unto.") (11.) "Staples to be made for all such hoyes, playtes or shippes as shall cary over horses to taye (i.e. tie) the sayd horses unto." (In margin: "This is done.") (12.) All pioneers to be at Calays against the rearguard's arrival, so that they may be occupied before the King's coming to Calais.
"Memorandum, to take no hoye under forty tonne at least."
Pp. 3. Endd. as above.
R. O. 2. "Things to be ordered by the King's Majesty or by such as shall please his Highness t'appoint to the same."
1. To appoint who shall be of his Highness's Council here in his absence, that they may consider their charge and learn, his pleasure therein. 2. To sort such of the Council as be appointed to go to the wards wherein they shall serve. 3. To appoint the officers of every ward. 4. To appoint what numbers of Englishmen and Almains, horse and foot, shall be in each ward. 5. "Item, t'appoint how many of the traict and how many of each other weapon shall be in every hundred, and whether the traict shall be harnessed or no." 6. "What standard and banners shall be used?" 7. To "take order for coats and conduct money." 8. To appoint places for embarking, with men to see the soldiers shipped, provide bridges for horses and half freight for ships. 9. To appoint days for every ward to pass and for the soldiers to assemble at the embarking places. 10. To send a marshal beforehand to Calais. 11. Men to take charge of the soldiers at their landing there. 12. "Commissaries to be sent into Flaunders, upon advertisement from thence, to view the carriages, the lymoners and the hoys" and send them to such places as shall be appointed. 13. "Item, t'appoint commissaries to take the musters of th'Almains." 14. To consider which of the Council, captains or other men of war at Calais, Guisnez, etc., be meet to go with the King's Majesty, and who shall supply their places; and for a deputy there." 15. Order to be taken for transporting the 2,000 kerne appointed to serve in France. 16. "Whether the King will have any Scots horsemen to serve him in France and how many."
Pp. 3. Numbers not in the original. Endd.:"Things to be ordered by the King's Majesty."
R. O.
St. P., i., 761.
3. "Considerations which way is thought by the Council to be most convenient for the King's Majesty to set forward with his royal army this summer to invade the realm," viz.:—
To go by the frontiers of Flanders to the place where the duke of Suffolk returned out of France over the Som, 2 miles on this side Neele in Vermandoyse, by which way the army shall have victuals and horsemeat, "as we know by the report of such as be now come out of Flander," and may carry those provided at Calais unspent to the entry into France beyond the Som, which will suffice the whole army for 12 or 14 days, by which time they will be "very near unto Pary[s]," passing by many good towns not fortified and through one of the most plentiful countries of France. Charges may be spared by causing the Almains, both horse and foot, not to enter into wages until the army comes near the Som.
If your (fn. n3) Majesty will have such of your army as pass the seas before your Royal person attempt some displeasure to the enemy, it is thought "that attemptante be made to wyn Arde," which may be essayed without lacking victuals or losing time.
In going this way the army may make large journeys, being in no danger of the enemies until it comes to the Som.
On the fly leaf:—"Item, where we perceive your Majesty's pleasure is to know our opinion by what days your vanguard, rearguard and battle shall be at the sea to pass over; Sir, we think the vanguard to be there the first day of Juny and the rearward to be there the vj day and the battle the xij day."
In Norfolk's hand, pp. 3. Endd.: A devise for a way for passage into France.
R. O. 4. "A consultation concerning the provision of victuals to furnish the King's Majesty's army that shall pass over into France."
To be at Calais with the vanguard 6 June, with the rearguard 10 June, with the battle 15 June. The first night out of Calais the vanguard to lodge at the Cawsey, and the next night about Guisnes or Lisques: and there await the rearguard and the Almain horse and foot. From thence they shall go as the King shall appoint. If it be to pass the Somme between Crotay and Abbevile, the journey will cost six or seven days; and if to do some exploit before the King joins them, the horsemen should return to escort the King. The purveyors must provide victuals for all the army from Calais to the Somme, and for ten days more. If they pass the Somme beyond Braye, that upper way will cost nine or ten days from Lisques or Guisnes, and no provision need be made for the passage thither because victuals will be furnished out of the Emperor's dominions. If they pass the Somme by Crotay and Abbeville, no forage can be had, for no corn is sown this year in Bullenoys. Men who know both ways should be spoken withal, to tell the state of forage and victuals, the "progress" of the ways and the distances from place to place, so that the King may determine which way is best.
Pp. 6. Endd.
R. O. 5. [Transport of cavalry.]
In the duke of Norfolk's hand:—"That the hoyes be so chosen that they may carry horses on both sides. Item, to get as many playtes as may be, for they be better to convey horses than hoyes. Item, to have a sure regard that when the ships be ballasted they may have their beams so high that the horses may stand under them; for if they be too low the horses' backs shall be marred."
"In Paget's hand.—"Item, that the hoyes be not rotten. Item, lx hoyes to come into the Temmes. Item, xl to Dover and Folston [over and besides, &c."]. (fn. n4)
P. 1. Endd.:"Touching hoyes."
272. Invasion of France.
R. O. "Wages (fn. n5) of war appointed to sundry persons in the voyage made into France under the leading of the right high and mighty prince, Charles duke of Suffolk, lieutenant general of the said army in the 15th year of the King our sovereign lord's most noble reign."
[Showing the wages of all concerned from the lieutenant general at 100s. a day to the footmen at 6d.]
Pp. 4.
R. O. 2. "The charges for iij months, beginning to accompt from the King's Majesty's going from Cales, as well for the furniture of his army as of all other necessary things here at home, etc.
"In primis, by estimate, for the wages of the whole army, with all things necessary for the same, for iij months, reckoning cm marks for every month," 200,000l.
"For the furniture of th'army upon the Narrow Seas for iij months." 6,000l.
"For the furniture of th'army upon the West Seas until his Majesty's return, by estimate," 4,000l.
"For the furniture of the North during the said time," 12,000l.
Of Portsmouth, 3,000l.
Of garrisons and workmen at Calais and Guisnes, 8,000l.
Of the Queen's household, 5,000l.
Of my lord Prince's house, 2,000l.
"Item, a mass of money to be left in all events at home for the said time," 10,000l.
Total 250,000l.
Towards which shall be made "before his Majesty's passage of the water of Somme these parcels following," viz.:—
Money now remaining in Mr. Riche's hands 10,000l. Of the revenue of the Augmentation 6,000l. Of the subsidy 8,000l. Of first fruits and tenths 4,000l. Of the sale of lands 40,000l. Of the victualling money 6,000l. "From beyond the seas, of the merchants," 50,000l. Of "the revenues of the surveys" 10,000l. Total 134,000l.
And so there wanteth 116,000l., "for the supplement whereof these means be devised:—
"In primis by the sale of more land after the rates that sales hath been made already"——(blank) [10,000l.]. (fn. n6)
"Item, by the sale of land ("after the King's departure" in § 2), part to be paid in hand and the rest at days not exceeding a xij month day" ——. [20,000l.]*
"Item, of lead to be sold or laid to gage"——. [50,000l.]*
"Item of English merchants" ——. [10,000l.]*
"Item of merchants strangers in London besides those which be already in hand" ——. [10,000l.]*
"Item by the practice of Mr. Vaughan," ——. [20,000l.]*
"Item of Sorer at his coming hither" ——. [10,000l.]*
"Item of such as hath the King's fees" ——. [10,000l.]*
"Item of the bishops, deans, etc." ——. [6000l.]*
"Item of the Mint" —. [6000l.]*
"Item of the King's debts and revenues"———. [10,000l.]*
"clxijm li." (in Riche's hand).
In Wriothesley's hand, pp. 3. Endd.: Charges of three monethes warre.
R. O. 3. Briefer jottings in slightly different order of the above items (without the headings), giving the amounts in the last part which are printed in square brackets above.
In Riches hand, pp. 3.
R. O. 4. [Estimate of men and wagons, &c., required for victualling the army, viz:—]
"Surveyors and expeditors of victuals."
"Vaward."—Chief masters 2, clerks 2, for sale of bread 6, for sale of drink 10, for sale of flesh and butchers 12, for conduct and watch 20, herdmen and drivers 12, carters for 145 wagons "after 2 men to every wagon, after the rate of 30 cwt. to every wagon," 290, carters for 5 wagons to carry necessaries ("exelltres," timber, ropes, cart clowtes, nails, cart saddles, mattokes, "showlves," etc.) 10, coopers 2, cartwrights 2, smiths 2, labourers to lade and unlade the victuals in store 12. Total persons 382, wagons 150.
"The rerward."—The same.
"The Kynges bayttell."—Chief masters of victuals 2, clerks 2, for sale of bread 8, for sale of drink 16, for sale of flesh and butchers 16, the conduct and watch of victuals 30, herdmen and drivers of cattle 16, carters for 234 wagons 468, carters for 6 wagons of necessaries 12, coopers 3, cartwrights 3, smiths 3, labourers 20. Total persons 599, wagons 240.
"Sir Clement Hurleston charge for baking." (fn. n7) ——Wagons for ovens 33, carters for them 66, wagons for 100 mills 50, carters for them 100, wagons for tents and hales 10, carters for them 20, bakers 100, millers 100, millwrights 10, cartwrights 10, bricklayers 6, pioneers to them 6, mortar makers 2, Mr. Harleston's soldiers 30, clerks 2, one priest, one surgeon, three drums, petty captains 3, captains 3. Total persons 463, wagons 93.
"Necessaries for the same."—Axes 200, crows of iron 100, mattocks 12, shovels 20, wedges 20, sacks 200, bags for iron pins 100.
"For the brewers."*—Wagons for 50 brewhouses 50, carters for the same 100, master brewers to every house 50, underbrewers to them 50, labourers to them 100, petty captains 3, drums 3, surgeon 1, captains 3. Total persons 310, wagons 50.
"Necessaries."—Axes 50, wedges of iron 20, mattocks 50, shovels 100, sacks 100.
"Total of this whole declaration" viz., in persons 2,136, wagons 683.
ii. Another similar estimate in the same hand, with heading showing that it is "after the ijde rate," giving, in addition, the quantities of victuals (viz. wheat, malt, sacks, and hops) and number of wagons required for each sort and giving the bakehouse and brewhouse (in proportion) under the "vowarde" (and "rerwarde") and "battayll," "Mr. Harlestone's soldiers and clerks 31" being an item under the heading 'Bakehouse' in the battle. Total persons 2,328, wagons 724.
Pp. 11, with flyleaf entitled "The booke of victaillers, bakers and brewers."
R. O. 5. "An estymat view of the waiges of the masters of vitailles and others for the voward and rereward for xiiij days," viz., of 4 masters at 10s. a day, 2 clerks at 3s. 4d., 4 clerks and 8 petty captains at 2s., 116 utterers of victual, priests, surgeons and artificers at 12d., 2 drums at 8d., 131 labourers, herds, watchers and servants at 6d., and 672 carters at 6d. Total 412l. 13s.
P. 1.
R. O. 6. Detailed list of the numbers of officers and men in the "vawarde" not in the King's wages (beginning "The master of the ordnance 1, clerks 2, yeomen 10; treasurer 1, clerks 2, yeomen 4,") in all 1,302; with note that the number of lymoners belonging to the vaward is 597 and of carriages 392.
ii. Similar list for the "battell," in all 1,948; with note that the lymoners are 918 and carriages 598.
iii. "The proporcion of the rereward is in all thinges lyke unto the fore ward, saving that their be CC pyoners more in hit then in the vaward."
Pp. 5.
R. O. 7. List showing "the number of boats" 121, of wagons 97, of horses for these wagons 679, and of carpenters 200, sawyers 40, wheelwrights 30, shipwrights 20, smiths 20, wagon drivers and labourers for the boats 194, "labourers and bargemen to be as pioneers to plain the way before the army" 100, overseers and clerks 20. At the foot in another hand:—"Md. coottes ffor th[e] persons byfore rehersyd."
P. 1. Endd.:"The nomb. of bootes, hors. requisite for wagons."
R. O. 8. "The division of the horses and carters of the said shires allotted to the 'vowarde' and 'rerwarde,' as followeth."
[Giving in column, with marginal heading "For vytayles," the names of the shires, and numbers of horses, carriages and carters, reckoning two carters and seven horses to each carriage.]
"Voward."—[Co.] Bucks 43 carriages, Camb. 26, Hunts 30, Essex 42.
"Rerward."—Ntht. 43, Sussex 21, Surrey 12, Oxon 13, Kent 23, Beds 29.
Total horses 1974, carriages 282, carters 564.
ii. (In another hand.) "The number of carriages with horses, accounting to every carriage 7 horses, appointed for the King's Majesty, with the shires where the same shall be had."
[Giving in column the shires and the numbers of horses and carriages, viz.:—]
Surrey 18 carriages, Sussex 21, Essex 42, Bucks 60, Hertford 45, Wilts 75, Soms. 60, Dorset 36, Heref. 6, Derb. 12, Glouc. 16, Berks 10, Cambs. 26, Norfolk 75, Kent 24, Suffolk 39, Rutland 6, Oxon 36, Leic. 54. Total carriages 661.
For victuals.—Hunts 30, Lindsey, Line. 30, Beds 30, Warw. 36, Notts 45, Hants 60. Total carriages 231.
Carriages with oxen, "accounting to every carriage 10 oxen, appointed for the carriages of victuals"—Surrey 21 carriages, Sussex 40, Essex 6, Bucks 20, Hunts 4, Wilts 50, Soms. 80, Dorset 30, Glouc. 40, Leic. 8, Berks 12, Warw. 40, Hants 15, Oxon 20, Notts 18, Lindsey, Line. 24. Total 429.
iii. A list of shires and numbers (of horses?) headed "The seconde appointment," but struck through as if cancelled, viz.—
Herts 315, Wilts 500, Soms. 800, Dorset 220, Glouc. 100, Berks 100, Norf. 400, Suff. 260, Rutl. 42, Leic. 340, Lyndsey, Line. 200, Warw. 140. Notts 260, Hants 400.
iv. List of shires and numbers of horses, headed "Appointed by the Counsell" [being the same shires as in the preceding list with the omission of Herts and Berks and the addition of Derb. but the numbers are not the same]. Total 3,094 horses: 442 carriages.
v. List of shires and numbers of horses, headed "Appointed by the lord Chamberlain," viz. the same as in § i. above, with the addition of a second column of much smaller numbers, also headed "horses," and of the shires of Herts, Berks, Midd., Dors., Wilts and Suff. Total (not given) for the first column 2,815, for the second 378.
Pp. 7. Endd. (as in heading).
R. O. 9. Letters missive requiring the persons addressed (who were by previous letters commanded to divide themselves throughout "that shire," to provide such "horses, mares, geldings and oxen, meet for draught and carriage, to be employed in our service of the wars against France as might be conveniently spared without disfurniture of necessary tillage and husbandry of any man," and have certified that they have ready ——— (blank) horses, mares and geldings, and ——— (blank) oxen, priced and left with the owners to be fed in the best pastures) to call the assistance of the justices of the peace dwelling near them, choose out such of the horses and oxen as will make, at 7 horses to a carriage, ——— (blank) carriages, and, at 10 oxen to a carriage, ——— (blank) carriages, provide them with draught harnesses, chains, yokes and other necessaries (carts and wains only excepted) and put them together ready upon next warning, to be given by him whom the King will appoint to make payment of the same; who shall be sent with diligence to the town of ——— (blank); against which time the persons addressed (commissioners) shall have books of the prices ready.
Draft, pp. 2. Signed at the head with the King's stamp.
R. O. 10. Amounts of "victual to be carried in treasure" (viz.: wheat, malt and oxen) by the "voward and rerwarde" and the "battaille."
ii. Amounts of wheat, beer, oxen and cheese "to be spent with xl m1 (40,000) men by xxxti days athis side the water of Some."
iii. Totals of the above amounts, with details showing how much is at Calyce, how much is shipped in the West parts, and how much is still to be provided.
iv. Statement how much wheat and malt remains in surplusage in various counties.
v. Statement showing how the amount of oxen (at Romney Marsh) is made up by 3,300 sheep, which countervail 300 oxen, and 6,000 flitches of bacon, which countervail 700 oxen.
Pp. 3. Endd. by Mason: Victual to be carried in treasure.
R. O. 11. The gross provision of grain for the victualling, as well of the King's navy northward as for his Grace's army royal into France, provided within those shires hereafter following."
[Giving by counties the names of the purveyors(?) and amount of money for which they have received warrants, and the total amounts of wheat, malt, oats and beans, followed by details showing how much of this has been "delivered to the ships northward," "shipped to Calice," or otherwise disposed of, and how much remains.]
The counties included are Norfolk and Suffolk (Thos. Wodhous, Wm. Girling, warrant 3,000l.); Ntht., Hunts and Camb. (John Rippes, Th. Waiters, w. 2,500l.); Kent (Th. Hungerford, Simon Amiswell, w. 2,000l.: in this case 1,000 qr. of wheat has been sent to the mayor of London "for the relief of the city, by commandment of the Council," and some has also been sent to the King's household and the Prince's household, and stayed for "succour of the horses of the King's royal army passing to Dover"); Hants (John Kingesmille, Th. Welles, John Milles, John White, w. 2,500l.: some grain has been "consumed for the provision of the King's stable and the Queen's"); Wiltshire (Chas. Buckley, Wm. Button, w. 1,500l.); Essex (Roger Wentworth, John Wybarde, w. 687l. 18s. 1d.); Somerset and Dorset (Wm. Knighte, John Collette, w. 2,000l.; Hertford (Robt. Stokwell, Ric. Broke, w. 703l. 14s. 7 ¾d.); Middlesex (Wm. Ferres, John Atterton, w. 262l. 18s. 9 3/8d.); Sussex (John Lewes, Thos. Nedygate, w. 400l.: some appointed to Mr. Gunston for the victualling of the ships in the Narrow Seas); Oxford and Berks (Wm. Loveles, w. 1,610l. 12s. 9 ¼d.); Bedfordshire (John Newman, w. 518l. 9s. 2d.) Total remainder of wheat 5,024 qr. 2 ½ bu.
Pp. 7. Endd. by Mason: A view of provisions made for the victualling Northward and into France.
R. O. 12. An estimate showing the advantage of taking 1,200 carriages from England rather than hiring them in Flanders.
Seven horses at 33s. 4d. for each carriage, with 33s. 4d. for harness, collars and other necessaries, make for 600 carriages 8,000l. (sic). Ten oxen at 23s. for each carriage, and yokes, chains, etc., 30s., make for 600 carriages 7,800l. And 1,200 wagons at 4l. cost 4,800l. Total 20,600l.
Whereas 1,200 wagons hired in Flanders at 3s. 4d. the day, counting 30 days in a month, cost in five months 30,000l.
So that the cost is 9,400l. less "and yet all the oxen, horses and carriages remain the King's Majesty's."
Wages of 2,400 carters to attend upon the said carriages at 6d. a day, are in five months 9,000l., so that ultimately 400l. less is spent and all remain to the King's use.
Pp. 2. Endd.:"An estimate how much more commodious it shall be to take carriages within this realm than to hire the same in Flanders."
R. O. 13. "The proporcyon off ordenaunce, artylery and habyllymentes of warr for the furnyture of an armye ryall wythe all maner of munycyons necessarye for the same.
"Fyrst for the forewarde:—
"Cannons 2; lymmeners 70; powder 9 last, caryages 12; shott 720 caryages 21.
"Demi canons 4; lymmeners 100; powder 12 last, caryages 16; shot 1,440, caryages 21."
And so on, viz.—Culveryns 2, 1. 50,p. 4 ½ last 725lbs., c. 6, shot 720, c. 6. Demi-culveryns 4, 1. 64, p. 5 last 4 ½ barrels 60lb., c. 6, shot 1,440, c. 7. Sakers 10, 1. 100, p. 2 last 1 bar., c. 3, shot 1,000, c. 2. Fawconnes 8. 1. 48, p. 10 barrels, c. 1, shot 500, c. 1. Mortars ——— (blank, with blank spaces for lymmeners &c.). Prevy wagons 15, 1. 80, corn powder 12 demi-barrels, c._ (mutilated), shot of lead 17cwt., c. 1. Spare lymmeners 30. Demi-hakes 250, c. 2. Morisspykes 1,000, c. 6. Bows 3,000, eight chests to a load, c. 8. Bowstrynges, 20 barrels 200 gross, c. 3. Levery arrowes, 6,000 sheaf in 160 chests, c. 16. Demi-lawnces 200 and northern staves 300, c. 5. Bylles 1,000 (200 to a load), c. 5. Pyke axys and mattokes 500, c. 3. Mynars toolys, c. 2. Shovelles and spades 1,000, c. 4. Skowpes 100, c. 1. Crowes of yron 50, c. 1. Hedgyng bylles 300, c. 2. Fellyng axys 200, c. 1. Horse shewes 6,000, c. 3. Horse shew nayles 300,000 and nayles of sundry aortes, 1 barrell, c. 1. Tonnes of yron 3 and in steele 20 sheves, c. 4. See cole 5 chalder, c. 7. Smythes forges 1, c. 1. Ferrars forges 1, c. 1. Cressettes 50, cressett lyght 2,500, c. 3. Lanterns 150, c. 2. Ropes of hemp of all sortes 6,000lbs. weight, and bast ropes 30 pieces, c. 4. Cotton matches or lyntes 2 cwt., ballances and weightes 2 pair, canvas for cartewyches 30 ells, partchement 30 skins, paper ryall 1 ream, shearys 3 pair, twyne 30lb. weight, pakknedles 30, mowthe glew 1 oz., c.._ (mutilated.) Tallow candelles 5 barrels, tallow 3 barrels and blak sope 2 barrels, c. 2. Spare lymmers 20 pair, c. 1. Spare exultres (axle trees) with barres 10, c. 1. Spare exultres for small ordynaunce 50, c. 1. Spare wheles for battry peces 12 pair, c. 6. Spare wheles for small ordynaunce 12 pair, lynce-pynnes, wasshers, tuk-pynnes and shettle-pynnes 1 barrel, c. 5. Ferons alias gynnes to mownte ordynaunce 3, and crekes 2, c. 1. Tall pressys 6 and tresselles or bearers 6, c. 1. Hande spekes 100, carte clowtes 120, and brodes and clowte nayles 6,000, c. 1. Chargyng ladles 30, moldes of brasse to shott of all sortes 8, castyng ladles 8, dyce of yron 1 demi barrel, demi barrelles andfyrkyns with purses for gonpowder 10, c. 1. Peyles of lether 150, sythes 10 doz., syckelles 10 doz., and vyneger 1 hogshead, c. 1. Horse hydes tanned 60, carte saddles 100, trasys in payres 150, belly bandes 200, hames 50 payre, spare chevyn boltes 10, and grynde stones 30, c. 4. Lyttle cartes with iij wheles apece to carry shott 3, c. 1. Calve skynnes 5 doz., cowhydes or stere hides 1 decker, shepe skynnes 30, c. 1. Spare caryages for the master of the ordynaunce and the offycers belongyng to the same, c..... (mutilated).
Total powder 34 last 1 bar. 80lb., shot 5,820, carriages for the forewarde 225.
Added in Norfolk's hand.—"Summa of lymoners for the vang[arde] and reregard, . . . . (mutilated).
"Summa of the vagans for the ij ward[es] . . . . (mutilated).
Large paper, pp. 5. Slightly mutilated.
273. The Army against France.
R. O. [A muster book showing what soldiers may be furnished by the gentlemen of England from the King's Council downwards. Many of the entries are marked with the letter "B." in the margin, or else the original entry is marked with the letter "A." and a new entry marked "B." inserted after it: there are also a few marked with the small letter "b" and a very few (in cos. Surrey and Somerset) with a small "a." But the majority of the entries have no such marks. The particulars appended to the names are filled in in another hand and are evidently taken from certificates returned by the persons named, and the letters A., B., etc., seem to refer to two different sets of certificates. Many entries besides those marked "B." or "b." are insertions in other handwritings.]
The Counsaill.—Th'archbishop of Cantorbury. My lord Chaunceler. B: The duke of Norff. with the earl of Surr., 100 horsemen, 500 footmen. B: The duke of Suff. "certifieth that with CCC of his tenants in Lincolnshire, able men and meet to serve, and with his household servants, he can make one C horsemen with demilances and javelins either upon good horses or good geldings, C archers and CCC billmen." The earl of Hertff. b: My lord Privy Seal, 100 horsemen, 1,200 footmen. B: The viscount Lisle, 100 h. B: The earl of Essex, 100 h. 300 f. B: My lord Saint John, 100 h. 300 f. B: The bp. of Winchester, 100 h. 200 f. The bp. of Westm., 100 able men, whereof 30 principal archers, 10 of them on horseback, b: My lord Wryothesley, of horsemen 20 demilances and 20 javelins with targetts, footmen 50 archers, 40 pikes, 20 demihakes and 50 bills. B: Sir John Gage, comptroller, [with his son Baynham] (fn. n8) 21 h., 300 f. B: Sir Thomas Cheyneye, Sir Anthony Browne, 300 h. 500 f. B: Sir Anthony Wingfelde, 30h., 170f. A: Sir Thomas Wryothesley (fn. n8), out of his office of high steward of the late countess of Sarum lands 40 men, whereof 20 archers and 20 billmen; of the constableship of Porchestre and the lieutenantship of the forest of Southbere 10 archers; of his own servants and tenants 10 demilances, 10 archers on horseback, 40 archers and 40 billmen; for the lands of Hide not sold, 10 archers. Sir Ralfe Sadler. Sir William Paget 100 f. Sir William Petre, 20 f. Sir Richard Riche, 40 h., 160 f. Sir John Baker, "the letter returned and he to be certified by the lord Warden as one of the seven hundrethes." [Mr. Dacres.]*
The Lords.—B: The marquis Dorset, 60 h., 290 f.; "item, in his lands in the North parts he hath ready 150 horsed and harnessed," [The earl of Surrey].*. A: The earl of Oxford, 300 able men over and besides 100 already on the seas, whereof 100 furnished with horses, bows and arrows meet to be archers on horseback, 100 with harness and weapons as bills and morespikes meet to be footmen, 100 able personages neither horsed, harnessed nor weaponed." B: The earl of Oxford, 0 h., 350 f. B: The earl of Arondell, 60 h., 600 f. The earl of Arundell, able men 1,272, whereof archers principals 300, mean archers 200, principal billmen 500, mean billmen 200, household servants 106, light geldings able to occupy a spear or a javelin 120. B: The earl of Sussex, 100 f.
[The list continues in the same way throughout but, for brevity, only the names are given for the rest of this abstract, viz.:—]
The earls of Huntingdon, Worcester (marks A. and B.), Bath (marks A. &B.), and Bridgewater. Lords Parr (substituted for Viscount Lisle, name only), Pose or Powes (marks A. &B.), Souche, William Hawarde (name only), Sturton, Morleye (marks A. &B.), Ferrirs (mark B.), Cobham, Clinton, Audleye (marks [A.?] and B), Sandes, Lawarr, Wentworthe (mark B.), Windesor (marks A. &B.), Mordaunte, Stafforde, Vaux, Crumwell, Mountjoy (mark B.), Hastinges (marks A. &B.).
The Bishops:—Of London, Lincoln, Sarum, Exeter, Landaf (name only), Coventry & Lichfield, Worcester (marks [A.?] and B.), Ely (marks [A.?] and B), Rochester, Bath (marks A. &B.), St. David's, Bangor, Carlisle, Chichester (name only), Hertforde (sic), Norwich (name only), Chester, Peterborough, Bristol, Gloucester.
The Privy Chamber.—Sir Thos. Hennage (fn. n9), Mr. Denny (fn. n9), Sir Fras. Bryan (fn. n9), Sir Thos. Seymour, Sir Ric. Longe, Sir Hen. Knevet, Sir Thos. Darcye (fn. n9), Sir Thos. Speke (fn. n9), Sir Ric. Crumwell, Thos. Paston, Mr. Wellesborne, Mr. Hobye (fn. n9), Mr. Barkeleye, Mr. Harbard (fn. n9), Mr. Urean Brereton, John Cary, John Jennins, Thos. Cavarden, Robert Bochier (fn. n9), Wm. Sharington, John Gate, John Penne (A. &B.), Edm. Harman, Nic. Simpson (fn. n9).
Cornw.—Sir John Arundell de la Heron (fn. n9), Gregory Grenefelde, Ric. Edgecombe, Sir Ric. Grenefelde, Sir Wm. Godolphan (fn. n9), John Scuse, Sir John Chamond, Sir Hugh Trevanian, John Arundell filius Johannis Arundell militis (fn. n9), John Arundell de Talverne (fn. n9), Ric. Chamond, John Reskimer, John Carmynowe, Wm. Carnsnyow (B.), Reginald Mohone, John Vyvian (fn. n9), Hen. Trecarrell, Thomas Seyntawbyn, (fn. n9) John Kilgreve, Humph. Trevilian, Peter Corungdon or Coringdon (A. &B.), Robt. Hill, Robt. Vivian (fn. n9), Thos. Treffuses, John Militon (B.), Thos. Tretfrye, John Pollwhele, Thos. Arundell, Laur. Courteney, Ric. Kendall (A. &B.), Nic. Lowar (A. &B.), Ric. Crane (fn. n9), John Moyle (B.), Humph. Arondell, Wm. Bere (B.) (fn. n10) & Wm. Lite (fn. n9) (B.) (fn. n10)
Essex.—Sir Giles Capell (A. &B.), Sir John Raynsford (fn. n9), Sir Clement Harleston (A. &B.), Sir Wm. Perton, Sir Brian Tuke (fn. n9), Sir John St. Clere (A. &B.), Hen. Tyrrell of Herne, Sir Wm. West (A. &B.), John Brown (fn. n9), Edw. Grene, Thos. Darcy, Robert Mordaunt, Thos. Josselyn (A. &B.), Robt. Foster, Ant. Coke (A. &B.), John Poyntes of Southwokington, Fras. Clovell (A. &B.), Wm. Harris or Harryse (A. &B.), Hen. Appleton, Wm. Alyth, Ric. Heigham (fn. n9), John Daniell, Wm. Kempe, John Warner, Hen. Cutt, Thos. Myldmaye, Thos. Taylour (fn. n9), Jas. Morres (fn. n9), Wm. Moreis (B.), Ric. Harvye (fn. n9), Edm. Felton (fn. n9) (in margin "dede"), Anthony Hiegham (fn. n9) (in margin "dede"), Roger (altered from William) Wentworth of Booking, "servant to Mr. Chancellor of th'Augmentacion," Thos. Nevile, Eustace Sulyard (A. &B.), Wm. Morres, Sir John Mordaunt.
Norf.—Sir John Heiden, Sir Rog. Townesend, Sir Wm. Paston, Sir John Spillman, John Shelton (A &B.), Sir Thos. Le Straunge, Sir Edm. Knevet (b.), Sir John Jermy (b.), Sir John Clere (A. &B.), Sir Ric. Gressham, Sir Fras. Lovell, Sir Jas. Bollyn, Sir Ric. Sowthwell, Sir Edm. Wymondham or Wyndham (A. &B.), Sir Wm. Farmor (A. &B.), Robt. (altered from Ralph) Barney, Robt. Townsende serjeant at law, Hen. Bedingffeld, Edw. Billingfford (fn. n9), John Barney of Rydham, Thos. Godsalve, Edm. Beampre, Thos. Tyndall, Thos. Clere de Ocle (cancelled), John Castell, John Wotton (B.), Ant. Gurneye, Thos. Assheleye (in margin "mort."), Wm. Yelverton, Edm. Lumner, Thos. Gebon, Edw. Cocket (fn. n9), Ant. Grise (fn. n9), Thos. Shernburne, (B.), John Bruse (B.).
Sussex.—Sir Wm. Shelley, John Dawtrey, Sir Wm. Goring (A. &B.), John Sakvile, Wm. Sakvile (B) "one of the vj ordynarie shewers of the Chambre," Thos. Chalenour,* Nic. Gaynesford, Ric. Bellingham (fn. n9), Robt. Oxenbridge (fn. n9), John Darell, Nic. Pellam, John Pallmer, John Stanney (B.), Thos. Deyvenish, Wm. Erneley (A. &B.), Ant. Pelham, John Gunter.
Suffolk.—Sir Arthur Hopton, Sir Humph. Wingfelde, Sir Wm. Drurye (A. &B.), Sir George Somerset, Sir Wm. Waulgrave, Sir Edm. Bedingfelde and Henry his son & heir, Sir John Wiloughbye, Sir Thos. Jermyn, Sir John Cornewallys, Sir Thos. Tyrrell, Sir John Gernyngham, Sir John Spring, John Spring (B.) Robt. Crane, Sir John Jermy (A. &B.) Robt. Gernishe of Kenton, Edm. Poley, John Croftes, John Clopton (fn. n9), Hen. Doell (A. &B.), Thos. Higham of Hiegham, Ric. (altered from John) Cuddington of Yxworthe, Edw. Waulgrave and John his son, Robt. Martine de Melford, Chr. Glenham (B.), Ric. Martyne, John Brewes, George Colte (A (fn. n9). &B.), Wm. Manocke, Wm. Ford of Hadley (A. &B.), Robt. Rainoldes of Barfold, Ric. Freston (fn. n9).
Hants.—Sir Ric. Lister (fn. n9), Sir Wm. Barkley, Sir Wm. Gifford, Sir John Kelleway, Sir Fras. Dautry (B.), Sir Ant. Windesor (A. &B.), John Paulett, George Paulett, Arthur Uvedall, Wm. Wayte, Ric. Cotton, Nic. Uppton, Ant. Pounde, John Kingesmell, Nic. Tycheborne, Robt. Puttenham (A. &B.), Thos. Heydock (A. &B.), George Dawbrigcourt, Wm. Wareham, Ric. Wauler (A. &B.), Ric. Paulett, John Mason, Thos. Welles (fn. n9), Ric. Pexall, Sir Edm. Merwen, Robt. Buckley (fn. n9), John Ringwood (A. &B.), Thos. Pacye (A. &B.), Wm. Ramsey, Wm. Thorpe, Thos. Wroughton (fn. n9), John St. John (A. &B.), John Wimthershal, John Coke or Cooke regestre de Winchestre (A. &B.), John Norton (B.), John Ludlowe (B.)
Beds.—Sir Walt. Luke, Sir John Mordaunt (cancelled), Sir John St. John (A. &B.), Sir John Gascoign (A. &B.), Sir Thos. Rotheram ([A.?] and B.), Sir Mich. Fisher, Sir Hen. Gray, Sir John Gostwik, Ludovic Dyve, Nic. Luke, Nic. Harding, Symond Fitz (fn. n9), Gerard Harvye (A. &B.), George (altered from Ralph) Fitz Jefferey, Robt. Bulkeley, Thos. Dicons, Thos. Marberowe, Wm. Markham, Thos. Fitzhugh, Thos. Spencer, Thos. Burgon (fn. n9), Hen. Joye, Edw. Peke.
Bucks.—Sir John Bauldwyn, Sir John Dauncey, Sir Ant. Lee (A. &B.), Sir John Hampden, Sir Robt. Dormer (A. &B.), Sir Edm. Peckham, Sir Ralph Verney (A. &B.), Arthur Longevile (A. &B.), Leonard Rede (A. &B.), Robert Drewrye, Edw. Restwold de Vaches, Robt. Cheyney (A. &B.), Thos. Gefford, Paulus Darrell, Ralph Lane, jun.*, George Gifford, Fras. Pigot, Thos. Pygot, Robt. Pigot, Humph. Tyrell, John Cheney, Towcher Bold (fn. n9), Thos. Doyleye, Hieronimus Hampden (fn. n9) (in margin "dead"), John Croke, Thos. Woodford (A. &B.), John Rofford, John Babam, Ant. Cave, John Gadwyn, Hen. Bredshawe, John Sandes, Roger Lee, Benedict Lee, senior, Wm. Faukner (A. &B.), John Conwey, Edm. Ashefeld (A. &B.), Thos. Luatt (fn. n9), Ric Blacknall, Hen. Hampden (fn. n9) (in margin "servant to my 1. Windesor "), John More "neither lands nor office," Thos. Hawtrey, Ric. Grenwaye, Ric. Wylloughby (B.).
Berks.—Sir Wm. Essex (fn. n9), Sir Humph. Forster, Sir John Norres, Edw. Fetyplace (B.), John Norrys (fn. n9), Ric. Bridges (B.), Wm. Hyde, John Cheney (fn. n9), Alex. Umpton (A. &B.), Ph. Fetyplace, Reginald Williams, Walter Chalcote (fn. n9), Wm. Brownsop, Edw. Fabyan (A. &B.), Ric. Warde (cancelled and marked as "of the Household"), Ric. Staverton, Alex. Fetyplace, Thos. Beke, Thos. Bullok, Thos. Vachell, John Latton, Roger Yong, Thos. Trapnell, Thomas Ogle (fn. n9), Giles Forster (fn. n9), John Hulcotes (in margin "servant to the lady Anne counties of Darby"), Wm. Moleyns, Thos. Weldon, Chr. Asheton (b.), Ric. Perkins, John Yate, Wm. Pledall (fn. n9), Andrew Howles, Oliver Welesburne, Thos. Braybrok (fn. n9), John Winchecombe, Sir Wm. Penyston.
Camb.—Sir Giles Alington, Sir Robt. Peyton (A. &B.), Sir Thos. Elyot, John Hinde, serjeant at law, Ph. Parrys, Sir Edw. North, John Goderik, Thos. Checheley (B.), Ric. Everard, Thos. Hutton, Thos. Rudston, Thos. Castell, Chr. Burgoyng (A. &B.), John Cotton (A. &B.) Ant. Malory, Hen. Pygot, John (altered from Robt.) Frevill (A, &B.), Robt. Lokton, George St. George (fn. n9), John Huddelston (A. &B.), John Sewster.
Hunts.—Sir. Ric. Sapcotes (fn. n9), Sir Laur. Taylard, Sir Laurence Cruel (fn. n9) (in margin "none such"), Thos. Hall, Robt. Aprice (fn. n9), Olyver Leyder, Thos. Walton, Thos. Dunwold, Robt. Rowley, Randolph (?) Lynne, Sir Laur. Taylard.
Herts.—Sir Hen. Parker (B.), Sir Ph. Butler (A. &B.), Robt. Lytton (A. &B.), Ralph Verney de Pendylo (fn. n9), John Bowles (fn. n9), George Hyde, John Paryent, sen. (fn. n9), John Conysby ("certified to the chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster"), John Bassingbourne (fn. n9) (in margin "dede"), Edw. Leventhorpe or Lyntrope (A. &B.), John Newport (fn. n9), Hen. Heydon (cancelled), Wm. (altered from John) Copwood, Wm. Candishe, Wm. Bartye (fn. n9), Edw. Broket, Thos. Skipwith, John Broket, John (altered from Wm.) Chacye (Chancye?), Wm. Pulter, John Tregonwell (cancelled with marginal note "Dorsett"), Humph. Fitzharbart, Edw. Waulgrave (fn. n9), Ric. Lee, John Sewester (fn. n9), Thos. Lekington (fn. n9), Nic. Bristowe (A. &B.).
Midd.—John Skewes (fn. n9), Roger More (fn. n9), Robt. Cheseman ("10 footmen already beyond the seas"), John Nudegate (A. &B.), John Lymsey (A. &B.), John Grevile (B.), Thos. Burbage, Hen. Lodesman, Gregory Lovel, Dr. Hughes (in margin "mort."), Jasper Fesaunt (B.), Thos. Henage (fn. n9), Chr. Ederich, John Leeke (B.).
Surrey.—Sir Matth. Browne (b.), John Geynsford (b.), Sir Roger Coppley (a. &B.), Sir John Gresham (b.), Edm. Harvy, Sir Thos. Pope (a. &B.), Sir Chr. More (a. &B.); Hen. Browne (cancelled), Robt. Wintershall (a. &B.), Thos. Lysley (a. &B.), Thos. Stidall (in margin "m.") (fn. n9), Nic. Lighe or Lee (A. &B.), Wm. Mushamp ("2 able men already at Calays"), Thos. Herne (a. &B.), John Scott (A. &B.), John Skinner (in margin "mort."), Wm. Wilde (cancelled), Thos. Lusher (a. &B.), ——— (blank) Sanders of Ewelme (a. b.), Ambrose Wolley (cancelled), Thos. Furmans (in margin "mort."), Ric. Morgan.
Kent.—Thos. Culpeper ([A.,] "certified by my lord Warden," &B.), Sir Wm. Fynche (fn. n9), Sir Thos. Willoughbye, Sir Edw. Boughton, Sir Hen. Isley (A. &B.), Sir John Gyldeford "claimed by my lord Warden as one of the vij. hundreds," Wm. Roper, Thomas Kempe (fn. n9), Wm. Whaller, Edw. Monyn, Thos. Darrell de Skotney, Thos. Harlakenden, "his tenants claimed by my lord Warden as parcel of the vij hundrethes and v ports," Thos. Hardes (fn. n9), Ant. Sandes, Thos. Roydon (B.), Walter Henley, Jas. Hales, Serjeant at law, Thos. Robertes (fn. n9), Sir Thos. Moyle, Wm. Boys, Thos. Wyot (fn. n9), Thos. Willford (fn. n9), John Boys (fn. n9), Hen. Creps (fn. n9), Sir Reginald Scott (A. &B.), John Fogge (A. &B.), John Manne, jun., "vj viz., ij archers and iiij billmen, claimed by my lord Warden as parcel of the vij hundreds," John Crayford (fn. n9), George Vane, Nic. Clifford de Sutton (fn. n9), Roger Horne (fn. n9), Hen. Cutt (fn. n9), Thos. Grene, Wm. Syndley, Humph. Style, Ant. Ager or Awcher (A. &B.), John Drayner, George Whetenall, John Ingeam (fn. n9), Sir Percival Hart, Herbert Fyriche, (fn. n9) Edw. Isaak (B.), Fras. Sydney, George Blage, Wm. Wilde, Jas. Coffyn, John Culpeper (B.), John Penne (cancelled), John Sybill(B.).
Ntht.—Sir Wm. Parre (cancelled), Sir Hen. Grey (fn. n9), Sir Thos. Gryffyn (A. &B.), Sir Humph. Stafford, Sir Wm. Newenham (A. &B.), Sir Thos. Tresham (A. &B.), Sir Robt. Kyrkham (A. &B.), Edm. Knyghtley, serjeant at law (cancelled), Sir Humph. Stafford, Ric. Humfrey, Robt. Tirwhit, John Hartewell, Thos. Andrewes, sen., Ant. Catesby (A. &b.), John Cope (in margin "at Callais assistent for the marchauntes"), Robt. Stafford (B.), Brian Cave, Edw. Gryffyn (fn. n9), Thos. Mounson (fn. n9), Thos. Bryudnell or Brudnell (A. &B.), John Hasellwood, jun. (A. &B.), John (altered from Robt.) Mathew, Edw. Warner, —— (blank) Odell (in margin "dedd"), John Lane, Fras. Tanveld, Thos. Lovet, Wm. Gefford, "servant to Mr. Bryan." Thos. Cave (A. &B.), Wm. Saunders (fn. n9),—— Arden (in margin "there is none such"), Edw. Saunders, serjeant at law, Nic, Lovet, Wm. Dudley, John Bernard, Edm. Hasylwood (fn. n9) (in margin "mortuus"), Ant. (altered from Robt.) Browne, Ric. Wiloughbye (fn. n9), John Elmes (in marg. "dedd"), George Quarles (fn. n9), Wm. Stafford, Giles Pulton, Robt. Humfrey (in marg. "there is none such"), Robt. Catelyn (A. &b.) "under the duchy of Lancaster and Rich. Throgmerton, steward there, hath taken muster of his men, "Ric. Throgmerton (fn. n9), Ric. Humfrey de Bucton, Robt. Marbery, Ric. Cicel John Rodney, Ric. Wake (B.).
Oxon.—Sir Wm. Barentyn (fn. n9), Sir Walter Stoner, Sir Simon Harecourt, Sir John Browne, Sir George Darcye (in margin "his lands be in the North"), Wm. Farmer, Sir John Williams, Thos. Nevell, Thos. Carter, Thos. (altered from John) More, Wm. Raynesford (fn. n9), John Denton, Ant. Cope, Thos. Waynman, John Pollard ("certified by the Chancellor of the Duchy"), Leonard Chamberlayn, Ric. Blunt (fn. n9), Humph. Ashefelde, John Horne (fn. n9), John Arden, Ric. Curson, Ric. Andrewes (fn. n9), Thos. Lentall, Edm. Stoner (fn. n9), Ric. Cripes, John Billing, Edm. Horne, Wm. Danvers, Thos. Babyngton, John Cotesmore (fn. n9), Fras. Grevyle (fn. n9), Thos. Brigges, John (altered from Francis) Hastynges.
Rutland.—Kelam (altered from Sir Edward) Digbye, Edw. Sapcote, Ric. Flower (in margin "dede"), Ant. Coley, (servant to the earl of Rutland), Fras. Mackworth, Ant. (altered from Francis) Browne, Barth. Haselrigg (fn. n9), Sir John Harington (A. &B.), Symond Digbye, George Swillington (servant to my 1. Marquis Dorset), Thos. Greneham, Andrew Nowel, Thos. Nowel (fn. n9).
Heref.—Sir Edw. Crofte, Sir James Baskervile ([A.?] &B.), Sir Ric. Vaughan, Sir John Scudamour, John Scudamour (B.), Ric. Cornewell (fn. n9) (in margin "he hath certified to my 1. of Suff."), Thos. Monington, Jas. Vaughan, Wm. Caple, Ric. Walwyn, Ric. Palmer, John Blunt of Greneden, Ric. Warmecombe, George Cornewall (A. &B.), Thos. Haward, Thos. Vaughan, Roger Bodenham (servant to my 1. Chancellor), John Bulfinch, John Haberhall, Thos. Clynton, Ric. Horley (fn. n9), Jas. Whitney (fn. n9), Thos. Beryton de Cowharne, Wm. Elton (fn. n9), Ric. Inkepenne, Ric. Crofte, John Lyngen, jun., Nic. Fyton (B.), John a Gwyllym (B.).
Dorset.—Sir Giles Strangwayes (A. &B.), Sir Thos. Arundell, Sir Thos. Poyninges, Sir Thos. Trenchard, Sir John Horsey (A. &B.), Sir John Rogers, Sir Wm. Uvedall (fn. n9), George Lynde or Delalynd (A. &B.), John Sowch (A. &B.), Hen. Strangweys, John Williams, Thos. Trencharde of Morton (in margin "my lord Privy Seal's servant"), Hen. Asheley (A. &B.), Wm. Thornehill, Thos. Strowde (cancelled), George Strangwayes, Chr. Cheverell, Robt. Coker, Robt. Marton (A. &B.), George Troblefeld, Thos. Husye (B.), John Wadam de Caterston, George Lowell (B.), Edm. Husey (B.), Robt. Byngham (B.), Thos. Moreton, Wm. Aulbury; Edw. Twynho (fn. n9) and Walter Grey (fn. n9) servants to Sir Thomas Arundell.
Devon.—Sir Thos. Denys, Sir John Fulford (A. &B.), Sir Thos. Stukeley (fn. n9), Sir Ph. Champernon, Sir Hugh Pollarde (A. &B.), John Gylbert, Barth, Fortescue, Ric. Halls, Thos. Syddenham (fn. n9), Ric. Chidley, John Pollard (fn. n9), Humph. Predreaux, John Amadas, John Whiddon, Ludovicus Fortescue, John Harrys serjeant at law, Ric. Coffyn (A. &B.), John Copleston, Thos. Tremayn, Thos. Hatche de Wolley (fn. n9), Thos. Gyfford, John Cobley (fn. n9), Roger Bluet, Edw. Thome, Ant. Worth (fn. n9), Simon Worth (B.), Nic. Asheforde, John Drak (fn. n9), John St. Clere, John Drewe, Thos. Pomerey (B.), Robt. Care (A. &B.), Thos. Hext, Wm. Roowper(B.), John Ringewaye, Humpb. Bonvile, Walter Ralley (B.), Hen. Beamont (B.), John Crokker (fn. n9), Philip Courtsaey, Ant. Harvey (A. &B.), James Coffyn (fn. n9), Thos. Hatche de Aller servant to my 1. Privy Seal, Peter Wylford (B.), Wymond Carewe, Wm. Strode (fn. n9), ——Trevanian de Dartemouth (fn. n9), John Wynslade, John Hillardesden, Robt. Yeo,Ric. Pomery (fn. n9), John Prydyaux (fn. n9), Wm. Dynham, John Wise (fn. n9), Henry Fortescue (B.), Thos. Vowell (fn. n9), Tristram Larder (fn. n9), Lewis Daveles (b.), Roger Buttyshede, John Chechestre, Amys Chichestre (fn. n9), John Hull, Rog.Gifforde (b.), John Passemere, Thos. Parker (fn. n9), Alex. Woode (B.), John Berry (fn. n9), George Rolles, Sir George Carewe (fn. n9).
Glouc.—Sir Ant. Kingeston, Sir Edw. Wadham, Sir Ant. Hungreford, Sir Edm. Tame (A. &B.), Sir John Bruges or Bridges (A. &B.), Sir Nic. Poyntz, Sir John Walshe, Sir John Huddleston "besides his tenants in the North," (A. &B.), Sir Walter Dennys (A. &B.), Nic. Wykes, John Arnolde and Nicholas his son, Thos. Tame, Roger Basyng (B.), Robt. Wytrnye (fn. n9), David Brooke, Robt. Wye, Thos. Whitington, Jas. Clyfford, John Huntley (fn. n9), John Barcley (A. &B.), John Gyse, George Baynham or Beynham (A. &B.), Wm. Pole, Giles Pole, Arthur Porter, Hen. Tracye, Wm. Lygon (A. &B.), Thos. Thorgmerton, Walter Yate, Roland Moreton, George Hunteley, Thos. Gyes or Guyes (A. &B.), Morys Dennys (A. &B.), John Butler of Badmanton (A. &B.), John Trye, Edm. Bruges (fn. n9), John Palmer (A. &B.), Jas. Hiet, John Stratford, sen., Wm. Hykeford, Hen. Weston, Nic. Arnolde, Ric. Panesfote, John Poyntz (B.), Ric. Lygon (B.), Ric. Reede (B. in margin "not able to go in person, sick").
Leic.—Fras. Pultney, Sir John Villars (A. &B.), Sir Wm. Turvile, Sir Hen. Pole, Thos. Nevel de Holte, Thos. Haselrige (fn. n9), Wm. Ashebye (fn. n9), Wm. Leghe, Fras. Shurley, Ric. Nele (fn. n9) (in mary. "servant to my 1. Chancelour"), John Digbye "servant to the earl of Rutland, under whom he hath certified," Ant. Brokesby, Thos. Skevington, John Beamount, Thos. Greye, Thos. Waldrame, Humph. Babington, John Turvile, Ric. Everard (fn. n9) (in marg. "servant to my lord Ferrys") John Kebill, Hugh Haselrige, Godfrey Somersal, Barton Haselrige, George Villars (fn. n9) ("my lord Hastinges servant"); George Ashebye (B.) and his son John Ashebye (B.); John Dygbye of Quikathully (altered from de Welbye), George Vyncet (B.).
Somers.—Sir. Edw. George (a. &B.), Sir Ric. Warre, Sir Hugh Paulet (A. &B.), Sir John St. Lowe (A. &B.), Sir Hen. Capell (A. &B.), Sir John Newton, Ric. Souch (A. &B.), John Stowell (fn. n9), Ralph Hopton (b.), John Rodney (fn. n9), Edm. George, Thos. Clerke, Wm, Porteman, serjeant at law (fn. n9), Edw. Rogers (fn. n9), John Kenne (fn. n9), Thos. Arthur (fn. n9), John Legh, George Gylbert (fn. n9), Roger Bluett (A. &B.), Thos. Warre (fn. n9), John Syddenham (A. &B.), Thos. Bamfeld (A. &B.), John Windham (B.), Giles Penne, Robt. Leversage (A. &B.), Ant. Gylbert, Wm. Fraunces, John Rodney, Nic. Fytz-James (A. &B.), Thos. Horner (A. & b.), Edm. Huntley, John Drewes (fn. n9), Wm. Light, Giles Hill, Hugh Jones (fn. n9), Fras. Stradlyng (B.), John Syddenham de Chelworth, John Lyght (B.), Robt. Coker (B. "ye shall find the first certificate in Dorcetshire"), Thos. Newton, Hugh Broke, John Verney (fn. n9), John Arthur de Le Wood (fn. n9).
Wilts.—Sir Edw. Bainton, Sir Hen. Longe, Sir Mich. Lyster (A. &B.), Wm. Wrogton, Ric. Brigges, Edm. Munperson or Munpesson (A. &B.), John Hungerford, John Ernelye (fn. n9), John Cheke (fn. n9), John Horsey, Nic. Sarvinton, Charles Bulkeley, Thos. Aprice, Hen. Clyfford, John Hamlyn, Wm. Botton, Wm. Rogers (fn. n9), Robt. Temes (fn. n9), John Pye (B.), Robt. Hungreford (A. &B.), Thos. Gawyn, John Marvyn (A. &B.), Hen. Boddenham, George Rawleygh, John Bonham, jun. (fn. n9), Geoff. Daniel, Edm. Darel (fn. n9), Wm. Webbe de Sarum, Wm. Horsey, George Ludlowe (B.), Thos. Edney, Wm. Stompe, Ric. Snell (fn. n9).
Warw.— Sir Humph. Ferres or Ferrys (A. &B.), Sir Wm. Felding, Sir Walter Smythe (A. &B.), Wm. Wyggston, Sir Ric. Catesbye (A., "all his tenants being warned t'attend on the Chancellor of the Duchy," and B.), John Grevile (A. &B.), Wm. Lucye (in marg. "not able to go in person"), Wm. Willington, Fouke Grevile (A. &B.), Thos. Ardern (A. &B.), Thos. Trye, Edw. Conwey, Reg. Dygby, William Lee Shawell (fn. n9), Thos. Verney (A. &B.), Thos. Hollt, Robt, Myddelmor, Robt. Burdet, Ric. Newport, Robt. Throgmerton (A. &B.), Edw. Boughton (A. &B.), Ric. Archer, Ric. Filwode, Sir George Griffith (b., B.), John Somerfeld, Avery Trussell, Giles Forster (A. &B.), George Rawleigh (A. &B.).
Worc.—Sir George Throgmerton, Sir Gilbert Talbot (cancelled), Sir John Russell (A. &B.), Sir Ric. Ligon, John Walche, Hen. (altered from John) Dyngley, Sir Robt. Acton, John Ketylbye (fn. n9), Thos. Blunt, George Willoughby (fn. n9), Ralph Sheldon, Wm. Gore, jun., Wm. Sheldon, Thos. Acton, Wm. Gower, sen., Thos. Harwell, Fras. Folyot, John Crofte (fn. n9). Edw. Newport, Wm. Newport (cancelled), George Walshe, Hen. Walshe (fn. n9), John Lytleton, Geo. Newport (cancelled), Thos. Mydelmore (fn. n9) (in marg. "within my lord Admiral's office"), Wm. Mydelmore (B.), Arnolde Gower, John (altered from Thomas) Ketylbye.
Lincoln.—Thos. Wymbiche, Edm. Cheffeld.
Monm.— Sir Edw. Carne (B.), Walter Herbert, Charles Herbert (fn. n9), Ant. Walshe, Thos. Morgan (B.), Hen. Lewes, Wm. Morgan, Nic. Arnolde (cancelled), Raignald ap Hoell, Roland Morgan, Matth. Herbert (fn. n9), John Kemys, Walter ap Howell.
Brecknock.—W. episcopus Menevensis (cancelled), Sir Wm. Vaughan, Wm. Vaughan (B.), John Morgan, Thos. Haward, Edw. Games, John Games (B.), Ludwicus ap Watkyh (fn. n9), Chr. Vaughan, Thos. Whitney (fn. n9) (in marg. "he hath certified to my lord Ferreis"), Walter Herbert de Breknok, Edw. ap Guill'm (fn. n9), Roger Vaughan (fn. n9), Wm. Aubree, Ric. Herbert.
Glamorgan.—W. episcopus Menevensis (cancelled), Sir Thos. Gamage (fn. n9), Wm. Herbert (B. b.), Sir George Herbert (B.), Thos. Stradling, John Bassett (fn. n9), Edw. Lewys, George Mathewe (fn. n9), Miles Mathewe (fn. n9), Sir Rice Maunsell.
Radnor.—W. episcopus Menevensis (fn. n9), John Baker (fn. n9), John Knyll (fn. n9), Ric. Blyke, John ap Rice, Ludovicus Johns, Rice ap Guill'm, Thos. Lloid, Peter Lloid (fn. n9).
Carmarthen.—W. episcopus Menevensis (cancelled), Ric. Devereux (fn. n9), John Phillip (A.), Wm. Morgan de Kidwelly ([A.] &B.?), James Willyams, Walter Vaughan ([A.?] &B.), Gryffyn Dunne (fn. n9), Wm. Morgan de Langarthen, Thos. Bryne (fn. n9), Howell ap Rither (fn. n9), Thos. Hancok, John Goodall (fn. n9), David Vaughan.
Pembroke—W. episcopus Menevensis (fn. n9), Sir Thos. Jones, John Vaughan, John Morgan (fn. n9), John Phillips (B.), Lodovicus ap Watkyn, Hen. Weryett or Weriot (A. &B.), Owen ap Bowen (fn. n9), Thos. Bateman (fn. n9), Thos. Revell (fn. n9), John Rastall (fn. n9), John Sutton, John Perker.
Cardigan.—David Lloyd ap Gryffyth ap Rice, Ric. ap Rice Dd. Lloyd (fn. n9), Jenkyn ap Jevan Lewes (fn. n9), Lodowicus Dd. ap Meredyth (fn. n9), Philip Willyam (fn. n9), David ap Jevan Lloyd (fn. n9).
Denbigh.—Sir Roger Pulston (fn. n9), John Salesbury, sen. ([A.?] &B.), John Salesbury, jun., John Pulston, sen. (fn. n9), Walter Blunte (fn. n9), John Edwardes, Edw. Aimer (fn. n9), Griffin ap Jevan, Wm. Holcrofte, Robt. ap Robt. ap Rice (fn. n9), John ap Rice, jun., Geoff. Bromefelde.
Montgomery.—John Corbet, James Leche (fn. n9), Griffin Dd. John, Matthew Thomas ap Rice (fn. n9), Rice ap Hoell, Rice ap Moryce ap Owen.
Flint.—Thomas ap Richard ap Hoell, John Henmer de Bettesfeld, Peter Mutton, Humph. Dymoke, Thos. Muston (fn. n9), Henry Conwey filius Petri Conwey, Ranulph Lloyd, Peter ap Richard ap Hoell, John Griffith, William Holcroft (fn. n9).
Carnarvon.—A. episcopus Bangorensis (cancelled), Reise Griffithe, John Wyn ap Merydyth, Wm. Glyn de Carnarvon, Hugh Peke, Thomas ap William ap Robert.
Anglesea.—A. episcopus Bangorensis (cancelled), Redericus ap Dd., Ric. ap Rytherich, David ap Rice ap Lin. ap Gryffyth, Ric. Meryke.
Sir George Cotton, out of the lordships of Bromfeld, Yale and Chirke.
Merioneth.—A. episcopus Bangorensis (cancelled), Sir Ric. Bulkeley ("certified to th' earl of Hertforde as of the chamberlainship of North Wales"), Ric. Mytton, John Wyn ap Meredythe, Robt. Salesbury (in margin, servant to th' earl of Worcester), Edw. Stanley, keeper of Hardleche castle (B.), Lodowicus Owen, John Spyser.
Total horsemen 3,684, footmen 31,955.
A bound volume of 274 pages.
R. O. 2. Names of the Southern counties of England with numbers [of men furnished by them] and in the margin the numbers of harness in each, and the total, 71,093 men and 18,552 harnesses.
Pp. 2. Endd.:Note of men and weapons in every shire.
ii. Memoranda on the back in Mason's hand, viz.:—"The captayne of te Gallee. Lightmaker. The lieutenaunt of the ordenaunce, towching bowes."
R. O. 3. The same (and some additional) names of counties arranged in three groups with the numbers of men in each, as in § 1, and also numbers of the archers, and after each group the totals of "men," "armed," and "archers."
With cancelled memorandum of the names of the counties in this, which are additional to those named in § 1, viz. Surrey, Hertford, Hereford, Devon, Warw., Worc., Wales, London.
Pp. 2. In the same hand as § 1. Endd.:See bookes.
R. O. 4. The counties named in § 3, arranged almost in the same three groups headed, respectively, "my lord of Suff.," "my lord of Norff.," "my lord Privie Seale." Giving the numbers of men as before, but only totals of the harness in each group, as follows:—
My lord of Suffolk.—Kent 6,428, Sussex 2,687, Surrey 1,000, Hampshire, 6,552, Wiltshire 1,654, Berkshire 2,580, Oxon 1,580, Middlesex 1,951, Bucks 2,490, London 2,000, Worcestershire 2,000, Herefordshire 1,500. Total men 32,394, harness 6,880.
My lord of Norfolk.—Essex 5,103, Suffolk 3,073, Norfolk 5,000, Herts 800, Camb. 1,548, Hunts 780, Lincolnshire 3,848 (opposite this in margin is the name "Adams"), Rutland 235, Warw. 2,000, Ntht. 3,471, Leic. 2,534, Beds 1,869. Total men 30,261, harness 6,587.
My lord Privy Seal.—Dorsetshire 2,957, Somers. 7,825, Devon 4,000, Cornwall 1,117, Glouc. 3,577, Wales 8,000. Total men 27,476, harness 4,137.
Pp. 2. Endd.:The description of three armies.
R. O. 5. Description of the army for the invasion of France, which is divided "en troys regimentz," the first, of which the duke of Norfolk will have charge, containing 13,000 (numbers of foot and horse, High Almain and English given), the second, or battle, in which the King will be in person with the duke of Suffolk as his lieutenant, containing 16,000 (numbers as before) and the third, or rearguard, under lord Russell, Privy Seal, containing 13,000 (numbers of English and Almains as before).
French. In Mason's hand, pp. 2. Endd.:Copie of the nombre of the Kinges armeye.
R. O. 6. Tabulated statement showing the whole number of men, "as well in the Kinges Majesty his batell as in the vante garde and in the rerewarde," to be 38,865; of whom are 5,226 horsemen at 9d. the day, with 52 captains at 6s., 52 petty captains at 3s., and 33,639 footmen at 6d., with 337 captains at 4s., and 337 petty captains at 2s. Total cost of each arm estimated for one day and for a month of 30 days. Also a similar estimate for 1,500 wagons at 3s. 4d. a day and 2,000 lymoners at 10d. Grand totals showing the whole cost to be 1,494l.15s. 8d. a day, or 44,843l. 10s. a month.
Pp. 2. Endd.:"1544. The nombre of the hole army wt the rates of the same."
274. "The Vantgard."
R. O. The Duke of Norfolk with the earl of Surrey, 150 horse, 500 foot. Earl of Oxford, 350 f. Earl of Sussex, 100 f. Lord Ferrers with his son, 100 h., 1,000 f. Lord Mountjoy, 140 f. Lord Wentworth, 140 f. Lord Thos. Haward, nil. Lord Latymer, 100 f. Mr. Treasurer, 100 h., 500 f.
Berks:—Alex. Umpton, 20 f. Edw. Fetyplace, 4 f. Edw. Fabian, 5 f. Ric. Bridges, 20 f.
Kent:—Thos. Wiott, 100 f. John Culpeper, 18 f. Thos. Roydon, 6 f. Edw. Isaac, 10 f. John Sybill, 10 f. Sir Hen. Isley, 38 f. Ric. Pottar, 3 f. Sir Reignold Scot, 34 f. Sir John Fogge, 12 f. Walter Moyle, 5 f. Sir Thos. Moyle, 12 f. Mr. Sydley, 20 f. Sir Thos. Willoughby, 10 f. Poule Sydner, 4 f. Geo. Whetenall, 5 f. Wm. Boyes, 12 f.
Linc.:—"Out of Lincolnshire with" Thos. Hussey and Thos. Wymbiche, 200 f. Edmund Sheffeld, 50 h., 50 f.
Leicestershire:—Sir John Villers, 4 h., 106 f. Thos. Nevell of Holt, 20 f. John Digby of Kettleby, 48 f. Geo. Vincent, ——(blank). Fras. Pultney, 17 f. Geo. Sharard, 10 f. Ambrose Cave, ——(blank). Geo. Aysshby and his son, 4 f.
Middx.:—Jasper Fesaunt, 3 f. Thos. Robertes, 2 f.
Oxon.:—Sir Wm. Barantyne, 30 f. Antony Cope, 12 f. Edw. Fynes, 12 f.
Sussex:—Wm. Erneley, 6 f. John Stanney, 4 f. Sir Antony Windsor, 10 f. Sir Fras. Dawtry, 50 f.
Southants:—John Norton, 4 f. Robt. Putnam, 4 f. Thos. Haydock, 6 f. John St. John, 8 f. John Ryngwood, 4 f. John Ludlow, 4 f. Wm. Thorpe, 6 f. Thos. Pacy, 20 f.
Staff.:—Sir John Vernon, 15 f. Sir John Harecourt, 12 f. Wm. Wyrley, 8 f. Edw. Littleton, 20 f.
Salop:—Sir John Talbot, 40 f. Sir Robt. Nedeham, 40 f. Wm. Young, 15 f. Ric. Trentham, 4 f. Geo. Saundford of Saundford, 10 f. Ric. Olyve, 4 f. Ric. Lee, 8 f. Adam Oteley, 12 f. Randulphe Layton, 1 f. Fraunces Adams, 2 f. Thos. Cressit, 10 f.
Wilts.:—Sir Michael Lister, 50 f. John Pye, 6 f. Robt. Hungerforde, 8 f. John Marvyne, 10 f. John a Barow, 10 f. Edw. Mountpesson, 8 f. Geo. Ludlow, 4 f.
Essex:—Sir Giles Capell, 40 f. Sir John St. Clere, 20 f. Thos. Josselyn, 20 f. Edw. Leventhorp 8 f. Ant. Cooke, 10 f. John Brown, 10 f. Fras. Clovell, 4 f. Wm. Harrys, 8 f. Wm. Alyth, 10 f.
Glouc.:—John Poinctz, 10 f. Thos. Gyes, 5 f. Hen. Tracy, 10 f. Wm. Ligon, senr. 10 f. John Buttler, 30 f. Thos. Palmer, 13 f. John Gulling, 6 f. Jas. Hyet, 4 f. Sir Ric. Ligon, 60 f. Ric. Rede, 3 f.
Hunts:—Sir Laurence Taylor, 14 f.
Warwick:—John Gryvell, 31 f. Thos. Ardern, 16 f. Edw. Couneway, 20 f. Thos. Verney, 4 f. Edw. Boughton, 4 f. Wm. Lucy, 20 f. Sir Humfrey Ferrers, 50 f., Sir Geo. Griffith, 6 h., 60 f. Geo. Raylegh, 16 f.
Surrey:—Sir Matthew Browne, 12 f. John Gaynsforde, 6 f. Sir Roger Copley, 10 f. Sir Thos. Pope, 50 f. Sir John Gresham, 20 f.
Rutland:—Sir John Harington, 10 h., 100 f.
Hereford:—Sir Jas. Baskervile by his son, 50 f. Jas. Vaughan, 16 f. John Agwillam, 2 h., 30 f.
Norf:—The Bp. of Norwich, 40 f. The city of Norwich, 40 f. The town of Lynne, 20 f. Sir John Haydon, 40 f. Sir John Spylman, 20 f. Sir Thos. Lestrange, 10 f. Sir John Germy 10 f. Sir Fras. Lovell, 40 f. Sir Jas. Bullyn, 20 f. Robt. Barney, 4. f. Robt. Townsend, serjeant at law, 8 f. Osberte Mountforde, 2 f. Edm. Billingforde, 6 f. John Berney of Recham, 4 f. Thos. Godsalve, 10 f. Edm. Beaupre, 6 f. Geo. Haydon, 3 f. John Groose, 2 f. John Castyll, 3 f. Ant. Gurney, 6 f. Wm. Yelverton, 4 f. Edm. Grey 3 f. Edm. Lumner, 10 f. Thos. Gybon, 4 f. Ant. Grey, 2 f. Edw. Blomfeld, 2 f. John Dethike, 3 f. Fyrmyn Ruckewood, 2 f. Thos. Tyndall, 6 f. Robt. Brampton, 3 f. John Shuldham, 2 f. Geo. Hugarde, 10 f.
Suffolk:—Lord Borough, 50 f. The town of Ipswich, 20 f. Sir Humfrey Wyngfelde, 10 f. Sir John Willoughby, 6 f. Sir Thos. Germyn, 40 f. Robt. Crane, 6 f. Wm. Calthorpe, 6 f. Edm. Pooly, 8 f. Robert Downes, 2 f. Rawff Chamberlayn, 6 f. John Croftes 10 f. Mr. Garnisshe, of Kenton, 4 f. Tho. Higham, of Higham, 6 f. Clement
Higham, 4 f. Robt. Spring, 4 f. Edw. Walgrave, 5 f. Marten, of Melford, 5 f. Ric. Codington, 10 f. John Brewse, 10 f. John Southwell, 3 f. Geo. Colt, 10 f. Laurence Stystede, 2 f. Wm. Rede, 6 f. Wm. Pooley, 2 f. Thos. Pope, 3 f. Robt. Gosnold, 2 f. Mr. Mannock, 6 f. Robt. Kene, 2 f. Robt. Forde, 4 f. Robt. Raynoldes, 3 f. Wm. Foster, 3 f. Walter Waddeland, 3 f.
Cambridge:—Sir Giles Alington, 20 f. Sir Robt. Payton, 20 f. Sir Thos. Elioitt, 20 f. Sir Edw. North, 20 f. John Hinde, sergeant at law, 10 f. Mr. Colvell, 6 f. Mr. Hutton, 6 f. Mr. Boulys, 6 f. Mr. Moore, 6 f. Mr. Rudiston, 6 f. Mr. Frevill, 4 f. Mr. Leyne, 2 f. Mr. Castle, 2 f. Mr. Burgon, 4 f. Mr. Huntingdon, 2 f. Mr. Walpole, 2 f. Mr. Wrenne, 2 f. Mr. Foster, 2 f. Mr. Bendisshe, 2 f. Edw. Barnes, of Sopham, 2 f. Basforth, of Chestreton, 1 f. Mr. Cooke, 2 f.
Irish kerne, 200. Northern horsemen, 100. Pioneers, 400. Wagoners, etc., for the ordnance, 251.
Sir Edw. Knyvet, 30. Sir Edm. Windham, 30. Sir John Cleare, 30. Sir Wm. Farmour, 20. Sir Wm. Drury, 30. John Spring, 30. John Shelton, 30. Hen. Doyle, 30. Hen. Bedingfeld, with his father's men, 50.
John Tasborough, Thos. Bateman, Edm. Playter, John Hacon, Robt. Huggan, Roger Ruckwood, Ant. Hemingham, Roger Woodehouse, John Bedyngfeld, Thos. Dereham, Wm. Hunston, John Ryppes, John Robsarde, Chr, Connesby, John and Hen. Wentworth—nil.
Bakers, brewers and pioneers, 650. Lord Ferrers, 500. Irishmen, 200. Sir Edm. Braye's soldiers. 300. My lord of Oxford's men at Calais, 100. Out of London, 300. From the sea with Sir Rice Manxell, 100.
The Archbp. of Canterbury, 20. The Deans and Chapters of Paul's, 30, Westminster, 30, Canterbury, 30, St. Stephen's, 20, Winchester, 20, Chester, 10, Ely, 10, Norwich 10, and Stoke in Suffolk, 4. The Dean of Southmalling, 10. The Archdeacon of Middlesex and Master of Sydbury, 10. The Archdeacons of Surrey, 10, Essex, 5, Canterbury, 2, and Norfolk, 6. The Master of St. Katharine's, 3. The Master of the Savoy, 10. The late Abbot of St. Albans, 10. Mr. Boule, late prior of Marten, 6.
Berks:—Sir Wm. Essex, 20. Sir John Norres, 20. Wm. Hyde, 10. Ph. Fetiplace, 2. Raynold Williams, 6. Alex. Fetiplace, 10. John Latton, 6. Roger Yong, 6. Thos. Trapnell, 6. Ric. Perkyns, 6.
Essex:—Sir Bryan Tuke, 20. Sir Humfrey Brown, 20. Sir Wm. Pyrton, 6. Hen. Tirrell of Heron, 10. Edw. Grene, 6. John Christmas, 10. John Pointz of Southwokington, 4. John Lucas, 4. Hen. Appulton, 6. Ric. Higham, 10. John Warner, 2.
Hunts:—Thos. Hall, 6. Robt. Aprice, 6. Thos. Walton, 4.
Herts:—Geo. Hyde, 4. Humprey Fitzherbert, 6.
Middx.:—Robt. Cheseman, 10. Thos. Burbage, 6. Gregory Lovell, 4.
Oxon.:—Sir Walter Stoner, 20. Sir Symon Harecourt, 20. Wm. Farmer,
10. Thos. Wayneman, 10.
Total of the Vanguard:—Horse, 372; foot, 9,606.
Pp. 9. Endd.:1544, the Vauntgarde.
275. The "Battle."
R. O. "Hereafter ensue the names of such noble men, knights, gentlemen and others as be appointed to go in person into France with the King's Majesty in his Grace's battle, with the numbers and sorts of horsemen which each of them bringeth with them."
[A book giving in column under the general heading "Horsemen" the names of the gentlemen, the sorts of their men (lances, demi-lances, javelins, light staves, northern staves, chasing staves, demi-hakes, or archers), but not the numbers of each sort, and the total number that each brings, e.g., "The duke of Suffolk: demi-lances, javelins: cl."]
The names and numbers are:—
The duke of Suffolk 150; the lord Chancellor's horsemen "appointed by the King's Majesty to go" 40, and the marquis of Dorset 60; the earl of Arundel 60 and Sir Ric. Riche 40; the earl of Essex 101; the bp. of Winchester 100; lord St. John 101; Sir Ant. Brown 300; the earl of Rutland 21, Sir John Gage 31, and Sir Ant. Wingfield 30; the lord Herbert ——(blank).
The Privy Chamber.—Sir Thos. Hennege 80, and Ph. Hobbye 20; Ant. Denny 41, Sir Ric. Long 40, and Moryce Barkeley 21; Thos. Cawarden 51, and Sir Hen. Knevitt 51; Sir Wm. Herbert 31, Sir Ric. Crumwell 40 and Sir Thos. Speke 31; Sir Thos. Darcy, 41; Thos. Paston 11; Robt. Boucher, 2; Wm. Sherington 3; John Gates 10; Wm. St. Barbe 4; Edm. Herman 4; John Penne 3; Doctor Buttes 4.
The Chamber.—Edw. Rogers 11, [Sir Humph. Foster] (fn. n11), Geo. Harper 5, Sir Ric. Manners 41, the lord Thomas Gray 3, Sir Percival Hart 6, Sir Wm. Willowghby 21, Wm. Rainesford 6, and John Norres 6. Sir Wm. Musgrave 101. Sir Ant. Kingeston 52, Ric. Greneway 6, Ric. Blunte 4, Stephen Brakenbury 3, Edw. Hopton 2, John Harman 2, Robt. Chester 4, Jas. Whitney 3, Wm.Morres4, John Rainesford 2, Ric. Pomeroy 7, Sir Wm. West, 6, Thos. Bell 3, Thos. Horseman 2, and John Browne 2. Sir Thos. Jones 10, Wm. Browne 3, John Bothe 3, Thos. Uvedale 3, John Berney 2, Ric. Browne 2, Hen. Annesley 2,Wm. Sakvile 2, John Werberton 2, Wm. White 3, Wm. Squerye 2, Hen. Tomson 3, Robt. Woodde 1, Peter Vannes 3, John Mason 2, John Godsalve 2, Wm. Honinges 2, Ric. Tavernour 2, Eustace Sulyerd 6, Edw. Welden 3, Sir John Williams 40, and Robt. Draper 2. John Alleley 2, John Kirkbye 2, Wm. Mylwarde 2, Laur. Bradshawe 2, Nic. Foskewe 2, Wm. Awbrey 5, Robt. Herdurne 2, sergeants at arms 85, pages of the bed and robes 5, and pages extraordinary 10. Yeomen ordinary 71, grooms ordinary 12, pages ordinary 4, grooms of the robes, beds and crossbow 8, and yeomen of the crossbows 6. Yeomen at 6d. a day 40, Ric. Staverton 4, and yeomen at 4d. the day 56. Yeomen at 4d. the day 14, and yeomen extraordinary 86. Yeomen extraordinary 34, and grooms extraordinary 66. Grooms extraordinary 87.
The Household.—Sir Edm. Peckham 11, John Hethe 1, and John Josselyn 2 (fn. n12); Edw. Creswell 1, Wm. Abbot 3, Hugh Askue 3, Tnos. ap Richard 2, Wm. Corf 1, Geoff. Vyllers 2, Michael Wentworth 2, John Brycket 2, Ric. Helme 1, John Hopkins 2, Wm. Bird 1, Wm. Gurley 3, Wm. Pultney 1, Thos. Colley 1, Geoff. French 1, John Worrell 1, John Armorer 1, Thos. Weldon 5, Jas. Gage 2, Robt. Packenham 2, Ant. Brickes 2, Wm. Hall 2, Reg. Tumour 1, John Rowseley 1, Wm. Ayer 1, Wm. Bleeke 1, Ric. Waard 1, Geo. Smarte 1, Thos. English 2, Wm. Chestre 2, Robt. Master 1, Chr. Harwood 1, John Campe 1, Simon Dudley 1, Wm. Knevet 4, Thos. Batson 1.
The Stable.—Sir Wm. Penyson 31, Edm. Jerningham 5, and Ric. Audeley 5_; Andrew Dudley 5, John Parker 7, Hen. Legh 4, John Skynner 4, Robt. Barwyk 4, John Ownsted 3, Thos. Dixson 3, Edm. Standon 2, Sir Robt. Acton 20, Wm. Brakenbury 3, John Palmer 2, Wm. Everest 2, Thos. Ogle 7, Alex, de Bollonia 3, Alex. Zonzan 2, Leonard Storye 2, Chr. Etherington 2, Justice Grame 1, Hanyball 2, Wm. Webb 3, Ric. Darington 2, Hen. Williams 1, Ric. Clerk 1, Jas. Corowe 1, Chr. Bothe 1, Thos. Harryson 1, Thos. Woode 1, Barth. Jokkelz 2, Gilb. Compourte 2, Thos. Johnes 1, Robt. Bykerstaf 2, Wm. Crotinden 1, Wm. Burdhed 2, John Gyttowe 2, Wm. Cressaunt 1, John Dixson 1, Thos. Coif 1, Peter Bower 1, John Darrington 1, Thos. Bell 1, Geo. Crokes 1, John Brown 1, John Jenninges 1, John Dawson 1, John Mawde 2; John Golightly, JohnElmesley, Wm. Harpin, Martin Gillez, [Geoff. Laurence] (fn. n8), Ric. Pykering, John Moore, Rafe Johnson, John Geynishe, John Portes, Wm. Browne, John Waterer, Thos. Whiteley, Robt. Marion, John Forman, Thos. Wilde, Hen. Scales, John Budges, Thos. Gillan (2), Reynold Brereton, Robt. Bell, John Bingham, Walter Florence, Thos. Childe, John Robynson, Rowland Erington, and Ric. Aylard, 1 each.
The Pensioners.—Sir Ric. Page 13, Sir George Carewe 20, and Rauf Fane 31 (fn. n12); Thos. Butler 3, Edw. Hastinges 3, Edm. Briges 3, Edm. Harvy 15, Edw. Grymston 2, John Banyster 5, Wm. Blunt 3, Hen. Jerningham 5, John Paston 5, Ric. Breme 7, Wm. Skipwith 3, Wm. Kelleway 9, Walter Bonham 3, Wm. Fraunces 5, Giles Poole 3, Geo. Norton 5, Fras. Framlingham 5, Chr. Lytcote 3, Chas. Herbert 7, and Robt. Long 3; Nic. Arnold 9, Peter Carewe 5, Simon Digby 5, Steph. Aldam 3, John Sandes 3, Gawyn Carewe 7, Edm. Home 5, Thos. Ashle 5, Wm. Boneham 5, Wm. Palmer 3, Geo. Pollard 5, Jacques Granado 4, Nic. Wadham 3, Wm. Ellerker 5, Edw. Zouche 4, Thos. Avery 5, Edw. Vaughan 5, Fras. Knolles 3, Chr. Sackfeld 6, Sir Humph. Ratclif 5, and Edw. Skipwith 6; Wm. Buttes 4, Edw. Bellingham 5, John Wingfield 5, Hen. Markham 3, Thos. Palmer 6, John Portenary 3, John Gresham 7, Wm. Burch 2, John Stephens 1, Ric. Tirrell 3, Fras. Haec 3, Robt. Stafford 5, John Conway 3, Humph. Conysby 7, Ant. Digby 3, Wm. Folwood 3, the lord Edward Gray 3, Thos. Knevet 3, Oliver Laurence 5, Clement Paston 3, Edw. Eldrington 5, Ric. Freston 7, John Drayner 7, and John Cavendish 7; Wm. Stafford 6, Geo. Howard 3, Hen. Strangways 6, Thos. Morgan 5.
Counties.—Kent, Ant. Aucher, 6. Notts, Sir Gervyce Clyfton, 50. Oxon, Leonard Chamberlayn, 10. Soms., Sir Hugh Pawlet, 6. Wilts, Sir Edw. Baynton, 24. Essex, Sir Clement Harleston, 6. Glouc, Sir John Briges, 21.
ii. A similar list of names and numbers under the general heading "Archers on foot" arranged like the preceding, viz.:—
The Duke of Suffolk 100; marquis Dorset 100; earl of Essex 150; lord St. John 81, and the earl of Rutland 20; Sir John Gage 150; Sir Ant. Browne 100; Sir Ant. Wingfield 31, Sir Wm. Paget 15, Sir Ric. Riche 30, the bp. of Winton ——(blank), [Sir Wm. Petre] *, the bp. of Worcester ——, the earl of Arundel ——, the lord Herbert ——, [the lord Powes]*.
The Privy Chamber.—Sir Thos. Hennege 60, and Ant. Denny 40; Thos. Cawarden 50, Sir Ric. Crumwell 40, and Morice Barkeley 10; Sir Ric. Long 140; Sir Thos. Speke 100; Sir Wm. Herbert 20, Sir Thos. Darcy 30, Dr. Buttes 16, Robt. Bowcher 3, John Gates 20, John Penne 6, and Nic. Symson 5; Wm. Sharington 8, Edm. Harman 6, Eurian Brereton 51.
The Chamber.—Sir Ant. Kingiston 60, Sir Thos. Jones 21, Geo. Harper 11, Edw. Hopton 6, and John Harman 2; Sir Wm. Willoughby 10, Thos. Gifforde 7, Eustace Sulyard 8, Jas. Nedeham 4, Nic. Foskue 4, Ric. Staverton 9, Thos. Kemp 1.
The Household.—Sir Edm. Peckham 50, John Hethe 1, Thos. Palmer 1, John Joslin 2, Edw. Cresswell 1, John Geoffrey 1, and Hen. Preston 1_; Michael Wentworth 3, John Bricket 2, Ric. Helme 1, Geo. Hill 1, Edw. Wharton 1, Thos. Weldon 20, Jas. Gage 3, Robt. Packenham 4, Ant. Brykes 6, Hen. Temple 1, Wm. Hall 2, Reg. Turnour 1, Wm. Russell 1, Humph. Dymock 1, John Rowseley 2, Ric. Waard 8, Thos. Myles 1, Ric. Lewys 1, John Chamberlayn 1, Roger Moore 2.
The Stable.—Sir Wm. Peniston 29, Ric. Audeley 4, Andrew Dudley 3, and John Parker 3 (fn. n12); Sir Robt. Acton 20, Thos. Ogle, 4; Hen. Williams, Ric. Clerk, Jas. Corrowe, Chr. Booth, Ric. Tardrewe, John Cooke, John Richbell and Fras. Broughton, 1 each.
The Pensioners (the names in the same order as in § i.)—Page 4, Carewe 80, Fane 6, Butler 4, Hastinges 2, Briges 2, Harvy 4, Grymston 2, Banyster 4, Blunt 2, Jerningham 2, Paston 2, Breme 10, Skipwith 3, Kelleway 3, Bonham 3, Fraunces 4, Poole 4, Norton 4, Framlingham 4, Lytcote 2, Herbert 4, Long 2, Arnolde 4, Carewe 2, Digby 2, Adam 2, Palmer 2, Gawyn Carewe 4, Home 6, Asheley 4, Wm. Bonham 4, Pollard 2, Elerker 4, Zouche 2, Avery 2, Vaughan 6, Sakfelde 6, Ratclif 2, Edw. Skipwith 2, Buttes 2, Belingham 2, Markham 2, Gresham 3, Burche 2, Stephens 1, Stafford 2, Conway 2, Conysby 2, Digby 2, Folwood 2, Gray 2, Lawrence 4, Eldrington 6, Frestone 3, Drayner 2, Cavendish 2, Stafford 10, Howard 2, Straungway 4, Morgan 12.
The Shires.—No numbers entered. The names are:—Kent, Ant. Aucher; Essex, Sir John Raynesford and Sir Clement Harleston; Norf., Sir Wm. Paston and Sir Ric. Southwell; Notts, Sir John Biron; Oxon., Leonard Chamberlayn; Suffolk, Sir Arth. Hopton; Somers., Sir Hugh Pawlet and Sir John St. Clo; Wilts, Sir Edw. Baynton; Glouc, Sir John Bridges and Thos. Bridges.
iii. A similar list of names, sorts and numbers arranged like the preceding under the general heading "Billmen, pikes and others," viz.:—
Duke of Suffolk 300, Marquis Dorset 190, earl of Arundel —— (blank), earl of Essex 150, Earl of Rutland ——, bp. of Winton ——, bp. of Worcester ——, lord St. John 220, Sir Ant. Browne ——, Sir Ant. Wingfield ——, [the lord Powes 80 (fn. n8) ], Sir John Gage 350, Sir Wm. Paget 40, [Sir Wm. Petre 10]*, Sir Ric. Riche 130, the lord Herbert ——.
The Privy Chamber.—Hennage 60, Denny 140, Cawarden 150, Long 160, Sir Fras. Bryan 200, Knevet 150, Herbert 100, Crumwell 80, Speke 100, Dareye 90, Paston 10, Barkeley 10, Hobby 201, Boucher 3, Sharington 10, Gates 30, St. Barbe 3, Harman 6, Penne 6, Brereton 50, Buttes 16.
The Chamber.—Rogers 20, Foster 20, Harper 25, Manners 160, Harte 25, Willoughby 40, Raynisford 6, Norres 6, Greneway 6, Blunt 8, Gifford 14, Hopton 12, Harman 6, Chester 8, West 6, Johnes 120, Vuedale 3, Kingston 288, Vannes 7, Mason 6, Honninges 2, Sulyard 16, Nedham 6, Foskue 8, Awbrey 2, Staverton 9, Kemp 2, yeomen ordinary 51, yeomen at 6d. a day 56, yeoman at 4d. 220, yeomen extraordinary 252.
The Household.—Sir Edm. Peckham 50, Hethe 1, Palmer 1, John Winkle 2, Josselin 2, Thos. Pulford 2, Thos. Walcot 2, Abbot 4, Askue 2, Corf 1, Robt. Meryke 2, Geo. Ashe 2, John Irlond 1, Geo. Herd 2, Vyllers 4, John Whitscale 1, Wm. Barland 1, Wentworth 3, Bricket 4, Wm. Snowbale 2, Edw. Wilkinson 2, Ph. Yarowe 1, Robt. Cole 1, John Plume 1, Cuthb. Hope 1, Ric. Godwyn 1, Hill 2, Bird 1, Gurley 2, Jas. Manning 1, Robt. Hill 1, Colley 1, the Children 2, Worrall 1, Jas Anyon 1, John Harvy 1, the Children 2 repeated, Wm. Bellingham 2, Thos. Boxley 1, Ric. Fisher 5, Weldon 34, Gage 6, Packenham 5, Brickes 3, Ric. Holbroke 2, Thos. Cokes 2, Ric. Madox 2, John More 2, Thos. Horseley 2, Wm. Moore 1, John Forman 1, John Thorowghgood 1, Wm. Ayre 1, Waard 12, John Bertlet 1, Jas. Fulgeam 1, Myles 1, Thos. Kymperly 1, Thos. Burrage 2, Barth. Vaughan 1, Wm. Radley 1, Moore 2, Thos. Horden 3, Master 1, Edm. Hampshire 1, Ric. Davy 1, John Guilmin 3, Geo. Stonchous 2, Thos. Ashby 3, Ralph Walker 1, Wrn. Horsley 1, Piers Slayn 1, John Herde 2, Batson 1, David Sambroke 2, Geoff. Holland 1, Wm. Thornehed 1, Ric. Dawrehouse 1, John Davy 1, Wm. Blackden 2, Jas. Alyson 1.
The Stable.—Sir Wm. Penyson 41, Andrew Dudley 2, John Parker 3, Standon 1, Sir Robt. Acton 20, Thos. Ogle 6, Ric. Darrington 2, Steph. Henton, John Stede, Ric. Yong, Andrew Dewbery, Pirro Termander, Ric. Hall, Rog. Chester, Ric. Campe, Matth. Holmes, Clem. Stanford, Ric. Cordall, John ap Rice, 1 each.
The Pensioners.—Sir Ric. Page 4, Sir Geo. Carewe 120; and 44 others (of those named in § i.) 227, of whom Thos. Morgan furnishes 88.
The Shires.—No numbers. Notts, Sir John Biron. Glouc., Sir John and Thos. Bridges.
A book bound in vellum of 102 pages, of which 26 are blank. The numbers are roughly grouped in hundreds throughout.
Hatf. MS.
201, ff. 7-14.
[Cal. ofCecil
i. 16.]
2. "The names of such persons with their numbers appointed to go in the King's Majesty's battaile."
Similar to §1, i., ii., iii., except that the numbers of horse and foot are given after each name.
Total, horsemen, 3,159; footmen, 9,688.
Note at foot of the final page of totals:—"Calays 300 horsmen, 200 mynars from my lord Privy Seal. Irish kernes, 200. Men to attend upon the King's Majesty's carriages, 1,000, &c."
Pp. 14 ½.
R. O. 3. Lists of horsemen headed as "appointed to the Master of the Horse," viz.:—
Men of arms: lord Nevell, Sir Ant. Kyngeston, John Poulet, Mr. Cawerden, Sir Thos. Seymour, Sir Ric. Crumwell. 147 demi-lances [supplied by?] the lord Chamberlain, Vice-chamberlain, Wm. Raynesford, John Norres, Ric. Greneway, Ric. Blount, John Harman, Robt. Chester, Wm. Morrice, Mr. Rous (substituted for Sir John Williams), Sir Thos. Jones, Robt. King, Fras. Rowleston, Rice ap Morice, Sir Ant. Kyngeston, Thos. Bell, Mr. Cawarden, Sir Thos. Seymour, Sir Ric. Crumwell. 110 archers on horseback by the lord Chamberlain, Vice-chamberlain, lord Nevell, Geo. Harper, Sir Percival Hart, Raynesford, Norres, Greneway, Blount, Cawerden, Seymour, Edw. Hopton, Chester, Morrice, John Warberton, Sir Ant. Kingston, Sir J. Williams (fn. n13), Rowleston, Thos. Tomson, Richard ap Morice, Wm. Squyrie, John Godsalve. 139 javelins by the lord Chamberlain, Hart, Raynesford, Norres, Greneway, Blount, Hopton, Harman, Chester, Morrice, Kingeston, Jones, Edw. Arundel, Harper, Sir Wm. West, Bell, Wm. Brown, Thos. Uvedall, Godsalve, Ric. Taverner, Wm. Hunynges, Robt. Draper, John Allylie, John Kyrby, Cawerden, Seymour, Nic. Fortescue, 16 Serjeants at arms, page of the Robes, 2 pages of the Beds, 2 grooms of the Wardrobe of Beds, grooms of Robes and Crossbows, yeomen of the Crossbows and yeomen of the Beds. 72 northern staves by the lord Chamberlain, lord Nevell, Ewstace Sulyard, Sir Robt. Bowes, Ric. Williams, Ric. Tolly, Geo. Harper and Mr. Cawerden. 46 demi-hakes on horseback by lord Nevell, the Vice-chamberlain, Hart, Sir John Williams (fn. n13), Seymour, and Sir Ric. Crumwell.
Pp. 5. The numbers of each denomination brought by each of the above named are given.
R. O. 4. A list of retinues of foot, apparently drawn up from § 1, headed "The Privy Chamber," viz.:—
The earl of Essex 150 archers, 150 bill men; Sir Thos. Hennage 60 archers, 60 bills; Anthony Denny 40 archers, 120 bills, 20 demi-hakes afoot; Thos. Caverden 50 demi-hakes, 50 archers, 50 pikes, 50 "sprinckyls" afoot; Sir Thos. Seymour 80 archers, 30 bills, 40 pikes afoot; Sir Ric. Long 140 archers, 160 bills; Sir Henry Knevet 100 pikes, 50 billmen; Sir Will. Herbert 20 archers, 50 bills and 50 pikes afoot; Sir Ric. Crumwell 40 archers, 40 bills and 40 pikes; Sir Thos. Speke 100 archers, 100 bills; Sir Thos. Darcy 30 archers, 90 bills; Mr. Paston 10 billmen; Morice Berkley 10 archers, 10 bills; Will Sherington 8 archers, 10 bills; Philip Hoby 100 pikes, 101 demi-hakes; Rob. Boucher 3 archers, 7 bills; John Gates 20 bills, 20 archers, 10 demi-hakes; Will. Sembarbe 3 billmen; Nich. Simpson and 4 archers; John Penne 6 archers, 6 bills; Urian Brereton 50 archers, 51 bills; John Welsborne 20 archers, 80 bills; Dr. Chambre 6archers, 10 bills; Dr. Buttes 15 archers, 15 bills; Alsop 1 archer, 2 bills; Olif and 3 archers; Alcok and 1 billman; Momford and 1 billman; Ferres 2 billmen. Totals, 807 archers, 181 demi-hakes, 380 pikes, 50 sprinkles, 1073 bills.
ii. In another hand (the same as § 3).—The lord Chamberlain 80 archers, 220 bills; the Vice Chamberlain 30 archers, 160 bills; Sir William Paget 15 archers, 15 hagbuts, 30 pikes, 40 bills; Sir Percival Hart 24 billmen; Sir Wm. Willoughby 10 archers, 40 bills; Edw. Rogers 20 billmen; Sir Humph. Foster 10 archers, 20 bills; George Harper 12 archers, 24 bills; earl of Rutland 20 archers, 60 bills; Sir Ric. Manours 20 archers, 60 bills; Sir Ant. Kingston 60 archers, 288 bills; Sir Wm. West 6 billmen; Sir Thos. Jones 20 archers, 80 Welsh spears, 40 billmen; John Mason 6 billmen; Wm. Raynesford 6 billmen; John Norres 6 billmen; Ric. Grenway 6 b.; Ric. Blunt 8 b.; Thos. Gyfford 6 a., 14 b.; Edw. Hopton 6 a., 12 b.; John Harman 2 a., 6 b.; Robt. Chester 9 b.; John Raynesford 1 b.; Thos. Horsman 2 b.; John Mayne of Kent 4a., 4b.; Thos. Uvedall 3 b.; Thos. Bernardeston 9 b.; Ric. Staverton 8 a., 9 b.; Thos. Kempe 2 a.; Wm. Morgan 6 a., 6 b.; Morgan Jones 10 b.; Simon True 2 b.; William Hunnyng 2 b.; Geo. Grenefild and his 2 servants, bills; Geo. Nodes and his 2 servants, bills; Jas. Maperley 1 a.; Eustace Sulyerd 4 a., 6 b.; Sir John Williams 20 a., 40 b.; Geo. Owen 8 a., 8 b.; John Ryther 8 b.; Fras. Leke 20 a., 80 b.; Kenelm Digby 1 a., 1 b.; Thos. Culpeper 8 a. 12 b.; Thos. Cathern 6 b.; Wm. Avery 1 a., 1 b.; Roland Ridgley 1 a. 2 b.; David Vincent and 2 b.; Humph. Orme and his man, bills; Hen. Plasshington and his man, bills; Nic. Fortescue 4 a., 8 b.; Robt. Wodde and his man, bills; Ric. Sysill 6 a., 6 b.; Thos. Sternoll 2 demi-hakes on foot; John Rowland and his man, bills; Arth. Worthington 1 b.; Lewis ap Richard 1 tall billman; Wm. Ashehurst and his man, archers; Roger Lygon 2 demi-hakes on foot.
Pp. 5.
R. O. 5. "Officers of household appointed to attend upon the King's Majesty his person in his own solde for the provision of his diet."
Giving the names (fn. n14) of the officers with the number and description (javelyns, archers, &c.) of the soldiers appointed to each in the several departments of the Household, viz. the counting house (Thos. Weldon and Sir Edmond Pecham's servants), bakehouse (John Hethe and two others), pantry (John Jastlyne and another), cellar (Wm. Abbot, Hugh Askue and three others), buttery, waffrye, chaundrie, confeccionarie, ewrie, laundrie, kitchen (Michael Wentwourthe, John Bricket, and five others, with three children), boilinghouse, larder, accatrie, pultrie, scaldinghouse, pastrie, squillerie, woodyard, ammerie, carttaker, and porters (Wm. Knevet and two others). Total officers 59; servants 136. Classified total, showing that of these 195 persons there are 12 demi-lances, 28 javelins, 2 northern staves, 6 archers on horseback, 39 archers on foot, 107 billmen, and 1 handgun.
ii. "Officers of household appointed to be victuallers in the King his own battle," viz.:—
Similar list for counting house (James Gaige and Ant. Birkes), etc., of 21 officers with 31 servants, of whom 10 are javelins, 15 archers on foot and 27 billmen.
iii. "Officers of household appointed to be victuallers in the vaward," viz.:—Similar list of 14 officers (no counting house), with 16 servants; of whom 4 are archers on horseback, 3 archers on foot, 1 javelin, and 22 billmen.
iv. "Officers of household appointed to be victuallers in the rearward," viz.:—Similar list of 12 officers (Robt. Pakenham and Hen. Temple in the counting house) with 41 servants; of whom 4 are javelins, 13 archers on foot, and 36 billmen.
v. "Officers of household appointed to attend upon the Queen."
List of names of the officers in the various departments, viz., counting house (Edm. Pecham, Wm. Thyne, Jas. Sutton, Thos. Curssone, John Turell), bakehouse, &c. (as in § i., with the addition of the pitcher house, spicerie and the harbingers). Total 101.
Pp. 10.
R. O. 6. "Officers, artificers and soldiers appertaining to the King's Majesty's tents, hales and pavilions."
Giving the names and wages of the master (Thos. Cawerden, at 20s. the day) lieutenant (Ant. Aucher at 10s.), clerk comptroller (John Bernard at 2s.), clerk (John Cobyler at 18d.), yeoman (John Bredgys at 2s.), groom (Thos. Hale at 18d.), and of the wardens of artificers, viz., the smith, joiner, bedmaker, coffermaker, carpenter, bricklayer and mat maker. Also the numbers and wages of captains (5), petty captains (5), wyfflers (5), drums (4), fifes (2), "auncens" (2), surgeons (3), chaplains (2), gittorne on horseback (1), men of arms (4), demi-lances (32), light horsemen and javelins (32), "tayllours" (89), carpenters (30), joiners (26), wheelwrights (18), smiths (19), painters (12), coffermakers and cordwainers (9), bedmakers (3), matmaker (1), overseers attending carts and store (3), and soldiers (267). Signed: Charlys Soffolk: Thomas Cauerden.
Pp. 3. Each page signed by Suffolk.
276. The Rearguard.
R. O. [List of lords and of gentlemen arranged under names of counties, with the number of horsemen and footmen supplied by each for the rearguard of the King's army in France. The names are as follows:—]
The lord Privy Seal (fn. n15); earls of Wourcestour (fn. n15), Huntingdon (fn. n15) and Bathe (fn. n15), bp. of Welles, lords Gray Wilton (fn. n15), Powes (fn. n15) and Wyndesor (fn. n15), the bp. of Exeter, the dean and chapter of Exeter.
Beds.—Sir Fras. Bryan (fn. n15), Sir John Seinct John (fn. n15), Sir John Gascoigne, Sir Thos. Rotheram (fn. n15), Lewes Dyve, Gerarde Harvye, Sir John Mordaunt, Thos. Dycons. Bucks.—Justice Baldewyne, Sir Ant. Lee (fn. n15), Sir Robt. Dormar (fn. n15) with his son, Arthur Longvilde, Leonard Reade, Robt. Cheyney, Geo. Gifforde, Wm. Fawkonar, John Conwaye, Ralph Gifford, Fras. Pygott, Nic. Gifford, Ric. Willoughby. Rutland.—Edw. Sapcottes (fn. n15). Dors.—Sir Thos. Ponynges (fn. n15), Sir Giles Strangweys (fn. n15), Sir John Horssey (fn. n15). Kent.—John Norton of Norwodd (fn. n15). Devon.—Sir Thos. Dennys, Sir Ric. Grenfild (fn. n15), John St. Legier (fn. n15), Hugh Stukley (fn. n15), Ric. Chidley (fn. n15), Rog. Gifforde (fn. n15), Rog. Bluett (fn. n15), Thos. Pomeroy (fn. n15), Walt. Reyglegh, Hen. Beamount, John Chichestre (fn. n15). Ntht.—Sir Thos. Griffith, Sir Wm. Newenham (fn. n15), Sir Thos. Thressham (fn. n15), Sir Robt. Kyrkham (fn. n15), Ant. Catesby, Valentine Knightley, John Hasillwoode, Humph. Stafforde (fn. n15) with his fathers aid, Thos. Brudenell, Robert Browne, Bobt. Catlyn, Thos. Cave,——Vyllers. Soms.—Sir Hen. Capell (fn. n15), Roger Basing (fn. n15), John Wyndham, John Drewes, Robt. Leversage, Thos. Baumfield, Thos. Phillipps, Mr. Legh (fn. n15), Sir Edw. Gorge, John Sydenham, Fras. Stradling, John Light. Heref.—Sir Ric. Vaughan, John Scydmour (fn. n15), Nic. Fytton (fn. n15), Geo. Cornwall (fn. n15). Herts.—Sir Hen. Parkar (fn. n15) with my lord Morley's men, Sir Ralph Verney de Pendeloo (fn. n15), Sir Ph. Butler, John Brokket. Glouc.—Sir Edm. Thame, Sir Walt. Dennys, Maurice Dennys (fn. n15). Warw.—Sir Walter Smyth (fn. n15), Sir Ric. Catesby, Sir Foulk Grevylde (fn. n15), Robert Throgmarton (fn. n15). Worc.—Sir John Russell (fn. n15). Midd.—Sir Arthur Darcye (fn. n15). Denbigh.—John Salisbury (fn. n15), John Salisbury the younger. Glam.—Sir Geo. Herbert (fn. n15), Walter Herbert. Carm.—Wm. Morgan (fn. n15) of Newport.
In another hand. Northern horsemen 100. Footmen:—Chief officers appointed to have oversight of the victuals 55; from the bps., lords, deans, and gentlemen newly appointed 813; of bakers and brewers 650; Sir Ant. Knevete's soldiers 200; from the sea 400; the Irishmen 200; out of London 200.
Totals given for each page. Grand total, horsemen 547, footmen 9,017.
Pp. 7. Endd.: 1544. The reregard.
277. England, France, and the Pope.
R. O. "Discorso di M. C. Tolomei sopra quello che potesse fare Papa Paulo 3° per salute di se, delle cose sue et dello stato suo, l'anno 1544, Utrum il Papa si debba dichiare Imperiale o Francese. (Estratto)."
* * * * *
And, because among those who can hurt France is the King of England, who, being leagued with the Emperor, sends this year new forces (gente) against France, it appears to me that three things Should be done. First, the King [of France] to order an opposing army, as he did last year; and, as the French are very resolute against the English, there seems little to fear. Secondly, to corrupt some great man about the King of England, who may gradually dissuade him from this aggrandising of the Emperor, and open some practise for the marriage of the King of Scotland's daughter with his son, so that he may go more slowly against France. These two means to be procured by the King of France. Thirdly, in the war between Scotland and England, to aid the Scots and thus prevent the English crossing the sea so strongly against France. This remedy should not only be provided by the King but also assisted by the Pope. For why should not the Pope aid the Catholics against the Heretics? And, if he has often sent men and money against the Infidels, why should he not send help against the Heretics, who by the Church are held as worse than Infidels?
Italian. Modern transcript from Home, pp. 2. Headed as above.
278. Grants in March, 1544.
1. Eliz. Davers. Livery of lands as sister and heir of Wm. Sabyan. Del. Westm.,"[prinio die Marcii a0 r.r.] Henrici Octavi tricesimo quinto."—S.B. (Signed by Wm. lord St John, J. Hynde and John Sewster.) Pat. p. 11, m. 18. (Dated, 1 March.)
2. George Node, serjeant at arms. Grant, in fee, for 197l. 14s. 8d., of Shepehall manor, Herts, a pension of 5s. out of Shephall rectory, and a pension of 13s. out of Lecheworth rectory, Herts, which belonged to St. Albans mon. Westm., 23 Feb. 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 1 March.—P.S. Pat. p. 13, m. 2.
3. Edw. Hosyer. Grant, in fee, for 363l., of all lands in Preston Gobaldes, Salop, all tithes in the township of Mereden and Le, Salop, a rent of 4s. there, all tithes in the township of Okyngton, Salop, and a tithe barn and croft adjoining in Okyngton,—Lylleshull; also the rectory of Mounteford alias Monteford, Salop, and barn called "le Barne place" in Montford, leased to Thos. Gyfford—Brewode priory, Salop; and the advowson of the vicarage of Mountford. Westm., 21 Feb. 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 1 March.—P.S. Pat. p. 14, m. 14.
4. The King's Stamp. Commission to the Duke of Norfolk and lord Privy Seal, keeping for the time being the King's stamp appointed to remain with the Council, to put the said stamp and the signature of him who shall for the time keep the stamp, with the words "virtute regie commissionis," to, all bills made by virtue of a commission dated Westm. 23 (sic) March 35 Hen. VIII., authorising Sir Wm. Paulett, lord Seynt John, Sir Thos. Wryothesley lord Wryothesley, Sir Ric. Riche and Sir Ric. Southwell to sell Crown lands, lead, prizes taken from enemies, &c., with the assistance of the King's attorney and solicitor-general and the attorneys and solicitors of the Court of Augmentations, Duchy of Lancaster, and Courts of Wards and Liveries and of First Fruits and Tenths, and the clerk of the Court of Augmentations. And likewise to all bills made by virtue of a commission dated 6 May 35 Hen. VIII. (to Sir Ric. Ryche, and Sir Ric. Southwell. Sir Edw. Northe, Sir John Williams, Sir Thos. Moyle, Wm. Whorwood. Walt. Hendle, Hen. Bradshawe, and Wm. Staunford to sell manors, &c., within the survey of the Augmentations and General Surveyors not exceeding 40l. in yearly value) which the King has not yet signed, viz.:—Bills for Sir Rowland Hyll for a purchase, paying 1,012l. 4s 2d., Ant. Auger 806l. 12s. 3 ½d., Geo. Ludlowe 405l. 18d., Wm. Belfelde 237l. 15s. 0 ½d., John Spencer 151l. 14s., Sir Wm. Paston 207l. 6s. 8d., Sir Geo. Herberte 152l. 18d., John Beamonte 1,040l.4s. 2d., Thos. Carter 102l., Leonard Chamberlayn 400l., Sir Thos. Moyle 962l. 0s. 9 ½d., John Podage and Lewis Davye 350l. 3s., John Wyseman 297l. 10s. 10d., Kath. and Thos. Addyngton 1,549l. 14s. 10d., Thos. Johns 110l. 5s., Wm Stumpe 1,517l. 15s. 2 ½d.. John Apryce 770l. 21d., John Cokkes 358l. 6s. 5 ½d., Ric. Aldeworth 251l. 8s. 4d., John Taysburgh 987l. 15s. 7d.; provided that these bills are subscribed by four of the said commissioners; also to all bills concerning exchanges and sales signed by the Chancellor and two others of the council of the Court of Augmentations. This commission to endure no longer than till Midsummer next. The reason given is that the King is not in such perfect health that he may conveniently attend to the signing of so many bills, and he considers the delay of them a hindrance both to his subjects and to his own affairs.
Addressed to lord Chancellor Audeley; Norfolk High Treasurer and Earl Marshal, Suffolk President of the Council and Great Master, Russell keeper of the Privy Seal, Paget and Petre the two Principal Secretaries, Gage comptroller and chancellor of the Duchy, and Ryche chancellor of Augmentations. Del. Westm., 1 March 35 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (Countersigned by Wriothesley, Riche and Southwell.) In English. Pat. p. 15, m. 32.
5. Sir Wm. Paulett lord Seynt John, Sir Thos. Wryothesley lord Wryothesley, Sir Ric. Riche, chancellor of Augmentations, and Sir Ric. Southwell, one of the General Surveyors. Commission, during the King's pleasure, to them and three of them, to sell the King's lands and lead, conclude with his subjects for fines and "incombes" for leases, for manumission of bondmen, and for sale of wards; the money arising therefrom to be paid as follows, viz., for possessions within the surveys of the Court of Augmentations, the Court of Exchequer and the Duchy of Lancaster, to the treasurer of Augmentations, and for possessions within the survey of the Court of General Surveyors and prizes taken upon the sea from the King's enemies, to the treasurer of the Chamber, and for possessions within the survey of the Court of Wards and Liveries to the general receiver of that Court. Lands sold under this commission (except messuages, etc., to which no lands are attached and manors, &c., not exceeding 40s. in yearly value) to beheld of the King and his successors in chief by knights' service and a yearly rent equal to one-tenth of the clear yearly value; and houses without lands, or lands not worth in one entire manor, farm or other yearly profit more than 40s., to beheld in free burgage, or by fealty and a yearly rent of one-tenth of the yearly value, or by knights' service and rent of a tenth, at the Commissioners' discretion. These tenures to be contained in the letters patent. Lands which came by attainder, forfeiture or grant of any temporal person shall not be charged with any tenth as rent. No single manor, parsonage, or other entire profit of more yearly value than 100 mks. to be sold, nor any parcel of such. The certificates of the auditor and officer of woods in whose office the lands are shall be sufficient warrant for the rate of sale. The price paid for these sales, leases, &c., to be rehearsed in the letters patent. None of the honors, castles, &c., which are reserved for the King's common access, nor parks, forests or chaces belonging to such, to be sold unless the special suit for the same is declared to the King. The Commissioners are not to meddle with any exchange or mere gift, or gift and sale mixed, or gift and exchange mixed, or exchange and sale mixed, concerning possessions within the survey of the Augmentations, nor with any mere gift or gift and sale mixed concerning possessions within the survey of the General Surveyors; which are to be bargained for by the chancellor and council of the Augmentations and by the General Surveyors. The King's attorney and solicitor general, the attorneys and solicitors of the Courts of Augmentations, Duchy of Lancaster, General Surveyors, Wards and Liveries, and First Fruits and Tenths, and the clerk of the Council of the Augmentations, are commanded to attend the Commissioners for the survey, penning, making, and examination of the books, papers, &c., which are to be signed by at least two of them.
The preamble states that, for the "great surety" of himself, his succession and the common wealth, the King intends to pass in person into France against his ancient enemy the French king, and also to "noye, invade or defend the realm of Scotland, and the malice of the inhabitants of the same, our natural enemies, to the which we have just and lawful title and right, who always do imagine and practise in our absence from time to time to noye and destroy us, our realm and posterity in the same"; and for the accomplishment of this enterprise it is expedient to prepare a mass of money by sale of the King's possessions, because he will not at present molest his loving subjects for money unless thereto coarted. Del. Westm., 1 March, 35 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (mutilated). Pat. p. 15, m. 33. In English.
6. Sir John Russell lord Russell. Grant of the fee simple of the manors of Haverell, Horsham and Helyon in Haverell, Suff., which, by pat. 20 May 30 Hen. VIII., were granted to him and his heirs in reversion after Anne, wife of Sir Ric. Jernyngham, knight for the Body, then deceased; to which Sir Ric. and Anne the said manors were granted in tail male, by pat. 25 May, 15 Hen. VIII., as parcel of possessions of Edw. duke of Buckingham, attainted. Westm., 27 Feb., 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 2 March.—P.S. Pat. p. 10, m. 6.
7. Hen. Hayn, late of Blacketoryton, Devon, labourer. Pardon for having. 26 March, 33 Hen. VIII., broken into the house of John Herde at Brode Wodeweger, Devon, put the said John and Mary and William Herde and Joan Person in bodily fear, and stolen 55s. in money, 18 silver spoons worth 4l., a sword worth 4s. and dagger worth 2s. Westm., 28 Feb., 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 3 March.—P.S. Pat. p. 10, m. 1.
8. John Webster, of Bradfurth, Yorks., clothier. Pardon for having, in self defence, killed Ric. Wright, of Bradfurth, on 25 Dec. last, at Bradfurth. Westm., 3 March. Pat. 35 Hen. VIII., p. 16, m. 18.
9. Peter Deane, the King's servant. To be a gunner in the Tower of London, with 12d. a day. Westm., 3 March, 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 4 March.—P.S. Pat. p. 13, m. 1.
10. Sir Chr. Morreys. To be lieutenant general of all the King's ordnance and munitions and other things of. war in England; with 100 mks. a year from Lady Day next. Westm., 3 March 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 4 March.—P.S. Pat. p. 13, m. 1.
11. Leonard Warcop alias Carliell, one of the King's heralds at arms. Lease of the manors of Bussheby, Faceby and Carleton, parcel of the lordship of Sherifhoton, Yorks.; for 21 years; at 25l. 21d. rent and 10s. increase. Westm., 20 Feb. 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 4 March.—P.S. Pat. p. 14, m. 10.
12. Thos. ap Hoell ap D'd. Lease of a watermill called Merforde Mill within the lordship of Bromefelde and Yale, co. Denbigh, in tenure of Lancelot Lother; for 21 years; at 6l. 13s. 4d. rent and 8d. increase. Del. Westm., 4 March 35 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (Signed by Daunce, Southwell and Moyle.) Pat. 36 Hen. VIII., p. 18, m. 40.
13. John Williams, clk. Grant of the fifth canonry and prebend in Bristol cathedral, void by resignation of Ric. Browne, clk. Westm., 2 March 35 Hen VIII. Del. Westm., 4 March.—P.S.
14. Thos. Bacon, S.T.B., King's chaplain. Presentation to the prebend in Ely cathedral, void by death of John Custans. Westm., 3 March, 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 5 March.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 29.
15. Robt. Stones, yeoman of the Guard. Fiat for his custody of 9 ½ac. of meadow and a weir in Estebermeling alias Estbrunnling, and 1 rood of land in St. Eleyn Weyres in Estferleigh, Kent, which Robt. Frenche, late farmer of the prioress of St. Helen's, London, purchased for the priory without licence; for 21 years; at 10s. 4d. rent and 4d. increase. Westm., 5 March, 35 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (Signed by Norfolk; and marked as by mainprise of John Lambe and Thos. Henle.) Pat. p. 4, m. 31.
16. Sir Edm. Tame, s. and h. of Sir Edm. Tame, dec. Lease of all demesnes of Fayreford manor, Glouc., with a water-mill and several water there called Culne Streme leased to his said father 6 May, 24 Hen. VIII.; for 40 years from Mich., A.D. 1553, when his father's lease expires; at 6l. 13s. 4d. rent. Westm., 3 March, 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 6 March.—P.S. Pat. p. 10, m. 5.
17. Thos. Hewett, clk. To be master or prefect of the college of Holy Trinity, of Pountfraict, Yorks., the place being void by death. [Westm.], 5 March, 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 6 March.—P.S. Pat. p. 15, m. 21.
18. Wm. Godeman, merchant of Chester. Licence (in reward for his services) to export 300 dykkers of tanned leather. Westm., 19 Feb. 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 6 March.—P.S. French Roll 36 Hen. VIII., m 5. In English.
19. Sir John Arundell of Treryse,. Cornw. Lease of all lands within the site of the park of Lyskerd, Cornw.. lately disparked, parcel of the duchy of Cornwall, and in the King's hands by the minority of Prince Edward; for 21 years; at 18l. rent. Westm., 21 Feb. 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 7 March.—P.S. Pat. p. 10, m. 1.
20. John Pykeryng. Lease of the water mill in Aldburgh, Yorks., in the King's hands by attainder of Margaret late Countess of Salisbury; for 21 years; at 10s. rent and 3s. 4d. increase. Del. Westm., 7 March "anno subscripto."—S.B. (Signed by Daunce, Southwell and Moyle.) Pat. p. 10, m. 5.
21. Jas. Vaughan. Lease of the corn mill called Crokydmylle within the lordship of English Huntyngdon, Heref., parcel of Buckynghams Landes; for 21 years; at 41s. 8d. rent and 20d. increase. Del. Westm., 7 March 35 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (Signed by Daunce, Southwell and Moyle.) Pat. p. 10, m. 5.
22. Thos. Holcroft, an esquire for the Body. Grant, in fee, for 450l.10s. 6d., of the house and site, &c., of the late mon. of Valeroiall, Chesh., Connersley Grange in Whitegate parish, Chesh., and certain closes, &c. (names and extents given) in Whitegate parish, waste land lying beside the said mon. in Whitegate parish, a pond and fishery called Newe Poolein Whitegate parish, numerous lands (named and described and tenants named) in Whitegate parish, among which are parcels of Connersley and Ernesley granges, Bradforde grange, and the water and fishery called Bradforde Mylle Poole. a pond called Petypole Dame and mere called Okemere, with the fishery of them in Whytegate parish and in the forest of Delamere in tenure of Sir John Done, the mill called Bradforde Myll, and the grange called Marton Grange; all in Whitegate parish, and Hefferston grange in Wyverham and Whitegate, with lands (named) attached to it. Ownston mill in Wyverham and Whitegate parish, and houses and lands, named, in Over and Whitegate parish, and the house called Ernesley House, in Wyverham and Whitegate,—Valeroiall mon. Westm., 3 March, 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 7 March.—P.S. Pat. p. 10, m. 7.
23. Ric. Grenewaye. Lease of (1) a close of enclosed land called le Infield containing 800 ac.. closes of pasture called le Great Barley Close, 80 ac., and le Little Barley Close, 40 ac, and a warren of coneys in Pykworth Infield, Rutl., in tenure of John Love; (2) all pastures in Pikworth Owtefeild called Owtefeilde de Pykworth, in tenure of Robt. Harrington; (3) lands called Shepegates in Awneby, Linc., in tenure of Fras. Browne, and 200 ac of heath and 20 ac. of meadow in Awneby, in tenure of Thos. Folkingham; all which came to the King by the attainder of lord Hussey. For 21 years; at rents of (1) 30l. 7s. 4d., (2) 8l., (3) 8l. 3s. 4d., and 3s. 4d. increase. Westm., 24 Feb. 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 8 March.—P.S. Pat. p. 10. m. 3.
24. Nic. Corothers, "late one of our sperers." Grant for life (in reward for services in wars in Scotland and Ireland and the last wars in France, where he was maimed) of "the office or room of weyleyship and nottleyshipp of and within our town of Perith," Cumb., which Hen. Swynbur[ne] now holds at a rent of 23s. 4d.; together with the said rent. Westm., 6 March, 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 8 March.—P.S. Pat. p. 15, m. 29. In English.
25. The dean and chapter of the Cathedral of St. Peter, Westminster, and their successors. Licence to alienate Chesthunt rectory, Herts, to Ant. Dennye, and mortmain licence to acquire lands to the value of 40l. yearly. Westm., 8 March, 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 9 March.—P.S. Pat. p. 14, m. 35.
26. John Lloyd. Lease of 50 ac. of demesne lands in the town of Tennbe, and two windmills and a watermill and a piece of land at Waterhynche now rented at 10s., and a piece of land in the park there, formerly in tenure of John Rycon, in the town of Tennbe, co. Pemb.. parcel of possessions of Jasper late duke of Bedford; for 21 years; at 9l. 11s. 4d. rent and 2s. increase. Westm., 8 Feb., 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 9 March.—P.S. Pat. 15, m. 19.
27. The mayor and burgesses of Newcastle upon Tyne. Grant, in fee, for 53l. 7s. 6d., of the house of the late Black Friars there, with the church, churchyard, &c., including chambers in tenure of Robt. Davell, clk., and certain houses, &c., in Newcastle upon Tyne belonging to the said Friars. Westm., 7 March, 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 10 March.—P.S. Pat. p. 9, m. 37.
28. Ant. Guidotti, merchant stranger, alias merchant of Florence or Southampton, alias merchant denizen, &c. Protection; to last for two years from the expiration of similar letters patent granted to him 3 March, 34 Hen. VIII. Westm., 4 March, 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 10 March.—P.S. French Roll 36 Hen. VIII., m. 4 (where the term of duration is omitted).
29. John Pystor, a man at arms of the rentinue of Calais. Lease of the demesne lands and barton of Mere manor. Wilts, parcel of the Duchy of Cornwall, with the warren of coneys and fishery there; for 21 years from the expiration of a lease 1 July, 28 Hen. VIII. to Thos. Chafyn; at 31l.10s. rent and 10s. increase. Westm., 1 March, 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 11 March.—P.S. Pat. p. 10, m. 2 (dated 20 March).
30. Sir Thos. Seymour, the King's servant. To be keeper of the park of Farley Hungerfordes, alias Farley Parke, and of all woods in cos. Soms. and Wilts., both within and without the park, belonging to the castle and manor of Farley Hungerford; keeper of waters and fisheries both within and without the park belonging to the same; master of the hunt of deer in the said park; keeper of the castle of Farley Hungerford, Wilts., called Farley Castell, and chief steward of the lands late of Sir Walter lord Hungerford, attainted; with stated fees. Westm., 4 March, 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 11 March.—P.S. Pat. p. 10, m. 4.
31. Sir Wm. Willoughby, the King's servant. Grant, in fee (for the manor and advowson of the rectory of Combes Suff., and for 540l. 5s. 6 ½d.), of the reversion and rent reserved on a Crown lease to Sir Chr. Willoughby, 20 March, 28 Hen. VIII., of the house, &c., of the late mon. of Campsey, Suff., and demesne lands there (names and extents given), and a fishery and warren of coneys; for 21 years; at 13l. 15s. 6d. Also grant of the said house and lands in Campsey alias Campessey in the parish of Aysshe, Suff., the lordship and manor of Campsey, woods (named) of 19 ac. in Campsey, lands late in tenure of Robt. Lindesey and now of John Fryer in Campsey and Aysshe, rents and service due to Campsey manor from the proprietor of Blaxhall manor and from lands of Wm. Curson in Blaxhall, Suff., lands called Valenes and all lands of the manor of Valenes in Valenes and Blaxhall leased by copy of court roll to Campsey monastery, and lands in Hawgh, Northlande and Blumwyll in the parish of Acheston and Perham, Suff., leased by copy of court roll to Campsey monastery; also the advowson of the rectory of Carleton alias Carelton, Suff., and of the chantry there;—Campsey mon. Westm., 8 March, 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 12 March.—P.S. Pat. p. 14, m.27.
32. John Donne, clerk, King's chaplain. Grant of the deanery of the collegiate church within Wallingforde castle. Westm., 20 Dec. 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 12 March.—P.S. Pat. p. 15. m. 21.
ii. Signed bill for the above. Undated.
33. Wm. Cowley, one of the Stable. To have "the offyce of meating of all maner of corne and greyne. salte, see cole and all suche other lyke thinges to be mesured uppon our Thames within the precinct of our Towre of London and the lybertye of the same, that ys to say from the Towre Warfe unto Graves End on both sides"; from St. John Baptist's Day last, with usual profits. Westm., 6 March, 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm, 12 March.—P.S. Pat. p. 17. m. 1.
34. Ric. Lee, the King's servant. To be general receiver of the Court of Wards and Liveries, with 66l. 13s. 4d. fee and the usual profits. On surrender by Philip Parys of pat. 2 —— (blank), 32 Hen. VIII., appointing him general receiver of lands of the King's wards and of fines for marriage licences of widows. Westm., 26 Feb., 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 13 March.—P.S. Pat p. 9, m. 37.
35. Paul, bp. of Bristoll. Grant of the next advowson of a canonry or prebend in Bristol cathedral. Westm., 12 March, 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 13 March. — P.S. Pat. p. 15, m. 20. Rymer, XV., 17.
36. Giles Harry son, one of the grooms of the Chamber, beer brewer, a native of the Emperor's dominions. Licence to keep twelve servants notwithstanding the Acts (cited), of 15 Hen. VIII. and 32 Hen. VIII. regulating the employment of servants by aliens. Westm., 9 March, 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 13 March.—P.S. Pat. p. 15, m. 21.
37. Sir Thos. Arundell. Lease of all tolls of tin of the manors of Tewyngton, Tewarvayle, and Helston in Kerr', Cornw.; for 21 years; at 20l. rent and 6s. 8d. increase. On surrender of a 21 years' lease to him 5 Nov. 18 Hen. VIII. Westm., 12 March, 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 13 March.—P.S. Pat. p. 15, m. 21.
38. Sir John Gostwyke. Grant in fee, for 157l. 6s., of Goldyngton manor, Beds., lands at the south part of Kynges Meade, in Goldyngton parish, in tenure of Wm. Bowrn, and lands in Goldyngton parish in tenure of Robt. Warreyn—Newneham priory; a messuage, &c., in the parish of St. Nicholas Oleff, London, in tenure of Ralph Symondes—Christechurche priory, London; and a pasture called Wetherswell, in Cardyngton, and Wylshamsted, Beds., in tenure of Wm. Ardryn—Wardon. Westm., 7 March, 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 13 March.—P.S. (Injured). Pat. p. 18, m. 5.
39. Robt. Colingewood, the King's servant. Grant of the room of "crowkeping" with 2d. a day from Christmas last, payable by Sir Brian Tuke, treasurer of the Chamber. Westm., 1 March, 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 13 March.—P.S. In English.
40. Sir John Rogers, the King's servant. Grant, in fee, for 738l. 18s. 5d., of a messuage with certain common of pasture, &c., in Saint Mary, Blanforde, Dors., in tenure of John Harvest—St. Mary's, Winchester; with all other possessions of St. Mary's there. Also two messuages, &c., in tenure of Alan Diverse and Wm. Shipman in Carleton, Dors.,—Netley, Hants; and all other possessions of Netley in Carleton. Pymperne manor, Dors., with all lands in tenure of John Selby in Pymperne, and woods called Estwoodde, 12 ac., and Shawe Woode, 10 ac., in Pymperne—Bremmer priory, Hants; the chief messuage and farm of Hemsworth, Dors., in tenure of Robt. Revys,—Mylton alias Myddelton; and all other possessions of Mylton in Hemsworth. Estwytwaye manor in the Isle of Purbeck, Dors., lands in tenure of John Frye in the parishes of St. Mary de Blandforde and Blandford Forumer (sic), Dors.—Shene priory, Surr.; and the house, &c., of the late Black Friars in Melcombe Regis. Westm., 11 March, 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 14 March.—P.S. Pat. p. 14, m. 25.
41. Emanuel Lucar, citizen and merchant of London. Grant, in fee, for 586l. 13s. 4d., of the manor of Blackeford alias Tyvyngton, Soms., — Montague priory; the manor, farm and tenement of Maydenbroke, Soms., — Hospital of St. John of Briggewater; the site, &c., of the late priory of Franciscan Friars in Brigge-water; the manor of Overstowey alias Friron, Soms., a water mill in Overstowey in tenure of John Marshe, and the chief mansion of Overstowey alias Friron and lands in Overstowey parish in tenure of John Olyver — St. John of Briggewater; and all possessions of St. John's in the parishes of Overstowey, Netherstowey, Stogursey, Crocume and Addiscombe, Soms. Also woods called Barley Wood, 22 ac., in the parishes of Selworthy and Luffcom— Mountague; and Freers Wood, 115 ac., in the parishes of Overstowey, Stogursy, Netherstowey, Crocume and Addiscombe — St. John's. Westm., 10 March, 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 15 March.—P.S. Pat. p. 9, m. 35.
42. Edm. Mordaunt. Grant, in fee, for 648l., of the lordship and manor of Stannesgate and the rectory and advowson of the vicarage of Steple, Essex, with appurtenances in Stannesgate, Ramesey, Tyllingham, Steple, Tolleshunt Tregos, Malden, Typtre, Woodham Mortymer and Magna Tottam, Essex — St. John's of Jerusalem. Westm., 10 March, 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 15 March.—P.S. Pat. p, 9, m. 38.
43. Sir Ric. Lyster, chief baron of the Exchequer, and Wm. Thorpe. Grant, in fee, for 381l. 9s. 1 ¼d., of Leckford manor, Hants—St. Mary's mon.. Winchester; a pension of 20s. out of the rectory or prebend of Leckford. and the advowson of the said rectory or prebend, and all possessions of St. Mary's in Leckford. Also all lands in Thorp parish, Notts, in tenure of John Thorpe—St. John's of Jerusalem and the preceptory of le Egle, Linc. Westm., 7 March, 35 Henry VIII. Del. Westm. 15 March.—P.S. Pat. p. 14, m. 29.
44. Hugh Appare. Grant, in fee, for 339l. 15s. 7d., of the manor, rectory and advowson of the vicarage of Sutton, Heref.—St. John's of Jerusalem and the preceptory of Dynmor, Herf. Also grant to the said Hugh and Eleanor his wife, in fee to the said Hugh, of the chief mansion or site of the manor of Upledon alias Templecourte in Bosbury parish, Heref., with a pasture called Newemedow and a water mill in Bosbury, and all demesne lands of Upledon manor, in tenure of Ant. Washebourne and Anne his wife—St. John's of Jerusalem and the preceptory of Dynmor. Westm., 12 March, 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 15 March.—P.S. Pat. p. 14, m. 33.
45. Sir Robt. Bowys, the King's Councillor. Annuity of 100l. Westm., 12 March, 35 Hen VIII. Del. Westm., 15 March.—P. S. Pat. p. 15, m. 12.
46. Sir William Sydney. Ratification (on his behalf) of an order made by the commissioners of sewers for the county of Kent, who were appointed by pat. of 28 March, 32 Hen. VIII., as follows:—
The certificate of Sir Thos. Moyle, Jas. Hales, serjeant at law, Edw. Thwaytes, Thos. Harlakendon, John Tuck, Wm. Goldewell, Roger Home, Peter Heyman and Thos. Stregull, commissioners of sewers within the county of Kent, of certain decrees by them ordained at a session of sewers kept at Asshetisforde, 26 Sept. 34 Hen. VIII., before them, viz.:—That such water as heretofore has been sewed at the gutt called Appuldore Gutt shall be sewed and have his course through the place called the Arrowehed to the water called Chanell; and that it shall be lawful to the expenditor of the wateringe in Romney Marsh called the Fyve Waterynges, and the sworn men of the same, to make "such guttes, pynne bridges and other things" in such places as seem convenient for sewing of the water within the limits of the Five Waterynges. And as the water which sewed at Appuldore Gutt shall now have his course through the ground of Sir Wm. Sydney called Woodroof, at a place called the Arrowehed, the land owners within the Fyve Waterynges of Romney Marsh shall make "such guttes, pynnokes, walles, bankes, dammes and other provisions and fenseis that the water shall be kept in his direct course" through the said lands of Sir Wm. Sydney, so that the land may not be injured by insufficient sewing. And the said land owners shall not be bound to make or repair any pynnokes or guttes except "the gutt at the Arrowehed, the pynnoke at the Hoke Chapell Wall and the great gutt sewing into the sea."
The said landowners shall make a gutt in the wall called Chapell Hoke Wall, between the Arrowehed and the sea, lest the sea gutt or sea wall should chance to breakand drown the "inne landes" or grounds of the said Sir William; and shall maintain so many gutts and sluices "at the side of the Chanell and at the sea side there" as may always convey away the waters both within Sir William's land and their own, and shall recompense Sir William and his tenants within eight weeks for any damage they may do in cleansing the water courses; and if for the purpose of such cleansing they suffer any salt water to come in, and it shall happen to overflow the land, they shall make recompense. If the landowners let in any water out of Romney Marsh into the lands of the said Sir William, they must first cleanse away the freshwater in the water course there, so that the said lands may not be "surrownded, drowned or overflowed" by the overfilling of the gutt. The said landowners shall, within eight weeks after making the "gutt. sewer or sluice" in the lands of the said Sir William, pay for the ground taken "according to their ancient custom and statutes of Romney Marsh," to be repaid if hereafter any other way is taken for sewing the same water. Within one year the said landowners shall make and maintain a substantial bridge "as well to carry with horse, cart or wain as to drive over the said sewer, sluice or water course" from the one parcel of Sir William's land called the Longe Damme to another piece called the Duckhope. Sir William or his tenants may demand recompense for any injury caused by the negligence of the said land owners of the bailiff of Romney Marsh, and the bailiff shall pay for it within forty days and shall have authority to levy scots within the Fyve Waterynges for the amount. In default, Sir Wm. or his tenants may distrain upon lands within the said Fyve Waterynges, under conditions specified. &c. Hampton Court, 8 March, 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 15 March.—P.S. (Mutilated). In English, Pat. p. 17, m. 1.
47. John Cresner, junior, alias of the Household, alias John Cresnar of Morley, Norf. Fiat for his protection; going in the retinue of Henry earl of Arundell, deputy of Calais. Westm., 12 March, 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 15 March.—P.S. (Arundel's seal gone). French Roll 36 Hen. VIII., m. 4.
48. John Deane, of London, mercer, alias merchant. Fiat for his protection; going in the retinue of Hen. earl of Arundell, deputy of Calais. Westm., 12 March, 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm.. 15 March.—P.S. (Arundel's seal gone). French Roll 36 Hen. VIII., m. 4.
49. Geo. Claton, clk. Grant of the canonry and prebend in Beverley college, Yorks., commonly called St. Andrew's, void by promotion of the King's chaplain, George Dey, to be bp. of Chichester. Westm., 8 March 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 16 March.—P.S. Pat. p. 14, m. 30.
50. Wm. Sainctbarbe, of the Privy Chamber. Licence to retain the collegiate and parish church or provostry of the house or college of St. Edmund of New Sarum, which he holds by gift of John bp. of Sarum. Westm., 14 March 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 16 March P.S. Pat. p. 15, m. 19.
51. William lord Howard and lady Margaret his wife. Grant for life of the late priory of monks of St. Mary Magdalene of Barnestapoll alias Barstaple, Devon, the manors of Barnestapoll, Pylton, Stretchton and Ingestowe alias Instowe, Devon; the rectory and advowson of the vicarage of Barnestapoll; two water mills called Port Mylles in Barnestapoll and Pylton; woods called Monke Woode in Marwood and Yernewoodd in Pylton, and all lands in Ingestowe; pensions of 100s. out of Barnestapoll vicarage, 100s. out of the rectory of Georgeham alias Hame St. George's, 30s. out of the rectory of All Saints of Fremyngton, and 40s. out of the castle, lordship or manor or borough of Barnestapoll; with all appurtenances of the premises in Barnestapoll, Pylton, Bradford, Strechton, Wetherige, Delbrige, Fullingcote, Nethercote, Instowe, Collecote, Marwood, Crede, Georgeham alias Hame St. George's, West Ansty. Wolley, Downe, Shyrewell, Heawnton Poncherdon, Esthakendon, Berynerber, Chalacombe. Langtre, Kyntesbury, Keymlonde, Stoke Ryvers, Pottyngdon and Fremington, Devon. All which premises belonged to the said priory, and were granted to the said William and Margaret in tail, with remainder to the heirs of the body of the said Wm., by pat. 9 March 29 Hen. VIII.; and are now in the King's hands for term of the life of the said Wm. and Marg. by reason of their attainder for misprision of treason.
Also grant, for life, to the said William lord Howard of the manor or lordship of Bidlington, Suss., the manor or lordship and advowson of the church of Bokham Parva, Surr., the manors or lordships of Leffy, Ketilberg, and Stantrethall and advowson of the church of Ketilberg, Suff., lands called Bourehowse in Boxforth and Polsted, Suff., lands in Naylande, Suff., annuities of 47l. 7s. 9d. out of the manors of Snape and Alderborowe, Suff., and 14l. out of the manor of Sybton alias Sybeton, Suff., payable by Thos. duke of Norfolk, and his heirs; and all appurtenances of the premises in Bidlington, Suss., in Bokham Parva, Surr., and in Bukkeshall, Ketilberg, Bretenham, Hecham, Boxforth, Polsted. Nayland and Sybton alias Sybeton, Suff. All which were granted to the said Wm. for life by Thos. duke of Norfolk, and are now in the King's hands for term of the life of the said Wm. by reason of his attainder. With the issues from Lady Day 33 Hen. VIII.
Also grant to the said Wm. lord Howard and lady Margaret his wife, of the late priory of Reigate, Surr., of lands called lez demeane landes of the said late priory of Reigate and Westhumble, Surr., the manors of Southwyke and Estbroke, Suss., the rectories and advowsons of the vicarages of Dorking and Capell, Surr., and the rectory of Mikelham, Surr., all which belonged to Reigate priory; and all possessions of that priory in Reigate, Dorking, Horley, Becheworth, Gatton, Capell, Westhumble, Mikelham, Fletcham, Lethered, Mytfelde, Lingfield, Bukland, Lee, Borstowe, Hedley, Ayshestede, Walton super Montem, and Horne, Surr., and in Southwick, Estbroke and Bolney, Suss., and elsewhere. All which were granted to the said Wm. and Marg. in tail, with remainder to the heirs of the body of the said Wm., by pat.——(day and year blank) Hen. VIII., and were lately in the King's hands for the life of the said Wm. and Marg. by reason of their attainder; and afterwards were granted by the King to the said Marg. for life, and now again are in the King's hands by surrender of the said Marg. With the issues since March 33 Hen. VIII. Westm., 11 March 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 17 March.—P.S. Pat. p. 4, m. 17.
52. Gerard Hynk, of London. Lease of all tenements and cottages which belonged to the late duchess of Somerset in Newgate, Newgate Alley, Myddell Alley and Tuttes Alley, London; for 21 years; at 11l. 2s. rent, and 16d. increase. Del. Westm, 18 March 35 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (Signed by Daunce, Southwell and Moyle.) Pat. p. 9, m. 39.
53. Sir John Russell lord Russell, keeper of the Privy Seal. Lease of the manor of Southwitholme. Linc., and free rents amounting to 12s. and a pair of spurs out of lands (specified and tenants named) there, which belonged to John lord Hussey, attainted; for 21 years; at 108s. 2d. rent and 10s. increase. Westm. 14 March 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 18 March.—P.S. Pat. p. 14, m. 29.
54. Sir Ric. Wyllyams alias Crumwell, the King's servant. To be constable and janitor of Barkley Castle, Glouc., keeper of the park called le Castell Parke with le Wurthye inclosed therein, paler of the said park, and keeper of the woods of Hinton called Cheslandez and Redwoodde, keeper of the stags and deer in the park and woods, and master of the hunt of game therein; in as full manner as Jas. Barkley or Sir Thos. Barkley held these offices; from the time of the attainder of Thos. Crumwell late earl of Essex. With the herbage and pannage of the said park and woods, the pasture of Hampstalles lately enclosed in the said park, a meadow called Castell Meade and fishery of Smythmore, Glouc., together with the fishery of le Gale in Severn within the lordship aforesaid. Westm., 7 March 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 18 March.— P.S. Pat. p. 17, m. 21.
55. Robert Stapleton. Grant, in fee, for 370l. 2s. 0 ½d., of the reversion of lands leased by Richard late prior of Helaugh alias Helagh Parke, co. City of York, to Simon Mawkyswell and Eliz. his wife and to Margaret widow of Thos. Cowper, in Esedyke, co. City of York, and rents reserved on these leases. Also grant of other lands specified (and tenants named) in Esedyke and in Wighill alias Wighall, co. City of York, the reversion of Wighall rectory, leased by pat. 7 Aug., 28 Hen. VIII. to Sir Chr. Hales for 21 years, and the rent reserved on that lease, and the advowson of the vicarage of Wighall—Helaugh priory. Also meadow called Nungarthes in Esedyke, within Wighall parish, late in tenure of Chr. Stapleton—Synnyngthwayte nunnery. Westm., 12 March 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 18 March.—P.S (Much injured.) Pat. 36 Hen. VIII., p. 18, m. 1.
56. Giles Worsseley. Grant, in fee, for 759l. 19s. 2d., of the manor of Asshesey in the Isle of Wight, Hants, with appurtenances in Asshesey and New-churche; lands called Kirkfilelys and le Howe in Asshesey, within Newchurche parish, in tenure of the said Giles and Eliz. his wife; a messuage, &c., in le Ride, within the same parish, leased to Wm. Toprey, and woods called Down Coppe (12 ac.), Lyonhowsbache Copp (2 ac), Lymkill Coppyes (1 ½ ac.), Inwoodde Coppis (21 ac.), Scrowd Coppis (21 ac.), Kikgarden Copp (8 ac.), Inwood (13 ac.) and Hilles Copp (2 ½ ac.), in Asshesey, in the parish of Newchurche; Wherwell mon. Westm., 21 March 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 20 (sic) March.—P.S. Pat. p. 14, m. 21.
57. Sir Henry Parker lord Morley. Grant, in fee, for 797l. 17s. 10 ½d., of the manor of Tydenhowebery alias Tydenhoubery, Herts — Bury St. Edmund's mon.; Morehall manor, Herts,—Merton priory, Surr.; the manor of Monkysburye alias Halyngburye, Essex—Barmondsey mon., Surr.; the farm called Wekehamhall in Stortford, Fernham and Albury, Essex and Herts, which belonged to Gertrude Courtney late marchioness of Exeter, attainted; lands in the parish of Tolleshunt Knyghtes, Essex, called Stormesland alias Abbottes Crofte Cowchesland and Cowchesgrove—St. Osithe's and Thos. earl of Essex, attainted; with appurtenances in Tedenhoweberye alias Tedenhouberye, Thorley and Morehall, Herts, and in Monkesburye alias Halyngburye, Halingbury Magna, Halingbury Parva and Tolleshunt Knyghtes, Essex. Also woods of 9 ½ ac. called Sperthis Grove, Walters Grove, and Patmors Grove in Tedenhoweburye. Sabrycheworthe, Thorley and Stortford—Bury St. Edmund's; Lomes Grove and Celis Grove, 7 ½ ac., in Morehall, Thorley, Stortford and Sabrycheworth—Merton; Tolgrove, Lyvery Coppice and Mawkins Coppice in Stortford, Farnham and Albery, 17 ac. 1 rood, which belonged to the late Marchioness; and Cowches Coppice, 14 ac., in Tolleshunt Knyghtes and Salcote—St. Osithe's and Thos. earl of Essex. Westm., 12 March 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 20 March.—P.S. Pat. p. 14, m. 23.
58. Ric. Garforthe, of Kyldwyke, in the West Riding, Yorks., husbandman. Pardon for his share in the murder (described) of Hugh Blakey, whom he and Nic Johnson, of Sutton under Sonne, in the West Riding, milner, 3 May 35 Hen. VIII., by the incitement of Thos. Blakey, of Newhall in Sutton under Sonne, gentleman, attacked at a place called Hegh Yate in Gluseburne in the West Riding. Westm., 12 March 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 20 March.—P.S. Pat. p. 14, m. 32.
59. Anthony Bonevix, of London, merchant. Licence, notwithstanding the proclamation of 18 Dec. last against importing French wares, to bring out of France in the Portingale ship named Santa Maria Ditonigma, of 80 tons burthen, 37 packs of canvas, ½ pack of canvas and white cloth, 81 baletts of Lyon thread, one little pack of packing thread, 22 pieces of dry prunes in pipes, puncheons or hogsheads, 4 "drie fattes of combes," 2 bales of short silk, and (for his own household) one sack of feathers for beds, ten small chests of pears and fruits in conserve, and five barrels of pippins. Westm., 17 March 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 21 March.—P.S. French Roll 36 Hen. VIII., m. 5. In English.
60. John Penven, clk., the King's chaplain. Presentation to the rectory of Burne with the annexed chapel of Barham, Kent, Cant. dioc., void by the promotion of the King's councillor, Nich. Heth, to the episcopal dignity. Del. Westm., 21 March 35 Hen. VIII.—S.B.
61. Wm. Mylward. Lease of all rents of assise of free and customary tenants and lands held by copy of court [roll] and perquisites of courts of the manor of Busshey, Herts, parcel of possessions of Margaret late countess of Sarum, attainted; for 21 years; at 28l. 13s. 7 ½d. rent. Westm.. 9 March 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 22 March.—P.S. Pat. p. 14, m. 22.
62. Maurice Dennys, the King's servant. Grant, in fee, for 536l. 14s., of the site, &c., of the late house of Angustinian Friars in Bristol, a close within the site in tenure of Thos. Wynsmore and all lands within the said site; the manor of Sutton Athone, Kent, in tenure of Nic. Statham, with appurtenances in Sutton Athone, Ashe juxta Kyngesdowne, and Edenbridge, Kent, with the chapel of Sutton Athone, also leased to Statham—St. John's of Jerusalem. Westm., 17 March 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 22 March.—P.S. Pat. p. 14, m. 22.
63. Nic. Heith, bp. of Rochester, now bp. elect of Worcester, the King's councillor. Licence, from Christmas last to Christmas which shall be in the year 1548, to retain, together with his bishopric of Worcester, the rectory of Shorham with the annexed chapel of Otford and the rectory of Cleve, Kent, which he now holds. Westm., 18 March 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm. 22 March.—P.S. Pat, p. 11, m. 17. Rymer, XV. 18.
64. Bishopric of Worcester. Mandate to the Lord Chancellor to make out writs for restitution of the temporalities of the bpric. of Worcester, void by resignation (of John Bell, § ii.), to the bp. of Rochester, whom the King has translated thereto. Westm., 18 March 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 22 March.—P.S.
ii. Writs, as above, addressed to the escheators of cos. Worc., Glouc, Warw. and Midd. Pat. p. 4, m. 18. Rymer, XV., 18.
65. Nic. Heith, late bp. of Rochester and now bp. elect of Worcester, the King's councillor. Custody of the temporalities of the bpric. of Worcester in the King's hands by the resignation of John Belle, last bp., with the issues from 22 Nov. last, and with the advowsons of churches, appointment of officers, &c. Westm., 18 March 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 22 March.—P.S. Pat. p. 11, m. 17. Rymer, XV. 17.
66. Ric. Richardson King's chaplain. Presentation to the parish church of Chelsey, Midd., Westm. dioc, void by the attainder of —— Lark. Westm., 18 March 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 23 March.—P.S. Pat. p. 14, m. 30.
67. Sir Wm. Poulet lord Seynt John, Sir Thos. Wriothesley lord Wriothesley, Sir Ric. Riche chancellor of Augmentations, and Sir Ric. Southwell one of the General Surveyors. Commission during the King's pleasure (with the same preamble as Grant 5), to them and three of them, to sell the King's lands, lead and prizes taken from his enemies and arrested goods of enemies, conclude with his subjects for fines and incomes for leases, for manumiesion of bondmen and for sale of wards; the money arising therefrom, &c. (to be disposed as in Grant 5). Lands sold under this commission which came to the King by tho Act of Suppression of 27 Hen; VIII. or by reason of any surrender or gift of any ecclesiastical person (except messuages, etc., whereto no lands appertain other than came to the King by the said Act) to be held of the King and his successors in chief by knights' service and a yearly rent amounting to one-tenth of the clear yearly value; and messuages, &c., without lands (other than came to the King by the said Act) to be held in free burgage or by fealty only; and all other lands other than came to the King by the said Act or surrender or gift, and other than messuages, &c., without lands) to beheld by knights' service. The tenures to be contained in the letters patent. No single manor, parsonage or other entire profit of more yearly value than 100 mks. to be sold nor any part of such. The certificates of the auditor and officer of woods in whose office the lands are, shall be sufficient warrant for the rate of sale. Sums paid for such sales, leases, &c., to be rehearsed in the letters patent, and the bills and warrants for these letters patent to be signed by the King. No honors, castles, &c (as in Grant 5). The commissioners not to meddle with any exchange or mere gift, or gift and sale mixed or gift and exchange mixed, or exchange and sale mixed; which are to be bargained for by the Chancellor and Council of the Augmentations. The King's attorney, &c. (to give attendance as in Grant 5). Del. Westm., 23 March 35 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Countersigned by St. John, Wriothesley, Riche and Southwell In English. Pat. p. 15, m. 31.
68. Sir Ralph Sadleyr, the King's councillor and Ellen his wife. Grant, in fee to the said Sir Ralph, for 1,000 mks., of the site, &c., of the late college of West bury super Trym, Glouc, and all its possessions in England, Wales and the Marches, viz.:—The manor or lordship of Westbury, Glouc, with appurtenances in Westbury, Shyrehampton, Thyrdlande and Canford, Glouc.; the manors or lordships of Dowdeswell, Foxcott, Turkedene, Wormyngton, Langeborowe, Holley, Goodrynghill. Clyfton, and Aylemondestre, Glouc., and of Asteley. Shelve alias Shelke, Monehills and Groveley alias Monehilles, Worc.; lands in Coughton, Warw., and Alchurche, Worc; the lordship or manor of Bereford, Warw., and of Astonterall and Northmorton, Berks; the rectories of Westbury, Glouc, of Kemsey, Worc., and of Hembury, all lands in Hembury, Laurandweston and Auste, Glouc., and the advowsons of the vicarages of Westbury. Hembury, Lauransweston, Auste and Kemsey; the site and all possessions of the late hospital of St. Laurence beside Brystoll; lands in Overwike, Netherwike and Hennewick, Glouc. (sic), in Hambury and Breedon, Worc., in Upton and Ryhall, Worc.,and in Radewyke, Glouc.; a chief messuage in Sodbury, Glouc.; lands in Inkbarough, Worc.; a chief messuage in Paxforde, Worc.; and lands in the cities and suburbs of Worcester and Bristol. In as full manner as John Barlo, late dean of the said College, held them on 18 Feb. 35 Hen. VIII. Subject to certain stated charges. Westm., 22 March 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 24 March.—P.S. (Mutilated.) Pat. p. 12, m. 2.
69. Ric. Worseley, the King's servant. To be captain, constable, and janitor of Caresbroke Castle in the Isle of Wight. steward, surveyor, receiver and bailiff of all the King's lands in the said Isle, master of the hunt of deer both within the forest there and in the whole Isle, and keeper of the park of Caresbroke, vice Thos. Cromwell late earl of Essex, attainted; with fees of 32l. 2s. 8d. and profits as enjoyed by the said Earl, or James Worsley. Also grant of an annuity of 6l. 13s. 4d.; and 80 loads yearly of loppes, toppes and bowces and wyndefalles within the forest of Brodewood alias Bordwood, in the said Isle. Westm., 20 March 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 24 March.—P.S. Pat.p. 12, m. 5.
70. Thos. Hopson. Grant, in fee (for Tybourne manor and lands in Marybone, Padyngton and the parish of St. Margaret in Westminister sold to the Crown 6 Feb. 35 Hen. VIII., and for 203l. 15s. 10d. already received of the issues of the same before that date, and for 261l. 11s. 11d.), of Nyngewood manor and Thorley rectory, with the advowson of the vicarage, in the Isle of Wight, Hants., lands in Northamsted in Shalflete parish, Hants., in tenure of Thos. Pace, and lands in Esthampsted in Shalflete parish in the said Isle in tenure of Robt. Urry; and all appurtences of the premises or of the said mon. in Nyngewood, Debbourne, Willingham, Brixton, Freshwater, Shorwell, Shalflete, Thorley and Southdown in the said Isle—Christchurch Twyneham. Also the grange of Hampstedes in Shalflete parish, leased to Wm. Frenche and Laur. and John his sons, and the site of Shaldecombe manor, in the Isle of Wight, and the lands in the parishes of St. Nicholas within Carisbroke Castle, Freshewater and Shalflete leased with it to Wm. Porter—Quarre; except tithes upon lands of Thos. Bourman. Also Colbury manor, Hants—Beaulieu; and Haywood manor, Hants: with appurtenances in Elyng and Bolder, Hants, and the rent of 26s. 8d. reserved on the lease of Colbury manor to Geo. Mylle—Breumer priory. Also numerous messuages, &c. (described, and tenants I named), in various parishes and streets in the town of Southampton,—priory of St. Denis near Southampton and Netley Abbey. Also woods called Noneleas Wood (25 ac.), Court Wood (7 ac.), Polles Wood (6 ac.), Hampstedes Wood (17 ac.), Willmyngham and Debbourne Wood (4 ac.) in Debbourne, Willingham. Northwood, Brixton, Freshwater, Shorwell and Shalflete — Christchurch Twyneham. Westm., 18 March 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 25 March.—P.S. Pat. p. 14, m. 18.
71. John Eldar, the King's servant. Annuity of 20l. during pleasure, out of the Custom House of London; payable by Ant. Deny, gentleman of the Privy Chamber and customer of the said Custom House. Westm., 20 March 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 25 March.—P.S. Pat. p. 14, m. 35.
72. Robt. Everest, serjeant at arms. Lease of lands (specified, and some tenants named) in Lygh, Hollonden, Petland and Wikherst and in Shibborne and in Tonbridge, parcel of Lamporte manor in Tonbridge, Kent, which belonged to Tonbridge priory and are in the King's hands by the attainder of Thos. late Cardinal, abp. of York; for 21 years; at 12l. 11s. rent. Westm., 18 March 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 27 March.—P.S.
73. Sir Geoff. Poole and Constance his wife. See Vol. XVIII. Pt. i. No 623 (92).
74. Sir Thos. Wryothesley lord Wryothesley, the King's councillor. Grant, in fee, for 500l., of the site, &c. of the late college or chapel of St. Elizabeth, daughter of a former King of Hungary, founded in the meadow of St. Stephen before the gate of the bp. of Winchester's castle or palace of Wolvesey near the city of Winchester, and all possessions of the said college, viz.—the manors or lordships of Norton. Sutton Scottney, Botley. Shilfeld near Botley, Kilmeston, Cleere, and Woodcotte near Kyngesclere, Hants; the mills, &c., in tenure of John Watering, senior, in Botley, lands called Shorlinges in Hurseley, Hants, in tenure of John Wilmot, a tenement beside Segrime Mille in the soke of Winchester, the rectory and advowson of the vicarage of Hurseley, tithes of the bp. of Winchester's lands in the parish of St. Stephen, Hants, a rent of 2s. received from the late prior of St. Swithin's for the tithe of the meadow of the New College of Winchester near the said college or chapel, and a brewery in Turgate, Hants, in tenure of John Pulley. As fully as enjoyed by Thos. Runcorne, clk., late provost, and the said college, on the 17 March 35 Hen. VIII. or at any time before the dissolution of the same. The King's officers are not to vex the said Wryothesley if the premises be found hereafter to be of greater value, nor to vex him or John Tregonwell, Ll.D., John Mylles, John Buttry, clk.. Edm. Clerke, Geo. Milles and Thos. Rither for any goods or chattels of the said college. Del. Westm., 29 March 35 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (mutilated). Pat. p. 9, m. 33.
75. Robert Harrys. Grant, in fee, for 54l., of the messuage, &c., called le Starre et le Ramme, in the parish of St. Dunstan in Flete strete, London, lying between the inn called le Sergeantes Inne on the east, a tenement late in tenure of Hen. Dakers on the West, the highway on the North and the garden of the New Temple on the South—St. John's of Jerusalem. Westm., 23 March 35 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 29 March—P.S. Pat. p. 15, m. 23.
76. Licences to alienate lands (fn. n16) :—
Wm. and Fras. Sheldon, to Thos. and Robt. Dave, in fee to the said Thos. Two messuages tenants named) in Armyscote, Worc.—Evesham mon. (1st.) P. 12, m. 12.
Robt. Cooke to Thos. Bayfeld, Wm. Breesse, John Bloffelde and Robt. Croche. Advowson of the vicarage of Whitwell juxta Ryffam, Norf. (1st.) P. 18, m. 8.
Hugh Losse and Thos. Bocher, to Wm. Hawkes of London, poulter. All messuages, &c., in tenure of Wm. Hawkes in St. Botolph's parish without Busshopps Gate, London, which belonged to the Charterhouse. (4th.) P. 4. m. 16.
Hugh Welshe, of Hereford, to Hen. Gower and Thos. Smythe, to the use of the said Hugh for life, with remainder to Ric. Welshe and his heirs. Manor called Lires Occle, Heref., and the chapel and rectory of Lires Occle. (4th.) P. 12, m. 30.
Sir Thos. Seymour to John Charley, cooper, of London. Messuage, &c., called Redgate and lands in Este Smythfelde beside the Tower, London, in the parish of St. Botulph without Algate. (4th.) P. 18, m. 7.
John Cokk to Wm. Fytzwilliam and Joan his wife, in fee to the said Wm. Shere manor, Surr., with appurtenances in Shere and Bruere, Surr. (6th.) P. 12, m. 13.
Wm. Bevell to Marg. Dyttensale, widow, for life, with remainder to Alice Dyttensale, her daughter, and the heirs of her body, with contingent remainders to John Tyd and the heirs of his body and to the right heirs of the said Margaret. Messuage, &c., in Walmesford alias Wannesforthe, Hunts, in tenure of Wm. Detyngsale alias Dyttensale—St. John's of Jerusalem. (8th.) P. 12, m. 30.
Jerome Heydon and Thos. Palmer to Thos. Brudenell and Edm. his son. Rectory of Slawston alias Slawton, Leic., which belonged to Oulveston mon., in tenure of Wm. Hodgekyns and Joan his wife and Thos. their son, with the advowson of the vicarage. (9th.) P. 12. m. 20.
Westminster Cathedral to Ant. Denny. See above, Grant 25.
Ric. Andrewes, of Hayles, Glouc., and Nic. Temple to John Motley, of Payneswike, Glouc. Messuage in Haresfeld, Glouc., in tenure of Marg. Hungerford, widow, parcel of Haresfeld manor.—Lanthony. (10th.) P. 12, m. 16.
Sir Edw. Northe to Edm. Annesley, of Cornwell, Oxon. Brokend manor, Oxon, which belonged to the mon. of Eynesham alias Ensham alias Egnesham, and all possessions of that mon. in Brokeend and Castelton, Oxon. (12th.) P. 12, m.18.
Sir John lord Russell, keeper of the Privy Seal, to John Smythe, of Candisshe. Manors of Haverell, Horsham and Helyon Haverell, Suff. (12th.) P. 12, m. 19.
Hugh Losse and Thos. Bocher, to Edm. Key, salter, of London, and Eliz. his wife, and the heirs of the said Edm. A curtilage in tenure of John Rydgat in the parish of All Hallows the Greater, London (situation described)—Elsyngspyttell priory. (13th.) P. 12, m. 18.
John Loterell, son and heir of Sir Andrew Loterell, dec, to Sir John Saynt John, John Bassett, Wm. Jenkens, clk., Thos. Hache of Southmolton and Adam Wylliams; to be regranted to the said John Lotterell and Mary his wife and the heirs of the said John. Manor and borough of Dunster, Soms., manor of Culveton, Soms., and all lands in Dunster, Culbeton, Kenynsforde, Brentmershe, Seynt Buryes Londes and Culverhays, Soms., and lands called Culverhays within the manor of Carehampton, Soms., a messuage and lands called Weblonde in Hethfelde, Soms., the manor of Chylton Lotterell. Devon, and all lands in Chylton Lotterell and Blanacombe, Devon. (13th.) P. 18, m. 8.
Chr. Campy on, mercer, of London, and Agnes his wife to Sir Wm. Forman, alderman. Messuage, &c., in the parish of St. George beside Eschepe, London, in tenure of the said Sir Wm.—New hospital of St. Mary without Bysshopsgate, London; and a messuage, &c., in the parish of St. Andrew Huberd, London, in tenure of Robt. Draper—St. Mary Graces. (17th.) P. 18. m. 4.
John Banaster to Sir Robert Kyrkham. Tenements, &c., in Pentecost Lane, London, in St. Nicholas parish, and in Charterhouse Lane in Saynt Nycholas Flesheshambles, London, leased to Ric. Warner. (18th.) P. 18, m. 10.
Sir Robt. Kyrkham and Sibilla his wife, to John Banaster and his heirs. Barnewell manor, with 26 messuages, &c., in Barnewell, Ntht. (19th.) P. 18, m. 9.
Sir John Rogers, the King's servant, to Robt. Ryves, of Blanford, and Joan his wife, for life, with remainder to the right heirs of the said Robt. to the use of the said Robt. and Joan and the heirs of the said Robert. Lands (two tenants named; in Charleton, Dors.—Netley mon., Hants; the chief messuage and farm of Hemsworth, Dors., in tenure of Robt. Ryves—Mylton mon.; and all possessions of Mylton in Hemsworth; also lands in the parish of St. Mary de Blanfford and Blanfford Forum—Shene priory; which premises were granted to him by pat. of 20 March last. (20th.) P. 12, m. 25.
Sir Ric. Longe, the King's servant, to Thos. Mayle. Lands in Colleye, Glouc, in tenure of the said Thos. Mayle and Walter Woodwarde—Kyngton priory, Wilts. (20th.) P. 12, m. 17.
Walter Farre alias Gyllyngham and Fridiswide his wife to Robt. Reve and Joan his wife, in fee to the said Robt. Messuage and lands (extent given) in Fountynell and common of pasture in Fountynell Marsh, Dors. (20th.) P. 13, m. 12.
John Smyth and Anne his wife to George Smyth and his heirs. Manor or grange of Clopton Hall, Suff.—Bury St. Edmund's mon.; with lands in Clopton Hall and Ratelesden, Suff.; and the manor of Coldhall and the messuage, grange and farm of Coldhall, with lands in Wolpyte and Coldehall, Suff. (20th.) P. 18, m. 8.
Maurice Dennys to John Perte. Site, &c., of the late house of Augustinian Friars in Bristol with a close in tenure of Thos. Wynsmore. (23rd.) P. 12, m. 20.
Hugh ap Parry to Hugh Welshe. Manor, rectory and advowson of the vicarage of Sutton, Heref. (25th.) P. 12, m. 29.
Sir Arthur Darcy to John Kyddermyster. Tenement and "berehouse" called le Hartyshorne, with the wharf adjoining, &c., in the parish of St. Botolph without Algate, London, and in Estsmythfeld, Midd.. and a parcel of meadow with a tenement built therein, in tenure of Laur. Gyles, beer brewer, and Eliz. his wife and a garden in Estsmythfeld (dimensions and boundaries given of all the premises, which belonged to the abbey of St. Mary Graces and were leased, 2 June 22 Hen. VIII., to the said John Kyddermyster, clothier, of London, and granted by pat. 24 Aug. 34 Hen. VIII. to the said Sir Arthur. (27th.) P. 12. m. 21.
Sir John Rogers to Geo. Chaldecott and Wm. Chaldecott, his bastard son, for life, with remainder to the said Wm. and the heirs of his body and in default to the right heirs of the said George. Estwytway manor in the Isle of Purbeke, Dors., which belonged to Shene priory, Surr., granted to him by pat. of 20 March last. (28th.) P. 12, m. 22.


  • n1. Friday was the 28th.
  • n2. Hastof here, by a misreading of an ill-formed L, which is exceedingly like an H in the draft.
  • n3. From this point "his" is in several oases altered to "your."
  • n4. These words in a third hand.
  • n5. This paper was probably drawn up in 1544 with a view to the projeoted invasion.
  • n6. These figures supplied from § 3.
  • n7. This portion, for baking and brewing, in a different hand.
  • n8. Cancelled.
  • n9. Name only.
  • n10. These two servants to my lord Privy Seal.
  • n11. Cancelled.
  • n12. These are grouped with the last of the foregoing list.
  • n13. This name cancelled
  • n14. The names in the first, four lists in this paper are those in the household lists of § 1, but almost none of those attending the Queen are named in § 1.
  • n15. These names are marked with the letter "g" (for gone or going?) prefixed.
  • n16. All are dated at Westminster. In this abstract the day of the month appears in parentheses before the reference to part and membrane of Patent Roll of 35 Hen. VIII.