The King's Book of Payments, 1511

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Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 2, 1515-1518. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1864.

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The King's Book of Payments, 1511

1511. January.—New Year's gifts, among which are rewards for bringing a falcon, 40s.—a frail of figs, 6s. 8d.—two peacocks, 6s. 8d.—two swords, 20s.—six capons, 6s. 8d.—white wax, 6s. 8d.—apples, 3s. 4d.—red wax, 20d.—queen apples, 20d.—quails and larks, 10s. To Dr. Rawson, for 42 priests singing at Our Lady of Piewe on All Soul's Day, 8d. each. To Dr. Taillor, costs riding to Canterbury with King's offering to St. Thomas, 13s. 4d. To the blind poet (André), reward, 100s. Heralds at arms, largess at christening of my Lord Prince Henry, 20l. Gentlemen of the King's chapel, reward 13l. 6s. 8d.; and for praying for the Queen's good deliverance, 6l. 13s. 4d. For image of Hercules, made of earth, 10l. Messenger to King and Queen of Scots, 53s. 4d. John Hart, gunner, going to Mechlin, 100s.—12 Jan., Sunday, at Richmond. To Thanker at Charterhouse at Shene, 33s. 4d. 165¼ yds. russet satin, at 8s. 8d. yd. Russet tylsent, 23¼ yds. at 26s. 8d. Sir Rob. Wingfield, amb. to the Emperor, 200l. Calais pursuivant with him, 10l. Jewels, 345l. 8s. 2d. Fringe of gold, 19l. 8d.—Sunday, 19 and 26 Jan., at Sir Rob. Cotton's. Offerings at Our Lady of Walsingham, 1l. 13s. 4d. Messenger to my Lord of Winchester, 13s. 4d. Messenger with two does to the Queen, 10s. Lewis de la Fava, 1,000 crowns, at 4s. 2d. each, delivered to Ric. Jerningham beyond the sea. For gunpowder, 71s. John Whityngton, 20l. Chas. Florence, Peter Corsy, Guydo Portenary and Fras. Cavalary, 744l. Hen. Smyth, 300l. Lewis de la Fava, money delivered to Sir Rob. Wingfield, 100l. Bowyers of London, for making 10,000 bows, part payment, 50l. Edw. Guylford, for silks and spears, 285l. 14s. For jewels, 454l. 11s. 8d.—Total, 3,467l. 0s. 3d.
February.—2nd and 9th, at Richmond. Offering on Candlemas Day, 46s. 8d. Bows and strings, 31s. Messenger of the Lady of Savoy, 4l. Offering at the Roode at St. Margaret's Patents, London, 6s. 8d. John Cavalcant, for Spinelly, 40l. Alex. de Brussels, for jewels, 166l. 16s. 8d. Prior of Crichurche of Canterbury servants for carrying the font of Canterbury, 4l.—16th, at Westminster. Offering on 15th at Lady Anne Percy's marriage, 6s. 8d. In full payment for 1,000 tons of oaken timber, 83l. 6s. 8d. Expences of commissioners in Wales, 302l. 8s. 3d.—23rd, at Greenwich. Rougecross going to Scotland. Messenger for Master Englefeld, 3s. Edw. Guylforde, loan, 400 cr. at 4s. 2d. To Master Almoner, "about the interment and burial of my Lord Prince," 35l. 13s. 4; and offering, 40s. Messenger to Calais, for 3 weeks, at 12d. a day, 23s. 15 trumpeters at jousts at Westminster, 12th and 13th Feb., 26l. 13s. 4d. Garter king at arms, and brethren, for duties of trappers behind the saddle for the jousts, at Westminster, 12th and 13th Feb., 26l. 13s. 4d. Garter king at arms, and brethren, for duties of trappers behind the saddle for the jousts, 40l. John Baker, master mason of Calais, for 10,000 ft. of asheler stone to be provided in Kent, 80l.—Total, 1,320l. 18s. 1d.
March.—King at Greenwich. To the Abbot of Winchcombe, preaching, 20s. For repairing the King's hunting toils, 9l. 18s. To Walter Forster, 100l. Wm. Browne, merchant for Hans Popenruyter, maker of artillery at Mechlin, 114l. 18s. 11d. Corsy, half a piece of cloth of gold, 19½ yds. at 6l. 13s. 4d. yd. Dean of the King's chapel, for a new pair of organs at Richmond, 26l. 13s. 4d. Dr. Standishe, preaching, 20s. Carriage of jackets from Richmond to Westminster, thence to Greenwich. To T_B_ (fn. 1) knight, repairs of lodge in bailywick of Henwold, in forest of Waltham, 4l.—23rd, at Greenwich. Abbot of Gloucester, preacher. Messenger to Master Grevill and Master Bryknell. One Hoppelens, reward, 100s. Hen. Smyth, repairs of Castle of Nottingham, 100l. Messenger to John Tyse of Spaldewyke, and to Abbot of Ramsey, for 9 days, 9s. Vicar of Croydon, preacher. John Topclif, justice of Ireland, 40l. Costs of a gentlewoman and company of 12 persons from York to London, 12l. Th. Lynom, for costs of commissioners in the marches of Wales, 455l. 16s. 8d. Messenger to Lady Tropnell to Harcourt, and to Rednam, widow. Sir And. Wyndesore, in full for interment of my Lord Prince, 759l. 6s. 0½d. To Pynson, for printing of informations to the commissioners taking musters, 10l. Ordance, 61l. 5s. 2½d. To my Lord Darcy, 266l. 13s. 4d. Lewis de la Fava, 576l. 13s. 8d.; and 4d. for his loss for every pound. To him and Alex. de la Fava, for 500 hakebusshes, 200l.—Total, 3,654l. 0s. 5d.
April.—King at Greenwich. Sir Geffrey Wrenne, for priests singing for the King, for half a year, 60l. Ely Herald with the King of Scots, 6l. 13s. 4d. Dr. Bryket, Grey Friar of Norwich, preaching, 20s. Messenger with a commission to my Lord of Canterbury, 3s. A mouk of Bury, preaching on Palm Sunday, 20s. 21 poor men at the King's manudy, 21d. each. 2 doz. red purses, 8d. Corn. Johnson, for ordnance, 46l. 7s. 1d. Good Friday, 18th, King's offering, 20s.; the Princess of Castile's, 5s. Prioress and Convent of Minors beside the Tower, towards repairs of their house, 20l., and in full payment of 40 marks for profession of Edm. de la Pole's daughter, 13l. 6s. 8d. Dr. Colet, Dean of Paul's, preacher, 20s. In alms at King's dole, in half groats, 45l.; and in gross, 15l. John Twyselton, for cramprings, mending plate, and for a collar of gold given to the Irish knight, 123l. 12s. 11d. John Daunce, for the jousts and disguisings, 12th and 13th Feb., 4,371l. 11s. 2d. Hen. Guylford, advancement of wages as spear, 200l. Messenger to Bp. of Lincoln, Ld. Steward, Wm. Morgan, Sir R. Brereton, L. Dudley, 'Sir Res Ap Thomas, 16s 8d. Repairs at Wanstead, 7l. 6s. 2d. St. George's Guild, Southwark, 13s. 4d. To Ric. Dunhall, for child of "the Leash," year's wages, 40s. Two women out of Flanders that did pipe, dance and play before the King, 8l. 6s. 8d. Master Almoner and Sir Hen. Wyatt, for redeeming prisoners about London, 40l. 9s. Rob. Scorer, for gunstones for The Mary and John, 6l. 3s. 4d. Anth. de la Sale of Newport, Flanders, in full payment of fee of 6l. sterling a year, without any further payment, 60l.—Total, 5,706l. 10s.
May.—King at Greenwich. Hen. Smyth, in full payment of 500l. and in part of 1,000l. for repairs of Windsor Castle, 300l. Conveyance of Jas. Herbert, Wm. _ and 3 others, who were at the slaying of Griffith Rede, to Monmouth castle, 6l. 13s. 4d. Dean of the Chapel, for 8 processions, 40s. Pyers Champyon, going with ambrs. of Arragon to Plymouth, 6l. 13s. 4d. H. Smyth, towards making the manor of Dytton, 300l. Wm. Est, fee for 4 years for repairing of Woodstock, 20l. Two men that came with John Style with horses from the King of Arragon, 8l. Windsor herald, going to King of Portugal with statute of the Garter, 20l. King's offering at mass of requiem for his father, 6s. 8d. John de Sycell and John de Furnes, trumpeters going with Lord Darcy to the King of Arragon, 12l. Bowyers of London, for 10,000 bows for the Tower, 50l., in full payment of 400l.; and for making 14 bows, at 8d. each. Anne Jerningham, for her half year's wages, 100s. Maximilian, a courier from Bruges, 40s. John Willoughby and John Russhe, loan for mending seabanks about Hull, 66l. 13s. 4d. One Brikelles (Bregilles), with 2 coursers from the Duchess of Savoy, 40l.—Total, 1,275l. 6s. 4d.
June.—1st and 8th, at Greenwich. Ely herald, of Scotland, 66s. 8d. Part payment for glazing Our Lady's Chapel at Walsingham, 20l. Messenger to Rochester and to Sir Ricc Ap Thomas, 26s. 8d. Offering at Westminster, and taking of the pardon there at Ascension tide, 20s. Forster, 200l. Sir Edw. Ponynges, repairs of castle of Dover, 100l. Amadas, 163l. 6s. 8d. Courier to Rome, to Cardinal of England, Abp. of York (Bainbridge). 100s. Ambr. of the Duke of Saxony, 60l. Lord of Friesland, in gold, 40l. Blewmantell with ambr. of D. of Saxony, for 60 days, at 2s. a day. Messengers to Sir Rob. Drury, 6s. 8d.; to Sir John Digby, 6s. 8d. Ric. Wotton and Th. Panatry, bedells of University of Oxford, towards repairs of highways about Oxford, 6l. 13s. 4d. One Carr from Berwick, with letters, 20s. Reward to servant of Christ. Clapham. Messenger to Lady Eliz. Legh, and to the late wife of Anth. Phetiplace, 40s.—15th (Trinity Sunday) and 22nd, at Eltham. Sir Rob. Drury, ambr. to the King of Scots, 100l. Rougecross going to the King of Scots with letters, 53s. 4d. Messenger to my Lord of Canterbury, 2s. Sampson Norton, yeeman of the guard, wages, 12d. a day. John Blewberrys, hammers, anvils and files for making stuff for harness, 100s. 10d. Spinelly, wages, 50l.; in reward, 33l. 6s. 8d. Sir Edw. Hawarde, rigging ships, 200l. Wm. Pawne, for posts between London and Berwick, 11l. 6s. 8d. Messengers to the Earl of Oxford, and twice to Otford, 10s.; to Otford to the Lords, 12d.; to the Earl of Derby, Lord Clifford, Lord Conyers, Earl of Northumberland and Lord Latimer, 30s. Sir Edw. Ponynges, 4,500l. Executors of the late King, 1,066l. 13s. 4d.—29th, at Greenwich.—Total, 7,341l. 10s. 5d.
July.—To Peter Corse, by hands of John Daunce, 342l. 0s. 20d.; and to Fras. de Barde, 268l. 16s. "Offering with the bride, Wm. Compton's sister," 6s. 8d. 29 June, wages and victuals of The Barbara and Mary Barking, 37l. 15s. 5 lasts gunpowder for defence of Berwick, 16l. 13s. 4d. One that kept watch for Jerome Bonvix, the Pope's ambr., 40s. Rouge dragon, riding to Sir Rob. Drury, 30 days, 50s. Messenger to Ponynges, 3s.—6th, at Greenwich. Piers Thoulouse, "a minstrel shalmewer," 4l. To them that brought sheep and leobards from the Roods, 6l. 13s. 4d. Lewis Joyner, works at the Friars at Richmond, 46l. 14s. 5d. Th. Senowe, gold drawer, for gold of damask for the Queen, 13l. 4s. 2d. Messenger to the Mayor, &c. of Dover, 6s. 8d. Sir John Peche, going to take musters at Sandwich, 6l. 13s. 4d. Two trumpeters going with Sir Edw. Ponynges into Gilderland, 12l. Friars of Greenwich, 58s. Messenger to my Lord of Oxford, 4s. Cavalcant, for Sir Rob. Wingfield, amb. to the Emperor, 66l. 13s. 4d. Jewels, girdles and beads, 99l. 3s. 8½d. John Baptista de Consolavera, 50 pearls, 300l. Pynson, printing statutes and proclamations, 6l. 13s. 4d. Carriage of jackets from Greenwich to Richmond, thence to Windsor, 4s. 6d.—13th, at Windsor. Messenger to Master of the Ordnance, Master Mewtas, and to the clerk of the Crown, 4s. Courier to Rome by command of my Lord of Winchester, 10l. Messengers to Sandwich and Dover, 6s. 8d. For bow strings, arrows, arrow heads, mattresses, and crossbow shafts, 16l. 19s. 9d. H. Smyth, towards making a stable at Greenwich, a watch-house at the Tower of London, repairs at Nottingham castle, setting up a new house in Sonnynghill park, repairs in great park at Windsor, 300l. Glazing hall, &c. at Oking, 21l. 15s. 1d. Master Andreas (Ammonius), King's Latin secretary, reward, 40s. A mariner coming from the King of Denmark with letters, 20s. Gunpowder for Berwick, 16l. 13s. 4d.—27 July, at Sir Nich. Vaux's place. To Knollis, gent. usher, for off. at coming to Northampton, 6s. 8d. To Mast. Egerton, for offering at Our Lady at Myssenden Abbey, 6s. 8d. Fraternity of St. Dunstan in the West, 40s.—Total, 2,448l. 16s. 6½d.
August.—3rd, at Pypwell Abbey. Messengers with commissions and proclamations into Lanc., Northumb., and to Carlisle, 20s, and with letters of the commissioners into marches of Wales, 10s. Offerings at the Rode of the Wall in Northampton, at Our Lady of Grace there, and at coming to Leicester Abbey.—10th, 17th and 24th, at Nottingham. Offering at the Rode at Whitefriars. Messenger to Sir John Huddelston. Rougecross, being in Scotland, 37s. Messenger to the King's posts at Doncaster, 5s.—31st, at Coventry. Offering at Our Lady at the tower there. Messenger towards Woodstock and Oxford, 6s. 8d. Offerings at coming to Meryvall Abbey, 13s. 4d. Messenger from Tutbury to Grantham to the posts.—Total, 725l. 6s.
September—7th at Warwick. Messenger to Grantham, 6s. 8d. Ely herald, to the King of Scots, 4l.—14th, at Woodstock. Arrow heads and trimming of bows, 45s. 10d. Maximilian, a courier of Bruges, 20s. Off. at coming to Windsor.—21st and 28th, at Windsor. Messenger to my Lord of Canterbury, at Knoll, thence to the Rolls, thence to Knoll, 6s. 8d. Messenger with writings, London to Coventry, 10s. Messenger to Woodstock, 6s. 8d. Delivered by the King's executors, in full payment of 17,066l. 13s. 4d., 16,000l. Clerk of the Ordnance, 20l. Master of the Rolls, 100l. Portcullis pursuivant, 10l. John A Roydon, 30l. Wm. Buttry, 301l. 8s. John Cavalcant, for courier to Rome to the Bp. of York, 15l. 6s. 3d. John Hopton, loan, 333l. 6s. 8d. Sir Edw. Haward, 417l. 19s. 9d. Lent to Sir John Hussey, for the sluice at Boston, 200l. Ric. Sackfeld, gunstone maker, 40l. Dr. West, Dean of Windsor, for vaulting of the church there, 200l., to be repaid by the Knights of the Garter. Loan to the Treasurer and Chamberlains of the Exchequer, by hands of John Daunce, for ordnance, 1,000l. Sir Fras. Chenye, upon loan, 300l. Hen. Smyth, upon warrant from lords of the council, part of 1,000l. for repairs of Castle of Windsor, 200l. Amadas, 1,146l. 11s. 9d. Silks, 610l. 4s. 2d. Wm. Atclif, for diet of the Scots in the Abp. of York's place, 130l. John Cavalcant, for Sir Edw. Ponynges in Brabant, for one month's wages for retinue, 940l. 16s. For loss and exchange of same, after 8d. in the pound, 31l. 7s. Ric. Okeham, loan, 104l. 4s. 4d.—Total, 23,578l. 8s. 7d.
28th, Sunday, at Windsor. For 5 horses of a Frenchman of Roan, 50l. To a stranger, from beyond the sea, for a goodly instrument, 13l. 6s. 8d. For silver and making 2 new seals of the order of the Garter, 48s. 4d. Messenger to my Lord of Winchester, 3s. 4d. 2 heralds-at-arms from the King of Portugal, in gold, 40l. Messenger to London to the said heralds, 20d.
October.—5th, 12th and 19th, at Windsor. Off. upon St. Edward's Day at the pardon. Lancaster herald, going to Sir Edw. Ponynges, 100s. Making clean and dressing harness to The Mary and John, 14l. 11s. Offering at coming to Windsor and to good King Henry.—26th, at Richmond. Rougecross going to the King of Scots, 53s. 4d. Cavelcant, for money delivered to Ponynges, besides 940l. 16s. paid to him last month in full payment of 1,002l. 3s. 4d. for one month's wages, 61l. 7s. 4d.; loss on exchange, 10l. 8s.; for a fortnight's wages for him and his retinue, 501l. 1s. 8d.; exchange at 10d. a pound. Diet of Scots at Bp. of York's place, 50l. Hen. Smyth, 300l. Wm. Compton, 1,000l. John Daunce, 1,000l. Sir Edw. Haward, ordnance for The Peter Pomigranet, 228l. 16s. John Hopton, for wages and victualling of 60 soldiers in the Mary and John and Anne of Fowey for one month, 133l. 6s. 8d. John Daunce, 1,000l. Ric. Jerningham, 287l. 10s. Silks, 360l. 11s. 8d.; crimson satin, 42l. 6s.; tylsent satin, 427l. 3s. 2d. Ric. Gresham and Wm. Copland, 1,000 cr. at 4s. 2d., and 2,000 cr. at 4s. 3d.; "bound to answer the King 1d. more" for every cr. of the first 1,000. Sir Edw. Haward and Sir Th. Bolayn, 5,000 cr. at 4s. 2d.; they and Chas. Brandon are to answer for 1d. more each cr. Spinelly, 50l. Sir Sampson Norton, 116s. 8d. Wm. Kechyn "backpype wayte," for 4 months, at 4d. a day, 41s. Sir Hen. Barnes, priest, 33s. 4d.—Total, 7,708l. 10s. 4d.
November.—1st, 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd, at Richmond. Messenger from Coventry to Mr. Heron to London with letters for Rome, 10s. Dr. West, going ambr. to the King of Scots, 50l. To John and Bartholomew Flammock, 6d. a day from 5 Sept. to 1 Nov., 56s. Christ. Walles, going into Scotland with Dr. West, 50s. Erasmus Forde, for 6 timber of sables, at 30l. the timber, and to Peter Corsy for 22 doz. black bugie skins, at 20s. a doz. To Ric. Gresham, for 10 timber of sables at 30l., and 3 others at 20l. Sir Ric. Wingfield, 300l. John Style, half year's wages, 13l. 6s. 8d. The Welsh commissioners, diets for 18 weeks, 180l.; their foreign expences, 16l. 13s. 4d. (fn. 2) Wm. Hatclif, victualling Scots at the Abp. of York's place, 100l. Amadas, finishing 100 jackets for the guard, 200l. Works at Greenwich and Eltham, 200l. Brian Smyth, riding with a letter to York for Dr. West, 26s. 8d.—30th, at Greenwich. John Cavelcant, loss of 1d. in the pound of 501l. (besides 10d. allowed last month) for the King's army in Gueldreland, 41s. 10d. Brian Roche, serjeant of the catery, victualling ships, 1,000l. Rougecrosse, going to Scotland, 100s.; for a horse, 53s. 4d. Carriage of jackets from Leicester to Richmond, 25s. 2d. Adowne, "the Irish Lord," 66l. 13s. 4d. Roy, for jewels, 52l. Princess of Castile, in new gold and groats, 20l.—Total, 3,451l. 18s. 2d.
December.—"St. Nicholas Bishop," 6l. 13s. 4d. To Antony Neyle, for conduct money of soldiers returning home from Gueldreland:—Sir F. Cheny's company, 200 men, 7s. each; Sir John Digby, 100, 7s.; Hugh Shurley, 100, 7s.; and Sir Matth. Browne, 100, 3s. Ric. Smyth, board wages, 12d. a day. Dr. Fayrfax, board of Wm. Alderson and Arthur Lovekyn, the King's scholars, a year, 54s.; (fn. 3) their learning, 53s. 4d. Roy, chain of gold, 98 oz., 199l.—7th and 14th, at Greenwich. Croughton, going twice to London in the night for the ambrs., 2s. King's spears of honor, 267l. Th. Tyler, riding to Abp. of Canterbury, 2s. Laur. Bonvix, bowstaves, 966l. 13s. 4d.; 30½ yds. russet satin, 8s. yd.; 23 yds. russet velvet, 17s. yd. To an Easterling, 1 timber of sables, 17l. Loan to Sir Rob. Curson, 300l. Wm. Mortymer, embroiderer, 41l. 16s. 8d.—21st, at Eltham. Lord of Misrule at Christmas, 6l. 13s. 4d. Lord Dacre and Sir Ric. Ratclif, conveyance of Scots that were at the Abp. of York's place, 10l., sent by Wm. Atclif. Dr. Tayllour, taking the King's offering (20s.) to St. Thomas of Canterbury, 20s. Daunce, for money paid, 1,000l. To Cavalcant, for Robert Wingfield, 100l. Pawne, 33l. 6s. 8d. for necessaries for defence of Berwick; 21l. 4s. 2d. for "their posts that lay this last summer;" and 17l. on prest to the posts lying northward. Reward to Spinelly, 50l. Bp. of Durham, for a courier to Rome, 18l.—Total, 3,739l. 12s. 11d.


  • 1. The name appears to have been Thomas Broke, but is erased except the two initials.
  • 2. Entries similar to this frequently occur.
  • 3. Similar entry in Dec. 2 and 4 Hen. VIII.