Recognizances for the Repayment of Loans

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Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 2, 1515-1518. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1864.

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Recognizances for the Repayment of Loans

R. O. 20 Nov. 1 Hen. VIII.—Sir Hen. stafford and others; Edm. Soly and others; Wm. Davy; John Adlyngton; Ric. Cradocke; Anth. Tate; Wm. Browne; Wm. Breton; John Browne; Rob. Fermor. (fn. 2) —Total, 11,000l.
Pp. 2.
1510. 1 Oct. 2 Hen. VIII.—Jas. de Ponte; Wm. Buttry; Geo. Ardeson; Peter Corse; Wm. Denham; Hen. Earl of Essex with Laurence Bonvix and others; Fras. Cheyne with Bonvix and others; Guydo Portenary; Lewis de la Fava; John Sheldon; Avery Rawson; John Brewges; Sir John Longvile; Anth. Baveryn; Laurence and Hermeloi Pysayn; John Treguram and Peter de Opuciis; Robert Lord Broke; Th. Morice; Hen. Eden; Rob. Amadas and Edw. Jurden, masters of the Mint; Th. Chambre, in exchange of a recognizance by Dominic Lomelyon; Hen. Smyth, in exchange of a rec. by Lucan de Vivaldes; Sir John Hussey, for money lent to Fermour; Ric. Dean, Nich. Shelton and Wm. Bele; Sir Fras. Hall, in exchange of another obligation; Edw. Sole; Ric. Twigge; Hen. Patemer, John Heron, surveyor of the customs of London, and Wm. Poynes.—Total, 38,686l. 16s. 5d. (fn. 3)
1 Dec.—Hen. Smyth, for as much received of Fras. Pauson and others; Wm. Bulla and Th. Marquis of Dorset; John Clifforde; Th. Fissher; Th. Fuller.—Total, 4,666l. 13s. 4d.
1511. 1 Jan.—Th. Perpoynte; Geo. Earl of Shrewsbury and Geo. Lord Hastings; Lord Hastings and Charles Lord Herbert; Hen. Stafford Earl of Wiltshire and Lord Hastings; Hugh Clopton; Sir Wm. Rede.—Total, 3,700l.
1 March 2 Hen. VIII.—Rob. Lord Broke, for money lent to Wm. Parr and Hen. Gulforde; Jas. Haryngton, Dean of York, and John Haryngton, for same; Ric. Lawrence, fishmonger, Th. Wyndeham, and Wistan Brown, of Abbesrodyng, Essex, for loan to the Earl of Essex; Lord Broke, for loan from Hen. VII.—Total, 5,800l.
April 2 Hen. VIII.—Sir Lawrence Alylmer (Aylmer); Sir Nich. Wadham, John Bourghchier, Lord Fitzwarren and Lawrence son of Sir Nicholas; Sir Amias Paulet and Th. Stukeley; Lukyn de Vyvaldis; John Ambrose, for loan to Anth. Outright and Guy Wilsthorp.—Total, 9,000l.
1 July 3 Hen. VIII.—Bonevix and Lord Fitzwalter; Earl of Essex.—Total, 4,370l. 16s.
1 Oct. 3 Hen. VIII.—Sir Wm. Sandes and Th. Lucy, for loan to Edw. Guylford; Th. Midelton; John Harpesfeld; John Locke.—Total, 7,000l.
1512. 1 Feb.—Sir Hen. Wyatt and Ric. Wyatt, clk.; Rob. and John Morton; John Wyseman; Edm. Hawarde and Ric. Welbecke; Wm. Sabyn; Sir John Longvile and John Carr; Sir Griffith Rice; Th. Wyndam, for loan to John Daunce.—Total, 4,051l. 5s. 6d.
12 March.—Wm. Lord Willoughby; Sir Wm. Sandes; Jas. Haryngton, for loan to Wm. Cornysshe and Sir John Keyte; Marquis Dorset; Th. Chamber, for loan to Wm. Crane.—8,916l. 13s. 4d.
24 March.—Th. Broke Lord Cobham and John Holt; Walter Devereux Lord Ferrers; Th. Lord Howard; Sir Rob. Curson; Sir John Rawson, clk., Christ. Rawson and Walter Forster; Edw. Chamberlain; Roger Radclif and Paul Wythipole.—Total, 4,300l.
1 May 4 Hen. VIII.—Sir John Carowe; Edw. Sutton Lord Dudley, and John Sutton his son, for loan to Th. Baret; Wm. and Sir Th. Parre; Sir Hen. Willoughby; Jas. Stranguysshe; Geo. Nevill Lord Abergavenny, for loan to Edw. Nevell; Sir Th. Cornwall; Sir Anth. Sale, Sir Th. Knyvet and Sir Chas. Brandon; Patrick Browne, Edw. Penrey and Patrick Cornyshe; John Ricrofte; Sigismund Foyte and Anth. Rideler, merchant of Braver (Bavaria); Th. Gerard of Bren, Lanc., for loan to John Amelton.—Total, 4,057l.
1 July.—Sir Ric. Cornewall and Wm. Courteney; Christ. Rochester; Sir Th. Knyvet and Oliver Pole.—Total, 2,113l. 6s. 8d.
1 Oct.—Anth. Caveller; Lewis Harpesfelde, for loan to John Roy; Convent of St. Mary's, York, and Sir Th. Magnus, for money delivered to them at York; Wm. and Jas. Courteney; Hervy Howard; Sir Wistan and John Browne; Hen. Stafford and Lady Cecill his wife, who have levied a fine on their lands in exchange of an obligation of Sir Amias Pawlet, and a similar fine for a loan to Gresham and Wm. Crane.—Total, 17,166l. 13s. 4d.
1513. 1 Feb.—Sir Th. Bryan, who has levied a fine on his manors of Herwyke, Bucks, Aston Torrell, Berks, and Pyrris, Essex, for money paid to Sir Hen. Guylforde; Dame Lucy Fitzwilliam, fine on her lands for loan to Wm. Fitzwilliam; Hen. Longe, for loan to Denis Harres; Geo. Cely; Rob. Hungerford.—Total, 4,833l. 6s. 8d.
4 March.—Th. Cheny; Sir John and Wm. Husse; Wm. Poole and Ralph Egerton; Th. Marquis Dorset, Lord Berners and Th. Tyrell.—Total, 4,066l. 13s. 4d.
1 June 5 Hen. VIII.—Earl of Shrewsbury; Th. Stranguys, for a loan for victualling Berwick; Ric. Lee, John Yonge, Master of the Rolls, and others.—Total, 2,833l. 6s. 8d.
15 June.—Dame Lucy Browne, Wm. Fitzwilliam and Wm. Apar; John Bowcher Lord Barnes and Th. Umton; Sir And. Wyndesore; Edw. Duke of Buckingham; Brian Tuke, John Josson and Nich. Boneton, for loan to Weston.—Total, 5,416l. 13s. 4d.
1 July.—Wm. and Hen. Buttry and Rob. Bolt; Wm. Skipwith, sen., and Wm. Skipwith, jun.; John Millet; Edw. Grevyll.—3,525l. 16s. 10d.
1514. 1 Oct. 6 Hen. VIII.—Edm. Lord Howard; Hen. Lord Clifford, the Prior of of Bolton, the Abbot of Roche, and Sir Ralph Bowes; Sir John Carr, for an obligation of Sir John Longvilde; Wm. Atwater Bp. of Lincoln and Mr. Dalby; Chas. Duke of Suffolk; the executors of John Engham, for loan to Edw. Sole; Hen. Nowne of Suffolk, for loan to Sole.—Total, 3,783l. 6s. 8d.
Dec.—John Keme and Geo. Medeley; Avery Rawsen.—Total, 12,000l.
1515. 1 May 7 Hen. VIII.—Dr. Wm. Knight and Stephen Coope; John Dyngley, for [receipts at] a wood sale in Warwickshire; Jerome Friscobald, Bonvix and Cavelery.—Total, 28,398l. 17s. 2d.
1 Dec.—John Hopton, gentleman usher; Jerome and Leonard Friscobald and Anth. Cavelery, to repay the 24,000l. if not delivered to Sir Rob. Wingfield at Ousburgh (Augsburg); (fn. 4) Wm. Abp. of Canterbury, in exchange of two obligations of Rob. and John Morton.—Total, 25,365l.
1516. 1 Jan.—Sir Th. Lucy, in exchange for one half of an obl. of Sir Wm. Sandes and himself; for the other half Sir William has put lands in surety to the King's commissioners; Hen. Patmer, Wm. Poyntez of Essex and Rob. Hawkyns; Sir Edw. Pomerey; Duke of Suffolk and some Italian merchants, for loan to the Duke of 12,000l.; Lord Abergavenny, for loan to Sir Ric. Nevell; Th. Lord Darcy, Sir Rob. Constable, Sir Ralph Ellerker and Th. Stranguys; Wm. Saintpere, for loan to Wm. Cotton; Ric. Cornwall and Sir John Gyfforde; Duke of Buckingham, for loan to the Earl of Surrey.—Total, 17,206l. 13s. 4d.
20 Sept. 8 Hen. VIII.—John Robertes, in exchange of obl. by Edw. Sole; Th. Holland and Roger Wright; Fras. de Barde, for loan to Crane; Con- vent of Bury; Peter Corsy, for loan to Sir Wistan Brown; John Kyme, for loan to Guydo Portunary; Anth. Baveryne and his fellowship, for loan to Peche; John and Th. Broune, merchants of London; Sir John Peche and Wm. Saxby, merchant of the Staple; John Hall, for loan to Peche.—Total, 8,374l. 8s.
1517. 1 Jan.—John Cavelcant; Sir Edw. Grevill; John Francis de Barde.—Total, 11,117l. 4s. 6d.
1 Aug. 9 Hen. VIII.—Ric., John and Wm. Gresham.—Total, 3,438l. 0s. 3½d.
"Received of my Lord Cardinal in October, anno 9no r. R. H. VIII., these obligations following:"—A writing obligatory of the King of Castile, under his broad seal, that his Chancellor shall, on receipt of 20,000 nobles at Antwerp or Bruges through Leonard Friscobald, deliver obligations for repayment of the same, "over and above 10 mks. paid before that in ready money." 2. An obligation for repayment of the said 40,000 (sic) nobles within three years. 3. An obligation to repay the same in English money. 4. An obligation, "under five estates' seals, for the more sure payment." 5. A letter of attorney under the great seal to Bernard de Mesa and John de la Zouche, for receipt of the first 20,000 nobles. 6. Obligation of the King of Castile for 35,000 florins for "the charges of Fenlowe," to be paid in four years after the 40,000 nobles. (fn. 5)
"Omnes istæ obligationes præcedentes intrantur in novo libro solutionum D. Regis et examinantur."
Pp. 34.
R. O.
1 April 9 Hen. VIII.—Wm. Smyth; Sir Wm. Rede, who has levied a fine on his lands; Sir Nich. Wadham; Sir Hen. Wyat and Ric. Wyat, clk.; Hen. Hawarde; Tuke, Josson and Boneton, in exchange of an obligation of Hugh Clopton; Lord Berners, who has "indented to suffer a recovery to be made of all his lands;" Walter Deverux Lord Ferres; Jerome Friscobald and others, 60,000l.—Total, 168,951l. 14s. 6½d.
Aug. 10 Hen. VIII.—Sir Edw. Nevell; Sir Ric. Carewe, Nich. Carewe, Ric. Devenysshe and Roger Copley; Edw. Ryngeley, Sir Leonard Grey and Hugh Starkey.—Total, 1,140l.
Pp. 9.
1509. 1 June 1 Hen. VIII.—Reynold Pyme and others, (fn. 7) for the "ward of Pyme;" Sir Wm. Skargell, for the ward of Castelford; Th. Luce, and Sir Wm. Perpoynte; Guterum de Fonsalia, the King of Arragon's orator, and other merchants, 50,000 crowns; the Convents of Butley (fn. 8), Crechurch, London, Abingdon, Ramsey, Ely, Hyde, Wigmore, Valecrosse, Sherborne and Waltham; Thomas Abbot of Bewdley; Edmund Bp. of Salisbury; Earl of Oxford and others, bound to pay 1,000 mks. on 1 June 1510, if Eliz. Trussell be then alive; Wm. Smyth; Sir Wm. Sandes and Edward Feres; Anth. Outright; Sir J. Hussey and Th. Marmion, for the freedom of 100 serplers of wool shipped at Calais; Sir Wm. Conyers; Geo. Fitzhugh and Th. Apar; Lord Dacre and John Denton; Sir Nich. Vaux and Th. Apar; Sir John Norton; Wm. Lord Willoughby and Th. Russhe; Walter Stubbe and Hen. At Mere; Sir John Huddelston; Christ. Bp. of Durham; Sir Nich. Waddam, for arrears of the Isle of Wight; Geo. Monox; John Curle and Jas. Yarford; Lord Hen. Stafford; Th. Skevyngton and John Roke; Geo. Earl of Shrewsbury, for loan; three assignments of the duchy of Lancaster for as much money delivered to John Sherley, cofferer, 2,303l. 13½d.; Sir Wm. Perpointe and John Markeham, for the ward of Rigges; Wm. Kyrvie; Perpointe, Markeham and Th. Abarow, for [ward of] Sotell, 40l.; Perpointe, to deliver an obligation of Th. Stapleton and others; Mark Vyvald, Raphael Maruf and others, to pay 2,416l. 13s. 4d. on 1 Oct., and 8,000l. a year after, for the sure payment of 50,000 crowns (for which Guterum de Fonsalita and others are bound) for the Queen's marriage.
20 Nov. 1 Hen. VIII.—Th. Thomas and Rob. Johns, to pay 10l. yearly, during the life of Roger Machado, Richmond herald; Th. Thomas, Ric. Forde and Rob. Odeham; Sir Ric. Chomeley and John Wyghell; Sir Nich. Wadam, Sir John Alee and Edw. Waddam; Sir Wm. Conyers and Sir Wm. Skargell; Sir John and John Penyngton; Sir Giles Aburges and Hen. Burges; John Alen and Wm. Dyne; Jas. Strangues and Rob. Marshall; Rob. Imber and John Smyth of London; Geo. Goodman; Sir Th. Bowcer, Nich. Bonde and Th. Unton; Sir Maurice Barkeley, Sir John Digby and Wm. Kingston; Guydo Portenary and Julian Serestory; John Audeley, Rob. Waloppe and Barnard Dabrigecourte; Hen. Smyth, Edw. Ferrors, and Ric. Hungerford, for land "mortesed"; Hen. Earl of Essex, John Higham and John Smyth; Wm. Cerlewe, Abbot of Langley, Norf.; the merchants of the staple of Calais, for the surplusages of Calais, 2,516l. 8s. 5d.; Convents of Chester, Athelney, Waltham Crosse, Gloucester and St. Alban's; Sir Hugh Conwey, treasurer of Calais, to pay the soldiers of Calais 713l. 16s. 8d. for the merchants of the staple, to be repaid by the staple; Lord Ferrers, the Earl of Essex and Sir Th. Apar, for livery of "his" (Ferrers') lands; Sir Rob. Drewry, Sir Th. Knyvet and others, for the livery of John Broughton; dame Eliz. Dawbeney, widow, Sir John Arundell, and others, for the ward of young Lord Dawbeney; Ph. Harreis, Sir John Arundell and Reynold Geyr, for ward of Wm. Harres; Sir Rob. Drury, Hen. Haydon and John Lestraunger, for ward of Sir Roger Strange's son.
1510. 9 April 1 Hen. VIII.—John Carr; Sir Rob. Wyngfelde and Fras. Hall, for money lent to Wingfield; Edw. Duke of Buckingham and others; Marg. Ramsey, Sir Wm. Rede and others, for ward of Ramsey; John Gefford and others, for ward of Erdiswick; Sir John and John Audeley, Th. Cobham and Anth. Wyngfeld, for ward of Brocas.
18 Sept. 2 Hen. VIII.—Lord Broke and others, for ward of Rede; Th. Caterell and others, for ward of Lee; Sir John and Wm. Hussey, for loan of 1,000l. to Edw. Guylforde; Chas. Somerset Lord Herbert, for same; Convent of St. Mary's, York, to keep, for the King's use, 7,839l. 8s. 3d., which remained with William late Bp. of Durham.
1 Oct. 2 Hen. VIII.—Laurence Bonevix and Wm. Buttry; Bonevix, Sir John Peche and John Carr; Sir Edm. Carowe, Th. Carewe and Ph. Champpernon; Th. and Rob. Mourton.
1 Nov. 2 Hen. VIII.—John Prestlande, Sir John Cutt and Sir Ric. Cholmeley, for ward of Ralph Constable; Nich. Turpyn and others, for ward of Rob. Ramys; Wm. Kendall and others, for ward of Hen. Pyne; Nich. Tempest and others, for ward of Banastre; Wm. Atclif, for ward of Wederwyke.
1511. 1 Jan. 2 Hen. VIII.—John Brisco of Carlisle; Wm. Ethrod of Bewley, Hants; Wm. Rose of Canterbury and John Franklyn; Mich. Vivean of London and Nich. Pokynhorne of Cornwall; Wm. Martyn, Abbot of Norton, Chesh.; John Abbot of Derley and Th. Babyngton of London; Lucan de Vivaldes and others, for their appearance; Ric. Gittons of the staple; Ric. Creshall, prior, and the convent of the new hospital of Our Lady without Bishopsgate; Wm. Marshe of North Wales, and Ralph Brekenhed; Anth. Wyngfeld and Hen. None owe to Wm. Keble of London, 122l.; Simon West of Bedford and Rob. Covyngton; Wm. Everard; Piers Assheton; Ric. Waryng, mercer of London; Geo. Harvy and Sir Th. Apar; John Veer, for his special livery; Th. Hobson, for ward of Stowell; Th. Sherley, for ward of the two daughters of Gorgge; Staple of Calais, 5,000l.; Edw. Guyldeford.
17 Feb.—"Obligations received of John Dawtry for the custom of Southampton, for the year ended at Mich. anno primo Hen. VIII.; unde 1,200l. pro vad. valect. Cameræ Regis, et 3,450l. 9s. 2½d. de exit;" by Fr. Vechiano, Anth. Baveryne, Laur. Pascalego, Jerom Molyn and others; total, 4,638l. 14s. 4½d. Sir Miles Busshe, John Tempest and Th. Holand; Th. Denys, Barth. Prouse and John Stevyns, John Fitzjames, Sir Edm. and Th. Lucy; Th. Lovet.
1 April.—Sir Rob. Brandon, for the ward of Carowe; Rob. Southwell and Anth. Hansard, for the ward of Simon Sampson; Hen. Bowcer Earl of Essex and Th. Lord Dacres, for the ward of Both; Wm. Cheny, ward of Holme; Th. Unton, ward of Bekenham; Christ. Askew and Th. Archer, ward of Barnard; Edw. Grevell, Edw. Belknappe, ward of Browne; Wm. Lacy; Sir Rob. Drury, ward of Sainte Mawre.
16 April.—Sir Rob. Curson; John Wiloughby and Th. Russhe, for loan for keeping the seabanks about Boston; Wm. Hampden for livery of his lands; Wm. Curteney, for profit of his lands for half a year; Sir Th. Parr, for his fine for the farm of the barony of Kendall.
July 3 Hen. VIII.—Obligations received from Dawtry, Mich. 2 Hen. VIII., from Misote de Barde, Stephen Fesaunt, Fras. Guynyge and others. Sir Fras. Cheny to pay 300l. when he returns to England; John Hopton, for loan; Ric. Okeham, Th. Wuley, clk., and Chas. Brandon, for loan to Okeham; Wm. Coope, for arrears in his accounts of the expences of the Household.
1 Oct.—Sir Th. Fetiplace, John Norres and others, for the livery of Norres' lands; John Kyngston, for livery of his lands; John and Edw. Baynton and John Lambert, for livery of parcel of the Lord Saint Mundes (St. Amand's) lands; Sir Edw. Haward, Sir Th. Bolyn and Chas. Brandon, for loan; Ric. Gresham, Wm. Copeland, for loan; Sir Robert Curson, loan; obligations received of Dawtry at Mich. 3 Hen. VIII.; Th. Kyddall, Ralph Barde and Th. Berkeworth, for ward of Kyddall; Wm. Fitz-william, for his livery.
1 Dec.—Sir Miles Busshie, for ward of Quadring; Wm. Lee, for ward of Isaac Sibbill; Edm. Busshe, ward of Copildyke; Geo. Amslon; Gregory Morgan, for ward of Peverell. The mayor and fellowship of the staple at Calais, to pay at Christmas 1511, for part arrears of the surplusage, 3,000l.
1512. 1 June 4 Hen. VIII.—Rob. and John Morton, for ward of Assheton; Th. Stranguys, ward of Arundell Treryce; Hugh Culme, ward of Courtenye; Sir Edw. Darell, ward of Burges; Godfrey Folyambe, ward of Nevell; Rob. Morton, ward of crasse; John Blanerhasset and Edw. White, ward of Ric. Hobson; Th. Lord Cobham, for [livery of] his lands; John Talbot, for livery of his lands.
1 July.—John Barnarde, for his livery; Simon Ric' (Rice?) and John Pakinton, for the temporalities of the Abbot of Shrewsbury; Stephen Guysherde, clk., and Edw. John, for making Guysherde a denizen; John Clifforde, Hen. Lord Scrope and Wychard Harbotell, ward of Lord Lumley; Eliz. Stanhope, Sir Ric. Carowe and Anth. Wyngefeld, ward of Stanhope; Sir Chas. Brandon, ward of Lady Lisle; Peter Hillyng, ward of Thorne; John Wyngefelde, ward of Edgar.—14 July. Sir John Lee, ward of Monpesson.
Headed: "Sir Edward Belknappe":—Sir Th. Buttler; Sir Adrian Fortescue; Wm. Blount Lord Mountjoy; Edw. Duke of Buckingham, Hen. Stafford and Anne Herberd; Sir Edw. Holforde; Ric. Clemente, for loan and "for marriage of his wife;" Wm. Smyth, Sir Roger Bellingham; Dame Eliz. Hampden and Christ. Brown; John Saxby, merchant tailor; John à Woode; Barth. Santleger and Ric. Hungerforde; Ric. Walden and Nich. Pakenham; Nich. Choke and John Thornebury; Rob. Ballarde; Ric Sandes and Edw. Ferrers; Simon Harcourte and Ric. Martyn; John Berket; Th. Patryke and Th. Jenyns; Rob. Stourton, vicar of Dunmowe, Rob. Loveden and Humph. Cornisshe; Rowland and Th. Vuet; Wm. Handechich; Roger Wygeston; Wm. West of London; Simon Swafelde and Hen. Sherard; Roger Porter and Th. Basset; Sir Wm. Tyrwhit; Th. Hill alias Spycer of Ledbury.
1 Oct.—Wm. Courteney, for livery of his lands; Sir John Raynsforde, for livery of John Shaa's lands; John Bradwell, prior of Christchurch, for his temporalities; Jas. Hill; Anth. Rigge, in exchange of three obligations of Sir Wm. Perpoynte.
2 Dec.—Wm. Knyvet, for livery of his lands; Rob. White, for livery of his lands; John Parker Abbot of Chertsey, Hen. Wykes and Jas. Sutton, for hunting in Windsor forest; John Cavelcant; Leon Friscobald and Cavalcant, for loan for provision of harness, cables and guns.
1513. 1 Jan.—Peter Bonshom and Dominic Cyny, for the fine of Bonshom [on being made] denizen; Sir Weston Browne, for sale of acres of wood in the Holt in Selwood forest, Wilts; Geo. Assheby and Hen. Eden, for ward of Gerard Stukley; Alex. Gyles, &c. for ward of Gyliis; Tristram Cornycall, for denization; Edw. Payn, for the fine of Peter Gawyn.
1 Feb.—John Golder, because "Christ. Duperier is through for his fine;" John Bull of London, grocer; Wm. Howtyng, fishmonger; Th. Heyner, vintner; Stephen Hill, grocer; Christ. de Perier, merchant of Bean.—Sir John and Rob. Hussey, for wards of the two daughters of Pygott, of Enderby and Keynes; Ric. Lyster and John Bradforde, for ward of Saint Polle.
Obligations of Dautry, for the customs of Southampton, Mich. 4 Hen. VIII.; Alice Dorald and Ric. and Avery Rawson, for arrears of Godfrey Dorald for Mytton besides Hull; Lord Howard, for the owner of the carrack; Sir Wm. Sandes; Anth. Wyngefelde; Rob. Goodwyn of Ipswich; John Hunton, "for unstitting langage."
1 May 5 Hen. VIII.—Th. Fynes Lord Dacre of the South, Th. Lord Howard, John Lord Berners and Sir Th. Bryan, for "one half of the moiety of the livery of the Lord Fitzhugh's lands; Sir Th. Aparr, Sir Nich. Vaux and Wm. Apar, for the other half; Anne Harwell, for her livery; Dame Margaret and Henry Pole, for the redeeming of Salisbury's lands; John Aleguisket, for his fine on being made denizen; Leonard Grey, Dame Eliz. Dawbeney and Th. Marquis Dorset, in exchange of 5 obls. of Lady Dawbeney; Ric. Bp. of Winchester, for ward of Bruse.
1 July.—John Bell, for John Marshalle's arrears.
1514. Obligations of Dawtry, Feb. 5 Hen. VIII.; Ralph Fuleshurst, for ward of Geo. Rawle; Roger Wombewell, ward of Vavosour; Wm. Stafforde, ward of Walter Smyth; Cuth. Tunstall, Wm. Redeman and Wm. Tunstal, ward of Marmaduke Tunstall; Th. Benteley, for ward of Aske, in Richmondshire, sold to Sir Wm. Bulmer; Geo. Earl of Shrewsbury, ward of [Humph.] Ferrers; Sir Rob. Peiton, ward of Lockton; John Porte, for one of the daughters of Sir John Moungomery.
1 April.—Edm. Abbot of Saint Mary's, York, for the safe keeping of 7,714l. 15s. 4d. for the King's use; Sir Hen. Pole, Walter Hungerforde and Gerard Danet, for livery of Sir Ric. Pole's lands; Anth. Hansarde, to levy a fine on his lands in cos. Linc. and Camb.; Edw. Lytelton and Edm. Acton; Ric. Fermer; Hugh Clopton and John Aleyn, for freight of The Christ of London; Dame Eliz. and Rob. Suthwell and Wm. Wotton; Sir Hen. Long, Sir Ralph Egerton and Wm. Page, for a riot; Wm. Gybbes.
Mich. 6 Hen. VIII.—"Obligations for the sale of wards:"—John Stede, for ward of Willoughby in Norf.; Th. Acton, for ward of Th. Salwey in Herforde; Wm. Saunders, ward of Geo. Belgrave in North.; Sir Walter Hungerforde, ward of Torney in Somerset; Th. Henhegge, ward of Sotyll in Linc.; Eliz. Suthwell, ward of Suthwell.
"Obligations for livery lands:"—Th. Earl of Derby; Sir Hen. Daubeney [Lord Daubeney], Sir Wm. Sandes, Sir Maurice Berkeley, Th. Abp. of York and Lord Cobham, for livery of Lord Dawbene's lands; Th. Dalaber, for special livery; Th. Bodenham and John Daunsey, special livery of Bodenham's lands; Ric. Stanhop and Sir Hen. Willoughby, special livery of Stanhop's lands.
Dec.—Obligations delivered by Dawtry; Abbot of St. Mary's, York, for safe keeping of 4,000l.; Hen. Long, for a riot; Sir John Nevell.
1515. 1 March.—Sir John Vere, for ward and marriage of Rob. Corbet; Ric. Gresham, for hire of The Marye George to sail beyond the straits of Marrockes; Sir Wm. Hansard and Sir Wm. Ascagh, for conduct money delivered to them by Daunce.
28 March.—"Obligations received of Sir John Cutte, knt., under-treasurer, of his remaigne of the profres:"—From Peter Corse, Anth. Cavalary, "Nich. de Paulo Bonvix," John Campucci, John Gerarde, Wm. Linon of Knebrourgh, Herts., Wm. Cormer of Dunstall, Kent, John Skuys of Clerkenwell, Brian Stapleton, Th. Empson of Estnenston, Northt., John Cavalcant, John Baptista de Caponis, Lewis de la Fava, Sir Hen. Wyat of Barns, Surrey, Fras. de Bardis, Hugh Clopton, Brian Tuke, merchant of the Staple of Calais, Ric. Fermour, Anth. Bonbrixi, Th. Seymer, John Aleyn, Sir Wm. Percye of Sutton on Derwent, York, John Tonstable de Ile, York, and others.
1 May 7 Hen. VIII.—Ric. Bp. of Winchester, for the temporalities of the Bp. of Ely; Adam Penyngton, for ward of John, son and heir of Penyngton; Andrew Norton and Matth. Cradocke, for Norton's special livery; Wm. Burton, for livery of John Broune; Edw. Willoughby, for his livery; Th. Cotton and Th. Babyngton, for Cotton's livery; Wm. Pykeryng, for his livery; Th. Rowse, for livery; Sir Rob. Counstable and Wm. Yngelby, for Yngilbye's livery.
1 June.—Sir John Suthworth, for arrears due from the duchy of Lancaster; Hen. Hayward; Jas. Welles; Rob. Reynolde and John Vesy of Southampton; John Fissher of Salisbury; John Brigandyne.
Obligations delivered by Dawtrye.
Obligations delivered by Sir John Daunce, 7 Hen. VIII.:—Sir Wm. Parr; John Abp. of Armagh and Roger Mondye; Nich. Worley; Sir Res Ap Thomas and Sir Griffith Rice; Wm. Lord Willoughby, for "licence of wools;" John Cavalcant of Florence, for licence had of Wystan Browne; Maryn de Pyrro and Peter Corse. Dame Katharine Viscountess of Devonshire has put lands in recovery to the yearly value of 500 mks., till 4,000l. be paid for the ward and marriage of Lady Lisle; "whereof the executors of the King's grandmother must have the first payment till the sum be paid of 2,800l. in recompence of the earldom of Richmond put in feoffment of performance of his will;" the rest to be paid into the King's coffers.
Obligations for wards, 7 Hen. VIII.:—Sir Wm. Hilton, ward of Eliz. Clervaux; Sir Maurice Barkeley, ward of John Barkeley; Gregory Morgan and Wm. Paver, ward of John Dadcomme; Sir John Gefforde, ward of Dorothy Mountgomere; Geo. Earl of Shrewsbury, ward of Th. Worteley; Sir Wm. Brereton, ward of Edw. Fulshurst; Hen. Parker, ward of Ric. Carson; John Warde, ward of Thomlynson; John Byron, ward of Holande; Sir Edw. Crofte, ward of Blyke; Sir Edw. Ferrours, ward of the daughters of John Stanley; Dame Lucy Browne, Sir Wm. Fitzwilliam and Sir Th. à Parr, ward of Fitzwilliam; John Ricroft; Sir John Daunce, for the arrears of 1,000l. for the East Marches, for the expences of ambassadors, and for the Kings works, 24 Hen. VII.; John Carlyon, prior, and the Convent of Lanston, in exchange of three obls. of 300 mks. released by the King's commissioners; John Clerk of Portsmouth and Anth. Cavelero, for the hire of The John Baptist; Wm. Counson, for hire of The Mary Jamys; Ric. Gresham and Wm. Copeland, merchants, for freight of the King's ship The Anne of Fowey, for two voyages, one to Estland and one to the river Jerounde (Garonne) before Burdux, 300l.; Rob. Ratclif Lord Fitzwalter; Wm. Roche, draper; John Cavelcant, for importation, within five years, saltpetre to the value of 2,400l., at the rate of 6d. a pound; Anth. Cavelero, for importation of same to the value of 1,222l.—Mary the French Queen and Charles Duke of Suffolk have indented with the King, that, for the release of 5,000l. of the Duke's debts, the King or his assigns shall receive 1,000l. in crowns of gold at Calais on 1 Nov., and 1,000l. on 1 May every year, till 24,000l. be paid: and the French Queen also gives the King 200 crowns, the moiety of her dowry.
1516. Jan.—John Dyngley, for a wood sale in Warwickshire; Th. Stanley Earl of Derby, for a riot, 900l.; Th. Nedeham, Th. Garrard and John Leche, for a fine for a riot.
Obligations of Dawtrye for Mich. 7 Hen. VIII.
Obligations for livery lands delivered by Sir Th. Nevell and Ric. Langley, "for redeeming of a certain parcel of land out of Dorrett's hands, late Humph. Staff[ord's]"; Anne Seint Leger, Sir Th. Bollayn and Sir Geo. Seintleger, for livery of Lord Ormond's lands; Edw. Baynton and Th. Umpton, for Baynton's lands; Sir Edw. Hungerforde and Wm. Page, for Hungerforde's lands; John Calvacant, Sir Rob. Drury and Sir Giles Alyngton, livery of Johan Saint Maure; Sir John Peche and Nich. Bon, ward of Peckham; Sir Rob. Tyrwhit, for ward of Edw. Baruabye; Sir Edw. Belknappe, for ward of Walter Smyth; Sir Nich. Vaux and Sir Th. Appar, for [ward of] Eliz. daughter and heir of Sir Th. Chenye; same, "for certain victual had to the castle of Guysnes;" Vaux, ward and marriage of Wymonde Rayley.
28 May 8 Hen. VIII.—Nich. Leigh and Sir Ric. Carewe, for "his" special livery; John Vavasour, for his livery; Sir Rob. Cotton and John Vasy, for the livery of Th. Griffith and Joan his wife, daughter of Ric. Newton; John Russell and Sir Rob. Throgmerton, for Russell's livery; Chas. Bowth, clk., Philip Both and Ric. Royston, for temporalities of the bishopric of Hereford.—John Baptist Grymbald; John Dymmock, Simon Browne, Ralph Manwaryng, Sir John Werberton, Wm. Smyth, Peter Dutton and Peter Stanley, for a riot.
"The sale of wards," Trinity term, 8 Hen. VIII.—Edw. Knight, for ward of Christian Witham; Th. Lovet, ward of Jas. Bery; John Salmon, ward of Arney; Laurence Starky and Nich. Tempest, ward of Dorothy Nevell; Ric. Lyster, ward of Laurence; Alice Lee, ward of Th. Lee; Rob. and Edm. Larder, ward of Cowdrey Stragueis; John Hussey, ward of Williamson; Ric. Yerde, ward of Trowbridge; Giles Stangueis, Th. Lyne and Th. Basket, for Stranguys, Sir Th. Bollayn, for ward of Knyvett; Edw. Skerne, ward of Thornholme; Edm. Kingstley and Wm. Hall, ward of Clerc; Wm. Austyn, ward of Tottoth; convent of Whitby, for the temporalities of their abbey; Sir John Hussey, ward and marriage of Th. Ryppyngale; John Haselwode, ward of Dalavale, sold to Lord Dacre; Marg. Cokeyn, for ward of Fras. Coken; Christ. Slyngesby, for ward of Stutfeld.
Sale of wards, Mich. 8 Hen. VIII.—Sir John Seymer, ward of Wroughton; Sir Edw. Ferres, ward of Beafo; Sir Hen. Willoughby, ward of Herbotell; Wm. Wistowe and Matth. Standysshe, ward of Ratclif; Th. Acton, ward of Trussell; Sir Th. Wyndham, ward of Ynglous; Sir Hen. Willoughby, ward of Brasebrigge.
1517. 1 Jan.—John Cavocant, for "custom of London"; Sir Edw. Belknappe, for the temporalities of the Prior of Coventry; obligations from Sir John Dawtry.
21 Feb.—Edm. Abbot of St. Mary's near York, Edm. Prior of Saint Bee's and Ric. Prior of St. Martyn's, for the safe keeping of 2,048l. 17s. 11½d. for the King's use; Edw. Appowell, Howell Ap Morres and Reynold Ap Guttin, for a fine sessed at Ludlowe by the King's commissioners; Hen. Wogan, for his special livery; Simon Norwyche and Wm. Prestgrave, for "his" livery; Wm. Fairfax and John Calworde, for Fairfax's wife's livery; John Bowchier Lord Fitzwarren, for his special livery.
"Obligations received of John Haselwode, anno 8vo." (fn. 9) Sir Rice Ap Thomas and Sir Griffith Ap Rice, for redeeming an obligation of Ap Thomas for harness bought of the King; Sir Piers Eggecombe, for arrears of Bodrygan's lands.
1 April.—"Obligations delivered;" and "Obligations bound for saltpetre."*
18 May 9 Hen. VIII—Sir Edw. Nevell, Th. More and Hen. Pilleston, for ward of Roger Horne; Maurice Clune, for ward of John Dunne; Christ. Flemyng, ward of Fitz Garrard; John Morgan, ward of Wm. Harper; Marg. Hanchet, for ward of John Hanchet; Ric. Restwold, for certain land of John Ramsey; John Vavosour, for land of Hen. Vavoser; Wm. Wright, salter; Hen. Berkstall of Spene, Berks; Christ. Bradbane of Lynne; Th. Clerk, [indebted to] the Earl of Surrey; Ric. Godard of Sandwich, master of The Rose Henry.
12 July.—Jeffry and Christ. Wren; John Rostell and John More, serjeant-at-law; the Earl of Surrey; Sir Edm. Howard, Lord Howard and Sir Wm. Rous; Wm. Copynger; Wm. Roche and Rob. Hornclif; John Gilberd and Th. Trought, for "his" livery; John Barriott and Geo. Barret, for livery of "his" lands; Sir Gilbert Talbot and John Wheler, for "his" livery; John Spencer and Th. Lucy, for ward of Ric. Catesby; Laurence Wadham. Obligations delivered by Dawtry at Mich. 9 Hen. VIII.
Pp. 66.
1518. 1 April 9 Hen. VIII.—Sir John Audeley; obligations from Dawtry for Mich. 1 Hen. VIII.; Miles Gerarde and John Goldyng; obligations from Dawtry for Mich. 5 Hen. VIII.; Earl of Derby, for livery; obligations from Dawtry for 6 Hen. VIII.; obligations received of Sir John Cutte of his "remayne," 6 Hen. VIII.; Wm. Pykering, for livery; Sir John Suthworth, for arrears of the Duchy of Lancaster due to the King; Jas. Welles; Rob. Reignolde and John Vesye of Southampton; John Fyssher of Salisbury; John Brygandyne; obligations of Dawtry for 7 Hen. VIII. from Sir Arthur Plantagenet of Drayton, Hants and other; Laur. Bonvix (delivered by Dawtry for 7 Hen. VIII.); John Bonde; Anth. Vivolde (delivered by Dawtre for the customs of Southampton for 8 Hen. VIII.); Edm. Abbot of St. Mary's beside York, for safe keeping of 2,048l. 15s. 11½d. "the clear debt of the foresaid Abbot's, found due by his account made by Sir Edw. Belknappe," Feb. 8 Hen. VIII.; obligations of Dawtry for 9 Hen. VIII.
"An indenture enrolled by the French Queen and the Duke of Suffolk," for 24,000l. due by them at Calais; 600l. for their diets in the King's house; also, 2,301l. 1d.: whereof 20,000l. is the "proper debt" of the French Queen, and 6,901l. 1d. the debt of the Duke. The King has received from them, in jewels, 1,666l. 13s. 4d.; and will receive the rest by instalments of 1,000 marks at Mich., and the same at Easter each year, "if the French Queen so long shall live and the Duck togeders."
"Sale of wards," 1 Aug. 10 Hen. VIII.—Th. Hennage and Ric. Rokeby, ward of Williamson; Sir John Haydon, ward of Dynne; Sir Th. Wynde- ham and Edw. Knyvet, for the heir of Sir Rob. Suthwell; Rob. Blagge and Nich. Mynnes, ward of Marton's daughter; Sir Wm. Tyler and Sir Ralph Egerton, ward of Dawn; Wm. Boughton, for ward of Davers; Th. Partriche, ward of Lane; Edw. Burmyngham, for livery; John Bronte, for livery; Isaac Sybles, for livery; Sir Nich. Vaux, for malt and flour.—For the Lord Powis: Sir Humph. Banester; John Wyngefeld, clk.; Oliver Pole of London, clk.; John Audeley of Sosham; Sir Anth. Wyngfeld; Wm. Paston.—Sir Jas. Darrell and Nich. Vaus, for the last 100l. of 1,000l. due by the Lord Marquis and Laur. Bonvix; Sir John Burdet, for his fine; John Porte and Hen. Aynesworth, for ward of Carleton; John Cailwaye and Chas. Horpyn, for ward of Nich. Specot; Th. Burgh and Th. Hennage, ward of Th. Rigge; Edw. Forest, for ward of Th. Cotton; Sir Th. Cornwall, ward of Owen Lanherun; Sir Rise Ap Thomas, ward of Jennet Wogan; Laur. Wadham; Th. Hathe, for the profits of the lands of Edw. Bansfilde; Ric. Sutton, ward of Worthe.
"Liveries, mensis Nov. anno 10mo." Roland Digby, for livery of Anne Danvers; John Stawell, for his livery; Laur. and Wm. Wadham, for E. Bawnfeld's livery; Rob. Wrouthe and Ric. Haukes, for Wrothe's livery; Walter Stricland, for livery.
Obligations by merchants and others for payments of money to Thomas Duke of Norfolk and others; received from John Haselwode, 10 Hen. VIII.
Wards.—Humph. Wyngfelde, for the ward of Ric. Corbet; Laur. Holand, for ward of Caterall; Wm. Redmayn, ward of Th. Whityngton's daughter; Rob. Amadas, ward of Scrope; John Bosgawen, ward of Wm. Trevemer; Ric. Weston, ward of Fulforde.
Pp. 26.


  • 1. This account is contained in the same books as the King's payments. The particular sums owing are here omitted, and only the names of principal recognizers given. A duplicate of this account, to the end of 1517, is in the British Museum, Addit. MS. 21,481. f. 289.
  • 2. These entries are from the Book of Henry VII.'s Payments.
  • 3. Many of the sums are cancelled, either as paid, discharged or entered elsewhere.
  • 4. In the margin: "Vac. hic, quia Robertns Wyngefeld et Magr. Pace receper'."
  • 5. These items are repeated under April 9 Hen. VIII.
  • 6. This account is contained in the same books as the preceding.
  • 7. The names of the principal debtors only given.
  • 8. Note in the margin: "Obligations received of the executors at Greenwich, mense Julii, anno primo."
  • 9. These are obligations of Italian merchants, most of whose names have been given above. The greater part of them is struck through.