Henry VIII: September 1515, 16-30

Pages 249-262

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 2, 1515-1518. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1864.

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September 1515

16 Sept.
913. VILLEBRESME to my LORD _.
Went on Friday to Woking with "the ambassadors for the King my master, hoping to have brought letters to the King and to you my lord and to the Queen Mary my mistress, of the party of my lord the Duke of Albany." Expected to have greater despatch, as my Lord of York had been appointed to receive the letters. Has been blamed for communicating with Wolsey, but has done nothing except "for the well of the pease." If he has done wrong, it is owing to the letter sent to "our Mr. Peter" by the King of Scots, delivered at the writer's departure. Though he had been for twelve years employed in various charges, has now to do that which with his own good will he would not do for my said Lord D'Albany. Has been two voyages in Scotland for the comprehension of the Scots. Begs to be excused to Queen Mary his mistress. Encloses a letter from De la Batie and others, who "desire to be accomplished by deeds of chivalry upon the said Infidels." Has mentioned to my Lord of York the names of the ambassadors to whom it is proposed to give credence, they being approved by the King. London, 16 Sept. Signed: Mace Deville Bresmes.
Pp. 3. Either a bad translation from the French, or written by a person who did not understand English.
16 Sept. 914. For ROMSEY ABBEY.
Congé d'élire to the Prioress and Convent of St. Mary and St. Ethelfled, Romsey, on resignation of Josia alias Jocosa Rows, late abbess. 16 Sept.
Pat. 7 Hen. VIII. p. 2., m. 12.
S.B. 2. Warrant to Ric. Bp. of Winchester, keeper of the Privy Seal, for the above. Oking, 12 Sept. 7 Hen. VIII.
S.B. 915. For TH. SAMPSON, scholar.
Grant "towards his exhibition for the increase of virtue and cunning," of the pension due by the abbess elect of Romsey to a scholar nominated by the King, till she promote him to a competent benefice.
17 Sept.
Credence for Michael Abbate, his secretary. Milan, 17 Sept. 1515. Signed.
Lat., p. 1. Add.
17 Sept.
To-day the master of the Rolls left for England on account of his health. Have given him a bill of such matters as they think necessary to give effect to the king's commission. Tournay, 17 Sept. Signed.
P. 1. Add.
17 Sept.
Writes of the demand by the people of Courtray of a fugitive who had committed a homicide and fled to Tornesis, and of the murder of two of the King's subjects of Tournay. Had written on Sunday last, 16 Sept., promising the delivery of three prisoners. Had committed Ric. Hansard, under marshal, to prison for letting them escape. Desires he may be sent for. Encloses a letter from Hansard. Has written to the Lords of the Council touching the garrison. Tournay, 17 Sept.
Hol., pp. 3. Add.: My Lord Abp. of York. Endd.
Calig. D. VI. 339. B.M.
919. THE PRISONERS ESCAPED [FROM TOURNAY?] to M. DONNERE COLINET FELIX (?) "pasteur et [doye]n de Saint Nicolas aux pretz lez Tournay."
At the request of Estienne Corun his nephew, they greet him and [P]ierre du Change and William David, begging them to take comfort, as their hope is likely soon to be accomplished. On the 14th of this September, by command of the principal of France (le principal de France), M. Nicolas de St. Genois came to him, and on the 15th the drums sounded for the rendevous of 4,000 compagnons of Mons. de Heilly, and for bringing out from the said city divers pieces of artillery, "sans les ... ltz bendes qui se mettent sus;" wherefore they request him to keep room for his nephew's horses (?). Signed: "[De]par tous vostre comme saves."
P. 1, mutilated. Add.
17 Sept.
S. B.
920. For RALPH HOLAND, clk.
To be warden of the collegiate church of Bunbury, Cov. and Lich dioc., vice John Calveley, deceased, in the King's presentation, because George, son and heir of Hugh Calveley, has not sued livery.
Pat. 7 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 13.
17 Sept. 921. For JOHN PERYEN.
To be clerk of the court of S. Wales and its members, in cos. Cardigan and Carmarthen, as the said John and Ric. Owen held the same. Knoll, 17 Sept.
Pat. 7 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 13.
18 Sept.
Galba, B. III. App. XLVII. 387. B. M.
Congratulates him on his appointment to the cardinalate, of which he has just heard. Recommends the master of the posts. Has received another brief in Sampson's matter from the Bp. of Worcester. Brussels, 18 Sept. 1515. Signed.
P. 1, mutilated. Add. in his own hand: Card. Ebor., &c. Endd.
18 Sept.
S. B.
923. For JOHN LYNDESAY, yeoman doorward.
Annuity of 10 marks during pleasure, out of the issues of Denbigh, N. Wales. Del. Knoll, 18 Sept. 7 Hen. VIII.
Pat. 7 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 13.
18 Sept.
S. B.
924. For JEVAN AP RYS, yeoman doorward.
Annuity of 5l. during pleasure, out of the issues of Denbigh, N. Wales. Del. Knoll, 18 Sept. 7 Hen. VIII.
Pat. 7 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 12.
18 Sept.
S. B.
925. For ROB. THORNEY, yeoman doorward.
Annuity of 5l. during pleasure, out of the issues of Denbigh, N. Wales. Del. Knoll, 18 Sept. 7 Hen. VIII.
Pat. 7 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 13.
19 Sept.
926. LEO X. to HENRY VIII.
In praise of Cardinal Hadrian, who is a great friend to his majesty, as the Bp. of Castoria, who is now going to England, will inform him. Rome, 19 Sept. 1515, 3 pont.
Vellum. Endd.
19 Sept.
Galba, B. III. App. XLVII. 988. B. M.
... "he writeth that the F[rench K]ing took up as many footmen as he could get of the Du[ke o]f Savoye, Marquis of Mountfarrates and Saluces his subjects, and all things considered the Frenchmen perdition and salva[tion] after my poor mind first con- sisteth in God, and secondly in the Swissers." Brussels, 19 Sept. 1515. Signed.
P. 1, mutilated. Add.
(The fragment apparently of some other letter.)
20 Sept.
Commends to Wolsey the bearer Francis Bp. of Castoria. Rome, 20 Sept. 1515. Signed.
Lat., p. 1. Add.: Thomæ Card. Ebor.
20 Sept.
Giust. Desp. I. 128.
A courier has arrived from Rome, stating that Wolsey has been created a Cardinal at the desire of the King, who is bent on aggrandizing him, might and main. Do their best to keep him on friendly terms; he is very active and assiduous in business and away at his palace. The disturbances in Scotland are raging more than ever. Albany laid siege to Stirling; the Queen fled, leaving in his hands the Royal infants; he overtook her, fleeing towards the kingdom with her royal wardrobe; seized her goods, leaving her nothing but the garments she had on, and two attendants. The whole blame of this cruelty will be laid upon Francis. London, Sept. 20, 1515.
20 Sept.
S. B.
930. To WM. ABP. OF CANTERBURY, Chancellor.
To make as many grants as shall be necessary to Sir John Pecche and Sir John Sharpe, of all such offices and fees as the said Pecche and Sharpe held before 5 Feb. 6 Hen. VIII.;—in consequence of their services in the King's wars. Del. Otford, 20 Sept. 7 Hen. VIII.
20 Sept. 931. For SIR WM. COMPTON.
Annuity of 30l. as constable of Sudeley castle, and master of the hunt and keeper of the park there, through the hands of the Abbot and convent of Winchecombe, pat. 13 Dec. 2 Hen. VIII. granting him the same offices and annuity and now surrendered. Otford, 20 Sept.
Pat. 7 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 21.
20 Sept.
S. B.
932. For JOHN LYNE and WM. TURNER, merchants of London.
Licence to import 400 tuns of Gascon wine and Tolouse woad. Del. Otford, 20 Sept.
Fr. 7 Hen. VIII. m. 7.
20 Sept. 933. For ALLEN KING, yeoman purveyor of the wines.
Licence to export 500 lasts or "dikers" of salthides, at a duty of 12d. per pound. Westm., 20 Sept.
Fr. 7 Hen. VIII. m. 1.
21 Sept.
Had not written to him before, expecting his arrival at Oxford or at Woodstock. He alone can save them from the danger that threatens them. They leave everything to his sagacity. Have passed a resolution that whoever preaches at Oxford or at London henceforth shall mention Wolsey's name in the bidding prayer. Oxford, xi. kal. Oct.
Lat., p. 1. Add.: Amplissimo in Christo patri ac do. Thomæ ... Eboracensi Archiepiscopo ac regio consiliario perspicacissimo.
21 Sept.
S. B.
Warrant for writ to the Prior of St. Swythunes, to take the fealty of Anne Westbroke, late "sexteyn" of the monastery of Romsey, late elected Abbess. Windsor Castle, 21 Sept. 7 Hen. VIII.
21 Sept.
P. S.
936. For RICHARD WALKER, grocer of Coventry, alias of Worfild Home, Salop.
Protection; going in the retinue of Sir Ric. Wynkefylde, Deputy of Calais. Oking, 17 Sept. 7 Hen. VIII. Del. Knoll, 21 Sept.
Fr. 7 Hen. VIII. m. 7.
22 Sept.
Vit. B. II. 167.* B. M.
Refers him to the letters of the English ambassadors in proof of the affection he bears to the King and his service. Insprugg, 22 Sept. 1515. Signed.
P. 1. Add. and endd.
22 Sept.
R. O.
Had no opportunity of writing to him after his departure from Switzerland and their conversation at Berne, till the arrival of Michael Abbate, the bearer, secretary to the Duke of Milan, whom he recommends. Zurich, 22 Sept. Signed: "Ennius episcopus Verulan: apostolicus nuntius in Elvetia."
Lat., p. 1. Add: Magnifico, &c., Wilhelmo Ringk, sermi Regis Angliæ consiliario.
22 Sept. 939. ST. ALBAN'S.
Grant in pursuance of indenture to Barth. Westby, Ric. Broke, Anth. Fitzherbert, Rob. Troublefeld, Geo. Skipwith, Thos. Waren Rob. Barlee, Edw. Danyell, Thos. Blake, and John Skipwith, of More, Asshelees, Bacheworth, Britwell and Estbury, Herts, Bucks, and Middlesex, except the lease granted to Thos. Bp. of Durham by pat. 1 April 4 Hen. VIII. And mortmain licence to grant the premises to the abbot and convent of St. Albans, Herts. Knoll, 22 Sept.
ii. Release of crown title to the same possessions; with warranty against the Abbot of Westm. Knoll, 25 Sept.
Pat. 7 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 15.
23 Sept.
Baronius A.E. XII. p. 103.
940. LEO X. to certain ENGLISH BISHOPS.
Commanding them to take the oath of fealty, with the usual ceremonies, when the Cardinal's hat is placed on Wolsey's head. Rome, 23 Sept. 1515, 3 pont.
23 Sept.
S. B.
941. For JAS. HORSLE, Newcastle-on-Tyne, alias of Gateshead, Durham dioc., alias of Westchevyngton, North-umberland.
Pardon. Del. Otford, 23 Sept.
Pat. 7 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 16.
23 Sept. 942. For ROMSEY ABBEY.
Assent to the election of Ann Westbroke, sacrist, as Abbess. 23 Sept.
Pat. 7 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 16.
S.B. 2. Warrant to Ric. Bp. of Winchester, keeper of the Privy Seal, for the above. Windsor, 21 Sept. 7 Hen. VIII.
23 Sept. 943. For ROGER MORE, clerk of the Larder.
To be bailiff of the lordship of Depyng, Linc. Otford, 23 Sept.
Pat. 7 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 16.
Galba, III. 316.
B. M.
*** "... er and boldly us ... according to his old mane[r] ... and your most noble conseill ... perceive the Frenchmen's ... hinder all your friends and tha ... aunce them." Has received information from the Abbot of St. Sepulchre of Cambray that the French King had an enterprise upon Tournay by means of the chief burgesses of the town, which was put off by the business of Italy, but that the lower orders of the people, in consequence of the advantage they derive from the English, desire no change. *** "... what ... taken in the ... I answered him that as yet we had no [sure] knowledge thereof. Whereupon he said, in case it were not to your Grace's satisfaction your Highness might say, that for the mutual intelligence and amity which is between the Emperor, your Grace, and the King of Arragon, the Prince's grandfather, it is thought convenient unto the same to proceed no further to the ratification, till they be first advertised thereof, desiring the continuation of the intercourse for the term granted. Wherein by his advice they wol say the contrary, considering the success of the Frenchmen's affairs." It is thought the French King could not escape, except secretly [by leaving] his army behind, and that not without d[anger]. The Emperor was minded to go thither with all the haste he could. It is the common opinion that if the army of the [confederates] be agreed they will get the French King into their hands. Applied to the Chancellor yesterday for a [safeconduct] to send harness to the Deputy of Calais. He told Spinelly of the said news of Casius. The Archduchess says that orders have been given to provide victuals for the Swiss whom the cantons have resolved to send. They will proceed by Lyons and Dauphiné. Lord Vergy writes that 15,000 have assembled. The steward [of] Casius came last night from the Emperor with letters from Filinger of the 19th, stating that the Swiss had lost 18,000 men, "and that they had sold themselves very dear unto the Frenchmen, of the which were slain 25,000 and mo." The said Swissers the day of the second battle kept their ground till the French had gone back to Marignano, and brought home with them their ordnance.
Pp. 4. Partly cipher, in Spinelly's own hand, undeciphered. Mutilated.
24 Sept.
R. O.
Congratulates him on his late honors. The Lady Margaret has prevailed upon the Lord Iseldyne to subscribe an acquittance for his services done to the King for the 3 months ended Oct. 22, 1513. Such generosity is seldom to be found among women; though all others have changed she has never varied. Wishes money, as the Prince departs to Henow. Brussels, 24 Sept.
Hol. p. 1. Add.: The Lord Card. of York.
25 Sept.
Calig. E. I. II? I. 183. B. M.
Had written to him frequently in French and in English without receiving any reply. Reminds the Cardinal of his services done to kings Edward and Henry VII. by whose commands he had come into these parts. Many of the King's council are still alive who know him. Had lent sums of money to divers Englishmen who have refused to repay him. Has been engaged in law suits with them seven or eight years. Is in heart and body as good an Englishmen as any, though a Genoese, and refers him to my Lord of Yel [... my Lord] of St. Johns, Dr. Denton, Sir Will. Sydnay, and the present Master Deputy of Calais. At the beginning of the wars King Lewis that last was, as his letters will show, sent him to Navarre to his great jeopardy. Had been assisted by the good lady of Bourbon for his services to Henry VII. Cannot leave till the payment of 200 marks. Longs to be in England. Sends a list of debts due to him by Henry VII. Has heard from his kinsmen John and Luke Spen[ulla] in London that Wolsey intended to withhold his pension. It would be a great wrong were he deprived of his patent of 20l. Paris 25 Se[ptember]. Signed.
Pp. 4.
R. O. "2 Certain parcels of money owing to Anthony Spynoll," by King Hen. VII. "as more plainly appeareth by his noble letters."
For two years wages owing to him at the decease of the undertreasurer, after 20l. a year. For six orange trees with an olive tree, delivered to him by the French King, and sent from Bloys to Parys and so into Ynglond. For a voyage from Parys to Lyons in coming and going, and tarrying there for forty-two days with four horse, at 4s a day. For the sending of two salted wild boars and a pipe of Naneaux for all costs to Callys For six wild boars "quycke" that were taken in a forest. For voyages to Roeen for the matter of Hopelyn's daughter.—Sum total: 86l. 6s.
Hol., p 1. Endd.
R. O. ii. Copy of the above, slightly altered, and with this addition: "Item, more for four years, that is being for his patent, after 20l. st. by the year; sum, 80l. st."
P. 1.
25 Sept. 947. For ROB. FENNE, yeoman of the Guard.
To be bailiff during the minority of Edw. Lord Powes, King's ward, of the lordship of Kersey, Suff., vice Thos. Hubard, deceased. Croydon, 25 Sept.
Pat. 7 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 16.
26 Sept.
Giust. Desp. I. 129.
Wolsey arrived yesterday. Congratulated him upon his promotion. After thanking them he said, he had advises from Verona of the 12th stating that Italy was in arms. He described the state of Venice as one of great peril; blamed them for not having made peace with the Pope; then stated that Albany had made the Queen of Scots write letters to the Pope, the Kings of France and England, that she had surrendered freely. He spoke with great vehemence and mental excitement, saying such a thing had never been done as to offer violence to a Queen and her children, and this was a bad return to Henry, who might in eight days invade France. Tried to calm him; said that Francis was unconscious of what was done, and that the fact of Albany himself compelling the Queen to write, showed as much. London, 26 Sept. 1515.
26 Sept.
S. B.
To be bailiff and park-keeper in survivorship of Hatfeld and Thorne, of the duchy of York, as held by Edward, son and heir of John Savage, sen. or the said Carre. Del. Croydon, 26 Sept. 7 Hen. VIII.
26 Sept.
S. B.
950. For TH. WALWYN, of Kempley, Glouc., HEN. NICOLLYS, of Rosse, Heref., and TH. BAKER, of Wilton, Heref.
Farm of the castle or manor of Wilton, Heref., and Kempley, Glouc., during the minority of Th. son of Edm. son of Sir John Grey of Wilton, now in the King's hands by death of Eliz. late wife of the said John, to hold to the use of the said Th. Grey, at the annual rent of 52l. Del. Croydon, 26 Sept. 7 Hen. VIII. Signed: Thomas Lovell.
26 Sept. 951. For ELIZ., wife of JOHN BURTON.
Annuity of 20 marks. Croydon, 26 Sept.
Pat. 7 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 16.
Galba, B. III.
App. XLVII. 389. B. M
... The Pope's Holiness hath granted certain dismes upon the spirituality [to the King of France] who is in great jeopardy. Brussels, ... Sept. 1515. Signed.
P. 1, mutilated. Add.: Card. of England.
27 Sept.
Has received by his servant Busshop Wolsey's letters of the 20th and also the King's. On Wednesday last called the constable and vintners of this town and showed them the King's instructions. As to the statute of array, will avoid the inconveniences stated in Wolsey's letter. Encloses a letter from a spy. Calais, 27 Sept.
P. S. Has just received a letter from Boulogne, informing him of the French victory over the Swiss [Marignano]. Signed and sealed.
P. 1. Add.: Abp. of York.
27 Sept.
S. B.
954. For RIC. PYNSON, the King's printer.
Annuity of 4l. Del. Croydon, 27 Sept. 7 Hen. VIII.
Pat. 7 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 15.
27 Sept.
S. B.
955. For WM. CRANE.
Licence to export broadcloths and kerseys not belonging to the staple of Calais. Del. Croydon, 27 Sept. 7 Hen. VIII.
Fr. 7 Hen. VIII. m. 8.
27 Sept. 956. For SIR WM. SYDNEY.
Annuity of 50 marks. Croydon, 27 Sept.
Pat. 7 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 21.
28 Sept.
S. B.
957. For JOHN VEYSYE, clerk.
To be dean of St. Mary's and St. George's, Windsor, void by resignation of Nich. West, elect of Ely. Del. Croydon, 28 Sept. 7 Hen. VIII.
Pat. 7 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 15.
29 Sept.
Wrote last on the 27th. Has written to the King of the news. The French are in a dangerous case; "if the liege arme hold together, doing their duty, they have no remedy." It is thought the French King will negotiate with the Pope for peace. Brussels, 29 Sept. 1515. Signed.
P. 1. Add. My Lord Cardinal of England.
29 Sept.
Account of Dame Margaret Vernon, Prioress of the House of Our Lady of Pray beside St. Alban's, of the receipts, payments, and expences concerning the said house, from Mich. 5 to Mich. 7 Hen. VIII.—Receipts from John Belamye,_Hedge, Richard Dykes, John Merston, John ... noore, [Ro]bert Wyott, [H]enry Wedderheade, John Swane, Richard Broun, Robert Robson, Thomas Willowes, and Th. London, tenants.—Payments for lamp oil, wax, torches; a cotton candle, and a watching candle for the church; for the gowns of the farmers of the manors of Weyng and Pray; for oil and cream for the church; for the felling, making and carriage of hard-wood and baven for ... [s]aid Lady Prioress and her sisters, their priest and their kitchen; for the felling and carriage of timber, boards, pales and laths for repairs in the town of St. Alban's and elsewhere; for the felling and carriage of bushes and thorns for fuel and hedging; for the carriage of bread and beer from Titenhanger; *** for carving(?) a ditch in the highway; for tile for the repairs of Weyng farm, &c.; for a hedge about a tenement in Fysshpolestrete; for setting a bench in the same; for tiling and daubing a tenement in St. Peter Street tenanted by Thomas Lamberd, &c.
Very badly mutilated, pp. 7.
30 Sept.
Vat. Trans. XXVII. 38.
960. HENRY VIII. to LEO X.
Nothing has given the King so much pleasnre in all his life as the breve announcing the election of Wolsey into the College of Cardinals, and the additional honor conferred by the Pope's oration on that occasion. He has outdone all the King's expectations, who esteems the distinction thus bestowed upon a subject, for whom he has the greatest affection, both for his eminent gifts and most excellent services, as done to himself. Considers that Wolsey's advancement is not less honorable to the College of Cardinals, and a fitting return for the zeal always shown by Wolsey in behalf of the Holy See. Wyndsor, 30 Sept. 1515.
30 Sept.
961. W. PAWNE to WOLSEY and the COUNCIL.
Has received his credence by his son, Fras. Pawne, and his commission in Latin. Encloses a schedule of articles. Though he has been ordered to enclose the citadel, Wm. Hart has been commanded by the Lord Lieutenant to begin the bulwark without the sluice on the south side, Sir Ric. Jerningham on the north, Sir Ric. Whetehill and Master Sampson "with a false bray without Porte Broyle," which has much hindered the writer's work. He and his masons are not sufficiently attended to. The Council have written to Wolsey that Wm. Bartilmewe and Hugh Lay should be his controllers, to which he set his hand much against his will. He has written to the Lord Chamberlain of the interference with his workmen. Never paid any money except in the presence of Harte and John le Sellier. Begs a letter to be sent to Sir Hugh Conway, treasurer of Calais, to desist from molesting him. Tournay, 30 Sept.
Pp. 2. Add.: My Lord Cardinal of York, and to all the most honorable Lords of the King's Council.
30 Sept.
S. B.
962. For RIC. JUSTICE.
To be bailiff, during pleasure, of Caversham, Oxon. Del. Croydon, 30 Sept. 7 Hen. VIII.
Pat. 7 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 16.
30 Sept.
P. S.
963. For PHILIP WYLLESFORD, of London, tailor.
Protection; going in the retinue of Sir Ric. Wyngfield, Deputy of Calais. Westm., 22 Sept. 7 Hen. VIII. Del. Croydon, 30 Sept. 7 Hen. VIII.
Fr. 7 Hen. VIII. m. 8.
Calig. E. II. (20).
B. M.
Learns by their letters that the inhabitants of Tournay have changed their opinions touching the edifying of their citadel, and will now take the custody of their city with a captain and a garrison as under the Duke of Burgundy in times past. They have also proposed certain articles to be comprehended in the treaty betwixt the King and the Prince of Castile. They shall persuade the citizens to accept the whole charge of the city into their own hands, [without] any garrison; failing that, they shall elect such a number to lie in garrison as they think good; "And we shall be ag[reeable] to give unto them yearly toward their charges all such pensions as they be bound to [remit] and pay unto us;"—or thirdly, "to bring them to as small a number as ye shall ..." They are to draw up a minute of the form accepted by the town. Letters touching the arrangement. The Master of the Rolls is to stay there. Is content to grant a pardon to all those engaged in the late rebellion against "you" the Lord Montjoy on first going there.
Draft, in Ruthal's hand, pp. 2.
Complaining that he has frequently demanded redress without receiving satisfaction. Perceives by Ross Herald, that the King will persist in this conduct. Whatever steps England takes to enforce redress, James must attribute to his governors and council.
Draft, corrected by Ruthal, pp. 2.
On the dorse of a blank leaf are these memoranda, in Ruthal's hand:—
"Instructions for the Emperor with letters creden.
"Letters to Tournay.
"A clause in Mr. Knight's letter, touching the declaration of his charge to the Lord Barges; and to know their minds concerning the conveyance of ordnance of Tournay throughout Flanders.
"Item, expedition of the ambassador of Arragon.
"Item, letters of credence for the King's ambassadors in Spain."
Vit. B. II. 148.
B. M.
[De Giglis] seeing that the Pope had praised Wolsey's conduct as a Cardinal, pressed him on the matter of the legateship which he would by no means promise for the present from dread of France demanding the same, and the Emperor for Gurk; but if Henry will undertake an expedition against the Turks the Pope will oblige him. The Abp. of Canterbury has written to the Pope to say that he can promise no hopes of half a tenth for a subsidy against the Turks. Comparing this with Wolsey's letter, which holds out a contrary assurance, the Pope sees a great discrepancy, but has more trust in Wolsey. Would rather lose three of his fingers than that this [miscarry]. Will press the briefs, but the Pope grumbles. He has promised the Cardinal the title of St. Cecilia.
Lat., in the hand of Ammonius, p. 1, mutilated.
Vit. B II. 176.
B. M.
[You shall say] that (1), the Pope is very glad at the King's letters, and those which the Cardinal wrote with his own hand: (2), that he used all efforts to bestow the title of Protector on the King; but strictly the term Protector belongs to the Emperor, therefore the Pope thinks of giving him the title of Defender, were it not that that title had been given by Julius II. to the Swiss. Some propose that he shall be called King Apostolic, since in Secretis Missœ after the words Te igitur the phrase occurs Apostolicœ Fidei Cultor; some propose Orthodox; none are satisfactory to the Pope. The legateship cannot be granted at present. The right of visiting exempt monasteries has not yet been determined. (3), You shall tell the Bp. of Dublin ...
The Pope is surprised that after the grant of half a disme against the Turks there should now be any doubt of the matter and that more briefs should be required. The Cardinal Sta. Maria in Porticu desires his recommendations to Wolsey. Encloses a letter from Colman, Wolsey's schoolfellow, which Ammonius is to deliver. Can think of no other title than that of St Cecilia, which is lucky, as many popes have proceeded from it. The Cardinal Hadrian accuses Wolsey of wishing Polydore to confess what he never did, and throwing him into the Tower on his refusal. Wants money, and is carried about in a litter.
Lat., copy by Ammonius, pp. 2, mutilated.
Vit. B. II. 162.
B. M.
Fortunately he had told his people as he was expecting letters from Germany that they should deliver them at once. His servant yesterday carried the letters he had received to the court,—then finding he had left, to Wolsey's prætorium, and thence to the writer's house. Thus he got all the letters, of which he now sends the substance to Wolsey. By letters from the Bp. of Worcester of the 18 Aug. and 7 Sept. he learns that the Pope is very wretched at the approach of the Turks,—that Italy is insulted by the French, and his only happiness is in the King of England,—he is grateful for Wolsey's aid in obtaining half a disme against the Turks,—has sent in aid to Hungary, four great galleys against the Moors, and troops to help the Swiss. After the capture of Prosper Colonna the Swiss retired to Vercelli,—then to Novarra. On the 24 Aug. the Pope held a council and determined to protect the Duke of Milan to the utmost. By their union with the Papal troops and those of the Viceroy the French will have the worst. The Bp. of Worcester began his letter of 7 Sept. in these words: "S.D.N. mihi mandavit ut significarem Rmo D. Ebor. quemadmodum Car. Hadrianus cum omnibus suis amicis omnique suo conatu adversatus est ejusdem R D. Ebor. Cardinalatui," &c. Hadrian swears the King does not wish it. The French do all they can to bribe the Swiss, and are likely to succeed, as that people is most avaricious and faithless. Worcester says that Wolsey's legatine authority will be a matter of great difficulty. There are more hopes of his commission to visit the exempt monasteries. He has sent a brief into Flanders for Dr. Sampson. Signed.
Lat., pp. 3. Add. . D. Card. Ebor. Endorsed.
Galba, B. III. 398.
App. XLVII. B. M.
The Archduchess will advertise the King of the resolutions she may have from the Emperor and the King of Arragon—though she was opposed by her council. She thinks the French King will not fail to help Scotland, as he hath heretofore assisted Gueldres.
Hol., p. 1, mutilated.
Lying in the shadow of death, has heard of Wolsey's elevation to the Cardinal's throne. When it is allowed him he will gaze and bow in adoration before him, and then "my spirit will rejoice in thee my God and Saviour." Prays as he has been forgiven lately by Wolsey for a fault, that the punishment may be also remitted, that Wolsey's "gifts may be perfect even as he himself is perfect."
Signed: Humilis creatura Polydorus.
Add.: Reverendissimo domino deo meo domino Cardinali Eboracensi dignissimo.
Lat., p. 1.
Wolsey must think he has delayed too long his congratulations on his elevation to the Cardinalate. Desires to show his friendship more by deeds than words. Is to employ Colonna with the Pope and Cardinals, if need be, and he will not be wanting. Signed.
Lat., p. 1. Add.: ... Chro Patri et Dño ... lmo Dño Carli ... tiss.
Vit. B. II. 166.
B. M.
972. JOHANNES PENNATUS, [Master] of the English Hospital, to WOLSEY.
A letter of compliments on his appointment to the cardinalate, which has been received with delight by all English hearts. Hopes he will visit Rome. He does more honor to the cardinalate than the cardinalate to him. Workmen in their stalls, boys and women in the streets, speak his praises. As president of the hospital there, cannot withhold this which is due to his country. Rome, 1515.
Addressed at f. 148*. D. Tho. Vlseio Ebor. Archiep. Card. Angliæ.
Account of William Lee, receiver of Berwick on Tweed, from Mich. 24 Hen. VII. to Mich. 1 Hen. VIII.—i. Rents of Sherefhoton, Barnard Castle, Middleham and Richmond, Cotyngham, the lordships of Sandal Haitefeld, Connesburgh and Wakefeld (duchy of York), Doncaster, Chesterfield, Hoton Paynell, Berwick, Hull and Newcastle. Total, 2,868l. 18s. 7¾d.—ii. Wages of Lord Darcy, Lieutenant, 100 marks, a constable, chaplain, cook, 2 doorwards, and 32 soldiers, 10 marks each (Lord Darcy's wages commence 31 July, before which date the office was held by Wm. Lord Conyers by grant of Henry VII.); to John Clapham and Wm. Langton, marshals of Berwick, 33l. 6s. 8d., and 24 men in their retinue, 10 marks each; to Christ. Clapham and Th. Straungwisshe, master doorwards, 20l., 8 men at 10 marks each and 8 others at 8 marks; to Wm. Langton, John Plaice and Rob. Musgrave, masters of the ordnance; 20 gunners, 12 at 6d. a day and 8 at 10 marks a year; 4 constables at 10l. each, and 4 at 8l.; 4 clerks keeping watch; 47 mounted archers, 5 at 10 marks and the rest at 106s. 8d.; 100 men at arms, at 6l. To John Shotton, mayor of Berwick, 10l. a year; Wm. Langton, collector of customs, 10l.; Th. Atcliffe and Wm. Evers, controllers, 100s. Payments for carriage of money and for conduct money, for coals, paper, &c. (items not given). To Humph. Coke, chief carpenter, 12d. a day for himself, and 6l. 20s. of reward for a yeoman under him. For repairs of the walls of Berwick, 26l. 13s. 4d. Total of payments, 2,801l. 20d.
Pp. 10.
ii. Similar account from Mich. 1 Hen. VIII. to Mich. 2 Hen. VIII.—Receipts, 2,741l. 3¾d. Payments, 2,082l. 15s. The names of Th. Browne as mayor and Ric. Michell as master mason of Berwick (in accordance with patent 10 Aug. 2 Hen. VIII.), occur in this year.
Pp. 9.
iii. Similar account from Mich. 2 Hen. VIII. to Mich. 3 Hen. VIII., Will. Lee being succeeded by Wm. Pawne as receiver, on the 31 July.—Receipts, 3,224l. 6s. 10¾d. Payments allowed, 2,093l. 4s. 4d. (The mayor's name in this account is left blank.)
Pp. 11.
iv. Similar account from Mich. 3 Hen. VIII. to Mich. 4 Hen. VIII.—Receipts, 3,621l. 22¾d. Payments allowed, 2,094l. 4s. 4d. The names of Th. Burgh as marshal, Ralph Browne as mayor, and Sir Ric. Cholmeley as surveyor of the above lordships (in accordance with patent 13 Nov. 16 Hen. VII.) occur in this year.
Pp. 11.
v. Similar account from Mich. 5 Hen. VIII. to Mich. 6 Hen. VIII.—Receipts, 3,385l. 11s. 3¾d. Payments allowed, 2,094l. 4s. 4d. The names of Ralph Browne as mayor, John Replingham as collector of customs and Wm. Hundgate controller, occur this year.
Pp. 14.
vi. Similar account from Mich. 6 Hen. VIII. to Mich. 7 Hen. VIII.—Receipts, 3,737l. 2s. 0¾d. Payments allowed, 2,094l. 4s. 4d. The names of Ralph Browne as mayor, Ralph Browne as collector of custom, and Geo. Lawson as master builder (by virtue of patent 12 May 7 Hen. VIII.), occur in this year.—Additional receipts from Roger Lille, bailiff of Wilberfosse, and the Countess of Salisbury.
Pp. 15.
Treaty of alliance between Henry VIII. and the Prince of Castile, with a proviso that this treaty shall not affect that formed with King Francis on the 31 March 1514.
In a Belgian hand, pp. 5. Endd.: The copy of the amity between the King's grace and the Prince of Castile.