Henry VIII: July 1545, 26-31

Pages 632-685

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 20 Part 1, January-July 1545. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1905.

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July 1545, 26-31

26 July 1275. The Privy Council.
A. P. C., 217
Meeting at Portsmouth, 26 July. Present: Chancellor, Suffolk, Essex, Admiral, Winchester, St. John, Browne, Paget. Business:—Letter sent to my lord Marquis and Mr. Vicechamberlain to despatch home the Hampshire and Sussex men. Letter to Mr. Bellingeham to signify, with the Captain's advice, the landing places within the Isle and numbers requisite for their defence, also what numbers are now there and of what countries, and to cause beefs and muttons to be brought into the market. Wm. Rygewaye, surveyor of works at Sandone, in Wight, had letters to Mr. Barnes and Mr. Parlet, of the Augmentations, for the full 20 fodder of lead, Mr. Chancellor of Augmentations having written for 12 fodder. Letters written to Deputy of Calais, Lord Graye, etc., "to send 500 men to renforce Boloyne decayed by deth." Parson Levet ordered by letter to send hither such pieces of artillery as he has already made. Upon Lord Poynenges' desire for 5,000 more men to empeach the Frenchmen's fortifications, letters were addressed to the Council at London for 1,000 out of London and to the Duke of Norfolk for 4,000 out of his Commission, viz:, Beds 500, Hunts 300, Cambs. 400, Herts 300, Norfolk 1,500, Ntht. 500, Leic. 500.
26 July. 1276. The Privy Council to [Norfolk].
Harl. MS.
6.989, f. 137.
B. M.
Having advertisement from lord Poynenges and the Council at Bulloyn, as appears by copy of a letter from thence of the 24th inst., that the Frenchmen have built such a fortress on the other side of the water as, if not taken from them, will stop the haven, the King will send thither in all haste 5,000 footmen. As his Majesty now furnishes this town with 1,000 men, the Isle of Wight with 2,000 and certain ships with 3,000 and already for Bulloyn, Calays and the sea there are 2,000 taken out, no more may be taken from this commission, and my lord Privy Seal's commission is too far hence, so that his Highness is forced to levy 4,000 within your commission. He prays your Lordship, as ever you will do him pleasure, to use diligence to levy the numbers contained in the enclosed schedule "and to cause the same to resort to the ports totted upon their heads to be transported under the leading of such captains as you shall assign unto the same," and also to see that there are vessels for their shipping. For repayment of coats and conduct money you will send to the Council at London. The King has this much to heart. Cause good men to be sent and well weaponed. I, the secretary, write the news. Portesmowth, 26 July, late at night, 1545. Signed by Wriothesley, Suffolk, Essex, Winchester, Browne, Wyngfeld and Paget.
Pp. 2. Fly leaf with address lost.
26 July. 1277. Sir John Gage and Sir Edmund Pekham to Lord Cobham.
Harl. MS.
283, f. 180.
Are informed that Robert Alday, of Callaies, has made provision of wildfowl for the King's household which is stayed by his Lordship. Beg him to suffer Alday to transport into England such kinds of wildfowl as he provides, or else the furniture of the Household will be disappointed. Portismowthe, 26 July. Signed.
P.S.—"Yesterday about x. of the clock the French navy landed in Sussex within four miles of my house, and I think not the contrary but my house is burnt already."
P. 1. Add.: deputy of Calais.
26 July. 1278. [Russell to the Officers of the Ports.]
R. O. Begs them with all possible speed to write what number of ships they have already set forth and will have ready within two, three, four, five or six days, according to the letters lately sent to them by the Council. Wishes also to know the burthen of the said ships and the number of mariners to be made within that port and the creeks adjoining; also what strangers' ships are there and wherewith they are laden. M[ed]bury, 26 July. Subscribed: To the maiour of Dartmouth, and the lyke to all the portes.
Copy, p. 1.
26 July. 1279. Vaughan to Lord Cobham.
Harl. MS.
283, f. 237.
Yesternight, a hoy out of England brought news "that the French king's galleys were arrived in Sutherey besides Arondell." If it be true, I trust that "both those that came with them shall be well beaten and their galleys remain ours." With Jasper Dowche for his jennet I must work leisurely, for he is little in town. "Jernyn hath bought you a very fair harness and mails, bits and other things." Let me hear news from your lordship. Andwerp, 26 July.
Hol, p. 1. Add.: deputy of Calais.
26 July. 1280. Harvel to Henry VIII.
R. O.
Since his last of the 13th it is divulged that the Bishop was to send 12,000 footmen and 800 horse into Almaine against the Protestants; but since Andolo's arrival in Rome, from the Emperor, these rumors of arms are ceased, and it is said that this expedition of Germany shall be deferred to next summer. The Emperor requires money of the Bishop to spend "at his free liberty," to which the Bishop will not consent, and the Emperor dare not finally tempt fortune against the Protestants, which would only lead to the Christians being oppressed by the Turk. Nothing is said of the Council at Trent; and the revocation of the legates is looked for. Moluco, the French orator, continues sick in Ragusa. Some think the truce with the Turks will not take effect, or will be with strait conditions and for a short space; and many add that without giving Milan to the Frenchmen "there shalbe nothing resolved with the Turk." The Belgarbey of Grecia, chief of the Turk's Empire, is in Hungary with a great band. Polonia and Transylvania suspect both Tartars and Turks. The Viceroy of Naples has put Don Garcia, his son, in prison, by the Emperor's command. It is conjectured to be for murder. The Frenchmen have raised a bruit that Englishmen have "sustained grete ruines by the Scotes." This the writer has affirmed to be false; and he hopes that French brags will be well "domid" by Henry, whose preparations are a marvel to all men, and whose enemies are exhausted. Venice, 26 July 1545.
P.S.—Writings from Constantinople of 23 June signify that, on 6 June, Barbarossa's son departed towards Alger with 10 galleys, to be joined by 20 "galleottes and fustes of corsaris." The Imperial galleys await them at the Goletta. A galleott escaped from the said Barbarossa with 80 Christians has arrived in Messina. Venetians think the truce with the Turk not likely to take effect. The Duke of Venice lies at the point of death.
Hol, pp. 3. Add. Endd.
27 July. 1281. The Privy Council.
A. P. C, 218.
Meeting at Portsmouth, 27 July. Present: Chancellor, Suffolk, Essex, Winchester, St. John, Browne, Wingfield, Paget. Business:—Letters addressed to the mayor and aldermen of London to send to Boulogne 1,000 of the best of the 1,500 men sent hither. Hugh Concel had commission for 5 horses to convey him with a gentleman stranger and his servants to London. Robt. Williamson servant to John Portemarye, had warrant to Tuke for 30l. in prest for 63 days' wages, serving in the Wight, from 14 July, Portemarye himself at 4s., his standard bearer at 12d., fife and drum at 8d. each and 6 of his men at 6d. Letter to the Council at London for release of the stay of ships in Themes, great ships above 300 burthen except. Like letter to Mr. Husey, signifying further that, as he refused to accomplish the Council's order to restore to Roger de Prat goods lately taken by Gregory Carye, he should appear before the Council by 4 Aug. Letter to Mr. Bellingeham to dismiss out of the Isle all Hampshire and Sussex men. Letter to Lord Poyninges that 5,000 footmen should be sent to Bullen and the horsemen of the Pale should suffice. Letter to my lord of Norfolk that those sent to Bullen should land at Calais, and by the way beware of enemies. Letter to the Lord Admiral, viceadmiral, captains and soldiers upon the sea "to permit a cer[tain] . . . ." (entry unfinished). Ric. Bullock reporting seditious words by John George of Bramley, Hants, had letters to Wm. Moore to examine him and nail his ears to the pillory if he be found author of the words. Order (described) taken in the matter of John de Quintanaduenas, Spaniard, against the mayor of Plymouth and Wm. Hawkyns, who are both committed to prison.
27 July 1282. Russell to Paget.
R. O. Understands by his letters dated Portesmouthe 25th inst. the King's pleasure that the ships should be sent from hence with all speed, and is now expediting their despatch. Their greatest need is of mariners. Here are divers hulks, laden as in the billett enclosed in the letters to the Council, and other ships which cannot be furnished forth for lack of mariners. Dartemouthe, 27 July. Signed.
P.S.—Encloses a letter lately sent to him from Italy.
P. 1. Add. Endd.: 1545.
27 July. 1283. The Mayor and Burgesses of Saltash to Russell.
R. O. On Sunday, 26th inst., at 7 p.m., received his letters enquiring what ships they had already set forth and would set forth within six days, and the number of mariners in their port and the creeks adjoining. Have been unable to set forth any ships, for lack of mariners, who are all in the King's service or taken by Mr. Wyndham to Portesmouth. Here is building a ship of 140 tons, which will be finished in six weeks. There is also a balinger of 50 tons, which will be soon made ready, but only one mariner, Robert Wyll, who is appointed to be master of the said ship when finished. There is no stranger in the port at present. The mariners now in the King's service number 27, whose names are enclosed. Saltayshe, 27 July.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: To, etc., the [lord] Privye Seale is good l[ordship].
ii. Names of the 15 mariners of Saltayshe in the King's service and 12 now taken by Mr. Wyndeham to Portesmouth.
P. 1.
27 July. 1284. Hertford to Henry VIII.
R. O. To relieve his necessity the King gave him the college of Sanct Marye Oterye; and, as that can be little relief to him at present, because of the stipends which must be paid out of it, although it might hereafter benefit his son, as he lately signified, he became a suitor for the college of Leicestre in lieu of it. Perceives now by Mr. Secretary that the King means not to deface any of his great colleges, and therefore begs that he may have some small college with Oterye, such as the college of Glasney in Cornwall, worth 1801. a year. Together, Otterye and Glasseney amount to 414l. 2s. 6d. yearly, which will leave him, after the stipends are paid, about 100 mks., not reckoning therein the 3,000 mks. which he promised the King, nor the debts, rewards and other expenses of the dissolution of the colleges. Dernton, 27 July 1545. Signed.
P. 1. Add. Endd.
27 July. 1285. Hertford to Paget.
R. O. An Easterling who brought hither rye, meal and other necessaries and sold them at reasonable prices, requests (because he is a stranger and therefore cannot carry away the money) that he may lay it out in lead; and he will return with rye, meal, powder and other munition as shall be appointed. As lead is restrained here, begs to know whether that restraint is released (as he wrote before at the contemplation of the merchants here); for he is informed that "that restraint is at liberty" in all other places. Newcastell, 27 July. Signed.
P. 1. Add. Endd.: 28 (sic) July 1545.
27 July. 1286. Hertford, Tunstall and Sadler to Paget.
R. O.
St. P., v. 475.
Hertford has received sundry letters from the Borders which he sends to be declared to the King. The Scots intend to do somewhat upon the frontiers and hope much from the landing of the Frenchmen on this coast. The time is at hand which will reveal their intents, and things are in such order that their malice will be well encountered. Hertford has sent Lord Stourton to Berwike and prepared 5,000 men to be put under him, into the town if required. As Robert Maxwell, notwithstanding Hertford's safe-conduct, will not come to lie in pledge for his father (although by his own letters he promised it), Lord Maxwell who is now here at Newcastell shall tomorrow take his journey to the Tower at London in the conduct of Wm. Brakenburye, who brought the King's treasure. Wrote lately, upon Mr. Hobbie's being at Carlisle, that they would send a platt of the bulwarks to be made there; and Hertford thereupon sent John Brend "(who is a wise and expert fellow)" for that purpose. His opinion appears by his letters herewith. Newcastell, 27 July 1545. Signed.
Pp. 2. Add. Endd.
27 July. 1287. St. Leger to the Council.
R. O. This bearer, John Hill, has a good ship of his own and two prizes which he lately took from Frenchmen on the coast of Scotland, and, intending to serve the King in these parts at his own cost, desires a commission to take up men and victuals. Begs them to further his suit. The writer's poor brother, Robert St. Leger, has also a good ship which he has long kept here furnished for the wars, with whom Hill has compacted to keep company. Kilmaynam near Dublin, 27 July 1545. Signed.
P. 1. Add. Endd.
27 July. 1288. St. Mauris to Covos.
VIII. No. 104.
The Duke of Lorraine and Bar is dead and the administration in dispute between the Duchess and M. de Metz, who claims to be administrator with her. Urged this King to induce M. de Metz to withdraw; and he promised to do his best to make an agreement, of which Cardinal Lorraine has already drawn up a draft. The King will not take Charolois as compensation for Hesdin, for which he wants a place of equal strength and useful against the English; which is impossible. A Spanish ship captured by the English at sea escaped in a fog and entered Havre de Grace, the English having taken out only her artillery and the owners. The Scots who took 400 ducats out of a Spanish ship have gone back to Scotland. The ambassador of Florence has left because the King gave precedence to the ambassador of Ferrara. Dangerous illness of the King through rupture of a vein. The Pope will only furnish aid against England on condition that no peace negociation is made without his cooperation; which the King refuses. The King will send a gentleman of the short robe as his ambassador to Rome, and hopes that the Pope will send him a similar envoy. French report that the recess of the Diet is for the purpose of a conference between delegates of the Emperor and Protestants who shall report to the next Diet in December. The French would have liked the Council to proceed to hostilities against the Protestants. Ransoms of Count William and the Prince of Roche sur Yonne soon to be settled. Cardinal Carpi. Title deeds of Burgundy. The King says that if his troops have committed robberies in Artois he will punish them, for he forbade them even to pass over the Emperor's territories. The King tries to obtain our Princess for the Duke of Orleans, promising to increase the Duke's portion and be satisfied with Milan. Secretary Gerard and M. de Moluc have arrived at Ragusa. The Emperor sent Dandolo to Rome to salute the Duchess; but the French suspect that he was sent to explain the recess of the Diet. Increase of Lutheran sacramentarians in Guienne and Normandy, which will make it necessary for the King to promote the Council. Before the fleet was ready 40 or 50 English ships appeared off Havre de Grace and fired on the place, causing great alarm. The King, who was only three leagues away, had his baggage prepared at midnight and, but for one of his captains, would have fled in great disorder. On the 15th inst. a great carrack, the principal vessel in the fleet, carrying the baggage of the Admiral and nobles, caught fire as she was leaving port; and although she returned to port she was totally burnt and some 200 persons drowned. On the 17th the fleet sailed from Havre, 200 sail, including 23 galleys; but three or four days later the Admiral's flagship J he Mistress returned for repair, having run aground. They burnt the Isle of Wight; and the Chevalier D'Aux was there killed. Captain L'Orges reports that the Scots wil1 take the field with 30,000 or 40,000 men on the 28th inst., but he can do nothing without money. The French assert that the King of England seeks peace and offers to surrender Boulogne; and that he will send representatives to Boulogne to meet French representatives from Ardres; also that he wishes a marriage between his daughter the Princess and the Duke of Orleans or between his son the Prince and Madame Margaret. The writer has intervened by means of an Italian and is assured that neither marriage will take place. For peace this King insists on the surrender of Boulogne but would leave the rest to the Emperor's discretion. The French expect the Prince of Piedmont to pass homeward through France, and hope to get his consent to marry Madame Margaret. The number of Spaniards in this King's service against England is only 500, and the King's maitre d'hotel, Mendoza, is unwilling to take the charge of them. Caudebec, 27 July 1545.
*** A modern transcript is in B.M., Add. MS. 28,594 f. 141. Fr., pp. 10.
27 July. 1289. St. Mauris to Prince Philip.
* * * *
VIII. No. 105
The Council here make much ado because Don Bernardino de Mendoza has captured some of their pilots and sailors required for their war against England in reprisal for what Paulin did when, passing Spain with the French galleys, he gave refuge to some of the Emperor's convicts. Has answered that this is no reprisal, but a continuance of what they began; and that they should first surrender the convicts. Caudebec, 27 July.
*** A modern transcript is in B.M., Add. MS. 28,594 f. 147. Fr.; pp. 3.
28 July. 1290. Alms and Road Making.
See Grants in July, No. 52
28 July. 1291. The Privy Council.
A. P. C., 221.
Meeting at Portsmouth, 28 July. Present: Chancellor, Suffolk, Winchester, St. John, Browne, Wingfield and Paget. Business:—Letter to customers, comptrollers and searchers of London and elsewhere to permit William van Tonyce to sell 50 tuns of Rochelle wine. The mayor and aldermen of Calais having written of the refusal of certain persons to be made aldermen, a letter was written to my lord Deputy to examine and quiet the matter; and another letter to the mayor, &c., declaring this. Letter written to the Master of the Rolls to take recognisance of Antony Guaras for the value of the goods of the Anne of Barsalona if proved French. Letters written to the Lord Admiral that the Frenchmen were making hitherwards again and he should retire where he had lain before for surety of this port. Mr. Bellingeham ordered by letter to send to Lymyngton some meet personage to take charge of the 500 Wiltshire men appointed to remain there and dismiss the rest. Wm. Webbe, of Exeter, and John Whithorne, having l,080l. delivered to Webbe by Henry Alveros, "Portugal," supposed to be a Jew, "for that he had conveyed himself out of the realm suddenly, which augmented the suspicion," they were commanded to bring the money to the King's use. Eight Portingalles, landed in Sussex by Frenchmen, "by pretence of a letter of marte (sic) as they declare," and sent up by Sir Wm. Shelley, set at liberty.
28 July 1292. Henry VIII. to Thirlby.
r. o
St. P.,x. 543.
"Right reverend father in God, right t., etc.," the Emperor's ambassador has declared that, upon our late letters to his master for the aid, he is commissioned to commune with us or our Council for "thecclarcissement" of the treaty, and has asked whether it was meant that his master should declare against France. You shall obtain access to the Emperor and say that the treaty is plain, and is divided in two parts one of which extends only to the invasion of France the other "to the French king and all others." By the first part, we said that the Emperor could not make peace with France without our consent and the Emperor answered that we had consented, alleging the untrue report of his servant the bp. of Arras. "To that he shall answer" that Arras or other servants are no meet personages to make proof against a solemn act of their master,—an example dangerous to the faith of all princes,—and, albeit we should consent as Arras says, the Emperor has not liberty to make peace without us. That we did not consent appears by our letters then sent to the Emperor referring the further declaration of our answer to our ambassador Mr. Wootton, to whom we also wrote; but, presupposing that we had indeed consented and were satisfied, and thereby that part of the treaty was taken away, there remains the other part which binds us against the French king and all others that shall invade. In case the Emperor charge us with breach of the treaty in not keeping our journey to Paris, you shall say that if we would have taken occasion of breach of covenants to enter a bargain with France we had good cause, for the Emperor "neither kept upon the sea the army he was bound to keep, nor yet entered into France by the day appointed," but spent a month besieging places to prepare a way for his victuals; whereas we kept our day of entry into France, although greatly hindered by want of the victuals and carriages, with which the Emperor was bound to furnish us, "and as wisdom and the reason of war requireth, and, taking example at th'Emperor, thought it not expedient to leave any place behind us that might empeach our conduct of victuals," and both the Emperor's ambassadors and the Regent commended our besieging of Boulloyn. The said Bishop shall say, therefore, that we cannot admit any other "esclarcissement" than the words of the treaty purport, which are, that without our consent the Emperor could not make peace with France, and, even if we were at peace and satisfied, the invader, though it were his own brother, the king of Romans, ought to be common enemy, notwithstanding any other treaty. Mary! if the Emperor shall friendly desire us not to press him to declare himself, and shall send us the aid due by the treaty, offering (as he may do without offence of his treaty with France) passage through his countries to horsemen, footmen and munitions coming to us, and mutual traffic of victuals on our frontiers, we will forbear this declaration for a time.
Forasmuch as Granvelle has chief place about the Emperor, the said Bishop shall, with our commendations, tell him that, howsoever his son has dealt in this, we cannot but have a good opinion of his zeal to the continuance of the amity between his master and us, and desire him to assist the said Bishop in all that he has to do. Finally the said Bishop shall by all means devise to know the state of the Emperor and his Court, and of proceedings with the French king, the Scots, the Bishop of Rome, Turk, Venetians and others, and occurrents.
Draft, pp. 10. Endd.: M. to Mr. Wootton (sic), xxviijo July 1545.
28 July. 1293. Van der Delft to Charles V.
VIII., No. 106
Received the Emperor's letters of the 16th about the English ambassador's request for a declaration of war against France and the aid stipulated in case of invasion. Accordingly, obtained audience and, entering upon the principal point, said that, in case the Emperor contributed the aid, he could not be expected to declare war or forbid commerce. The King replied that that was not the treaty, and it was incompatible to aid one side in war and remain friendly with the other. Answering that in view of the King's consent to the Emperor's peace with France, there was no incompatibility, the writer mentioned the non-compliance and was told that the treaty made by the Viceroy was a separate matter and could not derogate from the treaty of alliance; the Emperor himself had not entered France at the day fixed, and his ambassadors had praised the King's proceedings at Boulogne. Replied that the Emperor had fulfilled both the treaty with the Viceroy and the agreement with Paget, and he was sure that the ambassadors in their congratulations did not depart from any point of the treaty; he had thought he had quite convinced the King on the subject of the declaration, for the Council, speaking recently of the aid, made no allusion to it, and when he himself raised it they made no reply. He was confirmed in this because the Council assured him the King had ordered that the Emperor's subjects should be allowed to trade freely with France. The King thereupon became very angry, saying that he looked for the aid accompanied by the declaration; and, calling his Council, he spoke to them harshly in English and looked at the treaty. He then asked Van der Delft to explain the clause referring to invasion, and Winchester made a long speech about the reply made to him in Brussels, viz., that regard for the Emperor's honour, who so recently emerged from the war, and the King's own interests ought to prevent their pressing for this declaration. Told him that he omitted one of the principal points, viz., the complaint made of the King's noncompliance with the treaty. The King promptly remarked that if he considered the treaty broken he had better say so. Said that the Emperor would not proceed to that extremity, but yet must observe his treaty with France, made with the King's consent; and, arguing the matter further, concluded that the consent weakened the provisions of the treaty to the extent of releasing the Emperor from the obligation to declare war. This the King denied; and asked whether if he now made peace with France and France afterwards invaded the Emperor he should be called upon to declare war against France. Answered that, by the treaty, he could not make peace with France without the Emperor's consent. Upon this point he seemed inclined to regard the Emperor's last letter of credence to Vander Delft regretting the recrudescence of war as a consent for him to come to an agreement with his enemy. Finally he asked whether, supposing he were satisfied with the aid alone, the Emperor would be satisfied with his aid alone in a similar case without declaration of war on his part. Vander Delft answered that he supposed not, for it was the consent which in this case gave the Emperor the advantage, and he instanced the Emperor's enmity with Scotland. As the King and Council remained obstinate that the Emperor was bound to declare war, Vander Delft begged the King to pardon his so often repeating the same arguments, and expressed hope that all difficulties would soon disappear with an honorable peace made by the Emperor's intervention, who in last letters again desired to know some means of acting therein. The King took this in good part, but complained that the Emperor had been so slow in pointing out to the French his obligations, which are even mentioned in his treaty with France. Not having seen that treaty, could only repeat that the Emperor had no means of knowing the King's views. Denied that the French were favoured by the Emperor, who had forbidden his subjects to enter French service and held two captains prisoners for disobeying this. Describes how he finally brought the King to say that if the Emperor would write to Vander Delft that affairs did not permit making the declaration required, and would ask him to be satisfied with the aid alone, he would make such a reply as should please the Emperor. Could get nothing beyond this, and Vander Delft pressed for a release of all arrests of property of the Emperor's subjects; telling him that the Emperor would release the sequestrations in Spain on condition that the property captured by Renegat was restored, the gold (as confiscated to the Emperor) delivered to the writer, and the Emperor's subjects indemnified. He answered that this should be done; and referred the writer to his Council.
The Council conceded entire release of seizures, goods suspected to be French being released against security; but they thought he should have patience touching Renegat, who was at sea and the goods in safekeeping.
The mayor of Plymouth and another wealthy citizen are in prison for dealing illegally with the goods of Quintana Dueñas, whom they will have to indemnify, as the Chancellor says. Paget has just come to say that the King thought him dejected yesterday, apparently because he had written to the Emperor only about the aid; the King now acknowledged that he did not instruct his Council to mention the declaration of war, but since the subject came up he must show that he had a right to demand it. Then, after discussing all the points, Paget said he wished to speak in confidence and unofficially; the King was so openhearted that if treated justly and straightforwardly anything might be done with him, but it behoved us to take care we did not lose him. Did the Emperor think that the King should give up Boulogne? I answered that I had no knowledge of that but was sure that you would desire any peace you were instrumental in making to be to the King's honour; had I done wrong in telling the King that Boulogne was not worth fighting for? Paget answered No. AS he seemed pleased, I said that if France would discuss peace without the restoration of Boulogne it might be concluded. Paget readily agreed to this; and soon afterwards took leave and returned to Court.
On the day that last courier left, the French fleet sailed from Wight, leaving the English at anchor, and landed some 1,500 men on the coast some 36 or 40 miles from here towards Dover. As they were not expected they burnt five or six cottages, before the men of the neighbourhood were assembled, who drove them back to their ships with the loss of 100 killed and drowned. It is strange that there is no news of Scotland where this King has so large an army of English, Spaniards and Italians. The King leaves tomorrow to continue his progress. Has just learnt that the Channel passage is again open and the Emperor's subjects may sail freely. Marvels at this sudden coming to reason after the style of talk lately. Portsmouth, 28 July 1545.
28 July. 1294. Van Der Delft to Mary Of Hungary.
viii., No. 107.
Just as last courier was mounting, another arrived with the Emperor's letters of the 16th, which, being addressed through Chapuys, were delayed by being sent to Malines and Louvain. Something to please this King or bring about peace seems desirable. Otherwise he may take a step which may turn to our great disadvantage. Portsmouth, 28 July 1545.
28 July. 1295. Ships in the Thames.
R. O. [A certificate of ships in the Thames, giving in columns the kinds of ships, the names of the ships and their masters (?), tonnage, number of men and "ordnance and furniture" (viz., guns, powder, anchors, cables and sails), as follows:—]
"Ships in the river of Thames xxviij. of Julii 1545 thought meet to serve the King's Majesty, etc., with such furniture as they have of their own proper," viz.:— Hulks: Hans Martenbecke, The Christofer (fn. n1), 500 tons, 36 men, "slings 13, chambers 26, powder firkins 5, sails new, anchors 4, cables 4"; Hans Nulke, The Christofer, 160t., 28m. Clenchiers: Hans Myller, The Swanne (fn. n1), 500t. 31m.; Andrew Bucke, The Christofer (fn. n1), 400t. 22m.; Chr. Court, The Christofer Fortune (fn. n1), 400t., 20m.; Courte Prewce, Thesell (fn. n1), 450t., 28m.; Johan de Sueta (a "Hispanyarde "), 220t., 33m. Boyars: Walter Shosche, The Christofer, 120t.13m.; Clayse Tymber, The Goose of Hambrughe, 150t. 5m.; Mr. George Barnes, The George Bonaventure (English), 200t., (blank) m., "the ship is leaky and shall be grounded this tide."
ii. "Hulkes not servyable," viz.:— Clenchiers: John Courte, The Raynolde, 200t. 18m.; Hans Bruske, The Salvator, 300t., 23m.; Peter Crone, Dromondorie, 380t., 20m.; Petrus de Soza, Sanete Marie et Josephi (a Venetian), 250t., 21m. Signed: Antony Huse: Wyll'm Watson: Rychard Howlet.
Pp. 3 (paper roll). Endd. A view taken by Mr. Husey, etc., of the ships in the Tham[es].
28 July. 1296. The Salvador Of Cadiz.
Lansd. MS.
170, f. 312.
Notarial instrument witnessing that 28 July 1545, 37 Hen. VIII., Nic. de Harraria of Cadiz in Spain and Wm. Wilford, grocer, of London and Cadiz, owners of the ship Salvador of Cadiz, now at London, are bound to Martin de Astigarenia, of Motrico, pilot of the said ship, in 50 ducats received by exchange for victualling and apparelling the said ship, to be paid at Cadiz for his services in the pilotage of her thither. Made in Lombard Street, London, in presence of Arnoldo Maven and Gra'de Juria, merchants.
Lat. Modern copy, pp. 3.
28 July. 1297. Sir Ric. Long and Others to Suffolk.
r. o On Saturday last (fn. n2) one Mychell of Sussex sent a post to us in Kent with a great alarm that the Frenchmen were on land, but, as he sent no letter, "wee neyther dyd ryng the larum ner steeryd nat." The same evening, at 10 p.m., came a letter (copy herewith) from Mr. Gawge, (fn. n3) out of Sussex, whereupon we rang the alarm and fired all our beacons. We were at Ukfyld by 9 or 10 a.m. on Sunday, and all the rest of the gentlemen were there the same night. After waiting for some advertisement from them of Sussex who lay near to the Frenchmen we were constrained to send a gentleman, with a guide, to them; and on Monday at 11 a.m. they sent word that we should turn back. As they sent no letter we thought ourselves, being so many gentlemen, not gently handled and therefore advertise your Grace of the premises. From the King's house of Knoll, 28 July. Signed: Rychard Long: Percyvall Hart: George Herper: Nicholas Sybyll with others.
Pp. 2. Add. Endd.: 1545.
28 July. 1298. Henry VIII. and the Lord Of The Isles.
R. O.
St. p., v.477.
Commission of Donald lord of the Isles and earl of Ross, with the advice of his barons and council of the Isles (viz., "Hector Maclane, lord of Doward, Jhone Macallister, (fn. n4) capitane of Clanrannald, Rore Macleod of Lewis, Alexr Macleod Dumveggane, Mwrdoch Maclane of Lochbowy, Angus Maconill, brudir germane to James Maconill, Allane Maclane of Torloske, brudir germane to ye lord Maclan, Archibald Maconill capitane of Clanhustoun, Alexr Mackeyn of Ardnamurchane, Jhone Maclane of Coll, Gilleganan Macneill of Barray, Edwin Mackynnan of Straquhordill, Jhone Macquore of Wlway, Jhoun Maclane of Ardgor, Alexr Bannaldsoun of Glengerre, Angus Rannaldsoun of Knwdeort, Donald Maclane of Kengerrloch") to Rore Macallister, bp. elect of the Isles and dean of Morwarne, and Mr. Patrick Maclane, brother germane to Lord Maclane, bailze of Ycomkill and justice clerk of the South Isles, to deal with Henry VIII. as shall be commanded them by Matthew earl of Lennox, "secund persoun" of the realm of Scotland. The lord of the Isles and his barons have subscribed their names with "hand at the pen" because they "cannot write," and the said lord has given the commissioners his own signet, to be used as Lennox shall command. Witnesses, Patrik Colquhoun of Pemwnt, Wateir Macfarlan of Ardlys, Sir Archibald McGillevray, vicar of Killane, Mr. Jhonn Carsuell, notaries public, with others. Names subscribed, in two different handwritings, each followed by the words "with my hand at the pen."
Notarial certificate by John Carsuell and Archibald McGilvray that the above was made at Ellencarne, 28 July 1545.
Pp. 2.
28 July. 1299. Vaughan to Wriothesley.
R. O. Has paid Frederick van Riffenbergh the 5,500l. Fl. exchanged in England with Antony Bonvoys and Ancelyn Salvage, whose bill for 5,500l. Fl. was made payable here to Vaughan or Mr. Chamberleyn and seems to answer the 4,400l. st. mentioned in Wriothesley's letter. The said Frederic, being assured of all his men, says that Secretary Paget willed him to make no great haste until advertised what to do. It were well to answer him, for "time goeth fast away." This day Vaughan's servant, sent to Calles with his letters to the King, brought word of the arrival of the French fleet at St. Heleyns Poynt beside the Isle of Wight, "of the bowgyng of ij of the French galleys and takyng of one of their ships." Prays God send the King good luck, and that they may never return again. Men say that the Emperor will shortly return hither out of Almayn. Andwerp, 28 July.
P.S.— Today, at 1 p.m., Barth. Compaigne's servant brought Wriothesley's letter, together with a letter to Dymock, which shall be sent with diligence; but, as bearer is already on horseback, defers answer until his next. Much regard is given to the present war. Prays God, who has wonderfully blessed the King, to increase his "luck over these enemies, that his Majesty's power may be drad over the world." The letters he sent to Calles were straight passed over to Dover, and will show that he bought the alum at 16s. 6d. per cwt. and bartered the lead at 4l. 13s. 4d. per fodder; "and now lacketh nothing but answer from your Lordship." Knows not how ill success in the present wars might alter the matters, both of Jasper Dowche and of the alum; "but, if all be well, the King's Majesty shall have what shall please him and reign, as far as I perceive, over them all; for men have little hope in the French affairs. The ships are gone out evil furnished with all things and with evil hearts. Encourage therefore, my lord, the people, for, I ascertain your Lordship, there is no cause of doubt nor fear."
Will deliver Jasper Dowche's letter and write a resolute answer.
Hol., pp. 3. Add. (as to be forwarded by the Lord Deputy of Calais). Endd.: 1545.
Lansd. Mso
171, f. 123.
B. M.
2. Vaughan's contract with Ferd. de Asa and Martin de Lopez for 30,000 kintals of alum of Civita Vecchia to be delivered in London before Easter next at 16s. 6d. per cwt. 28 July 1545. "Subsigné par le Roy."
Latin. Later copy, pp. 2.
28 July. 1300. Wm. Damesell to Paget.
r. o Having long since written to the Lord Chancellor and, not being sure whether his Lordship is at Court, desires Paget to inform the King that, since coming hither, the writer has been in Gelderland suing for passport of these 600 barrels of gunpowder remaining of the King's provision. The Lady Regent and her Council gently put him off from day to day for twelve days, and then sent her secretary, Jacques de la Torre, hither with him to command the officers to pass the barrels without enquiring the contents; and also required the writer to lade them secretly, because the French king, being lately denied such passport, alleged that the King is permitted to have powder and munition hence at will, which those here will not acknowledge. Has now, according to my lord Chancellor's order, laden most of it, with other merchants' goods, in six hoys, four of which are already gone down to Zeland, and will lade the remaining 100 and odd barrels when he can find two more hoys. Asks what reward to give this secretary. Has also laden some "luntes" required by the master of the Ordnance.
Was commanded by the King to search for certain brass and iron ordnance at Syrycke See, but found there only three hulks of 200 tons, "no karvells but clynchers, such as the King's Majesty would not have, no manner of ordnance belonging unto them." The great ships lie at Armewe, where is ordnance to be sold for ready money, or else for sureties here, "for they fear a breach betwixt us and them." Was shown by the King that Sir John Gresham would give him 1,000l. for this, and that he should have a man appointed to choose it; and he could find it both in Zelond and Houlland, but doubts to get it away without licence, "these villains are so spiteful against our nation." The King can be best served from Breme or Hambrought.
Encloses a packet for my lord of Suffolke. Andwerpe, 28 July 1545.
HoL, pp. 3. Add.Endd.
28 July. 1301. St. Mauris to Covos.
* * *
viii., No. 108.
The French fleet has returned from Wight to Dieppe, having failed to win the harbour. An attack will be made upon Boulogne, or else another descent upon England. Here is rumour by merchants of Rouen that our Princess is dead. Caudebec, 28 July 1545.
*** A modern transcripts is in B.M., Add. MS. 28, 594 f. 146. Fr., pp. 2.
29 July. 1302. The Privy Council.
A. P. C., 222.
Meeting at Portsmouth, 29 July. Present: Chancellor, Suffolk, Winchester, St. John, Browne, Wingfield, Paget. Business:— Warrant to Williams to deliver to Win. Watson 27l. disbursed about lading 300 fother of lead at Hull. Letter to Deputy of Calais to examine a controversy between the mayor and aldermen and a certain person who refused to accept the aldermanship and maintain the policy of the town. Letter to the mayor of Dartmouth to deliver the Santo Stefano, laden with woad of Juan Carlo Delli Affaetadi, to Bastiano Franco, who has bound himself to be answerable if the goods are proved French. Like letter to the mayor of Topsam to dismiss the Santo Christofano.
29 July. 1303. Men for Boulogne.
R. O. Warrant to the treasurer and chamberlains of the Exchequer to deliver the mayor of London 200l. for coats to be provided for 1,000 men to be transported out of London to Boloingn. The Rolles, 29 July 1545. Signed: Robert Sowthwell: Ric. Southwell: Edward North.
P. 1.
29 July. 1304. The Council in London to the Privy Council.
r. o This 29th July Mr. Toloos and Mr. Jerves, aldermen of London, brought the Council's letters of 27 July, directed to the Mayor, by which it appears that the 1,000 men of London should be transported to Calais. Former letters of 26 July commanded the writers to ship them and others of other shires to the number of 3,100 (none of whom are yet come) to Boloin. Beg instructions. Lyncoln Hows, 29 July 1545. Signed: John Bakere: Robert Sowthwell: Ryc. Southwell: Edward North.
P. 1. Add. Endd.
29 July. 1305. Sir John Gresham to Wriothesley.
R. O. Has received a letter from Win. Damessell of the 22nd inst., in which he writes that, after long suit, he has the Lady Regent's licence to lade 50 last of gunpowder, as appears by his letter herewith. As Damesell charges the writer and his brother, Sir Ric. Gresham, to pay at sight 3,000l. st. which with the other 1,000l. makes 4,000l., begs a warrant, by bearer, directed to Mr. Chancellor of the Tenths or Sir Edm. Peckham, cofferer, or some other, for the same. London, 29 July. Signed.
P. 1. Add,: "To the right honorable and his singular good lord, my lorde Chancellor." Endd.: [154]5. (fn. n5)
29 July. 1306. Sir Edward Warnere to the Council.
R. O. Opened their letter directed to the King's lieutenant here (who at his departing hence authorised this) and perceives "that the Hampshire and Sussex men shall be all sent over." Expects the lieutenant tonight; and reminds them to "send boats or hoys to this side of the water to transport them." Sandy Bay in the Isle of Wyght, 29 July.
Hol., p. l. Add. Endd.: 1545.
29 July. 1307. Russell to the Council.
R. O. As directed by their letters of the 24th inst., will see to the restitution of the Raven of Lubeck, which was only stayed because of special letters from them. Yesternight, after his [comi]ng from Dartmouth, received letters from [the may]or and brethren declaring that [a shi]pp of Wales had arrived at that po[rt] from Jernesey on the 26th inst. and reported that, on Monday was fortnight, a hundred and f[ifty] ships anchored at Jernesey and sent boats aland for thirty bullocks, promising the captain of Jernesey to do no damage if these were given. The captain refused, and defied them. That night the wind came at N.W. "and drove [the] said French ships, of the which be ten ships [of] war, into the haven of St. Mallowes where a[s yet] they remain, tarrying for aid of the galleys [to cond]uct them in[to] New Havon. There are of they[m tw]enty shippes of tw[o] toppes apiece and threttie but of [on]e topp: the rest be but small shippes and ballyngers laden . . . . . . . . . salte and victualles." As he wrote in last letters, divers Portuguese and Spanish ships are in these parts, "the men in such great misery, both [for] lack of wares and also victuals, that great pity it is to see, though they were Jewes, which I think be little better. I beseech ye, my lords, that I may know your pleasures for them." Excetour, 29 July. Signed.
P. 1. Mutilated. Add. Endd.: 1545.
29 July. 1308. Hertford, Tunstall and Sadler to paget.
R. O.
St. P., v.479
Send letters received by Hertford from the Wardens, showing that the Scots defer their great assembly on Roslyn More, albeit the report of the Warden of the East Marches is contrary to the rest. Think that the Scots are waiting for the landing of the French fleet on this coast, which fleet, by the Council's letters received by Hertford yesternight, left Portesmouth on Saturday last. (fn. n6) Wrote in last letters that lord Maxwell should repair to the Tower of London; who, on hearing that he should go to London, took such grief (begging to be used with the red cross on his coat as an English soldier or else imprisoned here, or appointed to remain here abouts till word came again from the King) that Hertford was forced to appoint him to remain with the Archbishop of York until the King's pleasure might be further known; and he departed thitherwards yesterday. He said that the Lord Chancellor declared to him that the King forgave him all things past; and he had not since offended, nor would offend, although his friends in Scotland failed him. Hertford answered that, if it were so, he need not doubt but that he should be well treated "as a man in his case"; and, indeed, if his report be true, the King and Council may consider whether it is expedient to send him again to the Tower. Newcastell, 29 July 1545. Signed.
Pp. 2. Add. Endd.
29 July. 1309. Hertford to Paget.
R. O. Earnestly requests Paget to make an end of his (the writer's) suit, and return Thinne hither with the resolution. No other occurrents than he has already written. Newcastell, 29 July.
Hol. p. 2. Add.Endd.: 1545.
29 July. 1310. Ludovico da Monte to Jeronimo Martelosso.
No. 343.
The English ambassador (fn. n7) has negociated with lord Alovise di Gonzaga to be general of all the King's Italian troops, whose colonel Ludovico da l'Armi was to have come here between the 20th and 24th inst. but is not yet arrived. Gathers from words uttered by the English at Verona that they mean with 10,000 foot and 600 horse to assist the Duke of Savoy to recover his territory in Piedmont, but nothing can be done without the Emperor's consent as the force is insufficient and the Duke penniless. Evidently the King has some design in Italy; for Da L'Armi has sent 80 men to England, but not one officer, telling the writer and his brother that he wished to have them here. Desires Martelosso to obtain him the Signory's permission to go about freely, and he will keep them informed of all that happens. Verona, 29 July 1545.
30 July. 1311. The Privy Council.
A. P. C., 223.
Meeting at Portsmouth, 30 July. Present: Chancellor, Suffolk, Winchester, St. John, Browne, Wingfield, Paget. Business:—Letters, on behalf of John Smith of Flushing, to Mr. Stanhoppe for a boat laden with wines at Hull, to John Fletcher of Rye for a hoy laden with fish, and to the mayor of Yarmouth for a boat laden with nets. Letter to the Council at London to send soldiers arriving there to Dover by land. Letter to my Lord Poyninges and my lord Deputy of Calais signifying the sending over of 5,000 men under my lord of Surrey. Letter to the mayor of Plymouth to release all vessels stayed by the general restraint. Letter to my lord Admiral to permit five ships of John de Quintanaduenas to depart from Portsmouth into Spain, the said John having entered bond to answer for their value if proved French. Like letter for release of a ship of Anthony Bouvyse (sic), and another for Barth. Compaygne. Letter to my lord Warden for release of the general restraint. Letter to my lord Admiral to permit three French mariners to pass, whose ransom the King had given to Lartigne (sic).
30 July. 1312. Anticipation of the Subsidy.
R. O. Warrant to the treasurer and chamberlains of the Exchequer to deliver Mycell Davy, for the King, "of the money received of the anticipation of the temporal subsidy," 4,000l. st. The Rolls, 30 July. Signed: Ric. Southwell: Edward North: Robert Sowthwell.
P. 1.
30 July. 1313. Cheyney and Seymour to [the Council at London].
R. O.
St. p., I 795.
Having received letters from the King's Council, dated Portesmouth, 27th inst., for transportation of 5,000 footmen from Norfolk, Suffolk and London to Caleys, to embark within ten days after the date of the said letters, willing us to cause the ships which keep the Narrowe Seas to discover whether the passage were clear, we think good to signify to you that all the French fleet lies "in Saint John's Roode and all along the coast over against Boloyn"; so that we think it not possible to transport them without great danger. Devour, 30 July. Signatures copied: T. Cheney: T. Seymour.
Copy, p. 1.
30 July. 1314. Suffolk and St. John to the Council.
R. O. At your being at Portesmouthe it was ordered amongst us that the Spaniards should have their ships and goods; and I, the lord Chamberlain, was appointed to deliver them their writings, "whiche is all p[er]fou[rmed?] . . . . . . . . . [t]hat tyme my lord Admyrall, having knowledge of their delyvery," said that parcel thereof was Frenchmen's goods and the King at departing told him he meant not to part with Frenchmen's goods. These consist of a few parcels under a certain mark, and the merchant trusts that the order that was taken is a full discharge, but says he is at your Lordships' order. We beg instructions. Portesmothe, Thursday, 30 July 1545. Signed.
P. 1. Slightly mutilated. Add. Endd.
30 July. 1315. Hertford, Tunstall and Sadler to Henry VIII.
R. O.
St. P., v. 480.
Gratian Borasso, a native of Mayorca and now broker in Antwerp, has brought from the French king to Captains Charles Navarro and Morgante, now here in the King's service, two letters finely closed in silk buttons. Borasso, pretending to do the King a great service, delivered the letters to one Sanctacillia, also a native of Mayorca, who, at the suit of Chapuys, late the Emperor's ambassador, was commended by Suffolk to Hertford's service, to whom he forthwith brought the letters. Hertford thereupon caused Mr. Knyvet and Mr. Hobbye to examine Borasso, whose confession and answers to certain interrogatories are sent herewith, and who will tomorrow be sent up. Now, albeit Borasso pretended to do a service, it may be a practice to bring the said captains and all the Clevoyes in suspicion; for, if such practices as Borasso confesses were made in Flanders with Captain Lightmaker, they would no thave been divulged to Borasso; for, a matter of such importance, the Clevoyes being a great part of the horsemen here, would be wrought most secretly. If it be not true that the matter was moved to Lightmaker it is altogether a device to bring the said captains in suspicion. Suppose that Lightmaker is there and may be examined. If the King will have Charles Navarro and Morgant spoken with, the letters should be sent back to be shown; and meanwhile, as Borasso alleges that they are not privy to the matter, Hertford will make them good countenance as before, and yet trust them no further than "appertaineth." Newcastell, 30 July 1545. Signed.
Pp. 2. Add. Endd.
30 July. 1316. Vaughan to Henry VIII.
R. O. Upon receipt of letters from my lord Chancellor and Sir Wm. Paget, I sent for Jasper Dowche and showed him that his obscure writing to Mr. Secretary and short writing to Barth. Compaigne needed explanation; and asked, first, whether Henry should pay more for the jewels than 30,000 cr. and, second, whether, the jewels being part of the 300,000 cr., the King should pay interest for them or only for 270,000 cr. He answered, contrary to his former promise, that he bargained with the Fowker to serve Henry with 300,000 ducats of 6s. 8d. Fl., at 10 per cent. for one year, in payment whereof Henry should take the jewels viewed by Peter Vanden Wale and set by the Fowker at 50,000 cr. at a price in which the said Peter should consider the service done to Henry by this emprunture at so small interest and not as the said Peter valued them before; he would not sustain the loss of 20,000 cr., but, as he presently writes to Secretary Paget, he would, if satisfied for his herrings, cause the Fowker to deliver the jewels for 40,000 cr. and pay the rest of the 50,000 cr. himself; he could if necessary cause half the money to be paid at Franckfort fair next September, and the rest at Andwerp, but as to payments in Hanborow, Breme or Lubeck there was no way save by bringing money from hence, which was too dangerous. He would not undertake to deliver the money in England, and Vaughan would not speak therein for fear of arousing suspicion. He would pay the whole sum here next August. He thought that as the price of the jewels was respited, reason would that interest should be paid upon it. But, as he swerved from his first price of the jewels, I "waded no further with him," saying that I had little courage either to send his letters into England or write any more therein. If, upon sight of Jasper Dowche's letters, it is resolved to go through with him, regard must be had to avoid arrest, and Vaughan must know where the money is to be used, so as to get the right kind. The money is ready, and Jasper Dowche will be sore aggrieved if it is not taken, and perhaps offer it to the French King's agents. The 100,000 cr. which the said agents seek upon "gajeur " of the lady of Vandome's revenues here "will not be had except a full sale be made of the same, and in this point, peradventure, th' Emperor hearing of th' ingajeur of those revenues, hath covertly set to buy them." In the Fowkers' matter Jasper Dowche writes both to Paget and Barth. Compaigne. It is said that the Princess of Spain is dead. If so the Emperor may seek him a new marriage in France. Frederic van Riffenberg has received all the money exchanged hither, except 1,000l. F1., which Vaughan has stayed by Paget's command, and will be able to "furnish his promise ' both for horsemen and footmen. Lately sent a contract subscribed by Fernando de Assa and Martin Lopes for 30,000 or 31,000 "kyntalles" of alum upon four conditions; but if the King send a signed promise to receive the alum in Hampton or London before next Easter and deliver lead for it at 4l. 13s. 4d. the fodder, Vaughan trusts to get their bond without these four conditions. Answer should be sent hither soon, for it will not be had another time, especially if the Emperor hear of it. Told them beforehand that it was but labour lost to put the said four points in their contract.
At the writing hereof, was told that letters were come to a merchant of Almayn reporting that the Emperor gathered men "to set the Duke of Brunswike again into his country." In Italy they mislike the Emperor's sending an ambassador to the Turk, and so encouraging him.
Fearing that the King would not accept the bargain with Jasper Dowche, has bargained with Chr. Haller, an Almain of whom he lately wrote to Paget, for 40,000 cr. to be lent to the King for one year at 13 per cent, (signed contract sent herewith) upon obligations of certain persons here; Vaughan undertaking to tell him certainly by 9 Aug. next or else pay him 200 cr. and cancel the bargain. This seems a more commodious bargain than that with the Fowker, as there are no jewels proffered nor other matter of trouble demanded; and doubtless more such bargains could be made. Would like to know the King's pleasure before 9 Aug., so as not to lose the 200 cr., and the obligations may be sent later; but the money will not be paid until Vaughan delivers the obligations. Andwerp, 30 July, towards night.
Hol. (except the last paragraph), pp. 8. Add. Endd.
R. O. 2. Contract, made 30 July 1545, between Stephen Vaughan and Chr. Haller, by which the latter shall furnish within the month of August 40,000 cr. in valued silver, or Vaughan may be quit of the bargain by paying 200 cr. of gold before 9 Aug. next. Haller shall furnish the money, or 30,000 cr. or 50,000 cr. more if he will, at 12 per cent, interest and 1 per cent, gratuity to be repaid at the payments of the fair of Pentecost 1546 in Antwerp. In security each of the following are to give two identical obligations for one third part of the sum, viz., (1) Messire Jehan Charlo delly Affaytatti, (2) Francisco Michaheli and Jher. Arnoldfini and (3) Balthasar Gunigi and Jehan Balbani or Jher. Deodatti. Antwerp, 30 July 1545. Signed: Steph'us Vaughan: Crlstofle Haller.
Pp. 2. Endd.
30 July. 1317. Vaughan to Wriothesley and Paget.
R. O. Has received their joint letter and also one from Paget about the matter of Jasper Dowche, of which he writes herewith to the King, and sends also letters from Jasper Dowche to Paget and to Bartilmew Compaigne. Jasper Dowche will lose if the King refuse the bargain, as Vaughan guesses he will. Has paid him for his pains in other bargains made last year, at ½ per cent. 300l. Fl. Sent an express messenger to Breme with their letter to Dymok. Frederic van Riffenberg has received all the money exchanged hither save 1,000l. Fl. which remained unpaid at the receipt of Paget's letter. Riffenberg will be able to serve with his number of horsemen and footmen. Looks daily for answer as to the alum and to Riffenbergh's matter. "I find no way to provide for the scruple of arrest unless it be found with your honours there" Certain folks of John Balbany's house and John Carolo's house have asked advice for money which they are charged to make for the King in Culleyn. Knows nothing thereof and therefore could not answer; but considers that he should know ere this if the matter should go forward. If the King take the Fowker's jewels at 40,000 cr. no interest should be paid. Pray send Bar. Compaigne his letters. Describes (as in No. 1316) his bargain with Chr. Haller. To maintain the writer's credit, bearer must return hither by 9 Aug. It is a better bargain than Jasper Dowche's; and if not taken, the money will go to France. Andwerp, 30 July, towards night.
Hol., pp. 3. Add. (with mem. to Pay bearer for the return journey). Endd.
30 July. 1318. Vaughan to Lord Cobham.
Harl. MS.
283, f. 233.
I send my servant this bearer with great diligence to the King. Please help him to passage with all possible speed. "Jasper Doches jennet will not be had: he is lately hurt." In great haste from Andwerp, 30 July, towards night.
Hol, p. 1. Add.: deputy of Calais.
30 July. 1319. The Emperor and the Diet.
R. O. "Summa eorum quæ Imperator et Romanorum Rex omnibus Sacri Imperii statibus proposuerunt, 28 Julii 1545."
That the King of Romans' states are impoverished by the long war with the Turk and have never recovered from the debt incurred by the winter garrison left by the Marquis of Brandenburg and other commissioners in 1542, and that they must have assistance, &c.
The States of the Empire consulting upon this today, 30 July, have deferred all to next Diet.
Lat. In Thalassius's hand, pp. 3. Endd. as above.
31 July. 1320. The Privy Council.
A.P C., 223.
Meeting at Titchefelde, 31 July. Present: Chancellor, Essex, Master of the Horse, Wingfield, Paget, Petre. Business:— Warrant to Mr. Williams to deliver Sir Richard and Sir John Gresham 4,000l., for so much by them sent over in exchange; also to deliver the lieutenant of the Tower 200l.
Another meeting at Titchefelde the same day. Business:— Letter to my lord of Suffolk of the order taken for delivery of ships and goods of the Emperor's subjects; also to dismiss the Wiltshire men remaining at Lymington and satisfy the customer of Pole for costs in presting certain mariners.
31 July. 1321. The Council at London to the Privy Council.
R. O.
St. P., i. 795.
Having taken order with the mayor and aldermen of London for the speedy transporting of the thousand men to Galleys, we received letters (copy herewith) from Mr. Treasurer and Sir Thomas Seymour, and accordingly stayed embarking the men, until your pleasure be known therein and for the men coming from Bedford and other shires. We have written to Mr. Treasurer and Mr. Seamour to advertise "the Frenchmen's being, where without peril we may make transportation." Lyncoln Place, last of July. Signed: John Bakere: Robert Sowthwell: Edward North: Ric. Southwell.
P. 1. Add.Endd.:1545.
31 July. 1322. The Council At London to Surrey.
R. O.
Howard, 170.
Enclose copy of a letter, received this last of July between 10 and 11 o'clock, that he may "weigh the consideration of the stay of Londoners." As the Lord Warden and Sir Thomas Seymour have been diligent to signify the peril, the writers have written to them to signify "when time shall be to convey the number appointed to pass from hence." Commendations to his father. London, last of July, 37 Henry VIII. Signed: John Bakere: Robert Sowthwell: Ric. Southwell: Edward North.
P. 1. Add.: at Kennengall, in the county of Norfolk. Endd.
31 July. 1323. The Privy Council to [Norfolk].
Harl. MS.
6989, f. 138.
Have received his letters of the 28th inst. and accordingly addressed forth the King's letters under stamp to the shires of Beds, Herts, Ntht. and Leic. And where the taking of 1,500 men out of Norfolk alone may be a great disfurniture in case the enemies should attempt anything there, his Lordship may take that number out of Norfolk and Suffolk at discretion and appoint convenient captains for them. Tichefeld, 31 July 1545.
P. S.— "The Frenchmen be now upon the coast towards Dover, between Hithe and Lyde, eight mile from the land. They have sent their galleys to Boloyn. They have made two or three descents, but all to our advantage." Signed by Wriothesley, Essex, Browne and Wyngfeld.
P. 1. Fly leaf with address lost.
31 July. 1324. [Paget] to the Council at London.
R. O. The King has seen your letters with the schedules therein of the declaration of the ships and their furniture, for the preparation whereof Wm. Watson was sent thither, and your proceedings for the getting in of money; "and also the copies of two other letters lately found there in London." His Highness thanks you, not doubting but that you will travail to get in as much money as you can, and requires the ships in the enclosed schedule to be hastened forth, furnished with mariners out of the rest, and with ordnance also, either borrowed or bought. For the setting forth of the said five ships his Highness thinks eight days too long; and as for their assurance, it is a thing not accustomed in such cases, but you must make them fair promises, in general terms, that when His Highness, who tarries for them at Portesmouth, sees them make diligence, he will favour them. As it appears that they must have money beforehand, you are to speak "with some of the Stilyard which be of the same townes (?) that they be of, and to procure the same to persuade the masters of the said v. ships to serve frankly and to be contented to take some pain at this present for his Majesty's contentation." In my fantasy, if the ordnance were brought by land, the ships, being only furnished merchantlike, as if going to the Bay, might be suffered to pass the enemy, for the enemies are now not far from Dover. When you ship your own soldiers and the rest out of the shires, it must be in places whence they may pass surely to Calays, where all must land. Knowledge of this may be had from the lord Warden of the Five Ports.
Draft in Payet's hand, pp. 2. Endd.: Mynute to the Consayl at London, ulto. Julii 1545.
31 July. 1325. Suffolk to Paget.
R. O. Perceives that the King is informed that great shot have been heard upon the sea about the Hurst. No such thing has been heard. Hears nothing of the Western fleet. Here are neither pickaxes, mattocks uor [sho]wls to set men awork with. Will with speed set men to the weighing of the Mary Rose. Portesmouth, last of July 1545. Signed.
P.S.—The King's works here will be hastened, but it is almost as difficult to get pioneers as tools.
P. 1. Add. Endd.
31 July. 1326. Suffolk to Paget.
R. O. Begs favour for Sir Fras. Leke, who writes that Mr. Hilton will grow to no good end touching the farm of Tymmowth. Portesmowth, last of July 1545. Signed.
P.S.—Encloses Mr. Leeke's letter, who without Paget's help will be unable to live there. "Mr. Hilton is somewhat too strait laced." Pray have a special regard both for Mr. Leke's wages and the other things mentioned in the said letter.
P. 1. Add. Endd.
31 July. 1327. Françoys Vander Dilft to Paget.
R. O. Bearer came to him at his arrival here with complaints to be presented to the King's Council, and, as the man seems to have been ill-treated (souffert grande rudesse), the writer begs Paget to assist him.
Understanding that some of the places to which the King intends to make his progress cannot well lodge his own suit, begs to know where to go in order that he may best follow and serve his Majesty. Antone, 31 July 1545.
French. Hol., p. 1. Add. Sealed. Endd.
31 July. 1328. Françoys Vander Dilft to Paget.
R. O. The bearer desires to enjoy the release of his ship, like all the other desarreatez, unless the King wishes to use it. Antone, 31 July 1545.
French. Hol., p. 1. Add. Endd.
31 July, 1329. Sir Edward Bellyngham to Henry VIII.
R. O. According to the King's pleasure declared by Mr. Blunt, has taken the musters, and encloses the names of the leaders with their numbers. The crew was 3.498, the inhabitants and labourers at Sandyngbay, 1,716; and, now that the Ampshyre men are sent away, the crew is but 812. Commends the captain, who explains that the inhabitants and labourers in the Wythe are fewer than heretofore (the King told the writer that he should find over 2,000) because most of the labourers at Sandyng Bay were discharged, the mariners are taken up for shipping, and others have fled the isle or are dead. Fifty not mentioned in this book are bestowed in the blockhouses. Has been round the island, on the south side by land and on the north by water. On the south side are no roads for either ships or boats, so that men invading there must trust entirely to what they shall find within the Isle. On the north side are safe landing places; but then the enemy are not masters of the sea, although the King's navy does not come nigh them, and the country is there unmeet for conveying artillery or marching, as it is "fowle, full of egerowse, lans, dyks, wods, yll and dale, and in sum placys marys." Expects that the enemy's galleys will make war by landing men to spoil and burn; and the remedy is to make bulwarks "by the hard shore" in the most likely places, for galleys will never enter land thus fortified for fear of attack at their retirement, which must often be hurried.
"I have sent your Majesty the spoyle of the gentylmen, (fn. n8) by Master Sands [who hathe] verye honestly holp my lord Sands in orderyng of hys men, and whythe hym the man that kyllyd one of the gentylmen, who hathe gret prays of the gentylmen and sogyars that say whythe what spyryt and stomak a dyd yt." The last of July.
HoL, pp. 4. Fly leaf with address lost.
R. O. 2. List of names of the captains and numbers of their men who "came out of Hampshire to serve the King's Majesty in the Isle of Wight," viz:—
The lord Chancellor's band, Oliver Wallope, captain, 201; the lord Chamberlain's band, Mr. Pawlet, Mr. Waller, Mr. Baddock, Mr. Powell, captains, 590; the lord Sandes band, Wm. Gounter, petty-captain, 202; Sir Wm. Barkeley's band, 113; Sir Michael Lyster, Cresset, petty-captain, 261; Sir Owen Weste band, Fras. Ynkpen, petty-captain, 99; Mr. Kings-myll, 172; the Shryve's band, Wm. Leylond, petty-captain, 169; Mr. Seint John, Mr. Gyfford, Mr. Coke, Mr. Pyster, captains, 242; Mr. Fraunses, Mr. Parrys, captains, 94; Mr. Bowsse, captain, 300; Mr. Ogden, captain, 91; Mr. Henry Calawey, captain, 147. Total, 2,681 men.
Out of Wiltshire.—Sir Wm. Harbardes band, Mr. More, captain, 89; John Caunterbery, captain, 54; Thos. Page, Wm. Bower, captains, 134; John Warde, Wm. Radishe, captains, 84; Thos. Gawen, captain, 66; Wm. Benet, captain, 46; Robert Tyderley, John Heyter, captains, 39; John Hamme, captain, 48; George Poten, Edm. Somerset, captains, 85; Nic. Story, captain, 21; John Stephens, captain, 47; Morrys Mapull, captain, 77; Thos. Gyfford, captain, 22. Total, 812 men.
Memorandum, all the Hampshire men are departed, and the Wiltshire men are encamped, 361 at Sandam Bay, 352 at Freswater Gate under Mr. Fras. Knowlles, and 99 at Sharpe Node.
Names of the "centeners" and the number of their men inhabiting the Isle, viz.:—John Worsley 240, Thos. Rice 50, George Mylle and Ric. Coke 94, Giles Worsle 110, George Oglander 80, Germyn Richardes and Wm. Howies 70, John Mewes 210, Thos. Temes 131, Nic. Cheke 104, Nic. Borman 104, Thos. Standishe 87, John Collyns 202, John Portynary, captain of the labourers at Sandham Bay, has 234. Total 1,716 men.
Long paper, pp. 4. Headed by Bellyngham: The last day of July.
31 July. 1330. Gentlemen of Worcestershire to the Council.
R. O. The King's subjects of the county of Worcester, upon a second firing of the beacons of Oxfordshire, set forward towards Portismowthe, and after three days' journey received, between Wantaige and Newbery, about 10 a.m., the Council's letters for their retirement until again warned; whereupon they returned and came home on Wednesday night. (fn. n9) That night, about midnight, Mr. Sergeant Knottisford arrived at his house at Malverne, reporting that the shire should forthwith make all haste towards Portismowthe, but could show no written warrant and would not tarry to meet the sheriff and gentlemen at Wiche next day. The writers have therefore not accepted his warning, especially as he declared it very doubtfully, and also told the bailey of Worcestre and others "how that my lord of Suffolche his Grace and the Master of thorse, both of them [sayd ?] . . . . . . . . of the 1'res which it . . . . . . . . . . [th] em to addresse unto us for our sayd [return], wee surely arre to our greate heavines and regreete so perplexed and put in doubte that we wel wot not what is to be chosen for the best." Conclude however, as the said Serjeant reported that both Oxfordshire and Berkshire retired back, that there is no present danger. Wiche, last of July. Signed: John Talbot, sheryff: John Russell: John Pakyngton: Raff Sheldon: Xpofer Savage: Jo. Bourne; Will'm Cokesey: Thomas Blownt: Walter Blount: Will'm Sheldon: Wyllyam Gowere: John Vampa[ge]: Will'm Pynnoc[k]: Henry Russell.
Pp. 3. Add. Endd.: 1545.
31 July. 1331. [Russell] to the Officers of the Ports.
R. O. Knowing the King's long expectation after the Western ships, for which I have addressed to you sundry letters and trust that all which you signified to be ready are ere this gone to Portesmouthe, I desire you to ascertain me in writing what ships are gone thither, the wind being favourable as it is, and what remain not thoroughly furnished. And where I was commanded to write to you and all other ports of these West parts for the general restraint of all vessels, they are now to be set at liberty, foreseeing always that those appointed for Portesmouthe go thither to attend the King's fleet. Any adventurers who may come in are to give sureties to repair thither also. If any show himself unwilling I will punish him although he were mine own near kinsman. "Further praying you that if there shall arrive into your port any hulks of three or four hundred and above, [sta]ye them until such time as you shall further [hear fro]m me." Notwithstanding any bruit of the departure of the Kings's fleet from Portesmouthe towards France, send all adventurers to Portesmouth. Excetour, last day of July 1545.
Copy, pp. 2. Subscribed: To the mayor of Dartmouth, with the lyke to all other portes.
31 July. 1332. Lord Poynings to Henry VIII.
R. O. On Wednesday afternoon, 29th inst., the French galleys arrived and drove two small crayers ashore on this side St. John's Road. Sent men secretly thither who with hacquebuts and arrows kept the galleys' skiffs from landing to spoil the crayers, and afterwards, suffering them to land, "gave them so sharp an onset that, notwithstanding all the shot of the great ordnance, which was as much as they could make, forced divers of the galley men to seek their swimming under the water and killed of them when our men stood almost to the chin in the sea." Our men then rescued the ships, "bowged" by us, and brought away all ordnance, sails, &c. The same night the galleys set them on fire. Yesterday their whole army upon the sea, 200 sails, drew hitherwards and brought their galleys into a little bay before Paulled, where they set the Admiral of France on land to communicate with Mons. du Bies and others about finishing their fortress and making another upon the hill where the Master of the Horse lay. The same day they sought a great skirmish at our hands, and were, as before, forced to retire with loss. On Wednesday aforesaid they brought maunds and ordnance to the hill over against the Old Man "from whence they did much beat the haven; and the same night I caused a certain in camisados t'assail the same maunds and ordnance." Our men found the ordnance withdrawn but overthrew the maunds and retired without loss. The enemies intend to land pioneers for the making of their fortresses here. Boulloigne, 31 July 1545. Signed.
Pp. 3. Add. Endd.
July. 1333. Wriothesley and Paget to Chr. Halere.
R. O. Stephen Vaughan, the King's agent there, has reported your offer touching certain money for which we of the Privy Council are commanded to thank you and promise you the King's favour, whose pleasure the said Stephen Vaughan will declare. Portsmouth, le — (blank) jour de Juillet 1545. Signed.
Fr., p. 1. Add.: A n're treschier et bon amy, le Se Xpofle Halere, marchant residant en Anvers. Sealed.
1334. Musters in Kent.
R. O. List headed "anno xxxvijo H. viijvi" showing the numbers and description (e.g. "xxv byllemen all lackyng colars, and on a shworde" or "ij gunners lackyn matteche and powdour") of soldiers sent to serve in the isle of Sheppey out of the hundreds of Boughton and Fevorssham, of Maydeston and Eyhorn, of Longbrygge and Carte, of Middelton and Tenham and of Calehylle. Total, 126.
P. 1. Endd.
1335.Grants in July 1545.
1. Sir John Arundell of Lanhern, Cornw. Lease (by advice of Daunce, Southwell and Moyle, General Surveyors) of the manor or lordship of Carnanton, Cornw., parcel of possessions of Anne, late Countess of Warwick and in the King's hands by reason of a certain fine levied by her; from Mich, next, for 1 years. Grenewich, 27 June 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 1 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m 13.
2. John Curlews, of Hoddesdon, Herts. Pardon for the death of Ric. Henshawe whom he killed in self-defence with a hedging bill, at Hoddesdon. By inquisition taken at Ware, 29 May 36 Hen. VIII., before John Earners, coroner, it appeared that Bobt. Mychell, one of the constables of Hoddesdon, attempted to arrest Henshawe for felony but he fled and afterwards attacked and wounded Curlews, whom the constable sent after him. Westm., 1 July. Pat. 37 Hen. VIII. p. 5, m. 38.
3. Monmouth.—Commission to Wm. Herbart of Colbroke, Win. Jones ap Evan and Thos. Williams, to make inq. p. m. on lands and heir of Hugh Huntley. Westm . 1 July. Pat. 37 Hen. VIII. p. 12, m. Id.
4. Walter Erie. Grant, for 40 years, of the park of Colcombe, Devon, and the mansion therein and a meadow called Park Meadowe in Colyton. Devon, which belonged to the late Marquis of Exeter. This on his surrender of that which refers to the said park and mansion in pat. 2 Nov 31 Hen. VIII.. appointing him bailiff and hayward of the manor and huudred of Colyton and keeper of Colcombe park and mansion therein. Westm . 1 July. Pat. 37 Hen. VIII. p. 17, m. 33.
5. Ric. Rosse, vicar of Tollesbury, London dioc, and Thos. Lewen, vicar of Yxning, Norwich dioc. Licence of non-residence. Grenewiche, 29 May 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 2 July.—P. S. Pat. p. 6, m 26.
6. John Cokk. Lease (by advice of Daunce. Southwell and Moyle, General Surveyors) of the manor or lordship of Tydburste and Kendale, Herts., pai cel of possessions of Henry late duke of Richmond and Somerset; for 21 years from Mich. last. And if within that term it be proved in the Court of General Surveyors that Margaret late countess of Richmond gave to Sir Humph. Conyngesby, now dec., and his heirs, a close of 8 ac. called Collectes Lesse and 7 ac. of meadow in Westerley, and a close of 8 ac. called Tottismede parcel of the said manor, which Humphrey Conyngesby claims as kinsman and heir of the said Sir Humphrey, or that the said Collectes Lesse, etc, should not be parcel of the manor, an allowance of 30s. shall be made upon the rent. Grenewich, 21 June 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 2 July—P.S. Pat. p. 14, m. 13.
7. Thomas Fissber. To be keeper of the castle of Warwick and garden there called Vyneyarde, with profits as enjoyed by Ric. Cecyll, and to have the house or tavern beside the High Cross called Edmondes Place. This on surrender of pat. 28 Feb. 22 Hen. VIII., granting to Ric. Cecyll, groom of the Robes, the above office and the said house (which Sir Wm. Compton, then dec., had held for term of life). Grenewiche, 28 June 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 2 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 14, m, 18
8. Robert Raunce late of Magna Wykeham, Bucks, yeoman, alias of the city or town of Oxford, scholar. Pardon: he being indicted with John Stanshawe, late of Redyng, Berks, gentleman, alias of the city or town of Oxford, gentleman, of having on 21 Feb. 35 Hen. VIII., about 9 p.m., with an iron bar, a hammer and a pair of pincers broken into the parish church of St. Mary in Oxford and therein into the chapel of John Longland. bp. of Lincoln, chancellor of the University of Oxford and scholars of the same, known as "le Universite Nether Chappell" and stolen "quinque ciphos argenti vocatos flat sylver pecys, duo pocula argenti, tres calices de argento aurato, unum salinum argent., quadraginta duo cocliar argent., unum par precarium argent., et unum alium par precarium de corell cum gaudiis argenti, quadraginta uncias argenti et auri in penden. clavis ligacionibus ciphorum et bukkulles quarundam veter. zonarum voc. harnese gyrdylles, unam ca then am auri, viginti et duos annulos auri et unum cocliar auri, ad valentiam centum librarum;" and also indicted with the said Stanshawe of having, 1 March 35 Hen. VIII., about 9 p.m., with the same instruments, broken into the same church and there into the "Higher Congregacion howse" and stolen "unam crucem de argento aurat. et unum pedem crucis de argent, aurat. et unum baculum crucis de argent, aurat., unam zonam de argent, aurat. voc. le Duke Humfrey's gyrdyll, et duo candelabra de argent, aurat., et duo philiole voc. crewettes, et unum thuribulum de argent. et unam naviculam de argent. aurat, ad valentiam centum libr. decem solidorum et quatuor denar." Grenewyche, 27 June 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 2 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 14, m: 22.
9. William Damesel, the King's servant. Annuity of 40l. Del. Westm., 3 July "anno subscripto."—S.B. Pat 37 Hen. VIII. p. 14, m. 18.
10. Thos. Smyth. Fiat to the escheator of Staffordshire for livery of lands as s. & h, of John Smyth, dec., who held of the King certain lands called Petehilles, Staff., worth 6s. 8d. yearly, and of Sir George Blunte lands in Waterfall, Staff., worth 31s. 8d. yearly, and of John Meverell lands in Waterfall worth 26s. 8d. yearly. Dated 17 May 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 3 July 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (Signed by Hynde, Sewster and Beamont.)
11. John Bellowe and John Broxolme. Grant, in fee, for 2,370l. 19s. ½d., of the house and rectory of St. Peter the Apostle in Witton next Wyche, Wore., called le Canons Place, in tenure of Rog. Wynter, and the advowson of the vicarage there,—Studley priory, Warw.; rent of 7s. 3d. and service from lands in tenure of Wm. Thynpeny in Weston St. Lawrence, Glouc., rent of 10d. and service from lands in Acmore, Glouc., in tenure of Thos. Westborowe of Halle Yende, a messuage in Weston St. Laurence, 6 ac of meadow in Busshoppes-more within Henbuiie parish, Glouc., and 4 ac. of meadow (3 in Busshoppes-more and 1 in Appuldram within Henburie parish) in tenure of John Wasboroughe and Alice his wife, and parcels of meadow in Filton, Glouc., in tenure of Ric. Worlocke, and in Barewykesmore within Henburie parish in tenure of Ric. Longston,—St. Mary Magdalen's priory next Bristol; a messuage called le Crayne in Watlingstrete in St. Augustine's parish, London, in tenure of John Hide, of the Exchequer,—Elsing Spyttell, London; and two messuages in Noneridinge, Nthld., in tenure of John Howden, sen., and John Howden, jun.,—Haliston priory. Also the late house of Friars Minors in Leicester, rent of 4s. and service from lands in Leicester, late of the heirs of Wm. Wygeston, and all possessions of the said Friars in Leicester,—Friars Minors, Leicester; the late house of Augustinian Friars in the suburbs of Leicester, and certain closes, etc., specified (some in tenure of John Smythe and Thos. Cressey) and all possessions of the said Friars in and about Leicester,—Austin Friars, Leicester; a messuage called le Manour Place of Hessey with lands in Hessey and Routhfurth, co. City of York, in tenure of Robt. Nottyngham, and messuages, &c., in Hessey and Routhfurth in tenure of Wm. Nottyngham and Thos. Daye,—Holy Trinity Priory, York. Also the manor of Askame Richarde, co. City of York, rent of 8d. from lands in Askame Richarde, the site of the manor of Askame Richarde and all lands in Askame Richarde, a close in Old Caterton, co. City of York, in tenure of Walter Buktroute and Agnes daughter of Marg. Harome, messuages, etc., in Askame Richarde in tenure of Thos. Corbrigge, Thos. Foxe, Thos. Falsehed, and Hen. Calverd, and all lands pertaining to the said manor of Askame Richarde,—priory of Helangh alias Helayh Parke. Also a messuage called Hastkewe in Makworthe parish, Derb.,in tenure of Nic. Holbornc,—Derlye mon.; the grange of Broughton, Yorks., in tenure of Ric. Raysyn, and a windmill called Swynton Mylne in Swynton, Yorks., in tenure of Edw. Raysyn,—Malton priory; a messuage in Angrum, Yorks., in tenure of Thos. Hill and Jonetta his wife,—Holy Trinity priory, York; lands called Abbottes Closse in Walton, Line., in tenure of Edw. Foreman,—Humbers-ton mon.; a grange called Downhame Graunge, Line., in tenure of Vincent Graunthara,—Barlingesmon.; the rectory of Egmanton, Notts, in tenure of John Thornell, and the advowson of Egmanton vicarage,—Newsted priory; a messuage in Nuneormysbye, Line., and lands there and in Utterby, Line., in tenure of Edw. Forman,—Hevenynges priory. Also the manor of Utterbye, Line., lands (specified) in Utterby in tenure of Thos. Skypwyth, John Giswik, Wm. Lofte, — Laughton, and Robt. Prest, the advowson of the rectory of Ludburgh, Line., and a messuage, &c., in Wester kele, Line, in tenure of Riseus Howberte,—Nuneormysbye priory. Also a, messuage in Hascebye, Line., in tenure of John Boston,—Kyme priory; a messuage in Barkeworthe. Line., in tenure of John Kelsaye,—Hagnabye mon.; a messuage in Rosewell, Line., in tenure of Robt. Chapman, another in Barkeworthe in tenure of Thos. Dawson, and the advowson of Nettylton rectory. Line.,—Syxhill priory; lands in Holton next Bykeringe, Line., in tenure of Sampson Coke,—Bullington priory; a messuage, &c., in Clee, Line., in tenure of Ric. Jekell, and lands in Tetney, Line., in tenure of John Tysdale,—Welloo mon.; two cottages, &c., in Hayburghe. Line., in tenure of Wm. Browne and Wm. Grove, and lands called Nuneclosses in Hayburghe, in tenure of Edw. Skypwith,—Nunecotton priory. Also land in Barton, Line., in tenure of Robt. Gelle, and a messuage in Alkeborowe, Line., in tenure of John Elsham — Goykwell priory; messuages, &c.. in Willoughbye, in tenure of Wm. Cam-worth, in Longebenyngton in tenure of John Bredon, in Aslnbye in tenure of John Carter, in Walcote in tenure of Ric. Drewry, in Dowcebye and Aslabye in tenure of Thos. Laughton, in Walcote in tenure of Wm Knyght. and in Somerby in tenure of John Aleyn, all in co. Line.,—Semperingliam priory. Also a piece of land in Saxilbye. Line., (abutting upon the vicarage on the east, the high street on the west, the lands of lord Dawbeney on the north and the highway on the south), in tenure of Alex. Cutteler, vicar of Saxilbye, — Newsome mon.; the rectory of Levington, Line., with appurtenances in Levington, Babington, Osgodbye and Newton, Line., in tenure of Thos. Hall, and the advowson of the vicarage of Levington,—Styxwolde priory; all lands in Saxilbye Line, which belonged to Brodholme priory, Notts; a toft in Ledenham, Linc, in tenure of Chr. Thomson,—St. Katharine's priory next Luicoln; messuages, &c., in Pykeworth, Line., in tenure of Robt. Bayles and John Fyssher,—Semperyngham priory. Also tenements in Teithbye, Notts, in tenure of Ric. Tomlyns. Thos Byngham, Wm. James, Robt. Saywell, Thos. Smythe and John Father, and lands in Wyuerton, Notts, in tenure of George Chaworthe,—Thurgarton priory. Also the manor of Darnethorpe, Notts, with its lands in Darnethorppe and Southcolingham, in tenure of Hugh Halvester,—Thurgarton prioiy; ten acres of land in Newarke and Halton, Notts., in tenure of Wm. Arnold,—Newboo mon., Linc.; a close in Newarke in tenure of Nic. Thompson,—St. Katharine's next Lincoln; a messuage in Newarke (between he tenements of the guild of St. Mary he Virgin and abutting upon the church-yard of St. Mary Magdalen) and a garden in le Kartergate End in Newarke (abutting upon the field of Newarke towards the east and the highway towards the west) in tenure of, Hugh Kelstern, Newboo mon., Line.; houses, &c.. in Newarke in tenure of Thos. Carre, Wm. Spanyng, Wm Nayler and Agnes his wife, Hen. Ingham, John Woodd, Nic. Thompson, Chr. Perre, Ric. Bevercotis, Wm. Petyner, Andrew Jackson, and Hen. Burton,—St. Katharine's next Lincoln. Also a cottage in Carleton Moreland, Line., in tenure of Hen. Smythe, and two messuages in Newarke in tenure of Thos. Fourth and Eobt. Baborne,—Semperyngham. Also all lands in Southelkington, Northelkington, Fulstowe Marshechapell and Welton, Line., in tenure of Wm. DalyBoia,—Nonneappleton priory, co. city of York; lands in Gunnas, Line., in tenure of Bobt. Oliver,—Selbye man, yorks.; and lands in Pawleholme, Yorks., in tenure of Wm. Swake,—Nonnekelinge priory. Also free rents and service from lands of Gilbert Yong, John Smythe and Hen. Russell in Manthorpe, Lino., messuages, &c., in Manthorpe in tenure of John Gill, Wm. Blessett, and Wm. Clerke, and in Castelbytam, Line., in tenure of Wm. Chamberleyn and John Gambill, and in Creton, Line., in tenure of —(blank) Grene and in Cownthorpp, Line., in tenure of Hen. Plavys and in Carebye,Linc., in tenure of Edw.Sapcotte,—Temple "Brewer commandry and St.John's of Jerusalem. Also a messuage, &c., in Randall, Line., in tenure of Wm. Stayle,—Willoughton commandry and St. John's of Jerusalem. Also a messuage, &c., in Lounde and Grene with in Synflete (sic) parish, Yorks., and two cottages in Swynflete. in tenure of Simon Gunbye. lands in Lounde and Grene in tenure of Wm. Snaith and a messuage there in tenure of Hen. Nelson,—Nuneormysbye mon, Line. Also a messuage, &c., in Langton, Line., in tenure of Leo Laxton alias Dawson,—Axholme mon.; lands in Scalbye, Line., formerly in tenure of Thos. Hurre and now of Steph. Luddington,—Thorneholme priory, Linc.; free rents and service from lands of Steph. Luddington and Robt. Kirgarth in Scalbye,—priory of Newsted upon Ankeholme. Also a chief messuage called le Abbottes Hall in the City of Chester, and lands there in the several tenures of Robt. Aldersey, Ric. Snede, Ralph Banwold, Thos. Barroo, Robt. Crosse, John Fyssher, Ric. Raburne, Wm. Whitebye, Hugh Holme, Adam Walton, Wm. Grantheok, Thos. Barroo, sen., Robt. Brerewood, John Rissumgrene, Thos. Smyth, Chas. Gitton and — Marton,—Vale Royal mon.; a messuage in the parish of St. Martin near the Bishop's palace in Norwich, in tenure of Robt. Milham,—Chyxsande mon., Beds.; cottages, &c., in Ymmyngham, Linc., in tenure of Thos. Browne, the wife of John Hamonde, Wm. Esshe, Agnes Barnabye, and John Ferrowe,—Nonneappleton priory, co. City of York; meadow called le Markett Meadowes in the parish of St. Margaret, Westminster, between the Thames and Toothill, and a moor called Longmore in that parish in tenure of Agnes Bate, a close (18 ac.) called Sandepitfeld alias Pitclosse and Greyvell closse, in St. Margaret's parish, with two meadows (5 ac. and 7 ac.) adjoining it, in tenure of Wm. Bate,—St. Peter's Cathedral, Westminster; the manor of Foxeley, Heref., and the advowson of the vicarage of Yasor, Heref.,—priory of Lanthony Prima in the marches of Wales cell to the late priory of Lanthony next Gloucester; the manor of Chorleton, Chesh., parcel of possessions of Edward Aphowell and Sir William Stanley, attainted, with all their lands in Chorleton, Hampton and Shokeleyche, Chesh., which were granted to Sir Urian Brereton for life. Also the site, &c., of the late mon. of Blaunchelond, Nthld.. and certain closes (named) belonging to it, the Dayre Howse alias Aleynsheles, in the bpric. of Durham, common of pasture within Bywell lordship, Nthld., and within the bpric. of Durham at places called Ded Freere, Bawdinghope and Bolteslawe, and all other possessions of Blaunchlond mon.. in tenure of Wm. Grene, and woods called Est Perke (45 ac.) and Cowbeyar Coppe (20 ac.) in Blaunchelond, 45 ac. of woodland in Bubshotte, Aleynshyldes and Boltons Borne, 50 ac. called Claxhall and Byrchensyde, 10 ac. called Shildon Grove, and 10 ac. in Acdenfeld, Nthld.,—Blaunchelond. Also a tenement called Espas, in tenure of John Jolye, in Espas, bpric. of Dham., another called Acden, in tenure of Geoff. Fetherstonehaughe, in Acden, bpric. of Dham., and a tenement and lands in the several tenures of Steph. Chesebroughe and Ric. Whitfeld in Bukkeshote, bpric. of Dham,—Blaunchelond. Del. Westm., 4 July 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Suffolk, Gardiner, Browne, Sir Robt-Southwell, North, Sir Ric. Southwell, Hendle and Chydley). Pat. p. 4, m. 1.
12. John Broxolme and John Bellowe. Grant, in fee, for 790l., of two cottages and a messuage in Swynsted, Linc., in tenure of Ric. Drury, John Halpeny and Jas. Browne, two cottages and a tenement in tenure of Wm. Sandye, John Butler and Wm. Dove in Stamforde, Linc., and a windmill in tenure of Robt. Eseman in Swynstede,—Valla Dei alias Valdey; a cottage in tenure of John Lamley in Grantham, Linc.,—Newboo; a house in tenure of Ant. Irbye in Swyneshed, Linc., a house in tenure of the relict of Roger Hunte in Fenhouse within Swyneshed parish,—Swyneshed; a house in tenure of Hen. Julyan in Fryskeney. Linc.,—Staynefeld priory; a house in tenure of John Moose in Estrasen, Line.,—Grene-felde priory; a cottage called Hottofte House in tenure of John Boke, and another cottage in tenure of John Randall in Hottofte, Linc.,—Markebye priory; a messuage, &c., in tenure of Robt. Dygson in Maltebye and Strubbye, Line., and three cottages in tenure of Thos. Blande, Jas. Donatson and Matilda Gunnet, widow, in Hanne and Hannebye, Linc.,—Hagnabye mon.; a tenement in tenure of Robt. Walker in Grymolbye, Linc., a house and cottage in tenure of Wm. Thompson in Skydbroke, Linc., a house in tenure of Wm. Burne in Kedington, Linc., cottages in the several tenures of John Awder, Wm. Awnder, Wm. Banester, Robt. Burne, Wm. Blakshawe, John Lynley, Thos. Browne, Wm. See, Barth. Davye, Miles Lemynge, Thos. Glover Thos. Storey, Ric. Smythe, Agnes Ellis, Geo. Maxson, Robt. Crofte, Chr. Berie. Wm. Smythe, and John Awder, in Kedington, and a water mill in tenure of John Mylner in Alvyngham, Linc.,—Louth Park mon.; a windmill in tenure of Wm. Boynton in Humberston, Linc.,—Humberston mon.; a cottage in tenure of John Munbye in Caborne, Linc.,—Welloos mon.; a messuage in tenure of Wm. Baynton in Appulbye, Linc., and houses and messuages in the several tenures of Gilb. Acryde, John Darcye, John Chapman, John Celle, Steph. Wryte, Hen. Ellis, Ric. Whetherhill, Hen. Robynson, John Shryff, Robt. Wrabye, Wm. Flynte, Robt. Stemson, John Tennys, John Gybson, Jas. Hawsingdale, Thos. Wilson, Wm. Hawson, John Wryte, Wm. Raynolde and Thos. Bell, in Appulbye, of John Gyldye, John Butler, the relict of Wm. Chapman, John Johnson, and Jas. Arsball. in Reysby, Linc., of Chr. Waters, the relict of Ric. Hothersall, the relict of Geo. Harryson. John Emotson, Hugh Theycare and Alice Cleveley, in Santon, Linc., of John Kyrkebye and Wm. Hilles in Scalbye, of Thos. Bellingham in Messingham, Linc., of John Cade in Bliton, Linc., of John Horryngham, Wm. Fenbye, and Wm. Wilkinson in Sowth Ferybye, Linc., and of Thos Brodewyke and John Bullocke in Cadney, Lino.,—Thorneholme priory; a cottage in Ferybye, Linc., in tenure of John Watham, another in Crossebye, Linc., in tenure of Wm. Swaylde, a house in Marche Chapell, Linc., in tenure of John Leyson, a tenement in Gowsell, Linc., in tenure of Rog. Coke, and two messuages in Barton, Linc., in tenure of John Walker and Robt. Yorke,—Goykwell priory; a fulling mill and a corn mill in Westhorpe, Linc., in tenure of John Towley, a tenement in Walcotte, Linc., in tenure of Peter Backhouse and a cottage in Ponton, Linc., in tenure of Hugh Smythe,—Sempryngham priory; a water mill in Slefforde in the parish of New Lafforde, Linc., in tenure of John Harper, a fulling mill called Wyllowe Myll and lands leased with it to Hen. Glover in Leysyngham. Linc., and a house in Bothebye, Linc., in tenure of Robt. Watson,—Haverholme priory; three cottages in Walcote, Linc., in tenure of John Munke, Thos. Sharpe and Thos. Surde-well. two cottages in Kyrkebye and Scawpwike, Linc., in tenure of Ric. Clemence and Thos. Phelippe, a water mill in Kyrkebye and Scawpwike in tenure of Wm. Gosslinge, and a windmill and lands leased with it to John Folkyngham in Dygbye, Linc.,—Galley priory; a tenement in Northe Elkyngton, Linc., in tenure of Wm. Skegges, a tenement in Great Grymsbye, Linc., in tenure of John Blaklowe, and a water mill in Lowth, Linc., in tenure of Ric. Hynde,—Nonne-ormesbye priory; a house called le Herde-house in Yngham, Linc., in tenure of Thos. Cobyn, and houses, etc., there in tenure of the relict of Thos. Braye, Thos. Helle, Alex. Wilson, and Hen. Humfrey, a windmill there in tenure of Alex. Wilson, a little tenement in Westeryngton, Linc., in tenure of John Jekett, a tenement near the end of the town of Terryngton, Linc., in tenure of Rog. Burton, four houses in Sotherey, Linc., in tenure of Wm. Phelippe, Ric, Bunbye, Thos. Forman, and the relict of Ric. Frauncys, a water mill in tenure of Ric. Fyssher in Donyngton, Linc., a water mill in tenure of Ric. Hunter in Hemyngbye, Linc., three cottages in Burghe, Linc., in tenure of Simon Brewster, Leo Robson and Thos. Chapman, and a cottage in Wynthorpe, Linc., beside the rectory, in tenure of Margery Richardson,—Bullington priory. Also three cottages in Lud-forde. Linc., in tenure of Simon Clerke, Edw. Sheparde and Robt. Rawson and half a cottage there in tenure of Matilda Spynner, a cottage in Bynbroke, Linc., in tenure of Wm. Asbye, five cottages in Wyllyngham, Linc., in tenure of Agnes Grousey, John Robynson, Barnard Keale, Robt. Tyler and John Deane, three cottages in Tevilbye, Linc., in tenure of John Johnson, John Bell, and John Abbye, two fulling mills in Tevilbye in tenure of John Waddysworthe and Ric. Wakers, two cottages in Nettylton, Linc., in tenure of Chr. Smythe and Ric. Pextoffe, a water mill in Oselbye, Linc., in tenure of John Johnson, and a water mill in Estrasen, Linc., in tenure of George Wyche,—Syxhill priory. Also 5 cottages in Swynshed, Linc., in tenure of Ric. Bull, Wm. Spencer, alias Spynner, John Bullocks and John Halle, a tenement in Bothebye, Line, in tenure of Robt. Wynter, 3 tenements in Northycam, Linc., in tenure of George Whebylewynke, John Rynsforthe and Wm. Coke, a tenement in Ownbye, Linc., in tenure of John Howarde, a tenement in Sturton next Stowe, Linc., in tenure of Rog. Farre, a tenement in Rathebye, Linc., in tenure of Alan Roke, two cottages in Bylcheforde, Linc., in tenure of Robt. Leche and Isabella Dawson, a cottage in Dowcebye, Linc., in tenure of Robt. Tumour, a tenement in Brasborowe, Linc., in tenure of John Giberte, a tenement in Tofte next Manthorpe, Linc., in tenure of John Gylberte, a tenement in Manthorpe in tenure of John Gylberte, a tenement in Lobthorpe, Linc., in tenure of Laur. Sturdyvaunte, a tenement in Aysshebye, Linc., in tenure of John Arnolde, a tenement in Osbye, Linc., in tenure of Thos. Rawlinson, a tenement in Barton upon Humber, Linc., in tenure of Thos. Richardson, a tenement in Eyrkeby Lathorpe, Linc., in tenure of John Dyxson, a tenement in Gawtebye. Lino., in tenure of Robt. Dyghton, a windmill in Naunby, Linc., in tenure of John Wilson, 7 tenements in Brasbrig, Linc., in tenure of Robt. Sparrowe. John Baxter, Wm. Whippett, Marg. Brygges, Joan Colbye, Wm. Gedney, Nic. Burton and Robt. Hubbarde, and 2 tenements in Can-wike, Linc., in tenure of Jas. Browne and Thos. Waterton,—St. Katharine's priory beside Lincoln. Also two cottages in Ketbye and Doythorpe, Linc., and three "opellas" or tenements in Belton, Linc., in tenure of the rector of Belton,—Axholme priory; a mill in Upton, Linc., in tenure of Ric. Baven,—Herenynges priory; a house in Kellingholme, Linc., in tenure of Robt. Grene,—Irforde priory; 4 cottages in Styxwolde, Linc., in tenure of Ric. Burton. Wm. Cade, Thos. Makerell and John Rochester, a, house there in tenure of John Arnolde, and windmill there lately in the prioress of Styxwold's own hands, three cottages in Horsington, Linc., in tenure of Wm. Snawdon, Wm. Gylle and Jas. Write, and a house in Ferybye, Linc., in tenure of Helen Tofte,—Styxwolde priory. Also four cottages in Sotherey, Line, in tenure the relict of Thos. Rowell Ric. Tumour, Peter Fowler and the relict of Eliz. Lyncun, cottages and tenements! in Bardney, Linc., in the several tenures of Ric. Smythe, Thos. Sheparde, Edm. Mershe, John Wryte, John Kyrke, Wm. Phellippe, Wm. Symson, Walt. Gybson, Ralph Harre, Laur. Shake, Marg. Jenkynson, Robt. Toller, Thos. Harley, Gerald Borrell,Robt. Marshe, the relict of Eliz. Bettys, Wm. Clerkeson, Thos. Ewood, John Benson, Nic. Cawood, Wm. Lawson, Thos. Hopkyn, John Nelson, Thos. Lincoln, the relict of Joan Kyghley, the relict of Agnes Walbanke, Wm. Coyne, Wm. Parker, the relict of Peter Rummytte, Hen.Sharparowe, Walt. Blakwell, Hen. Clerke, Robt. Nelson, Robt. Walker, Edw. Smythe, John Blakwell, John Banys, Wm. Whippe, Wm. Dover, Wm. Hayrd, John Collynwood, Leonard Myddelton, Chr. Wharffe, Thos. Melton, John Bocoke, Ric. Watson, John Chapman, John Hillen, Wm. Pawlyn, John Stalingburghe, Adam Borrolle, Rog. Phelippe, John Borrelle, Wm. Hardie, Thos. Pecoke, Edm. Hales, Thos. kawod, Robt. Chapman and John Hardye; two cottages in Stepinge. Linc., in tenure of Thos. Crabbe and John Gibson, a cottage in Barton upon Humber, in tenure of Robt. Bossell, 4 cottages in Hagworthingham in tenure of John Lyttelberye, Robt. Willy . ., Thos. Cade and Ric. Webster, and a cottage in Lustebye in tenure of Wm. Borowe,—Bardeney mon. Also a house, &c., in Swarbye, Linc., in tenure of John Fayrefaxe, a house in South Kyme, Linc., in tenure of George Wellis, 10 cottages in Kyme in tenure of Edw. Myller, John Mershall, Wm. Symson, Robt. Parkyn, Ralph Paget, Robt. Hakney, Wm. Ebden, Robt. Cok, Ric. Archer and Ralph Pachett; a cottage in North Kyme in tenure of Thos. Dyghton, 2 cottages in Conysbye, Linc., in tenure of Robt. Millett and Costerdinus Rawden, a cottage in Osburnbye, Linc., in tenure of Wm. Southe, 3 houses in Thorpe and Tylney, Linc, in tenure of Ric. Swave, Wm. Barowforth and Robt. Leper, and 2 houses in Northolme, Linc., in tenure of Thos. Lytloke and John Hamysley—Kyme priory. Also a cottage in Brokelsbye, Linc., in tenure of John Freman, a cottage in Halton, Linc., in tenure of Ralph Cokelde, two houses in Lowthe. Linc., in tenure of John Okelande and Robt. Procter, and four cottages in Skendilbye, Linc., in tenures of John Macer, John Cotton, Matilda Webster and Thos. Sheparde,—Nonnecotton priory. Also three cottages in Wylloughton, Linc., in tenure of Robt. Dawson, Ric. Dawbye and John Carter, three cottages in Bottysforthe. Linc., in tenure of Oliver Holder, Ric. Gorrell and Ric. Freman, two cottages in Asbye in tenure of Wm. Pottes and Wm. Genyll, and a little cottage in Bowndbye, Linc., in tenure of Ric. Webster,—Willoughton preceptory and St. John's of Jerusalem. Also five cottages in Aslakbye, Linc., in tenures of John Brown, John Porter, John Smythe, Rog. Lillye, and John Subburye.—Temple Brewer preceptory and St. John's of Jerusalem; two cottages in Bracebrygg, Linc., in tenure of Wm. Grene and John Wever, a windmill in Northescarle, Linc., in tenure of Thos. and Robt. Garnett, and a cottage and fishery, with lez ffysshegarthes, in Bracebrygg, Linc., in tenure of John Fulbecke,—Preceptory of le Eagle and St, John's of Jerusalem. Also cottages, etc., in Haugham, Linc., in tenure of Hen. Scoopam, John Lukas, John Cogyll, Thos. Morton, and Thos. Stele,—Charterhouse beside Coventry. Also cottages, etc., in Magna Lymber, Linc., in tenure of Hen. Screvyn, Barnard Richardson, Edm. Sherpe, Hen. Bucke, and Robt. Coffyn.and in Kyrbye Leythorpe in tenure of Robt. Godsalf and John Hare-bottell,—Graeedieu mon. Linc. Also the cottages in Keylbye, Linc., lately in tenure of Sir Wm. Askewe, dec., which belonged to Nonnecotton priory. Del. Westm., 4 July 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Suffolk, Russell, Baker, North, Sir Ric. Southwell, Chydley and Staun-ford). Pat. p. 4, m. 27.
13. Wm. Hodgis of Myddelchynnocke, Soms., and Wm. Hodgis of London, his second son. Grant, in fee, for 695l. 0s. 5d., of the manor and lordship of Bridge-hampton cum Spekington, Soms.. parcel of the lands of Henry late marquis of Exeter, attainted, called Northumbreland Landes. Also the site, etc., of the Grey Friars of Ivelchester. Soms., and the orchards, gardens, etc., in Ivelchester, in tenure of John Cuffe, senior,—Grey Friars Ivelchester; lands in Abbotstrette within the parish of Wymbourne Mynster, Dors, and the wood called Abbottes Strett Wood (6 ac.),—Shurbourne mon; sixty-nine messuages, etc., in the town or borough of Bridgewater. Soms., in tenures of Ant. Lamberte, Ric. Hapgood Ric. Aysshe, Ric. Cattell, Wm. Gully, Adam Hurt, Thos. Gough, Bernard Pylle, Clem. Brythe, John Parre, Maurice Jonys, John Camvorth, John Fallantyne, Ant. I am-bertt, Marg Gribull, Wm. Anstys, John Newporte, John Dobyne, John Gelle, John Andebaker.Hanbus Wassaylle,Ric. Garye, John Taylour. John Beddell, Wm. Jonys, Robt. Hill, John Awoode alias Toker, Jas. Boys, Thos. Phyllyppes, Christina Dowding, John Oder, John Hanslowe, John Brice, John Bonde, Simon Vynycombe, Alice Norman. John Ryngston, John Hanslowe, John Morle, John Welle, John Walle, Rog. Bowcher, Wm. Wielles. John Caffe, Wm. Chaundeler,Ric Tyrrell, Agnes Benett widow, John Fyssher, Walt. Cole, Wm. Nyghtyngall, John Bayne, Thos. Phillyppes, Ric. San tell. Wm. Wellyshe, Ric. Maynarde, Darby Hart, John Longe, David Iryssbe, Win. Maundesley. Rio. Tyrrell, Wm. Nelle, Wm. Trasshe, Maur. Degon, Marg Hyatt, Robt. Thomas, Thos. Lewter Robt. Gregorye, Thos. Sqnyerand John Golde, — St. John's priory, Bridge-water; three messuages in the city or borough of Wells, Soms.. in tenure of Thos, Bodye, Chr. Copke and Letice Tristes,—Bucklande priory, Soms.; a messuage in Bradwall, Derb., in tenure of John Eyer.—Lenton priory, Notts.; the advowson of the rectory of Blanfforde Marie, Dors.,—Clerkenwell mon., Midd. Del. Westm., 4 July 37 Hen VIII.—S.B. (signed by Suffolk, Gardiner, Browne, St. John. Baker, North, Sir Ric. Southwell, Hendle and Chydley). Pat. p. 10, m. 13.
14. Sir Thomas Buttellour, of Bewsey, Lane. Lease (by advice of Daunce and Southwell, general surveyors) of the rectory of Werington, Lane., from St. Mark's Day last for 18 years, provided that this patent be brought to the clerk of the Court of General Surveyors, for enrolment, within three months. This notwithstanding that, by inquisition taken at Preston in Amoundernes, Lanc., 8 Jan. 36 Hen. VIII., before Ralph Worseley, escheator, it was found that Sir Thomas, being possessed of the said parsonage for 20 years begun at St. Mark's Day 35 Hen. VIII., did grant to the King by indenture (recited) dated Westm., 1 May 35 Hen. VIII., enrolled in the Court of General Surveyors, that whereas James Morice and Wm. Morice, jointly receivers of the King's lands of Richmond, were indebted to the King 844l. 0s. 3d., of which 500l. was, by the Court of General Surveyors, stalled to be paid at certain days, Sir Thomas thereby covenanted, on behalf of the said James Morice. to pay it by half-yearly payments of 50 mks., beginning at the feast of St. Martin in Winter, on condition that if any payment were behindhand for 30 days the King might take possession of his interest in the said parsonage; and none of the said payments at the time of taking the said inquisition had been made. Grenewich, 1 July 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 4 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 14, m. 14. In English.
15. Thomas Lloid. To be steward and receiver of the lordships or manors of Llan-stephan and Oysterlowe in South Wales, vice John Thomas ap Philip, who, to that end, wishes to surrender pat. 14 Dec. 12 Hen. VIII. granting the said offices to him, as one of the sewers of the King's chamber and son of Sir Thomas Philip, and John Lloid, one of the grooms of the chamber and son of Maurice Lloid, which John Lloid, father of the said Thomas Lloid. is now dead. Grenewich, 1 July 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 4 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 14, m. 18 (cancelled with note that it was surrendered, 14 Sept. 29 Eliz., to Hen. Morgan and Hen. Whyte, commissioners appointed to take the said surrender).
16. Robert Reve of Blanforde Forum, Dors., merchant clothier, and John Reve his son, Grant, in fee, for 223l. 6s. 6d., of the farm and chief messuage of Lusshecombe, Dors., as leased to Ric. Hebbes, with the King's store therein, viz., 20 qr. corn, 10 qr. barley, 10 qr. oats and a wooden measure, and a wood called Lusshecombe Grove (7 ac.). Mylton alias Midelton mon. Del. Westm., 4 July 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Suffolk, Gardiner, Browne, St. John, North, Sir Ric. Southwell, Hendle and Chydley). Pat. p. 18, m. 6.
17. Sir Thomas Arundell, the King's servant, and John Alye and Hen. Saunders. Grant, in fee to the said Arundell, for 1.1471. 3s. 7d. paid by him, of the lordship and manor of Fontemell and the whole hundred of Sexpen, Dors.,— Shaftesbury mon. Del. Westm., 5 July 37 Hen. VIII.-S.B. (signed by Suffolk, Gardiner, Browne, Sir Robt. Southwell, Baker, North, Sir Ric. Southwell, Duke and Chydley). Pat. p. 4. m. 10.
18. Wm. Beryff, of Colchester, cloth-maker, and John Multon. Grant, in fee, for 466l. 19s. 2d., of the reversion and rent reserved upon leases by Wm. Benson, dean, and the chapter of St. Peter's Cathedral, Westminster, viz., (1) 23 June 36 Hen. VIII., to Robt. Smalewood of two messuages, a place of land lately built upon anew by Wm. Lacy and a garden, lying together in the street called Long-diche in Westminster (boundaries and other particulars minutely given), for 70 years at 26s. 8d. rent; and (2) 23 June 36 Hen. VIII., to Guy Gascon of a tenement in Longdiche lately leased to Walt. Awbrey of Paddyngton (boundaries given), for 70 years at 13s. 4d. rent. Which premises have been granted to the King by the said dean and chapter. Also grant of the premises so leased to Smalewood and Gascon, the messuages in tenure of John Bloundell in the parish of St. Mary Somerset, London of Geoff. Tulle in the parish of St. Katharine Colman, London, and of John Marten, leather seller, in the inner close of the late college of St. Martin le Graunde,— St. Peter's Cathedral.—Also a messuage, &c, in tenure of Kobt. Albon in Newlande within Shirborne parish, Dors.,—Mylton mon.; two messuages, etc., in tenure of John Heywood and John Coke in Whitechurche parish, Dors., and a messuage. &c, in tenure of John Cockes, in the parishes of St. Peter and Holy Trinity, Wareham, Dors.,— Byndon mon.; a messuage, &c, called Weston, in tenure of Hen. Gyllott in Worthe and Awfleton, Dors., a messuage in tenure of John Browne in Langton parish, Dors., and a garden in tenure of Walter Iles in St. Peters parish, Ware-ham,—Mountaguc priory, Soms.; three messuages. &c., in tenure of John Gye, John Sowthcombe and Wm. Carpynter in Poughill parish, Devon, and all other possessions of the priory of St. Nicholas, Exeter, in Poughill, — St. Nicholas, Exeter; a messuage, &c, in tenure of Wm. Affryren in Sedgebroke and Bromdon in Clotysworthye parish, Devon (sic), and all other possessions of Forde mon. there,—Forde; the rectory of Bradforde, Dors., and the advowson of the vicarage of Bradforde and all possessions of Shirborne mon. in Bradforde, —Shirborne; a close of 15 ac. in tenure of Robt. Hennage in Hakeney (adjoining the grove of wood pertaining to the rectory there on the east, and the close which formerly belonged to the new hospital of St. Mary without Bysshoppesgate on the west, the close of Thos. Elderton on the south and the highway from Hakney to Kingeslande on the north),—St. Mary Spittle; a stable in tenure of Wm. Bodeley, farrier, in St. Sepulchre's parish without Newgate (on the south side of the western end of Longlane towards West Smyth-felde),— St. Bartholomew's priory; a messuage and lands called Shawea within the liberty of Colchester, Essex, which belonged to Lord Chancellor Awdeley and formerly to St. Botolph's priory, Colchester. Del. Westm., 5 July 37 Hen. VIII. – S.B. (signed by Russell, Paget, Baker, North. Sir Ric. Southwell, Bacon and Duke). Pat. p. 8, m. 1.
19. Ric. Caurden. Pardon and restoration of benefices, he having been deprived by George, bp. of Chichester, of his deanery of Chichester and of the rectories of Selsey Ponynges and Lavant, Suss., for neglecting to pay his tenths within the time limited by statute. Del. Westm., 5 July 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 14, m 15.
20. Eichard Benese. clk., King's chaplain. Presentation to the rectory of Weston sub Egge. Glouc, dioc. Grene-wich, 2 July 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 5 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 14, m. 18.
21. George Tresham of Newton, Ntht., and Elizabeth his wife. Grant, in fee to the said George (for the surrender of a pension of 401. Granted by pat. 4 May 31 Hen. VIII. to the said Eliz. by the name of Eliz. Salvaige and for 911. 17s.) of the rectory of Newton Magna and Newton Parva, in tenure of John Lane of Keteringe, with its tithes there and in Gedington, Ntht..—Pipwell mon.; rents and service in Hayford, Ntht.. viz. ld. from lands of Thos. Wolde. 30s. from lands called Fullyngmyll Ground belonging to the heirs of Sir Walter Man tell, and 2s. 6d. from lands of Edw. Maior, a tenement in Hayforde in tenure of Thos. Thobye, a mill and lands specified in Netherhayforde in tenure of Walter Man tell, and a messuage, &c, in Hayforde in tenure of John Frenche,— St. James's mon. next Northampton. Also woodland in Weldon and Dene, Ntht. called Priours Copps, and all lands in Weldon and Dene which belonged to Fynneshed priory and are in tenure of Robt. Slye, and lands in Dene in tenure of John Clerk,—Fynneshed. Also the rectory of Desbrughe, Ntht., in tenure of Giles Pulton.—Rothwell priory; and the advowson of the parish church of Desbrughe. Also a close called Gorefyldes, Bucks., in tenure of Arthur Longvile,— Delapraye mon., Ntht. Del. Westm., 5 July 37 Hen. VIII. —S.B. (Signed by North, Hendle and Chydley).
22. Sir George Somersett, the King's servant. Grant, in fee, for his services and for 100l., of the advowsons of the chapels of St. Peter and of St. Petronilla in Bury St. Edmunds, Suff.; and also grant of the said chapels with all appurtenances in Bury St. Edmunds, Lackforde, Whepstede. Westle, Busshebroke, Mylden-hale and Thetford, Suff. and Norf. Grenewich, 28 June 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 6 July.—P. S. Pat. p. 4, m. 1.
23. Edward Hopton, the King's servant, and Eliz. his wife. Grant, in fee to the said Edward, for 296l. 10s., of the house and site, etc., of the late mon. of Churbury, Salop, and its demesne lands in fields (named) in Churbarye, Salop, and Suede, co. Montgomery, which were retained in the prior's own hands; also lands specified in Churburye in tenure of the aforesaid Edw. Hopton, and in Snede within the lordship of Halcestre alias Alcestre in tenure of Howell ap Gryffeth, Wm. ap Howell, Agnes Relte, Yevan ap Rice and John Smyth, a messuage and lands (named) in tenure of Hugh ap John and Ellen his wife in Snede, a water mill in tenure of Thos. Home in Snede; also a messuage formerly in tenure of Agnes Smythe and now of Griffin ap Mathex in Churburye with its lands (extending in length from the said messuage as far as Hoccleton, to the lands late in tenure of Sir Peter Newton, and in width from the messuage and a close of the said late monastery called the Blakehouse to the lands of the same mon. in tenure of David Lloyde ap John Hue), a close in tenure of the said Griffin ap Mathex and Alice his wife in Churbury (extending in width from Churbury churchyard to the highway), lands in the field of Hoccleton and Hatheley and in the field of Chelbury called Burgenfelde in Churbury, and tithes of hay in Morengettam parish, Salop, in tenure of the said Griffin and Alice (except tithes of Bewdles meadow in Churbury); also lands in tenure of Matth. Smyth in Marton, Salop, a, croft in tenure of John Phylypp in Brompton, Salop, a messuage in tenure of Hugh Braye in Durdeston, Salop, lands formerly in tenure of David Bady and afterwards of John Bady in Stoketon, Salop (position described with regard to lands of Steph. Summer and Oliver Beampe and the water of Kemlett), and a wood called Snede Wood (30 ac.) in Snede. All which premises belonged to Churbury priory. Del. Westm., 6 July 37 Hen VIII.—S.B. (signed by Suffolk, Bussell. Paget, Petre, St. John, North, Baker, Duke and Chydley). Pat. p. 6, m. 7.
24. Adam Otteley. Grant, in fee, for 135l. 9s. 101/2d., of the rectory of Wroxettour, Salop, the advowson of the said rectory, tithes pertaining to it in Uppyngton in Wroxcettour parish, Sewardston Hyll, Wroxettour. Dreyton alias Droyton, Hommeles super le Heth, Donyngton, Besselowe, and Abbottes Eyton, Salop, and the advowson of the vicarage of Wroxcettour,—Haughmond mon. Westm.,6 July. Pat.37 Hen.VIII., p. 14, m. 33.
25. Edm. Harman. Grant, in fee, for 187l. 3s. 8d., of two grain mills called Burforde Mylles in Burforde, Oxon., another grain mill called Upton Mylle and a fulling mill in Burforde, with a meadow called le Holme and land called Piggehill in Burforde, all in tenure of John Jones and parcel of lands called Warwikes Landes. Del. Westm., 8 July 37 Hen VIII.—S.B. (signed by Suffolk, Paget, Baker, Northe, Sir Ric. Southwell and Duke). Pat p. 5, m. 3.
26. Sir Philip Hobbye. Grant, in fee, for 888l. 16s. 10d., of two houses called Shepehowses containing 15 "lez bayes" within the pasture of Eyfford in Eyfford parish, Glouc., the one called Folden in the western part of that pasture and the other called Eyfford in the eastern part, and all that pasturage of sheep in Eyfford called Le Shepes pasture of Eyfford (1,100 ac), and two quarries called slate pyttes in Eyfford (which said pasture extends on the west to the pasture of the lordship of Nawenton, on the south to that of the village of Hartefford, on the east to the churchyard close of Eyfford and the lands of the lordship of Slaughter, and on the north to the land of the lordships of Netherswell and Barton, and which houses, pasture, and quarries are in tenure of the said Sir Philip;. Also the churchyard of Eyfford in tenure of Bobt. Hankes, meadows (specified) in the parishes of Burton upon the Water and Slaughter in tenure of the said Sir Philip, lands specified in Slaughter in tenure of Robt. Hankes and in the lordship and parish of Bradewell, Glouc, in tenure of the said Sir Philip; a mansion, &c. (described) called le Almerye adjoining Evesham mon. in tenure of Ph. Hafford late abbot there; lands in Hampton parish, Wore, and a house called a seynehouse, in Badsey parish, in tenure of the said Sir Philip; and two parcels of land lately enclosed outside Shrawnell park in Badesey parish, lately in the abbot of Evesham's own hands. Also the manor of Salford Abbots, Warw., lands in the parish of Salford Priors, Warw., in the several tenures of Thos. Sorrell, John Amerye, John Eawlyns, John Heyward, Ric. Emmes, Ric. Crow-ler, John Ballard, Agnes Webb and Marg. Meringe a bakehouse (furnum)in Salford Abbots in tenure of Thos. Meringe. the tithes in Salford Abbots in tenure of Wm. Cokeseye and George Willowghbye, and a wood called Salteforde Grove (8 ac.) in Salford Priors parish. All which premises belonged to Evesham abbey. Del. Westm.. 9 July 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Suffolk Eussell, Paget, Sir Ric. Southwell, Baker, North, Bacon and Ric. Goodrick). Pat. p. 5, m. 36.
27. Thomas Dalston. of Carlile, Cumb , and Eleanor his wife. Grant, in fee to the said Thomas, for 1,805l. 4s. 2d., of 9 messuages in tenures of Gilbert Fyasher, Wm. Bebye, John Armorer, the relict of Gabriel Oswalderley, Thos. Banke, Wm. Turrell, Matth. Assheley, Thos. Cocket and Nic Penrise in the town of Flemebye, Cumb., and lands there called Lamberte Garthes and Twayt-crofte in their tenure, a toft there in tenure of the said Assheley, lands called Beygarthes next the sea shore there, the fishery in Flemebye in tenure of John Twaytes. the wood called Flemebye Parke in tenure of Wm. Lamberte in Flemeby, 8 messuages, etc., in tenure of John Rooke, John Tuff en, Chr. Loshe, John Daunde, John Milner, Ric. Cowper, Thos. Dykes and Wm. Bayrne in Wauerton, Cumb., messuages, etc., in tenures of the relict of Chr. Martindale and of Ric. Howe and John Messenger, in Blencogo, Cumb, and of John David, Cuthb. Martindale and Ric. Bull in Skayles (elsewhere Scailles), Cumb., of Chr. Leygh, Thos. Lademan and Clement Dover in Newton, Cumb., of Ric. Clerke in Aspatrike, Cumb., of Mich. Fawcon in Alenby, Cumb., of Wm. Hodgeson, Edw. Wilson, John Lonesdale, Thos. Sturdye and John Sturdye in Burgh per Arenas, Cumb., of Paul Dovingbye, John Scurre, Thos. Thornebrande and Wm. Wright in Lang-rike, Cumb., of John Dobson in Lasingbye, Cumb., and all possessions of Holme Col-tram e mon. in these places —Holme Col-trame. Also the lordship and manor of Ulton, with appurtenances in Ulton and Mortyn Terne, Cumb.,—Henry earl of Northumberland. Also the fishery called Depedraught in the water of Edon near Carlell, in tenure of the dean and chapter of Carlisle cathedral, nine messuages, cottages and burgages in tenure of Ric. Clerke, Thos. Scott, John Munke, Edw. Williamson, Edw. Aglionby, Ellen Donye, widow, the relict of Thos. Beverley, Robt. Sharpe and Thos. Benson in Carlisle,—Holme Cultrame. Also the site and demesne lands of the manor of Bowes, Yorks., in tenure of John Warde, and the rectory and advowson of the vicarage of Bowes,—St. Leonard's, York. Except other advowsons. Westm., 9 July. Pat. 37 Hen. VIII. p. 15, m. 2.
28. George and Edmund Wright, the King's servants. Grant in fee, for 477l. 19s. 2d. of the manor of Westerdale, Yorks., lands in Westerdale in the several tenures of Chr. Eoger, Thos. Watson, Thomas Edwarde, John Fletcher, Wm. Doncaster, Chr. Dale, Robt. Gyll, John Watson, Ralph Edward, Robt. Watson, John Dale, Edm. Stringer, Wm. Evinwood, Hen. Kildall, Peter Garbutt, John Fairewether, Geo. Cowltus, Hen. Cowltus, John Watson, Thos. Boys, John Dale, John Whyte, Robt. Gyll, John Clerke, John Trowesdale, John Johnson, John Fletcher. Chr. Roger, and Wm. Watson, parcel of the said manor, and woods called Barwykerowe and Hanyiestrete (4½ ac.) in Westerdale, —Commandry of Holy Trinity, Beverley, and St. John's of Jerusalem; a messuage and lands in Castroppe, Linc., in tenure of Robt. Frankes, rent of 13s. and l0d. and service from lands in Maunton, Linc., of the heirs of Thos. Bellyngham, and a croft in Burton Stather, Linc. in tenure of John Kellynson,—Thorneholme mon.; a house, etc., in Maunton in tenure of John Bateman,—Goykewell mon.; a farm called Hartisholme in Hartisholme, Linc., in tenure of Sir Robt. Hussey,—Bardeney mon.; two messuages in Westerdale, Yorks., in tenure of Thos. Horseley and John Cotes.— Ryvalles mon. Except advowsons. Bel. Westm., 10 July 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Suffolk, Paget, St. John, Baker, North, Bacon and Chydley). Pat. P.13, m. 29.
29. Wm. Collyn, clk. Presentation to the vicarage of Gaynsburgh, Line dioc, void by death. Grenewiche, 27 June 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 10 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 14, m. 13.
30. George Losemore, of Tyverton, Devon, and Margaret his wife, and John Strongman of Wynterborne Marten, Dors. Grant, in fee to the said George, for 579l. 5s. 10d., of the lordship and manor of Templeton, Devon, the advowson of Templeton rectory, a pension of 26s. 8d. out of the said rectory, woods called Este Parke Eidge. West Parke Ridge, and Combe Commen (22 ac.) in Templeton,—Templecombe commandry, Soms., and St. John's of Jerusalem.
Also grant to Losemore and Strangman, in fee, of the lordship and manor of Est Pulham, Dors., a wood called Est Pulham Grove alias Graunge Wood,— Byndon mon.; a messuage and lands (specified) in tenure of John Hall alias Philipps in Wynterbourne Marten, Dors., another messuage and lands there (specified) in tenure of Ric. Whytell, another in tenure of Wm. Locke, and all other possessions there of Abbottysbury mon,—Abbottysbury; rent of 12s. and service from Dovecote close and other lands of John Banaster in Wellome. Notts., a messuage in tenure of Ric. Tee in Wellome, a toft in tenure of Ric. Pek in Clareboroughe, Notts., a messuage in tenure of John Dey in Wellome,—Worsopp priory; lands called Pole Parke in tenure of John Wren in the commote of Collyon, co. Denbigh, a messuage there formerly in tenure of Rice ap Howell and now of Robt. Salesbury, and a cottage there called le Deyhouse within the pasture called Olocaynoke Parke in tenure of Robt. Salesbury, which lands in Collyon are parcel of the lordship of Buthyn, co. Denbigh,— "the Erie of Rentes Landes"; a moiety of the manor of Hendor with appurtenances in the commote of Edernyon, co. Merioneth, parcel of the principality of North Wales, which Maurice Knyvet, one of the yeomen of the Wardrobe, holds for life. Also the messuage called Erowered formerly in tenure of Jevan ap David ap Hoell in the parish of Eglosevaugh, co. Carnarvon, and other messuages and lands there (named and otherwise specified) in tenures of Hoell ap Dyo and Owen ap Griffithe ap Dd. Vaughan,— Conway mon.; a messuage in tenure of Robt. Salesbury in the town of Erigeoch within Llanarmon parish, co. Denbigh,— Valecross mon. Del. Westm.. 10 July 37 Hen. VIII.— S.B. (signed by Suffolk, Gardiner. Browne, Baker, North, Sir Ric. Southwell, Duke and Chydley). Pat. p. 14, m. 30.
31. Sir Thomas Palmer, the King's servant. Grant, in fee, for his services and for 1,000 mks., paid to the King's own hands, of the college and deanery of Southmalling, Suss., and all its possessions in Southmalling, Mailing, Lyngfeld, Glynd, Clyva, Iffeld, Walcote, Borne, Willinghane, Stanner, Ballesden, Lynfeld, Wyvelfeld, Erthingle, Worth, Colmanshacher, , Framfyld, Sotheram, Byngmer and Stanmer, Suss, and Hants. As amply as Robt. Peterson, last dean there, held them. Except ornaments, goods and chattels, lead and bells of the said college, and jewels and ornaments necessary for the parish church of Southmalling. Del. Westm., 11 July 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by North and Ric. Goodrick). Pat. p. 7, m 5.
32. Alan Bellyngham, of Helsyngton, Westmld. Grant, in fee, for 84l. 13s. 4d. of the manors of Kendalle, Crostwayte and Lythe, Westmld., a turbary called Sampole, Westmld., the hamlets of Wyresdale and Cleveley, Lanc., parcel of the possessions of John late lord Lumley. Del. Westm.. 12 July 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Essex, Browne. Baker, Sir Ric. Southwell, North, Hen. Bradshawe and Robt. Chydley). Pat. p. 9, m.9.
33. John Mille and George Mille. his son. Grant, in fee. for 1,398l. 6s. 5d., of the lordships and manors of Nutshullyng and Mylbroke, Hants, and a wood called the Lordes Wood (7 ac.) in Nutshullyng, —Holy Trinity Cathedral, Winchester; the lordship and manor of Langley, Hants, a wood called Langley Wood (35 ac ), and four woods (34 ac.) among the demesne lands of Langley manor, —Bremmer priory; the lordship and manor of Newthorpe, Notts and closes (named; there in tenure of Ric. Pavye and Nic. Styrley,—Lenton mon.And all appurtenances in Nutshullyng, Mylbroke, Sherley, Elyng and Langley, Hants, and in Newthorpe, Notts. Del. Westm., 13 July 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Suffolk, Essex, Gardiner. Browne. North, Sir Ric. Southwell, Sir Robt. Southwell, Hendle and Duke). Pat. p. 1, m. 17
34. Clement Throkmerton and Alex. Avenon, ironmonger, of London. Grant, in fee, for 654l. 19s. 7d. paid by Throkmerton, of the manor, grange, farm and tenement of Kyngton, Warw,, and land called Treche Croft in Claverdon parish, Warw., in tenure of John Parker and Alice his wife; the manor, grange, and tenement called Songer Grange, Warw., a wood called Songer Grove (5 ac.) in the parish of Claverdon alias Claryngdon, and all lands in Songer and within the lordship and fields of Ediston, Longley and in Wolverdyngton, Warw., pertaining to Songer Grange in tenure of Thos. Bogers of Songer, and the manor, grange, farm and tenement of Byrley alias Bureley, Warw., in tenure of John Hill, —Bordesley mon., Worc. Also the lordship, manor and tenement of Wolverding-ton alias Wolverton, Warw., messuages, etc. (specified), in Wolverdington in tenure of Hugh Walforde, Robt. Rogers, Robt. Launder, Ric. Aunge, and John Aunge and Agnes his wife, John Wyatt and Joan his wife, Thos. Jones and Agnes his wife, Thos. Berdemore, Hen. and Thos. Townesende and John Danyell, and the site and chief messuage of the manor of Wolverdyngton alias Wolverton,—St. Mary's College, Warwick; the lordship, manor and tenement of Grete in Yardeley, Wore, and Warw., land in tenure of John Barne and Isabella his wife and Joan their daughter in Lynden, Warw., and rent of 12d. and service from lands in Lynden late—of Sheldons,— Studley priory, Warw. Also the advowson of Wolverdyngton rectory, and lands in tenure of Wm. Bayly and John London in Claverden alias Claredon, Warw. And of John Bleke in Lynsey, Warw..— St. Mary's college Warwick; a meadow called Dockeham leased to Ric. Fyssher, Wm. Bowrey, Wm. Freman and Thos. More in Dumbleton next Buckelande, Glouc,—St. Peter's num., Gloucester. Del. Westm., 13 July 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Suffolk, Essex, Browne, North, Sir Ric. Southwell, Sir Robt Southwell, Bacon and Duke). Pat. p. 9, m. 39.
35. Midd.—Commission to Wm. Cholmeley and John Marshe to make inq. p.m. on lands and heir of Thos. Shawe. Westm., 13 July. Pat. 37 Hen. VIII. p. 12, m. 1d.
36. Thomas Herbert, of Wimoscowe, Monm.. and Wm. Breton. Grant, in fee, for 517l. 8s. 4d. of the site, &c., of the late mon. of Grace Dieu, Monm., and all buildings and lands therein in tenure of John Vaughan, and numerous meadows, etc. (named, including a grange called Inysed Vaughan) leased with them to the said John in the parishes of Llangatock and Trahurgan—Gracedieu. Also lands called Hendremesse and Terfoskey in Skenfrith parish, Monm , in tenure of John Jenkyn, a close called Teremer Glede in Monmouth parish in tenure of Ph. ap John Taylor, a messuage in Llantyllis parish, Monm., in tenure of John ap Jenkyn ap Jevane ap Powell and David Thomas ap Gwilliam ap Jevan, a messuage, &c., in Llanehangell parish, Monm., in tenure of Thos. ap Merick ap William, lands called Tere .... and Pont Cerewyn in tenure of Jevan ap John, and Teyre Perthe Yaughan in tenure of Thos. ap Harry and Ric. ap Jevan in Llanehangell parish, and a messuage there in tenure of Howell James, woods called Mylnewood (20 ac), New Parke (10 ac), Priors Wood (4 ac), and Grange Than (12 ac.) in the parishes of Llangatock, Trahurgan, Skenfrith, Monmouth, Llantillis and Llanehangell, —Gracedieu.Except two woods called Peresgraunge Wood and Monckes Wood (40 ac.).
Also a messuage and certain lands (specified) in Gylling alias Yellinge, Hunts, formerly in tenure of John Edward and now of Thos. More, a messuage, &c, there formerly in tenure of Joan Marfelde and now of John Sparrowe and Anne his wife, and messuages, &c., in Croxton, Camb., in tenure of John Saunder and Joan his wife and of Wm. Batfurth alias Ketford, Huntingdon priory; lands in Ellington alias Gylling alias Yelling, Hunts, in tenure of John Sparrowe and of Wm. Doceater alias Doceter,—Harwolde mon., Beds; two little groves of wood (1 ro.) in Gylling,— Huntingdon priory; a wood called Cawthorpe Wood alias Priors Wood (15 ac.) in Tathwell parish, Linc., Alvingham mon.; a messuage in the parish of All Hallows next Dowegate, London, in tenure of Hen. Posyer, and which the King purchased from Philip Vanwylder; two parcels of land called "gardeyn romes," and a piece of void ground in Holy Trinity parish. Cambridge, in tenure of Chr. Franks, and a garden there in tenure of Thos. Pecok,—Barnewell prioriy; two messuages in Syvington within Cul-myngton parish, Salop, in tenure of Wm. Barbor, and all other lands there of Clyfford priory. Heref.,—Clifford; and lands in Feltewell and Methwolde, Norf., in tenure of John Denton and John Palmer,—Thetjord nunnery. Except bells and lead of Grace Dieu mon. Del. Westm., 13 July 37 Hen. VIII—S.B. (signed by Essex, Browne, Baker, North, Sir Ric. Southwell, Hendie and Bacon).
37. James Gunter and Wm. Lewes. Grant, in fee to the said James, for 1,379l. 17s. 9d. paid by him. of the rectory of Llangonwood and chapels of Hawoodporth Trisent, Llanvegellyth and Crikeferme, co. Glamorgan, the advowson of the vicarage of Llangonwood, and all appurtenances in the above-named places and in Crikecastell, Southseller, Inditferme and Froddett, co. Glamorgan,—Morganmon.; the manor of Oxendon alias Exendon, Glouc, the site of the same with lands (specified) and tithes in Oxondon, in tenure of Ric. Kent, the manors of Cardiff and Rothe, co. Glamorgan, messuages, etc, in Brode-campden, Glouc. in tenure of Thos. Proketer and Mary, Wm. and Marg. Foster, and of John Wyddowe and Joan his wife and John and Richard their sons, and the manor of Overstrensham, Wore,—Tewkysbury mon.; lands in the parish of Ampney Holy Cross, Glouc, formerly in tenure of John Honyborne, and now of Ric. Bye and Alice his wife and John his son,—Braddenstoke mon., Wilts; the manor of Bedgworth, the rectory of Bedgworth and chapels of Uphatherley and Southehatherley, co. city of Gloucester, and the advowson of Bedgworth vicarage —Uske priory, Monm.; the advowson of the rectory of Canfeld Parva. Essex,—Lewes priory and Thomas Cromwell earl of Essex; the manor of Ketton, Rutl., and the manor or grange in Ketton called Kettelthorpe Hall, —Semperingham friory, Linc.; the grange of Morlez in the parish (sic)of Llantilow Pertholewe and Llanthewy, Monm , in tenure of Thos. ap Morgan, and all lands leased with it in the said parishes (sic),—Dore mon., Heref.; a messuage, &c., in Derehurst Walton, Glouc, in tenure of Edm. Nethewey, rent of 4s. and service from lands called le Haselles in Appurley next Derehurst in tenure of Ric. Hawker, a messuage, & Okynton, Glouc, in tenure of Ric. Bucle, lands in Chattisley, Worc., in tenure of Wm. Francombe and John and Thomas his sons, and of Barth. Mayle, a messuage, in Ridmerley, Wore, in tenure of Thos. Clerk and Joan his wife, and Robt. and Joan their children, and the lands leased with it in Rydmerley, Le Barowe, Elderffeld and Pandock, Worc., the reversion of the manor of Pyrton, Worc., leased by Tewkysbury abbey, 20 July 27 Hen. VIII., to Fras. Folyatt and John his son, and the heirs male of the body of the said Francis, the rent of 13l. 6s. and Ilb. of cummin reserved upon that lease, the said manor of Pyrton and its appurtenances in Pyrton and Pefford, Wore, and the advowson of Pyrton rectory,—Tewkysbury. Also the rectory and the advowson of the vicarage of Chadworth, Glouc., and all lands leased with that rectory to Edm. Tame,— Shene priory, Surr.; lands in Wilyon next Baldok, Herts., in tenure of Wm. Irelond.— Borne won , Line.; a messuage and lands in Shedworth alias Chedworth, Glouc., in tenure of Thos. Fuller, John Collett and Wm. Bredon, in the King's hands by reason of its acquisition without licence by the proctor of a former abbot of Lira. Also a messuage, &c., in Appurley within Derehurste parish in tenure of Wm. Manne, parcel of Warwikes Landes and Spencers Landes forfeited by Richard late earl of Warwick; a piece of land called le Covent Wall in Westebere parish, Kent (between John Wylde's land and the King's river), in tenure of John Fyssher, and another piece there called le Alders in tenure of John Morley,— St. Augustine's mon. near Canterbury, the advowson of the rectory of St. Michael next the river of Rumney. Monm.,—Duke of Buckingham, attainted; the grange, farm and tenement called Croys in Eston Magna, Essex, in tenure of John Bower, —Tyltey mon.; pasture called Enys Yearll in Llangom parish, Monm, in tenure of Thos. ap Eobert,—Uske priory. Del. Westm., 17 July, 37 Hen. VIII. S.B. (signed by Essex, Browne, Sir Robt. Southwell, Baker, North, Bacon and Chydley). Pat. p. 12. m. 22.
38. King Henry VIII.'s School, Coventry. Licence to John Hales, of Coventry, to found a free school there to be called Henry VIII.'s School, Coventry, for one preceptor or schoolmaster at the appointment of the said John and his heirs and assigns, and to grant to the mayor, bailiffs and community of Coventry lands to the yearly value of 200 mks. for the support of the said school. Guyleford, 10 July 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Portesmouth, 23 July—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m 3.
39. John Hales, of Coventry. Grant, in fee, for several reasons and for 400l. paid to the King's own hands, of the site of the late hospital of St. John Baptist in Coventry, and all buildings within it, all messuages, etc., in Mocheparkestrete, Litleparkestrete, Brodgate, Smythfordstrete, Gosfordstrete, Grayfrierlane, Cow-lane, Sponstrete, Vicarelane, and Hilstrete in St. Michael's parish, Coventry, Cross-heping, Litle Bocherye, Doglane, Seynt Nicolas Strete, Hilcrossestrete, Cokstrete, Bisshopstrete, Wellstrete, Seynt John Brigestrete Millane and Baylielane in the parish of Holy Trinity. Coventry, or elsewhere in that city and its suburbs, which belonged to the said hospital, and all possessions of the said hospital in Radforde, Couldon, Bynley, and Stoke, co. city of Coventry, and in Greneburghe, Bathkinton, Kirkby Monachorum, Bynley, Ryton, Hampton in Arden, Marton, Birdeburye, Schingborowe, Nonneton and Stretton Upstrete, Warw., and in Shern-forde, Leic. Also the mansion or grange called Harnall in Holy Trinity parish, Coventry, and meadows, etc., called Cowpasture or Harnalfeelde, Greatspit-telmore, Totornelowe, Shepecoteyarde, Pikildepere. Dawby leasue, Twentie landes, Baconsfeelde, Oxelease, Thre-legges, Guyesmedowe, Beerwodfelde and Little Spitlemore in Holy Trinity parish, and Mydlereding and le Greatewaste in Folxhull parish, the common in Hasil-wode in Folxhull parish, the pond called Harnall Pole or Swanneswelpoole in Holy Trinity parish, and the messuages, &c., called Smarcote in the parishes of Exall alias Eccteshall. co. city of Coventry, and of Corley and Bedworth, Warw. All which premises belonged to the said hospital.
Also grant, in fee for 320l. 8s. 4d., of Stoneley Grange in Stoneley parish, Warw., in tenure of Thos.Dunton, woods called Colehauch (1 ac.) and I'ynbury Grove (2 ac in Stoneley,—Stoneley priory; lands in Folxhull parish, co. city of Coventry, called Bennettes Barne and four fields there, in tenure of John Grene and Alice his wife and Thomas their son, and the rectory of Offechurche, Warw. —Coventry cathedral priory. Ferneham, 12July37 Hen. VIII. Del.Portesmouth, 23 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 28.
40. Augustine de Augustinis, M.D. Grant, in fee, for 1,245l. 5s. 6d.,of the reversion of lands leased to him for life by pat. 22 March 32 Hen. VIII., viz., the manors of Worthye Abbatis, Byketon, Foughlerton and Leckeforde, Hants , and of Bekyngton, Soms., and tithes of hay of the said manor of Foughlerton and Leckeforde; except advowsons, and the rent of 9l. 4s. reserved upon that lease. Also the lordships and manors of Worthye Abbatis, Byketon, Foughlerton and Leckeforde, a water mill in Worthye Abbatis, a water mill in Foughlerton and the chief messuage, &c., called Woodelokea in Byketon in tenure of Robt. Power,—Hyde mon.; the manor of Bekyngton, Soms.,—Maydenbradley mon., Wilts.; the tithes of hay in the said manors (sic)of Foughlerton and Leckeford, the advowson of the rectory of Worthye aforesaid alias Worthye Regis and the advowson of the rectory of Byketon alias Bighton, Hants., and woods called Rossel-wayes Coppe, Wyke Coppies, Chorlewoode Coppe. Rede Coppe, North Coppies. etc. (named, 88 ac.) in Byketon,—Hyde; Bekyngton Wood in Bekyngton,—Maydenbradley. Also the rectory and the advowson of the vicarage of Busshemere, Suff., and lands (specified) in tenure of Thomas lord Wentworth in Russhemere and in the parish of St. John Baptist in Chalde-well, Suff.,—Holy Trinity priory, Ipswich. Also the house and site of Wenlocke priory, Salop, with numerous orchards and fields (specified) which were in the prior's own hands at the dissolution and were afterwards leased to John Bradshawe (except bells and lead and buildings other than were appointed to the farmer at the dissolution); also woods called Sherlett Woodde, Fareby Woodde and Holmeie Woodde (845 ac.),—Wenlock. Del.Portesmouth, 23 July 37 Hen. VIII. —S.B. signed by Essex, Gardiner, Baker, North, Sir Ric. Southwell, Bacon and Duke). Pat. p. 3, m. 7.
41. Ric. Jerveys, alderman of London. Grant, in fee, for 207l. 6s. 8d., of the lordship and manor of Chelmershe, Salop, the messuage called Nethercourte and all lands in tenure of Rog. Houghton and Edw. Wolryche in Chelmershe, and a wood called Kynswoode alias Kingeswoode (7½ ac.) in Chelmershe, parcel of the earldom of March. Del. Portesmouth, 23 July 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Essex, Browne, Baker, North, Sir Ric. Southwell, Hendle and Duke). Pat. p. 13, m. 16.
42. Edward Basshe, of London, and Thomasia his wife. Grant, in fee to the said Edward, for 172l. 19s. 2d., of the manor of Ore, in Cheveley parish, Berks., — Abendon mon. Del. Portesmouth, 25 July 37 Hen. VIII—S B. (signed by Essex. Browne, Baker, North, Sir Robt. Southwell, Chydley and Staunford). Pat. p. 1, m 18.
43. John Pascall. Grant, in fee, for 270l., of the manor and grange of Kewton Hall, Essex, with appurtenances in Springefelde, Boreham, Badowe Parva, Badowe Magna, Danebury and Chelmys-forde, Essex,—Coggeshall mon. Except advowBons. Del. Portesmouth, 25 July 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Essex. Browne, Baker, North, Sir Ric. Southwell, Bacon and Duke). Pat. p. 1, m. 19.
44. Sir Thomas Clere, vice-admiral of England. Grant, in fee, for his services, of the site of the late house of Heringby, Norf., called Heringby College, and all buildings, &c, within the said site a marsh called Childes Marshe in the parish of Tunstale alias Tunstall, Norf., lands called Fennes, Spenceis alias Spencers. Cottes and Smethes in Heringby, and all the King's possessions in Heringby. Which premises belonged to Hugh at Fenne, dec, and to the late college of Heringby, and were surrendered to the King by John Heth, master, and the fellows of the said college, with the confirmation by Sir John Heydon, Sir Wm. Paston, Sir Thos. Were, Edm.Billingford. John Groo[s], Chr. Playter, Edm. Clere. Rob. Harward, John Hacon and John Lavyll alias Norman, and by Wm. bp. of Norwich. Except bells and lead. Fame-ham, 12 July 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Portesmouth, 25 July.—P.S. Pat. p.3, m. 6.
45. Thomas Aston of Aston, Chesh., and Wm. Pedder of London. Grant in fee to the said Thomas, for 270l. 11s. 5d. paid by Aston, of lands in tenure of the said Thomas and of Ph. Billynge, Ralph Okell and Wm. Wryght in Aston, a grange called Middelaston in Aston and Middelaston, Chesh., and woods called Myddelton Coppes. Hatton Hey Coppes, Dowsehill Coppes and Wolsey Coppes (84 ac.) in Aston and Myddelaston,— Norton abbey. Del. Portesmouth, 25 July 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Essex, Gardiner, Browne, Sir Ric. Southwell, North, Sir Robt. Southwell, Hendle and Duke;. Pat. p.7, m. 1.
46. Thomas Magnus, elk., the King's Councillor and Ric. Whalley, esquire for the Body. Grant, for their services and for 197l. 6s. 7½d., to the said Magnus, of the college, wardenry or chantry of St. Mary of Sybthorpp, Notts, with appurtenances in Sybthorpe, Hawkesworth Flyn-tham, Bekingham, Kneton, Syerston. Elstone, Stanton, and Shelton, Notts and Line, as he held them when keeper or warden of the same college. To Magnus for life, with remainder, after his death, to Ric. Whalley and his heirs. Grenewiche, 4 July 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Portsmouth, 25 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 18, m. 3.
47. Wm. Ibrye, elk. Grant of the canonry and prebend of the fifth stall in the Royal free chapel of St. Stephen next Westminster palace, void by the death of Edw. Redmayne.clk., grantee having been nominated together with John Buttre and Thos. Ebbe, elks., by Lord Chancellor Wriothesley to whom the nomination was conceded by Wm. bp. of Norwich. Portesmouth, 20 July 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Portesmouth, 28 July—P.S. Pat. p. 2. m. 10.
48. Thomas Bacon, of London, salter, and James Bacon, bis brother. Grant, in fee to the said Thomas, for 1,020l 13s. 6d. paid by the said Thomas, of the manors of Hyndercley, Worthame and Burgata, Suff., the windmill of Wattel-felde and cottage adjoining it in Hyndercley and Watt elf elde, Suff., in tenure of Thos. Collen a portion of tithes in Hyndercley and the pension paid for the same by the rector there, rent of 13d. and service due from tenants of Hyndercley manor to the hundred of Blackborne, and all other rents so due, woods called Sandborowe Woodde (120 ac.), Harskewe Woodde (40 ac.) and Landegrove (7 ac.) in Hyndercley,—Bury St. Edmunds mon.; a messuage called the Rose with two cottages adjoining it near Charing Crosse, in the parish of St. Martin in the Fields, Westminster, in tenure of Christiana Norres. which the King purchased of the late mon. of St. Peter, Westminster; and the advowsons of the rectories of Hyndercley and Dykylburgh,—Bury St. Edmunds. Del. Portesmowth. 28 July 37 Hen. VIII. —S.B. (signed by Essex, Browne, Baker, Sir Robt. Southwell, Sir Ric. Southwell, Hendle and Bacon).Pat. p. 3, m. 2.
49. Edmund Vaughan. Grant, in fee, for 475l. 12s. 11d.,of the reversion of lands leased by pat. 29 Jan. 13 Hen. VIII. to James Vaughan, a gentleman usher of the Chamber, for life, viz, the demesne lands of the town and lordship of Wentfordton, in the marches of Wales, at the rent which Jas. Meryck, then dec , paid for them. Also grant of the lordship and manor of Wynfreton alias Wentefordton, Heref., and a wood called Wynfreton Woode (40 ac.),—Earldom of March; and the advowson of the rectory of Wynfreton alias Wynferton. Also 50 ac. of land in Tidde, Line, in tenure of Thos. Lyttel-burie, rent of 20s. and service from lands late of Thos. Lyttelburie in Holbeche alias Holboche. Linc., called Haliard next Hyrneflete and in Holbechehorne and in Wyndsover and Asgardyke, Linc,—Crowlande mon.; and the manor of Wyggeley, Hants, and woods called Heth Close, Kinges Crofte, Bowlandes Grove, Cadnam Grove, Lanyngton Coppes and Pens Grove (in all 25ac.) in Wiggeley, Shelveley, Cadnam and Wyndsore, Hants., —Ambresbury mon. Wilts. Del. Portes-mouth, 28 July 37 Hen. VIII. - S.B.(signed by Essex, Browne, Sir Ric. Southwell, Baker. North, Bacon and Duke). Pat. p. 3, m. 3(undated).
50. John Bartlatt alias John Hancock, and Robt Baitlatt his son. Grant, in fee to the said John, for 710l. 5s., of a messuage in tenure of John Galwaye in .Worthe within Edmonsham parish, Dors., 6 messuages there in tenure of Ric. Wylshire, Joan Harrys, widow, John Wytt, Hen. Mores. Robt. Wyllys and John Gowle, a watermill in tenure of Thos. Badyche, lands in tenure of Hen. Molinex, and pasture called Newbery in tenure of Hen. Mores and John Harrys, all in Worthe aforesaid,—Byndon mon. Also rent of 6d. and service from lands of Edw. Frye alias Harryes of New Sarum in Rempforde near Worthe alias Est-worthe, Dors., rent of 20d. and service from lands of Thos. Cooke of Mawpowder in Worthe alias Estworthe, and 3 closes, etc., in tenure of John White, three messuages and a cottage, etc., in tenure of Alice Melwyche, a messuage, etc., in tenure of Thos. Dulynge and a cottage in tenure of Wm. Morrys in Worthe alias Estworthe, —Tewkesbury mon., Glouc. Also lands in tenure of Wm. Lovell in Tan-ant Antyocheston alias 'J arrant Bawston, Dors..—Tarrant mon.; the manor, farm, messuage and tenement called Musterton alias Muston in Pudel-hynton and Pudeltowne, Dors., in tenure of Alice, widow of Ric. Lomyn, and Wm. Lomyn, son of the said Richard and Alice, a wood called Shipmans Coppes (3 ac.) in the parish of Mylborne St. Andrews, and sheep pasture of the said manor in tenure of Thos.. Baskett,—Cerne mon.; rent of 20s and service from lands of the heirs of Ant Hampton, in the city of New Sarum, —Ambresbury mon.; the house and site of the late priory of Hen ton, Soms., certain lands (specified), and woods called Henton Wood (210 ac), Home Wood (120 ac.) in Henton (except bells, lead and buildings other than were appointed to the farmer at the dissolution).—Henton. Del. Portysmouth, 28 July 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B.(signed by Essex, Browne, Baker, Northe, Duke and Chydley). Pat. p. 3, m. 4(undated).
51. John Combes, sen., and Ric. Stansfelde. Grant, in fee, for 987l. 5s. 6d., of the site and precinct of the late cathedral priory of Coventry, certain ground called le Pole Yarde. the watermill called le Pryourie Mille, a pond called Swannes-well Pole and other lands and houses (specified) in tenure of Simon Parker, Wm. Joyner, Wm. Sanders, Thos.Kevett, Wm. Merler, Thos. Graye, Laurence Fanneand Thos. Wycockes within the said precinct; except lead, bells and building materials in and upon the church, steeple, cloister and chapels. Also grant of all other houses and lands of the said priory in the city and county of Coventry, viz. in Holy Trinity parish, a parcel of ground called the Well Yard near the precinct of the said late priory, in tenure of John Ramridge, elk., 16 messuages in Gosford-strete in tenures of Peter Typpyng, Ric. Harryson, Ric. Collyns, Hen. Tynker,—Buttersoull, John Bellat, Ric. Mereman, Rog. Tofte, Wm. Havell, Robt. Lebouine, Ric. Agley, Wm. Harryman and Clem. Miller, 23 messuages, etc., in Millane and le Bastell in tenures of John Gryffyn, Margery Carter, Ric. Whyteman, Ric. Golderyng, Wm. Cley, John Hanslowe, Sibyl Blackeley, Patrick Long, Marg. Wayne, John Johnson, Alice Barret, Martin Oryon, Bog. Palmer, Alex. Robynson, Wm. Blencheboke, Thos. Hardyng, Alice Kyng, Robt. More, John Phillips, John Nycolles, Wm. Baylye, Cecily Midleton, Hugh Davy, Edm. Selbye, Thos. Smyth, John Nethermyll, and Thos. Smyth; 42 messuages, etc., in Newstrete in tenures of Thos. Bortbam, Wm. Land, Alice Hanswike, Steph. West, Ric. Baynard, John Phillips, John Tenwenter. Thos. Crony, John Perkyns, Agnes Bawell, Eliz. Sntton, Margery Yorw, Thos. Palmer, Eliz.— (blank), Wm. Mellys, Eleanor Wryght, Anne Hanell, Anne Benkeley, Hen. Wylkingson, Felicia Bolleston, Ric. Bageley, Marg. West, Chr. Craner, Ric. Walker, Humph. Alcraft, John Wynpeny, Rog. Malen, Joan Coke, Rog. Patrike, Wra. Smyth, Robt. Loder, Agnes Pole, Ric Hardman, John Fyssher, Ric. Schyche, Robt. Pace, Thos. Fysshe and Eliz. Kendall; in St. Michael's parish, 3 messuages, etc., in Yerlestrete, in tenure of Rog. Cockeson, Robt West and Ric. Townsend, 5 cottages, etc. in Litle Perke Strete in tenures of John Edeys, Balph Chaundeler, Eliz. Kysey and Simon Geffkyns, 2 cottages in Moche or Great Perkestrete in tenure of Rog. Wallys and John Bychardes, 9 messuages in Smythfordstrete in tenures of Thos. Spencer. John Crampe, Ric. Wodeborn, Ric. Hewes, Emmote Sandby, Wm. Keder, Ric. Dawes and John Perte; 4 messuages in Grayefryer Lane in tenure of Kath. Wall, Marg. Batham, —Saunders and Thos. Saunders; in Holy Trinity parish, 21 messuages, etc. including Bell Orchard and Biddinges field at Badford. in streets called the Bocherye and the Pryourye Gatestrete, in tenures of Robt Nounde, Simon Cotton, Wm. More, Thos Gramen. Hen. Sanders, Thos. Saunders, Ric. Sowell, John Couper, Wm. Joyner. John Cotton, Marg. Shurley, John Lap worth, John Heuett, Kath. Taylour, John Bosworth, John Petit, Alice Grene, John Gryffyn. Ric. Mundy John Sanders, and John Stafford, 8 messuages in Irenmongerowe in tenures of John Bosworth, Wm. Jackeson, Edm. Kynge, John Cropwell, the wife of—Woode, John Cutler, Wm Bawdwynand Robt Stokes, 8 messuages in the street called the Crossecheping in tenures of Thos. Dawes, John Shepherd, John Eexston, Wm. Marshall, Wm. Meryman, Thos Cotton, Robt Seyles, and Wm. Bogers, and 2 messuages in the street called Seynt John's Bridge in tenures of John Walbanke and John Yerdeley; in St. Michael's parish, 6 messuages in Bayly Lane in tenures of Ric. Green, Thos. Napton, Thos. Brewer, John Morys, John Yerdeley and John Hawes, 6 messuages in Spon strete in tenures of Thos. Tylour, John Kateryns, Thos. Maget, Wm. Herefford, Wm. Mosseley and John Roynodes, two crofts in Sponestrete in tenure of Maurice Bedell; in Holy Trinity parish, 28 messuages in Wellstrete in tenures of Ric. Brecknock, John Ward, John Rowton, John Schellys, Ric. Townsend, John Fraunoys, Thos. Thomson, John Baker, Elizea Mosse, Marg. Hibbotes and Chr. Wareyne. 15 messuages, etc., in Westorchard Street in tenures of Robt. Knyght, John Harrys, John Hawe, Ric. Pywall, Thos. Turner, Robt. Dudley, Ric.—(blank), Baldwin Ooffeld, Wm Starkey, John Stone, Wm. Nele, Humph. Reignoldes, Wm. Beighton. Robt Crewe and Margery Cleydon, 10 messuages in Bysshopestrete in tenures of Grace Eenelworthe, Wm. Blomer alias Blakmer, Robt. Whythford John Barker, Geoff. Pryce, Wm. Warde, Chr. Tylling and Hen. Over, 10 messuages, &c, in Seynt Nicholas Strete in tenures of Thos. Duffeld, Joan Barker, Edw. Cheney, Ric. Turner, Wm. Linsey, Wm. Preste, Wm. Glasier, —Skelton, Rog. Adnet, Hen. Deveys, —Kenelworth and John Walland, 5 messuages in Cokestrete in tenure of John Somerfeeld, Ralph Sharpe, Nic. Petus, Joan Whyteacre, Ric. Seuell, Ric. Peny and Oliver Foreste, 15 mes suages, &c., in Palmerlane in tenures of Thos. Barnes, clk., John Bobyns, Marg. Faux, Thos. Cotton, Wm. More, John Coxus, John Grene, John Clement, Agnes Hikes and Eobt. Hewett, and 13 messuages in le Great Bocherie in tenures of Bog. Adnet, John Saunders, Ric. Sewell, Edw. Damport, Hen. Deveys, Wm. Porter. Thos. Gravener, John Castell, Isabella Faux, Wm. Mores, John Clemens and Alice Green ; in St. Michael's parish, 5 messuages, etc., in Yycarie Lane in tenures of Hugh Prowdelove, Ellen Chaundelour, Joan Bradeshawe, Joan Waller and Wm. Felche; in Holy Trinity parish, a water-mill called le Erles Mylle, at le Bastell, and three tenements in Millane and other lands pertaining to the mill, and a water- mill called Hill Myll and meadow leased with it to John Joyner; in St. Michael's parish, a watermill called the Sextons Myll alias Whyte Frere Myll in tenure of John Taylandes alias Tayluunce; in Holy Trinity parish, 4 gardens nenr the church yard of the said late priory in tenure of the churchwardens and of Ric. Prest, Thos. Wall and Ric. Hoio —Coventry Cathedral priory.
Also grant of all messuages, etc., in the said parishes of Holy Trinity and St. Michael which belonged to Kenelworth num., viz., two tenements in tenure of {blank)Crampe and Margaret (sic), a stable and garden in tenure of (blank)Sperry, a tenement and garden in tenure of Wm. Atkyns, and other lands (similarly specified) in tenure of (blank) Kyrton, John Gesse, John Boiler, —Fermer, Humph. Heth, Nic. Taylour, Nic. Capper, Thos. Fletcher, —Johnson, David Greffyn, Ric. Dawbes, Hugh Griffyn, —Pynnock, Wm. Rycharson, Mich. Boberth, Edm. Tum our, Coke, sherman, Kyteyn, Wm. Tumour, Chr. Wade, John Symondes, Maurice Pawle, John Saunders, John Sparkes, Wm. Cokefeld, David Gryffyn, John Fayrechyld, John Edos, Leonard Barbour, Wm. Spittull, Thos. Harne, David Gryffyn, Thos. Rawlyns, Thos. Saunders, John Cole, Dawson, Thos. Bakyn, Edm. Tumour, Crampe, John Gesse, Arth. Goodriche, John Saunders and Nic. Busshewey.— Kenelworth.
And all other possessions of Coventry priory and Kenelworth mon. in the city or suburbs of Coventry, except rents of assize, rents of charge, dry rente, pensions, portions, rectories and tithes. Note of delivery illegible.—S.B. (much injured, signed by Suffolk, Gardiner, and otherswhose signatures are lost). Pat. 37 Hen. VIII. p. 8, m. 12. (Dated Portsmouth, 28 July.)
52. Thomas bp. of Westminster, dean of the Chapel Royal, Nicholas bp. of Worcester, King's almoner, George bp. of Chichester, almoner to the Queen, and Sir Edw. North, Chancellor of Augmentations, and their successors as dean, almoners and chancellor. Commission to call the deans of the cathedral churches and colleges founded by the King to account yearly for the money which they are appointed to expend upon alms and road making, and, if it seem that the money may be better bestowed otherwise to God's pleasure and the King's honor, they are authorised to appoint it to be so disposed; and in recompense for their pains herein each of the said commissioners shall have 40 mks. yearly paid by the said deans out of the said money, and the declarations taken by them are to be delivered into the Court of Augmentations. The preamble states that the King has erected and founded the cathedral churches and colleges of Canterbury, Rochester, Westmyster, Winchester, Bristow, Gloucester, Worcestre, Chestre, Burton upon Trent, Carlill, Dureham, Thorneton, Peterborough, and Eley, and given them ordinances and statutes of foundation, whereby the dean and chapter of Canterbury must yearly distribute in alms to poor householders and others 100l. and bestow upon making and repairing of highways 40l., those of Rochestre 20l. and 20l., Westmystre 100l. and 40l., Winchestre 66l. 13s. 4d. and 33l. 6s. 8d., Bristoll 20l. and 20l., Gloucestre 20l. and 20l., Worcestre 40l. and 40l., Chestre 20l. and 20l., Barton upon Trent 20l. and 20l., Carlill 15l. and 15l., Durham 66l. 13s. 4d. and 20l., Thorneton 20l. and 20l., Peterborough 20l. and 20l., and Eley 20l. and 20l. And this commission is issued in order that the King's intention therein may have "better success." Grenewich, 1 July 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Portesmouth, 28 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 9, m. 16, Rymer, XV. 77. In English.
53. Walter Hendle, attorney general of the Court of Augmentations, and Sir John Williams. Grant, in fee, for 599l. 5s. l0d. paid by Hendle, of the house and site of Comhire mon., co. Radnor, with its demesne lands (specified) in Comhire, 18 measures of oatmeal yearly due from lands in Gollen, co. Radnor, the granges of Managhty Poeth and Gwyrnego in tenure of Wm. Turnour, and woods called the Clogges and Prestye (100 ac.) in Comhire, Coyde Arabott (11 ac.) in Managhty Poeth, and the Forest of Coyde Kerye Apheren (60 ac.) in Gwyrnego,— Comhire; the rectory and the advowson of the vicarage of Chesterton, Bucks (sic),— Assherudge college.' Also 40 ac. of land latety in tenure of John Fyssher and now of Ric. Coveney in Maydeston, Kent, lying next the chapel of St. Anne in the parish of Maydeston, lands in tenure of the said John Fyssher in Maydeston and 23 qr. of barley malt annually due from Ric. Coveney or other farmer of the said lands in Maydeston,—Boxley mon.; and the rent of 76s. 8d. due from the said Walter Hendle for the said 23 qr. of barley malt. Also the manor of Stokyng-churche, Oxon., —Westminster Cathedral; the rectory and the advowson of the vicarage of Carleton, Linc.,—Markebye Priory; the house and site of Clerkenwell mon. near London, a dovecot beside the said house and other lands there which belonged to the said mon. and afterwards to Thomas duke of Norfolk, by an Act of Parliament of 31 Hen. VIII., who again granted them to the King by Act of Parliament of 35 Hen. VIII. and they are leased to Sir Robt. Tyrwytt by indenture under the seal of the Augmentations dated 20 June 35 Hen. VIII.; also grant of all leaden water pipes and wells supplying the said mon. Except lead upon the cloister of Clerkenwell mon. other than that which Hendle at his own expense put there. Del. Portesmouth, 28 July 37 Hen, VIII.—S.B. (signed by Essex, Browne, Baker, North, Sir Ric. Southwell, Bacon and Duke). Pat. p. 14, m. 5.
54. Thomas Audeley, a gentleman usher of the Chamber. Licence to export 700 broadcloths "unwrought, that is to say unbarbed, unrowed and unshorne." Del. Tychefeld, 31 July 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B. French roll. 37 Hen. VIII., m. 3. In English.
55. Licences to alienate (fn. n10) :—
Thos. Tylney and John Southwell to Simon Braddock, John Holdyche and Geo. Waller, to the use of the said Thos. and Eliz. his wife and of Emerius Tylney, and of the heirs and assigns of the said Thos. and Emerius. Manor of Syleham Monachorum alias Syleham Hall, with appurtenances in cos. Suff. and Norf. (1st.) P. 8. m. 5.
Edw. Fetyplace, the King's servant, to Sir Ant. Lee. Rectory of Stanmer and Bedon, Berks, a portion of tithes pertaining thereto, and the advowson of the vicarage of Bedon,—Abendon man. (1st.) P. 8, m. 45.
John Bartlatt alias Hancock and Robt. Bartlatt his son to Matth. Coltherste. House and site of Henton priory, Soms., the great orchard and other lands (named) and woods called Henton woode (210 ac.). and Home woode (120 ac.),—Henton. Except woods called Irenlache and Aldercombe in Henton. (3rd.) P. 8, m. 10.
John Pope to Robt. Halford of Armescot. Lands in Halford, Warw.,—Kenelworth mon. (4th.) P. 10, m. 1.
Sir Wm. Turvile to Sir Peter Warbarton, John Hynde. serjeant at law, Sir Humph. Bradburn, Thos. Holt, John Waldram, Wm. Warbarton, Ric. Temple, Rog. Smyth, and Ric. Hune to the use of the said Sir Wm. for life, and afterwards to the use of Rog. Waldram and the heirs male of his body, with remainder in default to the right heirs of the said Sir Wm. Lands (specified) in Crafte, Leic., in tenure of Wm. Smyth alias Sherneford,—Soulby mon., Ntht.; and pension of 44s., out of Crafte rectory,—mon. de Pratis, Leicester. (4th.) P. 10, m. 1.
Joan Wylkynson of London, widow, to Thomas Bowes and the heirs male of the body of Sir Martin Bowes, father of the said Thomas, and in default of such issue to the heirs and assigns of the said Sir Martin. Lordship and manor of Kingesdowne, Kent, woods called Churche Woode (50 ac.), West Feldewoode (22 ac.), Gosse and Galowshott (11 ac.). Rogers Woode (7 ac.), Knokmillhill (26 ac.), Oldewoode (8 ac.), Stakelandes (28 ac.), and all her lands in Kingesdowne and Ashe, Kent, all which premises she had for term of life as her jointure; also a pension of 6l. 13s. 4d. out of Asshe rectory,—St. John's of Jerusalem; the lordship and manor of Burstall alias Bostall, the chief messuage of Bostall alias Burstall in Plumstede, Kent, leased at 5l. 6s. 8d. to Sir Edm. Pekkam, cofferer of the Household, for 88 years, with appurtenances in Plumsted and Estwykeham,—St. Peter's mon., Westminster. (5th.) P. 8, m. 41.
John Bellowe and John Broxolme to Robt. Thornell. Rectory and advowson of the vicarage of Egmanton, Notts.,—Newsted priory. (6th., P. 8. m. 29.
The same to Thos. Sotheby, Broughton grange, Yorks., in tenure of Ric. Raysyn. (6th.) Ib.
The same to David Clayton alias Clutton and Agnes his wife. Manor of Chorleton, Chesh., and lands in Chorleton, Hampton and Shokeyche (or Shokeyleyche), Chesh., formerly of Edw. Aphowell and Sir Wm. Stanley, attainted, and granted to Sir Urian Brereton for life. (6th.) P. 8, m. 29.
The same to John Molton and Cecilia his wife. Lands called le Merket Meddowes between the Thames and Toothyll, and the moor called Longemore, in tenure of Agnes Bate, widow, and a close called Sandpitfelde, alias Pitclose and Gravellpytte Close (18 ac.) and two meadows (5 ac. and 7 ac.) adjoining it in tenure of Wm. Bate, all in St. Margaret's parish Westminster,—mon. of St. Peter, Westminster. (6th ) P. 8, m. 30.
The same to Wm. Armyn. Rectory of Denyngton (sic), Linc., with appurtenances in Levyngton, Bavyngton, Osgodby and Newton, Linc., and the advowson of the vicarage of Levyngton,—Stixwold priory. (6th.) P. 8, m. 31.
The same to Guy Fairefaxe, s. and h. of Sir Wm. Fairefaxe. Manor of Askame Richard, Yorks., and lands (tenants named) in Catterton and Askame Richard,—Helaugh priory. (6th.) P. 8, m. 32.
Lord Chancellor Wriothesley to John Seynt John, of Farleychamberlayne, Hants. Manor of Litleton, Hants, as granted to Wriothesley by pat. 9 June last,—Gloucester cathedral. (6th.) P. 8, m. 33.
John Bellowe and John Broxolme to Wm. Farewell. Site and demesnes (specified) of Blanchelond mon., Nthld., in tenure of Wm. Grene, and certain woods (names and extents given) and tenements (tenants named) in Blanchland, Bukshote, Aleynshildes, Boltons Borne, Claxshall, Byrchynsyd, Shildon, Espas and Acden,—Blanchelond. (6th.) P. 8, m. 40.
Francis Jobson to John Bode. Lands called Bovelles in Southmynstre alias Sydmyster and Maylond, Essex, which belonged to "Darcyes Chaunteryes" in Maldon. now dissolved, and all lands of the said chantries in Sydmyster and Maylond, lately in tenure of Thos. Strangman, dec. (7th. ) P. 8, m. 14.
John Foster to John Salte. A messuage, etc., in Romsey parish, Hants. (7th.) P. 8, m. 14.
John Bellowe and Edw. Bayles to Robt. Goche. Chief messuage and lands in Lymber, Linc., in tenure of Thos. Smythe,—Willoughton preceptory and St. John's of Jerusalem; and rent of 4d. out of an acre of land in Lymber in tenure of Barnard Mesendyn,—Nuncotton priory. (7th.) P. 8. m. 24.
Thos. Bagger. Thos. Fowler and Robt. Dyson to Wm. Gower. Moiety of a pasture called Downefelde, formerly in tenure of Robt. Colyar. dec., and now in that of Henry and John Colyar his sons, in Holwey and Hanbury, Worc.,—Bordesley mon. (8th.) P. 8, m. 12.
The same to Robt. Hunt. Lands called Brytmere and Worcester Leys, in tenure of the said Robt., in Hanbury, Worc.,—Bordesley, (8th.) Ib.
The same to Wm. Penryce alias Glover. Lands called the Russhe, Syley, Clarydole and Barthurste, in tenure of Wm. Glover, in Hanbury parish, Worc.,—Bordesley mon. (8th.) P. 8, m. 24.
The same to Hen. Colyar. Moiety of lands called Downefelde formerly in tenure of Robt. Colyar, dec., and now in that of the said Hen. and John Colyar his sons, in Holwey and Hanbury, Worc.,—Bordesley mon. (8th.) P. 8, m. 25.
The same to Thos. Mynkys alias Menske. Land called Brettys, in tenure of the said Thos., in Hanburye parish, Worc.,—Bordesley mon. (8th.) P. 8, m. 25.
The same to James Hobdey alias Lacy. Field called Parkefeld, in tenure of the said James in Holwey and Hanbury, Worc.,—Bordesley. (8th.) P. 8. m 26.
The same to Humph. Homan. Land called Bestleys, in tenure of the said Humph., in Holwey and Hanbury, Worc.,—Bordesley. (8th.) Ib.
The same to Wm. Baker. Moiety of lands called le Orchard Lowfelde, in tenure of Hen. Dyson, in Holwey and Hanbury, Worc.,—Bordesley mon. (8th.) P. 8, m. 27.
The same to John Hunte and Agnes his wife. Grange of Holwey in Hanbury, and lands (specified) in Hanbury and Bradeley parishes, Worc.,—Bordesley mon. (8th.) P. 8, m. 28.
The same to Hen. Gardener. Messuage called Parkehall and lands (specified) in Hanburye parish, within Feckenham Forest, Worc., in tenure of Louis Scargill,—Bordesley mon. (8th.) P. 8 m, 28.
The same to Hugh Hobdey alias Lacy. Two pastures called Bulmakers Lease, in tenure of Wm. Morgan, in Holwey and Hanbury, Worc.,—Bordesley mon. (8th.) P. 8, m. 28.
The same to Louis Dyson. Moiety of lands called le Orchard Lowfeld, in tenure of Hen. Dyson, in Holwey and Hanbury, Worc.,—Bordesley mon. (8th.) P. 8. m. 29.
Lord Chancellor Wriothesley, to Ric. Rede, one of the masters of Chancery. Lordship and manor of Lynkynholte Hants, and advowson of the parish church of Lynkynholte, granted to Wriothesley by pat. 9 June last,—Gloucester cathedral. (7th.) P. 8, m. 31.
Robt. Burgoyn to Thos. Weyver. Two woods called Priours Valet and Dowles Valet (boundaries given), in the lordship of Dowles next Bewdeley, in the parish of Dowles, cos. Worc, and Salop, in tenure of Wm. More,—Major Malverne mon. (10th.) P. 5, m 3.
John Bellowe and John Broxolme to John Leven. Messuages, &c., in Lounde and Grene in Swyneflette parish, and two cottages and a barn in Swyneflett in tenure of Simon Gunbye,–Nunormesbye mon., Linc. (10th.) P. 8, m. 26.
Ric. Breame to Wm. Garrard and Marg. his wife, in tail to the said William. Marsh lands (specified) in Estham and Barkyng, Essex, in tenure of Wm Cannon, and a fishery called Westham Fletes Mouthe with two "shoris" or tufts of reeds commonly called "rede tuftes," one on the western side of the said fishery and the other on the eastern-side leading to Betyn Bridge.—Stratford Langthorne mon. (llth.) P. 8, m. 14.
John Ryther to John Clerke of Dedham. Messuage called Abbattes in Lawford, Essex,—St. .John's mon., Colchester. (llth.) P. 8, m. 21.
Sir Ric. Gressham to Sir John Gressham and Thos. Gressham, mercer of London. Manor of Wetherwike in Holdernes and moiety of the manor of Tassborugh, Norf. (llth.) P. 8, m. 26.
George Tresham and Edm. Twynyho to Richard Calohill. Tithes pertaining to the vicarage of Claynes, Worc., in tenure of Walter Walshe,—Whyston priory. (12th.) P. 8, m. 12.
George Tresham of Newton, Ntht.. to Thos. Barnewell. Rectory of Desbroughe, Ntht., in tenure of Giles Pulton,—Rothewell priory; and the advowson of the vicarage of Deisborughe. (13th.) P. 8, m. 12.
The same to Thos. Pygott and Isabella his wife in tail. Close called Gorefildes, Bucks.,—Delapreye mon., Ntht. (13th.) P. 8, m. 13.
George Losemore and John Strangman to Thos. Mullens and Anne his wife. Lordship and manor of Estpulham.Dors., and a wood called Estpulham Grove alias Graunge Woode in Estpulham. (13th.) P. 8. m. 27.
The same to Ric. Richardson, jun., of Clareboroughe and Alice his wife. Messuage in tenure of Ric. Tee in Wellome, Notts,—Worsopp priory. (13th.) Ib.
Sir Wm. Petre, one of the two Principal Secretaries, to Wm. Garrarde. Southflett manor, Kent,—Rochester Cathedral. (13th.) P. 17, m 20.
John Mylle and George Mylle his son to Wm. Bollys of Felley, Notts, and Lucy his wife, in fee to the said Wm. Lordship and manor of Newthorpe, Notts, and lands (specified) in Newthorpe in tenure of Ric. Pavye and Nic. Styrley, and all other possessions of Lenton mon. in Newthorpe,—Lenton. (15th.) P. 8, m. 13.
John Bellowe and John Broxholme to Sir Humph. Stafforde. Lordship, rectory and church of St. Peter the Apostle in Wytton next Wyche, Worc., called le Canons Place, in tenure of Bog. Wynter,—Studley priory, Warw. (15th.) P. 8, m. 20.
Jas. Gunter and Wm. Lewes to Sir John Russell of Overstrenesham, Worc. Messuage and lands in Brodecampden, Glouc., in tenure of Thos. Proketer and Mary, Wm. and Margery Foster, and manor of Overstrenesham, Worc.,—Tewkesbury mon. (18th ) P. 8, m 16.
The same to Hugh Westwood. Rectory and advowson of the vicarage of Chadworth, Glouc., and all lands leased with the said rectory to Edm. Tame,—Shene priory, Surr. (18th.) P. 8, m. 19.
The same to Giles Dodyngton and Wm. Morgan. Rectory of Llangonwod and chapels of Hawoodporth, Trisent, Llanvegellith and Crikeferme, co. Glamorgan, and the advowson of the vicarage of Llangon Woode, with all appurtenances in the places aforenamed and in Crykecastell, Southceller, Indifferme and Froddett, co. Glamorgan,—Margan mon. (18th.) P. 8, 22.
The same to John Folyatte. Reversion of Pyrton manor and rent of 13l. 6s. and 1lb. of cummin, and also the said manor and its appurtenances in Pyrton and Desforde, Worc., in tenure of Fras. and John Folyatt,—Tewkesbury mon. (18th.) P. 8, m 23.
John Bellowe and John Broxolme to Vincent Grauntham. Downham Grange, Linc., in tenure of the said Vincent,—Barlynges mon. (20th.) P. 8, m. 16.
Jas. Gunter and Wm. Lewes to Wm. Higgeforde of Dyxtelton alias Dyxton, Glouc. Manor of Oxendon alias Exendon, Glouc., and the site of the same, a pasture called Persons (containing half a "farundella" of land) in Oxondon, in tenure of Ric. Kent, the tithes of the closes of the tenants (decimas claus, tenen. ) of Oxendon and le Hades and tithes of hemp leased with the site of the said manor,—Tewkesbury mon. (20th.) P. 8, m. 19.
Ric. Andrewes of Hayles, Glouc., and George Lysle to Sir Robert Acton and Margery his wife, in fee to the said Sir Robt. Manor of Rooke and Snede, Worc, and lands called Farklaunde and Olde Parke in Roke and Snede,—Warwykslandes and Spencerslandes; and the advowson of the rectory of Aka alias Roke, Worc. (24th.) P. 8. m. 13.
Edmund Vaughan to Ric. Mylle. Manor of Wyggeley, Hants., and woods named (25 ac.) in Wyggeley, Shelveley, Cadnam and Wyndesore, Hants.,—Ambresbury mon., Wilts. Portesmouth, 29 July. P. 8, m. 16.
1336. Books of the Court of Augmentations.
(Continued from Vol. XIX., Part I., No. 1036.)
Enrolments of Grants by the Crown, in the Augmentations, in 36 Hen. VIII.
i. Appointments to Offices in 36 Hen. VIII.
[In this abstract fees and all other particulars are omitted, and former owners of lands named in italics.]
Augum. Book
236 f. 42. 43
Sir Ric. Riche, chancellor, and Sir Edw. North, treasurer of Augmentations. To have the office of chancellor of Augmentations, vice Riche alone. 24 April 36 Hen. VIII.
Wm. Romsdeh, of Longley, Yorks. To be woodward of all woods in Yorkshire within the survey of the Augmentations. 28 March. (Note in margin that the warrant for this is not signed.)
Charles duke of Suffolk, great master of the Household. To be chief steward of lands beyond Trent of the late religious houses. 20 May.
Ric. Tyrrell, King's servant. To be bailiff and collector of the lands of Kyrstall, Fountains, and Durham monasteries. (Numerous places in which the lands lie and several previous bailiffs are named.) 2 July.
45 b Thos. Moyle alias Myles, one of the officers of the Ewery. To be steward of the lands of Valecross monastery, co. Denbigh, rice Sir Ric. Williams alias Crumwell. 2 March.
46 Robt. Yong. To be keeper of the gardens, &c., of the manor of More, Herts. 24 Feb.
Oliver Ledar, King's servant. To be steward of the town of St. Neots, Hunts, and of the lands of St. Neots priory and of the towns or lordships of Brampton and Hemyngforde, Hunts. 24 Dec.
46 b Lancelot Carleton and Margaret Heron, late wife of John Heron, dec. To have the offices of common bakehouses with toll and stallage of the markets and fairs within the town of Alnwick, Nthld., and of bowbearership of all the King's parks and outwoods within the lordship of Alnwick. 25 Feb. (In English.)
Griffin Tyndale and John Perte. To be auditors of all woods within the survey of the Augmentations. 16 April.
47b Sir Edw. North, chancellor of Augmentations. Authority to appoint stewards of courts, woodwards, and bailiffs and collectors of rents, within the Augmentations, in the King's name without special warrant. 16 Jan. (In English.)
50 John Champyn and Hugh Proffytt, yeomen of the Guard. To be bailiffs of the lordships of Norton and Stockum, Chesh. Norton. 28 Jan.
50b Edw. Elryngton, King's servant. To be keeper of Thorney Chase in the Isle of Ely, and of all deer in the said Isle, and keeper of the King's swans in cos. Hunts and Camb. 20 April.
51 Wm. Snowball, yeoman cook "pro ore nostro." To be bailiff of the liberty of Whitby, Yorks. 27 Sept.
51b Nic. Tolley, groom of the Chamber. To be bailiff and collector of the manors or lordships of St. Ives and Over, Camb. and Hunts. Ramsey. 9 Dec.
Sir Thos. Paston, a gentleman of the Privy Chamber. To be chief steward of the lordships or manors of Pyrgo, Navestock and Stapulforde, Essex, and keeper of the chief messuage, gardens and park of Pyrgo. 12 April.
53 Wm. Mylwarde, sewer of the Chamber, and Robt. Briges. To have the office of bailiff or collector of Henham manor, Suff., and keeper of the house and gardens; on surrender of patent 4 March 33 Hen. VIII. to Mylwarde alone. 20 April.
53b Sir Fras. Bryan and Robt. Mathew, King's servants. To have the office of steward of the lordship and manor of Hanneslop and Castelthorpe. Bucks., keeper of Hanneslopp park and bailiff of the manor; steward of the lordship and manor of Cosgrave, Ntht., and bailiff there; upon surrender of patents of 20 June and 13 July, 15 Hen. VIII., granting these offices to Bryan alone. 21 April.
58 Sir Edw. North, chancellor of Augmentations. Authority to grant pensions to the members of the colleges, hospitals, free chapels and chantries dissolved. Undated. (In English.)
63 Ric. Brandon, King's servant. To be bailiff and collector of Hallywell and Nedingworth manors, Hunts. Ramsey. 27 May.
64 Ric. Greneway, King's servant. To be keeper of the mansion and chief messuage and gardens of Dunstaple priory, Beds. 15 May.
Geo. Wright. To be surveyor and general receiver of all lands in the King's hands by reason of exchange or gift. 15 May.
64b Robt. Chester, a gentleman usher of the Chamber. To be chief steward and bailiff of all lands in Cambridgeshire which belonged to Denny monastery, Camb., and were purchased from Edw. Elryngeton. 20 May.
65 John Norreys, King's servant. To be keeper of the mansion of the late house or college of Assherudge, in co.——(blank), and of the gardens and woods. 15 May.
66 Sir Ric. Lygan, King's servant. To be steward of the manors and hundreds of Cheltenham and Slaughter, Glouc. Syon. 12 Dec.
71 Wm. Cowper and David Clayton alias Cleyton alias Clutton. To have the office of surveyor general of woods of the suppressed monasteries in Wales; on surrender of patent 4 Nov. 29 Hen, VIII. to Cowper alone. 22 June,
71b Wm. Garfurthe. To be clerk of the ordnance and munitions within the city and castle of Carlisle. Cumb. 21 June.
72 Giles Bateson, one of the Queen's footmen. To be bailiff and collector of the lordships and manors of Malton, Norton, Wellom, Rillyngton, Lynton, Mowthorpe. Wynteryngham, Knapton, Swaynton, Brompton, Synnyngton, Edeston and Marton, Yorks, of Wynterton, Fulstowe and Ancastre, Linc., of Southcroxston and King's Waldon, Leic. and Herts, and of all other lands of Malton monastery, Yorks. 13 June.
73 Sir John Wyllyams, treasurer of Augmentations. To be chief steward of the honour of Grafton, Ntht. and Bucks, and keeper of "le woodeaxe" and feodary there; steward and bailiff of Blysseworthe manor, Ntht.; bailiff and collector of Stokebruern manor and Grenehend farm in Hansloppe, Ntht., lately purchased from Sir Edm. Knyghtley; bailiff and collector of Densanger manor, Ntht., purchased of John Hennage, and of lands in Paulespury, Stokebruern and Shytlanger, Ntht., purchased of Arth. Longefeld, and of lands in Rode and Buckbroke, Ntht., forfeited by John Mantel, attainted, and of Estneston manor, Ntht., forfeited by Ric. Fermor, attainted; steward of Tolcetor lordship, Ntht.; bailiff errant and bailiff of liberties and franchises within the said honour; keeper of the park of Stoke, Ntht.; master forester, parker and master of the hunt of deer of Whytellwood Forest and of all parks and warrens within the said honour; keeper of the said parks and warrens; steward of the manor of Norton alias Grenesnorton, Ntht., and keeper of the mansion and park there. 10 Sept.
74b Sir Ric. Wyllyams alias Cromwell, King's servant. To be chief steward of the lordships or manors of Pirgo, Navestocke and Stapulforde, Essex, and keeper of the house and gardens and park of Pirgo. 10 Sept.
75 Cuthbert Horsley. To be one of the seventeen particular receivers of the Augmentations vice Thos. Myddelmore, dec.; district being the archdeaconry of Richmond and bpric. of Durham. 1 Oct.
76 John Aylworthe. To be one of the seventeen particular receivers of the Augmentations vice Sir Thos. Arundell, resigned; district being Devon, Cornw., Soms. and Dors. 1 Nov.
77b Wm. Abbott, serjeant of the Cellar. To be bailiff of the seven hundreds of Cirencester and keeper of the views of frankpledge of the hundred courts and hamlet courts within the liberties of the said hundreds, vice Sir Edm. Tame, dec. Cirencester. 20 Nov.
78 Michael Wentworth, King's servant. To be general receiver and surveyor of Eye, Westhorpe. and numerous other lands (named) which Chas. duke of Suffolk granted to the King 29 Nov. 28 Henry VIII.; vice Ric. Freston, who resigns his grant of the offices, made by the Duke 21 April 28 Hen. VIII. 20 Dec.
82 Maurice Dennys and Thos. Poley. To have the office of receiver of rents of the lands of the priory of St. John of Jerusalem in England; upon surrender of patent 20 Dec. 32 Hen. VIII. to Dennys alone. 4 Oct.
83 Wm. Barkar, yeoman of the Guard. To be bailiff or collector in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire of lands of Melsa monastery. 5 Dec.
Sir Maurice Berkeley, a gentleman usher of the Privy Chamber. To be chief steward of the lands of Bath monastery. 19 Nov.
83b John Sterr. To be bailiff and collector of a pension in Corscombe, Dors., and of the lands in Kyngton and thirteen other places (named) in Dors, and Soms. which belonged to Shyrborn monastery; of the lands in Pudell, and four other places (named), of Mylton monastery; and of the lands in Closeworthe and Melbury. Soms. and Dors., of Mountegue monastery. 12 Feb.
85 Hen. Mounteney, King's servant. To be bailiff and collector of purchased lands in Calais, Guisnes and the marches thereof, vice Thos. Larke. 20 March.
Ric. Maunsell. To be bailiff and collector in London, Southwark and Newington parish, Surr., of lands of St. Mary Overey priory, vice Sebastian Hillary. 14 April.
85b Thos. Becke, a page of the Queen's chamber. To be bailiff and collector of lands in Newton upon Ouse and many other places (named) which belonged to St. Leonard's hospital in York; lands in the North and West Ridings excepted. 14 March.
86 Geo. Manser. To be bailiff and collector of the lordships and manors of Barton and Radley, Berks, Abingdon. 26 Feb.
86b John Cuffe. To be bailiff and collector of the manor and lordship of Button, Some. Athelney. 28 March.
Wm. Ramsden. To be bailiff and collector of the manor or lordship of Tadkaster, Yorks. Earldom of Northumberland. 12 March.
87 Robt. Payne. To be bailiff and collector of lands of St. Neot's monastery. 24 March.
87b Peter Taylour, of Worsopp, Notts. To be bailiff and collector in co. Notts, of the lands of Worsopp monastery. 24 March.
Ric. Awdeby. To be steward of the lordships and manors of Weston, Vynnyng, Rowgate, Shette and Upperton, Hants, and Suss. Durford. 15 Feb.
88 Geoff. Fowntaunce. To be bailiff and collector of lands in Attyngham, Eyton Constantyne, Uckyngton, Burton, Hencote and Preston Mounteforde, Salop, vice Wm. Best, dec. Lylleshull. 24 Feb.
Wm. Sakevile, King's servant. To be bailiff and collector of the lands of Durford monastery. 25 Feb.
88b Robt. Gardener. To be bailiff and collector and surveyor of the coal mines of Elstwyke, Nthld. and of all coal mines which belonged to Tynemouth monastery. 20 March.
Thos. Dutton, a page of the Chamber. To be bailiff and collector of the manors of Bucklande and Laverton, Glouc. St, Peter's, Gloucester. 13 March.
89 Wm. Hatton, King's servant. To be bailiff and collector of Cranefelde manor, Beds., now annexed to the honour of Ampthill Ramsey. 28 Feb.
89b The same. To be bailiff and collector of the lands in Bucks which belonged to Lavenden monastery; vice Edw. Ardes. 28 Feb.
John More. To be bailiff and collector of the lands of Tortyngton priory, Suss. 2 March.
90 Wm. Savage. To be woodward of the manors of Netherpopleton and Dighton, Yorks. St. Mary's, York. 20 April.
John More. To be bailiff and collector of the lands of Boxgrave priory, Suss. 2 March.
90b Edw. Love. To be woodward within the survey of the Augmentations in cos. Oxon. and Berks. 5 Feb.
91 Thos. and Ric. Benson, of Carlile. To have the office of bailiff and collector of all lands within the offices of proctor and forester of Holm Cultram monastery; and of the lordships and manors of Westwaver, Estwaver and Flemby, Cumb. Holm Cultram. 24 Feb.
91b Geo. Dakyns, King's servant. To be bailiff and collector of the lands in Yorkshire and. Northumberland (many places named; of Kirkham monastery. 4 Feb.
John Bawde. To be bailiff and collector of the lands in cos. Beds., Camb., Hunts, and Ntht. of Merton priory, Surr. 20 March,
92 Ric. Johnson. To be bailiff and collector of the lands in Cukwolde, Lathorpe, Ulleston, Husthwayte and Carleton juxta Husthwayte, Yorks., of Newburgh priory, Yorks., vice John Jenyns, dec. 1 March.
Wm. Hodges. To be bailiff and collector of Bridgewater manor and of all lands in Bridgewater, Soms., which belonged to Bridgewater priory; vice Marm. Popeham. 24 Feb.
92b The same. To be bailiff and collector of the manor of Est Chynnock and of all lands there which belonged to Mountegue monastery. 24 Feb.
96b Edw. Garland. To be bailiff and collector of the manor of Sheldon and Seynthill, the manor of Hackepen and the farm of Leynor, Devon. Dunkeswell. 20 March.
101b Hen. Parker, a groom of the chamber. To be keeper of the Little Park of Ampthill in reversion after Sir Fras. Bryan, who holds the office by patent 28 June 34 Hen. VIII.' Undated.
103 Sir Thos. Seymour, King's servant. To be keeper of Elsing manor in Enfelde, Midd., steward and bailiff of the manors of Elsing and Worcettres in Enfelde and of Edelmeton, Midd., keeper of the New Park of Enfelde and master of the hunt of deer there. 21 April.
103b Wm. Stumpe. To be steward of the manors and hundreds (sic) of Malmesberye, Starkeley and Chegeloo, Wilts, and bailiff and collector there. Malmesbury. 19 March.
107 Robt. Grove. To be bailiff and collector of Fountnell manor and Sexpen hundred, Dors.,—Shaftesbury; also of Dunkeswell and Bolham manors, Devon,—Dunkeswell; also of Kyehaven manor, Hants,—Bath priory. 1 March.
Wm. Sakevyle, King's servant. To be bailiff and collector of all the lands of St. Mary Overey monastery, Surr. 25 Feb.
107b Wm. Pynnoke. To be bailiff and collector of the rectories of Southmyngton, Carsyngton. Norton Broyne, Southstoke, Thedburye and Meryton, and of the manors of Mykylton and Cropredie, and of all lands of Eynesham monastery in Southmyngton, Carayngton, Norton Broyne, Southstoke, Thedbury, Meryton and Mykelton, Oxon, and Banbury, Oxon and Glouc. Eynesham. 26 Feb.
108 Ric. Johnson. To be bailiff and collector of Newburgh manor, Yorks, and of all lands in Newburgh which belonged to Newburgh priory; also King's Woodward in Newburgh, Cukwolde, Lathorpe, Ulleston, Husthwayte and Carleton juxta Husthwayte, Yorks.; and bailiff of the liberty of Newburgh town; vice John Jenyns, dec. Newburgh. 1 March.
Thos. Kynnaston, of Ryton. To be bailiff and collector of the lordship and manor of Baschurche Salop, and of all lands there which belonged to Shrewsbury monastery. Shrewsbury. 20 March.
108b Sir Wm. Herbert, King's servant, and William Morgan. To have the office of steward of the lordship and manor of Standyshe, Glouc. St. Peter'x, Gloucester. 22 Jan
II Life Grants, &c., in 36 Hen. VIII.
[In this abstract rents and nil other particulars are omitted and former owners of lands named in italics.]
Augm. Book
236 f. 45.
Adam Alye, yeoman "in officio waferie nostre." Tenement called Barrattys Corner, in St. Albans, Herts, and a cottage called the Wynde there. St. Albans. 2 March.
48b Sir George Cotton, King's servant. Rectory and advowson of Budworth, Chesh.—Norton; certain tithes in Wrenberye, Sneton and Awdelem, Chesh. Combermere. 20 Jan.
50 Ric. Perkehurste, clk. Annuity of 30l. upon his resignation of the rectory and prebend of Wherwell, Hants. 25 Feb.
50b Geoffrey Lee and Ric. Lee his son. Annuity of 10l. upon their surrender of the offices of chief steward, receiver and bailiff of the lordship and liberties of Hexham and Hexhamshire Nthld., which they held by grant of Edward late abp. of York. 20 April.
52b Kath. Champernon. Manor of Osmyngton, Dors.,—Mylton; also the tenement of Chaldon, Dors., in tenure of John Jesoppe,—Abbotsbury. 5 May.
54b John Lyon. Thirty one years' lease from the time of expiration of two several leases by St. Alban's abbey to Thos. West, of the manor of Newland in St. Stephen's parish, and tithes of St. Stephen's rectory in St. AJ ban's, and of lands called Purserfeld and Culverhouse Croft in St. Alban's. 30 June.
56 Sir Thos. Wryothesley, lord Wryothesley and lord Chancellor. Manor of Leyton, Essex, rectory of Leyton, and three crofts called Christmasbreche in Leyton,—Stratford Langthorne; site and demesnes (specified) of Barking monastery, Essex,—Barking; demesne lands (specified) in Shordich, Hakney and Halywell, Midd.,—Halywell nunnery; a messuage called Blymesburie in the parish of St. Giles in the Fields, Midd., with certain lands there,—London Charterhouse; manors or lordships of Dytton, Syfflyngton and Brampton, Kent, and all lands there and in Estmallyng and Maydeston obtained by exchange from John Leigh; site, &c., of Christchurch Twynham priory, Hants, with the new house there called the Churchehouse and the demesne lands (specified) and a fishery in the waters of Stower and Aven, and various. other lands within the parish of Christechurch Twynham.—Christchurch Twynham; and certain woods (specified) within the manor of Mychell Dever, Hants,—Hyde, 12 July.
59 Nich. Alcok, one of the King's surgeons. Twenty one years' lease of a tenement at le Freshe Wharffe in the parish of St. Botulph beside Billingsgate, London; also similar lease of other tenements there from the expiration of five several conven leases, cited. St. Mary Graces. 25 May.
(The first half of this enrolled also at f. 104.)
60b Edw. Fetiplace, King's servant (on his surrender of an annuity by patent 20 March 32 Hen. VIII.) Forty years' lease of Peesmere manor, Morens farm in Lekehampsted, tithes of Wynterbourne rectory, a close of pasture called Brodemeade in Newbery parish, and two mills called Spene Mills in Spene parish, Berks.; from the expiration of five several leases (cited) of the premises by Charles duke of Suffolk and by Abingdon abbey. 26 March.
(Enrolled also at f. 100 as of date 16 March.)
63 Hugh Meyre, son of Thos. Meyre, of Rowthestorne, Chesh. Thirty one years' lease from the date of expiration of a forty years' lease to him, 1 Jan. 21 Hen. VIII., by Launde Abbey, of the mansion and rectory of Rowthestorne, and certain landa and tithes there and in Tatton, Meyre, Myllyngton, Acton and Bollyngton, Chesh. 25 May.
65b Wm. Browne, King's servant. Forty years' lease of certain messuages and a watermill in South wark, Surr., which belonged to Battle abbey. On surrender of a, grant of the same for life (date not given). 13 May.
66b Sir Ric. Page, King's servant. Annuity of 100l. 8 Dec.
72b Robt. Cowley. Annuity of 20 mks. from Easter 32 Hen. VIII. 9 July.
72b Thos. Lee, of London. Thirty years' lease of tithes in Over Catesby and Halyden, Ntht., from the expiration of a twenty one years' lease, 20 March 28 Hen. VIII., to John Oneley. Catesby. 12 Aug.
77 John Burnell. Thirty years' lease of Garstang rectory, Lane., from the expiration of a 21 years' lease, 28 March 30 Hen. VIII., to him and Robt. Gardener. Cokersande. 20 Oct.
79 Sir Wm. lord Parre, of Horton, Ntht. Rectories of Brayfeld, Wendlyngburghe, Wollarston, Barton Yerles and Rothwell, Ntht., upon surrender of Crown grants dated 12 March 29 Hen. VIII. and 23 June 34 Hen. VIII., and a grant by Cirencester abbey (for Rothwell) 10 March 29 Hen. VIII.; also rectory of Stanyern, Ntht. For term of life and eight years after death. 26 Aug.
81 Roland Ruggeley. Forty years' lease of a tenement called Newhall in Dowbrigeholt, Derb., and other lands leased to him by indenture (recited) of 2 Nov. 3O Hen. VIII. Tutbury. 30 Oct.
82 Thos. Dacres. Annuity or pension of 20l. 28 Nov. (In English.)
93 Ric. Cotton, King's servant. Manor of Borne, Linc., with two watermills there called Eastmyll and Weastmyll, and a pond called Hawell, the manor of Morton, Linc., and rectory and advowson of Helperingham, Linc.,—Bourne; Musden Grange in Ham parish, Staff.,—Croxden; and nine woods (specified) in Borne parish,—Bourne. 20 Jan.
96b Margaret wife of Thos. Cotton, Joan wife of Wm. Russell, and Bridget wife of Ric. Forster, for their services to Prince Edward. Annuities of 10l. each. 20 March.
97 Hen. Jernyngham. Thirty-six years' lease of the herbage and pannage of Tewkesbury park and other lands leased to him, 31 July 32 Hen. VIII., for 21 years; on surrender of that lease. 20 March.
98 Ant. Denny. Thirty-five years' lease, from the date of expiration of a 21 years' lease to him, 12 April 32 Hen. VIII, of Waltham Grange, the demesne lands of Waltham Holy Cross, the rectory of Waltham Holy Cross, and the manor and rectory of Nasyng; with stated reservations, among which are certain fields now enclosed in Waltham park. Waltham Holy Cross. 28 Sept.
102 Ric. Copynger, King's servant. Forty years' lease of Olney rectory, Bucks, in reversion after a 21 years' lease, 16 March 22 Hen. VIII., by Syon monastery to Thos. Lawe; with reservation of the vicar's house and the advowson of the vicarage and the appointment of a priest to serve at Weston; the lessee paying the vicar's stipend and other dues (specified), the last being 6s. 8d. yearly, in the King's name, to the poor parishioners of Olney and Weston and in Waryngton, Bucks. 20 April.
III Pensions in 36 Hen. VIII.
Augm. Book.
236 f. 83b.
"The Measondewe of Dovour," Kent. John Thompson, clk., master. 53l. 6s. 8d. from Mich. last. 10 Feb. 36 Hen. VIII.
95 College of St. Mary in Warwick. Robt. Whitington, John Fyssher, and David Vaughan, prebendaries, 12l, 11l. and 10l. respectively. 21 March.
IV. Leases in 36 Hen. VIII.
[These leases are for 21 years. In the following abstract the names of former owners, where indicated, are printed in italics and, for the sake of brevity, all particulars (such as the details of the demesne lands let, with monasteries and manors, the nature and tenants' names of the tithes of rectories, &c., the fields attached to granges and farms, the extents and tenants' names of lands, the positions of tenements in towns, and the like, which are as a rule minutely specified, with, of course, the rents and conditions of the leases) are omitted.]
Augm. Book.
2l6 f. 54b.
Maurice ap Knyvett, of the Household. Eight tenements in Conway, co. Montgomery (sic). Llanliglan abbey. 5 July 36 Hen. VIII.
55 Thos. Sheparde, of Mulsey. Surr. Mill called Stertemyll and a ferry over Thames between Mulsey and Hampton Court, parcel of the manor of Est Mulsey and honour of Hampton Court. 18 June.
81 Fras. Samwell. Mill in Abbottes meadow beside Northampton; on surrender of a 20 years' lease (recited), to Wm. Walgier, by St. James's abbey by Northampton, Lady Day, 23 Hen. VIII. 1 May.
82 Wm. Pulteney, of Exhall in co. City of Coventry. Lands in Exhall. Coventry priory. 5 July.
82b Walter Cely. Kyrton's mill in Navestoke lordship, Essex, lately purchased of Sir Brian Tuke. 5 Sept.
Sir Wm. Petre. Tyntenhull rectory, Soms., with lands there. Mountague priory. Not dated.
83b Hen. Addyngton. Lands in Potterspurye, Ntht., parcel of Potterspurye manor and of the honour of Grafton. 20 May.
84 John Johnson. Lathbyrr rectory, Bucks.; on surrender of a 20 years' lease (recited) to Thos. Whalley of Laythbyrr and Eliz. his wife, and James his son, by Lavenden abbey, 7 Sept. 20 Hen. VIII. 20 June.
85 Wm. Ramsden. A chief messuage and several tenements in Swynton, Yorks. St. Oswald's. 26 Aug.
85b Matth. White, of London. Lands in Dartford and Wylmyngton parishes, and in Sowthflete, Kent. Dartforde. 20 Aug.
86 Joan Heywarde, widow. Coal mine in Benwell lordship, Ntht. (sic.). 20 Sept.
87 The same. Another coal mine in Benwell lordship, Nthld. Tynnemouthe. 20 Sept.
88 Robt. Persons, of Roode, Ntht. Water mill in Grymscote, Ntht., parcel of Grenesnorton lordship and of the honour of Grafton. 1 Jan.
88b Ph. Lentall. Lands in Hornechurche, Essex, lately purchased of Sir Brian Tuke. 26 Oct.
89 Peter Girdelington. Tithes of Ovington and Great Hutton, co. Richmond, parcel of Gilling lordship. St. Mary's, York. 20 Jan.
Thos. Moresby. Chepstowe rectory, Monm. Chepstowe priory. 28 Jan.
89b Ric. Browne, of Whitbye, Yorks., merchant. Lands in Whitby lordship, including the fowling upon the cliffs between Stowpe Browe and the water of Eske, and the mining of "gryndelstones" in the said cliffs. Whitby abbey. 26 Feb.
90 Matth. White, of London. Lands in Westchalke and Estchalke, Kent, lately purchased from Sir Thos Wyat. 1 March.
91 Thos. ap Richarde. Messuage in Thrynscoo, Yorks. Roche. 10 March.
91b Margaret Jodson, widow. Grange and lands, parcel of Armeley manor, Yorks. Kyrkestall. 10 March.
Roger Smythe. Tenements and fishing in Lathbury, Bucks. Lavenden. 16 March.
92 Felix Haye, widow. Messuage in Knapton, co.——(county blank). Fountains. 28 Feb.
92b Roger Lupton. Lands in Estcottingwithe lordship, Yorks. St. Mary's, York. 10 March.
93 Chr. Felde. Lands in Crofton, Yorks. St. Oswald's. 10 March.
Thos. Kyrshey. Lands in Roxbye, Linc. Draxe and Roche 10 March.
93b Edm. Daye. Rents in kind due from the farmers of Unerby or Onerby manor and of lands in Laykenby, Yorks. Gisbourne. 14 March.
94b Arthur Whighte. Sebroke mill; on surrender of a 20 years' lease (recited) to Jasper Haslowe of Saltewood, Kent, by the abp. of Canterbury, 8 Nov. 22 Hen. VIII. 20 Dec.
95 Ric. Duke, of London. Tenement called Clamelane in Estchalke and Westchalke, Kent, lately purchased of Sir Thos. Wyat. 5 March.
96b John Tendering, of Boreham. Essex. Boreham mill. Lyes priory. 16 April.
97 Isabel Paytewyn. Ockehill pasture in Malverne lordship, Worc. Great Malvern. 28 May.
Wm. Davell. Tenement called Brosell Rygge in Stope and Thorney, Yorks. Whitby. 28 May.
97b Maurice Barkeley, of the Household. Hundred of Brewton, Soma., with the fairs and markets at Brewton. Brewton. 3 June.
Robt. Jakson. Tenement and lands in Whitewell and Crakehall, Yorks.,—Coverham; also a tenement, &c., in Manfeld and Little Lemyng, Yorks.,—Marryke. 28 May.
98b Robt. Crawshawe. Cell of Hirst in the Isle of Axholme, Linc. St. Oswald's. 7 June.
99 Wm. Staynton. Tenement, in Fulford, York. St. Mary's, York. 24 May.
John Lambe, of Ledes, Kent. Meadows in Holyngborne parish, Kent. Ledes. 15 Jane.
99b George Garrett alias Arnold. Thirty-four tenements and a windmill in Trymdon, in the Bpric. of Durham. Gysborne. 12 June.
100b Robt. Thwaytes, of Barnesley, Yorks. Tenements in Broughton in Craven, Usflete alias Swyneflete, and Barnesley, Yorks..—Pontefract, also in Notton, Yorks.,—Monkebretton. 8 July.
101 Robt. Gostewike, of Warden, Beds., and Agnes his wife. Warden monastery, Beds.; on surrender of Crown lease (recited) to Sir Fras. Bryan, 24 Jan. 30 Hen. VIII. 16 July.
102 Humph. Copleston, of London. Tithes in Sadbour rough, Devon. Fourde. 26 July.
102b John Barnardyston. Orcharde grange alias Warden rectory, Beds., except Brome close; on surrender of a 36 years' lease (recited), to George Barnardyston, by Warden abbey, 19 July 13 Hen. VIII. 6 Aug.
103b Thos. Whyte, of Burton Lazars, Leic. Stapleforde rectory. Kyrbybellars. 31 July.
104 Andrea Hungate, widow. Stanke close, parcel of the demesnes of Setteryngton. manor, Yorks. 22 May.
104b Wm. Wylson. Southeholme manor, Yorks. Mountegrace. 11 May.
105 John Dytling. Tenement in St. George's parish, Southwark, Surr. Merton priory. 3 May.
Edw. Garland. Three messuages in Southwark, Surr. St. Mary Overey. 8 May.
105b Thos. Ellys. Tenement in Southwark. St. Mary Overey. 25 April.
106 John Whytacre. Ditto. 25 April.
Hen. Mymme, of London. Bylaugh alias Belhagh rectory, Norf. Butteley. 25 April.
106b John Pyllysbury, John Burgh and Thos. Wood. Three tenements in Fryth in the parish of Leeke, Staff. Deulecres. 28 May.
107b Wm. Holme, Wm. Burgh, John Mellers and Thos. Burgh. Four ditto. 28 May.
108b Sir John Bakere, chancellor of the Court of First Fruits and Tenths. Demesnes of Halden manor in Rolvenden parish, and lands in Rolvenden and Halden, Kent; also lands in Tenterden, with the manor of Pytlesden, Kent; which premises were purchased from Thos. late earl of Essex. 27 May.
109 Thos. Collyns, of Whyxley, Yorks. Lands in Whyxley and Aldewarke parishes, Yorks. Fountains. Not dated.
110 John Adde, of Derton, Yorks. Messuage in his tenure; on surrender of a 32 years' lease (recited) by Monkbretton priory, 16 Sept. 10 Hen. VIII 20 May.
110b John Core, grocer, of London. Wigmore abbey and profits of Lentwardyne rectory, Heref.; for 31 years in reversion after John Bradshawe. of Loodlowe, Salop, who holds a Crown lease of them dated 3 Aug. 32 Hen. VIII. 8 June.
112 Roger Carrell, of Northampton. Tenements in Burton Major and Burton Minor in Cropredie parish, and a mill, &c., in Bloksame, Oxon. 2 July.
113 John Rychemonte, of Kydbroke, Kent. Manor and rectory of Kydbroke; on surrender of a twelve years lease (recited) to him and Denys his wife by St. Mary Overey priory, 4 April 28 Hen. VIII.—(day and month blank) 36 Hen. VIII.
114b Sir Thos. Pope. Grain rents due from the farmer of Echelford alias Assheford manor and Assheford, Lalam, Stanes and Yeveney rectories, Midd., and from the farmer of Heloughforde alias Halforde manor, Midd., parcels of the honour of Hampton Court. St. Peter's, Westminster. 24 June.
115 John Carse, of Dulverton, Soms. Dulverton rectory. Taunton priory. 8 June.
115b Thos. Gent and Ranulph Fyssher. Two messuages in Fryth, Staff. Delacres. 14 June.
116 Walter Hendle, attorney of the Augmentations. Grain rents of lands in Maydeston parish, Kent, Boxley. 10 Sept.
Walter Blonte. Tenement in Alton, Staff. Croxden, Staff. 16 Sept.
116b John Fyssher, of Buntyngford, Herts. Inn called the Bell and lands in Buntyngford, parcel of Aspeden and Berkesden manors. 30 June.
117b Hugh ap Harry. Rectories of St. Ismael of Est Haroldiston near Haverford, co. Haverford, and of Thomas Martyr in Westhaverford. Harerfordwest priory. 25 June.
118 Hen. Ambrose. Tenement in Oteland manor within the honour of Hampton Court, Surr. 8 May.
118b Thos. Cawarden Manors of Benham Valence and Churchespene, Berks, purchased from Sir Wm. Essex. 20 May.
119 Ph. Pedley, of Buglawghton, Chesh. Tenement in Frythe, Staff. Delacres. 15 May.
119b John Freman. Hotofte grange, Line, which he sold to the King by indenture, 29 March 35 Hen. VIII. Bullyngton. 21 June.
120 Thos Aylmere. Tenement in Campton, Beds. Chixsond. 28 June.
121 Ralph Davenporte, of Tetysworth, Staff. Tenement in Tetysworth in Leeke parish. Staff. Deuleucres. 15 June.
121b Ric. Hygynbotham, of Heyton, Staff. Messuage and mill called Beardeholme mill, in Heyton in Leke parish, Staff. Deuleucres. 14 June.
122 Sir Thos. Pope. Grain rent of St. Saviour's mill and lands in St. Mary Magdalen's parish, Bermondsey, Surr. Bermondsey. 10 June.
Sir Fras. Bryan. Wooborne monastery. Beds., with the granges of Whitnowe and Armeshyll, herbage of the great wood adjoining the monastery, and lands and coney-warrens in Wooborne. 9 July.
123 John Rowce. Granges of Cowton, Grenebery and North Cowton manor, Yorks; on surrender of Crown lease (recited) to Elizabeth Bulmer, widow, and the said John, 20 May 36 Hen. VIII. 28 July.
126 John Walwyn. Tithes and profits of St. Mary's church, Warwick. Warwick College, 8 July.
126b Wm. Bretton, of London. Kedyngton rectory, Line. Alvyngham. 16 Oct.
127 Alex. Bramfelde, of Staverton, Ntht. Tenement in Staverton. Catesby. 28 Oct.
127b Thos. Boye, of Bramley, Yorks. Two tenements in Bramley, parcel of Bramley manor. Kyrkestall. 2 Nov.
128 Sir Thos. Leigh. Tithes of Bramham rectory, Yorks, and grain rent from the farmer of Santyngley grange, Yorks. St. Oswald's. 24 Oct.
128b John Eyer. Grain rents due from the farmers of Cockefeld manor and the New Hall alias Malkyns Hall in Pakenham, Suff. Bury St. Edmunds. 30 June.
129 Thos. Hardwyke. Tenement in Allerton Gledo and another in Bardesey, Yorks. Kyrkestall. 12 Nov.
Peter Westbroke. Tenements adjoining the walls of Romsey monastery. Hants. 14 Nov.
129b Simon Welberye, of Casteleden, in the Bpric. of Durham. Ten tenements in Castele-den, parcel of Casteleden manor. Gisbourne. 30 Nov.
130b Thos. Savage. Woods (named) in Edmunton, Midd., and Estbarnet, Herts., with reservation of certain oaks. Clerkenwell Priory, St. Helen's in London, and St. Albans abbey. 30 Nov.
131b John Pende, of Leedys, Kent. Lands in Holingbourne parish, Kent. Leedys priory, 6 Nov.
132 Thomas Slingesbie, of Woburne Chapell, Beds. Tenement in Woburne Abbots, Beds. Woburne. 3 Dec.
Ric. Hull, of Wavenden, Bucks. Grange and lands in Wavendon. Woburne. 4 Dec.
133 David Clayton alias Clutton, of Westminster, and Agnes Multon, daughter of John Multon, of the same. Meadow and moorland in St. Margaret's parish, Westminster. St. Peter's, Westminster. 18 Dec.
133b Wm. Drurye, of Bestthorpe. Norf. Close called Thornecroft in Old Buckenham, Norf. Buckenham. 8 Jan.
Steph. Erburie, of Bruton, Soms. Lands in Bruton. Bruton. 28 Jan.
134 Wm. Fuller. Vynton grange in Wynteringham parish, Yorks, and tithes of Newton and Thyrkilby, Yorks. Malton. 26 Jan.
134b Wm. Pynder, of Luddyngton, Line. Messuage and windmill in Luddyngton, and a watermill and windmill in Fryston, Yorks. Selby. 5 Nov.
135 John knyght, of Newbury, Berks, and Wm. Hawkyns. Watermill called Goddwyns mill in Churchspene, purchased of Sir Wm. Essex; also second vesture of Lordis-meade in Donyngton, purchased of Charles duke of Suffolk; also clay pits in Benham Valence, purchased of Sir Wm. Essex. 4 Feb.
135b Ph. Lentall. Tenement called Jayes within Havering lordship in Hornechurche parish, and lands within the liberties of Haveryng and Navestock in Navestock parish, Essex, purchased of Sir Brian Tuke. 12 Jan.
136 Robt. Kytohynman, of Carleton beside Husthwate, Yorks. Messuage there. Newburgh. 12 Jan.
136b Wm. Ayse, of Preston in Holdernes. Yorks. Messuage there. Thorneton Curteys. 5 Nov.
137 Ric. Hawarde, of Haloughforde alias Halford. Midd. Haloughforde manor, in reversion after John Machyn, of Wabrigge, Surr., who holds a 27 years' lease of it from St. Peter's. Westminster, dated 9 Dec. 13 Hen. VIII. 4 March.
137b Robt. Waddyngham, of Kyngeston upon Hull. Lands forming parcel of the manor of Tupcotes and Myton beside Hull, purchased from Sir Wm. Sydney. 4 Feb.
138 Arthur Devonshyre, of London, grocer. Lands forming parcel of the lately purchased manor of Shrofold, Kent. 15 March.
138b Jas. Johnson, of London. Water mill and grain rent in Sturrey, Kent. St. Augustine's, Canterbury. 19 March.
139 Thos. Draper, of Melton Mobury, Leic. Lands there, parcel of Dalby preceptory. St. John's of Jerusalem. 28 Jan.
139b John Hewett, of Kyngeston upon Hull. Lands forming parcel of the manor of Tupcotes and Myton beside Hull, lately purchased of Sir Wm. Sydeney. 10 Feb.
140 John Warcopp. Certain tithes of Kyrkeby Stephan rectory, Westmld. 6 March. Thos. Kyddall, of St. Lawrence parish, near York. Tithes of Warrampercy rectory, Yorks.,—Haltemprice; a water mill in Byrdsall, Yorks.,— Meux; lands in Heslington, Yorks.,—St. Leonard's, York. 4 Feb.
110b Thos. Harte, of Kyrbybellers, Leic. Messuage there. Kyrbybellers. 6 Feb.
141 John Hewett. Cancelled duplicate of lease at f. 139b.
141b John Maye, of Chichester. Mylavant rectory and Lenchemore chapel, Suss. Shulde-breade. 5 Aug.
142 Jas. Reynolde, of London, joiner. Tenement called Fylborowe in Eschalke, Kent, lately purchased of Sir Thos. Wyatt. 25 March.
143 Matth. Coukeson, of Over, Chesh. Two tenements in Over; on surrender of Crown lease, 11 Feb. 34 Hen. VIII., to him and Hugh Blease. 2 Oct.
144 John Stutte. Golceby manor, Line, parcel of Willoughton preceptory. St. John's of Jerusalem. 8 Oct.
144b Ric. Coveney, of Maydestone, Kent. Lands called Carynges and Peryfeld beside St. Anne's Chapel in Maydestone parish; on surrender of a 20 years' lease (recited) by Boxley Abbey. 22 Sept. 27 Hen. VIII. 7 Oct.
146 John Walwyn. Tenement called the Vicar's House or "le vycars choralles house" in the cemetery of St. Mary's church, Warwick. Warwick College. 7 July.
146b Randolph Fytton, of Audley, Staff. Tithes in Audley parish. Staff. (except in Betteley) with the rectory there; on surrender of a 20 years' lease (recited) to him and Jankyn Fytton his father by Hulton abbey, 20 March, 1516. 20 Sept.
147b John Wevant and Isabella his wife. Eybury manor and Longemore beside the Thames, except two closes beside the Neyte manor; for 41 years, on surrender of a 32 years' lease (recited) to Ric. Whasshe, by St Peter's, Westminster, 16 April 10 Hen VIII. 1 Sept.
149 Ric. Porter. Messuage in his tenure; on surrender of a 23 years' lease (recited) by Monkebretton priory. 10 April 1523. 4 Nov.
150 Thos. Wymbley, of Sowthwitham, Linc. Lands there. St. John's of Jerusalem. 6 Nov.
151 Ric. Clifton, of London, skinner. Lands in the common marsh of Edelmeton, Midd., parcel of the lordship of Edelmeton. Not dated.
151b Ric. Mytton. Halston preceptory, Salop and North Wales. St. John's of Jerusalem. 30 Jan.
152 Wm. Netherwood, of Gysborne, Yorks. Lands there, parcel of Gysborne manor. Gysborne. 7 Feb.
John Admergyll. Messuage in Burley beside Leedes, Yorks., parcel of Heddyngley manor. Kyrkstall. 10 Feb.
152b Robt. Jackeson, of Gaunthorpe, Yorks. Tenement in Colton, Yorks. Mountegrace. 19 March.
153 Thos. Whitfelde, of Nonnyngton, Yorks. Ditto. 19 March.
153b Sir Thos. Seymour. Ludgrove farm in Enfeld Chace, Midd., lately purchased from John Marsshe. 21 March.
154 Clement Throkmerton. Grain rents of Radwey grange in Bisshops Ichyngton parish, Warw. Stoneley. 11 Feb.
154b Ric. Ive, of Kentishetowne, Midd. Lands in Wattyngton and Cullesdon, Surr., parcel of Cullesdon manor and of the honour of Hampton Court. 12 Dec.
155 Wm. Button. Land in Mylbroke parish, Beds., parcel of the honour of Ampthill. 21 March.
155b John Radclyffe, of Kyrbye Bellers, Leic. Tenement there in Kyrbye Bellers lordship. Kyrbye Bellers. 28 March.
156 Sir John Raynsforthe. Abbottes alias Edlyns manor, in Mystley parish, Essex. St. Osith's. 10 April.
156b Ric. Hamper. Cell of Estholme, Dors., with tithes of Estholme, Worthe alias Weston Worthe, and Whitechurche, Dors. Montague. 1 April.
157 Henry lord Nevell. Seeham rectory, Bpric. of Durham. Coverham. 24 March. John Grey, of Rombleswyke, Suss. Parcel of Rombleswyke manor. Sir Wm. Essex. 24 March.
157b George Cely, of Stapleforde, Essex. Stapleforde Hall and lands, parcel of the manor of Stapleforde Tuke alias Stapleforde, Essex, purchased of Sir Brian Tuke.——(day and month blank) 36 Hen. VIII.
158 Thos. Rygges, late of Ledenham, Line. Chibborne manor, Nthld., parcel of the commandry of Mount St. John, York. St. John's of Jerusalem. 28 March.
159 Alan Creswell, of London, wax-chandler. Tenement in St. George's parish beside Belyngesgate, London. London Charterhouse. 10 Nov.
John Dorante, of Lytelborne, Kent. Lyttelborne manor, a water mill there, and a marsh in the vale of Fordewich, Kent; on surrender of a 16 years' lease (recited) to him and Thomas, his father, by St. Augustine's, Canterbury, 20 April 28 Hen. VIII. 26 Nov.
161b Walter Bacon, of Westgrenested, Suss. Water mill and lands at Holney Brigg and in the parish of Westgrenested beside Stenyng; on surrender of an 80 years' lease (recited) to Matilda Honeste and Wm. Woodman alias Combewicke, her son, of Wystneston parish beside Stenyng, by Durforde Abbey, 8 Sept. 1476. 20 Nov.
163 Sir Robt. Tyrwhitt, jun. Boseyate rectory, Ntht.; on surrender of a 21 years' lease (recited; to John Hardewyke, of Shranbroke, Beds, by St. James's abbey beside Northampton, 2 June 18 Hen. VIII.
164 Wm. Kete, of Hakeborne, Berks. All buildings within the moat of Hakeborne manor, with a pond to the west of the said moat, and pasture in Hakeborne Park. Cirencester. 20 Feb.
164b Thos. and Ric. Benson, of Carlyle, Cumb. Lands forming parcel of the demesnes of Holme Cultram Abbey and a water mill in Dubbemyll. Cumb.—Holme Cultram ; also glebe lands of Mydleham rectory, Bpric. of Durham,— Durham priory. 27 Feb.
165 Philip Hobbye, of the Household. Pasture on the demesnes of Evesham abbey in Lenchewike, rents in kind from the farmers of the demesnes there and the house and site of Lenchewike manor, lands in Norton and Lenchewike and rent of fowls from the tenents of Lenchewike manor; also Cheyne House in Badsey and rents in fowls from the King's tenants of Badsey, Aldyngton and Wykwansforde; also Wyllersey manor, and lands and rents in Wyllersey, Worc.; also lands in Hayfford and Burton upon the Water, Glouc.; also Bengeworthe parsonage, Wore, and lands there; lands and rents in Northelitleton, Southlitleton and Middle Litelton, Worc.; tithes and rents in Bretforton, Worc.; fishery between Evesham mill and the bridge of Uffen-ham alias Twyfford Bridge; land and rent in Hampton, parcel of Hampton manor, Worc.; rent of one fowl a year in Salforde Abbotts, Warw.; swans in the Avon within Blakenhurste hundred; and tithes in Churche Honybourne, Worc. Evesham. 2 Oct.
167 Robt Barwyke. Tenement called le Bowhouse in Sleddall, Westmld.; on surrender of a 30 years' lease (recited), to Sir Thos. Clifford and Thos. Sottehill, by Shapp abbey, 1 April 29 Hen. VIII. 12 May.
168 Ric. Armerer, of Eynesham, Oxon. Farm called Lacys Courte. Abingdon. 9 Feb.
Wm. Hallome or Hollome. Five tenements outside Temple Bar, London. St. John's of Jerusalem. Not dated.
168b Cuthbert Warcopp, mercer, of London. Nett lbed manor, and lands in Watlington, Oxon.; on surrender of lease (recited) by the General Surveyors to John Throgmerton. 12 July 28 Henry VIII. 28 Aug.
170 Agnes Dawson. Messuage in Burley beside Leedes, Yorks. Kirkstall. 11 Feb.
170b John Brasse. Tenement and water mill in Coxhow; on surrender of a 22 years' lease (recited) by Durham priory. 18 Dec. 1536. 10 April.
171 Memorandum that certain passages (cited) in a lease to Philip Hobbye, 5 Aug. 32 Hen. VIII., are cancelled as included in a new lease of 30 Sept. 36 Hen. VIII. Not dated.
171b Hen. Jones, of the Household. Haverford West priory, with lands there and the rectories of Llanwyne, Llamerstone and Llanstadwell and tithes of Cancrose (sic) rectory, S. Wales. 10 May.
172 Ant. Beyff. Messuage called Peryton and lands in Arreton, I. of Wight. Quarre. 24 July.
172b Anne Hyll, of the Household. Tithes and profits of Mancettour rectory, Warw. Meryvall. 28 July.
173 Wm. Benet, of Norton Bavent, Wilts, clothier. Norton Bavent manor, and lands there. Derteford, Kent. 4 Aug.
173b John Colteman. Tenement in Skelton, Yorks., parcel of Skelton lordship. St. Mary's York. 27 Aug.
174 John Browne. Grey Friars, Boston, Line. 28 May.
175 Marmaduke Lacy. Messuage in Thorpebassett, Yorks. 6 Dec
John Grene, of Westminster. Lands and windmill in Otteryngham, Yorks. Meux. 8 Dec.
175b Thos. Dodde, of Newhall, Chesh. Lands, parcel of Nantwiche manor, lately purchased from Sir Ant. Browne. 15 Feb.
176b Ant. Strynger, of London. Lands in Waghen, Yorks, parcel of Waghen lordship. Meux. 15 April.
There is no folio 177, the folios being numbered wrongly 176, 178, &c.
178 Edm. Cooke, of Carlyll, Cumb. Tenement in Dryeholme, Cumb. Holme Cultram. 18 Feb.
178b John Morgan, of Brecknock. Moiety of Hodney mill, in Brecknock parish. Brecknock priory, 20 Feb.
Chr. Clerke and John Turnour. Profits of All Saints rectory, Norhampton, Ntht.— (day and month blank) 36 Hen. VIII.
179 Robt. Grove. Manor of Mynterne Magna, Dors. Cerne. 12 Feb.
179b Wm. Bankes, of Gravesend, Kent. Tenement in Estchalke, Kent, and lands in West-horden, Esthorden, Estchalke, Higham and Saltam, Kent, purchased from Sir Thos. Wyatt, dec. 25 March.
180 John Brikehethe. Lands called Lunde in Waghen, Yorks. Meux. 5 April.
180b John Whetacre. Lands in Wyllryddyng and Cowlane, Chesh., parcel of Nantwyche manor, Chesh., lately purchased from Sir Ant. Browne. 10 April.
181 Edw. and Thos. Rey. Fourth part of Horton Grange, parcel of Horton lordship, Nthld. Newminster. 16 April.
181b Robt. Lunde, of Redenes, Yorks. Rednes farm or manor. St. Mary's, York. 20 March.
182 Kath. Fatherstanehauh. Tenement in Akenden, Nthld. Blauncheland. 13 May.
Edw. Streytbury. Tenement called Hawsted in Bolland in Craven. Yorks. Kyrkestall. 20 Jan.
182b Thos. Kyddall. Duplicate of lease at f. 140.
Augm. Book.
217 f. 123.
Ric. Vavesour. Three messuages and six cottages in Kyrkby Stephane, Westmld. St. Mary's, York. 29 Jan.


  • n1. Marked in the margin with a cross.
  • n2. July 25th.
  • n3. See No. 1245.
  • n4. The name as subscribed is Jhone Mowdwart McAllestyr.
  • n5. Only the figure "5 " is now visible as, the date being very faint, some modern record keeper has written "1544" in bold figures across it.
  • n6. July 25th.
  • n7. Harvel
  • n8. That is, of the Chevalier d'Aux and other French gentlemen who were killed. See p. 628.
  • n9. July 29th
  • n10. All are dated at Westminster. In this abstract the day of the month appears in parentheses before the reference to part and membrane of the Patent Roll of 37 Hen. VIII.