Henry VIII: June 1546, 21-30

Pages 546-582

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 21 Part 1, January-August 1546. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1908.

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June 1546, 21-30

21 June. 1105. The Privy Council.
A.P.C., 463.
Meeting at Greenwich, 21 June. Present: Chancellor, Privy Seal, Essex, [Winchester, Cheyney, Gage, Browne, Wingfield, Paget, Petre, Sadler, Riche, Wotton]. Business:—Letter to customers, etc., of Dartmouth to suffer Barth. Campani to convey beyond sea the alum belonging to Thos. Sartini and Albizo del Bene, Florentines, which the Council ordered to be given up by Wm. Holland of Dartmouth, who took it as good prize.
21 June. 1106. The Privy Council to Carne.
R. O. Showed his letters of the 18th inst. to the King. Whereas President Score and other of the Regent's Council would know whether the Scots are included in this peace with France, Carne shall answer that the treaty provides for their comprehension if they observe such leagues and treaties as they have made with the King, and also certain conditions of former treaties. If they fail to observe these, the French king is bound to relinquish them. A delay of one month is granted for the intimation thereof by the French king to the Scots.
Draft in Petre's hand, pp. 2. Endd.: M. to Mr. Kerne xxjo. Junii 1546.
ii. On a blank page is the commencement of a draft (also in Petre's hand) of a letter from the Council to the Council of Calais (?) to the effect that the King considering what inconveniency might ensue "to his Highness' juels of thatt side for want of such furniture of victuals within every of the same as ought to remain always there by the ordinance, and hath been used also in times past, hath commanded us to remember"——
21 June. 1107. Elsing Spitell.
R. O. Certificate made, 21 June 38 Hen. VIII., by Richard Barrett, rent-gatherer for about 20 years of the possessions in London of Christchurch in Canterbury, that the only quit-rent of 50s. paid to Christchurch out of any possession of Elsyng Spitell was, according to the words of the acquittance, due from a tenement in Hosyer Lane wherein Sir Thomas Baldry, knight, dec., dwelt (extract quoted from a rental of 30 Hen. VIII. when the 50s. was paid by Thomas Barnewell, gent.). Signed.
Pp. 2.
21 June. 1108. Hertford to Henry VIII.
R. O. Yesternight I received letters from your Council for the dissolution of your army, etc.; otherwise I had meant to place my brother with 800 soldiers at the Blacknesse, and 1,200 at the Master of the Horse's camp, if I could have brought them to work for money (for lack whereof I can neither pay their wages nor press them thereunto). My brother, the bearer, can declare affairs here, whose absence will hinder your fortifications here if you intend to proceed in them with soldiers—and with pioneers only it were a long and chargeable work.
(fn. n1) As the strangers who were here under my cousin Knyvet's charge are not yet fully dismissed, he should be present here, but, since he is appointed by your letters to attend my lord Admiral into France, I have licensed him to repair over, to furnish himself and learn whether he may be "padryne" to Julyan Romero, one of your Spanish captains here, in combat with Mora who fled from your service. Their camp is appointed to be fought on the 8th of next month before the French king at Fonteynblewe, and it is said that the French king and Dolphin assist and favour Mora. Newehaven in Bullonoyes, 21 June 1546. Signed.
Pp. 2. Add. Endd.
21 June. 1109. Thirlby to Paget.
R. O. Preparations to war proceed diligently, and since the answer of the States to the controversy of religion no further consultations have been held upon the other articles propounded by the Emperor. Some think that the Council of Trent ("now is the time appointed at their last session to go forward") will stay till they see what comes of these wars. The Cardinal of Trent is expected to return hither with the army of Italians and Spaniards from Naples, who number 20,000 but cannot be here before the end of July. Cardinal Fernesius shall come with the Bishop of Rome's army as legate of the Camp. Vice-chancellor Naves is sent to the Count Palantyne to persuade him to be still, as the Emperor makes not this war for the cause of religion. Here is news by merchants' letters (by whom we have had all the lies of this year) that the Frenchmen have "trumped in your way" and you are again at war. "I think surely some say as they would have it; but my hope is that, seeing such as hath played with you have so often trumped in your way, ye will have a 'cote' in store to take up their trump if need be." Mons. du Bures is said to have taken into wages all Italians and Spaniards who served the King. I wish you had "a good reckoning of Scotland" ere the King finally disarm. Would that the King might make an end of wars and spend "the residue of his years (which God grant to be many, many and many) in rest and peace." Raynspurgh, 21 June.
Hol., pp. 2. Add. Endd.
21 June. 1110. Charles V. to Van der Delft.
viii., No. 280.
Thanks for his of the 15th and 27th ult. and 3rd inst. A letter received subsequently from the Queen Dowager encloses one of 16 June to her from the Admiral of France announcing the peace, of which the English ambassador also assured her. Has been in doubt whether to allow the return of the French galleys to Marseilles by way of Spain in view of the injuries they did in coming and the continued molestation of his subjects at sea by the French. If the subject is mentioned, Vander Delft may set forth these robberies and suggest making redress before asking for free passage; but he shall "neither refuse nor accede to the request" and shall report at once what is said in reply. He must forthwith obtain audience and assure the King of the Emperor's satisfaction at the peace and preservation of their alliance, enlarging upon this with a view to show that the Emperor was anxious for the agreement to be made.
Rumors will have reached England that the Emperor is mustering an army; and perhaps the Protestants, ignorant of his object, may seek the King's help. Van der Delft must be vigilant; he may inform the King that the Emperor could not ignore the proffered support and exhortations of the Catholics and honest folk, urging him to correct certain princes who would hinder peace and justice and oppress ecclesiastics and nobles upon pretext of religion, and he trusts that the King will demonstrate his friendship by refusing to listen to such people. Sends a letter of credence to support this statement. Ratisbon, 21 June 1546.
22 June. 1111. The Privy Council to Sir Edward North.
R. O. Sir Edward Boughton is ordered to pay 18l. arrears of the farm of the manor and parsonage of Plomisted, his claim for certain allowances being referred to your Court. Greenwich, 22 June 1546. Signed by Wriothesley, Russell, Gardiner and Petre.
P. 1. Add.: Chancellor of the Augmentacion of the Revenues of the King's Highness crown. Endd.: The Lordes letters.
22 June. 1112. Mary of Hungary to Vander Delft.
viii. No. 281.
The Emperor writes that, all his efforts to tranquillize Germany being frustrated by the opposition of the Duke of Saxony and Landgrave, who keep prisoners Duke Henry of Brunswick and his son and occupy their territories, and refuse to attend the Diet, he is raising horse and foot to reduce these two princes to obedience. The Emperor will shortly send information of this, to be communicated to the King, but she thinks he should anticipate its receipt. As many people try to make out that this enterprise against the Duke and Landgrave is really undertaken on religious grounds, he may assure the King that the Emperor does not intend to meddle with the religious question. Report what the King seems to think of it and what rumours are current.
Has not been able to learn particulars of the peace between the English and French. It is important to know whether the Scots are included unconditionally and the war with them at an end. The English ambassador professes to know nothing. Vander Delft shall remind the King or Council that the Emperor declared war against the Scots at their request and refused to include the Scots in his treaty with France; and therefore she wishes to know whether the war with the Scots continues. The French assert that the Scots are included unconditionally in this treaty, and no doubt, if they are included, the King will have taken measures to prevent their injuring her subjects. Desires an explanation of the Bishop of Durham's saying that the Scots were included on condition that they fulfilled their treaties with England, and whether it carries with it cessation of the war.
Has given permission for soldiers who have left the English service to pass. Brussels, 22 June 1546.
22 June. 1113. Vaughan to Henry VIII.
R. O. Yesterday evening Jasper Dowche, according to his promise, came and told how he had travailed in the matter to which Vaughan set him, and had obtained 50,000l. Fl. to be emprunted, provided that the King would take half or 20,000l. thereof in copper, and unless copper or some jewel were taken no money could be had. After long talk, Vaughan answered that assuredly the King would take no such lump of wares with so little money, when he had already taken order for the payment of the Fugger.
Dowche then said that the "terriblest" war was in hand between the Emperor and the Duke of Saxe, Landisgrave of Hesse and bp. of Cullen, the Emperor having 20,000 Almains, 30,000 Italians and 10,000 Spaniards, and having sent word by his Chancellor to most of the cities that this war was not against the Almains for matters of religion but against these three princes for disobedience, the Emperor reckoned to subdue the three princes and "bring all the Almains to an obedience." The Bishop of Rome had promised to aid the Emperor with 200,000 cr. a month; and the Emperor had sent the Cardinal of Trydent to him for the money and other things. Lastly Jasper asked (subtilly) what sum the King had provided to be paid here by his subjects. Told him, "by these and others," 100,000l. st. He said he perceived that the King would anticipate part of the money for interest. Answered that no interest was looked for, but only to respite a like sum for equal time. Jasper said he would cause the Fugger to receive the money; but it was evident that he would fain have it himself to serve the Emperor, who, he says, has sent to the Fugger, the Welsar, John Carolo, and many more, for a great emprunture and also shall have much money from Italy and Spaygn. The bruit of this war "stayeth the traffic of the merchants here greatly."
Jasper would have the King continue in debt, and desires speedy answer concerning this offer of 50,000l. Fl. in money and copper. Asks what order to take with Bartylmew Compaigne for the 6,000l. Fl. due 15 July in valued gold and silver. It would be more profitable to cause four of the Council to agree him there "than to have him agreed with here." Italians who lately sent goods by wagon, through Almain, into Italy have sent posts to stay the wagons ere they reach Almain, for fear of this war. Many Almains here, if they mislike the bruit in Almain, will send their goods into England. One of them tells Vaughan that many lanzknechts taken up to serve the Emperor refuse to take oath against the three princes; also that the Swiss have 30,000 men ready to stop the passage of Italians and Spaniards out of Spain and Italy. Andwerp, 22 June.
Hol., pp. 3. Add. Endd.
22 June. 1114. Vaughan to the Council.
R. O. Much desires to know how to agree here with Bartilmew Compaigne's factor for 6,000l. Fl. which the Council are bound to pay him on 15 July next, "two parts thereof in valued gold and one part in valued money." As the man is honest it were much better to agree with him there than with his factor here. "There is honest cause why he should be contented for nothing; for where I should have received of him when he paid me 6,000l. Flem., I took of him so much less as the interest amounted to, wherein the King's Majesty had wrong, but your Honours had so made your bond unto him." Both he and his factor have deserved favour. For Jasper Dowche's answer, and for occurrents, refers to his letter to the King, herewith. Andwerp, 22 June.
Hol., p. 1. Add. Endd.
22 June. 1115. Vaughan to Lord Cobham.
Harl. MS.
283, f. 242.
B. M.
It is certain that the Emperor will set upon the duke of Saxon, the Landesgrave and the bp. of Cullen; and he persuades, all the cities of Almayn "that this war he moveth not against none of the cities for matters of religion, but against those 3 princes only, for disobedience." He has 20,000 Almayns, 30,000 Italians and 10,000 Spaniards. "This war is of great moment, an other manner of matter than the war out of which we are lately delivered. Fare ye well, mine own good Lord with my good lady, long to live together in godly love and agreement." Andwerp, 22 June.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: deputy of Calais.
22 June. 1116. Francis I.
Odet de Selve.
p. xv.
Instructions for Odet de Selve.
Mons. de Selve, councillor of the King in his Grand Council, shall make all haste to the King of England and, presenting the King's autograph letter and commendations, shall announce his appointment to reside as ambassador. He shall then say that the Admiral has been commanded to proceed thither soon, both for the ratification and for a declaration of the King's pleasure at the renewal of the amity, the Admiral, as the nearest to the King's person and having the chief management of his affairs, being best able to speak with assurance. Some days later he shall say, upon opportunity, that if the King of England will appoint two deputies to settle the question of his claim of the 512,000 cr., under a certain obligation of the year 1529, the King will on his side name two, in accordance with the treaty. They should meet at the place where the ambassadors last met for the treaty. Barbeau, 22 June 1546.
22 June. 1117. Germany.
Add. MS.
26,837, f. 40.
B. M.
Entry in Decreta Consistorialia that 22 June 1546, Card. Trivulce read the chapters following, viz. ten chapters (in Italian) of a capitulation between the Pope and Emperor for the reformation of Germany. (fn. n2) All were agreed to one relating to sale of vassallages of monasteries in Spain.
Lat. Pp. 5.
23 June. 1118. Sir Edmund Pekham's Accounts.
See Grants in June, No. 53.
23 June. 1119. The Privy Council,
A.P.C., 463.
Meeting at Greenwich, 23 June. Present: Chancellor, Privy Seal, Essex, [Winchester, Cheyney, Gage, Browne, Wingfield, Paget, Petre, Sadler, Riche, Wotton.] Business:—Warrants for money to be carried by John Milesento to Sir John Harington for the dissolution of the army, viz., from the Augmentations 3,500l., Pekham, treasurer of the Mint, 1,500, 500l. and 13l. 6s. 8d. for costs, and the treasurer of the Chamber 500l. John Hadlam, of Essex, sent up by Mr. Lucas of Colchester, with others who had been detected of opinions against the Sacrament, was this day, and also yesterday, examined and, obstinately "standing to his own ignorant sense," was remanded to the man who brought him; eftsoons he was called in and sent to Newgate, and Smith and Abbote, who came with him, were committed to the Porter's lodge for further examination. Letter to Mr. Aucher to treat with Pilkenny, searcher of Dover, for restitution to Julio de Romero of 21l. stayed there, as it was sent for his furniture in the King's service. Like letter to Pilkenney.
23 June. 1120. William Pynnock, Receiver of Warwick, to the Council.
R. O. Answers to their letter of 5 June, that, for the building of the castle of Warwick, there has been taken from the late Fryer Howss, which Robert Web bought and yet stands charged with 6l. for, in these three years past, as appears by the books of the carriage, somewhat above 500 loads of stone; and more must be had to finish the reparations now in hand. Is uncertain how to value it, as it was of divers sorts; but had it been to get elsewhere the digging alone would have cost more than 6l. Thinks the rest has been worth no great thing to Web; and for the stone taken to the reparations no penny has been paid. Warwick, 23 June.
Hol., p. 1. Add.
ii. Note on back by Walter Mildemay:—"Mr. Chancellor, my Lords have referred this bearer to your examination," praying you to return what you find "for thallowance or disallowance." Grenewich, 30 June 1546.
iii. In another hand:—"Hanby auditor.: F'res in vill. Warr.: D. Roberto Webbe de precio certorum edificiorum superfluorum ibidem sibivendito (sic) anno xxxjo R. H. viijvi, de arr. s., vjli."
iv. In Mildemay's hand:—"Quinto Junii (sic). Comparuit, and is ordered to pay before the first of the next term, except he shall in the meantime bring discharge for the same."
P. 1.
23 June. 1121. Hertford to the Council.
R. O. According to the King's pleasure signified by the Council's letters, sends herewith Cavelero, Andreo Renezi and John de Lanciano, three of the notablest of the Albonyes who have served in the King's wars. They did good service both before Hertford's coming and since; and they are "the meetest men of that nation to serve in such cases." Newhaven in Bullonoys, 23 June 1546. Signed.
P. 1. Add. Endd.
23 June. 1122. Hertford to Paget.
R. O. Lately wrote by his brother, to the King, his determination to place soldiers with his said brother at Blacknesse and lie himself at Bollyn with other soldiers at the Master of the Horse's camp to advance the fortifications. Having no money either to dissolve the army (unpaid since the 11th inst.) or conveniently press them to work, and perceiving them frowardly determined not to work, because they would fain be at home for their hay and harvest, Hertford yesterday addressed all the captains, in the men's hearing, declaring their unprofitable lying here, their duty to serve, the King's charge in keeping them, and how acceptable it should be to his Majesty if they brought the things already begun to perfection; and he exhorted every man to work three hours in the forenoon and as much in the afternoon, and they should have a groat a day besides their wages, and be paid the whole and return home within fifteen days. If he can persuade them to this, the cost of 1,200l. above their wages will save five times as much hereafter; and he earnestly begs that money may be sent in time to enable him to keep his promise. On Monday last (fn. n3) mustered the lance-knights at Bulloyne and, calling their officers, declared that the King, intending to dissolve his army, thanked them for their good service, and of his liberality gave them a month's wages to bring them home, which he was not bound to do. They were thoroughly pleased and gave the King humble thanks, declaring their readiness always to serve him. Found them honest and conformable, and would rather be in company with 10,000 of them than 1,000 Italians. At the dissolving of the French king's lance-knights under the Ringrave, Mons. du Bies thought to discharge them with a month's wages beforehand, whereof 5 or 6 days were past; but they got him within their ring and would not suffer him to depart until he promised their full month's wages and liberty to pass homewards through France without paying for what they took. Gives letters of commendation to Cavelero, Captain Andreo and John de Launciano, who now repair to Court; and, in case Salerno, who led the Italian footmen, should require like letters, advertises Paget that his service "hath not been such as deserveth any further reward or recompense than the pension he hath already." Bullonoyes, 23 June 1546. Signed.
Pp. 3. Add. Endd.
23 June. 1123. Hertford to Paget.
R. O. The King granted Hertford's servant, Robert Crouche, the bearer, who has served all the war time in the North, the keeping of Hull park near Alnewicke, with 2d. a day, as accustomed. Begs Paget to get his bill signed thereof, reminding the King that it was granted at Hertford's suit. Newhaven, 23 June 1546. Signed.
P. 1. Add. Endd.
24 June. 1124. The Privy Council.
A.P.C., 464.
Meeting at Greenwich, 24 June. Present: Chancellor, Great Master, Privy Seal, Essex, Durham, Winchester, Gage, Browne, Wingfield, Paget, Petre, Sadler, Baker. Business:—Upon advertisment from John Beaumont, receiver of the Wards, that the Marquis Dorset had used threats to him, being custos rotulorum, at the late sessions at Leicester, and that Sir William Turvil offered him protection, all three were sent for and the Marquis commanded to permit Beaumont to pass hither quietly. Erasmus Scetes had warrants to Williams and the treasurer of the Tenth, each 500l., for grain furnished by his father out of Estland. Richard Knight had like warrants, each 500l., for the lord Great Master at Portsmouth. Letter to President of the North and Wardens of the Borders to show friendship to Mons. Doisy, gentleman of the French king's privy Chamber, now despatched by his master into Scotland touching the peace; also placard for posthorses for Doisye. Letter to mayor, &c., of Southampton to permit the Sainct James of Bylboa, which in her voyage towards Flanders was driven to shelter there eight days before the proclamation of peace with France, to discharge and sell her lading of canvas. William Orphett, clk., presented by Mr. Baker for words spoken at Goodherst, Kent, touching praying to Saints and the King's supremacy, dismissed with a lesson to beware of giving ignorant people occasion to mistake his words. Placard to John Milesent to take up carts to Dover for conveyance of treasure; and letter to captains upon the Narrow Seas for its waftage, and to Mr. Aucher to lend assistance.
24 June. 1125. Hertford to Paget.
R. O. Bearer, Amerigo Anthenori, being discharged of service here, desires to see the King, and would needs have me write these two words in his favour. Upon his pay, travailing to defalke the 400cr. delivered to him in prest there (for the King should not sustain that charge until his band assembled), I meant now, the rather for your letters, "to reward him with the one half thereof at his return." Nevertheless, if you think it should be amplified I will do so. Newhaven in Bullonoyes, 24 June 1546. Signed.
P. 1. Add. Endd.
24 June. 1126. Mont to Paget.
R. O. Mr. Mason now writes the reports of the collection of soldiers by the Emperor, who has evidently been long preparing and has addressed the nobles in various places to allay suspicion of him. But doubtless all is the work of the Bishop of Rome, who might see the necessity for an extreme effort, for daily his number diminishes and, when he sees nothing gained by writings, disputations and diets, now procures action by war and arms. Of the preparation of the Protestants nothing certain is heard; and the Emperor craftily shapes his answers so as to appear desirous only of healing the sick members of the body, like the hyæna which is said to weep when it prepares to devour men. Sends a translation of the speech of the Emperor's commissaries delivered at Mentz before the nobles of the Rhine, and their answer. It is greatly to be feared lest the simplicity and credulity of our men be to their extreme hurt, for they do not understand Spanish arts and feigned sanctity. We have this disadvantage, too, that in our States the heads are diverse and it is not given to every man to expend all his goods for piety; for hope is hard to buy. Commendations to Mr. Peter, your colleague. Spires, 24 June 15[46].
Lat. Hol., p. 1. Add. Endd.
25 June. 1127. The Privy Council.
A.P.C., 406
Meeting at Greenwich, 25 June. Present: Chancellor, Norfolk, [Great Master, Privy Seal, Essex, Durham, Winchester, Gage, Browne, Wingfield, Paget, Petre, Sadler, Baker]. Business:—William Gray, plumber, who "attempted to confer with Doctor Crome in the time of his examination, and before he had executed his promise to the King's Majesty for a 'playnes' at Pol's Crosse," was this day released with a good lesson for his folly, being bound in 5 mks. to appear if called upon within 12 months.
25 June. 1128. The Privy Council to Sir Edw. North.
Vesp. F.
xiii., 132.
B. M.
Mrs. Johnson, the bearer, late the wife of Mr. Mantell, called hither for a debt, alleges that it is part of her jointure. Pray examine the matter in your court and make the return by her before the end of this term. Grenewich, 25 June 1546. Signed by Wriothesley, Gardiner, Browne, Paget and Petre.
P. 1. Add.: chancellor of Augmentations.
25 June. 1129. Mason to Paget.
R. O.
St. P., xi. 223.
Has received the Council's letters touching his revocation, and will as shortly as possible take leave. Meanwhile, upon the bruit of war, wherein the Paltzgrave was likely to share, took occasion by the report of Mr. Kerns servant, who, returning from my lord of Westmestre, announced that peace was concluded, to go to Heydelberge. Arrived in the evening and had audience next morning at 9 a.m., telling the Paltzgrave that he expected letters from the King and meanwhile thought it his part to bring word of the peace. The Paltzgrave thanked him heartily and was glad of it; adding that war was now turned upon them. Mason replied that he could hardly be persuaded that he who by speech and writing had desired the quiet of Christendom would now begin a stir, and that against himself, as Germany might be called; against whom was it in particular? "Against the Protestants," quoth the Paltzgrave; "against whom else?" The councillors of the Duke of Sax, the Lantzgrave, the marquis of Brandenburge and himself had desired the Emperor to signify whether he purposed to employ that army against Germany, and had answer that he was not so unnatural, but if he did attempt anything it should be against such as were disobedient and would not consent to reasonable devices for the peace of Germany, whom he must correct; he (the Paltzgrave) knew not how the Emperor would expound disobedience, and, unless religion was comprehended, he could hardly be noted disobedient, his absence from the Diet having been excused; he would be loth to be troubled with war at his age. and although he had received the religion he had not entered any confederation. Then, seeming weary of standing, he retired, saying that he would meet Mason again at dinner. Mason would have excused himself as "a man of diet," but the Paltzgrave said they were well coupled and should each eat and drink as they list. The Chancellor and Secretary, being left to entertain Mason, lamented the state of Germany by the Bishop of Rome's procuration. Told them that if friendship largely offered had been embraced, things had now been in such a trade that the Emperor would attempt nothing. The Chancellor said that if they were beaten in the Pope's quarrel the King's turn would follow. Replied that had the occasions of kindness taken place, as he expected at his coming hither, the King would not have suffered his allies to be beaten; what he might do now, if sought upon, Mason did not know, but, as for fear, God and nature had made so good a wall round their realm that the English never had war unless they went abroad to seek it, and they had one advantage that the Germans lacked, namely, they "draw all after one line." Here there was a pause broken by Hubert saying "Utinam Dominus noster tam cito non prodidisset se." The Chancellor seemed "somewhat altered," saying "Quam proditionem narras?" To which Hubert made no answer, but nodded his head three or four times. At dinner were the Paltzgrave, Duke Philip, Mason, the Chancellor, Mr. Mownt and the Secretary. "The Paltzgrave forced himself to be merry, and ever he talked of the coursing in Egham meade, but methought all was force; and suddenly he would fall in a dump, and, forgetting himself, bless him and say Sic transit gloria mundi." Tidings that Naves was come in post from the Emperor abbreviated the dinner and made Mason take a short leave.
These men seem appalled; and yet the Emperor is not ready, for the 8,000 Spaniards from Naples, Sicily, Italy and Vienna cannot be soon here. He musters men near Reynsburge, and in two places in Bavare, and one in episcopatu Eichstetensi, and will probably make decrees in the absence of the Protestants from the Diet, and declare them contumaces, being roused by their absenting themselves and recalling their learned men and "disobeying of such processes as pass ex Camera." Naves is come to divide the Paltzgrave from them, who is so perplexed that Mason thinks it will kill him. Duke Philip has asked what to do with the King's captains, and Mason has told him that he may keep them for so long as he has hired them, but if employed against the Emperor they must not be named the King's servants. "We shall shortly know the quarrel that the Emperor will have against these men; and it is possible, if he have the upper hand of them, the Pope shall be one; but if they had not this obstinately refused, to come to him upon his often calling, I think assuredly he would not so soon been moved against them in respect only of him; and so think also a great many sober men of their own sort." Spires, 25 June 1546. Signed.
Pp. 5. Add. Sealed. Endd.
25 June. 1130. Doge and Senate of Venice to their Secretary in England.
v. No. 405.
Their ambassador in France wrote on the 10th that Montluc had brought the ratification of the peace, and this morning the French secretary announced it to the Signory. Send now their congratulations to both Kings.
26 June. 1131. The Privy Council.
A. P. C., 467.
Meeting at Greenwich, 26 June. Present: Chancellor, Norfolk, Privy Seal. [Essex, Durham, Winchester, Gage, Browne, Wingfield, Paget, Petre, Sadler, Baker]. Business:—Dr. Brynkloo and Dr. Ruffhams, who were at Dr. Taylour's late sermon at Bury and wrote hither part of the contents, were sent for to enquire of other honest men who were also present and bring a full report.
26 June. 1132. Privy Council of Scotland.
Regist., 30. Meeting at Edinburgh, 26 June. Present: Governor, bps. of Galloway and Orkney, earls of Angus and Both well, abbot of Paisley, lords Borthwik and Hay of Yester, Secretary, Lord George Douglas, Adam Otterburn, Clerk Register, Mr. Hen. Lauder, Advocate. Business:—Order for sale of victual now taken by the Lyon and her company. Sureties given by the captains (Wm. Forester and Jas. Andersoun) and officers of the Lyon and Marie Galland.
26 June. 1133. Hertford to Paget.
R. O. I wrote last that I meant to be here on Thursday last, (fn. n4) and to send soldiers to the Master of the Horse's camp; but the day was so rainy that we removed not until yesterday. Here I have working 1,200 or 1,300 soldiers. Afterwards, if the mole is made, as at my return I will show the King, "his Majesty never made such a piece of work or ever had such a thing for the Narrow Seas." I divided the work into twelve parts, and the captains drew lots for choice of them; and I have promised that those who have their portion first finished shall depart into England first. A trumpet sounds every morning at 4 o'clock, and within a quarter of an hour after a drum calls the men to work. Their names are then called and they work three hours. Likewise in the afternoon they work from 3 to 6 p.m., and every man receives his groat. They are so earnest to finish that some will work both day and night, and most of them will finish their parts within half the time I appointed; wherefore my trust is in you to expedite money hither that I may despatch them according to my promise. I have made shift among my friends here to pay them daily as they work. To-day I sent a like company to the Master of the Horse's camp, and will myself follow this afternoon and take like order for the work there, having left Lord Stourton with 400 men at the fort at Newhaven and the Spaniards encamped without the same; for whose despatch pray learn the King's pleasure. The agreement with them, as I signified by my brother, was to have free transportation to their own country with a fortnight's wages at embarking and another fortnight's at landing. Ships should be appointed. My brother sued for John Brigandyne to have a lieutenantship on this side the seas, and the King was so content. He has not been appointed to any place, and is a meet man to serve under Sir Richard Candishe, "the rather for that here shall be some works wherein he may do service." As James Wilforde is unwilling to serve as lieutenant of Base Bulloyne under Adrian Poynynges, I am required by Alexander Brett, whom Mr. Vice-chamberlain put to the King, to be a suitor for his appointment, who is a tall gentleman, "traded" in the wars and meet for that room. Forgot in last letters to signify that, in pursuance of your late letters, I declared the King's pleasure to Lord Graye and Sir John Bridges, who are most willing to serve; but the latter reminds me that the office of marshal needs some learning, and therefore, although desirous to serve, he could not undertake it without some learned man to advise him. His request is reasonable, and it were not amiss to appoint "some learned and discreet man or civilian" both to assist him and see to the better administration of justice in the town. Blacknesse, 26 June 1546. Signed.
P.S.—War is expected between the Emperor and the Protestants, and the Spaniards are said to hope to serve the Emperor therein. If so, the charge of their transportation may be saved; wherein, nevertheless, the King's pleasure should be known.
Pp. 3. Add. Endd.
26 June. 1134. German Horsemen
Add. MS.
5,753, f. 189.
B. M.
Hertford's warrant to Sir John Harington to pay Vollard Vanderlugh, captain of Dutch horsemen, for two months from 5 May to 4 July, for himself at 50 philippus the month, for the "rutter guyld" of 222 horsemen 444 ph., for his lieutenant at 60 ph. the month, four rutt masters at 25 ph., six curitzers and 12 ph., one skoute master at 25 ph., the standard bearer at 24 ph., two farriers, one surgeon, one trumpeter, one harbinger, one muster clerk, eighteen baggagers and 222 horsemen, each at 12 ph., and eight waggons at 24 ph.: total 7,394 ph. guilderns, which is 1,160l. 14s. 4d. Also a further reward to the said captain and company for their dismissal, viz., 507l. 5s. 11½d. Yeven, the 26th June, 1546. Signed.
ii. Receipt. Signed: per me Jurgen Kroger: per me Jacop Porrett.
P. 1.
26 June. 1135. Vaughan to Paget.
R. O. Has often signified to the King and Council that to Bartilmewe Compaigne is owing here, about 15 July, 6,000l. Fl. which certain of the Council bound themselves to pay in valued money;—asking whether to pay the debt, and what allowance to make for the valued money, of which the writer will have none. Begs Paget to remind them., as the day draws on apace. Hears no more of proceedings in Almayn. Much money has been taken up here for the Emperor in these wars. Almain merchants here are assured by the Queen that they and their wares shall be safe here notwithstanding the wars. Andwerp, 26 June.
P.S.—Pray take some pains with the account which I lately sent, wherein Mr. Chamberleyn was also a doer. The merchants of London have brought me bills of exchange payable at the end of this month, "but yet no order given me what I shall do with the money."
Hol., p. 1. Add. Endd.
27 June 1136. Restraint of Victuals.
Soc. of Antiq.
Procl. ii 168.
Proclamation that whereas, by proclamation dated Westm., 19 April last, the King licensed all men to ship to his camp at the New Haven wheat, malt, rye and all other victuals, and now that peace is made it shall not be needful to convey much grain over seas, the King means henceforth that the victualling of his pieces on that side shall be so ordered as not to cause scarcity here; and therefore commands that, from the publication of this, no victuals shall be carried over seas without special licence.
Printed by Berthelet. Modern note at foot that the writ for this was dated Westm., 27 June 38 Hen. VIII.
27 June. 1137. The Privy Council.
A. P. C., 467.
Meeting at Greenwich, 27 June. Present: Privy Seal, Essex, Durham, Winchester, Gage, Browne, [Wingfield, Paget, Petre, Sadler, Baker]. Business:—Andrew Dudley had warrant to Williams for 20l. in fall satisfaction of his diets, &c., when he repaired to the Regent of Flanders with a present of horses. Letters under stamp to sheriffs, justices and commissioners for beacons to discharge the beacon watch and reduce the watch under the Statute of Winchester, having special regard to idle people and vagabonds and to the "inferior sort now returning from the Camp." Warrant to Candishe to pay Nicholas the courier for posting to Paris after Mr. Treasurer, 24 June, 7l. 10s., Robert Patche, who brought prisoners from Lucas of Colchester, 20s., and Edw. Barbour, servant to Sir Edw. Kerne, ambassador in Flanders, despatched 24 June, 6l. Recognisance (signed) of John Garton and John Prior, for Garton's appearance when called upon for the account of Sir John Jennyns, dec., late master of ordnance at Boulogne. Recognisance (signed) of Simon Parsival, of Hamburg, and Henry Koller, Joachim Myller, Henry Ninestale, and Peter Scqynckel, of Lubeck, resident within the Stuliard of London, to make restitution if the grain spoiled by English pirates of Falmouth, for recovery of which they have obtained a general letter (which follows), is proved good prize. General letter, such as Barth. Fortini had, to mayors, &c., in favour of Hen. Crowne, skipper of a hulk of Lubeck, laden with grain, which was seized on the Cornish coast by English robbers who set the master and mariners adrift in the boat.
27 June. 1138. Dr. Crome's Recantation.
R. O.
Foxe V.,
App. No. 16.
Acknowledges that when he promised to set forth and declare at Paul's Cross on the second Sunday after Easter the articles subscribed by him, he did not intend to do so with a simple mind but with a secret intention to colour his proceedings, so as to maintain his former evil opinion and yet satisfy his promise. The Mass used in this realm is agreeable to the institution of Christ, and we have in the Church of England the true Sacrament, the very body and blood of Christ under the form of bread and wine. It is not necessary that the Sacrament of the Altar be ministered to the people under both kinds, as in each kind "whole Christ, both body and blood, is contained." It is no derogation to the virtue of the Mass although the priest alone receive the Sacrament. All the articles which he subscribed and promised to declare at Paul's Cross are true, understanding by the word "Mass" therein the Mass daily used in the Church of England. Had no sufficient ground, of Scripture or holy author, for dissenting in any of the articles from the received doctrine of the Church of England, nor was fully satisfied in his own conscience. Being heretofore of a contrary opinion, he did not, according to his promise, plainly declare such doctrine as he had subscribed unto; and therefore he now submits himself to the King's clemency, desiring to make amends for his offence, both by setting forth the said articles and by disclosing to the King or Council all things concerning his proceedings.
[In § 3 here follows the note in Latin that on Sunday, 27 June 1546, Crome in his sermon at Paul's Cross recited in effect the above articles in presence of Lord Chancellor Wriothesley, Thomas duke of Norfolk, William Pawlett lord Seynt John, Edmond bishop of London, and many others.]
ii. "The articles whereunto I heretofore subscribed and promised to declare at Poules Crosse are these":—That the sacrifice by Christ offered on the Cross is available for the sins of all who in true belief come unto Him; and it is by virtue of Christ's word daily offered by the priest in the Mass as a remembrance, a propitiation, a sacrifice of praise, and a mean to obtain mercy both for quick and dead. God's word pronounced by the priest at Mass turns the bread and wine into the very body and blood of Christ, and so it remains although it be reserved and not distributed. This oblation or sacrifice by the priest is profitable both to the quick and to the dead, although it lieth not in the power of man to limit how far; for quick and dead make but one body, whereof Christ is the head, and "this article hath been taught and received in the Church of Christ even since th'Apostles' time." The Church of Christ may lawfully order some priests to be ministers of the Sacrament although they be not worthy to be admitted to preach.
[Here § 3 has the note in Latin that the above was recited by Crome in his sermon at Paul's Cross the second Sunday after Easter, viz., 9 May, 1546.]
Copy, pp. 4. Endd.: Th'articles and submission of Crome.
R. O. 2. Modern copy of the above.
Pp. 4. Endd.: The articles and submission of Crone (sic).
3. Entry of the same in Bonner's register, from which it is printed by Foxe. The order of the two parts of § 1 is reversed.
27 June. 1139. The Privy Council to Sir Edward North.
R. O. Bearer, Sir Francis Ascugh, being before us for 300l. due by his father as surety for Geoffrey Chambre, late receiver of the purchased lands, we have by the King's command, consented to receive part payment in lands, and "stalle" the rest for certain days. We remit him to you with a survey of the lands he offers, praying you to take his bonds and report the conclusion. Grenewych, 27 June 1546. Signed by Wriothesley, Gardiner, Browne and Paget.
P. 1. Add.
R. O. 2. "The survey of all the lands and tenements in Bisshop Burton, Lokyngton] and Kyllom, parcel of th'enheritance of Sir [Francis Ascugh, made the .. of] June in the 38th year of the reign of [our sovereign lord King Henry VIII.] by Sir Michael Stanhop, knight, and ......................... from the King's Majesty's most honora[ble Council]."
Giving particulars of lands in Bisshopp Burton, Killom and Lokyngton.
Much mutilated, p. 1.
R. O. 3. Walter Hendle to Mr. Duke.
Requires him to draw an indenture between the King and Sir Fras. Ascoughe whereby the latter sells the parcels surveyed by Michael Stanhop, "appointed thereto by commission from the Lords." Mr. Ascoughe will consider his pains therein.
P. 1.
27 June. 1140. Robert Lake to John Johnson.
R. O. Callys, 27 June 1546:—Commendations to Johnson and his wife from the writer and his. Begs Johnson to augment his small stock against Bartholomew Fair, for he must now begin the world anew, trusting in God to recover some of his losses in these wars. "John Lewx and Rysmyett long-yet for to heyer how yow dow consarnyng the dyennysyrshp that thaye spake unto yow ffor." Can write no good news concerning your brother Richard's matter here; but bearer, Robert Mattrys, can declare how he thinks it will go. "As ffor newyes hyer ys non to wryet yow of bowtt that John Bond and Myestrs Lyeght Foyett and Xprestoffer Foyelles wyf be departyed unto God, on hows sollyes the lyeveng God have marssy."
Hol., p. 1. Add.: at London or Glapthorne. Endd.: answered at Glapthorne, 15 July.
27 June. 1141. Hertford to Paget.
R. O. Bearer, Courtpenink, being discharged here, desires to see the King. His honest service and the good governance of his whole band deserve commendation. With him come all his captains, as neither he nor they dare return through the Emperor's country, and they will go by sea out of England. Bearer tells me that, had he remembered in time, he would have conveyed his whole band either through France or by ship rather than through Flanders, and now such as were not already despatched by land he has embarked to pass by sea. They departed saying una voce as they came through the camp at Newhaven that they would serve the King before all other princes, and come 500 miles on their hands and knees to his service. Among the captains are two who might do the King good service hereafter. Brend or Brigandyne can tell you which they are; and if the King will show liberality amongst them, these two should be chiefly considered. Bulloyn, 27 June 1546. Signed.
P.S.—My brother arrived at Newhaven this morning at 5 o'clock, and with me here before 6 a.m., whereof he prayed me to advertise you in proof that "he slept not his journey."
P. 1. Add. Endd.
27 June. 1142. William Lord Grey to Henry VIII.
R. O. Is advertised by Mr. Hennaige and others that the King has reconsidered his grant to the writer of the abbey of Beaulieu and will give something nearer these parts. Begs that in lieu of it he may have "the poor priory of Waste." Bulloigne, 27 June 1546. Signed.
P. 1. Add. Endd.
27 June. 1143. Carne and Rede to Paget.
R. O. On the 23rd, after much soliciting, got the Commissaries to assemble with them in the Chamber of Accounts here to peruse the books and registers of the customs of Brabant. A book of the payment of customs in the year 1432 was shown, but the amounts were only in gross, the customs being then put to farm. Another book of no less "auntientie" contained a table of customs then paid. A book of 1497 specified certain compositions by English merchants for leaving the toll unpaid. These books, they said, proved that the impositions complained of were not new. Asked for the tables delivered to such as gathered the toll of Brabant shortly after the granting of the privilege of Duke Philip and after the Intercourse of 1495. The Commissaries answered that no others were yet found, but those shown (which were all in Dutch) proved that "galegylt and such other be no new exactions or impositions"; as for the privilege and treaties, reasonable answer should be given. Desired that search should be made whether the King's subjects paid galegylt and other exactions, though they be old touching other nations; and indeed the secretary of the merchants says that there are tables declaring who are exempted from the said toll and who are not. The tollener of Andwerp was thereupon appointed, with the secretary of the English merchants (who understands Dutch), to search for them in the comptyng chamber of Andwerp. Send copy of the old general table in Dutch and English. Bruxelles, 27 June 1546. Signed.
Pp. 2. Add. Endd.
R. O. 2. "An exstrackett of the dewtie of the toolle of Brabante whieche the merchanttes of the nacyon of Ynglande owght for to paye in the toolle of Brabantte at Andwerpe longe before the grante of thayre preveyledge geaven in the zeare xiiijc xlvj," copied out of an old register (described) in the chamber of accounts in Bruxelles.
Giving the "composition of th'Englesshe men of the brotherheade of Sainte Thomas" as to the amount of toll payable upon each kind of merchandise.
Pp. 7. Endd.: An abstracte of the dewtye of the toolle of Brabant.
R. O. 3. Original of § 1 in Dutch.
Pp. 10. Endd.
27 June. 1144. Carne to Paget.
R. O. Yesterday received a letter from the Council, of the 21st, and accordingly declared to President Schore how the treaty of peace mentions the comprehension of the Scots. The French ambassador resident here had informed the Regent that they were comprehended simpliciter, and she would, Schore said, be glad of this knowledge; she was forth a-hunting for two or three days, but he would advertise her speedily. She, however, because of a post yesternight from the countie of Buyr, returned here very early to-day. The countie with 10,000 footmen and 2,000 horsemen marches from Fryslande towards the land of Hasse shortly, and with him go Mons. de Haulstrate and Martyn van Rowse. It is said that they will pass through the land of Munster. There is great speaking of the wars in Germany. Forwards a letter from my lord of Westminster received to-day. Bruxelles, 27 June 1546. Signed.
P. 1. Add. Endd.
28 June. 1145. Lawyers.
Harl. MS.
442. F. 220.
B. M.
Proclamation that no person who has not read in Court shall be suffered to be a pleader in any of the King's Courts at Westminster, viz., Chancery, King's Bench, Common Pleas, Exchequer, Starre. Chamber, Duchy Chamber, Augmentations, Surveyors, Tenths and First Fruits and Wards and Liveries, unless appointed thereto by the Lord Chancellor and two Chief Justices with the advice of the benchers of the four houses of Court. At assizes and sessions, if there be no learned man present that has been a reader, the justices shall appoint some other learned men to be of counsel with the parties. This to take effect the first day of Michaelmas term next. Proclaimed in Westminster Hall, 28 June 38 Hen. VIII.
Modern copy, p. 1.
Soc. of Antiq.
Procl. ii., 170.
2. Another modern copy.
P. 1.
1146. Handguns.
Soc. of Antiq.
Procl. ii. 169.
Proclamation (annulling a former proclamation intended to exercise his subjects in the use of handguns and hagbusshes in time of war, according to stat. of the Parliament 28 April 31 Hen. VIII.) that, now the plague of war is removed, no man after the last day of August next shall shoot in handguns, hagbusshes or other guns; or use or have the same contrary to the tenor of a statute made in the Parliament (16 Jan. to 1 April) 33 Hen. VIII., without special licence.
Printed by Berthelet. Modern note that this was made "28 Junii or 8 Julii 38 H. 8."
28 June. 1147. The Privy Council.
A.P.C., 469.
Meeting at Greenwich, 28 June. Present: Privy Seal, Essex, Durham, Winchester, Gage, Browne, Wingfield, Paget. Business:—Passport for Ludovico Montio. Placard for William Waan, Scottishman, for a post horse to Boulogne, being sent on the King's affairs.
28 June. 1148. Prince Edward to Dr. Coxe.
Harl. MS.
5,087, No. 13.
B. M.
Lit. Rem.
of Edw. VI.,
Writes to his dear preceptor both because it is his duty and because it exercises his hand and cultivates his mind and his Latin. Otherwise he would not be prepared to speak Latin and his mind would be torpid. Quotes sayings of Vives and Erasmus on the necessity of practice. Will write more when he gets more leisure. Hunsdon, 28 June 1546.
Lat., fair copy, pp. 2. A translation in Halliwell's Royal Letters, ii. 13.
28 June. 1149. Cardinal Pole.
R. O. Extract from the "Summarium" of the Council of Trent to the effect that on Monday, 28 June 1546, Cardinal Pole, third president and legate, went to Padua for the recovery of his health, and from that day his presidency and legacy ceased.
Latin. Modern transcript from Rome, p. 1.
29 June. 1150. Lord Lisle.
R. O. Release to the Crown, by John lord Lisle and his wife, of their manors of Spondon, Chaddesden, Boroughaysshe, Lokkowe, and Over Lokkowe, Derb., the rectories of Spondon and Chaddesden, and lands (extent given) in these places. Signed: John Lisle: Jane Lysle. In presence of Ric. Duke, Geo. Willughby and Walter Farr.
ii. Certificate by Walter Hendle that the above was acknowledged before him 29 June 38 Hen VIII.
29 June. 1151. The King's Debtors.
R. O. Extracts (in Latin) headed 29 June 38 Hen VIII. from accounts of Sir Leonard Beckwith, receiver, in the office of Hugh Fuller, auditor, showing that the bailiff and commonalty of Skarburgh owe 4l. 15s. 6d., arrears of rent, for 37 Hen. VIII. and the four preceding years, of certain cottages &c. (specified) there which belonged to the late houses of Grey, White and Black Friars.
Note that they appeared and were remitted to the Court of Augmentations, to bring discharge or pay before the end of this term. Signed as examined by Wa. Mildemaie.
P. 1. Endd.: Scarboroughe per Walles, Q. xliiij, folio 21.
29 June. 1152. Richard Brasier to ————.
R. O. Master Boughton, this bearer, was before the King's Council, the 22nd inst., for certain arrears of his father, Sir Edward Boughton, and was commanded to pay them out of hand. As for certain allowances claimed upon his indenture, it pleased their Lordships to write to "your good masterships" that he should have such allowances as his indenture gave, only for the year for which the arrears depend, which year appears in the precept for his appearance. He declares that your pleasure is that I shall certify you likewise that the Council grant him the said allowance, "which is true. I heard the Council speak it." But I know not what allowance is in his indenture, for I never perused it; and he cannot lawfully or honestly require any other allowances than are there expressed. Written 29 June 38 Hen. VIII. Signed.
P. 1. Flyleaf with address lost. Endd.: Boughton.
29 June. 1153. Hertford to Paget.
R. O. Commends bearer, Captain Clement Ciciliano, one of the captains of the Italian footmen at Bulloyne, who, being discharged here, desires to kiss the King's hand. He served as long as any stranger there, and is said to be the notablest captain and best man of that band. Gave him no reward, as he would needs go over and might expect another reward there. He is the meetest man to entertain if the King would employ Italians hereafter. Blacknesse, 29 June 1546. Signed.
P. 1. Add. Endd.
29 June. 1154. Hertford to Paget.
R. O. Bearer, Captain Napoleon Corse, who, upon his despatch here, desires to see the King, has served at Bulloyne as captain of certain Italian footmen. Blacknesse, 29 June 1546. "Neither this bearer hath received reward, for that he would needs go over." Signed.
P. 1. Add. Endd.
29 June. 1155. John Dymocke to Paget.
R. O. Since my last letters to you and the Council, here is such news out of Almayn that corn and victuals are restrained throughout Estland, by command of the Prodestantes, who are assured that the Emperor will have war with them, "according unto the copy here enclosed," given me by the chief borowe master here, named Dirick Vassemer, who bids me write that it is true, and that the whole religion of the Prodestans have sent word thereof to the King of Denemarcke that he may stop ships passing westward through the Sound, which is done. Here the "tromme" has gone about and proclamation is made that all horsemen and others who will serve the Religion come to the lords' house and they shall have entertainment as good as the Emperor gives. The king of Dennemarcke also musters all his countries and takes up men of war. Here and in Brownyswicke lande, and at Hamborowe and Lubecke, "are already many men ready, and more does come daily." The borowe master desired me to write to the King's Council for 560 footmen whom Courte Penyncke had hence to be sent home by water, at this city's charge; lest, coming through the Emperor's country, the Countie of Bures should keep them to serve against this country. The borowe master said that he had already written into England for this.
As yet only 60 last of wheat is gone to Newcastell, in two ships, and 18½ last to Calays. Another ship, which will take 24 last, finishes lading in three days. If not needed in England it would sell at Amsterdam to the King's advantage for 18l Fl. the last. The rest of the corn is stayed at Browinswicke, as Chr. Coke says, and I shall be fain to ride thither and recover my money from the lords there. I wrote to Mr. Watson to know what corn he received upon 100 last which he bought of Hendricke Kenkel, so as to "make clear" with Kenkel and Coke. If I had not come hither the King should have had neither corn nor money. Pray learn the King's pleasure in all things; and remember me concerning my trouble at Dorte.
The borowe master Wasemer has just come to say that Duke Mowryshe of Saxon was with the Emperor at Rynysborowe and refused either to serve against the Prodestants or to sit still; whereat the Emperor took great displeasure. Duke Morishe is gone home, and he and the Lantgrave, with Palesgrave Fredericke, are appointed to set forth with 7,000 horsemen and a great number of footmen against their enemies. Earl Crystofell of Oweldenborch had taken up 4,000 footmen and 1,500 horsemen to serve the Palesgrave in Densmarke, and these shall now serve the Prodestants together with 4,000 footmen and 1,000 horsemen whom the king of Denemarke had ready. The Prodestants will be ready before the Emperor "to do their feat, as they did with the Duke of Brownyswycke." Has no more time to write, as the company by whom he sends this letter is leaving. Brame, 29 June 1546.
P.S.—The Duke of Saxson is appointed, with the bishop of Colen, to keep about Colen with another company; "and this is true that I do write you."
Pp. 3., the latter half in his own hand. Add, Endd.
R. O. 2. "This is the fearefull settynge fourthe of th'Emperor's armye agaynste the Fatherland."
The Emperor will himself set upon the Swabisschen kreys and the Lantgrave, that is to say upon the Prodestants, and has with him Maximilian, King Ferdinand's eldest son. The Bishop of Rome sends 22,000 Italians and Spaniards and 4,000 light horse called "Husserner horses," with whom come the duke of Camerin and other lords of Italy, and their mustering place is Sumfussen in Algow, the duke of Bayeren refusing to have it in his country. The duke of Bayre has prepared 1,800 horsemen only to prohibit musters in his country. Besides these the Emperor and Ferdinando bring 86 ensigns of footmen and 8,000 great horse armed in Alemayn fashion, and musters are appointed at Donawart, Trebbyngen, and a place appointed by Margrave Albert (not the margrave of Brandenborch) "in stifft of Wyrteborch." The lord Great Master of Dowche Lande shall bring 1,800 horsemen to serve the Emperor. Moreover, out of the Low Countries against the bishopric of Collan and land of Saxson goes the Countie of Buren with 4,000 horsemen, besides the garrisons, and 40,000 footmen, making up that number of "lanchekneghts," with men out of Friesland, Overyssells and Gelders, and Brabanders. The bishop of Rome has bound himself to help the Emperor with seven millions of gold; upon which he sends the 22,000 footmen and 4,000 horsemen. The bishops of Dowcheland, France, the Low Countries and Spain also help the Emperor with money, who, besides, brings up a great sum and spares no interest to set it by exchange where he wishes. The following prelates promise to provide him with victuals, viz., the bishops of Ausborch, Strassborch, Aichstadt, Wyrtborch, Bambarch, Meynse and Tryer.
Pp. 3. Endd. by Dymocke: "Copie of the newys sent be the Lantgrave of Hesse and the Corvost of Saxson to the lordes of Brame." Also endd.: Capita novarum rerum.
30 June. 1156. Revenues of the Crown.
Commission. See Grants in June, No. 71.
30 June. 1157. The King's Debtors.
R. O. Extract (in Latin) from accounts "in the office of Bolles, receiver," showing that Ralph Gelle owes 33l. 7s. 6d., for arrears to Mich. 37 Hen. VIII. of the farm of Griffe Graunge and for tithe corn in Mackeworth, which belonged, respectively, to Dale and Derley monasteries. Note that he appeared, 30 June, by his son Anthony Gelle, principal of Clementes Inne, "and hath the first of August to pay it or bring discharge." Signed as examined per me Walterum Mildmay.
P. 1. Endd.: Gell, lxj., folio 29.
30 June. 1158. Richard Justice to Anthony Bourchier.
R. O. According to your letter, I rode both to Lymyngton and Brymmer and demanded your fines. Answer was that part of them was paid to Mr. Grove and part to Marlow, bailey there, who handled me very ill, both for that and the half year's rent, as I will declare at my coming to London. For the fines of Swalowfeld and Shynfeld Mr. Litcot will make you answer. "I had an ill journey and foul weather. God send me good allowance at your hand." Redyng, 30 June 1546.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: auditor to the Queen's Grace.
30 June. 1159. Hertford to Henry VIII.
R. O. My brother brought your command that I should send bearer, Sir Richard Candishe, with the platt of a mole that is to be made here, and which by your surveyor of Bulloyne, myself and others is thought the easiest to be made. It will do more service for keeping the Narrow Seas than all your havens on this side. Bearer will do good service in the making of it. Blacknesse, last of June 1546. Signed.
P. 1. Add. Endd.
30 June. 1160. Hertford to Paget.
R. O. As I wrote lately, I was at Bulloyne and the Master of the Horse's camp on Sunday last. (fn. n5) I took order for the forwardness of that fort which will be guardable by the time appointed, my brother remaining there to advance it. It is bruited that the captainship thereof is "meant upon a man having nothing to live on in England." (fn. n6) My opinon is that one appointed to such a room (a goodly office and "as a castle to Bulloyne") should be a man who has somewhat to answer for it in England, as I would wish all the principal officers on this side to be. As I write this in discharge of my duty, pray use it so that such as have been suitors therein be not offended. This fort will be finished within less than ten days. Such a piece of work was never done with such a number in so short a time,—who labour day and night, trusting the sooner to be at home. Pray expedite money that they may be discharged according to my promise "or else I shall never be able to serve hereafter." As all who labour both here and at the Master of the Horse's camp, exceed not 2,400, and they were also the principal workers in making the fort at Newhaven, wherein they have spoilt and wasted all their apparel, the King might give them each a crown in reward to buy hose against their coming home. They deserve it, and have saved his Highness above 20,000l. Perceiving by my brother that the King appoints Mr. Bouchier lieutenant of the fort at Newhaven, I have placed him there. No one could better agree with my Lord Stourton. One Pole of Calais who has served in all the King's wars, in Ireland and elsewhere, these many years, for whom my lord Admiral when here sued to me, I beg you to get appointed gentleman porter of the fort at Newhaven.
The French king's ambassador to England will be tonight at Bulloyne, and tomorrow, Thursday, at Calais.
In last letters I forgot to advertise you of Mons. Brewno. He came to me on Friday last (fn. n7) at Newhaven, intending to pass home through Flanders, but, hearing of wars proclaimed between the Emperor and some of the Protestants, thought it safer to pass through France. He cannot too highly commend and extol the King "saying he had no other master nor would serve no other prince during his life"; and he requested to have Somerset the herald with him, by whom he might surely advertise the King within 18 or 20 days of the state of those parts. As I might well spare Somerset I granted the request. Blacknesse, last of June 1546. Signed.
Pp. 3. Add. Endd.
30 June. 1161. German Horsemen.
Add. MS.
5,753, f. 192,
B. M.
Hertford's warrant to Sir John Haryngton, Treasurer of the Army in France (similar to No. 1134) to pay Peter Hone, captain of Dutch horsemen for two months from 5 May to 4 July, together with 418l. 15s. 2d. reward "for their dismyss of the King's Majesty's service"; in all 1,465l. 18s. 2d. Dated 30 June 1546. Signed.
ii. Receipt. Signed: Peter Hane.
P. 1.
30 June. 1162. William lord Grey to the Council.
R. O. Bearer, Sir Henry Palmer, repairs into England for his affairs. Knowing his honest service at Guisnes and here, and his losses sustained by these wars, Grey must beg their favour in his suits. Bulloigne, last of June. Signed.
P. 1. Add. Endd.: 1546.
30 June. 1163. William lord Grey to the Council.
R. O. Bearer, George Chrystemas, is now "cassyd," and repairs into England. His service has been so honest and forward as to deserve advancement to the King. Bulloigne, last of June. Signed.
P. Add. Endd.: 1546.
30 June. 1164. Gregorius Cortesius (Bishop of Urbino) to Cardinal Pole.
Poli Epp.,
IV. 30.
Desires him to use his influence with the Commissary general of the Capuchins (Scapucinorum) to send some one of that Order to the city of Urbino as a teacher of the Word at the times of Advent and Lent. Rome 30 June 1546.
June. 1165. Documents Signed by Stamp.
R. O. Abridgment of bills, &c., which the King caused "me, William Clerc," to stamp at sundry places and times in the month of June, 38 Hen. VIII., in the presence of Sir Anthony Dennye, knight, and Mr. John Gate, esquire.
1. "A roll containing the names of certain learned men of the four principal Inns of Court, whereof 8 names are pricked by your Majesty to be serjeants at law. Subscribed by my lord Chancellor."
2. Robt. Conyngesbye, Wm Worthe, John Jenyns and Wm. Hynde Pardon At suit of Mr. Cawerden. G. 4 June.
3. Countess dowager of Oxford. Placard and pardon. At her own suit, preferred by Mr. Henneage. G. 9 June.
4. Lady Morrys. Life grant. Subscr. by Chancellor of Augmentations. A. ii. 10 June.
5. "A passport for two ambling horses and two brace of greyhounds which my lady Anne of Cleves sendeth to her brother the Duke of Cleves."
6. "Two commissions for St. George's Feast. Preferred by my lord Privy Seal."
7. "A pardon for the knights absent from the said feast. Preferred by my lord Privy Seal."
8. Thomas Silke. Prebend. At suit of Dr. Owen. G. 12 June.
9. Robert Horne. Non residence. Pref. by Mr. Dennye. G. 7 June.
10. "A gift in fee simple of the reversion of a tenement called the Fawcon and another tenement in the tenure of one John Wardropp in Fletestrete in London, being 9l. 6s. 8d. by year, for William Beton, organ maker, wherein he and his son hath states for term of their lives." Pref. by Mr. Dennye.
11. "A bill for Thomas Gethyn, of the Guard, for that room of a yeoman waiter in the Tower which he hath already." Subscr. by Mr. Vicechamberlain.
12. "John Hochyns, one of your Majesty's drums, to have 12d. a day from the Annunciation of Our Lady last, during his life. At suit of Mr. Cawerden."
13. The like for Robert Brewer, drum.
14. James Marcadie, wages. At the suit of Mr. Cawerden. G. 4 Aug.
15. "Cornelius Musting to be your Majesty's arrasmaker and have the wages of 12d. by the day from Easter last, which office his father had." At suit of Mr. Pen, G. 14 July.
16. "A letter to my lord Prince's Council to admit Edward St. Barbe to the room of a gentleman waiter when any such room shall next fall there. At his brother's suit."
17. "A warrant to the Exchequer to deliver to the bishop of Westminster, dean of the Chapel, 50 mks., for the redemption of your Highness' offering on Good Friday last as have been accustomed in years past."
18. "George Doddesworth and Roger Gaudye to have 10l. between them in reward, being parcel of a forfeiture of 25l. for an escape of prisoners out of the gaol at Havering at Bower. At the suit of Mr. Gate."
19. Discharge to Sir John Williams for 400l. delivered to Miles Partriche for your Majesty's use, 19 March last.
20. Nic. Throkemerton. Gift. Examined by Mr. Hare and preferred by the earl of Essex. G. 17 June.
21. A letter to Mr. Magnus in "favour of Mr. Turney for a lease of his prebend of Corringham belonging to Lincoln," At suit of Mr. Henneage.
(fn. n8)
22. "A warrant to the Great Wardrobe for two gowns and two kirtles for Jane the Queen's fool."
23. Sir Ric. Lee. Gift. Subscr. by Chancellor of Augmentations. G. 6 June.
24. Mayor of Sarum and others. Commission. Subscr. by Chanc. of Augm. G. 6 June.
25. "A commission for the 'stalment' of Sir Philip Hobbies debt to your Majesty, being in all 1,172l. 18s. 6½d., after the rate of 100l. by year. At his own suit."
26. Justus de Bushia, "estraunger." Annuity. Preferred by Mr. Hobbie. G 12 June.
27. Letters to the Duke of Pomeran. (fn. n8)
28. A bill for the customership of the port of Chichester for John Moore. (fn. n8)
29 A bill for non-residence for Sir Richard Southwell's chaplain. (fn. n8)
30. A pardon of 40l. forfeited by Robert douche and his sureties. (fn. n8)
31. Thomas Heth. Pardon. (fn. n8) G. 7 June.
32. John Dawleton to be customer of wool, leather and fells within the port of London, on surrender of Thos. Barbour. At the commendation of Mr. Chancellor of the Tenths and suit of Mr. Henneage.
33. "A presentation of the parsonage of Thoresburie Australi, in the diocese of Lincoln, parcel of the Duchy of Lancaster, for Robert Gaynsbrugh, clerk." At suit of Mr Gate.
34. "A warrant to Mr. Canner, surveyor at Westminster, and others, to deface and take down the church and steeple of St. John's Jerusalem besides London, and to sell as much thereof as he shall think unmeet for your Majesty's buildings at Westminster." Pref. by Mr. Dennye.
35. Safe conduct for Christopher Haynzell, German, repairing beyond sea.
37. Sir John Gresham. Discharge. Subscr. by Lord Chancellor and Privy Council. G. 18 June.
37. Sir Edm. Peckham. Commission to recover repayments of the loan. Subscr. by Lord Chancellor. G. 18 June.
38. Like commission to receive the Contribution. G. 18 June.
39. Sir Thos Bromeley. Office. Subscr. by Lord Chancellor, G. 17 June.
40. Robt. Kelwaye. To be surveyor of the Court of Wards and Liveries, with 50l. a year, for life. At suit of my lord Great Chamberlain, preferred by Mr. Dennye.
41. A pension of 600cr. to Messire Bruno, Almain, and 200cr. for his two sons, during pleasure, with arrears from Christmas last. Pref by Secretary Paget.
42. "A commission to Sir Thomas Cheynei, lord warden of the Cinque Ports, to christen the Dolphyn's daughter in your Majesty's stead." Pref. by Seer. Paget.
43. "A warrant for my said lord Warden's diets." Pref. by Pagett.
44. Lord Chancellor and others. Commission. G. 23 June.
45. Sir John Gresham and Andrew Judde. Commission. Pref. by my lord Chancellor. G. 23 June.
46. John and Thomas Owen. Office. Subscr. by Sir Thomas Seymour. G. 14 July.
47. Peter Vandevall and his son. Licence. G. 3 July.
48. Passport for four ambling horses or geldings for the same Peter Vandevall.
49. John Baker, Mr. Dennye's servant, to be surveyor of customs in London, having compounded with Mr. Birche and Mr.Lumnour for their interests. Pref. by Mr. Dennye. G. 3 July.
50. Marquis Dorset. Gift. Subscr. by Chanc, of Augm. G. 7 Aug.
51. Sir Ralph Fane. Office. Subscr. by Mr. Southwell. G. 14 July.
52 Ciprian Thistelthwaite. Presentation. At suit of Mr. Harbert. G. 29 June.
53. Francis Varnay. Office. Subscr. by Mr. Southwell. G. 29 June.
54. John Josseleyn. Gift. A. ii. 5 Aug. Subscr. by Chanc. of Augm.
55. Robert Makerell. Office. Subscr. by Chanc. and others of that Court. A. i. 8 July.
56. The King's laundress. Life grant. Subscr. by Chanc. of Augm. A. ii. 12 July.
57. Richard Breams, esquire, and Margerie his wife. Life grant. Subscr, by Chanc. of Augm. A. ii. 9 July.
58. "A warrant to the Great Wardrobe for certain apparel for Mrs. Basset against Whitsuntide last. Examined by Mr. Hales."
59. William Branyngburie, falconer, to have 12d. a day for life. Preferred by Mr. Paston.
60. Sir Ralph Ellerkar. Office, which his father had. At suit of lord Privy Seal. G. 5 July.
61. William Gonell, clerk, "a very old man." Non-residence. At suit of Mr. Cofferer, preferred by Mr. Henneage. G. 17 July.
62. John Welles. Office. Examined by Chanc. of Tenths. G. 12 July.
63. Edmund Tymewell. Office. At his own suit, preferred by Mr. Henneage. G. 28 June.
64. Mr. Audeley of the Stable. Lease. Subscr. by Chanc. of Augm. A. ii. 12 Dec.
65. Sir Thomas Henneage's book signed in two places, viz for his receipts and payments in your Majesty's affairs in May last. Examined by Mr. Bristowe.
66. Warrant to the receiver of Yorkshire to deliver 400l. to Sir Michael Stannopp for the railing of a laund in Beverlay park. Subscr. by Chanc. of Augm.
67. A letter to the Company of Grocers in London in favour of Mr. Gonson for a 40 years' lease of warehouses and tenements beside Billingesgate in which he lays provisions for your Majesty's ships "as his father did." Preferred by Mr. Darcye.
68. Simon Sheparde, Mr. Henneage's chaplain. Presentation. Preferred by Mr. Henneage. G. 26 June.
69. John Piers. Office. At suit of Mr. Henneage. G. 7 July.
70. "Richard Newport to be my lord Prince's tailor, who hath compounded with Thomas Emerye for his interest in the same. At the suit of Mr. Henneage."
71. Sir Ric. Lee. Purchase. Subscr. by Chanc. of Augm. G. 21 Dec.
72. Roger Vaughan. Office. Subscr. by the Master of the Horse. G. 7 July.
73. A licence for 200 "lasts" of leather, to be conveyed beyond sea, for Robert Hodgekyns, gentleman usher. "At his own suit, and preferred by Mr. Pen."
74. Warrant to the Great Wardrobe "for 26 fine ticks for pallettes, 12 counterpointes and 50 pairs of sheets for the standing wardrobe at Westminster." Subscr. by my lord Great Master.
75. "A passport for Doctor Augustyne, physician." Subscr. by my lord Chancellor.
76. "A passport for Captain Petro Gazino with three horses ambling." (fn. n9)
77. "A letter of commendations for the same Petro." (fn. n9)
78. John Anthonie, keeper of your guns at Westminster. Wages of 6d. a day. Pref. by Mr. Dennye. G. 14 July.
79. "A passport for il countie Collatino de Collalto, Italian." (fn. n9)
80. "A letter of commendations for Lodovico Montius, Italian, sent into Italy." (fn. n9)
81. Lord Chancellor and others. Commission. (fn. n9) G. 30 June.
82. Robert Crowche. Office. (fn. n9) A. i. 2 July.
83. "William Barre to be a horseman in Ireland" with 9d. a day, during pleasure. At suit of Sir Henry Knyvett.
84. "A letter to the Grocers of London to grant Mr. Gonson a lease for 40 years of certain houses beside Billingesiate, for which purpose there was a letter signed the xxjth of this month which was staid by Mr. Secretary Peter and cancelled."
85. "A warrant for livery coats for your Majesty's trumpeters." (fn. n10)
86. "A warrant for two new banners for two new trumpeters lately admitted." (fn. n10)
87. Thos. Foxcrofte. Office "which William Polloxill had.'" (fn. n10) G. 17 July.
88. "Thomas Burie, one of your Majesty's chapel, to have his wages and board wages unchecked from henceforth."
89. Edward Browne. Pension. Subscr. by Chanc. of Augm. A. iii. 12 July.
90. Ant. Rogers. Pension. Subscr. by Chanc. of Augm. A. iii. 10 July.
91. "William Reskymer to have a room of a gentleman usher, quarter waiter, upon the next vacation of any such room. Preferred by Mr. Harman."
92. Walter Erie. Gift. Subscribed by Mr. Southwell. At the Queen's suit. G. 1 July.
93. "A discharge to Sir John Gresham for 27 chests of printed books which came from Portesmouth and were sold under the price of their praisall, and the money delivered to your Majesty's own hands."
94. A lease in reversion for 50 years of the manor of Stoke Archer, Glouc, parcel of Warwikes lands, for John Young, one of the sewers of the Chamber, at 5l. 8s. rent. Subscr. by General Surveyors.
95. Hugh Calveley. Lease. A. ii. 2 July. Subscr. by Chanc. of Augm.
96. Thos. Beringham. Pardon. G. 14 July. (fn. n11)
97. Wm. Thomas. Pardon. G. 7 July. (fn. n11)
98. Andrew Salman and Giles Sowgate. Pardon. G. 1 July. (fn. n11)
99. John Sykes. Office. G. 2 July. (fn. n11)
100. John Vicas. Beadmanship in Ewelme. (fn. n11)
101. "A grant of two tenements in London to Thomas Cockes of the Paintrie for term of his life," (fn. n11)
102. "A grant of the archbishop of York's corrody to John Kaye, priest, one of the Chapel. (fn. n11)
103. "A restraint for one year to the forester and keepers of the forest of Delamere in Cheshire." (fn. n11)
104. John Hogges. Manumission. G. 4 July. (fn. n11)
Parchment roll of 3 membranes signed at the end: W. Clere.
1166. Grants in June, 1546.
1. Richard Breame, the King's servant. Annuity of 20 mks. out of lands in Kentyshetowne, Midd.. in the King's hands by the minority of Jerome Palmer, s. and h. of John Palmer, dec.; with wardship and marriage of the heir. Greenwich, 26 May, 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 2 June.—P.S. Pat. p. 7, m. 50.
2. Humphry Stafforde. Livery of lands as s. and h. of Sir Humph. Stafforde, dec. Del. Westm.,2 June, 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (Signed by St. John, Hynde and Sewster.) Pat. p. 8, m. 2.
3. Edw. Langford. Warrant for livery of lands as s. and h. of Alex. Langford, who died, 20 Dec. 37 Hen. VIII. seised of lands (specified) in Ludcomb. in Frasford parish, Soms., worth 5l. 17s. yearly. Dated 1 May, 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 2 June.—P.S. (Signed by St. John, Ric. Goodrick and John Beamount.)
4. William Coope. Lease, by advice of Southwell and Moyle, General Surveyors, of a pasture within the marsh or fen of Bury called Newe Pastures, Line, parcel of the lands of the late Duke of Richmond and Somerset; for 21 years from Michaelmas, 36 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 4 June 38 Hen. VIII—S.B. (Signed by Southwell and Moyle.) Pat. p. 4, m. 28. In English.
5. Thomas Horseley. groom of the Butlery (Pincerne). To be keeper of the orchard within the lordship of Sherifhoton, Yorks., vice Wm Bowman, resigned, who held the office under pat. 20 June 26 Hen. VIII.. granting it to Wm. Hogeson, yeoman of the Butlery, now dec., and the said Bowman, groom of the Butlery, in survivorship. Greenwich, 1 June 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 4 June.—P.S. Pat. p. 5, m. 7.
6. Thomas Horseley, the King's servant. Lease, by advice of Southwell and Moyle. General Surveyors, of the manor of Skypenbeck. Yorks.. and a mill there in tenure of Wm. Horseley, parcel of the lands of Sherefhoton assigned to the payment of the captain and soldiers of Berwick; for 21 years from the Annunciation of Our Lady last. Greenwich, 1 June 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 4 June.—P.S. Pat. p. 8, m. 2.
7. Thomas Denton, a sewer of the Chamber. Lease, by advice of Southwell and Moyle, General Surveyors, of the manor of Farningo alias Farningho, N'tht., which belonged to John Mantell, attainted; for 21 years from Michaelmas next. Greenwich, 29 May 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 4 June.—P.S. Pat. p. 8, m. 2.
8. Anthony Butler and John Petytt. Grant, in fee, for 512l. 14s. 5½d., of the lordship and manor of Frawnton alias Frampton. Glouc.—Wynchelcombe mon.; and the advowson of Sonyngwell rectory, Berks.—Abendon Del. Westm., 4 June 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (much injured). Pat. p. 9, m. 45.
9. Robert Conyngesby, gentleman, and Wm. Worth, and John Jenyns. yeomen, late of Marlowe, Bucks, and Wm. Hynd, yeoman, late of Southwerke. Surr. Pardon for highway robbery of 740l., the money of John Wynchecome, from Ph Kyschill and Arthur Hormer, servants to the said Wynchecome, on Hunslowe Hethe, at Harlyngton, 28 Feb. 37 Hen. VIII. Also pardon to Hynde for having on the same day in the parish of St. Martin in le Vyntrey, London, stolen 40s. belonging to John Wynchecome. Del. Westm., 4 June 38 Henry VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 9, m. 46.
10. Anthony Brakenbury. Lease, by advice of Southwell and Moyle, General Surveyors, of a tenement or husbandry in Piercebrige, formerly in tenure of Thos. Stele and lately of Margaret Stevanson, widow, a messuage called Easthall, and watermill called Gainsford Myll, within the manor of Gainsforde, in tenure of Geo. Warcop, and a close called le Peroke in Marwood, parcel of the lordship or castle of Barnard in the bpric. of Durham, inter alia assigned for the payment of the captain and soldiers of Berwick; for 21 years from Michaelmas next. Greenwich, 29 May 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 4 June.—P.S. Pat. p. 9, m. 47.
11. Francis Sowthwell. To be keeper of a chief messuage in Hertingfordbury, Herts, in the King's hands by the minority of Edward Mynne, s. and h. of John Mynne, dec., with wardship and marriage of the heir. Greenwich, 23 May 38 Hen. VIII. Del. 4 June.—P.S. Pat. p. 9, m. 47.
12. Sir Ralph Saddeler, master of the Great Wardrobe, and Sir Richard Southwell, one of the General Surveyors. Commission to take the account of Thomas Chamberleyn, governor of the Merchant Adventurers in Flanders, for his receipts and payments for the King, both in exchanges and in "the conduction of certain armies of Almaynes" to serve the King. Greenwich, last of May 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 4 June—P.S. Pat. p. 5, m. 12. (Undated.) In English.
13. Sir Francis Lovell. Annuity of 20l. out of lands in Engerston and Blackamore, Essex, in the King's hands by the minority of Thomas Smyth, s. and h. of John Smyth; with wardship and marriage of the heir. Greenwich, 29 May 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 5 June.—P.S. Pat. p. 4, m. 27.
14. Thomas Woodhouse, of Waxham. Norf. Grant, in fee, for 1.424l. 8s. 4d., of the site of the late mon. of Bromeholme, Norf., with all buildings and grounds therein, and the demesne lands in Bromeholme, Backeton, Caswyke, and Witton, Norf., the lordships and manors of Bromeholme, Caswyke, Witton, Northwalsham, and Knapton, and the rectories and advowsons of the vicarages of Caswike, Backeton, and Paston, and the annual fairs in Bromeholme called Lammas Feyre and Saynte Androwes Feyre—Bromeholme mon.; and the lordship and manor, rectory, and advowson of the vicarage of Rowdeham, Norf.—Westacre mon.; except other advowsons. Del. Westm., 5 June 38 Hen. VIII—S.B. (signed by Russell, Petre, Sadleyr, North, Sir Ric. Southwell, Duke, and Chydley.) Pat. 37 (sic) Hen. VIII., p. 15, m. 32.
15. Sir Richard Lee, the King's servant. Grant, for his services, of the late hospital of Holy Trinity in Arundell, Suss., and the lordships and manors of Treford, Sullyngton, Byrdham, Northwood, Ertham Bowedon. Hene, Feld and Knoll, Tortington, and Kyngeston next Lewys, Suss., lands called Bartyllmewes in Storington, lands called Yokeburn and Cobden in Sullyngton, and lands called Lychepole in Sompting, Suss., and all other possessions of the said hospital in Treford, Sullyngton, Byrdham, Northwoode. Ertham Bowedon, Hene, Feild, Knoll, Tortington, Kyngeston next Lewys, Arundell, Westdene, Warningcampe, Storington, Somptyng, Ilesham and Clumpyng, Suss., and elsewhere, as surrendered by Hen. Rede last master. Del. Westm., 6 June 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by North, Williams, and Bacon.) Pat. p 9, m. 23.
16.Robert Gryffith, mayor of New Sarum, Wm. Webbe. Thos. Chaffyn and Hen. Golston, of New Sarum. Warrant for a commission to them to take possession for the King of the college called St. Edmondes Colledge in New Sarum, [whereof John Cogh, clk., dec., was lately master], (fn. n12) and the free chapels of Whelpley and St. James in the parish of Whyte Paryshe, Wilts. Del. Westm., 6 June 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. signed by North.) Pat. p. 13, m. 37d.
In English. [The Commissioners' return to this, dated 20 June 38 Hen. VIII. is among "Chancery Miscellanea," Bundle 7, No. 3 (1 and 2).].
17.John Hall, of Rypple, Worc., and Hen. Sheldon of Abberton, Worc. Grant, in fee, for 372l. 18s. 4d., of the lordship and manor of Stoke Archer. Glouc., and the chief messuage called Hulcourte in the parish of Grafton Fleford, Worc., in tenure of Ric. Crossewell.—Warwykeslandes and Spencerslandes.
Also grant of an annual rent of 3l. 16s. reserved upon a grant, 16 June 33 Hen. VIII., to Edward Fenes lord Clynton and Saye and lady Ursula his wife, of the manor, rectory etc. of Aslabye, Linc., the cell of Bryggend in Horblyn parish and other lands (specified) in Lincolnshire. Del. Westm., 6 June 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Russell, Petre, Sadler, Southwell, North, Bacon and Duke.)
18.Thomas Heythe, late of Southwerke yeomen. Pardon for having, 3 March 37 Hen. VIII, with John Hodgys, of Southwerk. yeoman, received and aided Wm. Hynde of Southwerk, who to their knowledge, on 28 Feb. 37 Hen. VIII, in the parish of St. Martin in le Vyntrey, London, had stolen 40s., the money of John Wynchecome. Del. Westm., 7 June 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat, p. 5, m. 6.
19.Robert Home, S T.B., rector of Matlock, Derb. Licence of non-residence. Westm., 7 June 38 Hen. VIII. No note of delivery. Pat p. 8, m. 42 (undated).
20.Sir Roland Hill. Grant for 847l. 20d. of the following rents reserved upon grants, viz (1) 35s 8d., by pat. 19 July 31 Hen VIII. for Chesthull Grange in Stoke upon Terne, Salop, and a watermill and lands in Ternehill, Salop, (2) 24s 3d., 16s. 4½d., 8s. and 11s., by pat. 20 Sept 32 Hen VIII. (to Edw. Lyttleton) for the house, etc., of Haughmond mon. with its demesnes in Haughmonde, Upton and Uffington, Salop, and other lands, specified, in these places and in Sundern, Homebarne, Walcote, Downton. Assheley and. Wroxcetour, (3) 3l. 3s. 9d., 29s 2d., 5s. 8d., 2s. 7d. and 2s 4d., by pat. 25 Sept. 32 Hen. VIII., for the manors of Betton under Lyne and Wollerton and lands in Betton, Wollerton, TunstalL Rygerton, Norton and Parva Drayton. Salop, and the advowson of the parish church of Hodnett, Salop, lands in Hopton and Hopley, Nagynton farm in Chyles Ercall, Plattley meadow and lands called Burnehill in Stoke upon Terne, (4) 3l. 8s. 4d., by pat. 10 May 33 Hen. VIII., for Darnall grange and other lands in Darnall, Chesh., (5) 52s. 2d., 8d., 4s., 4s., 11s. 8d., 5s. 7d., 2s., 23s. 1½d. and 16d., by pat. 11 Oct. 34 Hen. VIII, for the manors of Slepe, Keneressey and Crogelton, the advowson of the rectory of Kenersey, and other lands in Slepe, Kenersey, Crogelton. Tyberton, Magna Aston, Osbaston and Betterey, Tern, Arcall and Blecheley, Salop, the lordship and manor of Cheryngton and lands in Cheryngton and Pudford, Salop, (6) 46s. 20d., 20d., 6s. 8d., 13s. 8d. and 22s., by pat., 15 April 35 Hen VIII. for the manor and rectory of. Uffington and lands there (tenants named), Lye mill in Wythington within Ruddington parish, Salop, and other lands in Wythington, Haughton under Haughmond, Downton, Wellington, Walcote. (7) 32s. and 46s. 2d., by pat 18 April 35 Hen. VIII. (to Sir Ric. Gressham), for the rectory of Drayton in Hales, the advowson of the vicarage there and the manor of Drayton in Hales, (8) 5s. 7½d. by pat. 14 July 35 Hen VIII. (to Jas. Leveson) of lands in Tyberton, Salop. which belonged to Wombridge mon., and lands called Hydislandes, Salop, which belonged to Haughmond, (9) 26s. 1d., by pat. 3 March 36 Hen. VIII., for lands in Uckington, Salop, (10) 16d., by pat. 12 July 36 Hen. VIII. (to Sir Mich Dormer and John Cock), for lands in Newton, alias Haughton, and Upton under Haughmond
Also grant, in fee, of the demesne lands in Assheton alias Aston, within the parish of St. Egemond. Salop, in tenure of John Pull a messuage, barn, cottage, &c., there in tenure of Thos. Meres, messuages, lands, etc., in Norton within the parish of Wroxetor in tenure of Thos. Wetherton, Fulk Heynes, John Cotewall, Rog. Poyner, John Chilton, John Daves, Ric. Heynes, Wm. Clemson alias Clemston, Wm. Hancock, Wm. Chorleton, and Thos. Watson.—Lylleshull mon.; tithes of the demesne lands in Upton Magna, in tenure of Adam Oneley, a pension of 20s. out of the church of Upton Magna and the advowson of the rectory of the said church.—Shrewsbury mon.
Also grant of the following rents reserved upon grants, viz. (1). 19s., by pat. 1 April 36 Hen. VIII. (to Thos. and Wm. Burnell), for the rectory of Estbecheworthe, Surr., lately in tenure of Sir Nic. Carewe. dec. (2) 15s, 4d., by pat. 18 Nov. 36 Henry VIII. (to Wm. Burnell), for the rectory of Bum-stedhelyon in reversion after Sir Long, to whom it was granted, 28 April 34 Hen. VIII., for life, and the advowson of the vicarage of Bumsted Helyon. Del. Westm., 8 June, 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Russell, Petre, Sadler. Riche, Northe. Bacon and Chydley), Pat. p. 9, m. 12.
21.John Hyde, of Sutton Courtney, Berks. Grant, in fee, for 395l. 18s. 4d., of the manor of Wotton and Boreshill Berks, tithes in tenure of Edmund Fetyplace in Wotton, lands in Wotton and Boreshill in tenure of Thos. Braybroke — Abendon abbey. Del. Westm., 8 June 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Russell, Browne, Baker, North, Sir Ric. Southwell, Duke and Chydley). Pat. p, 9, m. 25.
22.John Isake, junr., of Wydforde, Herts, labourer. Pardon for the death of James Clevenger, whom he killed in self defence, as found by inquisition, 28 April 36 Hen. VIII., at Sabridgeworth, Herts, before John Barners, coroner, and by Sir John Baldewyn and Sir Ric. Lyster, justices for gaol delivery at Hertford castle; the above being certified by Sir Ric. Lister and Sir Rog. Cholmeley, now justices for gaol delivery there. Westm., 8 June. Pat. 38 Hen. VIII., p. 11, m. 13.
23.Sir Edward Fennes, lord Clynton and Saye, and Lady Ursula his wife. Grant, in tail male (for the manors of Ashelabye and Laugh ton, the rectory of Ashelabye, the grange called Twinge Grange, the site of the late priory of Bridgend and other lands sold to the Crown, and for 32l. 13s. 4d.) of the reversion of a meadow called Wolvermede, and the site of the manor and the rectory of Powyke, Wore, leased to Ric. Berde by indenture dated 16 Oct. 32 Hen. VIII. Also the said manor of Powyke with its demesne lands in tenure of Wm. Staple, son of Gilbert Staple of Powyke, and Joan his wife, the pasture or meadow called Wolvermede alias Wolverholme, the rectory of Powyke aforesaid and Woodfeld, and the chapel of Woodfeld, and all glebes, tithes, etc., of the said rectory and chapel leased to Thos. Rocke; except the rent of 39l. 17s. 2d. reserved by the indenture with Ric. Berde. Also the lordship and manor of Powyke, and the advowson of the vicarage of Powyke, meadow called le Newe Medowe in Powyke, in tenure of John Russhell, lands in Powyke in tenure of Anne Pychar, widow, and pastures there called Netherhome in tenure of Joan Pychar, and Mydleholme in tenure of Anne Pychar. All which premises belonged to Major Malverne priory.
Also grant, in fee, to the said lord Clynton, of the site of the late priory of Wormesley, Heref., the two mills called Overshott Mylles and pastures etc. (names and extents given) in Wormesley, which were in occupation of the late prior there, the rectory and the advowson of the vicarage of Wormesley, the tithes of the demesne lands of the priory leased with the said site and other premises to Nic. Fytton. Del. Westm., 8 June 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Russell, Petre. North, Williams, and Bacon.)
24.John Averell. Livery of lands as s. and h. of Henry Averell, dec. Del. Westm., 9 June 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (much mutilated. Signed by St. John, Hynde and Beamount.) Pat. p. 4, m. 25.
25.Lady Anne dowager countess of Oxford. Licence to appoint any two persons, at her pleasure, to shoot with crossbows or handguns at deer, fowl, game or any other thing, and to keep such crossbows and handguns in their houses; also, when herself present, to appoint any other of her servants or friends so to shoot; provided that this shooting is not at the King's game or that of any of his subjects without the owner's leave. Also pardon for all acts done by her upon the King's grant, by word of mouth, to her the last day of May 33 Hen. VIII., licensing her to appoint two of her servants to shoot with crossbow or handgun. Westm., 3 June 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 9 June.—P.S. Pat. p. 8, m 45.
In English.
26.Thomas Dalston of Carlyle, Cumb., and Eleanor his wife. Grant, in fee to the said Thomas, for 1,085l. 4s. 2d., of nine messuages in tenure of Gilb. Fyssher, Wm. Bebye, John Armorer, the relict of Gabriel Oswalderley, Thos. Banke, William Turrell, Matth. Assheley, Thos. Cocket and Nic. Penryse, in Flemeby, Cumb., lands called Lambarte Garthes in tenure of the said Fyssher, Turrell, Assheley and Penryse in Flemeby, lands called Thwaytcrofte in tenure of the said Fyssher, Bebye, Armorer, Oswalderley, Banke, Turrell, Assheley, Cocket and Penryse, in Flemeby, a toft in tenure of the said Assheley, lands called Ryegarthes beside the sea shore in Flemeby, the fishery in Flemeby in tenure of John Thwaytes, the wood called Flemebye Parke in tenure of Wm. Lambert; eight messuages in tenure of John Rooke, John Tuffen, Chr. Loshe, John Daunde, John Mylner, Ric Cowper, Thos. Dykes and Wm. Bayrne in Waverton, Cumb.; a messuage in tenure of the relict of Chr. Martyndale in Blencogo, Cumb., a messuage there in tenure of Ric. Howe and John Messynger; messuages, etc., in tenure of John Daund, Cuthb. Martyndale, and Ric. Bull in Skailles, Cumb., and of Chr Leigh, Thos. Lademan and Clement Dover in Newton, Cumb., of Ric. Clerke in Aspatrike, Cumb., of Mich. Fawcon in Alenby, Cumb., and of Wm. Hodgeson, Edw. Wilson. John Lonesdale, Thos. Sturdye and John Sturdy, in Burgh per Arenas Cumb., a messuage, lands and rent in tenure of Paul Dovingbye in Langrike, Cumb., a dovecot there in tenure of John Scurre, rent of 5d. and service from lands of Thos. Thornebrande in Langrike, a parcel of land in tenure of Wm. Wright there; a messuage, etc., in tenure of John Dobson in Lasyngbye, Cumb.; and all possessions of Holme Coltrame mon. in these places,—Holme Coltrame. Also the lordship and manor of Ulton, with appurtenances in Ulton and Martyn Terne, Cumbr.,—Henry earl of Northumberland; the fishery called Depedraught in the water of Eden near Carlell in tenure of the Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral there, nine messuages, &c., in tenure of Ric. Clerke, Thos. Scott, John Munke, Edw. Williamson, Edw. Aglionbye, Ellen Donye, widow, the reliot of Thos. Beverley, Robt. Sharpe and Thos. Benson, in the city of Carlisle, and all other possessions of Holme Coltrame in Carlisle,—Holme Coltrame. Also the site of the manor of Bowes, Yorks., with its demesnes, etc.. in tenure of John Warde, the rectory of Bowes and the advowson of the vicarage there,—hosp. of St. Leonard in York. Del. Westm., 9 June 38 Hen. VIII.—SB. (signed by Russell Petre, Sadleyr, North, Sir Ric. Southwell, Duke and Chydley).
27.William Dymmock. Livery of lands as s. and h. of Thomas Dymmock, dec. Del. Westm., 10 June 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by St. John, Goodrick, and Beamount.) Pat. p. 8, m. 1.
28.John Grymston jun. Livery of lands as s. and h. of John Grymston, sen., dec. Del. Westm., 10 June 38 Hen. VIII. —S.B. (signed by St. John, Goodrick, and Beamount.) Pat. p. 7, m. 48.
29.Lord Chancellor Wriothesley. Grant, in fee (for the lordships, manors, and prebend of Charmester and Bere, Dors., otherwise called le Golden Prebend which formerly belonged to Salisbury cathedral, and lands sold to the Crown by a certain indenture) of the lordships and manors of Milton, Sutton, and Lyttlewytnam, Berks, the advowson of Milton rectory and a pension of 40s. out of it, a messuage in Hardewelles, Berks, in tenure of Ric. Sperkwyk, and a portion of titbes out of the rectory of Parva Wytnam, Berks,—Abendon mon.; the lordship and manor, rectory and advowson of the vicarage of Sowthwyk, Hants, the manor of Newland, Hants, and 46ac. of land in Sowthwyk with the tithes of wool and lambs therein in tenure of Ric. and Agnes Bennet,—Sowthwyk priory; the rectory and advowson of the vicarage of Brasebryge, co. city of Lincoln,—St. Katharine's priory; and all appurtenances of the premises in Mylton, Sutton, Hardwelles, and Parva Wytnam, Berks, in Sowthwyk. Newland and Wymering, Hants, and in Brasebryge, co. city of Lincoln. Also lands in HourdelL, Hants, in tenure of Thos. Grene,—Bremmer priory; lands (specified) in Brasebryge, co. city of Lincoln, in tenure of — (blank), Robt. Russell, Robt. Grene. Ric. Pikerell, Chr. Burton, Vincent Grantham, and James Harryson, —St. Katharine's. Also the advowsons of the rectories of Oxenden Magna, Farnedon and Arthingworth, Ntht., and Wydley, Hants. Del, Westm., 10 June 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Russell, Essex, Petre, North, Hendle, and Bacon.) Pat. p. 9, m. 31
30.Robert Penruddok. Annuity of 0s. from ands in Bolton and Buthill, Cumb., in the King's hands by the minority of Elizabeth Kirbye, d. and h. of Wm. Kirbye, dec.; with wardship and marriage of the heiress. Westm., 1 June 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 11 June.—P.S Pat. p. 4, m. 28.
31.Thomas Silke, Kings chaplain. Presentation to the prebend or canonry in Bristol cathedral void by the death of John Williams, Westm., 5 June 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 12 June.—P.S. Pat. p. 5, m. 8.
32.Justus de Buschia, the King's servant. Annuity of 62l. 10s. Westm., 7 June 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 12 June.—P.S. Pat. p. 5, m 13.
33.Sir Thomas lord Wharton, lord warden of the West Marches. Annuity of 50l. from the manors of Edinghall and Bacherby, Cumb., and of Mylkingthorpe and Crosby Twayte, Westmld., in the King's hands by the minority of Ric. Musgrave s. and h. of Sir Wm. Musgrave, dec; with wardship and marriage of the heir. Westm., 5 May 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 12 June.— P.S. Pat. p. 7, m. 37.
34.Thomas Haidocke. Annuity of 4l. 10s. 10½d. out of a third part of the manor of Beryblunesden, Wilts, and lands in Aston, Oxon., in the King's hands by the minority of Thomas Haidoke, s. and h. of Alex. Haidoke. dec.; with wardship and marriage of the heir. Westm., 5 June 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 12 June.—P.S. Pat. p. 7, m. 50.
35.Nicholas Talond, of Calais, yeoman. Pardon of a felony committed with Hen. Gibson, dec., lately servant to Sir Francis Dawtrie, captain of Newnambridge in the marches of Calais, in stealing certain goods and jewels of the said Sir Francis. Del. Greenwich, 14 June 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 5, m. 50.
36.John Sydenham. Annuity of 10l. out of the manor of Vatelborowe and lands in Overwere, Dunstar, Hurcourte, Lytelton and Kingesdon, Soms., which belonged to John Bythemore, dec, and are in the King's hands by the minority of James Percivall, kinsman and next heir of the said John Bythemore; with wardship and marriage of the heir. Westm., 11 July 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 15 June (sic) anno subscripto.—P.S. Pat. p. 5. m. 2.
37.Sir Richard Gresham. Grant, in fee, for the manors of Wetherwyke, Doglebye and Whettley, Yorks., and lands in Yorkshire, sold to the Crown 31 March 37 Hen. VIII, and for 1,031l. 7s. 1d., of the manor of Buckland and Laverton, Glouc., the advowson of the rectory of Bucklasnd, Glouc., messuages and lands (specified) in Buckland in tenure of (1) John Blesard. Margery his wife, and Robt. and Ric. his sons, (2) Robt. Marte, (3) Thos. Fyssher and his son Thos. and Agnes Warkeman (late Ric. Huntyngton), (4) Ric. Fyssher and his sons Hen. and Thomas, and Ric. Worman, (5) Wm. Freman, Kath. his wife, and their son Richard and Joan his wife, and Wm. Son of the said Ric. and Joan, (6) Wm. Stephens and Alice Styche (two mills under one roof and the site of another watermill in Buckland and Laverton., (7) Jas. Apparry, (8) Wm. Streche and Jas. Apparry, Joan his wife, and Robt. and Kath. their children (tithes), rents of 53s. 4d. from lands in the parish of Templeguytyng alias Overgyttyng Glouc., belonging to the said manor, woods called Buckland Woode (36 ac.), Buckland Grove alias Chylders Hyll (9 ac.), and all appurtenances of the said lordship and manor of Buckland and Laverton, except the chapel in Buckland,—St. Peter's, mon., Gloucester.
The following lands in Barkyng parish, Essex, viz.:—a quarter of customary land called Daspes lying beside Cokyslane and the land of John — (blank) towards the west; a virgate of land called Footes Yarde lying beside the highway from Barkyng into Henholt on the east and the land late of Robt. Crekett towards the north; another virgate of land late of Robt. Jaxley at Fulwelhache; another virgate at Alboroughatche late of Robt. Crekett lying between the highway on the east and the free lands of the said Robt. on the west and land called Elmes on the south; a quarter of a virgate lying between the highway on the east and the customary land of the said Robt.; a virgate called Martynes Barne lying near Henholt and abutting towards the east upon Wederslande; 2½ virgates lying on the south [of] Westlane between lands of John Pulver on the north, a croft called Hurlokehope lately in tenure of Wm. Pulhame, abutting upon the common river, towards the west and lands of Sir Barth. Tate on the north and the customary lands of Robt. Crekett on the east; a customary cottage lately (nuper) built at Alboroughmershe called Alborough Crowche towards the east and Westlane towards the south; another cottage and barn lately (nuper) built at the northern end of a quarter of land on the south side of the customary tenement of Robt. Crekett beside the common way; a field called Brodefeild; two crofts called Haches at Fulwelhatche on the west side of the highway leading from le Strete to the forest abutting upon Baldwynes Lane towards the south; 2ac. of land called Grove londe; 2ac. called Raynoldes Browne lying between lands late of Hen. Fulwell on the south and the field called Manemeade on the east and a piece of land called Dores on the west; a meadow at Graynmyer formerly of Martin at Barne; a free rent of 8s. 2d. and service from a tenement and the free lands late of Robt. Yapley at Alboroughatche; 5ac. of land on the west of the tenement of Hen. Goodryke and abutting upon lands of Robt. Crekett, beside Westlane towards the south; 5 ac. of customary land lately in tenure of the said Robt. Yapley, on the north side and above the foresaid 5 ac., abutting upon lands of Robt. Browne and upon Westfeld towards the west; 3 ac. of land called Welfeild lying between lands late of Robt. Browne on the south and Albeum on the west and the lane on the east; a free rent of 22d. and service from a tenement called Aleyns House abutting towards the south upon Westlane and the chief tenement formerly of Wm. Pulhame on the west; 3 ac. of land lying towards the east above Elyneslonde and above the lands called Goddars or Lesnes late of the said Wm. Pulhame: lands lying in the wood beside Henholt and the lands called Wederslande on the south and Martynes on the west, late of Hog. Phylpott; the meadow called Jurdanes; the land and hereditament called "a ffurlande" the building late of Thos. Home, clk., lying between the highway leading from Newbrydge into the forest on the east and the customary lands of John Pullyver called Stonemannes on the south and Sopers lane on the north; the croft on the south side of Sopers lane and east of the highway; a close on the south side of Hen. Goodryke's tenement, upon which is built a kitchen, called Kycchyn Feild lying beside the the highway on the west; a virgate of land called Godsandes lying at Alborough Hatche between the customary lands called Collyars on the north and the customary lands of John Pullyver on the south and lands called Hedgraves on the east; 3 ac. of land lying at Lytlehethe late of — Pulhame lying beside the highway leading to Penershed and towards the north upon lands of John Pope; a virgate of land called Heroffes and a quarter of land in Northcrofte called Stokemannes and a virgate of land called Ledes beside Dunshall formerly of Ric. Smyth; half a virgate of land called Redlondes lying at Dunshall, three quarters of land lying beside Chekelwoode and Lewson Grove; and a piece of meadow beside Dunshall on the west, in tenure of Hen Goodryke; a messuage called Newbury with tithes leased therewith in Barkyng parish, in tenure of Laur. Greye; a farm called Dunshall in Barking parish and money or dead store of 6l. 3s. 4d. leased with it to Ph Gunter; woods called Aspen Grove (3½ ac), the wood (2 ac.) at the southern end of that grove, Pyttes Grove, (3 ac.) and the wood (1½ ac.) at the northern end of Pyttes Grove, all in Barkyng parish,—Barking mon.
Also the rectory of Swyne, Yorks., and chapels annexed thereto and the advowson of the vicarage of Swyne, and titles in Swyne, Conyngston and Gaunsted which used to be retained in the hands of the prioress of Swyne; also tithes in Northkyrlagh, Rowton and part of Arnall in tenure of Edw. Rosse, tithes in Southkyrlagh and a barn, kylnhouse and garner in tenure of George Peryn and Wm. Wylson, chaplains, tithes in Bylton in tenure of Wm. Knolles, tithes in Wyton in tenure of Sir Ralph Ellerker, tithes in Constable Burton, and Thorkylby in tenure of Sir John Constable, tithes in Lemcrofte in tenure of Ric. Tenaunte and John Wright, tithes of Benyngholme Graunge in tenure of John Hogson, Wm Hogeson, Wm Mumby and Agnes Launders, widow, tithes in Mar ton in tenure of Ant. Deane, tithes in Beningholme and Dowthorpe in tenure of Sir George Darcy, tithes in Elverby in tenure of Ric. Tenaunte and Wm. Kydson, and in Benyngholme and Benyngholme Graunge in tenure of Ric. Wilson, chaplain, and tithes in Drypole, Yorks., which rectory, tithes and other premises are leased to the said Sir Ric.Greshame,—Swyne nunnery.
Lands (specified) in Wormyngton, Glouc., in tenure of Ric. Fyssher, Wm. Freman, Wm. Godderd. Wm. Bowrey, Wm. Goddard, jun., John Olyattes, John Honnyngton, Wm. Izod, sen.. Wm. Godfrey, Ric. Whyte, Wm. Izod, jun., Hen. Fyssher, Agnes Wynston. widow, Robt. Rye, Giles Blesard, Wm Wheler, Thos. Tyme. Wm Southwoode and Thos. Blesard.—Hales mon. Del. Greenwich [15] June 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (very mutilated, sinned by Russell and others whose signatures are lost Pat. p. 13, m. 39.
38.William Honnyng, one of the clerks of the Privy Council. Lease, by advice of Southwell and Moyle, General Surveyors, of the chief messuage in the parish of Northmymmes, Herts, called Gubbynnes alias Gubbeannes, with orchards and fields (specified) adjoining it, in tenure of Chr. Stafferton, and the lands in the parish of Hatfelde and Esinden in tenure of Thos. Ussher, Robt. Maye, John Bowles, Thos. Wodwarde, Thos. Robertes, Wm Merry Thos. Lawe, Simon Riche, Ric. Howe, Anne Howe, Robt. Brocke, John Hyll, Wm Rasing, Wm. Wright, John James, John Chappell, and John Molle; all which premises are parcel of the inheritance of Sir Thomas More, attainted, and are in the King's hands by his attainder and by the death of Dame Alice, relict of Sir John More, father of the said Sir Thomas, who held them for life as her jointure; for 21 years from Michaelmas last; at 50l. 9s. 8d. rent. Del. Greenwich, 16 June 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Southwell, Moyle, and Wm. Cavendyssh.) Pat. p. 5, m. 50.
39.Edward Waldegrave. of Sudbury, Suff. Grant, in fee, for 821l. 3s. 9d., of the manor of Borleigh, Essex,—Christchurch cathedral, Canterbury; the manor of Mereden, Herts, the tithes of hay in Legershete and Walhall Meade and elsewhere in Mereden formerly in tenure of Ralph Rowlett, sen., and now of Sir Fras. Bryan, the second vesture of the meadows of Mereden manor in tenure of Robt. Betrice, the first vesture of the meadows called le Twenty Acres and le Legershette (15 ac.) in Mereden in tenure of Sir Fras. Bryan, woods called Bondegrove (2 ac.) and Bondebusshes (2½ ac.) and half an acre of wood in Haydon felde in Mereden —St. Albans mon. Also the advowson of the rectory of Borley, Essex. Del. Westm., 16 June 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Paget, Petre, Sadler, Riche, North, Duke and Chydley.) Pat. p. 13, m. 45.
40.Sir Thomas Bromley, one of the justices of the King's Bench. To be custos rotulorum in co. Salop. Del. Greenwich, 17 June 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 3, m 26.
41.John Parker. Lease, by advice of Southwell and Moyle, General Surveyors, of pasture called le Wolde and meadow called Brodemedow within the lordship of Budbroke alias Hampton on the Hill, Warw., parcel of lands of the late earl of Warwick; for 21 years from Michaelmas next; at 4l. 18s. 4d. rent and 10s. increase. On surrender of a Crown lease to Thos. Garton, 11 March 21 Hen. VIII. Del. 17 June 38 Hen. VIII. (place not named.)—S.B. (signed by Southwell and Moyle). Pat. p. 7, m. 35.
42.Nicholas Throkmerton, a sewer to Queen Katharine. Grant, in fee, for his services, of the manors, farms and other lands called Ben Jowe alias Ben Jowehall, Panssanger, Magdaleyn Bury and Westingtons, Herts, which came to the King by the attainder of Gertrude Courtney, attainted, wife of Henry, marquis of Exeter, attainted, with appurtenances in Ben Jowe, Hertford, Eyot Parva alias Peter Eyot, Wellwyn and Thatcheworthe, Herts. Westm., 7 June 38 Henry VIII. Del. Greenwich, 17 June.—P.S. Pat. p. 8, m. 39.
43.Nicholas Orwell of Clyff, Kent. Grant, in fee, for 108l. 15s., of the marshes called Bisshoppes Marshe, with a sheepcote built therein, formerly in tenure of John Petitte of London, and Harsyng Marshe formerly in tenure of John Thorneton, both in Cliff, Kent, and now in tenure of the said Nicholas.— Thomas, abp. of Canterbury. Del. Westm., 17 June 38 Hen. VIII.—S B. (signed by Russell, Petre, Sadler, Sir Ric. Southwell, Duke and Chydley). Pat. p. 13, m. 47 (dated 7 June).
44.Sir John Gresham, esquire for the Body, alias mercer of London. General pardon and release for payments made on the King's behalf before 20 Nov. 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 18 June 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Wriothesley, Russell, Gardiner and Browne.) Pat. p. 5, m. 49.
45.Sir Edmond Pekham. Commission to exact repayment of money lent to the King by citizens of London since 1 Jan. 33 Hen. VIII. which has since, out of the customs of the port of London or otherwise, been paid back to the lenders; in pursuance of the Statute 35 Hen. VIII. where by all loans to the King are remitted and such repayments of loans made since 1 Jan. 33 Hen. VIII. are to be returned. Del. Greenwich, 18 June 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (countersigned by Wriothesley.) Pat. p 7, m. 32
In English.
46.Sir Edmund Peckham, cofferer of the Household. Commission to receive the money which the King's loving subjects have freely agreed to give him by the name of a "loving contribution," as the certificates to be sent to Peckham by the commissioners in every shire will show, to allow the collectors for their collection and portage of the money 2d. in the pound, and to take 10s. a day thereof to himself for five months from the 24th inst. Del. Greenwich, 18 June 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (countersigned by Wriothesley). In English. Pat. p. 7, m. 35.
47.Nicholas Arnolde, the King's servant. Grant in fee, for his services and for 160l., of the late priory or cell of Lanthonia Prima, Monm., formerly annexed to the late priory or monastery of Lanthonia Secunda, Glouc. of the lordship and manor of Lanthonia, the lordship and manor of Comyowe in Hothneslade, the lordships and manors of Olde Castell, Walterston and Newton, the lordship and manor of Staunton in Gwenta, the lordship and manor de Rubeo Castro alias Redecastell, the rectories of Oldecastell, Walterston, Olde Courte, Newton, Kenderchurche, Erdesley, Overland and Netherland and Rolleston and Lancille, the rectory of St Martin in Comyowe, the rectory of St. Cleodoc in Ewyaslacy, the chapel of St. Martin of Trewyn, the rectory of Redecastell. and the advowsons of the parish churches of Oldecastell, Wallerston, Olde Courte, Newton, Kenderchurche, Erdesley, Overland and Netherland, Rolleston and Lancille, St. Martin in Comyowe, St. Cleodoc in Ewaslacy, Redecastell, and all tithes in Penparke, Feothok, Whitewall, Oulghan, Trewerne-Longa Villa. Nethererstley. Foscombe. Burybarne, Trelandon, Ewyaslacy, Over, brynshopp Netherbrynshop, Yasor and Stretton, in cos. Monm., Heref. and Brecknock, in Wales and its marches, which belonged to the said priory or cell of Lanthonia Prima or to the priory of Lanthonia Secunda; also 207 ac. 1 ro. of land and pasture and 152 ac. of mountain land, and 25 ac. of meadow known as lez demeane landes of Lanthonia Prima in Hotheneslade, the watermill and cottage in Hotheneslade, the watermill called Wydmershemyll in Wydmershestrete in the city of Hereford, a tenement beside the North Gate of Aburgeveny in the marches of Wales, meadows in Houghton and beside the moor in the county of Hereford, and all possessions of Lanthonia Prima in the places aforenamed. Except the manor of Foxley, Heref., and a messuage lately in tenure of Ric. Warnecombe in the city of Hereford. Annual value of the premises 78l. 4s. 8½d. Greenwich, 23 May 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., [18] June.—P.S. Pat. p. 8, m. 46.
48.Sir William Gascone or Gascoyne jun., of Cusforthe, Yorks. Annuity of 20l. out of a moiety of the manor of Harwood, Yorks., in the King's hands by the minority of Matth. Redmayne, s. and h. of Ric. Redmayne, dec, with wardship and marriage of the heir. Westm., 8 June 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 19 June.—P.S. Pat. p. 8, m. 40.
49.Arthur bp. of Bangor. Licence to grant the advowson of the parish church of Llan Tegvan and annexed chapel of St. Mary de Bello Marisco (Beaumaris) to Sir Ric. Bulkley and his heirs for ever; with licence to the dean and chapter to confirm this. Greenwich, 26 April 38 Hen. VIII. Del. P.S. Pat. p. 8, m. 40.
50.Richard Englond, of Newington next Sythyngborne, Kent, tailor, alias yeoman. Pardon for causing the death of Robt. More, 11 Dec 36 Hen. VIII., at Hertlyp, Kent, which the Coroner's jury found to be murder but the jury at the sessions took to be done in self-defence (both versions given). Westm., 21 June. Pat. 38 Hen. VIII., p. 1, m. 2.
51.Sir William Petre, one of the Two Principal Secretaries. Custody of the third part of the manors of Esthenred and Catmer. a fulling mill and lands in Berkshire, in the King's hands by the minority of John Eiston, s. and h. of John Eiston, dec.; with wardship and marriage of the heir. Westm., 8 June 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Greenwich, 21 June.—P.S. Pat. p. 8, m. 39.
52.John Smyth of Bristol, merchant. Grant in fee, for 447l. 6s., of the lordship and manor of Aisheton Meriettes, Soms., the rectory of Long Aisheton, and the advowson of the vicarage there,—Bath priory. Del. Westm., 21 June 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Russell, Essex, Gardiner, Browne, Petre, Sadler, Riche, North, Bacon and Duke). Pat. p. 13, m. 43.
53.Wriothesley, St. John, Gardiner, Sadler, and Ryche. Commission to take the account of Sir Edmond Pecham or Peckham), high treasurer of the Mints and cofferer of the Household, for money, plate and jewels received of divers persons "for a certain loan, benevolence and devotion money for the defence of Christendom against the Turk," money received out of the King's own coffers, and from the treasurers of Augmentations and First Fruits, and from Sir Martin Bowes before Peckham was high treasurer of the Mint. He is to account for all receipts since 1 Aug. 19 Hen. VIII. (the accounts of the Mints since 28 May 36 Hen. VIII., on which day he was appointed high treasurer of the same, and of the expenses of the Household only excepted). Del. Greenwich, 23 June 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (countersigned by Wriothesley, Gardiner and St. John). Pat. p. 7, m. 29.
In English.
54.Sir John Gresham and Andrew Judde, alderman of London. Commission to receive alum and deliver lead for it in pursuance of the contract of 22 July last with Farnando Dassa and Martin Lopes. Spanish merchants; also to sell the alum already received and stored in the late dissolved house of Fryer Augustynes in London (notifying the Merchant Adventurers that it is on sale), and to deliver to the said Spanish merchants the lead from Hull which the said commissioners lately received; also pardon for the delivery of 85 fodders 15 hundred and 1 quarter of lead recently sent to Boulogne by the Margrete of York, Wm. Rammesseye, master, and John of Baptyste of Swan Flete, Matthew Parke, master, and of 48 fodders, 15 hundred 1 quarter sent to the Tower of London by the Elyzabeth of Hulle, Hen. Mychell. master. Del. Greenwich, 23 June 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (countersigned by Wriothesley.) Pat. p. 7, m. 35.
In English.
55.John Cheyney, of Westwodehey, Berks. Grant, in fee, for 283l. 10s., of the lordship and manor of Easthanney, Berks,—Shene priory, Surr. Del. Greenwich, 23 June 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Paget, Petre, Sadler, Ryche, North, Bacon and Duke.) Pat. p. 13, m. 46.
56.John Rowland, the King's servant. Fiat for his appointment as comptroller of custom and subsidy in the port of Chichester. Headed 3 May 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 23 July 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Norfolk, as Treasurer of England.)
57.William Acton, of Aldenham, Salop. Grant, in fee, for 291l. 10s. 6d., of the lordship and manor of Lynley, Salop, rent of 5s and service from lands of Thos. Home in Lynley in the parish of More. Salop, and 20 messuages there in tenure of Wm. Newton, John Collyns, Wm Collyns. John ap Gryffyth, Wm. Yope. John ap Gryffyth, Griffin ap Moryce, Wm. Weston. John Davyes, Owen Gytton, John—(blank), John Gryffyth, Wm. Bole and John Meredith, the land called le Hey in tenure of Wm. Bole, in Lynley. the mill and croft in tenure of Joan, relict of Griffin ap Thomas and John his son in Lynley, two messuages in tenure of Wm. Gethyn in Norton in More parish a cottage in tenure of John Weuer in Peldradeley alias Bechemore, Salop, land there called le Overparke in tenure of Wm. Weston, the farm called Beche juxta Lynley and all lands in Beyche, in More parish, in tenure of Oliver Gytton, and all other possessions of Haughmond mon. in the places abovenamed,—Haughmond. Tithes of the demesne lands in Yokkylton in Westbury parish. Salop, in tenure of Wm. Spencer, the lordship and manor of Haughton, Salop, rents (not stated and service from lands of Rog. Wredenall and Rog. Haughton in Haughton, lands (specified) there in tenure of Rog. Haughton, Edm. Symkyns, Ralph Escote, Wm. Oseley, and Robt. Gery alias Grey, rent of 8s. 8d. and service from lands of Ric. Morton in Crofte, Salop, a messuage, orchards. &c. (specified), in Crofte, in tenure of Wm. Smyth, and a messuage and lands there in tenure of John Esthoppe, and all other possessions of Shrewsbury mon. in Yokkylton, Haughton and Crofte,—Shrewsbury. Westm., 25 June. Pat. 38 Hen. VIII. p. 6, m. 40.
58.John Berney one of the sewers of the Chamber. Grant, in fee, for 574l. 6s. 8d., of the reversion of the tithes of grain and sheaves of the whole parish of St. Michael of Langley, Norf., and of the manor there called Langley Grange, a close called Conyverclose (40 ac.). and 30 qr. of barley paid by the tenants of Langley as rent, which were in tenure of John Corbett and belonged to Langley mon., leased to the said Berney, 25 June 33 Hen. VIII., for life; and the rent of 60s. reserved upon that lease. Also grant of the house and site of the late mon. of Langley, certain closes and lands (names and extents given) in Langley, Chetgrave and Hardeley, Norf., the grange called Langley Grange in Langley and Chetgrave, closes and lands (names and extents given) in Langley, Chetgrave and Carleton, Norf., a close newly enclosed in Chetgrave Wood in tenure of Thos. Colman, messuage called Pedhames and Steyners with land in Langley and Carleton in tenure of the master and fellows of Dunnyngton college, lands in tenure of Edm. Cooke. in Assheby. Claxton, Helington, Rockelande and Apton, Norf., barley rent of 30 qr. from tenants in Hardeley, lands in Hardeley worth 60s. a year, and all the lands called "lez demeane landes" of Langley mon. in the places aforenamed and in Lodne, Norf.; also the lordship and manor, the rectory and the advowson of the vicarage of Langley; the tithes aforesaid and the close called Conyverclose. Del. Westm., 25 June 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Russell, Essex, Gardiner, Browne, Petre, Sadler, Ryche, North, Sir Ric. Southwell, Duke and Chydley). Pat. p. 13, m. 42 (dated 5 June).
59.Simon Sheparde, clk. Presentation to the rectory of Daneham, Chester dioc., void by death and at the King's presentation by the minority of John Savage. Greenwich, 24 June 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Greenwich, 26 June.—P.S. Pat. p. 8, m. 54.
60.John Butler, of Badmynton, Glouc., esquire. Pardon of outlawry pronounced against him at the suit of Hen. Brayne, of London, mercer, or merchant tailor, for a debt of 16l., the said John having surrendered to the Flete prison, as certified by Sir Edw. Mountague, chief justice. Westm., 26 June. Pat. 38 Hen. VIII., p. 12, m. 48.
61.Roger Barlowe, of Slebiche, co Pembroke, and Thomas Barlowe of Catfeld, Norf. Grant, in fee, for 705l. 6s. 3d., of the lordship and manor or late preceptory of Slebyche, the rectory of Slebyche, five messuages in Slebyche in tenure of Wm. Goboghe, Morgan William Thos. Picton, Thos. Lloyde and John Madock, lands (specified) leased with the site of the said preceptory to the said Roger; the rectories of Bulston and Martheltwy, co. Pembroke, in tenure of the said Roger; the advowson of the vicarage of Martheltwy; the lordship and manor and the rectory of Mynwere, co. Pembroke, lands (specified) in Mynwere, some of them in tenure of John ap Richarde, Thos. Swayne, Hugh Evan and Thos. Kethen,—St. John's of Jerusalem. The site, etc., of the late priory of Pyll, co. Pemb., and lands (names and extents given) in Pyll,—Pyll priory; the site, etc., of the late mon. of Haverfordewest, with rents and lands (specified) in Haverfordwest, including the chapel called Cresswelles, in tenure of the said Roger Barlowe,—Haverfordwest mon.; and the house and site and all possessions of the late Friars Minors in Haverford. Del. Greenwich, 26 June 38 Hen VIII.—S.B. (mutilated: Signed by Russell, Browne, Sadler, North, Sir Ric. Southwell, and others whose signatures are lost.) Pat p. 13, m. 1.
62.Edm. Tymewell, yeoman of the Guard. To be bailiff of the town and lordship of Fremyngton, Devon; with 4d. a day and all profits since the death of John Thomas, dec. Greenwich, 24 June 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 28 June.—P.S. Pat. p. 5, m. 2.
63.Artus Kellens the King's servant. Annuity of 37l. 10s. Greenwich, 16 June 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 28 June.—P.S. Pat. p. 5, m. 9.
64.Richard Musgrave. Livery of lands as s. and h. of Sir William Musgrave, dec. Del. Westm., 28 June 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (injured: Signed by St. John, Hynde and Ric. Good[rick]) Pat. p. 7, m. 47.
65.Robert Thornehill of Walkyngham Notts., and Leonard Warcopp alias Carlehull, one of the King's officers at arms. Grant, in fee, for 161l.2s. 7d., of lands in Alferton in tenure of Rob. Babyngton and the widow of John Duffelde—Beachiff mon., Derb.; ground called le Launde, a windmill and lands within the fields and liberty of Mysterton, Notts., in tenure of Hen. Stokewithe,—Axholme priory, Linc.; a close called Nunne Close in tenure of Hen. Stokewithe and Eliz. Hamerton in West Stokewythe, Notts. (between that of Sir Thos. Wentworth on the west and land called Sharcrofte, beside the meadow of Nic. Denman on the east, the water of Bykerdyke alias Wykerdyke on the south, and the common pasture of Stokewith on the north) a selion of land in tenure of the said Henry and Eliz. in le Rydyng Feld in West Stokewythe (between lands of Robt. Hawdenbye on the south and of Thos. Dygbye, late Walter Goche, on the north, the Trent on the east and the said common pasture on the west), and a messuage and lands in tenure of Robert Dawson in Mysterton, Notts.,—Hevenynges priory, Linc.; a cottage, etc., in tenure of Wm. Skendelbye in Mysterton,—Woursopp priory; a messuage and lands in tenure of John Hall in Hareforde Brygg in Stannyngton parish, Nthld., a messuage and lands in tenure of Jas. Carre and Edw. Heron in Bokenfelde and Longrawe in Felton parish, Nthld., and a messuage called Kymesfelde in tenure of George Forest in Brenkebourne, Nthld.,—Brenkebourne mon.; the hermitage or mansion of Sembridge with 1½ ac. of ground pertaining to it and tithes formerly in tenure of John Bicknour and now of Thos. Morgan within the manor of Barton Abbots, co. city of Gloucester,—St. Peter's mon., Gloucester; the grange in tenure of Henry and Anne Esbye in Dromonbye within Kyrkebye parish, Yorks., and the lands in tenure of the said Henry and Anne in Bussebye within Stokeslye parish in Clevelond, Yorks.,—Fountaunce mon. Del. Westm., 29 June 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Russell, Essex, Gardiner, Browne, Petre, Sadler North Ryche, Duke and Chydley). Pat. p 3, m. 21.
66.John Bowes, the King's servant. Annuity of 6d. out of lands in Hoslyngton, Estgailles, Hunton, Fulfurthe, Sinderby, Carleton, Aysenby, and elsewhere, Yorks., in the King's hands by the minority of Isabella Mennell, d. and h. of Ric. Mennell, dec.; with wardship and marriage of the said Isabella. Westm., 9 June 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 29 June.—P.S. Pat. p. 7, m 50
67.Thomas Verne (or Verney) and Alice his wife, Humphrey Stafford and Margaret his wife, and Lewis ap Watkyn and Isabella his wife. Livery of lands of the said Alice, Margaret and Isabella as daughters and co-heirs of Sir Edmund Tame, dec. Del. Westm., 29 June 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by St. John, Ric. Goodrick and Beamount.) Pat. p. 8, m. 9.
68.Francis Verney, one of the sewers of the Chamber. To be steward of the honor, lordship or manor of Berhamsted alias Berkhamsted, Herts., and keeper of the park there and of the deer therein, and to have all the "wyndefall woodes" and "browse" with fees and profits as enjoyed by John Verney. And to have in farm the herbage and pannage of the park and the warren of coneys and hares and the little hunt there, at 13l. 6s. 8d. rent. Greenwich, 24 June 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 29 June.—P.S. Pat p. 2. m. 48.
69.Ciprian Thistilthwayt, clk. Presentation to the rectory of Calkewell with its annexed chapel of Nele, in the marches of Calais, void by death. Greenwich. 23 June 38 Hen. VIII Del. Westm., 29 June—P.S. Pat. p 9, m. 48.
70.John Crymes, of London, cloth-worker. Grant, in fee, for 757l. 13s. 4d., of the lordship and manor and lordships and manors (illud dominium et manerium nostrum ac dominia et maneria nostra) of Wetton and Butterton, Staff, lands (specified) in tenure of John Byrche in Bynclyf, Staff., and of John Mellers in Butterton, tithes and a tithe barn in Butterton in Mathefelde parish, Staff., in tenure of Thos and Jas. Cowper, rent of 6s. 8d. called "sereveshote" paid by the tenants of Butterton manor, tithes and a watermill in tenure of Joan Hall, widow of Thomas Hall, and Richard Hall her son, in Castorne within Mathefelde parish.—Tutbury mon. Del. Westm., 30 June 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Russell, Browne. Sadler, North, Sir Ric. Southwell, Bacon and Duke.) Pat. p. 3, m. 19.
71.Sir Thomas Wriothesley, K.G., lord Wriothesley, Chancellor, Sir William Pawlet, K.G., lord Seynt John, Great Master of the Household, Stephen bishop of Winchester. Sir Anthony Browne, Master of the Horse, Sir William Paget and Sir William Petre, the two Principal Secretaries. Commission to examine the state of the revenues in the various courts, command the treasurers receivers and collectors to pay to the King's use all money remaining in their hands, and gather up all debts and arrears, enforce payments by distraint, charge officers who have negligently allowed debts to become desperate with the amount of such debts, punish officers who have offended, allow days (not exceeding a year) for payment of debts and to compound for desperate debts.
Walter Mildemaye is appointed to attend upon them for the expedition of these affairs; and all orders certified by them, or by him in their name, shall be sufficient warrant for exoneration of any debt or cancelling of any recognisance. And as they have been occupied about the premises since 1 April last this commission gives effect to what they have done.
The preamble states that whereas notable sums remain unpaid in the courts of Exchequer, Duchy of Lancaster, Wards and Liveries, Augmentations, General Surveyors, First Fruits and Tenths, and divers other courts, mostly through the favour or negligence of the officers, and the King, being busied in the weighty affairs of his wars. is "enforced somewhat seriously to consider those our causes which might help to th'alleviation of our most weighty burden that ways, and to devise remedy for the speedy collection of the same debts." Del. Westm., 30 June 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Wriothesley, St. John, Gardiner, Browne, Paget and Petre). Pat. p. 7, m. 31. In English.
72.John Stane. Fiat for livery of lands in Essex to him as s. and h. of John Stane. yeoman, who died seised of a messuage called Loftmans in Cannoudon held of the King, a messuage called Whithouse held of Wm. Stafford and a messuage called Londons held of Lady Mary Carewe. Dated 27 May 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 30 June.—S.B. (signed by St. John, Goodrick and Beamount.)
73.Licences to alienate (fn. n13) :—
Sir Ric. Greynfeld to Hugh Prust alias Pryst. Rectory and advowson of the vicarage of Morewynstowe, Cornw., the chief messuage of the said rectory in tenure of John Standbury, a cottage in Morewynstowe in tenure of Hugh Pryst, and lands there in tenure of John Litelston and John Broke.—Briggewater priory. (1st.) P. 4, m. 29.
James Staveley, vintner, John Parker, merchant tailor, of London, Ric. Donnyngton of Hackney, Midd., yeoman, and Nic. Spencer, clothworker, of London. Pardon for an acquisition without licence, as follows:—Edmund Parker, of Hackney, Midd., yeoman now dec., by charter, 7 Oct. 37 Hen. VIII., granted to them a close called Pyefeld in Hackney parish (which had belonged to Sudbury College, Suff.), to the use of the said Edmund and Agnes his wife, in survivorship, with remainder to Robt. Dyconson, clothier, of London, and the heirs of his body, with remainder in default successively, to John Ampleford, Thos. Ampleford and the right heirs of the said Edmund. (1st.) P. 7, m.39.
Robt. Pulvertofte of Yowerne Mynster, Dors., to John Barton. Messuage, &c., called Romehowse in Okeford Fitzpayne, Dors., in tenure of Hugh Harrys, and lands there in occupation of the said Robert,—St. John's of Jerusalem. (1st.) P. 7, m 53.
Ric. Codyngton to John Cutler. Downham manor and lands in Downham, Elvedon, and Brandon Ferye and the rectory of Downham, Suff.,—Ixworth priory. (1st.) P. 11. m. 1.
Sir George Darcye and Lady Dorothy his wife to Robt. Fermer, leatherseller, of London, manor of Hamylton, Yorks., and woods named (329 ac.) in Hamylton,—Selby mon. (2nd.) P. 6, m. 38.
John Pen and Lucy his wife, to John Michell. Four messuages and lands in Codycote, Herts., parcel of Codycote manor, in tenure of the said John Michell. Edm. Dardys. Thos. Hale, Edm. Michell, Edw. Michell, Alice Astri, widow, John Bygge, Alice David, widow, Agnes Portas, widow, Thos. Gaseley. Hen. Frenche, John Caunfeld, Hen. Dardys and John Williamson,—St. Alban's mon. (2nd.) P. 10, m. 36.
John Pen and Lucy his wife to Nic. Briscowe. Lands in Codycote, Herts., parcel of Codycote manor, in tenure of John Michell. Edm. Marshall, Thos. Bygge, John Bygge. sen., Fremond Bygge, Geo. Wylshere. Edw. Catlyn. Edm. Dardys and John Bygge, jun.,—St. Alban's mon. (2nd.) P. 11, m 13.
Thos. Temmys of Shorwell, I. of Wight, and Elizabeth his wife, to John Lovybond of Shorwell, for 40 years from Mich. 34 Hen. VIII., at 16l. rent, payable to the said Thomas and Eliz. at the house of the said Thomas called le Pryorye in Chyttorn, Wilts. Manor of Northshorwell alias Northcourt. I. of Wight, granted to the said Thos. and Eliz. by pat. 28 Feb. 34 Hen. VIII. (4th.) P. 4, m. 18.
John Arscott and Humph, Arscott, his son and heir apparent, to Matth. Mungoy. Moiety of the manor of Bukington alias Abbottes Bukington, and of its barton or demesne lands and of other lands there and of the rectory of Bukington. (4th.) P. 10, m. 35.
Sir Robt. Tyrwhitt, the King's servant, to Godfrey Huddelston, of Rawston, Linc. Wood called Derrington Wood (11 ac.) in Derrington parish, Linc.,—Haverholme priory. (4th.) (P. 10. m. 35.)
Wm. Wygston, of Wolston, Warw., to Clement Throkmerton, of Claredon. Warw Two closes in the fields of Claredon in tenure of Geo. Gillett,—Pynley priory. (4th.) P 12. m. 52
Leonard Chamberlayn, Ralph Chamberlayn, Thos. Wodford and Ric. Crispe. Pardon for acquisition, without licence, of the manor of Burneham alias Hunter-combes in Burneham. Bucks, and the advowson of the parish church of Bekynsfeld, which Philip Scudamore of Burneham, dec.. by indenture dated 19 July 36 Hen. VIII., granted to them to the use of the said Philip and Sibilla then his wife and the heirs male of their two bodies, with remainder in default to the right heirs of the said Philip. (5th.) P. 7, m. 53.
Sir Rog. Colmelay, chief baron of the Exchequer, and Christiana his wife, to Sir Martin Bowes now mayor of London, Manor of Northcraye, Kent and advowson of the church of Northcraye. (6th.) P. 11. m. 4.
Rog. Grenehall to John Kechyn and Geo. Cantrell to be re-granted to the said Roger for life with remainder to George Grenehall, younger son of the said Roger and the heirs male of his body, with remainder in default to Rog. Grenehall, jun., another son, and the heirs male of his body, with remainder in default to the right heirs of the first-named Roger. Lands (specified in Rowthorne, Derb., in tenure of Ric. Taylor, John Wolhouse, Wm. Ludlam, Nic. Tayler, John Hardwyke, Robt., Eliz., Thos. and John Cley, John Ludlam, Rog. Cley, Ralph Cley, Thos. Barker, Wm. Cley, and all other lands in Rowthorne which belonged to Newsted priory, Notts.,—Newsted; a messuage in Hartescroft in Hukenall parish, Derb., in tenure of Wm. Clerke, and Heath grange in Heath, Derb., in tenure of Nic. Shore.—Croxton mon., Leic.: lands (specified) in Whitharowe in Teversall parish, Notts., in tenure of Thos. Ludlam and Chr. Spalton and in Tybshelf, Derb., and Teversall in tenure of Thos. Reynold and John Tibshelf, and all other lands in these places which belonged to Felley priory, Notts.—Felley; messuages in Glapwell in the parish of Bolsover, Derb., in tenure of John Cley and Wm. Clerke,—Derley mon.; Bothewethe grange in Shelston parish, Notts., in tenure of Ric. Hawson.—Felley; and all other lands of Derley and Felley in Glapwell and Shelston. (7th.) P. 11, m. 1.
Wm. Gifford and Alice his wife to John Lane. Manor of Thorpmoundefyld, Ntht., and lands there and in Middleton Cheyny. With licence to Lane to regrant a messuage and lands in Middelton Cheyney to the said Wm. and Alice for life, with remainder to Robt. Frebody alias Hyggys, and to regrant the said manor and the rest to the said Alice for life, with remainder to the said Wm. and the heirs of his body, and remainder in default to his right heirs. (7th.) P. 11, m. 3.
Ric. Burneby and Anne, his wife, and John Gifford to John Lane to be regranted to the said Gifford, from Michaelmas next, for 49 years, at a rent payable to the said Lane of 60l. 11s. 8d.; with reversion after the said term to the said Ric. and Anne for life, in survivorship with remainder to the heirs of the body of the said Ric., and remainder in default to his right heirs. Lands in Heyfeld in Watford. Ntht. (7th.) P. 11, m. 4.
Sir George Darcy and Dorothy his wife to Sir Arthur Darcy. Messuages, etc., in tenure of John Crudde, Robt. Cousson, John Rayner, Wm. Kyllyngley, Alice Grysthwayte, widow. Chr. Grenefelde, Alice Ramswell. Edm. Nevell and Robt. Grysthwayte, woods called Dryehurste wood (3½ac.) and False Sprynge 3ro.) and all other lands in Kyllyngley which belonged to Pontefract mon. (7th.) P. 11, m. 13.
Wm. Romsden of Longley, Yorks., and Ric. Vavasor of Rypon, Yorks., to Robert abp. of York. Water mill in tenure of Thos Norman in the town of Olde Malton. Yorks.—Olde Malton priory. (8th.) P. 10 m. 33.
Sir Ric. Ryche and Eliz. his wife to Sir George Broke lord Cobham. Manor of Bendysshe Hall, Essex, and all lands in Radwynter and Aston, Essex, which belonged to Feversham mon., Kent, and a pension of 5l. 10s. for tithes in Radwynter which the abbot and convent of Feversham used to pay to the prior and convent of Holy Trinity commonly called Crystys Church in London. (8th.) P. 12. m. 48.
Roger and Robert Taverner to Edm. Sheffelde. Lands in Flyxburghe and Connysby, Linc., in tenure of the heirs of Robert Sheffelde—Alvyngham priory. (9th.) P. 10, m. 33.
Sir Edw. Fennes lord Clynton and Say to Thos. Baskervylde of —— (blank), Heref. Site, &c., of Wormesley priory, with two mills called Overshotmylles and numerous fields (names and extents given, some being in tenure of Hen. Mathewe and John ap Howell) in tenure of John ap Howell, the rectory and the advowson of the vicarage of Wormesley, and tithes leased with the site and other premises to the aforesaid Nicholas Fytton (sir). (10th.) P. 11, m 15.
Sir Philip Hobby to Ant. Lyttelton. Manor of Salford Abbatis. Warw., and lands in the parish of Salford Prioris in tenure of Thos. Sorrell, John Amerye, John Rawlyns, John Hayward, Ric. Emmes, Ric. Crowler, John Ballard, Agnes Webb and Marg. Merynge, a bake-house in Salford Abbatis in tenure of Thos. Merynge, tithes there in tenure of Edw. Mountford and Sibilla his wife, and a wood called Salteford Grove (8 ac.) in Salford Prioris, Warw —Evesham mon. (11th.) P. 4, m. 29.
Lord Chancellor Wriothesley to John Whyte of Southwyke, Hants. Lordship and manor, rectory and advowson of the vicarage of Southwyke manor of Newland, Hants, and 46 ac. of land in Southwyke and tithes of wool and lambs therein in tenure of Ric. Benet and Agnes his wife.—Southwyke priory; also the advowson of Wydley rectory, Hants. (11th.) P. 4, m. 17.
Thos. Dalston of Carlyle. Cumb., and Eleanor his wife, to Joan Blanerhasset, widow. Cottage in Caldegate beside Carlyle in tenure of John Tynkler, parcel of Temple Sowerby manor, and a moiety of Flemeby Park in Flemeby, Cumb., in tenure of Wm. Lambert. (11th.) P. 6, m. 5.
Lord Chancellor Wriothesley to Thos. Calton, goldsmith, of London, and Margaret his wife. Manors of Mylton and Sutton. Berks, the advowson of Mylton rectory, a pension of 40s. out of that rectory, and a messuage in Hardewelles, Berks, in tenure of Ric. Spirkwyk.—Abendon mon. (11th.) P. 6, m. 14
Henry earl of Cumberland to Robt. Moyse of Bolton in Craven, Yorks. Lands (specified) in Letheley. Ferneley and Elstonbothom. Yorks., in tenure of Thos. Newburgh, Robt. Russell, Wilfred Bradley, John Bradelye, Matth. Capper, Percival Guffild, Nic. Dunwell, John Angram and Ric. Tomlynson,—St. Leonard's priory. York. (11th.) P. 10, m. 34.
Lord Chancellor Wriothesley to Sir Edm. Pekham. Lordship and manor of Lyttelwytnam, Berks., a messuage in Hardewelles, Berks., in tenure of Ric. Sperkwyk, and a portion of tithes out of the rectory of Parva Wytnam, granted to Wriothesley by pat. 10 June inst.,—Abendon mon. (13th.) P. 6, m. 13.
Henry earl of Arusndell to Ant. Aucher. Postlinge manor, Kent. (16th.) P. 10, m. 24.
James Banke to Thos. Hewet, of London, cloth worker. Site of Roche mon., Yorks., with all its buildings and demesne lands (names and extents given) in Roche and Sandebecke (23rd.) P. 6, m. 6.
Robert Warner and Anne his wife to Thos. Grey and Thos. Bolrond Pardon for the acquisition without licence, by Grey and Bolrond from the Warners, of the manors of Clothall alias Chahall, Botles, Hauyles and Brituyles with appurtenances in Clothall alias Chahall, Yardeley, Walyngton. Bygrave, Norton, Russhedon and Baldok, and the advowson of Clothall church and of the hospital of St. Mary Magdalene of Clothall. (24th.) P. 11, m. 2.
John Wollacombe, clk., and Roger Prideaux to Thomas Butler, sen. Lordship or manor of Almere. Dors., and advowson ol Almere rectory.—Shaftesbury mon (26th.) P. 6, m. 12.
John Sewster of Steple Mordon, Camb., to Elizabeth his wife. Pardon for the alienation without licence of the manor of Steple Mordon and lands called Anglesey which the said John, who died 20 March 37 Hen. VIII., by his will, left to the said Elizabeth for life. (27th.) P. 6, m. 34.
John Grymston to Nic. Askewe and Alice his wife. Third part of certain woods (names and extents given) in the parishes of Totnam and Edelmeton, Midd.,—Christchurch priory, London. (27th.) P. 11, m. 2.
Edward Walgrave to Sir Ant. Dennye of Chesthunt, Herts. Manor of Mereden, tithes in Lagarsbett and Walhall Mede, and lands and woods specified) in Mereden, Herts, — St. Albans mon. (28th.) P. 10, m. 35.
Ric. Taverner to Edward earl of Hertford. Manor, farm and grange of Hartyngton in Kyngeston parish, Surr. (28th.) P. 10. m. 36.
Sir Fras. Ascue to Edw. Ascue and Margaret his wife, for life, in survivorship. Manors of Owresby and Thornton, Linc., and rectory of Owresby. (28th.) P. 10, m. 39.
Lord Chancellor Wriothesley to Vincent Grantham. Rectory and advowson of the vicarage of Braysebrige, co. City of Lincoln which belonged to St. Katharine's priory and lands (specified) in Brasebrige, in tenure of —— (blank), Robt. Russell, Robt. Grene, Ric. Pykerell, Chr. Burton, Vincent Grantham and Jas. Harrison. (30th.) P. 10, m. 33.
Nicholas Askewe and Alice his wife. Pardon for the acquisition of land without licence, viz., woods in the parishes of Totnam and Edelmeton, Midd., formerly belonging to Christchurch priory, London, and which John Grymston, of Edelmeton, dec., by his will, 9 Feb. last, bequeathed to the said Nic. And Alice and the heirs of the said Alice, by the name of those woods which he purchased of Master Stampford. (30th.) P. 11, m. 3.


  • n1. This portion touching Knyvet is printed in St. P. XI., 239.
  • n2. The treaty was concluded at Rome, 26 June, 1546. and a German text of it is printed (from Hortleder) in Dumont's Corps Diplomatique, IV. Pt. ii., p. 308.
  • n3. June 21st.
  • n4. June 24th.
  • n5. June 27th.
  • n6. It was given to Nicholas Arnold. See Acts of the Privy Council, 27 July.
  • n7. June 25th.
  • n8. "Preferred by Mr. Secretary Peter."
  • n9. Preferred by Mr. Secretary Pagett.
  • n10. Subscribed by my lord Great Master.
  • n11. Preferred by Mr. Hare.
  • n12. This passage omitted in the enrolment.
  • n13. All are dated at Westminster. In this abstract the day of the month appears in parenthesis before the reference to the part and membrane of the Patent Roll of 38 Hen. VIII.