Henry VIII: July 1546, 26-31

Pages 663-697

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 21 Part 1, January-August 1546. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1908.

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July 1546, 26-31

26 July. 1347. Alington.
Add. Ch.
B. M.
Copy of court roll witnessing the taking of lands in Alington, at the court held there, 26 July 38 Hen. VIII., by John ap John ap Mereduth, from Edw. Aprice, deputy steward of the King's lordships of Bromfeld, Yale and Chircland. Signed: per me Edwardum Aprice. Seal of the exchequer of Holt castle (Castrum Leonum) attached.
Lat. Small parchment.
26 July. 1348. Lisle to [Paget].
R. O.
St. P., xi. 250.
Yesternight I received your letters of the 22nd and this day those of the 23rd, with that in the King's own hand and another letter from the King to the French king; and now, being thus furnished, I intend to depart tomorrow towards Fountayn de Blewe where the Admiral will tarry my coming. Why he delays I cannot know, but last Saturday (fn. n1) the French king sent the baron de Lagarde who met me at Beaumount, with a letter from the French king and another from the Admiral (copies herewith), and credence to show intelligence out of Germany like that I have received from you, and to say that the King had despatched a post to his good brother, and the Admiral would start on Thursday or Friday next, embark at Rouen within two days, and three days later be at London. With him come Mons. de Tayes, Mons. de Brisack, Canaples and one other of the Order, but not in commission with him. Yesterday we arrived at Parrys, being met and banqueted at the abbey of Saynt Denys by Mons. de Morret. One league from Parrys Mons. de Lavall, one of the greatest inheritors in all France, met and accompanied us with 60 gentlemen, and later we were met by the provost of the merchants of the town and many burgesses on horseback. At our lodging was prepared a great supper and banquet, and today a dinner, all at the town's cost. Tonight Cardinal de Medon, whom I have not yet seen, banquets us in the Lovers, where shall be many ladies.
Tonight Moret promises to let me know the number of the Admiral's train, the day that he will be at Rouen, and whether he enters the Thames or lands at Dover. I will show the Admiral the order taken for his conducting into the Thames, a dangerous place without good pilots. It will be a day or two ere we depart hence, as the King is not returned to Fountayn de Blewe, where the house is being put in order to make us great cheer. Our next common letters shall advertise the King of our first access. Parrys, in haste, 26 July 1546.
Mr. Knyvet excuses his slackness by the posts, who have not done as they ought and are to be punished. Signed.
Pp. 2. Fly leaf with address lost.
27 July. 1349. The Antwerp Loans.
R. O. London as security. See Grants in July, No. 98.
Corrected draft of the two patents of the King's promise.
Pp. 3. each. See Grants in July, Nos. 99, 100.
27 July. 1350. The Privy Council.
A. P. C., 495.
Meeting at Westminster, 27 July. Present: Chancellor, Great Master, Lord Chamberlain (Earl of Arundel), Essex, Winchester, Cheyney, Gage, Wingfield, Petre. Business: Letter to Lord Gray enclosing supplication of John Boydel, late man at arms, whose room (during his absence through sickness) was given to another. To the same for —— de Fyorence Italian, to have the 40s. per mensem promised him by Lord Poynenges, in consideration of his service in bringing Italians to serve the King, "and that he was hurt in the leg out of the French fort." Warrant to treasurer of Augmentations to deliver 250l., in reward, to Chr. Hamsell, factor to the Fuggers; 200l. in prest to Nicholas Arnold, sent to have charge of the fortress called Bullemberg near Boulogne; and 2,000l. to Barth. Fortuni in full satisfaction of 10,000l. which he makes over to discharge the King's credit in Flanders. Warrant to Cavendish to deliver to Piers Walshe, coming from Ireland on the King's affairs and remaining long here, 6l. 13s. 4d., in reward; to Alexo de Cilos and Carlos Perotte, Spaniards, in reward 12l. 10s.; and to Boloyne pursuivant at arms for bringing letters from Boloyne and returning 5l. Recognisance of John Barues, of Collombstoke, Hen. Walrande, of Oscombe, Robt. Oughby and Ric. Goodall for Goodall's appearance when required by the Court of Admiralty about claims made against him by Nicholas Goethius of Antwerp, and Victor Tarling and John Skevin, of Bruges, for goods taken from them during the late wars (signed by Barohowse, Walrond and Goodall). This day the Deputy and Chancellor of Ireland were brought face to face and after long altercation "dismissed till another season." Hulle, customer of Exeter, discharged from daily appearance upon his promise to abide the order of the Court of Admiralty in the matter between Fursman and him. Sir Thomas Hennage, gentilman of the Privy Chamber, declaring the King's respite for Robert Songate, lately condemned in Suffolk for robbery of a church, obtained letters to Sir Edm. Windeham, the sheriff, to certify what crimes were laid to his charge.
27 July. 1351. The King's Debtors.
R. O. Extract (in Latin) from accounts "In the office of William Berners, auditor," showing that Wm. Munsloo, occupier of an inn in Fletestrete, in St. Bride's parish, London, which belonged to Winchecombe monastery, owes for six years' arrears of rent to Mich. 37 Hen. VIII., 36l.
Note by Walter Mildmay, 27 July, that he appeared and shows conveyance of the fee simple from Winchcombe monastery, but as that "is not allowed nor examined in the Court of Augmentations," he is referred thither and ordered to bring discharge or pay by 10 Aug.
P. 1. Endd.: Mounsloo, lxv., folio 32.
27 July. 1352. Lisle to Paget.
R. O.
St. P., xi 251.
After my despatch to you yesterday, arrived the baron de Lagard from the Admiral, who sets forth on Monday next. Enclosed are the names of the greatest personages with him. He means to be at Roan upon Wednesday come sevennight, embark next day and come along the seas into Thames. I showed the Baron, who has charge of the galleys, the order for his reception in the Downs and providing with pilots, whereof he is glad. There will be twelve or fourteen galleys, and they bring no horses—only certain mules to give away. He reckons that the Admiral will be at London within three days from Rouen. The Cardinal of Medon made us great cheer last night, with meat and drink and good company of ladies and gentlewomen, but the plays and pastime were spoilt by the crowd. The Cardinal excused it by the "devotion the people had to see the Englishmen which came with so joyful news unto them." Morret, who attends us most gently and painfully, advises us to stay here this day; and tomorrow we shall meet the King, "where he has promised to show us pastime of hunting, and so to Fountayn de Bleau." City of Parrys, 27 July 1546. Signed.
P.S. in his own hand.—The points of your former letters are mostly answered. What lacks shall be supplied by the next. As the Admiral tarries so long as till Monday we shall be ready to depart home soon after.
Pp. 2. Add. Endd.
ii. [List of gentlemen accompanying the Admiral]. Mons. le comte de Nanteull, chevalier de l'Ordre, Messrs. de Cannaples, Teys, Everey, Hannode (the Admiral's son), La Meillerie, Pyne (captain of 50 men of arms), Vassey (capt. of men of arms), Tavanne (capt. of men of arms) and Morette.
French, p. 1.
27 July. 1353. Pole to Cardinals de Monte and Cervini.
Poli Epp.,
IV. 191.
Today at 16 o'clock arrived your letter with the news—to my great distress—of the illness of Card. Farnese. Sent on the letter by his mastro di casa to Frizimelega to urge him to leave Padua at once for Rovere by the shortest way, viz., by Vicentina. Pole's mastro di casa will accompany him as far as Rovere and provide horses, &c., for him. Hopes they will arrive there tomorrow. Treville, 27 July 1546.
27 July. 1354. Charles V.'s Advices.
viii., No. 297.
Information from Turin, forwarded to the Emperor by Fernando de Gonzaga.
France unlikely to make war this year, if only for lack of money and soldiers and the lateness of the season. Moreover, difficulties with England are not settled; an instalment of the money due to England must be paid by next Christmas and Boulogne is to be restored in six or eight years. It will never be given back. England offers France both Boulogne and Calais to support the marriage of his son with the daughter of Scotland. If France accepts, then Scotland will be united to England and they will together be a danger to France; for what keeps England weak is that France can always raise war on the Scottish border. On the other hand, if the marriage does not take place it will be evidently the work of France, and war will recommence. France will therefore avoid a rupture with the Emperor unless the Lutherans offer large subsidies of money. With money he might think himself strong enough, with the Turk's help. 27 July 1546.
28 July. 1355. Carne to Paget.
R. O. Since his letter of the 19th, by Treffrye, the Lord Chancellor's servant, a post has brought from the Emperor's Court news of the arrival of 4,000 footmen and 2,000 horsemen, Italians, to the Emperor at Ratysbone, and the near approach of the rest of the Italians,—they having passed by the Almaynes who durst not attack them. Here is great preparation for the army of the Countye du Buyr, with whom go almost all the nobility and gentlemen of the Emperor's dominions here. Tomorrow he marches from Mastrycke towards Aes, and so towards Colongne. Here it is only said that the Protestants are strong. Bills are said to have been cast abroad in divers towns of Germany "to exhort the common people for the Protestants." Sends a copy taken from one brought to his host, being burgomaster of this town. Bruxelles, 28 July 1546. Signed.
P. 1. Add. Endd.
ii. "Copie dung billet semblable a ceulx que les Protestans font semer par les villes et villaiges en Allemaigne."
"Pour la esforcée et tresnecessaire deffence contre l'offencive du Diable du Pape, contre Dieu et son sainct et seul beatificant mon (sic), seront chielfes et capitaines generales:—Jesus Crystus et seul filz de Dieu, lequel noz a tous delivre de la mort, du diable, pechiez et enffer, de la mort eternelle, par sa saincte mort et passion, sans nulle merite et seullement par sa misericorde, sera capitaine general. Ses lieutenants seront le noble electeur de Saxen et le Lantsgrave de Hesse avec leur confederez. Auront 8,000 chevaulx portans lances; encoires 3,000 noirs harnas haquebutiers et 4,000 chevauelx vallacres legiers; 30,000 Suissers, 40,000 lantsquenectz et 30,000 gens de pays. Et finablement sera a leur aide les prieres des credules et la misericorde de Dieu Jesum Cristum leur Seigneur, lequel a survaincu la mort pechie, diable et enfer."
P. 1.
28 July. 1356. Pole to Cardinals de Monte and Cervini.
Poli Epp.,
iv., 192.
His mastro di casa, finding when he arrived yesterday at Padua that Carde Farnese had just left Rovere, has returned. Treville, 28 July 1546.
29 July. 1357. The Privy Council.
A. P. C., 498.
Meeting at Westminster, 29 July. Present: Chancellor, Great Master, Chamberlain, Winchester, Cheyney, Gage, Wingfileld, Paget, Petre, Sadler. Business:—Upon suit by the Deputies of Calais, Boulogne and other pieces beyond sea, and the King's Council there, for liberty to transport victual for their own use, it was thought meet that, upon receipt of particulars from any of them, the Lord Chancellor should issue licences. Warrant to treasurer of Augmentations to deliver Michael Tymbreman, merchant of the Stylyarde, 1,000l in part payment for corn. Letter to customers, &c., of Sandwich to cease, until they can justify it before the Council, their new order that inhabitants of the Isle of Shepey should neither carry wood, timber for their houses, hurdles for their sheepfolds, nor other necessaries, out of the mainland into the said isle for their private use" without first obtaining a cocket for which 20d. or 2s. was charged. Letter to Sir John Massy, searcher, of West Chester, &c., to restore to Win. Hancok and Patrick Sarswell, merchants of Dublin, a ship (lading specified) which, being sequestrated by the farmer of the customs of Dublin, was by Dennis Flemming, late soldier in Ireland, and others transported by night to Chester and stayed by Massy. Letter to mayor of Newcastle to send up George Drover, master of a ship of war, who on the 3rd inst., piratically seized a Breton ship, the Mary of Rosgof, set the master, John Barnarde, and nine of his mariners, adrift in the boat, and carried the ships and goods to Newcastle.
29 July. 1358. Diplomatic Documents.
R. O. Memorandum of receipt from Sir Wm. Paget, one of the two Principal Secretaries, of these writings following "to be laid up in the treasure house," viz:—The ratification of the treaty of perpetual peace under the great seal of France in green wax, dated 8 July 1546. Two commissions under the great seal of France in yellow wax, both dated 8 July 1546. A confession by Odetus de Selva, the French ambassador here, that he has received the ratification of the treaty of perpetual peace under the great seal of England, 17 July 1546. Instrument subscribed by Odetus de Selva touching the prorogation of 20 days to be given for the swearing of the oath, dated 17 July 1546. Signed: William Walter: John Lambe.
P. 1. Endd.: A quittance of the dd. of the treatyes.
1359. Treaties.
Eccl. Mem.
I., ii. 490.
Catalogue of the treaties made by Henry VIII with foreign princes, 2 to 38 Hen. VIII (17 July).
Printed by Strype from MS. Calig. E. i. (B.M.) from a copy made before the Cottonian fire. It is not to be found in that MS. now.
29 July. 1360. Black Art.
R. O. "The demand of William Blomefyld to his servant John Morvell." 29 July 38 Hen. VIII.
Describes, with conversation verbatim, how, upon his promise of secrecy, Blomefyld prepared to make a circle that night which the two of them should sit in (making it in the leads if the weather held up, but in the chamber if it rained). Ran to Blomefyld's house and fetched his book "to set the weather." "Then, said Blomefyld, the worst is I shall needs destroy part of the house here. Sir, quoth John, what will you do with this little child here? Mary! saith he, I would that he were away. And so I carried him to Father Beste's house. And when I came again I did promise him as I did before; and whiles all things were a preparing to be done, Mr. Secretary Pagget came in unto him, and so prevented the matter." Signed: By me John Morvel.
Large paper, p. 1.
29 July. 1361. Vaughan to the Council.
R. O. Begs to know whether at the Fugger's day, which draws fast on, to begin paying the money now in his hands. Jasper Dowche still seeks by prayers and offers of interest to get it beforehand, and tells Vaughan that the King has prolonged a great portion of the Fugger's debt and bargained to take a certain quantity of copper, for which bargain Dowche expects brokerage as having first broken the matter to Vaughan here. Has not yet received all the money from the King's merchants due the last of June. Traffic into Almayn being stopped by this war, they have much ado to get money, and above 20 have not yet paid; but he expects to receive all within 6 or 8 days. If the Council have appointed any to make payments in August he fears that they will find it hard "to keep their day."
A company of Italians and Spaniards, taken up here to serve the Emperor against the Protestants, went hence on foot about fourteen days ago, and, "doing certain outrages amongst the boores and payzans of the country," have been mostly slain or hurt in the land of Guligh. Mons. de Bure still lingers in these countries. Some say that he has not nearly so many men as was bruited, some that he has no money: "but that I believe not, seeing the wars are not yet begun." An Englishman that came out of Selande has informed me that a herald of Scotland and a gentleman of these parts despatched from the Lady Regent's court are awaiting wind to go into Scotland. Being unable to receive the merchants' money alone, or pay it when the day comes, has got Mr. Damesell to help. The Count de Bure lately took a young man who served Mr. Wyat at Bulleyn and came hither to serve in the Emperor's wars on foot, giving him three men's wages, 12 Philippus gilderns a month. His name is Tottishurst. Jasper Dowche can get no money here for the Emperor and therefore would fain have mine. The moneyed merchants here have made theirs away to Lyons and Venyce. I must know what money you appoint to be paid, 15 Aug., to the Fugger, so as to recover the obligations as it is paid, — unless you have appointed the strangers to look to it. The Almayns cannot resist the Emperor if his Italians and Spaniards were come to him; "for the one is poor and the other hath gone abouts more than a year to gather into his hands all the money of Almayn. Wherefore it is to be thought there will be some agreement." Andwerp, 29 July.
Hol., pp. 3. Add. Sealed. Endd.: 1546.
30 July. 1362. The Privy Council.
A.P.C., 500.
Meeting at Westminster 13 July. Present: Great Master, Privy Seal, Essex, Cheyney, Gage, Wingfield, Paget, Petre, Sadler. Business:—Letter to Sir Robert Bowes referring to his decision the controversy between Gerard Taylour and Geoffrey Parkynson as to the "tolership" of Hexham. Somerset herald had warrant to Cavendish for 40l. for his late journey into Almain. Letter to President of Wales for the sending up of Martin Scryne, stayed by Alex. Garnet, merchant of Lyerpole, and Gregory Walsy, mariner, although he carries letters addressed by the Baron of Upper Ossory to the King.
30 July 1363. Parliament of Scotland.
Acts of the P.
of Sc., ii. 466.
Held at Edinburgh, 30 July 1546, by Arran. Present: abp. of Glasgow, bps. of Galloway and Orkney, commendatory of Holy Rood, abbots of Paisley, Dumfermling, Glenluce, Culross, Lundoris, Driburgh and Cupar, elect of Aberdeen, minister of Failfurd, Secretary, earls of Huntly (Chancellor), Angus, Bothwell, Cassillis and Caithness, lords Ruthven, Seytoun, Lyndesay of Byris, Yester, Lovet, Hume, Somerwell, George Douglas, Elphinstoun, masters of Erskyn and Forbes, Sir John Campble of Lundy, Clerk of Register, Clerk of Justiciary, Advocate, Mr. Adam Otterburn, Mr. Hugh Rig, and commissaries for Edinburgh, Linlithgow and Air. Business:—Declaration that this Parliament should not be "fensit" anew as it has continued running. Summons of treason against Norman Leslie fear of Rothes, Peter Carmichaell of Balmadie, James Kirkcaldy of the Grange, Wm. Kirkcaldy his eldest son, David Kirkcaldy his brother, John, Patrick, and George Kirkcaldy, brethren to the said James, Thomas Kirkcaldy his son, John Leslie of Parkhill, Alex. Inglis, James Malvile elder, [and his son], (fn. n2) John Malvile, bastard son to the laird of Raith, Alex. Malvile, David Carmichaell, Gilbert Geddes younger, Robert Muncreif brother to the laird of Tibbirmello, Wm. Symsoun, Alex. Andersoun. David Balfour, son of the laird of Munquhany, Thos Cunynghame, Nicholl Hart, Wm. Guthre, John Sibbald, brother to the laird of Cukistoun, Peter Carmichaell [servand], (fn. n2) Walter Malvile [elder and] (fn. n2) younger, Sir John Auchinlek chaplain, Nicholl Leirmonth, Sir John Young chaplain, David Kirkcaldy cook, Ninian Cokburn, John Poll gunner, Wm. Orok, [Sir Jas. Lyell chaplain], (fn. n3) John Rollok and Andrew Canyow, for the slaughter of Cardinal Betoun, proved to have been published, and continued to 4 Aug. The aforesaid Sir John Young, as a spiritual man, referred to judgment of his ordinary. Summonses against McCloyd and his colleagues and Alex. Creychton continued to 4 Aug.
30 July. 1364. Privy Council of Scotland.
Regist., 31. Meeting at Edinburgh, 30 July. Present: Queen, Governor, Gavin abp. of Glasgow, bps. of Galloway and Orkney, earls of Huntly, Angus, Bothwell, Cassillis, and Merschell, abbots of Paisley, Cupar, Dryburgh and Dumfermling, lords Flemyng, Ruthven, Setoun, Hume, Lindesay of Byris, Hay of Yester, Somervell, Glammys and Elphinstoun, Secretary, Sir George Douglas, Sir Wm. Hammylton, Clerk Register. Business:—Whereas Norman Lesly and others (named as in No. 1363, with additions there noted) are summoned to abide sentence of Parliament for the slaughter of the Cardinal and holding of St. Andrews, and may allege that they dare not appear because of the Cardinal's friends, proclamation is to be made against molesting them. Assurance taken between George earl of Huntly, Chancellor, and William master of Forbes, the latter to give pledges named.
30 July. 1365. Lisle and Wotton to Henry VIII.
R. O.
St. P., xi. 253.
On Tuesday last, 27th inst., we departed from Parrys accompanied by Morret and others. At the Vile Neff Saynt George (being half way to Corbell) the Cardinal of Medon awaited our coming, with a collation. There Mr. Knyvet fell sore sick and one of the King's physicians was sent to him. Thence the Cardinal brought us to Corbell, where one of the King's "master dotells" had prepared our supper. There my lord of Duresme was constrained to tarry, having hurt his leg with a fall of his horse. Next morning the Cardinal and Morret brought us to a place in the forest of Corbell where the King made assembly for hunting; and we were met by Mons. de Lavale and the Admiral's son and Brisack who conveyed us to a village where the King was. The King had dined, and dinner was prepared for us; after which the Admiral and others came and brought us to the King, in an arbour made with boughs. After salutations, he took me, the Admiral, by the hand and led me to a window. Describes interview, in the course of which the King read Henry's letters and encouraged Lisle by praising his French. He said that he would give his oath on Sunday next (fn. n4) and his Admiral should leave on Monday. He then said I should go with him "to see a hart killed of force." I desired him merrily to spare either Mr. Wotton or me, for yesterday we were four in commission and now but two were left and if we broke legs or arms with "running the hart of force" none of us would be left to wait upon him. He laughed, and said that he would spare Mr. Wotton, whom he gently embraced, saying that he was glad his good brother had chosen so honest a man to reside with him. Afterwards he caused me to kiss the ladies there, who also rode a hunting with him upon great curtalls. "He leapt upon his mule and went towards his pastime, and killed a hart with force of hounds exceedingly well. Himself did not follow but kept the cross ways. The Dolphyn spared not thick nor thin. And while the hart was a killing the King lighted at a fountain where he had his wine and fruit." Meanwhile the Admiral and I walked up and down in a field, devising of the new fort at Boulloign Broke, your fortifying of which was, he said, contrary to the treaty. This matter held us till the King was departed, and finally we fell to the matter of payment, in which he wished that you would grant a shorter day,—if I would not commune of it, did I think he might break it to your Majesty? I reminded him how that matter was debated before, and how their request was like to have impeded the treaty, which your Majesty meant to perform in every part, and which I had no commission to alter or discuss; and, as he desired me to be frank, I told him that I would not wish him to move your Majesty in that behalf. He said that he would make speed to Rouen, which he reckoned five days from hence; and from Rouen he reckoned to be in Thames in three days. And he asked whether I would go to Callayes or Boulloign, or else in the galleys with him, or in the Sakre, which was taken by the galleys, and which his master would restore. Thanking him, I said that three or four of your Majesty's vessels awaited me at Calais, and for other affairs I must return that way; but the Sacre I neither accepted nor refused. They seem to look for as good or better restitution. Thus I broke off with him and followed the King to the death of the hart; and so to Mellune, two leagues from the hunting place. The King made me ride with him through the town, devising of the pleasures of the country about Fountay[n d]e Bloye, so that the ambassadors of the Emperor, bp. of Rome and others might see the amity he bears to your Highness. That night I supped with him and was brought to the Admiral's lodging to make ready. Today he removes to Fountayn le Bleau, by the way hunting the wild boar in toils. He had appointed me to see it, but I must attend to this despatch. Melune, 30 July 1546. Signed.
Pp. 4. Add. Endd.
30 July. 1366. Diego Hurtado de Mendoza to Charles V.
viii., No. 299.
Report of his mission to Venice to express the Emperor's displeasure at rumours of the Signory's negociating with Lutherans and Turks, in the course of which he states that the Protestants and the King of England's agents in Venice prompt the Signory to distrust the Emperor. (Note to this: To speak to the English ambassador at Ratisbon about this Secretary and complain of Ludovico dalle Arme; and to write the ambassador in England about it.) Venice, 30 July 1546.
ii. Credence to Capt. Pero Diaz de Corcuera, who carried the above letter, to say, among other things, that the English agent and Ludovico delle Arme, "a light man with little brains and no goodwill," seek to make a league between the Signory, England and France, promising on behalf of England the friendship of the Protestants, and on behalf of France that of the Turk. They propose either to get the Signory to send an ambassador to England or to deal through Francisco Bernardi, a Venetian gentleman who intervened in the peace negociations between France and England and has 1,200 ducats a year from England. Suspects that Bernardi was encouraged in the said negociations by the Signory; for all Venetians are timid, and he is heir to 30,000 cr. They also wish the King of England to nominate Ludovico delle Arme as his ambassador here. The above intelligence as regards embassies comes from Ludovico himself, and Mendoza communicated it to the Signory and announced his authority either to warn them (as was done when Cardinals Grimano and Ferrara came hither) against entering any league against the Emperor or to hinder it if anything was already done. Divulged the trick which Lodovico had played them in giving this intelligence to the Cardinal (without indicating his Eminence) that they might give the fool less credit and punish him if they liked. Suspects that the secretary or agent of England here does mischief about Fernando de Gonzaga. It may be well to write to the Ambassador in England about him. Has often assured the Emperor that the Signory cannot hurt him, for they have neither men, money nor victuals. All they do proceeds from fear; and if they could deal secretly they are capable of any villany. But they trust neither Turks nor Frenchmen, because they see the Emperor informed of everything, and they distrust the Lutherans because they see that in this enterprise the Emperor has the concurrence of some of them. Has to leave again for Trent. Begs for a knighthood for a relative who has served the Emperor. Venice, 30 July 1546.
31 July. 1367. The Privy Council.
A.P.C., 501.
Meeting at Westminster, 31 July. Present: Norfolk, Great Master, Privy Seal, Great Chamberlain of England, Essex, Cheyney, Gage, Wingfield, Paget, Petre, Riche, Baker. Business:—Cheyney had warrant to Williams for 91l. 2s. 5d. expended at the christening of the Dolphynes daughter and (27l. 10s.) "given to Julio de Romero, Spaniard, towards his furniture against the combat with Moro, Spaniard, who fled from the King's service." Mr. Godsalve had warrant to —— (blank) for 22½ oz. of fine gold and 26s. 8d. for making, in recompense of his chain which the King gave to Sir Francis Barnerde.
31 July. 1368. The Privy Council to Lisle.
R. O. The King is credibly informed that, albeit the Scots have embraced the peace and caused it to be proclaimed, as his Majesty has done on his borders, they prepare a power against him on pretence of recovering certain small holds taken from them during the wars. If they do, his Majesty must resist; and, desiring that things should not come to that extremity "unless there shall be a determination of breach of the peace on their part," his Highness has appointed your Lordship, with the rest in commission with you, to declare the premises to the French king—and to the Admiral if he be not departed; saying that like as his Majesty means to do nothing without provocation, so, if they do otherwise than the treaty purports, he doubts not but that his good brother will refuse to aid them against him, and let them know now beforehand that he will suffer the King and them to try the wars together which they thus go about to renew.
"Plate and vessel for Mr. Wotton to be left by my l. Admiral. To cause Mr. Wotton supply the contents in case of his departure and to advertise the manner of his entertainment and reward."
Draft, corrected by Paget, pp. 4. Endd.: Mynute to my 1. Admiral, ulo Julii 1546.
31 July. 1369. Privy Council of Scotland.
Regist. 33. Meeting at Edinburgh, 31 July. Present: Queen, Governor, abp. of Glasgow, bps. of Galloway and —— (blank), earls of Huntly, Angus, Bothwell, Merschell, Cassillis, postulates of Aberdeen and Dunkeld, abbots of Dumfermling, Cupar, Lundoris, Dryburgh, Culross and Carsrogwell, lords Flemyng, Ruthven, Seton, Hume, Hay of Yester, Glammys, Somervell and Elphynston, masters of Forbes and Ogilvy, secretary, Sir Geo. Douglas, Sir John Campbell, and Sir Adam Otterburn, Clerk of Justiciary, Mr. Hen. Balnavis. Business:—There was found just cause to raise summons of treason against Norman Lesly and his accomplices in the slaughter of the Cardinal and withholding of St. Andrews castle.
31 July. 1370. The Baron de La Garde to Lisle.
R. O. This morning Mons. l'Amiral told me that the King has commanded the barque taken by the galleys to be delivered to you where you please. As you departed suddenly to go to the assembly, and I desire to make diligence that the galleys may he ready for Mons. l'Amiral, I have ventured to write and leave this gentleman, by whom you may command me. Fontaine Bleau, last of July. Signed: A. Palin.
French, p. 1. Add.: A Monsr., Monsr. l'Amiral Angleterre.
31 July. 1371. Mary of Hungary to Vander Delft.
viii., No. 300.
Since writing on the 22nd ult. has received his of the 6th and 21st inst. As to the intercourse, the English ambassador and the special envoy sent hither are urgent for a conclusion, as if wishing to settle the matter here before dealing with Councillor Van der Burgh. Has given instructions not to hurry the business, so that Van der Delft may press for a settlement of the points raised by him, reminding the English that when Van der Burgh arrived in London he was kept a long time waiting upon the excuse that they were busy with the war, and he has been too long there already. Cannot yet learn the truth about the inclusion of the Scots, who continue to treat the Emperor's subjects as enemies; and she has had to send Secretary Strick to Scotland. As the period within which the Scots were to make their declaration is expired, Van der Delft must ask again whether there is peace, and whether Flanders is included, and get the details of the agreements made with the Scots. These can hardly be withheld, as the Emperor's quarrel with the Scots is solely on the English account, and the treaty provides that such particulars should be communicated. Several of the Emperor's subjects, gentlemen of Artois, are asking how to recover their estates in the Boulognais, now that the war is ended. Van der Delft shall ask the Council for the conditions of the peace touching this question, so that the gentlemen may know how to proceed. Will be glad if, on this or other pretext, he can procure a copy of the treaty with France. Encloses news from Germany as contained in letters from Augsburg and sent from the Imperial ambassador in France.
As to the Admiral of France's affirmation that the Scots were included in the peace of Crepi, subsequent events proving the contrary ought to prevail over the words of Frenchmen. It was after the peace that the Scottish secretary, Paniter, was here, seeking to see the Emperor to claim inclusion for the Scots, and, being refused audience and shown the clauses of the treaty, made great ado about it to the French ambassador. The latter first insisted that the inclusion was agreed upon verbally, but was flatly contradicted by the Viceroy and Granvelle; then he maintained that the inclusion was implied in the confirmation of previous treaties, and this was shown to be unfounded; and thirdly he contended that the treaty bound the Emperor to include the Scots at the demand of the king of France, which was proved to be untrue. The Admiral of France being afterwards at Bruges endeavoured to take up the same ground; but was at once silenced by Granvelle, and told that, even at the risk of breaking off negociations, the Scots would not be included without the consent of the king of England. This may be confidentially told to Paget.
As to the complaints of illtreatment of English merchants at Antwerp, she can only say that she never heard of it. On the contrary, a burgess there has been executed for violence against an Englishman. Italian and Spanish soldiers from the English camp who were misbehaving there have been sent away. Will punish any who speak disrespectfully of the king of England; but Van der Delft may tell the Council that people on the English frontier are speaking evil of the Emperor, saying they hope soon to have war with him, but as she knows that this does not proceed from the King she takes no notice of it. The French are spreading a rumour that a German gentleman (fn. n5) sent by the Protestants to the king of England told their King that England had agreed to help the Protestants against the Emperor, moved merchants to whom he owed 400,000 cr. to allow that sum to be lent to the Protestants, and wished an interview with France in order to concert plans against the Emperor. Does not believe any of this; but it may be secretly communicated to Paget, letting him know that she has no doubt of the King's goodwill, whatsoever the French may say. Brussels, 31 July 1546.
31 July. 1372. The Queen of Hungary to M. de St. Mauris.
iii. 238.
* * * *
Cannot yet learn how the Scots are comprehended in the peace between France and England, nor the other particulars of that peace. Requires him to scent out what he can of these particulars, and if possible obtain a copy; for the secrecy with which it is kept by both sides makes her presume that it contains something to the Emperor's prejudice. * * * Bruxels, 31 July 1546.
31 July. 1373. Vaughan to the Council.
R. O. This day, towards night, received their letters with three bills of exchange, a letter of Dymoke's and other letters concerning 18 lasts of corn laden by him from Breame and now stayed at Camphire, and a packet for Sir Edward Caern, the King's ambassador. Will follow their instructions in paying the Fugger and others. Has appointed an experienced person to repair tomorrow morning towards Camfyre for discharge of the arrest; but will first consider the prices of corn at Calles and here, so as to sell it where it is worth most. Expects that it will sell better here, as the bringing of corn hither from Estlande is prohibited.
A merchant of Almayn has just said that the Landisgrave of Hesse and duke of Wyrtzenbergh are gone with 40,000 men towards Bavaria to meet the Emperor, spoiling by the way the bishop of Wyrtzberghe and another bishop. The Emperor's wellwishers here seem to fear that he cannot match the Protestants.
"This day, since noon, what news soever be come, men wax sad and mistrust things greatly." Bearer's hasty departure prevents further writing. Andwerp, last of July.
P.S.—"Like as your Lordships write, I stick with the King's merchants to receive of them money that I cannot pay out again." They would pay in new angels and new crowns, which here none but Englishmen will take. They have paid mostly in white money, which is good, though painful to receive and pay.
I hear that some of them are appointed to pay me money in September, whereas the King is bound to pay on 15 Aug., and they will have much ado to get in their money by that day, "seeing here is little money stirring." All moneyed merchants here have conveyed theirs away to Venyce and Lyons, fearing to lend to the Emperor lest he should be unsuccessful in these wars.
Hol., pp. 3. Add. Endd.: 1546.
31 July. 1374. Vaughan to Paget.
R. O. Has written often to the Council asking whether on 15 Aug. to begin paying the Fugger money received of the King's merchants. Would also know how much to pay, what appointment is taken for prolonging payments, and what shall be done about recovering the obligations. "I pray you let me know, or else I were as good go hide my head in a hole. If your letters come not with diligence, the Fugger's day will be come ere your answer shall come."
Here is no certainty of the wars in Almayn, merchants' letters from thence being intercepted; but the Protestants are reported to have 100,000 men and to be too strong for the Emperor, against whom "the Almayns are in a wonderful heart." If the Emperor have the worst, then Turk, French king, Almaynes, Danes, Napolytanes, Moors, and all the world will turn against his countries. This is the weightiest war he ever took in hand.
Has bought a "pretty conceit" for Paget, to be sent by next ships. Encloses a letter from Dymok out of Breame. "I thank you most heartily for my poor wife. She writeth to me that my Lady entertained her with much gentleness." Andwerp, 31 July.
P.S.—Wrote to the Council two days past that about 20 of the merchants of London had not yet paid. Since then they come in apace and all will be paid within these 15 days. They have much ado to get money, for here is no traffic, and the monied men have sent their money to Lyons and Venyce lest the Emperor should take it, to whom they are loth to trust it till they see how he shall speed.
Hol., pp. 3. Add. Endd.: 1546.
31 July. 1375. Vaughan to Paget.
R. O. A merchant resident here, and born at Wyrtzbergh in Almayn, told me he today had letters from thence signifying that the duke of Saxon had taken the bishoprics of Wyrtzberghe and Banberghe from those bishops. Here is silence as to the wars, no news either of Emperor or Protestants. The merchants' letters which are wont to come out of Almayn hither every Sunday or Monday are not yet come and are thought to have been intercepted. Pray remember my account, and that I am not at home to set it forward. Andwerp, last of July.
P.S.—I have yet no commandment to pay the Fugger when his day shall come, which will be within these 15 days.
Hol., p. 1. Add. Endd.: 1546.
31 July. 1376. Vaughan to Lord Cobham.
Harl. MS
283, f. 224.
B. M.
As desired, I send you by waggon, in a little dry ffat wherein go two silver pots made for you by Mr. Damesell, 17¼ Fl. ells of black velvet and 16 Fl. ells of black damask, respectively at 13s. and 6s. the ell. I marvel that you buy silk here, where is neither so good choice as in London, nor is it so good cheap, "the money considered." Your silk cost 16l. 3d. Fl. for which, if you send me money, let it be neither in new crowns nor new angels. I have now much money to be paid here for the King, and would fain have you send it in such money as I can pay again, or else I must take it up by exchange which goes now "very evil."
Cannot learn what is done in Almain. Letters were wont to come thence every Sunday or Monday, but, for these 14 days, none are come. "Some say th'Italians, passing out of Italy by the Streightes, encountered with th'Almayns and slew v. or vje. of them, but there is no such news in the Court." Andwerp, 31 July.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: deputy of Calais. Sealed.
31 July. 1377. Charles V. to Prince Philip.
viii. No. 301.
* * * Has read his letters and the report of Juan Martinez de Recalde touching the six ships, two of which were sunk; also the Scotch version of the matter. As to the proposed arming of zabras for defence, they must proceed with an eye to the attitude of the French and English now that they have made peace. Ratisbon, 31 July.
July. 1378. Foreign Mercenaries.
R. O. Henry VIII.'s letters of commendation of —— (blank), a captain whose services he has used in the late war, and who has shown both valour and military skill. Westm., —— (blank) July 1546. Signed.
Latin. Parchment. Countersigned: Petrus Vannes.
July. 1379. The Boulonnois.
R. O. "Memorandum of th'instructions for the sur[vey of Bullon]oys, —— (blank) Julii, 1546."
1. A commission to be made to [my lord Great Chamberlain], (fn. n6) Sir Thomas Moyle, Sir Edward Wotton, Sir Edward Bray, Sir John Harrington, (fn. n7) Thomas Bryges, William Berners and Thomas Myldmay, two to form a quorum, of which Moyle, Wotton, Bray or Harrington must be one. 2. In Bulloyn, Base Bulloyn, &c., the chief officers and men at arms to have dwelling houses, rent free, they being bound to "reparacion." 3. Leases of dwelling houses in Bulloyn made heretofore by Sir Richard Southwell to be respected. 4. No Picards or other strangers to dwell within Bulloyn, the Old Man or any other fortification, without the King's special warrant. 5. For surety of the frontiers, the chieftains, officers and men at arms of Bulloyn and the other forts, to be allotted ground as noted in the annexed schedule; and the rest of the garrisons to have each a portion of land as the earl of Hertford, the King's lieutenant shall think convenient, "either for their money or as parcel of their entertainment." 6. After the survey the Commissioners shall enquire what Englishmen may be had to inhabit there before Michaelmas; placing as many Englishmen as possible, but, rather than leave the ground untilled, giving leases to Picards and other strangers who are first sworn the King's subjects. All leaseholders to keep at least one third of their ground in tillage; and no lease to be for more than eight years. 7. As the treasurer and comptroller of Callys make leases within their marches, so, after the determination of this commission, the treasurer and comptroller of Bulloyn shall have like authority within the marches of Bulloyn. and —— (blank for names) within the limits of the fortress of Newhaven in Bullonoyes; and, like those of Callys, the said treasurer and comptroller shall have a seal for sealing leases made as well by this commission as hereafter, and —— (blank) another seal for those made within the marches of Newhaven. 8. No woods to be leased; but a special officer appointed to the oversight of them. 9. Every town, parish or village to be appointed ground to remain "in nature of a common" whereon to "use shooting or other pastime." 10. The Commissioners may at discretion accept the old limits of parishes and villages or appoint new, so they make them plain. 11. In every parish a convenient house with about 40 acres of ground to be assigned to the parson or curate, who shall also have tithes and other profits. 12. Like order to be observed in the administration of justice as in the marches of Callys. 13. The Commissioners to view and make books of all ordnance, artillery and harness, and of the victuals in the said towns and fortresses. 14. They shall order all garrisons and inhabitants of fortresses to keep always half a year's victual in store. 15. In laying out the limits between the King's countries and those of the French king, to follow the "cart" now delivered to them by the King. 16. At their assembly on the other side, to communicate their whole charge to the Earl of Hertford.
Draft corrected by Petre, pp. 9. Endd. Numbers not in original. Articles 14, 15 and 16 and some insertions in other articles hare been added by the clerk from § 3.
R. O. 2. "Proportions of land to be allotted to the deputies of Boloyn and of the fort at the Newehaven with other officers as followeth."
The deputy of Boloyn 100 acres, marshal 100 ac., treasurer 80 ac., comptroller 80 ac., porter 60 ac., undermarshal 60 ac., master of the ordnance 60 ac., 20 men at arms each 40 ac The captain of the Citadel 80 ac., lieutenant 40 ac., porter 40 ac. The captain of the Old Man 80 ac., lieutenant 40 ac., porter 40 ac. The captain of the Young Man 60 ac., lieutenant 40 ac. The captain of the Master of the Horse's camp 80 ac., lieutenant 40 ac., porter 40 ac. The deputy of Hambleteue 100 ac., lieutenant 80 ac., chief porter 60 ac. The captain of Blaknes 80 ac., lieutenant 40 ac., porter 40 ac.
Pp. 2.
R. O. 3. Later draft of § 1, with corrections in Paget's hand, who has filled in the blank spaces of the 7th article with the words "such officers as His Highness shall assign" and added the articles numbered 14, 15 and 16 in § 1.
Pp. 5. Endd.: Instructions for Mr. Moyle, etc., appointed commissioners for Bolloyn and Bollonois.
1380. The King's Debts.
R. O. Memorandum headed "Debts to be paid xvo. Augusti," viz.:—
First to the Foulker 152,280l. Fl. To the Bonvixy 7,000l. Fl. To the Salvages 6,000l. Fl. To Bart. Fortuny 6,000l. Fl. Total 171,280l. Fl. Towards which:—Made over by English merchants 47,000l. Fl., by strangers 47,000l. Fl. and by Erasmus Scetes 20,000l. Fl. And so remains 56,720l. Fl.; for discharge whereof the Folker has covenanted the delay of 60,000l. until 15 Feb.; and so there is in "superplusage" 3,280l.
There shall be owing to Bart. Compeigne within three months 5,000l. st., to the Fulker at six months 60,000l., to Sketes at six months 20,000l. Fl., and to the Fulker in August come twelve months, 20,000l. Fl.
P. 1.
1381. Prince Edward to Henry VIII.
Cal. of Cecil
Pt. i., 196.
"Si filiorum pietas omnibus officiis parentes suos prosequi debet, venerande pater, non sum adeo teneræ etatis quin possim intelligere officium meum esse omnibus modis gratificari majestati tuæ; non solum quia pater es, sed quia pater pientissimus, et filii tui amantissimus." Hitherto he has only paid his duty by letter and not speech, and he longs to see his father.
Hol., ¾ p. Add.. "To the kinges majesti my father."
July. 1382. Documents signed by Stamp.
R. O. Abridgment of bills, &c., which the King caused "me, William Clerc," to stamp at sundry times and places in July 38 Hen. VIII., in the presence of Sir Ant. Dennye.
1. "A commission for my lord Admiral, etc." (fn. n8)
2. "Instructions for the same." (fn. n8)
3. "A passport for my lord Admiral, etc." (fn. n8)
4. "A warrant for my lord Admiral's diets, etc." (fn. n8)
5. "A warrant for my lord Admiral's reward, etc." (fn. n8)
6. "A warrant for Mr. Wotton's diets." (fn. n8)
7. "A passport for the Bishop of Westminster's money." (fn. n8)
8. "A letter to the Duke of Northenbergh for Christopher Millayner." (fn. n8)
9. "A letter to Venice for Doctor Augustyne." (fn. n8)
10. "A pardon for certain prisoners of Warke. Subscribed by the Council." (fn. n8) G. 14 July.
11. Sir Francis Barnardo. Annuity. (fn. n8) G. 12 July.
12. "A passport for three horses ambling or trotting for Mr. Harryvell, your Majesty's ambassador at Venece. Preferred by Mr. Dennye."
13. "An acquittance to Mr. Cofferer for 6,984l. 3s. 2½d. by him paid to your Majesty's own hands the last day of June last past. Preferred by Mr. Gate."
14. "William, your Majesty's chaplain." Presentation to Adderley. G. 17 July.
15. "A letter commendatory for coronell Almigerus Antenorie. Florentine, who hath served your Majesty valiantly in the wars." (fn. n8)
16—26. Like letters for captains Andrew Rhenus, John Capicunadus, John Valentianus, Hipolite Palavisine, Neapoletus Corsus, and Petro de Curao Moretto: coronell John Salerno, Veronensis; and captains Clement Siculus, Francisco de Angello, Tyberius Calabrensis and Latius Datius, Florentine. (fn. n8)
27. "A letter to the Duke of Venece." (fn. n8)
28. "A letter to the Rossefeylt." (fn. n8)
29. Sir Wm. Petre. Grant. Subscr. by chanc. and council of Augmentations. (fn. n8) G. 10 July.
30. Sir Wm. Petre. Indenture for the above. Subscr. by chanc. and council of Augm.
31. "A commission for my lord Admiral, etc." (fn. n8)
32. Sir Francisco Barnardo. Denization. (fn. n8) G. 11 July.
33. John and Giles Launge. Licence. At suit of Mr. Gate. G. 25 July.
34. "Your Majesty's promise to the same John Launge for the payment of 1,750l. to him at or before January next in full contentation for certain plate and jewels bought of him by your Highness. Preferred by Mr. Gate."
35. Like promise to Guido Cavalcant, merchant of Florence, for 1,500l. "for certain cloths of tissue gold, silver and silk." Pref. by Gate.
36. John Carye, esq., of the Privy Chamber, to have the rule of Kyndewarston hundred, Wilts, with issues from the decease of William Carie until the full age of Henry Carye, his son and heir, "without account or reckoning for the same." Pref. by Gate.
37. Nic. Shaxton, bishop quondam of Salisburie. Pardon. Subscr. by my lord Chancellor. G. 13 July.
38. "A warrant for my lord Admiral's diets, etc., whereof there was another bill signed the 2nd of this month which was cancelled because the diets were wrong summed. (fn. n8)
39. Piers de Vidoulx. Licence. (fn. n8) G. 17 July.
40. John Zouche. Grant. (fn. n8) G. 20 July.
41. Robert Bouchar. Life grant. A. ii. 12 July.
42. A warrant to the treas. of Augm. for 10l. towards repairing your Majesty's toils. Pref. by Mr. Gate.
43. George Blagge. Pardon. Subscr. by my lord Chancellor. G. 17 July.
44. Chr. White. Pardon. Subscr. by my lord Chancellor. G. 17 July.
45. "Three passports for strangers that have served your Majesty in your wars." (fn. n8)
46. "Three letters commendatory for the same." (fn. n8)
47. George Browne. Office. (fn. n8) G. 27 Sept.
48. Indenture with him for the same. (fn. n8)
49. Dr. Barnarde, the bp. of Westminster's chaplain. Prebend. (fn. n8) G. 21 July.
50. Sr. Salerno. Annuity. (fn. n8) G. 16 July.
51. —— Leeche, Scottishman. Annuity of 25l. (fn. n8)
52. Marco de Verona, Italian. Annuity of 25l. (fn. n8)
53. Instructions to Sir Thos. Moyle, &c., for survey of Bullonoys. (fn. n8)
54. "A warrant for the bargain of lead for Mr. Chamberlain, whereof the King's Majesty hath received in hand 500 mks. and for the rest taketh sureties of the said Chamberlain to be paid at days." (fn. n8)
55. "The ratification of the treaty for peace, etc." (fn. n8)
56. "The commission for the same." (fn. n8)
57. "A warrant for the diets of the Commissioners of Bullonoys." (fn. n8)
58. "A letter for Craggy, Scot, for his entry." (fn. n8)
59. "An annuity for captain Bua." (fn. n8) G. 19 July.
60. "An annuity for the Countie Fiasco of Genes." (fn. n8)
61. "An annuity for Ludovico Montio, Italian." (fn. n8)
62. "An annuity for Johanne Berslao, Hungarien." (fn. n8)
63. "A passport for two horses or geldings for the larde of Bromston, Scot." (fn. n8)
64. "A letter of thanks to Sr Barnardo a Mela, estraunger." (fn. n8)
65. A warrant for Sir Thomas Lewyn, clerk, paymaster of the buildings, works, etc., in Bulloyn and Bullonoys. (fn. n8)
66. "A warrant to the lord Great Master, etc., to pay and allow to David Vincent, groom extraordinary of the Privy Chamber, like wages as the ordinary grooms hath, with the arrearages from Christmas last." Pref. by Mr. Dennye and Mr. Harman.
67. Eliz. Monmouth. Pardon. Examined by Justice Lister. G. 9 Aug.
68. John Blymsham. Pardon. At suit of Dr. Owen. G. 29 July.
69. Thos. Vowell. Licence, "in recompense of certain powder shot and artillery which he employed in chasing of the galleys." G. 24 July.
70. "George Warner, serjeant at arms, to be keeper of Bramsell park and have the fee of —— (blank) during his life with the arrearages from Michaelmas ao 27mo hitherto."
71. A lease, in reversion, for 40 years, of the site of the late monastery of Brenkebourn in Northumberland, etc., for George Fenwike, at 7l. 4s. 4d. rent. Subscr. by Chanc. of Augm.
72. John Carre. Gift and purchase. Subscr. by Chanc. of Augm. G. 31 July.
73. "Your Majesty's obligation to Erasmus Sketes for the 20,000l." (fn. n8)
74. "The 'counterbande' to London for the same matter." (fn. n8) G. 27 July and 1 Aug.
75. "The passport for Erasmus Sketes." (fn. n8)
76. "The licence for him to bring in arras and jewellery." (fn. n8)
77. "The lease for Mr. Chaloner and my lady Lee." (fn. n8)
78. "The licence for 400 'tonnes' of wines for the merchants of Bristoll." G. 10 Aug.
79. Sir John Gresham and others. Commission. (fn. n8) G. 1 Aug.
Parchment roll of 2 membranes signed at the end: W. Clerc.
1383. Grants in July 1546.
1. Andrew Salman, yeoman, and Giles Sowgate, labourer, late of Combes, Suff. Pardon for having, with Robert Sowgate, yeoman, of the same place, 8 Feb. 36 Hen. VIII., at 11 p.m., broken into the parish church of Combes and stolen a chalice of silver worth 50s., a pair of censers of silver worth 100s., a ship of silver worth 10s., six altar cloths of linen and four "wypyng towelles" worth 6s., the goods of the parishioners, then in custody of Simon Wightman and Thos. Colman, churchwardens Del. Westm., 1 July 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 5, m. 49.
2. Walter Erle, the King's servant. Grant of the park and mansion of Colcombe and a meadow in Colyton called Parke Meadowe, which belonged to the late marquis of Exeter, attainted; for 40 years from All Saints Day next, rent free, on his undertaking to provide hay for the horses of the King's officers repairing to his Grace's manor of Colyton to keep the courts there, to keep 120 deer at the King's disposal, and to repair the mansion and palings when necessary. On surrender of pat. 2 Nov. 35 Hen. VIII. as regards the keeping of the park and house of Colcombe, the fee of 2d. a day, and other profits in the said park. Greenwich, 30 June 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 1 July.—P.S.
3. Thomas Horsman. Warrant for livery of lands to him as s. and h. of Evan Horsman, who died seised of lands in Tyso, Overtyso. Churche Tiso, Whatcot and Over Erdinton, held of the Crown and also of Hen. Compton and Wm. Willington, worth 4l. 2s. 4d. a year; with issues from 25 Aug. 37 Hen. VIII., when Evan died, to 28 May 38 Hen. VIII, when the said Thomas sued out livery. Dated 9 June 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 1 July.—S.B. (signed by St. John, Goodrick and Beamount.)
4. Ric. Norton. Annuity of 14l. out of Stanburgh manor and lands in Stanburghlawe, Wursburgh, Lynton,Grymston and elsewhere, Yorks., in the King s hands by the minority of Henry Johnson, s. and h. of Thos. Johnson (or Jonson); with wardship and marriage of the heir. Greenwich, 28 June 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 2 July.—P. S. Pat. p. 4, m. 31.
5. John Sykys, the Kings servant, son of John Sykys, dec. To be master carpenter of Berwick, which office is now void by the death of the said John Sykys, his father. Greenwich, 30 June 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 2 July—P.S. Pat. p. 5, m. 8.
6. John Goodwyn. Grant, in fee, for 473l. 6s. 8d., of a rent of 27l. reserved by pat. 4 Sept., 24 Hen. VIII. granting to Sir John Williams (by the name of John Williams, esq). a rent of 27l. reserved upon a lease, by St. Frediswide's priory, Oxford. 26 March 9 Hen. VIII., to the said John Goodwyn and Parnella Nash, widow, of the manor, rectory and advowson of the vicarage of Overwynchendon, Bucks, for 60 years, and the reversion of the said manor and rectory; which rent is now reduced to 23l. 13s. 4d. by a pension of 3l. 6s. 8d. to Lincoln cathedral. Del. Westm., 2 July 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Paget, Petre, Sadler, Ryche, North, Bacon and Duke). Pat. p. 13, m. 47.
7. John ap David ap Grono, of Trausvenythe, co. Merioneth. Pardon for having, with others, 14 Feb. 35 Hen VIII., by night, burglariously entered the house of John ap Rethergh ap Ithell, at Trausvenythe, and stolen a barrel of butter worth 12d. Westm., 8 April 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 2 July 38 Hen. VIII.—P.S. Pat. 37 Hen. VIII., p. 1, m. 30.
8. Guttyn ap Jevan ap Guttyn of Gwernevell, co. Merioneth, yeoman. Pardon for having, 10 May 36 Hen. VIII. at Trausvenythe. co. Merioneth, stolen a cow, worth 13s. 4d., belonging to Gruff ap Robert Vichun. Westm. 8 April 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 2 July 38 Hen. VIII.—P.S. Pat. 37 Hen. VIII., p. 1, m. 30.
9. David Vichan ap Jevan ap Gruff, David Benlloid and John ap David Benlloid, of Kiltalgarth, co. Merioneth, yeoman. Pardon for having received and aided Morgan Lloid ap Ll'n Goz of Kiltalgarth, yeoman, after he had stolen four cows, worth 53s. 4d., of Jevan ap Gruff ap Meredythe at Kiltalgarth. Westm., 8 April 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 2 July 38 Hen. VIII.—P.S. Pat. 37 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 30.
10. John Baker, the King's servant. To be surveyor of the petty custom and subsidy in the port of London in reversion after Edmund Lomner, who now holds the office by pat. of 21 Sept. 23 Hen. VIII. Greenwich, 28 June 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 3 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 4, m. 32.
11. Peter Vanden Walle, the King's jeweller, and John Vanden Walle, his son. Licence to bring into the realm "all manner of jewels set and unset, all manner embroideries in garments or otherwise, all manner of plate of goldsmith's work, arras and tapestry, cloths of gold, of silver and of all manner of silks, linen cloths as Hollande, Flemysshe, Cameryke diaper and dammaske worke, harness, weapons, guns, gunpowder and all kinds of artillary and munitions for war;" and to pass and repass with them for the next five years. The goods to be the property of the said Peter and John and of Francis Warner, John Duboiis and Everart Everdeiis. their companions; and the King to have first sight and choice of them, and no custom to be paid upon such as are taken away out of the realm unsold. Greenwich, 27 June 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm. 3 July.—P.S. French roll, 38 Hen. VIII. m. 6. In English.
12. John Zouche. See below § 82.
13. John Hogges alias Dobbes, son of John Hogges, late of Hillington, Norf. Manumission, confirming a deed of manumission, 4 March 33 Hen. VIII., made to him by Lady Anne of Cleves as tenant for life of the manors of Claxton and Hyllington, Norf. Greenwich, 1 July 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 4 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 8, m. 36.
14. William Woode, one of the masters of the King's ships. To be a yeoman of the Crown with 6d. a day from Michaelmas last, vice William Cornet, dec. Greenwich, 27 June 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Greenwich, 4 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 8, m. 37.
In English.
15. Edmund Martyn and Thos. Powle. Grant, in survivorship, of the office of Clerk of the Crown of Chancery, with the fee of 20l. a year, as amply as Ralph Pexsall, Thos. Pope and John Lucas held it. On surrender by Martyn of pat. 9 April 35 Hen. VIII. granting the office to him alone. Portsmouth, 20 July 37 Ben. VIII.—Del. Westm.,5 July 38 Hen. VIII —P.S. Pat. p. 5, m. 10.
16. Sir Ralph Ellerker, the King's servant. To be keeper of the park called Northparke of Bristwike in Holderness, Yorks., and master of the hunt of deer, with the usual profits; and to have in farm the herbage and pannage at the accustomed rent. Greenwich, 25 June 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 5 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 8, m. 38 (marked as cancelled because surrendered, 12 Feb. 3 Edw. VI., in order that other letters might be granted to John Bellowe).
17. Elizabeth Prowde. Pardon of waiver incurred by her failure to appear when sued by John Core of London, grocer, for a debt of 9l. 19s. 1d, as widow and executrix of Richard Provide of Shrewsbury. She has now surrendered to the Fleet prison as certified by Sir Edw. Mountagu, chief justice. Westm., 5 July 38 Hen. VIII. No note of delivery.—P.S. Pat. p. 10, m. 40.
18. Sir Richard Ryche, King's Councillor, Elizabeth his wife and Robert his son. Grant, for Sir Richard's services and for 1,000l. paid by him, of annual rents reserved upon certain grants by patent, viz.:—
(1) Pat. 27 May 2H Hen. VIII., of the priory and manor of Leighes alias Leighes Parva, manors of Camsex Barnes and Herons, advowson of Parva Leighes church, etc., at 52s. 9d.
(2.) Pat. 25 June 29 Hen. VIII., of the reversion of Gladfen Hall and of certain marshes in Fowlnes, the manors of Slamesey, Oldehall and Brenthall, a water mill in Boreham, the rectories of Matching and Parva Leighes. etc.; at 5l. 15s. 8d., which by decree of the Court of Augmentations, 10 Oct. 34 Hen. VIII., was reduced to 59s. 9d. because Sir Richard had. by charter 13 July 30 Hen. VIII., regranted some of the lands to the Crown.
(3.) Pat. 14 Feb. 31 Hen. VIII., of the manor of Maylondhall, rectories of Maylond, Southmynster and Althorn, etc., at rents of 39s. for what previously belonged to St. Osithe and 60s. for what belonged to Halywell.
(4.) Pat. 18 April 33 Hen. VIII., to George Harper, of Pasfeld manor at 61s. rent and Sutton Temple manor at 60s. rent, which Harper subsequently sold to Sir Richard, viz., Pasfeld by charter dated 26 April 34 Hen. VIII., and Sutton Temple by charter of 26 June 35 Hen. VIII.
(5.) Pat. 28 May 34 Hen. VIII., to Sir Richard, of Matching rectory, and lands there, at 22s. rent.
(6.) Pat. 15 July 31 Hen. VIII., to Sir Richard, of the manors of Magna Bursted, Westhouse. Whites, Gurneys, Bukwynes, Cowbrige and Chalwedon, the rectory of Magna Bursted, etc., and houses in Austin Friars, London, at 10l. rent.
(7.) Pat. 15 March 35 Hen. VIII., to Edm. Mordaunte. of Stannesgate manor, Steple rectory, etc., at 72s. rent, which Mordaunte afterwards, 5 June 36 Hen. VIII., granted to Sir Richard.
(8.) Pat. 16 Aug. 36 Hen. VIII., to Wm. Rygges and Leonard Browne, of Folyatt manor, at 13s. 4d rent, which they afterwards, 16 Aug. 36 Hen. VIII., sold to Sir Richard.
(9.) Pat. 28 March 36 Hen. VIII., to Sir Richard, of the manor of Newarkes in Goodester, prebends and manors of Paslowes, Imbres, Fawconers and Bowres, and rectory of Goodester; at 30s. rent for the manor. 30s. for Fawconers and Bowres, 20s. for Paslowes 24s. for Imbres, and 16s 3d. for the rectory.
(10.) Pat. 24 Feb. 37 Hen. VIII., to Sir Richard, of the manors of Myddelton, Southchurche, Lawling and Stysted. at 37s. 8½d. rent for Stysted. 4l. 13½d. for Lawling, 48s. for Middleton and 67s. for Southchurche
(11.) Pat. 5 March 29 Hen. VIII., to Sir Richard, of the manor of Magna Schobury and the advowson of the church there at 4l. 2d. rent.
(12.) Pat. 31 July 30 Hen. VIII., to Sir Richard, of the manor of Bendisshe Hall, a pension of 6l. 10s. etc., at 56s. 4d. rent.
(13.) Pat. 27 Jan. 31 Hen. VIII., to Sir Richard, of Felsted rectory, etc., and lands in Wyllyngale Spayne, Wyllyngale Doo and Fyfeld, at 65s. 6½d. rent, for Felsted and 4s. 8d. for the rest.
(14.) Pat. 24 Feb. 34 Hen. VIII., to Sir John Williams and Ant. Strynger, of Newarkes Norton manor, at 13s. 4d. rent, which they afterwards, 26 Feb. 34 Hen. VIII., granted to Sir Richard.
(15.) Pat. 23 March 29 Hen. VIII., to Sir Thos. Seymour, of the late mon. of Coggeshall, etc., at 25l. 2s. 2½d. rent, the premises being then of the annual value of 251l. 2s. 1d., whereof the manors called Childerdyche Hall and Tillingham Hall, rectory of Childerdyche and lands in Childerdyche Parva Warley and West Thornedon were worth 50l. Seymour afterwards, 20 June 31 Hen. VIII, sold to Robert Cowper, of Stoke Naylonde, Suff., clothier, the manor of Wyston Grange, Suff., which was parcel of the premises and worth 22s. 1d. yearly; and subsequently, 20 April 31 Hen. VIII., granted to Sir Richard Riche the manors of Childerdyche Hall and Tyllyngham Hall, lands in Childerdyche, Warley Parva and Westhornedon, and rectory of Childerdyche. Afterwards, by indenture of 12 May 33 Hen. VIII., Seymour sold to the Crown the site and demesnes of the mon., together with the manors of Coggeshall, Tolshunt Major and Kewton Hall, the rectory of Coggeshall, etc., upon promise of release of 20l. parcel of the 25l. 2s. 2½d, leaving 5l. 2s. 2½d. to be levied, 5l. from the lands in Essex sold to Riche and 2s. 2½d. from Wyston; and subsequently, 20 Oct. 34 Hen. VIII., for considerations stated in the said indenture of 12 May 33 Hen VIII., it was decreed that Ryche should pay the 5l. and Cowper the 2s. 2½d.
(16). Pat. 11 Feb. 31 Hen. VIII., to Sir Thos. Darcy, of Hoton manor, Essex, with advowson of the church, etc., at 68s. rent, which manor Darcy, 1 March 31 Hen. VIII., sold to Sir Richard.
Which said rents are hereby granted as follows, viz.—Those specified in (1), (2) (6), (3), (5), (7), (9), (4, the 60s. only), (10) and (8) to the said Sir Richard, in fee; those specified in (11), (12), (13), (4, the 61s. only) and (14) to Sir Richard and Elizabeth his wife, in fee to the said Sir Richard; those specified in (16) to Sir Richard and Robert his son, in fee to the said Sir Richard; and those specified in (15) to Sir Richard and Hugh his son, in fee to the said Sir Richard; with confirmation of their titles to the manors and other lands concerned. Del. Westm., 7 July 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (seven membranes, eachsigned by Russell, Gardiner. Browne, Petre, North, Williams, Hendle and Duke). Pat. p. 2, m. 17.
19. John Butler. Livery of lands as s. and h. of Sir Philip Butler dec. Del. [Westm.], 7 July 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (Signed by St. John, Sewster and Beamount). Pat. p. 4, m. 37.
20. John Piers, clerk of the check of the Guard. To be keeper of the warren of hares at Everley. Wilts, which Ric. Baker, dec., had; and, "for the better cherishment and conservation of the game," to have the rule and oversight of the felling of bushes growing upon the said warren. Greenwich, 25 June 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 7 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 5, m. 3. In English.
21. Roger Vaughan. To be chancellor and receiver of the lordships of Brecon and Hay (Haia Wallensis) and of Cantercelly, Pynkelly and Alexanderston in South Wales. On surrender by Sir Wm. Vaughan of pat. 30 April 31 Hen. VIII. granting these offices to him. Greenwich, 3 July 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 7 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 5, m. 4.
22. Anthony Southwell. Lease, by advice of Southwell and Moyle, General Surveyors, of the manors of (1) Ruthyn and (2) Llanbethian and (3) lands in the occupation of the King's tenants within the forest of Tallavan, co. Glamorgan, which belonged to Jasper late duke of Bedford; for 21 years, at rents of (1) 6l. 17s. 8½d., (2) 53l. 13s. 107/8d. and (3) 28s. 7½d., and an increase of 20d. and a yearly payment of 49s. 1d. to the haywards and stewards (ad manus messor' et prepositor') of Llanblethian for the exercise of their office. Greenwich, 3 July 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 7 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 5, m. 8.
23. William Thomas, late of Llangdegveth, co. Monm. Pardon for having, 20 Feb. 35 Hen. VIII., broken into the house of John William at Monmouth and stolen a hat (biretum) value 2s., as proved at the sessions there 26 Jan. 37 Hen. VIII. before Roland and William Morgan, justices. Del. Westm., 7 July 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 5, m. 52
24. Francis Paslowe. Livery of lands as s. and h. of Walter Paslowe. Del. Westm., 8 July 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by St. John and others whose signatures are illegible.) Pat. p. 4. m. 34.
25. George Emerson. Lease of a messuage within the lordship of Severby, Linc., with a close and 10 ac. of arable land and common of pasture there, which belonged to Sir Robert Constable, attainted; for 21 years from Mich. next. Del. Westm., 8 July 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Southwell and Moyle.) Pat. p. 5, m. 9.
26. William Wroo, clk. Licence to take two benefices with cure and be nonresident. Westm., 8 June 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 8 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 5, m. 13.
In English.
27. Anthony Rone. Lease, by advice of Southwell and Moyle, General Surveyors, of the lordship of Llanstephan, co. Carm., and all rents of assise there and demesne lands and pastures. herbage or agistment of animals in the park there, and in the marsh of Mondegney and pasture of le More, the mills of Llanstephan and Mondegney lately in tenure of Henry and Jenkin Lloyd a pool there called Vyncent's Were and le Roke rent of the farmers there, also the perquisites of the courts there, the rents of assize and perquisites of the courts in Oysterlow, Court de Lafferye, Penryn, Sanctus Clarus and Traneclyton; also three cottages late of John Whitlond in Court de Lafferye, moveable rent and agistment of animals and a certain custom called comortha falling triennially in Penryn, and rents of the tenants in Sanctus Clarus, parcel of the said lordship of Llanstephan, which belonged to Jasper, late duke of Bedford. For 21 years from Michaelmas next, at 44l. 9s. 11d. rent besides 20s. to the King's travelling bailiff of Carmarthen as rent of the pool of Gilgarren in Oysterlowe. Greenwich, 3 July 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 8 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 8, m. 8.
28. Hugh Appowell. Lease of the manor of Denevor, co. Carm., the fishery of Tewy, rent and farm of the town of Newton, and assise of beer in Llandeylo, in tenure of Sir Wm. Thomas, parcel of the principality of South Wales; for 21 years from Michaelmas next. Del. Westm., 9 July 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Southwell and Moyle.) Pat. p. 5, m. 10.
29. Sir Nicholas Hare and John Hare, mercer of London. Grant, in fee, for 1,068l. 6s. 10½d., of the site, church, steeple, &c., of the late nunnery of Marham, Norf., the manor of Marham, a tenement and lands in Wymondham and Carleton, a close in Besthorpe and a meadow in Shuldam, Norf., also lands in Kentford, Nedeham and Gaseley and in Heringeswell, Suff., the advowson of Dudlyngton rectory, a pension (amount not stated) out of Stowbedan vicarage, Norf., and the advowsons of the churches of Carleton Fourhowe and Roklond, Norf.; and all lands in Marham, Wymondham. Carleton, Besthorpe and Shuldham, Norf., and in Kentford, Nedeham, Gaseley and Heringeswell, Suff., belonging to the said nunnery lately leased to Thos. Bukworth, gent.,—Marham nunnery. The manor of Hurtes, Suff., with the advowson of the church of Saxmondham, Suff., and all appurtenances of the said manor in Saxmondham, except a market called Saxmondham Market leased to Robt Glamvyle for 53s. 4d. rent; also the manor of Seymers. Norf., with appurtenances in Harleston, Mendham, Nedeham and Sterston Norf., — Charles duke of Suffolk, dec. The advowson and the rectory of Wightlyngham alias Witlyngham, Norf.,—priory of St. Olave of Heringflete; and all the tithes of a certain field in Mere within Baschurche parish, Salop, — Shrewsbury mon. Fifty acres of land and the liberty of a fold in Bridgeham alias Brigham and Rowdham, a yard (ortum) called Coleyardyard, 5 ac. of land in le Crofte in Magna Wychyngham, a messuage and 8 ac. of land in Bodney and a fishery with a pond in Thetford, Norf., a messuage and 10 ac. of land in Bedyngham, three works in autumn and 20d. rent in Bedyngham and Okeholt, which 50 ac., etc., were lately in the occupation of the said Sir Nicholas and Nic. Darnold for term of years at a rent answered in the Exchequer by the sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk. Del. Westm., 9 July 38 Hen. VIII. S.B. (very worn and illegible, signed by Russell, Essex, Gardiner, Browne, Petre, Sadler Riche. North, Chydley and Ric. Goodrick.) Pat. p. 6, m. 31.
30. Sir George Ratclyff. Livery of lands as s and h. of Sir Cuthbert Ratclyff, dec. Del. Westm., 9 July 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by St. John, Goodrick and Beamount.) Pat. p. 7, m. 45.
31. Sir William Petre, one of the Two Principal Secretaries. Grant in fee (for the site and demesnes of Clatercote priory, Oxon, the manor of Fenny Compton, Warw., which belonged to that priory, and the manor of Westwell, Oxon, which belonged to Eddington mon., Wilts, sold to the Crown by indenture of 4 July 38 Hen. VIII., and for 159l 19s. 7d.) of the manor and rectory and the advowson of the vicarage of Brentte. Devon,—Buckfast. Del. Westm., 10 July 38 Hen. VIII.—S B. (Signed by North, Hendle and Bacon.) Pat. p. 3, m. 23.
32. Sir Giles Strangweys. Custody of a moiety of the manor of Thilcombe, Dors., in the King's hands by the minority of John Bishope, s. and h. of Wm. Bishop, dec., with wardship and marriage of the heir. Westm., 6 July 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 10 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 4, m. 31.
33. John Tupholme, merchant of the Staple of Calais. Annuity of 5l. out of the lands now in the King's hands by the minority of Thos. Bate, s. and h. of John Bate, dec.; with wardship and marriage of the heir. Westm., 6 July 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm. 10 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 4, m. 31.
34. Sir Peter Carewe. Livery of lands as brother and heir of Sir George Carewe, dec. Del. Westm., 10 July 38 Hen. VIII—S.B (signed by St. John, Hynde, Goodrick and Beamount.) Pat, p. 4 m. 36.
35. Thomas Walcot. Lease, by advice of Southwell and Moyle, General Surveyors, of the toll of the markets within Grantham, Linc., which belonged to the late Queen Jane; for 21 years from Michaelmas next; at 8l. rent and 6s. 8d. increase. Greenwich, 4 July 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 10 July.—P S. Pat. p. 5, m. 3.
36. Roger ap Dod ap Res. Lease of escheated lands within the towns of Kylkaynn, Trovarth and Maessegwyck, in tenure of Robert Rutter, Jevan ap Rees ap Gr. Lloyd. Gr. ap Lin. Vaughan and Dd. ap Lin. ap Dd. ap Lln., in the commote of Istulas and lordship of Denbigh of the late earl of March in co. Denbigh; for 21 years from Michaelmas next. Del. Westm., 10 July 38 Hen. VIII. S.B. (Signed by Southwell and Moyle). Pat. p. 5, m. 9.
37. Chabham vicarage. Surr. Annuity of 20s. to Nicholas Dolphinby, clk., vicar of Chabham, and his successors, in consideration that the revenues are greatly diminished by the erection of the King's new park in Chabham. Also grant, in consideration that the vicar has had no profits from the lands within the park since Michaelmas 31 Hen. VIII., of 20s. to be paid by the receiver of the lands of the late mon. of Chertsey. Greenwich, 3 July 38 Hen. VIII. Del. 10 July (no place named).—P.S. Pat. p. 5, m. 12.
38. William Bromley. Lease of escheated lands in Cheshire viz., three tenements of the manor of Pulton Launcelyn lately in tenure of Wm. Parys Ric. Hogh and John Batryn, the passage of Seacon seised into the hands of the late Prince, a fourth part of the passage of Seacon, and one sixth part of another fourth part of the same, a messuage and 40 ac. of land in Badley Graunge, 3 ac. in Baghgren in solo de Macclesfeld, a place of land (6 ac.) in Clotton, a selion of land in Knottesford, an annual rent alienated by Thomas son of Wm. Knottesford and Wm. Atkynson. a place of land late of John Whotley alias Walleys in Apulton, an acre of land In Whitreton alias Whighstretton, lands and tenements which Hugh Andren alienated to Swaynlow, late vicar of Frodesham and his successors in Alvandelye, an acre of land late of John Leigh in Modberley, a messuage and 10ac. of land in Atharton, two parcels of land within the lordship of Middlewich called Intakes, four cottages with three gardens in Stokeporte; for 21 years from Michaelmas next; at 4l. 10s. present rent and 10s. increase. On surrender of lease to him 18 March 24 Hen. VIII., of the premises, then farmed by Rog. Maynwaring by pat. of the King's father; which lease included also the passage of Donington cum Launton Lydyat. Del. Westm., 10 July anno infrascripto.—S.B. (signed by Southwell and Moyle.) Pat. p. 5, m. 14.
39. Richard Brakyn. Livery of lands as s. and h. of Thos Brakyn, dec. Del. Westm., 10 July 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by St. John, Goodrick and Beamount). Pat. p. 7, m. 46.
40. Thomas Hussey. Lease by advice of Southwell and Moyle, general surveyors, of the site of the manor of Blanckeney, Linc., and its demesnes, lately in tenure of Sir Robert Hussey, dec., which belonged to Sir John lord Hussey, attainted; for 21 years from Mich. next. Westm., 7 July 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 10 July.— P.S. Pat. p. 8, m. 5.
41. Henry Denton. Pardon for the death of Wm. Cowton. late of Helmesley, Yorks., whom he killed in self-defence, as certified by John Wode, one of the coroners of Yorkshire, to Sir John Hynde and Edm. Molyneux, King's serjeant at law, justices for gaol delivery at York castle. Westm., 10 July. Pat. 38 Hen. VIII., p. 12, m. 47.
42. Franciscus Barnardus, eques auratus, a native of Venice. Denization. Del. Westm., 11 July 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 2, m. 31.
43. Edw. Butler, a sewer of the Chamber. Licence to export 500 dickers of tanned leather. Greenwich, 25 April 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 11 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 5, m. 5. In English.
44. Robert Whytney. Livery of lands as s. and h. of Robert Whytney of Whytney, dec. Del. Westm., 12 July 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by St. John, Goodrick and Beamount). Pat. p. 4, m. 33.
45. Sir Francis Barnardus. Annuity of 250l. for life. Westm., 8 July 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 12 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 5, m. 12.
46. John Welles. To be messenger of the Court of First Fruits, On surrender by Robert Byby of pat. 28 March 32 Hen. VIII. granting the office to him. Greenwich, 4 July 38 Hen. VIII. Del. 12 July (no place named).—P.S. Pat. p. 9, m. 10.
47. Thos. Assheton, late of Penkethe, Lanc., son and heir apparent of John Assheton of Penketh. Pardon of outlawry proclaimed against him at the suit of Ralph Grymshawe and Ellen his wife alias "Helyn Assheton suster of the said Thomas" for non fulfilment of a contract; the said Thos. having surrendered to the Flete prison, as certified by Sir Edw. Mountague, chief justice. Westm., 12 July. Pat. 38 Hen. VIII. p. 12, m. 48.
48. Andrew Jutsorby, of Ipswich. Fiat for his custody of a vacant parcel of land in the street called Fischemerkett at Ipswich, 30 ft. wide and 40 ft. long, which formerly was the common gaol or prison there; for 21 years at 12d. a year. T. 13 July 38 Hen. VIII. (signed by Norfolk as treasurer: with certificate by Sir Chr. More of security given in the Exchequer). Pat. p. 5, m. 3.
49. Nicholas Shaxton, late of Hadley, Suff., clk., formerly bp. of Salisbury. Pardon for having, 1 June last, in Brodestrete ward, openly preached the following heresy, viz., "concerning the blessed body and blood of our Saviour Christ, mine opinion is that His natural body is not therein, but it is a sign and a memorial of His body crucified for us." With restoration of goods. Del. Westm., 13 July 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (countersigned by Wriothesley). Pat. p. 5, m. 11.
50. Edmund Dighton. Livery of lands as s. and h. of Robert Dighton, dec. Del. Westm., 13 July 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by St. John, Hynde and Beamont.) Pat. p. 8, m. 6.
51. Sir Ralph Ellercar. Lease (by advice of Southwell and Moyle) of sheepcotes called Chesehouse Cote and Wethercottes with "le Coote Garrell" in Northwestmershe and Crofts in Keingham Mershe within the lordship of Brustwike in Holdernes, Yorks., parcel of lands of the late duke of Buckingham, attainted; for 21 years from Mich. next; at 23l. 10s. rent and 3s. 4d. increase. On surrender of a similar lease, 17 May 19 Hen. VIII. to his father Sir Ralph Ellercar, junior, now dec. Westm., 8 July 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 14 July—P.S. Pat. p. 5, m. 1.
52. Cornelius Musting, son of John Musting, dec., late the King's arras maker. To be the King's "arresmaker" and repairer of his cloths of arras and tapestry, vice John Buck. dec.; with 12d. a day, from Easter last. Westm., 6 June 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 14 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 5, m 1.
53. John Owen, jun., and Thomas Owen, his brother. To be the King's gunfounders, with profits as enjoyed by Peter Bowde, dec., and 8d. a day each, from the Annunciation of Our Lady 36 Hen. VIII., since which time they have exercised the office. Greenwich, 5 July 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 14 July.— P.S. Pat. p. 5, m. 2. (cancelled with note, signed by Thos. Owen, surviving the said John, that he resigned the office and fee 7 April 13 Eliz.).
54. John Anthony, gunsmith. Fee of 6d. a day Westm., 11 July 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 14 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 5. m. 5.
55. Thomas Rede, William Wyne, John Betsone, Thomas Cockes, John Johnson, Bog Foyster, and John Fraunceis, of Wark upon Tweed, Nthld., yeomen, gunners of the garrison there in the retinue of George Lawson, captain of that castle. Pardon for the murder of more than 30 Scottish prisoners (names unknown) who had been captured at a raid into Scotland on 20 April 37 Hen. VIII. at a place upon the river Tevyote near Ormestone, and after detention at Warke. Cornewall, Ettaill, Fourde, Fentone, Wowler and other places, were returning home, by agreement with their captors, to arrange for their ransoms when by the said Rede, &c., who had on 21 April conspired for the purpose, they were waylaid and murdered at Redynge, Sproustone, Bridgram and elsewhere near the Marches, on the said 21st day of April. Of which murder the said Rede etc., were indicted on 15 May 1546, 38 Hen. VIII, before Sir William lord Eure, lord Warden of the East Marches, and Sir Robert Bowes, lord warden of the Middle Marches. Westm., 9 July 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 14 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 5, m. 6
56. Thomas Bemyngham. alias Beryngham, alias Beryngam. alias Bellyngton, of Barkyng, Essex, butcher. Pardon for having aided and abetted Henry Salwyer or Sawyer of Stapleforde Tawney, Essex, blacksmith, who on 15 Dec. 37 Hen. VIII., in the parish of St Katharine Christchurch, ward of Algate, London, stole 3½oz. of broken silver, value 14s., owner unknown. Del. Westm., 14 July 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 5, m. 11.
57. Sir Ralph Fane. To be keeper of Northelighe park, Kent, and have herbage and pannage, firewood, wyndefalnewocd and browsewood therein, with 2d. a day out of Penhurste manor and all profits as enjoyed by Sir Thomas Willoughby, one of the justices of Common Pleas, or by Thomas Culpeper, attainted. Greenwich, 1 July 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 14 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 5, m. 13.
58. William Assheby, one of the King's auditors. Lease (by advice of Southwell and Moyle) of the moiety of the site of Bletherwyke manor, Ntht., and of the buildings and lands thereto pertaining, now in tenure of Walter Thomas, parcel of the lands called Broughtons Landes in the King's hands by the attainder of Lord Howarde; from Michaelmas next, for 21 years; at 20s. 4d. rent and 12d. increase. Westm., 14 July. Pat. 38 Hen. VIII. p. 6, m. 39.
59. Sir Thomas Hennage, a gentleman of the Privy Chamber. Custody of lands in Hollande Swayne, Silkeston, Shelley and elsewhere, Yorks., which belonged to Thomas Wortley, dec., and are in the King's hands by the minority of Francis, s. and h. of the said Thomas Wortley; with wardship and marriage of the heir. Westm., 10 July 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 14 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 7. m. 37.
60. Joan Page, widow of Jas. Page, mercer of London, dec., and Philip Bolde, clothworker, of London, executors of the will of the said James, dated 20 May 37 Hen. VIII., by which he left all his property to the said Joan and Philip to fulfil certain trusts, but because of the tenure in capite, the said will, by Act of Parliament of 32 Hen. VIII., is void as regards the third part of the lands, which must be reserved for the King's wardship and primer seisin. Licence of entry without proof of the age of Barth. Page, s. and h. of the said James, upon messuages and lands (specified) in Shorham, Kent, in tenure of John Alderson, Ric. Pennyston, John Chatton, Ric. Roffe, Edm. Page, Wm. Dally, Hen. Collen and Wm. Wakam a messuage, &c., in the street of Cobham in tenure of Barnaby Armstrong, and an inn called the Syne of the George in Graves Inne, Kent, in tenure of Thos. Howlett, which premises are equal in value to two parts of all the lands of the said James. Del. Westm., 14 July 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by St. John, Goodrick and Beamount). Pat. p. 7, m. 43.
61. Peter Rumney and Margaret his wife. Fiat for livery of lands in Worcestershire in right of the said Margaret as one of the daughters and co-heirs of Thos. Haye, dec., who died seised of two parts of the manor of Hethey, and lands in Kythermyster, Stukley and Dodnam (tenures and values given.) Del. Westm., 14 July 38 Hen. VIII.— S.B. (signed by St. John, Sewster and Beamount.)
62. John Bourne of Batenall, Wore. Lease of a close of pasture called Digeley in St. Peter's parish without the walls of Worcester (26 ac.), lately in tenure of Robt. Folyat, dec., parcel of Warwickes and Spencer's lands; for 21 years, from Michaelmas next. Del. Westm., 15 July 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Southwell and Moyle). Pat. p. 5, m. 49.
63. Thomas Boughton. Grant, in fee, for 678l. (and an undertaking by recognisance in the Augmentations to pay for the woods in the letters patent as they shall be appraised upon survey), of lands (specified) in Causton, Warw, in tenure of John Litley, Jas. Jerrard, John Harrold, Wm. Beverley, Wm. Boughton (including the pond called Potesford Damme), and Alice Preste,—Pypewell mon., Ntht. Del. Westm., 15 July 38 Hen. VIII.-S.B. (signed by Paget, Petre, Sad eyr, Ryche Southwell, North, Caryll and Staunford). Pat. p. 7, m. 1.
64. Robert Gardyner. Fiat for his custody of 12 ac. of land in Ledered, Surr., called Patesland, a place of land in Oxencroft there and 7 ac. of land in Mykelham; from Mich. 38 Hen. VIII. for 21 years; at 8s. 4d. rent and 4d. increase. Westm., 16 July. Pat. 38 Hen. VIII. p. 5. m. 3.
65. John de Salerno, of Verona, the King's servant. Annuity of 150l. dating from Michaelmas 36 Hen VIII. Del. Westm, 16 July 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 5, m. 10.
66. John Braddyll of Whalley, Lanc. Grant in fee, for 220l. 10s. of rents reserved upon the following grants by patent, viz.:—(1) Pat. 23 March 36 Hen. VIII. (to the said Braddyll) of lands in Harwood Parva, Lanc., at 9s. 4d. rent. (2) Pat. 21 March 33 Hen. VIII. (to Robert Holte) of lands in Whalley and Calcottes at 7s. 1d. and 8s. 8d. rent. (3) Pat. 20 May 36 Hen. VIII. (to Ric, Crumbylholme) of lands in Marsden, and in Wiswolde and Witton, at 2s. and 17s. 11d. (4) Pat. 14 Sept. 36 Hen. VIII. (to Wm. Ramysden) of the manor of Extwysell and Berecliff, at 8s. rent.
Also grant of messuages and lands in Settell, Yorks., in tenure of Hugh Carr. and Hugh Somersall (late of Thos. Somerseall, dec.) in Cold Conaston, Yorks., in tenure of Thos. Walbanke, in Calton in Meladale in tenure of John Chatbourne and Wm. Wilcoke, and in Arton, Yorks., formerly purchased from Robt. Ellez and now in tenure of Ric. Salley,—Sir Stephen Hamerton. Also messuages and lands in Walden within Ayscarth parish and Richmond archdeaconry, Yorks, in tenure of Robt. Spence, Wm Robysan and Rog. Robynson,—Mount St. John's preceptory and St John's of Jerusalem. Also a piece of void ground and marsh called "a karre" beside a certain river in Kirkeham, Lanc., in tenure of Jas. Lightollers,—Vale Royal mon., Chesh. Also a messuage and lands in Holkame alias Holkome and Totyngton, Lanc., in tenure of John Brigge,—Monkebreton priory, Yorks. Also a salt house of eight leads in Northweche, Chesh., in tenure of Wm. Whalley, Ellen his wife and John his son,—Norton abbey; a salt house called a wechehouse in Northweche (between lands of the lord of Wynyngton on the east and lands of Sir Ric. Manwaryng of Ightefelde on the west, the highway on the south and lands of the late abbey of Vale Royal on the north) in tenure of Ric. Bromefelde, and a messuage in Northweche in tenure of Eliz. Lee,—Vale Royal Del. Westm., 16 July 38 Hen VIII.—S.B. (slightly injured, signed by Gardiner, Browne, Sadler, Riche, North and others whose signatures are lost). Pat. p. 2, m. 26.
67. The Boulonnais. Commission to Sir Thomas Moyle, Sir Edw. Wotton. Sir Edw. Braye, Sir John Harryngton, Thos. Brudges, Wm. Barners and Thos. Mildmay to survey, according to instructions to be received from the King, all the King's lands in the towns and marches of Bolleyn and Newhaven. Westm., 16 July. Pat. 38 Hen. VIII., p. 13, m. 36d.
68. Thomas Foscrofte, a messenger of the Chamber. To be one of the messengers at the receipt of the Exchequer at Westminister, with 4½d. a day. Westm., 9 July 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 17 July.— P.S. Pat. p. 5, m. 2.
69. William Gonnell, clk., rector of Connyngton, Camb. Licence of nonresidence. Westm., 14 July 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 17 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 5, m. 4.
70. Piers de Vydoulx alias Piers Lartique. Licence to export 500 unwrought cloths and import 500 tuns of Gascoign wine and Tholows woad. Westm., 14 July 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 17 July,—P.S. Pat. p. 5, m. 5. In English.
71. Christopher White or Whitt, of London, gentleman. Pardon for heresy in saying, 22 June last, in St. Sepulchre's parish, ward of Faryngdon Without "That after the words of the consecration duly spoken by the priest upon the Host and the same not eaten there is not in the sacrament of the altar the very pure immortal body, flesh and blood of our Saviour Jesu Christ but a figure of it; and that that thing that is so consecrated by the priest according to the words of Christ uneaten and put in the pix and reserved there is not the very pure immortal body of Christ but a figure of it; and that the body of Christ is only to be received in our souls, and then it is the body that the Holy Ghost said it should be." With restitution of goods. Del. Westm., 17 July 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (countersigned by Wriothesley.) Pat. p. 5, m. 7.
72. George Blagge, of Westminster, gentleman, Pardon for heresy in that he said, 9 May last, in St. Paul's Cathedral, London, "That the Sacrament of the Altai did no good, neither to quick nor dead; and further said. That the good Lord's body could not in any means be minished ne impaired, and if it were laid up there as a mouse might come to it the mouse would eat it every whit; saying further, That in his opinion it were well done that the mouse were taken and put in the pix." With restoration of goods. Del. Westm., 17 July 38 Hen. VIII.—S B. (countersigned by Wriothesley). Pat. p. 5, m. 11.
73. William Hill. clk. Presentation to the parish church of Adderley, Salop, Co. et Lich. dioc., void by death and in the King's hands by the gift pro hac rice of Sir Roland Hill, the patron. Westm., 10 July 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 17 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 5, m. 13.
74. John Langdon. Annuity of 10 mks. out of the manor of Nowers Hall, Norf., which belonged to John Mortofte and Ela his wife, dec., and is in the King's hands by the minority of John Mortofte, s. and h of the said John Mortofte, dec.; with wardship and marriage of the heir. Westm., 13 July 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 17 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 7, m. 37.
75. Robert Okeley of Alderburgh, Suff. Lease of the rectories of Snape and Friston, Suff.,—Cardinal Wolcey; for 21 years from the Annunciation of Our Lady last. Del. Westm., 17 July 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Southwell and Moyle. Pat. p. 8, m. 5.
76. Anthony Cocket. Grant, in fee, for 397l. 5s., of the manor of Stoughton Parva, Beds, a free rent and service of 21sd. in Stoughton aforesaid, a meadow called Kynmersh Mede there in tenure of John Meryell, parcels of meadow in Brodemede there in tenure of John Meryell, Nich. Hyll and John Raynold, and a wood called Bery Woode (39 ac.) in Stoughton,—Melchborn preceptory and St. John's of Jerusalem. Del. Westm, 17 July 38 Hen VIII.—S B. (signed by Russell. Gardiner, Paget, Petre, Sadler, North, Southwell, Chydley and Staunford.) Pat. p. 9, m. 40.
77. Miles Forest, a sewer of the Chamber, and Edward Forest. Lease, by advice of Southwell and Moyle. of the herbage of the west park of Myddelham and the farm of Geldpole and Wysshinges, also the farm of Modre and farm of the lodge called le Westcote, and the pasture called Kylneclose within Middleham lordship, parcel of the Duchy of York; for 21 years from Michaelmas next. On surrender of lease 22 June 28 Hen. VIII. to Edward Forest, father of the aforesaid Edward, and Miles Forest. Westm., 12 July 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 18 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 8, m. 37.
78. Robert Crane. Lease, by advice of Southwell and Moyle. of lands called Colner Colfox within the lordship of Boreham, Essex; for 21 years from Michaelmas next. Westm., 16 July 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 19 July.—P.S Pat. p. 4, m. 20.
79. Thomas Boa, eques auratus. Annuity of 150l. payable from Michaelmas last. Del. Westm, 19 July 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 5. m. 8.
80. Sir Roger Cholmeley, Chief Baron of the Exchequer, and Christiana his wife. Grant, in fee to the said Sir Roger, for 396l., of the lordship and manor of Shortegrave, Beds., 5 ac. of arable land upon Toternhoo Downe and 5 ac. of arable land in Stodehamfeld in Toternhoo parish, Beds, leased with the said manor to Ant. Stybbyng,—Dunstaple priory; the lordship and manor of Hampsted, Midd., and lands in the parishes of Wyllesden and Hendon. Midd., leased, with the said manor to John Barne,—St. John's of Jerusalem; and a free rent of 20s. and service due from the said manor of Hampsted to the mon. of St. Peter, Westminster. Del. Westm., 20 July 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by St. John, Gardiner, Browne, Sadler, Southwell North. Bacon and Childley.) Pat. p. 4, m. 19.
81. Edmund Beawpre. Grant, in fee, for 282l. 15s. of the manor and the advowson of the rectory of Uppewell, Norf., with all appurtenances of the manor in Uppewell and Owtwell, Norf. and Camb.,—Ramsey abbey, Hunts. Del. Westm., 20 July 38 Hen. VIII—S.B. (signed by Gardiner, Paget, Sadler, Southwell, North, Staunford and Chydley). Pat. p. 7, m. 40.
82. John Zouche. Grant, in tail male (in consideration of his surrender of a life grant, 16 Nov. 33 Hen. VIII., of the manor and rectory of Anstye, Wilts., and for his services, and for 100l.). of the said manor and rectory of Anstye, Wilts., the advowson of the vicarage there, a messuage in Chikes Grove in tenure of John Banston in Tyttisbury alias Tysbury, Wilts., and another in tenure of John Frauncys in Netton juxta Derneforde, Wilts., all lands in tenure of Joan Corton in Dilton alias Dynton, Wilts., lands in Westbereley alias Westberyley, Wilts., a close in tenure of Joan Dewge in Combebissett alias Combebassett, lands in Wynterslowe and Wilton, Wilts., a messuage in tenure of Wm. Foucher in Westgrimsted, Wilts., a messuage in tenure of Wm. Southe of Swalowcliffe alias Swaclyff, four messuages in tenure of Wm. Stobye, Thos. Daye, John Graunte and John Dorsett, in Devyes alias "the Vyes," Wilts., and all possessions of Anstye preceptory in these places.—Anstye preceptory and St. John's of Jerusalem. Westm., 14 July [38] Hen. VIII. Del Westm., 20 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 3, m. 20 (dated 4 July).
83. Bernard Sandforthe, LL.D. Presentation to the ninth prebend and canonry in Westminster Cathedral void by the resignation of Thos. Elfrede. Westm., 18 July 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 21 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 5, m. 5.
84. Thos Hall. Custody of a chief messuage, &c., called Impcroft in Ichenor, Suss., which belonged to Ric. Ryman. dec. and is in the King's hands by the minority of Humph. Ryman, s. and h. of the said Richard; with wardship and marriage of the heir. Westm., 13 July 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 21 July—P.S. Pat p. 7, m. 37.
85. Thomas Abowen. Lease, by advice of Southwell and Moyle, of 35 ac. ½ ro. of land called Toufismede within the lordship of Roth, the fishery of the water of Tool between the mills of Newmyll and Blakstake on each side of the said river in le Blakstake, the fishery of the weir pool of the said water at Pennarth, the fishery in the water of Toof on the eastern side beside Blakstake and the fishery between the mills of Newe Myll and Town Myll, a parcel of pasture at the north end of the said river, prise of beer within the town and borough of Cardif, and the profit of the coneys of Flatholmes, all within the lordship of Cardif and parcel of the county of Glamorgan and Morgan; with reservation of half the fines arising from trespasses upon the land called Toufismede; for 21 years from Michaelmas next. On surrender of letters patent in which the said Abowen has acquired the whole title viz., pat. dated Kaerdif. 8 April 3 Hen. VIII., leasing Toufismede to Wm. Cogan, Robt. Warde, Peter Tegan and Thos. Treharen for 40 years, and pat. dated Cardif 4 Aug. 20 Hen. VIII. leasing the rest of the premises to Edm. Turnour for 21 years. Westm., 16 July 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 21 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 7, m. 52.
86. John and Richard Myddelton. Lease, by advice of Southwell and Moyle, of the manor of Astret and mill of Skybyon in the commote of Kymerche, pasture in the fields and beside the "vivarium" in the commote of Issalett, lands late of Thos. Pygot (including a close within the park of Segroye) Ric. Skynner, John Rumour (in Wenenok Canon, and Robt. Dolbyn in the commote of Issalett. divers parcels of escheated lands in the town of Arche Whedlok in the commote of Ughalet, and of lands in the commote of Istulas, and the herbage of Galghill park in the commote of Issalett, all in the lordship of Denbigh of the late earl of March in co. Denbigh, and now in tenure of the said John and Richard Myddelton; for 21 years from Michaelmas next. Westm., 15 July 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 21 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 8. m. 5.
87. Robert Bouchier, a groom of the Privy Chamber. To be keeper of the new park of Istelworth, Midd., otherwise called the new park of Richemounde, Midd.; with 3d. a day from the revenues of the manors of Shene alias Richemond, Petersham and Hamme, Surr., and profits as enjoyed by Francis Bryan or Wm. Tyler, from the Annunciation of Our Lady 31 Hen. VIII.; also grant of two meadows in Twyknam parish, Midd., called Moore Meede (8 ac.) and Ferymeede (12 ac.), for the feeding of the deer within the said park; which meadows belonged to Syon mon. On surrender of pat. 13 Dec. 21 Hen. VIII. granting the office to Francis Bryan. Westm., 12 July 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm. 21 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 8, m. 36.
88. William Devereux. Lease, by advice of Southwell and Moyle, of lands in Llanamthevery and Herveryn, a mill in Herveryn lately in tenure of Dd. ap Ho., lands in Ceythenok and Widigada, a moveable rent for the sale of autumnal works there, a mill in Cathenok called Melyn Rossen, lately in tenure of Ellen Lloyd, widow, lands in the parish of Llandillavaur, Mothevey, Llangladoke and Llandofunte in the commote of Pveth, a tenement there lately in tenure of Jevan ap Llen Ychyn, and lands in Newton and Llandylo and in Altegare and Drusland and in Cruthyn and Generglyn alias Diffrynclaraugh parcel of the possessions in cos. Kermerden and Cardigan of Res ap Griffith, attainted; for 21 years from Michaelmas next. Westm., 13 July 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 21 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 8, m. 37.
89. Edward Watson, of Rockyngham, Ntht., and Henry Herdson, skinner of London. Grant, in fee to the said Edward, for 1,541l. 7s. 8d. paid by him, of a rent of 3s. and service from lands of Thos. Clement in Somerby, Leic., a close in tenure of the said Clement there, lands there in tenure of Geo. Corver. Thos. Parker and Wm. Trygge (formerly Wm. Asshebye), and rent and service from lands of Peter Brughtyng (4½d.) and Thos. Kebull (3s.),—Kirbye Bellers priory; Messuages and lands in tenure of Thos. Croden. Wm. Colyngewood alias Carvar, and Jas Fulcham in Somerby,—Launde priory; and all other possessions of Launde and Kirbye Bellers in Somerby, except the windmill in tenure of —— Dauncye and a croft and pasture in tenure of Jonn Lynne.
Also the lordship and manor, the rectory and the advowson of the vicarage of Gyddyng Magna, Hunts, with all appurtenances there and in Leddyngton alias Luddyngton alias Lullyngton, Hunts and Ntht., and all other lands of Huntyngdon priory in Leddyngton, — Huntingdon priory. A croft in tenure of Thos. Watson and all other lands in Grotton, Staff., which belonged to Delacres mon. The site and chief mansion of the late priory of Friars Carmelites of Hychen, Herts, with buildings (specified) therein, and the following messuages etc., in Hichen, viz:— a messuage and garden in tenure of Humph. Pynnok in Bridgestrete, on the western side of the gate of the said priory; a messuage in tenure of John Thompson on the eastern side of the said gate; a messuage and a garden in tenure of John Myners (between the tenement of Wm. Brokett on the west and that of Thos. Eldryngton on the east); a messuage and garden in the tenure of Marg. Bryket, widow, in Bulstrete; a messuage and garden in tenure of Thos. Tydey; another in tenure of Wm. Criscrosae; a close (2 ac.) and grove (1 ac.) and 3 ac. of arable land in le Comen feld in tenure of Thos. Parrys; a messuage and garden in Bridgestrete in tenure of Thos. White; another garden in tenure of Thos. White within the precinct of the said priory and adjoining the grove aforesaid; a garden called le Covent Garden, formerly called Sordiche Garden, and all the ditches and ponds adjoining it. and the land surrounding them lately in tenure of John Aldey (between the usual way leading from Bridgestrete to the garden and grove of the said priory and the barn and other buildings of John Ryecrofte on the west, and lands 24 ft. in length on the east, and adjoining the highway and the grove of the priory towards the west, and abutting upon the southern side of the said grove and northern side of the mansion of John Ryecroft), and land in breadth 4 ft. from Ryecroft's house on the north and the priory grove on the south, and in length from the said land 12 ft. wide and 24 ft. long to the Covent Garden towards the west, and all land lying among the houses and buildings of the said Ryecroft on the east; also the church of the said Carmelite Friars with the timber, tiles, lime and stone remaining thereupon, the four great stones called "gravestones" in the said church, and seven other stones called "gravestones" in the cloister of the said priory, all the stones called "lez paving tiles" in the said cloister, and all the old seats and "le waynescott" in the choir of the said church, and the timber, tiles and stones in le Olde Hall, le Priours Lodgyng, Fryer Butler's Colehouse, le heyehouse, and the two little chambers formerly reserved to the two friars of the said late house.—Carmelites of Hichen.
Cubbyngton grange and lands in tenure of Wm. Chese in Cubbyngton, Warw., rents and service in Cubbyngton from lands of John Jeycockes (18½d.) and Thos. Fawkenor (8s.), lands there in tenure of John Colton, Ric. Yonge, Wm. Cooke, Wm. Harryson, John Hancokes, Ric. Bawdewyn. Ric. Garrett, Simon Strayne, Thos. Fawkenor, Thos. Burdon, Chr. Hudson, Thos. Butter and Wm. Cookes, and all other possessions of Stoneley priory in Cubbyngton,—Stoneley. Lands in tenure of John Glover alias Golover, and all other possessions of the late priory of Canons Aysshebye in Gremysby alias Gremesey, co. —— (blank). — Canons Aysshebye. Tithes called Byrcheore tythes in tenure of John Columbell in Yolgrave parish, Derb., and tithes in Elton and Wynster, Derb..—mon. de Pratis Leicester. A close called Medowe Close in tenure of Anne Botton in the Abbey Strete beside Northampton,—mon. of St. James' beside Northampton. Rents and service in Bramcott alias Barwangle. Warw., viz., from lands of Wm. Lucas (3s. 8d.), Ric. Barleston (5s.). Wm. Wolff (4s. 6d.), Edm. Sadler (2½d.) and —— Watkyn (3d,). and lands (specified) there in tenure of Thos. Normanton and John Barleston, and a watermill there in tenure of Chr. Saddeler of Wolforshill in Bulkyngton parish, Warw., and the common fine or rent of 4s. in Barwangle alias Bramcott,—Pratis Leicester, A grove called Robyns Grove in tenure of Julian Nethermyll, and all other lands in Exhall, Warw., which belonged to the Charterhouse beside Coventry, Rent of 2s. 2d. from a tenement of Robt. Grene in Barvangle alias Barnacle, Warw., and a messuage there in tenure of Wm. Corley, the common fine or rent of 12d. in Barvangle alias Barnacle, and half a rood of land in tenure of Jas. Farryngton in Sowe, Warw., with all other lands in Barvangle alias Barnacle and Sowe which belonged to the mon. de Pratis, Leicester. The site of the late mon. of St. Peter and St. Paul in Shrewsbury with the churchyard, orchard, and all other closes etc, (specified) therein.—Shrewsbury. Lands in tenure of Ric. Everatt and all other lands in Shenton. Leic., which belonged to Ulvescrofte priory.
Also the chapel of St. Anne near the late Charterhouse beside Coventry which, by indenture, 12 Oct. 18 Hen. VIII.,Thos. Banwell, provost, and the brethren of the guild of Holy Trinity, St. Mary the Virgin, St. John Baptist and St. Katharine in Coventry, granted to the said Charteehouse for 99 years in exchange for ninr lez buttes of pasture and eleven lez leys of land called Charterhouse Leys beside Coventry, now leased to Henry Over. Also the reversion of the said buttes and leys. Del. Westm., 22 July 38 Hen. VIII. —S.B. (injured, signed by Russell, Essex, Gardiner, Browne, Petre. Riche, North and others whose signatures are illegible.) Pat. p. 4, m. 40.
90. John Howse. Lease, by advice of Southwell and Moyle, of the lordship of Lyquith, co. Glamorgan, parcel of the lands of Jasper duke of Bedford; except the marsh called Busham Meade, and the woods, &c.; for 21 years from Michaelmas next. Westm., 17 July 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 22 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 8, m. 10.
91. Sir Ralph Ellerker. Livery of lands of s. and h. of Sir Ralph Ellerker, dec. Del. Westm., 23 July 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by St. John, Hynde and Goodrick.) Pat. p. 4, m. 38.
92. Edmund Clerke of Mycheldevor, Hants, one of the clerks of the Privy Seal, and Margaret his wife. Grant, in fee to the said Edmund, for 406l. 9s. 2d., of the manor of Avington, Hants, and wood called Hampage Woodde (35½ ac.) in Avington,—Winchester cathedral. Del. Westm., 23 July 38 Hen. VIII—S.B. (signed by Gardiner, Petre, Sadler, North, Southwell, Staunford and Duke.) Pat. p. 7, m. 29.
93. John Kyrkeman of Ingoldemelles, Linc., Grant, in fee, for 134l. 11s. 2d., of lands (specified) in Esterkeale, Linc., in tenure of John Taylor, John Salter, Hen. Johnson, John Grekeby, Wm. Browne, and Thos. Alman,—Willowghton preceptory and St. John's of Jerusalem. Also the advowson of the rectory of Esterkele ex parte Australi, and of the rectory of Esterkele ex parte Boreali. Del. Westm., 24 July 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Gardiner, Paget, Sadler, Riche, North, Bacon and Goodrick.) Pat. p. 8, m. 7.
94. Thomas Vowell, one of the gentlemen ushers of the Chamber. Licence to import 100 tuns of Gascoyn wine, counting six score to the hundred. Del. Westm., 24 July 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. French Roll, m. 10. In English.
95. Sir William Willoughby. Annuity of 20l. out of lands in Hythe, Blaktoft, Everthorpe and Northecave, Yorks., which belonged to John Aske, dec., and are in the King's hands by the minority of Robert Aske, kinsman and heir of the said John; with wardship and marriage of the heir. Westm., 14 July 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 25 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 7, m. 43.
96. John Lange, jeweller of Paris, and Giles Lange his son. Licence to bring or send into the King's dominions "almaner juelles, perlles, precious stones, as well set in gold and embrawdred in garmentes as unsett, almaner goldsmythes worke of golde and sylver, almaner sortes of skynnes and ffurres of sables and lusardes, clothes, newe gentlelesses of what facion or value the same be, wrought and set or unwrought and not set, in gold or otherwise as he or they shall thinke best for the pleasure of us, our derest wief the Quene, our nobles, gentlemen and other"; bringing the above unopened to the port of London to be appraised by the officers there and sealed by the customer. The said John and Giles to be then at liberty to sell or take back beyond sea, paying custom only upon goods sold, provided that the King have first choice. Westm., 25 July 38 Hen. VIII. No note of delivery. French Roll 38 Hen. VIII., m. 5 (undated).
97. Anthony Knype. Fiat for livery of lands to him in Westmoreland as s. and h. of Wm. Knype, dec., who died seised of lands in Cruke and Ulkersted holden of the King as of the barony of Kendall and worth 4l. 5s. yearly. The said Anthony is aged 30 years. Del. Westm., 26 July 38 Hen. VIII. (Signed by St. John, Goodrick and Beamount.)
98. Sir Martin Bowes, mayor, and the city of London. The King's promise in verbo Regis to save them harmless as regards their obligations dated 27 July 1546 for the payment (1) to Ant. Focker and nephews of 383,400 fl. at Antwerp 15 Feb. 1546, (2) to the same, of 120,000 fl. at Antwerp, 15 Aug. 1547, and (3) for 76,421 cr. 2 stivers to Erasmus Schetz and his sons at Antwerp, 16 Feb. next. Del. Westm., 27 July 38 Hen. VIII—S.B. Pat. p. 1, m. 19.
99. Anthony Focker and his nephews. Henry VIII.'s promise for the repayment at Antwerp on 15 Feb. A.D. 1546 of 383,400 fl. advanced for his service, according to an agreement made by his Council with Chr. Hanzell, factor of the said Fockers. Del. Westm., 27 July 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed at the foot.) Pat. p. 1, m. 19.
100. Anthony Focker and his nephews. Hen. VIII's promise for the repayment at Antwerp on 15 Aug. 1547 of 120,000 fl. advanced for his service according to an agreement made by his Council with Chr. Hanzell, factor for the said Fockers. Del. 27 July 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed at the foot.) Pat. p. 2, m. 32.
101. Robert Codde and William Wylkyns. Lease, by advice of Southwell and Moyle. of a house within the manor of Islyngham, Kent, and the great marsh (187 ac.) in the parish of Clyffe, now in their tenure, and 8½ ac. in the common marsh there belonging to Islyngham manor,—Thomas Cromwell, earl of Essex; for 21 years from Michaelmas last. Westm., 25 July 38 Hen. VIIL Del. Westm., 27 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 8, m. 34.
102. William Barbor. Lease, by advice of Southwell and Moyle, of the chief house of the manor of Islingham, Kent, with gardens and certain demesne lands (named), fishery upon Medway Water, a chalk pit in Frendesbury parish, and the rectory of Islingham,—Thomas Cromwell, earl of Essex; for 21 years from Michaelmas last. Westm., 26 July 38 Hen. VIII.Del. Westm., 27 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 8, m. 35.
103. Richard Grenewey, of Comptons, Bucks. Grant, in fee, for 227l. 14s. 3d., of the lordship and manor of Agmondesham Woodrowe, Bucks, and woods (22½ac. 1 ro.) called Orchardefelde Grove, Orchardefelde Hedgerowe, House Grove, Whytley Grove, Hewynge Grove and Hale Hedge Hedgerowe in Agmondesham Woodrowe. Warwick's lands and Spencer's lands. Also the advowson of the rectory of Hulcott, Bucks. Del. Westm., 28 July 38 Henry VIII.—S.B. (Signed by St. John, Gardiner, Paget, Sadler, Ryche, Duke and Chydley.) Pat. p. 7, m. 33.
104. Thomas duke of Norfolk, Great Treasurer of England and earl Marshal, Livery of lands as s. and h. of Thomas late duke of Norfolk, viz., the castle or barony of Bramber, manors of Horsam, Shoresham, Grenested, Knapp, Beding, Kyngesbarnes, Washington, Bramber Brughe, Chesworth, Sekewyke, with lands and tenements called Colestable, Tollesland and Asbornlandes, the forest of St. Leonard, park of Baubushe, and office of bailiff itinerant of the barony of Bramber, Suss, the manor of Bramley, Surr., the manor of Colchester and other lands in Colchester, Essex, the manor of Lee, Linc., the manor of Stokeneland, Tendringhall. Whitemershe, Calcers, Bachons, Georges, Shardlowes, and Sprottes, Suff, and all other lands which descend to the said duke by the death of the said late duke or of Agnes late duchess of Norfolk. Del. Westm., 28 July 38 Hen VIII.—S.B. (Signed by St. John, Hynde and Beamount.) Pat. p. 7 m. 44.
105. Humphrey Ryman. Warrant for livery of lands to him as s. and h. of Richard Ryman who died, 13 Oct. 32 Hen. VIII., seised of the manor of Ichenor, Suss., holden of Chichester cathedral, lands in Ichenor called Sycars holden of the King's manor of Boxgrave, a principal messuage called Impcroft and other lands in Apuldram, Suss., holden of the King's manor of Apuldram, lands in Birdham holden of Chichester cathedral, and lands in Maidston. Kyllyngham, Loose, Bowghton and Mardon, Kent, "of the nature of gavelkynde" holden of Sir Henry Isley, (yearly value given). Dated 13 April 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 28 July 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (Signed by St. John, Hynde and Goodrick.) In English.
106. John Blymsham, of Beafford, Devon, weaver alias yeoman. Pardon for having, with others, on 5 Nov., about 7 p.m., 37 Hen. VIII., broken into the house of Emmota Toker. widow, at Merwode, Devon, and putting the said Emmota and Ant. Toker, her servant, in fear of their lives, stolen thence six silver spoons worth six shillings, and 7l. in money. Westm., 24 July 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 29 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 8. p. 35.
107. Sir Thomas Stanley lord Mountegle and Henry Crofte. Grant, in fee to the said Sir Thomas, for 378l. paid by him, of lands (specified) in tenure of Chr., Robt., Thos. and Alan Remyngton, Wm. Segewyke, Wm. Parke. John Walker. John Wynder, Brian Procter, the wife of Alan Procter, Thos. Procter, John Remyngton, the wife of Ralph Remyngton, Thos. Bateson, Robt. Bateson, George Bateson, Geoffrey Bateson, the wife of Robt. Bateson Chr Bateson, Leonard Bateson, John Bateson, Robt. Bateson, Robt. Mellynge, sen. and jun., and the wife of John Mellynge, in Botton within the parish of Mellynge, Lane, and all other possessions of Horneby priory in Botton.—Hornebye priory and the mon. of Croxton, Leic. Del. Westm., 29 July 38 Hen VIII—S.B. (Signed by Gardiner, St. John. Paget, Ryche, North, Chydley and Staunford. Pat. p. 8. m. 56 (very faded and gall stained).
108. John Bowyer. Custody of lands in Kirdford. Cobham, Pulbroke, Waltham, Chichester and Barnham, Suss., in the King's hands by the minority of Richard Mill, s. and h. of Thos. Mill, dec.; with wardship and marriage of the heir. Westm., 27 July 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 31 July.—P.S. Pat. p. 8, m. 35.
109. John Carre. Grant, in fee, for his services and for 189l., of eight messuages and lands in tenure of Robt. Reye, Edm. Reye, Thos. Reye. jun., Ant. Reye, Thos. Reye, sen., Jas. Maselyne and Robt. Redehed in Horton, Nthld., the grange called Horton Grange, and all possessions of Newmynster mon. there.—Newmynster. Westm.. 28 July 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 31 July.— P.S.
110. Licences to alienate (fn. n9) :—
Sir Arthur Darcy to Ant. Thorpe, of Comsthorpe, Yorks. Hell grange, in tenure of Wm. Horseley, in Bugthorp parish, Yorks.,—St. Andrew's Gilbertine priory beside York. (2nd.) P. 6, m. 6.
Ric. Andrewes and Nich. Temple to Sir Edw. North. Pardon for the acquisition by North, without licence, of the advowson of Chesterton rectory, Hunts. (2nd.) P. 6, m. 6.
Hen. Fissher to John Lyn and Wm. Elson. Messuage, &c., in Muston, Leic.,—Staunforth nunnery, Linc.; and two messuages in Muston, Leic., and Stanwiche, Linc., in tenure of Robt. Lawson,—Newbe mon., Linc. (3rd.) P. 11, m.3.
Richard and John Sakevyle to Nicholas Pelham and John Assheburneham.—Rectory and advowson of the vicarage of Laughton, Suss. (4th.) P. 6, m. 2.
Ralph Greneaker to John Eye of Ingelton, Yorks. Messuage called Halsted in tenure of Ric. Promtour in Bolland, Yorks.,—Kyrkestall mon. (4th.) P. 6, m. 4.
Roger Clavell to Thos. Sydenham. Lordship and manor and farm of Wynford Egle, in Wynford Egle parish, Dors.,—Cerne. (5th.) P. 7. m. 53.
Sir Ant. Lee to Sir Robt. Dormer. Moiety of the manor of Seyntclers in Stone near Alesbury, Bucks, and of the rectory and advowson of the vicarage of Stone. (6th) P. 11. m. 5.
Sir John Dudley. K.C., viscount Lisle and Great Admiral, to Wymond Carew. Mansion or chief house of the dissolved hospital of St. Giles in the Fields, Midd., lately in tenure of Thos. Magnus, clk., a messuage, being parcel of the site of the said hospital, lately in tenure of Dr. Borde, a close within the hospital precinct called le Pole Close, a close called le Newe londes (20 ac) and a piece of land called le Lane in tenure of Geo. Sutton, and another messuage, etc., parcel of the said site, lately in tenure of Master Densyll and formerly of Master Wynter. (6th.) P. 12 m. 48.
Sir John Gage, K.G., Comptroller, to John Theccher. Le More park (130 ac.) in Ryngemer, Suss. (7th.) P. 6, m. 39.
The same to Wm. Corneforde and John his son. Ryngemer park (130 ac.) in Ryngemer. Suss. (7th.) Ib. m. 39.
Mary, duchess of Richmond and Somerset, countess of Nottingham; Thos. Broke of London, merchant tailor, and John Wyllyams to Nich. Gravener and Elizabeth his wife, and Elizabeth Pyers their daughter. Two tenements in the parish of St. Clement's Danes without the bars of the New Temple London, between the tenement called le Talbot in tenure of Hen. Grapfeney on the east and that of Nic. and Eliz. Gravener, in tenure of Derykke Fryse on the west, the highway on the north, and lands in tenure of "the said" Hen. Gaffeney on the south. (7th.) P. 12, m. 47.
Charles Tuke to Chr. Estoft and John Abyngton, mercer. Manor or lordship of Walmore, Glouc., with appurtenances in Walmore, Northwood, Addecet, Chaxhill, Cleve. Elvington, Boresley, Denny and Mynsterworth, Glouc., or the city of Gloucester. (10th.) P. 4, m. 30.
Sir Peter Carewe to John Gatys, Wimond Carewe and John Arscott, to the use of the said Sir Peter and the heirs of his body, with remainder in default, successively, to Sir Gawin Carewe in tail male, Sir Ant. Dennye and Dame Joan his wife and the heirs of their bodies, and to the right heirs of the said Sir Peter. Manors of Chetilhampton and Newham alias Newneham in Choulmelegh parish, the corn and fulling mills of Newham in tenure of Thos. Hollamore, the farm of the manor of Buckland Trylle in Exmouth parish in tenure of Walt. Langley, and the farm of the manor of Stotcombe in Axmouth parish in tenure of John Tanner,—Henry marquis of Exeter, attainted. (10th.) P. 4, m. 30.
Lady Elizabeth Conyers, widow, to Sir Geo. Conyers. Manor of Castell Carlton, Linc. (10th.) P. 10, m. 31.
Robt. Hennege to Lady Joan Constable, widow. Chief messuage and site of the manor or late preceptory of Holy Trinity, Beverley, Yorks., and closes (specified)in Beverley. (11th.) P. 12, m. 52.
Ric. Taverner to Augustine Hynde, alderman of London. Lands called Pristes alias Merton Londes in Shene alias West Shene alias Richemond, Surr., and a meadow called Keyo Mede and 16 ac. of land in Keyo, Surr.—Merton priory. (12th.) P. 4, m. 30.
Robt. Browne, John Yonge, of London, and John Whaverley, of London, goldsmith, to Robt. Browne, of London, goldsmith. Rectory of Coton, Warw., with tithes (specified) there.—Erdebury priory. (12th.) P. 10, m. 36.
William Acton to Robt. Longe, of London, mercer. Lordship and manor of Lynley, Salop, rent of 5s. and service from lands of Thos. Home in Lynley in More parish, Salop, and 20 messuages in tenure of Wm. Newton, John Collyns, Wm. Collins. John ap Griffith, Wm. Yope, John ap Griffith, Griffin ap Moris, Wm. Weston, John Davyes. Owen Gitton, John —— (blank), John Griffith, Wm. Bole, and John Meredith, and lands called le Heye in tenure of Wm. Bole in Lynley and a mill there in tenure of Joan relict of Griffin ap Thomas and John her son.—Haughmond. (13th.) P. 10, m. 32.
Thos. Horseman to John Horseman. Lands in Tysoo, Warw., in tenure of Wm. Mailens (13th.) P. 10, m. 39.
Thos. Coke and Juliana his wife, to Wm. Unwyn and Joan his wife. Third part of Frolbery manor and lands in Kyngysclere pariah, and the advowson of Frolbery chapel, Hants. (13th.) P. 12, m. 52.
Lord Chancellor Wriothesley to John Mylle of Southampton and Alice his wife. Lands in Hordell, Hants, in tenure of Thos. Grene,—Bremr priory. (14th.) P. 6, m. 1.
John Pope to John Lamberde, draper, of London. Lands in Hurdecote, Wilts, in tenure of Robt. Souche,—Braddenstoke mon.; and the rectory, chapel and church of Shrewton, Wilts, with its buildings, lands, &c., in tenure of Jas. Downe, and the advowson of the vicarage of Shrewton,—Lacoke mon. (14th.) P. 6, m. 37.
John Carleton and Jocosa his wife to Edm. Meryvale. Messuage and lands in Lamborn, Berks. (14th.) P. 12, m. 48.
Elizabeth widow of Thomas Rydgewaye, dec. Pardon for acquisition of lands without licence, viz., lands in Claverley Beberich and Broughton in Claverley parish. Salop, and lands in Walsall and Parva Bloxwiche, Wodnesbury, Treshull and Seasdon, Staff., which the said Thomas, by his will dated 30 March last, at Shippeley, Salop, bequeathed to her for life. (15th.) P. 11, m. 4.
Mary duchess of Richmond and Somerset, and countess of Nottingham, widow, Thomas Broke, merchant tailor of London, and John Wyllyams to John Scutt, merchant tailor of London. Inn called "le the Goote" the parish of Stronde and city of Westminster, in tenure of Ric. Yeoman and Christiana his wife—Combe mon. (16th.) P. 6. m. 37.
Hugh Westwod, Ric. Tyndale, John Hogges. Nic. Adee and Alice Bury to John Adee. Messuage and lands in Estongraye, Wilts. (16th.) P. 11. m. 4.
George Keynesham to John Blake, senior. Combe farm alias Combe Pryor in Plympstocke parish, Devon, in tenure of John and Alice Blake and John and Chr. their children, and a mansion called Lower Combe with garden, &c., excepted out of the lease of the said farm, and the wood called Combe Pryor Grove (7 ac).—Plympton priory. (17th.) P. 6, m. 36.
Edm. Clarke of Micheldevour. Hants, and Margaret his wife to Lord Chancellor Wriothesley. Manor of Est Stratton, Hants, with woods called Emley Coppice, Rownes Coppice, Blackewood Coppice and Straytley Common Woode (extents given), and all appurtenances in Est Stratton. (20th.) P. 6, m. 2.
Sir Richard Gresham to Barth. Barns and Joan his wife, in fee to the said Barth. Numerous lands (specified, and tenants named) in Barkyng, Essex, which belonged to Barkyng mon. (20th.) P. 6, m. 38.
Ant. Bonvix, merchant of Luca, alias Ant. Bonvixi, of London, merchant, alias Ant. Bonvise, to Balthasar Gwerry and Joan his wife. Tenement or cottage with yard and way to the common jakes in the parish of St. Mary at Naxe, London, now in tenure of the said Balthasar Gwercy (sic), and lately of John Welborn, and lately (sic) in tenure of D'ni Doret alias Doriat,—St. Helen's priory. (The cottage and yard extend from the highway on the east to the stone wall on the west about 144 ft. 7 in., and from the cottage in tenure of Dionisia Tynson on the south to that in tenure of John Moushe, pewterer, on the north about 11 ft. 5 in., while the way to the jakes, on the north side of the said cottage is 2½ft. wide and about 17 ft. 7 in. along the said stone wall.) (21st.) P. 7, m. 6.
Ric. Sampford of Bernes Redyng, Essex to Chr. Alen, mercer, of London, Manor of Scrynes, Essex, and lands called Scrynes, Series and Dukes in Wryttell and Roxwell, Essex, with appurtenances there and in Shellowe and Wyllyngdale Spayne, Essex, in tenure of Thos. Sampford and Robt. Crusshe, woods called Aysshewell wood, Wryne Coppyce, Bradeleasfeld, Ayshwelfeld, Rotefeld, Litlemeade and Stokefeld.—Ric. Fermor, attainted. (23rd.) P. 4, m. 40.
George Owen, of London. to John Bucland, of Westharptre, Soms. Lands in Westharptre, parcel of Butcombe alias Budcombe manor,—house of St. John Baptist beside Ratclyffgate, Bristol. (23rd) P. 4, m. 44.
Wm. Astyn to Robt. Broke and Dorothy his wife. Shop in Madeley, Salop, in tenure of John Dinxhill, and messuages, &c., there in tenure of John Drynge, John Dynxhill. Ric. Shyfton, John Fowler (previously Ric. Fyssher), and Edm. Dynxhill. (24th.) P. 7, m. 3.
Edw. Watson of Rockyngham, Ntht., and Henry Herdson, skinner, of London, to Sir Edw. Mountagu. All lands in Luddington, Leddington and Lullyngton, Hunts., which belonged to Huntyngdon priory, and 10 ac. of land called Wilbery Dole alias Wilbery Dyche, and a close called Maddecrofte in Luddyngton alias Leddyngton, alias Lullyngton, parcel of the manor or rectory of Magna Gyddyng, Hunts.—Huntyngdon priory. (24th.) P. 6, m. 1.
1384. The French Embassy.
Vesp. C. XIV.,
Pt. i., 67.
B. M.
"1546. Remembrances for the Ambassador's placing and pastime etc., the said ambassador being the Admiral of France."
1. First to appoint what gentlemen, etc., shall accompany my lord of Essex to bring the Admiral from Greenwich to London; the mayor, etc., to meet him upon the Themmes in their barges gallantly. 2. At whose house he shall lie in London; "because Duresme House is impaired with fire." 3. At whose house he shall have access to the King. If he lodge there or in any of the King's houses the King must "defray him." 4. What noblemen, etc., shall continually accompany him. 5. How long he shall remain in one place? Order to be given for his furniture. 6. What days he shall dine, sup or banquet with the King, and what days "go abroad to pastime." Such as have the rule of "games" near places where the King shall be to be warned to prepare what pleasure they can devise.
ii. "An order for receiving of the ambassador."
At Quinboroughe my lord Warden, with gentlemen of Kent whose names shall be given him, to go aboard the Admiral's galleys with French wines and viands, and accompany him to Grenewitch and thence to the bp. of London's house and the Court. All castles and block-houses along the water where he shall pass to be furnished with ordnance and shoot triumphantly. At Grenewich my lord of Essex, with gentlemen to be named, shall receive and entertain him one night, and next day bring him in the King's barge, with his train in that and other barges; remitting to the Admiral whether to leave his galleys at Greenwich or bring them to London. At Rattcliffe or Limehouse the mayor and aldermen and crafts to meet him in their barges and accompany him to Powles Wharfe; the streets to his lodging being gravelled, and lined on either side by such crafts as are not in barges. "The Tower to be in order with shot." A gentleman usher to be marshal of the Admiral's lodging, assisted by half a score of the Guard, and have half a dozen horses with footcloths ready "to bring them from their boat to their lodgings." The Admiral to stay at London a day or longer, and pass to Hampton Court by water, lodging the first night at Mortelake. Mr. Treasurer and my lord of Essex must learn the number of great personages of the train, that horses and carriages may be provided. A gentleman to be appointed to convey the rest of the train and baggage to Hampton Court. Horses must be at Hampton Court for their use. A view to be made what lodgings may be spared at Hampton Court and in the King's small houses and gentlemen's houses thereabouts, as well as at Kingston and other towns. Book to be made of such as shall attend the King, and for their lodging. The King's pleasure to be known how many chambers to allow the Admiral and his train in the Court. To learn secretly whether the Admiral "useth to sit abroad with the number of his train or to sit apart privately with a few." To know the King's pleasure whether he will have his Chapel at Hampton Court. Special order to be taken for furniture of the chambers appointed to Frenchmen.
iii. "A copy of the bill of names of noblemen and gentlemen coming with the Admiral of France":—Monsieur l'Admiral et ses gentilz homes de sa maison et ses officiers, 200 persons, Monsieur Devirix (d'Evreux) et sa suite 50, M. de Canaples 100, M. de Thes 30, M. de Conte de Manteul 40, M. le President 20, M. de Sacy 16, M. Do 30, M. de la Meilleray, visadmiral 20, M. de la Hunauday 20, M. Despinac 20, M. de Harcourtt 12, M. de Morrette 25, M. Dorformliers (sic) 6, le Capten Renouarte 6, M. le Conte de Villars 20, M. de Tavvanes 8, M. Dessey 12, M. de Vasse et son frere 20, M. de Mountpesat 10, M. de Raconn' 60, M. de Montoyson 6, M. de Crevecueur 10, Le capitaine Francisque Barnardin 10, M. Dallegre 8, M. dela Bosse 6, M. du Repayre 4, M. de Senarpont et son frere 10, M. de Baquevile 8, Roquefeuil 4, le Sieur de Monluc 4, le Sieur de Ranbuillet 4, le Sieur de Comgueres 3, M. de la Roche Posse 4, M. de la Baron de la Hays 4, M. le Baron des Gueres 6, Mons. de Lenencourt 6, M. de Bellegarde 6, M. de Sennes 4, M. de Lieramon 6, le Capitaine Vieupont 6, le Capitaine Martyn 4, M. le Conte Scot 6, M. le Conte Beranger 6, Mons. le Fontaynes 6, Le Sieur de Villequir 4, Messieurs de Compigney 6, Le Sieur de Beauregard 4, le Capitaine Salcede 20, Mons. le Baron de la Garde, coronel des galleres, les cappens et leur suite 60, M. le Capitaine de Dieppe et sa suite 30, M. de Cleres et sa suite 40, M. de Breaute et sa suitte 15, le Capitaine Salcede et sa suitte 30.
To meet the Admiral at Dover:—My Lord Warden, Sir Wm. Finche, Thomas Culpeper, Sir Henry Isley, Sir John Guildeford, Edw. Twaytes, Henry Crepys, Sir Reynolde Scott, Master Grene, Walter Moyle, Edward Moninge and all the captains thereabouts, Thomas Cockes.
To entertain the Admiral at Greenwich:—Earls of Essex, Derby and Cumberland, Lord Warden, Mr. Secretary Pagett, Lord William Haward, Lord Ferrers, Lord Wentworthe, Lord Morley, Lord Thomas Haward, Mr. Rogers, Mr. Stafforde, Mr. Pyckeringe, Mr. Dennys, Mr. Kempe, with 20 other gentlemen.
Who shall prepare horses for the Ambassador with footcloths:—Lord of Cantorburie one with a footcloth and one without, Lords Chancellor, Norfolk, Great Master, Privy Seal, Winchester, Marquesse, Surrey, Oxenford, Arundel, Shrewsbury, London, Eley, York, Lincoln, each one, and the Master of the Horse six.
Appointed to attend the Prince's Grace on horseback:—Lord Prince's household 100, Lord Hartford 40, the abp. of York 40, lords of Shrewsbury 30, Huntingdon 20, Eley 40, Mr. Semer 40, the Master of the Pensioners and the Equirie 300, Leonard Chamberlayne 12, Sir Richard Sowthwell 20, Sir John Pawlett 12, the Chancellor of the Augmentation 80, Sir John Williams 30.
Horses with footcloths for the Admiral:—The King's Majesty —— (blank), the lords of Canterbury, York and Chancellor two each, lords Norfolk, Great Master, Privy Seal, Great Chamberlain, Essex, Winchester, Warden; Messrs. Comptroller, Vicechamberlain, Paget, Peter, Sadler, Ryche, Bafer (sic), lords Marquesse, Surrey, Oxenford, Arundell, Shrewesburie, Cumberland, Sussex, Huntington, Ferrer, Morley, Wentworthe, Wyndesore, London, Eley, Worcester, Rochester, Chichester and Lincoln; Messrs. Hennage, Denney, Carden, Harbert, Gates, Semer, Darcye, Paston, Longe, Bryan, Hobye, Wellesborne, Bryerton, Carye, Chancellor of Augmentations, Sir Richard Sowthwell, Master of the Rolls, Sir Thomas Pope, Sir Thomas Arundell, Sir Robert Turwitt, Sir Edm. Walsingham, Sir William Sydney, Sir Richard Page, each one.
The names of the noblemen and gentlemen appointed to attend at the Court:—Lords Canterbury, Chancellor, Norfolk, Great Master, Privy Seal, Great Chamberlain, Essex, Winchester and Warden, Mr. Comptroller, Mr. of the Horse, Mr. Vicechamberlayne, Mr. Secretary Pagett, Mr. Secretary Peter, Mr. Sadler, Mr. Ryche, Mr. Baker.
My lord Marquesse, the earls of Surrey, Oxenforde, Arundell, Shrewesburie, Darbie, Cumberland, Sussex and Huntington, lords William Haward, Thomas Haward, Ferrers, Morley, Wentworthe, Wyndesore, Parre of Horton, the abp. of York, the bps. of London, Eley, Worster, Rochester, Chichester and Lincoln. Beds.—Sir John St. John, Sir John Gascoigne, Sir Thos. Rotherham, Sir Hen. Braye. Bucks.—Sir Ant. Lee, Sir Robt. Dormer, Arthur Longevile, Reynold Reade, Wm. Dormer. Berks.—Sir Humphrey Foster, John Cheney, Alex. Umpton, Reynold Williams, Edw. Favian, Giles Foster. Camb.—Sir Giles Allington, Sir Robt. Payton, John Huddleston, John Cotton. Essex. — Sir Giles Chappell, Sir John Raynesford (in margin "discharged"), Henry Tyrrell of Herne, John Wentworthe, John Browne, Edward Grene, Thomas Joslyn, Anthony Sooke (sic), Eustace Sulliarde, Wm. Aylief. Glouc.—Sir Ant. Kingeston, Sir Ant. Hungerford, Sir Nic. Poynter (sic). Herts.—Sir Henry Parker, Sir Wm. Cavendishe, Sir Ric. Lee, Robert Lytton. Norf.—Sir Wm. Paston, Sir Edm. Knyvett, Sir Fras. Lovell, Sir Ric. Southwell, Sir Edm. Wyndham, Sir Wm. Farmour. Ntht.—Sir Humph. Stafford, Sir Wm. Newneham, Sir Thos Tresham, Sir Ric. Catesbie. Oxon.—Sir Wm. Barringdon, Sir Walter Stoner, Sir John Browne, Leonard Chamberlayne, Ant. Cope, Edm. Ashfeild, —— Wayman. Surrey.—Sir Robert Sowthwell, Sir Thomas Pope, Thomas Stedall. Sussex.—Richard Bellingham, Richard Coverte, Nic. Pellham, John Shelley. Suffolk.—Sir Wm. Drurie, Sir Wm. Walgrave, Sir Thos. Germayne, Sir John Willoughby, Sir John Jernyngham, Sir John Jenny, John Springe. Hants.—Sir Michael Lyster, Sir Ant. Wyndesore, Sir Fras. Dawtrey, Sir John Pawlett, Thos. Wodhall. Wilts.—Sir Wm. Wrowghton (in margin "sicke"), Edw. Mumpsen.
Allotment of servants to attend at the Admiral's board:—Lords Canterbury, Chancellor, Norfolk, Great Master, Privy Seal, Great Chamberlain, Essex and Winchester each 12 men, Mr. Treasurer 6, Mr. Comptroller 4, the Master of the Horse 8, Mr. Vicechamberlain 2, Mr. Pagett 8, Mr. Peter 2, Mr. Sadler 4, Mr. Riche 4, Mr. Baker 2.
Tables 12, each with four persons continually attending: six servitors for each table. Two officers at each of the four cupboards of plate. Twelve sewers to the tables. Six surveyors, one at every passage.
"The present to be given by the city of London":—The mayor and aldermen think good to give to the lord Great Admiral of France at his coming thither two goodly pairs of flagons, one all gilt, the other parcel gilt, filled with ipocras, and staff torches for his table, marchepanes, sugar loaves, suckettes, wafers and spices to the value of 100l.
"The present thought meet to be made by the mayor of London and the City to the Admiral of France":—Six doz. capons 6l., 10 doz. conies 40s., 10 doz. chickens 40s., 10 doz. quails 4l., 20 cranes 5l., 12 calves 5l., two oxen 4l., 12 kids 3l., a firkin of fresh sturgeon 40s., 6 doz. godwits 40s., 6 doz. pigeons 10s., 20 sugar loaves 6l. 13s. 4d., 4 qrs. of fine flour 4l., 40lb. white wax candles 40s., 4 doz. torches 8l., comfitts and confections 40s., 12 marchepanes 40s., 12 gallons ipocras 40s., 60 gallons wine 40s., fruits of all kinds with "letes and herbes" 20s. A cup of gold 100l.
Modern copy pp. 18.
Cott. Appx.
xxviii. f. 101.
B. M.
2. A list of names in column, those marked here with an asterisk having a dot opposite them in the margin, the meaning of which is explained by the note at the end.
The lords:—The lord Chancellor, the duke of Norfolk; the lords Great Master,* Privy Seal, and Marquis; the earl of Surrey,* the lord Great Chamberlain, the lord Chamberlain*; the earls of Oxford, Essex, Shrewsbury, Derby, Cumberland, Sussex, Huntingdon, and Urmund; the lords Fytzwater, Wm. Howard, Thomas Howard, Chamberlain to the Queen, Latymer, Ferrers, Wentworth, and Windsor.
The bishops:—Canterbury, York, Winchester, London,* Lincoln,* Ely,* Worcester,* Rochester and Chichester.
Knights of the Privy Council:—Mr. Treasurer,* Mr. Comptroller,* Mr. of the Horse, Mr. Vicechamberlain,* Mr. Secretary Paget, Mr. Secretary Peter,* Mr. Sadler,* Mr. Riche* and Mr. Baker.*
The King's Privy Chamber:—Messrs. Hennedge,1 Dennye,* Carden,* Gates,* Longe,* Herberde, Paston,* the lord Herberde, Speke, Seymor, Brian,* Darcye, Sellengere, Bellingham, Hobbey, Berkeley,* and Welstborne,* Dr. Owen,* and Dr. Cromer.*
The ladies:—The ladies Mary,* Elizabeth,* Anne of Cleves,* and Margaret; the ladies of Richmond, Suffolk, Arundel, Oxford, Sussex and Hertford; ladies Lisle, Fitzwater, Magaret Howard, Clynton, Latymer, Tailbois, Audeley, Seint John, Russell, Wriothesley and Anne Grey.
The Queen's privy chamber:—The lady Herberd, Mastres Garret, the lady Turwhit, the lady Lane.
The knights' wives:—Ladies Wingfield, Kingston, Baynton, [Knevet cancelled], Longe, Paston, Kempe, Berkeley. The Maydes. Mastres Ump[ton].
(The number "xvj" below this list.)
"Mouns. Ladmiral, iiij. Mouns. LevesqueDeurax, iij. Mouns. le President Remon, ij. Mouns. Rochetell (sic) secretary de commaundmentes, ij. Mouns. de Canaples, chlr. dell order, Mouns. De Thez, chlr. dell order, Mouns. le Comtes de Nauntell, chlr. dell order, Mouns. le Counte de Villers, gent, de la Chbr. (chambre), iij. la Hunaudy filz dell Admirall, captein de cinquant lances. Mouns. de la Meilarey vitz Admirall, j. Mouns. de M[orette?], Mouns. Desmoy, cappne de l. lances, Mouns. de Bassy, cappne de l. lances, j. Mouns. Dessay, captein de l. lances, Mouns. de la Garde, agant (sic) charge de galies du Roye, j. [Total], xv. "Plusiors aulters gentlez homes dont Je ne scay pas le noms."
In another hand. Total 115; whereof "be pricked not to sit," 28, "the rest shall sit" 87.
Pp. 6.


  • n1. July 24th.
  • n2. Supplied from No. 1364.
  • n3. Cancelled here, but not so in No. 1364.
  • n4. August 1st.
  • n5. Bruno?
  • n6. Struck out.
  • n7. Inserted in Petre's hand.
  • n8. Preferred by Mr. Secretary Paget.
  • n9. All are dated at Westminster. In this abstract the day of the month appears in parentheses before the reference to the part and membrane of the Patent Roll of 38 Hen. VIII.