Henry VIII: October 1546, 21-31

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 21 Part 2, September 1546-January 1547. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1910.

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October 1546, 21-31

21 Oct. 293. Vaughan to Paget.
R. O. This morning I presented the Ryngrave and the Doctor with the money for their postage. The Doctor, with whom I had long communication concerning the countries of the Rhine, writes his answer herewith. "The Cowntie Frederike is supposed more to favour the Princes Protestants than the Emperor." The Ryngrave on receiving the King's letters accepting his service, asked whether I brought his "bestalling brief,"—a patent mentioning his wage—acceptance without wages seemed smally to his purpose. I said I knew nothing, being only charged to deliver the writing and passport and the King's present towards his post horses. Pray speak with Mr. Chancellor of the Augmentations for his house in Woodestrete, which a son of Mr. Locke's seeks to get. I return all your letters by bearer. My lord Chancellor read them all save one, and my lord of Herfforde all. From my house, this Thursday morning.
The Ryngrave would go away to-morrow if answered in the matter above written.
P.S.—"My servant which I sent to you this morning forgat behind him this letter."
Hol., p. 1. Add. Endd.: 21 Oct. 1546.
22 Oct. 294. Archbishopric of York.
See Grants in October, No. 64.
R. O. 2. "Parcels that the archbishop of York of right ought to have, which be received by the King's Majesty's officers, whereof he rerequireth allowance," &c.
Setting forth that the spiritual jurisdiction and revenues of the diocese of York at the last exchange were valued and appointed to remain to the archbishopric; wherefore, the archbishop prays that he may have a pension of 5l. 7s. 8d., a corrody of 8l. and certain oats of the yearly value of 3l. 6s. 8d. which have always been paid by the provost of Beverley.
Subscribed with an order in Sir Edward North's hand for a decree to be made for my lord Archbishop to have the above sums. Signed by North, Williams, Hendley, Jo. Arscot and N. Bacon.
P. 1.
22 Oct. 295. Chamberlain to Paget.
R. O. Writes only that he may not be thought negligent, for the merchants' news is so variable that he dare not certify it. Encloses a letter that Mr. Caern sent to be forwarded. Andwarpe, 22 Oct. 1546.
Hol., p. 1. Add. Endd.
23 Oct. 296. University of Oxford to Paget.
R. O. Good letters have never wanted patrons to defend them from the darts of ignorance; and this island, which contains more men of letters than a great part of Europe formerly held, is happy in having a King who, besides other incomparable gifts, is learned to a miracle, and many noble men zealous of doctrine, among whom Paget is at once the most learned among the noble, the noblest among the learned. Beg that now when all their affairs are committed to the King's disposal, Paget, who holds the dearest place with his Majesty, will get them anew established for the use of students. Oxford, 10 cal. Nov.
Lat. Hol., p. 1. Headed: Clarissimo viro Domino Gulielmo Pageto, equiti aurato et regio secretario, Praesides et Collegiorum moderatores Oxoniensis Academiæ, salutem. Add. Endd.
23 Oct. 297. Carne to Paget.
R. O.
St. P., xi.
Yesterday came letters to the Lady Regent from the Emperor, of the 12th inst., conveyed by an adventurer on foot through the Lansgrave's camp to Spyres. Can only learn thereof that the Emperor has won Nuburge by appointment and Rayn and Tunwarde by assault, with loss of many men, and intends to take Ulmes and then lie all winter in the Duke of Wyttynburge's country, who is with the Landsgrave and his country "verve plentuouse." The Emperor practises to withdraw the Landsgrave's captains and their men by offer of double pay. It is reported from Spyres that the Landsgrave is out of his camp, in Norlyngen, and his soldiers calling for money. The States of Brabant have now at Lovayn given the Emperor, towards payment of certain debts, 300,000 gilderns. The other States of Flanders and the Low Countries must follow, and it is reckoned that he will get a million at least. He is also given half the revenues of the churches throughout his dominions and Empire. The French king is said to have a great army ready in Piemount to invade Milan. Other occurrents are none but that Somerset, the herald, departed hence this morning. Bruxelles, 23 Oct. 1546. Signed.
P 1. Add. Endd.
23 Oct. 298. Pole to Cardinals de Monte and Cervini.
Poli Epp.,
iv. 201.
To-day, has received the enclosed from the Camerlengo, conveying the Pope's leave for his return to Rome, and will leave as soon as possible. Sends his friend Monsig. Alvise Priuli to Trent, who will explain further. Padua, 23 Oct. 1546.
24 Oct. 299. Yorkshire Grammar Schools.
Foundation. See Grants in October, No. 73.
24 Oct. 300. Lord Grey to the Council.
R. O. Your Lordships wrote that bearer, John de Lien, sued for part of such lands as were his before the conquest, and that I should signify whether he had served as a guide, and what portion of the lands should be granted. He served as a guide, very honestly, and before the conquest had a little house in the Market Place here, and two small cottages in a back lane; "and albeit his suit and request is for the whole iij houses, it m[ay] please your Lordships to bestow such parc[els as your Lordships] shall think meet [according to] your good Lordships' wisdoms [and] considerations." Bulloigne, 24 Oct. 1546. Signed.
P. 1. Slightly mutilated. Add. Endd.
24 Oct. 301. Godefroy de Mortaingne to Deputy of Calais.
Harl. MS.
288., f. 78.
B. M.
Bearer, the Emperor's subject, who, with permission of Mons. de Vendville, my master, has been more than a year supplying your town and Boulloingne with victuals, when last at Boulloingne, with the knowledge and leave of my lord Gray, bought some "cuirs adobbez" and brought them as far as your town, where they were arrested on the ground that such export is forbidden, which he did not know. Mons. de Vendville orders me to require you to permit the passage of the said leather, as the amount is so small, or at least, as reason is, restore the money he paid for it. You know that here the Emperor's commandment is not strictly kept in the matter of victuals; and those who bring you them ought to be more favoured than others. Gravelinghes, 24 Oct. 1546. Signed.
French, p. 1. Add.
24 Oct. 302. Carne to Paget.
R. O.
St. P., xi.
This morning came letters to the Lady Regent from Spyrse of the 15th. inst. reporting that the Emperor has won five towns, two of them by assault. They include Eslyngen and Tumbynga, which latter much hindered the coming of victuals to the Emperor's camp by Danubium, and was gotten by assault. The Emperor passed by the Landsgrave's camp, wherein the Duke of Lunyburge has been slain with a piece of artillery, and summoned Ulmes, which is so commanded by a mountain that it cannot hold out eight days. In last skirmish 800 of the Emperor's men were slain, but none of renown. Nothing is said of losses on the other side. Victuals are plentiful.
This news has much rejoiced the Lady Regent and all here. The Lady Regent is also advertised that the Duke of Wyttynberg has gathered 20,000 peasants to reinforce the Landsgrave's army. Bruxelles, 24 Oct. 1546. Signed.
P. 1. Add. Endd.
24 Oct. 303. Chamberlain to Paget.
R. O. Since writing "this other" I received from Mr. Chr. Mount "these other" to be conveyed with speed. "The saying is here that the wars of Germany shall break up for this year, and that the Emperor cometh hitherwards." You should ere this have received your tiles to lay before chimneys had I had your arms and crest to put in them, which please send "with the first." Andwarpe, 24 Oct. 1546.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: "one of the King's Majesty's two principal secretaries, or at Mr. Mason's, master of the Posts, at Powlles."
25 Oct. 304. The Privy Council.
A. P. C., 545.
Meeting at Windsor, 25 Oct. Present: Hertford, Gage, Browne, Wingfield, Paget, Sadler. Business :—Cokburne, servant to Lord Bromston, had licence for conveyance of satin and other necessaries to his master in Scotland.
25 Oct. 305. The Council in London to Paget.
R. O. As the enclosed letter, received from Mr. Wotton, treasurer of Calays, refers to Paget, they send it by bearer, Captain Salablanca (whom it concerns), that, if there be any such matter, a letter may be written for his payment, which the writers will gladly sign, and if not that he may be told there to make no further suit. Westm., 25 Oct. 1546. Signed by Wriothesley, St. John and Gardiner.
P. 1. Add. Endd.: with a l're of the treasorer's of Callis inclosed. Sealed.
25 Oct. 306. Alvise Mocenigo, Venetian Ambassador with the Emperor, to the Council of Ten.
v., No. 412.
Signor Marsilio, the Emperor's equerry, told him secretly of a report in the Emperor's chamber that France, England and Venice were negociating a league with the Protestants against the Emperor, and the Signory had sent an agent into Switzerland; also that all Italy except the Signory had prohibited trade with the Protestants of Germany, and the Emperor said that Venice might well forego that trade for one or two months. Knowing the Signory so excellently disposed towards the Emperor, he could not believe such a report and said that he would not write it unless Marsilio could get confirmation of it. This he promised to do, but afterwards fell ill of the gout. To-day Messer Bernardino Pavese, a gentleman in the King of England's service, came to say that he heard from a great personage that Signor Alvise Gonzaga of Castel Zuffre had written to the Emperor that France, England, Venice and the Switzers had formed a defensive league; and that he (Gonzaga) knew it by letters from the King of England himself. The ambassador of Ferrara says that Don Francesco da Este wrote to his brother the Duke that the Emperor has ordered Annibal Calavrese to escape over to the camp of the Protestants, probably to drop a word about agreement; and has allowed to pass thither two Germans who offer to kill the Landgrave. Annibal is now in the Protestant camp. Camp, 3 leagues from Ulm, 25 Oct.
25 Oct. 307. Advices from Piedmont.
viii., No. 341.
Small hope of permanent settlement of English affairs although negociations continue. The King of England wishes to have the daughter of Scotland, to which France will not consent. France greatly fears agreement between the Emperor and the Lutherans, and recently sent M. de Villarand to the Landgrave to prevent it.
26 Oct. 308. William Damesell to Paget.
R. O. Forwards a packet received to-day from Mr. Dymocke and a letter from Sir Edward Carne. Has by instructions from Sir John Gresham laden the King's copper, bought of the Fugger, to the sum of 20,000l. Fl., in hoys some of which are already arrived safely. Thinks Gresham's letters insufficient, and begs that he may have a commandment either from Paget or from the Council. Andwerpe, 26 Oct. 1546.
Hol., p. 1. Add. Endd.
26 Oct. 309. Wotton to Henry VIII.
R. O.
St. P., xi. 333.
Received the Council's letters of the 9th inst. at Langres on the 17th, the French king having removed thence the day before. Was at Court thrice, but could not get audience until Sunday the 24th. Declared as instructed; and the French king answered that his ambassador wrote likewise, and, if suspicions should move him, why should Henry fortify at Habletune or Bullingbergh if he meant to restore Boleyn, but Henry's promise moved him more; as for Portet it should be found to have been begun long before the treaty and was made only for the re victualling of his own fort. Mary! if he fortified at the point of the haven it would indeed seem to prejudice Henry's pieces, but he had already said that he would not do so; he had cause to complain of others' ministers, for if his had acted like Lord Gray they had been at war again. As for Du Bies he had named another in the commission. To the other points the French king made no answer, save for the ships of war, saying that probably they were Scottish pirates who molested Henry's subjects, as they did the French and Flemings; his merchants should go and traffic as they intended, trusting to Henry's promise. Wotton replied that it was evident that the fortifying at Habletune and Bullingebergh was not done to put the French fort in danger, whereas that of Portet could not but prejudice Henry's pieces; examination would show whether it was begun before the treaty. "It shall so indeed," quoth the King, and he added that the examination would also show that the building at Portet was for the better revictualling of his fort, and it was unreasonable that his good brother should fortify at will, break down his buildings and suspect his ministers, and he not do the like; to suffer this would make him rather like a subject than a friend. Wotton answered that Henry's fortifications were not so much where he listed as where he might by the treaty m[ake] them; that Lord Gray did, without commandment, what he thought the treaty warranted; that if Francis showed any reasonable cause of suspicion of Henry's ministers it should be duly weighed; and that Henry only wished things to pass according to the treaty and good amity. The French king agreed that this was indeed the best means to maintain amity, and asked Wotton to write that he would not fail therein.
The French king then seemed better disposed than hitherto to talk with Wotton, and said that, by letters of the 16th, the Emperor was again on this side the Danow, had taken certain towns on the river, and seemed to be drawing towards Wirtenberg, where the Duke had gathered 16,000 footmen and 2,000 horsemen to garrison his frontier until the coming of the great army of the Protestants; the Emperor seemed to avoid battle and would not fight except at advantage: the Protestants had also passed the Danow and were near him, but would not fight at this time. The Emperor will either try to take the towns of the duchy of Wirtenbergh and winter his men in that plentiful country, or else pass through it by Brisgow, Elzate (sic), Lorayne and Luxenburgh into Flanders, leaving his men lodged at Spyre, Wormes, Mentz, Tryer and other towns obedient to him: the ground of Wirtenbergh was so flat that three days' rain such as we have had here would make it impossible for the Emperor to move his great ordnance, and although stronger in horsemen he was inferior to the Protestants by 25,000 footmen. Wotton observed that unless the battle was fought and the matter ended now, he doubted if the Protestants could make such an army next year, whereas the Emperor had the Bishop of Rome and the princes of Italy to bear most of his charges. The King answered that no princes contributed, and the Bishop had not helped so liberally as the Emperor looked for, who was fain to lend the Legate 25,000 ducats to pay his men; the Protestants were gathering a diet to move those princes and towns of the religion who are not of the League to enter it, as the Kings of Denmark and Suede, the count Palatyn, the marquis of Brandenburgh, the town of Norinbergh, etc.; he heard also that they would send shortly to him and to England for aid, and if so he would use Henry's advice therein. Asked whether anyone had offered mediation. The French king said that the King of Pole had done so, but the Emperor said that agreement was impossible; the king of Pole had declared that if Saxony were invaded he would aid the Duke, and so said Duke Moryce also, because his lordships lay so mingled with those of the Elector. The French king said also that Gerard, the Emperor's secretary, had no pleasant answer from the Turk, who, perceiving this business betwixt the Emperor and the Germans, would "be doing again in Christendom next summer." Tannay by Bar, 26 Oct. 1546. Signed.
Pp. 5. Add. Endd.
26 Oct. 310. Wotton to Paget.
R. O. Laubespine shows him that, by letters of the 14th, the Emperor has passed the Danow again, taken all the towns betwixt Ingolstadt and Ulme, viz., Thunewerd, Hoestet and Tilling'n, and goes to besiege Ulme, "where he thinketh to have some intelligence." His men overthrew five ensigns of Protestants going to Ulme; and it was a hundred to one that they had taken those who carried 3,000,000 gold gildens to the Protestants' camp, but succour came in time and the Protestants are now paid their wages. The Duke of Wirtenbergh has gathered 16,000 footmen and 2,000 horsemen. The Emperor now "marcheth in open fields." As soon as Wirtenbergh's men join the great army the Protestants will fight, even at disadvantage.
Had written thus far when, on the 24th, he obtained audience of the French king, who told him other news which he has written to the King. Sent his last despatch into England by his servant Hugh Good, whose horse fell half a dozen posts on this side Parys and hurt his leg; whereupon he took fever and died. He was, "for his wit, learning, knowledge, experience, languages, soberness, faithfulness, and diligence," able to have served the best man in the realm. Cannot as yet answer Paget's other letters. The French king has been at Bar in Barrois with the duchess of Lorayne and her sister-in-law the princess of Aurenge, dowagers both. The King goes back to Jenville for Allhallow Tide. The fame continues of the marriage of the dowager of Lorayne and Count Daumale. Tannay by Bar, 26 Oct. 1546. Signed.
Pp. 2. Add. Endd.
27 Oct. 311. The Privy Council.
A. P. C., 546.
Meeting at Windsor, 27 Oct. Present: Hertford, Great Chamberlain, Lord Chamberlain, Browne, [Wingfield, Paget, Sadler]. Business :—Letters to Sir Edward Dymock to make payment by virtue of the warrant dormant to the treasurer of Boulogne restrained by letters in August, as there is yet no opportunity to devise upon the establishment, and to allow the Deputy spial money not exceeding 200l. yearly.
27 Oct. 312. The Privy Council to the Archbishop of York.
R. O. Direct him, of the "Contribution" money in his hands, to pay the mayor of Newcastle, Robert Brandelin and Henry Anderson 1,000 mks. towards provision of 3,000 "chawder" of coal for Bulloyn, for which the King has presently written to them. This is important. Westm., 27 Oct. 1546. Signed by Wriothesley, Norfolk, St. John, Winchester, and perhaps others whose signatures are lost.
P. 1. Mutilated. Add.
27 Oct. 313. Mont to Thirlby.
R. O. The letters which he now sends were brought to him in a roundabout way, and, as it was impossible to hire a messenger, he was bringing them himself, when the lameness of his horse compelled him to go back. Suspects that owing to the present war Thirlby finds it not so easy to obtain answers from the Emperor; and therefore, if anything is to be signified to the writer, it may be sent through Sebald Geuder, dwelling in the haymarket at Nurnberg. Gundelfinger might very well do this work if he were at Nurnberg. Conjectures that the King wrote to the Emperor for release of the wood for making bows which was arrested at Mentz by two citizens of Nurnberg upon pretext of a licence from the Emperor and king of Romans for the sole export to England of this kind of wood. Such wood was lately purchased in Switzerland by certain English merchants, and was arrested in its passage down the Rhine; and thereupon, last month, Mont went to the abp. of Mentz, but could only get answer that he must either compound with the adverse party or pursue the case at law. A letter from the Emperor to the Bishop will therefore be necessary, and he begs Thirlby to send him one, for the wood belongs to an honest Englishman called Richard Hillis who received Mr. Bucler and Mr. Mason in his house in Strasburg. Intends to wait two days at Weyssenburg for his boy, and then return to Nurnberg, for the plague is raging hereabouts. Begs him to send the boy back as soon as possible. For the advowson formerly granted and the gift lately given, professes devotion to Thirlby's service. "Y wolde veray feyn heb komme to yower lordship, but y stand in doubt if it sholl bie best, for divers considerations. If yowr lordship heb no spedier and surer weys for conveants af letters y theng y moyght sendt them sauffely throug Colln and Antwerp." Dated in a village near Manheym, two miles from Daunenwerd, 27 Oct. 1546.
P.S.—Intended to send his servant on foot, fearing the rapacity of the Spaniards and his servant's simplicity, and therefore thought his speedy return the more necessary, because of the care of the horses; but this rain has made a horse necessary, and his return is not so urgent but that he may wait, if Thirlby has any hope of getting the letters to Mentz within five or six days; for, to gratify Thirlby, Mont will readily act horsekeeper for a few days. Written one mile from Dunowerda, for so far he has accompanied his servant.
Lat. Hol., pp. 3. Add.: ambassador with the Emperor. Endd.
27 Oct. 314. Edmond Harvel to Henry VIII.
R. O. Since the 9th inst. this Signory has had no letters from the Imperial camp, but, by "reports accusing letters of the 18th from the said camp," the Emperor's going to Ulmo was prevented by the Langrave's taking an important hill adjoining the town. Some say that this was occupied peaceably; others that it was only had with great contention and loss. As signified in his last, Piero Stroci came hither from the Protestants' camp in great diligence; and now the prior of Capua and he depart for France. Here also has been the count of Mirandola. The coming of these personages and of the new French ambassador suggests new practices between the French king, the Protestants and this Signory, which seems inclined to the Protestant part. "I understand that in Bononye is kept of late greater watch and guard than was accustomed, unknown upon what suspicion it should proceed. The captain of whom I wrote sometime to your Majesty is departing for France." Venice, 27 Oct. 1546.
Hol., p. 1. Add. Endd.
28 Oct. 315. Selve to Francis I.
No. 47.
Upon Francis' letters of the 10th and 13th, went to the King; who, however, because of some indisposition, commissioned Paget to hear him. Paget afterwards told him that the King was much pleased and had deputed Seymour, Hertford's brother, the Deputy of Calais and Mr. Wotton, brother of the ambassador with Francis, to meet the French deputies. The armed ships are still at the mouth of this river, and Paget says that bad weather and contrary wind has prevented their going to Scotland; but their departure seems to have cooled, as now they are scarcely mentioned. This King has secretly delivered 100,000 cr. to merchants here to be paid at Antwerp at Candlemas, constraining the merchants to take it in the new crowns which are not current there at the amount they are worth here, so that the merchants bear the carriage and exchange and the thing is done covertly. Some think this is to encourage the Germans not to accept or offer appointment with the Emperor after their great expenses in this war. Reingrave, brother of him who was in Francis' service, has taken oath to this King and obtained a pension of 2,000 cr. Learns from the Venetian secretary resident here that the Germans have sent hither the capitulation last made by the Emperor with the Pope (boasting that they have obtained the original), by which this King's Council understand that the Emperor has bound himself generally to the reduction of those who disobey the Holy See; and those here are much offended. However, I see more demonstration of good cheer made to the Emperor's ambassador than was usual when I first came; I know not whether it proceeds from affection or dissimulation. London, 28 Oct. 1546.
28 Oct. 316. Selve to the Admiral [of France].
No. 48.
Seeing the Baron de St. Blancard, who is very ill, retained prisoner and an attempt made to extort from him 4,000 cr. down and bond for the other 3,000 cr., Selve wrote to Paget (copy enclosed); who replied by one of his clerks that the King orders Paston to exact only 2,000 cr. and let the Baron give surety for 5,000 cr., to be paid only if the special Commissioners find him good prize. On Selve remarking that thus the Baron should pay 2,000 cr. even if not found prisoner, the clerk said that the 2000 cr. comprised 800 cr. for expenses and loans, and promised to point out to Paget the enormity of the sum demanded. Gathers from the language which the King and Paget have always held that they will not let the Baron go unless they have surety for the 7,000 cr., and a good part of it in ready money; and if matters are arranged between the Commissioners to their liking they will treat him worse than ever if he still remain in their hands, of which he is in very great fear. London, 28 Oct. 1546.
28 Oct. 317. Repayment of Loan.
R. O. Acknowledgment by John Carlo delly Affaytadi and Company, of Antwerp, of receipt, from Thos. Chamberleyn, governor of the English nation, and Wm. Damoisel, the King of England's agents in Antwerp, since the 15th inst., of 6,000l. Fl., in current money, in payment of a like sum due by the King, as appears by a contract in the hands of Thomas Cavalcanti, John Giraldi and Company at London. Antwerp, 28 Oct. 1546. Signed: Per noi Gio. Charlo delli Afaitadi, etc.
French, p. 1. Endd.: A quietans, etc.
29 Oct. 318. Bishopric of St. Davids.
See Grants in October, No. 87.
29 Oct. 319. Capture of Baron St. Blancard.
Harl. MS. 249,
f. i.
B. M.
Confession concerning the taking of the Galley Blauncherd, headed: Admiralty, 38 Hen. VIII.
Confession taken of 23 of the "crediblest forsathos" (named, Neapolitans, Spaniards and Gascons), 29 Oct., in presence of Sir Thomas Clere, lieutenant, Robert Legg, treasurer, William Brocke, comptroller, Benjamin Gonsson, surveyor and Richard Brocke, captain of the King's Gallye Subtill. Their galleys lying under the French fortules descrying four or five of the King's navy making towards them, their Admiral Pullyne sent his "fregat" from galley to galley appointing six of the best galleys to take the wind of the ships, and the other galleys to be ready, every man naked with his oar in his hand, for the assault. The Baron Blauncherd said that he would have the greatest of the ships for his part. In case of failure Captain Pulltyn was to fire a warning shot, whereupon all should retire. The galleys made chase as far as Blacknashe, shooting continually, and there the ships cast about towards them with the rest of the navy. The Admiral shot his warning pieces and all fled. "Then the Baron Blauncherd saying that he would bestow half a dozen shot among them for his pleasure, whereupon captain Pero was displeased, saying it was necessary to follow the Admiral, and so fell on the danger of the ships and was taken," 21 May last. Captain Pullyn shot the first piece at the ships that day. Signed: Thomas Clere, k: Robert Legge; William Brouke; Benjamin Conson; Rye. Broke.
P. 1.
29 Oct. 320. Colleges in Cambridge.
R. O.
Rymer, xv. 91
Surrender by John Readman, master or keeper of the college or hall of the King within the town and university of Cambridge commonly called the "Kynges Hall in Cambridge," and the scholars of the same, of their said college and all its possessions in Cambridge, Chesterton, Hynton, Bottesham and Arryngton, Camb., in Felmersham and Pavenham, Beds, in Grendon, Ntht., in Scarburgh, Yorks., and elsewhere. Sealed 29 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII. Fair seal appended.
Parchment. Endd. with note signed by Nicholas Bacon, Thomas Hutton and Thomas Rudstone that the above was taken before them and Wm. Coke, 8 Dec., by virtue of a commission dated Westm., 3 Nov. 38 Hen. VIII. Enrolled (Cl. Roll, p. 1, No. 4.) as acknowledged, 17 Dec., in Chancery.
R. O.
Rymer, xv. 92.
2. Surrender by John Sturmyn, S.T.B., master of the hall or college of St. Mary, commonly called Gonwell Hall, in Cambridge, and the fellows of the said college, of their inn or house called Physwyck alias Phisyck Hostell in Cambridge. Sealed 29 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII. Mutilated seal appended.
Parchment. Endd. like § 1. Enrolled (Cl. Roll. p. 1, No. 6) as acknowledged 10 Dec. in Chancery.
R. O.
Rymer, xv. 92.
3. Surrender by Francis Mallet, S.T.P., master of the house or college of St. Michael, commonly called Mychaell Howse, in Cambridge, and the fellows of the same, of their said college and all its possessions in Cambridge, Lancastre, Haslerton, Barryngton, Ikelton, Chesterford, Hynxton, Foxston, Haslyngfeld, Harleton, Grancestor and Orwell, Camb., in Wingall, Linc., in Myldenhall, Suff., in the city of London and elsewhere. Sealed 29 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII. Seal appended, much injured.
Parchment. Endd. like § 1. Enrolled (Cl. Roll, p. 1, No. 5) as acknowledged 17 Dec. in Chancery.
29 Oct. 321. Dr. Richard Cox to Paget.
R. O. Because you have no leisure I will be short. "If I were with you ye would teach me another school! God save me from all your school if it be no better than that." For God's love, help as you may. Your proclamation for burning books wrought much hurt, for in many places they have "burnt New Testaments, Bibles not condemned by the Proclamation, and that out of parish churches and honest meaning men's houses. They have burnt of the King's Majesty's books concerning our religion lately set forth, and his primers which now be utterly despised and not used nor taught the youth, contrary to his most godly meaning and commandment. They teach the old Latin with the old ignorance, and would that printers should print them again, and promise them good utterance. The Proclamation meant well for the abolishing of ill books; but the success is eradicare lolium cum tritico. Some that knew what was to be done, yet, for fear of danger, made away all. Other that stood in a mamering, circumferebantur omni vento tentationis and cast away all, good and bad. The third, which had none to cast away, rejoiced much that they might remain still in their old ignorancy and superstitious folly. God of all comfort grant all such as mind devoutly and godly ever to have comfort of His Blessed Word; and, for all your business, bless yourself with it once a day."
The King determined that the civilians in Oxford shall be together in one college, the physicians and surgeons in another; but the head[s] of the University are come to sue the contrary, with letters to the Queen, Lord Chancellor, Great Master, Privy Seal, and you. "I fear the suit be to little purpose and not gracious. I think they might do well to sue for some endowment for the University, which is poor and miserable, and hath scant 5l. by the year, whereas Cambridge hath yearly 40l. or 50l." They have also to thank the King for the continuance of their houses with their lands, and to desire his confirmation thereof. Hatfilde, 29 Oct.
Hol., pp. 2. Add. Endd.
29 Oct. 322. Lord Grey to Paget.
R. O. Understands that report is made to Paget that bearer, Pierre Jehan Lucy de Sena, Italian, has not been here these two months, but in Flanders and elsewhere. Undoubtedly he has continued here ever since his return out of Scotland, "and hath not been absent at any time without licence for a season to repair to the Court"; and he is full paid up to 27 Aug. last at 16 cr. the month. Bulloigne, 29 Oct. 1546. Signed.
P. 1. Add. Endd.: with the supplication of Petre John Luty.
R. O. 2. Petition to Paget by Peter John Luty of Scena, Italian, who has learnt from Nic. Rustici, in answer to a former demand, that he must bring testimonial from Lord Grey of his having been always retained in Bolleyn since his return from Scotland. Thought that this had been certified in last letters which he brought, but has now brought another letter from my Lord Deputy. A little before coming from Bolleyn he was paid, by the King's command, up to 27 Aug. last, when the payments of the old treasurer ended, "and they abide the coming of the new treasurer to pay the residue." Doubts that some malicious person has spoken evil of him. "And as concerning the 10 payments which I ask to be allowed me in Bolleyn at such time as I served in Scotlande is one only wages and not two, because I served in Scotlande with three horses of service, as is well known, and I never received more wages than 16 crowns the month, which was but the half wages which was due to me, as is apparent in the book of wages, for so much I had before and now have in Bolleyn of his Majesty without keeping of horse, and therefore it pleased the King's Highness to will the late Sir Harry Knevet to write to Bolleyn that I should be paid; which as yet I could not get, as my lord of Surrey and other of his Majesty's Council in Bolleyn Mill testify. I am indebted the same and more made in Scotlande only for my . . . . . . . . . . for [any] other thing; supposing that, according as was promised me, my said wages of Bolleyn should have been allowed me as reason was." Begs that he may receive here four months' wages beforehand besides what is due to him since 27 Aug., that he may partly satisfy his creditors and return to serve in Bollevn.
P. 1.
20 Oct. 323. Du Bies to Lord Grey.
R. O. Last night I received your letter of the 26th inst. And as to your writing that I am reported to think you are not authorised to speak generally of the limits, I have never doubted it, and know your power to be sufficient; but as I have so often written, it must be reformed in accordance with the treaty. This I think you will leave to those whom your King has lately told Mons. de la Garde that he would appoint; to meet whom the King has deputed Mons. de Tais, the said Sieur de la Garde and one other, as I have signified to Lord Cobham, who is, I understand, to be one. 29 Oct. 1546.
French. Endd.: Copie of a l're of Mons. du Bies to my lord Gray.
29 Oct. 324. Privy Council of Scotland.
Regist., 46. Meeting at Edinburgh, 29 Oct. Attendance not entered. Confirmation of a bargain between John and Alex. Keith and Alex. Innes and his spouse Eliz. Forbes.
30 Oct. 325. Robert Swyfte to Shrewsbury.
Shrewsb. MS.
P., p. 119.
At his coming to London, Mr. Candishe sent for him to know what money Shrewsbury had sent, having received great rebukes of the Council because it should have been paid before Michaelmas. Promised 200l. within four days after Halontyd. Encloses abstract of their books showing his debt. On Wednesday night had communication with lord Breye, who promises "to be with you to see my lady his wife afore Kyrstellmes although he tarried but two days with her." Mr. More has provided 200 lings, the one hundred at 14l. and the other at 9l., which he would rather send to Hull by water than by land. Cannot get a tun of good wine. This day I despatched "Bryan, Mrs. Preste man." Parliament shall begin next January. London, 30 Oct.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: To my lord.
ii. 30 Oct. ao 38o :—Due by my lord of Shrewsbury at days past, viz., for his own livery, at Mich, last, 200 mks, for the wardship of John lord Braye, at Candlemas last, 200 mks., and for the "lands recovered at Midsummer last" 300 mks. To be due at Candlemas next, viz., for the lord Braye (the last of that debt) 200 mks, and for the lands recovered 100 mks.
P. 1.
31 Oct. 326. Worcester Cathedral.
Cl. Roll
38 Henry viii.
p. 2, No. 51,
Rymer, xv. 93.
Surrender, by the dean and chapter of Worcester cathedral, of the lordships and manors of Grymley and Hallowe, the park of Hallowe, and the manors of Hynwyke and Woodhall, the rectories and advowsons of the vicarages of Grymley and Hallowe, and a wood called Monkenwood and land called le Orchardes in Grymley parish. Dated 31 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII.
31 Oct. 327. Vaughan to Wriothesley and Paget.
R. O. On the last of October, about 2 p.m., I arrived at Calles and asked Mr. Fowler concerning the acquittance and reward. He answered that copies of the acquittances were in his house in England, and he left by indenture with you, my lord Chancellor, 4 or 5 years past, acquittances made for the King's pension of France "supposed and looked to have been paid and were not;" also that the reward given was sometimes 300 cr. sometimes 400 cr., when the yearly pension was but 50,000 cr. He says that "at the receipt of the pension the commissaries had always by them a goldsmith which suspecting any piece of gold touch it only." Please let me know exactly how many crowns of the sun to receive, the remembrance of you, my lord Chancellor, containing 46,700 "and odd." I have sent to Bullen to enquire whether the party bringing this money is come. In case you, my lord Chancellor, cannot find the acquittances delivered by indenture, I send Mr. Fowler over, so that you may have their copies. Calles, 31 Oct.
"Fowler told me that the goldsmith used to weigh a mark's weight of the crowns of every bag that was brought, which weight and touch they used, and none other things."
Hol., pp. 3. Add. Endd.: 1546.
31 Oct. 328. Sir Thomas Moyle to Paget.
R. O. After divers answers received from Mons. du Bies, on 29 Oct. I learned from my lord Graye that Du Bies will nowise assent to any more meeting upon our first commission, alleging (as I also hear) that a new commission is appointed. Please advertise me what I shall do. Mr. Wotton and I this week viewed the water which the French call Lyenne and would have as head of the river, it being declared to the King, as Sir Thomas Palmer showed us, to be in winter the greatest and longest. That water has two heads, one at Longvile called "le leawe Saint Silves[tre], th'other at Nabringheme called le lewe Saint Margaret," the two meeting within a quarter of a mile of the said heads and running through the bridge at Henvois, through a hamlet called Fosse (taking there the name of the hamlet) and so unto the great river where the water that comes from Seles runs, in the end of Burnavile parish; and then all the waters meeting in the hamlet of Lyenne are called Lyenne "and not before." The water of Fosse is not a mile long and is but a dyke, not able now to float a wooden dish, whereas the other is a fair river before it comes to Lyenne, "and of three miles long." Hearing of this new commission we forbore to pursue the other. Guisnes, 31 Oct. Signed.
P. 1. Add. Endd.: 1546.
31 Oct. 329. The French Court.
R. O. Proclamation by Francis I. that all secretaries and servants of princes, prelates, lords and gentlemen, both subjects and foreigners, shall depart out of his Court within eight days unless they have his written permission to remain, and even then they are not to write to their masters or any other in ciphers or fictitious characters and names; and members of the King's suite shall have no dealings with solicitors and servants who have not the said permission. This is not meant to comprehend ambassadors of the Pope, Emperor, kings of England and Portugal, Signory of Venice and other foreign kings, potentates and princes; but they must not retain any of the said solicitors, etc. Given at Genville, 31 Oct. 1546, and 32 Francis I.
French. Copy, pp. 3. Described as countersigned by Laubespine. Endd.
R. O. 2. English translation of the above.
Pp. 3.
330. The Boulonnais.
R. O. Commission to Sir George Brooke lord Cobham, deputy of Calais, Sir Thomas Seymer, of the Privy Chamber, and Sir Edward Wotton treasurer of Calais, to agree with the commissioners of Francis I. as to what places in the county of Boulogne may be fortified without offence of the treaty of peace lately made, the validity of the prize of a certain galley of the baron of St. Blanquard, the true source of the river flowing beneath the bridge called Pont Debricque and the frontier line from thence to Guisnez. Windsor, "xx . . [di]e [m]en[sis] . . . . . . . [Anno Domini] 1546 ct regni n'ri xxxviij."
Lat. Draft corrected by Paget, pp. 2. Endd.: Copie of the Commission for the Commissioners for the fortification etc."
2. Draft treaty by Sir George Brooke, lord Cobham, Henry VIII's deputy of Calais, Sir Thomas Seymour, gentleman of the Privy Chamber, and Sir Edward Wootton, treasurer of Calais, with A.B.C., commissioners of the French king.
That, whereas by the treaty of perpetual peace latety concluded at Camp, from the date of that treaty until Michaelmas 1554, neither Prince shall begin any new fortification in the county of Boulogne, and questions have arisen as to whether the fortifications at Mont Saincte Estien, or at the little town called Le Portet, or at the hill near the entrance of the port of Boulogne, were begun at the time of the treaty, which the French affirm and the English deny, to remove all occasion of doubt and that the peace may last for many ages, it is hereby concluded that the French king may fortify Mont Saincte Estien and the King of England Le Bullenbergh, Blackenes and the New Port alias Hambletew. Le Portet and the hill beside the entrance of the port of Boulogne shall remain as they are.
Item, in elucidation of the 12th article of the treaty, it is declared that the source of the river which flows beneath the Pont de Bricque is the stream which enters that river beside the town of Kekes.
Lat., pp. 6. Fragment?
Oct. 331. Documents signed by .Stamp.
R. O. Abridgment of bills, etc., which the King caused "me, William Clerc," to stamp at divers places and times in October 38 Henry VIII., in the presence of Sir Anthony Dennye.
1. "Instructions for William Tyrrell, esquire, appointed to be admiral of 6 ships sent against Scotland." (fn. n1)
2. A passport for —— (blank) with 1,000l. st. in the name of a merchant of the Staple. (fn. n1)
3. A passport for —— (blank) Goron and his servant. (fn. n1)
4. Thos. Hall. Non-residence. (fn. n1) G. 11 Oct.
5. Lady Tylney. Wardship. (fn. n2) G. 23. Oct.
6. Sir Robt. Tyrwhitt. Wardship. (fn. n2) G. 6 Nov.
7. Mrs. Whitton. Wardship of Fras. Whitton, her son. (fn. n2)
8. Sir Thos. Darcye. Wardship. (fn. n2) G. 27 Oct.
9. Thos. Leigh. Wardship. (fn. n2) G. 28 Oct.
10. Wm. Williamson. Wardships. (fn. n2) G. 20 Oct.
11. Sir Gervaise Clifton. Wardship. (fn. n2) G. 23 Oct.
12. Sir Wm. Vavasour. Wardship of Thos. Everingham. (fn. n2)
13. Sir Robt. Bowes. Wardship. (fn. n2) G. 26 Jan.
14. Wm. Clerc. Wardship of Wm. Sewester. (fn. n2)
15. Sir Ric. Riche. Wardship of Robt. Burgoyn.
16. Wm. Lucy. Wardship of Joyce Acton. (fn. n2)
17. John Frye. Wardship of Thos. Frye. (fn. n2)
18. Everard Sygrave. Wardship of Wm. Milwarde. (fn. n2)
19. George Gifford. Wardship of Rog. Gifforde. (fn. n2)
20. Sir Edm. Peckham. Wardship of Edm. Vernay. (fn. n2)
21. Sir Ralph Fane. Wardship. (fn. n2) G. 28 Oct.
22. Clement Hiegham. Wardship of Joan, Anne and Eliz. Eden. (fn. n2)
23. Robt. Henneage. Wardship. (fn. n3) G. 4 Nov.
24. Thos. Kyrton. Wardship. (fn. n3) G. 23 Oct.
25. Thos. Digges. Wardship of Daniel Everinge. (fn. n3)
26. John Higforde. Wardship. (fn. n3) G. 22 Oct.
27. Sir Wm. Vaughan. Wardship of Joan and Eliz. app Harry. (fn. n3)
28. Mrs. Dorothy Hagerston and Sir George Radclif. Wardship. (fn. n3)
29. Trinity College, Cambridge. Foundation. (fn. n4) G. 19 Dec.
30. The same. Endowment. (fn. n4) G. 24 Dec.
31. Sir Thos. Pope, etc. Commission. (fn. n4) G. 16 Oct.
32. Sir Ph. Hobbie. Lease. (fn. n4) A. ii. 14 Nov.
33. Ric. Devereux. Grant. (fn. n4) G. 29 Oct.
34. The bp. of St. David's. Grant. (fn. n4) G. 29 Oct.
35. Thos. Bisshop. Gift. (fn. n4) G. 17 Oct.
36. John Burnell, of the Cellar, and Wm. Burnell, Mr. Chancellor's servant. Lease. (fn. n4) A. iv. 14 Oct.
37. "Letters patent declaring your Majesty's resolute pleasure in certain doubts concerning the exchange of lands between your Highness and the archbishop of York." (fn. n4)
38. Acquittance to the treasurer of Tenths and First Fruits for 1,000l. delivered to your own hands in September last. Preferred by Mr. Gate.
39. Discharge to the Exchequer for 1,500l. delivered to your own hands. Preferred by Mr. Gate.
40. Polydore Kyne. Office. Pref. by Mr. Gate. G. 30 Oct.
41. Lancelot Knolles. Pardon. At suit of Sir Robt. Bowes and pref. by Mr. Henneage. G. 28 Oct.
42. John Guskott. Pardon, the bill signed in Sept. last at Mr. Hare's suit being of no avail because the indictment was "not truly rehearsed." G. 13 Oct.
43. Sir Thomas Henneage. Special pardon. Examined by Mr. Mildemaye. G. 12 Oct.
44. "A warrant for the Council to pay money." (fn. n5) G. 16 Oct.
45. "A bill for the order of the watch in the Tower of London." (fn. n5)
46. Fras. Bartye. Annuity. (fn. n5) G. 17 Oct.
47. Edm. Moodye. Annuity. (fn. n5) G. 17 Oct.
48. "A passport for Petrus Farnandes." (fn. n5)
49. "An annuity of 75l. for the Countie de Waldeck." (fn. n5)
50. Barth. Compaigny. Licence "to bring in almaner jewelles, etc." (fn. n5)
51. "A letter to the bishop of St. David's for the discharge of 400 mks. for the Benevolence." (fn. n5)
52. "A licence for 700 sacks of wool for Bartholomew Fortini, etc." (fn. n5)
53. Humphrey Orme and John Askue. Lease. (fn. n6) G. 21 Oct.
54. Sir Wm. Pagett. Grant. (fn. n6) G. 26 Oct.
55. Warrant to Chancellor of Augm. to proceed with Paget in the "said bargain." (fn. n6)
56. Ant. Fortescue. Licence. At his own suit. G. 22 Oct.
57. Sir Thos. Henneage. Licence. G. 16 Oct.
58. Edm. Harman. Gift. (fn. n4) G. 6 Nov.
59. City of Lincoln. Grant. (fn. n4) G. 11 Dec.
60. Sir Wm. Harbert. Grant of lands "which were one John Malefauntes, esquire, his father-in-law's, whereunto your Highness is entitled by way of escheat." G. 14 Dec.
61. Thos. Joslyn, &c. Commission. (fn. n4) G. 29 Oct.
62. "A letter to the bishop of Bangor to restore Doctor Wolflete to his prebend of Bytton whereof he was lately deprived for nonpayment of the last Subsidy." Pref. by Mr. Dennye.
63. "A passport for Countie Cornelio de Fiesco, your Majesty's servant." Pref. by Mr. Dennye.
64. "A fee of 4d. by the day for William Edwardes, yeoman of the Chamber, who have served your Majesty long in the wars. At his own suit."
65. "The surveyorship of the honor of Tutburie, the keeping of the ward of Tutburie with a lodge in Nedewoode Chace, the keeping of the parks of Rolston, Stokeley, Barton, etc., within the said honor, with the used fees, for Mr. Secretary Pagett." (fn. n6)
66. Ric. Mannok. Pardon. Subscr. by my lord Chancellor. (fn. n6) G. 24 Oct.
67. Robt. Bracher. Pardon. Subscr. by my lord Chancellor. (fn. n6) G. 22 Oct.
68. John Warne. Pardon. Subscr. by my lord Chancellor. (fn. n6) G. 19 Dec.
69. "A passport for the Countie Rheyngrave and Doctor Eustace sent hither from Duke Frederic." (fn. n6)
70. "A letter commendatory for Countie Philipp Fraunces of Rhene returning home to his country." (fn. n6)
71. Dr. Wendy. Grant. (fn. n4) (fn. n6) G. 24 Oct.
72. "Certain offices within the honor of Tutburie for Mr. Secretary Pagett, whereof there was a bill signed the 17th of this month, and because it wanted the herbage and pannage it was cancelled." (fn. n6)
73. Mr. Seintbarbe. Gift and purchase "whereof there was another bill signed in September last (No. 199, § 60) and because the tenure was mistaken it was cancelled by the Chancellor of the Augmentations." (fn. n4) G. 29 Oct.
74. "A letter commendatory for Countie Rheynegrave, whereof there was another bill signed the 17th of this month, and because it expressed not the pension which your Majesty giveth him it was cancelled." (fn. n6)
75. "A commission to my lord Cobham, Sir Thomas Seymour and Dr. Wotton to treat with the French commissaries concerning fortifications in Bollonoy, the French galley, etc., which was taken, and the river of Pont de Brique." (fn. n6)
76. "Instructions for the same." (fn. n6)
77. Warrant for Seymour's diets at 4 mks. (fn. n6)
78. Peter Vane and Nicholas Rusticus. Office. (fn. n6) G. 5. Nov.
79. Ralph Henryson. Pardon. (fn. n6) G. 3 Nov.
80. Matth. Kent. Annuity. At his own suit. G. 20 Nov.
81. George Blage. Office. G. 13 Nov.
82. Ric. Pranke. Licence. At suit of Mr. Gate. G. 3 Nov.
83. Edw. Bellingeham. Gift. (fn. n4) G. 3 Nov.
84. Robert Constable. Lease. (fn. n4) A. iv. 2 Nov.
85. Thos. Josseleyn, &c. Another commission to take the surrender of Plecye (fn. n4) (see above, 61).
86. Walter Stricklande, etc. Commission. (fn. n4) G. 5 Nov.
Parchment roll of 3 membranes signed at the end : W. Clerc.
332. Grants in October 1546.
1. Philip Paris, late of Lyntun, Camb., alias late of London, esq. General pardon of treasons, misprisions, &c. Del. Westm., 1 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (countersigned by Wriothesley and St. John.) Pat. p. 1, m. 24.
2. John Gowgh, yeoman, and Edmund Bradley, baker, late of London. Pardon of felony, they being indicted for having, 20 July 38 Hen. VIII., in the parish of St. Edmund in Lumbard Street, London, Langbourne Ward, stolen a sorrel gelding, worth 30s., belonging to John Apowell of Shryneham, Berks. Del. Westm., 1 Oct., 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 1, m. 25.
3. Thomas Thurland, clk. Grant of the canonry or prebend in Beverley college, Yorks., called Saynte Andrewes Prebend, now void by death. Windsor, 27 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 2 Oct. —P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 23.
4. Thomas Clerke, the King's servant To be customer and collector of the money arising from the weight of wools and woolfells in the town of Calais. To date from Michaelmas last; with profits as enjoyed by John Browne. Windsor, 30 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 2 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 23.
5. Seth Traves. To be clerk of the Council of Calais; with profits as enjoyed by Anthony Brickes or Armigel Wade. Windsor, 25 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 2 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 23.
In English.
6. Ralph Hedworthe, late of Whykham, Dham., gent. Pardon for murder, he being indicted for having, 7 May 37 Hen. VIII., at Whykham Stathe struck Anthony Elmer with "a piked staffe" on the head causing a wound of which the said Anthony died, at Newcastle upon Tyne, two days later. Guildeford, 14 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 2 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 24.
7. Sir Philip Hobbye. Grant, in fee, for his services and for 1,067l. 12s. 11d., of the following in the parish of St. Laurence in Evesham, Worc., viz.: a messuage and garden in le Merstowe, in tenure of the vicar of St. Laurence, a close in tenure of Wm Percokkes, 77 messuages, etc., in tenure of John Symondes, John Melyng, Ric. Ebson, Robt. Pynnell, Robt. Codyngton, John Burges, Ric. Aston, Wm. Godwyn, Geo. Jackeson, John Travers, Geoff. Browgh, Eliz. Laborer, Agnes Browne, widow, Hen. Androwes, Wm. Thomas, Wm. Robynson, Alice Baker, Thos. Hynde, Thos. Love, Robt. ap Thomas, Ric. Lynolde, Wm. Symmes, Ph. Harryes, Thos. Browne, Thos. Staunton, Ric. Suresbye, Agnes Horton, Ric. Mawdyke. Kath. Bryge, John Tailoure, Eliz. Hill, Wm. Robynson, Eliz. Kynge, John Warren, Ric. Bayle, Wm. Foxe, Hen. Pope, Eliz. Pemmerton, Marg. Saunders, Wm. Brasse, Eliz. Edmondson, Ric. Butter, John Froman, Ph. Hemmyng, John Honyman, John Leyte, John Russell, John Appulbye, John Woodbowe, John Mason, Hen. Mawedesley, Marg. Willyams, Thos. Tyrrey, Joan Whiston, widow, Robt. Cryer, Joan Marten, Ric. Hurste, Thos. Hyche, Ric. Garrett, Alice Hawkyns, John Broke, Ric. Robyns, Edw. Mountforde, Hugh Pachet, Simon Bovye, John Wyseman, John Pryce, Ph. Tollye, Robt. Tyler, John Waram, Thos. Cleveley, and Ric. Tollye; a cottage in tenure of John Burges; a stable and close, and buildings called le Olde Sextrye, and houses in tenure of Robt. Williams; a messuage and smith's forge in tenure of John Skynner; a bakehouse in tenure of Robt. Malverne; two chambers and houses in le Rotten Rewe in tenure of John Shadborowe; a garden in tenure of Ric. Watson; two cottages in tenure of John Norrys; two chambers and houses in tenure of Joan Chadborne, widow, in le Rotton Rewe; a barn in tenure of Thos. Kynge; and two messuages, a house called le Grange, and three gardens. Also the following in All Saints' parish, viz.:—76 messuages, etc., in tenure of John Mayoo, Ric. Huneste, Agnes Bovy, John Flemmynge, Agnes Milner, widow, John Richardes, Peter Strayne, Humph. Wulryche, Wm. Wotton, Agnes Warde, widow, John Reynoldes, Louis Sawier, Thos. Collyns, Thos. Thomson, Rog. Clerke, Wm. Fletcher, Thos. Style, Wm. Howseman, Thos. Grene, John Greve, Ric. Wolmer, Ric. Egely, Alice Godbehere, Agnes Pyxley, Robt. Rideley, Eleanor Danner, Robt. Persons, Ric. Herbert, Alice Cokkes, Wm. Ketyll, Robt. Norrys, Ric. Pereson, Eleanor Bache, Eliz. Capper, Thos. Cok, Thos. Anewen, Thos. Howseman, Thos. Cutbert, Thos. Gee, John Bykerstafe, Wm. Neshe, Wm. Blewe, Alice Cuttester, Alice Godwey, Robt. Browne, John Shereborne, Thos. Denton, Eliz. Tynker, John Wryter, Rog. Clerke, Robt. Fowler, Agnes Buston, John Kynge, John Pryst, John Smythe, John John (sic) Jackeson, Hugh Reynoldes, Thos. Geffrey, Alice Salmon, Eliz. Haynes, Ric. Hyett, John Archer, John Wever, Ancor Love, John Stokes, Robt. Ince, Brian Brereton, Thos. Harreys, John Cowper, ——— (blank), John Roberte, John Manering, John Fulforde, Thos. Massye and Thos. Wynter; a, barn in tenure of Robt. Ince; a close in tenure of John Awoode in Almenswoode , a garden in tenure of Brian Brereton in Horse-lane; a garden in tenure of Wm. Sadler; a close and shop in tenure of Thos. Dyngley; a tenement in tenure of Wm. Bradley in the High Street; a shop in tenure of Ric. Clutton in le Shambles; six other messuages and five gardens; three water mills in tenure of George Heynes; the fishery of le Fludgates of the said mills and in the water of Avon in tenure of Sir Ph. Hobbye, viz., from the mills to the bridge of Uffenham alias Twyforde Bridge; the lane in tenure of Robt. Ince beside Ryvell on the north side of the end of the town of Evesham. Also the following rents and service, viz., 3s. 4d. from a tenement in Britten Strete, and 9s. from a tenement in Rotton Rewe, and 5s. 1d. from another tenement of the churchwardens of St. Laurence; 4s. and service from the lands of Robt. Bovye; 22d. yearly called Whitson Fardynges in the parishes of St. Laurence and All Saints; rent of 5s. and service from a tenement in All Saints parish of the churchwardens of St. Laurence; rents and service, viz., 9s. from the tenement of a man called Ingram, 14d. from the tenement of Robt. Aston, 12d. and 4s. from tenements of the churchwardens of St. George's, in All Saints parish, and 14½d. from the proctors of the parish church of All Saints. And all possessions of the late mon. of Evesham in the said parishes of St. Laurence and All Saints except:—In St. Laurence parish: six messuages in tenure of Giles Paynter, Arth. Collard, Ric. Tollye, John Woode, Robt. Wynhall and John Mathewe, the two houses called Pygges Cotes in tenure of Eliz. Norreys, the close in tenure of Hen. Mouseley, and the grange and garden in tenure of Simon Bovye; and in All Saints' parish six messuages in tenure of Hugh Fowler, Hen. More, John Burnefeld, Ric. Collas and Thos. Bocher; and all advowsons.
Also grant of view of frank pledge, goods of felons, etc., the three annual fairs in Eveshill (sic) aforesaid, and the weekly market in Evesham.
All which premises belonged to Evesham mon. Westm., 2 Oct.—Pat. 38 Hen. VIII., p. 2, m. 11.
8. Robert Dunt, one of the King's vintners of Calais. Grant of "all the ffynes and byll monnye of straungers being and herafter to be in our said towne of Calais and ffaulxbowrghes of the same," with one soldier at 6d. the day in the retinue; as amply as Robt. Garneys occupied the same. Sealed 30 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 2 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 15.
In English.
9. Sir John Tempest, the King's servant. Lease of the farm of the town of Wakefylde and office of bailiff of the town and fee of Wakefylde, also the bakehouse there and fishery of the water, the meadows called Wylbigh, Dybforde and Erlesinge, parcel of the lordship of Wakefylde, the mills of Wakefylde and Horbery, and mill called le New Mylne super le Dam; and all profits of the courts of the lordship of Wakefylde; for 40 years from the expiration of a similar lease to Sir Ric. Tempeste, lately dec., dated 12 May 6 Hen. VIII.; at 99l. 17s. 17½d. rent and 82l. 15s. 1d. increase. Windsor, 26 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 2 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 3, m. 30.
10. Henry Aglyenby, S.T.P., King's chaplain. Grant of the fifth prebend or canonry in Wyndesor college, void by the death of Jas. Blythe. Windsor, 27 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 3 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 23.
11. Benedict Mulsho, clk., A.M., King's chaplain. Presentation to the rectory of Blatherweke, Ntht., void by the death of Robt. Leham, and in the King's gift pro hac vice by the grant, dated 10 July 1546, of Humph. Stafforde, of Blatherweke, the patron. Del. Westm., 4 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII.— S.B. Pat. p. 1, m. 23.
12. John Yong, one of the King's actors of comedies. Annuity of 5 mks. payable from the time of the death of Thos. Sudborough, dec. Windsor, 29 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 4 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 23.
13. Sir George Blunt, the King's servant. To be bailiff of the town of Bewdeley, Worc., and keeper of the park and house there, and have the herbage and pannage of the said park, vice Wm. Thynne, dec., with profits as enjoyed by Wm. Compton or the said Thynne. Also to have the meadows called Lady Meadowes, beside the Raid park, at 4l. a year rent. Windsor, 29 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 4 Oct.— P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 25.
14. Peter Negro, Spaniard, the King's servant. Annuity of 100l. Windsor, 25 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 4 Oct.—P.S. Pat p 2 m. 14.
15. Walter Cromer, the King's servant. To be King's physician, with fees of 100l. a year payable from the Annunciation of St. Mary last. Windsor, 26 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 4 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 15.
16. Thomas Marshe. Lease of the manor of Kemmeys, co. Anglesey, and the manor or lordship of Alber, co. Caern.; for 21 years from the expiration of a 21 years' lease to Nic. Hurleton, clk., dated Caernarvon 8 June 21 Hen. VIII.; at 11l. 6s. 8d; rent. Windsor, 27 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 4 Oct. —P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 16.
17. Sir Julian Romero, Spaniard, the King's servant. Annuity of 150l.; from St. John Baptist's Day in the year 37 Hen. VIII. Windsor, 25 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 4 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 29.
18. Sir Peter Gamboa, Spaniard, the King's servant. Annuity of 250l.; from St. John Baptist's Day in the year 37 Hen. VIII. Windsor, 25 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 5 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 28.
19. Christopher Dyas, Spaniard, the King's servant. Annuity of 100l.; from St. John Baptist's Day last. Windsor, 25 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 5 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 28.
20. Alonso de Villa Serga, Spaniard, the King's servant. Annuity of 100l. Windsor, 25 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 5 Oct —P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 28.
21. Lodovico de Nogera, Spaniard, the King's servant. Annuity of 75l., from St. John Baptist's Day last. Windsor, 25 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 5 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 29.
22. Anthony Browne, late of London, labourer. Pardon of felony, he having with George Marten of London, yeoman, 20 May 38 Hen. VIII., about 3 a.m., broken into the house of Wm. Allen in the parish of St. Martin in the Fields, Midd., and stolen a "coverlett de verder worke" worth 8s. Windsor, 1 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Windsor, 6 Oct. —P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 15.
23. Robert Gardyner, a yeoman of the Cellar, and John Askue, a groom of the Cellar. To have in survivorship the office of keeper of the wood and park called Eyton Parke, alias Parowtyn, within the lordship of Bromefelde and Yale, co. Denbigh, with the herbage and pannage, and also the office of serjeant of the lordship of Radnourlande, co. Radnor; vice Ric. Yarrowe, groom of the Pantry, dec. Windsor, 30 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 7 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 14.
24. Robert Hodgkyns, a gentleman usher. Licence to export 300 broad wollen cloths, unwrought. Windsor, 29 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 7 Oct.—P.S. French Roll, m. 3.
In English.
25. Richard Pexsall, the King's servant. Grant, in fee, (for the manor of Alton Estbroke, Hants, and lands sold to the Crown) of the site, etc., of the late priory of Bradenstoke, Wilts, the house called le Pryors Lodging, and all buildings, gardens, &c., within the said site, certain closes and other lands specified in Bradenstoke within Lyneham parish, Wilts, and the woods called Woodlockes, Hey and Morelease (100 ac.) in Bradenstoke, now leased with the said site to Sir Hen. Long; also messuages and lands (specified) in Clack within Lyneham parish, in tenure of Christiana Bagott, widow, Ric. Hore and Adriana his wife, and John and Grace their children, John Mawdit, Joan Snowe, widow, Wm. Bagott and John Barkeley, churchwardens of Lyneham, Robt. Bruer, Wm. Towresley, Wm. Nutte, Wm. Mawdit, John Perte, Thos. Mylles, Ric. Knackston, Robt. Tucker, Nic. Archard, Wm. Webb, Wm. Dick, —— Cowper, Ric. Aleyn, Wm. Plasterer, John Packer, and Isabel Hooper; all which premises belonged to Bradenstoke priory. Del. Westm., 8 Oct. (year omitted) Hen. VIII.— S.B. (signed by Russell, Paget, St. John, North and Bacon). Pat. p. 1, m. 38.
26. George Owen, the King's physician, and John Bridges, M.D. Grant, in fee (for two closes of land called Horseclooses in the parish of St. Thomas, Oxon., and the site of the late mon. of Rewley, Oxon., and other lands sold to the Crown by Owen, and for 1,331l. 12s. 9d.) of the lordship and manor and rectory of Comnor, Berks, the chief messuage called Comnor Place in Comnor in tenure of Oliver Wellesborne, with numerous closes, etc. (specified), in Comnor, in tenure of the said Oliver and of Ralph Gonnell and Thos. Moile alias Browghton, rent of 10s. out of the vicarage of Comnor, certain tithes and two lez gittes called Chiswell Gittes in tenure of Thos. Percye in Southhynxse, Berks, a water mill called Langford Myll in Southynxse in tenure of Thos. Percye, tithes in Northynxse in tenure of Wm. Thomas, and all possessions late of Abendon mon. in Southynxse and Northynxse, and all appurtenances of the premises in Comnor, Whytley, Southynxse and Northynxse, woods called Comnor Woode (14 ac.) and Comnor Grove (3 ac.), and the advowson of the vicarage of Comnor with the chapels of Laurence Hinxey, Southynxey and Whitley, Berks.— Abendon mon. The manor of Gollen, co. Radnor, lately in tenure of Wm. Turnor, dec., and now of Sir John Williams, and lands in Karnafle within Clero parish, co. Radnor, formerly in tenure of Rog. Vaughan and Merick app Gitto, and since in that of the said Wm. Tumor and Sir John Williams,—Comhire mon. The site, etc., of the late priory of Lyttlemore, Oxon, and the manors of Lyverton and Heywood, Berks, as now leased to John Tregonwell, LL.D., with all appurtenances in Lyttlemore and Saunford, Oxon, and in Lyverton, and Heywood, Berks, and elsewhere in cos. Oxon, Berks and Ntht.,— Lyttlemore. Except a corrody of 40s. out of Abendon mon., a rent of 18s. out of the offices of kitchener, cellarer and almoner of Abendon mon., and a rent of 6s. 8d. from Eynesham mon. for lands in Wodeton, a rent of 8d. from Godestowe mon. for the meadow called Pryors Nete, a rent of 6s. 8d. from a meadow belonging to Rewley mon., and a rent of 13s. 4d. from lands in Cannons Asshebye, all which corrody and rents were payable to Lyttlemore priory.
Also the lordship and manor of Staple Fitz Payne, Soms., and the advowson of the rectory of Staple Fitz Payne with the chapel of Bucknell, Soms.,—Henry Poole lord Montague, attainted. Del. Windsor, 8 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (Mutilated, signed by Essex, Petre, North, Williams and Bacon.) Pat. p. 3, m. 34.
27. Francis Wyat. Warrant for livery of lands to him as s. and h. of Thomas Wyat, who died 8 Dec. 26 Hen. VIII. seised of two parts of the manor of Great Sutton, Essex, "with the advowson of the church in three parts to be divided," holden of the King's manor of Reyleighe and worth 8l. yearly, and also of lands in Barkyng and Dagnam holden of the abbey of Barkinge and worth 13l. 6s. 8d. yearly. Dated 10 Oct. 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 8 Oct. 38 Hon. VIII.—S.B. (Signed by Hyndef Sewster and Beamount).
In English.
28. Andrew Natures alias Nattres, clk., of Carleton, Camb. Pardon of outlawry pronounced against him at the suit of John Battisford for a debt of 20l.; he having surrendered to the Fleet. Westm., 9 Oct. Pat. 38 Hen. VIII. p. 7, m. 39.
29. John Compton, clk., late of Winterborne, Glouc. Pardon of out lawry pronounced against him at the suit of John Wolcombe of Touurton, warden there, for a debt of 10l.; he having surrendered to the Flete prison, as certified by Sir Edw. Mountagu, chief justice. Westm., 9 Oct. Pat. 38 Hen. VIII. p. 10, m. 30.
30. Anthony Stowell, late of Wevelyscombe, Soms., gent., and William Arrundell, late of Sydbury, Devon, gent. Pardon of felony, they being, indicted with Thomas Stowell of Wevelyscombe for having 31 (sic) Sept. 37 Hen. VIII., at night, broken into Sydbury parish church and stolen a cross of silver gilt worth 18l., a silver cup worth 4 mks., a silver pix worth 26s. 8d. and an "assen' " of silver worth 5l, the goods of the parishioners then in custody of John Dreton and Wm. Walter, church wardens. Windsor, 30 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Windsor, 9 Oct. —P.S. Pat. p. 12, m. 3.
31. Thos. Newton of Castell Elmeley, Worc., elk. Pardon of outlawry proclaimed against him at the suit of John Robynson, for a debt of 67s. 9d.; he having now surrendered to the Flete prison, as certified by Sir Edw. Mountague, chief justice. Westm., 9 Oct. Pat. 38 Hen. VIII. p. 12, m. 49.
32. Henry Gouxill. Warrant for livery of lands to him as s. and h. of Robt. Gouxill who died 3 Nov. 21 Hen. VIII., seised of lands (values given) in Beford holden of the King, of Chr. Newporte, and of Melsa abbey, in Owrom holden of the King, and of Lord Rosse, in Easton holden of the earl of Cumberland, in Codington holden of the King, and in Great Kelke holder, of Seynt John of Beverley. Dated 12 May 38 Hon. VIII. Del. Westm., 10 Oct.—S.B. (Signed by St. John, Goodrick and Beamount.
33. Thomns Hall, clk., rector of the churches of Hofkyrko and Ballingham, marches of Calais. Licence of non-residence for these or any other benefices he may obtain Windsor, 3 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 11 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 10 m. 19.
34. Sir Thomas Henneage of Hainton, Linc., first gentleman of the Privy Chamber, justice of the peace in Lincolnshire, custos rotulorum in the parts of Lyndesey, Linc., and justice of the peace in co. Middlesex. Pardon of all deliveries or receipts of money, plate, jewels or other things upon warrants of the King, his Councillors or other officers; and pardon of all offences against the statutes of liveries and all offences committed in ignorance against any statutes.
Also pardon to the said Sir Thomas, and to George Bougham and Elizabeth his wife, Wm. Hall and John Browne, of all alienations made by them of the manor of Touton alias Toweton, Notts. Del. Westm., 12 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII. —S.B. (Signed as examined by Walter Mildemaye). Pat. p. 3, m. 10.
35. John Warde, a yeoman of the Chamber. Lease of the site, etc., of the manor of Cheverell Parva, Wilts, which belonged to Sir Walter lord Hungerford, attainted; for 21 years from Michaelmas 1563, when a similar lease to his father Wm. Warde, by pat. 15 Feb. 33 Hen. VIII, will expire. Windsor, 5 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII. Del Westm., 12 Oct. Pat. p. 10. m. 17.
36. Sir Thomas Pope. Grant, in fee, for 622l. 19s. 4d., of the rent of 45s. 10d. reserved upon the grant to him by pat. 23 Sept. 38 Hen. VIII., of the lordship and manor of Compton Parva, Glouc., and lands (specified) leased with it to Wm. Skeye and all its appurtenances, - Tewkysbury mon.; and confirmation of his title in the said manor. Also the lordship and manor of Wigginton alias Wiginton, Oxon, and the warren of coneys there in tenure of John Crokker, and the advowson of Wigginton rectory,—purchased of John Guies alias Gyes. Del. Westm., 12 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII. —S.B. (mutilated, signed by Gardiner, St. John, Petre, Sir Ric. Southwell, North, Bacon and Staunford). Pat. p. 12, m. 25.
37. William Kyrton alias Kyreton, of Some, Camb., weaver. Pardon for having, after 12 July 31 Hen. VIII., viz., on the 9th April 33 Hen.
VIII, at Stwcley, Hunts, refused to receive the Blessed Body of the Lord according to the custom of the Church, Del. Westm., 13 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII. —S.B. (Endd. "A pardon for Will'm Kyrton for heronious opinions condempned. At the Bishopp of Lincoln sute.") Pat. p. 10, m. 15.
38. John Guskott, late of London, yeoman. Pardon of felony, he being indicted for having, 20 June 38 Hen. VIII., at London, in the parish of St. Bride the Virgin without Ludgate, ward of Faringdon, broken into the house of Thos. Geffrey and stolen 50l. in money, two brooches of gold set with precious stones and worth 8l., a goblet with cover of silver parcel gilt worth 5l., and a gold ring set with "a poynted dyamond" worth 5l. 13s. 4d., the goods of the said Thomas. Del. Westm., 13 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 10, m. 20.
39. William Acaryd, late of Glamfford Bridge or Brigg, Linc., chapman. Pardon of outlawry pronounced against him for non-payment of a debt of 12l. and 13s. 4d. expenses recovered from him, at the suit of Robt. Awsten, of London, grocer; he having now surrendered to the Flete prison and satisfied Awsten. Westm., 15 Oct. Pat. 38 Hen. VIII, p. 4, m. 55.
40. Edward lord Clynton, the King's servant. To be keeper of the castle and park of Maxstock, Warw., bailiff of the lordship or manor of Maxstock, and constable of the said castle, in the King's hands by the minority of Henry Compton son and heir male of Peter Compton, dec.; with fees (specified) from Michaelmas 36 Hen. VIII, since which time he has exercised the said offices, and the herbage and pannage of the park since the death of the said Peter. To hold during the minority of the said Henry. Del. Westm., 15 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 10, m. 20.
41. Sir Thomas Henneage, chief gentleman of the Privy Chamber. Licence to appoint his servants and friends to snoot with crossbow or handgun "at any redd dere or fallowe dere, crane, heronsewe, sholerde, busterde, mallarde, tele, curlewe, fesant, wodkocke or connies, or any other kynde of game, fowle or thing, at all tymes," and to keep such handgun or crossbow. With certain restrictions. Del. Westm., 16 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII.— S.B. Pat. p. 9, m. 51.
In English.
42. Sir Thomas Pope, Sir Christopher More, Richard Sakevyle and William Saunders. Commission, under the Act of 37 Hen. VIII., to take possession for the King of the college or deanery of Hastyng, in Hastyng, Suss. Del. Westm., 16 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII—S.B. (countersigned by North). Pat. p. 10, m. 16.; also p. 13, m. 37d. [The Commissioners' return, dated 1 Nov. 38 Hen. VIII, is among "Chancery Miscellanea," Bundle 7, No. 3 (11 and 12)].
43. The Privy Council. Commission to the lords and others of the Privy Council, viz., the abp. of Canterbury, lord Chancellor Wriothes- ley, the Duke of Norfolk, the lord Great Master, the Lord Privy Seal, the Great Chamberlain of England, the earls of Arundell and Essex, the viscount Lisle, the bps. of Duresme, Wynchester and Westminster, the treasurer and comptroller of the Household, the Master of the Horse, the Vicechamberlain, the Two Principal Secretaries, Sir Ralph Sadler, Sir Richard Ryche, Sir John Baker and Mr. Dr. Wotton, dean of Canterbury and York, or any six or more of them, to issue warrants under the King's stamp for payments in the King's affairs; and confirmation of warrants directed to the Exchequer by any of the Council since 28 Sept. last. The Lord Chancellor to issue duplicates of this commission under the Great Seal to such as require them. The preamble states that by reason of his wars with France and Scotland the King will have occasion to defray money for garrisons and fortifications, the warrants for which might be inconveniently delayed if they should tarry his "own signing," he being otherwise empeached with weighty affairs of the realm. Del. Westm., 10 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII.— S.B. Pat. p. 12, m. 12. Rymer, XV. 102.
In English.
44. Edmond Moodye, the King's servant. Annuity of 20l., payable from the feast of St. Bartholomew 37 Hen. VIII. Windsor, 14 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 17 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 10, m. 40.
45. Francis Berty, the King's servant. Annuity of 40l., payable from Michaelmas 37 Hen. VIII Windsor, 14 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII Del. Westm., 17 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 10, m. 40.
46. Thomas Busshopp, the King's servant. Grant in tail, for his services, of a bovate of land in tenure of Martin Godyer in Ayton, Yorks., a cottage there in tenure of Ric. Browne, and two messuages and lands (including a parcel of meadow in Thrustingapp) in Hundemanbye, Yorka., in tenure of Wm. Sherpe; which premises belonged to Sir Wm. Percye, dec. And all the lands in Fangfosse, Yorks, which belonged to Henry late earl of Northumberland and the said Sir William Percye. Windsor, 14 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 17 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 12, m. 8.
47. William Denton, the King's servant. Reversion of the office of clerk of the exchequer of Berwick upon Tweed, now held by Robert Berweke by pat. 16 Sept. 29 Hen. VIII. Windsor, —— (blank). Del. Westm., 17 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII. —P.S. Pat. p. 12, m. 11 (dated 18 Oct.).
48. Sir Francis Bamarde, of Venice, the King's servant. Licence, during next three years and afterwards during the King's pleasure, to bring into the realm "all manner of kynde of goodes, juelles, perles, presious stones, aswell set in golde as embrowdered in garmentes as unset or otherwise, and also all maner of garmentes embrodered with golde, sylver or sylke or not embrodered, almaner of workes of golde or sylver, almaner of plate and vesell of golde and sylver or of sylver of what facion soever it be, all maner of furres, as sables, lesardes or pampylyons and other riche furres, almaner of Turkey carpettes wrought aswoll with golde, silver or silke or otherwise, almaner of clothes of arras wrought with golde, sylver or otherwise, almaner sortes of clothes of tapissarie, almaner sortes of clothes of golde, silver, tissue, tynsell, or other, almaner sortes of silk, what soever kynde or collonr they be of, as well wrought as un wrought, almaner dyaper and lynnen clothe, all kyndes and sortes of munycions of warre." And to sell the same freely, provided that the King has first choice of all; paying custom only upon such as shall be sold. Windsor, 4 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm. 17 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 12, m. 13.
49. Alexander Colles. Fiat for his appointment as farmer of the subsidy and ulnage of cloth on sale in cos. Dors, and Somers.; for 21 years from Michaelmas last; at 127l. 7s. 8d. rent and 5s. increase. Del. Westm., 17 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B (signed by Norfolk, as Treasurer; with certificate of security signed by Sir Chr. More.)
50. Sir John Markeham, Thomas Markeham, Edwarde Dene, of London, grocer, and Richard Rawe of Edenstowe. Fiat for their appointment to the custody of Edenstowe manor, Notts, with its 52 bovates of demesne land (except 20 ac. in Carbarton Storth beside the gate of Welbecke which the abbey of Welbecke lately held and a certain assart rented in the Exchequer) of which 20 bovates are in Edenstowe, 24 in Carbarton and 8 in Thoresby; and also to the custody of two water mills in Edenstowe and Carbarton; from Easter next, for 21 years; at rent of 19 mks. 12s., and 16d. increase. Del. Westm., 17 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII— S.B. (signed by Norfolk, as Treasurer.)
51. Robert Brewer, the King's "le drumme." Annuity of 18l. 5s. payable from Lady Day 37 Hen. VIII Windsor, 16 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII Del. (no place or year named) 19 Oct. Pat. p. 10, m. 40.
52. John Hochyns, the King's "le drumme." Annuity of 18l. 5s., payable from Lady Day 37 Hen. VIII Windsor, 16 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII Del. (no place or year named) 19 Oct. Pat. p. 10, m. 41 (dated 10 Oct.).
53. John Williamson Annuity of 42s. 4d. from a chief messuage or rectory called Monkehall with the lands pertaining to it and all lands in Extlonde and Keiswik, Cumb., in the King's hands by the minority of Edmund Ratclyf, s. and h. of Gawen Ratclyf, dec, with wardship and marriage of the heir. Del. Westm., 20 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII.–— S.B. Pat. p. 4, m. 46.
54. Leonard Chamberleyne of Shirborne, Oxon., and John Blundell, of London, mercer. Grant, in fee, for 1,760l. 12d., of the manor of Cudlyngton, Oxon, parcel of lands purchased from Charles, late duke of Suffolk; the manor of Fynmer, Oxon, parcel of the lands granted to the late Queen Jane; and the advowson of the rectory of Fynmer. Also the rectory and the advowson of the vicarage of Magna Barton alias Steple Barton, and the advowson of the vicarage of Sandeford, Oxon, two parts of the tithes of Grove, Oxon, which formerly belonged to St. John's mon. Colchester, two parts of the small tithes of the manor of Chamberleyns, Oxon, a messuage called Teyse in Barton Odonis, Oxon, tithes of fish which belonged to Queen Jane [in ?] Denham in Barton Odonis, rents and service of customary tenants in Barton Odonis, Barton Magna, Myddelbarton and Wescote, Oxon, amounting to 10s. 4d. yearly, and of customary tenants in Hensyngtone, Oxon, amounting to 16s. 8d., and the lands called "custumary lands" in Barton Odonis, Barton Magna, Myddelbarton, Westcote and Hensyngtone — Cathedral of Christ and St. Mary, Oxford. With all appurtenances in Cudlyngton, Fynmer, Magna Barton, Steple Barton, Barton Odonis, Myddelbarton, Wescote, Ledwell and Sandeford, Oxon.
Also grant to Leonard Chamberleyn and Dorothy his wife and John Blundell, in fee to the said Leonard, of the rectory and the advowson of the vicarage of Shurborne, Oxon. Del. Westm., 21 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII. — S.B. (signed by Russell, Paget, St. John, Sadleyr, North, Duke and Chydley). Pat. p. 4, m. 14.
55. John Compton, clk., King's chaplain. Presentation to the canonry and second prebend in Worcester cathedral void by the resignation of John Browne, clk. Del. Westm., 21 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 5, m. 42.
56. Andrew Manfeld, of Norwich, and Jane his wife. Grant, in fee to the said Andrew, for 966l. 15s. 11d., of lands (specified), which formerly belonged to Thos. Graye, in Newton within the parish of Horsforth, Norf., in tenure of ——— Rede, Robt. Berton, Robt. Stewarde, John Purton, Edw. Game, John Lyng and John Walter, and the lordship and manor of Heynesforth, Norf., with the advowson of the rectory of Heynesforth, — Sir Ric. Southwell.
Also grant to the said Andrew, in fee, of the manor of Marreham, Norf., and a close called Thomas close in Marreham, in tenure of John Baxter, and a marsh called Cannons Fenne there in tenure of John Shuldehame,— Westacre priory. Lands in Stoke, Suff., in tenure of Wm. Lawrence, Robt. Goodwyn (lands abutting upon lands of Thos. Cadye), and the said William Lawrence (lands lately in tenure of Sir Humph. Wyngefeld), priory of St. Peter, Ipswich, and Cardinal Wolcey. Lands (specified) in Laxfeld, Suff., lately in tenure of Wm. Husegh and Agnes his wife, and now leased to John Smyth,— a rent of 14s. 8½d. called "rent almes" in Laxfeld, and a close and other lands (minutely specified) in Laxfeld (the names of Geoff. Cryspe, Geoff. Fyske and Marion Trower occur) —Leyston mon. Messuages and gardens in various streets of Bury St. Edmunds, Suff., in tenure of Kath. Haywarde, John Garrarde, Ric. Gips, Godfrey Dewe, Robt. Boocle, John Adams, Hen. Drakelou and Walt. Stanton,— Bury St. Edmunds mon. Lands in Stamnowe (or Stannowe) parish, Norf., in tenure of John Baxster, a fishery and marsh in Lakenhith alias Wylton, Norf., and Suff., in tenure of Thos. Man, and messuages in the town of Bury St. Edmunds, Suff., in tenure of Matth. Langhame, John Clerke, Thos. Bulbroke, Eliz. More, Andrew Reeve and Wm. Purdes, a messuage in Aylesham Borugh, Norf., in tenure of John Bonde, and two in the town of Thetford, Norf., in tenure of Marg. Olyver,— Thetford nunnery. Rent of 18d. and service from lands in Douneham, Norf., formerly in tenure of Ric. Flud, a messuage in Methwold, Norf., in tenure of Thos. Tuddenhame, a marsh in Westdelfe in Lakenhith parish, Suff., and fishery there in tenure of Wm. Manne, lands in Honynghame, Norf., in tenure of Edm. Doggett, and lands in Fouldon alias Foulden, Norf., in tenure of Wm. Sewell,—Thetford canons. Del. Westm., 21 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Russell, Browne, St. John, North, Sir Ric. Southwell, Bacon and Chydley). Pat. p. 9, m. 1.
57. John Maynard, of St. Albans, Herts, and Ric. Crymes, of London. Grant, in fee, for 940l. 19d., of a messuage in the town of Nottingham, in tenure of Ric. Coke,— Semperingham mon., Linc., messuages etc. (specified) in Nottingham in tenure of Isabel Revell, Ric. Willoughby, Wm. Clatercotes, Dennis Cowper, Wm. Goodwyne, Thos. Goodwyne, and Leonard Revell,—Newsted mon.; tenements in Nottingham in tenure of Thos. Sheperde, Thos. Warde,— Workesopp priory; a tenement in Nottingham in tenure of Robt. Levet, King's Mead, priory, Derb.; tenements in Nottingham in tenure of Hen. Welshe and John Curteys,— Thurgarton mon.; a croft, etc., in Nottingham in tenure of John Huytt, — Dertey mon, Derb.; and tenements in Nottingham in tenure of Ralph Strettyle, and Dennis Cowper, — Dale mon. Derb. Also the rectory of Lubbenham, Leic., and the advowson of Lubbenham vicarage;—Sulby mon., Ntht.; the rectory of Seylbye, Leic., and the advowson of Selbye vicarage, rents and service in Melton Mowberye, in co. ——— (blank) from lands of Rog. Waltham. (3s.), Ric Assheley (3s.), John Athull (3s.), and the heir of Geoff. Kirkstile (5s. 4d.), Axholme priory, Linc.; and an annual pension of 20s. from the farmer of Seylbye rectory,—Shene priory. Also messuages in Calcote, Beds., called Alyns Joyes, and all lands in Thornecote, Yekewell, Caldecote and Templeford, Beds, in tenure of Thos. Hawkyns, and in Beyston, Thornecote, Yekewell, Caldecote, Templeford, Kyrthforde and Sondaye, Beds., in tenure of Walter Simon— Wardon mon. Four messuages, etc., in Bodgeworth in Aberfrowo parish, co. Anglesea, in tenure of Ric. ap Gwillam, Morgan Lloyd, Hugh ap Hoell and Wm. ap L'n, and three in tenure of John ap L'n ap Thomas, a messuage, etc., palled Tythen Kayleyche in Kellynyock, co. Anglesea, in tenure of Jenet Verthedd a messuage called Yquarley in Kellynock in tenure of Meredith ap Thomas, three messuages in Hendrevoysan, co. Anglesea, in tenure of Yorreth ap Gwillam, D'd ap Nicholas and Robt. ap Jovan, lands there in tenure of David ap Madock and John Griffith and a messuage there in tenure of Robt. ap Jevan,—Conwaye mon. All messuages and lands in the city and suburbs of York in tenure of Stephen Thomasson, M.D., late parcel of the possessions of Henry late earl of Northumberland; and a close in St. Mary's parish beside Nottingham, in tenure of John Dubledaye,—St. John's of Jerusalem and Newland preceptory, Yorks. Del. Westm., 21 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII— S.B. (signed by Russell, Browne, St. John, Sadler, North, Bacon and Chydley). Pat. p. 9, m. 8.
58. John Donne, S.T.B. Presentation to the parish church of Northlewe, Exeter dioc., void by the death of Ric. Wade, clk., late subdean of the Chapel Royal, and in the King's gift by the minority of Henry duke of Suffolk. Windsor, 16 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 21 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 12, m. 1.
59. Sir John Russell, K.G., Lord Russell. Annuity of 40l. out of the manors of Aylesbnry, Broughton Abbottes and Upton, Bucks, in the King's hands by the minority of John Burlace, one of the two kinsmen and heirs of Sir John Baldwyne, dec., viz., s. and h. of Petronella, one of the daughters and heirs of the said Sir John; with wardship and marriage of the said John Burlace or of his heir male (being within age) should he die within age. Windsor, 16 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 12 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 12, m. 9.
60. Humph. Orme, a groom of the Wardrobe of Beds, and John Askue, a groom of the Cellar. Lease of a close called Bulffortoftes (80 ac.) and the townships of Estlilling and Westlilling within the lordship of Sheriffhutton, Yorks., parcel of the lands assigned for the pay of the captain and soldiers of Berwick; for 40 years from the expiration of a 21 years' lease to John Clapham by pat. 8 May 24 Hen. VIII.; at 35l. 15s. rent and 3s. 4d. increase. Windsor, 18 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 20 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 12 m. 27.
61. Hugh Losse and Agnes his wife. Grant, in fee to the said Hugh, for 185l. 17s. 11d. paid by him, of a rent of 2s. 6d. and service from lands called Hitchecokkes, of Thos. Barraston, in Busshey, Herts, lands called Marlyns (or Merlyns) and all lands of Thos. Robertes [held] by a rent of 18d. in Edgeworth, Midd., the said rent of 18d., lands called Henynghams in tenure of Ric. Nicolles, by rent of 2s., in Edgeworth, and other rents and lands (specified) in Edgeworth and Stanmere Parva in tenure of Ric., Nicolles, Wm. Oxton, John Foster, Hen. Mershe, Thos. Morse alias Mershe, Nic. Goodyere, Miles Banes, Hen. Platt, Gabriel Pawlyn (the inn called le Crowne in Stanmere Parva), Wm Blakwell, Robt. Nicholles and Edw. Stokwood (messuage called le Lyon); in Hendon, Midd., in tenure of Rog. Mershe; in Stanmore Parva, in tenure of Hen. Downer, John Franklyn and Geoff. Chamber; in Stanmere Magna, Midd., in tenure of Wm. Person (messuage called Stanes) and Ric. Hamon (lands called Staples); and the farm called Wynborowe in Stanmere Parva in tenure of Geoff. Chamber, — St. Bartholomew's beside West Smithfield, London. Westm., 22 Oct. Pat. 38 Hen. VIII. p. 9, m. 37.
62. Thomas Massye, of Chester. Grant, in fee, for 132l. 16s., of lands in the town of Halton within the lordship of Chinke (sic), co. Denbigh, in tenure of David ap Edward, John ap Ll'n, John ap Jevan, John Lloyd ap Edward, John ap Guyll'm, Marg. Vareth Vargan, widow, Ric. ap Hell Llanharrard vz Ll'n ap John Gr'., Jevan ap Powell, John Robert, clk., and Robt. ap John, lands called Mayes y Pewell Paynt Mevyon Gwyn and Idoll Vaure Ll'oyn y Kyrrd Tyden John Gr Batton in Halton within the said lordship of Churke (sic), and all other lands of Vale Cross mon. in Halton parish; also the vicarage (sic) and all lands leased with it in the parish of Llandyssilio, co. Denbigh, in tenure "relict' ap Syr John"; and all woods upon the lands pertaining to the said (sic) messuage called Dayre House within the said parish of Llandissilio,—Vale Cross. Westm., 22 Oct. Pat. 38 Hen. VIII. p. 9, m. 41.
63. Abpric. of York. Grant to Robert abp. of York and his successors (in consideration of the lordship and manor of Hexham, Nthld., and lands in cos. Nthld., Glouc., Yorks. and Notts, granted by the said Robert to the Crown by indenture of 6 Feb. 36 Hen. VIII.) of the manors of Wistowe and Cowhouse, and park called Reste Park, lands (named) in Cawode, Wistowe and Cowhouse which were parcel of the possessions of Edward late abp. of York and his predecessors. Also the annual rents, due to the late mon. of St. Peter, Westminster, amounting to 15l. 17s. 8d., from lands of the said late abp. and his predecessors in Batrychesey, Wannesworth, Wasshyngham, Bridgecourte and Peng, Surr., and 30s. 1d. from lands in the manor of Alferthing in Wannesworth parish. An annuity of 106s. 8d., a corrody of 8l., and an annuity of 66s. 8d. (paid in lieu of certain oats) which the collegiate church of St. John of Beverley, Yorks., used to pay to the said late abp. and his predecessors. A pension of 10l. 6s. 8d. from the vicar of the parish church of Annes Burton, Yorks., which belonged to the mon. of St. Mary beside the walls of York, and all the lands in Warmesworth, Yorks., which belonged to St. Mary's, York. Rents and service, viz., 36s. from lands of Wm. Thorneton in Lersthorpe, Yorks., and 2s. from lands of Ralph Chapman in Balderbye, Yorks.,— Byland mon. Lands (specified) in tenure of Chr. Stokedale in Peteythorpe Underlefe, Yorks., of Thos. Pynkeney in Thryake, Yorks., of Guy Bell in Crakehall, and of Thos. Nelson beside Brafferton vicarage; Yorks.,—Newbourgh mon. Tithes in Naffreton, Yorks.,— Whitbye mon.; tithes in Kelfelde within the Isle of Axholme, Linc., and in "Estkyngmawdeferrey Est Ferrey," within the said Isle, in tenure of Thos. Hewson, and a pension of 6l. out of the vicarage of Haxey there—Newbourgh. Also tithes of lands called "lez demeanes" in Hutton next Gisbourne, Yorks., in tenure of Adam Pursglove at the rent of 4l. 13s. 4d.,—Gysbourne mon. Also all procurations and synodals, probates of wills, institutions and admissions of clerks and other ecclesiastical jurisdiction in cos. Yorks., Notts., Nthld., and Glouc. which belonged to the said late abp. And his predecessors.
The King agrees to accept from all who shall in future be appointed to the archbishopric of York the sum of 1,000l. in full payment of the first fruits.
Also grant to the said Robert abp. Of York, in fee, of the annual rent of 18s. and service, due after his decease, reserved upon a grant in fee to him by pat. 26 July 35 Hen. VIII, of the messuage called "the Mayster of Sempyngham's Hedhouse" in Cowlane in St. Sepulchre's parish, London, and the six messuages adjoining it on the south side towards Holborn.
Del. Westm., 22 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by North, Hendley, Bacon and Duke). Pat. p. 10, m. 6.
64. Robert Bracher of Hyde, Kent, clk. General pardon of treasons and other offences. Del. Westm., 22 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII. — S.B. (countersigned by Wriothesley). Pat. p. 10, m. 19.
65. John Higforde, the King's servant. Annuity of 17l. out of a third part of the manors of Dicleston alias Dixton and Aldrington alias Alderton and of the third part of lands in Oxenton and Gretton, Glouc., which belonged to Wm. Higforde, dec., and are in the King's hands by the minority of John Higforde, s. and h. of the said Wm.; with wardship and marriage of the heir. Windsor, 20 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 22 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 12, m. 11.
66. Anthony Fortescu, a gentleman usher of the Chamber. Licence to export 200 dickers of tanned leather hides, or the value of them in "calveskynnes." Windsor, 16 Oct. 38 Hon. VIII. Del. Westm., 22 Oct. —P.S. Pat. p. 12, m. 14.
In English.
67. John Dodyngton. Fiat for livery of lands to him as s. and h. of John Dodyngton who, as appears by inq. taken at Hertford 21 June 38 Hen. VIII. died 31 Jan. 36 Hen. VIII. seised of Newhall manor, Herts., worth 4l. yearly, held of the Crown in chief. His father also held lands in Asshill, Soms., of Sir Thos. Speke, annual value 46s. 8d., and in Mere and Colorne, Wilts, of the Lord Prince, annual value 53s. 4d., as he confesses. Dated 28 June 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 22 Oct.—S.B. (signed by St. John, Goodrick and Beamount).
68. Lady Elizabeth Tylney, widow of Francis Framlingham, dec. Custody of the manor of Scotnes, Suff., which belonged to the said Francis and is in the King's hands by the minority of Charles Framlingham, s. and h. of the said Francis; with wardship and marriage of the heir. Windsor, 20 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 23 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 4, m. 49.
69. Thomas Kyrton. Annuity of 6l. 2s. 4d. out of the lands in Ledenham or elsewhere, Line, in the King's hands by the minority of George Bretton, s. and h. of Wm. Bretton, dec.; with wardship and marriage of the heir. Windsor, 20 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 23 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 4, m. 49.
70. Sir Gervaise Clifton. Annuity of 5l. out of lands in Kelhom, Cantle, Swynton, Hawghton, Tadcaster, Fenton, Whetley, Bramston, Blakston, and Tykehill, Yorks., and Surlaby and Mattersey, Notts., in the King's hands by the minority of Thos. Ferfaxe, brother and heir, of Wm. Ferfaxe, dec., and which by the death of Guy Ferfaxe, father, and Thos. Ferfaxe, grandfather of the said Wm. and Thos., ought to come to the King's hands; with wardship and marriage of the heir. Windsor, 20 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 23 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 4, m. 50.
71. Richard Mannok, "sengelman," son of John Mannok of Stoke Neylond, Suff., husbandman, alias Ric. Mannok, late of Stoke Neylond, husbandman. General pardon of treasons, heresies, felonies and heretical opinions and words. Del. Westm., 24 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII—S.B. (countersigned by Wriothesley). Pat. p. 10, m. 41.
72. Robert Halgate alias Holgate, abp. of York, president of the Council in the North. Licence to found three schools for the education of the boys of England as well in good manners as in grammar and other liberal sciences, viz., free schools (1) within the close of York cathedral, (2) in Hymsworthe in the West Riding and (3) within the town of Oldemalton in the North Riding of Yorkshire, each of one preceptor or master; to be called the free schools of Robert Halgate alias Holgate abp. of York in the city of York, in Hymsworthe and in Oldemalton. With licence to endow the first with property to the yearly value of 12l. and the other two to the value of 20l. each. The masters, teachers, under-masters and servants of such schools to be appointed by the said Robert Halgate, his heirs and assigns. Del. Westm., 24 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (countersigned by North). Pat. p. 12, m. 30.
73. Thomas Wendy, M.D., the Queen's physician, and Margaret his wife. Grant, in fee to the said Thomas (in consideration of his resignation of an annuity of 40l. granted to him by the late earl of Northumberland out of the manor of Poynynges), of the lordship and manor and rectory of Heslyngfelde, Camb., in tenure of John Crake, and also of the advowson of the vicarage of Heslyngfelde, — St. Mary's mon. without the walls of York. Also the rents of 20s. to the late priory of Barnewell, Camb., and 20s. to the late mon. of Rymborowe, Suff., payable out of the said manor and rectory and the vicarage, respectively. Windsor, 20 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 24 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 12, m. 38.
74. William Lyght of North Curry, Soms., gentleman. Pardon of outlawry pronounced against him at the suit of Alex. Thistilthwayte for a debt of 40 mks.; he having now surrendered to the Flete prison as certified by Sir Edw. Mountague, chief justice. Westm., 25 Oct. Pat. 38 Hen. VIII. p. 12, m. 43.
75. Richard Palmer, rector of Brankaster, Norf. Licence of nonresidence. Westm., 26 Oct. Pat. 38 Hen. VIII. p. 6, m. 36.
76. Sir William Paget. Grant in foe (on the surrender of pat. 28 Nov. 34 Hen. VIII., by which he and Lady Anne his wife held in survivorship the messuage called Caustons in Edelmeton and the farm of Bury, Midd., and in consideration of 2,708l. 18s. 5½d. paid to the King's own hands and 3,000l. paid to the treasurer of Augmentations, and for the said Paget's services) of the rents reserved upon the following grants to him, viz :—
Pat. 31 Jan. 37 Hen. VIII, of the site, etc., of the late college of Burton upon Trent and numerous manors, etc., at several rents, viz., for Bramston 3l., for Stretton 3l. 13s. 9d., for Harnynglowe 30s., for Wightmere 30s., for Winshull 50s., for Stapenhull 53s. 4d., for Caldwall 22s., for Magna Overa 4l., for Parva Overa 40s., for Fynderna 30s., for Hunsedon 10s., for Alcestre 3l., for Appulby 50s., for lands in Derby 13s. 4d., for lands in London 5s., and for the rest 335l. 17s. 7½d.
Pat. 19 Jan. 35 Hen. VIII., of Bromley manor, and other lands which belonged to the mon. of Burton upon Trent, and of Edleston manor and others which belonged to Tutbury, at 8l. 3s. 9d. for those of Burton and 23s. for those of Tutbury.
And confirmation of his title in all the premises.
Also grant of the house and chief mansion of Beaudesert, the lordships and manors of Beaudesert, Longdon, Heywode, Barkeswiche, Cannok and Rugeley alias Rugley, the parks of Beaudesert and Heywode, the chace and wood of Cannok, commonly called Cankewode alias Cannokbury alias Cankebury alias Canke Chace, Staff., granted to the Crown by Richard bp. of Coventry and Lichfield. The lordships and manors of Weston, Aston, Wylney, Shardlowe, Morley and Smalley, Derb., and the advowsons of the churches of Weston and Aston, granted to the Crown by John bp. of Chester. All appurtenances of the above manors in Beaudesert, Longdon, Curburgh, Elmerst, Heywode Magna, Heywode Parva, Barkeswyche, Sutherowe, Bracton, Stoketon, Walton, Stafforde, Cannok, Leycrofte, Cankewode, Cannokbury and Rugeley alias Rugley, Staff., and in Weston, etc., Derb., and all other lands in these places granted by the said bps. Del. Westm., 26 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (slightly injured, signed by North, Bacon and Duke). Pat. p. 9, m. 4.
77. Sir Thomas Darcy, gentleman of the Privy Chamber. Custody of the manor of Bebton, Suss., and an annuity of 21s. 4d. from two messuages called Hargraves and Dukes, in co. Essex, in the King's hands by the minority of Anne Torrell, d. and h. of Humph. Torrell, dec.; with wardship and marriage of the said Anne. Del. Westm., 27 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 4, m. 49.
78. William Breton. Lease, by advice of Southwell and Moyle, of the rectory of Wyckes, Essex, parcel of the lands of Thos. Wolcey, cardinal, attainted; for 21 years from Michaelmas last. Del. Westm., 27 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Southwell and Moyle). Pat. p. 12, m. 29.
79. Sir Ralph Fane. Annuity of 30l. out of the manors of Bossingthorpe, Billesfeld, Rypinghale, Haconby and lands in Swynestede, Wigtoft, Kyrton, Leeke, Sutterton, Spalding, Pinchebecke, Boston and Moulton, Linc., in the King's hands by the minority of Thos Conye s. and h. of Richard Conye, doc.; with wardship and marriage of the heir. Wyndesour, 24 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII. —P.S. Pat. p. 4, m. 46.
80. Thomas Leigh, merchant, of London, executor of Richard Conye, dec. Annuity of 4l. 13s. 4d. out of the manor of Somerby and lands in Ropestey, Repinghale, Edwardeby, Blechefeld, Wesby and Sapleby, Linc, and Leic., in the King's hands by the minority of Charles Bawdes, s. and h. of John Bawdes; with wardship and marriage of the heir Windsor, 24 Oct 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 28 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 4, m. 47.
81. Richard Balthazar. Lease, by advice of Southwell and Moyle, of the lordship of Avan Wall, the borough of Avan and the lordship of Tirialtz, co. Glamorgan,—Jasper duke of Bedford; for 21 years from Michaelmas next. Windsor, 24 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 28 Oct. —P.S. Pat. p. 10, m. 41.
82. Lancelot Knolle alias Knolles alias Knoll, late of Foxhope within the township of Litton in Craven, alias Foxhop within the parish of Arneclif, alias Foxhop in Littondale, Yorks., yeoman or labourer. Pardon for his murder (described) of Stephen Halton on Fountaunce Felles at Malholm in Craven, W. R. Yorks., 7 Dec. 32 Hen. VIII. Windsor, 18 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII. Del Westm., 28 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 12. m. 10.
83. Sir Edward Carne, tho King's Councillor. Grant, in fee, for 222l., of the grange of Llanvethen in Llancarvan parish, co. Glamorgan, in tenure of John Ragland, two water mills in Llanvethen, also in tenure of the said Ragland,—Marctam mon. Del. Westm., 28 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII. —S.B. (signed by Russell, Browne, St. John, North, Sir Ric. Southwell, Staunford and Chydley). Pat. p. 12, m. 27.
84. Thomas Josselyn, William Bradbury and Geoff. Gate. Commission to take possession for the King of the college of Plecye in Plecye, Essex. Westm., 29 Oct. Pat. 38 Hen. VIII. p. 6, m. 43. [The Commissioners' return, dated 2 Nov. 38 Hen. VIII., is among "Chancery Miscellanea," Bundle , No. 3 (9 and 10)].
85. William bp. of St. Davids. Grant to him and his successors, (for the lordship and manor of Lantefey alias Lantesey, co. Pembroke) of the advowson of the rectory of Cayrewe, co. Pembroke, the advowson of the vicarage of Cayrewe, and the rectory and church of Cayrewe, which came to the King by the attainder of Rice Griffith, esq. Windsor, 16 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 29 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 10, m. 42.
86. Richard Deveroux, the King's servant, son and heir apparent of Walter lord Ferrers. Grant, in fee, for his services, of the lordship and manor and the park of Lantefey alias Lantesey, co. Pembroke, South Wales, parcel of the lands which William bp. of St. Davids lately held, in right of his bpric., and granted to the Crown by charter dated 14 Aug. 38 Hen. VIII. With reservation, to the bp. and his successors, of the churches of Woram and Lantefey, Pemb., and the advowsons of the same. Windsor, 14 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 29 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 12, m. 8.
87. William Seyntbarbe, the King's servant. Grant, in fee, for his services and for 400l., of the late college of St. Edmund in Salisbury with its house and site, and messuages, etc., in various streets and places (specified) in Salisbury in tenure of Thos. James, Thos. Holmes, Wm. Smythe, John Evans, Robt. Prykett, John Stevyns. Marg. Acton, Joan Downton, Wm. Edwarde, Thos. Hunte, Wm Coxe, Wm. Tallar, Thos. Ferder, Wm. Gloceter, Thos. Hacker, Thos. Kettyll, John Sylke, Wm. Modyie, Alice Lekett, John Bekyngham, John Lawne, Geo. Warde, Ric. Tete, Robt. Ellysson, John Bell, John Avyn, Wm. Heker, Jas. Andrewes, John Waterman, Marion Wekwek, John White, Joan Cramok, Thos. Gyrdeler, Edw. Cardemaker, Hen. Bawdewyn, John Banyster, John Paygne, John Rode, Wm. Cockes, Wm. Byrte, John Dene, Walt. Burges, Nic. Subdyn, Robt. Lock, Thos. Harderman, Thos. Chaffyn, gent., Jas. Param, Patrick Degon, John Ecton, Edw. Johns, John Adent, Thos. Short, Geo. Kyldare, John Bekyngham, John Shawe, Alan Shomaker, Chr. Thomyson, John Harryson, Wm. Kent, Robert Dyar, John Gerdeler, Robt. Martyn, John Grey, barber, Wm. Alexander, Thos. Leke, Thos. Dyrham, Robt. Harryson, John Batte and John Marlowe; rents of 33s. 4d. from a messuage of Robt. Keylweye, gent., and 13s. 4d. from a messuage in which Thos. James now dwells in Salisbury; also the rectory and the advowson of the vicarage of Whitechurche, Dors., the rectory of Whiteparishe, Wilts, the manor of Alderstowe Wilts, the advowson of the vicarage of Whiteparishe, Wilts, the rectory and the advowson of the vicarage of Compton alias Compton Chamberleyn, Wilts, the rectory and the advowson of the vicarage of Porley alias Purley, Berks, the manor of Homyngton, Wilts, and the chief messuage and lands there, a pension of 40s. out of Porley vicarage and all other possessions of the said college of St. Edmund, except the rectories of St. Edmund and St. Martin in Salisbury.
Also the late free chapels of Whelplaye and St. James in the parish of Whiteparishe, Wilts, lands (specified) there in tenure of Charles Ryngwood which belonged to Whelplaye chapel, and 2 ac. of land there which belonged to that of St. James; and the chapel called Saynct Katheryns Chapell in the churchyard of the parish church of St. Edmund in Salisbury.
Also the advowsons of the rectories of St. Edmund's and St. Martin in Salisbury. Windsor, 21 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 29 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 12, m. 32.
88. William Godolghan. Lease, by advice of Southwell and Moyle, of the demesnes of Bollesover manor, the herbage of the park there, the site where the castle was situated, a piece of land called Call Favange, eight coal pits in the waste there, one clay pit, and the pannage of the swine going after mast there, with all appurtenances in Bollessover, Notts, parcel of Bedfordes landes, in tenure of Sir John Bycome (sic); also of pastures called Glynn Parke and Dynnle Parke, parcel of the lordship of Bromefylde, late of Sir Wm. Stanley, attainted, in co. Denbigh. For 21 years from Michaelmas last. Windsor, 14 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 30 Oct.—P.S. Pat. p. 10, m. 41.
89. Pollidorus Kyne, the King's servant. To be keeper of the little park of Westhorpe, Suff., and of the game therein, with herbage and pannage, vice Thos. Barneys, dec. Windsor, 14 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 30 Oct.— P.S. Pat. p. 12, m. 2.
90. Edward Agarde, of London. Grant, in fee, for 255l. 10s., of the lordship and manor of Bradnappe within Leke parish, Staff., the messuage in tenure of Thos. Cloos there, the parcel of land called "a Incrochement" in tenure of Wm. Rode beside the field called Blokmerfeld in Leke parish, a messuage called Wylgoose House in tenure of Steph. Bromeley and Katharine his wife and Ralph his son in Leke parish, the several rents paid by the tenants of Grendon, Watersall, Butterton and Ferde, Staff., for common in Meryden Common, Staff.—Hulton mon. Del. Westm., 30 Oct. 38 Hen. VIII.— (signed by Russell, St. John, Gardiner, Sir Ric. Southwell, North, Staunford and Duke). Pat. p. 12, m. 36.
91. Licences to alienate (fn. n7) :—
Sir Thos. Pope of Barmondesey, Surr., to Thos. Calton and Margaret his wife. House, etc., of Gorynge priory, Oxon, with grange of Stepenhall alias Stepnell, and lands in Gorynge parish and the rectory of Goringe. (11th). P. 10, m. 33.
Thos. Lawley to George Lee. House, etc., of Wenlock priory, Salop, and its demesne lands (specified) in Wenlock, leased to John Bradshawe. (11th). P. 12, m. 53.
Wm. Cowper, of Westminster, to Sir John Williams, treasurer of Augmentations. Manor or grange of Combigpra and three messuages named, in tenure of John Thomas and Ll'n ap Jevan Lloyd, in Combigga Arusteley in the parish of Traveglas, between the rivers Lloyd and Buga, co. Montgomery,—mon. of Comhyer or Hyer, co. Radnor. (13th). P. 10, m. 29.
Sir Giles Strangways to Sir Hugh Pawlet, Wm. Portman, justice of King's Bench, Sir John Keylway, John Tregonwell, Ric. Chidley, Wm. Keylway, Giles Wadham, Andrew Wadham, John Sidnam of Brympton, Mich. Mallet and Chr. Cheverell, to the use of the said Sir Giles for life, and afterwards to the use of Giles Strangways, kinsman and heir apparent to the said Sir Giles, viz., s. and h. of Hen. Strangwayes, dec., s. and h. of the said Sir Giles, and Joan wife of the said Giles and the heirs male of their two bodies, with contingent remainders in default, successively, to the said Giles and Henry his brother, in tail male, to the said Giles and Joan in tail and to the right heirs of the said Sir Giles. Site, &c., of the late mon. of Abbottisbury, Dors., and lands (specified) in Abbotisbury. (13th). P. 12, m. 40.
Barth. Baron, mercer of London' to Robert Browne. Two messuages, lately in tenure of Thos. Barrette and afterwards leased to the said Robt. Browne, in the parish of St., Mary Colchurche, London. (15th) P. 10, m. 34.
Thos. Dalston of Carlyle, Cumb., and Eleanor his wife, to Joan Blanerhasset, widow, and Thos. Blanerhasset. Cottage in Caldegate beside Carlyle lately in tenure of John Tynkler, parcel of Temple Sowerby manor; and a moiety of the wood and lands called Flemebye Parke, in tenure of Wm. Lambert, in Flemeby, Cumb., which moiety belonged to Holme Coltram mon. (18th). P. 4, m. 18
Wm. Romsden and Ric. Vavasor to Thos. Shipton and Ric. Smyth. Manor of Knapton, Yorks., rents and service from lands in Knapton of Brian Stapleton, Wm. Hogeson, the late mon. of St. Mary's, York, and John Newton, and messuages, etc., in Knapton in tenure of Ric. Hobson, Thos. Skipton alias Shipton, John Carr, Thos. Bayne and ––––––– (blank) Haye, widow,—Fontance mon. (18th). P. 12, m. 50.
Edward earl of Derby. Pardon for the acquisition of lands without licence, viz., 40 messuages, etc., in Wetherslake, Westmld., which John Standisshe, Thos. Bradley, Thos. Shyngleton and Robt. Ugnale acquired from Ant. Rose and Ellen his wife and Vincent Rose to the use of the said Earl. (21st). P. 11, m. 5.
Andrew Manfeld to Eliz. Spilman, widow. Manor of Marham, Norf., and lands (specified) in Marreham in tenure of John Baxter and John Shuldeham,—Westacre priory. (22nd). P. 10, m. 27.
John Butler and Silvestra his wife, to Gregory Danyell. Advowson of St. Helen's rectory in Ipswich,— Charles duke of Suffolk and, previously, Ric. bp. of Norwich. (22nd). P. 10, m. 36.
John Slannynge, of London, and Ant. Butler, to John Waverton. Rectory of Albrighton, Salop, in tenure of Thos. Woodhouse, vicar of the perpetual church there, and John Waverton, which belonged to Dore mon., Heref.; and the advowson of the vicarage of Albrighton. (24th). P. 10, m. 26.
Sir John Williams and Ant. Strynger to John Salmon, sen. Meadows called Monke Meade and le Hurste beside Newton Stacy within the parish of Barton Stacy, Hants, in tenure of John Salmon, sen., and Edm., Wm. and Thos., his sons,— Hyde mon. (24th). P. 11, m. 15.
John Huddilston to John Clerk of Feryng. Two crofts (10 ac.) in Kelvedon, Essex, parcel of Typtrey manor (between lands of Hen. Wade on the south and lands called Bannecroftes of Reg. Hyghgate on the north, lands of John Beeston on the west and the highway from Coggeshall towards Kelvedon on the east). (25th). P. 4, m. 22.
James Gunter and Wm. Lewes to Sir John Haryngton. Ketton manor, Rutl., and the manor or grange in Ketton called Keltelthorpe Halle,—Semperyngham. (25th). P. 6, m. 36.
John Snokstobe of Markitoverton, Rutl., to John Tyler. Pardon for Tyler's purchase, without licence, by charter dated 7 Sept. last, of all lands in Markitoverton which formerly belonged to Sussex (sic) and afterwards to Francis Warren. (25th). P. 7, m. 53.
John Uvedale to Ric. Geffryson, Meadow of 5 ac. and common of pasture in Downeham, Yorks.,— Marryke mon. (25th). P. 11, m. 5.
Edward Belingham and Mary Henyngham, wife of Ant. Henyngham. Pardon for acquisition without licence of the manor of Bradkare Hale, the rectory of Shropham and the advowson of the vicarages of St. Andrew and St. Peter in Shropham, and lands in Shropham, Lyttcll Hockham, Brakles, Snitterton and Lirlyngem, Norf., except lands in Hockham Magna, which Thomas Clere by his will bequeathed to the said Edward and Mary, by the name of Mary Shelton, one of the daughters of Sir John Shelton. (27th). P. 10, m. 26.
Ralph Stepneth to Eliseus (sic). Lands in Newyngton parish Surr. in tenure of Wm. Harrys,—Barmondsey mon. (27th). P. 11, m. 5.
Sir Peter Carewe to Griffin Ameredyth. Manor of Newham alias Newnam, Devon. (27th). P. 12, m. 45.
Robt. Brynsley, of Trowell, Notts, to Sir John Chaworth, Ric. Corbett, John Babyngton, John Dod, German Pole, Griffin Hynton, Ric. Stevynton, Ant. Samon, Fras. Middelton and John Eyton, to the use of the said Robt. Brynsley for life, with remainder to Francis, his son and heir apparent, and Katharine his wife, and the heirs male of their two bodies, with remainder, in default of such heirs, to the right heirs of the said Robt. Brynsley. Lands (specified) in Brynsley, Notts, in tenure of Anselm Chetwyn, Agnes Fulwood, Geo. Jan, Agnes Meyre and Robt. Martyndale.
Also, to the same trustees, to the use of the said Francis and Katharine in tail male, as above. Lands (specified) in Brynsley in tenure of Oliver Derbishere, Jas. Elys and Anselm Chetwyn, Robt. Earle, Ric. Steven, Agnes Austen, widow, Alice Turnor. (28th). P. 7, m. 49.
George Owen, one of the King's two principal physicians, and John Bridges, M.D., to Wm. Clyfton and Elizabeth his wife. Lordship and manor of Staple Fitzpayne, Soms., and the advowson of the rectory of Staple Fitzpayne with the chapel of BucknelL Soms.,—Hen. Poole lord Montacute, attainted. (28th). P. 10, m. 26.
Thos. Colepeper to Stephen Darrell of Horsemonden, Kent, and Thos. Darell son of Thos. Darell of Scotney. Manor of Chyngley in le Wilde, Kent, and wood called Chyngley Wood (200 ac.) with appurtenances in Goutherst and Chyngley —Boxley mon. (28th). P. 12, m. 54.
Sir Edw. North to Sir John Williams. Manor of Rowlandrith Parva alias Rowrith, Oxon, and advowson of the rectory there,— Eynesham mon. (29th). P. 11, m. 6.
Robt. and Hugh Thornehill to Ric. Pecke. Grange and farm of Hayton in tenure of the said Pecke, in Hayton, Notts,—Workesoppe priory. (29th). Ib.
Wm. Warde to Wm. Yeuse, chaplain, and Nic. Stormer, chaplain, to the use of the said Warde for life, with remainder to his second son, Edw. Warde, and the heirs of his body, with remainder in default of such issue to Wm. Warde, third son of the said Wm., and, in default, to the right heirs of the said Wm. Farm in Westhaddon, Ntht., in tenure of John Wilson—Sulby mon. (29th). Ib.
Edw. Fetiplace and Elizabeth his wife, to Wm. Wellascott. Manor of Langley and lands in Langley and Langley Downe, Berks. (29th). P. 12, m. 41.


  • n1. Preferred by Mr. Secretary Paget.
  • n2. Subscribed by my lord Great Master.
  • n3. Subscribed by my lord Great Master.
  • n4. Subscribed by the Chancellor of Augmentations.
  • n5. Preferred by Mr Secretary Paget.
  • n6. Preferred by Mr. Secretary Paget.
  • n7. All are dated at Westminster. In this abstract the day of the month appears in parentheses before the reference to the part and membrane of the Patent Roll of 38 Hen. VIII.