Henry VIII: January 1520

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Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 3, 1519-1523. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1867.

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January 1520

2 Jan.
R. O.
In behalf of Jehan de la Sauch, Charles's secretary, who, having delivered his charge, is redispatched to England by his master. Mechlin, 2 Jan. 1519. Signed.
Fr., p. 1. Add.
2 Jan.
R. O.
To the same effect. Mechlin, 2 Jan. 1519. Signed.
Fr., p. 1. Add.
2 Jan.
R. O.
584. WM. PAWNE.
Mem.—On the 2d Jan. 1519, English style, 11 Hen. VIII., about noon, in the house of Wm. Burdon, under customer of Calais, Richard Bowden, soldier in Calais, declared before Sir John Byrde, parish priest of St. Nicholas, Sir Oswald, a priest of the same parish, Brian Vavasure, Wm. King, Wm. Howell, soldiers, and Ric. Scras, that a certain man secretly conveyed 1,000l. out of Tournay, "in voyde boots upon a voyde horse," by means of Matthew Hall, upper clerk to Wm. Pawne. The person himself confessed this before his death.
6 Jan.
Galba, B. IV. 2. B.M.
585. HESDIN to [WOLSEY].
Herman Ryn, in repassing here ... "devers la sacree majeste du Roy et de vostre reverendissima," requested Hesdin to procure a letter from my Lady to the Electors, who have tolls upon the Rhine, to give free passage for 1,000 lances which the King desired to have. Margaret would willingly have consented; but as no request has been made to the Electors since the election, she thinks it unadvisable to trouble them about such a small matter. Will be happy to procure for the King any harness or ammunition he may require. Reminds Wolsey of what he told him when last [with his] reverence, of the expense he had been at in getting Mortaigne into his [hands], and restoring it to the King. Has written of it to the secretary Pace. Antwerp, 6 Jan. 1519.
P.S. in his own hand.—Wishes he could express to Wolsey in person his high esteem. Wrote, when in England, in such high terms of the policy pursued there that some, who had counted him an Englishman, at his return counted him an Englishman and a half. Signed.
Fr., mutilated, pp. 2.
6 Jan.
Galba, B. VI. 110. B.M.
Had written by his servant, who is sent to England with presents for Wolsey from Madame and himself. As the way by sea is uncertain, sends Wolsey news by land. Wrote by his servant partly of his own affairs. Is not much concerned, though malevolent reports have been spread about him. Wolsey will not regard them, but devote himself to the good of their two majesties. Jehan de la Souch has gone to England. The King his master has taken in good part the offers of the King and Wolsey, and will do all in his power to augment the amity. Requests Wolsey to burn his letters, and not mention that he had written. Hopes the trouble he has taken in his journey to England may have a good result. Antwerp, Twelfth Night.
Hol., Fr., pp. 3, mutilated. Add.: Mons. le Cardinal Yorcq.
7 Jan.
R. O.
On Friday, the 6th inst., a soldier of the town came before them, and declared that one John Ormeston, who he supposes is now in service with Sir H. Wyatt, was taken prisoner in the skirmish at Guysnes, a little before the King's arrival "in these parts, and so conveyed into France," and brought before Ric. de la Pole, his interview with whom he related to the said soldier. Encloses an account in the soldier's own hand. Ormeston told the soldier that he intended to relate all to the council, but he does not know whether he has done so. Calais, 7 Jan. Signed.
Pp. 2.
7 Jan.
R. O.
Petition to recompense Jan Baeck, a citizen of their town. Mechlin, 7 Jan. 1519 (style of Cambray).
Flemish, p. 1. Add.
9 Jan.
Vesp. F. XIII. 77. B. M.
Interceding for the lady Bulstrode, widow, in the suit brought against her in the Exchequer for her husband's debt to the King, that she may have three weeks' respite after the first day of next term. Knoll, 9 Jan. Signed.
P.1. My lord card. of York, legate de latere. Endd.
9 Jan.
R. O.
Will learn the news of these parts by Messire Guyot. Supposes he is informed of the [intended] marriage of his son De Gruneburg with a niece of the marquis d'Arschot. His son, however, will not quit Henry's service, but will shortly be in England. Malines, 9 Jan. Signed.
Fr., p. 1. Add.
9 Jan.
R. O.
591. SAME to WOLSEY.
To the same effect. Malines, 9 Jan. Signed.
Fr., p. 1. Mons. le Card. d'Angleterre.
10 Jan.
R. O. Rym. XIII. 691.
Appoints Wolsey as his proctor for arranging a meeting between himself and Henry VIII., according to the terms of the treaty of London, passed on 8th October 1518. Leseignaix, 10 Jan. 1519, 6 Fr. I. Signed. Countersigned: De Neufville.
Calig. D. VII. 166. B. M.
2. Power sent from Francis I. to Wolsey, by the bailly of Caen, to arrange the interview between himself and Henry. (1.) To be between Guisnes and Ardre, where the pavilions of them and their suites may be pitched. In the night Henry is to retire to Guisnes, and Francis to Ardre. (2.) To arrange (entreprendre) the place of the tents, it will be right from the month of April next ... to advise upon what is proper for their safety and commodity. The meeting shall take place in May. (3.) The number of attendants shall be regulated by the lists arranged last year. (4.) The interview shall take place at a fixed day and hour, and on the spot to be fixed by deputies, and they shall determine between themselves the days for the jousts. "Fait à Leseignaix," 10 Jan. 1519.
10 Jan.
R. O.
Order from Sir Edw. Ponynges, admiral of the Cinque Ports, to the bailiffs, &c. of Lyde, to summon eighteen discreet men, sailors and others, to appear before him or his lieutenant at Lyde, at 9 a.m. on Saturday, 4 Feb., to inquire into cases connected with the Admiralty. Dover Castle, 10 Jan. 11 Hen. VIII.
Lat., p. 1. Add.
The same to the bailiff, &c. of Romney.
Like letter for the appearance of eighteen men at Romney, at 9 a.m. on Friday, 3 Feb. Dover Castle, 10 Jan. 11 Hen. VIII.
Lat., p. 1. Add.
11 Jan.
R. O.
Have received three commissions, dated 27 Oct. last, commanding them to enquire into the King's title to certain lands some time belonging to the late Wm. Button, Thos. Barton, and Andrew Rede, within this town, the island of Colne, the county of Guisnes, &c. With these commissions, three "close worts" were delivered them by the pretended heirs, which seem of a contrary nature. Such commissions are without precedent. Have advised the parties to pursue their causes before the proper officers. It seems "that they would entitle the King's grace thereunto by color, and then to sue it out of his hands, and to defeat other of such right and title as they have long continued in possession of." Calais, 11 Jan. Signed.
Pp. 2. Add.: [To] my lord Cardinal's grace, [legate] a latere and chancellor [of] England. Endd.
11 Jan.
R. O.
595. SIR WM. SANDYS to his "cousin HENNEDGE."
Thanks him for his kindness and the trouble he has taken in his matters. Asks him to favor the bearer, the secretary of Calais, who always shows great diligence in my lord's business, and in all matters connected with the town. Requests Hennedge to present him to Wolsey, and further his suit. Has not written lately to Wolsey, for lack of news. Calais, 11 Jan. Signed.
Pp. 2.
12 Jan.
Calig. D. VII. 79. B. M.
596. _ to WOLSEY.
Relative to some pictures ordered of the writer by the King "Jussisti mihi superioribus diebus mi domi[ne] ... regionum quas impius Turcarum imperator usurpat. Q ... quod te salutatum accessissem, in pulchriori redigeretur forma. Cogitanti ... occurrit dubium quanam materia velis id fieri, lignea an pergamenea, linea an c ... nec mihi satis constat utrum uno tantum exemplari tibi satisfieri possit, aut potius singu ... desideres. Nam si recte memini visus est mihi dixisse invictissimum regem expetere e[jus]modi picturas." Will do his best to make the work worthy of the King of England and the Cardinal of York. Paris, 12 Jan. 1519.
Hol., p. 1, mutilated. Add.: Reverendissimo, &c. archiepiscopo Ebo-raccnsi primati, &c., cardinali legatoque apostolico, &c.
13 Jan.
R. O.
Received today his letter dated 5 Jan., thanking him "for that poure and small remembraunce, which is greatly to my comfort that it lykyth your grace." Will do as the King wishes about the spy; viz., either continue him in his old pension, or, if he is discontented with that, discharge him. If he is content, will want a warrant from the King to the Treasurer for the said pension, "which to them all is but 18 crowns every month." The letter Wolsey got from the King at Newhall is not sufficient for the Treasurer's discharge; it must be word for word as the letter is, saving only the form of the warrant; for there is not one penny difference, as he will see by the copy of the said letter and the warrant which the secretary here has to show Wolsey. He is a diligent and good servant to the King and Wolsey. Calais, 13 Jan. Signed.
P.1. Add.: "To my lord Cardynall's grace legat elatria and chaunceler of Englond."
14 Jan.
R. O.
Wolsey will be glad to learn that an affinity is contracted between his father and Chievres, whose niece he himself is about to marry. Nothing was said about it when he left England, whither he hopes to return within three months. Antwerp, 14 Jan.
Hol., Lat., pp. 2.
20 Jan.
R. O.
Wishes to have his jurisdiction in his own hand, as his diocesans have grown disorderly. Begs a commission for his archdeacon, Thomas Alcock, LL.D., and his commissary, Thomas Pelles, LL.D. Offers Wolsey the whole or part of the money arising from his jurisdiction. Wishes to know his pleasure by the bearer. "At my poor house of Somersham," 20 Jan. Part of the signature torn off.
P.1. Add.: To my lord Legate's grace. Endd.
20 Jan.
Mart. Amp. Col. III. 1304.
600. HENRY VIII. to LEO X.
Is extremely well satisfied to have heard from Campeggio the commendations bestowed by the Pope on the bishop of Worcester. As the Pope intends at this time to create new cardinals, urges the merits of Worcester.
Thanks the Pope for prolonging the legatine authority of Wolsey for three years, but would have been better pleased had it been prolonged for an indefinite period, as it would have enabled him to proceed with greater vigor in the reformation of the clergy. Tower of London, 20 Jan. 1520. Signed by Vannes.
20 Jan.
S. B.
601. For JOHN CHAMBRE, M.D., the King's Physician.
Licence, during pleasure, to be absent from the archdeaconry of Meath, to which he was presented by Hugh bishop of Meath. Greenwich, 20 Jan. 11 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 20 Jan.
22 Jan.
R. O.
Begs him to remember his promise made to her at Letheringham, for the pardon of Anthony Savage. He is so impoverished by his long and painful suit, that he hath not whereby to live. Henham, 22 Jan. Signed.
P.1. Add.: To my lord Cardinal.
23 Jan.
Mart. Amp. Col. III. 1308.
Recommends to him his ambassador Don John Manuel, and desires Worcester will act in common with him. In Molendino Regio, 23 Jan. 1520.
23 Jan.
Rym. XIII. 705.
Inspeximus in favor of John Gilmyn, Th. Grenyng, Th. Spence, Th. Mayowe, John Abes, Th. Pygyn, Wm. Kirkeby and John Rippys(?), of patent 24 April 9 Edw. IV., licensing the King's minstrels to continue and augment the guild which they had founded in St. Paul's, London. Westm., 23 Jan.
Pat. (fn. 1) 11 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 1.
25 Jan.
Vit. B. IV. 37*. B. M.
Has received his letters by Sir Gregory de Casalis, and a horse. Of the two horses in his possession, on one of which Henry had set his mind, and which the writer values more than his own eyes, one had been promised to the Emperor. Wishing, however, to serve the King, he had allowed Sir Gregory to make the selection, who had chosen the best, which has no fellow in Italy. Naples, 25 Jan. 1520. Signature partly burnt.
Lat., mutilated, p. 1. Add.
25 Jan.
R. O.
"Be it remembered, that I, Dan Thomas Golwynne, monk, professed of the house of London, had with me, by the licence of the honorable father prior of the said house of London, Dan William Tynbegh, when I departed from London unto Mount Grace, all these things underwritten, the 25th day of January, the year of our Lord 1519.
"Inprimis, 3 habits as they come by course. Item, 2 new stamyn shirts and 1 old. Item, 2 new stamyn colys (collars) and 1 old. Item, 2 new hoods and 1 old. Item, a new coat lined, and an old mantle. Item, a wide slop furred to put over all my gear, of the gift of my lady Conway. Item, a new cap and an old. Item, a new 'pylche' of the gift of Mr. Saxby. Item, an old pylche and 3 pair of hosen. Item, 3 pair of new socks and 2 pair of old. Item, 3 old 'syleces' and a 'lumbare.' Item, a new pair of corked shoes, lined, and 1 pair of double-soled shoes. Item, a pair of blankets and 2 good pillows, and 2 little pillows, and a cushion to kneel on. Item, a new mantle by the gift of Sir John Rawson, knight of the Roods. Item, a little brasen mortar with a pestle, given by the gift of a friend of mine. Item, 2 pewter dishes, 2 saucers and a porringer, and a little square dish for butter. Item, a new chafing dish of latten, given to us, and 2 new tin bottles given by a kinsman of ours. Item, a brasen chafer that is to heat in water. Item, a brass pan of a gallon, given to us likewise. Item, a little brasen skillet with a steel. Item, a pair of new felt boots, and 1 pair of lined slippers for matins. Item, a fair latten sconce.
"These books, drawn together by line, be in vellum. Item, a fair written journal, made by the cost of Masters (Mistress ?) Saxby, having a clasp of silver, and an image of St. Jerome graven therein; the second leaf of Advent beginneth, Jerusalem Alleluia: this book standeth in making, 3l. Item, a fair written primer, with a calendar and many other rules of our religion therein. Item, a fair written psalter, with a fair image of St. Jerome therein in the beginning: the second leaf of the psalter beginneth Te erudimini. Item, a large fair book written, with the lessons of Dirige, and the psalms of burying and litany, and the response[s] therein noted. Item, a book written containing certain masses, with the canon of the mass, and a calendar in the beginning of the book, with a fair image of Jesu standing before. Item, a little penance book written. Item, a written book of prayers of divers saints, with images limned, and Dirige written therein. (fn. 2) Item, a written book of paper, with divers stories and of Ars moriendi therein. Item, a printed 'portews' by the gift of Mr. Rawson. Item, a journal and a printed primer, given by Mr. Parker. Item, a little Legend Aurey in print. Item, the Shepherd's Calendar in print. Item, Æsop's Fables in print. Item, Directorium Aureum in print. Item, a complete frame for to weave with courses, with 19 'polyffes' of brass and 19 plummets of lead, with 2 swords of iron to work with in the frame. Item, a double still, to make with aqua vitæ, that is to say, a limbeck with a serpentine, closed both in one."
P.1. Endd.: Billa pro Domino Thoma Goldynge.
25 Jan.
S. B.
Reversion, in survivorship, of the manors, &c. of Longburgh and Shepeshed, Leic., whereof William Viscount Beamount and Lord Bardolf, deceased, was seized; forfeited to the crown by Francis late lord Lovell, and granted by patent 6 Sept. 1 Hen. VIII. to John earl of Oxford, deceased, and Elizabeth his wife, widow of the said Viscount, on surrender by the said Marquis of patent 11 July 7 Hen. VIII., granting him the said reversion. Del. Westm., 25 Jan. 11 Hen. VIII.
Pat. 11 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 33.
26 Jan.
R. O.
Asks favor for his servant Will. Skelton, in a cause now before Wolsey, between him and lord Dacre of the North, touching certain farm lands which he holds by patent. He is not able to sue against lord Dacre, or abide the long process of the law. Donyngton, 26 Jan. Signed.
P. 1. My lord Cardinal.
27 Jan.
[Calig. E. I. II.?] I. 200. B. M.
The sieur de Chastillon, marshal of France, cannot go with him to choose the place of interview, in consequence of his business at Tournay. Begs that the captain of Guisnes and Boulogne may view the place. Paris, 27 Jan. Signed.
Fr., p. 1, mutilated. Add.: A mon cousin le conte de Wolcestre, grant chambellan d'Angleterre. Endd.
28 Jan. 610. For HENRY NORRES, squire of the Body.
To be bailiff, woodward and keeper of the park in the lordship of Ewelme, Oxon., vice Thos. Broke, serjeant-at-arms, deceased, with 3d. a day as bailiff, 2d. a day as woodward, and 2d. a day as keeper of the park, out of the issues of the said lordship. Westm., 28 Jan.
Pat 11 Hen. VIII. p2. 2, m. 33.
31 Jan.
R. O.
Extracts from the Pell Rolls of 11 Hen. VIII., showing the amount of subsidy in different towns and counties.
Pp. 44.
Jan./GRANTS. 612. GRANTS in JANUARY 1520.
4. Th. Coke alias Cooke, of Hilboroughe, Warw. Pardon for killing John Grason, of Preston in Aldernesse, Lanc., linendraper, in self-defence, between Allewchurche, Worc., and the highway under the new wood called "le Graunge wode," at the gate called "the Tirlewey," near Bordesley Abbey, in the parish of Allewchurche. Westm., 4 Jan.—Pat. 11 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 29.
6. Roger Randyke alias Ryvers, native of Cologne. Denization. Westm., 6 Jan.—Pat. 11 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 33.
12. Recognizances cancelled, one for 20l., and another for 30l. Made by Adam Pennyngton, of Staynesby, Linc., Sir Ralph Evers, of Aton, York, Peter Asshton, of Castthorp, Linc., and Wm. Pennyngton, of Neweton, Cumb., to Sir James Hobart, Sir Ric. Empson, Sir John Husee, Edm. Dudley, and Th. Lucas, 28 Nov. 20 Hen. VII. Greenwich, 12 Jan. 11 Hen. VIII.—S.B.
23. St. Helen's, Abendon. Licence to Th. Halys, Wm. Byseley, John Walker, John Bostok, Wm. Este, Th. Toukes, Nic. Hewet, John Flynt, Wm. Shyngylton, Ric. Hopkyns, Th. Mayot, and Wm. Hore, masters of the fraternity of Holy Cross, in the church of St. Helen, Abendon, Berks, to hold an annual fair on the eve, day, and morrow of St. Andrew. Greenwich, 13 Jan. 11 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 23 Jan.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 15.
23. John Canpucci, merchant of Lucca, alias merchant stranger of London. Protection for two years; going in the retinue of Sir John Pecche, deputy of Calais. "T[este]," 23 Jan. 11 Hen. VIII.—P.S.
25. Th. Sydynham. Wardship of Joan, d. and h. of Sir John, s. and h. of Wm. Speke, of Crokehorn, deceased. Del. Westm., 25 Jan. 11 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 2, m. 15.
29. John Fukes. Pardon for killing John Foster in self-defence. Westm., 29 Jan.—Pat. 11 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 17.
29. Anth. Embers, of Bury St. Edmund's, yeoman of the household, alias groom of the stable. Protection; going in the retinue of Sir John Petche, deputy of Calais. Richmond, 29 Jan. 11 Hen. VIII.—P.S. Fr., m. 2.


  • 1. "Franc." in Rymer.
  • 2. The above are "drawn together by a line;" i.e. bracketed.