Henry VIII: February 1529, 16-28

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 4, 1524-1530. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1875.

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'Henry VIII: February 1529, 16-28', Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 4, 1524-1530, (London, 1875), pp. 2332-2351. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/letters-papers-hen8/vol4/pp2332-2351 [accessed 25 June 2024].

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February 1529

16 Feb.
Add. MS. 28, 578, f. 52. B. M.
Suspects he is not fully informed of the state of the divorce question. Knows that cardinal Campeggio has obtained an express commission from the Pope to proceed in it. Nevertheless, with a brief of the Pope directed to the Queen, he told her, in his credence on the part of the Pope, that he was sent for that purpose, and advised her to avoid greater inconveniences by entering some monastery, which she has not chosen to do, maintaining what is due to her own honor and conscience. And although she has not herself objected to the partiality of the tribunal, which she does not dare to do, and is not allowed advocate, nor proctor, nor writings to defend herself, it would be unreasonable that a matter should be determined in England in which the King himself is a party. Neither can we safely send the original of the dispensation in our possession, seeing that it is a matter which touches the validity of the dispensation and the authority of the Holy See. The Pope ought to revoke the cause to Rome, at the Emperor's sole request, and recall the commission given to Campeggio. Approves of the advice given by Mendoza to search the registers for the dispensation; but even if the register be lost it does not affect the justice of the Queen's cause, because we have already sent hence an authentic copy, and have the original in our hands. Is sorry to hear of the Pope's sickness. His death might create a schism in Christendom. Toledo, 16 Feb. 1529.
Spanish, pp. 4. Modern copy from a draft from the archives of Simancas.
16 Feb.
R. O.
As Peter (Vannes) writes to Wolsey of the King's affairs, I shall say nothing to you, except that here we spare no pains. Although nothing can be done at present in consequence of the Pope's infirmity, I do not cease to make all the interest I can with Salviati and S. Quatuor. I do not know what to hope of Dr. Stephen's mission, and how far the Pope ought to pronounce the brief produced by the Queen a forgery. I think his Holiness will do nothing; and you may tell Wolsey so, in the event of his desiring my opinion. I hear you have told him that if the Pope's fears were removed, he would do everything for the King, licita et illicita. But if you rightly remember, I told you that the Pope would do all that could be done; for there are many things which the Pope says he cannot do, veluti esset bulla decretalis; and so he will say of that brief, that he can pass no decision on a brief emanating from pope Julius, in the event of its being brought from Spain. But, suppose he would, they cannot remove the fears of his Holiness, not even with a guard of 2,000 foot; for when the Pope was defended by 30,000 troops of the League, and when Lautrec was successful. I saw how much he was afraid of the Colonnas and Imperialists. Now he will be more afraid in consequence of his success. Nothing but the liberation of Italy will remove his fears. When, therefore, you say that the Pope will do illicita, that must be understood quæ aliquo modo possint colorari. If you remember, one of the reasons for my sending you to England was to tell the King and Wolsey that they should make some other arrangement; because, if the Pope's fears were altogether removed, he will never do what we should want of him. He will, however, use all his efforts for peace, and go hither and thither to secure it, wherever we ask him; but I do not think he will consent to any of the terms brought by my fellow ambassadors.
I would have sent the bulls for Winchester, had not Dr. Stephen told me that he wished to have some alteration made in them.
Tell Wolsey I have employed all my interest, and that of my friends, in expediting them, and with the greatest success that could have been expected. In about eight days we shall be able to negotiate with the Pope. The state of Italy grows worse. The influence and exactions of the Imperialists are on the increase, nor do I see how they can be resisted. It will be necessary for Francis to appoint the duke of Ferrara as captain general of the forces. Rome, 16 Feb.
Lat.,pp. 3. Endd.: 16 Feb. 1528.
16 Feb.
R. O.
5303. SIR GREGORY CASALE to CLERK, Bishop of Bath, in London.
Begs his favor in behalf of his cousin Vincent Casale, who is employed in the writer's affairs with the King and Wolsey. Rome, 16 Feb. 1529. Signed and sealed.
Ital., p. 1. Add.
16 Feb.
R. O.
5304. THOS. CANNAR, Priest, to CROMWELL.
As to the grants he sends for them to seal for the use of the college at Ipswich, the dean of our college and the canons of my Lord's grace's college at Oxford cannot seal them without further licence; for one clause for alienating possessions in London, Blackamore, Gingemargarete, Wyllyngale, Bowellys, Bromefelde, Shellow, Norton, Whytell, Sowthewelde, Kelldon and Stondon, Essex, would include lands lately belonging to the monastery of Thoby, which they have no licence to alienate. Wishes the said clause to be altered, and restricted to the former possessions of the monastery of Blackamore, or else they must have a further licence. Oxenford, 16 Feb.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: To the right worshipful Master Cromwell, dwelling against the Austin Friars in London.
16 Feb.
R. O.
Ratification by Wolsey of the grant of St. Lawrence Blakamore, Stanesgate, &c., and their appurtenances, by his college at Oxford, to his college at Ipswich. Westm., 16 Feb. 20 Hen. VIII. Signed and sealed.
Lat., vellum.
17 Feb.
Vesp. C. IV. 292. B. M.
5306. GHINUCCI and LEE to [WOLSEY].
On the receipt of the despatch of Curson, of which they wrote on the 12th and 15th, sent in all speed to the Emperor to tell him they had news from England to declare to him. Enclose a copy of their letters to him. Have today received a letter from him by the president of the Chancery, of which they enclose a copy, desiring them, if they have anything from the King, to come to him before he leaves Toledo, which he intends to leave in the beginning of March. In order to keep him still in doubt whether they have anything from the King to him, only made answer to the president that they would prepare with all diligence. The president told them that the Emperor had appointed a man to see them lodged, and that they must make haste, or his Majesty would have left. Pretended that it would be very inconvenient to them to miss the Emperor, but that they must wait for him who is sent by the King. Think in truth that it will be more expedient to find the Emperor already departed, for if they were to propose to him the matter of the divorce, which he would take ill, just at his departure, they would get no answer, and he would have many days' leisure to excogitate some new practises. Could not follow the thing for lack of the briefs. Will, therefore, propose a new thing to him, until they "have him in some place standing," even if they follow him to Barcelona. See no preparation for the voyage to Italy. The great men have not yet been summoned. Wish to know the King's and Wolsey's pleasure. Ghinucci sends considerations by which the truth touching the brief may be tried. Valladolid, 17 Feb. 1529.
The president has just sent to say that they ought to write to the Emperor. Were somewhat perplexed, lest, if they refused, the Emperor might suspect that they had nothing to say from the King, and stop their coming. On the other side they considered Wolsey's commands. Enclose their answer to him. Could not avoid writing that they had something to say to him from the King, but will verify it only-in the letters touching the divorce. Signed.
In Lee's hand, pp. 2. The cipher deciphered by Tuke.
R. O. 5307. LEE to BRIAN TUKE.
We sent you two packets by sea and land, 12 and 15 Feb., "and now with haste do again this." Refers him to the cipher. Did not sufficiently mark the transumpt sent to us last year in Jan. after the intimation, which my lord of Worcester says was of a bull and not of a brief. That is a matter which more toucheth his faculty; "albeit, seeing that the transumpt, which we see was sealed with the Emperor's confessor's seal, and subscribed only with the hand of Almayn, and not Martyne, I may well think the same." I observed that the transumpt bore date about the time Philippes was with the Emperor, i.e., when my lord Cardinal was in France. My lord of Worcester now sends "considerations whereby somewhat the truth may be known." Pity that falsehood should have victory. Has sent letters to the Master of the Rolls to be forwarded to Tuke. Begs that money may be provided by Vivaldi, this running up and down is so expensive. Expects to have to follow the court to Barchinona.
P. 1. In Tuke's hand, endorsed by him: Copy of Mr. Almoners letter to Brian Tuke.
19 Feb.
Add. MS. 15, 387, f. 207. B. M. Theiner, p. 560.
Expresses his delight at the Pope's convalescence. Greenwich, 19 Feb. 1528.
Copy, Lat.
19 Feb.
R. O.
Thanks Wolsey for speaking so much in his favor to the King, and for promoting him to an honor he had never expected. Professes his gratitude. Valladolid, 19 Feb. 1529.
P.S.—Writes to the King at the same time.
Hol., Lat., p. 1. Sealed and addressed. Endd.
R. O. 2. Duplicate.
Hol. Add. Endd.
19 Feb.
R. O.
Hears from Wolsey that his name is mentioned among some of those prelates whom the King intended to advance to a higher dignity. Expresses his thanks. Valladolid, 19 Feb. 1529.
Hol., Lat., p. 1. Add. Endd.
Vit. B. XI. 59. B. M. 2. To the same effect.
Hol., Lat., p. 1. Address pasted on.
19 Feb.
Vesp. C. IV. 293. B. M.
5311. GHINUCCI and LEE to [WOLSEY].
Today the president sent to them to say that he had another letter desiring them to make haste to Toledo. Could not get there more than a day or two before he leaves, and fear that if they opened the matter when they could not follow it up, that they would not be allowed to follow the court. Nothing can be conveniently done before the coming of the rescripts. When they arrive, will know how the matter may be solicited toward the Pope's messenger; and they think it best to delay their going to the court until his arrival. The only colour for this delay is that they are expecting the King's servant, and that the despatch is still in his hands. When this will not serve, must desire some other. If they proposed this measure when they had no leisure to speak of the other, they might be commanded to remain, and so lose all hope of entering into communication. They will have a much better opportunity if they wait till he is stationary for a time. Neither Curson nor the Queen's servant have come, and they do not know where they are, but they hear that the Emperor has sent a safe-conduct for Curson. A person whom they sent to the Court tells them that the Emperor will go towards Barcelona on March 1. Valladolid, 19 Feb. 1529.
Curson has a credence, which they must know before they see the Emperor. Signed.
In Lee's hand; cipher, deciphered by Tuke; pp. 2.
20 Feb.
Vesp. C. IV. 294. B. M.
Declares his desire for peace, and the danger in which Naples is of being overrun by the Turks. Is going to Barcelona, and leaves his Empress and Philip and Mary his children to govern these kingdoms. Intends to offer the French king new terms which he cannot honorably refuse, and will stay at Barcelona until he has fresh news, when he will go to Italy if necessary. Desires them to maintain order during his absence. Toledo, 20 Feb. 1529.
Lat.; copy by Silvester Darius; pp. 3. Endd.: Nova ex Hispaniis.
20 Feb.
Vit. B. XI. 82. B. M.
Thanks them for the trouble they have taken about the bulls of Winchester. Although he supposes they have been ascertained by Gardiner of what concerns the King's matter and his own affairs, thought it well to send another letter in Latin, to be shown to the Cardinals, to induce them to consent to a lower sum. If they will not grant the bulls for 5,000 or 6,000 ducats, they have little regard to his merit, or to the profit which will accrue to them by his acceptance of Winchester. Has already the profits of the see by the King's grant, and can hold them with Durham without any bulls. If it were not for the evil example, would not give 1,000 ducats for the bulls. The spiritualties of Winchester, which he can enjoy during the vacancy by virtue of his legateship, are not worth 300 ducats a year, and the temporalties he has already. Doubts not that the Cardinals on hearing this will be liberal in granting the bulls, in the expedition of which he begs them to use all diligence. Will perform all obligations and promises which they make on that behalf.
Anthony Vivalde acknowledges that the banker at Venice has absented himself, and 10 days ago he sent a kinsman of his to recover what he could, and to make provision for the payment of the 8,000 ducats. He writes also to his agents at Rome to pay the 2,000 ducats at the easiest possible price, and to provide 6,000 ducats more for the bulls, if necessary.
Doubts not therefore that they will have money enough. Westm., 20 Feb. Signed.
Pp. 4. The address copied at the foot.
20 Feb.
Vit. B. XI. 60. B. M.
By the letters which they will receive from Vincent Casale they will see what was decided by the kings of England and France as to procuring Wolsey's election to the Papacy, for the advancement of which the French king sent the bishop of Bayonne to Rome; and Vincent Casale was dispatched immediately after with instructions, of which copies were also sent by Hercules de Mysolo, nephew of bp. Staphileo. However, when the bishop of Bayonne was between Calais and Paris he heard of the Pope's recovery, and sent word thereof to the King. At the same time Gardiner's letters from Lyons arrived. When the Bishop and Vincent arrived at Paris, and had more certain knowledge of the Pope's recovery, they deferred their journey till they might know the King's pleasure. Meanwhile arrived the ambassadors' letters from Rome dated 28th ult. The King thanks them for what they have done. Hopes soon to have news of the Pope's entire recovery. Wishes them meantime to proceed with their charge, seeing how ready the Pope showed himself to labor in the cause of peace, and also for the advancement of the King's cause, offering to resign the Papacy if he could do any good thereby. But as the Pope's illness is likely to endure, and it would be injurious if he died while they were ignorant of the King's pleasure, Vincent Casale is sent on with the dispatch given him at his departure, and with these letters. These things are to be kept secret, but as they will have some color to speak with cardinals and others on these matters, they should win over as many as they can, showing them the great benefits which will ensue from Wolsey's attainment of the dignity, and advising them to leave the conclave with a protestation, if there is any likelihood of violence. Commends them for having set that forth when the Pope's life was despaired of. They must attend to any means of dispensing with the ordinance compelling the election to be held where the Pope dies.
Leaves the management of this to their fidelity and wisdom. The King and he are anxious to hear of Gardiner's arrival at Rome, and the Pope's answer to his charge;—which seems likely to be favorable, considering the towardness of his Holiness to please the King, his refusal to make a treaty with the Emperor for the defence of Italy, and his late overtures to John Joachim for a league with the kings of England and France, which they will understand by the enclosed copy of the French king's letter to the bishop of Bayonne. Wishes them to consult John Joachim, and to show the Pope that, although he has not mentioned it to the King, the King is willing to enter such a league. His Holiness then taking upon himself the negotiations for peace, Italy would be safe, whether they took effect or not.
In all their doings they must have regard to the undelayed perfection of the King's great matter, and in no wise consent that it shall remain in suspense upon any treaty; but they must show the Pope that when a treaty is made, the Emperor will more easily agree if it has been done, and Wolsey would never travel to such a convention until the King were sure of obtaining his request. Neither the King nor himself would be satisfied with any hope that the matter could be settled with the Emperor's consent at the convention. Therefore, if the Pope wishes for peace, he must first settle the King's matter, and the Emperor will with little business take the same in good part, as there will be no remedy; but if the matter is still pending he will be more obstinate, and try to hinder the other things which are to be treated.
If the Emperor sees that it will be to his benefit to make peace, this cause of matrimony will not prevent him; and he is not accustomed so to ad[here] to his sisters or other near of his blood, that he w[ill] for theirs postpone his own causes. Besides, if the peace did not ensue, war would follow, and then, if the Pope decided the King's matter, it might be thought to be from malice to the Emperor.
They can assure the Pope that there is no fear of the Emperor's descent into Italy, for the King's ambassadors in Spain write that the voyage has been laid aside, and such preparations will be made in France that they may be well assured the Emperor will not dare attempt the voyage.
As soon as the King's matter is settled, Wolsey will meet the Pope at any indifferent place, and go into Spain if it is thought convenient. Shows the necessity of choosing an indifferent place, lest the Emperor should get the Pope, the Cardinals and Wolsey into his power. Wishes them to fulfil their instructions about the bishoprics. Westm., 20 Feb.
The King and he write to congratulate the Pope on his recovery. Copies are enclosed. Signed.
Pp. 14.
21 Feb.
Vit. B. XI. 79. B. M.
Wrote last on the 13th, enclosing the bulls concerning Winchester. The Pope soon after relapsed into fever, causing great suspicion, but is now gradually recovering his strength, and they expect he will be able to attend to business in a week. After the taking of Aquila, the scattered forces which favored the French betook themselves to Amatrice (ad Matricem), and they will be destroyed unless speedily succoured. Sir Gregory thinks this ought to be attended to immediately. The French ambassador seems to neglect everything, but he has sent a man to Amatrice this evening, to ascertain how aid can best be sent. The abbot of Farfa, who came too late to save Aquila, has been asked to use the money he brought with him to defend Amatrice. He promises to do whatever the ambassadors of the Allies think best. Sir Gregory is using all his efforts to protect the kingdom of Naples from the Imperialists. Renzi is too far from the Imperialist army to be of any service. The Imperialists have not restored Hostia and Civita Vecchia, and are waiting to see if the Pope recovers. Have received letters from the man sent by Sir Gregory to Foligni, saying that he has been able to find nothing concerning our business. Rome, 21 Feb. 1529. Signed.
Lat., Vannes' hand.
Vit. B. XI. 78*. B. M. P. S.—Asks Wolsey to provide the money for the bulls relating to Winchester.
Lat., Vannes' hand, p. 1.
22 Feb. 5316. The MONASTERY OF SHAFTESBURY, Salisbury dioc.
1. Writ to the escheator of Devon for the restitution of the temporalties on the election (confirmed by Thomas cardinal, archbishop of York) of Elizabeth Zuche as abbess, whose fealty is ordered to be taken by John Olyver and Edward Stewart, clks. Westm., 22 Feb.
2. Similar writs for Sussex, Somerset and Dorset, Wilts, and Bristol (to the mayor and escheator).
Pat. 20 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 3.
S. B. 1. Thomas cardinal of York.
Custody of the possessions of Sir Walter Strikiland, deceased, during the minority of Walter Strikelond, s. and h. of the said Walter; with wardship of the said heir.
In the margin of the inrolment is a memorandum, dated 22 Feb. 21 Hen. VIII., signed by John Tayler, that this entry was found to be without date.
Pat. 20 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 18.
S. B. 2. Custody of the possessions of John Rither during minority of Henry Rither, kinsman and heir of the said John, and son and heir of Sir Ralph Rither, with the wardship of the said heir.
In the margin of the inrolment is a memorandum, dated 22 Feb. 21 Hen. VIII., signed by John Tayler, that this entry was found to be without date.
Pat. 20 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 18.
S. B. 3. Custody of the possessions of Sir William Compton, deceased, during the minority of Peter, s. and h. of the said Sir William, with wardship of the said Peter.
In the margin of the inrolment is a memorandum, dated 22 Feb. 21 Hen. VIII., signed by John Tayler, that this entry was found to be without date.
Pat. 20 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 19, and p. 2, m. 12.
23 Feb.
R. O.
5318. AWARD.
Receipt by Thos. Cryspe, mercer of London, from Ric. Randall, prior of Our Lady of Canons Asheby, Northamptonshire, of 10l. according to the award of Sir Ant. Fitharberd and Wm. Shelley, justices of the King's Bench, made 22 Nov. 19 Hen. VIII. 23 Feb. 1528. Signed.
24 Feb.
R. O.
5319. LEE to TUKE.
Sent packets on the 12th, 15th, and 19th. Curson is not come, though a safe-conduct was sent to him on the 15th. Requests him to take order with Vivaldi for money. A new diet will be held in April. Valladolid, 24 Feb. 1529. Signed.
P. 1. Add.
24 Feb.
R. O.
Has delivered to the dean and treasurer of York his letters for obtaining the lease and dimission of the parsonage of Bishopburton, appropriate to the "divident" of his church of York. The Dean was obedient to the letters, but the Treasurer is obstinate, and says he has granted the parsonage to a servant of his, named Mowmforde, "who hath married one that he is affectionate unto." The Dean has offered him another freehold for his servant, but nothing will satisfy him. He has sent up the said servant to Wolsey, and he will deliver the lease, if he cannot persuade him to the contrary. Thinks he intends to defer the matter till the assize is passed, and so disappoint Wolsey, unless he will take the lease immediately on the servant's arrival, and send it to York before the assize, when the Dean will make a new lease. Sir Wm. Percy and his lady will make release of all the lands which Wolsey has purchased of Sir. Robt. Ughtred in reversion, and which she has in her dower. He will perform everything mentioned in the book he sent to Wolsey, before the justices of assize in York, which will be in this 4th week in Lent if he can obtain the farmhold of Bishopburton. Has discharged all those who have annuities out of the manor of Kexby. Will send shortly the confirmation of the Chapter for the impropriation of Wetwange, and the consent of the abbot of St. Mary's for the priory and cell of Romesburgh. "From your church of York," 24 Feb.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: To my lord Legate a Latere and Cardinal. Endd.
R. O. 2. "Articles to be performed by your Grace (Wolsey) to Sir William Percie according to the book that your Grace hath subscribed with the said Sir William Percie's hand."
1. To sign and seal the release of the parsonage and tithes of Bishop Burton belonging to the chapter of York. 2. To appoint him steward of the said lands for life, and allow him the letting of them meanwhile, if there be any such clause in the book. 3. That the bailiffs and officers of the lordships may continue during lady Percie's life; after her decease Wolsey may gain 3l. a year by taking them into his own hands. 4. To perform the covenants in the book signed by Percy and delivred to Wolsey by Sir Will. Smith, auditor of his college at Oxford; for performance of which "I and my friends stondeth bounden to the said Sir William Percie in an 100l., before he and his wife made the said release." 5. To write to the abbot and convent of Selby to renew Percy's lease of the tithes of Reedenes, of which they wish to deprive him.
ii. "Informations to my lord Legate."
1. That Sir William and lady Agnes his wife have released the lands in a bill enclosed in Wolsey's letters and in one annexed hereto, whereof the said lady was possessed in dower or jointure. 2. Parcels not specified in the indenture between Wolsey and Sir Thos. Ughtred. 3. Ughtred's covenant not so advantageous as my Lady's release. 4. A reversion of 10l. a year to Wolsey out of Atwick and Bouston in Holdernes on the death of Henry, younger son of Sir Hen. Ughtred. 5. It would be commodious to Wolsey if Henry Ughtred made him a release, which, according to the opinion of serjeant Fairefax and others, should be to Wolsey himself, &c.
iii. The "bill" above referred to.
Pp. 3. Endd.
R. O. 3. Articles devised between Wolsey on one part and Sir Wm. Percy and Agnes his wife on the other.
1. Sir William and Agnes shall give up all their rights in the manors, &c. in Yorks. and Lincolnshire, which would revert to Sir Robt. Uthered, son of the said Agnes, at her decease, to the use of Wolsey during her life. 2. They shall make a sure and lawful estate of all the said manors to Wolsey or his assigns at his expence. 3. They shall suffer him to receive all the rents, &c. 4. They or others now seised of the said manors to the use of lady Agnes shall remain seised of them to Wolsey's use. 5. Wolsey shall cause the dean and chapter of York to grant to Sir William and lady Agnes a rentcharge of equal value to the lands. 6. Sir William shall be high steward of the said lands. 7. He prays Wolsey to renew his rights in the parsonage of Bishopsburton, Yorks., belonging to the dean, treasurer and canons, for his lifetime, without which he will have no convenient mansion to reside in. 8. To grant him "the Uthered his landes" in fee farm, or at least the feoffment during his wife's life; and 9. To grant him the stewardship of Hoveden and Hovedenshire with a reasonable fee.
Pp. 3. Signed on each page by Percy. Endd. by Wolsey's clerk.
24 Feb.
Le Grand, III. 305.
A servant of yours was today in a high place (en lieu haut et grand), where some conversation took place about the said negociation for peace, and he said that it would be a great wrong to the cardinal of York if arbitration were had recourse to without reference to him. Answer was made to him by one who understood matters (par qui peut et entend) that it was well remembered in him, and that in such case, rather than not attain so great a good, they would make the Pope St. Peter, and Wolsey St. Paul. 24 Feb.
24 Feb.
Vesp. C. IV. 297. B. M.
1. Instructions to Gonzalo Fernandez, chaplain of Charles V., to treat with the earl of Desmond. Toledo, 24 Feb. 1529.
(See Carew Calend. I. p. 42.)
Later copy, Span., p. 3.
Add. MS. 28, 173. B. M. 2. "Dos cosas me dixo el conde de Visimon (Desmond) q~ suplicase a sa Magte de sa parte."
Petitions the Emperor to comprehend him if he makes peace with the king of England, stipulating for the restitution of 9,000l. to him by the King, Requests also that his subjects may have liberty to deal with the Emperor's countries.
Span., p. 1, modern copy.
Add. MS. 28, 173. B. M. 3. Pour la responce au conte de Wismont en Yrlande, de par l'Empereur.
The Emperor has received his letters, and heard the report of his chaplain. He may be assured that the Emperor will be well inclined towards him, and his subjects shall be well treated in the Emperor's dominions. Is just going to Italy, whence he will write again.
Fr., pp. 2, modern copy.
Add. MS. 28, 578, f. 45. Ib. f. 65. Ib. f. 67. 4. Copy of § 1. from the archives of Brussels.
5. Copy from the archives of Simancas.
ii. Letter of credence for Fernandez from Charles V., dated Toledo,—Feb. 1529.
Add. MS. 28, 173. B. M. 5323. EARL OF DESMOND.
Gonçalo Fernandez, chaplain of the Emperor.
Petitions Charles to order the payment to him of 120 ducats, for the expences of his journey to Ireland in his Majesty's service. Left Toledo on March 3, being allowed 400 ducats for the journey, and has spent 520.
Span., pp. 2, modern copy.
(Another copy in the same volume.)
25 Feb.
Add. MS. 15, 387, f. 210. B. M. Theiner, p. 561.
Is gratified at finding how much his efforts in behalf of the knights of St. John have been set forth in the Pope's breve. Has resolved to give the Order 20,000 crowns. Greenwich, 25 Feb. 1528.
Copy, Lat.
25 Feb.
Vit. B. X. 76. B. M.
Did not write from Dover or Calais. Arrived here at Paris on Feb. 23, at 7 p.m. Gave Wolsey's letter to Vincent Casale, and desired him to make all haste to Rome, with the letters and instructions for Dr. Stephen. He left on Wednesday, Feb. 24, at 7 p.m. Went with the bishop of Bayonne to the King at Illiers (villa S. Heliæ), 30 leagues from Paris. Were well received by the King, who said that the Bishop should do all he could for Wolsey. Will wait here till next Monday for further instructions, and then proceed to Rome. The Bishop is devoted to Wolsey, and will spare no pains. Thinks he had better stay here to persuade the King to do what Wolsey wishes, for it will not be easy to find another like him.
Has saluted the cardinal of Lorraine, who professes his devotion to Wolsey. Has given Wolsey's letters to D. Thalerius (Taylor), and told him he was about to send a courier to England, but he said he had nothing to send. He and the bishop of Bayonne are angry with Missolus, because Wolsey blames them for having detained Casale, in consequence, as they think, of his reports. Yesterday letters came from Florence, dated 12th instant, saying that letters of the 6th from Rome stated that the Pope was suffering from a double tertian and a pain in the head. The physicians did not know the cause, and had sent to Milan for a physician.
Milan is in the greatest necessity, and almost without soldiers, so that if the French join the Venetians and the Milanese it could be easily taken, and Genoa would then capitulate. The bishop of Bayonne says that the French king sent two days ago 40,000 ducats to the count of St. Pôl, whom Missolus believes to be at Alexandria, and about to besiege Cassella. The Venetians have furnished him with artillery and powder, and are preparing a fleet to intercept the Emperor, or attack the coasts of Apulia, Calabria and Sicily. It is reported that the French have retaken Aquila, and that the prince of Orange has retired to Naples, and is very short of money. De Langes, the brother of the bishop of Bayonne, is coming to England, instead of the person previously mentioned. Paris, Thursday, 25 Feb. 1529.
Lat., hol., pp. 3. Add. Endd.
25 Feb. 5326. JOHN BROKE.
His will. Proved, 25 Feb. 1529. Printed in Nicolas' Testamenta Vetusta, p. 642.
27 Feb.
R. O.
I have received your letters in answer to mine, giving you licence to speak with me; and as you tarry for him who is coming out of England, to whom I sent to Fonterabie, I have commanded him to go to you. I leave this on Monday, 8 March. Toledo, 27 Feb. 1529.
Copy, in English.
[28 Feb.]
Cal. D. x. 374. B. M.
"[E]t pource qu'il est apparu par ce qu ... [amb]assadeurs des deux Roys que la conclusion ... [ar]ticles seullement.
"Premierement, en la seurete pour les quatre cens m[ille escuz] parfaict des 2,000,000 pour la rançon pour le ... escuz sont demandes pour hostaiges, Monseigneur de ... [Mons.] de St. Pol, Messieurs les duc de Longueville, conte d ...
"Convenu et ordonne a este sans innovation des finalles ... accordees entre les princes en ce quelles ne seroient ... la ranson du Roy Tres Chrestien seront offertz deux m[illions], desquelz sera paye contant la somme de douze c[ents mille], pourveu que au temps et instant que ladite somme de [1,200,000 sera] comptee et payee au mesme temps instant et to ... par l'Empereur remys et relaissez en liberte R ... baillez et delivrez aux commissaires du Roy T[res Chrestien] le daulphin de Viennoys et le duc d'[Orleans, fils dudit Roy Tre]s Chrestien; tellement que de * * * ... compter du jour que l'accord ou convena[nce] ... reur parviendra a la congnoissance du R[oy] ... faire se peult. Et pour la parpaye de ce qu ... [mi]llions seront premierement compenses deduictz ... 800,000 escuz qui resteront les debtes du R[oy] ... [s]eront randuz a l'Empereur ses cedeulles et obligations ... [l]a somme qui pourra rester desdits 2,000,000 ou en[viron] ... 8 defalquees, seront offertes pour seurte. Premier[ement] ... cions de marchans ou banquiers montans a ladite somme ... tera desdits 2,000,000 lesdites debtes desduictes, se ... possession et joyssance des terres et seigneuries appar[tenantes au] sieur de Vendosme et Madame sa mere et autres subjectz [du Roy Tres] Chrestien es contes de Flandres et d'Artoys que l'Empereur tiend[ra] ... ce jusques ad ce que ladite somme qui restera, lesdites debtes [du Roy d']Angleterre desduictes luy soit payee. Lesquelles terres sa ... ront et desgaigeront au pro rata et selon que la dite somme ... remboursera, et au cas que l'Empereur ne se vould[ra] ... aigement desdites terres, luy sera offer[t] * * * ... putation ou deduiction des fruictz qui ...
"[Ti]ercement, luy sera offert telle et semblable s[eurete du roy] d'Angleterre pour le faict de Tournay, et s'il ... jusques a la valeur et concurrence de ladite somme ... Et si l'Empereur ne se contante de l'une des ... sera offert la seurte et promesse du roy d'Ang[leterre pour] sa debte et se constituera principal debteur pour ... de ladite somme qui restera au cas que le Roy ne pry ... seront convenuz, et pour l'indemnite de ladite oblig[ation] le roy d'Angleterre aura bagues et joyaulx, en go ... concurrence et valleur de ladite somme de reste ... ledit roy d'Angleterre se obligera.
"Le second point a la renunciation du duche de [Millan que l'Empereur] veult estre renonce par le Roy Tres Chrestien en ... finalle oblacion sera offert renoncer au duche de ... terres contenues en l'article en faveur et au ... Duquel Empereur neantmoings cer ... * * * ... [am]bassadeurs du roy d'Angleterre. Et ... [abso]ulz par sentence ou declare innocent du crime ... consentira que Sforce soit remys en possession [du duche de Mill]an et joysse et use des droictz de investiture ... ledit Sforce a Tholede. Au contraire si Sforce est ... ux par sentence et de tel crime feodal que a cause d ... [a]yt commis a perdu le duche, en ce cas ledit duche d[e Millan d]urera en la vollunte et disposition libere de l'Empereur. [Et] si l'on faict instance que les cites prinses en guerre depui[s le trai]cte de Madril doyvent estre randues a l'Empereur a[vant la] delivrance de messieurs les enffans, sera respondu de par le[dit Roy] que cella ne se peult faire et que ce seroit contre toute ra[ison] ... en sera offert si Sforce, comme dit est, par sentence desdits jug[es] ... et declaire coupable et crimineulx de crime par lequel il ay[t perdu] le duche, et ne veulle obeyr a la sentence qui sera donnee a lem ... Que le Roy Tres Chrestien assistera a l'Empereur pour len ... la possession dudit duche de Millan en l'ordre et m[aniere] ... ledit Empereur et si baillera re ... * * * ... [le Ro]y Tres Chrestien tient et possede en fr ... te qu'il sera convenu cy apres pour la ... Laquelle obligacion a semble a l'ung et a l'aultre ... la este trouvee souffizante et conforme a raison ... a la responce et promesse de l'Empereur.
"Le tiers, les galleres et naufz que l'Empereur d ... accorde sellon la responce et requeste faicte par le ... precedentes oblacions et en luy limitant et restraig[nant] pouvoir retenir les galleres et naufz pour le [terme] de troys moys seullement, et oultre restituer ... les huyt galleres dernierement prinses a Portefin.
"Le quart est la retraicte de l'armee du Roy d ... retraicte si elle estoit indifferemment octroyee ... une ruyne et desastre merveilleuse au Roy Tr[es Chrestien et a] ses alliez. A ceste cause sera accorde que [le Roy fera] retirer de l'Italie apres la deliverance ... tra le Roy Tres Chrestien * * * ... que ledit Roy Tres Chrestien le fera ... de bonne foy et sans fraulde le roy de Angle[terre] en ... [Tres] Chrestien et pour le bien de la paix. Et si ... ite de la foy et promesse de ces deux ... s Roys, le Roy Tres Chrestien mectra es mains [du] roy d'Angleterre quatre (fn. 1) jeunes seigneurs qui seront et demeur[ont] ... es pour l'observance et accomplissement de ladite prom[esse] ... sera faicte de retirer l'armee d'Itallie. Et si l'Emper[eur] ... es plusfort estraindre, luy sera accorde que au cas que [apres les] enffans delivres, ledit Roy Tres Chrestien ne face retirer [son arme]e d'Itallie le plus promptement et commodement que [faire se po]urra, en ce cas ledit Roy Tres Chrestien encherra en pai[ne] ... de 300,000 escuz pour laquelle l ... s au cas dessusdit demoureront et seront retenuz ... permectra et se obligera le roy d'Angleterre qu'il n ... lesdits ostaiges mais les gardera au prouffit de l'Em[pereur] ... ladite armec soit retiree et ladite paine * * * ... [san]s prejudice des debtes pretendues par ... me desquelles la seigneurie de Venise ... [t]enuz leur faire raison par l'adviz des deux ... d'Angleterre. Et si par l'Empereur ne se ... et qu'il ne soit possible de le gaigner sera ... de la comprehension ainsi que l'Empereur a ... dernierement accorde, pourveu toutes voies que po ... a cause de ce ne sera aucunement retardee l[adite] delivrance de mesdits seigneurs les enffans.
"Si l'Empereur, que Dieu ne vueille, ne se voulloit ... voulloit ou differoit de accepter les offres ... conceues et digerees par l'ung et l'aultre de se ... est; en ce cas la guerre sera intimee et den[oncee] a l'Empereur par mer et par terre incontinant [sans] demeure dilation ou autre actente de ..." Signed by Montmorency.
Mutilated. Headed in modern hand: "Francia, 28 Feb."
28 Feb.
Vit. B. XI. 84. B. M.
"Reverende frater." The physicians have twice despaired of the Pope's life. The fever still continues, but he is out of danger. No person is admitted to him, and consequently no business is done. The General is commencing practices in the palace, in expectation of the Pope's death. "Era una gran confusione per Roma disgo ... robba et donne et huomini." Rome, 28 Feb. 1529.
Ital., p. 1, copy. Endd. at ƒ. 81* b.
R. O.
"Debts due to me, Thomas Cromwell, by statutes, bills, and obligations."
The dates of the obligations range from 8 Dec. 10 Hen. VIII. to 16 Feb. 20 Hen. VIII. The acceptors are Chris. Bendeloos, Charles Knyvet, Wm. Dod, Perpoint Deonanter, Rob. Croxton, Thomas Alen, Chris. Coo, Wm. Wellyfed, Stephen Vaughan, John Smith, the earl of Northumberland, Chris. à Lee, Th. Somer, stock-fishmonger, Nich. Longmede, Wm. Honynes, Ric. Cowper, John Tate, clk., lord Geo. Grey, Mr. Palsgrave, Edm. Lynney, priest. (An indenture dated 8 Feb. 19 Hen. VIII., for delivery of metal towards the making of a great bell, to John White, of Reading; the weight of bell metal, 5,383 lb.) Anthony Budgegood, Th. Laurence, Sir John Gage and Edward his son, Wm. Inskipp, lord Henry Percy, John Harwoode, Rob. Studley, mercer of London, John Watson, brewer, Reynold Litleprowe, Wm. Barlow, parson of Cressingham, Norfolk, Sir Geo. Throgmorton, Wm. Budde, Th. Rushe, John Almayn, Chris. Jenney, Geoffrey Chaumbre, Th. Trye, Wm. Brabazon, Sir John Wallop, Anthony Duodo, Th. Holt, Sir John Russell. Total, 2,116l. 3s. 2d.
ii. "Debts due to me, Thomas Cromwell," 1 June 20 Hen. VIII.
Debtors.—John Walsingham, Th. Alen, of the Court, the dean of Cardinal's college, Anthony Cavelarye, the abbots of Welbeck and St. James's, Ric. Eaton, Th. Alen, of Bayleigh, Wm. Huchecoke, Brattill the miller, Rob. Pedley, Mrs. Sadler, Howlett, John Balynet, Edm. Collop, the marquis of Dorset, Th. Perpoynte, John Pace, Sir Piers Dutton, Sir Th. Cor[n]wall, the priors of Christ Church, Lewes and Wenlock, Edw. Copland, Wm. Wyrley, James à Stable, Adam Beston, John Abell, Mr. Fabyan, my lord of St. John's, Sir John Mundye, John Clifford, Th. Laurence, bell-founder, Andrew Stocks, the abbot of Merevale, Loo, of Yorkshire, the town of Lynn, Ric. and John Gresham, the abbot of St. Mary Abbey, Cardinal's college, Ipswich (80l.), Wm. Corsye, John Baptista, the priors of Butley and Hynton, Sir Giles Capell, Compton's executors, Thomas Addyngton.
These that follow are in Cromwell's own hand: Th. Elys, Dr. Lee, Dr. Capon, Geo. Hoye, my lord Cardinal (92l. 18s.) Total, 711l. 10s.
iii. "Anno 20 Hen. VIII. Debts due unto me, Thomas Crumwell, by especialties, whereof the days ben expired."
The names have occurred already. Among them is P. Deonanter for 80l.; the earl of Northumberland for 35l. and 40l.; John Palsgrave and Ric. Banks. Total, 542l. 0s. 10d.
iv. "Debts due to me, Thomas Crumwell, by especialties, whereof the days be to come."
Wm. and John Walsingham, payable at Pentecost, 20 Hen. VIII., and others. Total, 330l. 8s. 4d.
v. "Debts due by obligation under condition."
Wm. Honynes, Ric. Couper, Sir John Tate, priest, John White, bellfounder, and lord Geo. Gray. Total, 310l.
vi. Bills of obligations due to me.
From the following persons: John Harwode, innholder of London, John Palsgrave, Mr. Lawson, and Mr. Clarencieux, Rafe Amys, priest, Chris. Bendeloss, Rob. Bolles, Henry lord Percy, and others already mentioned. Total, 509l. 6s. 10d.
vii. "Specialties concerning my Lord's grace."
Obligation dated 16 March 16 Hen. VIII., by which Th. Strangwayes is bound to Sir Wm. Gascoigne, Th. Hennege, and Rob. Toneys, clk., in 100l., payable at Whitsuntide. John White, obl., dated 25 Aug. 17 Hen. VIII., to Rob. Carter, &c. (crossed out), John Whiteside, Simonde Yeman, the man for the millstones at Begham, and others whose names are already mentioned. Total, 170l. 6s. 8d.
Among the debts some are very small, apparently due to Cromwell in his capacity as a scrivener.
Pp. 23, chiefly in Wriothesley's hand, but a few entries in Cromwell's.
View of the account of John Flemyng, warrener at Bekhey, from Shrovetide 19 Hen. VIII. to Shrovetide 20 Hen. VIII.
Receipts for 315 couples rabbits, summer game, taken between Easter and Lammas, and sold at 3d. a couple; and for 508 couples coneys, winter game, sold at 4d. a couple. Total, 14l. 9s. 9d.
Allowed for his fee as keeper, 4l.; for 18 couple coneys sent to York at the summer sessions 20 Hen. VIII., which were presented to Mr. Fitzherbert and Mr. Attorney by command of Sir Arthur Darcy, 6s.; for 6 couples coneys delivered to Gilbert Scott in Aug. 20 Hen. VIII., and presented to the bishop of Carlisle, 2s.; for 3 couples given to the said Gilbert in Dec. 20 Hen. VIII., when his bedfellow was churched, 12d.; 1 couple given to Matt. Thompson, 4d.
Balance paid over at various times to Sir Nich. Ellys, clk., to my Lord's use.
P. 1, large paper.
ii. Order of Sir Arthur Darcy, in my Lord's name, to take 18 couple rabbits to present to Mr. Attorney and Mr. Fitzherbert. Dated 25 July.—P.S.—Written this Sunday.
Hol., p. 1.
iii. Receipt given by Nicholas Ellys to the said warrener, 4 May 20 Hen. VIII., for 20s., the proceeds of the sale of 13 doz. and 4 rabbits. And other receipts on the same paper for money derived from coney sales.
Pp. 2.
Cal. D. x. 276. B. M. 5332. [SIR ROBT. WINGFIELD] to BRYAN TUKE.
... "in most hearty mann[er] ... e the same, that before yesterday ... the same joined a letter of mine dyr[ected] ... yesterday I wrote another to his Grace ... considering that it was a council day h ... businesses right rife, I could not have the [leisure to write to] you and save the tide, which will bide no ma[n] ... businesses to be set a broach here as the world ... I have mine hands full and full again, for ... that the King hath had no surveyor here [since] ... died, all things been far to seek, specially if ... forward; for though I and the Council here [have surveyed] this town in every place, artillery is allr[eady] ... where new is to be laid, as well about all th ... town walls and Newnham bridge, and have appoin[ted how every] thing must be ordered, yet when I rememby[r the state in which] every thing standeth in and about this town [and Newnham] bridge, which must not only take time to repair, bu[t also at] great cost, and that to the same right a strange thing doth ... which is, that where my lord Legate a ... caused Robt. Fowler to deliver 1,000 pow[nds unto the] treasurer of this town, and also commanded tha[t no part of the] said sum should be employed upon oony [thing without] a warrant from the King or his G[race] ... saith that before his departing fr[om] ... coming over and dyver ... * * * ... nne I have said I have d ... e wit and added convenient ... ke the commander of Balsam and the ... is with all which I require you to show [to his Grace for m]y discharge.
"[W]hanne Master Marshal of this town came last from [England, he told] me that at his departing he asked of his [Highness] if he would command him any service to th ... [an]d his Highness answered and said nothing, but, `I wyl[l you to tell m]y deputy and the council there that they do their [duty ri]ght shrewdly, for though the Deputy there hath 1,000l. in [hand t]hey suffer all things there to go to ruin,' which [hath been r]ight strange news to me, for I am sure for my [part t]hat the King had no deputy in this town this 40 y[ears or more] that hath laid more money out of his own [purse fo]r the weal and surety of this town than I have done [since I] was deputy; and, to say the truth, so much I have leey[d out t]hat I have little or nothing to help myself with co[nveniently, albe]it I live as though I received all the King's liberality ... [w]heere indeed I am unpaid, and the 6th day of April were ... or rather Our Lady's Day, next coming, of 300l. sterling, which should be paid unto me oug[ht of Mark]e and Oye, where nothing is to get, for though [the before m]entioned sum was due to me at th ... d the 6th day of ..." * * *
Hol. Mutilated. Add. at ƒ. 278 b.: To the right honorable Mr. Bryan Tuke, of the King's privy council, and his secretary.
Cal. D. x. 403. B. M. 5333. [SIR ROBT. WINGFIELD to WOLSEY.]
"[Please it] your most reverend [Grace] ... your most urgent business ... self since the 4th day of ... ns the date of my last letters unto ... divers times sith, I have advertised [your Grace] of such occurrences as have chanced ... not but he hath avised your Gra[ce] ... but to advise the same that yesterday ... [men of] Newport in Flanders came to this town by ... made a passport for t[hem to pass through] the King's pale to Graveling after my ... nevertheless before heir departing he ... merchant of London, named Martin ... me twayne English mariners which came ... said town of Newport in Flanders also the ... and mariners shewed me they chanced ... being at London the said merchant now ... as mi ... ought (qu. out ?) tymw ... divers sorts as is w ... also, where [the] master and [the] m[ariners feared] to pass the sea for fear of the French ... the twain English m[ariners] ... * * * ... and there though it ... gladly that the marchan[t] ... [merch]auntdyse, safely delivered unto him ... specially the captain there would ... d that the said merchandise shall ... eynge there till it may be perfectly known [whether they sh]all have war or peace with England, for th ... [wa]rre shall chance, they will keep it as [lawful prize, but if] peace may be had they will gladly del[iver the merchan]dyse again; also they made our folks go ... e them a passport, and at Gravelynges the captain ... men ... ym another, so that they came hither in sa[fety. Of which cir]cumstance, when I was advised, I caused [the men of Ne]wepoort to tarry, and forthwith assembled the council h[ere, in which it was] determined to retain the said Newport men, [and sent a] letter to the [ca]peteeyn there, desiring to know upp[on what gro]wnde he hath not only retained the before specyf[ied merchan]ntdyse, but also boothe divers merchants of Lond[on] ... certain young men of this town, coming from ... at Louvain, considering that all the Emperor's [subjects in the Low]e Countries have as free abiding also passe ... de and the King's marches here as fr ... letter have sent the tro[mpet]" * * *
Hol.; mutilated, and very illegible, the paper being injured by damp and cinders.
Cal. D. x. 401. B. M. 5334. [SIR ROBT. WINGFIELD to WOLSEY.]
* * *" ... [re]po[r]t I sent one of ... [m]aye showe by mouth h ... him and his company so ... freely and I had not been certified ... mentioned merchandise, and far ... be not undyr [a]reest hyere, but at the ... have answer again of my letters ... and as touching the stop of the ... I am advertised by ma[rchaunts] of the St[aple] ... of their company delivered letters to ... to be delivered at Brydgys to certain mar[chants] ... having much money in their ha[nds] ... made ... which letters ... his saddle, wherefore I think that and th ... found not only the suspicion causeth ... to be retained, but also, and war shall ch[ance] ... letters [shall be shown] to the council of ... when the trumpet shall be returned again ... of such [answ]ere as shall be made unto ... time I would be glad to know the ... money how I shall order the said ... not to let them depart till ... Lord knoweth, whom I [beseech to keep your Grac]e in pros[perous health]."
Hol., mutilated and defaced.
Cal. D. x. 399. B. M. 5335. [SIR ROBT. WINGFIELD to WOLSEY.]
* * *"... [pre]sent month I wrote [unto you and certif]yd your Grace that I had ... [me]n of Newporte, and informed y[our Grace] ... [H]owbeit where when I wrote ... determined to have retained the [messenger until I should] have known the King's pleasure ... consideration, that sith I have had ... Greshams, Richard, William and John, and after by their own mouths ... [mer]chauntes in the Emperor's Low Countries be ... farthermore that I was instantly desyry[d] ... to seett the before mentioned men of Ne[wport] ... to the intent that the captains of men ... should have none occasion to stop Ingly[shmen from] coming that way, I have set them [at liberty; which] my doing I trust that the King's highness a[nd your Grace] will take in good part, considering ... and where I have caused all the ordenau[nce of this] town and at Newnham Bridge to be mo ... in as much as might be done in E ... there be any other thing tha[t] ... your Grace will command ... to the best of my little p[ower]." * * *
Add.: To my lord Legate's most reverend grace.
Feb./GRANTS. 5336. GRANTS in FEBRUARY 1529.
3. John Uvedale. Lease of all iron and coal mines in all wastes, &c. in the forest of Teresdale cum Newbiggyng, in the lordship of Barnard castell, in the bishopric of Durham, at the annual rent of one-twentieth part of the iron and coal found there. Del. Westm., 3 Feb. 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 2, m. 8.
4. Thos. Herunden and John Multon. Grant, in survivorship, of the office of head master of the works in the Tower of London, and in the kingdom of England, and elsewhere, vice Hen. Redmayn. Hampton Court, 18 Jan. 20 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 4 Feb.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 18.
6. Ric. Trees and John Parker. Grant of the corrody in the monastery of Selby, York, on resignation of the said Richard as sole occupier. Bridewell, 6 Dec. 20 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 6 Feb.—P.S.
6. Thomas Bryges. Licence to alienate the manor of Staunton Fitzherbert, Wilts, with certain other land in Staunton Fitzherbert, and the advowson of the church of Staunton Fitzherbert, to George Delalynde and Mary his wife, and the heirs of their bodies, with remainder to the heirs of the body of the said George. Westm., 6 Feb.—Pat. 20 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 11.
7. John s. and h. of John Beaufo. Livery of lands as kinsman and h. of Anne Danett, late wife of Gerard Danett, deceased, one of the ds. and hs. of John Hugford, viz. son of JOhn Beaufo, deceased, son of Joan Beaufo, daughter of the said John Hugford, father of the said Anne and Joan; on all the possessions in England, Wales, the marches of Wales and Calais, late of the said John Beaufo, the said John Beaufo the son, or of the said Anne, &c. Del. Westm., 7 Feb. 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 2, m. 8.
7. Roger Radclyff, his heirs and assigns for ever. Grant of the tower or great messuage called "le Riall," alias "le toure in le Rioll," in London, in the parish of St. Thomas Apostle, in the street called "le Riall," in the ward of Cordyway strete, at the annual rent of 12d.; on surrender, on account of their invalidity, of patents 5 Feb. 1 Hen. VIII. and 1 June 19 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 7 Feb. 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 1, m. 17.
7. Humph. Lisle of Felton, Northumb. Pardon. Del. Westm., 7 Feb. 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B.
8. Sir Wm. Gascoign of Cardyngton, Beds, and Elizabeth his wife. Pardon and release to Elizabeth as late wife and executrix of Sir Ric. Cholmeley, sheriff of Northumb., temp. Hen. VII. Also grant to the said Sir William and Elizabeth of the issues of the manor of Thorneton-on-le-Hyll, and lands in Wotton Hessell, and Beverlee, York, of the annual value of 40l., late of the said Sir Ric. Cholmley, taken into the King's hands by James Metcalf by a writ of diem clausit extremum, dated 28 Sept. 18 Hen. VIII.; also the issues of the manors of Stone castell and Pelden, in the parish of Stone, Kent, and lands and heath in the parish of Swanscombe, Kent, and land in the parish of Higham, called Lytyll Okeley, Kent, late of the said Sir Ric. Cholmeley, of the annual value of 20l., taken into the King's hands by George Guldeford by a writ of diem clausit extremum, dated 20 Oct. 16 Hen. VIII. And pardon and release to the said Sir William as late receiver of the possessions in cos. Beds, Bucks, Northt., Hunts, Norf. and Suff., of Richard late earl of Kent, and as receiver under Hen. VII. of such of the said possessions as were taken into the King's hands in consequence of entries without licence, &c., by virtue of certain inquisitions. Del. Westm., 8 Feb. 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 2, m. 32.
8. Alicia Hawles, spinster, of Stistede, Essex. Pardon for having stolen certain goods from Tho. Boner of Rewenall, Essex, Tho. Smyth, and John Sperke. Del. Westm., 8 Feb. 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B.
9. John Wellysborne. Licence to enfeoff Stephen Constable, Wm. Maunsell, John Goude, Ambrose Beckwith, and Leonard Beckwith, of certain lands in Moriby, York, to hold to the use of the said Leonard and his heirs, to fulfil the will of the said Leonard. Westm. 9 Feb.—Pat. 20 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 6.
10. Henry Norres, squire of the Body. Grant of the manors of Honnesdon and Estwyke, Herts, with reservations of the site of the manor of Honnesdon, and the old and new parks of Honnesdon and the park called Goodmannes Hyde, which parks belong to the King. Del. Westm., 10 Feb. 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 2, m. 18.
10. Thomas Rouse. Lease of all demesne lands, &c. of the manor of Moulton, Northt., and the warren of coneys there, parcel of Warrewickeslandes, with reservations, for 21 years, at the annual rent of 6l. 6s. 8d. for the demesne lands, &c., 20s. for the warren, and 13s. 4d. of increase. Del. Westm., 10 Feb. (no year on S.B.)—Pat. 20 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 7.
10. Wm. More, clk., and Wm. Newbolte. Custody of lands in Brampton, Hunts, with wardship of Gerard, s. and h. of John Foster. Del. Westm., 10 Feb. 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 1, m. 8.
11. Wm. Markeham and Frances his wife. Livery of lands, &c., as d. and h. of Humph. Cokeyn, deceased, viz., the possessions of the said Humphrey, and reversions on the death of Margaret now wife of Edmund Nevill, late wife of the said Humphrey, in England and Wales, Calais, and the marches thereof. Del. Westm., 11 Feb. 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 2, m. 17.
11. Hen. Marquis of Exeter, s. and h. of Wm. Courteney late earl of Devon, and lady Katharine countess of Devon. Release as s. and h. of the said William, s. of Edw. earl of Devon, and kinsman and h. of Thos. earl of Devon, father of the said Thomas, of all reliefs due by him to the King. Del. Westm., 11 Feb. 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 2, m. 8.
11. Francis Galyardet, native of Rhodes ("le Rodos") in Greece. Denization. Westm., 11 Feb.—Pat. 20 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 25.
11. Nich. Appisley, kinsman and h. of Wm. Mille, deceased. Pardon. Del. Westm., 11 Feb. 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B.
11. Commission of Sewers.
Middlesex: John earl of Oxford, Thos. earl of Rutland, John abbot of St. Peter's, Westminster, Sir Ric. Broke, Sir John More, Sir Thos. More, Sir Edm. Watson, Robt. Norwiche, serjeant-at-law, Humph. Browne, serjeant-at-law, Thos. Audeley, John Baker, John Pakyngton, Wm. Sulyard, Walter Froste, Robt. Wrothe, John Kyrton, Geo. Sely, John Palmer, and Ric. Riche; from Old Ford to Stratford bridge, thence to "le Torne Brigge," to four-water mills in Bromeley, thence to the Thames by the confines of Essex and Middx. ..., 11 Feb.—Pat. 20 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 37d.
12. Rich. Caldecott, mercer of London. Protection; going in the retinue of Sir Robt. Wingfelde. Del. Westm., 12 Feb. 20 Hen. VIII.—P.S.
12. Pardon to Thos. Glosse, of Halberton, Devon, husbandman, for having on the eve of St. Simon and Jude 20 Hen. VIII. broken into and entered the close of John Catford alias. Marshe at Dulverton, Somers., and carried away a bull worth 13s. 4d. and a cow worth 10s. Westm., 12 Feb. [20 Hen. VIII. ?]—Pat. 19 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 27.
12. Wm. Mauncell. To be clerk of York castle; bailiff of the wapentake of Herthill, in the East Riding of York; clerk of the county courts within the said castle and clerk of the hundreds, wapentakes, and sheriff's turn within the said county. Del. Westm., 12 Feb. 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B.
12. Chas. duke of Suffolk, Earl Marshal. Wardship of Katharine d. and h. of Wm. lord Willoughby and Eresby. Del. Westm., 12 Feb. 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 1, m. 11.
12. John Dansey. Lease of a water-mill in the lordship of Malmeshill; and the meadows of Twelve Roden and Len in the lordship of Malmeshill, Heref., parcel of the lands late of the earl of March, for 21 years, at the annual rents of 22s. for the mill, 3s. for the Twelve Roden, and 3s. for Len meadow, and 4s. of increase. Del. Westm., 12 Feb. 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B. b. Pat. p. 1, m. 6.
12. Richard Buclande. Grant of an annual rent of 9l. 2s. 6d. payable as follows; viz., 7l. 18s. 5d. out of the farm of Coleman, Hants, by the prior of Southwike, and 24s. 1d. out of the issues of the co. Hants; on surrender by Rob. Bithesey of patent 25 June 7 Hen. VIII., granting the same to Rob. Fairefax, gentleman of the Chapel Royal, now deceased, and the said Robert. Westm., 12 Feb.—Pat. 20 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 8.
14. Wm. Vaughan, of Talgarth, Roger Vaughan, Thos. ap Watkyn, Ves. Gunter, Lewis Loud, Watkyn ap Thomas, Edm. ap John, David ap Evan, Thos. ap Glin, Watkyn Walter, Watkyn ap Roger Pod, and Glin John Harrys. Lease of the townships of Mere and Blaenleveny, parcel of the earldom of March, with reservations; for 21 years, at the annual rent of 16l. 8s. 4d., and 20s. of increase. Del. Westm., 14 Feb. 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 1, m. 7.
14. Wm. Vaughan of Talgard. Lease of the demesne lands of the lordship of Dynas, the herbage of New Park there, the herbage of Dynas forest, and the King's part of the earl of March's pond, called Brekenok mere, with reservations; for 21 years, at the annual rent of 4l. 10s., and 13s. 4d. of increase. Del. Westm., 14 Feb. 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 1, m. 7.
14. John Browne. Lease of 2 water mills in one house, built near Warwick castle, called "Castell milles," with "le flode gates" thereof, and the fishery of the water there, from the said mill to the great bridge of the town of Warwick on the one side, and from the said mill to the west end of "le Gites" on the other; and a meadow, called "Castell medowe," with a parcel of land there, with water enclosed, called "le Gites," thereto belonging, parcel of the lands of the earl of Warwick; for the term of 21 years, at the annual rent of 14l., and 14s. of increase. Del. Westm., 14 Feb. 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 1, m. 7.
14. Sir Jno. Markeham. Lease of the manors and lordships of Mauncefeld manor, Mauncefeld Woodehouse, and Sutton in Asshefeld, Notts, parcel of the lands late of Jasper duke of Bedford, with reservations; for 21 years, at the annual rents of 17l. 3s. 5d. for Mauncefeld manor, 6l. 4s. 2½d. for Mauncefeld Wodehouse, 8l. 15d. for Sutton in Asshefeld. Del. Westm., 14 Feb. (no year on S. B.)—Pat. 20 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 9.
14. Thos. Webbe, als. Richman. Lease of the manor of Draycote Foliat, parcel of "Cooperceoners landes," Wilts; for 21 years, at the annual rent of 7l., and 6s. 8d. of increase. Del. Westm., 14 Feb. 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 1, m. 7.
16. Edw. Mason, of Kyrdford, Sussex, sawyer. Pardon for having killed, in selfdefence, Ric. Doughte, of Kyrdford, laborer. Westm., 16 Feb.—Pat. 20 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 11.
16. Thos. Gymbald, of Walton, Suff. Protection; going in the retinue of Sir Anthony Ughtred. Del. Westm., 16 Feb. 20 Hen. VIII.—P.S.
17. Thos. Speke. Livery of lands, &c. as s. and h. of John Speke, deceased, and kinsman and h. of Sir John Speke, deceased, viz., s. and h. of the said John Speke, s. and h. of the said Sir John Speke; for all the possessions of the said John in England, Wales, Calais, and the marches thereof, and on all the possessions whereof Isabella Speke, widow, or Eleanor, wife of Anthony Harvy, were seized for life, belonging to the inheritance of the said Thomas. Del. Westm., 17 Feb. 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B.Pat. 20 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 16.
19. John s. and h. of Sir Hen. Woddryngton. Livery of lands. Del. Westm., 19 Feb. 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 2, m. 26.
20. Geo. Ratclyff and Katharine his wife. Livery of lands, viz., of the portion belonging to the said Katharine, as one of the two ds. and hs. of Sir John Marney, and of Christina his wife, d. and h. of Sir Roger Newburgh, deceased, in England, Wales, and the marches thereof; and of the said Katharine's portion of the possessions of Bridget lady Marney, late wife of the said Sir John, deceased. Del. Westm., 20 Feb. 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 2, m. 27.
20. Wm. Grey, lord Grey of Wilton. Livery of lands as bro. and h. of Thos. Grey, bro. and h. of Geo. Grey, s. and h. of Edm. Grey, s. and h. of Sir John Grey, late lord Grey of Wilton. Also, licence of entry to Sir Rob. Brudenell, chief justice of the Common Pleas, and Sir Humph. Conyngesby, one of the justices of the King's Bench, (notwithstanding the minority of the said William,) on the castle and manor of Wilton, Heref., and the manor of Kempelegh, Glouc., whereof the said Robert and Humphrey, with other persons now deceased, were seized to the use of Elizabeth late wife of the said Sir John Grey lord Wilton, and afterwards wife of Sir Edward Stanley, during the life of the said Elizabeth, and after her death to the use of the heirs of the said Edmund Grey. Del. Westm., 20 Feb. 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B.Pat. 20 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 27.
20. Wm. Holwey of Hankerton, Wilts. Pardon for having, with Thos. Lofte, on 15 July 19 Hen. VIII., assaulted and robbed John Daves on the highway at Stanley, Wilts. Westm., 20 Feb.—Pat. 20 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 29.
20. John Hydde, of Southanvell, Essex. Protection; going in the retinue of Sir Anthony Ughtred, vice-captain of Berwick, Greenwich, 20 Feb. 20 Hen. VIII. No date of delivery.—P.S.
20. Peter of Cammare Opole. Licence to ask alms for two years to enable him to ransom his mother and brothers, who are made captives by the Turks. Bridewell, 20 Nov. 20 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 20 Feb.—S.B.
21. Wm. Burdon, chaplain. Presentation to Bekyngham church, Linc. dioc., in the King's gift by the minority of Blanche, one of the ds. and hs. of Margaret Willughby, d. of Richard lord Beauchamp. Greenwich, 21 Feb. 21 Hen. VIII.—P.S.
21. Walter Harold, clk. Inspeximus and innotescimus of a charter dated on the eve of St. John the Baptist 7 Hen. VI., and witnessed by Sir Ric. Delabere, Thos. Newporte, husband of Eleanor, eldest d. of Sir Richard lord Grey of Codnour, John Devereux, John Marbury, Thos. Downton, Walter Hakeluyt, and many others; granting in tail to Sir Roland Lentall and Lucy his wife, second d. of Sir Richard lord Gray of Codnour, his manors, lands, &c. of Hampton, Mapnour, and Monkelane, Heref., which the grantor lately held along with John Delabere, deceased, by grant of the said Roland. Westm., 21 Feb.—Pat. 20 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 14.
22. Sir Thos. Burgh. Livery of lands as s. and h. of Sir Edw. Burgh, and kinsman and h. of Sir Thos. Burgh, sen.; viz., son of the said Edward, son of the said Thos. Burgh, sen.; and as kinsman and h. of Margaret, formerly wife of Henry lord Grey of Codnor, one of the ds. and hs. of Sir Henry Percy Dathell, deceased, viz., s. and h. of the said Edward, s. and h. of the said Sir. Thos. Burgh, sen., s. and h. of Thos. Burgh and Elizabeth his wife, who was sister and h. of the said Margaret, wife of Henry lord Grey, and another of the ds. and hs. of the said Sir Henry Percy Dathell; also as s. and h. of Anne, late wife of the said Sir Edward Burgh, d. and h. of Sir Thos. Cobham, deceased, and kinswoman and h. of Sir Reginald Cobham, also deceased, viz., d. of the said Sir Thomas, uncle and h. of Margaret formerly countess of Westmoreland, d. and h. of Reginald Cobham, elder brother of the said Sir Thomas Cobham, s. and h. of the said Sir Reginald Cobham (the said Sir Reginald Cobham having died during the life of the said Reginald his father). Greenwich, 19 Feb. [20 Hen. VIII] Del. Westm., [22 Feb.]—S.B.Pat. 20 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 30.
22. Stephen de Pyghinucciis, native of Italy. Denization. Westm., 22 Feb.—Pat. 20 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 24.
23. Joan, widow of Sir Ric. Corbet, Humph. Wyngefeld, and Wm. Barnes. Wardship of Richard, s. and h. of the said Sir Ric. Corbet, with custody of the manors of Hatton, Hyndeheth and Hadley, Salop, and lands, &c. thereto belonging in these places, late of the said Sir Ric. Corbet, during the minority of the said heir, at the annual rent of 7l. 18s.—S.B., undated.—Pat. 20 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 18. Enrolment dated Westm., 23 Feb.
24. Walter Otewell and Margery his wife, chamberer to the Queen. Annuity of 20 marks out of the issues of Charleton's lands, Tottenham, Middx.; in the King's hands by the minority of Peter, s. and h. of Sir Wm. Compton. Greenwich, 20 Feb. 20 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 24 Feb.—P.S.
27. Sir Gilbert Taylboys. Custody of the lands and tenements, &c. in the towns and fields of Markington, Ingarthorppe, Wallerthwait, Skilton juxta Boroughbrige, Clint, Ripeley and Colton, Yorksh., lately belonging to Wm. Ingilby, during the minority of Wm. Ingilby, s. and h. of the said William, with wardship of the said heir. Del. Westm., 27 Feb. 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B.Pat. 20 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 36.
28. Sir Ric. Sacheverell. Mortmain licence to alienate the manor of, and certain messuages, &c. in, Overton-under-Ardren, Leic., and the manor of Brayston, Derby, to the annual value of 8l., to Wm. Beane, abbot, and the monastery of SS. Mary and Modwin, Burton-upon-Trent. Staff. Del. Westm., 28 Feb. 20 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 1, m. 36.


  • 1. This word is struck through with the pen.