Henry VIII: December 1530, 19-28

Pages 3059-3078

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 4, 1524-1530. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1875.

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December 1530

19 Dec.
Add. MS. 28,582, f. 51. B. M.
* * * Last week the Pope gave us an alarm by proposing in Consistory two things which the king of England had asked him; and, as we are informed by some cardinals, he advocated them so warmly (tan caldamente los propuso) that it is expected they will be carried. We spoke to the Pope about it, who said he did it only "por cumplimiento," but we might be sure of the effect. However, card. de Osma advises that some cardinals be spoken to in the Emperor's interest. Another Consistory has passed, and nothing has been said about it; and the Pope says he has told the English ambassadors he perceived the cardinals "no tenian el buen recaudo de votos que serian menester a la ora ello esta sin hacerse, aunque para el banquete tenia todo el adereço este bellaco del auditor preparado no se adelante Señor lo que sera que yo poca confiança tengo de la verdad Romana. Sospecha he tenido que su Sd quiso mañear con estos para alguna defensa de los nuestros pero esto se le echo por de fuera en la bula de Adriano hable por parecer del embaxador a su St. y algunos cardenales, la qual se despacho con las condiciones y de la manera quel envaxador escrivira a V. Md digo en lo de Zizilia quen lo de España no ba ninguno." * * * Rome, 19 Dec. (Endd.: Nov.)
Sp., pp. 6, modern copy from Simancas.
19 Dec.
P. S.
Congé d'élire to the prior and convent upon the death of Edmund Whalley, last abbot. Hampton Court, 12 Dec. 22 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 19 Dec.
Pat. 22 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 14.
2. Petition for the above. 1 Dec. 1530.
20 Dec.
R. O. St. P. VII. 271.
6769. BRYAN to BENET.
Received his letter at Fontainebleau, 9 Dec., by Valois herald, with letters to the King, which he sent on by a servant. No news, but that the King and Queen are hunting with the nobles. The Queen does not make her entry till Candlemas, at which shall be great triumph. She has five or six young ladies of Spain waiting on her,—handsome, and gorgeous in their apparel. Commendations to Carne, Master Gregory, and Master Paul. Will write shortly to the duke of Albany. The King wished us to communicate in cipher, and that you should inform me if you hear anything about a General Council. Hears that the Pope has committed the whole ordering of the King's great cause to the French king.
Since writing, received at Fontainebleau, on the 13th, Benet's letter, dated Rome, 30 Nov., with letters to the King from Albany, Worcester, and Benet, others to Tuke, and one from Albany to Norfolk, which he sent by the next sure messenger. Received also one from the Duke to himself, "which here I recompense." Paris, 20 Dec.
My lord Cardinal is dead. "I pray you recommend me heartily to Signora Angela, and desire her to send me a pair of sweet perfumed gloves." Signed.
Part cipher. Add.
20 Dec.
Add. MS. 28,582, f. 170. B. M.
"The bull of Pope Adrian has been confirmed.
"In the last Consistory of Cardinals much was said in the Emperor's praise. A proposal was made, in the name of the queen of England, that an order be sent to the King, her husband, not to marry any other woman whilst her divorce case was before the court of the Rota, and not to cause scandal by his intimate intercourse with his lady friend. It was further proposed that the Pope should prohibit all judges who are dependent on him from taking cognizance of this law suit. The decision was postponed until the next Consistory in order to give time to the Cardinals well to consider their votes.
"The ambassador of England has taken much pains to persuade the Pope and the Cardinals to create the Auditor de la Camera cardinal in this Consistory. It seemed that the demand would not be denied. The Imperial ambassadors, however, opposed the English ambassador with so much adroitness that the Auditor de la Camera was not made a cardinal. Hopes they will in future also succeed in preventing the creation of that bad man, who tries to divorce the queen of England.
"The governor of Bologna, &c. Rome, 20 Dec.
"Sp., hol., pp. 4."
Modern abstract from Simancas.
22 Dec.
R. O.
View taken by Sir Henry Guldeford, controller, and Rob. Amadas, master of the Jewels, 22 Dec. 22 Hen. VIII., on the admission of Wm. Ryse, as serjeant there, vice John Harrison.—Platters lost, at 3s. 8d. an oz., 139l. 14s.
P. 1. Endd.
23 Dec.
Add. MS. 28,582, f. 181. B. M.
"On Friday, 23 Dec., a Secret Consistory was held in the Apostolic Palace at Rome, in the usual room, in which Consistory was debated and concluded what follows, viz.:—
"My lord the most reverend cardinal Cibo read the letter of the most serene king of England, directed to his Holiness, and dated the 7th of the current month of December. The king of England complains in this letter very much that it has been impossible for him to obtain from the Pope an order that his matrimonial cause be proceeded with out of Rome. Adducing many new reasons, he begged that it be decided in England. (fn. 1) Nothing was concluded on this subject, and no votes were taken, the Pope declaring that this business ought to be ripely discussed, and treated with the greatest consideration in future Consistories.
"The Pope ordered then that the Cardinals should give their votes on the report made by the reverend Paulus de Capisuccis, in the Consistory of the 14th of the same month, concerning the matrimonial cause which was pending between the king and queen of England. The procurators of the Queen had asked that the Pope should forbid the archbishop of Canterbury, by a special brief, to take cognizance of this lawsuit, in case he should be applied to, as it had been reserved for the decision of the Sacred College of Cardinals. The procurators of the queen of England had likewise asked that the Pope should repeat and confirm in a brief all the inhibitions which the auditors of the Rota, to whom this cause was entrusted, had directed to all prelates of England. The same procurators had further petitioned that the Pope should forbid the king of England, whilst the lawsuit was pending, either to cohabit with any other woman, and especially a certain lady Anne, or to contract marriage; and in case that such a marriage should be contracted, to declare it null and void. Lastly, the same procurators had prayed that the Pope should forbid the said lady Anne, and all women in general, to contract, lite pendente, marriage with the king of England. After long deliberations it was concluded that all the afore-mentioned petitions were justifiable in law, and that the briefs should be granted.
"Transcript of the official diary of the Consistories and Congregations of the Cardinals in the year 1530, kept by Antonio San Severino, cardinal of St. Appolinarius, camerarius of the Sacred College for the year 1530. The transcript was made at the command of king Philip II., in the Papal archives, and forms a part of the Libros de Berzosa.
"Lat., pp. 2."
24 Dec.
Lanz, I. 412.
Protest against the election of Ferdinand as king of the Romans, 24 Dec. 1530.
Signed by John duke of Saxony, Ernest duke of Lunenburg, Philip landgrave of Hesse, Gerhart and Albert, brothers, counts and lords of Mansfelt, and Wolfgang prince of Anhalt.
25 Dec.
Add. MS. 28,579, f. 289. B. M.
* * * "The consul in Lyons states that he has had letters from the consul in England, Francesco Bardi, who informs him that the Florentine merchants (in England) have collected money. As they are few and not rich, they have collected only 1,060 scudi, which sum they have sent to Lyons to the hands of the consul. The money is expected soon to arrive. Will do the same with it as he has done with the 4,000 scudi.
"What is more important is this:—
"Francesco Bardi has had a long conversation with the king of England about the affairs of Florence. The King has heard all he has told him with so much interest and so much pleasure as though he were himself a Florentine. He has much praised the courage of Florence, and spoken very disparagingly of the Pope and the Emperor, showing great enmity to the one and the other. Nor is it to be wondered at; for the King had sent the father of the dame, to use the exact words of Francesco de Bardi, to speak with the Pope about the divorce, which had been positively promised, but he got such an answer that the envoy immediately returned to England. It is impossible to say how discontented `they' are; in fact, so much that nothing else is thought of in that island every day, except of arranging affairs in such a way that they do no longer be in want of the Pope, neither for filling vacancies in the Church, nor for any other purpose. All this is treated in the letter of Francesco Bardi at great length.
"He writes, moreover, that, speaking to the King about the great hardship to which `our poor city' is exposed, the King said that if he did not wish so much that the king of France should have back his sons, he would not mind any other thing in the world, but show favor by real deeds to `our' just cause, and oppose such iniquitous princes as the two (Pope and Emperor) are. As soon as the sons of the king of France are delivered to their father, he will be well prepared to show his real intentions. The consul adds, that if Florence could send bonds for a sum of 40,000 or 50,000 ducats, he thinks he could get so much money, and perhaps more. Thinks that the sons of the king of France would be sooner delivered if some person were sent secretly, for if it is known that Florence has ambassadors in `that' country (England ?), the affair will not be arranged, or at least delayed.
"Has thought it his duty to communicate to them without delay the news from Lyons and from England. If they cannot send a secret envoy from Florence, he is ready to do all in his power to procure the money in the above-mentioned manner. Begs them not to think him too presuming. * * * Begs to send him immediately an answer, especially with respect to what he has said about England.
"Superscribed: From Luigi Alamani, 25 Dec. 1530.
"Italian, contemporary copy or deciphering, pp. 6. Seems to be an intercepted letter from Genoa to Florence."
From an English abstract of a MS. at Simancas.
27 Dec.
R. T. 137. R. O.
Confirmation by Henry VIII. of the treaty of 2 Dec. 1530, for the conversion of the pension of salt into a money payment. London, 27 Dec. 1530.
Modern copy, pp. 7.
28 Dec.
Lansd. MS. 203, f. 197. B. M.
Declaration by Geo. and Chr. Nevyle that their brother, John Nevyle lord Latymer, has offered to them, before Sir Umfray Stafford and Sir Wm. Musgrave, knts., and Sir Tho. Harrison, priest, the goods and chattels belonging to their deceased father, lord Latymer, according to agreement, and for the accomplishing of bonds made by the present lord Latymer to Dr. Cleyton, and that George and Christopher refuse to take any of the said goods till partition can be made, and communication taken between him and them and their co-executors. 28 Dec. 22 Hen. VIII. Signed by George and Chr. Nevyle.
Modern copy.
R. O.
Received at Rome, on the 29th Nov., his "good writings," dated Ampthill, 2 Sept Feels honored by the King's so using him, and will do all diligence to promote the King's interests, knowing it is the King his master's desire. The King's ambassadors here will inform him "quhat hes, is and sel be my part in this mater." [Rome,] ... Dec. 1530. Signature faintly visible, "[Vostre h]umble serviteur, J[eh]an."
Mutilated, p. 1. Add. Endd.
Le Grand, III. 515.
The Pope has not been able to prevent the Emperor's agents insisting on the cause of the English marriage being proceeded with, and already commenced at the audience last past; at which he is much displeased, for reasons which he stated yesterday to the duke of Albany and Pontresme. Rome, Friday,—Dec. 1530.
Master's MS. (post. f. 272.)
"That whereas his Grace hath made intercession for the restitution of the earl of Angus, it is a thing he cannot grant without great inconvenience, and therefore desires him not to mediate the same. Dec. 1530."
Add. MS.
28,582, f. 275. B. M.
A paper headed "Micer May," apparently extracts from his letters. In the matter of the queen of England the brief has been obtained that the King should not marry while the suit is pending. It has been secretly affixed to the Chancery in St. Peter's and St. Petronius, and sent to Madame to be published there. Suggests that a copy should be sent to the Queen and the [Spanish] ambassador of England, and that the Emperor should write for information of the act to be sent hither, that the lawyers in Rome may have an opportunity of studying it in the event of any proceedings being taken.
ii. From a letter accompanying the preceding.
* * * The Pope told me further, in the matter of England, that he understood that the father of the lady, and her party, have repented of the proposition they made in writing, and are content to follow the ordinary course of justice. Thinks, as they are wavering, that the Emperor should give them fair words as usual.
Sp., pp. 7, modern copy from Simancas
R. O. 6781. THE DIVORCE.
Decision of John de Plano, lecturer on metaphysics in the university of Sienna, that marriage with a deceased brother's wife cannot be dispensed with by the Pope.
Lat., modern copy, pp. 4.
Vit. B. X. 60. B. M. 6782. HENRY VIII. to ANDREA GRITTI, Doge of Venice.
Thanks him for having offered an abbey to the prothonotary Casale. The Pope has, however, conferred it on the prothonotary Gambara. Asks that Casale may have the bishopric of Civita.
Lat., draft, pp. 2, in Vannes' hand.
R. O. 6783. R. CRANE to CROMWELL.
Sends the bearer to him for counsel about her husband, who is in great trouble.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Master Cromelle, dwelling by the Awstene Fryers. Endd.
Lease, by John bishop of Carlisle, to Thomas Cromwell, of London, gentleman, of his rectory or parsonage of Melbourne, in Derbyshire, at a rent of 10l., the Bishop to find timber for repairs. 22 Hen. VIII.
Draft, corrected by Cromwell, pp. 6.
Vit. B. XIV. 302. B. M. Records of the Reformation, II. 648. 6785. CROKE'S EXPENCES.
"A Bononia usque ad Venetias pr ..."
To Curticella, Turre de la Fossa, Bentivolium, Malehelberga, Godefred, Ferrara, Francolin, Chiodi, Camnova, Capos, Corbula, Loredi, Turre Nove, Malemogcha, Venice, and Padua, 14 cr.
Going to the bishop of Verona: Venice to Padua, Vincentia, Verona, and back, 6 cr.
Going to father Francis at Asola: From Venice to Mergera, Treviso, Asola, Citadella, and back, 8 cr.
Going to father Francis, when the bishop of London sent for him, 7 cr. Going to the bishop of London at Bologna, with four horses, 10½ cr. Returning to Venice, 9 cr. 4 marcelli. Going to the bishop of Verona, and to Padua and back, the last time, on 30 A[ug]. Going with the bishop to Bologna, 1 Sept., 2½ cr. For a horse, going after the bishop to Rhegio with instruments and transumpts, 8 Sept., 1 cr. Going in post from Bologna to the bishop of London at Rhegio, 8 Sept., and returning, passing by Ansola, Castelfranco, Modena, and Ruberium, 15 cr. Returning from Bologna, 19 Sept., by Ferrara, Francolin, Chiodi, and Chosa, to Venice ... 18 Oct., to Padua and back, 2 cr. Going to Utinum, 10 Dec., 3 cr. Returning by post to Venice, 24 Dec., 4 cr. For a ship to England, 3 cr. 3 grossi. For horses, 10s. 2 cr. 8d.
In Croke's hand, pp. 4, mutilated.
Vit. B. XIV. 300. B. M. Records of the Reformation, II. 654. 6786. [CROKE'S EXPENCES.]
To Hebrews. To Mark Raphael, a Christian, 6 cr. To Helias, a Jew, and his companions, 8 cr. 18 Oct., to messengers. To the bishop of Worcester, at Bologna, 6 cr. To the master of the posts, "pro expectatione postæ," 4 cr. To Bartholomew, going to Francis Georgio, 3 cr. To Antony, going to Leonicus at Padua, 1½ cr. To Philip going to father Francis Marinus at Rovigo, 1½ cr. To Philip, going to the ambassador at Vincentia for Stokesley's letters, 2 cr. A post to England, 4 cr. To John Maria, going to the bishop of London at Bologna, 3 cr. Carriage of the letters of the bishop of London to Lyons, by Alex. Horatio, 5 Aug., 1 cr. Carriage of letters by Antony Dode, 3 Oct., ½ cr. Carriage of letters from Antwerp to England, 18 Oct., 7 cr. To Harwell, Jerome Molyns, and Antonio Bonvixi, ... and other entries. Total, 87½ cr.
Hol., Lat., pp. 3, mutilated.
Three fragments of bailiff's accounts of the lands of Jerome Dudley, son of Edmund Dudley, under the will of the said Edmund. One of these is dated 22 Hen. VIII.
ii. Three rentals of Dudley's lands made in 20 Hen. VIII.; viz., Malbrethorpe, Yerburgh, and Garnethorpe.
A book of receipts and expences.
i. An account of the total issues of each of the suppressed monasteries:—Frideswide, 194l. 10s. 2½d. Lytlemore, 28l. 17s. 2½d. Powghley, 59l. 8s. 3d. Wallingford, 113l. 0s. 9½d. Sandewall, 31l. 7s. [...]d. Canwall, 14l. 6s. Daventre, 200l. 7s. 8¾d. Rawnston, 72l. Tykforde, 57l. 11s. 4d. Bradwell, 47l. 4s. 1¼d. Thoby, 26l. Lessones, 51l. 4s. 0½d. Tonbridge, 77l. 10s. 5½d. Beghame, 128l. 12s. 2½d. Calceto, 26l. 12s. 3d. Bodyngton, _. Wyng, 24l. 18s. 8d. Kexbye, and other rents in Yorkshire, _. Wetwang, 73l. 18s. 9½d. Lepynton, 5l. Rudbye, _.
Total receipts for the year (including fines and a loan of 345l. 7s. 9½d.), 1,591l. 14s. 4d. Charge on the treasury, 1,703l. 15s. 8d.
ii. Allowances for commons in every week during four terms of the fifth year of the college, viz., of the subdean and Dr. Nicholas, and a varying number of canons, chaplains, clerks, choristers, bellringers, &c. Total for the year, 386l. 17s. 7d.
iii. Account of portions and stipends of the dean, subdean, censors, and prefects of the treasury, canons of the first and second order, the chanter, the instructor of the choristers, the chaplains, clerks, subsacrist, and bellringer, servants of the college, servants of the dean, clerk of the lands, and his servants, &c. Total, 330l. 18s. 7d.
iv. Payments for four days' exequies and alms on the founder's obit. Also for salaries of public readers; viz., Dr. Nicolas, in theology, Master Keyt, in philosophy, Beattes, in classics (humaniorum literarum), Sepham, in logic, Moore, in sophistry, 53s. 4d. a year each; Shyrrey, schoolmaster of the choristers, 23s. 4d. for three years. To Langrisshe and Beattes for certain masses throughout the year. To Langrisshe, Champion, and Herman, for preaching on the days of All Saints, St. Frideswide's, Holy Trinity, and the Assumption of the Virgin.
v. Expences of the dean riding on the affairs of the college; viz., when he was with the founder at Peterborough on the 5th May [1530]; on a progress, 30 May; with Mr. Carter, Mr. Tresham, and others, riding to the King at Windsor, 12 Aug.; riding to the King at Hampton Court, as appears by bill, 23 Sept.; with Mr. Carter, Tresham, Langrige, the auditor, and their servants, at London for a month.
vi. Expences of the subdean and others (fn. 2), riding on the affairs of the college to London and Daventry, Pedington, Okeley, &c., to the King, the duke of Suffolk, Mr. Thrognorton, John Hyden (Higden), and others. To Mr. Bale riding to York to get money from lord Conyars, and to Wallingford, to meet the dean of the castle, who is destroying their chapel there. To Master Rainolde riding to Bryll to sell lambs, 13 May. To Bale, Parker, and Markam, riding to Wallingford and staying there, "ad servandum domum." Expences of Master Wellis, clerk of the lands, and others, riding in a progress after Easter. Jas. Browne, riding to Luton to meet the seller of a horse taken away at Wykam. Mr. Rainolde riding to Stroberyge to buy salt fish, 6 Sept. Mr. Beates riding to the Lord Chancellor to get a supersedeas amended, as appears by bill, 8 Sept. Mr. Wellis riding to the fair at Abingdon to sell horses, on the Nativity of St. Mary. Mr. Beates riding to Tame with the supersedeas. Henry Turner riding to Hampton Court to the Dean, as appears by bill of 1 Oct. Mr. Currant riding to the bishop of Lincoln to answer the vicar of Okeley. Mr. Smythe, clerk of the lands, going to the farmers. Dan (dominus) Slithurst riding to Mr. Lenthall. Holden riding to Mr. Tresham with letters of the Dean, and for a supersedeas. Stalworthe, the barber, riding to Mr. Knightley. Total expences of dean and subdean, &c., 130l. 19s. 10d.
vii. Solutio forinseca. For expences of the King's servants and Mr. Norres;—of Mr. Birton coming for a chaplain by command of the founder. Gloves for the bishop of Lincoln's brother. Wine given to Mr. Alin, the King's servant. To Barton, servant of Mr. Townley, for a horse that he lost while riding on the college business, 23s. 4d. To Mr. Warmington for a written book of the King, 38s. 4d. To Shirrey for reading it, 5s. To Hugh Barnarde for a court kept at Hedington for three years. To Mr. Tavernor, on his bill. To Standisshe for procurations and synods. For paper for the King's book, by command of Master Subdean, 19d. For 3 qrs. of beer, at 3s. a quarter, on the coming of Mr. Noresse, 19s. To Lentall, the auditor's servant. For carriage at Powghley;—first year, 3l. 18s. 5d.; second year, 40s. 6d.; third year, 26s. 9d. For last year's pension to a blind man at Powgheley, 2s. To Stringer riding twice to York with Mr. Rainolde. For expences of Odingsall, the dean's servant, returning to Mr. Shorms (?) To the beadles for the fair of Frideswide, 26 Jan. For a supper to the farmer of Charingdon, 27 April, 7d. To waggoners (aurigis) going to London for provisions for Lent, 11 Feb., 7s. 6d. To a servant of the duke of Norfolk, 12 Feb., 2s. To Jefferis, keeper of the woods of St. John at Litlemore, 3s. 4d. To Wekes, seeking lost sheep, 3d. To Folly, a waggoner, getting provisions for Lent from Henley, 23 Feb. For gloves given to the duke of Suffolk and his wife, by Mr. Tresham, 27 Feb. To Shyrrey, writing a book of Mr. Tresham to the King, 7 March. For hedges made at Cuddislowis, 23 March, 16d. To Mr. Browne, for stone taken at the quarry at Hedington, 3l. 6s. 8d. To my lord of London, for expences of procurators in Convocation. For wine, &c. given to the servants of the duke of Suffolk and lord Ferys. A messenger bringing letters twice to the Subdean at Islyppe, 28 April, 3d. To Mr. Laighton, for paper for the King's book, 20 April, 5d. To Shirrey writing Mr. Laighton's book to the King, 3 May, 20s. To a messenger carrying the King's letters to the Subdean at London, 4 May, 2d. To Wm. Philips, waggoner (auriga), going to the founder, 17 April, 4s. 11d. To Laighton, for money bought of Thorne for the King's book, 17 April, 5d. To Mr. Turwyn, servant of the duke of Suffolk, 5 March, 5d. For a bow, "ad progressum," by the Dean's order, 11 May, 16d. For expences of Mr. More coming from Powghley, ad sigillandum, 9 May, 12d. For binding the books of Masters Laighton and Tresham to the King, 13 May, 8d. To John Feraby, vicar of Freston, for arrears of a pension from Snape, 26 May, 11l. 6s. 8d. For tar (pro ly ter) for marking sheep, 27 May, 5d. For shearing sheep at Cuddislowis, 27 May, 2s. 9d. To Benbow coming from Manchester to be master of the choristers, 29 May, 10s. To Hardam riding to the founder, 10 April, 7s. 6d. For keeping 7 horses at Bynsey, 7d. For horsemeat, &c. of Mr. Knighteley at Flower de Luce, 31 July, 3s. 3d. To Hoskyns seeking dishes (quærenti discos) through the town, 7 July, 4d. For wine to Mr. Hyxe, seeking his son's choristers, 8d. To one crying lost sheep in the market, 16 July, 2d. For mending a house we broke into in seeking [our] dishes, 17 June, 4d.; to a bailiff going with us, 4d. For wine to the servants of the King and founder, 17 July, 6d. To two stage-players, servants of the duke of Norfolk, by the Dean's order, 15 July, 2s. 6d. To Fryen, a messenger bringing a bow and arrows from London, 4 Aug., 4d. To Ratue reading the Bible 11 weeks, at 1¾d. per week. To one writing a bill to be signed by the King at Windsor, 13 Aug., that no one should interfere with the college, 3s. 4d. To one writing letters for us to meet the King at Windsor, 12 Aug., 8d. To a servant of Mr. Gyfforde bringing venison, 13 Aug., 2s. For getting out three horses in custody at Cowley, 15 Aug., 2d. To Wm. Marshe for part stipend when he was curate of Bryll two years ago, 3s. 4d. For wine to Mr. Eggecombe and Mr. Subdean, 22 Aug., 7½d. To Mr. Edward Fetyplace for fee and arrears of Powgheley, 4l. For two bags brought by the Subdean, 8d.; and for counting money out of the treasury of the duchy of Lancaster, 12d. For carriage of things, Mr. Subdean and Champion, to London, 30 June. For a little bag and net (manticula et verriculum) bought at London, 27 July, 13d. For paper and ink bought by Mr. Champion at London, 28 July, 6d. To the keeper of the wood at Lytlemore, 12d. Mr. Williams carrying horses to the founder, 24 April, 7l. To Ratu's successor as subsacrist, 30 Aug., 3s. 4d. For carriage of salt fish from Stroberyge fair; viz., for horsemeat, 19s. 4d.; eight days' work of two servants, 6s. 8d.; for refilling the waggons, 22d.; for horse-shoes, 4d. For four mats (? storeis), 8d. For things bought for the dinner of Mr. Carter, Dr. Nicolas, and servants, called by us to counsel when Mr. Tresham returned from the founder, 4 Oct., 2s. 4d. To Ric. Rudde for three axles and repair of two waggons at Strobryge fair, 2s. 8d. To Mr. Buffton's servant coming by command of the King's council to receive money for lands flooded at Lessones. To Mr. Slythurste for writing a pair of great indentures between the college and Mr. Eggecombe, 31 Aug., 2s. Expences of Dan (dominus) Whitbroke riding "pro Benbow" at the Dean's command, 20 June, 6s. 8d. To Rob. Collyar, "pro uno ly ferne," to carry wood to Ellisfelde, 24 Sept., 6d. Dinner to Mr. Lentall and others, 23 Sept., 5s. 1d. Expences of lord Dakars' servants coming for indentures, 23 Sept., as by bill of Mr. Weston, 14½d. For twelve pair of leather gloves, double and single, sent to the King's court by Mr. Subdean, 18 Oct., 7s. 6d. For gloves sent to the King's commissioners by Messrs. Tresham and Beates, on the morrow of St. Frideswide, 17d. Expences of Mr. Duke, proctor, and Mr. Standisshe, and their servants, riding to the King with letters of the university in favor of the college, 23 Oct., 3l. 5s. 11d. To a proctor's servant putting some one in Bocardo, who was going to steal from Tayler the chorister, 3 Oct., 2d. To Hardam riding to Woddestocke to sell horses,—Oct., 2d. For a dozen of parchment repaid to Magdalen College, 2s. 4d. To Kent, clerk of Master Knightley, writing a supplication, 11s. To Mr. Knightley dictating the same, 10s. For parchment to write it on, 8d. For writing it a second and third time, 10s. For indemnities to the church of Oadbery, 6s. 8d.; for procurations of the church of Astwode, as by bill of Mrs. Franks. Various expences of Nich. Bagshawe. "Pro margine collegii" last year, as by butler's account, 15s. 9d. For the battells of the canons of the second order when they prepared to act a comedy last year, 6s. 11¾d. For reading the Bible in hall, 3s. 4½d. Customary fee to the mayor's "bull-dogs" (lictoribus prætoris), 1 Jan., 4s. 9d. To Nicholas, the porter, for services in the Exchequer at the time of his account last year, 3s. 4d. For battells of men sweeping the two quadrangles, 4s. 4¾d. To Henry Turner in part recompense for illness brought on by riding in the affairs of the college, 20s. To four servants of the Princess, 21 Jan., 3s. 4d. For wood and coal consumed by Henry Turner, 20d. For fifteen sheep, dead, at 2s. 4d. each. To the clock-keeper for his diligence during the year, 13s. 4d.
Total, 135l. 13s. 3d.
viii. Costs of the Chapel: To Mr. Goffe for wine used in the church, 6s. 8d. To Mr. Burgis, chanter, "pro libris in torto cantu factis," 6l.; "pro libris infracti cantus," 6l. 5s. For candles, coals, &c. For a new key to the chapel door, 6d.
ix. Of the Hall: For brooms to sweep the hall divers times, 4d.; for rushes, 12d.; mending the key of the hall, 4d.; for fixing a lock in the hall door, 2d.
x. Of the Cloister: To two workmen sweeping the cloister and treasury, 27 April, 6d. To the porter, for brooms for two years, 8d.; for lanterns for a year, 20d.
xi. Of the Pantry and Buttery: Hoops for casks, 1d. each. Three dozen trenchers (quadrarum), 3d. To Holden, the chief butler, for cups, &c. For a lock to the pantry 16d.; six pair of hings, 12d.; for four staples (retinacula), 4d. Keys at 3d. and 4d. A pair of "gymes," 12d. A large hoop, 1½d. Corydon's wife, for washing, 20d. For putting on two locks, 4d. For a padlock and staple, 8d. For two bolts for the cellar door, 8d. For a staple weighing 2 lb., 4d.
xii. Of the Kitchen: For a bucket, 8d. To Waterdrynker preparing wood in the orchard, 4d. To a man sweeping the kitchen chimneys a day and a half, 6d. For a bucket of the well in the kitchen, 2 March, 12d. For a key to the repository of capons and hens, 9d. For two baskets bought by the manciple, 8d.; "pro duabus vangis ligneis," 4d.; for a colander and ladle, 5d.; a large vessel for salting, 2d. To Wm. Evy and Ric. Clarke, cleaning the kitchen well, 7d. For mending the lock of a chest, 1d. For a new pothook, weighing 11 lb., at 1½d. per lb., 16½d. For four twists and four hooks, and the latch and catch, for the kitchen windows, 15½d. For a garnish of dishes, three chargers and seventeen dishes, weighing in all 156 lb., at 5d. per lb., bought of Nich. Bagshaw, 3l. To Prombden, mason, making windows for two days, 12d. For three wedges, weighing 19 lb., 2s. 4½d. For a staple to the kitchen window, 1d.
xiii. Of the Quadrangle: To two men repairing the well of the quadrangle, 12d. For cleaning the well in the great quadrangle, 6d. For an iron clasp (pro spintro ferreo) to the well, 2d. For mending the handle, 2d.
xiv. Of the Exchequer: Expences of the auditor in chamber, 10s. 3d. For three reams of paper bought by the subdean, 6s. 10d. To Balthasar, for two books indented, and one of paper, 20 Jan., 2s. 10d.; for pounce, 2d., and pens, 1d. For a bottle (obba) of ink, bought by Mr. Champion at London, 28 July, 7d. For a canister with a lock, 10d. Parchments bought at Cambridge by Mr. Rainolde, 7 Sept., 2s. 4d. Two dozen of parchment bought at Abingdon by the servant of the clerk of the lands, 13 Nov., 4s. 10d. Five cart-loads of wood for fuel, 10s. For coals and candles.
xv. Of the Treasury: To Rob. Hornsey for making two boxes in which the subdean took the evidences to London. For sealing wax (various), pens, glass, ink, and pounce. For a hamper (calathus) "ad reponendum spe's," 8d.; for a lock to it, 4d.
xvi. Of the Barber's House: For 6 qrs. of coals, 14 Jan., 4s. 6d. To Stalworthe, "pro 12 libris lichni faciendis cereis," 23 Jan., 2s. 8d. For the barber's basin, 2s. For oil, cloth (?) (linum), &c. Twenty-six qrs. of coal, at 8d. per qr.
xvii. Of the Dean's House at Oxford: To Baker, the dean's manciple, for necessaries. For a basket, 4d. Mending a window, 8d.
xviii. Of the Dean's House at London: For a little spit (?) (vericulum), 4d. For a lock and key to the council chamber (conclavis), 2s. For mending the streets for the year, 16d.
xix. Of the Meadow: For mowing, 38s. 8d. For making and carriage of hay, 7l. 16s. 2d.
xx. Of the Orchard: To a reaper for two days, 12d. To a woman weeding for three days, 12d. To one making a walk in the orchard for four days, 16d. To Margaret Hall, 3d. a day.
xxi. Of the Store: For a piece of linen cloth, called Bresell, bought by the subdean, 33s. 9¼d. For a piece of holland, 21s. Two bags, 8d. Two lb. pepper, as per bill of Mr. Champion and Posyer, 3s. 6d.
xxii. Of the Bell Tower: To Wm. Basset, bellringer, 28 June, "pro capistro magnæ campanæ et horologii," 20d. For a capistrum to three bells, 13d. "Pro torquibus campanarum," 2s. 4d. For making the iron tongue (?) (vectis ferrei) of the morning bell, 8d.; for a buckle to a bell, 3d. For mending the wheels of the bells, 12d.
xxiii. Of the Garden: To four gardeners for four days, 2s. 8d. For seeds, &c. Two women weeding for three days, 16d. To the same for other three days, 2s. To Margaret Hall, sweeping the garden, 6 June, 3d.
xxiv. Fees: To Mr. Baker and Mr. Pakington, 13s. 4d. To Mr. Belson of Bryll, for his fee for Wallingforde, 3l. Thos. Cromwell, for his fee due at the Annunciation of St. Mary last, by the subdean, 3 July, 10l. To Mr. Wm. Belson, for his fee of Chalforde of Wallingforde, 14 Oct., 40s. Wm. Symcocke, for his fee of Wallingford, 30s. Sir Ric. Clement, for his fee of Lesones, 5l. Mr. Luke Longden, for his fee of St. Frideswide, 4l. To Stephen Broderybbe, for debts of Lytylmore, 5l. To Mr. Lobysbonde, for his fee, 10l. Mr. Edw. Fetyplace, for his fee of Powgheley, 20s. To Mr. Inner, as attorney, 40s. Mr. Smyth, auditor, 10l. To Hucvaille, for past arrears, 20s.
xxv. Liveries: For the clerk of the lands, 10s.; for Hen. Turner, 10s. For summer liveries of the dean's servants, at 4s. 2d. a yard, 3l. 2s. 6d. For a summer livery to Hardam, the groom (subequestris). For a winter livery to the subdean, 13s. 4d. For a summer livery to the clerk of the lands, 10s. Liveries to Mr. Smyth, auditor, 20s.; Mr. Laighton, 23s.; Mr. Tresham, 25s.; Dan Hanson and Dan Lawney, 20s. each; Bawden, Hardam, and Shirwin, 13s. 4d. each = 6l. 13s. 4d.
xxvi. Pleas at Law: Fees to Mr. Baker, Pakington, and Baldwen. To Mr. Croke, for copies out of Chancery, 27 July, and inquisitions made on the lands of the late monastery of St. Frideswide, 15s. To Edmund Knighteley for making a supplication to be presented to the King, 10 Aug. To his servant for writing, 4s. 8d. To Masters Skynner and Flete for looking over the King's pardon, 31 July, 3s. 4d. To Mr. Whyte for the same, 4s. 8d. To Mr. Knighteley coming hither, by command of the Dean, 30 July, 22s. 6d.; for his counsel by Mr. Champion at London, 27 July, 3s. 4d. To Mr. Browne, serjeant-at-law, 10s. To Mountegew and Horwodde, councillors in law, by Mr. Tresham, 13s. 4d. To the sheriff of Oxfordshire, for copy of a writ of Lytilmore on the eve of St. Thomas Apostle, 20d.
xxvii. Stable: Two cartloads of straw, 5s. 4d. To Lambe, smith, for shoeing horses, 20s. 1d. Horsecloths, 5d. a yard. For carriage of hay from the Blue Boar to the stable, 8d. To John Gyll, groom, for medicines to the horses, 10d. To Holden, for horsebread on the Dean's return from progress, 10 March, 5s. For mending the Dean's portmanteau, 11 May, 4d. For harness bought by the Subdean, 3s. For a cover for the same, 6s. 8d.; trappings for the same, 6s. To Ric. Burforde, mending the manger, 4d. To a saddler of Abingdon, on his bill, 22s. 1d. Oil for oiling horses' feet, 1d. Medicines for the Dean's horses, 10d. Two horsecloths bought at London by Mr. Beates, 30 Nov., 9d. Masters Standisshe and Parrot for grass for horses at Binsey for two years, 28s. 10d. For shoeing horses when the Dean and others returned from London, 28 Nov., 15d. For a horsecomb, 4d. For curing a horse of the Dean, 6s. 8d. For another horse cured in the foot, 12d. For a bucket to water the horses, 4d. Straw for two years, 11s. To the cellarer of Abingdon, on his bill, 12s. 2d. To John Markam, saddler, 31s., &c.
xxviii. Choristers: For making 16 gowns, 8d. each. For lining them, 15 yds. at 5d. To Baker for making 15 gowns, at 7d. Offering to the choristers on Innocents' Day, 13d. Eight shirts, at 8d. each. Two surplices for Leonard, the chorister, 22d. For repairing the choristers' gowns. To Jo. Smythe, chorister, when he left, 2s. To Blunt for shoes and paper. To Radley's wife for 15 pairs of shoes, 5s.; and for curing the heads of six choristers, 3s. 4d. To Pigot for mending gowns and shoes. To Holbecke for 14 pair of shoes, 6d. each. For making of 14 shirts, 12d. For curing the head of Sharpe, the chorister, "pro crinali," 16d. To Folly, the carter, bringing boys back, for fodder, 20d. For a key of the choristers' chamber, 4d.; lock, 8d.
xxix. Bakehouse: For the boulter, 5d.; a sieve, 3d.; a basket, 10d.
xxx. Pensions: To John Leghe, portioner of Wolley, 16s. 8d. To Tapeter, vicar of Wornall, for the moiety of his pension, 40s. John Franks, registrar of the bishop of Lincoln, for procurations and indemnities. Henry Blakamore, late abbot of Lesones, half-year's pension, 3l. 6s. 8d. Dr. Lundon for rectories, &c., 15 March, 3s. The bishop of Rochester for a composition, 6 May, 13s. 4d. To a chanter of Lincoln for arrears of a pension of Overwynchinton, 10l. 16s. 8d. Katharine Wellis, late prioress of Lytlemore, by Thos. Cadbery, her servant, for an acquittance, 16 Aug., 5l. To Wm. Cope, servant at Lesones, 26s. 8d. Mr. Darell for a pension of the bishop of Rochester, 23s. 6d. For the bishop of Lincoln's visitation of the church of Padbery, by Franks, 3s. To Mr. Standisshe for the bishop of Lincoln's visitation for Chyrchyll, Aston Rowyn, Sandford, 19s. 2d. Mr. Stokes's corrody, 40s. Tho. Grym, vicar of St. Dunstan's, London, 14s. "D." More for a rent of Carbridge, 14s. 6d. Thos. Reede for procurations of Westhenred and Chaddylworth churches, 16s. 10½d. For procurations of Bryll, Okeley, and Borstall to the officers of the bishop of Lincoln, 10s. 2d.
xxxi. Internal Repairs: For making of doors next the kitchen, locks, padlocks, &c. To Joan Mondaie covering the stable, 2s. 8d.
xxxii. External Repairs: viz., at Bollis and Powgheley. To John Westburne, smith, &c.
Total of the whole book, 1,314l. 11s. 5½d. And they owe 389l. 4s. 2½d., of which part is paid, for victuals, &c.; and 310l. 11s. 3¼d., of which part is paid, for repairs of marshes at Plumstede and Lessones; and 126l. 2s. 7d., of which part is paid in repayment of a loan; and 17l. 0s. 11¼d. besides.
Pp. 49, on vellum (4 pp. blank).
R. O. 6789. JEWELRY.
Baldrics: Gold, with nine fair balasses between angels, and nine pearl trueloves. Gold, enamelled blue and green, with twelve balasses. Spanish work, with sixteen balasses and fifteen pearl trefoils.
Carkeyns: With a table balasse, four diamonds, and a hanging pearl. With Ees, enamelled white and black, with an emerald, four diamonds, and a pearl. Of hearts, with a hand at every end holding a device of a balasse, and other stones. With a goodly diamond called the Mirror, and a hanging pearl. With Ll and K. Black, with a black eagle with a diamond rose in his breast, and a fair pointed diamond, the prize of the jousts in Flanders, and a hanging pearl. A blue heart and a "zyphus." A blue heart and H and K. With white letters and a lock to it. With two hands holding a heart, with a hanging pearl, given by the Queen. Two of Paris work. Gold, with all the King's devices, and a shield with a pillar; and others. In all, 30, some marked as broken stuff.
Chains: Spanish work, enamelled white and red, with a great balas. Gold, with St. George in a garter, and a pointed diamond, pendant. Gold, with a heart, a sapphire four pearls, and one hanging pearl. Flat, with a gold pomaunder. Gold, "gable facyon." A great gold chain, 4-fold, with letters overthwart, one link wreathed, another plain, with a great whistle (now in Sir W. Compton's charge), garnished with a ruby, a lozenge diamond, and five table diamonds. Gold, with knots, enamelled with red pansies; and others. In all, 39.
Garters: With gold buckle, pendant, and letters, and a diamond rose in the pendant. With gold letters, castles, and pomegranates, a ruby on the buckle, a turquoise on the pendant, and a hanging pearl. Sixteen of "stolewerk," or "wrought in the stoole," with gold buckles and pendants. Three courses of gold "stolewerk" for garters; others with rubies, diamonds, &c. In all, 54, besides a few buckles and pendants.
Images: Our Lady of Boleyn, with a ruby, three diamonds, and three pearls. A St. George on horseback, garnished with diamonds, the dragon of pearl. Two Georges, garnished with diamonds that sometime were in the crosses. A Michael, garnished with diamonds, a ruby in the dragon's belly, and a pearl upon the end of his staff. An angel holding a sapphire and a pearl. Two Georges on foot, with dragons. A gold tabernacle with an image of Our Lady in mother-of-pearl. A silver-gilt plate with an image of the Emperor. A gentlewoman, holding a "layer" in her hands, silver-gilt (Mr. Wyat). St. George on foot, with a shield of byralle. A gentlewoman of the Almain fashion, &c. In all, 24.
Tablets and Plates: A gold tablet of St. Margaret and St. Anne; another for reliques, Our Lady and St. George on one side, and St. Barbara and St. Peter on the other; others of the Maundy and Passion of Our Lord, St. Sebastian, St. Christopher, and St. George, &c. In all, 25 tablets. A plate with H and E crowned, and five of gold enamelled.
Hearts: Gold, set with four pointed diamonds, a ruby, and a hanging pearl. Spanish work, with St. Peter of Milan, with six diamonds. A blue heart of St. George, full of relics. Two, enamelled with pansies and gilliflowers, stricken through with an arrow, with a ruby. Blue, hanging to a bracelet. Gold, a man and an antelope on one side, and a gentlewoman on the other; another, a man and woman under a hawthorn on one side, and Our Lady on the other. Gold, with five wounds on one side, and Our Lady and St. Anne on the other. With St. George on one side, and Sts. Antony and Sebastian on the other. Twenty-two wrought with roses and pomegranates, &c. In all, 39.
Owches, Brooches, and Flowers: A flower, enamelled white, with three fair diamonds and a ruby. A water flower set with a fair balasse, a table diamond, and a hanging pearl. A gold brooch, with a man garnished with diamonds, and a red and white rose. A diamond "Jh's" with three hanging pearls. A diamond Y, with a hanging pearl. A diamond ship. Seventeen Paris brooches. A diamond M standing in a flower, with a hanging pearl. A little gold Margarette. A brooch of the Salutation. A brooch with E enamelled red. A brooch with a gentlewoman luting, and a scripture about it. Three brooches of the King's device: a man and woman under a hawthorn, a blue heart with divers scriptures, and a gentlewoman with a sail. A round brooch of a George on horseback. A brooch of St. Roke. A pansy with two hanging pearls, and a colett in which a balasse stood. Brooches of zyphus, &c. In all, 324.
A white falcon on a mount with a crown and ruby about her neck. A white greyhound and a dragon on a mount. Three pieces of gold, with white greyhounds on them. A silver-gilt tabernacle. A peach, enamelled green, open in the midst, with a pearl, and four little rubies, and three hanging pearls. St. John's head in a dish. Two Toisons. Two gold castles. A hawthorn. A gold arrow. An eagle with a ruby between his feet.
Crosses: A diamond cross with three hanging pearls. A St. Andrew's cross, with a diamond rose in the midst, four table diamonds, and a hanging pearl. A little emerald cross of St. Antony. Two crosses of Henry's making, with Our Lady on one side, and St. George on the other, &c. In all, 16.
Spoons: Two gold, two silver gilt. Gold snuffers and a knife.
Rings, Signets, and Tokens: A ruby ring wherewith the King was sacred. Signets, with three ostrich feathers, the arms of England, and the arms of England and Spain. A ring sent from the Bastard. A ring with a leopard's face, the eyes small diamonds, and the tongue a ruby. A hoop with a portcullis; another with H and E; and others of various stones. In all, 234 rings, 9 puffes of Paris, and 47 tokens.
Stones: 20 diamonds, 5 rubies, 31 balasses, 2 jacynths, 6 sapphires, and 8 emeralds, some with hanging pearls.
Pearls: 144. 7 trefoils, 7 trueloves, 5 small ropes of pearls, and 144 other pearls.
Beads: Jet, with gold gaudies. Exulila, with the five wounds. Amber, with gold gaudies, and five gold beads at the end, with the five wounds. Amber, with a golden tablet; the Passion on one side, St. Katharine on the other. In all, ten pair of beads, five gold gaudees of the Passion, and [324] beadstones.
Buttons: [458] of roses, H and E, and other sorts.
Aglets: [984] of various colors.
Shields and Targets: Three gold targets. A target of the Passion; and three shields, with the Salutation, a pillar, and an oak.
Bracelets and Bracers: Paris work, with jacynths. With eight diamonds, eight rubies, fourteen pearls, and a diamond rose. A bracer of crimson velvet, with gold buckle, pendant, sides; others of painted leather and wrought in the stole. In all, seventeen bracelets and seven bracers.
Girdles: Seventeen girdles of gold, Paris work, and satin. A silver gilt harness for a girdle, a buckle, and a pendant, and a "dymy ceynt" for a woman, of "stoolewerk."
Dog-hooks: Eight of gold, and one of silver.
Bags: A bag with a rocky diamond, a ruby, an emerald between two naked children, and a hanging pearl. Another, with a ruby, two triangle diamonds, an emerald, and a diamond crown, with three hanging pearls. Crimson satin, embroidered with H and K. Black velvet, embroidered with a pomegranate, and a girdle to it. Others, embroidered with two griffins, an antelope, a heart, and two peacocks. One with a dagger at it. In all, 31 bags.
Coifs: 88 of gold and various silks, some garnished with pearls.
Bonnets: White velvet, with a brooch of St. George, and 23 buttons. White velvet, with a man of white jasper. Black velvet, with a head and breast of jacinth. Purple velvet, with twelve pair of aglets enamelled green. Black, with an owche of the Maundy. Russet velvet, with a brooch of the Salutation. Crimson satin, with a brooch of a ship and nine pair of agletts. In all, 28 bonnets.
Hats: Three; velvet, red, and green silk.
Collars: Four of gold to wrestle in. One stolework. One gold, of elephants, with three pointed diamonds, and Our Lady. One of garters, that was the King's when he was Prince; and one with a Toison.
Loops: Eighteen pair and three single loops. Gold and enamel, and five buttons.
Small Flagons and Glasses for Rose Water: Three gold, two silver-gilt, two stone, and a gold casting glass.
Pomanders: Sixteen; one with H and K; one with ostrich feathers and red roses.
Small Coffers: Seven; of gold, silver gilt, and byrall; one with relics.
Boxes: A silver-gilt box, containing the ring wherewith Henry VI. espoused his Queen. Silver-gilt, for weights; and another, silver-gilt, for green ginger, with a dragon on the top. In all, seven boxes.
Hands of Gold: A gentlewoman's hand of gold, with an enamelled bracelet, set with four pointed diamonds and four pearls, with three rings on her fingers, diamond, emerald, and ruby, holding a white and red rose, with a balasse in the midst. Twenty-one hands with hearts. In all, 35.
Zyphus: 13, one with 73 pearls.
Garnish for Headpieces: One with 52 coarse balasses and 36 pearls. A device with four square balasses, standing in a white and red rose, with branches of pearls, a lion, and other broken pieces of garnishing and Spanish work.
Leashes, Dog-collars, Lyalmes, and Turretts: A baldric of a leash, silk and gold. Twenty-eight collars of stoolwork, silk, velvet, and needlework, with gilt and laten turrets, and with leashes and lyalmes of various silks.
Hawks' Hoods, &c.: Two virells, with the arms of England. Thirty-six hoods; one gold, with six rubies. A lure embroidered with a "bore" on one side, and a fountain with two unicorns on the other. Thirty-four pairs of bells, gold, gilt, and silver, and a glove.
Points: 119 of various silks, with gold aglets. 111 of goldsmith's work, with and without pearls, and like truelove knots.
Unicorn's Bones: Three pieces.
Books, &c.: A book and a cross. A primer, with illuminated images, gold clasps, and the arms of England. Others covered with crimson velvet, and green satin and crimson satin. A corporax case. A gold inkhorn and penner. A gold register. A silver standish with H and E. A gold spectacle case, with the English arms on one side, and the Salutation on the other. A silver-gilt penner and inkhorn.
Rolls and Valentines: 313 rolls of various colored gold, and five valentines of goldsmith's work.
Two gold toothpicks with H and E. A bittern's claw set in gold. A gold toothpick and an earpick, with a chain; and two other toothpicks, one with a ruby and a pearl, and the other with a ruby and diamond. An ostrich feather garnished with four small rubies. Three goblets. A gold dial, with H and E crowned on one side, and a portcullis on the other. A latten dial. Two gold whistles. Several pieces of broken gold. A portague. A noble and a ducat. Eight royals and two nobles on a black lace. A sovereign. Two nobles. Half noble, bowed. Two pieces of Spanish coin. Four horns, garnished with gold and silver. A round silver ball, with H and E upon it. A corse for a girdle, "stoolewerk;" and a harness, silver and gilt. St. Audrey laces and pieces of black ribands. A silver-gilt buckler, with the English arms, roses, castles, and pomegranates.
A dagger with a silver sheath and jasper haft; another dagger with a jasper haft. Two embroidered doublets. A piece of a gown, cloth of gold. A piece of arras of the Passion. A dragon's tongue at a black lace. A pair of gloves and two pair of knives that were delivered to the dean of Westminster by good king Henry (to be kept for the King's use). A maser that belonged to the same King. A silver-gilt comb case with H and K; another of crimson satin. A proper shaving cloth.
Pp. 27, much defaced. Many of the articles are marked as broken stuff.
R. O. 2. Another list, containing a number of the same entries in a different order, with corrections in Wolsey's hand, and marginal notes opposite some items as follows: "Broken stuff."—"With my lady Princess."—"To the Wardrobe," &c.
On the last page: "... ensuing were taken by ... of forfaiture at Calais, at the King's going over the sea":—
"First, in a square black box, a goodly emerald set in a flower."
Pp. 26.
R. O. 3. Another list, similar to the preceding, containing for the most part the same entries, and also the following:—
Rings with sapphires, spynees, turquoise, crapawde, and one with an A of diamonds. Five gold gaudees of the Passion. Twenty-seven tokens, of Paris work. "A brooch of the dome." A white satin girdle, with gold buckle, pendant, and studs. A pair of Paris work bracelets with jacinths. A roll with thirty-nine Paris rings, with small stones. A gold hand with a ball in it. A brooch with four blue hearts. One doz. arming points, red silk and gold, with gold aglets. A balasse set in coletts; another enamelled with Margarets. A harness for a girdle, silver and gilt. A gold spoon and knife. Eight royals and two nobles on a black lace. An ostrich feather garnished with four s ... A table diamond, a sapphire, an emerald, and seven small diamonds. Twenty-three pearls on a wire. A pomaunder and a tablet, of Spanish work. Four aglets wreathen in little rings close together. A gold dial, with H and E crowned on one side, and a portcullis on the other. "A byttor's clee," garnished with pearl. A great pearl in a case. A ring with a leopard's face; the eyes small diamonds, and the tongue a ruby. A round silver-gilt ball, with H and E on it, to warm hands with. Three goodly gold pomaunders with chains. A gold bracelet with a jacinth. A gold tabernacle, with Our Lady in mother-of-pearl. A little Agnus of "stoole work." An embroidered bracer, and a gold powder box with red roses and portcullises. Two pearls and a ruby standing in a colett. Three rings, diamond, emerald, and ruby, that were on the fingers of a gentlewoman's hand. A George on foot, with an emerald, a balas, and four pearls, delivered again by the King to Mr. Compton. A silver-gilt plate with an image of the Emperor. A tablet of Our Lady and Mary Magdalen; another, with St. Katharine, in mother-of-pearl on one side, and St. John the Baptist on the other; with five small rubies and five small pearls. Two ropes of beadstones, containing 200. A pair of jet beads, gaudeed with gold, with a tablet of the birth of Christ. 184 flowers set with pearls in gold. A silver-gilt coffer with a lock. A "pechye" enamelled green, open in the middle, with a ... four little rubies and three hanging pearls. A tablet of St. John Baptist. A St. John's head in a dish. A gold castle. A heart with "paunces" enamelled white.
Pp. 8, mutilated.
R. O. 4. Another similar list, headed: "Stuff which is affirmed to be delivered unto the King's grace not contained in my lord Cardinal's book."
Corrected draft, p. 1.
R. O. 6790. GOLD and JEWELRY.
1. * * * Crown gold, 522½ oz. 3¼ dwt. Base gold, 367½ oz. 1½ dwt. More base gold which Sir H. Wyat should have received, by a book marked with my lord Cardinal's hand, 229¾ oz. "Item, with the ear of gold, a gentlewoman luting, three aglets," &c., 8½ oz. ½ q.
P. 1, mutilated.
R. O. 2. Another list, mostly the same as the preceding, with the quality of the gold, crown, coarse, fine or base, marked.
Pp. 4.
Another list, giving the weight.
Pp. 3.
R. O. 6791. REVELS.
Fragment of one of Gibson's revel accounts.
P. 1, mutilated.
Account of sums owing to Henry VIII., payable by annual instalments. by Sir John Savage, sen. and jun., Sir Will. Brereton, Sir Walter Calverley, Sir John Norton, Will. Lytton, Jo. Fortesene, Sir Jo. Melton, Sir Thos. Brian, Sir Jo. Bouchier lord Barnes, Sir Jo. Touchett, Will. lord Sandes, Thos. Empson, Sir Edw. Chamberlayn, Sir Will. Carewe, Sir Edw. Sutton lord Dudley, Thos. late earl of Derby, Geo. earl of Shrewsbury, Sir Geo. Hastynges earl of Huntingdon, Henry Turnor, Edw. Forman, the marchioness of Dorset, Sir Rob. Sheffeld, Sir Nich. Wadham, John lord Hussey.
P. 1, mutilated.
R. O. 6793. SEAMEN.
"A book of prests of money in Seland to shipmen by Lelegrave's bidding, and writing for the King's business done per Semper."
Various sums paid to shipmen in Zealand by Lelegrave's bidding, from 3 Aug. to 15 Sept. To Bowen Adrien, at Midilborowe, by Wm. Beynam. To Adrian Bos, by Semper and Beynam, 36l. 5s. Fl. Other payments to John Piers, John Vaghon, and others. Each payment signed by the mark of the receiver.
Pp. 14.
1. The King to grant to the said Sir Richard and Sir William the offices of warden and chief justice in Eyre of all royal forests, &c. this side Trent, in survivorship, with the appointment of officers in the said forests, &c. 2. The offices of keeper and woodward of all the King's woods. 3. The oversight of woods this side Trent. 4. They are to see that surety be taken for the payment of the money obtained from wood sales to the treasurer of the Chamber. 5. To appoint workmen to hedge and fence the coppice where wood sales shall be made, and keepers yearly for the fence of the coppice. 6. Widows marrying without licence to be fined, and to make obligations. 7. Widows sucing for licence to marry to pay a fine. 8. Forfeitures to be delivered to the said Sir Richard and Sir William, who are to summon the offenders before them, deliver their bills to the attorney general, and their obligations to the treasurer of the Chamber.
Large paper, pp. 5. Endd.: "Instruction for the King's commission of justice in Eyre on this side Trent, for Sir Ric. Sacheverel and Sir W. Fitzwilliam."
Has often spoken at the palace to his brother, who is beloved by the King, the Queen, and the other princes of England. Has talked with him about many things, as he, like Ulysses, has visited many countries, and knows the customs and tongues of many men. He seems to love Giles more as a father than a brother, and is always eager for his advantage. He spoke to the Queen about him, as he and Vives accompanied her from Richmond to Syon, and has asked Vives to write to him about learning and virtue. Has been too busy hitherto to do so. Exhorts him, as a priest of Christ, to practise virtue and study the Gospel.
Vivis Opera, VII. 214. 6796. JOHN LEWIS VIVES to JOHN CLAYMUND.
Is ashamed at not having written for so long, but has been prevented by many circumstances, of which he, doubtless, is aware, as they are well known both in England and here.
Has nothing worth writing to one occupied in public business, but does not wish him to think that he has forgotten his kindness.
Inventory of four files of old obligations, chiefly of Henry VII.'s time, annotated in the margin by Sir Brian Tuke, to show what has been done about each. The last file is of "obligations called desperate."
ii. Obligations received by Mr. Wyat, of Sir Geoffrey Wrenne, executor to Master Uxenbrige."—A memorandum in Tuke's hand appears in the margin, stating that he had arranged to take proceedings against all those in this list along with the others, but was told by the provost of Eton they were for benevolence, and that it had not been Henry VII.'s intention that they should be demanded; that he had put the whole book in the hands of the King's attorney's clerk, Scot, now dead, &c.
Pp. 27.
R. O. 6799. The PRIOR OF LAUNDE.
Petition of Dan John Lancaster, prior of Lande, Lincoln dioc.
1. For a Papal confirmation of all the privileges granted to him by Thos. cardinal of York, with power of creating notaries and legitimising bastards. 2. Dispensation to hold, with his priory, another priory of the same order, or an abbey or other benefice. 3. With power to reside on it, without being compelled to do so.
Lat., p. 1. Endd.: "The prior of Launde."
Mr. Somers has been asked to sell his horse by some Frenchmen, but having promised the refusal to Mr. Borough, wishes to know his mind. London, Saturday. Signed.
P. 1. Add.
ii. Henry Burgh to Cromwell.
Thanks him for his manifold goodness. The horse will serve no man to ride on at this time, and he advises Mr. Somers to sell it. "There is no man that can skell of a hors that welle ronn of hem." If he cannot sell him, will buy him at a reasonable price, though he will do no service this quarter of a year.
Hol. Written on the the back of the preceding.
Vesp. C. XIII. 335. 6801. THE DIVORCE.
A paper respecting the divorce, in Ghinucci's hand.
Lat., p. 1. Endd.: My lord of Worcester.
R. O. 6802. _ to _.
An anonymous letter, signed C. B., addressed, "Mon Senyor Reverendissimo," in which the writer expresses a wish to have an interview with his Lordship without being seen at court.
Sp., p. 1.
Dec./GRANTS. 6803. GRANTS in DECEMBER 1530.
1. Geo. Warener, serjeant-at-arms. To be keeper of the Great Park of Farnham, Surrey, with 4d. a day; forfeited by Thomas cardinal "bishop" of York, for offences against the statute 16 Ric. II. Hampton Court, 27 Sept. 22 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 1 Dec.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 11.
2. Wm. Gonson, gentleman usher of the Chamber, alias of Depfordestrond, Kent, merchant, alias purveyor of stores for the King's ships, alias keeper of stores therein. Pardon and release of all matters before 30 Dec. 17 Hen. VIII. Hampton Court, 16 Oct. 22 Hen. VIII. Del. Chelsea, 2 Dec.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 4.
ii. Duplicate of the above attached. 2 Dec.
Commissions of the Peace.
4. Devon: Sir Thos. More, C., Thos. duke of Norfolk, Chas. duke of Suffolk, Hen. marquis of Exeter, Thos. earl of Wiltshire, J. bishop of Exeter, John lord Fitzwaren, John lord Zouche, Sir John Fitzjames, Sir Wm. Shelley, Sir Wm. Fitzwilliam, jun., Sir Wm. Courteney, Sir Thos. Denys, Sir Piers Eggecombe, Sir Edward Pomerey, Sir Wm. Carewe, Sir Phil. Champernon, Sir Phil. Fulford, John Rowe, serjeant-at-law, Baldwin Malett, John Chamound, John Gilberte, Barth. Fortescue, And. Hillarsden, John Kayleway, Ric. Hals, Humph. Colles, Hugh Pollard, Ric. Yerd, Anth. Pollard, Hen. Walrond, John Whidon, Hugh Yeo, Wm. Rowpe. Westm., 4 Dec.—Pat. 22 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 12d.
6. Cambridgeshire: Sir Thos. More, C., Thos. duke of Norfolk, Chas. duke of Suffolk, Thos. earl of Wiltshire, N. bishop of Ely, Sir Wm. Fitzwilliam, jun., Sir Robt. Norwiche, Ric. Lister, chief baron of the Exchequer, Sir Mich. Fyssher, Sir Robt. Payton, Sir Thos. Elyott, Thos. Lucas, Philip Parys, John More, Thos. Checheley, John Hynde, Thos. Megge, Thos. Hutton, Thos. Pygott, Robt. Tylney, Thos. Rudston, Thos. Castell, Chris. Burgoyn. Westm., 6 Dec.—Pat. 22 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 12d.
6. Cumberland: Sir Thos. More, C., Thos. duke of Norfolk, Chas. duke of Suffolk, Thos. earl of Wiltshire, Hen. earl of Northumberland, Hen. earl of Cumberland, J. bishop of Carlisle, Wm. lord Dacre of Gyllesland, Chris. lord Conyers, Sir Wm. Fitzwilliam, jun., John Spelman, serjeant-at-law, Humph. Broune, serjeant at-law, Thos. Magnus, clk., Sir Thos. Clyfford, Sir Wm. Parre, Sir Wm. Bulmer, Sir Chris. Dacre, Sir Wm. Hylton, Sir Wm. Eures, Sir Thos. Tempeste, Sir John Lowdre, Sir Wm. Penyngton, Sir Wm. Musgrave, Wm. Tate, clk., Robt. Bowes, Geof. Lancaster, Ric. Barwys, Wm. Bentley, John Bristowe, Ric. Irton, Wm. Lancastre. Westm., 6 Dec.—Pat. 22 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 12d.
6. Thos. Dawson, marshal of the King's hall, and Wm. Burdett, page of the King's stirrup (?) Grant of the offices of bailiff of the manor of Clynke, in Southwarke, Surrey; and keeper of the manor of "le Clynke," with 2d. a day; in the King's hands by the forfeiture of Thomas cardinal of York. Chertsey, 4 Oct. 22 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 6 Dec.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 29.
6. John Petro de Bagnasco and Gaspar Zonello. Licence to export 100 way of cheese. Hampton Court, 22 Nov. 22 Hen. VIII. Del. Chelsea, 6 Dec.—P.S.
8. Commission of the Peace.
Derbyshire: Sir Thos. More, C., Thos. duke of Norfolk, Chas. duke of Suffolk, Thos. earl of Wiltshire, Geo. earl of Shrewsbury, Wm. lord Mountjoy, Francis lord Talbott. Sir Wm. Fitzwilliam, jun., Sir Humph. Conyngesby, Sir Anth. Fitzherbert, Sir John Porte, Sir Godfrey Fuljambe, Sir Roger Mynours, Sir Thos. Cokayn, Anth. Babyngton, Wm. Coffyn, John Fitzherberte, Mat. Knyston, German Poole, Thos. Curson, Arthur Eyre, Geo. Fyndern, Ralph Sacheverell. Westm., 8 Dec.—Pat. 22 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 12d.
10. Katharine Strykland, late of Thornton Bryggys, Yorksh., widow of Sir Walt. Strykland, alias Katharine Borough, widow, executrix of Hen. Boroughe. Protection; going in the retinue of Sir Thos. Clyfford, vicecaptain of Berwick-upon-Tweed. Hampton Court, 5 Dec. 22 Hen. VIII. [Del.] 10 Dec.—P.S.
11. John Bradwey, clk. Presentation to the parish church of Campe, Cant. dioc., vice Geo. Challysworth, deceased. Hampton Court, 11 Dec. 22 Hen. VIII.—P.S.
11. Owen Hawkyns, merchant of London. Licence to export all merchandize not forbidden by statute. Chelsea, 11 Dec.—Fr. 22 Hen. VIII. m. 1.
11. Thos. Sakevyle. Lease of the warren of coneys in the lps. of Clophill and Caynehoo, parcel of lands purchased, Beds.; for 21 years, at the annual rent of 60s., and 10s. of increase.—S.B., year supplied by Pat.—Pat. 22 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 22.
Commissions of the Peace.
12. Dorset: Sir Thos. More, C., Thos. duke of Norfolk, Chas. duke of Suffolk, Thos. earl of Wiltshire, Hen. lord Montague, John lord Audeley, John lord Fitzwaren, Edward lord Stourton, Hen. lord Dawbenay, Sir John Fitzjames, Sir Wm. Shelley, Sir Wm. Fitzwilliam, jun., Sir Giles Strangways, Sir Wm. Stourton, Sir Thos. Trenchard, Sir John Rogers, Sir Wm. Caraunte, Sir Thos. Lynde, Sir Edward Willoughby, John Horsey, sen., John Britt, Wm. Uvedale, John Rogers, jun., John Orenge, Ric. Phelipps, Wm. Hody, Nic. Willoughby, John Horsey, jun., Hen. Assheley, Hen. Strangwayes, Wm. Thornell, Hen. Trenchard. Westm., 12 Dec.—Pat. 22 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 12d.
12. Essex: Sir Thos. More, C., Thos. duke of Norfolk, Chas. duke of Suffolk, Thos. earl of Wiltshire, John earl of Oxford, Hen. earl of Essex, Thos. earl of Rutland, Robt. earl of Sussex, Wm. prior of St. John's of Jerusalem in England, Hen. lord Morley, Sir Wm. Fitzwilliam, jun., Thos. abbot of Colchester, Sir Robt. Norwich, Thos. Inglefeld, Chris. Hales, attorney general, Sir Brian Tuke, Sir Wm. Fitzwilliam, sen., Sir Th. Tyrell of Hern, Sir Roger Wentworth, Sir Giles Capell, Sir John Grene, Sir John Raynesford, Sir Thos. Seymour, Sir Thos. Tey, Sir Wm. Pyrton, Humph. Broune, serjeant-at-law, Thos. Audeley, Humph. Wingfeld, John Seyntclere, Thos. Bonham, Wm. West, Edward Tyrell, John Smyth, Roger Cholmeley, Wm. Bradbury, Ric. Riche, Ric. Higham, John Pilbarough, Peter Baron, John Edmunds, jun., Barth. Prowse. Westm., 12 Dec.—Pat. 22 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 13d.
12. Yorkshire, West Riding: Sir Thos. More, C., Thos. duke of Norfolk, Chas. duke of Suffolk, Thos. earl of Wiltshire, Cuthbert bishop of Durham, Hen. earl of Northumberland, Geo. earl of Shrewsbury, Thos. earl of Rutland, Hen. earl of Cumberland, Chris. Conyers lord Conyers, Thos. lord Darcy, Francis lord Talbott, Sir Wm. Fitzwilliam, jun., Ric. Lister, chief baron of the Exchequer, John Spelman, serjeant-at-law, Humph. Broune, serjeant-at-law, Brian Higden, clk., dean of York Cathedral, Sir Geo. Darcy, Sir Wm. Bulmer, Sir Ric. Tempeste, Sir Wm. Eurers, Sir Thos. Wentworth, Wm. Tate, clk., Sir Wm. Middelton, Sir Robt. Nevell, Sir Wm. Malyverey, Sir Geo. Lawson, Th. Fairefax, serjeant-at-law, John Norton, Steph. Hamerton, Brian Hastynges, Robt. Bowes, Wm. Babthorp, Wm. Copley, Robt. Chaloner, John Pullyn, Thos. Gryse, Wm. Girlyngton, Thos. Grene, John Lambard. Westm., 12 Dec.—Pat. 22 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 13d.
12. York, East Riding: Sir Thos. More, C., Thos. duke of Norfolk, Chas. duke of Suffolk, Thos. earl of Wiltshire, Cuthbert bishop of Durham, Hen. earl of Northumberland, Geo. earl of Shrewsbury, Thos. earl of Rutland, Hen. earl of Cumberland, Th. lord Darcy, Sir Wm. Fitzwilliam, jun., John Spelman, serjeant-at-law, Humph. Broune, serjeant-at-law, Brian Higden, clk., dean of York cathedral, Thos. Magnus, clk., Sir Geo. Darcy, Sir Wm. Bulmer, Sir Ric. Tempest, Sir Wm. Eures, Sir Ralph Eure, Sir Robt. Constable, Sir Ralph Ellerker, jun., Sir Robt. Aske, Sir Peter Vavasour, Sir Marmaduke Constable, sen., Sir Geo. Lawson, Th. Fairfax, serjeant-at-law, Wm. Tate, clk., Robt. Bowes, Chris. Hilzard, Ric. Smythley, Robt. Creke of Beverley, Wm. Babthorp, Chris. Therkyll, sen., Wm. Thwaytes. Westm., 12 Dec.—Pat. 22 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 13d.
12. York, North Riding: Sir Thos. More, C., Thos. duke of Norfolk, Chas. duke of Suffolk, Thos. earl of Wiltshire, Cuthbert bishop of Durham, Hen. earl of Cumberland, Chris. lord Conyers, Thos. lord Darcy, Francis lord Talbott, Sir Wm. Fitzwilliam, jun., John Spelman, serjeant-at-law, Humph. Broune, serjeant-at-law, Brian Higden, clk., dean of York Cathedral, Thos. Magnus, clk., Sir Geo. Darcy, Sir Wm. Bulmer, Sir Ric. Tempest, Sir Thos. Tempest, Sir Wm. Eures, Sir Wm. Middelton, Sir John Nevell, Sir Marmaduke Constable, Sir Edward Gower, Sir Nich. Fairefaxe, Sir Geo. Lawson, Sir Jas. Metcalf, Thos. Fairfax, serjeant-at-law, Wm. Tate, clk., Robt. Bowes, John Norton, Roger Lasselles, Wm. Rokeby, John Pulleyn, Robt. Mennell, Jas. Fox, Wm. Danby. Westm., 12 Dec.—Pat. 22 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 13d.
14. Thos. lord Howard. Livery of lands as son of Thos. duke of Norfolk and Elizabeth his wife, one of the two daughters of John, late lord Marney, and of Christina late wife of the said John, d. and h. of Sir Roger Newburgh, deceased; on all the portion belonging to the said Elizabeth, of the possessions of the said John lord Marney and Christina, or of lady Bridget Marney, late wife of the said John, in England, Wales, and the marches thereof. Hampton Court, 4 Dec. 22 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 14 Dec.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 10.
14. Thos. Pereson, parson of the parish church of Tollington, Suss. To be one of the King's chaplains and chantry priests in the cathedral church of Chychestre; with licence to be non-resident upon his said benefice of Tollington, according to the Act 21 Hen. VIII. Hampton Court, 12 Dec. 22 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 14 Dec.—P.S.
15. Baltazar, Pasqual and Jeremy Spynnell, merchants of Genoa. Pardon for evading payment of customs on 2,000 quintals of alum imported into England, and landed at the port of London. Hampton Court, 23 Nov. 22 Hen. VIII. Del. Chelsea, 15 Dec.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 3. Rym. xiv. 408.
16. Lord Sandes, the King's chamberlain, and lieutenant of Guisnes castle. Licence to export 500 quarters of malt for the victualling of Guisnes. Westm., 16 Dec.—Fr. 22 Hen. VIII. m. 1.
16. Ant. Antony, groom of the Chamber. Licence to export 60 tuns of beer. Chelsea, 16 Dec.—Fr. 22 Hen. VIII. m. 2.
19. Thos. lord Burgh, and Edward his s. and h. Grant, in survivorship, of the office of steward of the manor of the soc of Kirton in Lyndsey, Linc., and of all the King's lands and tenements in the said soc, on surrender of Pat. 1 Sept. 10 Hen. VIII. granting the same to the said Thos. alone. Hampton Court, 23 Oct. 22 Hen. VIII., Del Westm., 19 Dec.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 3._Vacated on surrender 3 April 25 Hen. VIII. for a purpose stated on the dorse of the patent.
19. John Herbert, clk. Grant of a canonry and prebend in the collegiate church of St. Stephen, in Westminster palace, vice Thos. Wynter, clk., resigned. Hampton Court, 12 Dec. 22 Hen. VIII. Del. Chelsea, 19 Dec.—P.S._Mandate in pursuance, dated 21 Dec.—Pat. p. 2, m. 22.
20. John Servile of Chichester, Sussex, native of Rouen in France. Denization. Hampton Court, 13 Dec. 22 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 20 Dec.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 21.
21. Thos. Grey, yeoman of the Guard, and John Bukby, officer of the Pantry. To be bailiffs of the lp. of Horseley, Derb., vice Robt. Hopkyns or Roger Croket. Hampton Court, 12 Dec. 22 Hen. VIII. Del. Chelsea, 21 Dec.—P.S.
21. Wm. Asshton. Livery of lands as s. and h. of Nich. Asshton. Hampton Court, 30 Nov. 22 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 21 Dec.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 13.
21. Thos. Russhe, serjeant-at-arms, and Thos. Alverd, gentleman usher of the Chamber. Grant of the site of the manor of Snape, Suff.; with all demesne lands thereto belonging, the warren of coneys there, and a water-mill in the said manor; the site of the manor of Alderburgh, Suff., with all demesnelands thereto belonging, which lately were parcel of the lands of the suppressed priory of Snape; for 30 years, at the annual rent of 45l. 6s. 8d. York Place, 17 Dec. 22 Hen. VIII. Del. Chelsea, 21 Dec.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 21.
21. Wm. Throgmarton, LL.D., and Wm. Clayburgh, LL.D. Grant, in survivorship, of the office of notary or prothonotary of Chancery, with the usual fees, and 50 marks a year out of the issues of the Hanaper of Chancery; on surrender of patent 20 Nov. 2 Hen. VIII., granting the same to the said Throgmortonalone. Hampton Court, 7 Dec. 22 Hen. VIII. Del. Chelsea, 21 Dec.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 6.—Draft of the preceding in R. O.
24. Sir Ric. Page, knight of the Body. Grant of the site of the late priory of St. Leonard, Thoby, Essex, and the manors of Thoby and Bluntzwall, Essex; with messuages, lands, &c. in Thoby, Gingemountney alias Mountnesing, Bluntzwall, Cupsolde, Wyndall, Parva Warley, Marses, Nosells alias Norlsells, Rome, Maylond, Mowlond, Wyndhull, Runwell, Bobyngworth, Springfeld, Hereford, Stoke Paching, Shenfeld, Ingraf, Raureth, Colchester, Borhame, Stondon, Wryttell, Shelowe, Gingemargaret, Cubsant, and Shenfeld, Essex; which belonged to Thos. cardinal archbishop of York, attainted. Hampton Court, 3 Dec. 22 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 24 Dec.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 4.
24. Wm. Cokkes, one of the King's footmen. To have a corrody or sustentation in the monastery of Ensham, Oxford, vice Hugh Norton, deceased. Hampton Court, 12 Dec. 22 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 24 Dec.—P.S.
24. Ralph Worseley, steward of the Chamber. To be keeper of the lions, lionesses, and leopards in the Tower of London, with a place in the Tower for the keepers of the said animals, and another place for the animals, with 2d. a day, and 6d. a day for the support of the animals; which office, &c. were granted to Jas. Worseley, then page of the wardrobe of Robes, by patent 4 April 4 Hen. VIII. York Place, 17 Dec. 22 Hen. VIII. Del. Chelsea, 24 Dec.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 20.
24. Chris. More, clerk of the Exchequer. Licence to impark 200 acres of land, pasture, and wood at his manor of Loseley, in the parish of St. Nicholas, near Guldeford, Surrey, and to have free warren within the enclosure. York Place, 17 Dec. 22 Hen. VIII. Del. Chelsea, 24 Dec.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 3.
26. John Ferdinand de Parades, procurator and messenger of the Order of St. Mary, and to all other procurators and messengers of that Order. Licence to publish the apostolic indulgences, remissions, &c. granted to the said Order by several Popes, and confirmed by Clement VII., for the ransom of Christian captives, and to collect alms for that purpose. Hampton Court, 9 Dec. 22 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 26 Dec.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 3.
27. Hen. Thornton, controller of customs in the port of Briggewater. Licence to perform that office by deputy, notwithstanding the Act 4 Hen. IV. [c. 20.] York Place, 21 Nov. 22 Hen. VIII. Del. Chelsea, 27 Dec.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 20.
29. David Vyncent. To be keeper of the Great Wardrobe in the manor of Rychemond, with 6d. a day, vice Roger Bryne, deceased. Greenwich, 22 Dec. 22 Hen. VIII. Del. Chelsea, 29 Dec.—P.S._Vacated on surrender 12 Oct. 31 Hen. VIII. Pat. p. 2, m. 3.
31. Wm. Morice, yeoman of the Chamber. Grant, in reversion, of the offices of surveyor and general receiver of the possessions of Margaret late countess of Richemond and Derby, the King's grandmother, in England, Wales, and the marches thereof; which offices were granted by patent 2 Dec. 2 Hen. VIII. to Jas. Morice and Hugh Edwards, now deceased. With the same fees as the said Jas. and Hugh had, payable out of the issues of the said possessions, both in the King's hands and in the hands of Hen. duke of Somerset and Richemond. York Place, 21 Nov. 22 Hen. VIII. Del. Chelsea, 31 Dec.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 1.


  • 1. "ad partes illas regis Angliæ."
  • 2. Sc. Gyll, Thos. Davy, Toker, Evan, and Sharpe, a chorister.