Henry VIII: September 1532, 16-30

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 5, 1531-1532. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1880.

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'Henry VIII: September 1532, 16-30', in Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 5, 1531-1532, (London, 1880) pp. 571-589. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/letters-papers-hen8/vol5/pp571-589 [accessed 20 April 2024]


September 1532, 16-30

16 Sept.
R. O.
1317. Sir John Lamplewgh to Cromwell.
I received your letter by the bearer, concerning the murder of John Curwen, which I have communicated to the bearer. One of the brethren, named Gawyn Borradayle, is suspected of being implicated in the death of the abbot of Holme. I am glad to hear that you are talked about for the master of the wards, and shall be glad to obey your commands. Kendall, 16 Sept.
Hol., p. 1. Add. : Right worshipful. Endd.
16 Sept.
R. O.
1318. John Rokesbie to Cromwell.
I am glad to hear of your health, and thank you for your kindness shown to me at London. I have sent the bill of accounts for Chr. Wellyfed this term, which is very great. The cause is that one of my pupils died of plague in my house, with whom Christopher was conversant; and as I could not tell who was infected, I put him in a place by himself. No one would take him under 2s. 4d. or 2s. 8d. a week. He should not have required other necessaries if he had tarried in this town. Cambridge, 16 Sept.
Hol., p. 1. Add. : Right worshipful , at London.
16 Sept. 1319. The King's Jewels.
See Grants in September, No. 15.
17 Sept.
R. O. Ellis, 3 Ser. II. 196.
1320. Richard Croke (fn. 1) to Cromwell.
After I left, Bartelot, the printer, told me that Goodrycke requested him to advertise the King of certain errors in "The Glasse off Treuthe;" which Bartelot refused, saying he had moved the King in such matters beforetime, and his Grace was not content with it. Though this was told Croke secretly, thinks it his duty to make it known to Cromwell, and that he should get out by policy from Goodricke what errors he notes. Thinks that Bartelot will speak of it to others. Oxford, 17 Sept.
Begs he will remember his lodgings, which have one chamber only. The tower has the roof ready, and timber for another story. 40l. will furnish the whole building according to the first plot, to the great ornament of the house and the King's honor.
Hol. Add. : To the right worshipful and my singular good [friend, Mr.] Crumwel at Austin Friars.
17 Sept.
R. O. St. P. VII. 379.
1321. Benet to [Norfolk].
Are in great anxiety, as they have had no letter from the King for four months. The Old and Young man are therefore in such suspicion that it is not possible to remove it out of their heads. The Old man is, by reason of age and sickness, in danger of his life; and they are afraid of losing both. For this purpose it is thought good "that Sir Gregory should come thither." 17 Sept. 1532.
Hol. Draft.
17 Sept.
Add. MS. 28,585, f. 114. B. M.
1322. Dr. Ortiz to Cobos.
Writes to the Emperor about the Queen's affairs.
Has advised the Ambassador to provide that the sentence given by the Consistory should be put in writing and declared, because he was deceived if he thought it had been put in writing, though he has often said that it was. The Pope told me it had been delayed for good reasons, and that cardinal Cesis would put it in writing instead of Card. Cesarino, who was absent. Cesis has promised me a copy tomorrow.
I have now received it, and send it. You will see that the term is extended for the whole of October, and I think it will last until the victory which God will give to the Emperor.
Will persevere in my demands for the brief. Rome, 17 Sept. 1532.
Sp., pp. 2. Modern copy.
18 Sept.
R. O.
1323. Wm. Lord Sandys to Cromwell.
I send you a list of all the grooms and pages of the King's chamber and of the Wardrobe of Beds for whom no warrant has yet been signed. 1 request they may have their liveries in doublets, hose, and bonnets, as the Guard shall have. For the bill of my receivership at Guisnes please have me in remembrance. I leave one of the grooms to attend on you. London, 18 Sept. 24 Hen. VIII. Signed.
P. 1. Add. : Worshipful. Endd. : Sir Wm. Sandes.
ii. On the back is a list of the servants of the Wardrobe of Beds.
Yeomen : Robt. Lytill, Roland Rygleye, Will. Rigley, John Pate, Edward Floyede, Gylys Churchill. (15s. is written after each of these names.)
Grooms : John Antell 15s., Ric. Daye, John Parker, John Geslyn, John Curson, John Thorgmorton (sic), Walter Badham, John Crunde (?)
Pages : Jerom West, Wm. Reskemer, John Rydley, Wm. Oxonbridge.
In Cromwell's hand.
18 Sept.
Add. MS. 28,585, f. 115. B. M.
1324. Dr. Ortiz to Charles V.
Wrote by the last post that the Pope deferred giving the brief till after the vacation, from a fear of hindering the King from sending a mandate. I think he will defer it longer, as his secretary says his Holiness wishes to see what the Kings of France and England will conclude at this interview. Sir [Gregory] Casal has left for England, to express the Pope's desire that the King should send a mandate, leave his concubine, and restore the Queen; for unless he do this, his Holiness can wait no longer, but is forced to do justice. I think he will not only wait for Casale's reply, but for the victory which God will give your Majesty. I beg you to urge the Pope to grant this brief, even though the King sends a mandate, unless he leaves his concubine and restores the Queen. If a mandate comes, the case will not be finished so soon. The brief would have as much effect as a sentence, for England would rise against the King for his contumacy and schismatic disobedience.
The Pope says he has heard from his Nuncio that the King has received the brief, bidding him send a mandate, but has not yet replied. The sentence of the Consistory has now been put in writing. Rome, 18 Sept. 1532.
Sp., pp. 3. Modern copy.
Add. MS. 28,585, f. 125. B. M.
1325. [Dr. Ortiz to Cobos.]
His two last letters to the Emperor contained an account of his petition for the brief. As the Ambassador had not spoken to the Pope about it for thirty days, I was obliged to beg the Viceroy to demand it in the Emperor's name.
A request came to me from England to ask the Pope for a brief, licensing Thos. Abel to preach, as he has been imprisoned and forbidden to preach because he spoke in favor of the Queen and the Holy See, in answer to others who had maintained the contrary. Obtained the Ambassador's leave to speak to the Pope, who ordered his secretary to draw up a brief. Afterwards I was told by the secretary that both the Pope and Mai thought it not advisable to send it. Said this was impossible, as the Ambassador had consented to my asking for it. Asked Mai again to speak to the Pope on the subject, as otherwise the cause would be greatly prejudiced. This, he said, he would do. But the Pope told me afterwards that Mai thought it had better not be sent. Was silent, as this sort of conduct could not be resisted; but I am in trouble, as I wrote to England that the brief should be sent.
Appended to the original of the above is a copy of the sentence of the Consistory that the King's mandate shall be waited for until the end of Oct., after which the cause will be proceeded with as justice demands.
Sp., pp. 3. Modern copy.
18 Sept.
R. O.
1326. Henry VIII. to .
As the see of Canterbury is now void by the death of the Archbishop, and officers require to be appointed to exercise the spiritual jurisdiction in the late Archbishop's courts during the voidance, requires him to make out a commission to Dr. Gwent, the King's chaplain, to be dean of the Arches and master of the Prerogative; and to Dr. Cocks to be vicar general and auditor of the causes, and to Dr. Pole and Mr. Strete the King's chaplain, to be vicars general, as they were before with Dr. Gwent in the diocese of Coventry and Lichfield. Windsor, 16 Sept. 24 Hen. VIII.
Draft, p. 1. Corrected by Cromwell.
R. O. 2. Another draft of the same letter, dated Windsor, 18 Sept.
P. 1.
19 Sept.
R. O.
1327. Sir Will. Percy to Cromwell.
As to my, late Lady's feoffment, I will satisfy you when I return to London. My brother Josselyn is dead. (fn. 2) His son and heir, Edw. Percy, nine years old, is married to one Walterton,a sorry bargain, his blood considered. I beg you will assist me to his wardship and marriage at a reasonable price. Bushopburton, 19 Sept. Signed.
P. 1. Sealed. Add. : Master of the wards.
19 Sept.
Simancas MS.
1328. News.
Summary of a letter from "El Robio," 19 Sept. 1532.
It is the common opinion that there will be an interview between the kings of England and France, but it is not certain what is to follow about it, except that Mons. di Lanzi "mandara questo estebbi in Ingilterra non scrivi o ritorni." (Sic.)
It is said that as the king of England does not care about the interview, the Grand Master will return from England.
In any event, the kings of England and France will not agree well in doing anything important.
Ital., pp. 2. Modern copy.
19 Sept.
R. O.
1329. Thomas Hollingworth.
24 Hen. VIII., 19 Sept. Certificate that Robt. Whatson and Sir John Thorneby have examined the books of Thos. Hollyngworth at Langforth, and find that "my mayster" owes him 23s. 3d.
There remains in the hands of one Botterworth, for herbage of certain sheep in the park, 40s. or more.
P. 1.

R. O.
1330. Town of Oxford to Henry VIII.
Complaining that their liberties are infringed, and referring their dispute with the university to the King's award.
Copy, Lat., pp. 2.
R. O.
1331. William Freur to Cromwell.
I thank you for your letter sent by your servant to me and my brethren. We have taken counsel as it becomes us, beseeching you to be good master to the town of Oxford, and stay the university that it may not enjoy all its liberties until the King has determined ours. We send a copy of the grant of 29 Edw. III., with another, of our griefs, which we delivered to the King when last at Windsor. The university showed, both to their steward and ours, and also to the judges, that we might come to some agreement about them, to be determined by 12 on each side. Some we arranged, and some we referred to arbitrators. As the university sees that by the laws they cannot use their old fashion, they have put it in the King's hands. Oxford, Sept.
Hol., p. 1. Add. : Treasurer of the King's jewels.
20 Sept.
R. O.
1332. The Mayor of Oxford and others to Cromwell.
We sent you a copy of an obligation by which we intend to be bound in the award of the King concerning the liberties between us and the university. We have sent you a copy of an obligation to be made unto my lord of Suffolk, and Master Treasurer, to the King's use; and, if agreeable, we intend to engross and seal it. Oxford, 20 Sept.
Signed : Wyll'm Freur, mayer : By me, John Austen : By me, Mychell Hethe : Wellyam Flemyng : By me, John Pyy.
P. 1. Add. : Treasurer of the King's jewels.
20 Sept.
R. O.
1333. William Gardner to his Father and Mother.
I desire your blessing. My master has laid out, for making our new coloured coats, 20d. He also bought fustian for lining the upper body of the same, which cost 10d. For making of our last doublets, 14d. For mending two pair of hose, 1d. I beg you will send my brethren and me, "other off us," a pair of shoes against Easter, for we have none except what we wear every day. We also lack points for our hosen. The last were naught and rotten. Send also each of us a cap. God preserve you both, with my brother and sisters. Stooke Talmache, St. Matthew's Eve.
Hol., p. 1. Add. : To my, &c. good father, Master William Gardner, at Grove Place. Endd.
21 Sept.
R. O.
1334. Duke of Suffolk to Cromwell.
Desires him to send for Geo. Cornewall, that he and his servants may be bound to their good "abering" before Cromwell or the keeper of the Great Seal. Dismissed him from his service for divers assaults and affrays committed in his house; and last Wednesday he caused a servant of the Duke's treasurer to be sore hurt. At my manor of Westthrope, 21 Sept. Signed.
P. 1. Add. : Mr. Cromwell.
21 Sept.
Royal MS. C. XVI. f. 71. B. M. Strype's anmer, 681.
1335. Jewels.
Sent from Greenwich to the King, at Hampton Court, by Hen. Norrys, 21 Sept. 24 Hen. VIII.
Seven carkaynes of gold, set with diamonds and other stones. A George, garnished with 16 small diamonds and a rocky pearl in the dragon's belly. A gold chain, Spanish fashion, enamelled white, red, and black. Signed by Norrys.
Pp. 2. Endd.
22 Sept.
R. O.
1336. Robert Norwich to Cromwell.
I have taken acknowledgment of a fine of Mr. Southwell, for the manor of Fyllolys and Cogeshall, according to the draft you sent. I beseech your favor for Mr. Knightley, now in the Fleet, who sues to you for deliverance. He says he has executed the injunction given him when he was committed. As he is one of our flock, I urged this at his desire. My wife and I desired to have seen you in these parts, and hope you will be here at some other time. We thank you for the greyhound sent by Mr. Southwell. Goseys, 22 Sept. Signed.
P. 1. Add. : Master of the Jewels.
22 Sept.
Add. MS. 28,585, f. 117. B. M.
1337. The Imperial Ambassador in France to Charles V.
Wrote last of the arrival of the French king and queen at this town on the 13th, and the departure of the Grand Master for Calais. On Sunday, the 15th, the King swore to the capitulations and treaty of friendship with England, in presence of the English ambassador, and no others. The conditions were not published. On the 21st he told me that the king of England had importuned him for an interview for more than a year, but he had put it off till now, as he had hoped to see the Emperor last year. They were going to meet on Oct. 20, at Boulogne and Calais, and neither would take more than 600 horse. The first day the French king would meet the king of England on the borders of the county of Boulogne, dine there, and then conduct him to the town, where they would remain together for three days, and he would afterwards visit Henry at Calais. The object of their meeting was the defence of Christendom against the Turk. Nothing had been done, nor would be done, to prejudice the treaties between France and the Emperor. He was sure the king of England would give help against the Turk, but not in person. He would tell me what they agreed to do at the interview, that I might inform the Emperor; and would also send to him. He wishes the Emperor success against the Turk, and has ordered the jubilee to be proclaimed in France.
The French queen has miscarried. Ambueso (Amboise), 22 Sept. 1532.
Sp., pp. 6. Modern copy.
23 Sept.
R. O. Ellis, 3 Ser. II. 179.
1338. Richard Croke (fn. 3) to Cromwell.
Has bestowed every copy of the "Glasse of Treuthe." Many besides Roper cannot believe it is the King's writing, and, though they admit his wit, think that he lacketh leisure to search and bolt out so difficult a matter. It is confessed that the book has done more for the King's cause than all that ever has been written, and many have altered their stubborn minds to the contrary,as the bearer, who is learned in Greek and Latin, can inform you. No man can do more than the King has done, and all arguments to the contrary seem very heavy as compared with it. Oxford, 23 Sept.
Hol. Add. : Right worshipful.
23 Sept.
R. O.
1339. Cromwell.
Indenture, 23 Sept. A.D. 1532, 24 Hen. VIII., between Rob. prior of St. Bartholomew, West Smythefeld, London, and Thos. Crumwell, treasurer of the King's jewels, being a lease to the latter of the two manors of Canbery or Canonbery and Cutlers, in the parish of Islington, Midd.
Draft, with corrections in Cromwell's hand, pp. 7, large paper. Endd. : The copy of my master his last lease of Canbery, opteyned of the prior and convent of St. Bartholomew's.
24 Sept.
R. O.
1340. Cromwell to My Lord [Chief Justice FitzJames].
Has received his letters, and has accordingly moved the King touching the election of the abbot of Bruton. As he wrote before to stay the election till the King's title might be tried, "so his high pleasure is that ye shall do if ye see good matter to bear it;" but as he understands that both you and lord Lisle sue for the advancement of the same person to be abbot there, he has directed his letters for that purpose. But if you see cause to stay the election for the trial of his title, "his Grace is therewith right well contented, so that his Highness may me (sic) remembered somewhat, like as your Lordship wrote unto me in your last, which he only remitteth to your wisdom and discretion." He "would as fain that ye were well neighboured as ye would yourself." Will always be ready to do his Lordship service in this and other things. London, 24 Sept.
Draft, in Wriothesley's hand, with corrections by Cromwell, pp. 2.
24 Sept.
R. O.
1341. Sir Will. Gascoigne to Cromwell.
I thank you for your letters. And whereas you wrote that in the trial of robbery supposed to be committed by one Rob. Gyll on one Johnson, of York, there was found in me a great crime, to my slander; careful examination was taken before Sir John Spilman and others, and Gyll was acquitted. If he has defamed me to you that I might not take the law against him, I will be wholly at your disposal. I beg you will have me in remembrance for my cause, of which I spoke to you when I was last with you with Mr. Hynde. I send you an ambling stag (sic) for your saddle. Cussworth, beside Doncaster, 24 Sept. Signed.
P. 1. Add. : Councillor.
24 Sept.
R. O.
1342. Will. Walwyn, Auditor, (fn. 4) to Cromwell.
I am advertised from you by my cousin, Rob. Henege, that you desire a copy of the account taken by me of the manor of Rompney, in the lordship of Newport and co. Wenllonge, anno 23. I send you the certainty of the rents, &c. Gives the particulars. The lands are very good for all kinds of corn. Enters into a statement of the fines, rents, and royalties. I beg you will be good master to my brother, Fulke Walwyn, of the age of 58 years, a decayed mercer in London. His felicity is daily to serve God in the Church upon his knees, by which he has taken such a cold that his legs are much the worse. The late abbot of Westminster promised me before his brethren to help my brother to be one of the King's almsmen at Westminster. My lady Norwyche will thank you heartily for the same. Kensington, 24 Sept.
Hol., p. 1. Add. : The King's councillor. Endd.
24 Sept.
R. O.
1343. University of Oxford to Henry VIII.
Submitting to his judgment their disputes with the town. Oxford, in the Convocation house, 24 Sept. 1532, 24 Hen. VIII.
Lat., on vellum. Seal attached, mutilated.
25 Sept.
Vesp.C.VII.41. B. M.
1344. Henry VIII. to Lewis Infant of Portugal.
Has conferred a grant of arms on Don Diego Roiz Pinto, a Portuguese, and his brothers, for his services. Requests the Infant to obtain licence from the King his brother for them to use the said arms. Greenwich, 25 Sept. 1532.
Lat., draft. Add.
25 Sept.
Add. MS. 28,585, f. 120. B. M.
1345. Rodrigo Nio to Charles V.
The Doge has had letters from Rome of the 20th, saying that the kings of England and France will hold an interview. The French say it is for the benefit of Christendom, but most persons think they will treat of the divorce and a new marriage. Some believe the Dauphin will marry the princess of Wales, and the King the daughter of the king of France. Said I thought this impossible, as the king of England could not marry till he is divorced, and then the Princess would be incapable of succession. It was not to be believed that the French king would give his daughter to the King without a divorce. I thought the interview would consist of jousts and banquets. The Doge replied that it could not be of much importance, considering the state of Christendom, as all depends upon your Majesty's success against the Turk. * * * Venice, 25 Sept. 1532.
Sp., pp. 9. Modern copy.
26 Sept.
R. O.
1346. The Friars Observants.
Warrant under the sign manual to Cromwell, as master of the jewels, to deliver to the Friars Observants, now at their general chapter at Richmond, to be employed as alms, 6l. 13s. 4d. Greenwich, 26 Sept. 24 Hen. VIII.
26 Sept.
R. O.
1347. Sir J. Russell to Cromwell.
I send you the plate which I promised to send on Friday next, but send now, not knowing your haste. Send me a receipt. I trust to see you on Monday or Tuesday at home. Cheynes, 26 Sept.
I have spoken with Mr. Pen in the matter you desired, and he is well contented. Signed.
P. 1. Add. : Councillor.
26 Sept.
Vit. B. XIII. 216. B. M. Pocock, II. 322.
1348. The Turks.
Extracts from letters to Jacopo [Salviati], respecting the operations of the Turks at Coron. Coron, 23 Sept. 1532.
Two postscripts of the 25th and 26th on the same subject.
Lat., mutilated.
27 Sept.
R. O.
1349. Sir Ambrose Cave to Sir Giles Russell.
Asks him, while he is in London, if Mr. Treasurer, or any other of the religion, are there, to desire Mr. Doctor to require visitors for him. Russell knows, as well as he, who is next to him. Mr. Pemberton's commandry is 100 miles away, at least. Asks Russell to be one of the visitors; and the other, whoever my Lord will appoint, either Mr. Cowpledicke or Mr. Hills or Mr. Treasurer. Does not wish them to bring too large a company. If they do, will lodge their servants at dice and cards by the fire. Has written also to Mr. Doctor. Has no news from the Peak worth writing. Styd, 27 Sept. 1532.
Asks him to send any news of the religion to him at Stanford.
Hol., p. 1. Add. : To Sir Gylls Russell, commander [of B]asford and Dingley, at London.
[27 Sept.]
R. O.
1350. King Henry the Eighth's College.
Undated draft of the grant of 27 Sept. 24 Hen. VIII., printed in Rymer, XIV. 443. (See Grants in September, No. 23.)
The name of Sir Anthony Browne occurs in this draft in place of Sir John Russell.
27 Sept.
R. O.
1351. St. George's Chapel, Windsor.
Grant by Henry VIII. to John bishop of Lincoln, Sir Thos. Audeley, keeper of the Great Seal, Sir Wm. Fitzwilliam, treasurer of the Household, Sir Wm. Poulet, controller of the same, John Fitzjames, chief justice of the King's Bench, Rob. Norwich, chief justice of the Common Pleas, Thos. Crumwell, master or treasurer of the Jewels, Hen. Norres, esquire of the Royal Body, Thos. Hennege, gentleman of the Privy Chamber, and Sir Anth. Brown, knight of the Royal Body, to the use of the dean and canons of St. George's Chapel, Windsor, of the site of the abbey of Lyesnes, and the manors of Lyesnes and Fauntz, Kent; a marsh at Benflete, Essex; the advowson of the rectories of Alnethle and Mountnesing, Essex, and Welkestede or Godstone, Surrey; and the messuages at Crepilgate and Blanchapleton, in London, which belonged to the said abbey. Also the site of the priory of St. Mary Magdalene, Tonbrige, with the manors of Tonbrige, Lamporte, and Bernes in Brenchesley, Kent; the advowsons of the rectories of Lighe, Brenchesley, Yalding, and Tudeley, Kent, an annual rent of 40s. from the church of Elmeley, Kent; the lands called Bromys in Lomwod, Kent; and all manors, &c. in Lamporte, Tonbrige, Lomwod, Holland in Speldhurst, Yalding, Ligh cum Hollinden, Nysell, Lemanstoke, Rolfhogges in Wythiham, Shipborn and Stanford, Kent, which came to the King by Wolsey's attainder. Also the manor of Brokeley or Westgrenewich, Kent; the advowson of the rectories of Haylesham, Sussex, Pepingbery, Kent, and Wyset, Suff.; rents of 20s. from the rectory of Spexsall, Suff., 20s. from the rectory of Heslingfeld, 6s. 8d. from the rectory of Cove, 15s. for a portion of tithes in Chedstan, Suff., payable by the prior of Pentney; 3s. 4d. for tithes issuing from the church of Holton; 2s. 4d. for a portion of tithes in Ketilbargh; 16s. 8d. for tithes in Sypton, payable by the abbot of Sypton; 10s. for tithes in Elkeshall, payable by the prioress of Bungey; 26s. 8d. for tithes issuing from the rectory of Banham, Norf.; 40s. for tithes in Cossay, payable by the master of St. Giles' hospital, Norwich; 26s. 8d. for tithes in Bawburgh, payable by the prior of Holy Trinity, Norwich; 6s. 8d. for tithes in Wylloby, payable by the rector of Wylloby; 6s. 8d. rent for the pension of the ch. of Wylloby; 3s. rent for tithes in Swaffham, payable by the abbot of Westminster; 2s. rent for small tithes in Swaffham, payable by the vicar; 26s. 8d. for tithes in Parva Abingdon, Norf., also the advowsons of the rectories of Wykes, Tolshunt Darcey, and Boxsted, Essex, with tithes of corn and hay of Horkesley and Tolshunt; 30s. rent for tithes in Purley, Essex; 13s. 4d. rent for tithes in Preston; 2s. rent for tithes in Swyllond or Swynysland, Suff.; the advowson of the rectory of St. Matthew's without Ipswich, with the tithes of that church and of the chapel of St. Mary, Ipswich; the advowson of the rectory of Westbromwich, Staff., with tithes of corn there. Also the manor of Donton Basset, Leic., and Hill in Little Sutton, Warw., with advowsons of Donton Basset and Rakedale, Leic.; and all messuages, &c. in Donton Basset, Leyre and Rakedale, Leic.; and Little Sutton, Sutton Colfeld, and Whiteacre, Warw., which belonged to the priory of Canwell, Staff. Also the manors of Wallingford and Westhenred, Berks, the advowson of Shobingdon, Bucks; annual rents of 100s. in Garsington, Oxon, 5s. payable by the vicar of Aston, 2s. payable by the rector of Chynnor, 10s. for tithes in Aston, and 7s. for tithes in Chynnor, Oxon; 40s. for tithes in Creswell, in the parish of Buklond, 33s. 4d. for tithes in Southmorton, 40s. for tithes in Molesford, 46s. 8d. for tithes in Donton, 6s. 8d. for tithes in Temysford, 6s. 8d. for tithes in Donyngton, all in co. Berks; 16s. for tithes in Estclaydon [Bucks], 10s. for tithes in Gangelsden, Berks, 7s. 4d. for tithes in Shaw, Herts, 11s. for tithes in Kymbell, Bucks, 6s. 8d. for tithes in Redborn, and 16s. for tithes in Swyndon, Wilts, and all messuages, &c. in Wallingford, Westhenreth, Clopcote, Creswell, Bucklond, Southmorton, Ardington, Sotwell, Brightwell, Huddesbuddes, Northmoreton, Aston Torald, and Molesford, Berks, which belonged to the priory of Wallingford. Also the manors of Oteham and Bullokestown in Wythiham, and a messuage in Kychenham, Sussex, and all messuages, &c. in Haylesham, Lamporte in Bourne, Bullokestown in Wythiham, Coveherst and Coveling, Wichlenden, Cottesforde and Detling in Orgate, Sussex, and in Pepingbery Magna and Parva, Kent, which belonged to the abbey of Begham, Sussex. Also the advowson of Blewbery, one of the prebends of Salisbury cathedral; the site of the priory of Raunston, Bucks, with a water-mill in Ravenston; the advowsons of Raunston, and of Maryborn and Tyborn, Midd., with the tithes belonging to the same; and all messuages, &c. in Raunston, Weston, Pedington, and Stokegoldington, Bucks, which came to the King by Wolsey's attainder.
Draft, pp. 12, large paper.
R. O. 2. Letters patent of the above, dated Westm., 27 Sept. 1532, with the name of Sir John Russell in place of Sir Anth. Brown. Great Seal attached, but mutilated.
27 Sept.
Vit. B. XXI. 74. B. M. Pocock, II. 324.
1352. Henry VIII. to Ernest Duke Of Brunswick.
Desires credence for Nicholas Hawkyns, archdeacon of Ely, whom he sends as an ambassador to the Emperor. Greenwich, 27 Sept. 1532. Not signed.
Lat., mutilated. Add.
Vit. B. XXI. 74.* B. M. 2. Henry VIII. to Philip Duke Of Brunswick.
A similar letter. Greenwich, 27 Sept. 1532. Not signed.
Lat., mutilated, p. 1. Add.
Ibid., f. 76. 3. The Same to Philip Landgrave Of Hesse.
A similar letter. Greenwich, 27 Sept. 1532. Not signed.
Lat., mutilated, p. 1. Add.
Ibid., f. 75. 4. The Same to William and Lewis, Dukes Of Bavaria.
A similar letter. Greenwich, 27 Sept. 1532. Not signed.
Lat., mutilated, p. 1. Add.
Ibid., f. 74.** 5. The Same to Wolphang Prince Of Anhalt.
A similar letter. Greenwich, 27 Sept. 1532. Not signed.
Lat., mutilated, p. 1. Add.
27 Sept.
Simancas MS.
1353. Mai to Charles V.
Extract of a letter dated Rome, 27 Sept. 1532.
Wrote previously that the king of England wished to marry the Pope's niece. Hears now that his marriage with the daughter of the king of France will be spoken of at this interview. The Pope is informed of everything, and that these proposals are intended to injure the Queen in the divorce case. The Pope has again promised to do justice, and the cardinal of Ancona is very resolute. Has just appointed Juan Colardi procurator. Hopes to attain the end, unless they try some more tricks, to which the Pope says he will not consent.
Asked the Pope to press the league, as the French say they will not arm till next year. We have written about it to the bishop of Veruli, although the French are enlisting Swiss, to serve, as they say, in Brittany.
Sp., p. 1. Modern copy.
29 Sept.
R. O.
1354. Christopher Hales to Cromwell.
I thank you for your last. I hear the King intends to be at Sherland, Mr. Cheyny's place, on Saturday next; but I hear not whether he proposes to be at Canterbury, nor the time of his coming. If he comes to Sherland I will wait upon him there, or at any other place. John Antony desires me to send your horses to Gravesend. Let me know when, and how many, and I will send them. You write to me of my new house at St. Stephen's, which you have heard say I shall have. I pray you help me thereunto. My wife is now near her lying in, so that I cannot remove her from Canterbury to any other place. I pray you, therefore, be content with the worst lodging that ever ye had in any poor friend's house. Canterbury, Michaelmas Day.
Let me know how our Parliament shall succeed, whether to be kept at the day fixed, or to be prorogued.
Hol., p. 1. Add. : Councillor and Master of the Jewels. Sealed.
29 Sept.
R. O.
1355. John Ryton, [Abbot of Rewley,] to Cromwell.
Though I am an old man, the young do teach me to school, for I am compelled to keep them which be my enemies, and show themselves my tyrants. I have been always glad to oblige the King's servants, and lodge his horses at my poor house. They have reported to the Master of the Horse that my stables are good, whereas there are no worse in Oxfordshire, and the rent of assize of the house exceeds not 140l. If I should be accompanied with Italians, I shall not be long in the world. My cousin, Mr. Thomas Palmer, sent me word that the Master of the Horse promised him that neither horse nor man should be lodged with me. I pray you defend me from them. Ruley, Michaelmas Day.
Hol., p. 1. Add. : Right worshipful.
29 Sept.
R. O.
1356. Thomas Hall to Cromwell.
I delivered your letters to my neighbour, Mr. Prior of Huntingdon. (fn. 5) He is too much troubled with disease in his limbs to go or ride. The house is in great debt, and, at his entry, wanted all things necessary. I beg by your charity he may have convenient days for payment of the King's dues. Huntingdon, Feast of St. Michael.
Hol., p. 1. Add. : Of the King's council.
29 Sept.
R. O.
1357. The Great Wardrobe.
Accounts of the Wardrobe from Mich. 23 to Mich. 24 Hen. VIII., showing the expenditure on liveries for five or six henchmen under warrants of different dates. Pp. 6. Endd. : For the hensemen in the Great Warderop.
R. O. 2. A portion of a roll of accounts of the Great Wardrobe for Mich. 24 Hen. VIII.
Large paper, pp. 5.
29 Sept.
R. O.
1358. Jehan De La Haye, Commissary, to Henry VIII.
Is sorry the King is dissatisfied with him for not depriving friars Robenson and Cursun of every office. Vicars of convents are not officers either of the rule or of the statutes, else he would have done it. Begs him to give order that fathers Petooy and Hilston be sent back. From the convent of Greenwich, Sunday, Michaelmas Day. Signed.
Fr., p. 1. Add.
29 Sept.
R. O.
1359. The Suppressed Monasteries.
Account of arrears due to the King at Mich. 24 Hen. VIII. from the lands of the suppressed monasteries of Lessonnes, Tonbrige, Beghame, Romborow, Snape, Typtre, Sanwall, Canwall, Tykeforde, Wallingford, Rauneston, Felyxstowe and Falkenhame, St. Peter's Ipswich, Wykes, Thoby.
Pp. 5. Title on fly leaf : "The suppressed lands."
ii. Assignments on the above lands to the college at Oxford by the King's warrant.
P. 1.

R. O.
1360. For the Knights Of St. John.
Draft patent granting them the manor of Stanesgate, Essex, with lands in Stanesgate, Tyllingham, Totham Magna and Totham Parva, Steple Ramesey, Woodham Mortymer, Typtre, Mesinges, Tolshunt Tregoz, Tolshunt Darcie, and Maldon, Essex, which belonged to the late monastery of Stanesgate; also the rectories of Stanesgate, Steple, and Reynham, &c.; a wharf called Brookes Warfe alias Dockynges Wharfe, in the parish of St. Michael, Quenehith, in the ward of Quenehith, London; all which came to the King by Wolsey's attainder :in exchange for the manors of Bridewell and Hampton Court, with messuages in Chancery Lane, and in the parish of St. [Bride] the Virgin, which the Knights have conveyed to Sir Will. Poulet, Sir Chr. Hales, Baldwin Malet, and Thos. Cromwell, to the King's use, appointing Hugh Whalleye, Ralph Saddeyler, and Will. Braboro their attorneys to deliver seisin.
Large paper, pp. 13. The beginning is lost, and the whole is much injured by damp.
29 Sept.
Harl. MS. 3,881, f. 32 b. B. M.
1361. Geo. Earl Of Huntingdon.
Compotus of the lands and manors of George earl of Huntingdon for one year, ending Mich. 24 Hen. VIII.
Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire : Lands at Brehill, Aston Bampton, Stanlake, Gallofere, Broughton, Nether Sywyn, Bledlow, Stoke Mulys, and Aston Molens, 262l. 3s. 1d.Devon and Cornwall : Penhale, Crakhampton, Codford Fayzeley, Hilton, Dupford, Stanborow, Wyke Cobham, Langford, Pengelly, Trevygo, Parke, Davaunte, Ryllaton Peverell, Hervena, Hendra, Retyre and Kyrres, Namatethy, Newland, Southpole, Harleston, Sutton Lacy, Wolmeston, and Plymtre, 411l. 8s. 5d.Somerset and Wiltshire : Ley, Wytley, Rowdon and Chippenham, Gore, Orston George, Rusteshall, Crowell in Crow, Bapton, Fysharton, Wynterborne Stoke, Box, Warmynster, Honybruge, Newton Seyntlow, Publow cum Pensford, 279l. 1s. 11d.
Lat., p. 1. Modern copy.
29 Sept.
R. O.
1362. Christchurch Priory, London.
Draft Bill of Privy Seal for the discharge of Richard Gressham and Edw. Altham, late sheriffs of London, in respect of a yearly pension of 100s. granted by former kings to the prior and convent of Christchurch, London, for the monks of Tower Hill, which has been paid to Thos. Cromwell to the King's use, for the year ended Mich. 24 Hen. VIII.
30 Sept.
R. O.
1363. John Reskymer.
Deed by which John Reskymer, son and heir of John Reskymer, deceased, grants to John Humfray and Joan his wife, John Humfray and Will. Humfra, their sons, in survivorship, a toft in Marhasbean, and three closes described by their names and situations, at a rent of 28s. 6d. Also appoints John Penros and Jas. Chynowith his attorneys to deliver seisin. Marhasbean, 30 Sept. 24 Hen. VIII.
30 Sept.
Add. MS. 28,585, f. 127. B. M.
1364. Dr. Ortiz to the Empress.
Wrote last that the Pope had postponed sending the brief till after the vacation; and I am sure that he will put it off still longer, as his secretary says that he knows the Pope waits to see what the kings of France and England will conclude at their interview. [Sir Gregory] Casale has left for England, with an order from the Pope to the King to leave his concubine and restore the Queen, for unless he does this his Holiness must proceed to do justice. I think he will wait for the victory the Emperor is about to gain, as well as for Casale's answer. A victory will soon bring the suit to an end. After the vacation will be a suitable time to ask for the brief, even if the King send a mandate, if he does not discard the concubine and restore the Queen. Will persevere in my demands. If the mandate arrives the cause will not be finished so soon. The brief will produce as much effect as a sentence, for the people would rise against the King.
The Pope has learned from his Nuncio that the King has received the brief bidding him send a mandate, but he has sent no answer to it. The sentence given in the Consistory has now been put in writing. Encloses a copy. Rome, 30 Sept. 1532.
Sp., pp. 4. Modern copy.
ii. Copy of the sentence.
Ibid., f. 129. 2. English translation of the above.
30 Sept.
R. O.
1365. The Princess Mary.
The third penny from the profits of the oxen and sheep spent in the household of the lady Mary, for one year ending 30 Sept. 24 Hen. VIII. 158 ox hides, at 4s. to 4s. 7d., 33l. 9s. 8d. 81 doz. and 9 sheepskins, viz., "wolfelles," "sherlinges," and "winterfelles," 31l. 13s. 2d. 65 wey 2 st. 7lb. "cep~" (qu. sebum, tallow?) at 12s. the wey, 39l. 1s. 3d. 9 lb. wool, 3s. Total, 104l. 7s. 2d.
Victuals sold, 36 q. 5 b. 3 p. wheat, 14l. 2s. 8d. 24 loaves, 16d. Spices, 5s. 6d. 32 ling, 26s. 5d. 1 cod, 4d. 15 q. charcoal, 5s. Total, 16l. 1s. 3d.

R. O.
1366. Dr. John London to [Cromwell].
The words in which you admonish me have caused me great heaviness. Not that I am faulty in the matter, but I grieve to be noted in anywise as acting irreverently to the King. It is not true, as reported, that I should be against the King's matter in Oxford. I consented to everything that was done, and I refer you to Dr. Bell and Mr. Bedell, the King's chaplains, for my conduct on that occasion, and also at my lord of Lincoln and Mr. Almoner's coming there. Some person, who did the King no service, "hath imagined to find adversaries unto this matter, and so to pick thank." I gave my consent before the whole university; and when I was last in London I told you, as I told you now; and I have made means to my lord of Lincoln for a long time to be suitor for me to the King, for I have been very heavy at this charge. Mr. Leghton brought me the King's letter for a book concerning the original grounds of the prmunire, in which were many things of antiquity touching the King's matter, and I delivered it to him without delay. One Howell, the King's servant, brought me the King's letters for a widow, my college tenant, as well to have the widow as the lease of her farm; and this I did accomplish. Mr. Norys, Mr. Long, and others can testify of my towardly doings therein; and wherever I find occasion to oblige the King or any pertaining to my lady Marquess, (fn. 6) I do my duty, as Mr. Barlow and Mr. Taylor, her servants, can testify. At my now coming up, I beg you to help me, that I may declare myself true subject to the King; and I have desired my lord of Lincoln, Dr. Bell, and Mr. Bedell to declare my doings in Oxford. Let it be tried whether I ever spoke such foul and irreverent words, or heard others speak them. I suspect none but Sir Jonys, who, at leaving Oxford, said to the King's servants and officers of the town and university, he trusted to find means that I should be brought up shortly, as he was. Five days before he was fetched, I, with the Commissary, examined him on certain points of heresy, which I had from Mr. Chancellor of London, and we took bail for his appearance. When he was delivered to the King's servants, I found upon him, in a bag under his jacket, a figure of necromancy, entitled Vindicta Troj. I digged out of the ground the moles he had made, and caused the Commissary to bring them up, with divers books of unlawful study. Therefore, he does not care what evil reports he makes of me. If it come from any other, let me know my accusers. I know I have some adversaries. Let me have some comfort of you, as you will find me innocent.
Hol., pp. 3. Endd. by Wriothesley, inaccurately, [The bishop (fn. 7) ] of London.

Calig. B. VIII. 8. B. M. St. P. IV. 586.
1367. Scotland.
"Articles credential given by the King's highness to his trusty servant Carlisle, herald-at-arms, for answer unto the credence lately declared unto his Grace by Thomas Scot."
1. After delivering the King's letters and recommendations to the king of Scots, he shall say that though Henry has made verbal answer to Thos. Scot, yet, as James complains that no report was made to him of a former answer given by the King, the King, at his nephew's request, gave strict orders to his wardens not to "receipt" Scotch rebels; which command he trusts they have observed, and if not they shall answer for it. It was not the King's fault if James has not been informed, before this, of his answer made to Patrick Sinclair.
2. It is quite true that the King instructed his wardens to appoint the first meeting on the West Borders, where most need was. It may be that the earl of Northumberland, before receiving the King's orders, had complained of attemptates on the East Borders, and desired a meeting, but he has since conformed to the King's instructions. If redress on the Scotch part has been delayed by the plague, Henry hopes James will have it done without further "tract."
3. The King has no information of the outrage committed, 30 Aug. last, by Northumberland and lord Dacre's men in Tivedale, and the taking of the lord of Buccleuch. The Earl, on the contrary, complains of a forage in Tynedale and Berwick bounds; but if it be proved, justice shall be done.
4. As to the complaint that rebels of Riddesdale are allowed to come to Carlisle, the King will see reformation thereof.
5. If the king of Scots has exposed his person in vain for the reformation of attemptates, let him ascribe the blame where it is due.
6. As to the complaint that Angus was suffered to remain on the Borders, he shall remind James that by the last treaty Angus was allowed to remain in England in the hope that he might have been reconciled to James through the King's mediation, and it was thought more convenient that he should remain near the Borders than anywhere about the King. Nevertheless, Henry would have been more inclined to satisfy his good brother if the latter had shown any readiness to administer justice.
7. As to the suggestion that by causing his wardens to keep diets and not favor rebels, and by removing Angus and his friends, the King would avoid the imputation of being an unkind uncle, Henry trusts his deeds will not merit such a character in the opinion of wise men.
8. As to the announcement that James has sent a commission to the duke of Albany to treat for his marriage with Magdalene, daughter of the French king, or else with the duchess of Urbino, the King is willing to forward his marriage with the duchess of Urbino.
9. It is true, that at the conclusion of the last truce, which was made the longer in order that James might be of full age before its expiry, it was provided that ambassadors should be sent in the meantime for the conclusion of a peace. In this intention the King still persists. Signed at the top.

R. O.
1368. Edmund Knyghtley to Cromwell.
I perceive by my brother, who has now gone out of town, that you are my good friend. I hear the same from Sir John Russell. You know my trouble. I beg you to consider the poor honesty that God and the King have called me to, and the plague with which Fleet Street is now sore infected, to my no little danger, beside my imprisonment. Move the King to have pity on me. From the Fleet.
Hol., p. 1. Add. : Councillor.

R. O.
1369. Norfolk to Cromwell.
You shall hear tomorrow morning, if all things stand well with your folks, as I trust it shall. I have deferred the Easterlings' cause till you come. You must bring no one with you that was with your sister after she was sick. If you have not already sent to my wife, pray forbear till I have spoken with you. Saturday.
Hol., p. 1. Add. : To my right trusty friend, Master Cromwell.
Sept./Grants. 1370. Grants in September 1532.
1. Anne Rocheford (Anne Boleyn), one of the daughters of Thomas earl of Wiltshire and Ormond, keeper of the Privy Seal. Charter, granting her, in tail male, the title of marchioness of Pembroke. Witnesses not given [1 Sept.]. S.B. Pat. 24 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 26.
(2.) Two drafts of the preceding in R. O. in Wriothesley's hand, with witnesses as in the next charter.
2. Anne Rocheford, who was created marchioness of Pembroke on the 1st Sept. inst. Charter granting her and her heirs the prerogative and pre-eminence due to her title of marchioness in the realms of England and France. Witnesses : Edward archbp. of York; Stephen bp. of Winchester, the King's secretary; John bp. of London; Thomas duke of Norfolk, treasurer of England; Charles duke of Suffolk, steward marshal; Thomas earl of Wiltshire, keeper of the Privy Seal; John earl of Oxford, the King's chamberlain; George earl of Shrewsbury, steward of the King's household; Thomas Audeley, knt., keeper of the Great Seal; William lord Sandys of Vynes, chamberlain of the King's household; Walter Devereux lord Ferrers; William Fitzwilliam, treasurer of the King's household, and William Powlet, comptroller of the same, knts., and others. Windsor, 1 Sept. 24 Hen. VIII. S.B. Pat. p. 1, m. 26.
(2.) Draft of the preceding in Wriothesley's hand in R. O.
3. Anne Rocheford, one of the daughters and heirs of Thomas earl of Wiltshire and Ormond, keeper of the Privy Seal, created marchioness of Pembroke by charter 1 Sept. 24 Hen. VIII. Annuity of 1,000l. for life out of the issues of the honor, manor, or lordship of Hunnesdon, Herts, and of the manors of Stansted Abbot, Roydon, Bourehouse, Pisso, Filolls, and Coxhall, Herts and Essex; and of all Crown lands in co. Pembroke, and in Gilgarran, Emlyn, Diffrynbryan, Maynardove, Kenendrym, Llanstephan, Penryn, Oyesterlowe, Traynclynton, Westhaverforde, Llewelleston, Roche, Sayntismells, and Camrosse, S. Wales. S B. (undated.) Pat. 24 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 25 (undated).
(2.) Fair copy of the preceding in R. O. Large paper, pp. 2.
4. Wm. Buttes, M.D. Grant in tail male of the manor of Panyngton, with appurtenances in Whersted, Suff., except the advowson of the church or rectory of Whersted, which premises are in the King's hand by the attainder of Thomas cardinal archbishop of York. Woodstock, 16 Aug. 24 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 2 Sept.P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 18.
5. Th. Lye and John Borowgh. To have the office of one gunner in the Tower of London, formerly held by Jas. Nedeham, with fees of 6d. a day; on surrender by Ric. Beste of pat. 12 Jan. 18 Hen. VIII. Ampthill, 24 July 24 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 2 Sept.P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 29.
6. Wm. Legh, gentleman usher of the King's chamber. Reversion of the office of comptroller of all pleas of fines, amercements, &c. received and made before the justices of North Wales, with fees of 8d. a day out of the issues of the principality of North Wales; which office was granted to John Lawton for life by patent 25 Sept. 1 Hen. VII. Reading, 29 Aug. 24 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm.P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 19.
7. Richard Cecyll, page of the Wardrobe of Robes. Lease of the messuages, &c. in Esyngdon, Rutland, and the pasture called Shenyngthorpe, Linc., with reversions, of which a 21 years' lease was granted to his father, David Cecyll, by patent 1 Aug. 9 Hen. VIII.; for the term of 60 years from Mich. A.D. 1538, on the termination of the said David's lease, at the annual rent of 18l. 3s. 4d. payable to the receiver of Warwiklands, to the treasurer of the King's chamber, or at the receipt of Exchequer. Greenwich, 29 June 24 Hen. VIII. Teste Westm., . P.S. Pat. (4 Sept. 24 Hen. VIII.) p. 1, m. 19.
8. John Willyams. Grant in fee of the annual rent of 27l. reserved by John Burton, late prior of the monastery of St. Frediswide in Oxford, in a 60 years' lease of the manor of Overwinchingdon, Bucks, rectory, parsonage and glebe lands, and tithes belonging to the said rectory, and to the vicarage of Overwinchindon, with the right of presentation to the said vicarage; which lease the convent granted by indenture dated 26 March 9 Hen. VIII. to Petronilla Nasshe, widow, and John Goodwyn. Also grant of the reversion of the said manor, &c., which belongs to the King by the suppression of the said monastery, as appears by inquisition taken at Aylisbury, Bucks, 9 Dec. 16 Hen. VIII., before Richard Ruthall, escheator, and was granted by patent 1 July 17 Hen. VIII. to Thomas late cardinal archbp. of York, attainted, as appears by an inquisition taken by commission at Aylesbury, 4 Oct. 22 Hen. VIII., before Sir Robert Lee, John Baldewyn, and Roger Gifford. Del. Westm., 4 Sept. 24 Hen. VIII.S.B. Pat. p. 1, m. 26.
9. Alan Daggenall alias Guysnes, one of the King's pursuivants. Grant of the office of herald, with the title of Yorke. Windsor, 31 Aug. 24 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 4 Sept.P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 21.
10. John West, one of the yeomen of the Guard. Reversion of 6d. a day as fee of the Crown, on death, surrender, or forfeiture of Thomas Totheby, Edward Ingham, Richard Foster, William Pole, Simon Burton, Laurence Seerl, Robert Bardwell, Edmund Levesey, John Bedon, George Node, William Dawe, Griffin Rede, or Hugh Darcey. Ewelme, 28 Aug. 24 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 5 Sept.P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 24.
11. For the monastery of SS. Peter and Paul, Mochelney. Assent to the election of Thomas Ynde, (fn. 8) as abbot, on the resignation of John Sirborn, the last abbot. Windsor, 2 Sept. 24 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 6 Sept.S.B. Pat. p. 2, m. 18.
ii. Petition for the above. Dated 28 Aug. 24 Hen. VIII.
12. Robert Adeleston, clk. Presentation to the parlsh church of Suthwutton, Norfolk, Norwich dioc. Del. Westm., 7 Sept. 24 Hen. VIII.S.B. Pat. (undated) p. 1, m. 23.
13. Master John Brereton, canon of London, doctor of decrees. Pardon for having obtained a bull, dated at St. Peter's, Rome, viii. kal. Mar. A.D. 1531, 9th Clement VII., authorizing him, if the mastership or custody of the Augustine hospital of St.Bartholomew, in West Smythfeld, near and against the walls of London, should be committed to him, (which mastership or custody was lately held in commendam by Edward Staple, bp. of Meath, by Apostolic dispensation, and is now void,) to hold the same in commendam, along with other incompatible benefices, the said John being then priest and chaplain of King Henry VIII., canon and prebendary of St. Paul's, London, and St. Stephen's, London dioc., and having obtained by dispensation the parish churches of Malpas and Cristelton, Cov. and Lich. dioc.This patent also ratifies the bull, and allows the said John to publish the same, and put it into execution. Reading, 9 Aug. [24 Hen. VIII.] Del. Westm., 7 Sept.P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 32. (Rymer, XIV. 440.)
14. Francis Pyssher, a Piedmontese. To be one of the King's runners or posts; with fees of 12l. 3s. 4d. a year. Windsor, 15 Sept. 24 Hen. VIII.P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 17. (undated). (Rymer, XIV. 433.)
15. Thos. Cromwell, master and treasurer of the Jewels. Warrant authorizing him to pay the following sums to Rob. Draper, yeoman of the Jewel-house; viz., 1, for half a fardell of Normandy canvass for making bags for the jewels and plate, 50s. Item, for 60 ells of ell-broad cloth, at 8d. the ell, for the clothing of the same. Item, for 80 yards of white Walshe frese to lay between gilt bowles, &c. to save the gilding, at 7d. a yard, 46s. 8d. Item, for 12 new "coofers and standertes" for the jewels to be trussed in, at 30s. each, 18l. Item, for mending 8 old coofers or standertes, and new covering the same with new leather, and mending the locks and keys, at 6s. 8d. each, 53s. 4d. Item, for 2 new bare hides for the covering of the carts with the said jewels and plate, 6l. Item, for certain cases of leather for the trussing of cups and bowls of gold, 20s. And for a load of hay for trussing the said jewels and plate into the said "coofers," 8s. 4d. Sum total of this warrant, 35l. 3s. 4d. Dated Windsor Castle, 16 Sept. 24 Hen. VIII. S.B., not filed.
16. Thomas Dyer, one of the stewards of the King's Chamber. Annuity of 6l. 13s. 4d. for life, out of the manor or lordship of Charleton Camvyle super Horethowdon, Somers. Ewelme, 27 Aug. 24 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 16 Sept.P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 17.
17. Wm. Barlee, clk. Presentation to the parish church of Market Bosworth, Linc. dioc., void by death. Langley, 21 Aug. 24 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm, 20 Sept. P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 23.
18. Edm. Lomnor. Reversion of the offices of overseer of the small custom and subsidy of tunnage and poundage, and of the different customers and collectors thereof, in the port of London; and overseer of the bills called "cokketts," &c.; with the regulation of the custom-house wherries in the said port, and 36l. 16s. 4d. a year for himself and 10l. a year for a clerk, out of the small customs and subsidy aforesaid; which premises were granted to Thomas Palmer, one of the gentlemen ushers of the Chamber, by patent 22 Aug. 11 Hen. VIII. Chelsehith, 21 Sept. Pat. 24 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 1.
19. Humph. Forster. Licence to enfeoff Sir Wm. Sandys lord Sandys, Sir Wm. Paulett, Sir Wm. Barantyne, Sir Wm. Essex, Sir John Wallop, Sir Arthur Darcy, Leonard Chamberleyn, Robert Puttenham, Giles Forster, Ralph Vyne, Peter Symons, and Wm. Robynson, and their heirs, to the use of the said Humphrey and his heirs, of the manor of Aldermanston, Berks. Westm., 23 Sept.Pat. 24 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 32.
20. Sir Wm. Musgrave. To be constable or keeper of the castle of Bewcastell, Cumb., with all lands, &c. in Bewcastell Dale, Cumb., late of Sir John Middelton, the park or lawn of Plompton in Inglewod forest, and common of pasture in the said forest, with power to build houses, &c. in said park or lawn; and an annual rent of 20l. out of the issues of the manor or lordship of Sourby. Del. Westm., 23 Sept. 24 Hen. VIII.S.B. Pat. p. 1, m. 23, and p. 2, m. 32.
21. Wm. Tyldesley, page of the Chamber. Grant of a messuage called the "henchemens chambre" at Westminster, above the King's bakehouse, with a cottage at the "steirefote" adjoining; also the King's bakehouse aforesaid, &c. Windsor, 1 Sept. 24 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 24 Sept. P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 34.
22. Wm. Sandys de le Vyne, K.G., lord Sandys, King's chamberlain. To be receiver general of the earldom and lordship of Guyssnes, in the marches of Calais, with fees of 18d. a day, payable by the treasurer of the town and marches of Calais, and all other emoluments and authority enjoyed in that office by John Baty, Gilbert Husey, Master Martin de Joyce or Richard Basford. Greenwich, 25 Sept. 24 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 27 Sept.P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 18.
23. Henry VIII.'s College. Grant to John bp. of Lincoln, Sir Thomas Audeley, keeper of the Privy Seal, Sir Wm. Fitzwilliam, treasurer of the King's Household, Sir Wm. Poulet, comptroller of the King's Household, John Fitzjames, chief justice of the King's Bench, Robert Norwiche, chief justice of the Common Pleas, Thomas Crumwell, master or treasurer of the King's jewels, Henry Norres, esquire of the Royal Body, Thomas Hennage, gentleman of the King's Privy Chamber, and John Russell, knight of the Royal Body, to the use of the dean and canons of "King Henry the Eighth's College" in Oxford, of the site, &c. of the late priory of St. Frideswide in the university of Oxford; the manors of Bolles, Shipton, Cuddeslowe, Bynsey and Pedyngton, Oxon; an annual rent of 27l. issuing from the manor of Overwynchingdon, Bucks; the manors of Huddon, Edington, and Knightington, Berks; the advowsons of the churches or rectories of Bynsey, Hedyngton, Marston, Churchehill, Frytwell, and Ellesfeld, Oxon; Overwichindon, Wornall, Okeley, Bryll, and Borstall, Bucks; the advowsons of the churches or rectories of St. Clement in the suburbs of Oxford, St. Peter le Bailey, in Oxford, St. Aldate and St. Michael at the Southgate of the town of Oxford; all those portions of tithes in Solthorn, the parish of St. Giles without the walls of Oxford, Baynton and Bekeley, Oxon; an annuity or annual rent of 6l. 13s. 4d., payable by the sheriff of cos. Oxon and Berks, out of the issues of said cos.; and all manors, messuages, &c. in the town and suburbs of Oxford, and in the vills, fields, hamlets, and parishes of Hedington, Marston, Pedyngton, Ellesfeld, Churche Couley, Steplebarton, Tackeley, Bekeley, Rolyerth, Churchehill, Ascote, Wodeton, Cowley, and Coldenorton, Oxon, and the vills of Assheburie and Edwiston, Berks, and Brill, Bucks, and in Multon, Northt.; which came to the King's hands by the attainder of Thomas card, archbp. of York.
Also the site, circuit, &c. of the late monastery or priory of St. Nicholas, Lyttyllmore, Oxon; the manors of Lytlemore, Forstall, and Sydenham, Oxon, and Lynerton Heywode, Berks; the advowson of the church or rectory of Samforde, Oxon, with all tithes, &c. thereto belonging; 4s. annual rent for a portion of tithes issuing from the rectory of Wodepery, Oxon; 20s. annual rent for a portion of tithes issuing from the rectory of Sonnyngwell, Berks; an annual rent of 13s. 4d. payable by the prior of Canonsassheby, Northt.; 40s. annual rent under the name of corrody, payable by the abbot and convent of St. Mary Abyngton; and all messuages, &c. in Lytlemore, Forstall, Sydenham, Saunderforde, Oxforde, Clyfton, Benston, Whateley, Yesteley, Brightewell, Cuddysden, Laurence Baldon, Churchecouley, Wodeton, Tackeley, Godstowe, and Garsyngton, Oxon, in Lynerton, Heywoode, Abingdon, Esthenred, Southmorton, and Kenyngton, Berks, and in Marleborough, Wilts; which came to the King's hands by the attainder of the said Cardinal.
Also the advowson of the church or rectory of Rudby in Cleveland, Yorks., with all tithes thereto belonging; and of the prebend of Wetwange, in York cathedral.
Also the site, circuit, and precinct of the late priory of St. Mary de Caritate, and St. Austin, Daventre, Northt.; the manors of Daventre, Westhaddon, Welton, Starton alias Staferton, Norton, Everdon Parva, and Thorpe near Daventre, Northt., and Foxton, Leic.; a portion of tithes in the parish of Lobenham, Leic.; the advowsons of the churches or rectories of Falwithesley, Preston Magna, Preston Parva, Welton, Westhaddon, Starton alias Staferton, Norton, Coldeasheby, Daventre, and Thorpemonwell, Northt., Foxton and Scalford, Leic., and Bysbroke, Rutland, with all tithes, &c. thereto belonging; and all messuages, lands, &c. in Daventre, Westhaddon, Thorpe, Drayton, Norton, Preston Magna, Preston Parva, Welton, Hogston, Starton alias Staferton, Bugby, Everdon Parva, Saunforde, Dodforde, Walgrave, Northampton, and Watforde, Northt., and in Foxton and Scalforde, Leic.; which came to the King's hands by the attainder of the said Cardinal.
Also the site, circuit, &c. of the late priory of St. Mary, Tyckford, Bucks; the manors of Tyckford, Chicheley, and Thykthorn, Bucks, and Aston, Warw.; the advowsons of the churches or rectories of Tyckforde, Chicheley, Newport Panell, Bradwell, Astwode, and Willem, Bucks, and of Aston Byrmyngham, Warw.; and all tithes, &c. thereto belonging; a water mill in the town of Calcote, Bucks; 26s. 8d. annual rent for a portion of tithes in the parish of Wolston Parva, Bucks; 5s. annual rent for a portion of the tithes in the parish of Loughton, Bucks; 10s. annual rent for a portion of tithes in the parish of Wyllen, Bucks; an annual pension of 26s. 8d. payable by the rector of Bodyngton; an annual pension of 40s. issuing from the church of Aston, Warw.; 60s. annual rent for a portion of tithes in the parish of Lyndeforde Parva, Bucks; and all messuages, lands, &c. in Tyckford, Chicheley, Thykthorn, Newport Paynell, Bradwell, Cranley, Astwoode, Wyllen, Calcote, Gothurst, Lyndforde Magna, Lyndforde Parva, Wolston, Sulburye, Loughton, Bodington, Sherington, Ekeney, Thorneboroughe, Lyscombe, Fylgrave, Clyfton, and Lathburye, Bucks, and in Aston and Byrmyngeham, Warw.; which came into the King's hands by the attainder of the said Cardinal. Del. Westm., 27 Sept. 24 Hen. VIII.S.B. Pat. p. 2, m. 1. (Rymer, XIV. 443.)
24. Sir Anthony Poyntz. Lease of the lordships or manors of Sodbury (with the borough of Sodbury) and Barton near Brystoll, and the hundred of Barton, parcel of the lands of the late earl of Warwick, Glouc.; with reservations; for 21 years, at the annual rent of 47l. 12d. for Sodbury, 56l. 13s. 6d. for the lordship of Barton Regis, and 12l. 7s. 5d. for the hundred of Barton, 10s. of late increase and d. of new increase; on surrender of pat. 16 July 22 Hen. VIII., granting the said Anthony a similar lease in a different form. Westm., 28 Sept.Pat. 24 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 4.

Cleopatra, E. IV. (12). B. M.
1371. Friar John Lawrence to Cromwell.
I understand that Father de Hay, our late Commissary in England, whose commission I brought from Paris, has sent letters to the King by his deputy, the warden of Canterbury, (fn. 9) a man of Father Forrest's promoting, "hy fawtor" to the Queen, and justifier of her cause. The warden has also received letters for himself and Forrest, by which I hear the Commissary advises them to let the province continue as he left it at his departing, for it would be a great reproof to have a stranger for our head, and desires them to move the King in that behalf. Today or tomorrow they intend to make suit to the King. It would be well if you would keep them from speaking to him. They fear greatly that I shall preach in the King's matter in his favor, which they say will be a slander to all our religion. They say this either from sinister affection or ignorance, as I will manifestly prove when the King commands me, all such slander set apart, for it is scandalum phriseorum (Pharisorum?); of which St. Gregory says, "Si scandalum ex veritate sumitur, utilius nasci scandalum permittitur quam ut veritas relinquatur."
Desires to know the King's pleasure, either by his brother or some trusty and faithful person. Rytchemownte.
Hol., p. 1. Add. : To the rehte honorabylle Mastar Crumwelle wyth spede. Endd.

Add. MS. 29,431, f. 1. B. M.
1372. [Croke] to Cromwell.
On Wednesday last, the King, at the suit of Master Almoner, (fn. 10) named me to the benefice of Fakenham Dame, which purpose he altered for considerations which this bearer will show you. Concerning Bugby, I shall not have as much, by 20l. a year, as his Grace gave it me for; for the nuns of Markyate claim half the tithe corn and half the glebe, the whole charges lying upon me only. Master Baught knew this, but presented the value to the King as below, to cause the King to think that the nuns ought to have nothing, or only 20 nobles a year, out of the parsonage :"Longe Bugby, the priest found, and above all charges clear 36l. 13s. 4d., whereof the nuns of Markyate claim a part, for the which my predecessors paid some 20 nobles."
Mr. Hughes wrongfully withheld the rent of 20 nobles from the nuns, and was sued by them. They have now let the tithes to Mr. Kindiseley's servant, and the benefice is thereby so decayed that, unless the King find some means that the parsons may have the tithes for the rent, the benefice is not likely to be an honorable reward, as it formerly was. Thus I am nothing so well rewarded for my service as the King supposes.
My especial suit to you is to remember my insufficiency by reason of my long discontinuance to read Greek, and the great loss of my learning in holy letters, unto the study where[of] I have by solemn oath professed myself. As you know, to read holy doctors in Greek were nothing to the "profremente" of the hearers to the eloquence of the Greek tongue, and to read poets and orators will ask my whole study, and make me neglect divinity, "prec[hing,]" and teaching, by which I should much more beautify the King's college than by reading Greek. I should like to have the room of a preacher in the college, to be bound to preach every Sunday in one place or other. Thursday night.
The reason why Master Almoner and Master Hawkins, to whom the King had given Fakenham, were moved to petition him to give it me, was only their pity and goodness, which, considering my small living, and how I was deceived by Bugby, would fain have helped me with some other recompense.
Hol., pp. 3. Add. : To the right worshipful Master Cromwell.


  • 1. Ellis reads in this and a subsequent letter the words under the signature as "subdean."
  • 2. Josceline Percy died on the 8th Sept. 24 Hen. VIII. (1532), according to Inquis. p. m. 24 Hen. VIII. No. 67.
  • 3. See Note to No 1320.
  • 4. He was Auditor of the duchy of Lancaster, and also of other Crown lands; among others, apparently, of those of the principality of S. Wales.
  • 5. Hugh Oliver.
  • 6. Anne Boleyn.
  • 7. Struck out by the same hand.
  • 8. The name is "Ynde" on the petition; "Ine" on the Signed Bill; and "Inde" on the Patent Roll.
  • 9. Friar Riche.
  • 10. Edward Fox.