Henry VIII: November 1534, 21-25

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 7, 1534. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1883.

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November 1534, 21–25

21 Nov. 1455. The Council at Ludlow.
R. O. Warrant to Sir Brian Tuke, treasurer of the Chamber, for the payment of the fees of the Council in the marches of Wales, of which Roland bishop of Coventry and Lichfield has been appointed president, viz., 13l. 6s. 8d. a week, and for the yearly fees of Sir John Porte, justice, 40 marks, Sir Ant. Fitzherbert, 10l., Sir Edw. Crofte, 10l., Sir Rice Maunsell, 10l., John Russell, our secretary there, 13l. 6s. 8d., Roger Wygston, 5l., John Vernon, 13l. 6s. 8d., Thos. Holte, our attorney there, 13l. 6s. 8d., and Ric. Hassall, our solicitor there, 5l. ; and for their foreign expenses, yearly at the rate of 100 marks. Also for the wages and diets of Wm. Carter, armourer, making his abode at Ludlow, at 6d. a day. [Westm., 21 Nov. 26 Hen. VIII. (fn. 1) ]
Draft, large paper, pp. 3.
R. O. 2. Another copy, uncorrected.
Large paper, pp. 2. Endd.
Harl. MS. 368, f. 180. B. M. 3. Modern copy.
1456. The Welsh Borders.
R. O. The three petitions of the inhabitants of the Marches in the Wellshery, mentioned in my lord President's letter.
That lands, &c. may not descend by gravelkind, but to the eldest son or heir male, and in default to be divided among issues female. To have a chancery at Ludlow or Wigmore. To have a general pardon for all offences done and arrearages due before the act. (fn. 2)
This third petition I admit, as no suitor therein, but if the “contrethes” agree with the King for a fine for the obtaining of the two former, they will look to be pardoned.
p. 2.
21 Nov. 1457. William Pepwell to Cromwell.
Vesp. C, VII. 62. B. M. Wrote a month ago by Robt. Helard of Redcleff. Was then sick, and is still, of an ague. All parts between this and Rome greatly fear Barba Roxa this summer. The Emperor makes great provisions to defend him. Much ordnance comes from Flanders and Biscay, and is landed at Malaga. Hears that the Irish ambassador is retuned to Ireland, and that the Emperor would not help him with any men. Two Irishmen of Limerick have come from the Court, being brethren and naughty fellows. Hears they use themselves with naughty words. Spoke with them in Sevyll and Cades. They go in jackets and bonnets of velvet. Perceives they have sent letters by two ships which are laden hence from Galowey (Galway?) One of the fellows is gone again to the Court, and the other rests here. Will do what he can to make them a banquet aboard some English ship, if they tarry long in these parts, and then they shall see England if he once gets them aboard. Great feasts are made in Sevyll for the new man of Rome. The saying here is he will have a council. The Emperor makes 100 new galleys. From these parts many ships are gone to Pero (Peru?). Cromwell would not think that the men who go thither have here more than enough to live upon. This month 15 or 16 sail started fro that coast, and three times put back with foul weather. A great many will not go to sea again, “but be undom that restes they sell for half the pryse.” Twelve ships are rigging against March to seek spicery. The pilot of one of them is Henry Patmer, an Englishman. Next March, will go to the ambassador. If he sees cause, will write from Seville; messengers go every week. Does not write to the King. Cadez, 21 Nov. 1534.
Hol., p. 1. Add. Endd.
22 Nov. 1458. Priory of Barnwell.
See Grants in November, Nos. 6 and 32.
22 Nov. 1459. Forfeitures.
R. O. Signed bill granting Thos. Hawkins and Robt. Gibbes, yeomen of the Guard, the forfeitures on certain Gascon wine of an unknown merchant, seized at Bristol by Wm. Tyndale, 11 July 25 Hen. VIII., for nonpayment of customs, and of 602 bushels of beans of John Hawkins, shipped for exportation, arrested there also, and of other merchandise belonging to Cornelys Derykson, merchant stranger at Harwich, arrested by Wm. Devenham, searcher at Ipswich, and to other merchants.
Endd.: Expeditum apud Westm., 22 die Nov. anno. RR. H. VIII. 26, per Wriothesley.
22 Nov. 1460. Roger Wygston to Cromwell.
R. O. Lately there was brought to me from the priory of Maxstok, Warw., a simple young fellow lately come from Oxford, who was hired by the said priory. There was also brought to me a bill of the words he spake there, laid to his charge by the prior and the rest, which they will avow, though he has denied them in his examination before Dr. Cave, Reynold Dygby and Hugh Mervyn. He would fain excuse himself, and greatly laments that I have committed him to the goal of Cove_try. Wolston beside Coventry, 22. Nov.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Secretary
22 Nov. 1461. Leonard Smyth to Lady Lisle.
R. O. Has received her letter by Swyfte. Has spoken for a lettues bonnet for Mrs. Frances. It will cost 13s, 4d. The skinner says you shall have it in six days. Has written to Kene for a cloth by a kinsman of the bishop's. Mr. Treyvenyon of Cornwall has married Mrs. Mallett. The scarlet is ready. His letter to lord Lisle will inform her about Mr. Seymour's matter and other things. The matter shall be thoroughly seen to before he takes any advantage. Mr. Wyndesore and Mr. Aylmer desire to be commended. Has today received her letter dated 18th inst., and delivered the frontlet to the Queen's embroiderer, who says she shall have one of another fashion shortly after Christmas. Has delivered the measure of the neck for the partlett collar.
Has written this letter at divers times, thinking Swyfte would have gone four or five days sooner. Has spoken with Mr. Norres and Mr. Brown for the office of Porchester, as lord Lisle desired. Has written him an answer. Cannot cause Holt to send more cloth before Christmas than for 20 or a few more, as his own cloth will extend. Mr. Wyndesore has spoken to him about it. He promised at Bartylmew tyde to provide for your liveries, and now he says he cannot get so much cloth of one color before Christmas without ready money. After Christmas he will send the residue to furnish the whole number. Mr. White is through in his matter, and will enjoy his office as he did before. London, 22 Nov.
Hol., pp. 2. Add.: At Calais.
23 Nov 1462. Rouland Goodman to Cromwell.
R. O. As I have written to you in two letters, dated from Bordeaux, 12 Nov. 1534, I obtained a ship, and have laden her for such purpose as you know, and am now in the haven of Falmouth, trusting to have found Mr. Godolphin, and have certain men, as you know. But on my landing I found he was in London, and finding that his brother was his deputy, I rode to him to inquire whether he had any commission for me. He said, No; wherefore I have sent the bearer in post to know your pleasure, whom I beg you to despatch with the King's letters to such lords of Ireland as live about Cork and Waterford. Peryn, Monday, 23 Nov. 1534.
Hol., p. 1. Add. Endd.
23 Nov. 1463. John Bishop Of Carlisle to Lord Lisle.
R. O. Excuses his slowness in writing, as he has been 13 weeks unable to stir out of bed. Has been very sick and suffered great pain; but is now “metely well amended.” Is glad to hear the high report that is of his lordship, “in that ye use yourself so like a captain and the King's lieutenant, ministering justice so indifferently, with your much liberality besides.” Begs to have letters from him “other whiles,” showing how he does and my lady his wife. If Lisle see any good new wines, would be glad to have some, and to pay for them at Lisle's price. Carlisle Place, 23 Nov. Signed.
p. 1. Add. Endd.: 1534.
23 Nov. 1464. Sir William Penizon to Lord Lisle.
R. O. Compliments to himself and my lady. Sends a packet from Wallop, which he desired to be forwarded. Begs him to make this gentleman (the bearer) good cheer, “for he his longyng to Mr. Poole.” Paris, 23 Nov. Signed.
p. 1. Add. Endd.: 1534.
23 Nov. 1465. Guillaume Poyet to Lady Lisle.
R. O. I am under such obligations to you that I think of you daily and hourly. You have all power over my person and goods. You have been fully informed about our journey and passage by the letters of your servant John, who has shown me a letter you have written to him again desiring to hear news of me ; by which I am still more bound to you. I have presented your compliments and those of my lord to the Admiral, (fn. 3) who thanks you greatly, and has spoken highly to the King of the reception you gave him. London, 23 Nov.
Hol., Fr., p. 1. Add.
23 Nov. 1466. Jehan du Mouchia[u] to Lady Lisle.
[Cal. E. I. II.?] I. 206, f. 119. B. M. Desires to be recommended to lord Lisle. When the Admiral (fn. 4) went to the King on Sunday 22 Nov., which was the second day after our arrival in London, the first thing he said to the King was to express his obligations to my lord and master and to you for your reception of him, and he requested the King to write a letter of thanks to my lord. I have presented the letters which you wrote to me, and the Admiral has desired me to recommend him to my lord and you. He is much obliged for your remembrance of him, and also the President, (fn. 5) who sends you a pair of letters enclosed. Mons. de Gernac, the Admiral's nephew, and all his gentlemen also desire to be recommended, especially Mons. de Baceville, Mons. de St. Aubin, Mons. le Viconte, the Admiral's cousin, and Mons. de Clerebaut. I have not been able to get the gloves I promised you, but an Italian is going to get them for me. I beg you to accept a pr[esent] of a pair of woollen gloves, the best I could get in London. I have no news, but will send any I hear, “aussytost que homme qui soit vegnu an la compa[gnie] * * * recomande humble [ment a vostre] bonne grace, semblablement a monseigneur, et prie mon dit s[eigneur] faire tenir ung paquet de letres, lesquelles ay ancl[osses dans] les miennes adresantes a Mons. du Bies, capitaine . . . .” Lord Clinton desires to be recommended to you. London, 23 Nov. 1534.
“Vous proves antendre que Mons. le President vou . . . . que annvoyes querir vostre filz, maistre Jammes, a celle fin q[u'il le] puisse mener quant queluy a Paris, et vous en prie bien fort.”
Hol., Fr., pp. 2, mutilated. Add.: A Calais.
23 Nov. 1467. Sadolet to Pole.
Poli Epp. I. 418. Sadoleti Epp. Fam. II. 236. Has received his letters. Nothing is more delightful than to be loved by such a man. Rejoices at the reputation Pole has obtained for learning and eloquence. Regrets only that Pole himself despises those gifts, which are so material to advance higher objects. Why devote so much time to other arts, especially philosophy? Because we cannot reach the top without a foundation and walls. Theology cannot stand without philosophy. If nothing is to be received but what is necessary to the faith, the Gospel is enough. Very few books need be read, but those which we ought to study to attain a knowledge of divinity will induce us to read other authors, and receive additional light from them. Has long known the learning, sanctity and virtue of the bishop of Chicti. Loves Contarenus, though not personally known to him. Heard last year when at Marseilles that Contarenns had published a book De Optimo Ciritutis Statu, which he is anxious to see. Carpentras, ix. cal. Dec. 1534.
23 Nov. 1468. Musters.
R. O. Commission of muster and array to the mayor and bailiffs of Chichester. Westm., 6 Oct. 26 Hen. VIII.
ii. Certificate of musters taken in pursuance of the above by Will. Lane, Mayor, and Elys Bradshawe, bailiff, 23 Nov. 26 Hen. VIII., giving the names of all persons able to serve in each ward or district of the city, and the quantity of harness, bows and arrows possessed by each. In all, 318 names and two servants.
Pp. 8.
23 Nov. 1469. Woollen Cloths.
Harl. MS. 442, f. 127. B. M. Soc. Ant. 75. Proclamation ordering woollen cloths to be made without craft or deceit, according to the assise ordained by sundry statutes, and ordering awnegers to be diligent and circumspect.
With writ to the mayor and sheriffs of London and Middx. Westm., 23 Nov., 26 Hen. VIII.
Later copy, pp. 2.
24 Nov. R. O. 1470. Charles Duke Of Suffolk to Lord [Lisle], Deputy of Calais.
I beg you to be good lord to my kinsman Henry Caundishe, the bearer, living in Calais, for a soldier's room of 12d. or 8d. a day, or, if none be void, to take him into your retinue till you can advance him otherwise. London, 24 Nov. Signed.
p. 1. Add.: My lord Deputy of Calais. Endd.
24 Nov. 1471. Sir Anthony Wyndesore to Lord Lisle.
R. O. I have discharged your lordship, myself and your other sureties against the merchant Kyrtton, and have delivered your statute and my own, with the merchant's defeasance cancelled, to Mr. Clement Smythe. I have also delivered your money to Mr. Smythe, your auditor, and enclose the foot of my account signed by him. I suppose Clement Smythe has written to you about the matter in variance with Mr. Seymour, and I doubt not your lordship will obtain your whole annuity by the award of the lord Chancellor and Mr. Secretary, who is marvellous good to you. If your lordship have any business in Hampshire, I am sheriff there this year, and am at your command. London, the morrow of St. Clement's day.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Deputy of Calais.
25 Nov. 1472. John Bunolt to Cromwell.
R. O. Sends 30 partridges by the bearer, and 500 roasting or stewing pears by one Jas. Robertes. Calais, 25 Nov.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Mr. Secretary. Endd.
25 Nov. 1473. Gregory Cromwell to Cromwell.
Titus, B. I. 352. B. M. I am in good health. Since my coming into this country, the bearer, Sir John Clerk, has not ceased to show me many friendly pleasures, and I request your favor in a suit concerning his wife's business, which she showed you at her last being in London. Ricotte, 25 Nov.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Mr. Secretary. Endd.
25 Nov. 1474. [Lord Lisle] to Daunce.
R. O. I thank you for your goodness. Divers of the King's deputies here have had liberty to fish in all rivers within the marches not farmed, and have also had, on request, a draught on any framed water, as I myself have had since my arrival, at Newenhambridge, Hamps Plasshe and Guisnes. Some officers here oppose this, and where of late some of my servants fished at the Hollow Head in waters not farmed, John Rockwood, bailly of Marke, is said to be highly offended. I beg to be informed if he has any royalty there or no. Calais, 25 Nov. 1524. (sic.)
Copy, p. 1. Endd.: Copy of Mr. Daunce's letter for fishing at the Hollow Head.
25 Nov. 1475. Sir Richard Graynfeld to Cromwell.
R. O. Thanks him for his kindness. Sends him for a present 18,000 western slates for covering his houses. Will follow the instructions Cromwell gave him at his departure. Has discharged all cost of the carriage to London. Geo. Rolles will explain why they were sent no sooner. Calais, St. Katharine's day. Signed.
p. 1. Add.: To, &c. master Cromwell, one of the King's most honorable privy council and high secretary to his Grace.
25 Nov. 1476. J. Smyth, “your Auditor,” to Lord Lisle.
R. O. I send your lordship by your servant the bearer a bill of exchange to Mr. Baynhame for 83l. 9s. 8d., due to you on the determination of this year's account, over and above the payments upon the statute, now fully paid. I have solicited Mr. Secretary in your matter concerning Mr. Seymer several times. He is assuredly your lordship's friend, and I hope an end will soon be taken, even if you do not get all your desire. London, 25 Nov. Signed.
p. 1. Add.: Deputy of Calais.


  • 1. This date is struck out.
  • 2. 26 Hen. VIII. c. 11. (?).
  • 3. Brion.
  • 4. Brion.
  • 5. Will. Poyet.