Notes And Errata

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Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 9, August-December 1535. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1886.

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Notes And Errata.


12. This letter must be of an earlier date.

33. In heading, for "J. Batcok" read "T. Batcock."

50, p. 14, 1. 7, for "seize" read "sess" (assess).

87, p. 25, 1. 4, for "John … yche," read "John [Sm]ythe."

111 (2), 1. 2, in place of the dots, supply "[John Smith, John]."

128. The writer, John Hellyer or Heliares, as he Latinises his name, was vicar of East Meon in Hampshire, and Gardiner's letter relating to him in Vol. VII., App. No. 32, is doubtless of the year 1535, not 1534. See Valor Ecclesiasticus, II. 21.

148, 1. 15, "The bailly of Rouen" (Roano in MS.), is certainly an error either of the bishop of Faenza or of his transcriber. It was the bailly of Troyes who went to England.

168, p. 49, last line, for "Within" read "Witham" (in MS. "Witth'm").

182, p. 57, "two Englishmen." Doubtless Dr. Buckenham and the other Black Friar mentioned in Vol. VIII., No. 1151. It has been supposed that the second Englishman was Gabriel Donne; but as he had returned to England in July (ib.), and had at least received a promise of the abbey of Buckfastleigh (though the old abbot seems to have been still alive at this time), it is not likely that he would have gone back immediately to the Low Countries.

202, footline of §1 for "In October" read "R. (i.e., received) in October."

212, ll. 6, 7. The punctuation is wrong. It ought to be:—"to Scudamore and Mr. Warcombe. Wishes the said money," & c.

287, p. 96, 1. 6 from bottom. "The ambassadors lately sent to Lubeck" were Bonner and Cavendish.

294. The marginal reference "R. O." is wrong. It should be "Luther's Briefe, iv. 630." The edition of Luther's letters referred to here and elsewhere in the volume is that of De Wette, Berlin, 1825–8.

320, 1. 2, for "Devanse" read "Devausc" (i.e. de Vaux, a college at Salisbury).

337 heading, for "to" read "and."

354. Perhaps "Beaudesert" may be right, as it appears by No. 186 that on the 26 Aug. the Bishop was on the point of going thither. But in that case No. 302 was probably also written from Beaudesert, and dated "Beaudely" by mistake.

362, p. 123, footnote, for "Dudley" read "Plantagenet."

407, 1. 4, for "Poyntes" read "Poyete's."

479, 11. 2, 3, insert "Sir" before "Hugh Courtenay," and strike out "once earl of Devon."

479, 1. 6, for "Taunton" read "Tiverton."

479, 1. 8, for "Staimer" read "Stannaries."

490. The "small island near Minorca" was Layre de Mahon.

498 (2), for "barley" read "Barley" (i.e. William Barlow).

504 (4), 1. 2, for "prior" read "prioress."

511, 1. 3, for "me" read "one."

535, 1. 2 from bottom, for "Mr. Mayne" read "Mr. Mayor" (i.e. the mayor of Calais).

565, 1. 18. "He had men there, and was sending others." The men there were Barnes and Mont. Foxe was going thither.

596, headline, for "Granvelle" read "Chapuys."

665, 1. 15, for "Chapuys" read "Charles."

699, 1. 7, for "Chamberis" read "Chambern" (i.e. Champernon).

781. The "late visitors" were Dr. Thomas Legh and John ap Rice.

786. The name of the vicar of Rolvenden is given as John Franks or Frankysh in Valor Eccl., Vol. I.

853, 1. 4, for "Queen" read "Queens" (i.e. of France and Navarre)."

861, beginning of third paragraph. "The personage" was the marchioness of Exeter. See No. 776.

904, at end. "French ambassadors." They were cardinal Du Bellay and the bishop of Mâcon, the latter being the regular ambassador.

914 (10), after "dominions" insert" Denization."

1019 iii., p. 350, 1. 5, before "daughter" insert "sister's."

1047. This is another abstract of No. 81. "Onodegala" is a misreading of "Burdigala" (Bordeaux).

1124, I. 1 of text, after "Malvern Minor" insert "now dissolved." The date of the document must be 1536, or later.

1155. The mutilated name on line 9 is [B]ryghtwyse. See Report viii. of Dep. Keeper of Public Records, App. ii., 39. This was discovered too late for insertion in the Index.

1159, l. 3 from bottom, for "Hieronymo Lapide," read "Hieronymo, lapide" and strike out comma before "pectus."