Lincoln Wills: 1523

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Lincoln Wills: Volume 1, 1271-1526. Originally published by British Record Society, London, 1914.

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[William Bromflet of Thornton le Moor, a.d. 1523.]

[1506 &c., 66d.]


6 April, 1523. I William Bromflet, etc. To be buryed in the churche of Alhalowes of Thornton; also I bequeth to my mortuary the best good that I have as the countie requireth. To my parishe churche iijs. iiijd. To the high awter of the same xxd. To Alhallow brig iijs. iiijd. To Howton churche xijd. To Owresby churche xijd. To Wyngall iiijd. To Kelsey marie church xijd. To our lady gilde of the same xijd. To our lady werke of Lincoln xijd. To a prest for to syng for me and my frendes cs. To Isabell Webster, Alyson Nayler, Agnes Smyth, Arthur Snowdon, John Webster, William Browne. To every one of my godchildren viijd. To ij of Isabell Webster children. To Robert Atkynson. To Robert Rasyn. All my other goods to be divided in three parties, one parte to discharge my will and to bryng me to the grounde, the seconde parte I gif to Agnes my wif, and the third parte I give to my childern. I will that Agnes my wif have my house and my lande and all that I have bi copyholde and bi convent seale the space of xxti yeres, and then I will that my son entre in the said premises, and in defaulte of my son I will that my daughter have them. I make Agnes my wif my executrice. To Jenett Snowdon. I make William Browne and William Atkynson supervisours. I will that my moder have her house duryng her lif, and aftyr I will it go to my childern. Theis beyng witnesses, Sir Richard Grene, Thom' Draycot, William godeshalve, William Bronton, and Will' Atkynson, with other more.

Proved before D., 12 April, 1523. Adm. granted to the executrix.

[John [or George] Neyll of East Halton, a.d. 1523.]

[1506 &c., 67d.]


fyrst May, 1523. I John [sic] Neyll of Halton upon Humber, etc. To be buryed in the kyrke of Saynct peter of Halton, with my cheff beste to be in the name of my mortuary. To our lady of Lincoln vjd. To our lady werkes vjd. To the hye auter in Halton qwere xijd. Hyt ys my wyll to have a trentall of messes doone for my sowll after my departyng. To my wyff Annas Neyll my howse in kyllynghom duryng hir lyff, etc. To the kyrke warke of Halton vjs. viijd. To the reparation of langmar bryge ijd. I ordain William Neyll my son and Thomas Neyll my son to be my executors. The resydewe of my goodes to the pleasure of God and the helth of my sowll and to pay my dettes. Gyven at Holton the day and the yere abowe sayd. Wyttnes, Sir Thomas Ryall the vycar of same, William Dowghty, Henry Dowghty, Edward toyll, Robert Neyll, with many oder moo.

Proved before D., at Lincoln, 13 July, 1523. Adm. granted to the executors.

[Sir Thomas Crosby, priest, of Loughborough, co. Leicester, a.d. 1523.]

[Lyle, 99.]


30 May, 1523. I Sir Thomas Crosby, prest, of lowgborow, be holding the mysere and the wretchynes of this worlde and also the wordes of thys holy man Jobe saing that men born of women ther dayes bene weray schorte in lewing, therffor the drede off dethe cawsys me to mak my testament and my last will, etc. My body to be buried in the Church or churchyarde wher yt schall happen as my executor schall thynk best. I bequieth in the name of my mortuary as use and custome hys. To the hee awlter of the same churche iiijd. To the Cathederall church of lyncoln iiijd. To the church of lowghborow vjs. viijd. To the gylde of Jh'u, and sancte george gylde, lowghborow, xls. To the abbott and cowentt of Garodon ffor dirige and messe syngyng ffor my soull xs. To the prior of woluescrofte and hys Cowentt syingigen dirige and messe xs. To my lady gracia dei and hur Cowent saing placebo and dirige and messe xs. To my lady of langley and hur Cowent such lyke xs. To a honest prest saying ffor my soull my ffathers my mothers and my brethern, my systurs and all chrystyn souls, the space of iiij [y]eres, and ewery [y]ere to haufe to hys stypownd the sowme of vl. to dow yt with xxl. The resydew of all my goodes I bequeth ytt to my brother John Crosby aftur hee haith broght me to the grownd and hayfe the suffragys of the holy churghe, thatt hys to say, my buryall day, my vij day, and my [y]ere daye, wich John Crosby I mak myne executor, praing him to ffulffyll this my last wyll, and he and his wife and god doghter anna and hys doghter to tak the resydew with out any charge. Theis beynge wytnes, sir Thomas Regmeyden, sir nicholas Coke, sir John Taylor, wythe other moo.

[No probate act.]

[Christopher Markby of Huttoft, a.d. 1523.]

[1506 &c., 77d.]


16 June, 1523. I Christopher Markby of Hotoft, etc. My body to be buryed in the churcheyard of Hotoft. My mortuary after the lawdable custume of the parishe, etc. To our lady of Lincoln xijd. To saynt margaret churche of Hotoft xijd. To the vicare of Hotoft a shepe.

This is the last will of my lande[s] and tenementes lying in Hotoft, with the appurtenance, callet Morfite howse. I will that the said messuage with xviij acre landes remayn to William my son and Elizabethe his wiff and the eyre[s] of ther ij bodyes and iff Elizabethe overlyff William, then she to have it the terme of her lyff; and iff the said Elizabeth, William and ther eyris decease withoute issue of ther bodyes, then I will that Henry my son have it to hym and his eyris; and he or who that dothe injoye the said lande[s] to kepe a yerly obite and a yerday for the sawlle[s] of me, my father and mother and all our benefactors in the churche of Hotoft to the sume of xiijd. yerly, wheroff the vicare at the tyme being shall have jd. for oblation, iiijd. for placebo and dirige with masse, and the ringhars with pore people to have yerly ixd., etc. I make my executors Sir Thomas Markby vicare of Hotoft, and William Markby my son. Wittenesse, Sir John Drax priest, William West and Roger landes of Hotoft.

Proved before D., at Mabilthorp, 8 June, 1524. Adm. granted to the executors.

[Richard Mytton of Westborough, a.d. 1523.]

[1506 &c., 75d.]


Dated 20 June, 1523. I Richard Mytton of Westbrowghte, etc. My body to be buryed in the churche of all haloys in Westbrughte afor saynt sonday or saynt katryn in the southe yle. I beqwethe for my mortuary and for my forgoten tythes the best beyst that I have. To the hye awlter xijd. To our mother churche of lincoln xijd. To Westbroghte churche wher my body shall lye vjs. viijd. To Dodyngton chaple xxd. To Howtham churche viijd. To Foston chapell iiijd. To Benington churche viijd. To the freyrs of grantham and to the other iij orders at Lincoln to every of them a stryke of whett and an other of barly. I bequethe that a honest priest shall syng a yere for me and my wiff and all my good frynde[s] by the my mynd [sic] and putyng in of my son Sir Stephyn. To every one of my children a beyst at the distribution of my executors of this condytion that thei be content with all; yff not, yff any of them be not content or make any travys or busynes, thei to have nothyng at all for I have geven to them all as myche as my power will extend. To Isabell my doughter to her mariage x marke. I will that John my son after the dycease of me shall my indenture [sic] and the yers of my ferme to hym and his assyngers, or els to be at the assyngment of myne executors. I will that who that hathe my howse in Westbroghte shall fynd yerly a obett and a serge of wax at the sepulture of ijl., and the ij prieste[s] to have at the obett ether of them bothe iiijd. valure to be spent at the obett, and of the tapyre of wax ijs. viijd. I will that my childrens children shall have every on of them a shepe and every on of my god chyldren iiijd., or els a stryke of barly. The resydue of my gode[s] I gyff to my wiff and my sone Sir Stephen and my sone Richard, whome I make my executors. I will that non of my children withdraw any parte of my gode[s] without the mynd and consent of my sone Sir Stephen, whome I will to se my testament fulfylled, and he and his brother richard to have ether of them xls. Hiis testibȝ Sir Stephan Howlott vicar rector bothe, Sir Robert Hunt, Roger kyghley.

Proved before D., at Lincoln, 13 Feb., 1523. Adm. granted to the executors.

[John Gell of Toynton All Saints, a.d. 1523.]

[1506 &c., 68d.]


10 July, 1523. I John gell of ouer toynton, etc. To be buryed in the churche porche at the south dore of alhallowse of ouer Toynton, and my mortuary that the law requireth. To our ladies werke of lincoln xxd. To St. Hugh of Lincoln vjd. To the Awstyn freres of lincoln at the north ende xijd. To our lady of the chapell of the see xijd. To the iiij ordres of ffreres in boston every ordre xxd. To the awter of ouer toynton for forgoten tithes xs. To fyve commen lightes of the forsaid kyrke xxd. I will that Isabell my wif have paid bi the handes of myne executours lxvjs. viijd. that she may dispose it for the wele of my soule at her owne will. I will that Isabell my wif have the kepyng of ij hernest gyrdelles the terme of her lif; then I will that Isabell my doughter have the better and Alice my doughter the warse. To every godchilde that I have one shepe or xvjd. To Alyson Alcok and eche of her children. To Elizabeth Marley, and eche of her children a shepe. To Richard Alcok a cowe or xs. in money, and iche of his children a shepe. To Anthony Goot. To Sir Robert Walker. To Thomas bruster, and eche of his children. I wyt to John ffulstow my godson. To Thomas ffulstow. To Libeus Richardson. To John stirkerd all my nettes and tanynges and ij botes, one gret and one smale, of the best that he wil chese, also in money xls. To his iij sisters eche of them xs. To Robert Hekyngton a couple of oxen, etc., and xiijs. iiijd. To Jenet Ryke a cow or xs. and eche of her children a shepe. To John kytloke the elder xs. To John kytloke the yonger xs. To Thomas kytloke my best gowne, my whyt geldyng and xxs. To Richard kippas ij calfes that I bought of William purrell, and my marble gowne; this I set hym bisides his wages. To John Thomson a bot that Robert streker had beside his wages. To Jenet Cowper, Jenet goodale, Isabell knyght, Jenet purrell, old Hudson wif, Sponner wif, William Thomson wif, John Sleford wif. I will that Myntyng have ijs. To John Streker the elder. To William purrell. I will that all my bras, pewter, pannes, dishes and all myne inward stuf that was myne owne unset to my wif remayne to Isabell and Alice my daughters, and I will that either of theym have a gowne, the best that was ther moders. I will that Isabell have a payre of whit ambre bedes that was her moders. The residue of all my goodes I gyve to libeus alcoke, Thomas Whityng of Irby and John Taylour of Esterkele, whom I make executors. I will that Mr. John litilbury be supervisour. Thies Witnes, Syr Robert long, sir Robert Walker, prestes, William Sandes of Hagworthingham, and William favell with many other.


This is the last will of John gelle, made the xth day of Julie in the yere abovesaid. I will that all my landes and tenements within the townes and feldes of Toynton, Esterkell, Hundilby, Spillesby and Halton remayne to suche uses as heraftyr foloweth. I will that Isabell my wif have the house the whiche I bought of Thomas bruster with the crofte, if so be she be unmarried, to have it the terme of her lif. I will that my obit be keped yerly my faders and my moders ever lastyng, and that to be taken of the crofte in Spillesby in the north feld alitill ffrom the cony hill, and for to take every yere off the forsaid crofte to thei kepinge off thei forsaid obytt vs., and it to be keped in Spillesby churche bi thei master and his brether, and it to be disposed equalye to prestys and clarkys as fare as it will last be myne executors or there heres. I will that William purrell and his wiffe have there harborre in a house in the west layn called Isabell house thei terme off bothe there livies, and after there decesse to Isabell and Alice my doughters. I will that all my other landys for to remayn in the handys off myn executors to the some off xxxijl. be leveytt to synge yerely thre trentalles, on for to be taken off a house and the crofte that John Tothe dwellys in for William gell and Isabell his wiffe, and that I will that Syr John croke synge wher he will, and yt to be payd bi the handys off John Tothe bi the sight off myn executors. I will that after thei sayde some off xxxijl. be leveytt all my landys in every place afore rehersed remayn to Isabell and alice my doughters betwixt them, to them and to the heres off theyr bodyes, and iff it happen ether off them to dye without heres off ther body, then I will thei on to be the other here. If bothe dye, then the landys to be sold by my executors and my feofees and for to paye off thei money recevyd xl. for to make in over toynton churche ij tabernacules, on to our lady off Grace and thei other to ower lady of petye. I will that the have a prest on yere to singe for my soull and my faders and moders and all criston soulys yff my children dye without heres off ther boydyes. Theis wytnes, Sir Robert longe prest, and many other, as ys above wrytton in thei testament.

Proved before D., at Lincoln, 3 Oct., 1523. Adm. granted to the executors, etc.

[Henry Goytte of Sutton in the Marsh, a.d., 1523.]

[1506 &c., 67d.]


17 July, 1523. I Henry goytte of Sotton, etc. To be buryed in the kyrk of Sayntt Clement of Sutton with the best beyst that I have in the name of my mortuare. To Jenytt my wyff lx schepe, etc. To my son Rychard x schepe, etc. To my son John vj schepe with the howse that he wonnys in. To Water my son xxx schepe, etc. To Elles my son xxx schepe, etc. To William my son xxx schepe and his ffad' chyst; also a crofte of iiij acre; also I wyll that elles and William be oder are to they cum att full age. To my dowghters Alyson, Elyn and elsabethe. To Annes Cowper. To my godson Henry off gotte ij schepe, and to all my god chyldern iiijd. each. To the hye awter of Sutton iiijd. To Saynct Clement a schepe. To our lady gyld a schepe, also the sepulcar a schepe. To our lady wark of lyncoln viijd. To our lady of wyllyngham viijd. I bequeth a trentall to be sayd for my sowll, and half a trentall for the sowll of my brother Rychard, and also another for myself, and yf the goodes may bere hytt; also I bequethe to my gostely ffather xxd. The resydewe of my goodes I will that Rychard Agoot my son and Rychard atkyn hafe to dyspose for the helthe of my sowlle, and Sir Robert Jolyff to be the supervysour, and ych on of them to halve for ther labour iijs. iiijd. Wyttnes, Thomas qwythe, Jon Jonsun, Jon Hundylby, Thomas Akyrke, Robert godderd, Rychard Jacson, with many oder.

Proved before D., at Lincoln, 26 July, 1523. Adm. granted to the executors.

[Robert Jolif of Trusthorpe, a.d. 1523.]

[1543–56, 67d.]


16 October, 1523. I Roberte Jolif of Thursthorp, in a pure and hole mynde, unconstrayned, mak' this my last will, etc. My bodie to be buried with in the churche of our blessed ladie in Hornecastle, if that I departe there, in gevinge that thinge that the Lawe will require of right to my mortuarie. To oure Ladie of Lincoln vjs. viijd. and to our ladie warke of the same churche iijs. iiijd. To everie one of the iiij orders of ffreers with in Lincoln xxxiijs. iiijd., to the some of vjl. xiijs. iiijd., so that all the priestes of the saide iiij orders of freers with in Lincoln singe masse for me, and the fyve nobles to be distribute emonges theim. Item in like manner to everie order of ffreers with in Boston as muche in the same manner to praie for me as is aforesaid. To the ij houses of ffreers with in Grymesbie iijl. vjs. viijd. in like manner as is aforsaid. To the churche warke of Thursthorp iijs. iiijd. To Suttonne churche ijs. To all hallowes churche of Thedelthorp xxs. To sainte helenes church in Thedelthorp vjs. viijd. To Hotofte churche vjs. viijd. To everie one of my god children xxd. To Sir Roberte Bere of Hornecastle iijs. iiijd. I will that myn exequutors finde a priest at scole at the universitie of oxford by the space of iij yeres, gevinge him yerelie the same iij yeres viij marke. I will that a priest shall singe for me thereas I shalbe buried the space of one hole yere, havinge for his labor viij marke. To my sister Jenett Whitehead xxs. To Robert Whitehead her sonne xs. To William Bywater and his wief to ether of them xs. I will that whether I lyve or die that the said William have delivered his obligacion that he is bound to me. I will that there be dealte at the daie of my buriall unto everie one that comes, to be distribute amonges theim, x markes and, if more shall require, more by the sight of myn exequutors, I will that everie priest that comes to my buriall and saies dirige and masse have vjd. I will that there be distribute at my yere daie to pore men in the towne vjs. viijd., and to everie prist that comes vjd. Item to sancte katherines gilde in Hornecastle vjs. viijd. To Alison Smythe in Thursthorp vjs. viijd. To Jenett Smythe her daughter xs. To Elizabeth Peper my servaunte xxs., and a yeringe quie calf. The residue of my goodes I give to Johnne Smythe of Thursthorp, William Bywater of Hornecastle, and to Sir Thomas Wyngoode of sainte Parnelles in the parishe of Thursthorpe, whome I ordeine exequutors, and thei to dispose theim as thei shall thincke most necessarie for the healthe and weale of my soule; and Mr. George Fitzwilliam the supervisor. Witnes of this, Sir Roberte Adsonne of Hornecastle, Sir Roberte Bere of the same, priestes, William paslaie, Rauffe Chaner of the same, with other mo.

I will that Walter Scortreth and theires of his bodie to have and enjoye after my decess iiijs. out of my land in Thursthorp yerelie for ever as it appeareth by a taill indented. I will that said taill be delivered to the churchwardens of Suttonne to suche tyme as the heires come to laufull age and not to be delivered to the said Walter Scortreth.

Proved before D., in the parish church of Fulletbie, 7 Nov., 1523. Adm. granted to the executors.

[Lawrence Delff of Holbeach, a.d. 1523.]

[1520–31, 11.]


31 December, 1523. I Laurenc Delff makes my testament and last will, etc. To be buryed in the churcheyard off Holbeche. To the hye awter for tithes forgotten xijd. To the altar of the blessed marie xvjd. To the altar of the trinity viijd. To the awter off saynt James viijd. To every other auter in the same churche iijd. To the light off saynt laurence j li' wax. To the light off the rode loft vjd. To the reparacion off the churche iijs. iiijd. To the warke off our moder churche off lincoln iijd. To the orphans at sant kateryns ijd.

This is the last will of me lawrence Delffe, the yere and monethe a bove writton. To Kateryn my wiff my hows I dwell in withe vj acre off pasture lande and a pyngull, payinge the cheffe rent to my lord off croyland. To Richard my sonne iij Rodes in stokwilgate, iiij acre pastur lyinge in daingate, j cotage with j acre and halffe lying in holbeche bitwixt the lande off the prior off tefforth off the est and agnes tegoys off the west, iiij acre arable land lyinge in badillffeld, I giffe to hym and to his heres off his body, and iff he dy without ishew I will it go to the right heres of the wymers. I will myn executors shall buyld a howse at my forsaid cotage off iij bays and in on bay will have a howse off xiij fote and a kechyn and a loft and in the loft a bede for pore pepull and for ij persons to loge in for on nyght: I will this shalbe donne off my guddes, and yff my guddes wilnott extende, I will myn executors have my landes to tyme my wyll be ffulfilled. And this ffulfilled I will that Richard my sonne have my lande above to hym bequethed to kepe my obett I ame wont to kepe off the same lande, and to offer ix masse pennys, and to kepe up this almys howse. And iff he dy without heyr or heres, I will this forsaid cotage with the acre land and halffe and almys howse and iiij acre in daingate and iij rodes in stokwillgate go to the handes off the churche wardyns off holbeche churche for they tyme beyng and off the vicar off the towne to kepe solemly with dirige and masse an obytt of vs., and to offer ix masse pens, and to kepe up the almys howse and reparacions off the cotage and litill hows. And the residew to be distribute to pore pepull in the churche the day off my obytt. The Residew off my howsold stuff I giffe to kateryn my wiffe, etc. To Margarett my dawghter. To Jenitt sewill. To Robert baytman. The residew off my guddes I will myne executors shall have to the performance off my will, etc., whom I make Richard cramper and Richard Delff, and to Richarde cramper I giffe vjs. viijd., and to my sone the residew off my guddes, my will fulfilled. I orden Richard gibson supervisor, to whome I giffe vjs. viijd. To Mr. vicar off holbeche to pray for me iijs. iiijd. Wytnes hereoff, Richarde gibson, John Lesse, John peper, Richard Jakson, withe other.

Proved before P., at Spaldinge, 23 Jan., 1524. Adm. granted to the executors.

[John Garad of Bicker, a.d. 1523.]

[1506 &c., 71. The first section is translated from the Latin.]


18 January, 1523. I John Garad of Bikar, etc. My body to be buried in the churchyard of St. Swithun of Bikar. I bequeath in the name of my mortuary as the custom of the said church is. To the high altar there for my tithes and oblations forgotten iiijd. To the altar of St. Mary there iiijd. To the altars of St. Leonard and St. Nicholas ijd. each. To the gilds of the said church ijd. each. To the maintenance and reparation of the said church xijd. To the reparation of the bells there ijs. To the work of the mother church of Lincoln iiijd. To the orphans of St. Katherine without the walls of Lincoln ijd. To Agnes my wife all my household utensils, etc. I will that Thomas Browne and Marion my daughter have the government of the said Agnes and all her goods, as afterwards in my will more plainly appears. The residue of my goods I give to Thomas Browne my son, whom I make executor to dispose for the health of my soul with the counsel and help of Thomas Brown of Swyneshed, whom I make supervisor of this my testament with my last will, and I bequeath him iijs. iiijd. Witnesses, William Jakson son of Nicholas, William Benytt, Richard looke, Richard Diconson Robert Grene, with many others.

This is the last will off me John garred off Bikar, maide ther the day and yere abovesaid. I will that agnes my wiffe have my mansion wiche I dwell in withe mylne and kylne and iij Rode off lande at cote grene, halff an acr' hempe land on the hows, and my greitt toft for the terme off hyr liffe; remaynder unto Thomas browne and to marion my doughter and to the heres off there ij bodyes lawfully brought fforthe. And incontinent after my decesse I will on Rode lande in hors holm, on acr' and halffe lying in Wigtoft ffeld, on rode off hemp land on the hows, and on acr' in ennold holme, halffe an acr' in the Estfeld nygh the land lately off John Alwoord, and iij rode nyghe the marshe, wiche I purchesed off Richard garrad my broder, remayn to Marion my doughter and to the heres off hyr body, and my vij pecys off ynge in like estate. And iff it happen the said Marion to dye without heres off hyr body lawfully begotten Thomas browne beynge on liffe lyving he for to have for the terme off his liffe all the forsaid premises. And after the decesse off the said Thomas brown, non heyres beynge on liffe lyvyng off the forsaid marion my daughter off hyr body, then I will that the forsaid mancion, the iij Rodes lande at coytt grene, halffe an acr' hemp land at the hows remayn to the next off my blode and to there heres for ever. And also I will that the other lands aforesaid be sold be my feoffers, And the money therffore taken to be disposed in dedys off charyte and almys where most neid is within the towne off Bikar or ellys where ffor the well off my saull and the saulys off all our gud ffrendes. Also I wyll that thomas browne and marion my daughter have the ordringe and governance off Agnes my wiffe and hyr guddes to fynde hyr honestly on in as muche as hyr discretion is nott sufficient to govern it. And after hyr decesse I will hyr guddes remaine unto the said thomas and marion the terme off ether off there liffys, And after there decesse to be evynly devyded emonges there childer. Thies wytnes, William Jakson the sonne of Nicholas, William Benett, Richard looke, Richard Diconson, Robert grene, Richard Tyler, withe other moo.

Proved before D., at Swyneshed, 8 April, 1524. Adm. granted to the executors.

[John Levys of Pinchbeck, a.d. 1523.]

[1520–31, 141d.]


8 March, 1523. I John levys of pynchbek, etc. I will that Johan my wyff have the house that I dwell in, so that she kepe it in reparacion, and all my landes bothe fre and bonde lying with in the parysh of pynchbek the terme of her lyff; and aftyr hyr decease I will the sayd house and all my copy holde lande remane to John my sone and to hys heyres of hys body; remainder in succession to Robert, Symon and Thomas my sons and helyn my doughter and to the heyres off their bodies; remainder to the next off my blode in tayle. To Robert my sone iiij acres off lande callyd cappys medowe to hym and to hys assignes. To John my sone my plough and carte with all the gerys aftyr the decease of hys mother. The resydue of my goodes qwyk and ded I wil that Jone my wyff have theym, whome I make my executryx to bryng up my chyldren and hers. Wyttnesses, sir phylip whytebrede, Robert Tylson, John gawnte, John pat' with other.

Proved at Spaldyng, 30 Jan., 1528. Adm. granted, etc.

[William Jakson of Bicker, a.d. 1523.]

[1506 &c., 71d. The first section is translated from the Latin.]


16 March, 1523. I William Jakson of Biker, etc. My body to be buried in the churchyard of St. Swithin of Biker, with my best animal for my mortuary. To the high altar there for tithes and oblations forgotten xijd. To the altar of St. Mary there iiijd. To the altar of St. Nicholas there iiijd. To the altar of St. Leonard there ijd. To the maintenance of the said church, vjs. viijd. To the mother church of Lincoln vjd. To the pupils and orphans of the house of St. Catherine without the walls of Lincoln iiijd.


This is my last will: To Margaret my wif and Nicolas my sone my howse that I dowelle in, and all my landes, medowes and mareses in biker together during the lif of the said Margaret; and after her decease I will half an acr' land leyng in the este feld abbuttyng in cely tofte flete remayne un to Thomas my son in fee simple; the other landes, medowes and mareses with my howse to remayne holy un to Nicholas in like estate. To Nicholas my son iij kye, too horses, ij mayres, ij mayres of his owne, etc. To William, Thomas and Robert my sons every one of theym v marks, and to Margaret and Alys my doughters either of them xxvjs. viijd.; and this money to be delyvered to every one lyvyng to the age of xvj yeres. If any of theym die within the said age I will the remaynent to be equaly devided among theym lyveing. The residue of my goodes I give un to Margaret my wif, and I make her and Nicholas my sone executors. I make Mr. John litilbury supervisour, to whom I give xiijs. iiijd. Thies witnesses, Syr Robert Johnson, Robert Tod, John Jakson, with Richard Leek, with other mooe.

Before D., at Lincoln, 22 April, 1524, appeared personally Nicholas Jakson, son and executor of the deceased, and exhibited as well the testament aforesaid as the testament of Margaret his mother, and was admitted to the execution of the same testaments.

[Richard Rumforthe of Freiston, a.d. 1523.]

[1506 &c., 74d.]


18 March, 1523. I Richard Rumforthe of Freston make this my testamente Concludyng therin my last will, etc. To be buried in the churche of Saynt James of Freston. To my mortuary after the custume of the towne of Freston. To saynt James in Freston xijd. To the sacrament for tithes forgotten iijs. iiijd. To our lady of Lincoln viijd. To saynt katerine of Lincoln children iiijd. To our lady of grace in the hye quere of freston a pound of waxe. To our lady of pety a quarterne of wax. To the roode abowe her a qwarterne of wax. To saynte sythe a candle of di' a pound. To saynt Johns light iiijd. To our lady of Walsyngham iiijd. To our lady of dankaster iiijd. To my lady Copyldyke xxs. that remaynythe in the hande[s] of John Poye of Horncastyll. [A long disposition of household stuff follows.] To Jenett and Alys my daughters. To Agnes my wife, a house in Cathrope with the appurtenance in fee symple; also half the rent of my lande[s] that I have in morgegde of George Sybsa unto the fyndyng of Alys my doughter, and if so be that she fynd her not honestly I will that she and the forsaid lande[s] remayne in the hande[s] of my executors or ther assyngers. To Alis my doughter vl. at the day of her mariage. To Robert my son iiij acre land in Haltoft bowndes of the lordes rosse of the sowthe, An acre by sandgate side, on acre in Robert Lawys pasture, on acre that John Lawys hathe buttes of Mr. Sutton, on acre bought of Robert Rumforthe of Bronthrope, and ij acre in cadcroft and ij acre of yng. I gyff to Richard my son an acre lying in owthowesseld', halff an acre in ȝedyltoft, and halff an acre a litle froo the owte howes, ij acre [folio 75] and halff a litle fro barna pittes, and halff a acre under the sedykes, ij acre that was John Kykbys [sic] in newdyke, on acre and a di' in powler, on acre that I bought of Richard Robyn' lying in shorte furlonges, on acre at monges croeft end, ij acre and di' at rostdyke, on acre in Sandall, iij stong in strangdyk'; and if thei dye within age the on to be the others eyre; and iff thei lyff to thei be xxj yere of age thei to have ther lande[s] in fee symple. I will my wiff have the rentes of the lande[s] of Richard my son the space of vj yeres after the date aforsayd hon [sic] to fynd hyme honestly, etc. To Robert and Richard my sons viij marke each to bye them a stoke at the age of xxj yers. To Jenet my doughter all the lande[s] and copye[s] that came by her mother, ij [s]owys, etc. To Alys my doughter ij kye, and xx shepe or the wull of them, and she to be paid in state of mariage, etc. To Elyn and Margaret my susters. To Elyn the howse that she dwellys in the terme of her lyff and after her dethe to remeyne to the next of the blode. To John Cokson, William Wright, and Robert Tarbut, and his doughter. To yche on of my frende[s]. To the iiij orders of freres of Buston yche of them halfe a seam of barly. I will that a prest syng for me a yere in Freston Churche. To Mr. Vicar of Freston xs. To Sir Thomas Picto iijs. iiijd., etc. The resydue of my goode[s] I put to the dispocicion of my executors, Syr Robert Kyrkby vicar of Butterwike, and Robert Rumforth my son, thei ij to be executors, and Syr Robert Kyrkby vicar to have for his labour xxs., by the oversight of Sir John Whetholme parson, whom I make supervisor. Thes beyng wittenesse, Mr. William Smithe vicare of Freston, John Rumforthe, Richard Pishe, with other moo, etc.

Proved before D., at Lincoln, 17 May, 1524. Adm. granted to the executors.

[John Chilton of Lutton in Sutton, a.d. 1523.]

[1506 &c., 73d.]


20 March, 1523. I John Chilton of Lutton in Sutton in Holand, etc. To be buried in the queyr off Saynt Peter within the church of Lutton. For my mortuarye as custom is, etc. To the prior of Castillacr' for tithes forgotten xijd. To the vicar of Sutton xijd. To our lady wark in Lincoln xijd. To the childer of Saynt kateryns iiijd. To every light in Lutton churche ijd. To the gild off saynt peters there xijd. To our ladys gild in Sutton vjs. viijd. To the gildinge of the Rode loft in lutton xxs. Where I have surrendered into the hands of William Noode of Lutton xiiij acre lande lyinge at Gedney crosse, I will that the said William Node surrender the said landes into the lordes handes to the use of myne executors for the performans of this my will, that is to say, that my executors with the yerely profittes coming of the same shall cause a yerely obytt to be kept in the churche off saynt nicolas off Lutton, and that thei shall expende at the same day of the said obitt amonges prestes, clarkes, Ringynge off the belles and other seremone[s] to be done there, with a combe off wheyt yerely to be baken and deale amonges pepull off the parishe, so off the aforwritton charges to be expended xs., and the residew off the yerely rents coming off the landes I will shall be paid yerely to the handes off the churche wardyns there for the time being toward the reparations of the said church. I will that when as my executors die to the number of one that he that shall survive make surrender thereof to the use of vj persons off Lutton to thentent that the withe the same profittes shall do like charges, and to contynew bi the wey off surrender for evermore for the kontynewance off the said obytt. If it fortune that William Williamson forfett and make default off payment for the house and vij acr' off land in Lutton that they bought opon me, I will that mine executors reentre into and so make sayll of the premises and dispose the money in charitable works and reparacions of the said church. I will that xj acres land called Belles medow be sold by my executors and the money bestowed to the best profett in the hye wey betwixt the chapell off the holy trinite in Sutton and the chapell off saynt thomas in gedney where most neide shalbe seyn. I will that Anne Chilton my wife have the sum of money as dothe appear bi obligacion in my house and landes as dothe appere by copye in Sutton and Lutton. To Mawde Chilton on bulloke. To Margarett fowler. To Mathew. To Robert my servaunt. To Peter. To Richard ffolkes, John May, John Abrey, Richard Clarke, and William Jakson. To the iiij orders off freers in lynne every on xs. to be devyded emonges the convent. To the iiij orders off freers in Boston every one xs. to be devyded emonges the convent. To Henry blanke. The residue of my goods I putto the disposicion off Thomas tyde and Roger cony, whom I make my executors to sell my guddys to fulfill my legacies, etc., and the rest of such money I will it be songe and celebrat for bi on able prest at the awter off saynt peter within the said churche off Lutton. I make Mr. Anthonye Irby supervisor. The afore wytton xiiij acr' and xj acr' land to be surrendered into the hands of William Nodd. Theis Wytnes, Sir John Warner, Thom' Taylard, John Loueden, John crane, Thomas blanke, William parke, Roger steilton, William thaker, Thomas pott, and William Bakhowse with other moo.

Proved before D., at Lincoln, 29 April, 1524. Adm. to Thomas Tide and Roger cony, executors, power being reserved to grant to Laurence Roberson, etc. Afterwards it was found by process that he is not an executor named by the deceased, but is repelled by the executors, etc.