Lincoln wills: 1526

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Lincoln Wills: Volume 3, 1530-1532. Originally published by British Record Society, London, 1930.

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The testament of Thomas Sygraue of Stowe Grene.

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 32d.]

4 February, 1525–6. I Thomas Sygrave of Stawgrene next Threkingham makes my testament and last wyll. My body to be buryde in the church yerde of Threkingham. To the vycar of Stowe my best beste in the name of my mortuary. To the hye alter of sanct Etheldrede of Stowe for tythes forgotten xxd. To owr Lady warkes of the cathedrall church of Lyncoln' xxd. To my sone Wylliam Sygrave prest and mr of arte xxs. To my doughter the wyffe of Thomas Grene of Scredyngton xls. To mr prior of Sempryngham, whome I orden and make superviser of my testament and last will vjs. viijd. To the subprior of the same housse xxd. To euery chanon ther beyng a preste xijd. To the nunnys of Sempryngham iijs. iiijd. To Robert Symmys my seruaunt a cowe now in the custodye of John Bell. To euery on of my seruantes dwellyng wt me att tyme of my dethe a schepe. I will tht Alys my wyffe duryng hyr lyffe kepe a yerly obbyt for me in the church off Threkyngham, and I will tht the vicar of Threkyngham for the tyme beyng haue yerly att my sayd obbytt masse in offeryng pennys and vjd. for rehersyng my name in the bedrowll, and I will tht iijs. iiijd. be yerly distribute att my obbyt to the bell rynghers and to pore pepull in mette and drynke as costome is of the same parych, and I will tht my sayd wyffe haue yerly of my rente att Threkyngham to performe my sayd obbytt yerly as is a boffe rehersyd duryng hyr lyffe naturall vjs. viijd., and after her decesse I will ther schall be immediatly delyueryd by myne executors to the vicar and to the parichoners of Threkyngham iij kye and xxs. off mony wych mony I will schall by the counsell of the vicar and off the church wardons schall be kepte in saue custodie, and the sayd iij kye I will schalbe letten to farme to the best valor to mayntene the same stokke and encresse the same wt all as ofte as nede schall require; of the wych stokke I will that the sayd church wardyns by cownsell of the vicar of the same towne for tyme beyng shall yerly kepe my sayd obytt after the decesse of my wyffe in the same maner as I wyllyd hyr to do duryng hyr lyffe on Sounday next after the Puryficacyon of our Lady wt Placebo and Dirige ouer nyght and masse of requiem on the morowe, [folio 33] prayng for the soull of me the sayd Thomas Sygrave and Alys my wyffe and the saulles of my father and mother. I will tht after my decesse my hoolle movable goodes be devydyd in thre partes, of the wych I will tht my wyffe haue on parte and my chyldren an other parte, the thyrd parte I gyffe to mr William Sygrave, Rycherd Sygrave, and Adam Sygrave my sonnes, whom I make myne executors to pay my dettes and lagaces and dispose for my soull helth after the best discrecyons, by the ouersyght of mr prior of Sempryngham superviser. Thyes beyng wittnes, sir Thomas Lambart, vicar of Threkyngham; Thomas Gee of Byrthorp; Thomas Barne; Thomas Nix of Stowe; wt many other moy.

Proved before P., [query 7 February, 1525–61]. Administration granted to mr William Sygrave, power being reserved to grant to Richard Sygrave and Adam Sygrave when they shall come.