Lincoln wills: 1531 (February)

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Lincoln Wills: Volume 3, 1530-1532. Originally published by British Record Society, London, 1930.

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1531 (February)

The testament of Agnes Pysche [of Freiston.]

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 383.]

1 February, 1530–1. I Agnes Pysche off Freston makes my testament, [etc.]. My body to [be] buryed within the churche of the holly apostyll st Jamys and my mortuary that the lawe requiryth. To the sacrament for oblyvios tithys vjd. To st Jamys ijd. To st Sythe ijd. To our Lady of Pety jd. To our lady warkes of Lincoln vjd. To the fatherles chylder withowt the yates ijd. To mr pryor of Freston and hys bretherne ijs. viijd. To Thomas my sun all the woode that lyeth in the garthe that is mete for buyldyng, [etc.]. To Alice my doughter a chaffyng dyshe, one arke, a dyshekelffe that stands in the hall, [etc.]. To Marion my doughter a pottyll panne, a posnet, a spruce kyst, my best beades with the jewelles off them, one ambre, [etc.]. To William my sonne my leade. To Robert Fox off Tofte. To Robert hys sun iiijd. To Richerde Fox, Grace Foxe, John Foxe, William Turpyn, John Turpyn my godsun, Isabell Turpyn, John Pyshe, and Grace hys doughter, Alice Bowde, John Bowde, John Kyrby, and Agnes hys doughter, Agnes Semly my goddoughter. The resydue of my goodes I putto the disposicion of my executors, William Bowde and Robert Foxe, to dispose for the helthe of my soule and all crysten soulys, and they to have for ther labor ether of them vs., and William Croslay to be supervisor that thys my bequethword may be fulfyllyd, and he to have for hys labor iijs. iiijd. Wytnes, sir Thomas Pycto; John Kyrby; John Symon; with other mo.

Proved before P., at Lincoln, 19 February, 1530–1.

The testament of T. Hupton [of Honington].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 308d.]

2 February, 1530–1. I Thomas Vpton of Honyngton makes my testament. My body to be buryed in the churchyerde of st Wylfryde of Honyngton. To the high alter of Honyngton churche a yowe. To our Lady warke off Lincoln iiijd. To Margaret Hamer. To William Vpton my brother. To iij sonys of Richerd Vpton. To Richerde my brother. To John Roper. To John Glasyer. To Robert Beuercotes. To the chylde that my wyff is wyth all yff God sende it crystyndome. To Schelton churche xiijs. iiijd. The resydue of my goodes I bequeth to Elizabeth my wyff, whome I make my executrice to dispose for the helthe of my soule as she thynkes most expedyent. Thes beyng wytnes, sir Alexander Mannyng; William Bothby; John Bothby; John Sutton; Robert Beuercotes; with other moy.

Proved before P., at Grantham, 28 February, 1530–1.

The testament of John Jelean [of Leake].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 387.]

2 February, 1530–1. I John Jelyan of Leeke makys my last wyll and testament. My body to be buryd in the churche yard of our Lady of Leeke. To the parsonys for forgottyn tythes ijs. To every awter in Leeke churche ijd. To the churche worke of Leeke ijs. iiijd. I gyff the [sic] with the grond that yt standes apone to William Flechborne in fee symple of that condycyon that he shall do on yerely annysary [sic] in the churche of Leeke for my sole and all crysten solles by the spacce of xij yerrys after this present date before wryttyng. To Ric' Trowtyng. To Thomas West a fowlyng net. To Thomas Flechborne. To Thomas Parkar my godsone iiijd. To John Gelyan syme a fowlyng net of viijtes fethwines. To John Gelyan cowper a crayne net. To John Flecheborne. I will that the xxs. that ys owyng me yf hit maye be gotyn be bestowyd on ij trentalles for my sole and all crysten sowlles. The resydew of goodes I gyff to William Flechborne whome I orden executur and with hym to be Ric' Trowtyng to bryng me forthe and to dyspose for the helthe of my sole as they thynke best, and I will that Ric' Trowtyng have for hys labure and payne iijs iiijd. Witnese, frear Thomas Cammoke; John Jelyan; and William Whetley; with other dyvers.

Proved before P., at Sweyneshed, 7 March, 1530–1.

The testament of Richard Beche [of Stainton le Vale].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 327d.]

3 February, 1530–1. I Richerde Beche of Stanton in le Hole makes my last will. My body to be buryd in the church yerde of st Androy off Stanton. To the high alter of st Androy for tithys forgottyn xijd. To our Lady of Lincoln ijd. To our Lady warke ijd. The resydue of my goodes I gyff to Jenet my wyff, Robert and Walter my sonnys, to dispose to the pleasure of God and the helth of my soule as she thynkes best. Thes wytnes, sir John Manktnowle parson; John Androy; John Henderby; with many other mo.

Proved before P., at Market Rasen, 17 March, 1530–1, by the executors (not named).

[The testament of William Eland of Belton].

[Stow, 1530–52, f. 5d.]

3 February, 1530–1. I William Eland, syk in body, make my testament. My body to be buryed in the churche yerde of Allaloys off Belton. Also I beset xs. to be giuen in the stede off my mortuary. Also I beset xijd. to the hye awter. Also I besett to sanct Hught off Lincoln vjd. Also I besett a house off sanct John holde in Humbulqwate to my wyffe Katerne so long as sche lyvys sole, with all that longys therto, duryng her lyffe; and sche dye or be maryed I wyll it remayne to my ij sons Thomas and Wylliam with all the appurtenance. The resydu off my guddes I gyff to my wyffe, wyche I make my executor. Wyttnes that thys ys my last wyll, Ric' Papulwell; Thomas Awdhouse.

Proved at Belton, 27 March, 1531.

[The testament of Jane Hunte [of Pinchbeck].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 313.]

5 February, 1530–1. I Jane Hunte of Pynchbek makes my will and testament. My body to be buryd in the churche of Pynchbek aforesayd. To the high alter of the sayd churche for tithys forgotten xijd. To every alter in the sayd churche iiijd. To the church warke of the sayd churche iijs. iiijd. To the church warke of Surflete vjs. viijd. To the warke of the churche of Lincoln vjd. To our Lady of Lincoln for oblacions forgottyn vjd. To the faderles chylder of st Catheryns withowt Lincoln vjd. To st Jamys alter on chalys price v markes. To the sayd alter on kyrchyff. To the Trinitie alter on kyrchyff. I will ther be disposyd for me of my buryng day iiijl. in the qwere and to pore people. Also at my vijth day vjs. viijd. Also at my xxxty day vjs. viijd. I will that on honest preste do syng for my soule my frendes soulys and all crysten soulys the space of on yere, and he to have for hys labor viij markes. To sir Tole xs., on trussyng coffer, [etc.]. To my syster Helene Madyson on gowne, on kyrtyll, on harnest gyrdyll, my best beades, [etc.]. To Edward Madyson the elder iijs. iiijd. To Mary Madison. To Jane Alphyn. To Jane Madyson my goddoughter on whyte tester, [etc.]. To John Madyson xxd. To Edward Madyson the yonger xxd. To Jane Brygges. To John Burton xiijs. iiijd. my best prasse, my cownter, my ambry, my best basyn with the laver, [etc.], at the age of xxjty yeres, and yff he dye before that age I will my executors do dyspose the forsayd legacyes for the helthe of my soule. To Thomas Borton. To Elizabeth Burton. To Thomas Parker my godson ijs. To Margaret Mawer. To Helene Whyte. To Catheryne Martyn. I will that all my napre ware other ways callyd lynnyn gere be gyffyn to pore people in the towne of Pynchbek. To Thomas Obrey vjs. viijd. To Mawde Donyt xijd., [etc.]. To Jenet Smyth of Spaldyng. To Jenet Obrey, Margaret Graffe, Jenet Newland, Alice Valys, Agnes Martyn, Brydghewater wyff, sir William Bewyk, Emote Ebdon. I will that my executors do sell my housys lying in Sleford the wich I had of my lorde Husey and my lande at Fosdyke and dispose for the helthe of my soule. The resydue of my goodes I putt to the disposicion of sir John Tooly prest and John Hyll the yonger of Pynchbek auditor, whome I make executors for the helth of my soule as they shall best thynke, and ether of them to have for hys labour vjs. viijd. Thes wytnes, sir William Bewyk prest; Robert Alphyn; William Thorpe; with other moy.

Proved before P., at Spaldyng, 6 March, 1530–1, by the executors.

[Lincoln Diocesan Registry, Inventory, 1508–50, No. 176.]

Thys ys the Inuytary of ye goodes of Jane Hunte of Pynchebek seyn and praysyd be theys iiij honest men of the sayd towne Jhon' Hyll senior Robert Walpull Robert Alphyn Alexander Prowytt the secunde day of the moneth of marche in ye yere of or Lord God a m ccccc and xxxjti.

Fryst in the Alle
Item j cownter vjs. viijd.
Item j cubburd iiijs.
Item j chere xijd.
Item the hallyng ijs.
Item ij tabylles ijs.
Item ij furmys viijd.
Item ix cuscheyns iijs.
Secondly in the Chaumbre
Item iiij federbeddes xls.
Item iij bolsters iiijs.
Item xij pelows iiijs.
Item viij coverlydes xxs.
Item j gyrdyll wt j pare of bedes xiijs. iiijd.
Item j grett chest iiijs.
Item xviij syluer spones xlvjs. viijd.
Item iij coffers iijs.
Item vij pare of flaxyng schettes xvjs.
Item v hardyng schettes iijs. iiijd.
Item j tabyll clothe ijs.
Item xl plate of clothe xxs.
Item matteryssys iiijs.
Item j whyte bede iijs. iiijd.
Item iiij latyng basyns iij evers vjs.
Item j hangyng lauer ij chafyndyschys iijs.
Item viij kyrchyfes ij
aporns of lynyn ij
hardyng aporns ij
smokes viijs.
Item iiij bede sthokes iiijs.
Item iij gowns xxvjs. viijd.
Item kyrtylles
Item ij cappys xvjd.
Thurdly in the kechyng
Item vij pottes xxs.
Item iiij pannys vs.
Item ketylles iijs.
Item vj candylstykes vjs.
Item xv platers xiij puter dyschys ix sawcers iiij podyschers xvjs.
Item j scomer wt a ladyll iiijd.
Item the burdes lonyng to the howse xijd.
Item ledders & ij rakes xijd.
Item fuell xs.
Summa totalis xvl. xiijs. iiijd.

[The Testament of Henry Smythe of Garthorpe].

[Stow, 1530–52,f. 6.Collated with another copy at f. 44.]

10 February, 1530–1. I Henry Smythe of Garlthrope of the parryche of Luddyngton make my will. My body to be beryed in churche ȝard of sanct Oswalde of Luddynton. To Henry Seton vjs. viijd. [etc.]. To Marget Nordaby iijs. iiijd. [etc.]. I wit to Edmunde Graue iijs. in peny and penyworth. To the vicar of Luddynton a cow worth a ryall for hys gud praers and hys diligent busines. The residew of my guddes I gyff to John Smyth my son, whom I make myne executor. Thes men wyttnes, sir Robert Clark vicar of Luddyngton; Thomas Mylner of Garlthrope; and Ric' Reydhed; with other moo.

Proved at Belton, 27 March, 1530.

[The testament of John Hwytt of Whitton].

[Stow, 1530–52, f. 7d. Collated with another copy at f. 45d.]

15 February, 1530–1. I John Hwytt (fn. 1), seke in body, makyth my last wyll and testament. My body to be buryed in the churche of Wytton nye the madyns lyght. I bequeste for my mortuary as the lawe requyers. I bequest (fn. 2) xijd. to ower Lady warke of Lincoln. I bequeste (fn. 2) xijd. to be offerryd uppon the hye awter of Wytton for tythes and dewtys forgotten. I bequest (fn. 3) a cow to the churche of Wytton the pryce vjs. viijd. to be after the forme and maner of Agnes Fletcheres (fn. 4) in all maner of condicyon. To Wylliam Harslay iijs. iiijd. to se that my wyll be fulfyllyd. I make for my executures my wyff Agnes and Jelyan my doughter, to whon (fn. 5) I gyff all my holl guddes not bequest when my dettes be payd, that ys to say to Rychard of Banton xvijs. (fn. 6) iiijd., to Myllyn wyff of Waucott vjs. iiijd., to John Mott wyff xiiijs. iiijd., to Robert Heyryson vjs. viijd., to the maydyn lyght ixs. vd., to Jenatt Barnard a quarter of barley for a certan money takyn for schep, to Thomas Thorneton xxd., to Wylliam Wylkynson xviijd. Morover I wyll that my wyff Agnes schall gyff to my son Steven xxd. and my doughter Jelyan other xxd. ȝerely to be payd duryng the terme of xvj ȝeres and yff it forton thys forsayd money nott to be payd in any part or in all than it schall be lawfull for the [folio 8] forsayd Steven to enter to hys tenament. Also yf it forton thys forsayd Steuen to dye within the terme of xvj ȝeres than the farmehold to be sould and deuydyd amonge my wyff and my chyldren. Thes beyng wyttnes herof, Wylliam Harslay; Xp'ofer Dynsdayll; Wylliam Heryson.

Proved before L., 28 March, 1530, by the executors.

The testament of Jenyt Yong [of Brant Broughton].

[L.C.C., 1520–31,f. 356.]

15 February, 1530–1. I Jennet Yong of Brantbroughton, vidoy, hole of mynde and reason neuertheles takyn with bodyly infirmitie and seknes, makes my last will and testament. My body to be buryd within my parysh kyrke of st Helene of Brentbroughton. To the high alter iiijd. and one alter clothe. I bequeth vjs. viijd. to fynde a light before Mary of Piety. To our Lady warkes of Lincoln iiijd. To the iiij orders of frerys at Lincoln and to the Observantes at Newarke to every on one stryke whete and one stryke barly. To Jennet Yong. To Robert Yong. To Robert Bocher wyff and to hys ij chylder. The resydue of my goodes with in the house and woode and colys I gyff to Xp'ofor Bocher and John Bocher. To William Yong xls. To the kyrke of Scawby vjs. viijd. I make my executors William Yong and Xp'ofor Bocher, and Jenkyn Langwyth supervisor. Wytnes herof, sir Thomas Hyrde prest; sir Robert Lewty prest; John Bocher; with other moy.

Proved before P., at Ancaster, 5 May, 1531, by the executors.

The testament of Thomas Cape [of Coningsby].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 298.]

16 February, 1530–1. I Thomas Cappe makyth my testament. My body to be buryed within the church yerde of st Michell the archangell of Connesby. To the high alter of the sayd Connesby xijd., and to the reparacions of the same church xijd., and to the bellys of the same vjd. To John Cappe my cosyn a jaket and a dooblet. To John Pakker my brother in lawe I will that the house with the appurtenances wich [folio 298d.] I bought of John Hawmotson schall be solde and viijl. of the money evenly to be devydyd betwyxt Cecile Cappe and Mary Cappe my doughters. Moreover yff it shall fortune that other of the sayd Cecill Cappe or Mary Cappe to dy afore that tyme she cum to yeres of discrestion then I wyll that she wych doth lyff shall have the hole somme of viijl. The resydue off my goodes I gyff to Dorothe Cappe my wyff, wich I make my executrix. I have desyeryd to testifye that thys is my testament, William Magson prest; Thomas Oueray; Peter Babe; Thomas Cotes; and Thomas Babe. I make supervisors mr John Litlebery and mr John Rygges.

Proved before P., at Horncastle, 8 May, 1531, by the executrix.

The testament of Jon Langley [of Spridlington].

[Stow, 1530–52, f. 4. Collated with another copy at f. 42.]

I Jenyt (fn. 7) Langley of Spridlington, wydow woman, makes my last will and testament. My body to be buryed within the church yard of saynt Hillary of Spridlington. To our Lady warke of Lincoln iiijd. To the hye awter of Spridlington iiijd. To Thomas my sonne. To John my son. To Jarrarde my sonne. To Robert my sonne a swerme of beys. To the church of Spridlington a stocke of bees. To Henry my servant. To Laurence Langley. The residew of my goddes I giffe to William my sonne and Agnes my daughter, whom I make myne executors, the forto dispose for my saull as the thinke gud. Master Robert Dighton of Glentworth to be supervisor. In wytnesse theruppon, mr parson the curet of the church; mr Richard Lacye; John Langley; with other moo. Dated 17 February, 1530–1.

Proved before L., 21 March, 1530–1, by the executors.

The testament of W. Hatclyfe [of Grimsby].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 404.]

24 February, 1530–1. I William Hatclyff of Grymesby, esquyre, makes my testament and last will. My body to be buryd in the parysh churche of st Jamys in the iell of the Assumpsion of our Lady for the wych I bequeth to the sayd churche vjs. viijd. To the hygh altare of our Lady of Lincoln iijs. iiijd. To our Lady warkes iijs. iiijd. To the hygh altare of st Jamys iijs. iiijd. To every gylde within the sayd churche xijd. To the hygh altare of Hatclyff churche iijs. iiijd. To every godchylde that I have on lyve iiijd. To my godsone Wylliam Goodhande. To William Curtas xijd. To William Weckers xijd. To Catheryne my servant for her servys xs. To my lorde abbot of Wellou and hys convent iijs. iiijd. To my lady priorisse and her convent iiijs. To mr Doctor iijs. iiijd. and to hys convent iijs. iiijd. To mr prior of the Augustyne frerys xijd. and to every frere in hys sayd house iiijd. To mr Watson iijs. iiijd. To mr vicar iijs. iiijd. To sir William Lasby chanon xijd. To John Hatclyff xijd. To Jamys Hatclyff xijd. To every man woman and chylde that commys to my buryall one peny, prestes vjd. and clerkes ijd. To Richerd Copsey parysh clerke xijd. To my cosyn dame Margaret Hatclyff ijs. To the parson of st Marys xijd. To the [folio 404d.] reparacions of st Marys chyrch xijd. To Batterellys wyff vjs. viijd. To hys heldest sonne vjs. viijd. To my sonne Thomas Hatclyff accordyng to my promisse a hundreth markes to the purchessyng of the owt renttes of Hatclyff or as moche other landes to dyscharge it for the welthe of hys chyldren, and to be put in tale accordyng to my fathers tale, and also to the tale that I have mayd; provydyd always that the hundreth markes that I have gyffyn him to be unpayd to the sayd landes be bought and put in tale accordyng to the tripartytes that I have mayd. To Richerd Hatclyff my sonne xxxl. over and above that I gyvyn hym yff God send hym to skape at thys tyme hys sykenes and to comme to hys handes. To William Hatclyff my sonne. To my welbeluffyd wyff Catheryne Hatclyff all my stuff off householde with plate and joellys of aray. To my sonne Thomas Goodhande and to my doughter hys wyff xls. To Jane Goodhande to her maryage xls. To my sonne Gye Towers and to my doughter hys wyff xxs. over and above that I lent theym, and that I lent theym I forgyff them. To Alice Pavy xls. and Anne Pavy xls., my doughters. To John Hatclyff my sonne. To Gye Towers and to my doughter hys wyff I bequeth my chamlet gowne withowt the furre, and my velvyt jerkyn to Hatclyffes church and to the use and proffet theroff. The rest of my goodes I put to the discrestion of Catheryne Hatclyff my wyff, Thomas Hatclyff, [folio 405] William Hatclyff, Thomas Goodhande and Gye Towers, my sonnes, whome I make executors. Wytnesses my lorde abbot of Welhoo; master Mare; master doctor the warden of the Gray frerys; sir Peter Mundy vicar of st Jamys; sir Robert Watson chauntry preste. I make the parson of Hatclyff the supervysor, and for the same and the makyng of one cope and of a vestment of the gowne and jerkyn that I have bequethyd to Hatclyffes church, to have for hys labor xiijs. iiijd.

Proved before P., at Lincoln, 26 August, 1531, by the executors.

The testament of W. Hessyll [of Low Toynton].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 298.]

24 February, 1530–1. I William Hessyll of Nether Toynton nygh Horncastr' makes my last will and testament. My body to be buryed in the church or the churchyerde of the holy appostelles Peter and Paull of Toynton aforesayd. To our Lady warkes of Lincoln viijd. To the high alter of Toynton for forgottyn tithys iiijd. To the church warke ther iijs. iiijd. To Alice my doughter. To Margaret my doughter ij yeryng qwyes. To Nicholes Hessyll one scheder foole. To Margaret Nicholson xijd. To John Knyght. To every one of my other god chylder iiijd. I will that my executor cause iiij messys to be sayd at Scala celi at Boston for me and Catheryne my wyff and William Hessyll and Agnes my father and mother. The resydue of my goodes I gyff to Thomas Hesyll my sonne, whome I make my executor, with the oversight of sir John Balet parson of the churche off Toynton, whome I make supervisor, and he to have for hys labor ijs. Thes men beyng wytnes, master Boucher; Richerd Newcom; William Teryngton; and Charlles Barret; with other mo. Gyffyn at Toynton, [etc.].

Proved before P., at Horncastle, 8 May, 1531, by the executor.

The testament of Henry Gartham [of East Halton].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 326.]

28 February, 1530–1. I Henry Gartham of the parysh of Esthalton upon Humbre settes my testament. I bequeth my soule vnto allmyghtty God yt creat it and wt hys preciose blode bought it, to our Lady st Mary, and to all the gloriose cumpeny of heven. My body to be buryd in the church yerde of st Peter of Halton. To our Lady of Lincoln in oblacion iiijd., and to her warke iiijd. To the church warke of Halton iijs. iiijd. To our Lady gylde of the same viijd. To my curat the vicar of Halton to pray for me xxd. To my doughter Agnes Jobson. To Agnes Gartham my wyff all the housholde goodes within the house and the seller without devydyng. I orden Agnes Gartham to be my executrix. Wytnes, sir Thomas Ryall vicar; Thomas Gartham; William Gartham; George Jobson; James Robenson; and William Langrek; with other moy.

Proved before P., at Castor, 16 March, 1530–1, by the executrix.


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