Hearth Tax: Middlesex 1666, Brompton

London Hearth Tax: City of London and Middlesex, 1666. Originally published by Centre for Metropolitan History, 2011.

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Title Forename Surname Total Hearths Listing Status Notes
Mis Sarah Methold 29 s
Mis Foster 5 s Emty then
Mr Barnett 5 s
Tho Neatherfen 3 s Emty
John Squire 2 s Emty
Ric: Burton 3 s
Gilbert Gaines 7 s
Edw: Smith 6 s
Ric: Hutton 4 s
Wdd Buxton 2 s
John Sell 2 s
Edw Sell 2 s
Christo: Blake 10 s
James Dyson 6 s
Wm Freeman 2 s Emty; emp:
Ric: Miller 2 s
Arthur Avery 2 s
Geo: Shade 2 s
Wdd Widgsdale 2 s empt
Tho: Franklin 2 s
Fra: Barrett 3 s
Alexa: Brandt 2 s poore
Wm Roughbrow 2 s
John Brewer 2 s poore
Dr Ford 13 s
Wm Coxes 2 s
Tho: Terrett 2 s
Edw: Clarke 2 s
Wm Arnolde 14 s
Mathew Childe 9 s
Earle of Holland 82 s Emty then
Esq' Tho: Henshaw 15 s
Tho: Polter 3 s Emty then
Wm Freeman 6 s
Junior Wm Freeman 2 s poore
Mr Gander 3 s Emty; emptie
John Farmer 3 s doores shutt
Mr Ludlow 3 s Emty; emptie
Joane Bassemore 2 s poore
2 s Emty; Emptie house by
Peter Sawell 2 s
Arthur Turner 2 s poore
Mr Mendey 10 s
Dr Whiteker 13 s
James Bovey 11 s
John Burton 1 s
Mr Middelton 11 s
Mis Burckett 9 s
Mr Pottkins 9 s
Wdd Harding 1 s
Mr Pelmer 8 s Emty then
Mr de Fisher 9 s Emty then
Jo: Neames 6 s [crossed out: Emty then]
Jo: Buckett 3 s
Thomas Calcoate 2 s
John Sanders 8 s