Guide to fields used

London Hearth Tax: City of London and Middlesex, 1666. Originally published by Centre for Metropolitan History, 2011.

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Guide to fields in the London Hearth Tax

The Hearth Tax returns are here divided into parishes, and where applicable further sub-divided geographically within parishes. This may be at a number of geographical levels: street side, alley, parish, precinct etc.

Within each file, names are given in the order in which they were collected, rather than in any alphabetical order.

The key fields used were:

Precinct For the City of London only, this field includes information only when explicitly given in the original manuscript source, and in a non-standardised form.
Title Any title, honorific or status indicator assigned to an individual, in the original orthography. The values here are in no way standardised.
Forename An individual's forename as it appears in the source.
Surname An individual's surname as it appears in the source.
Total Hearths The total number of hearths. The value is entered as an atomic numerical value for the purposes of arithmetical analysis. Where the value is not known, '0' has been entered.
Listing Status 'J' signifies a record is part of a joint listing
B' signifies a record belonging to a group of bracketed listings
'S' signifies a record as being a single, stand-alone listing
Notes Comments or notes that appear in the source. Multiple comments are separated by a semicolon.