Hearth Tax: Middlesex 1666, South Mimms

London Hearth Tax: City of London and Middlesex, 1666. Originally published by Centre for Metropolitan History, 2011.

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South Mimms

Title Forename Surname Total Hearths Listing Status Notes
Jno. Gravel 2 s
Wm. Roger 4 s
Robert Bicknall 3 s
Widd Nevell 3 s
Edmond Craxton 4 s
Mathew Frances 5 s
Mary Woodeist 2 s
Jno. King 1 b no distr
Widd Finch 1 b
Mr. Croxton 1 s E Owner
Wm. Bancks 1 s no distr
Tho: Pickering 7 s
Tho: Pickering 1 s E Owner
Jno. Card 1 b no distr
Rich: Card 1 b
Wm. North 1 s
Wm. Adtkin 1 b no distr
Rich: Holbridge 1 b
Richard Citter 1 s
Christopher Smith 1 s
Richard Worldy 2 b a Smiths forg no distr
Wm. Healy 1 b
Wm. Askew 3 s
Jno. Cooper 2 s
Gillert Gray 1 b no distr
Jno. Warner 1 b
Richard Pettitt 1 s
Jno. Hardman 2 s no distr
Jno. Arnall 4 s
Peter Minshall 4 s
Mary Bradshare 6 s
Tho: How 3 s
Robert Madding 3 s
Mr Raye 2 s
Mr Oliver 9 b E 9s recd since Owner
Wm. Roger 1 b Owner
Tho: Nicholl 2 s no distr


Title Forename Surname Total Hearths Listing Status Notes
Richard Hodsdon 8 s
Edmond Turnor 2 s
Jno. Benning 3 s
Mary Cogdell 4 s
Randoll Taylor 3 s Empty Ownr
Jno. Wilcocke 4 s
senr Richard Masson 3 s
Abr Masson 2 s
Ralph Cabson 1 s no distresse
Abr: Day 2 s
Abr: Day 6 s
Widd Mathewes 2 s no distr
Wm. Mott 4 s
Jeremiah Goddesse 3 s
Ridge 0 s E Ownr
Goody Grabee 2 s no distr
Nehemiah Hayes 4 s
Wm. West 2 s
Widd Gunnion 3 s
Wm. Rudson 1 s
Wm. Gunnion 4 s & a Forge
Richard Masson 4 s & a Forge
Tho: Warner 2 s
Widd Hall 1 s no distr
David Chappell 3 s
Tho: Charnock 3 s
Widd Wright 2 s no distr
George Chelkeley 1 s
Jno. Siree 2 s no distr
Andr: Bray 8 s
Jno. Greene 2 s
Samll. Hodge 2 s
Tho: Brooke 3 s & a Forge
Mrs. Ewer 11 s
Mrs. Ewer 1 s E Ownr
Mrs. Ewer 1 s E Ownr
Jeremy Duglasse 2 s
Henry Hodsdon 7 s
Widd Smith 1 s no distr
Wm. Galt 1 s E Ownr
Hen: Arnoll 2 s
Wm. Wigg 0 s
James Shearman 2 s
Wm. Tever 1 s
Jno. Robinson 3 s E
Mr. Yorke 5 s E Ownr
Ralph Catlin 1 s