Hearth Tax: City of London 1666, St Giles (without) Cripplegate , Ball Yard

London Hearth Tax: City of London and Middlesex, 1666. Originally published by Centre for Metropolitan History, 2011.

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Ball yd

Title Forename Surname Total Hearths Listing Status Notes
2 s Empty
Chadwell 2 b
Hellin Curtame 2 b
Henry Bennet 3 b Shut
3 b
Anne Rudd 3 b
Sarah Jessup 3 b
Abigail Stevenson 1 b
Jeffery Andrewes 1 b
Rebecka Potter 1 b noe distress
1 b
1 b
Alice Stanton 1 b divided
Mary Patman 2 b
2 b
Thomas White 3 b divided
Thomas Cole 3 b divided
Anne Harris 1 b
Georg Blake 1 b
Thomas Blason 1 b
Thomas Wright 1 b
6 s Empty
Elizabeth Stevens 5 s
1 s