Hearth Tax: City of London 1666, St Giles (without) Cripplegate , Bear and Ragged Staff Alley

London Hearth Tax: City of London and Middlesex, 1666. Originally published by Centre for Metropolitan History, 2011.

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Beare & ragd Staff ally

Title Forename Surname Total Hearths Listing Status Notes
Mary Lawton 3 s removed
William Lilly 3 s
John Webb 2 s Shutt
3 s Empty
3 s Empty
William Temple 3 s
John Waller 8 s
William Belcher 1 b
Francis Doldirne 2 b
Anne Grigg 2 b noe distress
Elizabeth Jay 1 b
Edward Wright 3 s
Richard Tomlins 2 b
Robert Way 3 b Shut
Thomas Tompkins 3 s
John Roberts 2 s removed
Thomas Woodcock 1 b
Robert Dyar 1 b
Izabell Cadwell 2 b noe distress
William Kouch 2 b
John Lambe 3 b Shut
John Stevens 3 b
Johnson 1 b
Elizabeth Davis 1 b divided & noe distress
Thomas Ransom 1 b
Robert Alecocke 1 b
Robert Robertson 1 b