Hearth Tax: Middlesex 1666, St Giles in the Fields , Parkers Lane

London Hearth Tax: City of London and Middlesex, 1666. Originally published by Centre for Metropolitan History, 2011.

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Parkers Lane

Title Forename Surname Total Hearths Listing Status Notes
Margarett Wilkinson 7 s pore pore & no dist
Richard Halloway 4 s
John Burton 6 s
Margarett Mangham 6 s
Richard Eastwick 7 s
Henry Cavell 4 s
3 s Empty
Alice FitzJames 2 s penconr
Margarett Bennett 2 s penconr
Anne Varle 2 s penconr
6 s Empty
Henry George 2 s pore no distress
Widdow Nicholls 3 s pore no distr
George Hurlock 5 s
6 s Empty
Richard Southernwood 4 s
5 s no distresse
Wm Luke 5 s
John Rogers 3 s
Phillip George 3 s pore no distr
Henry Burgin 3 s
Evan Vaughan 8 s
Phillipp Adams 8 s
Edward Kinge 6 s
Thomas Sellers 5 s
2 s Empty
Wm Worsley 2 s pore no distresse
Henry Barre 2 s pore no distresse
Eliz Burder 4 s no distr; penr
Widdow Haughton 4 s no distr
Amy Harcott 5 s
Wm Betts 4 s
Widdow Duffen 4 s no distr
Mary White 4 s no distr
Abraham Kethin 4 s no distr
Thomas Gray 4 s no distr
Isabell Huckes 3 s no distr
Widdow Channell 3 s no distr
Henry Thomson 4 s
Henry Chase 3 s
Edward Tayler 2 s no distr
John Williams 2 s no distr
2 s Empty
2 s Empty
2 s Empty
Wm Wraby 3 s no distr
Simon Purce 4 s
John Rumenett 4 s at Middsor; a new Built House
7 s Empty
Thomas Tunman 5 s
Christopher Dorden 6 s
10 s Empty
Widdow Mills 2 b penconr ) pore
Widdow Morgan 2 b penconr )
Bartholomew Bullen 2 s pore; pore no distr
George Burton 3 s
John Hart 3 s
4 s Empty
Widdow Dodwell 3 s pore no distress
Wm Whitcomb 7 s
3 s Empty
3 s Empty
Daniel Stacey 1 s no distresse