Hearth Tax: Middlesex 1666, St Pancras Kentish Town

London Hearth Tax: City of London and Middlesex, 1666. Originally published by Centre for Metropolitan History, 2011.

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St Pancras Kentish Town

Title Forename Surname Total Hearths Listing Status Notes
Earle of Lodderdale 26 s
Geo: Pryer 7 s
Maior Grinstone 15 s
Robt Lea 4 s
Paul Ginderley 7 s
Ric: Gower 11 s
Wm White 4 s
Sam Vaux 0 s doores Shutt
Robt Harrisson 2 s poore
Geo: Whitten 4 s
Wm Read 2 s Emty then
Martin Stoppilles 2 s poore
John Shuley 1 s Emty then
Wm Lukell 2 s Emty then
Chr: Stonnack 2 s Emty then
Ric: Sterwood 2 s
Wm Fisher 6 s
Charles Hatten 1 s
Edw: Greene 2 s poore
2 s Emptie house by
Robt Hele 2 s poore
Wm Branson 2 s
Miller 4 s [crossed out: Emty then]
Ric: Weekes 4 s
John Storrey 3 s
Owen Lewis 9 s
Mis White 9 s
Robt Clarke 12 s
Wdd Smith 2 s
Mis Baleman 4 s Noe distresse
Nich: Baker 2 s poore
Wm Holmes 2 s poore
Beni: Arthur 10 s
Wm Riles 2 s poore
Owen Cope 2 s poore
Baron Turner 23 s
John Ives 7 s
Fra: Blake 13 s
Sam: Boxker 7 s
Wm Bitterfeild 2 s
Mis Skillett 2 s Emty then
Wdd White 6 s Noe distresse
Anth: Odam 2 s Emty then
Marquisse of Dorchester 31 s
Esq' Tho: Collett 11 s
Coppenger 5 s
Wm Prue 4 s
Chr: Keemer 2 s poore
Edw Thompson 2 s poore
Tho: Weden 2 s poore
Tho: Barnes 2 s poore
Nic: Andrews 4 s Emty then
Wm Nicholls 6 s
Esq' John Bill 24 s
Flood 2 s poore
Tho: Conce 4 s
John Caster 5 s
John Hawlin 5 s Emty then; now Gode
Sutton 3 s Emty then; now Phillipps
Edw: Thudam 5 s
Snelling 8 s Emty then
John Horton 5 s
Tho: Ecclestone 4 s Emty then [crossed out]
Mr Plowman 4 s Emty then
2 s Emptie house by
John Hawlin 4 s doores shutt
James Squire 4 s
John Squire 3 s
John Pennyman 2 s empt
Radry 2 s Emty then
Mr Fowler 7 s Emty then
Wm Allen 3 s Doores shutt
Button 1 s poore
Dixon 4 s Noe distresse
John Buckner 8 s
Cha: Savidge 6 s
Tho: Colsson 2 s poore
Geo: Sanders 8 s [crossed out: Emty then]; now Mr Offley
John Harvey 6 s
Swan 2 s poore
Tho: Scribner 2 s poore
Tho: Greene 3 s
Leonard Okes 5 s
Ric: Beck 1 s poore
John Bourcher 1 s poore
Mr Seargeant 3 s empt
Robt Hartopp 2 s
Robt French 4 s
Wm Dunckley 2 s
James Ward 5 s
Michaell Page 2 s [crossed out: poore]
Wm Steere 5 s Emty then
Tarlington 4 s Emty then
Edw: Becke 3 s
Wdd Hunt 6 s
Dr Hooper 4 s noe distresse
Wdd Reeves 7 s
John Bates 3 s
John Hawkins 8 s
Mr Yaraway 7 s Emty then
Henry Tweford 8 s
Joane Bisscoe 3 s
Bithia Carpenter 4 s
John Fatherby 4 s
Robt Newten 8 s Emty then
Henry Sandford 8 s
3 s Emptie house by
Isaack Freese 6 s
Hugh Knottcrosse 9 s
Mary Lightfoote 5 s [crossed out: Emty then]
5 s Emptie house by
John Arnoll 4 s
James Pitts 2 s
Wm Denham 2 s poore
Wm Marchant 2 s
Wm Gilpin 4 s
John Jaemson 5 s
Geo: Vale 1 s
James Warner 3 s Emty; dead
John Wood 4 s Emty; dead
Mr Guilliaums 10 s
John Keates 2 s
Geo: Trubshaw 2 s
Ralph Ferbancke 7 s Emty then
Richard Thorpe 3 s Emty
John Pettes 3 s
John Shockley 6 s
Wdd Pewice 5 s
Wdd Buckland 4 s
Tho: Howe 4 s
John Kent 6 s Emty then
Wdd Collins 8 s
Tho: Twinam 2 s
Tho: Hicks 3 s Emty then
Joseph Sall 3 s Emty then
French 3 s Noe distresse
James Lassell 12 s Emty then