Hearth Tax: Middlesex 1666, Willesden

London Hearth Tax: City of London and Middlesex, 1666. Originally published by Centre for Metropolitan History, 2011.

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Title Forename Surname Total Hearths Listing Status Notes
Sr Will: Roberts 14 j Now
Randall Burt 0 j
John Franklin 4 s
John Plommer 6 s
Tho: Eldridge 2 s
John Withers 2 s
John Cockman 1 s
Sam: Higgs 1 s
Lady Roberts 21 s
Edw: Finch 4 s
Higgs 2 s Emty then
Tho: Bell 4 s
John Buckmaster 3 s
Honnah Morgan 2 s poore
Wdd Laine 4 s Emty then
Mr Morris 6 s
John Pawlett 7 s
Widdow Pawlett 3 s
Wm Nicholls 1 s pore
2 s Emty; Emptie house by
Wm Draper 1 s poore
Hen: Hubert 1 s poore
John Wedgborough 1 s
Wdd Roberts 2 s
Tho: Pratt 2 s
John Burton 2 s
Ric: Burton 2 s doores shutt
Edw: Martin 4 s
Hen: Owen 1 s
John Steele 1 s
Henry Chalkhill 1 s poore [crossed out]
Wm Wilson 1 s poore
Clem: Barwicke 1 s Emty then
Wm Nicholls 1 s poore
John Pitt 1 s Emty then
2 s Emptie house by
Walter Greene 7 j Now
Mr Watson 0 j
Tho: Barker 1 s
Nich: Nicholdes 3 s
Wm Herman 1 s
Esq' Tho: Hinckley 20 s
Randall Jeffe 3 s
Wm Chute 17 s
Edw: Greene 3 s
John Maybanke 1 s
Geo: Marsh 3 s doores shutt
John Mansfeild 1 s
Fra: Barker 1 s poore
Wdd Moulder 1 s doores shutt
Edw: Gage 3 s [crossed out: doores shutt]
John Vincent 6 s doores shutt
Tho: Marsh 3 s Emty; emptie
Nic: Atkins 2 s
Wdd Whese 1 s
John Feild 3 s
Wm Palmer 1 s poore
Wdd Hunt 1 s
Robt Porter 4 s
John Baylie 2 s Emty then
Ric: Marritt 1 s
Hen: Hunt 1 s
Wm Crewes 4 s
John Tayler 3 s
Edw: Freelove 3 s
Robt Littlefeild 2 s
Charles Crispe 1 s poore
Tho: Benrings 7 s
John Finch 7 s
Ric: Parry 2 s doores shutt
Tho: Ellin 1 s poore
Burton Teame 1 s poore
Sam: Silvie 1 s
Tho: Hubbard 1 s poore
John Tossett 1 s Emty then
Wm Hilliard 1 s
John Weeden 7 s
Ric: Ralph 1 s poore
Ric: Whaley 5 s doores shutt
Christo: Wright 1 s doores shutt
Wdd Austin 1 s doore shutt
John Shurly 1 s
John Miller 1 s poore
Robt Wedgwood 2 s doores shutt
Henry Foster 1 s doore shutt
Wm Laurance 2 s [crossed out: Emty then]
Henry Twiford 4 s
Geo: Cooke 1 s
Wm Nicholls 1 s Emty then
Robt Strait 1 s poore
Tho: Randolfe 2 s [crossed out: Emty then]
John Wedgwood 1 s poore
Wm Ellis 1 s poore
Wm Budar 1 s poore
Tho: Alsop 1 s poore
Edw: Strates 1 s
Edw: Fletcher 4 s
Wdd Franklin 2 s
John Skinner 2 s
Anne Fletcher 2 s
Wm Pawlett 2 s doores shut