Hearth Tax: City of London 1662, Broad Street ward, St Bartholomew the Exchange Precinct

London Hearth Tax: City of London, 1662. Originally published by Centre for Metropolitan History, 2011.

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In the precinct of St Bartholmew the Exchange

Title Forename Surname Total Hearths Listing Status Notes
Nicholas Bix 9 s
Thomas Cambell 7 s owner of an empty house
Richard Bonnes 3 s
Elbritt Bendall 5 s
Trustram Waythem 4 s
Charles Lewis 3 s
Michaell Bealy 6 s
Tymothy Brigge 4 s
Robert Charles 5 s
James Reeve 3 s
Phillipp Nurse 6 s
Jeremiah Rich 5 s
Thomas Bromhall 5 s
Phillipp Coppey 7 s
Thomas Notherway 3 s
Sir George Smyth 11 s
Nathaniell Brandon 7 s
John Raynes 5 s
Robert Browne 4 s
William String 7 s
Abraham Beckner 9 s
John Lawson 11 s
George Keate 5 s
Thomas Marishall 5 s
Sir Stephen White 14 s
Thomas Wackle 4 s
Thomas Bishopp 5 s
Robert Fleming 3 s
Thomas Wilson 4 s
Sir; jun Richard Browne 8 s one stove &
John Atterby 7 s
Richard Roberts 5 s
Ralph Thicknes 6 s
William Webb 10 s
Nathaniell String 5 s
Richard Eeles 5 s
Elizabeth Cockett 6 s
Joseph Audley 4 s
Thomas Cage 4 s
William Tatersall 5 s
William Goodman 6 s
William Asten 1 s
John Lockyer 3 s
Francis Bells 7 s
Daniell Everaret 4 s
Richard Jenkins 2 s poore
William Beel 1 s poore
John Madell 3 s poore
William Moore 4 s poore
Stephen Wells 3 s poore
Elizabeth Millenton 4 s poore
George Person 4 s poore
Mary Norken 3 s poore
4 s The Pensioners house
Thomas Nickline 4 s poore
Jonathan Heartnal 5 s poore
Reynold Sotherne 6 s poore
Samuel Davis 3 s poore