Hearth Tax: Westminster 1664, St Margarets Westminster , Little Ambery

London Hearth Tax: Westminster 1664. Originally published by Centre for Metropolitan History, 2011.

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The little Ambery

Title Forename Surname Total Hearths Listing Status Notes
13 s xiij; owner of ye Gatehouse
s prison
Sir Anthony Irby 12 s xij
The Lady Elizabeth Ashton 8 s viij
Thomas Smith 11 s xj
Sir Robert Pye 12 s xij
Anthony Tingle 8 s viij
Thomas Ward 9 s ix
William Breach 6 s vj
Mary Swetnam 6 s vj
Henry Pursell 9 s ix
Edwin Babington 7 s vij
Abraham Gretton 6 s vj
Henry Peck 5 s v
Margaret Jones 3 s iij
Jane Wicks 6 s vj
Leadbeater Forty 1 s j
George Pycock 1 s j
Morgan Thomas 1 s j
Anne Board 1 s j
George Newbald 1 s j
William Stokes 1 s j
Lowry Hankin 1 s j
Shorter 1 s j; in an empty house
William Broome 1 s j
Thomas Marten 1 s j
Katherine Lewis 1 s j
Margery Burton 1 s j
Edward Tupsley 1 s j
John Williams 1 s j
John Baggett 1 s j