Folios lxxix - xc: Sept 1318 -

Pages 93-106

Calendar of Letter-Books of the City of London: E, 1314-1337. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1903.

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Folios. lxxix-lxxxi b.

Pursuant to the above writs, John de Wengrave, the Mayor, caused the Aldermen and Commonalty to appear before him to consider the matter; and upon consideration the said Mayor and citizens agreed to provide 200 armed foot-soldiers to assist the King in the war at the expense of the Commonalty. And be it known that the said soldiers were obtained in the following manner, viz., by every citizen of the more powerful and better class finding one armed soldier.

Names of centurions Manekyn le Heaumer,
Roger atte Water.

Names of those finding soldiers.

Robert de Wursted, John Belamy, John de Prestone, Stephen de Prestone, William de Bristoll, Richard de Hakeneye, John le Longge, Alan Gille, John de Romeyne, Robert de Hakenaye, Wymund Brother, John Lambyn, John Elys, Richard Horn, William de Bray, William de Hokeley, Burnet de Luka, Roger le Palmere, junior, Robert Chauntcler, John Lucas, John de Gisors, John de Boreford, Robert le Callere, Richard de Dorkyngge, Geoffrey Beauflour, Elias Petri, Stephen de Berkot, Thomas le Corder, Walter Neel, Adam Snow, Robert Heyn, Reginald le Corder, Reginald le Pipere, Robert Wodekok, Roger atte Viegne, Richard de Betoigne, Richard Swote, Richard Osard, Stephen de Cray, Thomas de Holdene, Richard Ascelyn, Wynfr[ed] le Cornmonggere, Ralph de Blida, John Castellakre, Richard de Renham, William Edmund, Richard de Sordwyche, Henry le Palmere, John de Lincoln, Hamo le Barber, Thomas Prentiz, John de Wymondham, Alan de Routhberi, John Bronde, John Cotoun, Hugh de Gartone, Geoffrey de Brandone, John atte Chaumbre, Henry de Gloucestre, William de Bidik, Adam de Salesburi, Roger de Paris, Henry de Secheford, John Pikeman, Nicholas de Jernemue, Richard Costantine, William le Taverner, chaucer, John de Grantham, spicer, Robert de Borham, Henry Lambyn, John Nunnys, John de Someresham, Thomas de Wynton', Thomas de Wynton' [sic], William Walrham, Roger de Bernes, Richard atte Holmes, John de Mockingge, John Saleman, John de Oxon', Philip Lucas, Martin Squirel, Walter de Mordone, Robert Swote, Robert Youn, Nicholas de Donstaple, Thomas Horewold, John atte Crouche, Walter le Mouner, Richard de Aynsty, Roger Sterre, John de Warlee, Henry de "Buri," Adam de Bury, William atte Raume, John de Ipswich, William de Leire, Elias de Southfolk, William de Caustone, William de Ederset, William le Hauberger, Simon de Merword, John de Lindesheye, Nicholas Krane, Simon Corpe, John Potyn, William de Bodelee, Robert de Celeseye, Richard Daske, Walter Pappeword, Robert de Derteford, John Pointel, John de Caustone, John Aylesham, John de Dallingge, Roger Housebonde, Hamo de Chiggewelle, Robert de Eli and his partner, John de Burtone, John Vivian, Roger de Eli, William Flori, William Brodhomme, William Lambyn, Henry de Gartone, Adam Luddekyn and his partner, Nicholas de Farndone, Simon de Hakenay, Stephen de Honilane, Alan de Chikwelle, Thomas Cok, Adam de St. Alban, Reginald de Conduit, Henry Nasard, James le Palmere, Henry Nasard [sic], Simon de Paris, Simon de Swanlonde, Thomas Kok, John de Paris, Hamo Godchepe, Elias le Callere, Simon de Swanlond [sic], Robert Pipehurst, "Chimellus" Lombard, William Haunsard, William de Messingham, John de Colecestre, Alexander Pyk, John de Warefeld, Peter de Hattefeld, Robert Austin, William atte Rothe, Edmund le Brewere, William Cury, Robert de Brekhull, Ralph le Balauncer, William Latoner, Simon le Barbour, John Neel, Ralph de Bartone, John de Hellebek, Thomas le Glover, Nicholas Maciot, John de Kesteven.

Names of armed foot soldiers.

Adam de Wygan, vintenarius, (fn. 1) John Martin, Hugh le Clerk, John le Keu, Nicholas Stoyl, John le Brett, John Beauflour, Thomas de Pykeringge, Robert de Chestrefelde, Geoffrey de Swofham, John de Chertseye, William de Canefeld, Stephen le Flechere, Thomas Horn, Peter Busshe, Adam de Depingge, Thomas de Ledred, Walter de Chertseye, John de Bulmere, Hugh Saumon:-Robert le Latthere, vintenarius, William le Longge, John Burrelman, Walter de Cheswyk, Richard de Ledred, Bartholomew de Guideford, Simon de Cauntebruge, Alan Godhew, William de Wyngham, Henry de Huthe, John Briggedene, Richard de Westminstre, Robert Turpin, Roger de Watelee, John Waps, Adam Broun, Walter Briggewauter, Richard Tournour, Nicholas Stele:-Stephen de Aldeham, vintenarius, John Cok, Clement de Balsham, Nicholas le Palmere, James de Beauchaumpe, John atte Hurst, John de Ringwode, Geoffrey de Blithe, John Maidenstone, Adam de Colcestre, Walter de Herword, Ralph Berde, John de Derlingtone, John de Covintre, Richard de Rogate, Walter de Grendone, William atte Neucastell, Walter Bournere, William Marmyoun, William de Refby:-Walter Lucas, vintenarius, Richard Gerlette, John Haubyn, John de Wyhtham, John de Kent, John de Kent [sic], Richard de Donecastre, Adam de Messingburi, Henry Bacheler, John de Donstow, William de Aylesbury, John de Karletone, Nicholas de Oxonford, John de Wy, Edmund de Somersete, Walter le Tilere, William Hunter, Henry de Excelsham, Robert Poinfer, John Froille:- William de Caunterbury, vintenarius, Robert de la Marche, Robert de Buri, Richard Alisaundre, Thomas de Redingge, Adam de Chauntone, William de Evere, Henry le Carpenter, James de Plomstede, Nicholas de Migham, Robert Stori, Stephen de Dortford, Simon de Haveringge, Robert le Boriere, John de Poumfreit, Walter de Baptone, Richard de Glastenburi, Simon de Watteford, Simon Kempe, William de Wihtham:- Stephen de Ellesfeld, vintenarius, Richard de Bolingtone, John Gille, John Cherman, Gilbert Buntingge, Thomas de Rogate, Henry Bokelere, Geoffrey de Rislep, Thomas de Redingge, Thomas le Walshe, John le Mareschal, Roger de Helperby, Richard de Barneby, Richard de Wytintone, Gilbert de Barow, John de Bristoll, Richard de Durem, William le Bret, John le Keu de Bredestret, Henry de Thorpe:-Robert Skreneadieus, vintenarius, Thomas de Cinggestone, Henry de Derby, Peter Stedman, John de Bury, Richard de Baldok, John Swan, John de Meldebourne, William Galopin, William de Brittesmere, Thomas le Porter, William Nagrave (?), Nicholas Trelbynge, Roger "bon valet," Robert "of ye Rook," Maurice Frebarne, William Shepdene, Roger de Hereford, William de Lenham, John de Witefeld:-John de Cornwalle, vintenarius, Geoffrey de Notingham, John de Stokbrigge, Richard Tailleboys, Richard de Burtone, John de Waltham, John del Welde, Richard de Coventre, John le Archer:-Michael de Essex, vintenarius, John de Notingham, John de Okenore, Henry le Hussher, John de Stafford, John de Greyleye, John le Cherman, Robert de Hollebourne, William de Kenelworth, Jhosep de Lumbardstret, William de Dovere, Adam de Chelmesword, Simon le Brewere, Robert le Longge, Simon de Kendale, John Ballard, John de Lymestret, Robert de Boteley, Richard de Wynchelse, Philip de la Marche:-Simon "de la haye," vintenarius, "Charles" de Nortfolk, Thomas atte Castell, Richard atte Castell, John de Mallyngge, Elias de Thorpe, Richard de Norhamptone, Stephen de Lodelow, Hugh de Inggeby, Simon de Wenelesword, Simon le Bowyere, William atte Bowe, John le Walsshe, Robert de Krikkelad, Robert de Coventre, William Gringgeleys, Adam Brette, Richard Macoun, William de Evesham, Walter de Sandwiz.

Folios. lxxxii.

Temp. Thomas Prentiz, Chamberlain, anno 12 Edward II.

Lease by Hugh de Waltham, clerk, to Stephen atte Stouples, fishmonger, of a bakehouse, &c., situate opposite the pillory on Cornhulle, for a term of six years from Michaelmas, A.D. 1318, at an annual rent of 60s. The lessee covenants not to obstruct the light of the windows of the cellar occupied by Thomas le Coteler. Dated 24 Sept., 12 Edward II. [A.D. 1318]. (fn. 2)

Gives nothing, because [the above Hugh de Waltham] is the Common Clerk, (fn. 3) &c.

Admissio Ferandi fil' Domingoun abbrokatoris, etc.

Wednesday after the Feast of the Conception B. M. [8 Dec.], 12 Edward II. [A.D. 1318], came John Poyntel, Sheriff of London, William Walram, William de Stanes, William de Redynge, Hugh de Asschingburne, Robert de Norhamptone, Hugh de Wyllecestre, Walter le Four, Elyas de Thorpe, and others [not named] before John de Wenegrave, the Mayor, John de Gysors, Robert de Keleseye, John de Lincoln, Anketin de Gysors, and John de la Chaumbre, Aldermen, and presented Ferand, son of Domyngoun "de Bytoria," (fn. 4) for the office of broker of cordwain, "bazeyne," (fn. 5) and peltry, and of all other merchandise coming from Spain, and he was admitted and sworn.

Folios. lxxxii b.

Scriptum Simonis le Heaumer.

ijs. vjd.

Lease by Stephen de Averne to Simon le Heaumer and Matilda his wife of a tenement in the parish of St. Bride in Fletestrete, near Flete bridge, for a term of sixteen years from Michaelmas, 12 Edward II. [A.D. 1318], the lessee paying (inter alia) an annual rent of 4s. to the chief lords of the New Temple. (fn. 6) Witnesses, John de Parys, William de Topesfeld, Ralph le Coteler, Robert de Flete, Roger Chauntecler, Hugh le Armurer, Henry Bonmarch, clerk, and others [not named]. Dated Friday after the Feast of All Saints [1 Nov.], 12 Edward II. [A.D. 1318].

Scriptum Will'i de Wautham.

ijs. vjd.

Grant by Stephen le Brewere and Agnes called "le longe," his wife, relict of John le Longe, to William de Wautham of a certain shop, and parcel of a tenement in the parish of St. Alphege within Crepelgate, which the said Agnes acquired by right of dower; to hold the same for the lifetime of the said Agnes. Witnesses, John de Wengrave, the Mayor, John Poyntel and John de Dallyng, the Sheriffs, Elias de Suffolk, Alderman of the Ward, (fn. 7) William de Aldenham, Robert Burdeyn, John Thurgod, William de Horsham, Simon de Mundene, Thomas atte Brome, Ralph the Beadle, and others [not named]. Dated Wednesday the Feast of St. Lucia [13 Dec.], 12 Edward II. [A.D. 1318].

Folios. lxxxiii.

Scriptum Sewalli de Springfeld.

ijs. vjd.

Lease by Richard de Haverynge and Johanna his wife to Sewal de Springfeld and Alice his wife of a tenement in the parish of St. Laurence in Old Jewry, near the tenements of Stephen "Ashwy" and Robert de Bury, for a term of seven years, charged with certain payments for the maintenance of a chantry for the soul of Stephen "Aiswy," also to Robert de Keleseye and the Prior and Convent of Holy Trinity, London. Witnesses, John de Wengrave, the Mayor, John de Dallyngge and John Poyntel, the Sheriffs, Ralph de Braghyngge, Walter de Cavendish, John Potyn, Roger the Clerk, and others [not named]. Dated Tuesday after the Feast of St. Martin [11 Nov.], 12 Edward II. [A.D. 1318].

Folios. lxxxiii b.

Inspeximus charter of Edward II. confirming the liberties granted to the burgesses of Douay by charter dated 24 Nov., 45 Henry III. [A.D. 1260]. (fn. 8) Witnesses, W[alter Reynolds], Archbishop of Canterbury, Aymer de Valence, Earl of Pembroke, Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford and Essex, Hugh le Despenser, senior, Bartholomew de Badelesmere, William de Montagu, Steward of the King's household, and others [not named]. Dated at Westminster, 8 Nov., 11 Edward II. [A.D. 1317].

L'ra acquietancie sub nomine Will'i de Furneys nup' vic' Lond', etc.

Tuesday after the Feast of St. Edward, K. [13 Oct.], 12 Edward II. [A.D. 1318], in the presence of John de Gysors, William de Leyre, Robert de Keleseye, and Henry de Gloucestre, Aldermen, a certain letter of acquittance in the name of William de Furneys, late Sheriff, for the sum of £76 13s. 4d., whereof the said William immediately paid to John Dode the sum of £20 (was acknowledged ?). And the said letter remains in the custody of Sir John de Gysors until the remainder shall have been paid.

Folios. lxxxiv.

The King's letter of privy seal to the Mayor, Aldermen, and good men of the City, thanking them for the military aid sent towards Scotland under Roger de la Water and Manekyn le Heaumer, and commending the behaviour of officers and men. Dated at York, 24 Nov., 12 Edward II. [A.D. 1318].

Reply to the above, notifying the King that the military force had arrived in London on 12 December last in good case, accompanied by William de Kyngestone, the King's Clerk, and acknowledging they had been well paid by the said Clerk from the time they left York. Dated 9 Dec. [sic]. (fn. 9)

Afterwards, viz., on Wednesday the eve of St. Thomas, Ap. [21 Dec.], 12 Edward II. [A.D. 1318], John de Cherltone brought the King's letters patent to the effect that the City's having borne the expense of the military aid dispatched to Scotland should not be drawn into a precedent (in consequenciam). Dated at York, 28 Nov., 12 Edward II. [A.D. 1318]. (fn. 10)

The above letters patent were delivered to Thomas Prentiz.

Folios. lxxxiv b.

Writ to the Chancellor, Treasurer, and Barons of the Exchequer to inquire into the claim made by the citizens of London that no citizen other than the King's moneyers and officers be impleaded without the City's walls save in pleas touching foreign tenures, (fn. 11) a claim which the Stewards and Marshals of the King's Household had, as the citizens complain, frequently ignored, but which John de Cherleton and Roger le Palmere had been unable to substantiate by the production of charters on the City's behalf when the matter was recently before the Parliament then sitting. (fn. 12) Witness the King at York, 20 Nov., 12 Edward II. [A.D. 1318].

Manucapcio Joh' de Honilane pro [puer] is Joh' Laurenz.

Tuesday after the Feast of St. Andrew, Ap. [30 Nov.], 12 Edward II. [A.D. 1318], the guardianship of Osbert and Johanna, children of John Laurence, entrusted to John de Honylane, "pelter," and Amicia his wife, mother of the aforesaid children, by John de Wengrave, the Mayor, Nicholas de Farndone, John de Gisorz, R[obert] de Keleseye, W[illiam] de Leire, R[ichard] de Gloucestre, Anketin Gisorz, S[imon] Corp, and Roger de Parys, Aldermen. Sureties, viz., Salomon le Coffrer and Hugh Madefrey. And be it known that the said John de Honylane and Amicia received the sum of £33 10s. out of £40, the property of the infants, the residue remaining in the custody of Richard de Hoddesdone, Robert atte Folde, and Robert le Hore, executors of the said John Laurence.

Manucapcio exec' test' i Joh'nis Dode nuper Camerar.

Friday before the Feast of SS. Simon and Jude [28 Oct.], 12 Edward II. [A.D. 1318], came Geoffrey de Caumpes and John de Dallyngge, junior, before John de Wengrave, the Mayor, William de Leyre, Robert de Keleseye, John de Lincoln, John de la Chaumbre, Simon de Abyndone, Roger de Parys, Elyas de Suffolk, and Simon de Corp, Aldermen, and mainprised the executors of John Dode, late Chamberlain, for rendering his account and payment of arrears, if any, &c.

Folios. lxxxv.

Acquittance under the seal of the Commonalty by John de Wengrave, the Mayor, and the Aldermen of the City, for a sum of £20 received from John de Dallynge, one of the Sheriffs of London and Middlesex, out of the ferm and issues of the said City and county, in part payment of the sum of £1,000 lent to the King in the tenth year of his reign. Dated 18 Dec., 12 Edward II. [A.D. 1318].

A similar acquittance of even date, to John Poyntel.

And note that the money was delivered to Thomas Prentiz, the Chamberlain.

Script' Joh'is de "Lanecoumbe."

ijs. vjd.

Bond entered into by Roger le Barbier, serjeant of John de Dallynge, Sheriff of London, and Margaret his wife, in the sum of £100 in favour of John de "Langecoumbe," Rector of the church of "Laumazheys." (fn. 13) Dated Wednesday the Feast of St. Valentine [14 Feb.], 12 Edward II. [A.D. 1318-19].

Script' Walt'i Pecok.

ijs. vjd.

Grant by Roger de Rameseye and Matilda his wife, daughter of Walter de Kyngestone, late poulterer, to Walter Pecok of certain rents issuing from a tenement which once belonged to Falk le Taverner, in the parish of All Hallows de Bredstrete, situate near the tenements of William Howe, William de Beverley, William de St. Martin, and Robert de Burewell; to hold the same for a term of six years. Witnesses, Matthew de Wodeham, William atte Rothe, Adam de Ely, Adam le Sakkere, Thomas le Barber, Ralph de Bredstrate, tailor, Robert de Gloucestre, John de Fyncham, Laurence Schail, Roger Lovekeyn, Henry Bonmarch, clerk, and others [not named]. Dated the Feast of St. Michael [29 Sept.], 12 Edward II. [A.D. 1318].

Folios. lxxxv b.

Scriptum Joh'is de Assheby.

ijs. vja.

Settlement of a dispute between John de Assheby, son of Hugh Mulgar, and Sir William [le Marshall], the parson of the church of St. Mary Wolnoth, as to a claim made by the said Sir William, as pittancer (pitanciarius (fn. 14) ) of the community of parish chaplains in the City, to a rent-charge of 20s. on a tenement of the said John in the parish of St. Mary Magdalen de Melkstrete under a grant formerly made by Isabella Bukerel, executrix of Roger Fitz Roger. The agreement sealed with the seal of both parties and also the seals of Sir Nicholas, Rector of the church of St. Benedict de Garscherche, Henry, the Rector of St. Andrew upon Cornhulle, (fn. 15) and John de Mogwelle, Rector of the church of St. Olave in Silvernestret, at that time pittancers and proctors of the community of chaplains of the said City. Witnesses, John de Wengrave, the Mayor, John Poyntel and John de Dallynge, the Sheriffs. Dated Monday after the Feast of St. Matthias, Ap. [24 Feb.], 12 Edward II. [A.D. 1318-19].

Folios. lxxxvi.

The Mayor, Aldermen, and Commonalty of the City of London to the Masters, Echevins, and Bailiffs of the town of Malynes, (fn. 16) desiring the payment of damages, costs, &c., due to James Beauflur for the unlawful seizure of goods. The goods had been surrendered, but the question of damages had not been settled, and great inconvenience had been caused to the said James and to Luke de Haverynge, his partner. Dated 4 Jan., A.D. 1318[-19].

Scriptum Joh'is de Chelmersford.

ijs. vjd.

Grant by William de Braybroke, fishmonger (piscarius), to Sir John de "Chelmeresford," clerk, of a tenement in the parish of St. Nicholas Coldabbey in Eldefishstrete, near the tenements of Roger de Bernes, William Prodomme, and the Bishop of Hereford; to hold the same for life at an annual rent of 40s. for the first twelve years, and 10 marks afterwards, if he lived so long. Witnesses, John de Wengrave, the Mayor, John de Dallyngge and John Poyntel, the Sheriffs. Dated Thursday before the Feast of St. Matthias, Ap. [24 Feb.], 12 Edward II. [A.D. 1318-19].

Folios. lxxxvi b.

Scriptum Joh'is de Chelmersford, clerici

ijs. vjd.

Deed of covenant by John de Chelmersford, clerk, to allow William de Camerwelle, a tenant under Peter, son of Peter de Bosenham, to hold certain houses in Candelwykstrete, in the parish of St. Mary de Bothhaghe, for a term of 6¼ years, with remainder to himself. Dated 4 April, 12 Edward II. [A.D. 1319].

Placitum inter Jacobum Beauflur et communam de Malyns.

Proceedings taken against the commune of the town of Malynes to compensate Luke de Haverynge and James Beauflur for loss of goods and damages sustained by unlawful detention. Inventory of goods belonging to the commune seized in satisfaction of claim. (fn. 17)

Folios. lxxxvii.

The King's letters patent of pardon granted to the Mayor, Aldermen, and Commonalty for a trespass committed by pulling down a certain wall near the Tower, the City having paid a fine of 1,000 marks, viz., 600 marks paid into the Exchequer and the residue into the King's Chamber. (fn. 18) Dated at Westminster, 13 July, 10 Edward II. [A.D. 1316].

Writ to the Treasurer and Barons of the Exchequer to acquit the Mayor, Aldermen, and Commonalty of the above fine. Dated at Westminster, 30 Oct., 11 Edward II. [A.D. 1317].

The Mayor and Aldermen render account of the above fine. And they are quit.

Folios. lxxxvii b.

Scriptum Ric'i de Cornubia.

Grant by the Abbot and Convent of Sautre (fn. 19) to Richard de Cornwall of rents charged on certain tenements held by John de Cauntebrigge and Alice his wife and John their son in Bredstrete, and on other tenements held by Richard de Shepstone, Alice his wife, Eustace their son and Alice their daughter, and also by Ralph de Berkweye; to hold the said rents for a term of twenty years. Dated Monday before Easter [8 April], 12 Edward II. [A.D. 1319]. Witnesses, John de Wengrave, Mayor, John Poyntel and John de Dallyngge, Sheriffs, Hamo de Chigewelle, Alderman, Roger de Suthcote, Robert de Ely, Hamo le Barbier, and others [not named].

Writ to the Sheriffs for the delivery of the custody of the Queenhithe to Robert de Hemenhale. Dated at Kyrkham, 8 April, 12 Edward II. [A.D. 1319].


Return:-The custody of the Queenhithe we can deliver to no one, inasmuch as the Mayor of the City for the time being and the Commonalty (communa) of the same hold the said hithe with all its appurtenances to themselves and their successors by grant of Sir Richard, late Earl of Cornwall, at a fee ferm, rendering therefor yearly to the said Earl, his heirs and assigns, £50, viz., one moiety at Clausum Pasche, and the other in the octave of St. Michael, by writing between the said Earl on the one part and the Mayor and Commonalty of the said City on the other part, made anno 30 Henry III., which grant the said lord the King confirmed by his charter for himself and his heirs anno 31. (fn. 20)

Folios. lxxxviii.

Memorandum to the effect that the sum of 1,000 marks which the citizens of London promised to lend the King in the month of March, 12 Edward II. [A.D. 1318-19], was entrusted to William de Hakeford and John de Waldeshef to carry to the King in Scotland, and that they started on their journey in May, bearing with them the King's letters of protection as set forth, dated 21 May, 12 Edward II. [A.D. 1319].

Lease by Hugh de Waltham to Walter de Bredstrete, taverner, of a cellar and solar belonging to a tavern in Bredstrete, which the said Hugh had by feoffment of Osbert de Braye; to hold the same for a term of six years from Midsummer next, at an annual rent of 4 marks. Witnesses, Gilbert de Tauntone, John de Somersete, William Broun, William de Lincoln, clerk, and others [not named]. Dated 17 May [sic], the Feast of the Ascension [27 May], 12 Edward II. [A.D. 1319].

Folios. lxxxviii b.

Breve Reg pro muragio delendo.

Writ to the Sheriffs to cause proclamation to be made in the City that thenceforth the custom of murage should cease to be taken from merchants bringing goods to the City for sale, inasmuch as the Mayor, Aldermen, and citizens had informed the King that the taking of such custom has led to merchants withdrawing themselves to other places. Witness the King at York, 8 June, 12 Edward II. [A.D. 1319]. (fn. 21)

Breve Reg' pro articulis observand.

Writ to the Mayor, Aldermen, and citizens of London that they see that certain articles formulated by them and amended by the King be observed in the City and suburbs according to the terms of the King's letters patent. (fn. 22) Witness the King at York, 20. June, 12 Edward II. [A.D. 1319].

Breve R' ad eligend' duos cives eund' ad parliamentum.

Writ to the Sheriffs for the election of two citizens to represent the City in the Parliament to be held at York one month after Easter next. Witness the King at York, 20 May (fn. 23) [sic], 12 Edward II. [A.D. 1319].

Indorsamentum brevis illius.

The writ endorsed:-We send you William de Leire and William de Flete, citizens of London, chosen to appear before you on the day and at the place named in the writ, they having full and sufficient power for themselves and the Commonalty of the City aforesaid to do as is therein prescribed.

Folios. lxxxix.

Commissio civium ad parliamentum R' apud Ebor.

Letters patent or Commission (commissio) under the City's Common Seal, notifying the King that the Mayor, Aldermen, and Commonalty had assigned Hugh de Waltham, William de Flete, William de Hacford, Michael Mynot, and John Waldeshef, or three of them, to attend the Parliament at York, and to do therein that which shall be ordained by common consent. Dated 7 May, 12 Edward II. [A.D. 1319].

Litera civium miss' ad parliamentum predictum.

Letter from J[ohn] de Wengrave, the Mayor, and the Commonalty of the City to the King, praying that the officers of the Exchequer may allow in their next account for an advance of 1,000 marks herewith sent, or to be sent, to assist the King in his war with Scotland. Dated 21 May, 12 Edward II. [A.D. 1319].

Breve R' pro Stapula lane.

Writ to the Sheriffs of London and Middlesex that they cause two of the Bailiffs of the City, and six of the better and more powerful citizens, as well as one Bailiff from every Borough within their Bailiwick, and four of the better and more powerful burgesses, to meet the Treasurer and Barons of the Exchequer and others of the King's Council at Westminster on Tuesday, the eve of the Feast of St. Mark [25 April], to consider the advisability of fixing the Staple of Wool at certain places within the realm. Witness, W[alter] de Norwich at Westminster, 9 March, 12 Edward II. [A.D. 1318-19].

Folios. lxxxix b.

Scriptum Hugonis de Waltham.

Lease by Hugh de Waltham, Clerk of the City, to Reginald le Ropere of a brewery, &c., in the parish of St. James de Garlekheth in the Vintry, for a term of ten years from Easter, A.D. 1319, at an annual rent of £6. Richard Dask, blader, a guarantor. Dated 7 Feb., 12 Edward II. [A.D. 1318-19].

Folios. xc.

Carta de novis Articulis co'itat' London'.

Letters patent confirming certain new articles submitted by the Mayor, Aldermen, and citizens of London to the King. Dated at York, 8 June, 12 Edward II. [A.D. 1319]. (fn. 24)

Folios. xc b.

Custodia Gilberti fil' Aloni de Brauncestre.

Monday after the Feast of St. Mary Magdalen [22 July], 13 Edward II. [A.D. 1319], the guardianship of Gilbert, son of Alan de Brauncestre, entrusted to John de Triple, together with an annual rent of 31s. issuing from a tenement in Phelipeslane, in the parish of St. Alphege, by J[ohn] de Wengrave, the Mayor, N[icholas] de Farndone, J[ohn] de Gysorz, R[obert] de Keleseye, W[illiam] de Leyre, Hamo Godchep, Hamo de Chigewelle, John de la Chaumbre, [and] Elyas de Suffolk, Aldermen. Surety, viz., John de Cherletone.


  • 1. A captain over twenty men.
  • 2. Printed in 'Memorials,' p. 129.
  • 3. Otherwise Town Clerk.
  • 4. Cf. Lupus de "Bytoyre" or "Bytore." 'Cal. Letter-Book A,' pp. 16, 17.
  • 5. Basil or bazen, inferior leather made of sheepskin.
  • 6. At this time Thomas, Earl of Lancaster, appears to have held the manor of the New Temple in fee. Vide infra, fo. clxxxviii.
  • 7. Cripplegate or (as it was occasionally called) "Wodestrete" Ward. See 'The Aldermen of Cripplegate,' by J. J. Baddeley, Deputy (privately printed, 1900), p. 13.
  • 8. Marginal note: M d quod carta Regis H. pro Burgensibus de Duaco irrotulatur in nigro libro signato cum litera B. See 'Cal. Letter-Book B,' pp. 233-4, where a cross-reference is made to this record in Letter-Book E.
  • 9. The King's letter and reply set out in 'Memorials' (p. 128), where the editor suggests that the date, viz., 9 Dec., must be an error for the 19th.
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  • 13. Lammas, co. Norfolk?
  • 14. Distributor of pittances.
  • 15. Otherwise St. Andrew Undershaft.
  • 16. Mechlin.
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  • 19. Saltrey or Sawtre, co. Huntingdon.
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  • 22. Dated at York, 8 June, anno 12 Edward II. These ordinances or "new articles" are recorded infra, fo. xc. Cf. 'Liber Cust.,' i. 268-73. A "new charter" of the same date (vide infra, fos. cix-cxi b) is said to have cost the City £1,000. (Aungier, 'Fr. Chron.,' p. 252.) The original letters patent and charter are preserved at the Guildhall, Box No. 4.
  • 23. Probably a mistake for March as given in Palgrave, 'Parl. Writs,' vol. ii. pt. ii. p. 204. The Parliament was summoned on the 20th March to meet the 6th May. It sat till the 25th May. Stubbs, 'Const. Hist.,' ii. 344, note.
  • 24. These new articles are set out (as already stated on the preceding page) in the 'Liber Cust.' (i. 268-73), where the editor queries the date as being possibly the 18th, and not the 8th June. The following heading also appears in the 'Liber Cust.,' viz.: "Istos articulos communitatis civitatis Londoniarum, cum magna instantia, perpetrarunt et obtinuerunt a Domino Rege Edwardo, filio Regis Edwardi, videlicet circa festum Nativitatis Sancti Johannis Baptistæ, anno regni prædicti Regis Edwardi xii° finiente."