Folios clxxxi - cxc: April 1350 -

Pages 212-222

Calendar of Letter-Books of the City of London: F, 1337-1352. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1904.

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Folio clxxxii.

Names of those sworn of each Ward to keep the aforesaid ordinances, viz. :-

Eastern Part.

Tower : Thomas Brun, Philip Mundeville, John le Barber, beadle.

Byllyngesgate : Adam Canoun, Richard de Evre, William de Shirbourne, Geoffrey de Spaldyng, beadle.

Bridge: Richard Bacoun, Henry de Bosseworth, John de Madetrey, beadle.

Douuegate John de Neubury, William de Wandesworth, Nicholas de Ideshale, beadle.

Portsokyn : Thomas Copyn, "bocher," Simon de Hatfeld, 'pottere," Simon le Taillour, beadle.

Algate : William Danyel, William de Wymundeswold, Ralph Chaumpion, beadle.

Langebourne : Thomas de Same, John Bullok, Edward le Cordwaner, beadle.

Candelwykestrete : John Lemman, Richard atte Dyche, Williamle Barber, beadle.

Walbrok : John de Beddeford, John de Oxenford, William Drewe, beadle.

Lymstrete : Thomas atte Walle, Robert le Ridere, Walter le Barber, beadle.

Bysshopesgate : John atte Belle, "hosteler," John de Rummehale, Bartholomew le Renter, beadle.

Cornhulle : Richard de Claverynge, Ralph de Cauntebrege, John le Fuller, beadle.

Bradestrete : John Herwardecastell, Thomas Spray.

Western Part.

Folio clxxxii b.

Vintry : John de Cressingham, John de Wendovre, Ralph de Grantham, beadle.

Queenhithe : Thomas de Shene, John Reyner, Walter Herneys, beadle.

Castle Baynard : William atte Corner, Thomas de Sutton, Thomas de St. Alban, beadle.

Cordwanerstrete : John de Kyllingworth, John Belle, Thomas de Horburi, beadle.

Bredstrete : John Tarente, William de Aungre, John de Henneye, beadle.

Farndone Within and Without : Robert Herlawe, William atte Selere, Walter de Chedyngtone, and Simon de Bernerle and Simon de Iswode, beadles.

Chepe : Roger de Caumpes, Richard de Notingham, Robert de Braybroke, beadle.

Colmanstrete : John Deynes, Henry de Ware, Walter Richemond, beadle.

Bassieshawe : Ralph Swon, Walter Salman, Richard Upriht, beadle.

Crepulgate Within and Without : Robert de Pertenhale, Simon Chikesonde, and Nicholas Walsshe and John de Enefeld, beadles.

Aldresgate : Thomas de Cauntebregge, John le Peyntour,William de Leycestre, beadle.

Folio clxxxiii.

Scriptum Rog'i atte Stone per Ric'm Lov erik de Sand wyche et Is'ux'm ejus.

sol ijs. vjd.

Lease from Richard Loverik de Sandwyche and Isabellahis wife, daughter of Gilbert Cros, fishmonger, and Agnes hiswife, to Roger atte Stone, merchant, of a certain tenement withgarden, wharf, &c, in the parish of St. Mary atte Hull, near Byllingesgate, situate near tenements sometime held by John Londenestone, Robert de Hakeneye, and William Haunsard,to hold the same for a term of twenty years, at an annual rentof 8s. Witnesses, John de Caustone, William de Shirbourne, Adam Canoun, Thomas Chaundeler, John Wirhale, Laurencede Beaulieu (Bello loco), Thomas de Santone, clerk, and others [not named] Dated Saturday after the Feast of St. Ambrose [4 April], 24 Edward III. [A.D. 1350].

Folio clxxxiii b.

Scriptum Rog'i atte Stone per Ric'm Loverik de Sandwych et Is' ux' m ejus.

Lease from the same to the same of the above property fora term of twelve years, at an annual rent of 30s. Witnesses as above Dated Thursday after the Feast of St. Ambrose [4 April], 24 Edward III. [A.D. 1350].

The above leases acknowledged before Walter Turk, the Mayor, Roger de Depham, Alderman, and Thomas de Waldene, the Chamberlain, on Friday after the Feast of St. John Bapt. [24 June].

Folio clxxxiv.

Scriptum Rog'i Coggere per Ric'm Loverik de Sandwych et Is' ux' em ejus.

sol ijs. vjd.

Lease from the same to Roger Coggere, cordwainer, of acertain tenement in the parish of St. Mary atte Hull, situate near the tenement of Amy Cros, sister of the said Isabella, for a term of twenty years, at an annual rent of 20s. Witnesses as above Dated Friday after the Feast of St. Ambrose [4 April], 24 Edward III. [A.D. 1350].

Folio clxxxiv b.

Writ to the Sheriffs for proclamation to be made forbidding any one to leave the kingdom for foreign parts before the quinzaine of St. Michael, without the King's special licence. Witness the King at Westminster, 23 June, 24 Edward III. [A.D. 1350] (fn. 1).

I es Articles des Fourbours.

Ordinances of the Furbishers (fn. 2) approved by Walter Turk, the Mayor, and the Aldermen, on Monday after the Feast of SS. Peter and Paul [29 June], 24 Edward III. [A.D. 1350].

Geoffrey de Meltone, Edward Thorbarne, William de Leycestre, Nicholas de Wyllesthorpe, and Stephen de Beddeford sworn to keep the above ordinances.

Folio clxxxv.

Salaria et po telli de Peautie falsa et foris facta.

Monday after the Feast of SS. Peter and Paul [29 June], 24 Edward III. [A.D. 1350], twenty-three measures called "potels" and nineteen salt-cellars of "peautre" condemned as having too great an admixture of lead with tin (fn. 3).

sol ijs. vjd.

Lease by Edmund Danvers and Isabella Swanlond his wife to William Scot, fishmonger, of a tenement in the parish of St. Peter at "Baynardescastel," (fn. 4) situate near the tenements of William Waterford and Richard Lacer, to hold the same for a term of five years A bond in the sum of £20 entered into by the less or for peaceable enjoyment. Witnesses, Henry Byngge, Bartholomew de Torneham, John Burtone, William atte Corner, and others [not named] Dated the eve of the Translation of St. Thomas [7 July], 24 Edward III. [A.D. 1350].

Folio clxxxv b.

L'ra protreuga int' dn'm Re gem et Ph'm de Valeys.

Writ to the Sheriffs to make proclamation of a truce that had been made with France from the 13th June last past until the 1st August next and one year after Witness the King at Westminster, 1 July, 24 Edward III. [A.D. 1350] (fn. 5).

Saturday after the Feast of Translation of St. Thomas [7 July], 24 Edward III. [A.D. 1350], twenty-five and a half "quissyns," one "coverlyt," and three bankers declared forfeitas being made contrary to the articles of the Tapicers (fn. 6).

Folio clxxxvi.

Br'e ne alius [sic] se balneat in aqua juxta Turi' London' nec in aliqua [sic] juxta Turr' London'.

Writ to the Sheriffs for proclamation to be made forbidding bathing in the fosses of the Tower or in the fosses or river near the Tower by day or night on pain of forfeiture of life and limb Witness the King at Westminster, 13 July, 24 Edward III. [A.D. 1350].

Commissio pro nundinis Sancti Bo tulphi.

Commission under the Common Seal of the City appointingThomas Aubreye, John Hatfeld, and John de Oxonia, skinner, to be the City's Wardens and Attorneys at St. Botolph's Fair (fn. 7) Dated 8 July, 24 Edward III. [A.D. 1350].

At a congregation of the Mayor and Aldermen and an immense Commonalty held on Tuesday after the Feast of St. James [25 July], 24 Edward III. [A.D. 1350], there being present Walter Turk, the Mayor, Simon Fraunceys, Richard Lacer, Thomas Leggy, John Lovekyn, Roger de Depham, Adam Brabazon, Richard de Berkyngge, Simon Dolsely, Simon de Worstede, William Welde, Thomas Perle, Aldermen, and Ralph de Lenne, Sheriff, John de Beddeford, Thomas de Brandone, William de Ifford, Richard Smelt, John Wroth, Richard Double, John Lyttle, John de Stodeye, John Blaunche, William de Swalclive, Robert Swote, Henry atte Strete, Henry le Vannere, John Geffrey, Simon de Mordone, John de Refham, and Henry de Boseworth, commoners, it was agreed that Thomas de Waldene, the Chamberlain, should pay the Mayor the sum of £100, or, if possible, 200 marks, on account of the heavy expenses of his mayoralty.

On the following Wednesday the sum of £100 was paid to Walter Turk, who subsequently remitted to the Commonalty the remaining 50 marks.

At the same congregation, John Lyttle, fishmonger, and James Andrew, draper, were elected and sworn Wardens of London Bridge.

Folio clxxxvi b.

Gardinum nixta murum dimissum Gilb'to de Stayndrop et Agn' ux'i ejus ad terminum vite utriusque eor' pro d'i marc'.

Grant by Walter Turk, the Mayor, the Aldermen, and the rest of the citizens to Gilbert de Stayndrope, goldsmith, and Agnes his wife, of a certain garden opposite Stanynglane and the church of St. Olave de Mugwellestrete for the term of their lives, at an annual rent of 6s. 8d. Dated Monday after the Feast of St. Barnabas [11 June], 24 Edward III. [A.D. 1350].

4 Aug., 32 Edward III. [A.D. 1358], came Mary, daughter of Roger "le Peautrer," before John de Stodeye, the Mayor, Adam Fraunceys, Roger de Depham, and John de Chichestre, Aldermen, and Thomas de Waldene, the Chamberlain, and acknowledged the receipt of a certain sum of money bequeathed to her by Roger "Syward," (fn. 8) her father, at the hands of John Syward, "peautrer".

Afterwards, viz., on the 2nd Oct, 41 Edward III. [A.D. 1367], came Thomas, son of Roger le Peautrer, before John Lovekyn, the Mayor, William de Haldene, William Welde, John Mytford, John Tornegold, Aldermen, and John de Cantebrigge, the Chamberlain, and acknowledged he had received from Alice, late wife of John Syward, and William Syward, executors ofthe said John, all his patrimony.

Folio clxxxvii.

And be it remembered that William, son of Roger le Peautrer, died before he came to full age, so that his portion was divided among the other children of the said Roger.

Folio clxxxvii b.

The King's writ of Privy Seal to the Mayor, Aldermen,Sheriffs, and Commonalty, informing them of Spain being in the act of assembling a force at "Swyne" (fn. 9) and elsewhere against England, and of his intention to gather a naval force at Sandwyz by Sunday before the Assumption B.M. [15 Aug.] at the latest to withstand them, and praying the City to furnish two ships, equipped with armed men ; and archers, and victualled for a month at the least Dated at "Framyngham," (fn. 10) 24 July[A.D. 1350].

The above writ remains with Thomas de Waldene, the Chamberlain.

Form of precept sent by the Mayor to each Alderman onThursday before the Feast of St. Laurence [10 Aug.] bidding him prepare a certain number of men-at-arms and archers with a month's pay, and have them ready at the Guildhall on Monday [sic] before the Feast of the Assumption [15 Aug.].

Assessment of Wards for 70 armed men ; and 100 archers to be sent in two London ships to Sandwich by Sunday before the Feast of the Assumption [15 Aug.], 24 Edward III. [A.D. 1350], in the King's service, with the wages of the seamen-.

Colmanstrete, 33s. 3d., Cordwanerstrete, 66s. 6d., Crepulgate Within, 33s. 3d., Crepulgate Without, 9s. 6d., Bassieshawe, 19s., Vintry, 38s., Bredestrete, 42s. 9d., Farndone Within, 38s., Farndone Without, 38s., Chepe, 71s. 3d., Queenhithe, 38s., Aldresgate, 14s. 3d., Castle Baynard, 14s. 3d.

Folio clxxxviii.

Walbroke, 33s. 3d., Cornhulle, 23s. 9d., Candelwykstrete, 9s. 6d., Bisshopesgate, 23s. 9d., Algate, 9s. 6d., Portsokyn,9s. 6d., Bradestrete, 33s. 3d., Tower, 47s. 6d., Bridge, 47s. 6d., Billingesgate, 33s. 3d., Douuegate, 47s. 6d., Langebourne,33s. 3d., Lymstrete, 4s. 9d.

In the ship of Andrew Turk there sailed 40 armed men ; and 60 archers, viz. :-

From Colmanstrete Ward, Luke de Langedone, John de Northfolk, (and one absent), armed men, John de Spondene, Thomas de Whethamstede, John Howeles, and William Silke, archers.

From Crepulgate Within, John de Halyngtone, John Parker, Thomas atte Beche, armed men, Richard Cotel, Thomas de Selby, Thomas de Sandwych, and William de Chelmyngton, archers.

From Cordwanerstrete, John de Leveryngtone, Robert Kyng, Richard de Cloptone, Henry Chaucer, John de Kyme, Richard Marioun, armed men, Richard Horncastel, Hugh de Leycestre, Ralph Squier, David Malepas, Peter de Thame, Benedict Nityngale, Hugh de Lycchefeld, and Thomas Crumpe, archers.

From Crepulgate Without, Henry de Groselee, armed man, and John atte Mulne, archer.

From Bassieshawe, John de Kent, Walter Pynnere, armed men, Peter Porter and John Girdeler, archers.

From Vintry, John Sparowe, John de Ebor', John Hoppere, armed men, John Baly, John de Yles, John Packer, John atte Grene, and John le Clerc, archers.

From Bredestrete, Geoffrey le White, John de Thorntone, John James, John Layner, armed men, Thomas Fraunceys, Thomas de Okele, Robert de Cornwall, Adam de Wygayn, and Adam le Noble, archers.

From Farndone Within, Richard Ellesmere, John de Bedeford, John atte Lynde, armed men, John Fraunceys, William de Chestre, William Underlee, John le Pipere, and Thomas de Peccworthe, archers.

Folio clxxxviii b.

From Farndone Without, Thomas Dencourt, Thomas de Marcham, John le Freynsshe, armed men, Simon de Paynyswyk, John Wymplee, John atte Felde, Thomas Spicer, and John Smelt, archers.

From Chepe, John de Lincoln, Roger le Noble, Robert de Braybroke, Hugh Beneyt, John de Cornwall, William de Norwych, armed men, William de Prestone, Roger de Kelshale, Henry de Westone, William de Cloptone, John de Harlee, John de Northbourne, William de Waltone, William Waleys, and William le Peautrer, archers.

From Queenhithe, William Pentiz, Matthew Hunteman, Richard de Bokyngham, armed men, John le Man, John de London Adam Broune, Robert de Notyngham, and John de Stonham, archers.

From Aldresgate, John de Stafford, armed man, Walter Paternostrer and Peter de Warrewik, archers.

From Castle Baynard, Henry Sarresyn, armed man, Richard de Shawe, William de Salysbury, archers.

From Cornhulle, William de Oxenford and John Beneyt (who made default), armed men, William Bret, William Butt, and John Calleward, archers.

In the ship of Goscelin de Cleve, 30 armed men ; and 40 archers, viz. :-

From Walbroke, Richard de Pellesworth, Geoffrey Creke, Nicholas Percy, armed men, William Cook, John Frere, William de Langestone, and Walter de Lambourne, archers.

From Candelwykstrete, Geoffrey Russel, armed man, and Thomas de Chilham, archer.

From Bisshopesgate, Robert de Bedeford, William de Whittone, armed men, John de Marleberghe, William de Shawe, and John de Langedone, archers.

From Algate, Henry Barber, armed man, and Richard Donmowe, archer.

From Portsokyn, Adam de Ledes, armed man, and John de Neuwerk, archer.

From Bradestrete, Nicholas Jolife, William de Flete, and another (not named, who made default), armed men, Thomas de Staneford, John de Stafford, John de St. Yves, and Thomas de Beverley, archers.

From Tower, Stephen Brune, William de la Marche, William de Beverley, John Marioun, armed men, Walter de Wescote, Alan Phippe, Roger Ingwardyn, Thomas de Massham, Hugh Slynhed, and John Spicer, archers.

From Bridge, Richard atte Castel, John Abel, John de Harowe, William de Horncastel, armed men, John de Aucheslee, Ralph de Pattone, William de Bokedene, William atte Hythe, John Osberne, and John de Prestone, archers.

Folio clxxxix.

From Billingesgate, Ralph de Cornwall, Richard le Merorer, William de Pentelowe, armed men, Thomas Terel, William de Dertford, William de Maxfeld, and Richard de Maxfeld, archers.

From Douuegate, John de Boughtone, Richard Payn, John de Ebor', John de Chalfhunt, armed men, Robert Smalwode, Alexander atte Pery, Walter Neuwent, John de Chestre, Roger de Fletham, and John de Coupeland, archers.

From Langebourne, Thomas Lauger, Hugh Luffenham, Thomas Suffolk, armed men, William de Bamptone, William de Hogysdene, John de Ebor', and W illiam Bernard, archers.

From Lymstrete, Walter Martyn, archer.

And be it known that the two ships aforesaid set sail on Friday before the Feast of the Assumption [15 Aug.], 24 Edward III. [A.D. 1350], and the seamen had their wages for a month, as appears infra, p 221.

Script Joh'is de Cressing ham et Matill'ux'is sue.

sol ijs.. vjd.

Lease by John de Cressingham, joiner (junctuar'), and Matilda his wife, widow of Hamo le Barber, blader, to John, son of the said Hamo, of a certain tenement in the parish of St. Margaret Moysy in Frydaystrete, situate near the tenements of Geoffrey Beauflour, John de Dallyngge, and Robert de Kestevene, to hold the same to the said John for the lifetime of the said Matilda at an annual rent, with remainder according to the terms of his father's will. (fn. 11) Walter Turk, Mayor, Adam de Buri and Ralph de Lenne, Sheriffs, Adam Brabazoun, Alderman ofthe Ward (fn. 12) Witnesses, William de Angre, John de Reffham, John de Stodeye, John Terri, William de Hockelee, Henry Vannere, and others [not named] Dated Tuesday the eve of St. Michael [29 Sept.], 24 Edward III. [A.D. 1350].

Folio clxxxix b.

Script' Joh'is de Horwod et Nich'i fil' ejus per Rog'um atte Tour et Kat'rinam ux'em ejus.

Grant by Roger atte Tour and Katherine his wife to John de Horwod and Nicholas his son of a certain messuage in St. Laurence Lane, in the parish of St. Mary le Bow, for the life time of the said Katherine Dated Wednesday after the Feast of the Assumption [15 Aug.], 24 Edward III. [A.D. 1350].

Deliberacio £xlv facta Georgio Cosyn et Agn' [sic] ux'i sue ex legato Rog'i Carpinter piperar'.

Be it remembered that on Wednesday after the Feast of St. James [25 July], 24 Edward III. [A.D. 1350], Thomas de Waldene, the Chamberlain, received from John de Stanhope, executor of Roger le Carpenter, "spicer," the sum of £45 in gold to the use of Alice, daughter of the said Roger, until George Cosyn her husband finds surety pursuant to the will ofthe said Roger (fn. 13).

Afterwards, viz., on Wednesday before the Feast of St. Dunstan [19 May], 25 Edward III. [A.D. 1351], the aforesaid money was delivered to the above George Cosyn and Alice his wife by Richard de Kyslyngbury, the Mayor, and Thomas de Waldene, the Chamberlain, and the said George entered into a bond of indemnity and found sureties, viz., John Flaon, William Cosyn, and William de Caustone, junior.

Folio cxc.

Friday before the Feast of Assumption [15 Aug.], 24 Edward III. [A.D. 1350], the sum of £15 and 12d. was delivered to Robert Scotard, the master of the ship of Andrew Turk, for the wages of the master, a constable (constabilar'), and a carpenter (fn. 14).

The same day the sum of £11 11s. was delivered to Thomas Ram, master of the ship of Goscelin de Cleve, for a like purpose.

The same day Andrew Turk and Goscelin de Cleve received respectively from the Chamberlain thirty and twenty-six bucklers (targeas) (fn. 15).

Test'm Will'i "Bentebowe".

Extract from the will of William Bendebowe proved before the Archdeacon of London xv Kal. June [18 May], A.D. 1349, and dated 21 April, A.D. 1349.

Custodia Will'i fil Will i Bendbowe.

Pursuant to the above will the guardianship of William, the testator's son, was committed by Walter Turk, the Mayor, the Aldermen, and Thomas de Waldene, the Chamberlain, to John le Iryssh, tailor, on Saturday after the Feast of St. Bartholomew [24 Aug.], 24 Edward III. [A.D. 1350] Sureties, viz., Nicholas le Sporier and Thomas atte Sloo.

Folio cxc b.

Custodia Joh is et Margarete pueror' Rog'i Morel.

Friday after the Feast of Nativity B.M. [8 Sept.], 24 Edward III. [A.D. 1350], the guardianship of John, son of Roger Morel, "hatter," and Margaret his sister committed by WalterTurk, the Mayor, Roger de Depham, Simon de Worstede, and William de Welde, Aldermen, and Thomas de Waldene, the Chamberlain, to John Kyng, called "Prentiz," mercer. Sureties, viz., Thomas Wilcher, "gyrdeler," living in St. Laurence Lane in Jewry, and William de Lincoln, "habirdassher," living in Wodestret.

Custodia Thom' fil' Nich'i de Wyr lingworthcivis et aur' London'.

The same day, the guardianship of Thomas, son of Nicholas de Wirlingworth, goldsmith, committed by the same to John de Hiltoft, goldsmith, together with a tenement, &c, in the parish of St. Matthew de Friday strete Sureties, viz., Gilbert de Stayndrop, William de Ippegrave, John Boton', and William "Aqura," goldsmiths.

Afterwards, viz., on Thursday before the Feast of the Nativity B.M. [8 Sept.], 32 Edward III. [A.D. 1358], came the aforesaid Thomas before Roger de Depham, Alderman, and Thomas de Waldene, the Chamberlain, and acknowledged satisfaction of his property and quitclaimed John de Hiltoft.


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