Folios ccxxxi - ccxxxvi: Lists of mayors and sheriffs, temp. Richard I to Edward VI

Pages 276-303

Calendar of Letter-Books of the City of London: F, 1337-1352. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1904.

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Folio ccxxxi.

Names of the Mayors (fn. 1) [sic] of the City of London temp. Richard I.

Anno 1. Henry de Cornhulle, Richard Fitz Rener.
Anno 2. John Herlioun, (fn. 2) Roger le Duke.
Anno 3. William de Haverhulle, John Buquoynt.
Anno 4. Nicholas Duket, Peter Newelyn. (fn. 3)
Anno 5. Roger le Duke, Richard Fitz Aleyn.
Anno 6. William Fitz Isabelle, William Fitz Arnulph. (fn. 4)
Anno 7. Robert Besaunt, Jokel le Jeofne. (fn. 5)
Anno 8. Gerard (fn. 6) de Antioche, Robert Durant. (fn. 7)
Anno 9. Roger le Blount, Nicholas Duket.
Anno 10. Constantine Fitz Arnulph, (fn. 8) Robert le Beel. (fn. 9)

Names of Mayors and Sheriffs of London temp. King John. (fn. 10)

Anno 1. Arnald Fitz Arnulph, (fn. 11) Richard Fitz Bartholomew.
Anno 2. Roger Desert, James Fitz Bartholomew, Alderman. (fn. 12)
Anno 3. William Fitz Alice, Simon de Aldermanberi.
Anno 4. Norman Blund, John de Ely. (fn. 13)
Anno 5. Walter Broun, William Chaumberleyn.
Anno 6. Thomas de Haverhulle, Hamo Bronde.
Anno 7. John Walraven, Richard de Wynton'
Anno 8. John Holyland, (fn. 14) Edmund Fitz Gerard (fn. 15)
[A.D. 1206, Serlo le Mercer, Henry de St. Alban. 'Liber deAntiquis.']
Anno 9. Roger (fn. 16) de Wyncestre, Edmund (fn. 17) Hardell.
Henry Fitz Alwyn, then Mayor. (fn. 18)
Anno 10. Peter Buke, (fn. 19) Thomas Fitz Neel.
Anno 11. Peter Jeofne, (fn. 20) William le Blount. (fn. 21)
Anno 12. Adam Whiteby, Stephen le Graas. (fn. 22)
Anno 13. Joce Fitz Piers, John Garlond.
Anno 14. Ralph Elylond, (fn. 23) Constantine le Jeofne.
Roger Fitz Alan, Mayor. (fn. 24)
Anno 15. Martin Fitz Alice, Peter Bat. (fn. 25)
Serlo le Mercer, Mayor.
Anno 16. Salaman Basyngs, Hugh de Basyngs.
William Hardel, Mayor.
Anno 17. John Travers, Andrew Newelond. (fn. 26)

Names of Mayors and Sheriffs of London temp. Henry III.

Folio ccxxxi b.

James le Alderman, [Mayor].
Anno 1. Benedict le Seynturer, (fn. 27) Salamon de Basynge, (fn. 28) [and].
William le "Blounditravers" (?). (fn. 29)
Anno 2. Thomas Bokerell, Ralph Elylondy. (fn. 30)
Serlo Mercer, [Mayor].
Anno 3. John Vyel, Joce le Spicer. (fn. 31)
Anno 4. Richard Wymbuldeyne, John Vyel.
Anno 5. Richard Renger, "Joseus" le Jeofne.
Anno 6. Richard Renger, Thomas Lambert.
Anno 7. William le Joynour, Thomas Lambert.
Anno 8. John Travers, Andrew Bukerell, pepperer.
Roger [sic] Renger, [Mayor].
Anno 9. John Travers, Andrew Bukerell.
Anno 10. Roger Duke, Martin Fitz William.
Anno 11. The same.
Anno 12. Stephen Bukerell, Henry de Cobham. (fn. 32)
Anno 13. The same.
Roger le Duke, [Mayor].
Anno 14. Walter de Wyncestre, Robert Fitz John.
Anno 15. Richard Fitz Walter, John de Woborn.
Andrew Bokerell, pepperer [Mayor].
Anno 16. Michael de St. Elena, Walter de Buffele.
Anno 17. Henry de Edelmetone, Gerard Bat.
Anno 18. Simon Fitz Mary, Roger le Blount.
Anno 19. Ralph Asshwy, (fn. 33) mercer, John Norman.
Anno 20. Gerard Bat, Robert Hardell.
Anno 21. Henry Cobham, (fn. 34) Jordan de Coventre.
Anno 22. John Tolosane, Gervase le Cordewaner. (fn. 35)
Anno 23. Richard Renger pro parte (fn. 36) [Mayor].
John Coundres, (fn. 37) John Wilhale.
Anno 24. William Joynour, [Mayor].
Reiner (fn. 38) de Bongey, Ralph Asshwy. (fn. 39)
Anno 25. Gerard Bat.
John Gisors, Michael Tovy.
Anno 26. Reiner de Bongey.
John Vyel, (fn. 40) Thomas Duresme.
Anno 27. John (fn. 41) Fitz John, Ralph Asshwey.
Anno 28. Ralph Asshwy.
Hugh Blount, Adam de Basynge. (fn. 42)
Anno 29. Michael Tovy.
Ralph Spicer, (fn. 43) Nicholas Bat.
Anno 30. John Gisors.
Robert Cornhull, (fn. 44) Adam de Benteley.
Anno 31. Simon Fitz Master (?), (fn. 45) Laurence Frowyk.
Anno 32. Peter Fitz Alan.
John Vyel, Nicholas Bat.
Anno 33. Michael Tovy.
Nicholas Fitz Joce, Geoffrey de Wyncestre.
Anno 34. Roger Fitz Roger.
Ralph Hardell, John Tolosane.
Anno 35. John Norman.
Humphrey Bat, (fn. 46) William Fitz Richard.
Anno 36. Adam Basyng.
Laurence de Frowyk, Nicholas Bat.
Anno 37. John Tolasan.
William de Durham, Thomas de Wymborne.
Anno 38. Nicholas Bat.
John de Norhamtone, Richard Pychard. (fn. 47)
Anno 39. Ralph Hardell.
Ralph (fn. 48) Asshwy, Robert de Lyntone.
Anno 40. Stephen Doo, Henry Waleraund.
Anno 41. Matthew Bokerell, John le Mynure.
Anno 42. Richard Ewell, William Asshwy.
Anno 43. Thomas Fitz Richard, (fn. 49) Robert Cateloigne. (fn. 50)
Anno 44. John Gisors.
John Adrian, Robert de Cornhulle.
Anno 45. William Fitz Richard.
Adam Brounyng, Henry Coventre.
Anno 46. John Norhamtone, Richard Pichard.
Anno 47. Thomas Fitz Thomas.
Philip Taillour, Richard Walbroke.
Anno 48. Robert Mounpelers, Osbert Southfolk.
Anno 49. Gregory de Rokesle, Thomas de Lafford. (fn. 51)
Anno 50. Edward le Blount, Peter Aungere. (fn. 52)
Anno 51. William Fitz Richard, Warden. (fn. 53)
John Lynde, John Walraven.
Anno 52. Alan South, (fn. 54) Warden.
John Adryan, Luke "Batemourt." (fn. 55)
Anno 53. Walter Hervy, William Duresme, Bailiffs.
Anno 54. Hugh Fitz Thomas. (fn. 56)
Thomas Basynge, Robert Cornhulle.
Anno 55. John Adryan.
Walter Poter, Philip Taillour.
Anno 56. Gregory de Rokesle, Henry Walsshe. (fn. 57)
Anno 57. Walter Hervy.
John Buddele, Richard de Parys.
Henry de Frowik, Warden for part of this year, ut in libro de cronicis civitatis. (fn. 58)

Names of the Mayors and Sheriffs of London temp. Edward, son of King Henry.

Folio ccxxxii.

Anno 1. Walter Hervy, [Mayor].
John Horne, Walter Pottere.
Anno 2. Henry Waleys.
Nicholas de Wyncestre, Henry de Coventre.
Anno 3. Gregory de Rokesle.
Luke Batencourt, Henry de Frowyke. (fn. 59)
Anno 4. John Horne, Ralph Blount.
Anno 5. Robert Arraz, Ralph Fevere.
Anno 6. John Adryan, junior, Walter Longeleys. (fn. 60)
Anno 7. Robert de Basyng, William le Mazerer.
Anno 8. Thomas Box, Ralph atte More.
Anno 9. William de Farndone, (fn. 61) Nicholas de Wynton'.
Anno 10. Henry Waleys, Mayor.
William le Mazerer, Richard Chigwelle.
Anno 11. Walter le Blount, Anketin Betevvelle.
Anno 12. Jurdan Godechep, Martin Box.
Gregory de Rokesle, [Mayor] until Friday the Feast of SS. Peter and Paul [29 June], 13 Edward I. [A.D. 1285], (fn. 62) and then Ralph de Sandwich, Warden, until the day after the Feast of the Purification [2 Feb.], 14 Edward I. [A.D. 1285-6], and in his place John Bretoun, Warden, until the Feast of St. Margaret [20 July], 15 Edward I. [A.D. 1287], &c. (fn. 63)
Anno 13. Stephen Cornhulle, Robert Rokesle.
Anno 14. Walter le Blount, John Wade.
Anno 15. Thomas Cros, Walter Haudene. (fn. 64)
Ralph de Sandwich, Warden, until the morrow of St. Barnabas [11 June], 22 Edward I. [A.D. 1294]. (fn. 65)
Anno 16. William de Hereford, Thomas de Stanes.
Anno 17. William Betoigne, John de Canterbury.
Anno 18. Fulk de St. Edmund, Salamon de Laufare. (fn. 66)
Anno 19. Thomas Romayn, William de "la yre." (fn. 67)
Anno 20. Ralph Blount, Hamo Box.
Anno 21. Henry le Bole, Elias Russel.
John Bretoun, Warden. (fn. 68)
Anno 22. Robert de Rokesle, junior, Martin de Aumbresbury.
Anno 23. Henry Box, Richard de Gloucestre.
Anno 24. John Dunstaple, Adam de Halyngbury.
Anno 25. Thomas de Suffolk, Adam de Fulham.
Anno 26. Henry Waleys, Mayor.
Anno 27. John de Storteford, William [de] Storteford.
Richard [sic] de Refham, Thomas Sely.
Anno 28. Elias Russell, Mayor.
John Armenters, Henry Fyngrie.
Anno 29. Luke Haverynge, Richard de Chaumpes.
Anno 30. John le Blount, Mayor.
Robert le Callere, Peter de Bosenho.
Anno 31. Hugh Pourt, Simon de Parys.
Anno 32. William Combmartyn, John de Burford.
Anno 33. Roger de Parys, John Lyncoln.
Anno 34. William Cosyn, Reginald "Conderley." (fn. 69)
Anno 35. Geoffrey atte Condite, Simon (fn. 70) Bolet.

Folio ccxxxii b.

Names of the Mayors and Sheriffs of London from the first year of the reign of King Edward II.

Anno 1. John Blount, Mayor.
Nicholas Pykot, Nigel Drury, Sheriffs.
Anno 2. Nicholas de Farndone.
William de Basyngge, James Botiller.
Anno 3. Thomas Romayn.
Roger le Palmere, James de St. Edmund. (fn. 71)
Anno 4. Richer de Refham.
Simon Corp, Peter de Blakenay. (fn. 72)
Anno 5. John Gysors, pepperer. (fn. 73)
Symon de Mereworth, Richard de Welford.
Anno 6. John Gysors, pepperer.
John Lambyn, Adam Lutekyn. (fn. 74)
Anno 7. Nicholas de Farndone.
Robert Burdeyn and Hugh de Gartone. (fn. 75)
Anno 8. John de [sic] Gysors.
Stephen de Abyndone, Hamo "Chekewelle."
Anno 9. Stephen de Abyndone.
Hamo Godchepe, William de Bodeleghe.
Anno 10. John de Wangrave.
William de Caustone, Ralph Balauncer.
Anno 11. John de Wangrave.
John Priour, senior, William Furneux.
Anno 12. John de Wangrave.
John Poyntel, John Dallynge.
Anno 13. Hamo de Chegewelle.
Simon de Abyndone, John de Prestone.
Anno 14. Nicholas de Farndone.
William Prodhomme, Reginald de Conduit.
This year, viz., the 14th, there was an Iter (fn. 76) at the Tower.
Anno 15. Hamo de Chegewelle.
Richard Costantyn, Richard de Hakeney.
Anno 16. Hamo de Chekewelle.
John de Grantham, Roger de Ely.
Anno 17. Nicholas de Farndone.
Adam de Salesbury, John de Oxon'.
Anno 18. Hamo de Chekewelle.
Benedict de Fulsham, John de Caustone, mercer.
Anno 19. Hamo de Chekewelle.
Gilbert de Mordone, John Cotone.
Anno 20. Hamo de Chegewelle Mayor for part of the year, and Richard de Betoigne Mayor for the rest of the year. (fn. 77)

Temp. Edward III.

Folio ccxxiii.

Folio ccxxxiii b.

Anno 1. Richard de Rothynge, Roger Chauntecler.
Anno 2. Hamo de Chegewelle, Mayor.
Henry Darcy, John Hauteyn.
Anno 3. John de Grantham, pepperer.
Simon Fraunceys, mercer, (fn. 78) Henry Combemartyn.
Anno 4. Symon de Swanlond.
Richard Lacer, Henry Gysors, vintner.
Anno 5. John de Pulteneye, draper.
Thomas de Ely, Thomas Horwold.
Anno 6. John de Pulteneye, draper.
John de Mockyngge, Andrew Aubrey, pepperer.
Anno 7. John de Prestone, girdler.
Nicholas Pyk, skinner, John Hosebonde.
Anno 8. John de Pulteneye, draper.
John Hamond, William Haunsard.
Anno 9. Reginald de Conduit.
John de Hingestone, Walter Turke, fishmonger.
Anno 10. Reginald de Conduit.
Walter de Mordone, stockfishmonger, Ralph de Uptone.
Anno 11. John de Pulteneye, draper.
William de Brikelesworth, (fn. 79) John de Northalle. (fn. 80)
Anno 12. Henry Darcy.
Walter Neel, Nicholas Crane.
Anno 13. Henry Darcy.
William Pountefrait, Hugh Marberer.
Anno 14. Andrew Aubrey.
William de Thorneye, Roger de Forsham.
Anno 15. Andrew Aubrey.
Adam Lucas, Bartholomew Deumars.
This year there was an Iter at the Tower. (fn. 81)
Anno 16. John de Oxon' Mayor for part of the year, and Symon Fraunceys Mayor for the rest. (fn. 82)
Richard de Berkyngge, John de la Rokele.
Anno 17. Symon Fraunceys, mercer, Mayor.
John Lovekyn, Richard de "Kylsyngbury." (fn. 83)
Anno 18. John Hamond.
John Syward, John de Aylesham.
Anno 19. John Hamond.
Geoffrey de Wychyngham, (fn. 84) Thomas Leggy, skinner.
Anno 20. Richard Lacer, mercer.
Edmund de Emenhale, John de Gloucestre, fishmonger.
Anno 21. Geoffrey de Wychingham.
William Claptus, John de Croidone.
Anno 22. Thomas Leggy, skinner.
Adam Brabazon, Richard de Basynggestoke.
Anno 23. John Lovekyn, stockfishmonger.
Henry Pykard, Simon Dolsely, pepperer.
Anno 24. Walter Turk, fishmonger.
Adam de Bury, skinner, Ralph de Lenne, stockfishmonger.
Anno 25. Richard de "Kylsyngbury."
John Nott, William de Worcestre.
Anno 26. Andrew Aubrey, pepperer.
John Wroth, fishmonger, Gilbert Steyndrop, goldsmith.
Anno 27. Adam Fraunceys, mercer.
John de Stodeye, vintner, John Pecche, fishmonger.
Anno 28. Adam Fraunceys, mercer.
William de Welde, draper, John Little.
[The list of Mayors and Sheriffs down to 28 Edward III. - the year in which Letter-Book F practically ends-appears to have been entered by one and the same hand and, probably, at one and the same time. The list which follows, viz., from 29 Edward III to 3 Edward VI., is written by various hands and at different times. -Editor.]
Anno 29. Thomas Leggy, skinner.
William de Tudenham, Richard Smelt.
Anno 30. Simon Fraunceys, mercer.
Thomas de Brandon, Walter Forster, skinner.
Anno 31. Henry Pykard.
Thomas Dolsely, pepperer, Richard de Notyngham.
Anno 32. John de Stodeye, vintner.
Bartholomew Frestlyng, Stephen Cavendisshe, draper.
Anno 33. John Lovekyn, pepperer.
John Bures, draper, John Bernes, mercer.
Anno 34. Simon Dolsely, pepperer.
Simon de Bedyngtone, draper, John de Chichestre, goldsmith.
Anno 35. John Wroth, fishmonger.
John Deynes, ironmonger, Walter de Berneye, mercer.
Anno 36. John Pecche, fishmonger.
James de Thame, goldsmith, William Holbeche, draper.
Anno 37. Stephen de Cavendisshe, draper.
James Andreu, draper, John de St. Alban.
Anno 38. John Noot, pepperer.
Richard de Croydone, John Hiltoft, goldsmith.
Anno 39. Adam de Bury, skinner.
John de Mitford, Simon de Mordone, stockfishmonger.
Anno 40. Adam de Bury continued Mayor until the 28th Jan., anno 40 Edward III. [A.D. 1365-6], on which day John Lovekyn, pepperer, was elected Mayor, and the said Adam removed by order of the lord the King. (fn. 85)
John Lovekyn.
John Bryklisworth, Thomas Irland, skinner.
Anno 41. John Lovekyn.
Thomas atte Leye, John Warde.
Anno 42. James Andreu, draper.
John Tornegold, mercer, William Dykeman.
Anno 43. Simon Mordene, stockfishmonger.
Adam Wymondham, Robert Gurdelere.
Anno 44. John Chichestre, goldsmith.
John Pyel, Hugh Holbecche.
Anno 45. John "Biernes."
William Walleworth, Robert Gytoun. (fn. 86)
Anno 46. John "Bernes," mercer.
Robert Hatfeld, Adam Stable, mercer.
Anno 47. John Pyel, mercer.
Nicholas Brembre, pepperer, John Philipot, pepperer.
Anno 48. Adam de Bury, skinner.
John Aubrey, John Fyffide.
Anno 49. William Waleworth, stockfishmonger.
Richard Lyons, William Wodehous.
Anno 50. John Warde, pepperer.
John Haddele, "grocer," William Neuport.
Anno 51. Adam Stable, Mayor, until the 21st March, 51 Edward III. [A.D. 1376-7], on which day he was removed from office by the King's writ and order, and the same day Nicholas Brembre was elected Mayor. (fn. 87)
Nicholas Brembre.
John Norhamptone, draper, Robert Launde, goldsmith.

The said Edward III died at Shene on Sunday before the Feast of the Nativity of St. John Bapt., viz., the 21st June, in the fifty-first year of his reign, on which day Richard, son of Edward, Prince of Wales, the first-born son of the said King, aged eleven years, began to reign

Temp. Richard II.

Anno 1. Nicholas Brembre.
Andrew Pykeman, Nicholas Twyford, goldsmith.
Anno 2. John Philepot.
John Boseham, Thomas Cornwaleys.
Anno 3. John Hadlee, pepperer.
John Heylesdone, William Baret.
Richard Odiham, Chamberlain, elected 28 May, anno.
3 Richard II. [A.D. 1380]. (fn. 88)
Anno 4. William Walworth, Knt., stockfishmonger.
Walter Doget, William Knyghtcote.
And be it remembered that on the Feast of Corpus Christi [13 June] an immense multitude of men from Kent and Essex came to London and set fire to the manor of the Savoye and St John at Clerkenwelle, and on the morrow entered the Tower of London and dragged thereout Sir Simon [Sudbury], Archbishop of Canterbury and Chancellor, and Robert Hales, Prior of St. John aforesaid, Brother William Appeltone, of the Order of Minors, John Leg, the King's Serjeant, and Richard Somenour, and beheaded them outside the Tower upon Tourhille, and also in London they killed Richard Lyons and many others, both English and Flemish. (fn. 89)
Anno 5. John Norhamptone.
John Hende John Rote.
Anno 6. John Norhamptone.
Adam Bamme, John Sely.
Anno 7. Nicholas Brembre, Knt.
Simon Wynchcombe, John More.
Anno 8. Nicholas Brembre, Knt., "grocer."
Nicholas Extone, goldsmith, John Fresshe, mercer.
Anno 9. Nicholas Brembre, Knt., "grocer."
John Organ, John Chircheman.
Anno 10. Nicholas Extone, goldsmith.
William More, William Staundone, pepperer.
Anno 11. Nicholas Extone, goldsmith.
William Venour, pepperer, Hugh Fastolf.
Anno 12. Nicholas Twyford, Knt., goldsmith.
Adam Karlylle, Thomas Austyn.
Anno 13. William Venour, pepperer.
John Loveye, John Walcote.
Anno 14. Adam Bamme, goldsmith.
Thomas Vyvent, John Fraunceys.
Anno 15. John Hende, draper.
John Shadworth, Henry Vannere, vintner, until the morrow of the Nativity of St. John Bapt. [24 June, A.D 1392], on which day they were removed at Notyngham by the lord the King and his Council, (fn. 90) and in their place there were appointed by the said King and his Council. (fn. 91) -
Anno 16. Edward Dalyngregge, Knt., Warden Gilbert Maghfeld, Thomas Neutone.

Afterwards, viz., on the 1st July, they were sworn at the Guildhall according to custom

Afterwards, viz., on the 22nd July, anno 16, the aforesaid Edward was removed from the office of Warden at Wyndesore, and in his place there was appointed as Warden-

Baldewyn Radyngtone, Knt. (fn. 92)

Gilbert Maghfeld, Thomas Neutone, who were also removed and re-elected (fn. 93)

Afterwards, on the Feast of St. Edward the King [13 Oct.], by permission of the King there was elected in the Guildhall to the Mayoralty-

William Staundone, "grocer," Mayor. (fn. 94)
Gilbert Maghfeld, Thomas Neutone (re-elected). (fn. 95)
Anno 17. Thomas Hadlee, "grocer."
Richard Whytyngtone, mercer, Drew Barentyn, goldsmith.
Anno 18. John Fresshe.
William Bramptone, Thomas Knolles.
Anno 19. William More.
Roger Elys, William Shiryngham.
Anno 20. Adam Bamme, goldsmith. (fn. 96)
Thomas Wilford, William Parker.
Anno 21. Richard Whityngtone, mercer.
John Wodecok, William Askeham.
Anno 22. Drew Barantyn, goldsmith.
John Warner, John Warde.

Folio ccxxxiv.

Temp. Henry IV.

Anno 1. T[homas] Knollys, "grocer."
William Walderne, William Hide.
Anno 2. John Fraunceys, goldsmith.
John Wakele, William Menot.
Anno 3. John Shadworth, mercer.
William Fremelyngham, William Venour.
Anno 4. John Walcote, draper.
Richard Merlowe, ironmonger, Robert Chichele, "grocer."
Anno 5. William Askeham, fishmonger.
Thomas Pole, Thomas Fawkener.
Anno 6. John Hende, draper.
William Lowthe, Stephen Spilman.
Anno 7. John Wodecok, mercer.
Henry Bartone, William Crowmere.
Anno 8. Richard Whityngtone.
Nicholas Wottone, Geoffrey Brok.
Anno 9. William Staundone, "grocer."
Henry Haltone, Henry Pounfret.
Anno 10. Drew Barantyn, goldsmith.
Thomas Duke, William Nortone.
Anno 11. Richard Merlow, ironmonger.
John Lane, William Chichele.
Anno 12. T[homas] Knollys, "grocer."
Thomas Pike, Thomas (fn. 97) Penne.
Anno 13. Robert Chechele, "grocer."
William (fn. 98) Reynwell, Walter Cotton.
Anno 14. William Walderne, mercer.
Ralph Lobenham, William Sevenok.

Temp. Henry V.

Temp. Henry VI.

Folio ccxxxiv b.

Anno 1. William Walderne, mercer.
William Sevenok, Ralph Lobenham.
Anno 2. William Crowmer, draper.
John Sutton, John Michol. (fn. 99)
Anno 3. T[homas] Fauconer, mercer.
John Michel, Thomas Alayn.
Anno 4. Nicholas Wottone, draper.
William Cambrigge, Alan Everard.
Anno 5. Henry Barton, skinner.
Robert Widyngtone, John Coventre.
Anno 6. Richard Merlow, ironmonger.
John Gedney, Henry Rede, armourer.
Anno 7. William Sevenok, "grocer."
John Brian, Ralph Bartone, John Pernys. (fn. 100)
Anno 8. Richard Whityngtone, mercer.
John Boteler, Robert Whityngham.
Anno 9. William Cambrigge, "grocer."
John Boteler, John Wellis.
Anno 10. Robert Chichele, "grocer."
William Westone, Richard Gosselyn.
Anno 1. William Walderne.
William Estfeld, Robert Tatersale.
Anno 2. William Crowmere.
Thomas Waynesford, (fn. 101) Nicholas James.
Anno 3. John Michel, "fisshmonger." (fn. 102)
Simon Seman, John "Bethwater." (fn. 103)
Anno 4. John Coventre, mercer.
William Melred, John Brokle.
Anno 5. John Reynwelle, fishmonger.
Robert Arnold, John Hygham.
Anno 6. John Gedney, "draper." (fn. 104)
"Harry" Frowik, Robert Obley.
Anno 7. Henry Bartone, skinner.
John Dofhous, John Abbot.
Anno 8. William Estefeld, mercer.
John Rus, "Raf" Holand.
Anno 9. Nicholas Wottone, "draper."
Robert Large, Walter Chertsey.
Anno 10. John Wellys, "grocer."
Stephen Brown, John Atherle.
Anno 11. John Pernys, "fishmonger."
John Olney, John Paddesley.
Anno 12. John Brokle, "draper."
John Lyng, Thomas Chalton.
Anno 13. Robert Ottele, "grocer."
T[homas] Bernewell, Symon "Heyre." (fn. 105)
Anno 14. Henry Frowik, mercer.
Robert Cloptone, Thomas Catworth.
Anno 15. John Michell, "fishmonger."
Thomas Morstede, William Gregory. (fn. 106)
Anno 16. William Estfeld, mercer.
William Chapman, William Halys.
Anno 17. Stephen Brown, "grocer."
Nicholas Yoo, Hugh Dyke.
Anno 18. Robert Large, mercer.
Philip Malpas, Robert Marchall.
Anno 19. John Paddesley, goldsmith.
William Whetenhale, John Sutton.
Anno 20. Robert Clopton, "draper."
William Combes, Richard Riche.
Anno 21. John Hathirle, "yremonger."
Thomas Beaumond, Richard Nordone.
Anno 22. Thomas Catworth, "grocer."
Nicholas Wyfold, John Norman.
Anno 23. Henry Frowyk, mercer.
Stephen Forster, Hugh Wyche.
Anno 24. Simon "Eyre," "draper."
John Derby, Geoffrey Feldyng.
Anno 25. John Olney, mercer.
Robert Horne, Geoffrey Boleyn.
Anno 26. John Gedney, "draper."
William Abraham, Thomas Scott.
Anno 27. Stephen Brown, "grocer."
William Cantelowe, William Marwe.
Anno 28. Thomas Chaltone.
William Hulyn, Thomas Canynges.
Anno 29. Nicholas Wyfold.
John Middeltone, William Dere.
Anno 30. William Gregory, skinner.
Matthew Philip, Christopher Warter.
Anno 31. Geoffrey Felding, mercer.
Richard Alley, Richard Lee.
Anno 32. John Norman, "draper'.
John Waldene, Thomas Cook.
Anno 33. Stephen Forster, "fishmonger."
John Felde, William Taillour.
Anno 34. William Marwe, "grocer"
John Yong, (fn. 107) Thomas Oulegrave. (fn. 108)
Anno 35. Thomas Canynges, "grocer."
John Stiward, Ralph Verney.
Anno 36. Geoffrey Boleyn, mercer.
William Edward, Thomas Rayner.
Anno 37. Thomas Scot, "draper."
Ralph Josselyn, Richard Nedeham.
Anno 38. William Hulyn, "fishmonger."
John Stokker, John Plommer.
Anno 39.
& 1 Edw. IV.
Richard Lee, "grocer."
Richard Flemmyng, John Lambard.

Temp. Edward IV.

Anno 2. Hugh Wych, mercer.
George Irland, John Lock.
Anno 3. Thomas Cook, draper (pannarius).
William Hampton, Bartholomew James.
Anno 4. Matthew Philip, goldsmith.
Robert Basset, Thomas Muschamp.
Anno 5. Ralph Josselyn, draper (pannarius).
John Tate, John Stone.
Anno 6. Ralph Verney, mercer.
Henry Waver, Knt., William Costantyn.
Anno 7. John Yong, "grocer."
John Bromer and Henry Bryce, who died 20 June, and.
John Stokton was elected in his place the same afternoon (post nonam ejusdem diei (fn. 109) ), and on the morrow was presented to the Barons of the Exchequer and admitted.
Anno 8. Thomas Owlegreve, skinner.
Humphrey Hayford, Thomas Stalbroke.
Anno 9. William Taillour, "grocer."
Simon Smyth, William Heryot.
Anno 10. Richard Lee, "grocer."
Richard Gardyner, mercer, Robert Drope, draper.
Anno 11. John Stokton, Knt., mercer.
John Crosby, Knt., John Warde.
Anno 12. William Edward, grocer (grocerus).
John Shelley, mercer, John Aleyn, goldsmith.
Anno 13. William Hampton, Knt., "fishmonger."
John Broun, Thomas Bledlowe.
Anno 14. John Tate, mercer.
William Stokker, Knt., Robert Billesdon.
Anno 15. Robert Drope, "draper."
Edmund Shaa, Thomas Hill.
Anno 16. Robert Basset, salter.
Robert Colwiche, Hugh Brice.
Anno 17. Ralph Josselyn, Knt., "draper."
Richard Rawson, William Horne.
Anno 18. Humphrey Hayford, goldsmith.
Henry Colet, John Stokker.
Anno 19. Richard Gardyner, mercer.
Robert Byfeld, Robert Hardyng.
Anno 20. Bartholomew James, Knt., "draper."
John Warde, Thomas Ilam.
Anno 21. John Broun, mercer.
William Bacon, haberdasher, Thomas Danyel, dyer.
Anno 22. William Haryot, "draper."
Robert Tate, mercer, Richard Chawry, seller, loco William Wykyng, skinner, late Sheriff, deceased. (fn. 110)

Temp. Richard III.

Anno 1. Edmund Shaa, Knt., goldsmith.
John Mathewe, William White.
Anno 2. Robert Billesden, haberdasher.
Thomas Northlond, (fn. 111) William Martyn.
Anno 3. Thomas Hille, Knt., "grocer."
Thomas Breteyn, Ralph Astry, loco Richard Chester, late Sheriff, deceased. (fn. 112)

Temp. Henry VII.

Folio ccxxxv.

Anno 1. Hugh Brice, Knt., goldsmith.
John Tate, John Swan.
Anno 2. Henry Colet, Knt., mercer.
John Percyvale, Hugh Cloptone.
Anno 3. William Horne, Knt., salter.
John Fenkell, William Remyngtone.
Anno 4. Robert Tate, mercer.
William Isaac, Ralph Tylney.
Anno 5. William White, draper (pannarius).
William Capell, John Broke.
Anno 6. John Mathewe, mercer.
Henry Cote, Hugh Pemberton, loco Robert Revell, who died. (fn. 113)
Anno 7. Hugh Clopton, mercer.
Thomas Wood, William Broun.
Anno 8. William Martyn, Knt., skinner.
William Purches, William Welbeke.
Anno 9. Ralph Astry, Knt., fishmonger (piscenarius).
Robert Fabian, John Wynger.
Anno 10. Richard Chawry, salter.
Nicholas Alwyn, John Warner.
Anno 11. Henry Colet, Knt., mercer.
Thomas Kneseworth, Henry Somer.
Anno 12. John Tate, mercer.
John Shaa, goldsmith, Richard Haddon. (fn. 114)
Anno 13. William Purchace, mercer.
Bartholomew Rede, goldsmith, Thomas Wyndoute, mercer.
Anno 14. John Percyval, tailor (cissor), the first of that mistery to be Mayor.
Thomas Bradbury, Stephen Jenyns.
Anno 15. Nicholas Alwyne, mercer.
James Wilford, Richard Bronde.
Anno 16. William Remyngtone, fishmonger (piscenarius).
John Hawes, William Stede.
Anno 17. John Shaa, Knt., goldsmith.
Laurence Aylmer, "draper," Henry Hede, "irmonger."
Anno 18. Bartholomew "Reede," goldsmith.
Henry Kebyll, Nicholas Nynes.
Anno 19. William Capell, Knt., draper (pannarius).
Christopher Hawes, mercer, Robert Wattes, draper; the said Robert afterwards, viz., on the 9th Nov., died, and in his place was elected Thomas Graunger, skinner. (fn. 115)
Anno 20. John Wynger, "grocer."
Roger Acherley, "draper," William Broun, junior.
Anno 21. Thomas Kneseworth, fishmonger (piscenarius).
Richard Shore, draper, Roger Grove, "grocer."
Anno 22. Richard Haddon, Knt., mercer.
William Copinger, fishmonger (piscenarius), William Fitz William, tailor.
Anno 23. William Broun, senior, mercer.
William Butler, grocer, John Kyrkby, "taillour."

The aforesaid Mayor died on the 22nd March, 23 Henry VII. [A.D. 1507-8], and Laurence Aylmer was elected in his place by the Commonalty on the 27th March (fn. 116)

Folio ccxxxv b.

Anno 24. Stephen Jenyns, tailor (cissor), the second Mayor of that mistery.
Thomas Exmewe, Richard Smyth, "merchant taillour." (fn. 117)

The same year Henry the Seventh, King of England, died, and Henry the Eighth, his son, commenced to reign the 22nd April, the same year And afterwards, viz., on the Feast of the Nativity of St. John Bapt [24 June], the aforesaid Henry the Eighth was crowned at Westminster

Temp. Henry VIII.

Folio ccxxxvi.

Anno 1. Thomas Bradbury, mercer.
George Monoux, draper (pannarius), Joen Doget, "merchant taillour."
The above Thomas Bradbury died 11 (?) Jan., and William Capell, Knt., was elected in his place for the remainder of the year. (fn. 118)
Anno 2. Henry Keybyll, "grocer."
John Mylbourne, "draper," John "Rest," "grocer."
Anno 3. Roger Acheley, "draper."
Nicholas Shelton, mercer, Thomas Myrfyn, "skynner."
Anno 4. William Copynger, fishmonger (piscenarius).
Robert Aldernes, haberdasher, Robert Fenrother, goldsmith.
The above William Copynger died the 7th February the year aforesaid, and Richard Haddon was elected in his place for the remainder of the year. (fn. 119)
Anno 5. William Broune, mercer.
John Dawes, "grocer," John Bruge, "draper."
The said John Dawes died on the 14th June, anno 6 Henry VIII. [A.D. 1514], and afterwards on Friday the 16th June Roger Basford, mercer, was elected Sheriff in his place for the remainder of the year. (fn. 120)
The aforesaid William Broune died the 3rd June, anno 6 Henry VIII. [A.D. 1514], and John Tate, mercer, was elected Mayor in his place for the remainder of the year. (fn. 121)
Anno 6. George Monoux, "draper."
James Yerford, mercer, John Mundy, goldsmith.
Anno 7. William Butler, Knt., "grocer."
Henry Warley, Richard Grey.
The above Richard Grey died ...... October, anno 7 Henry VIII. [A.D. 1515], and afterwards, viz., on the 22nd October, William Baylly, draper (pannarius), was elected in his place for the remainder of the year by the Commonalty, and was presented at the Exchequer of the lord the King on the morrow of SS. Simon and Jude [28 Oct] with the Mayor. (fn. 122)
Anno 8. John "Reest," "grocer."
Thomas Server, John Thurstone.
Anno 9. Thomas Exmewe, goldsmith.
Thomas Baldry, Alderman, Ralph Symonds, fishmonger (piscenarius).
Anno 10. Thomas Myrfyn, skinner (pelliparius).
John Aleyn, James Spencer, Aldermen.
Anno 11. James Yerford, Knt., mercer.
John Wilkynson, Nicholas Partryche.
Anno 12. John Brugge, Knt., "draper."
John Kyme, mercer, John Skevyngton, "taillour."
Anno 13. John Mylburn, "draper."
John Breten, "tayllour," Thomas Pargeter, salter.
Anno 14. John Mundy, Knt., goldsmith.
John Rudston, Alderman and draper, John Champneys, "skynner."
Anno 15. Thomas Baldry, mercer.
Michael Inglisshe, Nicholas Jenyns.
Anno 16. William Baylly, Knt., draper (pannarius).
Ralph Dodmer, William Roche.
Anno 17. John Aleyen, mercer.
John Cauntone, Christofer Ascue.
Anno 18 Thomas Seymer, Knt., Mayor.
Stephen Pecok, Nicholas Lamberd, Aldermen.
M d that this yer the seyd Stephen had the preeminence afore the seyd Nicholas for asmoche as he was elect Shireffe by the Mayr ye[t] notwithstandyng the seyd Nicholas was the elder alderman by amo[vement ?]. (fn. 123)
Anno 19. James Spencer, vintner.
John Hardy, William Holyes.
Anno 20. John Rudstone, Knt., "draper."
Ralph Waren, John Long.
Anno 21. Ralph Dodmer, mercer.
Michael Dormer, Walter Champyon.
Anno 22. Thomas Pargettour, Knt., salter.
William Dauntesey, Richard Choppyng.
Anno 23. Nicholas Lamberd, Knt., "grocer."
Richard Gresham, Edward Altam.
Anno 24. Stephen Pecok, Knt., haberdasher.
Richard Reynoldes, Nicholas Pynchyn.

The said Nicholas died ...... day, anno ......, and John Martyn, "bocher," was elected, who also died ...... day, and John Preste was elected in his place for the remainder of the year (fn. 124)

Folio ccxxxvi b.

Anno 25. Christofer Ascue, Knt., "draper."
William Forman, Alderman, Thomas Kytson, Knt., mercer.
Anno 26. John Champneys, "skynner."
Nicholas Lewson, mercer, William Denham, "iremonger."
Anno 27. John Aleyn, Knt., mercer.
Humfrey Munmoth, "draper," John Cotes, salter.
Anno 28. Ralph Warren, Knt., mercer.
Robert Pagett, Alderman and merchant taylor (mercator scissor), William Bowyer, Alderman and draper (pannarius).
Anno 29. Richard Gresham, Knt., mercer.
John Gresham, mercer, Thomas Lewen, "iremonger."
Anno 30. William Forman, Knt., haberdasher.
William Wylkynson, mercer, Nicholas Gybson,
Anno 31. William Hollis, Knt., mercer.
John Fayrey, mercer, Thomas Huntlowe, haberdasher.
Anno 32. William Roche, Knt., "draper."
William Laxton, "grocer," Martin Bowes, Knt., goldsmith.
Anno 33. Michael Dormer, Knt., mercer.
Roland Hyll, Knt., mercer, Henry Sukley, merchant taylor (mercator scissor).
Anno 34. John Cotes, Knt., salter.
Henry Hoberthorn, merchant taylor (mercator scissor), Henry Amcotes, fishmonger.
Anno 35. William Bowyer, "draper" On his death Ralph Warren, Knt., for second time.
John Tollous, "clothworker," Richard Dobbes, skinner (pelliparius).
Anno 36. William Laxton, Knt., "grocer."
John Wylford, merchant taylor (mercator scissor), Andrew Judde, skinner.
Anno 37. Martin Bowes, Knt., goldsmith.
George Barne, haberdasher, Ralph Alleyn, "grocer."
Anno 38. Henry Hoberthorn, Knt., "merchaunt taylor."
Richard Jerveis, mercer, Thomas Curtes, "pewterer."

Temp. Edward VI.

Anno 1. John Gresham, Knt., mercer.
Thomas Whyte, merchant taylor (mercator scissor), Robert Chertesey, mercer.
Anno 2. Henry Amcottes, fishmonger (piscenarius).
William Lok, Knt., Alderman and mercer.
John Aylif, Knt., barber surgeon (barbitonsorsirurgicus).


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  • 73. The name of the mistery to which the Mayor or Sheriffs for the time being belonged is now frequently added by a later hand.
  • 74. Elected on the death of Richard de Welford, who had been hurriedly re-elected Sheriff on the rejection by the Barons of the Exchequer of the nominated candidate Richard de Horsham, and who had died in office. See 'Cal. Letter-Book D,' pp. 19-20.
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  • 78. Mercator.
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  • 82. John de Oxon', or Oxenford, died in office on the 18th June, and Symon Fraunceys was elected the same day to fill his place. Vide supra, p. 77.
  • 83. Usually spelt "Kyslyngbury."
  • 84. Otherwise known as Geoffrey "Tableter." Vide supra, p. 119.
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  • 102. Hitherto described by the Latin term piscenarius.
  • 103. "Bythewater" (Gregory).
  • 104. Hitherto described by the Latin term pannarius.
  • 105. "Eyre" (Gregory).
  • 106. Appears infra as Mayor anno 30. To him has been ascribed (at least in part) the 'Historical Collections of a Citizen of London,' referred to as 'Gregory's Chronicle' (Camden Society).
  • 107. "Jonge" (Gregory).
  • 108. "Holgrave" (Gregory).
  • 109. From Letter-Book L, fo. lii. it appears that Bryce died early in the morning of Saturday the 20th June, and Stokton was elected in his place at a meeting held at 2 o'clock in the afternoon of the same day. It is further recorded that Stokton paid the sum of £100 into the Chamber to be discharged from office at Michaelmas following, and to be exempt from re election in future.
  • 110. Wykyng is recorded as having died on Friday the 19th Oct., 21 Ed ward IV. [A.D. 1481], and Chawry to have been elected in his place and sworn at the Guildhall on the follow ing day. On the following Monday he was presented at Westminster, attended by all the barges as of old was accustomed in presentations of Sheriffs on the morrow of St. Michael Letter-Book L, fo. clxviii b. Cf. Journal 8, fo. cclvii.
  • 111. "Norlond." Letter-Book L, fo. cxcii b.
  • 112. Chester died on Sunday the 6th February, 2 [sic] Richard III. [A.D. 1484 5], and Ralph Astry, fishmonger, was elected in his place on the following day. On the follow ing Thursday he was sworn at the Guildhall, and the next day (viz., 11 Feb.) he was presented at West- minster with the accustomed cere- mony. It is further recorded that the new Sheriff could not be presented earlier because at the time of his elec- tion he was at Southampton. Letter- Book L, fo. cciii. Cf. Journal 9, fo. lxiv.
  • 113. Revell or Ryvell is recorded as having died on Wednesday, 23rd Feb., 6 Henry VII. [A.D. 1490 1], and Pemberton to have been elected in his place and sworn the following day. On the following Wednesday [viz., 2 March] he was presented to the Lieutenant of the Tower. Letter- Book L, fo. cclxxxiii b. Cf. Journal 9, fo. cclxviii.
  • 114. Opposite the names of the Mayor and Sheriffs for this year there is entered the single word "Blakeheth- feld,' alluding to the defeat of the followers of Perkin Warbeck at Blackheath on the 22nd June, 1497.
  • 115. Election of Graunger took place on the 11th Nov. Letter-Book M, fo. lxxxii b. Cf. Journal 10, fo. ccc.
  • 116. The Mayor is recorded as having died about 4 o'clock in the morning (circa horam iiij tam ante meridien) of Wednesday the 22nd March. The Commonalty met at the Guildhall at 2 o'clock the next day, and agreed to postpone the election of his successor until the following Monday (27th), the reason given being that the deceased Mayor was not yet buried. Letter- Book M, fo. cxlii. Cf. Journal 11, fo. xxxiv.
  • 117. By letters patent of the 6th Jan., 18 Henry VII. [A.D. 1502 3], the distinctive title of "merchant" was added to the Tailors' Guild.
  • 118. Capell elected loco Bradbury on the 12th Jan. [A.D. 1509-10] The date of Bradbury's death is almost illegible, but that his death was a strange one appears from the fol- lowing expression recorded in con nexion with it, viz. : "Rabia morte erupt' et divina mediante visitacione cursum vite sue determinat.' " Letter-Book M, fo. clxvi b.
  • 119. Haddon was elected on the 8th of February. Letter-Book M, fo. ccii. Cf. Journal 11, fo. clxx b.
  • 120. His election does not appear to be recorded in the Journal of the day. But on the 16th June he seems to have consented to serve on condition that he should be discharged from his Aldermanry and all other offices on payment of £200. Letter-Book M, fo. ccxxi b.
  • 121. Viz., on the 6th June. Letter- Book M, fo. ccxxi; Journal 11, fo. cxc.
  • 122. Grey is recorded as having died on Saturday the 20th Oct. On the 22nd Bayly was elected in his place, but he was allowed for his own con- venience to postpone his presentation before the Exchequer at Westminster until the morrow of the Feast of SS. Simon and Jude [28 Oct.], that Feast falling on a Sunday. This permission was granted on condition that he paid to the Chamberlain the sum of £20 over and above a sum of £10 to be paid to the Mayor and Recorder for the time being, the Chamber undertaking to pay such fines and amercements as should happen to be assessed in any of the King's courts upon the Mayor and Commonalty by reason of their action, seeing that the deferring of the presentation reduced the costs and charges which he would have incurred had he been presented immediately. Letter-Book M, fo. cclv b.
  • 123. The folio has been clipped at the edge so that several letters are missing That some such word as "amovement" is the correct reading suggests itself from the fact that Stephen Pecok had removed from the Ward of Farringdon Without (of which he had been elected Alderman 21 July, 1524) to the Ward of Queenhithe on the 12th April, 17 Henry VIII. [A.D. 1526]. Repertory 6, fo. cxvi; Rep. 7, fo. xcviii.
  • 124. Pynchyn is recorded as having died on the 8th March, 24 Hen. VIII. [A.D. 1532 3], and Martyn as having been elected in his place on the 12th March. The day of Martyn's death is not recorded, but Preste was elected in his place on the 18th Sept., 25 Henry VIII. [A.D. 1533]. Letter-Book P, fos. vi b, xxiii; Journal 13, fos. ccclxv b, ccclxxxiv b.