Editorial notes

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The London Eyre of 1276. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1976.

This free content was digitised by double rekeying and sponsored by London Record Society. All rights reserved.



The Plea Roll has been printed in English but shortened in several ways: words such as 'the said', 'the aforementioned' etc. have usually been omitted and regnal years have been rendered in an abbreviated form; charters and writs have been summarised. Three dots (. . .) indicate the omission of illegible words or phrases. The more common Christian names have been translated but the original spelling of surnames has normally been retained with the exception of some common latin place names which have been translated. A serial number printed in bold type has been assigned to each plea. Cross reference to other pleas and to entries in the estreat appear at the end of the plea in square brackets. Square brackets within an entry enclose matter supplied by the editor. Italic type in the text has been used exclusively to indicate the presence of a word or phrase appearing in the margin of the roll. For example, in the phrase 'So they are in mercy', the word misericordia appears in the margin. If the word or phrase in the margin does not appear in the text it is inserted there in round brackets, e.g. 2 marks (deodandum). Where the margination was crossed through an asterisk (*) has been inserted in front of the italicised word or phrase in the text. The numbered series of marginal legal notations or notae have been printed in smaller type at the end of the entries to which they relate. Cross reference is made in each instance to the list of these annotations on m.20 (524). If the text of the nota in the margin does not differ from that in 524 it has not been repeated there but has been replaced by a cross reference.

The Estreat (the Exchequer Summons) has been printed in latin. The text is in roman type. Shrieval annotations are in italic; (fn. 1) those in the left hand margin of the roll precede the line to which they refer; those in the right hand margin follow it. Interlineations are enclosed in pointed brackets. An asterisk(*) precedes lines which are crossed through in the document. Words in square brackets are supplied by the editor. The phrase 'pro eodem' has been omitted where the sense is obvious. For convenience a number of headings printed in small capitals have been supplied by the editor, and the text has been divided into paragraphs each of which has been assigned a serial number printed in bold type. Cross references to the appropriate entry in the plea roll follow each paragraph. References citing Memoranda, Receipt and Pipe Rolls, together with certain other sources are printed in small type following the paragraph to which they relate. The more important discrepancies (fn. 2) between the plea roll and the estreat are also mentioned in the notes.


  • 1. For an explanation of some of the abbreviations used by the sheriffs, see above p. xxx.
  • 2. For a discussion of these, see above, pp. xiii–xiv, xxix.