Taxation of the clergy, 1379-81: Subsidy of 1380 in city of London

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The Church in London, 1375-1392. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1977.

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Subsidy Of 1380 In The City Of London

118. [E179/42/9 face col. 1] Names of priests and notaries in the city and archdeaconry of London each of whom pays 2s for the subsidy granted to the king in the third year [of his reign] viz:

John Umfrey chaplain, Roger chaplain of Jordan de Barton, John Little, Robert Houghton, John Foun, Andrew Waryn, Thomas Coupland, John Garthorp, John Pertenale, John Stakeboll, John Lekhampsted, John Norton, Ralph chaplain of a perpetual chantry, John Action, John Stakboll jun., John Warde, Peter Stockton, Walter Reys, Richard Bokesworth, William Dymayn.

119. John Smyth, Philip Broun, Walter Norman, Richard priest of Roger Leget, Thomas Eydon, John Beneyt, William Bate, John Staunford, John Eydon, John atte Spitele, Roger Haket, Robert Clerc, Simon celebrating for the fraternity of St John Baptist, William Kesteven, John Colfot, John Drayton, John Fulnadby, Richard Stanewey, John Neuton, Thomas chaplain.

120. Roger chaplain, John chaplain, Walter chaplain, William de Cherchehull, Thomas Felawe, Robert Brampton, William Ellerton, William Veyse, John Beverle, John Wytton, Walter Rous, William de Warmyngton, Richard Smyth, William Aumory, William Evesham, Simon de Shirland, John Morton, John Sibthorp, John Wade, Thomas Longeley, 60.

121. John Rademere, Hugh Tracy, William Neubalt, Robert Hedon, Thomas de Boughton, Simon Baret, William Bereford, William Botteler, William chaplain, Thomas Broughton, John Sely, John Pynchebek, William Warrewyk, John Fakenham, John Hampton, Nicholas Senestre, Thomas chaplain, William Hereford, Robert chaplain, William Bren.

122. Adam Reynham, Richard Reynold, John Ledred, Robert Bresty, William Aleyn, Thomas Dautre, William Seustern, John Burgulon, Robert Reygate, William Furneux, Robert Hampdeby, John Arnald, William Melbourne, William Palmere, Thomas Bekenesfeld, John Wyldegoos, [col. 2] Stephen de Crepulgate, Robert Studeye, Walter Norfolk, Nicholas Derby.

123. Ralph Curteys, Thomas Lonnesdale, John Cantebrugge, Thomas Exale, Robert Bright, Peter de Fleteburgh, Henry de Peryndon, John de le Ewe, William Noir, William Tikton, John Derham, John Hayward, Peter de Thaksted, John Abraham, John Wircestre, William Teukesbury, Robert Furneux, John Disse, Laurence Kellishull, Thomas Donynton, 60.

124. Walter Spencer, Thomas Ferthyng, William Bras, Thomas Whyte, John Pychard, John Pisford, Robert Langeley, Thomas Hampton, Hugh Sourdenale, John Malton, Thomas Snoryng, John Haykyng, John Ruston, Ralph de Donyngton, William Juell, John Wyncestre, Robert Spaldyng, John Wyrcestre, Thomas de Ynkflete, Thomas Palmere.

125. John Grewe, William chaplain, William Belgyan, John chaplain, John Langston, Henry de Shelford, John de Raundes, Walter Wilby, Stephen de Walsyngham, Robert chaplain, John de Wrestlyngford, John chaplain, John Norfolk, Bartholomew Dyne, John Tumour, John Smelt, John Dursle, Thomas Gisele, Thomas Cok, William Grifph (?).

126. William Heyham, John Albon, John Rous, William Horn, William Gausby, John Bude, John Catton, William Welles, David chaplain, William Grew, John Stalham, Reginald atte Hall, Nicholas de Vudele, Henry de Rothewell, Nicholas Norfolk, John Raudeby, William Kyngeshous, John Howet, John Essex, John Besewyk, 60.

127. John Tykell, John Wysebech, John Stormesworth, William Forster, Thomas Besewyk, John Dumbeley, Robert Ryngwode, Thomas Bartlot, the chaplain of Cornwaleis, John Michell, Adam de Wyntirton, William de Goldre, Thomas chaplain, John Durham, David Pen, William Hokkele, Robert Brunne, Richard Foulham, Simon de Brymesgrove, Walter Selham, 100.

128. Nicholas Haubegh, [dorse col. 1] John Whyn, John Huwet, William Blakbourne, William Tregowe, John Spark, Robert Queryngham, William Puryton, Adam Tanner, William Edyngdon, William Couper, John Dene, Thomas Kent, Thomas Wynchecombe, John Cantuar, Robert chaplain, John Notyngham, Philip chaplain, John Lyndeseye, Lambert chaplain.

129. John Staunton, Richard Everdon, John Circestre, Hugh Tampworth, Thomas Bowe, Richard Clerc, John atte Wode, Peter Gyneyve (?), Henry Ford, Geoffrey Rousham, William Tuttebury, Thomas Teukesbury, Robert Halyday, John Nasyng, Richard Hameldon, Philip Russe, John Michell, John Juyll, Richard de Dene, Robert Fresshford, 60.

130. John White, William Kellesey, Reginald Meteford, John Lax, John Warmynton, John Newerk, Andrew chaplain, Robert Langman, William Mought, Nicholas Lecche, Thomas Shortgrave, Robert Culhull, John Southfolk, Nicholas Swafham, Adam Smyth, John Northwich, Alan Gedynton, Robert Fille, John Wylton, Richard Burstowe.

131. William Chappe, Roger atte Grene, Henry Lovenham, John de Wyllughton, Roger Hunte, Albert chaplain, John Antoyne, John Barewe, John Jay, William Lount, Thomas Bere, William Aylesdon, John Wytteneye, Richard Gurle, William Stakyng, John Menell, John Bellewode, John Elmeswell, John Pavy, John Butle.

132. Robert Gore, Roger Horewode, Herbert Fraunceys, Henry atte More, Richard chaplain, Thomas Capoun, Robert Perpount, William Richeman, Thomas Aykton, Henry Myles, John chaplain, Adam Brekespere, William Bathe, John Sexell, William Wolaston, Simon Marchall, John Wyk, Henry Poyntell, John Albon, † [sic] David Lambe, 60.

133. Philip Whyte, Thomas Grene, Roger chaplain, John Covyntre, † six chaplains in the New Temple, † six chaplains in the Guildhall chapel, [dorse col. 2] † four chaplains in the chapel on London bridge, † eleven chaplains in St Martin's chapel, John Whityng, Walter chaplain, John chaplain, Thomas Olthorp, John Herdwyk, John Tampworth, Thomas Clerc, William chaplain, Robert Neuton, John Churchehull, John Baret, John chaplain.

134. Philip chaplain, Philip chaplain S P, Thomas chaplain, Adam chaplain, William Covyntre, Walter Lyndon, Adam chaplain, John Warrewyk, Philip chaplain, William Newerk, Robert Carlill, John Anne, William atte Corner, Thomas Gadrik, Thomas Leek, John Cook, William chaplain, John Leycestre, Richard Flore, William Lenge.

135. John Asshfeld, Thomas Barewe, Richard Frend, Stephen Benet, Richard chaplain, Robert Overton, William Abraham, Simon Ekepoll, Thomas Bateman, Henry Welenton, William chaplain, Roger chaplain, William chaplain, Richard Procurator, John Benet, Robert chaplain, Robert fraternity chaplain, Peter chaplain, William chaplain, William Walssh.

136. John Feith, Hugh Dannebury, William Norhampton, Nicholas chaplain, John Watford, John Straunge, William Stoke, John Fisshere, Nicholas Lese, Bartholomew Alman, John Huchon, Peter Grace, Thomas Peys, (fn. 1) John Kerdynton, William chaplain, 33.

137. Total – of priests 409 (fn. 2).20 (fn. 3)

                                   304 . 18 (fn. 3) priests and rectors

                – subsidy    £40 .18s

                                  £39 . 16s (fn. 3) viz. for each priest 2s.

138. Notaries Public. Henry Quyng, John Lynton, paying 2s each.

Approved. Sum total of the subsidy of priests and notaries £41 2s.

Item to the subsidy of advocates, proctors, or registrars unbeneficed and not paying the fifteenth there is no answer because none of these advocates, proctors or registrars could be found in the city or archdeaconry of London as is testified on oath.

139. [dorse col. 3] Rectors whose benefices are not assessed for payment of the subsidy because of the poverty of their benefices, viz. rector of St Augustine on the Wall (Pappay), rector of St Audoen, rector of St Anne and St Agnes, rector of St Katherine Coleman (Colman), vicar of St Laurence Jewry (in Iudaisino), rector of St Mary Axe (at Nax), rector of St Mary Mounthaw, rector of St Mary Staining (Stanyng), rector of St Nicholas Olave, rector of St Peter le Poor (in Bradstrete), vicar of St Leonard Shoreditch.


  • 1. Not described as 'dominus'.
  • 2. Rectius 398.
  • 3. Crossed through.