Pages 163-181

Joshua Johnson's Letterbook, 1771-1774: Letters from a Merchant in London to his Partners in Maryland. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1979.

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References in Roman numerals are to pages in the introduction; those in Arabic numerals are to serial numbers in the text.

Abbreviations used: Md., Maryland; Va., Virginia.

Items marked by an asterisk are explained in the Glossary (Appendix C).

-, John Quincy (1767-1848), president, viii, ix n; his wife (Louisa Catherine Johnson), ix n, xxiii n
-, Richard and Thomas, merchants of Richmond, Va., bills of, 99b, 102, 104

Adderson, Thomas, of Md., bills on, 23

Addison (Adderson), John, sheriff of Prince George's County, Md., 100; bills on, 23

Ainsley (Thomas) & Co., potters and glasssellers of Hermitage, London, 29

Air (Ayres), Capt Thomas, 145b; letters via, 145a, 146a, b; master of the Patty, 163

Aitcheson, Capt, tobacco via, 144b, 145b

All, Capt, letters via, 91-2a. 93a, 152b, 153-5

Allam, R., watchmaker of Bond St., London, 139

American colonies, hostility towards, 145a; resistance by, 130a, 146a, 149, 152c, 157c; taxation of, 129

American Revolution, xxviii

Americans in London, 129-30a, 151d

Amsterdam, 59b, 142b

anchor, 107, 125d, 128b, 132b

-, James, Va. and Md. merchant of Tower Hill, London, xii, xxviii, 46, 60a, 72a, 76a, 81, 97b, 116a, 120, 132c, 144a, 146a, 152b, 153, 157b, 158-60; trustees for his creditors, 153, 160; composition, 158
-, Mrs James (Leliora Ogle), 153, 158-60
-, Joseph Horatio, architect of Annapolis, 20a
-, Mrs Rebecca Lloyd, widow of William, mother of James, 158-60; Marion her daughter, 160

Annapolis, Md., ix-x; business conditions at, 7, 26b, 41c, 52a, b, 62; Capitol (State House), ix, 3c, 4, 51b, 62, 123, 127, 140, 156; competitors in, 41c, 52a, 130b, 135b; Customs Office, x, 81, 86; dock and wharf, x, 5b; dockside building (firm's store), x, 3b, c, 5b, 11-12, 16, 18b, 20a, 22-3, 40, 47c, 72c, 125a, c, 138, 142a, 151a; Free School, 116a; goods for, xxi, 2b, 15b, 19, 21, 41c, 63e, 67, 89, 91, 93b, 122a, 142a, 151a; house expenses, 151d; old Court House, 16; races, xvi, 15a; resolves, 148 & n; ships for, 6d, e, 8, 17b, 19, 21, 28; small pox at, 52b

Anne Arundel County, Md., ix, xxii

annuities, xvii n, 53b, 55b

apothecaries' fees, 3b, 25b

aprons, muslin, 96a

architects, 20a, 123

Arnold, Latham, tobacco manufacturer of Newgate St., London, 161

association, non-importation, xiv, 9; nonintercourse, 131b, 145a, 147, 148, 149-50, 151a, e, 153, 156, 157a, c

Athawes, Samuel, Va. merchant of St. Martin's Lane, Cannon St., London, xii, 161

Ayr Bank see Douglas, Heron & Co.

Bagg, Stephen, Jr., shoe and saddle warehouse of Redcliff St., Bristol, 36

Baines & Rawlings, of Md., 24-5a

Ball, John, shipbuilder of Annapolis, 103, 121a, 122b; see also Harris & Ball

Baltic Sea, xi, xxv, 58, 110a

Baltimore, Lord see Calvert, Frederick

Baltimore, Md., xxiv, 40, 41c, 49, 81, 116b; branch at, 13b, 26e, 41c; imports of tea at, 2b, 6e; iron from, 103; merchants of, xvii, xxi, xxiv, xxvi, 52c, 91, 135b; shipbuilding at, 120; ships for or at, 6e, 20b, 118a, 154

Baltimore Company (ironworks), 131a

Bank of England, xvi, 41e, 43, 45b, 47d, 61, 65b, 84b

bankers see Colebrooke, Sir George; Douglas, Heron & Co.; Hanbury, Taylor, Lloyd & Bowman; Neale, James, Fordyce & Down; Prescotts, Grote, Culverden & Hollingsworth

bankruptcies and stoppages, xvi, xvii, 31b, 41e, 42-4, 45c, 47c, 49, 52a, 55b, c, 59b, 60b, 61, 63a, e, 64, 65b, 66b, 67, 72c, 74b, 75a, 84b, 92b, 93a, 94, 96a, 97a, b, 153, 157c; compositions see under debts

Banks, Charles, of Md., bills drawn by, 6a

Banks & Lowden, hatters and hosiers of Leadenhall St., London, 102

Banning, Capt Jeremiah, mariner and shipowner of Md., 70a; sells ship, 89

Barbados, 15a, 26c; currency, 55c; see also Potts, William

Barbary, North Africa, 99a

Barclay (David & John), merchants (linen specialists) of Cheapside, London, xiv-xv & n, xix, 6b, 39a, 41b, 63b; family, xii, xv n

Barlow, Wigginton & Francis, merchants and wholesale linen-drapers of Gracechurch St., London, 97a, 161

Barmouth, Merioneth, xiv, 128a

-, —, planter of Md., 135a
-, John, sometime London partner of Barnes & Ridgate, 26b; arrives in London, 52b; imprisonment, xviii, 60b, 62, 63b, 69, 70b, 84b, 94, 157c

Barnes & Ridgate, merchants in Md. and (occasionally) London, xii, 11, 26b, 39a, 45c, 47c, 50, 51a, 55c, 57, 60b, 63a, 72a, 82, 84b, 92a, 94

Bateman, Sarah, tobacco consigner of Md., xxvi

Beattie or Beatty, Charles, of Frederick County, Md., legislator, 18a

-, John, Va. merchant of Crutched Friars, London, 99b, 102, 104, 161
-, Mary White, tobacco consigner of Md., xxvi

-, Benjamin, planter of Md., xxvi
-, Capt Elisha, master of the Kitty & Nelly, 163
-, Capt James, arrival, 108, 109a, 151c; bills from, 90, 92a; letters via, 53a, 54, 55a; ships of, 106b, 112a, 125d; master of the Kitty & Nelly, 163

Bent, J., of Md., bills of, 144b

Bickerton, Francis William, partner in Frank & Bickerton, 101, 161

Bigger, Jordan Heyland, linendraper of Leadenhall St., London, bills on, 4

*bills of exchange, borrowed, xviii, 45b; discounted, xiii, xviii n, 3a, 39b, 41e, 45b, 65b
-, on Amsterdam, 59b
-, on London, x, xi, xii, xiii, xiv, xv, xvi, xvii, xviii & n, xix, xx, xxi, xxvi, 4-160 passim; firm's, 99, 105b, 109a, 110b, e; noted for nonacceptance, xviii, 2b, 6a, 15a, 26a, 45c, 47a, 50-1a, 52a, 55c, 59b, 60a, 61, 65b, 66b, 72a, 74b, 82-3a, 88, 91-2a, 99b, 104, 105b, 106c, 110e, 112b, 116a, 117a, 120; in suspense, 116a, b, 117a; protested, xviii, 2b, 6a, 9, 11, 13b, 17a, 19-20a, 25b, 26a, 45c, 47a, 48-158 passim
-, on Maryland, 6d, 13a, 18a, 23, 96a, 132c
-, on outports, xv, xvii, 13a, 14, 26a, 47a, 76a, 98a, 130a, 132a
-, planters', 103, 104, 106a, 112b, 114, 119
-, renewed, 63a, 72a, 82, 92a, 94, 99b, 106c
-, Scots, xvi, xvii, 15a, 41e, 42-3, 57, 59a
-, seconds, 15a, 25a, 39b, 51a, 52a, 58, 60a, 82, 90, 99b, 117a, 144a, 151a
-, sixty day, 84b
-, see also exchange

*bills of lading, 4, 6a, 7, 10, 13a, 17a, 20a, 26a, 32, 35a, 41a, 42-160 passim

*bills of parcels, 4, 5a, 10, 13a, 17a, 25a, 26a, d, 27, 29, 30, 32-151a passim; see also shop notes

Binnly, H., of London, 161

Birmingham, xii, xiv, 14, 31a, 35a, 41c, d, 47a, 131b

Bishoprick, Capt Richard, master of the Galloway, goods via, 162; letters via, 46, 47a, 48, 49; lost at sea, 66b

Blackburn, John, merchant of Scotch Yard, Bush Lane, London, 161

Blackwell, Capt, 15a; goods via, 6d, e, 162; letters via, 7, 8

Bland, John, Va. merchant of Lime St., London, xii, 55c

Bogle (Robert & Robert) & Scott, Va. and Md. merchants of Love Lane, Eastcheap, London, xii, xvi, 41e

Bond, William, of St. Mary's County, Md., 125c; goods for, 120, 122c

bonds (customs), 17b, 26a, 45a, 47b, 52c, 59b, 66a, 80b, 85, 86, 87b, 102; bondsmen or sureties for, 26a

bonds (of indebtedness), 18a; securities for, 98b, 113

bonds (of security), 83a

Boog, Capt Thomas, master of the Elizabeth, 118a, 132b; letters via, 147, 148; tobacco via, 127, 133, 163

books (printed), 6c, 17b, 41e, 47d, 51b, 54

booksellers, 5a, 18a

-, Miss —, of Md., 6c
-, John Beale (1727-1804), planter and legislator of Md., 1; his son, Matt, at Eton, 20a; his son, Thomas, dies at Eton, 1

Bosanquet, Richard, East India Company director, partner in Bosanquet & Fatio, 68

Bosanquet & Fatio (Facio), merchants of Mincing Lane, London, 68

Boston, Mass., events at, 152c, 157c; goods for, 153; ships from, 147

Boston Port Bill, 129, 130a

Boston Tea Party, 130a

Bottelar (Botelar), Edward, manager of firm's Nottingham store, 119, 125b

Boucher, Capt, arrival, 117b

Boulogne, 66b

*bounties, government, on exports, xiii, xxi, 2a, 6b, 17a, b, 25b, 107, 134

Bow Lane Speaking Club, 16

-, Rev. John, sailing to Md., 8
-, William, of Nottingham, Prince George's County, Md., bills of, 118c

Bowly, Daniel, merchant, partner in William Lux & Bowly, his brig Hope, 145b, 146a, 151e, 155, 156; ships goods, 151e; visits London, 111, 112b, 135b, 139

Boyd, J[ohn?], of Baltimore County, Md., bills of, 66b

Bradstreet, Lionel, of Md., bills of, 82

Brandon, Jacob Israel, tobacco broker of Brown's Bldgs., London, xxiii, 131b

Bremen, xiii; linen purchases at, xiv, 15b, 31a

brewing, xii

bribery, 88, 151c

Brice, Elizabeth (Mrs Lloyd Dulany), of Md., 100

Brighton, Sussex, 11

brigs see ships

Briscoe, —, deputy customs or naval officer in (St. Mary's County?) Md., 102

Bristol, 14; fair at, xv, 14; Johnson at, 1, 31a; letters via, 10, 13a, 14, 157c; products traded at, xi, xiii, 15b, 35a, 36, 135b; shoes from, 6, 10, 36-7, 41c, 63d

Brofett, Capt Simon, master of the Elizabeth, 37, 162

brokers, xxiii, xxiv, 2b, 26d, 45b, 59a, 61

Bromsgrove, Worcs., xiv, 35a

-, Capt Garrard, master of the Betsey, 55c
-, William, Va. partner of Perkins, Buchanan & Brown, 92b

Brown, Perkins & Buchanan, merchants, Chesapeake affiliate of Perkins, Buchanan & Brown of London, 82, 92a, 161

-, Archibald, merchant of Baltimore, partner in Buchanan & Cowan of Joppa, Md., brother of James and George, business with, xxi, xxvi, 118b, 120, 121b, 122c, 125a, b, c, 151a, e, 158; ships of, 120, 121b, 124a, 128b, 132b, c, 135a, 136, 137, 139, 143, 144a, 151e
-, Capt George, of Md., brother of Archibald and James, 111, 118b, 120, 121b, 122c, 124a, 127, 128c, 130a, 132c, 135a, 136-9, 141, 144b; his ship, 121b, 125c, 128b, 131a, 132b, 163
-, Gilbert, son and partner of John, 78, 86, 88, 110d
-, Capt James, of Md., master of the Kitty & Nelly, 102, 108, 111, 112a, b, 114, 116a, 118b, c, 119, 121a, 122a, 124a, 125b-d, 128a, b, 132b, 137, 141, 142b, 163; goods via, 162; letters via, 123, 125a, 126-7; master of the Nancy, 160a, 163
-, John, London merchant, senior partner in John Buchanan & Son, 9, 19, 99a, 110d; bills on, 51a, 54, 60a, 106c; failure, 78, 97b, 98c, 99a; London correspondent of Dick & Stewart, 2b, 76b
-, Thomas, of (Baltimore?), Md., merchant affiliated with Perkins, Buchanan & Brown of London, 59a, 60b, 63a, 66b, 72a, 82, 84b, 93a

Buchanan (A.) & Cowan, merchants of Joppa, Md., 120, 121b, 122c, 125a

Buchanan (John) & Son, Va. and Md. merchants of Little Tower St., London, xii, xiv n, xvi, xvii, 90, 119, 161; bills on, 72a, 76a, 81, 82, 91, 93b, 105b, 107; difficulties, 63e, 65b, 75b, 76b, 77-8, 97b, 98c; trustees for the creditors of, 78, 86, 99a, 105b, 107

C., H., Joshua Johnson's clerk, 155

Cadiz, xvi, xxiv, xxvi, 128c, 152c

Cailes, family in Dorchester County, Eastern Shore, Md., 5a

calicoes see under cottons

-, Benedict, collector of Patuxent customs district, Md., x, 53a, 54; bondsman for firm, 83a, b
-, Charles, son of Benedict (?), at Eton, 53b, 122c
-, Frederick, 6th baron Baltimore (173171), death, 15c, 101

Calvert County, Md., 104, 109a, b, 110b, 117b, 125d, 132d; tobacco of, ix, xxii, 110b, 117b

Campbell, Duncan, successor to Stewart & Campbell, merchant of Mincing Lane, London, 161

candlesticks, 41d

canes, walking, 65a, 80a

capital needs of trade, xi, 1, 72b, 106c, 118c, 123, 125a, 127, 142a

captains, ships, accounts, 125d, 132b, 142b; expenses, 125d, 132b, 142b; letters, etc. delivered by, 122a, 125a; supervision of, 109b, 114, 124a

Carcaud, Capt W., arrival, 20a, 93a; departure, 93b; goods via, 6e, 9, 65b, 93b; letters via, 8, 22-3, 41d, 60b, 62-3a, 64-5a, 93b, 94-5

cardinals, cloth (ladies' cloaks), 42

Carey, Moorey & Welch, (Robert Car[e]y & Co.), Va. merchants of Watling St., London, xi-xii, 161

'cargoes' of goods ordered in London, xi, xv, xvi, xviii, xix, xxi, xxii, 8-155 passim, 162; supplied on credit (the 'cargo trade'), xi, xii, xvi, xxi, 59a, 103-4, 120, 122c, 123, 127

Carolina, merchants trading to, 41e

Carolina, North, xi, xxiv, 118c

carpenters and joiners, 3c, 4, 31b, 152c; see also labourers, building

carpets, 35a; see also rugs

Carrew, Walter, of Md., bills of, 15a, 17a, 20a

-, Charles, styled 'barrister', of Annapolis, Md., 138, 152b; in England, 1, 29, 37, 46; his servant or slave, Adam, 46
-, Charles (1737-1832), of Carrollton and Annapolis, Md., wealthy planter, later member of congress, 54, 74b, 82, 99b, 105b, 106c, 112b, 122c, 125a; and Darnalls, 104, 110b

Carron Company, Scottish ironworks, 41e

cash and cash-flow problems, xiv, xviii, xix, xxi, xxvi, 26d, 41a, c-e, 44, 45b, 47a, c, 49, 51a, b, 52a, b, 54-143 passim

casks and kegs, 26c, 120, 125a

Cavenough, W., of Md., bill of, 132a

Cecil County, Md., ix

cereals, xxvi; see also wheat

*certificates of landing goods abroad, 9, 17b, 26a, 45a, 47a, 52c, 53a, 59b, 66a, 72c, 80b, 84b, 85-6, 87b, 88, 102

-, George (1742-1825), Scottish lawyer at Baltimore, later author and chief clerk of Board of Trade, 17b
-, John, of Annapolis, Md., goods for, 138

Channel, English, xxiv, 21, 29

Charles County, Md., tobacco of, xxii, 110b

Charles Town, Cecil County, Md., 63b

Chase, Samuel (1741-1811), lawyer and assemblyman, later member of congress, of Annapolis, Md., 15c, 20a, 76a, 81-2

cheese, 6a, e, 13a, 17b, 36, 125a

Chelsea, 159

Chesapeake Bay, northern end ('up the Bay'), 119, 125c, 127, 151a; tobacco from, 111

Chester River, Eastern Shore, Md., 67, 152b; customs district, 81; tobacco of, xxv, 157b, 163

Chester Town, Kent County, Md., 154, 157c

Cheston, —, merchant of Bristol, 18a

china slops (tunics), 17b

chinaware, xiv, 6d, 7, 26a, 32, 35a, 59a, 76b, 128a; Chinese pigs, 66a

-, —, Scots merchant or factor in Md., 136
-, Capt, arrival, 48, 49, 98c; in Buchanan's service, 19, 99a; in Dunlop & Wilson's service, 120

Clapham, John, commissioner of Md. Paper Currency Office, clerk of Board of Revenue, comptroller of Chester customs district, of Annapolis, 31a

Clark, Capt, master of the Speedwell of Bristol, letters via, 157c, 158

Clark & Milligan, merchants of Nicholas Lane, London, 161

Clerk, Thomas, of London, 8

clerks and bookkeepers, x, xxiii, 2b, 6d, 45b, 65c, 87b, 103, 106a, 110d, 151c

Clibborn, Summers & Co., merchants of Haverfordwest, Wales, 49

Clifford & Sons, merchants of Amsterdam, 59b

Clipping Act (14 Geo. III c. 42), 98a

clocks and watches, 41a, 65a, 80a, 139

clothes, men's, xxii, 1, 11

clothworkers, 6c

coaches (inter-urban), 1; robbed, 15a

cocket (customs), 20b, 26d

coffee house, 101; Virginia Coffee House (Mrs Powell's), Ball Court, Cornhill, London, xxii

Coldberg (Coleberg), Samuel, merchant of Copthall Bldgs., London, xxv, xxvi, 161

Colebrooke, Sir George, bart. (17291809), partner in Sir George Colebrooke, Lesingham & Binns, bankers of Threadneedle St., London, xvi, 72c

Collantes (Lewis) & Co., merchants of [Finsbury] Pavement, London, 45c

commissions for services, xiv, xv, xxi & n, 6c, 13a, 15b, 25b, 31a, 36, 59a, 74b, 80b, 84a, 93b, 110a, 121b, 144a, b, 151b, c, e; accounts of, 63a, 72b; commission business, 31a, 41b

Congress, Continental, ix

consignment trade see tobacco

Contee, Thomas, merchant of Port Tobacco and Nottingham, Md., principal agent of Molleson in Md., 65b, 66b, 136

Cook, Capt George, of Md., 31b, 40, 60a, 87b

Cooledge, [Judson?], storekeeper at Queen Anne Town, affiliated with Eden & Co., 152a

Coolidge, [Samuel of Prince George's County?], shipowner in Md., 118a, 128c

copper sheets, 123, 127, 132b, 137, 140

cordage, 9, 53a

Cork, Ireland, flour for, 147, 151d, 158

Corn Laws, xxvi

correspondence, value of, xxiv, 22, 26e, 44, 47c, 51a, 57, 63e, 80c, 93a, 102, 107, 109b, 110a, 122a, 124b, 125d, 127, 131a; circular letters, 124a, 125b, d

cottons, xv; calicoes, 6b, 26d, 45a; chintz, 72c, 96a; humhums (Bengal calicoes), 116a, 117a; printed, 17b, 80a; Welsh (a woollen frieze), xiv, 128a

Couden (Cowden), Robert, tanner and merchant of Annapolis, Md., 49, 65b, 67, 89, 105b, 106c, 124a

Coulson, Capt, master of the Nancy (in Russell's service), 105a; departure, 107, 152a; letters via, 72a, 73, 112b

Counter (sheriff's prison), London, 52b

Court, J., brother of Christopher, in Md., 66a

Court (Christopher) & Co., Va. and Md. merchants of Brown's Bldgs., London, xii, xvii, 66a, 71, 142b; bills on, 26a, 66b; difficulties, 60b, 63a, 65b, 74b, 75a; ships of, 20b, 66a, 142b, 145a; tobacco consigned to, 5a, 157c, 158, 161

Courtney, Hercules, merchant of Baltimore, Md., 4

Covent Garden, 20b

Coventry, xiv, 35a; ribbons from, 6c

Coward, Capt, 112a, 160; letters via, 81, 82

Cowes, Little, Isle of Wight, 21

Cowman & Selman, of [Anne Arundel County?], Md., bills of, 60a

Craufurd, David, merchant of Upper Marlboro, Prince George's County, Md., bills of, 57, 60b, 120

Craymer (Creamer), Capt Matthew, master of the Brothers, 124b, 129, 130a, 141; goods via, 136-8, 162; letters via, 122a, 138-42a, 150; tobacco via, 163

credit, commercial, xi, xiii-xvi, xviii-xix, xxi, 2a, 6a, 11, 13b, 14, 15b, 17a, 19, 37, 41c, d, 47a, b, 49-157b passim; direct loans, xviii, xx, 57, 62, 72c, 74a, 77, 86, 98b, 159; see also letters of credit

Crehold family, 100

Crew, Richard, hardware and toyman of Crooked Lane, London, 8

crimps, 4, 31b, 152c; see also Crisp

crisis, financial, of 1772, xiii, xvi-xix, 41e &ff.

Crisp, —, crimp or agent for recruiting servants, 4, 12

crop reports, 13b, 16; see also under tobacco; wheat, etc.

Crozier, John, silk weaver and mercer of Widegate Alley, Spitalfields, London, 41b

Cummings, Miss —, of Annapolis, Md., 5b

Curling, Capt, 5a, 22, 33

customs, in America, x, 1, 20b, 53a, 134; commissioners at Boston, 71, 81

customs, in London, xiii, xxvi, 2b, 3b, 6c, 8, 17b, 19, 45b; claims against, 134; corruption in, 151c; entry and duties, xxi, xxiii, 3b, 17b, 55b, 63c, 73, 76b, 104, 105b, 108, 116b, 118a; fees, 76b; officers, 88, 151c; receiver-general, 53a; see also cocket; debentures; drawbacks

cutlery, xiv, 41c, 128a

Darnall, Henry, planter and merchant of Pig Point, Md., 104, 109b, 110b

Dashiell (Daschield, Deschield, etc.), Capt Benjamin, master of the Isabella Ann (1774), 151b; arrival, 48, 152c, 158

-, John (1738-94), merchant of Annapolis, Md., partner in Wallace, Davidson & Johnson, viii, 4, 8, 14, 15b, 17b, 35b, 39b, 87b, 97a, 102-3, 144b; background, ix-x, xii n, xiii; bills drawn by, xii, 6a; deputy collector and comptroller, Annapolis port, Patuxent customs district, x & n, 9, 20b, 53a, 73, 86; Joshua Johnson's attorney, 72c; lawsuit, viii; letters from, 10; letters to, viii, 3, 10, 18, 23, 40, 53, 64, 100, 139, 150; revolutionary activist, 148, 150; wealth, 100
-, Mrs John (Eleanor [Strahan?]), xxvii, 3b, 11, 15c, 53b, 139, 150
-, William, son of John, 3b, 15c, 31b, 53b

Davidson & Johnson, Annapolis firm, x

Davidson (William) Esq, & Co., tobacco merchants of Rotterdam, active in London, xxv-xxvi, 161

Davis, [John?, planter of Anne Arundel County], Md., bills of, 83a

Deane, Capt George, master of the Sir William Johnson, letters via, 98a, 99a

*debentures (customs), 6e, 47a, 109b, 110b; accounts of, 31b, 63a

debtors' prisons and suits, xviii, 52b, 60b, 62, 69, 77, 78, 81, 84a, b, 86, 87a, 94, 98c

debts, to firm or Johnson in Md., x, xxvii, 3b, 11, 18a, 40, 41e, 67, 72b, 87b, 92a, 93b, 97a, 125a, 149, 157b; to others in America, 97a, 123, 127, 148; to suppliers in London, xvi, xviii, 13b, 20a, 25b, 26d, 29, 31b, 37, 39b, 44, 47b-143b passim; extension of, to suppliers, 64, 65b, 80a, 94; composition for, to suppliers, 47c, 75a, 94, 117a, 158

Demster, Capt, master of the Morning Star, 118a, 122a, 135b

demurrage, 121b, 151b, e

Dennis, Capt W., master of the Caroline, 112a

detainer, legal process, 69

-, —, of London, brother of James, 122b
-, James, senior partner in James Dick & Stewart, 78

Dick (James) & Stewart, merchants of Annapolis, 26b, 72a, 76b, 81, 105b, 122b, 151b

*discounts for early payment, xiii, xiv, xix, xxi, 2a, 6a, 10, 13b, 17a, 20a, 25b, 26d, 37, 39b, 41b, 107, 109b, 110b; account of, 13b, 31b, 63a; see also bills of exchange

diseases: consumption, 3b; gout, 37; small pox, 52b

dock, dry, 119; see also under Annapolis

Donaldson, John, emigrant labourer, 34, 35b

Done, J. see Gone, J.

Dormer, Hon. James, merchant of Copthall Court, London, 31b

-, Capt, of Md., 107
-, Caleb, merchant (?) of Anne Arundel or Baltimore County, Md., 82
-, Edward, merchant of Anne Arundel County, Md., 82
-, John, merchant of Elkridge Landing, Anne Arundel County, Md., bills drawn by, 6a, 9; bills payable to, 110e, 117a
-, Joshua, of Annapolis, Md., bills of, 104

Douglas, Heron & Co., bankers of Ayr, Scotland, xvii n, 41e, 42-3, 53b, 55b

Dover, Kent, 115

Downs, The, anchorage within Goodwin Sands off east coast of Kent, xxiv, 21, 28, 66a, 67, 97a, 126

*draughts see bills of exchange

*drawbacks, xiii, xxi, 6b, c, 13b, 17b, 25b, 26d, 39a, 41b, 47a, 76b, 107, 109b' 110b, 134; accounts of, 31b, 47a, 63a

drunkenness, 35a

Ducket, Thomas, of Prince George's County, Md., bills of, 82

Duff & Welsh, merchants of Cadiz, 72a, 99a

-, —, of Md., 116a, 120, 132c
-, Daniel (1722-97), brother of Walter, lawyer, deputy secretary of Maryland, of Annapolis, xix, 95, 96b, 113
-, Daniel (d. 1785), son of Walter, Md. student at Middle Temple, 17b, 47d, 76a, 77; bills of, 126; in Baltimore Company, 131a
-, Lloyd, of Md., 100

Dundass, —, merchant of Md., visits London, 98c

Dungeness Pier, Kent, 155, 156

Dunkirk, tobacco market at, 143

Dunlop, Colin, merchant of Glasgow, 98a

Dunlop & Wilson, Va. and Md. merchants of Lothbury, London, xii, 120, 121a, 161

Dunning, John (1731-83), lawyer and M.P., 94

Durham, bills on, 151a

Duvall, [Gabriel, lawyer of Annapolis, or George, merchant of Baltimore], Md., bill of, 121b

dyers, 13a, 139

Earle (Richard Tilghman) & Co., merchants of Queen Anne County, Eastern Shore, Md., xxi, 59a, 60a, 65b, 97b, 99b, 106b, 112b, 123, 125a, 128b, c, 130b, 132a, 135b, 144a, b, 145b

earthenware, 6a, 17a; see also chinaware; pottery

East India Company, 130a; East India House, sales at, xiv, 26a, d, 32, 41b, 65c

East Indies, goods from, xi

Eastern Shore of Md., merchants of, xxi; tobacco of, xi, xxii, xxv, 58, 63c, 105a, 110c, e, 129, 136, 137, 144b

-, Capt Robert (later Sir Robert, bart.) (1741-84), governor of Md. (176976), 97a
-, Capt Thomas (d. 1805), brother of Governor Robert and William, master of the Annapolis, partner in C. Court & Co. and T. Eden & Co., 20b, 65c, 66a, 101-2, 152a, 161; goods via, 162; in Holland, 157c; letters via, 24, 25a, 64, 65a, 66a, 67, 99b, 102-4, 118c; tobacco via, 163
-, William (1744-1814), under-secretary of state for the northern department, brother of Robert and Thomas, 71

Eden (Thomas) & Co., Va. and Md. merchants of New Court, Crutched Friars, London (probably with same partners as C. Court & Co.), xii, 62, 87a, 121a, 127, 129, 130b, 131b, 144a, b, 152a, 160

Edinburgh, failures in, xvi

Elder, Capt, arrival, 49

Elk Ridge (Landing), Anne Arundel County, Patapsco River, Md., xxii, 93b, 118b, 122c, 125c, 129

Ellis, —, of Md., bills of, 66b

engrossing, 36

Eton College, 53b, 122c; see also Calvert, C. and under Bordley, J. B.

exchange, rates of, 53b, 98c, 122a & n, 151e; see also bills of exchange

excise, 17b, 26d, 52c, 76b

exports see cargoes

factor, tobacco, 151c; see also Scots, factors

Fa[u]lkner, Capt, letters via, 50, 51a, 152b, 154, 155

Falmouth, Cornwall, xxiv, 135b, 147, 151d fans, 5b

Fenwick, B., merchant of Md., bill of, 132a, 145b

Ferguson, Capt, letters via, 117a, 118a

Fernandes (Abraham Lopez) & Co., tobacco merchants of Bevis Marks, London, xxiii & n, 82, 131b, 161

fishing rods, 65c

Fitzhugh, George, of Md., returns from India, 20b

Flanders, tobacco markets in, 14

Fleet Prison, London, for debtors, 69, 70b

flour, x, xxvi; importation, 36, 101, 151d; prices, 98c, 99a, 117b, 151d; recommended, 98c, 99a, 117b, 128c, 135b; sent to Cork, xxvi, 147, 151d, 158

foils, fencing, 65c

Fonseca, Moses-Israel, tobacco merchant of Bevis Marks, London, xxiii n, 131b, 136

Fordyce, Alexander, partner in Neale, James, Fordyce & Down, bankers, and Fordyce, Grant & Co., q.v., xvi

Fordyce, Grant & Co., merchants of Little Bell Alley, Coleman St., London, 41e, 59b

France, 66b; crop failure in, 13b; smuggling from, 41b; tobacco monopoly, xi, xvii, xxv, 31a, 143, 160

Francis, William, partner in Barlow, Wigginton & Francis, q.v., and trustee for creditors of J. Anderson, 159

Frank & Bickerton, Va. merchants of Rood Lane, London, xii, 63b, 101; stoppage, 94

franking privilege, 14

Fraser, Simon, merchant of King's Arms Yard, London, 161

Frederick, Md., 26e, 40

freight (ocean), xx, xxi, 2b, 6e, 8, 13b, 26d, 41a, 44, 59a, 60b, 63c, 67, 73, 76a, 80b, 96a, 98a, 106a, b, 112b, 116a, 118b, 124a, 125b, 128b, 135b, 141, 143, 144b, 151b, 152c, 157b

French (Frinch), [James ?], merchant of Annapolis, Md., 27, 49, 52b

Frost, Capt William, master of the Friendship, goods via, 67, 128a, 162; letters via, 69, 70a, 126-8a, 129

fruit, 146b

furniture, house, xxiii, 110d

Furstenau, Schroeder & Co., merchants (1740s) of Scots Yard, Bush Lane, London, xxvi

Gage, Gen. Thomas (1721-87), commander-in-chief in North America (1763-72), 157c

Gaither, Edward, of Elkridge Landing, Md., storekeeper for West & Hobson, 125c, 127

Gale, Matthias, Va. and Md. merchants of Threadneedle St., London, xii, 5a; bills on, 15a, 27; succeeded by Gale, Fearon & Co. of Little Tower St., 161

Galloway & Steward, shipbuilders of West River, Md., xxi, 19, 58

Gassaway, Thomas, merchant of Annapolis, bills drawn by, 6a, 52a, 82, 92a

Germany, linen purchases in, xiv, xv, 15b; tobacco markets in, xi, xiii, xxv, 14

Gibbs, James, absentee comptroller of Patuxent customs district, Md., resident at Christchurch, Hants, x, xxviii, 81; rumoured death, 1, 18b; letter from, 23; letters to, 53a, 71-2a

Gibson, John, broker of Crown Court, Threadneedle St., London, 161

Gist, Samuel, Va. merchant of America Square, London, 161

Glasgow, xi, xvii, 14, 42; banks, 41e; bills on, xvii, 15a, 76a, 98a, 132a; mail, 15a; tobacco market at, 31a, 143

Glasgow, Port, 143

glass, 29, 36

Glassford, John, Va. and Md. merchant of Glasgow, 43

glassware cruets, 80c

Gloucester, xiv, 35a

gold, 98a; goldsmiths, 98a; guineas, 99b,
-, 105b; see also Joannes pistole

Goldsborough & Ennals, merchants of
-, Eastern Shore, Md., 83b

Gone (? recte Done), J., of Md., 92a

Gosling, Robert, goldsmith, jeweller and hardwareman of Fenchurch St., London, 41d

gowns, ladies', 5a, 11-13a, 18a, 139

Grahame, Charles, merchant of Lower Marlboro, Calvert County, Md., principal agent of James Russell, 91, 92a, 93b

Graves, Richard, planter of Worton Creek, Kent County, Md., 158

Gravesend, Kent, xxv, 28-30, 124a, 126, 141, 151e

-, Mrs Anne Catherine (d. 1775), printer of Annapolis, 18a, 30, 38, 47d, 54
-, Jacob, of Md., consigns tobacco, 116a
-, Richard, of Anne Arundel County, Md., bills of, 98a, 132a
-, Richard, ironmonger of Upper Thames St., London, 4

Greig [Grigg], Capt A., master of the Nelly Frigate, 12; arrival, 20b, 141; departure, 41a; goods via, 8, 10, 162; letters via, 10-13a, 14, 18a, 99b, 100-2

Griffith, Maurice, Va. merchant and tobacco manufacturer of Shorters Court, London, xii, 31b, 161

grocery, xiv, xv n, 59a; grocers, 65c

Grote, Andrew, German merchant of Leadenhall St., London, and partner in Prescotts, Grote & Co., bankers, q.v., xv & n, xxv, xxvi

Grove, Silvanus, London Assurance director and Va. and Md. merchant of Martin's Lane, London, xi, xv n, 83a, 112b, 114, 132c, 136, 157a, 161; trustee of Md. paper money reserve, 101

Gurney family, xii

habeas corpus , 69

Hague, The, 31b

-, Aquila, Esq, merchant of Baltimore, later Harford, County, Md., 118a, 125a-c
-, Benjamin, merchant of Prince George's County, Md., 125a

Hall, Gilbert & Hall, merchants of Bush Town, Harford County, Md., goods for, 120, 122a, 151a

ham, Maryland, 3b, 150

Hamburg, London merchants trading to, xv, 6b; tobacco market at, xxv

Ham[m]ersley, Hugh (d. 1789), solicitor of Chancery Lane, London, secretary of the province of Maryland, 101

Hamilton (John) & Son, merchants of Charles Town, Cecil County, Md., 63b, 83a, 111

-, Col. Charles (d. 1772), of Anne Arundel County, Md., treasurer of the Western Shore, estate and widow of, 105b
-, John, Esq., of Annapolis, Md., bills payable to, 60a, 132c
-, Nathan, merchant of Annapolis, Md., 104
-, William, merchant of Baltimore, Md., 38

-, Capel (d. 1769), cousin and partner of John and Osgood, Va. and Md. merchant of London, xii
-, John (1700-58), father of Osgood, founder of Hanbury firm, xii
-, John (1751-1801), son of Capel and cousin of Osgood, employee of O. Hanbury & Co., later partner in Hanbury & Lloyd, xii, xiv, 2a, 83a, 104-5a, 131b
-, Mrs Mary (Lunn) (d. 1793), widow of Capel and partner of Osgood, xii
-, Osgood (1731-84), senior partner in Osgood Hanbury & Co., and Hanbury & Lloyd, xii & n, xviii, 2a, 3a, 5a, 6a, 39b, 70a, 73, 80b, 83a, 84a, 85-6, 88, 90, 92b, 95, 96b, 103-5a, 106b, 11314, 131b, 135b; banker to Lord Baltimore, 101; trustee of Md. paper money reserve, 101; his wife (Mary Lloyd), xii n, xv n; see also Hanbury, Taylor, Lloyd & Bowman
-, Sampson, son of Osgood, brewer, xii

Hanbury (Osgood) & Co., Va. and Md. merchants of Great Tower St., London, xi, xii & n, xiii, xiv, xvii, xix, 6a, 11, 13a, 41b, 45c, 47c, 52b, 82, 83a, b, 98a, 102, 104, 105a, 106b, 107, 110c, 116a, 124a, 128b, 161

Hanbury & Lloyd (O. Hanbury, J. Hanbury, J. Lloyd), Va. and Md. merchants of Great Tower St., London, xii, 131b, 135b, 136-7, 157a

Hanbury, Taylor, Lloyd & Bowman, bankers of Lombard St., London, xii, xiii, 6a, 45b, 101

Hardesty, S., of Md., bill of, 91

Harris, Isaac, blacksmith and merchant of Annapolis, 91, 113; schooner lost, 113, 118c, 145b, 151e

Harris & Ball, shipbuilders of Annapolis, 39b; see also Ball, J.

Harrison, Capt, arrival, 117b

Harrisons & Ansley, merchants of Bread St., London, 67

Harvey, David, merchant (Irish linen specialist) of Laurence Lane, London, xiv, 3a, 6b, e, 39a, 41b

Harwood, Thomas, merchant of Annapolis, Md., 6d, 47d, 63e, 81; his wife (?), 139

Harwood & Brice, merchants of Annapolis, Md., 41 c

hats, 31, 102; hatbands, 28, 41e

Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, 47a

Hawkins, George Frazier, of Prince George's County, Md., bill of, 90-1; tobacco of, 135a

Hawkins & O'Neil, merchants of Md., bills of, 111, 120, 130a

Hayton, Capt, letter via, 43

Heffernand, Capt, master of the William, letters via, 56

Hemsley & Tilghman, merchants of the Eastern Shore, Md., 52a, 55c, 57, 58, 60a, 82, 93a, 94

Hendrick [Henrick, Hanrick], Capt James (originally in J. Buchanan's service), approaches to, 127, 128c, 129, 132c; arrival, 108, 110e; departure, 119; in T. Eden's service, 121a, 127; letters sent via, 31a, 73, 74a, 75a, 76a, 110a, 126, 129, 130a; negotiations with Dunlop & Wilson, 120, 121a

Herries & Co., merchants of Jeffreys Square, St. Mary Axe, London, buying agents for the French tobacco monopoly, xxv, 31a, 47d, 48, 72a, 143, 161

Hill, Wills, earl of Hillsborough (1718-93), secretary of state for the American colonies (1768-72), 49

Hobbs, N[icholas], of Frederick County, Md., bill of, 132a

Hobson, J., London partner of West & Hobson, q.v., 3a, 15b, 39a, 131a, 135a

-, C[harles], of Prince George's County, Md., 52a
-, J. Ramsay, of Md., 52a

Hodgkin, Thomas B., merchant of Annapolis, Md., 91

Holland, Thomas, planter of Prince George's County, Md., 152a, 157c

Holland, failures in, 59b, 63a; linen purchases in, xiv, 15b; tobacco market in, xi, xiii, xx, xxv, 59b, 142b, 157c

Hollyday, James, planter of Queen Anne's County, Md., 159, 160

Hood, Zachariah, customs comptroller of Philadelphia, in England, 1, 3b, 15b, 18b

Hope, The, bay on north coast of Kent, 126

Hop[e]well, Hugh, of Town Creek, St. Mary's County, Md., 51a, 111

Horne, Richard, merchant of St. Paul's Churchyard, London, bills on, 15a, 20a

How, Capt Thomas, master of the Nancy, arrival, 55a; goods via, 43-4, 52b, 102, 162; letters via, 40-1a, 42, 55a

-, Capt, master of the brig Hope, goods via, 147, 155, 162; letters via, 83a, 84a, 149, 150-1a, 152a, 153, 156; runs ashore, 155-7a
-, John Beale, planter of Harford County, Md., 133
-, Mrs Mary, innkeeper and merchant of Annapolis, Md., 5b, 19
-, Samuel Harvey, merchant of Annapolis, Md., 49

Howse, Charles, clock and watchmaker of Great Tower St., London, 139

Hudson & Lawson, of [Baltimore ?], Md., bills of, 47a, 48, 103, 111

Hunt (Thomas & Rowland), Va. merchants of Love Lane, London, 161

Hunter, Col. John, formerly merchant of Elizabeth City County, Va., from 1766 of South St., Mayfair, 2a, 3a

Hutchinson, Thomas (1711-80), governor of Massachusetts, 147

Hyde, Thomas, tanner and merchant of Annapolis, Md., 49

Hyndman (John) & Co., Va. merchants of Gould Sq., Crutched Friars, 161

Hynson (Hinson), Capt Joseph, master of the Molly & Betsey, 67; arrival, 131a, 132a; letters via, 132a; tobacco via, 132a, 163

India, 20b; textiles from, 26d; see also East Indies

Indian Landing, Anne Arundel County, Severn River, Md., 93b

Inglis, John, nephew and clerk of James Russell, 64, 65b

Ingram, John, merchant of Three Tun Court, Miles Lane, London, 161

Inspection Law see Maryland, Tobacco Inspection Law

insurance, marine, xxiii, xxiv, xxvi, 2b, 6c, 13b, 15c, 25b, 28-9, 47b, 55c, 66a, 72b, 80b, 98a, 103, 106a, 109b, 110a, b, 111, 112a, 113, 116a, 118a, c, 122a, b, 125d, 127-8b, 131b, 132d, 141, 144a, b, 151b, e, 156; underwriters, 20a, 156-7a

interest, xiv, xix, 26d, 57a, 59a, 72a, 121b, 122a, 132c; account, xix, 99b; illegal, 88

Intolerable Acts, 145a, 146a, 160

*invoices, xvi, xxvi, 4, 5a, 6a, e, 7, 10, 13a, 14, 17a, 19, 25b, 26a, 27-9, 32, 35a, 36-7, 40-1a, 42-5a, 47b, d, 49, 55c, 63c, 64, 65a, c, 67, 80a, 96a, 123, 125a, 128a, 140, 151a

Ireland, [Dominick ?, of Baltimore], Md., bill of, 60a

Ireland, bills on, 120, 130a; factors in, 41b; flour for, xxvi, 147, 151d, 158; linen from, xiv-xv, 6b, 17b, 41b; tobacco market in, xi

iron, xxvi, 80b, 106a, 121b, 141, 144b; freight, 116a; Maryland, ix, 103, 131a; prices, 103

ironmongery, ironware, xiv, 15b, 41; manufacture, xiv, 35a; saddle irons, 35b; see also nails

Italy, crop failures in, 13b

Jackson, Capt Richard, master of the Peggy Stewart, 144a, 145b, 157b, 163

Jacob & Claud, merchants in Md., goods for, 138

Jacques, Denton, of Annapolis, Md., bills payable to, 132c

Jarrold, Capt T., master of the Dulany, arrival, 6e; letters via, 103-5a

-, Edmund, of Md., in London, 3a; bill to, 151a
-, George, wholesale glover and leatherseller of the Strand, London, 41b, 47b, 63d
-, Thomas, lawyer of Annapolis, Md., 47d

jewellery, 41 d, 60a, 63c

Jews, in tobacco trade, 131b

Joannes pistole, Portuguese gold coin, 25b

-, James, brother of Joshua, ix, 100
-, Joshua (1742-1802), London partner of Wallace, Davidson & Johnson of Annapolis, activities in London for firm, 1-163 passim; arrested, 52b; early career, x, xii & n; expenses and allowances, xiii, xxii, xxiii, 83b, 103, 107, 110d, 118c, 132d, 151d; family, ix & n; illnesses, 18b, 20a, 24-5, 2731a, 41d, 47c, 57, 83b; lawsuits, viii, xxvii; matrimonial plans, ix n, xxii, xxiii n; personal finances and accounts, 3b, 6d, 11, 15c, 18a, b, 23, 40, 53b, 72c, 74b, 100, 110d; records, vii-ix, xxiv, xxvii-xxviii
-, Mrs Joshua (Catherine Nuth), ix n, xxii, xxiii n
-, Roger, brother of Joshua, ix
-, Thomas (1), the emigrant, ix
-, Thomas, Sr. (2) (1702-77), planter and legislator, of Md., son of Thomas (1), father of Thomas (3) and Joshua, ix, 63a
-, Thomas, Jr. (3) (1732-1819), lawyer in Annapolis, Md., legislator, son of Thomas (2), brother of Joshua, ix-xi, xxiii, 40, 83b, 89, 95, 96a, 98c, 110c, 125a, 131b, 151a; bills on, 6d, 18a; bondsman for firm, 83a; goods for, 2b, 80c; loans from, 11; wife (Nancy) and children, 1, 2b, 6d, 7, 15c, 22, 98c
-, Thomas (4), sometimes styled 'III', Joshua's nephew, firm's clerk in Annapolis, x, 8, 100
-, William, of London, 106c

Johnson (James) & Co., ironworks, 138

Johnson (Joshua) & Co., style for London branch, 110c, 113

Johnstoun, Capt, ship's master in service of James Russell, lost at sea, 1

-, H., of London, 161
-, John, of Anne Arundel County, Md., bill of, 82
-, Capt [Stephen?], master of the Sally, letters via, 84a, 85-6, 88

Jordan, Capt, letters via, 19, 20a

Jordan (John Morton) & Co., Va. and Md. merchants of Fowkes's Bldgs., Tower St., London (firm wound up after Jordan's death in 1771), bills on, 15a, 17a, 19, 57, 60b

Kelly, William, senior partner in Kelly, Lot & Co., 49

Kelly, Lot & Co., merchants of John St., Crutched Friars, London, 91, 135b, 136, 154; ships tea, 157c

Kenton [Kinton], Benjamin, wine and beer merchant of Minories, London, 26c, 65c

Kerr, David, of Anne Arundel County, Md., bills of, 105b, 106c, 107-8, 122a

-, Philip, of Chaptico, Md., in London, 20b, 53a
-, [Robert ?, of Annapolis], Md., bills of, 57, 60b

Kilty, Capt, letters via, 29

King's Bench Prison, Southwark, 60b, 69, 70b

Knap, —, watchmaker (?) of Annapolis, 60a

Knight (John) & Co., shoe warehouse of Birchin Lane, London, 41c

Kruger & Grote, merchants (in 1740s) of Muddiford Court, Fenchurch St., London, xxvi

labour, child and female, 35a

labourers, building, recruitment of, 3c, 4, 12, 16, 22, 34, 35b, 51b, 62, 123; see also carpenters and joiners

lace, 41b

Laidlow, Capt, master of bay craft in Md., 21

Lane, Capt, master of the Maryland Planter, 102, 104

Langkopf, Molling & Rasch, merchants of Dowgate Hill, London, xxv-xxvi

Lansdale, Thomas, planter of Queen Anne's County (?), Md., 158

Lanton & Brown, merchants of Cork, 151d

Lapole (or Laypole), John, Marylander (?) in London, 74b

laundry prices, xxii, 3b

Laveille, John, of Annapolis, Md., bill of, 91

Lawrence, Capt, master of the Jenny & Polly, arrival, 112a; departure, 28; letters via, 118a, 119-20

lead, xiv, 4, 63d, 125a

leather, 80a, 96a

-, [Philip Thomas?], of Md., 13b
-, William (1732-95), Va. merchant of London, 122b; records of, viii, xii, 161

Leek, Frank M., of Prince George's County, Md., bill of, 72a

Leighton, Capt J., master of schooner Sally, 47b

lemons, 17b

Le Tillier, J., insurance broker of London, xxiii

letters of credit, xiii, xviii, 73, 83a, b, 86, 96b, 98c, 106b

letters of licence (from creditors), 64, 65b

Lewis, Capt, letters via, 130a, 131a

Lichfield, Staffs., sail cloth from, xiv, 17a

linendrapers, xiv-xv, xv n, xvi, xix, 6b, 39a, 41b, 45a, 49, 63b, 80a, 92a, 95-6a, 125a

linen-printers, xiv-xv, 41b

linens, xiv-xv, xxvi, 6b, 17b, 26d, 39a, 41b, 45a, 90, 95, 157b; cambrics, 6b, e; Irish, xiv-xv, 17b, 41b; oznabrigs (ozenbrigs) and other German, xiv, xv, 6b, 15b, 96a; prints, 41b, 80a, 92a, 95

Lisbon, 128c, 152c; wheat prices at, 13b

Littledale, Thomas, tobacco merchant of Rotterdam active in London, xxvxxvi

Liverpool, xi, 14, 54, 135b

-, Edward (IV) (1744-96), of Wye House, Talbot County, Md., 20a; bills drawn by, 15a, 17a; bills payable to, 60a, 63d
-, John (1751-1811), brother-in-law of O. Hanbury, partner in Hanbury & Lloyd, 131b
-, Col. Richard (b. 1717), brother of Mrs Rebecca Anderson, letter from, 159: letter to, 160
-, Richard Bennett (1750-87), of Md., brother of Edward (IV), 17a
-, Sampson (1728-1807), banker of Birmingham and London, brother-inlaw of O. Hanbury, xii & n

Lloyd's Coffeehouse, Society of Underwriters at, xxiii, xxiv, 6c; Register, 2b

locket, 51b, 54

London, boarding in, 3b; cost of living, xxii, 3b, 6d, 151d; counting houses in, xxiii, 15b, 110d, 118c; crisis of 1772 in, xvi-xix; lodgings in, x, xxii-xxiii, 1, 6d, 15b, 20b, 103, 110d, 132d, 151c; Lord Mayor, 16, 124b; manners, 16, 53b; manufactures in, 35b; market for inland wares, xiii-xiv, 35a; Pool, 97a; sheriffs, 2b; stock market, xvi; theatres, 16, 20a; tobacco market at, xi-xii, xxiii, xxv-xxvii, 31a, 53b, 55b; tobacco trade, see merchants; see also under newspapers; weather

London Assurance Company, xi

Lookup, —, of Md., 31b

Lopes & Silva, merchants of John St., Minories, London, bill on, 72a

Lopez Fernandes (Abraham) & Co., merchants of Bevis Marks, London, xxiii, 82, 131b, 161

lottery tickets, 158

Louis XV, king of France, death of, 139

-, —, of Md., 6c, 12, 18a
-, Capt Robert, master of the Richmond in Anderson's service, 14, 61, 63a, 101, 153, 157b, 159, 160a, b, 163

lumber, 67, 80b, 106a, 146b

Lux, William, senior partner in William Lux & Bowly, 95, 96a

Lux (William) & Bowly, merchants of Baltimore, Md., xiii, xvii, xviii, xxiv, xxvi, 20b, 21, 45b, 55a, 65b, 104, 110e, 116b, 135b, 138

Lyde (Lionel & Samuel), Va. merchants of Copthall Court, London, xii, 161

Lynch [Linch], Capt Joshua, master of the Caroline, 67, 80a, 81, 101, 107, 117a, 162

McGachan, Capt, 14

machinery, agricultural, 41d

Mackall, John, of St. Leonards Creek, Calvert County, Md., bills of, 98a, 102

-, Capt [John ?], master of the Letisse, 15b, 110d, e, 112b, 113, 121b; master of the Vanderstegen, 163

Capt Peter, 134-6, 151d

Mackubbin (Maccubbin), James, merchant of Annapolis, Md., 130b

Macky, Robert, merchant of Queen St., London, 147

McLachlan, Capt, arrival, 20b; letter via, 9

McLure, —, letter via, 149

McPherson, —, bills of, 57, 60b, 63a

magazines (London), 5b, 18a, 30, 38

-, Capt, master of the Industry, letters via, 142a, 143
-, John Read, of Prince George's County, Md., bill of, 82

mail, xxiv, 39b, 110d, 122a; robbery of, 15a; see also correspondence

maize, xxvi

Mallet, Capt Joseph, master of the Kitty, 107-9a, 110a, 111-12a

malt, 65c

*manifest, 116a

manufacturers, xiii-xiv, 63b; tobacco, 31b

manufacturing towns, xiv, 35a

Marlboro, Lower, Patuxent River, Calvert County, Md., 103

Martin, Peter, linendraper of Gracechurch St., London, formerly partner in Nash, Eddowes & Martin, xix n, 113

Maryland, agent in London, 101; business conditions, xi, xii, xxiv, 53, 78, 93b; Church Commissioners, xi
-, courts, 148 & n, 149-50; Chancery, viii, xxvii; Provincial Court, 2a, 25a, 41 a, 47c, 63c, 91, 147
-, debt collection in, 153; see also debts
-, goods sent to, xv-xvi, xix, xxiii, 51b, 93b, 131a; governor, ix; Hall of Records, vii-viii, xxvii-xxviii
-, legislature: House of Assembly, ix, 3b, 101, 122a; Senate, 20b, 101
-, Loan Office, xi; money (currency), 11, 109b, 122a, n; paper money, 122a, 127; trustees of reserve fund, 101
-, naval offices, 134; newspapers, 3b; proprietorship, 15c; shipping, xxiv, 128b, c, 129, 145b, 146b, see also shipbuilding; shopkeepers (inland), 40; Tobacco Inspection Law, 20b, 118b, 119, 133; visitors, 101

mathematical instruments, 4

-, Israel (1708-87), principal partner in Mauduit, Wright & Co., xv, 113
-, Jasper (1697-1772), brother and partner of Israel, xv

Mauduit, Wright & Co. (later Mauduit & Co.), merchants and warehousemen of Lime St., London, xv, xix, 41b, 95, 96b, 97b, 113, 132c

-, Capt, letters via, 70a, 72a, 76a
-, George, hosier of Fenchurch St., London, 161
-, Capt Samuel, master of the Adventure, arrival, 20b; departure, 41a, 42, 133; goods via, 41a, 42-4, 162; letters via, 14, 15a, 44, 53, 134, 135a
-, Capt William, master of the Molly, bills payable to, 126; letters via, 30, 31a, 126, 128a, 151e

Mayo, Joseph, of Anne Arundel County, Md., 6b

Mediterranean Sea, xxvi

Mee (Benjamin), Son & Cassau, Hamburg merchants (linen specialists) of Fenchurch St., London, xv, xxvi, 6b

Mendes da Costa, Hananel, merchant of Prescot St., Goodman's Fields, London, xxv

mercers, 5a, 123

merchandise purchased in London see cargoes

merchants, in America, xi, xvi, 153
-, in London: general, 61, 130a, 135b, 145a, 153, 157c; tobacco, xi-xii, xvxvii, xviii-xx, xxiii, xxv, 2a, b, 3a, 11, 19, 26b, 31b, 41e, 42, 47c, d, 49, 52a-150 passim; records of, vii-viii
-, in Maryland, 52a, 135b; character of, 26e

Meriwether, Reuben, of Annapolis, Md., rent roll keeper of the Western Shore, 125a

Mesnard, Capt T., letters via, 91, 92a

Middleton, Mrs, of Md., 106c

Mildred & Roberts, Va. and Md. merchants of Fenchurch St., London, xi, 135a, 161; bills on, 104, 111, 132a, 144b, 145b; ships of, 104

Miles, —, of Md., in London, 5a, 33

Miller, Capt, letters via, 87a, 88-9

millinery, 6c; milliner, 26e

ministers of the crown, 36

Mitchel[I], Capt, letters via, 36-7, 86, 88; passengers of, 92b

-, Robert, former major of marines, brother and partner of William, xvi, 52c, 68-9
-, William, Va. and Md. merchant (first alone, then in partnership with brother Robert) of America Square, London, xii & n, xvi, xvii, 3a, 8-9, 19, 39a, 41d, 52c, 55a, 65b, 68, 75b, 76a, 80b, 81-2, 91, 98c, 99a, 101-2, 104, 111, 125d, 129, 130b, 131a, 132d, 134, 136-7, 141, 142b, 143-4b, 145a, 146b, 152a, b, 153, 157b, c, 158, 160b, 161; 'court sycophant', 130b; difficulties, 60b, 63a, 65b, 66b

money see Maryland; specie

Moore, Capt Thomas, master of the Fortune (in Anderson's service), 47b, 146a, 147

Morsell, James, of Md., bill of, 82

mortgages, 90, 92a

Muir, John, deputy naval officer of North Potomac district, Md., later deputy collector of customs, Annapolis, 87b, 148, 150, 156

Mundell, —, of Md., 13a

Munrow, —, building labourer in Annapolis, 3c

nails, xiv, 3b, 31a, 35a, 41c, 44, 47a, 65a

Nairn, Capt Richard, master of the Generous Friends, letters via, 156, 157a; refuses tea, 157c; tobacco via, 163

Naples, 15c

Nash, Capt J., 24, 25a

Nash, Eddowes & Martin, linendrapers of Gracechurch St., London, xv & n, xix & n, 6b, 26d, 39a, 41b, 45a, 49, 59b, 72c, 80a, 87b, 89-90, 92a, 95-6a; dissolved, 113; see also Martin, P.

Neal, [Thomas?], merchant of [Annapolis], Md., 135b

Neale, James, Fordyce & Down, bankers of Threadneedle St., London, xvi, 41e, 59b

Neave (Richard) & Son, merchants of Mark Lane, London, 45c

New York, N.Y., xv, 41b, 49, 85, 87b, 98a, 99a, 122b, 153; merchants trading to, 97b; see also packet

newspapers, London, 5b, 18a, 30, 31b, 38, 54; London Gazette, 67; Maryland, 3b

Nicholl, Capt, master of the Betsey Richmond, 108

Nichols, Capt, master of the Betsey, charter with firm, 131a; master of the Industry, letters via, 122a, 124a

Nicholson, Capt Samuel, master of the Eden, then of the Molly & Betsey, arrival, 110c, 128b, 139; buys ship, 89; chartering from, 93b; departure, 28-30, 93b, 95-6a, 97a; goods via, 26a, 29, 39b, 47a, 72c, 79, 80a, 86, 87b, 88, 90-1, 92b, 93b, 94, 96a, 110c, 111, 117a, 162; letters via, 25b, 26a, 27-9, 33, 94-5, 96a, 97a, 98a; private ventures, 67, 96; tobacco for, 110e

No[a]ke, William, architect of Annapolis, 20a

non-importation see association

Norris, Bob, of Md., lost at sea, 1

North, Frederick, lord (1732-92), first lord of the Treasury (1770-82), 41e, 130a

Norton (John) & Son, Va. merchants of Gould Square, Crutched Friars, London, viii & n, xii, 161

notaries, xviii, 77, 99b

notes (of hand), xiv, xxvi, 143

Nottingham, Prince George's County, Patuxent River, Md., store at, xxii, 119, 122a, 125a, 138, 151a

Ogle, Mrs Anne (Tasker), of Chelsea, widow of Governor Samuel Ogle of Md., in London, 101, 159; security for James Anderson, 158

oil cloth, stamped wax, 6a, e

O'Neill, —, in England (?), bills on, 76a, 91; see also Hawkins & O'Neil

-, E. B., of Md., bill of, 144a
-, E. E., of Md., bills of, 72a, 90-2a

Osborne, Capt, master of the Philadelphia Packet, letters via, 90-1

outports, tobacco market in, 31a; see also bills of exchange

Oxford, Talbot County, Eastern Shore, Md., customs sub-district, 81

Paca, John, of Annapolis, 125c; bondsman for firm, 83a, b; goods for, 138

packet (New York-Falmouth), xxiv; letters via, 1-158 passim; miscarriage in, 91

Page, Capt John, master of the Trimley, arrival, 35b, 38, 40; at Little Cowes, 21; goods via, 19-20a, 37, 39b, 47b, 52c, 66a, 84b, 162; letters via, 16, 17a, 18a, 19, 20a, 84a

paper, 31a, 35b, 125a

-, Capt, master of the Fonseca, 136; letters via, 136-7
-, Capt Thomas, master of the Aston Hall, 163

parliament, 37; house of commons, 36, 129-30a; house of lords, petitions to, 129-30a, 157c; see also franking privilege

parliament, acts and bills, see Boston Port Bill; Clipping Act; Corn Laws; Intolerable Acts; Quebec Act

Patapsco River, Md., ships for, 67, 120, 121b, 125c, 127, 128c, 129; tobacco from, xi, xii, xx, xxii, xxv, 137, 163

Patuxent River, Md., ix, xxii; customs district, x, 71, 73, 81; goods for, 151a; planters on, 157b; ships for, 6e, 37, 67, 103-4, 106a, 120, 125d, 129, 131a, 152c; tobacco from, xi, xii, xx, xxv, 14, 93b, 105a, 117b, 125c, 135a, 163

Peale, Charles Wilson (1741-1827), portrait painter at Annapolis, 27, 31b

Pearson, Capt, master of the Caroline, in Russell's service, 19, 56; letters via, 20a, 21

pepper, 6e

Perkins, Buchanan & Brown, Va. and Md. merchants of Fowkes's Bldgs., Tower St., London (William Perkins, Thomas Buchanan, William Brown), xii; bills on, 52a, 58-9a, 60a, 65b, 66b, 72a, 82; difficulties, 60b, 63a, 84b, 92a, 93a, 94, 97a, 161

-, Capt, master of the Letisia, letters via, 120-1a, 122a
-, Ignatius, of Prince George's County, Md., bills of, 112b

Persia, silks from, 17b

pewter, 11

Philadelphia, Pa., 40, 146b; bills of exchange bought at, 78, 82, 91, 93a; customs comptroller of, 1; goods for, xv, 51b, 153; letters via, xxiv, 45c, 50-1a, 57, 84a, 85-9, 92a, 93a, 94, 149, 152b, 153-5; political opinion at, 152c; ships for, 41b; tea imports at, xiv n, 2b, 6e

Philpot, Thomas, Va. and Md. merchant of Threadneedle St., London, xii; bills on, 6a, 52a, 57, 60b; ships tea, xiv n, 9; stops, 44, 45c, 47c, 161

physicians, London, 25a, b, 29, 47c

Piercy, James, sugar refiner of Old Fish St., London, 6a

Pig Point, Anne Arundel County, Patuxent River, Md., 104, 109b; store at, xxii, 103; tobacco of, 93b, 104, 110b, 117b

Pinkney, Jonathan, shopkeeper of Annapolis, 16, 26b

planters (tobacco), xxii, 54; advances to, 103; bills of, 82, 103-4, 106a, 109a, 112b, 135a; consigning, ix, xi, xx-xxii, xxiv, 73-4a, 80b, 91, 106a, 107, 109a, 110a, b, 112b, 117a, 119, 122a, c, 124a, b, 125b, d, 129, 130a, b, 131b, 132b, 133-5a, 136-7, 143, 144a, b, 146b, 147, 151e, 152b, 153, 157a, b, 158; goods for, xxi, 103-4, 106b, 107, 109a, 110b, 112b, 117b, 118b, 119-20, 122c, 125a, 135b, 136, 151a

plaster of Paris, 140

plate warmer, 22, 27

Plowman, Jonathan, merchant of Baltimore, Md., bills of, 82, 117a, 128b, 132c, 136; correspondent of Fernandes, 131b

Pole [Pool], Charles, Sun Fire Office director, merchant and insurer of Bedford Row, Holborn, 151e

poplin, Irish (a silk and wool fabric), 5a

Porter, E. Harris, of Md. (?), attorney for William Potts of Barbados, 24, 25a, 132a

porter, 17b, 65c, 96a

Portsmouth, Hampshire, 84a

postage, 122a, 130a; see also franking privilege; mail

Potomac River, North and South customs districts, 84b; ships for, 19, 20a, 120, 129; tobacco from, xi, xxii, xxv, 105a, 163

pottery, 29

Potts, William, merchant of Barbados, xviii, 15a, 20a, 24-5a, 26c, 41d, 47b, 49, 52a, 55c, 57-9b, 69, 119, 132a

Powell, Mrs, proprietress of the Virginia Coffee House, Ball Court, London, xxii

Prescotts, Grote, Culverden & Hollingsworth, bankers of Threadneedle St., London, xiii

prices, copper, 123, 127; gold and silver, 98a, c, 99b; *short and *long, xiii, 6b, 17b, 26d, 41b, e, 49, 76; wheat and provisions, xxvi, 13b, 36-7, 65c, 98c, 99a, 151d, 158; see also under tobacco

*primage, 2b, 6d, e, 96a

Prince George's County, Md., xxii

printing supplies, 49; ink and type, 47d

Pritchard, —, shoe dealer of London, 63d, 80a

purchasing goods in London, methods and terms, xiii-xvi, 2a, 6a-c, e, 8, 14, 45a, 47a, 59a, 63b, d, e, 65c, 66b, 80a, 83b, 92a; see also credit; prices, short and long

Purdy, William, broker of Great Tower St., London, 47b, 52c, 59b, 66a, 84b, 85-6, 87b, 88

Purviance (Samuel & Robert), merchants of Baltimore, Md., bills of, 26a, 32

putting-out system, 35a

Quakers, xi, xii, xiv, xix, 98c

Quebec Act, 145a

Queen Anne (Town), Prince George's County, Patuxent River, Md., xxii, 103, 110b, 119, 151e, 152a

Reeder, T. (or J.), of Md., bills of, 98a, 102; cf. Rider

resolutions, non-intercourse, see association

Reynolds, Thomas, merchant of Calvert County, Md., 104, 109b, 110b; and Buchanans, 98c; bills of, 91, 93b

ribbon, 6c, 17a, 26d

-, Capt Joseph, master of the Camden, 31b, 34, 35b; arrival, 47c, 108, 11112a; departure, 79; goods via, 31a, 32, 39b, 76a, 162; letters via, 33, 35a, 36-9a, 58, 110a, 132a, 133-4; passengers, 131b
-, Capt Nat., master of the Sophia, arrival, 108, 111-12a; letters via, 77-8, 110a, 112b, 114-16a

Richmond, Christopher, of Upper Marlboro, Prince George's County, Md., in London, 25a, 26c, 41d, 52b

Rider, —, planter of Md., 135a; cf. Reeder

Ridgate, Thomas Howe, partner in Barnes & Ridgate of Md. and London, 11, 35a, 41e; visits London, 13b, 47c

Ridley, Matthew, merchant of Elkridge Landing and Baltimore, Md., bills of, 113, 117b; in London, 15a, 45a; letters and goods via, 45a, 47a, 52b

Ried, Rev. R., of Md., 31b

rigging, 39b, 60a, 63c, 121b, 124a, 131a, 138

Riggs, —, of Md., 39b

rings, mourning, 102

-, John, partner in Mildred & Roberts, 161
-, Roger, dealer in slates of London, 4

Robertson, Joseph, merchant of Lombard St., London, 161

Robinson, Capt, letters via, 32, 35a; master of the Hetty, letters via, 11314; master of the Somerset, letters via, 130a; master of the Friendship, goods via, 162

Rogers, John, of Prince George's County, Md., 18a

Ross & Mills, merchants of Botolph Lane, London, 161

Rosse's Timber Yard, London, 4

Rotterdam, British merchants at, xxvi

Rowlatt (William & John), oilmen of Upper Thames St., London, 26e

Royal Copper Company, 123

Royal Exchange, 41e, 66b

rugs, 6e; see also carpets

Rules, The, area adjacent to King's Bench Prison, 69, 70b

rum, 15a, 26c, 47b, 51b, 55c, 58, 132a

Russell, James (1708-88), Va. and Md. merchant of Hylord's Court, Crutched Friars, London, xii & n, xiii, xvii, xxii, 3a, 11, 18a, 53a, 90, 110b, 122b, 131b, 161; bills on, 2b, 6a, 9, 52a, 59a, 60a, b, 65b, 66b, 72a, 82, 91, 92a, 98a, 102, 132a, 135a, 144b; 'court sycophant', 130b; difficulties, xvi, 60b, 63a, e, 64, 65b, 76b, 117a, 135a; goods shipped by, 2b, 3b, 11, 47c, 63e, 130b; quarrels with Davidson, 9, 53a; ships of, 19, 56, 66b, 67, 119, 129, 130b; tobacco sales, 105a, 121a, 143; tea shipments, xiv n, 6e, 9, 157b, c; trustees for his creditors, xvii, 98, 135a; a trustee for paper money reserve, 101, 122b; visits Md., 98c

sail cloth, xiv, 17a, 35a

sailors, sent from London, 124a; wages, 116a
-, St. George's Fields, Southwark, site of King's Bench Prison, 62

St. Mary's City, Md., ships for, 19, 21

St. Mary's County, Md., tobacco of, xxii, 110b

salt, 20a

salts (medicinal), 27, 32

Scotland, 33, 41e, 55b

Scots, xii, xvi, xx, 20b, 39b, 42-3, 53b, 130b; anti-American, 148; factors in Chesapeake, 41e, 42-3, 59a

Selby, [Joseph?, of Annapolis], Md., 6e

servants, indentured, shipment of, xxv, 52c, 120, 123, 124a, 125b, 126, 142b, 147, 152c, 154; see also crimps; labourers

Sewell, Capt William, master of the Calvert, in Molleson's service, 102, 112b, 131a, 141, 149, 157c

Sharpe, Col. Horatio (1718-90), governor of Maryland (1753-69), 101, 140, 159

Sheppey, Isle of (lower Thames), 124a

shipbuilding, xx, 39b, 41e, 52c, 55b, 58, 60a, 65a, 67, 72, 103, 114, 120, 127, 128c, 131a, 132b, c, 138, 141, 143; defects, 121a; market for, 47d, 55b, 106a, 112a; see also ships, sales

ships, accounts, 132b (see also captains, accounts); attachment, 84b; availability, 54, 57, 58, 91, 93b, 97a, 106b, 111, 118a, 151e; chartering, xx, xxi, 3b, 9, 67, 87b, 90, 99a, 104, 114, 131a, 142a, 143, 152c; chartering rates, 67, 90, 122b, 124a; firm's own, 72b, c, 74a, 88, 98c, 99b, 135b, 142a, 143; 'general', 67, 128b, 143; outfit costs, xxv, 116b, 118b, 122b, 124a, 125b, d, 128c, 132c, 134, 135b; port charges, 122a, 128b, c, 132b, 134, 142b; sales, xxiv, 131a, 137, 143; sale prices, xx, 39b, 41e, 55b, 59b, 112a, 116a, 118b; 'standing', 128c; timing of, 67, 131a; see also anchor; rigging; sail cloth; shipwrecks

ships (specific): Adventure (S. Maynard), 44, 134, 162; Annapolis (T. Eden), xxv, 20b, 62, 66a, 72b, 85, 87a, 101-4, 142b, 149, 151b, 157c, 158, 162, 163; Aston Hall (T. Parker), 163; Baltimore (J. Hendrick), 129; Betsey (G. Brown), 55c; Betsey (Nichols), 111, 128a, 131a, 142b; Betsey Richmond (Nicholl), 108, 110a; Brothers (G. Buchanan), 163; Brothers (M. Craymer), 138-42a, 150, 162, 163; Brothers (T. Williamson), 2b, 6d, 162; Calvert (W. Sewell), 149, 152a, 158; Camden (J. Richardson), 132a, 133-4, 162; Caroline (W. Dennis), 112a; Caroline (J. Lynch), 107, 162; Caroline (Pearson), 21, 56, 85; Catherine (Sutton), 93a; Dulany (T. Jarrold), 104; Eden (S. Nicholson), 29, 58-9, 85-6, 87b, 162; Eleanor (G. Buchanan), 163; Elizabeth (T. Boog), 113, 132b, 133, 147-8, 151c, 163; Elizabeth (S. Brofett), 36-7, 162; snow Farmer (Tanner), 128b, 132d, 135a, 136-7, 139, 141, 142b, 143-4b, 146a, 151e; Fonseca (Parker), 136; brig Fortune (T. Moore), 47b, 146a; Friendship (W. Frost), 127, 128a, 162; Friendship (Robinson), 162; Galloway (R. Bishoprick), 66b, 162; Generous Friends (R. Nairn), 163; Hetty (Robinson), 113-14; brig Hope (Howard), 146a, 147, 149-51a, 152a, 153, 155-7a, 162; Industry (Magruder), 142a, 143; Industry (Nichols), 122a, 124a; brig Isabella Ann (B. Dashiell), 147, 151b, d, 152c; Jenny & Polly (Lawrence), 118a, 119-20; Kitty (J. Mallet), 107, 109a, 110a; Kitty & Nelly (E. Belt), 163; Kitty & Nelly (J. Belt), 163; Kitty & Nelly (J. Buchanan), belonging to firm, named after Mrs Wallace and Mrs Davidson, xxiv, xxv, 98c, 102-6b, 108, 109b, 110a, 112a, b, 115, 116a, b, 117a, 118b, 119-24a, 125a, b, d, 126-8c, 130a, 132b, 135b-7, 141, 142b, 144b, 145b, 147, 151b, c, e, 152a, c, 157c, 162, 163; Letisia (Perry), 121a; Letisie (J. McKirdy), 110e; Liberty (Blackwell), 162; Lovely Lass (A. Weid), 152c; Mary & Elizabeth (T. Mesnard), 91, 92a; Maryland Planter (Lane), 104, 105b; Molly (W. Maynard), 126, 128a; Molly & Betsey (S. Nicholson), 94, 96a, 134, 136-7, 141, 151c, 162; Molly & Betsey (J. Hinson), 163; Morning Star (Demster), 122a, b, 124b, 125d, 135b, 136, 144b, 146a, 151b; Nancy (J. Buchanan), belonging to firm, named after Mrs T. Johnson, Jr., 121a, 141, 144b, 152c, 160a, 163; Nancy (Coulson), 72a, 73, 107; Nancy (T. How), 42, 52b, 59b, 162; Nelly Frigate (A. Greig), 68, 100-2, 105a, 142b, 145a, b, 146a, b, 149, 162; Neptune (L. Wickes), 162; Orange Bay (N. Somerville), 45a, 162; Patty (T. Ayres), 163; Peggy Stewart (R. Jackson), xiv n, 132d, 135a, 141, 144a, b, 145a, 146a-50, 151b, e, 152a, 153-5, 157b, c, 163; tea on, 157b; Philadelphia Packet (Osborne), 90; Restoration (J. Thomas), 162; Richmond (R. Love), 106a, b, 163; Sally (G. Buchanan), 118a, 128a, 133, 151c, 163; Sally (S. Jones), 86; schooner Sally (J. Leighton), 47b; Sir William Johnson (G. Deane), 99a; Somerset (Robinson), 130a, 135a; Sophia (N. Richardson), 114, 115; Speedwell (Clark), 158; Trimley (J. Page), 21, 162; unnamed ship, 17b; unnamed schooner of I. Harris, 118c, 145b; Vanderstegen (J. McKirdy), 163; William (Heffernand), 56

shipwrecks, 113, 118c, 122a, 124a, 155-6

shirtings, 26d

shoes and boots, xiv, xix, 6a, e, 8, 10, 35b-7, 41c, 45a, 52b, 63d, 80a, 123, 138; calamanco, 13a

*shop notes, 6a, 7, 14

shot, gun-, xiv, 59

Sicily, 99a

silks, xiv, xv, 6b, 17a, b, 41b, 139; bandanna handkerchiefs, 125a; damask, 5a, 123; grave India Persian, 125a; grogram, 5a; hatband crape, 28, 41e; Persian taffetas, 17b

silver, dollars consigned, 98a, 99b, 101; silversmiths, 98a; see also prices

Skinner, Margaret (Mrs James Johnson), 100

slate (roofing), 4

-, Capt —, 52b; departure, 28; letters via, 25a, 26a, 54
-, —, a London supplier, 41b
-, A. H., of Md., bills of, 91, 103, 144b, 158
-, Thomas, shoe warehouse in St. Paul's Churchyard, London, 41c

Smithson, William, of Harford County, Md., bills of, 47a, 49

smoke of London, 57

soldiers, guarding shipwreck, 156

Somerville (Somervell), Capt N., master of the Orange Bay, 162

Southerton, Henry Greenfield, planter of St. Mary's County, Md., 158

Spain, crop failure in, 13b, 99a

specie, from America, 82, 98a, 99b, 151a; insured, 144a; prices, 98a

spectacles, 80c

Spenlove, Francis, mercer of Cornhill, London, 41b

spirits, 3b, 15a, 55c; see also rum Sprigg
-, Richard, clerk of Dorchester County, Eastern Shore, Md., 16
-, Thomas, planter of Anne Arundel County and clerk of Frederick County, Md., 2a, 60a

Sprigs, Benjamin, emigrant labourer, 34, 35b, 47c

staves, pipe, 67

Stephenson, Daniel, of Md., bill of, 26a; letters via, 78-9

Stevenson or Stephenson, Dr. John, of Baltimore, Md., bills of, 47a, 49

Stewart, Anthony, son-in-law of James Dick, partner in James Dick & Stewart, 31b, 35b, 53a, 78; bills of, 2b, 98a; letters via, 11, 29, 35a; visits London, 10, 11, 13b, 16, 26b, 29

Stewart (John) & Campbell, Va. and Md. merchants of Black Raven Court, Seething Lane, London, bill on, 6a; see also Campbell, Duncan

Stone, J[ohn?], of Anne Arundel County, Md., bills of, 59a, 60b, 66b, 82

store system, xi

-, Mrs —, of Md., mother (?) of Mrs Davidson, 3b, 11, 15c, 18a, 53b
-, Miss [Peggy], of Md., sister of Mrs Davidson, 3b, 15c, 22

sugar, xiv, 6a, 15a, 19, 26c, d, 29, 41b, 44, 47b, 51b, 57, 59a, 63e, 65a

Supreme Court (U.S.), ix

Sutton, Capt, master of the Catherine, letters via, 93a, 94

Sutton & Schombart, merchants of Barge Yard, Bucklersbury, London, xxv, xxvi

Swan St., Minories, no. 1, Johnson's residence at, xxii

tailor, 26e

Tanner, Capt, master of snow Farmer, 132d

Tasker, Mrs Anne, wealthy widow of Annapolis, xi, 60a, 76a, 81

Tate, John, warehouseman of Bucklersbury, London, xv, 151a

Taylor, Edward Farmer, brazier of Little Tower St., London, 41d

tea, auction sales, xiv, 26a, d, 41b; bonds for, 47b, 52c, 66a, 87b, 102; shipments to America, xiv n, 2b, 6e, 8, 9, 11, 20b, 41b, 59a, 63e, 65c, 84b, 85-6, 88, 101, 131b, 157b, c; shipments lost at Boston, 130a; use, 16; varieties: bohea, 65c, congo, 41b, 65c, green, 65c

Tewkesbury, Glos., xiv, 35a

Thellusson (Peter) & Co., merchants of Philpot Lane, London, 161

-, Capt James, master of the Restoration, 10; goods via, 162; letters via, 10, 13a, 14, 47d, 49, 50
-, William, III (1735-90), planter and assemblyman of Talbot County, Md., bills drawn by, 15a, 17a, 19

Thompson, Dr. —, of Md., lost at sea, 1

Thornton, John (1720-90), Russia merchant of London, xxvii

-, —, of Md., bill of, 51a; see also Hemsley
-, Lloyd, Marylander in London, 45a

tobacco, *allowance, 80b, 151c; ban on exportation, 131b; brokers, xxiii, 131b; consignment trade, ix, xi, xiv, xvi, xix-xxvi, 15a, 42, 52c, 54, 55b, 62, 67, 70a, b, 72b, c, 73-4a, 80b, 83a, 87b, 97b, 98b, 103-4, 106a, b, c, 109a, 110b-e, 112a-14, 117a-18b, 119-20, 122a, c, 123, 125c, d, 129, 132a, b, 135b, 137, 141, 143, 144b, 151b-e, 152b, 153, 157a, b, 159, 160a, b, 163; crops in Md. and Va., xvii, 111, 146a; damaged, 69, 70a, 75b, 116b, 117a, 128a, 132d, 134, 149, 151b, 158; duties on, 60b, 72c; export shipments, xxi n, 128a, 130a; foreign markets, xi, xxv, 58, 59b, 75b, 110a, 112a, 114, 118c, 142b, 143, 157c; insured, see insurance; manufacturers, 31b, 142b; merchants, see merchants; prices, xvi, xx, xxvi, 14, 16, 47c, 49, 53b, 54, 58, 59b, 61, 67, 69, 72c, 75b, 80b, 84a, 86, 93b, 99a, 105a, 107-8, 118c, 122c, 125c, 127, 131a, b, 132d, 135a, 136-7, 141, 142b, 143, 144b, 146b, 147, 157a, c, 158, 160; purchased by French agents, 31a, 143, 160b; purchased in Md., xx, 47c, 52c, 53b, 54, 55b, 58, 59b, 60b, 63c, 93b, 109b, 110b, c, 120, 128c, 129, 131b, 136, 141, 146b; sales 'at mast', 144b; sales in London, xxiii, xxv-xxvi, 72c, 75b, 80b, 92a, 99a, 104, 107-8, 110a, 111-12a, 116b, 117a, 118b, 120-1b, 122c, 125c, 1278a, 130a, 131a, 132a, d, 133, 135a, 136-7, 141, 144a, b, 145a, b, 146b, 149, 151b, e, 152a, 153, 157b, c, 160; shipped to London, x, xi, 5a, 8, 52c, 60b, 63c, 67, 70a, 74a, 75b, 84a, 86, 89, 90, 93b, 101, 104, 106a, 116a, 118b, 122a, b, 127, 128b, 132d, 135a, 141, 144a, 149, 151b, 157a; 'town trade', 151c; trade, structure of, xi-xii, 53b, 55a, b, 143

Tower (Great) St., no. 6, Johnson's counting house at, xxii

tradesmen (suppliers to export merchants), xiv-xvi, xix, 2a, 3a, 11, 13b, 14, 15b, 17a, 25a, 26b, d, e, 39a, 41a-d, 47a, b, 49, 52a, b, 54, 58, 60b, 61, 63b, d, e, 65b, 73, 76b, 77, 80a, c, 83b, 84a, 86-7b, 89, 91, 92a, b, 93a, 94-6b, 97b, 101, 105b, 110a, 114, 117a, b, 120, 122c, 146a, 148-50

Treasury, lords of, 53a, 71, 81

Trent, Peterfield, merchant of Va., 78

trunks, 41b, 95

-, Miss —, of Md., 6c, 13a, 102
-, [John?], merchant of Md., 51a, 55c
-, turnip-slicing machine, 41d

-, Robert, Esq., assemblyman of Prince George's County, Md., 119, 125a
-, Samuel, planter of Prince George's County, Md., 152a, 157c

Ussher, [W. ?], merchant of Baltimore, Md., 135b

Vallette, Elie, of Annapolis, Md. (d. 1780), clerk of the prerogative office, the secretary's office and the Provincial Court, 6a

Vardon & Franklin, ironmongers of Gracechurch St., London, 6b

Varduc see Verduc

vegetables, 37

Verduc, Kerloguen, Payan & Co., merchants of Cadiz, failure of, 31b

Virginia, bills from, 78; capes of, 52b, 135a; letters via, xxiv, 53a, 54-5a, 66b, 86, 88, 144a, 145a; ships from, 145a, 146b; tobacco from, xi; traders to, xi-xii, xxiii, 31b, 55c, 94, 101; travellers to, 92b

Waid see Weid

Walker, Capt, letters via, 144a, 145a

-, Charles (1727-1812), merchant and legislator of Annapolis, Md., partner in Wallace, Davidson & Johnson, etc., xxii, 3, 23, 26c, 83a, 84a, 103, 110b, 125a, 132d, 153; background, ix-x, xii n, xviii; contractor for building the new State House, Annapolis, 3c, 11, 51b, 132b, 140, 156; goods for, 6d, 35b, 80c, 138; lawsuit, viii, xxvii; letters from, 15a, 16, 107, 110d; letters to, viii, 4, 5a, 12, 16, 22, 27, 33, 46, 62, 74a, d, 87a, 109a, 123, 127, 140
-, Mrs Charles (Cathy), 12, 15c, 33, 87b; goods for, 5a, b, 12, 123; Polly, her daughter (?), 12, 15c, 33, 87b

Wallace (Charles) & Co., merchants of Annapolis, former firm trading to Iberia, x, 72a, 99a, 113

Wallace & Davidson, original style used by Annapolis office of firm (Wallace, Davidson & Johnson), 11, 123; letter from, 71; letters to, xxviii n

Wallace, Davidson & Johnson, merchants of Annapolis and London, viii-ix, x-xi, 3a, 18; accounts, xxv-xxvii, 9, 17a, 20a, 24-5b, 28, 31b, 32, 39a, 41a, 43, 47a, 48-9, 51a, 52a, 53a, 56, 60a, 63a, 80a, 93a, 96a, 98a, 101-2, 106c, 109a, 110d, 116b, 117a, 118b, c, 125a, 128a, 132b, 138, 142b, 151a, c; activities, xii-xvi, 161; earnings, xxvii, 144b; finances, xi, 6a, 45b, 83a, b, 86, 114, 118c, 123; goods consigned to, 7, 10, 13a, 17a, 19, 26a, 29, 30, 32, 35a, 36, 41a, 42, 44, 45a, 65a, 80a, 95, 96a, 122c, 162; letters to Annapolis office, xxviii n, 1-158 passim; longrange plans, xix-xxi, 51b, 52a, 54, 55b, 70b, 72b, 74a, 75b, 87a, 97b, 98b, 114, 118c, 142a, 151d; sales in Md., 47b, 51b, 132c; style used by firm, 103, 110c, 113, 118c

war, rumours of, 139

Ward, Jo[hn], of Anne Arundel County, Md., bills of, 47a, 49

warehouse, tobacco inspection, xxii, 103

warehousemen, xv, xvi, xix; see also tradesmen

Warfield, Philemon, planter of Anne Arundel County, Md., bills of, 110e

watches see clocks

Waterman, Samuel, Va. merchant of Finch Lane, London, 161

Waters, Nathan, of Anne Arundel County, Md., 35b

Watson & Scott, shoe dealers of London (?), xix, 45, 52b, 72c

weather, in England, 98c, 108; in Europe, 110a, 112a, 114, 118c; in London, 5b, 37, 57, 116a; in Md. and Va., 16, 40, 146b, 147; see also wind

Weatherton, —, 11

Weems, John, Jr., of Calvert County, Md., bills of, 82

Weid (Waid), Capt Andrew, master of the Lovely Lass, 152c

Wells, Richard, of Anne Arundel County, Md., bill of, 82

West, Stephen, senior partner in West & Hobson, 15b, 53a, 58, 125c, 141, 144a, 150

West & Hobson, merchants of Prince George's County, Md., and Catherine Court, Tower Hill, London, xii, xvii, 19, 44, 55a, 60a, 65b, 75b, 82, 98a, 109b, 118c, 119, 128b, 132a, 161; difficulties, 60b, 63a, 65b

West Indies, xi, xv & n, xxiv, 41b, 55b, 98a; see also Barbados

West River, Md., tea for, 6e

Western Shore, Md., tobacco of, 110c, e

whalebone, 30

wheat, x, xxiv, 6e, 16, 128c, 152c; crops, 98c, 99a, 146b; importation permitted, 36; prices, xvi, xxvi, 13b, 99a, 152c, 158; purchases in America, 14, 53b, 98c; speculators in, 47d, 98c, 99a; see also flour

Wheat, Francis or Henry, of Prince George's County, Md., 25b, 26a

Whetcroft [Whitchcroft], William, watchmaker of Annapolis, Md., 60a, 63c, 65a, 80a, 130a, 138

Whitehaven, Cumberland, xi, 14, 26a, 132a

Wickes, Capt Lambert (1735-77), of Chester, Md., master of the Neptune, goods via, 162; letter via, 149; refuses tea, 157c

Wigginton, John, partner in Barlow, Wigginton & Francis, 97a

Wight, Isle of, xxiv, 20a, 122a

Wilkes, John (1727-97), alderman of London, 2b

Wilkins, Charles, oilman of Great Tower St., London, 63d

Wilkinson, —, clerk (?) of O. Hanbury & Co., 13a

-, John, inspector-general of customs (North America), 53a
-, John or William, shoe manufacturer of Bristol, 41c
-, Theophilus, insurance broker of Antigallican Coffeehouse, Threadneedle St., London, xxiii
-, T[homas Charles], merchant of Annapolis in London, 151e; ships tea, 157b
-, William, of Annapolis, Md., bill of, 132a, 145b

Williams (Thomas Charles, James & Joseph), merchants of Annapolis, 89

Williamson, Capt Thomas, master of the Brothers, arrival, 15a, 17b, 20b, 25a; goods sent by, 2b, 6a, 20a, 41b, 162; letters via, 3a, 4, 5a, 6a, 7, 8

Wilsoon, Capt, goods via, 98c

wind conditions for sailing, xxiv, 21, 28-9, 37-8, 52b, 66a, 67, 97a, 105a, 112a, 114, 126, 135a, 139, 141, 145a, 146b

wine, xv n, 17b, 59b, 66a, 87b

Withers, Robert, wholesale saddler of Fenchurch St., London, 63d

Wolstenholme, Daniel, of St. Mary's City, Md., collector of North Potomac customs district (1760-76), agent of O. Hanbury & Co., 2a, 3a, 19, 47b, 52c, 83a, 84b, 86

Woodstock, Oxon., xiv, 35a

wool cards, 17a

Wooldridge, Thomas, merchant of the Crescent, Minories, London, 161

Woolf, Capt, 70a, 160

woollen cloth, xiv, xv, xix, 6b, 12, 18a, 41b, 89, 93a, 96a, b, 151e; shalloons, 56; spotted flannels, 41a, 44; 'Welsh cottons', xiv, 128a

woollen drapers, 6b, 132c, 151a

woollen manufacturers, 14, 132c

Wootton, —, storekeeper at Queen Anne Town, Md., affiliated with Eden & Co., 152a

Worthington, [William?], merchant of Annapolis, Md., 63d

Wray, Capt Keith, in London, 23, 100

Wright, [Turbutt or Thomas], of Queen Anne's County, Md., 152c

Wye River, Eastern Shore, Md., 70a, 152b, 160; tobacco of, xxv, 157b, 163

Yarmouth, Great, Norfolk, ix

Yates, —, of London, 74b

-, Arthur (1741-1820), agricultural writer, 41d
-, Henry, of Md., bill of, 82