Surnames beginning 'Q'

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London Inhabitants Within the Walls 1695. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1966.

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Surnames beginning 'Q'

Quaite, Hen, 7.32

Quantock, :
Francis; Mary, w, 48.8
Hen; Anne, w; Jos, s; Anne, d, 43.10

Quare, :
Dan, watchmaker; Mary, w, 71.3
Rob; Mary, w; Dan, s, 49.24

Quarles, Chas, ser, 30.1

Quarrington, Sar, ser, 17.55

Quartermaine, Francis; Ann, w; Eliz, d; Alice, d; Ann, d, 17.126

Quarterman, Dan; Eliz, w; Eliz, d; Mary, d, 28.20

Quelch, :
Ann, journeywoman, 43.9
Hen; Wm, ?s; Susa, ?d, 64.10
John; Abigall, w, 64.13

Quenburow, Edw; Reb, w; Edw, s; Mary, d, 3.23

Quenele, Maudlin, 49.6

Query, Eliz, ser, 39.20

Quilt, Sar, 16.18

Quilter, :
John; Susa, w, 46.5
Wm, 13.24,assr, cwdn, 13.25;Victoria, w; Ann, d; Martha, d; Mary, d; Victoria, d, 13.24

Quinborow, Wm, ser, 27.7

Quiney, Martha, 32.24

Quinton, :
Chas, bach, ser, 74.17
Edw, ser, 26.11
Eliz, ser, 11.15
Sam; Grace, w; Eliz, d, 11.1
Sam, ser, 20.2

Quintum, Ann, ser, 32.8

Quintus, Martin, cabinetmaker; Ursula, w, 15.13

Quirke, John; Anne, w; Thos, s; Sar, d, 74.11

Quirlibatt, David, 7.36