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A Survey of Documentary Sources for Property Holding in London before the Great Fire. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1985.

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Cambridge college archives

Unless otherwise stated, the records are kept by the individual colleges. See A. N. L. Munby, Cambridge College Libraries (2nd edition 1962). PRO, E315/440, is a survey of the possessions of the Cambridge colleges, 1545–6, noting London properties for Michael House (Trinity), Jesus, Pembroke, Magdalene, St. John's and King's; other colleges held property then or later.

385. Cambridge: Corpus Christi College

Fd. 1352. The college held the rectory of 98 and property in the parish.

a. XLB 1–11: deeds, leases and copies, 16C and 17C (98; also ref. to 80).

386. Cambridge: Emmanuel College

Fd. 1584. The London estate lay in 9, 53, 58, 94, 152.

a. Deeds (15C and later) and papers relating to London properties are in DBX 1 (53), DBX 25 (9, 152, also 46), DBX 26–7 (58, 94), BUR 0.9 (152). These are listed in BUR 2.6, 'Catalogue of Deeds, 1887' (which also lists deeds in 152 and Old Bailey (Whichcott Exhibition) no longer surviving), and in catalogues of 'Bishopsgate Street and Threadneedle Street', and 'Properties no longer owned' (under Gracechurch Street).

b. COL 8.1: register of deeds 1583–9 (9, 58, 152, London unspecified).

c. BUR 2.1A: rental 1585 with additions (9, 58, 152). BUR 2.1B: rental 1588, as BUR 2.1A. BUR 2.1(3): rental 1632 with copious later annotations (9, 53, 58, 94, 152). BUR 11.1: rental 1585 (9, 58) and rent a/cs 1585–1652 (properties identified by tenants' names, London rents grouped together). BUR 0.9 (misc. papers) incl. a/cs (rent receipts, quitrent payments, rough notes) for 9 (1631–8; also correspondence about leases, 1629–30) and 94 (1627–31). BUR 8.1, 'Long Book': expenses 1591–1621, incl. some quit-rent payments from unspecified properties.

387. Cambridge: Gonville and Caius College

Fd. 1348. The London estate lay in 99.

a. Drawer 34, nos. 1–37, 39–40: deeds, leases etc., 1491–1595. Ibid. no. 38: will 1586 (99, 159, Barbican). Ibid. no. 42: 19C memorandum on value, rent, fines, etc.

b. 'Registrum Magnum': catalogue of deeds etc., begun 17C (London property indexed under Philip Lane); incl. abs. will 1586 (99).

c. 'Liber Evidentiarum': lease bk. 1551–1655, indexed. 'Leases, wills, etc.': lease bk. 1659–1769, indexed.

d. 'Liber Bursarii', 3 vols.: quarterly rent a/cs, 1609–87, incl. fines for leases.

388. Cambridge: Jesus College

Fd. 1496. The estate lay in: 32, 46, 88, 99. See TS account of 'Jesus College London Estates' by Mrs. F. Jones, former archivist. Volumes are described in Muniment Room Catalogue, 'Books'.

a. Deeds, listed in Muniment Room Catalogue, 'Documents K-Q, estates outside Cambridge', under London. Boxes 1, 2, 8–10: deeds, leases, post-Fire plans, c. 1550– c. 1800. Steel press, documents relating to Dr. Reston's foundation: 16C deeds and copy will (46, 99).

b. EST. 1.1, 'Jesus College leases 1578': lease bk., copy leases from 1543, indexed by county and parish; miscellanea at end incl. memorandum of London rents, list of evidences c. 1604. EST. 1.2, 'Leases etc. 1618–75': copy leases, with list of tenants, indexed; at end, notes on some leases, survey of house in 99, note of land cut off 1676 (46). EST. 1.3, 'Jesus College Lease Book 1675–1718': copy leases indexed by tenants; incl. surveys and valuations of London property, 1713, 1726.

c. A/C.1.1, 'Foundationes Collegii Jesu': a/cs 1557–9, rent receipts, quitrent payments. A/C.1.2–4, Audit Bks.: a/cs 1560–1676, rents (usually totalled for London), quit-rent payments, rent-collectors' fees; fines not included.

d. COL.1.1, Register I 1618–89: incl. brief memoranda of leases granted, not indexed.

e. ANT.2.1: vol. of papers and copies, incl. 17C memoranda of conveyances (99); list of tenants, 1702. Table of contents, catalogued in card catalogue.

389. Cambridge: King's College

Fd. 1441. The London estate ('Duke Humphrey's wardrobe') lay in 18. There is a 19C catalogue of deeds.

a. T1–9: deeds, leases and correspondence, 13C to 18C, incl. 18C plan. A22: royal grant, 1447.

b. 'The Oak Cartulary' (Davis, no. 146): 15C cartulary; (f. 29) grant of property in 18; (f. 68) copy inquisition 1324 into lands of alien houses, incl. Ogbourne (18, Billingsgate ward), Fécamp (Castle Baynard ward), Lewes (Walbrook ward), St. Valéry (Cripplegate ward), Bermondsey (unspec.).

c. 'Ledger Books', 1451–1681, 6 vols.: lease bks., with rough contemp. indexes in each.

d. Shelf S9.3: two 16C–17C paper bks. with memoranda of estates, incl. valuations, notes of fines and leases, tables of rents. 'Mundum Books', from 1447: incl. foreign receipts, with some arrears and fines; no general series of rentals or rent a/cs exists.

390. Cambridge: Magdalene College

Fd. 1542. The London estate lay in 43, 78. There is a TS list of the archives in CUL; cf. HMC (4) 5th Report, 481–4.

a. Box A27, nos. 1–18: deeds, copy will, leases, papers, 1533–1677.

b. B411, 'The Old Book': register of deeds and leases from 1574; also incl. (f. 17v) list of evidences 1595.

c. B421, 'Register I' 1575–1695: incl. rent a/cs 1575–1680.

d. B422, 'Register II 1644–76: incl. (reversed at end) minutes of sealing of leases 1644–70.

391. Cambridge: Pembroke College

Fd. 1347. The London estate lay in: 26, 30, 87, 125. The deeds are listed in a 19C MS catalogue; see also HMC (1) First Report, Appendix pp. 69–72.

a. Bundles A, B: deeds, leases, papers, incl. surveys, Fire Ct. papers, 1533–1697 (87, 125); bundles D, E, listed in catalogue, included counterpart leases, 17C and later, to same properties, handed over to London Bridge Committee on compulsory purchase, 1830. Bundle F: leases, 1555–1840 (26). Bundle C, listed in catalogue, included survey and rebuilding agreement for same property, now missing. Bundles H, I: deeds, leases, 16C and later (30); some listed were sold 1854.

b. 'Great Register' (Davis, no. 153): cartulary, c. 1390–1400; (ff. 65 et seqq.) 14C deeds, wills, probably all included in Husting Rolls (5, 100). Leases, vols. 1, 2: lease bks., 1619–1710, indexed.

c. Treasury a/cs, vols. I, II: annual rent a/cs, 1550–1641, 1648–99. It is not clear where income from fines was recorded.

d. Registers, vols. 2, 4: minute bks., 1616–54, 1660–67, incl. notes of grants of leases; vol. 2 indexed (under 'leases'), vol. 4 not indexed but may incl. London leases.

e. 'Surveys': late 18C vol., incl. (f. 25) plan, 1780 (87, 125).

392. Cambridge: St. John's College

Fd. 1511. The London estate lay in 4, 38, 129, and 152 (Middlesex): see A. F. Torry, Founders and Benefactors of St. John's College Cambridge (1888). The contents of the former drawer sequence D1–110 (deeds, rentals) are calendared in typescript and listed and indexed on computer print-out.

a. Deeds and leases, 13C to 20C (estate above; also refs to 71, 125, London unspec.): listed as above.

b. 'Thin Red Book', 'Thick Black Book', 'Thin Black Book', 'White Vellum Book': registers of leases, misc. other contents, c. 1513–1609; briefly calendared in T. Baker, History of the College of St. John the Evangelist, Cambridge (1869). Lease Bks. 1609–69, 3 vols., indexed by tenants' names, some place-names.

c. D106.11, 14: rough a/cs, c. 1520–37, incl. refs to London rents. Rentals 1555–1684, 7 vols.: rent a/cs, incl. arrears, quit-rents paid, repairs (estate above, also quit-rents received from Fleet Street). sB6.1, 'Old Dividend and Fine Book', 1613–1770: chronological memoranda of leases and fines, possibly not comprehensive.

d. D94.426: correspondence about lease, 1617 (4).

393. Cambridge: Trinity College

Fd. 1546 incorporating King's Hall (fd. 1337) and Michael House (fd. 1324). The London estate lay in 81, 92 (latter also known as Blackfriars).

a. Deeds, leases, etc. relating to the London properties from 1539 are kept mostly in Box 43; these, and similar MSS stored elsewhere, are listed in the Bird card-catalogue under Box 43.

b. Registers, 9 vols. 1545–1672: registers of deeds and leases, indexed.

c. Lease bks., 3 vols. 1608–55, 1662–1754: chronological memoranda of leases, extensions and assignments, with fines. 'Rents A': bk. cont. brief notes of leases, begun mid 17C, arranged by location, indexed. 'Notitia B', 'C', and 'F', 'Leases E', 'Dr. Barrow G': 5 small bks., possibly bursars' memorandum bks., cont. similar and duplicate material to 'Rents A'. 'Mr. Castry D', similar to above, cont. rough notes on properties, incl. (p. 8) ref. to 92.

d. Senior Bursars' a/c bks., 6 vols. 1545–1674, cont. a/cs for individual years subsequently bound up (1621–37 and odd years mising): rent receipts totalled, fines noted by location or lessee; some a/cs incl. details of arrears. Arrears bks., 4 vols. 1545–1677, cont. a/cs for individual years (some missing) subsequently bound up: details of rent arrears, tenant and location usually named.

394. Cambridge: Trinity Hall

Fd. 1350. The college leased property in 38 (Doctors' Commons) from St. Paul's Cathedral.

a. In the chest: unnumbered bundle of counterpart leases, 1650 to 18C.

b. Lease Book 1671–1765: copy leases incl. plans.

c. 'Accounts 1587–1795': incl. rent receipts and payments, tithes, unspecified repairs.

d. 'Miscellaneous Papers' vol. iv: collection of loose papers, 16C and 17C, now bound up and numbered; incl. passim suits for leases; no. 27, list of evidences and leases, 1593; no. 38, memoranda of repairs; no. 134, notes on legal proceedings, 1599; no. 145, proposals for post-Fire rebuilding. In the chest, 2 bundles of papers: 1, concerning suit 1656, rebuilding 1666, etc.; 2, copy legal papers, 1599.