Minutes of the Commissioners: 1727

Pages 138-145

The Commissions for Building Fifty New Churches: The Minute Books, 1711-27, A Calendar. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1986.

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448. [p. 395] 9 Jan. 1726/27

1. Money given to Ormond Street chapel trustees to be considered at next meeting; Deans of Chichester and the Arches and Peck desired to be present.

2. Petition of Sir Isaac Tillard to be considered when Bishop of Chichester and Peck present.

3. Signed two warrants for paying officers' salaries for half-year to Christmas and half-year's rent.

449. [p. 396] 19 Jan. 1726/27

1. Deans of the Arches and Chichester appointed to meet any two of the proprietors of pews in Ormond Street church to adjust differences between Board and proprietors. Notice to be given to Marshall.

2. James reported that books of works made up to Michaelmas last amount to about £24,000.

3. Warrant to be prepared for paying 6s. 8d. in the pound to the artificers on present debt in tallies and orders together with interest due thereon from date of orders to paying of the workmen; but the watchmen being very indigent to be paid all that is due to them.

4. Philipps and Ellis to examine Secretary's bill of incidents and report to next meeting; warrant to be prepared to imprest him a sum for occasional charges.

5. Board being informed of great damage at Limehouse and Wapping churches done by pilferers, churchwardens to attend next meeting to consider best means of prevention.

6. Several papers referred to Surveyors.

450. [p. 398] 27 Jan. 1726/27

1. Churchwardens of Limehouse and Wapping promised to prevent, as far as in their power, damages by pilferers.

2. Ormond Street affair to be considered at next meeting in order to give Deans of Chichester and the Arches instruction to confer with trustees. Secretary to submit relevant papers.

3. Petition of churchwardens of St John Clerkenwell about an endowment to be considered at next meeting.

4. Signed two warrants for paying £8,699. 10s. 3d. to workmen, and £50 imprest to Secretary for incidentals.

451. [p. 399] 3 Feb. 1726/27

1. Read petition of minister and wardens of St John Clerkenwell. Michell attending was told Board will adhere to usual method of endowing by a pound rate.

2. Read petition of Edward Baldwin for saving clause in Stepney churches endowment bill preserving his present rights as clerk of St Dunstan Stepney.

3. Solicitor read draft of Stepney churches endowment bill.

452. [p. 400] 10 Feb. 1726/27

1. Dean of the Arches reported that he and Dean of Chichester had met gentleman from Ormond Street chapel, and that they were disposed to give the Board satisfaction without further trouble.

The two deans to meet persons appointed by Ormond Street church trustees to settle matters in dispute in best manner they can.

2. James to prepare plan showing boundaries of Poplar hamlet for making it a parish.

3. Read Dr Warren's representation complaining of damage to his cellars in new house at Bow by water from roads; £15 allowed for making a drain under Surveyors' directions.

453. [p. 401] 20 Feb. 1726/27

1. Read petition from churchwardens, etc, of Spitalfields, setting forth things unfinished in church, particularly spire and portico. Hawksmoor to direct proper workmen to finish these speedily.

2. Read memorial from principal inhabitants of intended new parish in St Margaret Westminster, proposing to raise £125 for maintenance of minister if £2,500 be allowed out of parliamentary fund; and praying that towers of church and some other uncompleted works may be speedily finished.

Board approved proposal and directed Solicitor to prepare a bill for endowing church without loss of time. Surveyors to consider best method of finishing towers and other works.

3. James presented plan of hamlet of Poplar with its boundaries for enrolment and being converted to a separate parish.

454. [p. 403] 27 Feb. 1726/27

1. At general reduction of salaries, Agent's (at first £100) was by minute of 2 March 1720 reduced to £60, and on Skeat's death the Board, observing labour of the office was considerably lessened, made a further reduction on 14 Sept. 1724, but on 23 May 1726 restored officers to their former salaries. Doubt whether the intention was to allow Agent £60 or £100.

Resolved to allow no more than £60 p.a. to person who shall be chosen vice Prichard, deceased.

Ordered John Sherman to be appointed Agent.

2. Melmoth having examined Solicitor's bills, settled at £282. 14s. 2d. Warrant to be prepared.

455. [p. 404] 10 Mar. 1726/27

1. Warrant signed for paying Solicitor's bill.

2. Dr Shippen, principal of Brasenose College Oxford, and Dodd, rector of Stepney, to be desired to attend at next meeting, to state how much Easter offerings and other perquisites are likely to amount to in hamlets after they become distinct parishes.

456. [p. 405] 16 Mar. 1726/27

1. Secretary to attend Crosse for original instrument describing boundaries of new parish in St Margaret Westminster and deliver it to Batley for the perusal of Dean and Chapter.

2. Principal of Brasenose College and rector of Stepney delivered amount of perquisites in hamlets.

3. Whereas Spitalfields offered to settle £200 p.a. for minister's maintenance, it now appears that £150 p.a. is as much as can be expected because of decay of trade and fall of rents.

4. Dean of Chichester reported that he and Dean of the Arches had agreed with representatives of trustees of Ormond Street chapel that moneys undisposed of and remaining in trustees' hands shall be paid to order of the Board for purchasing pews. Rector and churchwardens shall be empowered to treat for pews and lay terms before trustees. Trustees shall certify approbation to such person as Board directs, who shall have power finally to agree for purchases and order the money upon proper conveyances being made.

Resolved that Deans of the Arches and Chichester or either be empowered to settle the account with trustees and direct money remaining in their hands to be lodged with Hoare and Co. subject to the Board's further orders, and empowered to receive accounts of purchases and direct money to be issued for such as they approve. [Footnote: 'Alterations in the minutes made by the Board on second reading, Friday 24th March 1726/7'.]

457. [p. 407] 24 Mar. 1726/27

1. Warrant to be dated 4 March 1725/6 for £100 which Treasurer paid Solicitor by minute for paying expenses of bill in parliament for Strand church; and for £400 to Solicitor for defraying fees and charges in pursuing bills now depending for endowing church in St Margaret Westminster and Stepney churches.

2. Ordered that spire at Spitalfields be finished according to design sent in by Hawksmoor, and that his estimate of charge for portico be considered at next meeting.

458. [p. 408] 27 Mar. 1727

1. Read two precepts from House of Commons, ordering Treasurer to submit an account of all sums issued towards bulding church of St Margaret Westminster and for site of church [Millbank]; and ordering Secretary and Surveyors to submit plan of district of Millbank and orders of this Board relating to that district.

2. Signed warrants for paying Solicitor £100 and £400.

3. Secretary submitted minutes about district taken out of St Margaret's parish, Westminster.

459. [p. 409] 6 Apr. 1727

1. Commissioners, having been informed that opposition is intended against a pound rate in new parishes in Stepney, desire churchwardens and others who made the proposals to attend committee of House of Commons on Monday next, to be ready if necessary to declare on what authority they made such proposals in the name of the inhabitants.

2. Treasurer to advance two guineas to Durden, watchman.

460. [p. 410] 10 Apr. 1727

Solicitor to fee counsel to attend bill of endowment now depending in parliament.

461. [p. 411] 12 Apr. 1727

Resumed consideration of bill of endowment now depending in parliament.

462. [p. 412] 17 Apr. 1727

Read order from House of Commons dated 15 April about new districts in Stepney, and Secretary presented several orders of the Board about them.

463. [p. 413] 28 Apr. 1727

Secretary to advance £5 to Hall, watchman, on his bill for carrying rubbish out of church.

464. [p. 314 (sic)] 5 May 1727

1. Hawksmoor submitted plan of site of church and parsonage house at Bloomsbury. The kitchen and cellars being dark and small, ordered that a small shed be built for a wash-house in Little Russell Street at further end of churchyard, next the ale house, for not more than £30.

2. Portico and entablement at Spitalfields church to be made of wood and brick.

3. Surveyors to prepare a model and estimate of a church and parsonage house not to exceed £10,000 together with enclosing the ground.

465. [p. 415] 9 June 1727

1. Surveyors submitted their respective models for a new church. Ordered that they jointly prepare by next meeting a model of a church tower that may be built as cheap as possible.

2. Read letter of Cleave, the smith. Surveyors to report by next meeting, and Cleave to have a copy.

3. Treasurer to prepare memorial to Treasury for opening a loan of £25,000 for Board's use.

4. Treasurer's account of money issued from Exchequer since Lady Day 1719 to be inserted in book of muniments.

466. [p. 416] 19 June 1727

1. Deans of the Arches and Chichester presented account of £1,500 formerly paid to trustees of St George's chapel, there remaining due upon the balance £693. 14s. 10d. Approved.

2. Agreed by Commissioners and trustees that the balance be deposited with Hoare and Partners for purchasing pews for such parishioners as want them.

3. Resolved that the balance be put into hands of Hoare to be applied conformable to resolutions of 16 March, and that the deans be enabled to draw sums desired by trustees for purchasing pews.

4. Copy of last two minutes to be delivered to Hoare and Partners.

5. Signed memorial to Treasury for loan of £25,000.

6. Hawksmoor and James presented memorial in answer to Cleave's complaints; delivered to Cleave to consider and return to next meeting.

467. [p. 418] 23 June 1727

1. Read petition from minister and wardens of Stratford Bow. Dr Warren and others were called in. Petition to be considered at a fuller meeting.

2. Stonehouse's bill for soliciting the endowment bill referred to Solicitor to examine and settle.

Crochly's petition to be considered at a fuller meeting; Hawksmoor to report.

4. Surveyors to take new survey of Mrs Fewtrell's ground in St Giles Cripplegate.

5. A plan for a new church to be erected in parish of St Olave Southwark was laid before Board, and another plan of a church to be built in Old Street in parish of St Giles Cripplegate; both approved.

Surveyors ordered to direct workmen to begin digging foundations without loss of time.

468. [p. 419] 30 June 1727

1. The doors opening into churchyard of new church at Ratcliff Highway to be shut up unless reason to the contrary shown at next meeting. Wm Noble, Widow Cowley, John Stringer, Dr Harries and Russel to be informed.

2. Secretary to present at next meeting petition of Tufnell's executors about removing the stones from ground in St Olave's, Surveyors' report, and entry in book of works for £350 allowed to executors on the account.

3. Newsham to be paid till Lady Day last as watchman at Hanover Square church at 1s. 6d. per day, totalling £5. 6s. 6d., to be paid him by Secretary.

4. Same officers to be continued till first meeting after Christmas 1727.

5. Signed warrants for paying officers' salaries to Midsummer, and halfyear's rent.

6. Agent to inspect books and inform himself what houses and lands have been purchased by Commissioners, and by whom possessed.

7. Agent to demand of executors and administrators of Skeat and Prichard the moneys received by them for Commission's use and unaccounted for.

8. Agent to demand arrears of rent due from the several tenants.

469. [p. 421] 7 July 1727

1. Paper concerning £350 paid executors of Tufnell to be entered in minute book: for loss by stone laid down by building church in St Olave Southwark and not proceeded with, 570 tons at £1. 3s. 6d. delivered. Loss by present value of stone together with carriage and wharfage, 8s. 6d. per ton, making £242. 5s.; plus interest for 4 years, £134, making whole loss £376. 5s. If any stone remain on ground when the church shall be built, 8s. 6d. per ton to be deducted from mason's bills.

2. Solicitor, having examined Stonehouse's bill, to pay him £16. 7s.

3. All private doors to be shut up in churchyard wall of Wapping, except entrance at west and that on south towards the east.

4. Solicitor to examine Johnson's lease and report whether anything is to be altered when it is renewed, his term expiring next Christmas.

5. Vestry act of St George the Martyr today delivered to be referred to Deans of the Arches and Chichester.

6. Solicitor to consult counsel whether contract with late Capt Tufnell, his executors and administrators, without mention of his assigns, for stonework of church in St Olave, be obligatory on Board, as contract now assigned to son of deceased.

470. [p. 424] 24 July 1727

1. Read opinion of counsel about Tufnell's contract; consideration deferred.

2. Read petition of Durden, watchman; Treasurer to pay him £4 if so much due.

3. Agent delivered account of yearly rents of Board's tenants. To demand arrears now due, and rent due by Marshall. In future, to collect rents yearly at proper times and pay them to Treasurer. If any refuses to pay, Agent to inform Solicitor, that he may act.

4. Goff's proposals for smith's work at Old Street church approved; Solicitor to prepare contract.

5. Advertisement ordered for masons' proposals for Old Street church.

471. [p. 426] 4 Aug. 1727

1. Masons' proposals for Old Street church referred to Surveyors.

2. Read case of Tufnell, with Ward's opinion. Case again to be referred to Ward.

3. Treasurer submitted bills for passing accounts in Treasury and Exchequer, from 7 June 1722 to Christmas 1725, £83. 8s. 10d. Warrant to be prepared for next meeting.

4. Signed warrant for paying workmen from Lady Day 1725 to the end of December 1726, £18,166. 1s. 6d.

472. [p. 427] 25 Aug. 1727

1. Surveyors having examined masons' proposals for Old Street church, Thos Shepherd to be employed.

2. After full inquiry, allow Crochly £100 in consideration of damages from building of Bloomsbury church; warrant to be prepared.

3. Wexholm and Barr to be employed to make and furnish bricks for Old Street church.

4. Signed warrant for paying Treasurer £83. 8s. 10d.

473. [p. 429] 11 Sep. 1727

1. Solicitor to pay £31. 10s. for charges in enfranchising house purchased of Thos Heath for minister of Limehouse.

2. It appearing by Agent's report that Skeat died indebted to the Board £54. 14s. 6d., Agent to demand payment of Mrs Skeat.

2. Signed two warrants for paying Crochly £100 and Heath £500.

4. Read petition from churchwardens, etc., of Bethnal Green, praying that a church may be built on site purchased of White. Agent to give White notice to clear the ground by Lady Day next.

6. Solicitor to prepare contract with Jas Wilson and Benj. Prosser, bricklayers, for Old Street church.

7. Vestry room to be built at north-west angle of church ground in Bloomsbury over offices already directed for minister, it appearing the least expensive way.

8. Surveyors to report on damages at alms- and engine-houses at Spitalfields.

474. [p. 431] 22 Sep. 1727

1. Read petition from Thos Ross, victualler, of St Giles in the Fields, complaining his house likely to suffer damage by brewhouse intended to be built for minister. Surveyors to report.

2. Read memorial from Carteret, Postmaster-general, about passage from the Post Office to gallery in St Mary Woolnoth. Surveyors to report.

3. Copy of memorial and minute to be communicated to parish vestry.

4. John Bever to be employed as watchman, Old Street church.

475. [p. 432] 9 Oct. 1727

1. Read report from the churchwarden, etc., of Spitalfields, setting forth damage done by building of new church; told that Surveyors should be ordered to view and consider.

2. Surveyors to inspect accordingly and report to next meeting.

476. [p. 433] 27 Oct. 1727

1. Surveyors submitted report on damage to parish house and shed for engine in Spitalfields. Expense of rebuilding, about £90. Consideration referred to next meeting.

2. Several inhabitants of Bermondsey attended with petition for having a church built on site purchased. Told that Board was inclined to comply with their petition; Secretary to keep it with office papers.

3. Read petition from Wilson, now in prison, praying he may be permitted to go on with brickwork of Old Street church. Surveyors to learn what proposals he will offer about finding security for his performance.

477. [p. 434] 10 Nov. 1727

1. Act of vestry of St Mary Woolnoth concerning passage from Post Office to gallery to be delivered to Postmaster-general by Secretary.

2. De la Motte, an assignee of estate of Jas Wilson, bricklayer, a bankrupt, declared on behalf of creditors that he had no objection to Commissioners discharging Wilson from his contract and agreeing with another.

3. Hawksmoor and James having some time ago complained to Wilson of his not setting about bricklayer's work at Old Street church, and he promising to set about it and to bring good security to Board this day for performing the contract, or he would be content to waive it; and Wilson not having begun it, or brought any security, and being a bankrupt and prisoner in Ludgate for upwards of a year, Commissioners judge that he ought not to be employed at Old Street church.

4. Benj. Prosser and Wm Cooper, bricklayers, proposing to do the work on the terms in Wilson's contract, proposal is accepted; Solicitor to prepare contract.