Minutes of the Commissioners: 1714

Pages 28-39

The Commissions for Building Fifty New Churches: The Minute Books, 1711-27, A Calendar. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1986.

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68. [p. 135] 13 Jan. 1713/14

1. Resolved that Henry Smith, Esq., Treasurer to the Commission, receive £300 p.a. for salary and all expenses except fees at Exchequer and Treasury on issues, and on passing accounts with auditor of Imprest. Warrant to be made out.

2. Treasurer to lay account of his receipts and payments to Christmas last before first meeting in February.

3. Read a letter from Governors of the Charterhouse—Resolved:

4. That Surveyors make exact measurement desired, and report as soon as convenient.

5. Considered endowment of the fifty new churches—Resolved:

6. That a committee be appointed to consider further of method of endowing the churches, to meet every Monday at 4 p.m.; all Commissioners to be of the committee, three being a quorum.

69. [p. 137] 20 Jan. 1713/14

1. Resolved that the several Officers employed by this Commission (except Treasurer) be elected annually, and that his and their salaries be appointed every year the first meeting after Lady Day.

2. Resolved that the committee to consider method of endowment be dissolved and the subject be considered on Wednesday next by the Commissioners.

3. Secretary to inform Dickinson that the Commissioners expect his attendance on Wednesday next, with all plans and papers drawn by their orders during his Surveyorship.

4. Surveyors to certify what is due to John Graysbrook, plumber employed in covering Greenwich church, and a blank warrant to be drawn.

5. Surveyors to examine books of Lucas, bricklayer employed on Deptford new church and report thereon before Lucas proceeds further.

70. [p. 138] 27 Jan. 1713/14

1. £600 to be imprested to Graysbrook on account for Greenwich church.

2. One Surveyor to see Mr Lowndes about taking a plan of a site proposed in St James's parish, Westminster.

3. Gibbs delivered a plan of the Charterhouse's Pardon church yard, in St James's parish, Clerkenwell.

[4.] Skeat delivered a proposal for a site in St Saviour's parish, Southwark, which is to be made complete.

71. [p. 139] 3 Feb. 1713/14

1. Nelson and Jennings to review proposals for a site in St Giles in the Fields parish, and report.

2. Rogers and Neale, brickmakers, and Hues, bricklayer, to be given notice to attend next Tuesday.

3. Method of endowing new churches to be considered on 17 February.

72. [p. 140] 9 Feb. 1713/14

1. Skeat to inquire about a house in Leicester Street belonging to Mr Vanhalse.

2. Rogers, brickmaker, to make 100,000 of bricks at 16s. per thousand, no Spanish to be used; and to attend on Wednesday week.

73. [p. 141] 17 Feb. 1713/14

1. Skeat reported on house in Leicester Street.

2. Read representation from several inhabitants of Spitalfields, for a church to be built in the hamlet.

3. Resolved to proceed forthwith to build a church on the ground purchased there; Hawksmoor to make a plan, with an estimate.

4. Beckley reported that Lord Hatton desired to know what district would be made for new church to be built in Hatton Garden before making any proposal, as he fears that poor rate will be increased.

5. Bulstrode to be desired to wait on Lord Hatton and inform him that division of the parish will not affect the poor rate.

6. Dickinson delivered up all maps and plans (except two specified in a schedule) made as Surveyor.

7. Gibbs delivered a measurement of ground belonging to the Governors of the Charterhouse.

8. Gibbs to make a plan specifying how much of the ground will be sufficient for a church and minister's house for St James's parish, Clerkenwell.

9. Warrant for Greenwich church watchman.

10. Skeat to collect rent of house bought in Spitalfields.

11. Consideration of method of endowing new churches adjourned to next week.

74. [p. 143] 24 Feb. 1713/14

1. Bulstrode reported having seen Lord Hatton.

2. Sir R. Hoare and Bulstrode to view Pardon church yard and ascertain how much it would be necessary to purchase.

3. Gibbs to make a plan of Lady Russell's garden in Bloomsbury, and ground plat of a church to be built there.

4. Read Mr Johnson's proposal for a site for church, etc. for Wapping hamlet, Stepney.

5. Hawksmoor to report whether it will admit of a good foundation.

6. Two cases for maps and draughts to be made for Surveyors, the Secretary to have a key to each.

7. Warrant for Mucklebray, watchman at Greenwich, ordered.

8. Hawksmoor to report who is employed to look after materials at Westminster, and what pay he expects.

75. [p. 144a] 3 Mar. 1713/14

1. Skeat to return Sir Wm Wyndham's proposal for a site in St James's Westminster.

2. Signed Mucklebray's warrant.

3. Mucklebray to be discharged from attending the works at Greenwich. The workmen employed on building churches to take care of the works and tools themselves in future.

4. Gibbs delivered a plan of Lady Russell's ground in Bloomsbury, with ground platt of a church to be built there.

5. Messrs Nelson, Jennings and Hoskins to be desired to wait on Lady Russell to know her lowest demand for said site.

6. Bricklayers employed to build new churches of Deptford and Westminster to attend the next meeting.

76. [p. 145] 17 Mar. 1713/14

1. Jennings and Nelson reported that Lady Russell is willing to take £1,000 for her ground in Bloomsbury, but hopes Mr Burscough (who will lose benefit of a chapel in Russell Street) may be first minister.

2-4. Agreed to Lady Russell's demands; Nelson and Jennings to inform her so.

5. Resolved to meet, during this session of Parliament, at 9 a.m.

6. Beckley to prepare conveyance of Watts's site in Upper Wapping, Webb having approved title. Beckley to deposit with Secretary now and in future all approbations of title by counsel of purchases by the Commission.

7. Beckley to ensure that all purchases in County of Middlesex be registered, according to the act.

8. Surveyors to measure masons' and bricklayers' works of new churches of Greenwich, Deptford and Westminster by next meeting, in order to pay workmen.

9. Brickmakers and bricklayers to attend next meeting in order to enter into articles with penalties, one to furnish, the other to lay, only bricks fit for the Commissioners' use.

77. [p. 147] 31 Mar. 1714

Adjourned to 5 April, only five Commissioners being present.

78. [p. 148] 5 Apr. 1714

1. Agreed with Mr S. Brewster to have use of their rooms as in his brother Samuel Brewster's time, for £40 p.a.

2. Agreed with bricklayers of new churches of Deptford and Westminster that the Commissioners should supply their bricks, paying £2. 2s. for lime, sand and workmanship per rod of brickwork, reckoning 4,500 bricks to the rod. If, upon measuring, a less quantity shall be found to have been used, a proportionable allowance to be made to the bricklayers of 14s. per thousand.

3. Price of bricks discussed with brickmakers; some progress being made, adjourned to next meeting.

79. [p. 150] 9 Apr. 1714

1. Resolved to meet, during this session of Parliament, at Mr Smith's, the Treasurer's, in Old Palace Yard.

2. Mr Talman to be desired to send from Italy one statue of the Queen in metal, with its price; to be furnished with a medal of the Queen and a print for that purpose.

3. Sherlock to be desired to draw up memorial to the Queen, representing Lady Russell's request about Mr Burscough.

4,5. Hawksmoor presented a design for new church for Spitalfields, to be considered at next meeting.

6. Bricklayers employed on the new churches of Deptford and Westminster to pick out the best bricks already laid in, carry off the bad ones, and resume work.

7. Notice to be given to the brickmakers treated with, each to bring 100,000 bricks picked as proposed to Deptford and Westminster, as directed by Surveyors.

8. The whole work now set at Deptford and Westminster to be measured and computed, for next meeting.

9. Skeat delivered proposal for a site belonging to Sir Thos Davall in St Botolph Aldgate.

10. Cox delivered a proposal for a site in Bermondsey.

11. Surveyors to measure the two sites.

80. [p. 162] 15 Apr. 1714, at Henry Smith's House, Old Palace Yard

1,2. Nelson delivered a memorial from Sherlock to be laid before the Queen relating to Burscough, to be presented by Archbishop of York and Bishop of London.

3. Sir Jas Bateman presented petition from Vestry of St Botolph Bishopsgate; referred to next meeting.

4. Resolved to consider designs for a church to be erected at the Maypole in the Strand at next meeting.

5. Four pillars to be added for a portico at west end of Deptford new church, according to Archer's design.

6. Resolved to consider design for church to be erected at Spitalfields at next meeting.

7. Sir T. Davall's site to be considered at next meeting.

8. The bricklayers to wait upon Archer, to settle prices for lime, sand and workmanship per rod of brickwork at Deptford and Westminster new churches, and also for work done with the bricks already laid in.

81. [p. 154] 22 Apr. 1714

1. Hawksmoor's design for Spitalfields new church, estimated at £9,129. 16s., approved.

2. Agreed to a proposal from Hues and Tufnell, bricklayers employed on Westminster new church; Lucas, bricklayer at Deptford, agreed to the same.

3. Surveyors to draw schedule of bricklayer's work, pursuant to the proposal, to fix the agreement.

4. Method of endowing the new churches to be considered at next meeting, and notice to be given in summons.

5. Gibbs delivered plan of Cox's ground in Bermondsey; Gibbs to examine foundation and report.

6. Advertisement to be put in Gazette for proposals for painter's work for East Greenwich church.

7. Surveyors to deliver specification for vaulting Greenwich church, with prices of work.

8. Surveyors to buy two sets of weights and scales, to weigh lead, iron, etc.

9. Secretary to invite Michell to attend this day fortnight about his proposal to supply stone.

10. All churches built by the Commission to be vaulted under the pavements.

11. The old houses purchased at Deptford to be valued by Hawksmoor, and materials to be sold.

12. Surveyors to give in a separate account of work done in each church; a distinct measurement of each kind of work, prices of materials, and total of each particular work, in separate columns.

82. [p. 156] 29 Apr. 1714

1. Reported that the Queen gave a favourable answer concerning Burscough.

2. An address to be presented to the Queen, praying her to recommend to Parliament to find out some method for endowment of the new churches, to be applied to each when ready for use. Dean of Ely and Master of the Temple to draw up such address.

3. Warrant for Beckley's bill.

4. Mr Archer and Mr Wren, with Hawksmoor, to view Johnson's ground in Wapping.

5. Instead of statues to be put in the fifty new churches, a steeple in form of a pillar to be built at west end of the church near the Maypole in the Strand, with the Queen's statue on top, with bases for inscriptions to perpetuate the memory of the building of the fifty new churches.

6. Surveyors to submit designs of such a steeple.

7. The church to be built near the Maypole to Archer's design.

8. Surveyors to lay before next meeting such matters as they were this day directed.

83. [p. 158] 6 May 1714

1. Robt Wetherell and Chrysostom Wilkins, plasterers, delivered proposals for work at East Greenwich new church.

2. Surveyors to prepare a specification for the plasterers to make their proposals at next meeting, and to inquire into their characters.

3. The business this day appointed to be laid before the Commissioners to be adjourned to next week.

4. Afterwards, before the above minutes were signed or the Commissioners all retired, Dean of Ely coming with an address to the Queen, Board reassumed to consider the address, that it might be presented this week, to have the effect of this session of Parliament. Address agreed to, with some amendments, and Archbishop of York and Bishop of London desired to present it to Her Majesty.

84. [p. 160] 13 May 1714

1. Read a representation of Company of Tylers and Bricklayers.

2. Hawksmoor delivered specification for vaulting Greenwich church.

3. Hawksmoor to make an exact plan of site proposed by Lady Davall.

4. Secretary to make out warrant for £400 payable to John West for his ground at Limehouse.

5. A similar warrant for £400 payable to Bridge Watts for his ground in Upper Wapping.

6. King, Nelson and Hoare to be desired to visit sites proposed by Hayes and Dacres in St Giles in the Fields, attended by Hawksmoor.

7. Bishop of London to treat with Charterhouse about Pardon church yard.

8. To inquire whether houses could be bought to make an approach to Cox's ground in Bermondsey.

9. Secretary to make schedule of sites purchased.

10. Price of ironwork at Westminster new church to be considered at next meeting.

11. Secretary to prepare warrants for paying tradesmen.

12. Proposals for plasterer's work to be considered at next meeting.

13. Business concerning St Alphage and St Giles Cripplegate to be considered in three weeks time.

85. [p. 163] 27 May 1714

1. Read memorial from the Lord Treasurer concerning Aylesbury chapel in St James Clerkenwell parish.

2. King, Mr Wren and Jennings to view it, attended by Hawksmoor, see Dr Kerr, and report.

3. Hawksmoor reported that the following sums were due to tradesmen: Lucas, £723. 19s. 7d.; Hues and Tufnell £1,007. 16s.; £500 and £800 to be imprested to them respectively.

4,6,8. Warrants for masons, etc.

5. Reported that the queen had promised to consider address concerning an endowment for the new churches.

7. Plasterers' proposals referred to Vanbrugh, to report as soon as convenient.

86. [p. 165] 3 June 1714

1. Warrants.

2,3. Letting of house and grazing at St George Ormond Street cemetery.

4. Consideration of adding part of parish of St Giles Cripplegate to St Alphage parish to be resumed Thursday next; parties to be informed.

5. Beckley to take Annesley's directions about drawing conveyance for site near the Maypole in the Strand.

6. Notice to be given in Gazette for proposals for bricklayer's and mason's work for new church near the Maypole; such tradesmen to obtain from the Secretary particulars to be prepared by the Surveyors.

7. Archer to direct fencing of church to be built near the Maypole, and digging its foundations; and fencing of Westminster new church; and to make agreement with persons to perform same.

8. Resolved to give Mr Gostwick Cox £900 for his ground in Bermondsey, provided he make a foot passage through the Hatchet Ground; Cox to have old materials of houses purchased of him, except bricks, and to receive the rents until Commissioners need the site.

87. [p. 167] 10 June 1714

1,2. Enlargement of St Alphage parish deferred until new churches built.

3. Hawksmoor reported that Johnson's ground, Wapping, would admit of a good foundation.

4,5. Read petitions from Upper Wapping and Limehouse for speedy erection of new churches on sites purchased; adjourned to next meeting.

6. Owners of sites to be asked for their title deeds.

7. Pardon church yard to be considered first at next meeting.

8. Hawksmoor to send Hurst a blank plasterer's proposal, for him to set his prices to the articles for next meeting.

9. Archer to lay plan and estimate for new church near the Maypole in the Strand before next meeting.

10. Notice to be given in Gazette for proposals for glazier's work for East Greenwich new church to be submitted next Thursday.

11. Masons' and bricklayers' proposals for new church near the Maypole to be considered at next meeting.

88. [p. 169] 17 June 1714

1. Surveyors to prepare draughts for two churches to be erected on sites purchased of Watts in Upper Wapping and West in Limehouse for next week.

2. Ground purchased of Mr Humphreys, Mrs Heath and others in Spitalfields to be enclosed with a brick wall, and foundations dug, under direction of Hawksmoor, who is to prepare a model of a minister's house for new parish.

3. Hawksmoor to direct enclosing with a brick wall the road leading from the Common Road to cemetery for new parish of St George the Martyr.

4. King, assisted by Gibbs, to treat with tenants of houses standing on Pardon church yard, and receive their lowest demands; 23 years' purchase to be offered to Governors of the Charterhouse for £19. 10s. p.a. ground rent for said houses, provided Commissioners can agree with the tenants.

5. Archer reported Johnson's ground, Wapping Stepney, would admit of a good foundation.

6. Title deeds required from Hastings and Johnson.

89. [p. 171] 24 June 1714

1. Bishop of Winchester, Dean of Canterbury, Halley, Mr Wren and Surveyors to review site proposed by Capt Cox in Bermondsey.

2. Wm Ransome delivered pattern of glasswork and proposal for glazier's work in East Greenwich new church.

3. Ransome to make a new pattern of common Newcastle glass to satisfaction of Surveyors; and then Commissioners will agree to give him 7d. per foot, and 6d. for pinning in each casement.

4. Surveyors to consider how waterpipes underlying foundation of intended new church near the Maypole may be removed without damage to City water works.

5. Hy Hester and Fra. Withers to be employed to do bricklayer's work of new church near the Maypole, at the prices in their proposal delivered this day; bricks to be as good, in Surveyor's judgment, as any now used in Westminster new church.

6. Hues and Townsend to be employed to do mason's work of said church, according to their proposal delivered this day.

7. Notice to be given in Gazette for proposals from masons and bricklayers for Spitalfields new church, to be received next week.

90. [p. 173] 1 July 1714

1. Surveyors to estimate for turning City waterpipes round church to be erected in the Strand, and also for an arch over them.

2. Hawksmoor submitted draughts for two churches to be erected on sites purchased of Watts in Upper Wapping and West in Limehouse, which were left on the table for Commissioners' consideration.

3. Jas Ellis and Jas Hands to be employed to do plasterer's work in East Greenwich new church, at prices proposed by them this day.

4. Bishop of Hereford, Lord Bingley, Sir C. Wren, Archer, Vanbrugh, Arbuthnot, Halley and Mr Wren to consider of a model of a pillar to be erected in the Strand.

5. Consideration of Cox's site at Bermondsey adjourned to next meeting.

6. £30 to be paid Mr Lev for obtaining perfect title to site proposed by Sclater in Bethnal Green.

91. [p. 175] 8 July 1714

1. Bishop of Hereford and Arbuthnot to wait upon Queen with plan of ground near the Maypole in the Strand and design of a pillar to be erected there.

2. Surveyors to prepare specification for masons' proposals for the pillar.

3. Thos Slemaker and Ric. Goodchild to be employed to do bricklayer's work for Spitalfields new church, according to their proposal delivered this day.

4. Mr Sadler, Lord Salisbury's steward, delivered a proposal for a site for a church, etc. in Bermondsey, at £500.

5. King and Halley and Surveyors to view site.

6. Consideration of enclosing more ground near the Maypole for workmen to lay in their materials adjourned to next week.

7. Adjournment for six weeks to be considered at next meeting.

8. Hawksmoor to take care that after foundation of Spitalfields new church is laid, a drain be made to carry off water into main sewer.

9. Resolved that there be two tiers of galleries in new church in Spitalfields.

92. [p. 177] 15 July 1714

1. Bishop of Hereford, Lord Bingley, Sir C. Wren, Vanbrugh, Arbuthnot, Halley, Mr Wren and Archer to confer together about design for church to be erected near the Maypole.

2. Bishop of Hereford reported that he and Arbuthnot had waited upon the Queen, who thought pillar intended to be erected in the Strand ought to be 50 ft from the church and not directly against Somerset House Gate.

3. Above-mentioned committee to direct laying of the pillar's foundation; Tufnell and Strong, masons, to attend them with proposals.

4. Halley and King reported on Lord Salisbury's Bermondsey site.

5. Surveyors to measure Jeffery's Minories site.

6. Archer to speak to Sir C. Wren to know whether the Commissioners can be accommodated with the Office Room in Whitehall, or any other room.

93. [p. 179] 21 July 1714

1. Before any site for a church is agreed to, Surveyors to bring a plan, and a perpendicular section, with a scale, and the nature of the sorts of earth down to lowest part of the foundation.

2. Hawksmoor to provide an auger for boring.

3. Hawksmoor to submit at next meeting a plan of the ground in Spitalfields, with a perpendicular section and scale, and report nature of the soils.

4. The gravel excavated from the foundation of new church in the Strand, except what Bishop of London requires at Somerset House, to be carted to new church in Westminster.

5. Jennings, Archer and Alderman Child to be desired to treat with proprietors and inhabitants of Great Square, Lincoln's Inn, to obtain their consent to building a new church there.

6. Foundation of new church in the Strand to be brought level with ground as soon as convenient.

7. Strong and Tufnell, masons, to be employed to lay foundation of the pillar to be erected in the Strand.

8. Surveyors to employ Skeat for what cramps they want, till further order.

9. Hawksmoor to inquire for stones for steps for inside new church at East Greenwich.

94. [p. 181] 29 July 1714, at Lincoln's Inn

1,2. Read a letter from Talman, that he is providing a statue to cost £340, which he wishes remitted to Leghorn; payment ordered.

3. Surveyors to view site proposed by Hay and Hunter in Russell court, Drury Lane, St Martin in the Fields.

4. Warrants ordered.

5. Watts' ground, Upper Wapping, and West's, Limehouse, to be enclosed.

6. Hawksmoor to go forthwith to give directions for laying foundation of new church in the Strand.

7. £250 to be allowed for planking foundation for Spitalfields new church.

8. The masons employed to build new church in the Strand to prepare their stones ready for setting before they bring them on site.

9. Thos Dunn to be employed to do mason's work of Spitalfields new church at prices delivered by him this day.

10. New churches for Upper Wapping and Limehouse to be built to designs this day delivered by Hawksmoor; Slemaker and Goodchild, bricklayers, to be employed to lay foundations of the churches at prices they agreed to for brickwork of new church in Spitalfields.

11. Warrants for paying £400 to Jas Grove, carpenter, Deptford; £900 to Hues and Tufnell, bricklayers, Westminster; and £130 to Geo. Norris, digging foundations, Westminster.

95. [p. 184] 5 Aug. 1714

1. Surveyors reported on site proposed in Russell Court, Drury Lane, which was rejected as impracticable.

2. The bricks and stones now lying on south side of ground enclosed in the Strand to be removed to the west, and nothing to lie there to incommode passage; all rubbish to be cleared as soon as possible.

3. No more stone to be laid in for foundation of the pillar intended to be erected in the Strand until further notice.

96. [p. 185] 12 Aug. 1714

Read memorial by Townsend the mason; resolved that he have leave to lodge and work his stone within the enclosure in the Strand, and as far westward of enclosure as convenient for his purpose, with as little inconvenience as possible to inhabitants. Adjourned to 26 August.

97. [p. 186] 30 Sep. 1714

1. Secretary to write to members of the committee appointed on 15 July last to confer on design for new church in the Strand, to report as soon as convenient.

2. Notice to be given in Gazette for masons' proposals for the two new churches in Limehouse and Upper Wapping to be delivered this day fortnight.

3,4. Surveyors to view sites proposed, belonging to Widow Terry in St Saviour Southwark and Thos Halls, Grays Inn Lane, St Andrew Holborn.

5,6. Surveyors to report what inside finishing necessary for East Greenwich church, and to submit designs for, with estimate for each item except pewing. Plasterer to perform ornamental work according to proposal made by Surveyor this day.

7. Works of new churches now carrying on to be covered, to preserve them from the weather.

98. [p. 188] 14 Oct. 1714

1. Read memorial from several inhabitants of the Strand, complaining of the water courses being stopped; Surveyors to seek to rectify the inconvenience.

2,3. Proposal from Strong and Tufnell for mason's work at Limehouse and Upper Wapping churches referred to Hawksmoor to compare with their former prices.

4. Warrants to pay £400 to Hester and Wither, bricklayers, Strand church.

5. Surveyors to measure brickwork in foundations, Limehouse and Wapping new churches.

99. [p. 190] 28 October 1714

1. Read representation from Hawksmoor and Gibbs concerning canals in the Strand.

2. Crosse and Bertie to be desired to view the canals and give directions for remedying inconveniences.

3. Committee to confer on designs for Strand church to meet on Tuesday next at Smith's, the Treasurer's, at 11 a.m., and report to next meeting.

4. Legal complication about payment of £200 to Mrs Walker.

5. Strong and Tufnell to be employed as masons for Limehouse and Wapping new churches at same rates as for Westminster.

6. Surveyors to report what is due to Strong and Tufnell for masonry work at churches they are engaged in.

100. [p. 191a] 4 Nov. 1714

1,2. Memorial to Treasury for £2,000 to be imprested.

Warrants for paying Slemaker and Goodchild, bricklayers: £800 for Spitalfields, £650 for Wapping, £550 for Limehouse.

3. Read memorial from Lucas, bricklayer, Deptford church, for £700 to be imprested to him.

4. Surveyors to measure all brickwork there and report what is due to Lucas.

5,6. On consideration of report of committee meeting on 2 November (536) on design of new church in the Strand, resolved that it be built to Gibbs's design.

7. Treasurer to lay account before next meeting of sums in his hands and in the Exchequer.

8. Beckley and Surveyors to state what demands are likely to be made shortly, either for sites or work.

101. [p. 193] 10 Nov. 1714

1. Warrants for paying Slemaker and Goodchild not to be signed until they have signed their agreements for Limehouse and Upper Wapping churches.

2. Signed memorial to the Lords of the Treasury for a further £10,000 to be taken into the Exchequer upon the loan on coals.

102. [p. 194] 17 Nov. 1714

1. Surveyors to view ground proposed by Ironmongers Company.

2. Warrants submitted for Sleemakers and Goodchild, who had signed their contracts.

103. [p. 195] 24 Nov. 1714

1. Read report from Gibbs on Ironmongers' Company ground in St Giles Cripplegate parish.

2. Signed memorial desiring Lords of the Treasury to imprest £14,000 to Hy Smith, Esq., Treasurer to this Commission.

104. [p. 196] 1 Dec. 1714

Surveyors to view and make plan of Three Cups Inn, Holborn.

105. [p. 197] 8 Dec. 1714

1. Gibbs reported on Three Cups Inn.

2. Beckley and Hawksmoor reported what sums were likely to be demanded of the Commissioners.

3. Warrants to be made out for: Tufnell and Strong, £1,000 for Greenwich, £2,000 for Deptford, £2,000 for Westminster; Hues and Billinghurst, £500 for Greenwich; Tufnell and Hues, £400 for wall inclosing St George's cemetery; Lucas, £800 for Deptford; Grove £400 for Spitalfields, £50 for St George's cemetery, £50 for Wapping; Benj. Coker, £70 for digging foundation, Limehouse; Geo. Norris, £100 for digging foundation for Strand and £100 for Spitalfields; John Clark, £40 for digging foundation, Wapping; Geo. Vaughan, £70 for making road to St George's cemetery; Robt Record Hastings, £1,000 for ground and six houses in St Paul's Shadwell.

106. [p. 199] 15 Dec. 1714

1. Warrants signed.

2. Surveyors to report on memorial of James and Jeffs, carpenters, East Greenwich church.