Minutes of the Commissioners: 1718 (Lambeth MS 2691)

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The Commissions for Building Fifty New Churches: The Minute Books, 1711-27, A Calendar. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1986.

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194. [p. 373] 9 Jan. 1717/18

1. Edwards reported that Bishop of Ely approved draught of Hatton Garden bill.

2. Bishop of Norwich had given Duke of Montagu a copy of the bill: he had said he would consider it.

3. Pursuant to a resolution of the last meeting, the Commissioners elected their officers for year ensuing: Secretary: Jenkin Thomas Philipps.

4. Taking into consideration the behaviour of Philipps to the Board at last meeting, resolved that he should acknowledge his fault before the Commissioners then present, and ask pardon of Dr Cannon next time he appears. Philipps asked pardon of the Board accordingly. He was then admonished to take care that his entries in the book be made in the very words signed in the minutes.

5. Re-elected Hawksmoor and James as Surveyors; Edwards as Solicitor; Skeat as Agent; and Waters as Messenger for the year ensuing.

6. The Board will elect their officers at the first meeting in January every year; notice to be given in the summons.

Board will consider salaries at next meeting.

7. Solicitor to report at next meeting names of Treasurer's securities, and whether they be yet living.

195. [p. 375] 23 Jan. 1717/18

1. Same salaries as formerly to be continued. In future, salaries to be taken into consideration before election of officers.

2. Read proposal for making good hard bricks from Mr Scot, brickmaker.

3. Notice to be given in Gazette for receiving bricklayers' and brickmakers' proposals for Old Street church this day fortnight.

4. Surveyors to consider what use an Under-Surveyor may be in inspecting the works, and to report on best means of providing the best bricks.

5. Secretary to prepare warrants for salaries to last Christmas.

6. Provision for ministers of the new churches to be considered at next meeting.

7. The great expense in building the new churches to be considered at next meeting.

8. Joiners to be limited to a certain time for finishing their work, under penalty.

9. Secretary to look out papers on proposal for a site in St James's parish, Westminster.

10. Warrant for paying £140 to Abraham Kemp for site for a minister's house at Bow.

11. If act passed for vesting in the Commissioners ground in Hatton Garden belonging to See of Ely, Commissioners will pay Sam. Whitton £850 for his 6 houses, entry in Gt. and Little Kirby Street, and Thos Abridge [Alridge] £440 for his house adjoining the chapel if a good title made out.

196. [p. 378] 6 Feb. 1717/18

1. Warrants signed for paying salaries, and £140 for site of minister's house at Bow.

2. Leave having been given to bring a bill into the House of Commons to enable the parish church of St Giles in the Fields to be rebuilt instead of one of the fifty new churches, and the Commissioners being unanimously of opinion that this is against the intention of the acts for building fifty new churches, desire Bishop of Bristol and John Ellis, Esq., to seek Speaker's support. Secretary to desire assistance of all Commissioners who are MPs.

3. Notice to be given in Gazette for painters' proposals for ironwork in Millbank and Strand churches.

4. Brickmakers' and bricklayers' proposals opened and referred to Surveyors for report.

5. Hawksmoor to inform Archer of Board's opinion that the towers of the church near Millbank be carried no higher till further consideration.

197. [p. 380] 13 Feb. 1717/18

1. Bishop of Bristol and Mr Ellis reported that Speaker promised to do what service he can, advising that a petition should be presented to the House; a petition drawn up accordingly, read and signed.

2. Painters' proposals for Millbank and Strand churches referred to next meeting.

3,4. Surveyors reported on brickmakers' proposals; referred to next meeting. Wilson, as most reasonable of the bricklayers' proposals, appointed for Old Street church.

5. Secretary to make out warrant for half-year's rent to Christmas last.

6. Hawksmoor to view Mr Lowndes's site in St James Westminster parish.

198. [p. 382] 20 Feb. 1717/18

1. Read petition of Thos Carter, Esq., trustee for children of John Walker, Esq., deceased; £200 and interest to be paid.

2. Signed warrant, £37. 10s. for half-year's rent.

3. Pursuant to order of 9 December 1713, Surveyors shall in future make a monthly detailed report on all works in progress at first meeting in each month; Secretary to read the order at every such meeting.

4. Reynolds to paint iron work and Breedy the wood work of Millbank church.

5. John and Thos Waxham to make good, hard, well-burnt bricks for Old Street church.

199. [p. 384] 27 Feb. 1717/18

1. Notice to be given in Gazette for proposals for digging foundations of Old Street church by this day fortnight.

2. Reynolds the painter agreed to paint the iron work at Millbank church thus: first with red lead and white lead; second, a light second prime; third, a light lead colour; fourth, a dark lead colour.

3. Warrant ordered for paying Wm Lee £30 according to minute of 1 July 1714.

4. Committee reported in favour of allowing Secretary's bill for incidentals.

5. James's report on an Assistant Surveyor deferred to next meeting.

200. [p. 386] 6 Mar. 1717/18

1. Signed warrant for paying £30 to Wm Lee.

2. James's particular report on the progress of works referred to next meeting.

3. Warrant ordered for paying £600 for a site to Governors of Free School of St Olave Southwark, in pursuance of Chancery order.

4. Warrant for paying £900 to Ironmongers' Company for site [Old Street].

5. Secretary to copy out minutes and get ready other papers relating to Poplar chapel for consideration at next meeting.

6. Referred to Surveyors petition of Thos Hollins, apothecary, Drury Lane.

201. [p. 388] 13 Mar. 1717/18

1. Warrants signed for paying £900 to Ironmongers' Company, £600 to governors of Free School, St Olave, Southwark.

2. James reported that Hollins's house had suffered inconvenience by the turning of a watercourse belonging to Strand new church.

3. Mist's the most reasonable proposals for diggers at Old Street church.

4. Edwards to inform himself of fit persons for officers and vestrymen of new parish of Stratford Bow; Sir H. Masters and Peck to assist him in forming a list to lay before the Board.

5. Secretary to ascertain from Archer how the pavings within and without Deptford church are to be finished.

6. Osmond to attend next meeting.

7. James to consider whether Poplar chapel is fit to be a parochial church; Edwards and Dr Landon to attend East India Company committee about it.

202. [p. 390] 20 Mar. 1717/18

1. Hollins told that inconvenience to his house would be removed as soon as possible; any damage would be taken into consideration.

2. Form of contract with workmen for Old Street church to be considered at next meeting.

3. Sir H. Masters promised a list of fit officers for Stratford Bow at the next meeting.

4. Secretary reported that Archer promised to prepare several designs for paving at Deptford church.

5. Osmond attending, and complaints being made that parts of his lead in covering of Limehouse church were faulty, he offered that what was faulty should be changed for good, and that he would give security on the Board's terms to mend all defects for 20 years.

6. James reported that Poplar chapel required repairs to roof, stone windows, paving, pewing and galleries, 'besides that it has no tower at the West End which perhaps will be thought necessary if it be made parochial'.

7. Surveyors to submit plan and estimate for church on Free School site, Southwark, at next meeting.

8. John Skeat and partner to make iron fence, 3 ft 6 in high, for Strand church, at 3½d. a lb, besides the extraordinary allowance of iron above £18 per ton.

9,10. Approved answer (being approved by Mr Talbot, counsel) to bill in Chancery of Betty Clark Walker and her sisters; Solicitor to put in the said answer.


203. [p. 1] 3 Apr. 1718

1. Secretary to attend Archer about paving at Deptford (minute 5, 13 March 1718).

2. Dr Landon petitioned about converting chapel at Poplar into a parish church. Consideration deferred.

3. Surveyors to submit plan and estimate for church to be built in St Olave Southwark.

4. Surveyors to attend Sir H. Masters and Peck in viewing site purchased of Hastings in St Paul Shadwell, that purchased of Johnson in Lower Wapping, and the new church in Wapping, and report to next meeting what should be done.

5. Read Act for finishing the tower of St Michael Cornhill. Resolved to finish it in the most expeditious manner. Advertisement ordered for workmen to submit proposals.

6. James delivered monthly progress report; consideration referred to next meeting.

7,8. Agreed, subject to consent of Bishop of London, to list submitted at last meeting by the Solicitor, assisted by Sir H. Masters and Peck, of officers and vestrymen for the new parish of Stratford Bow, viz., churchwardens: Abraham Wilmer, William Fletcher; surveyors of highways: William Van Luth, Richard Remnant; overseers of the poor: William Blackmor, William Ellis; vestry: Rev. Dr Henry Lamb and the minister for the time being, Robt Hardesty, John Round, Metford, Ambrose Page, Thos Wilson, Esquires; Abraham Wilmer, gent. Messrs Daniel Selman, Jonathan Sandford (grocer), Hy Tilbury (baker), Nich. Greenslate, Thos Kynneston (silk dyer), and the church wardens for the time being.

9. Workmen who have not yet sealed their contracts to do so within a fortnight; and none hereafter to begin any work until he shall have sealed his contract.

204. [p. 5] 17 Apr. 1718

1. Minute 4, 3 Apr. 1718, relating to Johnson's site in Lower Wapping etc. be adjourned to next meeting.

2. Resolved that no model of any parsonage house be received where estimate exceeds £1,000. The estimate of the proposed house at Deptford greatly exceeding that sum, Archer be desired to make another. If he do not submit such a model in a fortnight, Hawksmoor and James to prepare one.

3. Advertisement ordered for joiners, painters and plasterers to submit proposals for Limehouse and Wapping churches by the next meeting.

4. Bricklayers and plumbers at St George's chapel to put roof and gutters in good repair.

5. Solicitor to prepare contract with Grove for carpenter's work, Spitalfields, according to his proposal.

6. Strong delivered proposal for mason's work, St Michael Cornhill; referred to Surveyors to report to next meeting.

7. Bishop of London's letter to be considered at next meeting.

8. Minister of Stratford Bow to have pew assigned for him and his family.

9. Secretary to prepare memorial to Treasury for Exchequer to take in £25,000 on the credit of the loan upon coals.

10. Skeat to inquire into value of land belonging to Michell, Wood and Le Keux, in order to buy it to add to Spitalfields cemetery.

11. Leacroft memorialised Commissioners to certify his having paid John Graysbrook, decd, £21. 1s. 7d.; supported by three affidavits. Resolved to sign same at next meeting.

205. [p. 8] 24 Apr. 1718

1. Read, letter from Archer about Deptford parsonage house. Surveyors to prepare another draught and estimate for next meeting.

2. Referred to Surveyors to report to next meeting, proposals from joiners, painters and plasterers.

3. Solicitor to prepare contract for mason's work at tower of St Michael Cornhill according to Strong's proposal.

4. Secretary submitted memorial to Treasury (minute 9, 17 Apr. 1718); signed by Commissioners.

5. Skeat reported that proprietors of ground proposed to be added to Spitalfields cemetery desired a fortnight to make their answer.

6. Signed, a certificate delivered by Leacroft (minute 11, 17 Apr. 1718).

7. Dr Bolter and others from St Olave Southwark were admitted to see plan of new church, and desired that foundation might be laid with all possible speed.

8. The work to be put in hand according to the plan brought in by the Surveyors; advertisement ordered for diggers, bricklayers and masons to submit proposals by next meeting.

9. Rector and parishioners of St Michael Cornhill admitted to see design for tower; they were satisfied with it. Work to be put in hand with all possible expedition.

10. Blank warrant to be prepared by next meeting for impresting money to Secretary for incidental expenses.

11. Surveyors' report on Greenwich church to be considered at next meeting.

12. Petition from Mr Kemp relating to list of vestrymen for Stratford Bow to be considered at next meeting, and Masters and Peck to have copies.

206. [p. 11] 1 May 1718

1. Surveyors submitted draught for Deptford parsonage house (minute

1, 24 Apr. 1718); consideration deferred; the plan to lie on the table for Commissioners' perusal.

2. Solicitor to dispatch form of contract with Strong for mason's work at St Michael Cornhill as soon as possible.

3. Treasurer reported progress relating to memorial to Treasury; able to give fuller account at next meeting.

4. Referred to Surveyors to report at next meeting, proposals from diggers, bricklayers and masons for new church in St Olave's Southwark.

5. Signed, warrant for impresting £50 to Secretary (minute 10, 24 Apr. 1718).

6. Read petition against some persons appointed to vestry of Stratford Bow. The minister and other inhabitants satisfied Commissioners that alleged facts were untrue, and Mr Van Luth, one of the signatories, being unable to substantiate the allegations, the list of vestrymen already appointed, consented to by Bishop of London, was confirmed. Masters and Peck thanked.

7. Site purchased for minister's house for Stratford Bow to be walled in, and Surveyors to prepare plan and estimate for house.

[8.] Surveyors reported on Greenwich church. Surveyors to wall in new burying ground at not more than £200; and to build wall at west end of church with piers and gates to separate old burying ground from the access and entry to the church, at not more than £200; and to pave the two sides of the church at not more than £170. Consideration of repairing the old steeple deferred. Before Surveyors proceed with works, inhabitants to give security that pavement shall never be broken up or removed for burying the dead or any other use. Minister and principal inhabitants were called in and agreed. Solicitor to draw up form of security.

Surveyors reported on Johnson's ground, Wapping; consideration deferred.

9. Wingfield and Mahew to be employed for joiner's work at Limehouse, and Solicitor to prepare contract.

10. Gilham to be employed for joiner's work at Wapping, and Solicitor to prepare contract.

11. Wilkins and Hands to be employed for plasterer's work at Limehouse and Wapping, and Solicitor to prepare contract.

12. Leacroft to pay £244. 11s. 1d., according to Chancery decree for principal and interest for purchase of part of site on new church in the Strand from Walker, decd. Warrant to be prepared for next meeting.

13. Treasurer to receive rent of £4 p. a. from Marshall for piece of ground adjoining St George's chapel.

207. [p. 16] 8 May 1718

1. Solicitor reported that Strong's contract for mason's work at St Michael Cornhill will be executed by next meeting.

2. Treasurer reported that upon application to Treasury for taking in £25,000, they declined to proceed further. Letter to be written to Mr Lowndes, Secretary to the Treasury, to urge the matter.

3. Painters' proposals deferred.

4. Nathaniel Miller to be employed as bricklayer on new church in St

Olave Southwark, Commissioners finding their own bricks. Solicitor to prepare contract.

5. John Mist to be employed there as digger; Solicitor to prepare contract.

6. Edward Tufnell to be employed there as mason; Solicitor to prepare contract.

7. Solicitor to draw instrument containing agreed list of vestrymen and parish officers for Stratford Bow, inserting Abraham Kemp vice Thos Wilson, decd.

8. Lucas to be employed to build wall to enclose ground purchased of Kemp for site for parsonage house.

8 [sic]. Upon letter from Archer and report from Dean of Canterbury that the triangular figure of a parsonage house for Deptford first projected will be convenient according to foundations already laid,

9. Ordered Surveyors to proceed in erecting the house at an expense not exceeding £1,000, according to the letter and promise of Archer that it shall be finished for that or a less sum.

10. John Smallwell, joiner at Greenwich, reproved for dilatoriness and ordered to finish before 1 August next.

11. Dean of Canterbury moved that want of pewing in Deptford church was inconvenient. Agreed to proceed therein, and that a time limit of one year be inserted in the joiner's contract.

12. Cemetery for Deptford new church to be walled in.

208. [p. 19] 16 May 1718

1. Treasurer reported he had delivered Commissioners' letter to Lowndes, who had not yet had the opportunity to deliver it to the Lords of the Treasury.

2. John Reynolds to be employed as painter at Wapping; Solicitor to prepare contract.

3. Samuel Showell to be employed as painter at Limehouse; Solicitor to prepare contract.

4. Solicitor reported that contract with Strong for St Michael Cornhill was executed.

5. Dean of the Arches and Peck, accompanied by Surveyors, to view ground proposed by Stephen Bateman, Blunt and others in Bermondsey.

6. Advertisement ordered for smiths' proposals for iron work in the new churches; Surveyors to specify the several works.

7. Surveyors to view iron work prepared for the corner of the Strand church by Skeat, and to direct him to proceed no further until further orders.

8. Agreed, that in advertisements for work to be done for the Commission, a fortnight's notice be given, and that the notice be twice repeated and that no proposals be received after the day limited. All proposals to be sealed, and no one to be allowed to lower price after delivery.

209. [p. 21] 26 May 1718

1. Treasurer reported that upon application to Mr Clayton at the

Treasury he was told no money could be advanced till a loan now depending for £250,000 be completed.

2. Dean of the Arches and Peck reported that site proposed by Bateman, etc. in Bermondsey was the most proper yet offered.

3. Skeat to inquire for proprietors' lowest terms, and whether any more convenient sites may be had.

4. Surveyors to estimate value of materials of buildings on site for church in Shadwell, and sell them to best advantage; receipts to be paid to the Secretary.

5. Surveyors to view site bought of Hastings [Shadwell] and report whether reasonable to comply with Mrs Campbell's request about opening a door.

6. Surveyors to report on smiths' proposals at next meeting.

210. [p. 23] 5 June 1718

1. Treasurer to renew application to Lowndes to use his good offices with the Lords of the Treasury by representing Commissioners' pressing necessity for money to pay workmen for what was due to them before Christmas last.

2. Skeat reported he could not find a more convenient site in Bermondsey at a reasonable rate; Bateman insists on his former demand of £200, but Taleton willing to take £180, Blunt £125, Carter £50 and Grantham £90.

3. Skeat to perfect agreement on these terms if he cannot obtain better.

4. James reported that the highest bidder offered £8 for the old materials of buildings on the Shadwell site; he recommended that the bricks should be used to wall in the ground, and the rest disposed of to best advantage.

The Board agreed.

5. Commissioners refuse Mrs Campbell's request for opening a door from her garden to their ground.

6. Messenger to attend Dr Lamb and the officers of the parish of Stratford Bow with the instruments of their appointments.

7. Messenger to attend Bishop of London to obtain his signature to appointment of the vestry of Bow.

8. Skeat to finish iron fencing around Strand church, Robins to be employed for the iron work at St Mary Woolnoth, and Cleaves that at Bloomsbury church.

9. James to report on proposals from the two Mr Blinckoes for plasterer's work.

10. Goodchild not to proceed with Spitalfields church until he provide such bricks as James approves of.

211. [p. 26] 2 Oct. 1718

1. Treasurer reported that on application to the Lords of the Treasury he had obtained their warrant for the taking in of £25,000.

2. James reported that the bricks of the old house adjoining the churchyard of Wapping were used in repairing the churchyard wall, and the other materials sold at price agreed by Hawksmoor.

3. Skeat to report on purchase of ground in Bermondsey.

4. Waters (Messenger) reported he had complied with orders of 5 June (minute 7).

5. Upon reading the petition of minister and inhabitants of Greenwich in vestry, 22 Sept. 1718, about obstruction given to erecting a seat for the service of His Majesty, it is unanimous opinion of the Board not to proceed any farther with the church until obstruction be removed.

6. Inhabitants of St Mary le Strand were called in to petition for removing wooden fencing about the church.

Signed, a memorial to Treasury for £25,000, and warrants for half year's salary due to the officers at Midsummer and for office rent.

212. [p. 28] 23 Oct. 1718

1. James to report at next meeting on smiths' proposals for the tower of St Michael Cornhill.

2. Smallwell and Gilham to be summoned by the messenger to attend the next meeting.

3. Skeat reported that he had agreed with the several proprietors for their interests in the site proposed for a new church in Bermondsey. Skeat to deliver the papers to Solicitor, and title deeds to be referred to counsel.

4. Warrant to be prepared for next meeting for paying workmen according to James's estimate.

213. [p. 30] 30 Oct. 1718

1. Cleave to be employed as smith for St Michael Cornhill; Solicitor to prepare contract.

2. Smallwell having neglected to sign his contract for joiner's work at Deptford for more than six months, and not appearing this day to explain why, Gilham alone to be employed to perform all the joiner's work there, to be completed by Michaelmas, 1719.

3. Signed, two warrants to pay workmen according to James's estimates.

4. Surveyors to report on memorial from Grove.

5. Books of accounts to pay the workmen to 31 Dec. 1717 to be examined at next meeting.

6. Abstract to be drawn of the several demands of the workmen, and the several abatements made on them, to be kept by Secretary and entered on the books.

214. [p. 32] 6 Nov. 1718

1. Examined and signed books of accounts.

2. Master and wardens of Ironmongers' Company petitioned for further time to clear ground bought from them.

3. To be allowed till 1 March next.

215. [p. 33] 13 Nov. 1718

Adjourned to 20 Nov.

216. [p. 34] 27 Nov. 1718

1. Proposals for glazier's work at the churches now building received from: Joseph Goodchild, Chas Scriven, R. Ransom, Thos Commings, and John Tracy.

2. Goodchild, being the lowest, to be employed at Limehouse and Wapping; to use best London crown glass wrought in strong lead 8½ ins running to the oz, according to the proposal and pattern delivered, to complete within two months of the plastering being finished; Solicitor to draw contract.

3. £20 directed to be paid to Philip Clement (minutes 3, 4, 10 Aug. 1716) to be paid to executrix, and warrant to be prepared.

4. Adjourned consideration of glazier's work for Westminster and plasterer's for Limehouse, Wapping, and Westminster.

5. Signed application to Treasury for £20,000.

217. [p. 36] 4 Dec. 1718

1. Scriven to be employed for glazier's work for Westminster; solicitor to prepare contract.

2. Read order of committee of House of Commons to inquire into expenditure on new churches and sites.

3. Treasurer, Secretary, Surveyors, Solicitor and Agent to submit to a committee of this Board such particulars as may enable Board to respond.

4. Advertisement ordered for smiths' proposals for locks and hinges for Strand and Deptford churches to be made by Thursday week.

5. Isaac Mansfield to be employed as plasterer at Westminster; Solicitor to prepare contract.

6. Archer to submit estimate for finishing churches at Westminster and Deptford before committee on Monday next; Secretary to write to him.

7. Commissioners now present or any three of them to meet as committee on Monday next to receive officers' report.

218. [p. 38] 10 Dec. 1718

1. Approved Officers' report of churches in building. Surveyors to attend House of Commons committee therewith, and with Commissioners' answer to their precept.

2. Warrant for £5,000 payable to workmen to be prepared for next meeting.

219. [p. 39] 15 Dec. 1718

1. Commissioners drew up and signed answer to precept of House of Commons committee dated 11th inst.

220. [p. 40] 18 Dec. 1718

1. Commissioners drew up and signed answer to precept of House of Commons committee dated 16th inst.