Westminster Abbey Charters, 1066 - c.1214. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1988.

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'Abbreviations', Westminster Abbey Charters, 1066 - c.1214, (London, 1988), pp. vii-xvi. British History Online [accessed 23 June 2024].

. "Abbreviations", in Westminster Abbey Charters, 1066 - c.1214, (London, 1988) vii-xvi. British History Online, accessed June 23, 2024,

. "Abbreviations", Westminster Abbey Charters, 1066 - c.1214, (London, 1988). vii-xvi. British History Online. Web. 23 June 2024,

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Manuscript Abbreviations

Bl British Library, Department of Manuscripts
C BL MS Cotton Claudius A VIII
CAY College of Arms, London, Young MS 72
CC BL Cotton Charter
F BL MS Cotton Faustina A III
LN Westminster Abbey, Liber Niger Quaternus (Muniment Book 1)
PRO Public Record Office
T BL MS Cotton Titus A VIII
WAD Westminster Abbey Domesday (Muniment Book 11)
WAM Westminster Abbey Muniment
WA Mun. Bk. Westminster Abbey Muniment Book

Short Titles

AASS Acta Sanctorum, ed. J. Bollandus, G. HensChenius et al. (Antwerp, Brussels, Tongerloo, and Paris, 1643–)
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Cal. Pat. R. Calendar of Patent Rolls
Cart. Aldgate Cartulary of Holy Trinity Aldgate, ed. G. A. J. Hodgett, LRS 7 (1971)
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Cart. Darley The Cartulary of Darley Abbey, ed. R. R. Darlington, 2 vols. (1945)
Cart. St Bartholomew's Cartulary of St Bartholomew's Hospital, ed. Nellie J. M. Kerling (1973)
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DB Domesday Book sive Liber Censualis, ed. A. Farley (2 vols., Record Comm. 1783)
De Gestis Pontificum William of Malmesbury, De Gestis Pontificum Anglorum, ed. N. E. S. Hamilton (RS 1870)
Diceto Ralph de Diceto, Opera Historica, ed. W. Stubbs (2 vols., RS 1876)
DKR Deputy Keeper's Reports
E. C. St Paul Early Charters of the Cathedral Church of St Paul, London, ed. Marion Gibbs (Camden Soc. third series LVIII, 1939)
EHR English Historical Review
EEA II English Episcopal Acta II: Canterbury 1162–1190 ed. C. R. Cheney and Bridgett E. A. Jones (1986)
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