Additional documents: 1480-1 (nos 598-622)

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The Overseas Trade of London: Exchequer Customs Accounts, 1480-1. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1990.

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i. Accounts of the Staplers' Company of wool customed at London for shipment to Calais, Michaelmas 1480 – Michaelmas 1481 (extracted from accounts for all wool ports, P.R.O., L.T.R. Foreign Accounts, E 364/115 m.3, 116 m.2).

1480–1 (nos 598–622)

598. 7 Dec. 1480. 991 sacks 12 cloves of wool and 26,370 woolfells making 109¾ sacks 30 fells of Richard Pontesbury, Owin Rideley, Richard Gardeyn, John Henne, Thomas Fabian, Hugh Clopton, William Stokker, John Stokker, William Browne, Thomas Otley, Robert Flemmyng, John Benyngton, John Broke, Thomas Pontesbury, William Waryn, Thomas Croke, Roger Grauntoft, John Nyng, Thomas Graunger, Richard Drake, Richard Brente, Peter Shelton, Christopher Broune, John Wryght, Richard Nonneley, Robert Adlyn, John Tame, John Wryght and John Wetherard, Robert Biffeld, William Gasgill, Richard Haddon, William Norton, Roger Wigston, William Adam, William Higons, William Lynde, Thomas Ilom, Robert Michell, William Milys, Roger Wigston and John Wygston, William Home, Robert Broke, John Nessefeld, Gerard Canizian, William Howson, Thomas Bretayne, William Pondman, Roger Kynton, John Odyn, Roger Grauntoft and Richard Cely, merchants of the Staple.

599. 12 Dec. 42 sacks 19 cloves of wool and 1,417 woolfells making 5¾ sacks 37 fells of Roger Kynton, Thomas Grafton, Richard Garden, John Benyngton, Robert Flemmyng and William Miles, merchants of the Staple.

600. 13 Dec. 2,099½ sacks 17 cloves of wool and 103,793 woolfells making 432¼ sacks 53 fells of Robert Onley, John Nyng, Roger Grauntoft, Thomas Otley, Barnard Symond, Nicholas Alwyn, Thomas Grafton, Richard Gardyn, Thomas Gilbert, John Nesseffeld, Thomas Ilom, William Lord Hastyngs, James Alie, Thomas Pontesbury, Adam Knyght, William Horne, Nicholas Alwyn, Henry Cantlowe, William Bondman, John Whichecote, Richard Pontesbury, Thomas Betson, Robert Michel, Thomas Croke, William Gasgill, Robert Biffeld, Roger Kynton, John Oneley, Richard Oneley, Hugh Clopton, Richard Chester, Robert Houghton, Henry Kebill, Walter Ayleworth, Richard Braytoft, John Tame, William Lynde, Richard Hadon, John Thirkell, Richard Nonneley, Christopher Broune, Thomas Bretayne, John Broke, William Waren, William Miles, Alexander Mottrom, Robert Billesdon, John Elys, Robert Basset, Robert Croke, Thomas Croke, Gerard Canizian, Stephen Gibson, Thomas Feldyng, Robert Stokker, John Wetherard, Ralph Lymyngton, Richard Mariot, Peter Selton, William Norton, John Exnyng, John Brasebrygge, John Tate, William Higons, Robert Tate, John Tate, William Stokker, John Stokker, William Hill, John Pelet, Richard Cely, Henry Wayte, William Walford, William Tailour, Richard Penreth, William Trayford, William Wyse, Thomas Wynham, William Perys and Richard Brente, merchants of the Staple.

601. 21 July 1481. 778 sacks of wool and 194,363 woolfells making 809¾ sacks 23 fells of Gerard Canyzian, William Dalton, Richard Pontesbury, John Oneley, Henry Kebyll, Hugh Went, Robert Flemyng, Richard Chester, Richard Nonneley, John Broke, Roger Wygston, Thomas Bretayn, John Tame, Roger Wygston, John Wygston, Thomas Wynham, John Tate senior, John Bradshawe, William Lynde, William Bentham, Thomas Betson, John Pelet, John Benyngton, Hugh Clopton, Richard Feldyng, William Waren, William Higons, Thomas Fabyan, Richard Gardener, Robert Hardbene, John Nessefeld, Henry Cantlowe, Nicholas Allewyn, Thomas Grafton, William Taillour, John Goldsmyth, Thomas Pontysbury, Thomas Burton, William Stokker, John Stokker, Walter Ayleworth, Richard Brent, Richard Chawry, Roger Kynton, John Saundyrs, Stephen Gybson, Richard Haddon, William Miles and Alexander Mottrom, merchants of the Staple.

602. 26 Sept. 839½ sacks 18 cloves of wool and 235,142 woolfells making 979¾ sacks 2 fells of Thomas Otley, Thomas Wymbyssh, John Elys, John Wryght, John Wetherard, Richard Cely senior, Thomas Burton, Hugh Went, Thomas Bretayn, William Dalton, Roger Wygston, William Heryot, Henry Kebyll, William Horne, William Brown, John Benyngton, William Trayford, Richard Pontysbury, Richard Chestyr, Thomas Wynham, John Croke, Thomas Croke, William Miles, Alexander Mottrom, Adam Knyght, John Broke, Hugh Clopton, William Norton, William Lord Hastyngs, William Maryon, Richard Cely junior, Robert Flemyng, Nicholas Alwyn, Henry Cantlowe, John Wetherard, Richard Brent, Stephen Gybson, John Saundyrs, Thomas Betson, John Stokker, Walter Ayleworth, Roger Grauntoft, Thomas Hayward, Henry Colet, John Tame, Robert Byllysdon, John Ways, Robert Tate, John Tate, William Goldwyn, Richard Braytoft junior, Thomas Pontysbury, John Neffeld, Thomas Fabyan, Thomas Graunger, Richard Drake, John Mede, William Pers, William Lynde, Owin Rydley, Richard Haddon, Robert Oneley, Robert Adlyn, Charles Vellers, John Odyn, Thomas Gylbert, William Salford, Nicholas Broun, Richard Nonneley, Peter Shelton, William Hygons, Thomas Grafton, Robert Stokker, Wiliam Bentham, Harold Staunton, Richard Chawry, Christopher Brown and William Adam, merchants of the Staple.

[603. 4 Apr. 1481. 62½ sacks 9 cloves of wool of the King by William Slyfeld, D, his factor, shipped to Calais

604. 25 May 1481. 63½ sacks 7 cloves of wool of William Heryot, shipped in a ship of John Santander of San Sebastian called Sancta Clara, towards the straits of Marrok] (fn. 1)

ii. Account of Anthony Earl Ryvers, Chief Butler of England, of the custom of 2s. for each tun of wine imported by alien merchants into London, Michaelmas 1480 – Michaelmas 1481 (extracted from an account for all the ports, P.R.O., K.R., Various Accounts, E 101 Bnd. 82/22 m.l.).

605. 11 Nov. 1480. In the ship of John Mathewson called Christofer of Dordrecht

Matthew Blittiswyk, A, 5 roods wine

606. 18 Nov. In the ship of John de Albistur called le Sancta Maria of San Sebastian

John de Albistur, A, 6 tuns wine

607. 9 Dec. In the ship of Richard Sayer called le Bartilmewe of London

Lewis Bonvise, A, 4 tuns 1 pipe wine

608. 22 Dec. In the ship of Henry Costians called le Hert of Dordrecht

John Bees, A, 6 roods wine

609. 23 Dec. In the ship of Thomas Horn called le Thomas of London

Lewis Bonvise, A, 5 tuns 1 pipe wine

610. 2 Jan. 1481. In the ship of Thomas Keten called le Mary Dawbeney

Lewis Bonvise, A, 8 tuns 1 pipe wine

611. 13 Jan. In the ship of John Demode called le Margaret of Dieppe

John Demode, A, 10 tuns wine

612. 19 Feb. In the ship of Evan Potesten called le Genet of Le Conquet

Evan Potesten, A, 2 tuns wine

613. 7 Mar. In the ship of Ellis Arnold called le Kateryn of London

Lewis Bonvise, A, 4 tuns 1 pipe wine

614. 10 Mar. In the ship of Thomas Coyse called le Petir Stokker [of London]

Lewis Bonvise, A, 4 tuns 1 pipe wine

615. 2 Apr. In the ship of Thomas Bette called le Kateryn Charlez [of London]

Peter Dalgey and others, As, 8 tuns wine

616. 3 Apr. In the ship of Thomas Grey called le Peter Fynkell

Jenycote de Carrys, A, 2 tuns wine

617. 16 Apr. In the ship of Elyot Laby called le Margaret of Guérande

Peter Friscabawde and other As., 17 tuns 1 pipe wine

618. 24 May. In the ship of Roger Higgys [of Plymouth]

Jordan de Putez, A, 1 pipe wine

619. [14 June] In the galley of Bernard Bondymer [of Venice]

Bernard Bondymer and other As, 46 tuns 1 pipe wine

Constantine Companyon, A, 1 butt wine

620. 4 Sept. In the ship of Richard Sayer called le Christofer of 'Middleton' (fn. 2)

Lewis Bonvise, A, 5 tuns wine

621. 5 Sept. In the ship of John Lokyngton called le Jesus of London

Lewis Bonvise, A, 5 tuns 1 hhd. wine

622. 23 Sept. In the ship of Thomas Gourley

Lewis Bonvise, A, 4 tuns 1 pipe wine

Total of wine 159 tuns, (fn. 3) custom £15 18s.


  • 1. P.R.O. Enrolled Wool Customs Accounts, E 356/22, m.33. Total London wool exports 1480–1481, 7,216 sacks (England's Export Trade, p. 68). There were also 1,028 ox-hides exported by alien merchants (Enrolled Customs Account, loc. cit.).
  • 2. ? Middleton, Sussex, Chichester division, on coast 3m. E. of Bognor.
  • 3. Total denizen and alien wine imports into London 1480–1481, 3820 tuns, including 50 tuns of sweet wine (P.R.O. Enrolled Tunnage and Poundage Accounts, E 356/22, m,45). The account also records the export by denizen and alien merchants, all said to be factors of the Italian merchant Alan de Monteferrato who acted on behalf of the king, of the following metals: 147 thousandweight of tin valued at £10 per thousandweight, 13 thousandweight of pewter valued at £13 6s.8d. per thousandweight and 116 fothers 15 C. of lead valued at £4 per fother. In 1471, following an earlier grant of 1466, Monteferrato had been licensed to export 10,000 blocks of tin, 2,000 barrels of pewter vessels and 1,000 fothers of lead without paying custom or subsidy and Monteferrato probably re-sold the licences. (Enrolled Tunnage and Poundage Account, loc. cit.; J. Hatcher, English Tin Production and Trade Before 1550 (Oxford, 1973), 123–4, 166, 176).