The Justicing notebook of Henry Norris: 1732-3 (nos 35-94)

Justice in Eighteenth-Century Hackney: The Justicing Notebook of Henry Norris and the Hackney Petty Sessions Book. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1991.

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'The Justicing notebook of Henry Norris: 1732-3 (nos 35-94)', in Justice in Eighteenth-Century Hackney: The Justicing Notebook of Henry Norris and the Hackney Petty Sessions Book, (London, 1991) pp. 7-22. British History Online [accessed 25 April 2024]

35. Tuesday, 1 February 1732 Thomas Faxton, & Thomas Smith brot: before me by Geo: Fowler, [Constable deleted] Headborough & charged by Wm Davis on Oath That last night Soon after nine [coming deleted] going on ye Hackney road from [Lon deleted] Hackney to Londo: [he w deleted] between ye Shoulder of mutton & ye Watch house he was met by Said Faxton & Smith who with great threats demanded his money, & thereupon he dd to Smith wt mo: he had in his pocket wch was 4D in a Silver peece & about 5D or 5½D halfpence. That Faxton had a drawn knife in his hand. That Smith took his hat from him & returned him his own in place of it. That after parting from them & going forward to London he met wth Mr Richd: Wingfeild & Mr John Oswald the Master of the Shoulder of mutton wth 2 dogs 2 Mastifs w was [aft abt: ½ an hour deleted] 3 or 4 minutes after he was robbed & gave them an accot: of his being robbed & wth them returned towards ye mutton to look for ye thieves but did not find them. In answer to this Faxton Says that he is a Seaman & he was at Newington at the 3 Crowns & came at ½ an hour past 8 & Staid there 2½ hours or 3 & drank there in Compa: wth Smith alone & came from thence abt: 11 a Clock & past over Severall fields & called at a house & drank again & then were going on their road to London & were met by 2 men who took them up on Suspicion of a Robbery & farther He says he went from London [to deleted] abt: 7 a clock Strait to the 3 Crowns at Newington & went into no other house before he came thither. He Says yt he & Smith met in Hollywell Lane at a private house abt: ½ an hour past 6 at night & had not been together yesterday before. T: Smith exa: apart Says yt he is a Stocking weaver & he was wth Faxton at 3 Crowns at Newington that they went from Londo between 7 & 8 to ye 3 Crowns at Newington & Staid there abt: 1½ hour, & thence came to Hackney to a house wch he does not know & went in & drank & Staid about 1½ hour or 2 hours & thence were going to Londo: & were met by 2 men who took them up on Suspicion. He says that he & Faxton were together all day yesterday that they met at 7 a Clock in ye morning & kept together ye whole day till they were taken up that they first met together at the black Dog in Shoreditch. Brian Oram & Richard Wingfield, Sworn. B Oram Says that coming from London about 11 a Clock & being informed of the robbery & having a description of ye persons, being in Compa: wth Wingfeild & a large Mastiff wth them near the mutton they met 2 men whom they challenged & Siezed Suspecting them to be the persons who had done ye Robbery. They took ye hat of Smiths head & told him they beleived it was ye Same Hat wch was taken from ye pson robbed, that it was however returned to Smith again & that in Mutton lane, Smith threw ye hat on ye ground & [did deleted] would leave it there, but he B Oram took it up again. All wch was confirmed by Rich. Wingfeild. Wm Davis on oath Says that the Hat produced & now taken by force from Tho: Smith is as he verily beleives the Same Hat taken from him last night on ye Road. Upon ye whole Committed them by Warrt: to Newga: for Robbery. Tho: Faxton after mittimus made did acknowledge that they together committed ye Robbery & yt he was instigated thereto by Tho: Smith. Tho: Smith on hearing him confess was in great Rage & Said he knew himself Should be hanged for it but yt Faxton Should dye wth. him or to yt effect. He had Said in relation to ye Hat yt it was his own & cost him lately 10s: 6D. whereas Davis Said it cost him wn bot: but about 5s: 6D wch on exa: ye Hat Seemed most likely.

Same day Wm Davis of Virginia Row in Bethnall green Hamlet Weaver Bound in £50 Penalty. Brian Oram of the Parish of Hackney Gent: [and] Richard Wingfeild Servt: to Randall Beck Victualler at ye Kings head Virginia Row in Bethnall green Hamlet bound each in £20, Geo: Fowler Headborough of Hackney bound in £20, John Dennis Servt: to Mr Shaw [ye Smith deleted] of the Parish of Hackney Smith in £20, all by Recogn: To Appear at Hicks hall next Genll: Sessions, Old baily &c the first as Prosecutor the other as witnesses agt: Tho: Faxton & Tho: [Davis deleted] Smith & put the Hat into Custody of Geo: Fowler ye Headborough. (fn. 1) [See 453, 469].

36. Saturday, 5 February 1732 John Burch living in Bishopsgate Street in the City of London Driver of a Wheel Barrow with Fruit & Wm Benson of the Parish of Lambeth in the County of Surry Waterman brot: by Jno. Collins headborough and charged by Thomas Vintry of S. Giles without Cripplegate Middx Painter for assisting two Persons unknown in assaulting beating & bruising him in breach of his peace. They not appearing to be the persons that Committed the assault were discharged from that Complt. Nehemiah Ring of the Parish of St Mary Aldermary in the City of London Baker sayes on his Oath as he was coming from London to Hackney on Saturday last between twelve & one of the clock at noon of the same day several others persons with the Prisoners Jno Burch & Wm. Benson were at an Orange Barrow and Induced him to lay several sumes of money & by false and subtle Arts by playing or using of Dice defrauded him of Eleven Guineas & some Silver and upon his threatening to cause them to be sent to Newgate he got his money again. Wm. Edwards on his Oath declared that a few dayes ago he saw the two Prisoners gameing at a Wheel Barrow in the foot way leading from London to Hackney. Adjudged Vagrants & Committed to the house of Correction till severally discharged by due course of Law. (fn. 2)

37. Monday, 20 March 1732 Complaint made on Oath by Rebecca Carr agt: John Price, Mr of ye Dolphin Alehouse at Kingsland for assaulting & beating & wounding Stephen Carr Labourer [last night deleted] [blank] & Thomas Usher, (fn. 3) whose name She does not know. Granted her a Warrant for Jno Price.

Same day Before [me deleted] Sam: Tyssen Esq & me, Rebecca Carr & Thomas Usher make oath that John Price assaulted beat & wounded Sd Thomas Usher last night in Kingsland Road without any provocation. Remanded Jno: Price in Custody of ye Officer Ludlow Brown promising to bring Sureties in ye morning for his appearance at ye Sessions. [See 38, 39, 530].

38. Tuesday, 21 March 1732 Before Sam: Tyssen Esq & me. Stephen Carr brot: before us by Edwd Cooper on Mr Tyssens warrt for assaulting Jno: Price in his own house & Striking him on Sunday last. Which was proved by ye Oath of Jno: Price. (fn. 4) [See 37, 39].

39. Tuesday, 21 March 1732 Wm Pugh at ye Wt Horse in little Britain in ye Parish of St: Botolph Aldersgate [and] Thomas Jones of ye Parish of St: Bride's Tobacconist Sureties for John Price. Jno: Price bound in £100 of Kingsland in Parish Hackney Victualler. Wm Pugh [and] Tho: Jones each 50 to appear at ye next Genll: Quarter Sessions to answer the Complaint of Tho: Usher for assaulting beating & wounding him in a grievous manner. (fn. 5) [See 37, 38, 489, 498, 530].

40. Monday, 27 March 1732 Complaint made by Anne Foster upon Oath agt Joseph Scholar for Insulting her at divers times & assaulting her this day in ye house of her Mistress, Mrs Holworthy & also at other times. Granted her a Warrt: for him.

41. Sunday, 23 April 1732 John Davis of Limehouse Caulker complaineth agt: Jno: Jervase, & Joseph Hill wth 3 others Strangers for attacking him in ye Road of Clapton, assaulting beating & bruising him & tearing his Cloths without any provocation given. Upon his oath thereof made, granted him a warrt: for ye 2 persons.

Monday, 24 April 1732 & on his bringing Joseph Hill on ye 24 Aprill bound over [Jos deleted] Joseph Hill of Hackney Victualler in £40, Ralph Meridith of Do Gardner 20, John Sandford of Do Do 20. To appear at the next Generall Sessions of ye Peace to be held at Hicks hall to answer ye complaint of John Davis for assaulting & beating him in breach of his Majesties peace & in ye mean time to be of the good behaviour &c. (fn. 6)

42. Thursday, 4 May 1732 Wm Stanley brot: before me by Rob: Loyd Constable by Warrt: of Rd: Manly Esq for assaulting Mary Stern beating & taking away by force Some Cloths wch it Seems he had bot: for her as his Servt. Upon his allegation yt ye matter was agreed between him & Mary Stern & ye Same confirmed by ye Oath of Rob: Loyd who was present at ye agreemt: made, discharged him out of Custody.

43. Tuesday, 9 May 1732 Jane Whitehead brot: by ye Beadle [blank] Harrill a child of 10 years of age complained of Marget Thomson at ye Cock ale house in Church Street for assaulting her last night wth a Quart pewter pot & wounding her in ye head in a grievous manner whereby She came to be much bruised & lost a great deal of blood. It appeared by ye testimony on Oath of Eleanor Sherrard who together wth Sarah Fletcher neighbours came wth the child that the child was last night after receiving the hurt brot: into [her deleted] E Sherrards house by Mrs Bennett in that wounded condition Stunned & Senseless & the Said Mrs Bennett declared She brot: the child thither for Shelter lest She Shd be knocked on ye head by Marget Thomson who at other times has used the child very ill as She declares & last Sunday burned her in a cruell manner in the neck & the marks yet remaining. Granted a warrant agt: Marg: Thomson & put it into the hand of [blank] Harrill to execute.

Friday, 12 May 1732 Baile for the above named Margaret Thompson: James Thompson of Hackney Victr in £40, Charles Gosdin of the same Victr £20, John Everratt of Norton Falgate Distiller 20. Upon Condition That Margaret the wife of James Thompson personally appeareth at the next General Sessions of the Peace to be held for the County of Middlesex at Hicks-hall in St. John Street, to answer Jane Whitehead an Infant for Assaulting beating & wounding her and in the mean time to be of the good behaviour &c. (fn. 7)

44. Tuesday, 16 May 1732 Mary Uppington & Laetitia Beeston of Cambridge heath Complain agt: a bad house kept in Cambridge heath by Thomas Baxter at ye Tobacco Roll & Sugar loaf where they Sell Spirits & as is Supposed without a Licence. [See 536].

45. Saturday, 3 June 1732 Jane Grew brot: before me by Lewis Nouzille charged by Catherine Brown for Stripping off the Cloths of her child John Brown an infant of 22 months old. She Cath: Brown Says on Oath yt last Thursday afternoon She left her infant Jno Brown wth Anne Grew mother of Jane Grew abt: 1 a Clock & at 7 a clock She came to look for her child again in ye [house deleted] room of Anne Grew who lives in Same ho: wth Cath: Brown but did not find her child but was informed by Anne Grew yt her Daughter Jane had carryed the child away, & she could hear nothing of her child till next morning between 7 & 8 when She was informed it was found in a house of office by Marget Paine & upon Seing [sic] it She found ye Child very ill & Stripped of a Poplin Skirt of a Coat a linnen frock & a yard of new dimity being a Cloth pinned before it wch She Suspects were taken away by Jane Grew who in her hearing acknowledged to have taken them away from ye person of ye Child & acquainted her that She had pawned ye Skirt at a Chandlers Shop in Ram Alley Spitall fields for ¾D for a half Qr Ginn wch She drank there, & sold ye frock in rag fair for 6D. & pawn'd ye dimity for 1D. That She desired Jane Grew to go wth her to the Sd Shop & there She actually found the Skirt wch was produced to me wch I committed to the Custody of ye Officer. NB was found in ye Shop of Mr Alexander was dd them by the wife who recd it frm: ye prisoner. Jane Grew replyed that She was in drink when She was out with the child on ye sd Thursday & it then had on the Cloths charged by ye Mother. She Says She lay her Self in the necessary house where the child was found, She denyes She knows how the child lost its cloths. Sarah Pantling of Wheeler Strt: Spitall fields her husband a porter, Mathew Baker, New Geo: Strt: weaver Bethnall green [and] Samuel Michon Church Strt: Do Do Sworn. Sarah Pantling says yt being desired by Cath. Brown to look out for Jane Grew She did go wth her & they found her in a brandy Shop & charged her wth taking the Cloths frm: ye Child & She acknowledged the taking them & Said She would help ym to ym again & accordingly carryed ym to a Chandlers Shop in Ram alley where [it deleted] ye skirt was found. Math: Baker confirms her owning ye taking ye goods from ye Child & pawning ye Skirt as above & yt it was there found. Sam: Michon Says yt ye prisoner owned to him the taking ye dimity apron from ye Child and yt She had [pawned deleted] left it at a Chandlers Shop in Hare Street but could not tell him their name. In hearing ye whole matter committed the prisoner to Newgate. Bound over Catherine Brown of Bethnall green Silkwinder in new Geo: Street bound in £100 to prosecute, Sarah Pantling 50 to give evidence, Math: Baker 50 to Do [and] Samuell Michon 50 to Do. (fn. 8)

46. Sunday, 4 June 1732 Stephen Carr brot: before me by James Martin Headborough charged by Ludlow Brown on Oath for assaulting him in his own house & Striking him on ye breast. James Martin on Oath Says yt he was called to Mr Ludlow Browns house to keep the peace that on his entrance he produced his Staff & meeting Carr he Pricked him in the hand wth a Pitchfork & gave him a grievous wound. Referred him to come tomorrow to ye Mermaid to us to bring Security mean time to rema: in Custody. [See 543, 552].

47. Monday, 12 June 1732 Joseph Read of the Parish of St. John at Hackney in the County of Middlesex Gentleman maketh Oath that on Monday the 5th of this Instant June one Samuel Fenner was Drunk in the said parish. [signed] Joseph Read. Jurat 12o die Junij 1732, Coram me, [signed] Henry Norris. (fn. 9)

[blank] June 1732 Issued a warrt: to the Officers of ye Parish to levy a fine of 5s on ye goods of ye sd S Fenner for his offence of being drunk, according to act of Parliamt.

48. Monday, 12 June 1732 Thomasin Wheeler of Cambridge Heath complains agt: her husband John Wheeler for assaulting her & beating her in an unmercifull manner & threatning her life & neglecting to provide for the Support of his wife & [fam deleted] 2 Children. Granted a Warrant for him.

Same day On hearing ye cause, committed him to New prison by Warrt from Mr S. Tyssen & me for want of Sureties for his appearance at ye next Qr Sessions to answer ye assault.

Sunday, 25 June 1732 Ordered him J Wheeler to be discharged out of Custody - [the deleted] at desire of his wife in her hope of his amendmt. (fn. 10) [See 9, 89, 119, 129, 553, 560, 581, 582, 680].

49. Monday, 21 August 1732 James Thompson of Church Strt: complains agt: Miles Preston for assaulting him & his wife Margaret Thompson last Thursday 17th Aug: abt: 7 in ye evening at or near his own door in the footway. Granted him a warrt: on his Oath made.

50. Saturday, 26 August 1732 Thomas Harrison of Aldersgate Street Gent: complains agt: Wm Bailis at ye Red lion in Marestreet for assaulting him in ye House of ye Red Lyon beating him & bruising him wth his fist last night ye 25th Aug: Granted a warrt: [there deleted] upon Oath thereof made to arrest W Bailis.

51. Saturday, 9 September 1732 Complaint made by Protheesar Palmer agt: her Husband John Palmer for threatning her life & turning her out of doors & refusing & neglecting to Provide any Support or maintenance for her tho he is able to do. Granted her a Warrt: for him.

52. Friday, 15 September 1732 Complaint made by Jacob Hayes, Gardner to James Lamb Esq yt there has lately been Stoln from ye out Houses of Sd Lamb a parcell of Lead about 1 [illegible] also out of his garden Two pots of Mirtle Plants Vall: about 4s & yt he Suspects [ye some deleted] ye goods or pt: thereof are in ye House or gardens belonging to Matthew Waters in London field in ye pish of St: Jno at Hackney in ye Co: of Middx. Granted a Search Warrt: to Search Waters house & Garden. Same day Math: Waters being brot: by [blank] Harrill Headbo: [Jac. deleted] & a Pot of Mirtles wth ym Jac. Hayes affirmed [they were deleted] yt it was one of ye Pots Stolen away as above. Thomas Shepperdson [and] Andrew Grindley make oath that they each of them have Seen the Same Pot in Mr Waters garden for a month past whereas ye Pots were not lost above 2 or 3 ds at most. Upon ye whole discharged the Warrant not finding cause to charge Waters. NB it was acknowledged by both Sides yt Waters had bot: a Pot of Mirtles of Hayes 2 or 3 months before & Waters alledge this is ye Same Pot wch on ye whole seems very likely. Tuesday, 19 September 1732 Matthew Waters brot: by Wm Griffis Headbo: taken up by Warrt of Tho: Robe Esqr on Suspicion of Stealing a Pot mirtles from Jacob Hays ye pperty of Ja. Lamb Esqr but no prosecutor appearing & ye Headborough making Oath that he had given notice to Jacob Hays but he refused to attend, discharged ye Prisoner, & the rather in regard it appeared to be on the matter beforementioned.

NB on a tryall at ye Old Bailey 12th 8ber 1732 of Math. Waters for ye Supposed theft of ye Pot of Mirtles it was Sworn by Jac. Hayes Servt: that there had been 6 Pots only of Mirtles whereof one only was Stolen & 5 remained wch is contrary to wt was Sworn before me of 15:7ber by Jacob Hayes who then Swore to the loss of 2 Pots. (fn. 11) [See 22].

53. Monday, 2 October 1732 James Bishop brot: by ye Beadle Mr Harrill to give an accot: of his Settlemt: aged near 17 declares on Oath ye he has been informed & beleives yt he was born in ye Parish of St: Margaret Westminster yt his Fathers name was James Bishop his Mothers name Mary Bishop, that his father & Mother both lived in ye Sd Parish that they both lived in a House of £10 pr ann: as he has heard his Mother Say yt his Father died when he was abt a year old, & his Mother abt: 6 years, Thatt when his Mother was Sick & unable to provide for them She received Alms from ye Sd Parish & afterwards She put her Sd Son into ye Workho: in the Sd Parish where he remained near a year & then went out to a Chimney Sweeper upon liking but was not bound, he Staid wth him only abt 6 wks & then run away, & Since has gained no Legall Settlemt: (fn. 12)

54. Saturday, 14 October 1732 James Mackgill brot: before me by Wm Davis Headbo: charged by Edwd: Twist (Surveyor of Hawkers & Pedlars) of St: Andrews Holborn Gent., for trading without Licence as a Hawker & Pedlar on Wednesday ye 11th: 8ber between ye hours of 10 & 4 afternoon & exposing to Sale a parcell of Linnen Cloth in ye Parish of St: John at Hackney. Upon my demand he produced a Licence dated 23 June last, but ye Officers alledged it was taken out only this morning, & he did not offer any proof that he had it on the 11th but I adjourned ye determination till next Monday.

Monday, 16 October 1732 On a farther hearing ordered a Warrt: of distress to be drn: to Levy £12 on ye goods of ye Sd James Macgill for trading as a Hawker &c & not having a Licence at ye time of his So trading & to put ye Same Warrt into ye hands of Wm Davis Headbo: to be applyed as ye Act of Parlaimt [sic] directs.

Saturday, 14 October 1732 Middx:ss: The information of Edward Twist Surveyor of Hawkers & Pedlars &c made before me Henry Norris Esqr one of his Majesties Justices of the Peace for the Sd County who [upon oath deleted] Saith that James Macgill was on Wednesday ye 11th October 1732 between the hours of ten & four of the Said day in the Parish of St: John at Hackney in the Said County, found going from house to house & trading as a Hawker Pedlar or petty Chapman & that he the Said James Macgill did then & there carry to Sell & expose to Sale a parcell of linnen Cloth & that he the Said James Macgill did not although required so to do produce any Licence as the law (in that case made & provided) directs to qualifye him for his so trading. [signed] Edwd Twist.

Edward Barnett one other of the Surveyors as aforesaid maketh oath that the above mentioned information is true & that he was then there present & did see the Sd James Mackgill trading as in the information is mentioned & that he the Sd James Macgill did not produce any License although demanded as aforesaid. [signed] Edward Barnett. Jurat 14o die Octobris 1732 Coram me Henry Norris. (fn. 13)

55. Friday, 10 November 1732 Mary Bouncer complains agt: WmPlatt a Headborough for assaulting her last Tuesday in the house of Anne Gilman beating & bruising her without any provocation given of wch She made Oath. Granted a Warrt: for him.

56. Monday, 13 November 1732 Henry Tewson brot: by Robt: Loyd Headbo: chgd by Wm Cattlin for taking Some pcs: of Iron work out of his Stable near London field this day at noon of Small Vallue under 1s wch he Tewson acknowledged to be true. Sent him to Clerkenwell Bridewell to be put to hard labour. (fn. 14)

57. Monday, 4 December 1732 Frances Low complains agt: Tho: Clark Gardner to Mr Wildey for assaulting kicking beating & bruising her in a barbarous manner on ye 16 9ber last whereby She is now unable to do her business done in Mr Wildeys house in Clopton as She makes oath. Granted a warrt: for him.

Tuesday, 5 December 1732 Thomas Clark brot: in Custody of Wm Davis & charged on Oath by Frances Low wth assaulting her 16:9ber last being thursday Striking her twice & Kicking her 4 times on ye Hips & ye belly & She has yet 2 bruises yet to be Seen & a pain in her belly wch She apprehends to arise from one of ye Kicks. Tho: Clark in his defence alledges yt She Struck at him first wth a fireshovell but he defended ye blow wth his arm & then did Strike & Kick her. Alexa: McClean called by ye deft: Says he was present & yt Fr: Low did offer to Strike ye deft: 1st but it does not appear to me yt She did Strike him. On ye whole they agreed ye matter & She acknowledged to have recd Satisfaction for ye Injury & I discharged the warrant.

58. Tuesday, 5 December 1732 Wm Heath brot: by Wm Griffiths, Head: chgd by Martha Plummer on Oath wth robbing her of 3¼D in Copper mo: & a bundle of Child bed linnen & other things, in [ye deleted] a field behind Brook house upon ye footpath. that he also drew a knife threatning to Stick her & also Struck her down on wch She cryed out murder & assistance came & he was taken. Henry Hurst makes oath yt on [deletion] hearing Murder cryed he run to ye place & found ye Prisoner a few yds from ye woman yt he had a bundle in his hand wch he then flung away, yt it was between 3 & 4 this day. Jno Bracey makes Oath yt he heard an Outcry & made for ye place where he Saw ye woman there & ye prisoner running off. Jno Wells makes oath yt on hearing an outcry he run to ye place but ye man was gone off however he joined in ye pursuit & assisted in taking him. Jeremiah Curtis makes oath yt on hearing ye Outcry he went wth last witness & confirms his testimony. Committed the prisoner to Newgate.

Same day Martha Plummer of Tottenham bound in £100, Henry Hurst Gardner in Clopton £40; Jno Bracey Labourer Do 40, Jno Wells Gardner Do to Mr Meridith 40, Jeremiah Curtis Do Do to Do 40. Bound over as above Martha Plummer to prosecute & ye other 4 to attend as witnesses [next deleted] this Sessions. (fn. 15)

59. Wednesday, 6 December 1732 Wm Street complains agt: Geo: Stretton for assaulting & beating him in Well Street being an old man unable to defend himself, done this day. On Oath made granted a Warrt: for Stretton.

60. Thursday, 11 January 1733 Wm Hewson brot: by Geo: Fowler & charged by Edwd Batty for being concerned in a felony of Some mo: abt: £4 or £50 taken from him by his Servt maid Mary South. Phoebe Fesan at the Bush tavern, Mare street maketh Oath yt: last night at Newprison She heard Mrs Esther Hewson own having recd from Mary South 25 Gs more then was found upon the Said E. Hewson & wch at ye Mermaid on Monday She absolutely denyed. Sarah Peters of Church Strt: on [ye deleted] her Oath Saith yt She heard Esther Hewson confess yt She did receive Some Guineas, a parcell in her naked hand without telling, from Ma: South more then had been restored & agreable wth ye above witness, that She went down on Saterday in her Shift and left [ye deleted] all ye mo: in her pocket, & when She came up again part was wanting & She knew not wt came of it unless her husband had got it away. Ordered to Search his person & granted a Warrt to Search his house but the mo: not being found ordered his person to be discharged. (fn. 16) [See 63, 606].

61. Friday, 12 January 1733 Catherine Fells complains agt: George Fox for assaulting her & Spitting in her face abt 2/m ago & insulting her frequently Since. Granted her a Warrt: on Oath made.

Same day Geo: Fox being brot: by Henry Harrill Headbo: but ye Prosecutor not appearing & Oath being made by Harrill yt She had notice but refused to come I discharged Fox.

62. Tuesday, 16 January 1733 Anne Trott brot: in by Henry Harrill Headbo: charged by John Davis Churchwarden for being drunk yesterday, Sworn to by him. Convicted her thereof.

63. Thursday, 25 January 1733 Wm Hewson complains agt Ed: Batty, Tho: Archer, Tho: Hudson, Thos: Smith & Samuell Eadie for assaulting him Striking & dragging him & throwing him into ye river yesterday near Smiths ferry on his Oath made granted a warrt: for them 5.

Tuesday, 30 January 1733 [All 5 deleted] The first 4 being brot: by Rob: Loyd W Hewson makes Oath yt on Wednesday 24 Jan: he was going towards ye Marsh Ed. Batty assaulted him puncht him on ye back & afterwards on ye breast &c that yt then ye others came in & Tho: Archer assisted in dragging him along ye field, that Tho: Hudson encouraged ym to misuse him, that Tho: Smith did ye like. Hen. Page [and] Jno Flaxman called by ye Defdts & Sworn. Agreed by Mr Hewson to discharge Thomas Hudson & Thomas Smith - Sam. Eadie did not appear having made his escape at my house.

Tho: Hudson of Clopton gent [and] Sam. Woolmer of Clopton Gardner bound each in £20 for appearance of Edwd. Batty of Clopton Vict [& Tho Archer of Clopton Butcher deleted] at next Generall Sessions of ye Peace at Hicks hall & the Principall [altered from Principalls] bound [each deleted] in £40. Thomas Archer bound in £40, Ed. Batty 20, [and] Sam. Woolmer 20 bound for appearance of Tho: Archer. Afterwards Wm Hewson came back wth Batty & Archer & declared they had agreed the matter & he consented to their finall discharge & likewise of Sam. Eadie who did not appear. (fn. 17) [See 60, 606].

64. Monday, 19 February 1733 Eliza. North on Oath complains agt. Wm Austen for assaulting her divers times & Striking her a blow on ye head last Saterday in particular. Granted a Warrt: for him.

Same day At Mermaid made up ye matter between being both something in fault. (fn. 18) [See 619].

65. Monday, 2 April 1733 Elizabeth Crew complains agt: George Mackgain Wm Layton Tho: Baxter Martha Carter Helen Baxter Eliza: Fisher for assaulting & beating her & her Brother Robt: Crew yesterday at 5 in ye evening in ye house of ye Wt Hart at Cambridge Heath ye 2 first Struck Eliza: Crew & ye other abetted them whereof She made Oath. Granted a Warrt: for ym. (fn. 19)

66. Friday, 13 April 1733 Complaint made by Job Hall yt he had lent a black Gelding for hire on ye 20 March last to Thomas Edwards for one day who ran away wth ye horse & can not Since be found, but he has now found ye Sd Horse in ye Possession of Samll: Woodfield wch being made oath to granted him a Warrt: to bring ye: Horse and Sam: Woodfield. The Gelding was ye pperty of his father Robert Hall of Cravens Stables in Drury lane where ye horse was let to above Edwds. The Same was confirmed by ye Oath of Rob: Hall & yt ye pperty of ye horse is in him. On hearing Sam. Woodfield it was agreed he Should restore ye horse to ye right owner.

67. Monday, 16 April 1733 George North complains agt Charles Gosdin for assaulting & beating him yesterday in ye afternoon in his own house in Well Street in breach of his Majesties peace. (fn. 20)

68. Monday, 16 April 1733 Complaint made by Robert Sandy's agt: Henry Vaughan for feloniously taking away Severall Battens Deals & other goods ye pperty of George Wildey. Robert Southern maketh Oath that the Same is true to his knowledge & yt he saw them taken away by him & yt they were applyed to his own use. Granted a Warrt: to apprehend him.

69. Friday, 27 April 1733 Eleanor Kingsland brot in Custody of Hen: Batt by Warrt: of Ja. Brain charged for assaulting Mary Kingsland. Hen: Batt made Oath yt he had ye Deft: in Custody ever since 7 last night & had endeavoured to give notice to Mary Kingsland to appear but [it is tho deleted] She not appearing I dischargd ye Deft: [See 73].

70. Saturday, 28 April 1733 Thomas Johnson brot: before me by Henry Bat by warrt. of Ralph Harwood 28 Ap: for assaulting Eliza: Stewart but he was So drunk he could not Stand nor answer So ordered him to ye Cage to be kept & brot: in ye morning.

Sunday, 29 April 1733 Eliza: Stewart on Oath charges him wth assaulting & beating her last friday & running after her wth a naked knife & threatning her life to wch he made no Sufficient defence. [See 71].

71. Sunday, 29 April 1733 Sd Thomas Johnson charged by his wife Anne Johnson for assaulting & beating her in a grievous manner on friday last & threatning her life he not being able to give Surety's to appear at next Sessions, committed him to Newprison in Clerkenwell &c. [See 70].

72. Monday, 7 May 1733 Edwd Martin complains agt: Mary [Ingram deleted] Wingwood for assaulting him & abetting others to beat him Severely this morning at ye Green Man in Church Street. Granted a Warrt for her & She was brot: upon ye 8 May 1733.

Tuesday, 8 May 1733 On hearing both pties Ed: Martin Swore to ye assault & Mary Winggood acknowledged it. Cha: Gosdin Sworn but knew nothing to ye purpose. Upon ye whole they agreed the matter & discharged her.

73. Saturday, 19 May 1733 Mary Kingsland brot: in Custody of [blank] Brown on Warrt of Mr S Tyssen & complaint of Eleonor Kingsland. Both having agreed ye matter discharged ye Warrt. [See 69].

74. Monday, 21 May 1733 Jasper Gregory complains agt Jeremiah Woodley his Master for [refusing deleted] beating him without cause with an Iron & a broomstick & refusing to pay him his wages being hired at Waltham Statute for a year. On oath made granted a warrt: for him.

75. Monday, 4 June 1733 Sam. Mason complains of Eliza: Wickes for robbing him of mo: 6s taken, 2s out of a drawer, 2s more another time out of a drawer, 1s more out another time out of a drawer, 1s out of a pocket apron. On his Oath made granted a Warrt: to apprehend her.

76. Monday, 18 June 1733 [John Bowen deleted] Thomas Dotchell complains agt: Thomas Williams for beating Anne Dotchell his wife in a barbarous manner made out by ye Oath of Mary Mattison done last Saterday in [ye deleted] Hackney Marsh, Stamped upon her Stomach & beat her about most grievously. Granted a warrt for him.

Same day On his being brot: by [blank] Griffith Headbo: ye matter was heard & Mary Mattison made Oath yt Tho: Williams did assault her Anne Dotchell and Stamped on her Stomach without her having Stricken him. Tho: Dotchell Swears yt She is now extream ill & as he is told inwardly bruised being big wth Child & cannot attend. Sibilla Hunt, Mary Miller, Roger Biston [and] Richard Giglis, Witnesses for ye Prisoner but did not invalidate ye Evidence given. Thomas Williams of Hackney Labourer in £50, Thomas Pyle of St: Stephen Coleman Strt: Bookkeeper £25 [and] Wm Grudee of Hackney fanpainter £25 bound for appearance of Tho: Williams at next Genll: Qr Sessions at Hicks hall to answer the complaint of Anne Dotchell &c. (fn. 21) [See 78].

77. Friday, 22 June 1733 James Coo Complains agt: Simon Rugs [recte Nigs] & Wm Stretton for assaulting & beating him Severall times both at London & Hackney ye last time was to day at London in Bishopsgate Street. On Oath made by him granted a warrt: to Apprehend them.

Tuesday, 26 June 1733 Simon Nigs brot: by James Bowden. Coo maketh oath to Nigs assaulting him last friday 7night in Hackney near ye Church pushing him agt a Post & treading on his toes.

Bound over to ye next Genll: Sessions at Hicks hall, Simon Nigs of Hackney Labourer in £20, William Thurston of Hackney Coachman in 10, Edward Poole of Hackney Brewer in 10, for ye appearance of Simon Nigs to answer &c. (fn. 22) [See 91].

78. Sunday, 24 June 1733 Thomas Dotchell [and] Elisabeth Fletcher Sworn. Both say yt they apprehend Anne Dotchell is in great danger of her life lying now extreamly ill by the hurts She received as they are informed in her quarrel wth Thomas Williams. [See 76].

79. Monday, 25 June 1733 Elisa: Price complains agt: Richard Wilkinson for beating her wth a Cane & wth his fist & [Stamping upon her deleted] kicked her at Severall times ye last time was last night wn he beat her wth a Cane. On oath made by her Granted a warrt:

Thursday, 12 July 1733 On a new Oath made by her granted a new Warrt.

Monday, 30 July 1733 R Wilkinson brot: by Hen: Harrill in Custody. I heard both Sides & ye assault appeared but the parties did voluntarily agree the matter & he gave her 2 Gs for dama: & wth her consent I discharged him.

80. Monday, 9 July 1733 Geo: Fowler complains agt: Tho: Blemmenee for assaulting him & throwing Scalding water on him. On oath made thereof granted a Warrt:

Same day On hearing ye matter it was agreed & discharged the Warrt:

81. Friday, 13 July 1733 Mary Kingsland complains agt: Jno: Jones for assaulting her last night & throwing her violently on ye ground & kicking her whereby She was very much bruised & hurt at ye Wtt Hart on Camb: heath. On hearing ye matter Mary Kingsland Swore to the assault as above & Abigail Johnson as witness on oath confirmed the Same.

82. Tuesday, 17 July 1733 Henry Hudson complains agt: Joseph Good brot by James Martin in Custody for oversetting his Chaise wth a Cart & breaking it down. Being Sworn he charges J: Good as accessary in the oversetting him in his chaise & breaking it down. Jos: Good alledges yt he did not drive ye Cart yt the name of the Man who drave ye Cart is [Nicholas deleted] [blank] Nichols, that the name of his Mr is Atkinson yt he is called Doctor Atkinson a Surgeon & a Woodmonger at Hermitage dock. Jos: Good Says he lives in Lamb Street near the Market in Spitallfields at Mrs Paynes a Sweating house. (fn. 23) Jos: Good Sworn, says yt [blank] Nichols as above did drive the Cart. Ed. Farmer Servt to Mr Keeling of Islington says yt he saw Nichols whip his horse. Henry Hudson of Wodstreet Perrukema: bound in £20 to prosecute [Jos deleted] the said Nichols. Joseph Good of Spitallfields Labourer in £10 to appear as evidence at next Genll: Sessions. (fn. 24)

83. Sunday, 22 July 1733 George Weaver & Thomas Weaver brot: in Custody of Hen: Harrill & charged by him for an assault. Hen: Harrill [and] Isaac Balcher Sworn, charge ym both wth an Assault. [Jere: Stacy deleted] The matter was agreed between them & ordered them to be discharged.

84. Friday, 31 August 1733 James Johnson complains agt Geo: Sulley for assaulting him at Bethnall green last Tuesday. Ja: Johnson [and] Ed. Moyse Sworn both agree to ye fact & granted a Warrt:

Same day Brot: by Jno Holmes Headbo: on hearing ye matter Geo: Sully bound in £10 of Bethnall Green Hamlet in Stebonheath Victualler, Charles Norris of St: Martins Outwich Joyner in £5, Henry Jonquier of Bishopshall weaver in £5, for appearance of Geo: Sully at ye [Appea deleted] adjournmt of the present Sessions at Hicks hall &c. (fn. 25)

85. Thursday, 6 September 1733 Wm. Griffith complains agt James Dykin for assaulting him yesterday evening in Church Strt: & violently pushing agt him on his breast wth his head. Granted a Warrt: for him.

Saturday, 8 September 1733 On hearing ye matter it was agreed between themselves & discharged ye Warrt.

86. Tuesday, 18 September 1733 Jno: Morse complains agt: Tho: Godwin brot: in Custo: of Wm Griffith for breaking his windows & threatning his life. Tho: Godwin acknowledges breaking ye windows 3 Squares but alledges it was his own house in part. Mary Hales Sworn but being exa: as to ye threat did not make it out. So dismissed Godwin on his promising to amend ye windo: wch Morse took his word for.

87. Saturday, 29 September 1733 Hannah Preston complains agt: her husband Edward Preston for beating her last Wednesday & especially for neglecting to make any provision for his family She having 3 children by him to keep ye eldest 9 years, ye 2d 3y: ye [other deleted] 3d under 1 year - to wch She made oath. [See 34].

88. Saturday, 29 September 1733 Mary Cornish complains agt: Elisa: Smith for assaulting her & beating her wth a Stick last night on Cambridge heath and bruising her in a grievous manner & tearing her Cap, to wch She made oath & granted a warrt: for Smith.

Monday, 1 October 1733 On hearing ye Cause She acknowledged ye assault but was agreed between ye pties & dischargd ye Warrt.

89. Tuesday, 2 October 1733 Thomasin Wheeler complains agt: her Husband John Wheeler for beating & abusing her last night & threatning her life last night. On oath made granted a warrt: agt him. (fn. 26) [See 9,48, 119, 129, 553, 560, 581, 582, 680].

90. [Tuesday, 11 December 1733 Daniel Brumwell complains agt: entry incomplete and deleted].

91. Friday, 14 December 1733 James Coo complains agt Simon Niggs for assaulting him & others in his Coach last night & threatning him in London. On oath made granted a Warrt. NB if find ye Cause made out to bind ye pty in Recognisance to appear at Next Sessions at Guildhall holden for ye City of London & Certifye his recognisance thither. [See 77].

92. Monday, 24 December 1733 Samll: Saunders of Kingsland complains agt: James Neal for assaulting him & threatning his life last night. On oath made granted a Warrt: for him.

93. Thursday, 27 December 1733 Martha Nichols complains agt: Thomas Fouch for assaulting her & beating her last night at ye Blackmores head in Clopton. On oath made granted a Warrt:

94. Saturday, 29 December 1733 Rob: Knight complains agt: Edward Life for feloniously taking from him a metall Pot Vall: 5s. On oath made granted a Warrt: to apprehend Ed: Life. (fn. 27)


  • 1. Faxton and Smith were found guilty at the Old Bailey later that month and sentenced to death. Apart from Faxton's confession, the prosecution case rested solely on identification evidence (both of the highwaymen and of the hat). A number of prosecution witnesses testified that Faxton had been advised to confess in the hope of being admitted an evidence for the crown, but Norris stated that to the best of his knowledge Faxton had made his confession voluntarily and without inducement. Because a proclamation was in force (see introduction) an additional £200 was added to the statutory reward of £80 and distributed as follows: William Davis £16; Brian Oram £70; Richard Wingfeild £70; William Clarke £8; John Dennis £8; George Fowler £8; John Davis £8; Moses Morris £6; John Boustrell £6. There is a particularly full account of the trial in the Old Bailey Proceedings, but it casts no light on the reason for rewards to Morris and Boustrell (unless they had been involved in imprisoning the two men overnight). MJ/GBB/312, 140, 145; O.B. Proc., February 1732, R v Faxton and Smith.
  • 2. There was insufficient evidence to convict Burch and Benson of unlawful gaming. Under 1 George I c28 a conviction required the sworn testimony of two or more credible witnesses for each offence.
  • 3. Usher's name has probably been inserted later.
  • 4. Carr and his wife Elizabeth were convicted at the April sessions of assaulting John Price and fined 1s. Usher was indicted on the same charge but not tried - probably because he was too ill (see 530). James Martin was listed amongst the witnesses against them (see 46). MJ/SR/2572, indt. 19.
  • 5. Price was convicted and fined 1s. on 23 May 1732. MJ/SR/2572, indt. 84.
  • 6. Hill was discharged at the May sessions. MJ/SBB/901, recog. 156.
  • 7. Margaret Thompson failed to appear at the May sessions, and her recognizance was ordered to be estreated. The order was rescinded when she later excused herself by reason of illness. She was finally discharged 9 October 1732. MJ/SBB/901, recog. 157.
  • 8. Jane Grew, alias Le Grew, was accused of stealing clothing worth 2s. 9d. at the Old Bailey sessions in July. She was convicted of stealing to the value of 10d. and sentenced to transportation. MJ/GBB/313, 8.
  • 9. Apart from the signature, the preceding part of this entry is not in Norris's hand.
  • 10. For the difficulties arising out of Wheeler's commitment see 553, 560.
  • 11. After his discharge by Norris, Waters was taken before Sir William Billers and entered into a recognizance to answer the same charge. He was acquitted at the Old Bailey in October and the jury granted him a copy of his indictment (see introduction). No attempt by Waters to bring an action for malicious prosecution has been traced in the records of the King's Bench (Crown Side). MJ/SBB/904, recog. 98; MJ/GBB/313, 40; O.B. Proc., October 1732, R v Waters.
  • 12. James Bishop was indigent. He was removed later that day by order of Henry Norris and Samuel Tyssen to the parish of St. Margaret, Westminster. The order was overturned on appeal to the sessions later that month. MJ/SP/1732/OCT, f. 59, 60; MJ/ SBB/904, p. 45.
  • 13. Under 3 & 4 Anne c4 refusal to show a licence on demand was tantamount to trading without one, and punishable as such.
  • 14. The value of the stolen goods was crucial to that charge, which in this instance amounted to misdemeanour only. Stealing goods to the value of 5s. or more in a stable was a capital felony.
  • 15. William Heath, a cobbler, was convicted and sentenced to death at the December Old Bailey sessions. MJ/GBB/313, 56; O. B. Proc., December 1732, R v Heath.
  • 16. Mary South and Esther Hewson were tried at the January Old Bailey sessions. South was convicted of stealing to the value of 39s. and was sentenced to transportation. Hewson, who was accused of receiving the coins, was acquitted 'it not appearing that Hewson knew that the money had been stolen'. MJ/GBB/313, 66; O.B.Proc., January 1733, R v South and Hewson.
  • 17. Although Archer's recognizance was not returned to the sessions, Batty's was. He was discharged at the February sessions. MJ/SR/2589, recog. 95.
  • 18. Norris has clearly dated this entry 17 February (Saturday), but cross-reference to the petty sessions entry (619), makes it clear that 19 February is more likely to be correct.
  • 19. Baxter, a chandler, and Layton, a labourer, entered into recognizances before Tyssen the following day. They were discharged at the April sessions. MJ/SR/2592, recogs. 144, 145.
  • 20. Gosdin subsequently entered into a recognizance before Tyssen which was returned to the May sessions. It was respited indefinitely 8 October 1733. MJ/SBB/909, recog. 53.
  • 21. The recognizance was returned to the June sessions and Williams was discharged 27 August 1733. MJ/SBB/910, recog 48.
  • 22. Nigs was discharged at the August sessions. MJ/SBB/911, recog. 31.
  • 23. A house in which people were sweated as a form of curative treatment. O.E.D.
  • 24. An attempt to indict Edward Nicholls failed at the August sessions. MJ/SBP/13/649.
  • 25. The recognizance was returned to the August sessions and respited indefinitely 8 October 1733. MJ/SBB/911, recog. 534.
  • 26. John Wheeler's name appears on the New Prison calendar for October, although the date and reason for his detention are unknown. The sessions papers record that he was to be bailed or discharged only by Norris or Tyssen and that he was to pay 2s. on discharge. MJ/SP/1733/OCT/139.
  • 27. There was no attempt to indict Life at either the Oyer and Terminer or the Gaol Delivery sessions held the following month.