Bridge House Rental 6: Rental for 1537-8

Pages 164-173

London Bridge: Selected Accounts and Rentals, 1381-1538. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1995.

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Rental for 1537-8

401. [f. 237] The rental of all the proper rents belonging to London Bridge from Midsummer 29 Henry VIII [1537] to Midsummer then next [1538], by one whole year. (fn. 1)

402. Southwark
William Sharparowe 66s. 8d.
Robert Gate 33s. 4d.
James Foster £8
William Downynge 8s.
Amedwyfe 13s. 4d.
John Flynte 20s.
Thomas Haywarde 13s. 4d.
John Laurence 66s. 8d.
John Degraven 40s.
John Laurence and John de Fryse 40s.
Cornelyus Harman 28s.
Robert Dragon 33s. 4d.
John Frenche and Rychard Hyrst £3
John Frenche 76s. 8d.
Richard Hooteman 20s.
Robert Austen 40s.
Maynard's wife 40s.
Gilbert Phillypes 40s.
William James 40s.
John Fulmer 40s.
Peter Bremer 53s. 4d.
Richard Patwey 40s.
Richard Patwey 40s.
John Joce 53s. 4d.
John Fennell 40s.
Jeffrey Wolfe £5
Richard Washer 20s.
William Towell 20s.
Total £62 6s.

403. London Bridge. The principal east part.
John Layne £6
Thomas Cheverell £7 3s. 4d.
Thomas Atkynson £10
John Philpott 73s. 4d.
Roger Willowes £5
John Catchmayde 53s. 4d.
William Ebrave £4
Simon Lawe £4
Robert Hardys £6
Antony Caverley £5 6s. 8d.
Snowden's wife 66s. 8d.
Snowden's wife 66s. 8d.
John Huskyns 40s.
John Huskyns 66s. 8d.
William Johnson 46s. 8d.
John Blande £5 6s. 8d.
John Symson £4 6s. 8d.
Richard Large £4
John Wilforde £4
Henry Brayne 53s. 4d.
Henry Bucfelde 60s.
John Harpeny 63s. 4d.
George Bridgys £7
Total £101 13s. 4d.

404. The principal west part
Master Forman £4
John Trice £6
Nicholas Cosyne £6 13s. 4d.
William Lyuers £ 13s. 4d.
Richard Theklocke £5 6s. 8d.
John Catchmayde £4 6s. 8d.
Richard Abarforde 40s.
Richard Bright £5
Richard Woodhouse 73s. 4d.
John Propter 66s. 8d.
Steven Cobbe £4
Robert Hynde £5 10s.
Robert Perpelett 40s.
William Kellet 40s.
John Vyvyan £4 9s. 8d.
Charles Wolman 73s. 4d.
Harry Brayne £8
John Wheler £5 6s. 8d.
William Kelynge £5 6s. 8d.
William Garrard £8
Total £97 6s. 4d.

405. The middle east part
Richard Lambart 53s. 4d.
John Tympson for 2 tenements £5
[f. 237v] Danyson's wife 29s. 8d.
William Buckstede 33s. 4d.
John Garrarde 66s. 8d.
Kydder's wife 30s.
Bosse's wife 30s.
William Temple 30s.
William Temple £4
William Yoxley 46s. 8d.
William Yoxley 53s. 4d.
John Branche 53s. 4d.
John Branche for 2 tenements in the drawbridge tower 6s. 8d.
Total £30 13s.

406. The middle west part
George Tadlowe 76s. 8d.
George Tadlowe £4
William Shereman 66s. 8d.
William Buckstede 46s. 8d.
William Buckstede 40s.
John Bostone 33s. 4d.
Thomas Anneslowe 43s. 4d.
Thomas Anneslowe 53s. 4d.
John Redman 46s. 8d.
Henry Coke 50s.
William Hyllys £5
Nicholas Bowman £5
Thomas Pynchester 66s. 8d.
Total £40 3s. 4d.

407. The east end
William Blank £6
John Awoodde 50s.
Thomas Bruse 50s.
William Symondson £5
[margin: <incr.>] Anne Paynell 10s. <20s.>
Arnold Turner 33s. 4d.
John Roulande 33s. 4d.
Sergyaunte's wife 46s. 8d.
Richard Tonnell 43s. 4d.
William Reynolde 40s.
Robert Maye £4 6s. 8d.
George Milman 26s. 8d.
John Alenson 66s. 8d.
John Stoddarde 46s. 8d.
Total £37 13s. 4d.

408. The west end
Richard Hyllys £4 6s. 8d.
Dunstan Checheley 46s. 8d.
John Roulys 46s. 8d.
John Thomas £4
Richard Hore 26s. 8d.
John Amesbye 26s. 8d.
Harry Bekket 20s.
Thomas Armestrong 26s. 8d.
Bygrave's wife 48s. 4d.
Henry Bordvyle £4 6s. 8d.
Thomas Hemnarshe 40s.
Henry Hyll 33s. 4d.
Henry Chambley 46s. 8d.
Henry Chambley 36s. 8d.
John Arowley £4
Thomas Johnson 40s.
Total £38 11s. 8d.

409. The parish of St Magnus
John Turke £7 5s. 4d.
John Roofe 10s.
William Lyster 10s.
John Swayne 10s.
Alice Chesshyre 10s.
John Turcke 23s. 4d.
Robert Clerke 23s. 4d.
Thomas Doughty 23s. 4d.
Robert Putenham 23s. 4d.
Thomas Doughty 50s.
Total £16 8s. 8d.

410. Gracechurch Street
John Porter £8
Nicholas Barker £4
David ap Ryce 66s. 8d.
Richard Parker 66s. 8d.
Total £18 13s. 4d.

411. The Old Change
Ralph Johnson £5
William Carter 60s.
John Peakocke 40s.
John Culthorpe 40s.
John Nelthrorpe 23s. 4d.
Henry Boltys 20s.
John Angell 33s. 4d.
[f. 238] Robert Raylton 35s.
Nicholas Milgate 23s. 4d.
Nicholas Milgate 40s.
John Abbotte 20s.
William Blande 53s. 4d.
Steven Mayson 56s. 8d.
Edmund Shawe 20s.
Edmund Shawe £6 8s. 4d.
Total £34 13s. 4d.

412. Paternoster Row
Lewis Sutton £5 6s. 8d.
John Beale 23s. 4d.
John Swettynge 23s. 4d.
William Whitman 28s. 4d.
Robert Grey 23s. 4d.
William Frere 26s. 8d.
John Baron 23s. 4d.
Thomas Gurr 26s. 8d.
John Slapar 26s. 8d.
Katherine Bennett 26s. 8d.
John Turke 26s. 8d.
James White 26s. 8d.
Henry Clerke 28s. 8d.
John Redman 26s. 8d.
Roger Rogersson 26s. 8d.
John Turner 26s. 8d.
John Turner 26s. 8d.
John Greston 26s. 8d.
Richard Warner 26s. 8d.
Thomas Orgall £4
William Bull 40s.
John Cysyll 20s.
Barker's wife 26s.
The Storehouse 20s.
Thomas Davye 20s.
Henry Miller 20s.
Thomas Poynarde 20s.
Thomas Dicson 40s.
Master Rooche 53s. 4d.
Thomas Orgall 53s. 4d.
Total £48 9s. 8d.

413. St Sepulchre
Thomas Heyre 20s.
Robert Adams 10s.
Robert Ferrour 10s.
Robert Farrour 10s.
Robert Farrour 10s.
Robert Farrour 10s.
Robert Farrour 10s.
Total £4

414. St Nicholas Shambles
Laurence Pynder £6 6s. 8d.
William Bracy 73s. 4d.
Richard Jenkyn 33s. 4d.
Thomas Ebden 46s. 8d.
Andrew Rene 40s.
Nicholas Pynchyn 50s.
Nicholas Pynchyn £5
Edward Clacye 70s.
Andrew Chesham 46s. 8d.
John Gyles 46s. 8d.
John Baynton 66s. 8d.
William Urmounde 66s. 8d.
Thomas Eve 60s.
William Petur 66s. 8d.
Robert Nelson 66s. 8d.
Robert Horsely 66s. 8d.
David Sandebrake £5 6s. 8d.
Nicholas Pynchyn £4 6s. 8d.
Nicholas Pynchyn 53s. 4d.
John Dogge £5 6s. 8d.
William Woodhawe £5
John Raulyns £4 6s. 8d.
Peter Peale 66s. 8d.
Thomas Lytchfylde £4
Total £85 13s. 4d.

415. St Ewen
William Hylyarde 46s. 8d.
William Jennyn 40s.
Henry Horne 40s.
Henry Horne £4 6s. 8d.
John Walden 53s. 4d.
Richard Farrour 73s. 4d.
John Kellet 40s.
Edward Atkyns 40s.
Simon Richardson 40s.
Simon Richardson 40s.
John Marchall 40s.
John Aylwarde 40s.
William Lawys 40s.
Total £31

416. West Cheap and Wood Street
Ralph Cressye £4 3s. 4d.
[f. 238v] Henry Payne 60s.
Thomas Newys £6 6s. 8d.
Thomas Woode £6 13s. 4d.
Meddeley £6 13s. 4d.
Total £27 6s. 8d.

417. Friday Street
[margin: <incr>] Nicholas Foxe £5 6s. 9d. <11d.>

418. All Hallows in the Wall
William Wilson 33s. 4d.
John Laurence 13s. 4d.
John Laurence 8s.
George Eglysfylde £5 6s. 8d.
Total £8 16d.

419. St Dunstan in the East
Richard Hucden 23s. 4d.
Henry Tuckye 20s.
Total 43s. 4d.

420. St Ethelburga [Alborowe]
William Pycas £5 6s. 8d.

421. St Margaret Pattens
John Monkeys 30s.
John de Barowes 33s. 4d.
Henry Walton 30s.
Robert Millys 30s.
<Edmund Leson 30s.>
Edmund Lesson 10s.
Total £8 3s. 4d.

422. St Dionis
John Neale 16s.
Robert Robyns 16s.
Alice Foster 16s.
William Johnson 10s.
Joan Pounde 10s.
Cicely Frenche 6s. 8d.
Master Englyshe 6s. 8d.
John Pylkyngton 8s.
Simon van Newtrik 8s.
Nicholas Parrot 40s.
Elizabeth Nicholls 36s. 8d.
William Wannesworth 26s. 8d.
William Randall 40s.
John Ravyn £4 10s. 8d.
John Ravyn 26s. 8d.
William Stubbys 12s.
William Bayly 13s. 4d.
John Goddyshalfe 16s.
The storehouse 5s. 4d.
William Robynson 20s.
William Robynson 26s. 8d.
Total £22 11s. 4d.

423. All Hallows Barking
My lord Hawarde 26s. 8d.

424. St Giles without Cripplegate
John Clerke for a void ground 8s.

425. The east end of the Stocks
William Bitmanson 66s. 8d.
Robert Herne 40s.
Richard Jesson 10s.
Robert Horden 8s.
Thomas Parson 6s. 8d.
William Smythe 10s.
Thomas Grene 6s. 8d.
Edmund Moore 6s. 8d.
Total <£7 14s. 8d.>

426. The west end of the Stocks
William Bryan 10s.
Simon Daye 6s. 8d.
Richard Robertson 6s. 8d.
Ralph Webbe 6s. 8d.
William Holte 6s. 8d.
Henry Edwarde 6s. 8d.
William Davy 6s. 8d.
Oswald Snye 6s. 8d.
William Thomson 6s. 8d.
William Valiaunte 6s. 8d.
William Wilson 6s. 8d.
Total 76s. 8d.

427. Sum of all the proper rents £739 9s. 9d.
Sum of all the increase 20s. 11d.

428. [f. 239] The foreign rents
William Butler for the farm place called the Brydghous with lands and pasture thereunto belonging 70s.
Philip Islyngton for a mill with meadow ground thereunto belonging £6
The same Philip for a tenement 6s. 8d.
The same Philip for a tenement 6s. 8d.
The same Philip for a tenement 6s. 8d.
The same Philip for a tenement 6s. 8d.
Robert Bulbek 10s.
Thomas Carnaby 10s.
John Graunger for 2 tenements with a close of meadow ground 40s.
Thomas Bankyn 10s.
Of divers persons there for quit-rents 8s. 5½d.
Total £14 15s. 1½d.

429. Deptford town
John Hill for a tenement called the Christopher 40s.
William Cock for a tenement 20s.
Hugh Provest for a wood wharf 53s. 4d.
The same Hugh for a close with a chalk wharf 5s.
Total 118s. 4d.

430. Deptford Strand
John Harryson for certain meadow ground lying in Deptford fields 53s. 4d.
John Johnson for 4½ acres in the church marsh 4½ acres and 3 roods in the Church field and Conywall 21s. 4d.
The same Johnson for 2 tenements 14s.
The same Johnson for a corner tenement 23s. 4d.
Thomas Baker for a tenement 26s. 4d.
Master Gonstone for a tenement 20s.
Master Gonston for a tenement 20s.
The Round House 13s. 4d.
Total £9 12s.

431. Peckham
Thomas Peryn, John Haryson and William Cocke for a meadow grounde called Wardells, a close called 4 crofts, and a certain ground called Pipers hope and 1½ acres meadow lying at Stret bridge 66s. 8d.

432. At the Lock
[margin: <incr.>] Thomas Bully for a close called Carpenters Haw 23s. 4d. <3s. 4d.>
John Clarke for a meadow called longe lond with a barn 60s.
Total £4 3s. 4d.

433. Horselydown
John Cocke for a close 16s.
Thomas Wade for a close 20s.
Total 36s.

434. Bermondsey Street
John Fulmer for a tenement called Copped Hall 23s. 4d.
The same John for a tenement 10s.
The same John for a tenement 10s.
The same John for a tenement 10s.
Total 53s. 4d.

435. St George's Field
Robert Wilson for 19½ acres of land lying in several places in the said field 40s.

436. The Minories
John Slouthe 26s. 8d.
Steven Tofte 12s.
John Slouthe 12s.
John Hauteley 20s,
Thomas Pynder 46s. 8d.
Total 117s. 4d.

437. At Stratford
John Thomson for Spilmans mill and land belonging to the same £10 3s.
Robert Boote for Saynes mill, 9 acres of meadow and two hoops of osiers £13 6s. 8d.
<Robert Duke for 4 hoops of osyers 4s.>
Total £23 13s. 4d.

438. Sum of all the foreign rents £73 10s. 9½d.
Sum of all the increase 3s. 4d.

439. [f. 239v] Vacations of tenements for the time of this present account

Michaelmas Christmas Easter Midsummer
Henry Payne a year 15s. 15s. 15s. 15s.
Thomas Newys a year 31s. 8d. 31s. 8d. 31s. 8d. 31s. 8d.
The east end of the Stocks
Robert Horden
Thomas Parson
William Smythe 2s. 6d. 2s. 6d. 2s. 6d.
Romsen 20d. 20d. 20d. 20d.
Edmund Moore 20d. 20d. 20d. 20d.
The west end of the Stocks
Francis Bryan 20d. 20d. 20d.
William Valyaunte 20d. 20d. 20d. 20d.
Harry Edwardes 20d.
John Hunte 20d. 20d.
Humphrey Skynner 20d. 20d. 20d. 20d.
St Nicholas Shambles
Walter Gadson 2s. 6d.
James Atlyffe 2s. 6d.
Thomas Bankyn 2s. 6d.

John Knowe for a standing at the Stocks for 8 weeks 19s. 6d.

440. Sum total of vacations £12 17s. 10d.


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