Consistory Court Wills: nos 329-330

Pages 295-296

The Church Records of St Andrew Hubbard, Eastcheap, c1450-c1570. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1999.

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Consistory Court Wills: nos 329-330

Wills of St Andrew Hubbard's parishioners proved in the Consistory Court. [Also printed in London Consistory Court Wills, ed. I. Darlington (London Record Soc., iii, 1967)]

329. (GLMS. XXXX/1.55; 150. in Darlington) AGNES AGERTON. 26 January 1543.
1. Jesus Maria. I, Agnes Agerton, widow, bequeath my soul to the Blessed Trinity desiring the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost to have mercy on my soul; I also desire the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus my saviour, and all the saints in heaven to pray to Jesus my saviour for mercy.
2. And my body to be buried in the church or churchyard of St Andrew in Eastcheap, and a dirige or Mass is to be sung at my burial.
3. I will that there be new tapers and 6 torches, the which should be borne during the dirige and Mass and which are then to remain in the aforesaid church to be borne to the honour of God at convenient times.
4. And if it may so be, the costs and charges of my keeping in the house where I lie are to be recompensed.
5. The residue of all my goods, my debts, legacies and funeral expenses having been deducted and paid, I give to Katherine Dygby and to Mistress Tygo who are to dispose of this to my poor neighbours for my soul; and I make [these two] my executrices and they are to fulfil my last will well.
6. And Master Charlay Cowper and George Hyde, porter of the Steelyard, are to oversee it, and either of them are to have for their pains, 6s. 8d., if as much as this is left after the aforenamed costs and charges have been paid.
In the presence of George Hyde, Thomas Wylkyns with more. By me John Alderslay clerk.
[On the back of the document are the names, presumably of other witnesses, Thomas Clark, William Hutte, John Lawless, Harry Keyschell.]
Proved 20 March 1543.

330. (GLMS. XXXX/II, 36; 206. in Darlington) THOMAS ALTON. 9 November 1544.
1, I, Thomas Alton [also given as Hollton], bequeath my soul to Almighty God, to whom I give thanks for my creation and most specially for my redemption through his most blessed Holy Precious Blood.
2, My body to the Christian burial at St Andrew Hubbard.
3, To the high altar [here], I give my ring of silver and gilt.
4, I will to Agnes Alton, my mother, £5 sterling.
5, To my brother, John Alton, £4.
6, To Elizabeth, my sister, 40s.
7, To Mary Alton, my sister, 40s. and the leyst chest.
8, To Robert, my brother, 26s. 8d.
9, To my father-in-law, 10s.; to my mother-in-law, 10s.
10, I give to Alice, my wife, 50s. and a coberd and the greatest chest.
11, To John Caro and his wife, 3s.
12, I make my father, Cornelius Johnson, and Garred Gyllys my executors, and give to each of them 7s. to see that my debts are paid and that this my will is performed.
13, The residue of my goods is to be given in deeds of charity to the health of my soul and to the glory of God. Amen.
Witnesses John Caro, Mary Alton, and Thomas Grene clerk and parson of St Andrew Hubbard.
[No date of probate]