List of abbreviations

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London and Middlesex Exchequer Equity Pleadings, 1685-6 and 1784-5. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 2000.

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List of abbreviations

For the annual legal terms: Mich, Easter, Hil, Trin.

For counties: Hants for Hampshire, Midd. for Middlesex, Norf. for Norfolk, etc.

(a), after defendant's name: indicates he/she answered (sometimes jointly with other defendants)

acct account, accounts
ag against
Bp bishop
Cert certificate
cl common law
commn commission
DR Deputy Remembrancer
D, d, ds defendant(s)
dl first defendant, etc.
doc(s) document(s)
E the elder
EIC East India Company
exam examine, examination
gdn guardian
inj injunction
KB Court of King's Bench
LMX London and Middlesex (bill, suit)
n/f next friend
nr near
ord order, ordered
ord nisi order unless (other party responds)
P, p, p(s) plaintiff(s)
pl plaintiff 1, etc.
parlt parliament
pet petition
q question (as in, land in question)
ref(s) referee(s)
sbp subpoena
sc show cause
suff sufficient, sufficiency (of answer)
w with
w/i within
w/o without
Y the younger