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The English Fur Trade in the Later Middle Ages. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 2003.

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Elspeth M. Veale, 'Select Supplementary Bibliography', in The English Fur Trade in the Later Middle Ages, (London, 2003) pp. x-xii. British History Online [accessed 23 May 2024].

Elspeth M. Veale. "Select Supplementary Bibliography", in The English Fur Trade in the Later Middle Ages, (London, 2003) x-xii. British History Online, accessed May 23, 2024,

Veale, Elspeth M.. "Select Supplementary Bibliography", The English Fur Trade in the Later Middle Ages, (London, 2003). x-xii. British History Online. Web. 23 May 2024,


The notes which precede the original bibliography on p. 230 of FT apply also to this bibliography.

Selection from publications of the last forty years is difficult indeed, particularly for a subject which touches on so many aspects of medieval society. Fortunately recent publications of the Cambridge Histories provide essential essays and up-to-date bibliographies. These include The New Cambridge Medieval History, c. 1300–1415, ed. M. Jones (2000), and c. 1415–1500, ed. C. Allmand (1998); The Cambridge Economic History of Europe, vol. 2, Trade and Industry in the Middle Ages, ed. M.M. Postan and E. Miller (second edition, 1987); The Cambridge Urban History of Britain, vol. 1, 600–1540, ed. D.M. Palliser (2000). The explosion of work on medieval London since the 1960s necessitates separate bibliographies: H. Creaton, Bibliography of printed works on London history to 1939 (Library Association, 1994. An updated online edition of this is being made available via the website of the Institute of Historical Research: The London Journal 20.2 (1995) is a special issue with historiographical essays and full bibliographies, on writings on London history since 1975: see D. Keene, 'London in the early Middle Ages, 600–1300', and C.M. Barron, 'London in the later Middle Ages, 1300–1550'. A revised edition of this issue, updating it to 1998, was edited by Patricia L. Garside and published as Capital Histories: a bibliographical study of London (Aldershot, 1998).


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