The Common Paper: Form of oath for scriveners enfranchised in other crafts

Page 49

Scriveners' Company Common Paper 1357-1628 With A Continuation To 1678. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1968.

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Form of oath for scriveners enfranchised in other crafts

[p. 186 translation] The oath for those who are enfranchised in other crafts and use the craft of the writers of the court letter

You will swear that you will be loyal in the office and craft of being a writer of the court letter, which you now use, and that the deeds which you will make to be sealed will be well and loyally made. And especially that you will not write, nor allow to be written by any of yours, any kind of deed or writing to be sealed, bearing a date a long time before the making thereof, nor a long time after, nor any blank charter, nor other deed sealed before the writing thereof, nor closed letters of a date a long distance away or a long time away, whereby any falseness can be perceived in your conscience, nor any copy of a deed sealed without careful examination, word by word. And that for no haste or avarice you will take it upon yourself to make any deed concerning inheritance, nor any other deed of great charge of which you are not aware without good advice and information of counsel. So help you God and all the saints. [pp. 187–8 blank]