The Common Paper: Assessment of £10 levied March 1564/5

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Scriveners' Company Common Paper 1357-1628 With A Continuation To 1678. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1968.

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Assessment of £ 10 levied March 1564/5

[p. 291 transcript] Tempore Thome Pierson et Thome Atkynson' Gardian'

A sessemente of Tenne poundes levied of the Company of Scryveners of the Co'te 1're of the Citie of london by vertue of warrant to the same wardens directed from Sr Rychard Malery knight then lorde Maior of the saide Citie Dated the vth of Marche A°. 1564 as foloweth viz.

In primis (fn. 1) lente by Thomas Pierson and Thomas Atkynson Wardens of the saide Company viz' by either of them xs xxs

Item lente by William Blakwell xs

John Lee thelder, 10s. ; (fn. 2) John Melsham, 10s.; Barthelmewe Brokesby, 10s.; Thomas Wytton, 10s.; Thomas Wente, 10s.; William Pierson, 10s.; John Norden, 10s.; Anthony Bonde, 10s.; Peter Baker, 5s.; Thomas Brende, 5s.; Anthony Hyggons, 5s.; John Dalton, 5s.; Humfrey Brooke, 5s.; Rauffe Hall', 5s.; Nicholas Kyngston, 5s.; John Lee, Jun', 5s.; Frannces Bryght, 5s.; Frannces Kydd, 2s. 6d.; Paule Pope, 5s.; Thomas Browne and Roberte Wylson, 10s.; George Kevall', 5s.; Wylfryde Lewtie, 5s.; William Onslowe, 5s.; Rychard Reason, 2s. 6d.; Thomas Hulson, 5s.; John Langham, 5s.


  • 1. In the left-hand margin at the beginning of this line: this is paide and answered in whete the viijth day of June 1566 by ordre of sr Richard Champyon' knight.
  • 2. The names are in a column and each is prefixed by 'Item by', which is omitted here; all the entries are marked as paid. The individual sums have been converted from Roman to Arabic figures.