The Common Paper: Subscription to the oath, 1613-28

Pages 54-62

Scriveners' Company Common Paper 1357-1628 With A Continuation To 1678. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1968.

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Subscription to the oath, 1613–28

[p. 196 calendar] (fn. 1) Thomas Gregorie, s. of William Gregorie of Branston, co. Leics., husbandman, app. to Thomas Frith [1595], 1 June 1613

Roger Brereton, s. of Edward Brereton of Borras, co. Denbigh, esq., dec'd, app. to John Langham [1606], dec'd, adm. sed in scientia inexpertus, 1 July 1613

William Lewyn [Lewin], s. of William Lewyn of Titston alias Pitchlesthorne' [Pightlesthorne], co. Bucks., yeoman, app. to John Bentley [1591], 6 July 1613

Paul Hart, s. of John Hart of Histon, co. Cambs., yeoman, app. to John Maye [May . . . 1597], 13 July 1613

Charles Bourne, s. of Edward Bourne, citizen and pewterer of London, dec'd, app. to John Partridge [1583], 13 July 1613

Zealdecaies Wood, s. of Leaver Wood late of Boughton, (fn. 2) co. Kent, app. to Thomas Ruck [1596], adm. 'but in the art of a scrivener unskillfull', 5 Oct. 1613 (fn. 3)

William Alexander, s. of Michael Alexander, citizen and merchant taylor of London, app. to Thomas Hill [1601], 12 Oct. 1613

[p. 197] John Stickley, s. of Richard Stickley of Pillerton, co. War., yeoman, app. to Ralph Hardwick [Hardwicke . . . 1597], adm. 'but unskillfull in the trad', 13 Sept. 1613 [in English] (fn. 4)

Robert [Richard] Minchard, s. of Thomas Minchard of Thame, co. Oxon., shoemaker, dec'd, app. to Andrew Turno'r [Tumor . . . 1575], 24 Feb. 1615/6

John Wickes [Wicks], s. of Robert Wickes of Arrington, co. Cambs., yeoman, app. to Thomas Mason [1606], 12 Mar. 1615/6

Caleb Whitfeld, s. of William Whitfeld of Mayfield, co. Sussex, clerk, dec'd, app. to George Smyth (fn. 5)

Thomas Powell, s. of Ho well ap n'dd' of Llandynam, co. Mont., gent., dec'd, app. to Reginald Wraie [Wray . . . 1595] [date left blank]

[p. 198] John Bagshawe [Bagshaw], s. of John Bagshawe of Lichfield, co. Staffs., clerk dec'd, app. to Robert Bankworth [Banckworth . . . 1583], 6 July 1614

Thomas Smith, s. of Thomas Smith of Kingston-upon-Thames, co. Surrey, yeoman, app. to Francis Kempe [1590], 6 July 1614

Edward Duck, s. of Richard Duck of North Mymms, co. Herts., gent. [ . . . of Thomas Chapman . . . 1571], (fn. 6) 15 Sept. 1614

William Fut[t]er [Putter], s. of Thomas Putter of'Tompston' [Thompson], co. Norf., gent., app. to George Smyth [Smith . . . 1601], 1 Oct. 1614

Henry Lawrence, app. to Robert Andrewes [Andrews . . . 1588], 1 Oct. 1614

[p. 199] Richard Alsope, app. to Henry Burnley [Burneley . . . 1598], 27 Oct. 1614

William Thomason, s. of George Thomason of 'Gorstelowe' [Gorstella], co. Ches., yeoman, app. to Robert Griffith [1590], 20 Jan. 1614/5

Giles Bostocke [Bostock], s. of William Bostock of Sevenoaks, co. Kent, carpenter(ligmfaber) dec'd, app. to Charles Bostock [1595], 4 Feb. 1614/5

Edward Chapman, s. of Richard Chapman of Foxton, co. Leics., yeoman, app. to William Bonner [1572], dec'd, adm. 'but in the said art of a scryvener unskilfull', 10 Feb. 1614/5 [in English]

Thomas Alkyn [Alkin], s. of William Alkyn, late of Melton Mowbray, co. Leics., merchant of the staple of England, app. to John Partridge [1583], 28 Mar. 1615

[p. 200] George Beresford, s. of Rowland Beresford late of Rickmansworth, co. Herts., gent., app. to George Samwell [Samuel . . . 1577], 24 Apr. 1615

Richard Glover, s. of Henry Glover of Wolverhampton, co. Staffs., app. to Thomas Frith [Frithe . . . 1595], 9 May 1615

John Reynolds, s. of John Reynolds of Barton, co. Staffs., yeoman, app. to Henry Fletcher [1607], 5 June 1615

John Linton, s. of Anthony Linton of Richmond alias West Sheen, co. Surrey, app. to William Childe [Child . . . 1597], 8 July 1615

John Eaton, s. of Humfrey Eaton of Thornbury, co. Heref., clerk, app. to Robert Morgan [1589], 8 July 1615

[p. 201] 14 Aug. 1615. William Dodd, Master, Francis Kempe and Robert Griffeth, Wardens

Giles [Hugh] Parsons, s. of Hugh Parsons of Cam, co. Glos., clerk, app. to Geoffrey [Jeffery] Bower [1601], 3 Nov. 1615

Robert Williamson, s. of Thomas Williamson of Tusmore, co. Oxon., esq., app. to Timothy Whithorne [Whitehorne . . . 1606], 8 Dec. 1615 (fn. 7)

Thomas Dutton, s. of Ralph Dutton of Warrington, co. Lanes., cordwainer, app. to James Colbron [1595], 18 July 1616

[p. 202] James Wilkinson, s. of James Wilkinson of St. Bees, co. Cumb., yeoman, dec'd, adm. by redemp., 18 July 1616

Stephen Kinge [King], s. of John Kinge of Kings Pyon, co. Heref., yeoman, app. to Richard Nedd [1596], 27 Sept. 1616

William Richbell, s. of William Richbell, citizen and merchant taylor of London, app. to John Mayle [1589], 3 Mar. 1616/7

Richard Bedolphe [Bedolph], s. of Arthur Bedolphe of Westminster, co. Middx., gent, dec'd, app. to William Swarland [1601], adm. sed in arte Scriptoris inexpertus, 3 Mar. 1616/7

Edward Pierson [Peirson], s. of Edward Pierson of the City of London, citizen and writer of London, dec'd [1581], adm. by pat., 20 May 1617

Thomas Pepper, s. of George Pepper of Warton, co. Lanes., husbandman, dec'd, app. to William Bonn[er] [1572], adm. sed in arte Scriptor' inexpertus, 20 May 1617

[p. 203] William Manley, s. of John Manley of Halberton, co. Devon, woollen draper, app. to Nicholas Reeve [1607], 20 May 1617

Abraham Churche [Church], s. of William Churche of the city of Hereford, gent., dec'd, app. to Geoffrey Bower [1601], 23 July 1617

John Partridge, Master, (fn. 8) Peter Blore [Blower] and Edward White, Wardens

Richard Ridley, s. of Richard Ridley of Doynton, co. Glos., yeoman, app. to Edward Cowper [Cooper . . . 1606], 9 Sept. 1617

William Holloway, s. of William Holloway, citizen and merchant of London, dec'd, app. to Francis Mosse, 2 Oct. 1617 (fn. 9)

[p. 204] William Halliley, s. of William Halliley of South Milford, co.Yorks., yeoman, app. to Godfrey Reyner [Reynor . . . 1595], 9 Oct. 1617

John Pridgeon, s. of Richard Pridgeon of Bassingham, co. Lines., yeoman, dec'd, app. to Robert Andrewes [Andrews . . . 1588], adm. sed in arte Scriptorum inexpertus, 9 Oct. 1617

Lawrence Newman, s. of Thomas Newman of London, writer, dec'd, app. to Thomas Preene [1602], 15 May 1618

John Chenery, s. of John Chenery of Isleham, co. Cambs., gent., app. to John Maye [1597, or Bartholomew Oilman], 15 May 1618

William Wilkinson, s. of Thomas Wilkinson of Colchester, co. Essex, yeoman, app. to Thomas Chapman [1571], 6 July 1618

[p. 205] Geoffrey Place, Master, Edward White and James Colbron, Wardens (fn. 10)

John Sharpe [app. of Rowland Squire . . . 1598], adm. 10 Oct. 1618

Arthur [Alexander] Rawthwell, adm. by redemp. 25 May 1619

Francis Pensax, s. of Edward Pensax of London, gent., app. to Thomas Hill [1630] 7 Oct. 1618

Anthony Anketill [Ankehill] s. of John Anketill of Shaftesbury, co. Dorset, gent., dec'd, app. to Robert Bankworth [Bankeworth . . . 1583], 17 Oct. 1618

Caleb Whitfeld [Whitfeild], s. of William Whitfeld of Mayfield, co. Sussex, clerk, dec'd, app. to George Smyth [Smith . . . 1601], 9 Jan. 1618/9

Thomas Sydey [Sidey], s. of Edward Sydey of 'dedam', co. Surf., (fn. 11) gent., app. to William Onslow [Onslowe . . . 1561], dec'd, adm. 'into the company of scrivoneirs but inexpert in the same misterie', 20 Jan. 1618/9 [in English]

Michael Holman, s. of Lawrence Holman of St. Mabyn, co. Cornwall, yeoman, app. to William Childe [Child . . .1597], 6 July 1619

[p. 206] Thomas Wannerton, s. of John Wannerton, citizen and salter of London, app. to Edward Charnock [1588], 4 May 1619 (fn. 12)

John Davies, s. of Thomas Davies of Leominster, co. Heref., gent., dec'd, app. to John Plukenett [Plucknett . . . 1597] now clerk to the Company, 6 July 1619 (fn. 13) [See Frontispiece]

Francis White, M.A., s. of Edward White [1588], adm. by pat., artis vero scriptoria non itagnarus, 1 July 1619

Ralph Hayward, s. of Ralph Hayward, late of Hadleigh, co. Suff., clothier, app. to Hugh Burrowes [1607], 1 July 1619

George Allestree [Alestree], s. of William Allestree of Alvaston, co. Derby, yeoman, dec'd, app. to Godfrey Johnson [1610], 25 May 1619

[p. 207] Henry Best, Master, James Colbron and Charles Bostock, Wardens (fn. 14)

George Waters, s. of Richard Waters, citizen and draper of London, dec'd, app. to John Waren [Warren . . . 1598], 20 Sept 1619

John Lea, s. of Roger Lea of the city of Hereford, pewterer, dec'd, app. to William Hickes [Hicks . . . 1591], 4 Oct. 1619

Charles Bragge [Bragg], s. of Charles Bragge of Stalbridge, co. Dorset, clerk, app. to William Ledsham [1590 or Charles Bostock], 8 Oct. 1619

George Martyn, s. of Hugh Martyn of London, gent., dec'd, app. to Hugh Osborne [1603], 8 Oct. 1619

Samuel Tuiford, s. of Robert Tuiford [1600], adm. by pat., arte vera scriptoræ in expertus, 12 Oct. 1619

Daniel Cooper, s. of William Cooper of Stoney Stanton, co. Leics., yeoman, app. to Henry Burnley [1598], 12 Oct. 1619

[p. 208] Edward Tetlowe [Tetlow], s. of Richard Tetlowe late of Preston [Bisset], co. Bucks., clerk, app. to [?] Owine (fn. 15) [Edmund] Martin [1600], 11 Jan.1619/20

Philip Bisse, s. of James Bisse, S.T.P., app. to Simon Broome, dec'd, adm. in arte vero scriptoria ignarus, 21 Jan. 1619/20

Edward Awdley [Audley], app. to William Audley [1612], adm. Arte vero Scriptor inexpertus, 27 Mar. 1620

William Goodwin, s. of Nicholas Goodwin late of Knossington, co. Leics., blacksmith, app. to Thomas Fitch [1577], 28 Mar. 1620

Josias [John] White, s. of William White of Milborne Port, co. Som., dec'd, app. to Geoffrey Place [1583], 12 Apr. 1620 (fn. 16)

[p. 209] Robert Walker, s. of Lawrence Walker, citizen and vintner of London, app. to Henry Best [1553], 30 June 1620

William Dexter, s. of William Dexter of Crondall, co. Hants., yeoman,0 app. to Charles Yeoman [Yeomans . . . 1599], 29 Aug. 1620

Henry Best [deleted] Robert Morgan, Master (fn. 17)

William Hunter, s. of William Hunter, citizen and clothworker of London, app. to Michael Dover [1606], 12 Oct. 1620

Robert Richardson, s. of Edward Richardson of Dalton in Furness, co. Lanes., yeoman, app. to John Partridge [1583], 12 Oct. 1620

[p. 210] Robert Morgan, Master, Charles Bostock and Richard Wotton, Wardens, 1620 (fn. 18)

William Bower, s. of Joseph Bower of Donhead, co. Wilts., gent., app. to John Milton [1599], 6 Apr. 1621

Nicholas Bacon, app. to John Langham [1606], adm. Artis vero Scriptori nongnarus, 3 July 1621

Christopher Favell, s. of Roger Favell of Barford, co. Beds., yeoman, app. to James Goodyer [1609], 3 July 1621

Godfrey Austinson, s. of Thomas Austinson of South Milford, co. Yorks., yeoman, dec'd, app. to Henry Parley [1606], 3 July 1621

Roger Kingesley, app. to William Swarland [1601], adm. Artis vero Scriptorie non gnarus, 9 Aug. 1621

[p. 211] Francis Kempe, Master, Richard Wootton and William Childe, Wardens, 1621 (fn. 19)

Richard Milton, s. of Thomas Milton of Cheltenham, co. Glos., yeoman, app. to John Milton [1599], 20 Sept. 1621

Henry Shelbery [Shelbury], s. of Isaac Shelbury of Colchester, co. Essex, dec'd, app. to Andrew Turno'r [Turner . . . 1575], 20 Sept. 1621

John Peirse, s. of Henry Peirse of Bedale, co. Yorks., yeoman, app. to Robert Griffith [1590, or William Hicks], 20 Sept. 1621

James Noell, s. of Edward Noell of Stafford, co. Staffs., mercer, app. to Edward White [1588], 24 Oct. 1621

Matthew Billinge [Billings], s. of Edmund Billinge of Weedon Beck, co. Northants., yeoman, app. to John Chester [1609], 19 Feb. 1621/2

Leb[b]eus Peache [Peche], app. to Edward Awdley [or William Audley . . . 1620] adm. Artis vero scriptur non gnarus, 4 Mar. 1621/2

[p. 212] Thomas Colbron, s. of James Colbron [1595], citizen and writer of London, adm. by pat., 28 Mar. 1622

John Bentley, s. of John Bentley [1591], citizen and writer of London, adm. by pat., 2 July 1622

Nicholas Ballard, s. of John Ballard of Boston, co. Lincs., clothier, dec'd, app. to Thomas Smith [1614], 30 July 1622

Edward [deleted] Peter Blore, Master (fn. 20)

Peaceable Sherwood, app. to Edward Chapman [1614], adm. Artis vero Scriptorie non gnarus, 10 Oct. 1622

Ralph Hartley, s. of Alexander Hartley of Chollerton [Chorlton] in Manchester, co. Lancs., husbandman, dec'd, app. to John Woodward [1597], 12 Dec. 1622

[p. 213] Peter Blore, Master, William Child and John Woodward, Wardens, 1622 (fn. 21)

Humfrey Shalcrosse [Shallcrosse], s. of Humfrey Shalcrosse, citizen and painter-stainer of London, app. to Henry Best [1583], 12 Dec. 1622

Alexander Bowlinge [Bowling], s. of Thomas Bowlinge of London, gent., app. to Charles Bostocke [Bostock . . . 1595], 15 Feb. 1622/3

William Meeke, s. of John Meeke of Marcle, co. Heref., husbandman, app. to William Childe [1597], 28 Feb. 1622/3

Edward Pierce [Peirce], s. of Thomas Pierce of Wepre, co. Flint, gent., app. to Nicholas Reeve [1607], 3 Apr. 1623

William Stonehouse, s. of Richard Stonehouse of Lenham, co. Kent, yeoman, dec'd, app. to John Merick [Merrick . ., 1614], 1 July 1623

[p. 214] Walter Smithe [Smith], adm. by redemp., 7 July 1623

Edward White, Master, John Woodward and John Waren, Wardens (fn. 22)

Thomas Colbron (no declaration) (fn. 23)

Edward Joicelyn [ ... of Francis Strange . . . 1596] [no declaration]

Henry Colbron, app. to James Colbron [1595], adm. artis vero scriptorio non gnarus, 29 June 1624

Richard Morgan [ . . . of Thomas Po well] [no declaration]

William Style [Stile], app. to Henry Manly [Manley . . . 1612], adm. artis vero scriptorio non gnarus, 29 June 1624

[p. 215] James Hodgkinson, app. to John Milton [1599], adm. artis vero Scriptorio non gnarus, 29 June 1624

Thomas Bower, app. to John Milton [1599], adm. artis vero scriptoris non ignarus, 29 June 1624

James Robinson app. to Andrew Lake [1609], adm. artis vero scriptorio non ignarus, 29 June 1624

Ralph Ripley [ . . . of Thomas Mathew] [no declaration]

Godfrey Rayner, Master, John Waren and Humfrey Pye, Wardens (fn. 24)

Thomas Wolley [no declaration]

Nicholas Wolley [no declaration]

Henry Wigmore, adm. by redemp., 4 Jan. 1624/5 (fn. 25)

[p. 216] John Brooke, app. to John Woodward [1597], amd. non penitus ignarus, 4 Jan. 1624/5 (fn. 26)

John Rea, app. to William Childe [Child . . . 1597], adm. non penitus ignarus, 22 Feb. 1625/6

Henry lies, app. to Roland Squier [1598], adm. non penitus ignarus, 4 Feb. 1624/5 (fn. 27)

Robert Wright, app. to Robert Holiland [Halliland], adm. non penitus ignarus, 30 Mar. 1626

Francis Webb, app. to Nicholas Reeve [1607], adm. non penitus ignarus, 30 Mar. 1626

James Reade [Read], app. to William Wilkinson [1618], adm. non penitus ignarus, 6 July 1626

[p. 217] Richard Wotton, Master, Roland Squier and Francis Mosse, Wardens, 1626

John Gibson, app. to John Ken [Kenn . . . 1609], 13 Oct. 1626

Richard Andrewe [Andrews], s. of Robert Andrewe, citizen and writer of London, dec'd [Andrews . . . 1588], 7 Apr. 1627 (fn. 28)

Richard Mulcaster, app. to Francis Mosse [1599, or John May], 7 Apr. 1627

Robert Bird, app. to William Awdeley [Audley . . . 1612], 7 Apr. 1627 (fn. 28)

Edward Turpin, app. to John Macro [John Partridge . . . 1583], 26 June 1627 (fn. 28)

George Lawrence, app. to John Langham [1563], 26 June 1627 (fn. 28)

Valentine Pritchard [Prichard], s. of Charles Pritchard of Llanfoist, co. Mon., gent., app. to John Plukenett [Plucknett . . . 1597], 18 Sept. 1627

[p. 218] William Childe, Master, Francis Mosse and Geoffrey Bower, Wardens (fn. 29)

Mark Bradley [ . . . of Lawrence Lownes], adm. by redemp., 25 Oct. 1627

Tristram Hill, app. to Richard Alie [Alley . . . 1609], 1 Nov. 1627

Morgan Mathewe [Mathew], app. to Thomas Powell [1615], 1 Nov. 1627

Anthony Best, app. to Robert Morgan [1589], 9 Jan. 1627/8

Richard Hawes, s. of Thomas Hawes of Westhorpe, co. Suff., yeoman, app. to John May [Maile or May . . . 1589], adm. non penitus Ignarus, 31 Mar. 1628

William Wight [Wright], s. of William Wight, citizen and draper of London, app. to Charles Bostocke [1595], adm. non penitus Ignarus, 29 May 1628

John Johnsons [Johnson], s. of William Johnsons, app. to John Waterhouse [1606], adm. non penitus Ignarus, 8 July 1628 (fn. 30)

[p. 219 This page, scored with two diagonal lines, bears the words] Inde incepit Liber novus admission'.


  • 1. Pp. 196–218 of the text are printed as a calendar.
  • 2. This badly written entry in English gives the place-name as 'Blloughton': it is probably Boughton, but there is no indication which of the Kent parishes of that name is intended.
  • 3. In the left-hand margin is a note between this and the next entry that Edward Ledsham was Master with Henry Best and Robert Hill as Wardens; in Rawl. D51, however, the Wardens at this identical point are given as Francis Kempe and Robert Griffith.
  • 4. After this entry in Rawl. D51 is the date 1614, followed by the name of Thomas Cleare with no other details, and then by that of John Merick [app.] of Thomas Fitch . . . 1577.
  • 5. This entry has been partially erased; Whitfeld's admission will be found on p. 205 of the Common Paper.
  • 6. Duck's apprenticeship to Thomas Chapman is also noted in the margin of the Common Paper.
  • 7. In Rawl. D51 this entry is followed by the date 1616 and this note: Memorandum That the Charter or Letters Patents granted by King James dated the 28th day of January in the 14th Year of his Reigne over England France & Ireland & of Scotland the 50th Whereby the Company is incorporated by the name or title of Master Wardens and Assistants of the Society of Writers of the Citty of London doth here take place, being named therein for Master & Wardens The Master & those Wardens last before named and for Assistants these following. (Vizt): John Mayle, esq., Thomas Chapman, George Samwell, Thomas Fitch, Andrew Turnor, Edward Ledsham, John Partridge, Robert Banckworth, Jeffery Place, Henry Best, Robert Hill, Robert Morgan, Peter Blower, Edward White, William Hicks, Godfrey Reynor, George Hill, James Colebrond, Charles Bostock, Francis Strange, John Hallywell, Richard Wotton, William Childe, John Woodward.
  • 8. In Rawl. D51 it is recorded that Partridge was 'Master for 1 Yeare from July till Tuesday after the Feast of St James the Apostle 1618'.
  • 9. Not in Rawl. D51.
  • 10. Rawl. D51 gives this heading as John Mayle and Robert Bankworth 'Fined Masters', Jeffery Place, Master, Edward White, Upper Warden, William Hicks, Godfrey Reyner and George Hill, 'fined', but the last two bracketed with James Colbron as Renter Wardens. Then occur the names of John Warren and Leonard Walworth as assistants taken in.
  • 11. This entry is badly written and faded. The parish, which appears to be 'dedam,' is probably Dedham in Essex. There was, however, a family of Sydey at Bures St. Mary, nine miles west of Dedham, on the Suffolk side of the River Stour. Thomas Sydey describes William Onslow as 'lat settason of london desesed.'
  • 12. In the left-hand margin, opposite this entry, is written: And I Job Willoughbie unexpert in the Science, have signed this wth my owne p'p' hand the xxvjth Daie of Maye 1619. He signs as Willoughby which is the form in Rawl. D51.
  • 13. In the left-hand margin, between this and the next entry, is written: Johannes Rye was here made free, but forgotten to bee entred. He is also entered hi Rawl. D51.
  • 14. In Rawl. D51 this heading is followed by the names of Humfrey Pye, John Maye and Rowland Squire, who were taken in as assistants, and of Charles Bostock and Francis Strange as stewards.
  • 15. This name is very indistinct.
  • 16. In Rawl. D51 this name is followed by the admission of Jonas Ramsden [app.} of Zachary Humfrey . . . 1595.
  • 17. Rawl. D51 gives this heading as Robert Morgan, Master, Charles Bostock, Upper Warden, Francis Strange and John Halliwell, 'fined', but the last name is bracketed with that of Richard Wotton as Renter Warden (in the singular). Then follow the names of John Halliwell and Richard Wotton as stewards.
  • 18. See note 2 above.
  • 19. In Rawl. D51 these names are followed by those of Thomas Hill and George Smith as taken in as assistants, and of William Child and John Woodwood as stewards.
  • 20. In Rawl. D51 this heading reads: Peter Blower, Master, William Child and John Woodward, Wardens, John Milton and Geffery Bower, assistants taken in, John Warren and Leonard Walworth, stewards.
  • 21. See note 1 above.
  • 22. In Rawl. D51 these names are followed by those of John Woodford, John Hibberd, Charles Yeomans and John Macro as assistants taken in, and of Humfrey Pye and John May as stewards.
  • 23. Not in Rawl. D51.
  • 24. In Rawl. D51 these names are followed by those of William Swarland and John Ashenden as Wardens (probably an error for assistants), and of Rowland Squire and Francis Mosse as stewards.
  • 25. In Rawl. D51 this name is followed by the admission of George Wigmore [app.] of John Gregorie.
  • 26. In Rawl. D51 this entry is followed by the admissions of Peter Shofeild, Richard Griffith and Giles Parson with no other details.
  • 27. In Rawl. D51 this entry is followed by the admission of George Gregorie [app.] of Anthony Hudson . . . 1610. Then comes a heading: 1625 Charles Bostock, Master, Humfrey Pye, 'Uper' Warden died, John May, Renter Warden chosen Upper Warden, Rowland Squier, Renter Warden, John Langham, Bartholomew Gilman, Nicholas Reeve and Richard Alley, taken in assistants, and Thomas Hill and John Milton, stewards. As there are no entries under 1625, there is another heading: 1626 Richard Wootton, Master, Rowland Squire and Francis Mosse, Wardens, John Kenn and John Smythyer, taken in assistants, and Geffery Bower and Robert Woodford, stewards.
  • 28. Describes himself as non peritus—'being no expert' in the craft of a scrivener.
  • 29. In Rawl. D51 the names of Thomas Hill and John Milton (each marked with an asterisk for which no explanation is given) are between those of Mosse (Upper Warden) and Bower (Renter Warden). John Smith and William Audley noted as assistants taken in.
  • 30. In Rawl. D51 this entry is followed by those given on pp. 114–27 below.